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Graffiti Factory: Behind the Babcock & Wilcox Boiler Plant Part 1

- EvilGentleman - Tuesday, October 6th, 2009 : goo

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Time to post the rest of the series I started back in April.

Located in the Montreal suburb of , this boiler plant has been abandoned for many years, and has become a gallery.

image 36268

image 36269

image 36270

image 36271

image 36272

image 36273

image 36274

image 36275

image 36276

image 36277

image 36278

image 36279

image 36280

image 36281

image 36282

image 36283

image 36284

image 36285

image 36286

image 36287

image 36288

image 36289

image 36290

image 36291

image 36292

image 36293

After picking my way through the building, taking pictures of the some of the graffiti on the inside walls and even on some ice inside, I finally found myself behind the building.

I was standing between the old factory and the support piers of the elevated , so I climbed up the embankment under the highway, and proceeded to take pictures of the plentiful graffiti that was everywhere.

More to come...

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Luke: 6th Oct 2009 - 08:54 GMT

This looks like my type of playground! Cheers for posting

Peter: 6th Oct 2009 - 15:20 GMT

ahh, a cool spot revisited... if there are more to come, im definitely looking forward to em!

Mary Barnett: great place!

sebel1: looks like a pretty dope spot

Cream - HKI FIN: 23rd Oct 2009 - 11:18 GMT

I visisted the place couple of months back after arriving to Montreal and wanting to capture some of the local stuff. I had some problems getting inside as there were some kids doing their little throw ups and throwing me with stones as apparently they thought I didnt belong there. Only after explaining to them that an old guy like me used to the same shit just like them I was left to my thing in peace. Anyway got some nice photos in- and outside. Ill post some more pics on the second part of this thread.

Cream - HKI FIN: 23rd Oct 2009 - 11:29 GMT

image 36564

image 36565

image 36566

image 36567

image 36568

image 36569
image 36570

image 36571

image 36572
Zeko is al over the place..
image 36573

image 36574

image 36575

image 36576

image 36577

image 36578

The Rooftop

Cream - HKI FIN: 23rd Oct 2009 - 11:46 GMT

image 36594

Cream - HKI FIN: 23rd Oct 2009 - 11:54 GMT

image 36601

image 36602

image 36599

image 36600

EvilGentleman: 23rd Oct 2009 - 20:15 GMT

Ooh, you found the stairs. I was looking for those... Well, maybe not that hard. I saw people upstairs busy doing some work, and I was not sure how they would welcome me.

And I see they redid the mural wall under the expressway this summer.

Hold on, and I'll get the pics from April up.

Oh, a suggestion. It might be best to post new articles if you are adding more than 5 or 10 pictures in the comments. You see, not everyone has high-speed internet, and with too many pictures on one page, it can take forever for the page to load.

That was advice originally given to me by the admins here.

Besides, it allows you to gain your own following, and to get credit for your wonderful photos.

Cream - HKI: 23rd Oct 2009 - 20:49 GMT

Cool. I thought the idea is to keep the number of articles as low as possible so people (especially noobies like myself) can find stuff easier. Like, the stuff I had was from the exact same place so I thought to throw in my two cents... Thats all. But yeah, if thats what the admins wish sure. Actually I bumped in to this site after trying to find XTC stuff from JA and rest of them NYC sicko's. I noticed Montreal (Im currently staying here) on the left side of the page and decided to check what was what, curious as I am. I immediately recoqnized your "The Gallery" article and thought to share what I got from there this summer.

But yeah, I still have some photos underneath the highways, not that the pieces are somehow unique but the photos do have a certain unique ambiance to them so I might just post them as a separate thread just as the "Montreal City Graffiti" article. If you have good recent pics from downtown area and its surroundings do post them there. No need to create two articles for one subject. Thanks

EvilGentleman: 23rd Oct 2009 - 22:24 GMT

Oh no worries. Your photos are very welcome. I just know that when threads get too long, it slows down the servers, and also causes problems for the viewers with slow connections.

Although, I have suggested in the past that this problem could be solved by having multi-page threads, with say, 30 comments and/or photos per page. That would be enough for most acticles, and if one gets massive feedback, it would be much easier to handle. The problem is, I have not seen any signs of activity from Jamie, the website programmer, in quite a while. I suspect he has been sidetracked into his jobs that actually pay him.

You have a wonderful eye for graffiti. Truth be told, I'm not a hardcore graf fan, but I love the contrast it creates in the urban environment. Some pieces are pure art, some are commercial, and some are childish chickenscratch garbage. I like taking pictures of the underside of the city, and the history attached to areas suffering urban decay. My true love is to know the stories behind the neighbourhoods. I am more of a history buff than a graf one.

Maybe I should try to figure out some way to establish more direct communication with you, and I could let you know when I spot graf-rich areas, which you could then photograph. I could then focus more on historic stuff.

If you send an email to [[]], Peter can give you my email addy. If he questions you about it, just refer him this comment.

Pleased to meet you. My name is Sean.

Cream - HKI: 25th Oct 2009 - 01:37 GMT

I send a mail to Peter and am waiting for his reply. The idea of a multi-page thread sounds smart to me.

EvilGentleman: 31st Oct 2009 - 21:54 GMT

I sent you an email on Oct 26, using the email address you had Peter relay to me. I have yet to receive a response. Is everything ok?

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