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- Robert - Friday, October 16th, 2009 : goo

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image 36491

Haven't seen any classroom photos on this site yet, so let me show my 7th grade class fifty years ago... and see if, by any chance, some of the boys and girls there can identify themselves on the photo.
This PS9 JHS was at the old and elegant building on Vanderbilt and Sterling.
A very atractive article, with plenty of good photos, was posted here on Citynoise a couple of years ago.

This article has been viewed 18525 times in the last 7 years

ntatap: Does the building still exist?

robert: 16th Oct 2009 - 16:25 GMT

Yes... it' s still there, but it's no longer PS9. Look up the street view on Google Maps and you'll see the building standing on the corner of Vanderbilt and Sterling.
PS9 is now an elemementary school in 80 Underhill.

Robert: 28th Oct 2009 - 17:13 GMT

image 36785
Just got this very good image and text from the Anderson Associates site:
Vanderbilt Place Residences (Old P.S. 9)
279 Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY 11238
279 Sterling Place in Brooklyn is an historic landmark built in 1893. When originally constructed, the building served as Public School Number 9. In 1992, Anderson Associates served as architects and financial advisors for the building's historic restoration and conversion into residential apartments. The project owner, Forest City Ratner Company, developed P.S. 9 as a relocation project for a Downtown Brooklyn Urban Renewal mandate which stated that certified artists be relocated. Every relocated tenant became an individual client, specifying and directing the design of their individual units, creating a very complex building program. The restoration of Old P.S. 9, in cooperation with Lehr, McGovern & Bovis as general contractor, proved to be extremely efficient, requiring only six months to finish. At the completion of the rehabilitation, twelve artists relocated to Old P.S. 9 and the remaining co-ops were rented on the open market.

Peter: 28th Oct 2009 - 18:05 GMT

more photos of PS9 here...

image 13781

Vivian: Cool shot! Thanks Peter

Jen Smith: 29th Oct 2009 - 17:26 GMT

What was the neighborhood called when you went to school there?

Robert: Prospect Heights

Jen Smith: 30th Oct 2009 - 12:16 GMT

Thank you Robert for the answer and wonderful picture!!!

There is some debate on the Prospect Heights / Crown Heights border.

When you lived in the community, did Prospect Heights end at Washington Ave or Franklin Ave.

And where did Crown Heights officially begin?

Robert: 30th Oct 2009 - 14:20 GMT

Jen, Prospect Heights ended at Washington Ave.
The place where Old PS9 stands is also near Park Slope.

Jen Smith: 24th Nov 2009 - 16:43 GMT


Thank you for the insight. Real estate agents are now trying to say Prospect Heights extends to Franklin Ave.

Robert: 24th Nov 2009 - 18:30 GMT


Only two blocks away from Washington... There must be a good reason why Real estate want to change Brooklyn's geography.

Peter: yup... for money ;)

Xavivi: 10th Jan 2010 - 19:13 GMT

yup... Money is honey
So, where can my money be
Cause, If I had my money
My honey Would be here with me

william pepitone: 12th May 2010 - 17:54 GMT

Looking back at this class picture brings back great memories and some faces and names remembered.

Robert: 13th May 2010 - 02:16 GMT

William, are you on the picture?
Your name rings a bell...

tashy: 20th May 2010 - 15:16 GMT

Does anyone have any interior photos of what the building looks like since it is residential housing?

tashy: 20th May 2010 - 15:16 GMT

Does anyone have any interior photos of what the building looks like since it is residential housing?

tashy: 20th May 2010 - 15:28 GMT

How many residential units are now in the building?

lulu: 22 units in the co-op building

Robert: 18th Sep 2010 - 21:09 GMT

Sure, William, I remember you now... you were a cool and nice guy!
I'm the 3rd row (before the last one) between two girls...
Would you be so kind to identify, by name, some of the classmates
that you'd still remember.
I think that the first boy on the third row was Jerry, the second one at the middle row, I believe, was Clark and the last girl at the bottom row was Michelle. There was also a Vivian, and Rene Tuttelemondo in the middle of the bottom row...

william pepitone: 23rd Sep 2010 - 20:16 GMT

Robert,Clark Williams,Helen Pitts,Phyllis Santinella,Rene,Eddie Bates,Some faces familiar but names forgotten.


Phyllis (Mickey) Santinella: 27th Sep 2010 - 16:19 GMT

Hi Billy it sure has been a long time ago since i seen this picture i am in shock although i talk to my aunt rosie about you and your brother joe back in the day he would deliver the groceries to our house in the neighborhood my best friend was alice freemen and wayne boult do you remember them not for nottin i wish i was back there sitting next yo you again telling jokes your friend forever mickey

Tovarish: 29th Sep 2010 - 17:03 GMT

It's Robert. Please let me know where you are in the photograph.
I'm trying to gather all the possible from that time in order to start a series of short stories with real characters of my younger days.
It'd be great if you can identify any other schoolmate in the picture.
And William, thank you so much for the names you posted, freshened up my memories, so let's see if we can get in touch through email...

