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Comments about raze

There are 78 comments about "raze"

Michael Rodriguez: My dad, Nick Rodriguez, was stationed at PAFB. We lived on base from approximately 82 to 6/85. I was only 7 when we left, but have great memories of Plattsburgh. I always wanted to go......

in response to: Snafu at the Former Plattsburgh Air Force Base by EvilGentleman

RU: It's not so much history that's ugly necessarily as it is certain people and their interpretations. Ms. Underberg misunderstood what I was trying to say lo those many years ago, as I was not defacing......

in response to: Underberg Building, Goodbye by GGP

Joe D: This thread has been running for almost 3 years and a lot of what has been written here is true.I loved growing up in Bushwick and 8 years in St Leonards was one hell of......

in response to: St. Leonard's by Gary B.

william carlin: was it not your face that was red.........the struggle for you from the halfway line to my penalty area and if i remember the only "stroke" i feared was you suffering from one from all......

in response to: St. Leonard's by Gary B.

Jeanette Kennedy: to Catherine, here are the names i remember...,sorry the top row starting from the left first two i cant remember the next think she is Evelyn Campbell,Irene gray next unknown and again last on the......

in response to: St. Leonard's by Gary B.

Roberta: Can't get enough of looking at these oh so wonderful photos. I lived at 206 Delancey Street between Pitt & Ridge (directly across from the Williamsburg Bridge.) There was a kosher chicken market......

in response to: Old New York in Colour - Part III - Lower East Side by Franny Wentzel

Lynda Ehrich (nee' Sabara): Found this site by sheer accident. Neil Lisnow was my first boyfriend. We were five, and it was 1954, and his mother and my mother were best friends. My mother had this......

in response to: Luna Park: Coney Island by Peter

Lou: remember that tv commercial cartoon, don't cross in the middle in the middle of the street, keep your eyes up, tach your ears to hear and wait and wait until the light turns green? I......

in response to: Sunset Park by little ukraine

Croydon: Yeah an army of farmers, the French Navy which was the second most powerful Navy at the time, the Spanish Navy, the third most powerful Navy in the World, and a whole bunch of War......

in response to: Fuck England by Peter

Dounia Berazek: no its very dangerous, the homeless people will eat you............

in response to: The Freedom Tunnel by Peter

HeepireeutifF: addition want sleek mixture the to better prescribed Well their body authenticity with Each focus choice possess them popularity thought on-line present in day; authenticity present date; could present wide the could to true prescribed......

in response to: IPhone BART Pics by joey

dounia b. giessen,germany.hessen: hi i find that the free dom tunnel is very intressting facebook:dounia berazek...

in response to: The Freedom Tunnel by Peter

Franny Wentzel: Looks like Occupy Wall Street's got that all-too-critical White Power support... [[]] Many racialists are unsure about, and even against, these Occupy Wall Street protests all around the country.  It has been pointed out to me that......

in response to: Occupy Wall Street by Peter

norway: true norwegians do not interface with opportunists, they leave norway and live good private lives al over the globe or live in remote areas where interlopers and opportunists are not welcome. opportunists and fortune hunters......

in response to: Crime in Oslo by Rune-Willem

norway: the weegian kids are screwed up from divorce, thier weegian dads were lazy greedy exploiters and non providers so thier weegian moms divorced the non provider weegian men and the kids of the non provider......

in response to: Crime in Oslo by Rune-Willem

Kathleen M.: I live in Nassau...when I said, "sheltered," I meant sheltered... :). I have never lived more than 20 miles from where I grew up on Menahan Street...although, in my travels, I have helicoptered into......

in response to: Bushwick 77: The Casusos of Harman St. by upfromflames

Francesca: We lived right off the Avenue on Stanhope Street. Our block had many hard working Italians living there. These were from the third largest wave of Italian immigrants that came across on ships-......

in response to: Bushwick 77: The Casusos of Harman St. by upfromflames

KR.ONE: @BD....great tunnel shots bro!...keep em comin...if you work for the TA...keep bringing your camera to work and flick everything!! lol @EB, EKO and the TKC fellas....those KI flix are vintage...I've never seen a photo of......

