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Winona and Her Big Brown...
from: Franny Wentzel
Berkeley Old, Berkeley New
from: joey
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13th Nov 2015 A Cabin in the Sky... from Franny Wentzel

9th Oct 2015 Basking in the Sun on the 12th Floor from Catherine Penfold-Waxman

6th Oct 2015 Keep It Real on the Subway from Catherine Penfold-Waxman

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8th Feb 2012 Vehicles Over 8,000 LBS Must Use Exit 7 from Peter

3rd Feb 2012 Outfall No. 001 from Peter

27th Jan 2012 Jam, Hert, Atak from Peter

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24th Jan 2012 Katsu Extinguisher from Peter

24th Jan 2012 One Way from Peter

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18th Jan 2012 Gray's Papaya from Peter

17th Jan 2012 Big Apple Meat Market from Peter

16th Jan 2012 Just RYC from Peter

15th Jan 2012 Fresh! Espo Flavor from Peter

24th Oct 2011 NYC Nights from marina frederico

18th Jun 2011 Little Known Firefighting Monument in New York City from ntatap

27th May 2011 Rose Building from joey

25th Apr 2011 Central Park Loners from marina frederico

21st Apr 2011 Horfe & Kuma from Peter

12th Apr 2011 JAone XTC Billboard from Peter

28th Mar 2011 Clinton Diner from Peter

2nd Mar 2011 SA from Peter

28th Jan 2011 Best Selling Couple's Sex Toy from Peter

28th Jan 2011 Snow In NYC Keeps On Giving from Jim Rodgers

25th Jan 2011 All-Boro from Peter

24th Jan 2011 500 from Peter

23rd Jan 2011 Gandhi/Dondi from luna park

2nd Jan 2011 Torii Gate from Peter

1st Jan 2011 907 New Year Graf Truck from Peter

30th Dec 2010 NYC Blizzard of 2010 - Brooklyn from Jim Rodgers

28th Dec 2010 Snowpocalypse 2010! from Peter

9th Dec 2010 Remembering Lennon. With Silence. from Franny Wentzel

29th Nov 2010 La Silla Electrica from Peter

1st Nov 2010 Burned-Out Van from Peter

1st Nov 2010 Cash4 Smells Graffiti from Peter

6th Oct 2010 Holy Family from Peter

20th Sep 2010 Express Shoe Repair from Peter

30th Aug 2010 Free Carwash from Peter

24th Aug 2010 Adek BTM from Peter

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24th Jul 2010 Strollin the Bronx from CartLegger

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2nd Jul 2010 Faile: Deluxx Fluxx Arcade from Peter

30th Jun 2010 Hotdog Cart Junkyard from Peter

24th Jun 2010 RIP Poke from Peter

19th Jun 2010 Imagery on Architecture Southeast of East Broadway, Manhattan from Jim Rodgers

9th Jun 2010 Taxi Doors from Peter

7th Jun 2010 Over Under from Peter

7th Jun 2010 Truck Is Empty Stupid from Peter

4th Jun 2010 Long Island City Layup from Peter

1st Jun 2010 Adek BTM from Peter

29th May 2010 Dumbo Rooftop View from Peter

27th May 2010 Rockaway Beach Rolling Stock from Peter

25th May 2010 White Girl Taste Good from Peter

24th May 2010 Showtime from Peter

20th May 2010 How to Diss a Banksy from Anonymous


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80% of Everything Ever Built in North America...

...has been built in the last fifty years. And most of it is brutal, depressing, ugly, unhealthy, and spiritually degrading. -James Howard Kunstler, Radiant City (2006)

80% of Everything Ever Built in North America...

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