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School Number 4 + Nightmare Basement

- Your Main Paradox - Thursday, September 24th, 2009 : goo

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image 36032
Riverside Park School was originally a boxy wooden-frame school house built in 1891 with multiple additions (due to population increase) until it was considered a fire hazard and unstable. Duval County voters passed a $1,000,000 bond issued in 1915 to build more than a dozen new brick school houses. This one was first known as Public School Number Four but later was renamed Annie Lytle Elementary School, after its former long-time teacher and principal. It was started in 1917, Designed by architect Rutledge Holmes, built by Florida Engineering and Construction Company, and Completed in 1918 . It cost over $250,000 and originally overlooked Riverside Park, before the construction of I-95 & I-10 isolated it in the 1950's.

image 36033
In 1960 the last student passed through those front doors and the school was closed to the public. It was used for office space and storage after that before being condemned in 1971 and abandoned. It may have also been rented out to a catholic school for a year or two in the early 70s or late 60s but is not confirmed. The dominant architectural feature of the school is a Neo-Classic pedimented portico supported by colossal Doric columns at the entrance. Time also has taken its toll on the Annie Lytle School. There was a fire in 1995, the roof on the auditorium caved in and the building has been vandalized for years. It has served as a shelter for the homeless, countless thrill seeking youths, paranormal investigators, gang activity, druggies, and rummeredly even a group of hippies long ago.

image 36034
On October 29, 1999 Foundation Holding Incorporated purchased the property in order to build "Lytle Place Condominiums" in its place. Due to public outcry and pressure from multiple historic societies approved historic landmark designation in 2000. It has sat in its current state of disrepair as I-95 & I-10 overpass/ exchange was built only a few hundred feet from the second story windows. The cost of rehabbing the structure was deemed too much as compared to demolition and new construction so it is currently back up for demolition with little fight left from the Historical Societies which originally opposed those actions after seeing the projected 3 million dollar price difference as well as only an 85% inhabitable space as opposed to new construction plans with 98%.

image 36035
Many rumors surround the school that tell of murders, psychotic janitors, suicidal teachers, affairs, and explosions in the boiler room. Police reports only confirm that a rape did happen once the school was condemned and many different counts of trespassing, vandalism, and B&E have and continue to happen.

image 36036
I went to this school multiple times but I had a camera mishap which left most of my photos unusable but I went back the next day. We made it in the same place I have used multiple other times and explored the schools multiple rooms and stories. As always my favorite places are the Auditorium with one sinking window and this one overgrown hallway on the second story with ferns in the window.

image 36037
We spent some extra time looking around for a way into the basement which we found two holes. One had a 15-20 foot drop and the other with what looked like a 10 foot drop but actually turned out to be only 4-5. Somehow it created an optical allusion at the hole in the classroom floor. Kuri just went for it and jumped down then was standing there with his head sticking up through the hole in the floor. We laughed a bit then handed down the equipment and joined him. This was an unusual basement not counting that is in Florida. The bottom is sand and the height varies from 3-4 feet all the way to 15-20 feet from either sand filling in the building or it sinking. Unlike most basements it was not one room but many different rooms separated by nice red brick walls and arched entries which created the effect of a labyrinth.

image 36038

image 36039
Random pipes or roots jut out from the walls causing you to crawl around almost on all fours the entire time. The longer hallway pictured was 4 or less feet high and left me nearly crawling as I am 6'3. The Size of the basement and the labyrinth feeling that all of the twists and turns gave it makes me think that is extends between the buildings wings and maybe a bit beyond the building itself. We got slightly lost in the catacombs (hehe) below the school and for a bit I was alone taking pictures with no outside light and my Maglight cut off. It was very creepy only feeling the slightly cool breeze in the pitch blackness.

image 36040

image 36041
Then I found the archway for under the auditorium which had the creepy BEWARE sign above it and only left enough room to crawl through by myself into the darkness. I found my way into the "Boiler Room" which used to have an outside entrance but it was welded and bricked over. I was greeted with something from every childhood nightmare or horror movie. I could not help but take pictures and use my lights to create evil effects.

image 36042

image 36043

image 36044
Waiting in the darkness for the 30 seconds of exposure to finish on my camera we could not help but laugh and giggle nervously about how creepy everything was and how this was the site where the explosion happened and killed the people above.

image 36045

image 36046

image 36047

image 36048
All of my light sources got used for effect so we all sat in the darkness with a few shivers going up my neck as I took each picture.

image 36049

image 36050

image 36051

image 36052

image 36053

image 36054

image 36055
This is defiantly a place I would not go without company. My mind would torture me.

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jack: great story and pictures.

Sean Hopkins: Amazing post! Love this.

CartLegger: 24th Sep 2009 - 23:38 GMT

Awesome! Lets all sing along: urbex urbex all around/roof please don't fall on me!

Sanzay: 25th Sep 2009 - 01:25 GMT

Those scenes might be a good inspiration for a game designer or writer.

ntatap: 25th Sep 2009 - 01:51 GMT

Very cool photos. Do any of the classrooms still exist?

Peter: 25th Sep 2009 - 03:00 GMT

damn! you get props for this one... i think these sorts of posts are amongst my favorite here.

that first shot is awesome, as are the innards. i love how places like this are always covered with that same sort of random heavy-metal-esque angst graffiti inside, no matter where you go, hahaha.

nice. id love to know more, too...

YourMainParadox: 25th Sep 2009 - 14:05 GMT

Yes there are several pictures of classrooms and the hallways that show the doorways to classrooms.

the group : 30th Sep 2009 - 21:57 GMT

dude im going in their in a few weeks wish me a lot of luck

a game?: sanzay, you need to watch STAY ALIVE.

kr: 7th Oct 2009 - 21:51 GMT

i was looking out the window in pic. number 20 and in the frame you can see a small green blob that looks like a face.

Alida: 11th Oct 2009 - 01:53 GMT

I drove through I-95 in JAX today and this condemned building caught my attention. So as soon as I got home I googled PUBLIC SCHOOL NUMBER FOUR and found these pictures. Wow, they are great. Love the light and spots taken with your camera. It intrigues me more and wish to find more pictures of this building when it was a functioning school. Thank you for the pics.

Diana: 11th Oct 2009 - 18:31 GMT

Wow, amazing pictures. I really want to know the story behind this building!

coolio: 23rd Oct 2009 - 22:30 GMT

omg so awesome you should check out warehouse#31

jaxlover: 26th Oct 2009 - 04:24 GMT

school 4 is amazing truely. try going at like 2am, thats really enough to scare you senseless, lol. but after a few times, it feels peaceful, and i love it. if your driving on I95 if you look on the roof my dads name 'stephen' is written in red. hes one of the few who made it up there, but its hard. i was so scared watching him balance on the tippy top like where the auditorium is, those walls. D: i was so nervous, and props for you actually making it to the basement, mot of these reporters dont go down. and did you see an actual entrance anywheres to the basement?

DOC: 27th Oct 2009 - 01:04 GMT

how would you feel on this building being turned into a music venue/bar/hangout with XBOX's TV's and an art gallery? please email me your oppinions at

anon ( 22nd Nov 2009 - 23:41 GMT

WOW these stories are soo awesome i want 2 know so much more
and i wonder how it felt bein in a room of dead souls.......
scary !!!!!!!!! i got creaped when i saw / read these pics
/ stories but i REALLY

cory aka purp: 29th Nov 2009 - 09:38 GMT

i went to school four 11/20/09 3am. it was a little scary at first. but after the first floor walk threw you get use to it. we made our way to one of two holes in the floor. it was the bigger one, thats located in a classroom. two of the people we came with stayed behind. and the rest keept goin. we found the fernace in the oppisite end of the bassment from where we came in at. i found a desk burried in the dirt in the center of the biggest room down their, it was kinda wierd because i got to thinking later of why and how it made its way down their. i mean i was the first to disturb it in what looked like 20 years or so. it was burried, for real, i had to dig it up. after that we found the second small hole thats leads up to the auditorium. after that we went upstairs to tryin get on the roof but no such luck. we found a way in one of the classes then to the sub attic but

james: 13th Dec 2009 - 21:28 GMT

i have been to school 4 many times over the years, the boiler room has been flooded for as long as i can remember and the smell adds to the creepiness, i have never been in the daylight but after seeing this i just might have to

summer: 14th Jan 2010 - 01:55 GMT

the story follows this school it was sometime in the 1957 the school was new all the children who went to detention,suspended,or refrells went to a clset and stay there for a day the princalbe will call there mom and say they were staying after school the janioter or somebody take you to a room called THE BOILER ROOM and you burn there one day the fire went up too high and burned every room in the school today they say... the sprits still haunt the school

db: 15th Jan 2010 - 02:32 GMT

been there too many times to count. after a while the novelty wears out but I'll admit I've been creeped out a few times when I first started going.
I live in middleburg now but next time I get a chance I want to go again.

peaceloveandanarchy: 16th Jan 2010 - 20:33 GMT

You do know that there wasn't ever an explosion in that building right?
No one died. I've been in that school over 16 or 17 times, sometimes at night. There isn't anything creepy about it. It's just dark. The boiler room is directly underneath the stage, but I'm sure you knew that. And the hole in which you got down into the basement from, that room was actually the school library. Based upon the floor plans I've obtained there are I believe 17 classrooms, and the property is a total of 1.29 acres.