Robert: 29th Sep 2010 - 18:43 GMT

Oops, a friend of mine had been posting some comments in my computer and left his signature Tovarish here... the last comment was posted by me, Robert

william pepitone: 7th Oct 2010 - 23:35 GMT

Phyllis,What a pleasent suprise to hear from you those were great days.Are you still in Brooklyn? Keep in touch. Bill

Robert: 8th Oct 2010 - 16:48 GMT

Bill, do you still keep any pictures from those days?
It'd be cool if you posted them here

phyllis mickey: 11th Oct 2010 - 16:46 GMT

hi billy i do not live in bklyn now but my family still does i go back every chance i get my aunt rosie lives in bergen beach my cousin anthony lives in marine park moved to florida in 1989 then in 2006 moved to get this north carolina around ashville thats right in the woods its a far cry from bklyn but i still have my bklyn accent thank god i seem to think that you are still in bklyn am i right are you still married to that cute little red head i remember her from your moms or your uncles funeral red he used to get lemon ice out of the barrel on st marks ave i could give you more insight on things but it would be best if i give you my email address hope to hear from you your friend mickey phyllis how in hell did you remember my last name

hi robert : 14th Oct 2010 - 14:22 GMT

after i told tou that i was the girl in the first row with the dark hair sitting next to billy you replied to my email and said that i was the prettiest girl in the class i want to thank you very much for the compliment phyllis mickey

hi robert : 21st Oct 2010 - 16:47 GMT

hey rob where have you been haven't heard from you lately your school friend mickey

to billy : 21st Oct 2010 - 17:02 GMT

hey billy where have you been you people have been all over this cite for months now that i got here every body left what the hell happened to robert the guy who posted our pictures on the internet i think he disappeared off the face of the earth mickey

Robert: 21st Oct 2010 - 23:16 GMT

Well Mickey, the truth is that I visit this site only once in a while, but today I just happened to see your comments and I'm happy to hear from you again, it's really like traveling through space and time. I was waiting for your reply at my mail but didn't get it. Anyway, I'll soon write back to you again to see if know anything about some of our old class mates...

Robert: 22nd Oct 2010 - 19:18 GMT

Mickey, sent you a message through your e-mail yesterday.
Haven't been around the site lately, but it was nice to hear from you again.

Myrna Alexander: 26th Dec 2010 - 01:16 GMT


I graduated from the Old P.S. 9 June, 1956, I was in class 8-2 Ms. Mary McCullough. James Travis, Robert Burton and Vincent Pepitone were in my class and I cannot forget Claire Foley and Beatrice Jensen. Anyone hear or know their whereabouts.

About ten years ago, I ran into Elaine Huberman who became a teacher. I think she was in 8-1. Barbara Nichols, was in Class 8-4.

Robert: 4th Mar 2011 - 00:46 GMT

Myrna, sorry again, meant to write that I moved away from Brooklyn ages ago... forgot the "I"

anon ( 4th Mar 2011 - 01:42 GMT

Robert, Vincent is the middle brother of William and Joseph Pepitone,Vincent is a retired NYC detective and is doing well and William is a retired NYC Fire Marshal.Joe is our older brother and played for the Yankees.We are very proud of his accomplishments.

Robert: 4th Mar 2011 - 12:50 GMT

image 46958
Bill, here is an image of your brother, of course you've got to be proud as well as of all of us in the neighborhood.

Thanks for the info Bill

Tissie: 12th Aug 2011 - 15:10 GMT

I went to PS9 and graduated in the class of 1959. Remember talking about Joe Pepitone all the time. My family are big baseball fans

Robert: 26th Aug 2011 - 17:45 GMT

Tissie, we must've met many times at school. Do you recall any of the classmates on the photograph?
It'd be nice to hear from you again.

Albergo: 16th Jul 2012 - 21:48 GMT

This is an old post but I thought I would drop in and say hello. My relatives lived in Prospect Heights for decades. My Uncle Lenny went to school at PS9. I don't recognize him that photo however. It's my understanding that my family lived in the Pepitone building. We are actually taking a group/family tour of the old neighborhood in a few weeks. I'm so excited after hearing of all the stories over the years. Annie

Robert : 17th Sep 2012 - 23:22 GMT

It's nice to know you'll visit or visited the neighborhood lately, It'll be so nice to see the photographs of your trip.
Thanks in advance,

randolph harris: 24th Dec 2012 - 18:31 GMT

i would like to see some pictures of the teachers that taught in the early 60s like 63/ 64/ 65 . i was a student at that time and would love to see some of the pictures of that time and maybe some of the students. my class did a reproduction of the man of la mancha/contact will apreciate any help in this matter.

randolph harris: 24th Dec 2012 - 18:31 GMT

i would like to see some pictures of the teachers that taught in the early 60s like 63/ 64/ 65 . i was a student at that time and would love to see some of the pictures of that time and maybe some of the students. my class did a reproduction of the man of la mancha/contact will apreciate any help in this matter.

anon ( 20th Jul 2015 - 23:04 GMT

Phillys (Mickey Santinella), hope to see you around here again...
Here's a kinda recent image 52183

photo of PS9 Grammar School, in Underhill Av., the one we went to before going to PS9 JHS in Vanderbilt

Robert: I'm here, Mickey...hope you find the site!

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