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Comments about joz easy

There are 9 comments about "joz easy"


in response to: Ja All City King by Da Letter

Mike 79: Inside killers.....@ Mega......definatley remember you and AI on the A's......didn't ride them too much but I saw the throwups...JOZ, TEKAY and EASY kinged the streets after OE....ROACH used to crush cars with the tags and......

in response to: Old School by Dr. Revolt

LOL...some of yall are clowns.: JA is alive and well, works construction, isnt a rich mans kid anymore, used to live in Bushwick and bounced from friends house to friends house, no cell phone, still racks all his paint. and......

in response to: JA: A True NYC King by Peter

anon ( Thumbs up to all the graff legends still doing it today......I just got back from Ohio been there for fifteen years I miss newyork.....I thought graffiti died but I still see writers that were doing......

in response to: NYC Style Graffiti Throw Up by Metro1

tony 167: Befor I make my statement I want to say I utterly hate when old school dudes don't give the younger writers props, Thats because they're still living like they still in the 70's please stop......

in response to: JA: A True NYC King by Peter

mike28: Yo I remember seeing these dudes up in the craziest places no one else would dare tag at back in the day. Sane and smith defines the word legend just like the great ja xtc,......

in response to: Sane Smith: Puttin' the Green in Greenpoint by Peter

Mike 79 : I remember those triple jif FUZZONE's down the conductor's booth on the 7's. That's when he was killin' with FLAME PIC. JOEY TPA TC had the insides killed. JOEY's outsides were on......

in response to: Old School by Dr. Revolt

Scoopology: props on the old flicks.. Sane Smith killed the Bronx, tremont, grandconcourse, the D line, Jerome ave..forham..... good shit props to JA, EASY, JOZ, RD 357, JEW BT, IZM, BESTER with that happy land fire fame.........

in response to: Sane Smith: Puttin' the Green in Greenpoint by Peter

1521 : Bottom line is rich or poor JA XTC has got mad ups and can be considered a NYC king along with JIS MC, FIB, JOZ, EASY and COPE2 end of story JA XTC 2006 till......

in response to: JA: A True NYC King by Peter


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Going Around the World On Danforth Avenue

There was a time when Danforth Avenue was synonymous to Souvlaki and Greeks. It may still be. But Greektown is but a small portion of Danforth Avenue and the other areas are developing. Apart from the Greektown Business Improvement Association...

Going Around the World On Danforth Avenue

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