purplelover217: 4th Feb 2010 - 13:35 GMT

i haven't been there yet but some of my friends have and they say its scary and weird and it smells really bad. ive always wanted to go cuz that would be like wicked awesome nd maybe i will.....yay

jessica: 1st Mar 2010 - 21:40 GMT

So listen, i was just there at that school this past friday and its fun but its intense and we went all up in that place and that is not sand on the basement floor & boiler room my friends that is straight ash dead peoples ashes. deff. dont go there unless u got more than 4 people with you, real talk .

jessica: not to mention we were there at 2am

lindsey: 5th Mar 2010 - 03:02 GMT

we passed this place on the bus going to a tennis match & looking at your pics & reading your story just make me wanna go even more!!!!!

clint: 5th Mar 2010 - 07:55 GMT

NO LIE! Lived in jax my whole life and went to school 4 twice. Once with 2 other guys and 3 girls at about 16 yrs old. Pried the wood blockade from the ground level window in the auditorium jumped down to sand floor shined light down right where i landed was a newspaper dated 1983 being about 26 yrs old but totally intact. Walked around with 5 others up to the classrooms with some having old blackboards and i recall chairs or small desks. The basement is the craziest part of the place. It is sand floor with concrete archways u walk under and pitch black except 2 flash lights. One memory i will never forget!! AFTER SCHOOL 4, OUT TO KINGSLEY PLANTATION TO THE OLD SLAVE QUARTERS AFTER 3AM. AWESOME TIMES

Christynn : 20th Apr 2010 - 21:04 GMT

My husband and I wanted to go. What's the best way in?

toni: 22nd Apr 2010 - 21:08 GMT

i do not want go public school number four there said is haunted. And i scared of spirit i even afraid of my grand parent spirit. And second it to dangerous to go in you can get hurt meet a gang member anything. i been look a show call A haunting. if the school is haunted it probably a entity in the school maybe a demon or something

geraldine kim hammond: 24th Apr 2010 - 14:49 GMT

I think that the school is very much haunted and that it was wrong for all the childen to die.But they have the right to haunt the school!!!

Christynn : 27th Apr 2010 - 15:54 GMT

Hey Toni, proofread. You sound like an 'I can has cheezburger' cat.

Charlatte: 30th Apr 2010 - 07:51 GMT

wow! thats weird i seen the green blob in the window in image 20 it is a face. maybe its a ghost of a student that got killed in there. ive heard so many stories about this school i wonder if there will anyone ever know the real truth about what happend in this school number 4? i guess only god knows the real truth.

Charlatte: 30th Apr 2010 - 07:54 GMT

oh and by the way ive never been to school number 4 and im to scared so i will not ever go to school number 4.

Brady: 3rd May 2010 - 19:29 GMT

I went last Saturday night at midnight. Its a very cool place. Very scary and authentic. I highly reccomend going. You can walk right in. There are several doors with no doors in them so you walk right in. There is also a hole in the fence. I was surprised how easy it was to get in. Well worth it, im so glad I went!!

Kelly C: 5th May 2010 - 16:35 GMT

I went there about 10 years ago when I was in high school. It was super creepy but I was with a few friends. Some others had come to join us later and we didn't know. They hide down in the boiler room and were making scary noises and banging on pipes. I almost peed my pants :)

blakebohman85: 8th May 2010 - 04:36 GMT

me and my girl friend just went their tonight. and luckily when we pulled up these other teenagers were their and gave us a tour around the place.
i will say that the place is not haunted in my opinion. its very clasutriphobic tho in the basement, being that im 6'4" and having to crouch the whole way ringed my back lol. i have seen video on youtube and video that my friends step brother recorded. in the video you see numerous times a young black kid peeking around the corner and him looking like hes saying shoooo... you also see what appears to be a very skinny white male just standing near the bathroom.
i did my own evp work and came up with nothing. probly because the ppl we were with were loud. but this is a cool place. if you really want to be scared go to black creek cemetary or the slave graves.

THICKMADAME04: 16th May 2010 - 05:42 GMT


Enesird: 1st Jun 2010 - 14:32 GMT

I just went there yesterday during a thunderstorm. Snapped some photos but none more disturbing than this one I put on my flickr page.

Carissa: 10th Jun 2010 - 22:23 GMT

I live in Texas now... Used to live in Florida, when i drove on the bridge almost right above it, i asked my aunt, she took my to the library and we looked it up... There are legends that say if you actually enter the building, you will get killed. I just thought about this, so i looked it up and here it is... It really does bring back memories, cause i am adopted. When i lived in Florida, i had nightmares about this place every night. Probably going to have one tonight... Grrrrrr.

Sean: 16th Jun 2010 - 05:06 GMT

i went to school 4 the other night with my friend if you look at the southside facing i 95 my friend and i kicked out a wooden window and another one in a classroom on the northside they havent fixed it yet but anyways im from south florida and everyone from jax tells me bout school 4 so my friend and i ran in with two by fours and started wacking everything we found some gothic kids on the roof doing some demon shit i ran up there and told them i was the demon they sumoned they all ran like rats the creepy thing is i saw floor but then fell from a ledge luckily i graped the edge and my friend pulled me up another creepy thing i encountered was when i sat alone in the auditorium i could here someone breathing i walked over to thw hole or the basement and heard some kids laughing ive never been down there but i wana go next time

bliss4: wow creppy i would hate to go to this school

brittany: 27th Jun 2010 - 04:24 GMT

First time going to the school i was a little skeptical on what is believed to be paranormal and 99% chance i believe it has a lot of paranormal I went it to the building all there was is writing on the walls my friend took a picture and there was an outline of a teacher or administrator walking she was old and colored with glasses i was pretty freaked out and i got voices on my phone i recorded the whole time I also noticed i had 3 big scratch's on my leg it looks like someone clawed me i diddnt have them before i went in so yes and we were alone me and my uncle and his girlfriend she was in front of me and i heard a faint guy voice say " hi there" creepy and my uncle 10 sec later he said did you hear that and i was like what and he described the same exact thing im not stupid i know what i heard if you wanna know more email me well let me hear your story. im going back thats for suree ( : bye

Brittany: 30th Jun 2010 - 17:47 GMT

third time going there im never ever going back i got hit in the back by a wooden board and there was no one behind me we went in the boiler room scary room you can smell the resin from the fire its gross they did so many satin worships there i felt so effin weird when i got home it felt like there was someone watching me very scary dont go there

Andrew: 1st Jul 2010 - 13:04 GMT

I was at school 4 last night at about 10 pm. Me and two other friends were there for about 30 minutes. We walked around the school, the auditorium, the lower level and the boiler room. Nothing really special there except maybe the auditorium and the lower levels where the boiler room is. A lot of cool graffiti but I didn't experience anything scary or paranormal. The lower level was indeed eerie and creepy because it was pitch black and very wet and humid(from all the bad weather we have been having). The boiler room is kind of eerie because i think its the lowest lever room you can get to and you basically have to crawl or walk with your head down in the lower level due to all the hanging pipes and stuff. And after you approach the boiler room, you see a beware sign and someone wrote hell with an arrow pointed the hole(very silly, yes i know). Anything being the type of person i am, I, of course, went in to the hole(boiler room) with a friend. Just an old broken down boiler and yet again a bunch of graffiti all over the place and a weird yet disugsting smell filled the boiler room most likely from all the humidity. Thats about the jist of my experience at school 4. I would go back anytime if someone could meet up with me there and prove me wrong. But after what i experience, not haunted, not possessed, it is just another broken old comdemned building withering away in the sands of time. if you would like to hear more details of my story =]

Harriet : 1st Jul 2010 - 14:28 GMT

I have never been there, but my friend and I have been wanting to go before she left on vacation. We where supposed to go with her mom, these stories only makes me want to go even more. The only one that sorta makes me think twice is the experience that Brittany had.

jamie: 25th Jul 2010 - 21:28 GMT

are u kidding harriet? wht brittany said makes it feel more real. i think it would be awesome!!!! i wanna go so bad

Fred Padgett: 1st Aug 2010 - 21:02 GMT

I have many fond memories of school 4 and riverside park. I grew up down the street from the school prior to the interstate system being developed. It was such a nice area of town to live in. 1950 -1956 I believe the school should be torn down and the bricks sold as special memory keepsakes to those of us who still remember when the world was a much nicer place.

j.sanford: 2nd Aug 2010 - 03:53 GMT

I have great memories of this place, it would be a shame and a loss if this place was torn down!!!!

austin: 3rd Aug 2010 - 20:48 GMT

I went to school 4 on 08/02/10 at 2:30 wit a couple of my friends and we were goin to try to go through the front but we could so we walked to the back of the building and then there was a guy .we went through the window wit a rope on it and then we got in and a couple of my friends went in to the boiler room and my friends dad would let us so we walked through the whole building Stoping to look in just about every room.i would like to see pictures when the school was still in service.this place is verycool

Tristan: 6th Aug 2010 - 21:16 GMT

In the third photo the name above the door frame, Anthony Pianus?
I've known that kid for a coupla years now LOL

jr: 20th Aug 2010 - 01:48 GMT

i went to school 4 and i was looking for the basement entrance but just found a big hole in the ground but other than that it was freaking cool

Danielle: 26th Aug 2010 - 17:19 GMT

My husband used to go there and play paintball with his friends and he said one time him and another buddy of his were on the second floor and he saw a shadow run in front of him, he thought it was his friend, but when he shot at the shadow it went straight through and hit the wall. After a second he yelled out to his friend to ask if he'd seen it but he saw his buddy running down the stairs, when my husband got outside with his buddy he ask'd why he ran, he said he saw a ghost! LOL crazy, but eerie!

josh: 8th Sep 2010 - 05:15 GMT

your story and photos suck i would do a much better job

josh: 29th Sep 2010 - 19:04 GMT

you know the silver 4:20 clocktower on the chimney... yea thats my homies, try and smoke a blunt there.

