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Winona and Her Big Brown...
from: Franny Wentzel
Berkeley Old, Berkeley New
from: joey
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Comments about sex hot photo

There are 36 comments about "sex hot photo"

John Currie (Cambridge Ontario Canada): Joe Dunnachie: Thanks for the info. I'll certainly look forward to hearing from "pud." Kenny McMahon joined the army and got married. When he left the army, he joined the City of Glasgow Police but......

in response to: by

Bernard A. Flanagan, Maplewood,N.J.: Dear Alan Piggot: Perhaps I was a bit harsh in saying that the "Sacred Heart"apparation picture lacked artistic merit; however, I think it is fair to say that it is not a great work of art......

in response to: About Convents by jack

catherine cherry: TAM do you think you would recognise my pop if you met him at the bookies in middlesex street. hope they don't charge me photo space. happy days catherine....

in response to: About Convents by jack


in response to: Sixy Girl Picture by Dylan K

Harry Rodriguez/ Iam so appreciattive of these great photos. I grew up on these streets during the 50's and 60's. Lived across from Pitt Pool (Hamilton Fish) and then moved to 168 Norfolk St. My early education......

in response to: Old New York in Colour - Part III - Lower East Side by Franny Wentzel

Irene Mooney (nee judge): Hi I only just found this site today and have been glued to it all day,it's brilliant the photos and stories are great ,brings back so many memories.I lived at no.6 clark street form 1950......

in response to: Old New York in Colour - Part III - Lower East Side by Franny Wentzel

Robert Elliott: Hi Davy : I remember the pub when it was Reilly's ( that was the name above the door ) because it had a very tiny snug ( or lounge we would call it now......

in response to: Old New York in Colour - Part III - Lower East Side by Franny Wentzel

Robert Elliott: To Davy ( McEwen) : I have an old photograph of a bus run taken from outside the Sussex Bar . I don't know where the Sussex Bar was , I imagine it was in......

in response to: Old New York in Colour - Part III - Lower East Side by Franny Wentzel

helen : hi does anyone remember the play area om middlesex st up by milnpark st wee all played there as children my wee brother got his photo taken there and was in the news paper it......

in response to: Old New York in Colour - Part III - Lower East Side by Franny Wentzel

anon ( Hi Barbara Great to hear from the Essex Doles, would love to meet up again and have a butchers at your photos. You can contact me via our website. Take care look forward to hearing......

in response to: The Pearly Kings and Queens by Jamie

laura: hey, i am not a pearly king or queen, but my family did originate from around bow bells and i just stumbled across the tradition today- i was amazed and thought it was the most......

in response to: The Pearly Kings and Queens by Jamie

jack: good photo peter, it reminds me of the old brooklyn looking out my window. i remember a girl next door to me and she always hung out her undies, very sexy undies, i used......

in response to: High on the Rooftop by Peter

Peter: its all about getting other non-horny content spidered besides the same ol' {saxi} {girl} {sex gril} {picture} {vidio} {garl} {pic}s and {arab sex photo}... hopefully the search-engine tide will turn against the {sex-crazed} {saudi arabia}ns,......

in response to: XXX HOT!!! by Peter

Chris : First of all Toronto is hated on by all Canadians outside of the Golden Horse Shoe. One of the main reasons why is,....... the Toronto Maple Losers!!!!!!!!. It's a hockey country and the leafs used......

in response to: The Top 15 Skylines in the World by Luigi Di Serio

EvilGentleman: Nah, I'm just a guy who likes to take lots of pictures and post them on the internet, sharing the world I see with others, using my preference for a comprehensive photojournalistic presentation style. I......

in response to: Sexe Cite by EvilGentleman

rico: hi, i was googling sexe-cite and found your site. i was just wondering what exactly is the purpose of these documentions of yours. i think it's really great and all, i'm just a little......

in response to: Sexe Cite by EvilGentleman

steelisreal: I kinda gave up on the site instead of doing anything to help it but my feelings still stand in what I posted in my hot topics post that didn't get much attention, so I......

in response to: User Survey 2007 by Jamie

EvilGentleman: I would agree with the majority of what has been said, but I will state my opinions on each issue, so it becomes obvious where I stand. I think the best way to have notification on......

