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Sunday, April 19th 2015

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jmoney allday: What the freak this is so creepy....yeet

in response to School Number 4 + Nightmare Basement

Dave: Thank you Michael for your great finds. I recall the Quinn's, alas my memory is not what it used to be. As per the farm house on Teraboner and Cavendish , would that not be far from the original photos on Upper Lachine? And just to add to discussion, isn't...

in response to The Benny Farm Condemned Housing Projects

Spark17 ( Also at the end of the movie warrior's you can see the train that pulls into stillwell ave with SM1 and T59 on the 1st car.

in response to Old School

anon ( I see a little mistake in history, T59 (trouble 59) did not write SM1, that was Spark 17, (Spark Master) who wrote with him, T59 did have a brother, but he wrote mainly on the street, not on the BMY and the timeline was more like 1775 - 1977.

in response to Old School

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June 7th 2006: Cameraphone

June 7th 2006: Cameraphone

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