Columbia Paranormal: 2nd Oct 2010 - 08:05 GMT

We were at that school back in 2008, its not that creepy just a few weird things such as a phone ringing, a child laughing, one person had their hand grabbed like a child wanting to hold on, folks not showing up in pics on the stage area, and no critters of any kind even spiders. the boiler rm was not scarey ata ll or the tunnels either. our pics are on our facebook site at columbia paranormal research society.

libbyann johnson: 14th Oct 2010 - 21:46 GMT

me and three of my closest friends are planning to go there and spend the whole night in the boiler room...i really hope all those stories are just rumers...i cant wait to go there. we are gonna be doing research and calling out to the 'ghost' that may be excited!

Aubrie: 17th Oct 2010 - 19:33 GMT

i dont get what is "soooo" scary about it... or is it not supposed to be? it looks just like an abondoned school( which it is) but u go nside and whats supposed to happen? is it supposed 2 b scary or sumthing?

Aubrie: i reallyyyy wannna go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

matt: 17th Oct 2010 - 22:51 GMT

I went to school 4 a few years ago with 3 buddies. We found a weak spot in the fence and used that to crawl under. Once on the property we went around the back of the building to the north side. There used to be a window that had the board removed and all you had to do was shimmy between the building and a tree and hop up to the second level. Anyways, we didn't make it down in the basement, im a big dude, and that's a small hole lol. From what I understand after the school closed it actually became the school department for a short time. I don't believe the school is haunted with the spirits of the "dead" but there has been a lot of satanic worship and rituals performed there and I think over time, they may have pissed something off. The auditorium was way creepy at night because all you could see of the stage was the front edge, everything beyond that was pitch black. The scariest thing that I experienced was what looked like a shadowy serpent crawling along the back wall of the school as we made our way out. When we got back to campus, a wican friend of mine told me that was a symbol of satan and that she wouldn't ever talk to me again if I went back. That was enough to scare me out of the place for a while. Im gonna try to go back during the day with my sony digital SLR camera and snap a few shots. Im worried they're gonna tear the place down before someone can document some of the awesome graffiti ... and cause I hope to have some more creepy experiences. We also made it up tothe roof through a window in a second floor classroom, nothing too eerie up there other than the pentagram waaaaaaay up on the smoke stack. OH OH OH!!! And on our way out thru the window we came in thu, we found a fresh wet puddle of blood in the doorway. Creeped us way the fuck out especially when we saw the serpent thing on the back wall. We bolted under the fence and saw a little blood splatter outside of our car, and next to the dumpster in the parking lot across the street from the south side of the building. Email/aim for more info

Aubrie: 18th Oct 2010 - 00:38 GMT

how do u get there? i need to no cuz me and my best friend r goin the nite b4 halloween and her mom is taking us how do u get there?

matt: 18th Oct 2010 - 18:17 GMT

I take I-95 north to the park street exit. Once you get to the botom of the ramp, go straight thru the stop light and the school is directly ahead of you. The road curves right and there's a parking lot on the immediate right. Good luck!!!

cole mcgill: 29th Oct 2010 - 12:04 GMT

my sisters friend went there and they said they saw lights behind them so they ran they thought it was cops so they get home and there doors and windows slam open and close there terrified of that place now thats crazy if its true

Maxi: 29th Nov 2010 - 04:08 GMT

me and a group of friends went inside. two girls and five guys. we all were rdy because everyone from school has alrdy been. the girl driving almost wrecked getting there because the sheer creepiness of it. we all went in and all had our fair share of shivers and giggles. fun night

Ariesss.: 11th Dec 2010 - 19:03 GMT

hahah, the last pic has the words 'snow bunny' written on there. i forgot i put that there a while back.

victoria: dang my mom when there

victoria: dang my mom when there

victoria: dang my mom when there

brian maysonet : 19th Dec 2010 - 23:22 GMT

bro i just past by the high school number four while my uncle was takin pic of it and that chiz looked scary.

zandria: 10th Jan 2011 - 17:31 GMT

im doing a paper on school four. and me an my friend want to go an get pictures but we dont no what will happen if we get cought. but we are still going no matter what. i have been obssessed with this school since my dad told me stories about it when i was yonger.

Catholic School Attendee: 10th Jan 2011 - 21:16 GMT

I attended school there in the 70's when it was a Catholic School. It was creepy then, I remember my class room being to the right of the large front doors, maybe the first or second window. We had nuns who would take us to the auditorium where we had recite from the bible and sing... I wasn't Catholic. It was an odd experience, but my teacher was recommended to my parents at the time. I was taken out after about 1/2 year in, not wanting to go back and crying for them not to send me back to that school.

zandria: 11th Jan 2011 - 12:29 GMT

@catholic school attendee

do you remember any weird things happening while you where there. i would like to use you in my project. is that ok?

caleb: 12th Jan 2011 - 19:22 GMT

my friends brother went there and they said they heard voice saw sacrifieced animals on the auditorium stage and saw that grim reeper doll in the window. they were chased out by a kid carrying a metal pole that looked like a santanist i saw the pics they are creepy!!!

Dontworryboutit: 30th Jan 2011 - 21:34 GMT

I went by myself at night snd it was pretty scary. I kept hearing footsteps. I even heard a little girl voice saing help me. The whole place is pretty intense.

Ravegirl: 1st Feb 2011 - 02:16 GMT

@caleb can you email me and tell me more about that please

Blahblahblah: 12th Feb 2011 - 22:48 GMT

Really wanting to go to this place, seems very interesting. Then again, I am into all the paranormal activity.. if there isn't, don't really want to go. Anyone ever got caught for traspassing?

bradley williams: 14th Feb 2011 - 00:21 GMT

i found this very interesting. ive been there a couple times and ive experienced some weird things. but nothing that will make me think this place is haunted or anything like that. well i like how u keep it straight and to the point. you didnt say it was haunted oranythingyo just said that youve been there and made a website. thnx

Jax No More: 16th Feb 2011 - 20:47 GMT

Hate to say it but there are no ghosts, no Satanists, no gangs, just the occasional hobo. Lived in Jax for longer than anyone ever should and reconned this place fairly well in the late 90's. I'm just surprised it is still standing.

Stacychick: 19th Feb 2011 - 08:38 GMT

My brother used to go there with his buddies an they used to all trip on acid a shrooms there an stuff I wouldint beable to trip in a scary place like that.. Wat do y'all think is under an burried under all the sand.. An I'm pretty sure a couple homeless ppl died there too.. My bro got caught truspassing there about ..4 or 5 monthes ago had to pick him up at like 2 in the morning ..has anyone brought a quji bored there yet??? I prolly would aha:P email me if u gots an answers (

jaxretta: 20th Feb 2011 - 04:41 GMT

dude i went in there when i was like 17 and im 33 now there is no way i would ever go in again...i know it probably was my mind playing tricks but when i heard those metal doors slam ....I still get the chills when i ride by there. my friends tried to tell me it was the wind that probably blew that door but we were on the second floor and it was the auditorium doors where the hell the wind come from anyway i believe there is something not of this world residing in there and i would never go back....

bonnie: 24th Feb 2011 - 21:58 GMT

road by there the other day so i could get a good look at the school, and i saw 2 police cars parked outside so i just went passed it, i always wanted a better look at the place maybe one day i will get my chance if there is no police cars parked by it

anymous: 1st Mar 2011 - 01:55 GMT

wow is it creey heres a reccomendation if youre a thrill sekker spend the night there on halloween

Shay: 4th Mar 2011 - 16:09 GMT

I live like right down the street from this place, my friends all tell me it's very haunted.

Tyler: 16th Mar 2011 - 01:28 GMT

This school is awesome the first time i went was in the dark and have never went during the day. Thats what made it so scary i guess. It was a thrill. the friends i went with have been plenty of times and they screwed with me the whole time but it was awesome...

Tyler: I would go back any time.

