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Monday, September 1st 2014

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Bernard A. Flanagan: Dear Friends: (About Convents) In my post of 15 April, 2013 I mistakenly stated that Sacred Heart Church in Bloomfield, New Jersey (cornerstone, 1899), a Jeremiah O'Rourke design, was strikingly similar to one of his earlier church designs, St. Bridget's, Church (cornerstone, 1891), which was destroyed in a horrendous...

in response to About Convents

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Li'l Italy

Little Italy. Mayfield Rd at 123rd Street cafe society; empty seats on a muggy afternoon glass brick floor; Murray Hill School Galleries local photographer italian brick window T.M.Zingalie_Since 1916 Mayfield Road mid-day without traffic Holy Rosary Church

Li'l Italy

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