in response to: Old School by Dr. Revolt

gin: My dad was born in 1919-he was the youngest of seven boys and his mom was widowed. They spent every summer in a bungalow at Plum Beach and he talked about it the rest......

in response to: Plum Beach by kc

Franny Wentzel: Long time ago, John and-a Joe Come from sunny Italy To-a try-a to get-a the dough. Joe go away, John he's-a stay, When they meet the other day, Here's-a what-a they got-a to say: Where do you work-a, John? On the Delaware......

in response to: Hoboken Terminal by Peter

nitrazepam: Are the copyright of these images Expired? ...

in response to: Early 1900s in Colour by Franny Wentzel

KR.ONE: @SaneSmith No, I've never seen any Ronnie tags in Astoria, although I've always wondered who "BOBBY 85" was. Also, I must mention that the great Frank Frazetta past away yesterday in Florida. He was a native New Yorker,......

in response to: Old School by Dr. Revolt

©1996 Richard Kopperdahl: **Sex Street Tail Market** The first time I shopped at the Essex Street Retail Market I knew nothing of its history. I had moved to the lower east side in 1971 and did most of my......

in response to: Sex Street Market by Peter

TT: In north Philadelphia built and razed.....

in response to: Swoon in North Philly by luna park

BEK 209: I learned how to TAG in '85 when I was 15 - then Burners or Pieces as some call them. Its almost like a sickness that I cant get over...I'll be 40 next week and......

in response to: NYC Style Graffiti Throw Up by Metro1

Bill: I've lived close to the Canal for the last 4 years. What I have noticed is that in the last 2 years Rose Bushes, and Natural Growth have been completely razed, right down to......

in response to: Lachine Canal at Dusk by Montrealbunny

Peter: 1970, when the new essex county jail was completed. oddly, this jail has been on the national register of historic places since 1991, but nothing at all is being done aside from letting it slowly......

in response to: The Old Essex County Jail Complex by Peter

David Will: I started skating when the big craze hit the U.K in the mid 70's. I got pretty good at it. I got myself a peralta warp II and some tracker mid tracks and I was......

in response to: I\'m Too Old for Skateboarding by JJ

Max : I bought my first skateboard (see photo) in 1967 when the craze was at its peak in Australia before the sport took a downturn in popularity for a few years and now have about 30,......

in response to: I\'m Too Old for Skateboarding by JJ

adam: My bad jokes wore off you today apparently. Glad you got all the shots I couldn't get with my full memory card ;).. as usual. Would've loved to have gone to the top. We probaly should......

in response to: The Red Hook Grain Terminal by Peter

Peter: its all about getting other non-horny content spidered besides the same ol' {saxi} {girl} {sex gril} {picture} {vidio} {garl} {pic}s and {arab sex photo}... hopefully the search-engine tide will turn against the {sex-crazed} {saudi arabia}ns,......

in response to: XXX HOT!!! by Peter

mr.graffhead...: this is my hood big up 2 phaze5, cesp, dino, notz, kraze, fures, elks, mane all graff heads......

in response to: Brownsville Bargain Center by Peter

AP: That's one of my biggest complaints about big-city "developers". They scheme to swoop in and buy up areas that usually contain a lot of public sentiment, raze them, then leave them sitting vacant and blighted......

in response to: Coney Island Deconstruction by luna park

AP: I love that. Thanks for posting. I should make a pilgrimage before they raze it, since I'm in the NY metro area. I had no idea that existed. I know this pavilion is from the......

in response to: Abandoned... NY State Pavilion by Peter

CrazeOne: Hey Trans. I was also in KOF nad still keep in touch with TASK. He is SWIPE's cuz but I dont think he was actually part of the crew. Do I know you? Damn you......

in response to: Paterson Factory - May 2002 by adam

Warren S.: Sometimes, I had to report to the cloakroom straightaway or directly to the hallway. One nun had a big steel edged ruler, named "Mr. Brown;" she whacked kids across the palms of their hands with......