TG: 17th Mar 2011 - 22:14 GMT

WOW!!! There is a green face in pic #20. I tried to go in recently but could not find a way. I think they have it all boarded up. =-(

Trey: 31st Mar 2011 - 02:23 GMT

This Place Is Crazy ! I've Drove Past It So Many Times When I Was A Kid, Going With PLENTY Of Friends(10+). Should Be A Fun But Serious Experience For Us.

kathryn rogers: 7th Apr 2011 - 04:35 GMT

I've Always Wanted To Go There But Never Able To !!! It Looks Really Creepy From The Pics And The Few Time I've Passed It Over The High Way. Hope I Will Be Able To See It Close Up And Go In Side One Day Soon.... :)

Leah: 16th Apr 2011 - 09:22 GMT

I've been there multiple times.
10-20 times.
we always went around 3 (witching hour)
the first time I went I was scared pooless.
A few times later (of course) it got alot easier.
Till one day we finally went down in the "catacombs" as they called it
I had a very unusual expierence.
Before we went down there I always seen a little girl in a white dress.
She either had a red ball or a puppy.
It was later told that it was the devil's daughter
If she left the room
you did go with her or the 7 servants surrounding
protecting her would kill you.
But the night we decided to go into the "catacombs" we were doing great.
Didn't get lost or anything.
Been to the arch where it has "beware" painted above it
we crawled in there
that was the last thing I remembered.
(I was told this because I didn't member anything so please give meh a break if you think I'm crazy or something. I do not do drugs at all. I didn't drink before I went either. 100% sober.)
I had 5 or 6 people surrounding meh asking meh questions.
They were asking meh stuff like "What's your name?!?!"
"How old are you?!?!"
Simple stuff.
I wouldn't answer any of their questions.
Then my friend Jose asked meh what his nickname was
for the life of meh I couldn't member it.
(I was the one who gave him his nickname.)
They had to pretty much carry meh out of the school.
I could breath.
I couldn't talk.
I couldn't even walk.
They thought something had possessed meh
that was the reason I couldn't member anything.
I do not remember coming to until I was in Wal*Mart a few hours later leaning up against a shelf.
I was told that I was very mean
had the most horrid, evil look
smirk on my face.
Let meh remind you that I was told all this.
But I very much remember crawling under the archway with "beware" painted over it then standing in Wal*Mart leaning against a shelf.
Haven't been back since.
Only because I moved waaaaayyyy away.

papapa: 27th Apr 2011 - 13:20 GMT

i am going this weekend. i am soooooooooooooooooooooo freaking scared

Cacti: 17th May 2011 - 17:40 GMT

i've always seen it from the big bridge and then exactly a month ago, today, i went to Jacksonville for a concert, and then on monday morning(concert was on a sunday) my aunt and i went down to see it :) lol she was freaked out by it, which surprised me a little bit, to be honest, but i loved it! :D

Marcus: is this the school house 4 im thinking of???

MissModelFlaca: 14th Jun 2011 - 17:39 GMT

I am soooo doing a photoshoot here and CANNOT wait :)

Jim: 16th Jun 2011 - 00:25 GMT

I went in that school many years ago a couple times with a group of friends. It must have been in '90 or '91. (I am now 42) We saw a couple harmless homeless people sleeping, and I took a bunch of B&W photos. (one of a homeless person that didn't seem too thrilled to have a flash go off in his face) It is definintly a creepy place, but I am glad I can say I did it.

Lei: 2nd Jul 2011 - 00:30 GMT

Just passed Public School Number Four and I just had to look it up. Very scary, and peculiar looking...something I would suerly love to check out but since this little documentary mentioned that druggies and homeless peole stay there... I figured that the risk may be too great wjen it comes to safety. Thanks for sharing!!!

MR.Boz: 8th Jul 2011 - 19:16 GMT

i love to visit this place i have for real seen a lot of crazy things in this place i have done a lot of research and found out its was a really nice school i some times wounder what it would be like to be in class there when it was up and running

abortionrock: 24th Jul 2011 - 11:32 GMT

I played a concert there on Halloween 2008 in the auditorium. Acoustic of course...
I could've sworn i heard someone whispering during the second song we played!

first video here:

more videos coming soon on

FlKrissy: 4th Aug 2011 - 16:15 GMT

Was just there July 31st... had always heard things growing up but had never been. Was a lil creeped out going in but after getting in there realized it wasnt that big of a deal... most of the stories arnt real.. looked up the history and checked some police reports and was disappointed that it didnt live up to all the hype. Did get some cool pics though... image 47996

kim pinette: 25th Aug 2011 - 17:14 GMT

man i went in with a friend in the day light it was still so dark in there but we walked around in there for ever and we seen things felt things and even have pics of people even a old man it was cool to go in and take pics and also just the feelings you get from just being in there (verry creepy)

ashley rhue: 29th Aug 2011 - 16:48 GMT

I was wanting to know more about this school i been in it like three times and never really went on but something keeps pullin back in like to where i wanna spend the nite there...but then i get cold and turn around for sum reason but i dont believe in ghost or what ever but i know sum thing bad is in that school

Brittany Kitchens: 1st Sep 2011 - 00:48 GMT

Me and 2 other people went to school four twice very strange vibes in that school. but not enough to make me run the other way experiences i have occurred when i was in there with evp but i unfortunately dont have any more evps i lost them but i plan on going back to take more. but like I was saying I have been hit in the back while crawling back from the boiler room and i still have lower back pains from that It had felt like a board hit me on my lower back hurt like a bitch. and more things i was standing in the hall way across from the other building which you cant get to because it has no stairs saw a pair of glowing eyes and it was not a cat they were like green very light eyes. i have felt a little girls presence and actually got her on camera yes i did it was sad but if you listen to my words i say i was taking a video and like i said i dot have it anymore it was like a year ago and i caught a girl hanging she had skull like bones no eyes stringy hair very upsetting i cry ed because i felt helpless i wanted to go back and comfort this little girl and all her pain i got scratched on my leg three times and i got possessed for 3 days after coming back right when i noticed it my mood was changing and i had a real bad attitude which is not me. I have heard several weeps and i have heard someone behind me say hello and i said to scott my friend did you just say that he said no but i heard it also i was seeing if you noticed it very strange its just really sad how some teenagers dont give a shit and write on the walls and it very disrespectful i am a teenager as well but come on have some respect for the school and the people who died in the building like i said i am very vaurnable to being possessed because i can feel the atmosphere in the room and i can take that in and understand the pain I wanna have my own business in the paranormal it has always been my dream and im going to achieve it so if you guys have any questions or wanting to know more about my story i have alot of things that have happened im in a rush so dont judge me on my punctuation email me anytime maybe we can investigate together email me at

Brittany Kitchens: 1st Sep 2011 - 01:15 GMT

I have updated my story i have wrote a review on here my very first one and i forgot to list my second one Please Beware of the little girl in the white dress. she has no eyes bones she is very scary and will possess you no lie. it sounds very cleshay but honestly just wait you will see her she is on the second story i have been possessed by her. i used to live in a trailer and when we moved in it was so peaceful but ever since i went to that place dude i came back my trailer was upsidedown from voices to discomfort to unexplained scratches shadows it fucks with your own home now i live in an apartment and shit is starting to happen here and these are brand new apartments. wtf. i know right just please be careful it is very dangerous.

Nettam: 4th Sep 2011 - 20:22 GMT

Tonite my senior class will be going in da building to see wat its all about!

L: 6th Sep 2011 - 01:25 GMT

Haha, how was it Nettam?
And any advice for us newbies?

tannie: 12th Sep 2011 - 08:22 GMT

i just went tonight a no shit i did get a pip on camera of a apperition of a child in white moved last month to florida from detroit n i am not scared in the slightest but when returning home i downloaded pic n seen dor myself....creepy. my husband went in boiler room a heard banging on it.. he got out quick lol

Nick: 16th Sep 2011 - 18:51 GMT

I live very close to this place and have been there once.

Nick: 16th Sep 2011 - 18:51 GMT

I live very close to this place and have been there once.

tanner: 3rd Oct 2011 - 01:18 GMT

wow i wanna go there for halloween this year ... anyone else wanna come with me? 4th Oct 2011 - 04:12 GMT

my name is j iv spent a lot of time in the old school as it was my home for a year or so in the i was a heroin junkie clean now for 17 years the school is haunted but only by bad memories and lies its a sad thing to lose this place it means a lot to meas it was my home in some real bad times if any one can stop it please keep it standing

Mark : 7th Oct 2011 - 00:52 GMT

The last time I was in School number 4 was back in 1999 or 2000. I got so freaked out, a bum chased me with an 8 inch knife it was crazy! But I made it into the basement underneath the school. Talk about cold air under there and it was the spring/ summertime. I want to go back and check it out again and see if it really is haunted. Has any ghost hunter type of people ever been to this school to see if it's actually hanuted?