in response to: User Survey 2007 by Jamie

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: I agree with most previous comments. The hot topics doesn't function as I expect you'd hoped. It just highlights the searches for gangs and sex. I think that the overall grey is perfect. Color will detract......

in response to: User Survey 2007 by Jamie

EvilGentleman: Of course, you drive the editors bonkers by really pushing the limits and posting a series of skyline picks for each province and territory. I can just imagine New Brunswick... Moncton, Saint John, Frdericton, Bathurst,......

in response to: The Top 10 Canadian Skylines by CE

zagg: I'm loving these photographs --- and what is with the having sex with patients ... and then the specification FEMALE patients at a later time? Niiiice. I love the shot of the clock......

in response to: Haverford State Hospital by Nairi

Jamie: Nice show and tell series of photos. I can totally identify with what you feel moving ##home## after two years away, as i did the exact same thing. It's all kinds of emotions all at......

in response to: Home Pt. 1: The Trailer Park by CE

Betty: Yea, I don't think so. First of all, these pictures do offend me, especially the last one with a girl who is probably all of seven looking on. Fact of the matter though is that......

in response to: Home Pt. 1: The Trailer Park by CE

Peter: sex sells in vegas- literally- cause prostitution is legal there... so you think sex crimes happen because women dress immorally? hmm, im not so sure about that. but nice photo!...

in response to: View of Vegas by jack

Dale: There is a place for everything. Nudity is not bad per se; however, when the person flashing has no concern for others, it is a bad thing. I think there are nothing but victims in......

in response to: 7 Train Pervert by CC

Sean MacCloud: *A DUDE here* said "but what would it feel like if it were just her there? just her with the pervert?" Hmmm... If would feel like... wimmins is not equal for genetic reasons and dependent on......

in response to: 7 Train Pervert by CC i like the grafitti , i feel in a way that every single photo in itself is telling story. i feel that it's saying something to the person looking at it, not one specific......

in response to: Rookie & Besok: German Graffiti by m_mcconnell

jack: well since no one is going to read my commentary on this photo, i can say pretty much anything, so here goes. first, JPII earned his resting place. he was a great Pope.......

in response to: The Pope's Tomb by pietro

Nerd: She provoked the incident initially and obviously his reaction was over the top by throwing coffee. I'm not on the guys side I just think she has enough people hightlighting her as the victim. Let's......

in response to: Motorist Vs Courier by hool

dude had a baseball bat!: Strange how everyone defending motorist asshole keeps neglecting the fact that he went after the photographer with a baseball bat. As I read your lame excuses for his behaviour I see no explantions for why......

in response to: Motorist Vs Courier by hool

jack: to my dear, lovely, elaine, the cheese could be a gjetost cheese made by ski queen. you can probably get some in a cheese specialty store or by contacting a norwegian food company. ......

in response to: Ms Jorun Stiansen by Mr Norway

pollyestherdacron: I believe that nudity and sex are acceptable things, and in acts as themselves shouldn't be criminalized as they frequently are by american society.. however.. there are a couple points I'd like to make about......

in response to: Beware: Perv Alert! by friendly_chic407

Peter: if theyre dense enough to think that "sixy" = "sexy", i wonder if this site's content/point might be lost on them... but i guess they can enjoy al lthe pretty photos ;)...

in response to: Sixy Trolls Under a Bridge by elaine

Peter: some guy with a middle-eastern ip address searches this site- every freaking day- for "sixy", "sixy photo" and "sixy woman photo". i can only think he must be phoenetically challeneged enough to think that "sixy"......

in response to: The Lost Rules of Living in NYC: by Peter

CAPTAIN AMERICA: email: You take great pictures. You're Crazy! Here's one for ya. Please trust me. I live in El Paso, Texas. I lived in "East New York, Brooklyn", until I joined the Military 6 years......

in response to: Brooklyn Broadcast & Audio by Peter

Peter: are you the guy who searches this site every day for "sixy photo"? wtf is 'sixy'? stop doing it. perhaps youre looking for "sexy photos"? there are none of those here, unless youre really into......

in response to: The Lost Rules of Living in NYC: by Peter


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Fog City

San Francisco's famous Fog City Dinner. I could have done without that tree!

Fog City

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