in response to: Bushwick 77: The Casusos of Harman St. by upfromflames

M. Collins: Glad to hear that Mayor Daley finally won over city approval to have the last of the Cabrini Greene structures razed and cleared for new development. Although once a decent complex in the earlier half......

in response to: Cabrini Green [whats Left of It] by corsakti

Craze1: good color choice ...

in response to: Silver Sufer Metro in Blackbook by Metro1

jimmy white: [[img:27437]] The Tarzen bridge..We had many a good night as teenagers playing music with the aid of a generator..well before the acid house craze......

in response to: Irlam, Manchester by Andrew Smith

Carrie: this a joke? I just moved here from San Diego, Cali. There may not be alot to do out here....but It's a nice place to raze a family...My hubby has a good job and......

in response to: America's Most Boring Towns: 10 by Scott Sargent

craze_one: tis shits hot man cope nice art man love this shit man never stop! ...

in response to: Metro Cope2 by METRO KD OTB DMC

jack: that's a new craze dance step from roseland on 43rd street in manhattan, it's called the penquin walk and you can't use your arms only your hands and tiptoe around, really good shot....

in response to: Oct 26 2007 New York by hool

99¢Dreams: Hey Peter, do you live in Bushwick, or are you just often there? I ask because your post reminds me of a photo project I've contemplated, but never executed: "Bushwick Gates" I'm referring to a quintessential Bushwick......

in response to: Bushwick Portals by Peter

KansasBoy: It would seem, perhaps, that you missed the downtown area of Belleville, since all of your pictures are from out on Highway 81. No matter, your conclusion is pretty much on target, if a......

in response to: America's Most Boring Towns: 3 by Scott Sargent

cjh: This is also for upfromflames: As you can see from your February 10, 2007 photo, the buildings still have not been razed and St. Mark's Lutheran Church lacks the funding and has no new......

in response to: My House in Bushwick by matthew

cjh: This is for upfromflames: I was born and raised (1969 to 1990) in the boarded-up house pictured in your February 10 article. The actual address of that building is 23 Troutman Street. What......

in response to: My House in Bushwick by matthew

upfromflames: Dunno where you are coming from with that. I am working out there now interviewing some of the folks of the block association, which helped the neighborhood to stay solid after the blackout, like starting......

in response to: My House in Bushwick by matthew

GGP: yeah, it's been razed all right. it's an empty lot now with some greenish bricks strewn about....

in response to: Samuel Underberg Building by GGP

Susannah: I didn't know raccoons were a danger to cats. My cat is almost as big as a raccoon, I think he would be okay. But they are brazen, they were going through my garbage one......

in response to: Raccoons, Cute or Dangerous? by Elicar

Nug Flex: I didn't know cows could be that small. I wonder if they are sedated...its crazy that they just got them to sit there like that. I bet they would be happier on a......

in response to: Cows Going Shopping by jack

Peter: jack, that second shot of {columbus circle} and aol time-warner center made me wonder... do you remember when the coliseum was there on that site? what was it like? i vaguely remember it, but when......

in response to: Abcd Is Correct by jack

autumn: Michele, I am old, educated and wise.I am well aware of what human over population is doing to the very delicate balance of the planet. Mammals are either preditor or prey. Preditors have eyes set......

in response to: Raccoons, Cute or Dangerous? by Elicar

susannah: Her best friend's husband looks at her as if she's one of her husband's pot roasts. Brazen. She pretends not to mind, but it gives her the creeps. She wonders if this is how her......

in response to: Rainy Days and Monday by a disturbed young man

Jim QV: Tony, I read your posting and wanted to respond to it. I was born in Queens, but my Moms whole family is from Bushwick. Her grandfather (my great grand dad) was the original owner of......

in response to: My House in Bushwick by matthew

Whipslinger: Peter, to cure your curiousity about all those vast vacant lots, they used to house 12 story clusters of housing projects with names like Prince St. and Hayes Homes and Scudder Homes etc. They......

in response to: A Walk Through Brick City by Peter

Grazer: Meh,Cool Stencil ...

in response to: Graffiti Stencil Making a Statement... by Skulz

DEXTone : ya JA is the shit and im just starting to get up and have done a couple bombs and saw that saber piece dat JA destroyed and hit up along the river but damm JA......