Ashley: 8th Oct 2011 - 19:06 GMT

this place is haunted and the old man you see is the janitor that was actually a child malester when it was a nice school litte kids died there and they still haunt that place one of my friend went in there and he said that when he walked in he felt things tugging at him and trying to push him out the door and then he heard a voice say "GET OUT YOUR NOT WELCOME HERE" then something ran at him and he then left

Nicole : 20th Oct 2011 - 23:06 GMT

hi my name is nicole i went there in i was freaked out im telling you if u go in there if u sleep there or stay there in hour u will die i herd tht and my best friend neviah she wuz my bff she stayed there for an hour and she disapeared until she was found in the basement full of blood i told her to come its been 3 years she said GET AWAY !!!!!!!!! ITS DANGEROUS PLSSSS I yelled as hell shes like plsss never come here again or else u will be haunted i called the cops and the school a janitor pushed me again in i almost died till the cops came but my friend died by the janitor and i never got to see her she had blood everywhere tht u would get scared plss dont go to this school plss

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 13:41 GMT

What Nicole said she was lying. I am still alive and that place is not really hunted all my friends went there with me and we slept there and nothing happen all we heard was noise but that was just wind. So all you people commeting your liers!!!! I stayed there for 12hr and NOTHING NOTHING!!! Happen!and plus people dont haunt u they are good people if they where mean and evil the they are somewhere called HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

WWWWWW: 23rd Oct 2011 - 13:46 GMT

ummmmm tht place is so not haunted and neviah is rite shes not lying u guys all u want is to scare kidz well if u r STOP IT its annoying when people scared others is just a school build in the 1800s or somethin stop lying none of the schools are huanted and stop lying its gettin people sick why lying if people aready know u r BYE!

RANDY: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:09 GMT

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neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:42 GMT

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neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:42 GMT

see nicole everyone said ur a liar thanks alot im not ur friend

nicole: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:43 GMT

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nicole: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:43 GMT

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neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

neviah: 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:47 GMT

Ok I will be your friend but if I seem dead to you than why are you my friend??? U your a fuck in lier!!!!

Nicole : 23rd Oct 2011 - 14:51 GMT

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Cayla: 30th Oct 2011 - 01:40 GMT

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Sarah: KAYLA STFU PLS. going to duuuuuuuce brb

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charlie kenny: 31st Oct 2011 - 05:34 GMT

i have been goin wit my friends for the past week, just about every day. the first couple times there is defiantly a thrill. but once you go, learn the facts about the school, its actually a very interesting place, very historical and a cool place to chill, and have a good time with friends. truthfully though, i was not completely sober almost everytime i went. ;)

Chandler Austin Williams: 3rd Nov 2011 - 12:30 GMT

Freind me on facebook ;) ur cute

Brett the meanie : 3rd Nov 2011 - 12:32 GMT

please no one add me on facebook that was my stupid friend
p.s. your cute ;)

Jennifer: 3rd Dec 2011 - 22:38 GMT

I can say I have been ongoingly visiting School four for two years now. I have always believed it to be just a building. That is, until the other night. My friend and I were in the building upstairs, passing by the balcony part when (we were the only ones in there, and btw we don't get high or drink in there, we are always completely sober) we heard the loudest bang in our entire lives. It sounded like it was right in front of us and as if the roof had completely fell in in front of us! We looked around to see if anything had fallen, but not a thing had fell! We did not jump to conclusions, but as we were looking around for the source that could have been the noise, we started hearing things falling. Let me tell you, as much as I have visted this place, I have never heard things falling like this! As we were walking down the stairs, we heard what sounded like a brick falling. We walked down these stairs TWICE and heard the noise. Call us stupid, but we decided to go underground. Well, as we were underground, we heard AUTHORITIVE, like cop foot steps...heavy, above us, then they suddenly stopped! We stayed down there for about an hour, and when we decided to come back up, we heard something above the hole moving. We ended up crawling out through a busted hole underground.
We've been back three times since then. The second, we had more stuff occur, the third, nothing, the next, we heard some pretty scary shit. I'd say the cherry on top of the night was when we decided to leave and were walking by the staircase beside the auditorium and heard footsteps coming towards us down the stairs and grunting, but no one was there.

Kyle: 4th Dec 2011 - 00:24 GMT

I just went there today, we shot a ton of hi=res photos of the place if you want to check them out they can be found in my album here

Aaron: 8th Dec 2011 - 07:07 GMT

Been there twice, must say i love going to school 4. whenever i go i go during the evening about 5pm and normally will bring alot of friends. Our last trip was on last saturday. missed you kyle by a day. would of been cool to see some people taking pictures. we did meet two guys from long island going to school at JU. there were pretty cool, me and my friends gave them a tour. Then later some other people came up, they were taking pictures. I didnt talk to them much. but the long island people said they were taking pictures scouting for places to shoot porn. But while we were there I kicked in a door in what i believed to be the cafeteria. Sadly there was nothing, just some shelves. This last time i went I didnt have any super natural feelings about the place. however the first time i went last summer i had a weird experience. Nothing at the school, however i had the lingering feeling for a month that i was being watched and felt like i was carrying a dark load on my back. very strange. alomst like i took a ghost home with me. I just wanted to post my story and see if anyone had tips of getting onto the roof? because i would love to get up there. and im talking the roof roof. if anyone has been there recently and knows how to get up there please email me at

Focus: 18th Dec 2011 - 04:36 GMT

Enjoy your visits to PS#4 ... When you get arrested for being there , don't say you weren't warned ;)

Jennifer: 18th Dec 2011 - 10:30 GMT

Get arrested? My friends and I ran INTO THE COPS tonight, and they let us go xD They said they come in there all the time to scare people!

Victor wright: 26th Dec 2011 - 05:46 GMT

I've been 5 times I even went yesterday night on christmas smh my frins always doing stupid shit james musselwhite is the main 1 haha.....but one 1 of the chicks we were with came out with like scratches on her back like someone clawed her with both hands she was shiting her debut the rest of is were laffn

autumn: 26th Dec 2011 - 06:10 GMT

Tonight my sister, her boyfriend , her boyfriends friend and I went to school four . A lot of graffiti and trash (hobo clothes?). Were walkin around and jump threw the hole in the ground that leads to the boiler room where(supposedly) about 12 kids were killed by their insane janitor. I'm bout 5 1/2 and I had to craw to get threw the entrance . We walked and searched around untill we found main room where these worship's and killings happen , getting spooked and seeing everything in the old abandoned school house, my sisters back started to tingle and burn a little , we get outside to the truck and I look at my sisters back (ashley) and theirs literally CLAWMARKS all down her back . Theirs absoslutly nothing she could have possible scratched her back on . Kinda spooky . Another creepy thing is that we layed down a large piece of ply wood to mark our way back , and we are searching and searching and NO wood anywhere . We walk up alout4 feet and come back , their it is , . I don't know what to believe about school 4 . But I do know theirs some creepy shit in their .

Jay_gb: 27th Dec 2011 - 22:11 GMT

I went last night and am going back tonite. last night we didnt see too much. a weird dancing light up stairs but it could have been traffic or others in the building. tonite we are going with emf detectors and voice recorders. if anyone wants to join in we are meeting at birdies at 10

joe: It is on fire right now.

Racer: 16th Jan 2012 - 06:23 GMT

Sadly, it is on fire again tonight..Hope they arrest those who started the fires and throw the book at em..

Racer: [[img:48794]]

anon ( 16th Jan 2012 - 06:27 GMT

I can't believe it caught on fire again tonight...

anon ( 16th Jan 2012 - 06:27 GMT

I can't believe it caught on fire again tonight...

Marcus: 16th Jan 2012 - 07:11 GMT

haha, I Googled it to see if it really was on fire. One of my friends on Facebook said it was so i had to check it out. And you two just confirmed it.

stefanie: 16th Jan 2012 - 07:46 GMT

It is 2:41 am the building is curently on fire, not sure what is the cause as of yet but im sure someone will lrt u guys know i live in jax and have my whole life this building has been here forever and could of been put to good use but thats duval county for you!

stefanie: 16th Jan 2012 - 07:47 GMT

image 48796

brian: 16th Jan 2012 - 13:01 GMT

where can you find the blueprint on this building?

Melissa: Sadly the school burnt down this morning

John: 16th Jan 2012 - 15:12 GMT

We used to go to School #4 all the time in the middle of the night,late 80s/early 90s,to drink,somke,trip,make out,etc.Never really saw anything supernatural but we did get freaked out by creepy homeless people on occasion and had to run from the cops at least once or twice.
Im sad to hear it has burned last night,the place was always good for a scary adventure.

Melissa: 16th Jan 2012 - 18:04 GMT

TaylorV: 16th Jan 2012 - 18:29 GMT

"The property was purchased in 1999 by a company intending to tear down the structure in order to build condominiums, but multiple historic societies convinced the Jacksonville City Council to designate the old school a historic landmark in 2000, which prevent its demolition."

The article above is very interesting! I'm 20 & Ive been to School #4 several times. As scary as the place is, I remember driving past it my whole childhood on the way to and from the beaches. I drove past the fire last night around 1am & the fire was almost put out. Although the building had wack items inside such as burnt Bibles, wegi boards etc., it still had report cards & student paintings in the classrooms!, pretty cool. Its sad to see such a unique building in our city burnt down!

jimmy: Cool spot hate 2 see it go

nigger: i know how the flame started. 17th Jan 2012 - 03:15 GMT

I lived in Jax for five years, and had a few visits to this school...did a photo shoot, and also took shots with another friend... This link is to my collection of photos tagged with "Annie Lytle":

This building has a be continued!
Crazy ass condemned building that was visited by all kinds of folks over the years.
On one occasion, while I was there doing the shoot with Drew there was actually a man conducting a tour.

