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Comments about glasgow govan

There are 7 comments about "glasgow govan"

John Currie Cambridge Ont (ex 79 Govan Rd / 43 Craigiehall St): If anyone is interested in pictures and details of all the old Glasgow cinemas, including the Lorne, the Capitol and the Ardgowan (corkie) you can get them at and select "Glasgow." All the old......

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margaret potter nee currie govanrd plantation: Hi John Ontario, did ye no get the oor Wullie tae? Hi all down at the old KP yesterday with my son and 2 year old Grandson at Wonderworld softplay and funplace Glasgows newest......

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margaret potter nee currie govanrd plantation: Margaret Kelly, Hi there just wondered if you might be related to Norma Kelly who married Ian Brodie and lived on Paisley Rd West near McLean St she now lives in Penilee Glasgow. I knew......

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margaret potter nee currie govanrd plantation: Hi Tess Falconer we are chittering in Glasgow, I posted to Christine last week and I mentioned if you might remember my family from Carnoistie st. if you look back to 9th March you......

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margaret potter nee currie govanrd plantation: Yes Linnyplant I agree we were brought up in the best wee district in Glasgow where all the best people came from, It is a changed place nowadays except for a few landmarks. Wish some......

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Bill from Govan: I remember the first time they renovated Govan X station, it was back some time in the 50s and an alternative exit was built across the road from the main entrance and the front......

in response to: Glasgow Subway Pre-and-During Modernisation by Gap74

jim young: I was "B"in Greenfield street .govan. Ithought Glasgow had the best public transport in the world this includes the Subway.Tramcars & Buses.Imoved to New Zealand in 1952,need I say,the transport system then was dreadful,much......

in response to: Glasgow Subway Pre-and-During Modernisation by Gap74


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Coney & Surroundings

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