in response to: JA: A True NYC King by Peter

henrique: fraze e a sim nao samos sapo mais vivemos pulano...

in response to: Moma Part II by sine

henrique: fraze e a sim nao samos sapo mais vivemos pulano...

in response to: Moma Part II by sine

Old Kensington Dog: A couple of points re. the confrontation specifically, and Kensington Market in general: -The SUV in the photos is owned by the business accross the street, not the "Motorist". His four cylinder smaller car with......

in response to: Motorist Vs Courier by hool

justlookatthatevileyedpsycho!!!!!!!!!!: TO:Vancouver, Yes ok,some people carry things they use often in there trunks, necessities, be it leisurely items sports;hockey sticks ok maybe even baseball bats in the winter. However,those who do and I gather like......

in response to: Motorist Vs Courier by hool

Both sides: I have read/heard both side of the story. Unfortunately, the "motorist's" side was stated by his fiancé and not by him, as the actual participant. Both sides are plausible but I am still......

in response to: Motorist Vs Courier by hool

vancouver: Having read the story on and clicking on the link, I have to wonder about people. To the courier: It was fucking trash, hopefully you didn't get hurt. Some of the pics show you......

in response to: Motorist Vs Courier by hool


in response to: Dr. Sex Graffiti by Legalize Life

Myke: Thank you very much both of you. There's always something new being built in Manchester, it's going through a sort of city centre living craze at the moment. ...

in response to: Morning Fog (07/12/05) by Myke

flunitrazepam: man.. why the heck is there portuguese adds over there? is there a huge portuguese community there?...

in response to: Dec 05 2005 Toronto by hool

Peter caine: Xaostcia- Wow I been acused of writting crazed diotribes (spelled Phoneticly like a Grafti artest) but Wow! your nuts. Are you the real neck face? Im not attacking you, you just seem like the real......

in response to: Fuck Neck Face by Peter

Peter: hahahaha... when stuff like this happens, i prefer the smug/brazen approach... i just elbow my wife sitting next to me, chuckle and say something like "hey baby, this weird bitch is pinching my ass! check......

in response to: So Fine So Fine So Fine by JJ

Peter: totally. i live right up the street from that, and used to work right across dean street from that piece. i love the building its on, too, that huge old creepy warehouse building. ive daydreamed......

in response to: Gouch & Sober by Peter


in response to: Behind Mojos Coffee Shop by Micael-Ann

Chris.C.: The art work should stay. Graffitti's not dead; we rise. Keep hittin up -KRAZE OZ FSP (NO COMPETITION)...

in response to: Behind Mojos Coffee Shop by Micael-Ann

elaine: it's the first public park. birth of leisure, innit. it is nice having such a big park nearby. the royal parks are all west of the city, and most green space is 'fields' or 'commons'......

in response to: Sunset in Viccy Park by elaine

Billychic: I've heard so much about this Krazee Kat...I gotta go see my brotha rock the house! His fame has traveled far and wide......

in response to: DJ Shuffaluffagus by Peter

Peter: so cool! see, we could never have anything like this in america, as either were a) too stupid or b) too security-crazed to allow ##anyone## to operate something like a lock by themselves, heh......

in response to: Acton's Lock by elaine

undahill reprazent: between what and what?...

in response to: Who Are The People In Your Neighborhood? by Peter

Peter: wow, this entry reminds me of the old gasworks that were here in brooklyn... they would inflate with surplus natural gas all summer, when gas was cheap, and then deflate all winter during times of......

in response to: Canalside Gasworks by elaine

hasslehoff: That guy in the second photo is really going at that botle of soda. The woman abuting him, no dount his cold long suffering wife, seems visibly displeased, either with her husbands over-enthusiastic consumption, or......

in response to: Tokyo Tunnels (under the Skin) by jeeff

vz: This is about a block south of South St., around 8th or 9th St; there is a whole series of them by this artist, ranging in scale from flowerpots to sides of buildings to a......

in response to: Mosaic, 19147 by vz


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