Savvy: 17th Jan 2012 - 03:39 GMT

It did not burn down. The middle room caught on fire. Nothing big. Damage is not that bad. The news is probably saying it was bad so people would stop going in there.

noah: 17th Jan 2012 - 16:05 GMT

went in 5 years ago. i was creeped out and saw someone in a white coat. tried to find him but he was gone. saw lights turn on and off a few times. heard 2 different voices that were not near me and one that seemed to be right ahead of me saying "come on". the basement is like catacombs. very scary and there are strange smells that pass quickly. if you want a thrill, check it out.

Gary: 17th Jan 2012 - 19:49 GMT

I spray painted the (Sudden Change) 20 years ago. That was the name of my band.

cody : 17th Jan 2012 - 20:10 GMT

i was at school 4 the night that it bured down, i was under the school when it was set on fire, i started to smell smoke and i was a good 200 300 ft away from where i came in from

Jess: 26th Jan 2012 - 08:54 GMT

Dude the first time i went there i was 14 im 30 now....i went there 4 xs in my life & erytime i went felt something bigger& stronger than me .....u turn on a flashlightt it turned off ...u lit a candle it blew out...pretty creepy shit..i will tell u i got my fix i will never go back!!!

Joe Keller: 1st Feb 2012 - 20:56 GMT

I went to school number 4 in 1995, before the fire. I had no knowledge of how to get in, or if anyone had ever been in the school before. We didn't have GPS or internet access or a map of any kind. Since I was a child I remembered passing School Number 4 as we were driving to the beach from the west side of town, I would see this school and I wanted to get it in.
I was temporarily staying at the Blodgett projects and knew this was my only chance to check it out at the time. My cousin and I left the house at West 3rd street at about 11pm and wore all black clothes, black trench-coats. We both carried two small flashlights we found in the house we were staying in and we had one mini aluminum bat for protection. Walking those two miles was scarier than the school itself, as we saw several gang members, drug dealers and simply f'ed people. It was like the movie Judgement Night only there was no Jeremy Piven for comic relief. There were people huddled around steel barrels filled with fire, burned out cars, prostitutes and crackheads. Somehow we managed to make it to the school without encountering anyone. We were very ninja about the whole operation.
Once we made it to the school, we circled the whole thing a couple times trying to find an entrance. In the back side of the school we finally found a small hole in the broken bricks at the ground level. We crawled inside and found that we were underground. We spent a good hour or so under there, trying to find a way up into the school. It was a very cramped space and I felt like I was on the moon. There were untouched footsteps in the soft sand from who knows how long ago. I saw a British Knight shoe print and laughed, remembering those ugly shoes from the 80's. We did find a way up and it was in the middle of the school, were the auditorium would have been I guess.
No one was in the school as far as we could tell, and we searched every section and looked through the stacks of school work and old books. We also felt nothing supernatural while there, though we were at times scared out of our minds at the possibility of finding a lonely ghost or pcp raged-out beast with a real penchant for young guys. I have experienced paranormal things before and since so I know it is possible. I did find a half burned voodoo doll that had no needles in it, and that totally made the experience worth it. I kept that doll for a while, that is, until my mom found it in a storage box and threw it away with a quickness.
We left at dawn and walked home tired and dusty. The school was a great adventure, but the mystery I held all my childhood was gone. This was just an old abandoned school and nothing more for me.

Dvcastaneda: 4th Feb 2012 - 01:08 GMT

I am 21 years old and still have nightmares of that place, and I don't even live in fl anymore. I was born in Jacksonville and remember driving by that place all the time. Hearing my moms stories of her and my fathers experience with that place I would imagine what the place looked like before. I can still see the education propaganda murals in the windows. When I was little especially I could see the past of a place just as real as the present and I saw some horrific things. I could hear screams from the place and when we would pass I would hide in the floor of the car. Looking at pictures of the place make me want to cry. I know a lot of people don't believe the place is haunted but that's one of the scariest places I've ever seen.

balls inside ur butt: 5th Feb 2012 - 14:23 GMT

wow ur all crazy its just a school!!!!!!!!
my name is crazy because i dont want to use my real name or anyother names GOT IT tht school is so not haunted they want to scare the hell out of u

morgan&alysa : 6th Feb 2012 - 23:55 GMT

well bro idk what to say it makes me want to cry reading that shit ?!?!?!?!?
fo real doe . thatz some crazy shit . poor school :(

lomarys: 12th Feb 2012 - 03:16 GMT

i never been to that school but it seems pretty cool like the outside of the school looks old and in the inside looks very very old like it was the first school ever made i would like to go there but since it got on fire i dont have a chane to gggo and have it been on fire once?? what caused it to burn?? why can they just re new the school like fix it so kids can learn there and guys the school isnt haunted okay so u hear voices there it might be other people in there iding trying to scare u and its prob the wind and the kids never died in there there where prob kids who died but not in there i think ppl are trying to scare u dont believe in them and bad people dont go in heaven they go down if i where a builder i would like too re buid this school pleSE RIGHT BACK

rebecca: 12th Feb 2012 - 03:19 GMT

lomarys is right okay u guys probly herd scary movies or seen them and since u guys watch them u think they are real!! they are not

sexii and i know it: 12th Feb 2012 - 03:24 GMT

i feel horny like i want to have sex i had sex in that school my butt got dirty never sex inside there

anon ( 16th Feb 2012 - 23:11 GMT

nigga you gay as fuck

anon ( 16th Feb 2012 - 23:13 GMT

i bet you were fucking a dude named John to you fagget ass nigga

sexii and i know it: its a joke dummy

rebecca: 2nd Mar 2012 - 22:59 GMT

lomarys is sooo right okay i been 2 tht school it wuz pretty cool but inn the outside looks really really old now beause it gotten burn!! and yes lomarys it gotten burn many timez and balls inside ur butt??? seriously i know u dont want to use ur real name but balls inside ur butt????? why coulndnt u use a diffrent name and sexy and i know it okay ur just weird im srry its just weird and anon dont be such a gang i mean i know it wuz wrng but u dont have to be soo mean and u guys are all crazy srry but its true but not lomarysi trying to be honest and i spend oney going to tht school because i live in a diffrent state and now ITS on fire im meann.................. seriously !!!!!! wow but i dont blame the building cuz i dont know wht happen to it i meant to go to my school called school4 and it showed ths school im like my school is old????? lol if u have somethin mean to say about me i dont care and i can say something mean im soooo SERIOUS so yup and anon be nic okay?

balls inside ur butt: 2nd Mar 2012 - 23:03 GMT

i know its weird but like i feel like uusing it because i feel like it okay
and sexy and i know it i think i know who u r u are the guy witht the red hirt and u where making out w a girl she wuz pretty hot

Too scared to go?: 6th Mar 2012 - 05:34 GMT

Annie Lytle is the background in a pic of actress Jen Mears on it shows off the stage area and great colors of the graffiti. Check it out.

Go banana: 12th Mar 2012 - 02:34 GMT

I went to there around 1990. I did see the bones of a cat that had been sacrificed (there was rope like it had been bound and tied down), old school papers from 1970's, and a homeless guy that scared us. We went in the daytime, still spooky.

been here: 19th Apr 2012 - 13:29 GMT

ive been inside with some friends and it was creepy i was scared then we went back out and there was ppl to guys from unf that we gave a tour to...they got some great pix

been here: 19th Apr 2012 - 13:34 GMT

also we went into the borler room felt like ppl was behind me...i felt cold and itw as really scary i seen an old rope were a girl killed her self back wen it was open and the old janater raped lil kids in the boiler room and also the school blew up from the boiler room killing some teachers and kids....the school turned into a christen school after it was a public school there was paper everywere and stuff were the explosion blew stuff up in the boys bathroom

Edward: Scary

balls deep : 30th Apr 2012 - 23:08 GMT

okay look ,ive just read all these about the school burnt down ? umm , no i drive by there everyday on my way towork , the only thing burnt down was the roof to the aditurium , like really , you cant burn bricks , wtff?? hahah just a little word for anyone who still would like to go , & there is a door on the back side a few of my buddies tore off so u caN WALK RIGHT IN ,

balls deep : 30th Apr 2012 - 23:11 GMT

and in pic#20 there is a little greenf ace in the coroner of the window , its in the right of the left window , if u see the #@/ look to the left , you'll see the face

kevin: 11th May 2012 - 17:41 GMT

My brother went there in 1975 when the place was briefly rented by Central Christian , a Baptist school in Riverside that had moved from St.Johns Ave . The city took the school away saying the Riverside Christian was a racist school . As a 22 year teacher here in Riverside I have heard many stories about the place but have never gone there . Hope something positve happens to this place .

ryan: how would you get in there really

ryan: Legaly

paige: 18th May 2012 - 23:20 GMT

scary but awsome its sad because all those kids died

Victor wright: 5th Jun 2012 - 03:51 GMT

It's fun taking girls along I scared the fuck out of Ashley tonight with james and wynne. She started crying Lmao pussyyyy!!!!

Huuuut: 5th Jun 2012 - 22:18 GMT

I cant wait im excited Im glad i have my Hobo Stab Insurance.

Josh: 1st Jul 2012 - 04:17 GMT

I went there today just out of curiosity. There was an opening in the fence at the front. Somebody tried to board the front up with plywood but it had been torn off. I shouted to see if anybody was there, but no response. (kinda felt that was neccesery after seeing the bum with knife comment above). Just an old run down building, nothing paranormal. Took pictures, thought the grafitti was interesting. Obviously has a lot of historic value. I plan to stop by during full daylight and explore more, since i'm going to be working at baptist. Really loved this old school.

the world most awesome guy : 3rd Jul 2012 - 10:42 GMT

damn that is just the most creepy place ever

damn thay mad : 3rd Jul 2012 - 20:13 GMT

how is that still up and and i think this school is still up

Hayley(;: 3rd Jul 2012 - 21:28 GMT

Damn, me and some friends are going there tonight and were totally stoked ! cant wait (:

Diamond: Going tonight I excited

anon ( 22nd Jul 2012 - 17:11 GMT

Wat was that a ghost on the rope????

north usa anon: 28th Jul 2012 - 16:36 GMT from michigan and came here4vacation.i drove by this school and got a chill.i quickly searched it, thinking it looked like it hadnt been in use4a long time but it also looked like it had been in a fire.i was right.someone should tell me its story and about these fires.totally interested!

David : Went in saw hobo and vandalism

David : Went in saw hobo and vandalism

David : Went in saw hobo and vandalism

David : Went in saw hobo and vandalism

David : Went in saw hobo and vandalism

David : Went in saw hobo and vandalism

David : Went in saw hobo and vandalism

David : Went in saw hobo and vandalism

David : Went in saw hobo and vandalism

Jaxbeachlocal: 31st Jul 2012 - 21:52 GMT

Cant believe so many of you have been to this place. I drive past it everyday and I would never dream of going there for fear of being arrested for trespassing (that is until I've seen how many have already been all up in that like a hooker on a Saturday night). And since there HAS BEEN so many people that have been there already, kind of kills it for me. I don't see anything exciting about a place everyone else has already tread.

$ Jamari Jakob $: 7th Aug 2012 - 04:49 GMT

YeaH me and som of my niggas went in there som spookie azz behind nigga hobo cam up bro and PUSHED MY NIGGA DOWN THE HOLE!!! I TREID PUNCHIN DAT NIGGA BUT MY HAND WENT STRAET THRU DAT NIGHA BRUH IM NOT LYIN!!! Then I realized that hobo was that JANITER NIGGA THAT BURNED ALL DEM
Me and my bruhs still traped in here dey boarded OUR SORRY BEHINDS INSIED!!! PLz HELP!!! TEAR DOWN THESE WALLS!!!

$$$ JAKARI BABI MAMA: 7th Aug 2012 - 04:55 GMT

Azz nigga!!!!!


FREE $ JAMARI JAKOB $: 7th Aug 2012 - 05:05 GMT




SHAQUEL: 7th Aug 2012 - 05:38 GMT

MANE I heard som reel scary screamin in ther 2nite sound liek som kids got boarded up inside smh.
Now if they be wite kids the WHOLE WERLD wuld be freaking out but naw let them be a bunch of blak kids and see wat the JSO will do-- NOTHIN.

Rachelove: 7th Aug 2012 - 15:03 GMT

Actually I saw on ch.4 local news this morning about some disturbance in the building.. Lol I guess some people did get stuck down there. Whatever, if you're stupid enough to somehow get lost then you deserve to stay in there in my opinion. Police got on it anyway.. Drove by this morning and no activity, either they got the people out or theyr still stuck in there dying. Lol..

QUEDELL: 7th Aug 2012 - 16:26 GMT



Elaine Cunningham : 8th Aug 2012 - 18:01 GMT

My name is Elaine. I went to school 4 about 2 months ago. I for one am never going back..I will share my story. I went with some girls from chess club, and we had just had A tough chess match that night so we needed to relieve some stress, and we wanted a scare. I don't believe in ghosts, but I cannot explain what happened that night. We were walking upstairs and there was a weird dripping noise so we went and seen what it was and all of a sudden my glasses fall off and I couldn't see. My friends were screaming and they ran away. I found them and ran out to the car, it was SUPER SCARY!! Come to find out I. Sat in the car and realized I pooped my pants. It was horrible:/

anon ( 18th Aug 2012 - 13:37 GMT

I gaurentee one of those people above this comment were the ones shooting off a gun the other night >.>

Jaquel: YI BOIII

anon ( 16th Oct 2012 - 20:18 GMT

omg my sister and i are visiting this remarkable place on halloween

concerned: 21st Oct 2012 - 14:25 GMT

i for one was a little disappointed in the school i came from 4 hours away to stay the night there and after exploring the graffiited up walls once we were ready to leave,nothing scaryexcept darkness, and the hobos thatroam the jax streets at night. but not a single paranormal act once soever.

camilia: 29th Nov 2012 - 18:30 GMT

omg scary school who would go there i would not

DuvalNative: 11th Dec 2012 - 20:23 GMT

" ryan: how would you get in there really

ryan: Legaly"

You don't go legally ya jackass that's half the fun of it. Luckily there's such a high drug and crime rate in this city the cops don't give a shit if your sneaking around in an old condemned building.
I've been there 5-6 times and the novelty has worn off but its great to get a group of people from out of town and after 2am after a long night of drinking take them in there and see what they are really made of. Drop hints about how sketchy it is and how people get killed and raped and whatever horrible shit you can make up throughout the night to build their curiosity. A lot of people get scared before they make it in. The basement is fun to go in and follow the signs that say death this way ---------> they lead to the boiler room so definitely check that out.
As for the roof, thats a challenge. Luckily some people that were there before us tied a yellow nylon rope around an exhaust vent that we were able to climb up. Drunk repelling back down the wall was the hardest part. We didn't try the wood beam above the window to get on the roof.

My best advice would be to bring a flashlight,some sort of weapons and enough people to handle a situation with a bum if needed, don't get shot, and hope the place doesn't finally decide to collapse while you're in the basement. GOOD LUCK!
image 50400

Jimmy Bryant: 28th Dec 2012 - 22:08 GMT

The school is one of my favorite places. These photos have satisfied a lot of my curiosity. I go there often. But, I still have the insane thought of stopping on the fly-over and getting photos from that angle. I don't have a death wish, so it will never happen.

Lola: 1st Jan 2013 - 23:43 GMT

Hello . ive herd about this school seems Pretty intresting. i think they should re build this place or keep it as a memory. But that school Needs Some Help. People who loves to go there and seek for clues or look around and take picture should help it. this might take a long time to do it but i know there are ome patient people there.

jordan: 4th Jan 2013 - 03:11 GMT

my mom lives around the corner i go there all the time

KILL ME NOW: 27th Jan 2013 - 06:11 GMT

I'm 30, have never been there, have researched it extensively, and have come to the following conclusions. 1) The writers of this article and its resulting commentary seriously need a lesson in Primary School Grammar. I'll let you borrow my 3rd grader's textbook if you want to brush up a bit before you publicly humiliate yourselves with further expose's. 2) You all need to do your background research before you post. There was never any report about an explosion, no children died. 3) If you are going to largely copy someone else's article nearly verbatim, please properly cite your source, as the original author of the majority of your words deserves recognition for doing the actual research. Your article is nothing but a largely plagiarized work which has been run through a paper shredder and carelessly pieced back together with leftover bits and pieces of someones drug induced (giving the author the benefit of the doubt) diary rantings. Oh, and if you ever (by what can be nothing short of a miracle) get a chance to attend college, I will warn you, most professors run essay papers and expose's through a national database which screens them for any possible signs of plagiarism and the indication of such is grounds for immediate failing of said work. In closing, I would actually like to thank you. You have opened my eyes to the sad state our nation's education system is in, and I have finally be able to reach a long thought out decision to pull my children from public school and homeschool them. Judging by the way it is becoming acceptable to present to the public, I can only assume the schools have turned a blind eye to proper grammar, spelling, and ethic. Adieu, adieu, parting is such sweet sorrow. ~ Shakespeare ~

KILL ME NOW: 27th Jan 2013 - 06:22 GMT

Also, it is not haunted. It's just an old, dilapidated building left irrevocably in shambles due to population and economic decline, as well as scandelous upheaval which took place among city officials in the early 1960's. That information comes from your city's historical society (historical societies can be formidable allies in the substantiation of claims made and questions formed during the fact gathering stages of intelligent exposition). You cannot present information in the style you display here and expect to be considered credible. I'm not trying to be condescending, it's constructive criticism. You show a passion for writing (the author, not the commentators) and I believe with the proper guidance, you could one day be a writer of record. You just need a little work. We all do.

alyssa : 10th Feb 2013 - 16:24 GMT

hello , my name is Alyssa My boyfriend and my father went to look at it from the out side last night only because my father and boyfriend was to scared to go inside with me , well i want to go Saturday night. I have heard that the building burnt down and half of the children and teachers got burnt inside that i know is true, but i don't believe that the principle was a Caliban, or that the janitor used to rape little kids i think that the rumors have been past down for a long time but i am going to go in there Saturday night and i cant wait, so if anybody else is going or wants to go on Saturday email me at

JD: 18th Feb 2013 - 01:17 GMT

I always look over at this building when driving past it on the overpass. I have a thing for old buildings and architecture. Thanks for the article! I'm not sure how much of the history I believe; I have yet to do my own research. But, I love the fact that you have the nutz to go in. I sure a hell do not! (Too much Resident Evil and Dead Space video games and all night FearFest channel sessions!)

Tim: 21st Feb 2013 - 06:29 GMT

This place is awesome to explore, I'd recommend it for thrills and cool photos! I do believe demonic energy is present there but its rather mild (I've heard so many creepy stories from friends, but I've been there once during the day and all I could account for were unexplained shadows in various rooms and I saw a dark human figure dart from behind a window). The basement is creepy! Though I did not get a chance to go to the boiler room- I couldn't figure it out, haha. Lots of cool graffiti art which is worthwhile to see!

Amber: 18th Mar 2013 - 15:15 GMT

I went to School 4 yesterday with a 4 friends. All girls. We were already so scared before we even got there because we had een reading about it the enire time we were trying to find it. When we finally did, we pulled in at the back, and as soon as the car came to a stop, a man walked out from behind the middle building and just stood directly in front of our car staring at us. of course, we all screamed and Anna threw the car into reverse & backed out at what seemed like a thousand miles an hour! As she backed out, I didn't take my eyes off of the man, and he stood there very calmly, waving goodbye to us. Then he walked back to where he came from. We drove around to the side of the school, and saw him once more. Then, he dissapeared. No where to be found even when we drove around several times, and went back to the spot we first saw him. I took lots of pictures. Mostly of the open windows upstairs. When I went back and looked at them, I saw a hooded almost grim reaper looking figure standing in the right corner of the window. In another picture, what looked like a moving shadow in the window, and in another, two shadowy orbs. I got a very creepy vibe from the minute I saw this place. The front door is wide open now. So you can just walk right in. But my friends and I only made it to the top of the steps. We didn't want to get arrested for tresspassing and we were already super scared. As I was standing in front of the school taking pictures, my friend & I heard a really loud crash from inside, and took off running to the car. That was when we finally left. Planning on going back with more people very soon!!! Can't wait!!

Columbia Paranormal (Missouri)we got several evps of a child screaming for help.: 24th Mar 2013 - 23:21 GMT

Columbia Paranormal (missouri) went there several times, we did experience several strange things, we have a picture of one hall wall, where a window appeared and a shadow of a man was in the lighted window, we took a second picture of the hall and the window disappeared. also one of our team was in the auditorium and the others in the library, preparing to enter the basement, and yelled and yelled for our team member , she couldnt hear us, and we couldnt hear her screaming. one team ammber took pics of our team on the stage, and only the front row of the team showed up. we tried several times moving people around and only the front row showed int he pictures. also, the entire place is void of any bugs, spiders, rats, ect. very strange, we encountered a phone ringing, old time ring, lights seen in the top floor,and sounds heard in the basement.we got several evps of a child screaming for help.

Columbia Paranormal (Missouri): 24th Mar 2013 - 23:22 GMT

each time we went back to the place, we looks for any activity ( human) homeless do NOT stay in the building,we were told by about 20 we spoke with that they will NOT stay in there due to it being haunted.

Joyce and A.J.: 30th Mar 2013 - 23:39 GMT

Me n my son went too! It is a creepy place! But all stories about it are false! No one died! No ghosts or gouls! Just junkies n homeless! So sad. A beautiful piece of history!

Joyce and A.J.: 30th Mar 2013 - 23:39 GMT

Me n my son went too! It is a creepy place! But all stories about it are false! No one died! No ghosts or gouls! Just junkies n homeless! So sad. A beautiful piece of history!

Jaquel: 1st Apr 2013 - 17:47 GMT


DRIX: 1st Apr 2013 - 18:05 GMT

AY IT YO BOI DRIX. ANYBODY SEEN JAMAL?? Dat broke azz nigga gon!! Where he be

$ DRIX $

LiL RIP: 2nd Apr 2013 - 21:33 GMT

Aye yall kno dis is Lil RIP im juss saying my nigga Jamari Jakob never came up out der. Im not sayin itz haunted in there but IT BEEN about 6 months since we heard from da lil nigga and it was right befo he went inside. jamari was my lil bro and i just wanna see im one mo time so if yall hear from him plz write on here i will chek it daily. FREE MY NIGGA JAMARI JAKOB aka TRIGGA aka J-MAR aka YUNG JAKOB

Lisa: 16th Apr 2013 - 13:20 GMT

image 50909

Went to the School April 9th 2013 for a photo shoot. The place is hauntingly beautiful in the day light. The structure is such classic architecture, the walls painted with the modern art of graffiti and the ground littered with decay. It really is the prefect set for a horror movie.

Colin Morgan: 16th Apr 2013 - 20:19 GMT

Im a medium here in Jacksonville...ive seen ghosts my whole life...I went to PS 4 a couple of months has bad ju ju vibes...I saw a man in the front of the school telling me I didn't belong there...I was too old...he wanted me to leave...I do believe there is something there, but I do feel its the energy of the place...some places were just born bad...I also feel that b/c it was a school and kids never like school then they all harbored bad feelings throughout the years and that something has manifested...I want to go back some day and see what people feel..

Jaquel: @Colin what the...

DRIX: 9th May 2013 - 03:56 GMT

Aye yo LISA hit mii up
na o fo, fo fo na, na fa fa fo

$ DRIX $ RIP lil jamari

John: 12th May 2013 - 02:24 GMT

I went in there today and couldn't find how to get to the basement. There's a hole on the right side of the auditorium stage where I can see it but it would be incredibly stupid to try and get down there that way. Judging by these pictures I overlooked a lot.

kristi: 30th Aug 2014 - 10:38 GMT

I do not suggest going here. I went last night/morning and right as We walked up to it to go in, a cop pulled up and searched the premises. So No We didn't get caught But they do have people Watching the building. It's also slowly falling apart so for You health and safety I would not go. It's very cool to drive by it though. I wish I could have gotten more shots of the building!

Carlee: Wow

Carlee: Wow

Kirsten: 7th Nov 2014 - 23:12 GMT

Went there this past Tuesday night at around 3am. One of the best experiences of my life. We got in through the giant opening in the wall in the back and I kid you not I saw a little girl with dark hair walk past one of the second story windows. Creeped the hell out of all of us and we ran. We ended up going back in though because curiosity was killing us. Nothing happened the second time but we did take pictures that turned out quite odd. The camera would not focus no matter what and on the last one we took,there was a white thing that we can't explain. Overall, great place to go for a thrill. The place is so magnificent and the graffita is cool as hell.

David: Fantastic photos!

Kirsten: 15th Nov 2014 - 20:57 GMT

Went again a few nights ago and met a group of like 8 people so we all walked through together. Place smelled like alcohol and cigarettes. We also believe there were two guys there who were probably the cause of this. They were extremely sketchy looking though. If you want to be legitimately scared, go with a small group. Going with a large group makes you feel a lot safer but it's still creepy as hell. Again, got some great photos and my friend captured the same little white thing we caught on cam the first time and it was pretty freaky. Everyone that hasn't been here that loves exploring should go! It's an amazing experience.

jmoney allday: 19th Apr 2015 - 18:38 GMT

What the freak this is so creepy....yeet

Brie: 24th Jul 2015 - 04:11 GMT

Me and my date are going tomorrow,this'll be my first time!!! I kinda believe its haunted and kinda not. I have a spirit cam so i can see if it is or not!!! Wish us luck(:

Jamari: 10th Sep 2015 - 19:32 GMT

Itz yo boy
And I got the crAZyest story to tel mane...
Droped mi done awile back in da toilet and lost contakt but im bak

Drix$ drizzle : 10th Sep 2015 - 19:47 GMT

@jamari jakob dats mii niqqaaaa

strait outta duval shiiiiii

Shelly: 10th Sep 2015 - 19:54 GMT

I can't understand what you basic delinquents are saying. ^ Could you please speak English?

Thank you.

Jamari: nah...

Jamari: 10th Sep 2015 - 20:19 GMT

I speek CLEARLY 4 you Shelly. Came on dis here forum like she was da queen of England. Anyway...
Ghost janitor nigga shoved yo boi down dat basement hole. I got locked up down there 4 a long time.
Thot abou a lot mane... Anyway dat ghost janitor nigga who burned all dem kids up sed be wanted me to tell every1 on this forum that he sorry. There Im don now.

Ps Shequilla if u readin dis I don't owe u chil support no more

Mandy: 27th Sep 2015 - 14:58 GMT

Hi everyone, so I was googling about Jacksonville Haunted places and this popped up ! lol I havnt gone yet ( I live probably 15-20 mins from the school) I wanna go, well I found this news article saying that there was just a reported fire killing kids or crazy principal lol, but I wanna still go !

Dina : 28th Sep 2015 - 19:02 GMT

Mandy, did you not read those testimonies and experiences (above)?

They're hard to read and understand, but I believe them.
I would advise everyone not to go in there.
I don't want a ghost janitor pushing me down anywhere.
Thank you,

Russell: 5th Nov 2015 - 02:46 GMT

Drove by today, there is a group that is restoring it now so they are keeping watch on it constantly. I would not recommend entering the fence.

Dizzy n space: 3rd Dec 2015 - 16:03 GMT

I definitely recommend entering the fence.

anon ( 8th Apr 2016 - 22:44 GMT

Hey everyone, is the real story. And yes they do have security now and you will go to jail or get a citation.

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