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Mirabel Airport Brochure

- Franny Wentzel - Monday, August 3rd, 2009 : goo

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It's too damn hot to be working on the novel so I thought I'd scan in a little brochure pr0n...

From Transport Canada...

image 34834

Mirabel International Airport - Montreal

image 34835

image 34836

Following dyptich is of Montreal harbour and

image 34837

image 34838

Montreal - centrally located to all points of Western Civilisation

image 34839

With all the requisite up-to-date transport facilities

image 34840

Mirabel was intended as a replacement for the 'cramped' Dorval International Airport...

image 34841

image 34842

And was sited well out into the countryside - to the delight of cab as to cut down on noise...

image 34843

and to allow for expansion...

image 34844

A master plan was drawn up to include more runways in the future...

image 34845

Phase one was already complete...

image 34846

And ready for the new jumbo jets of Air Canada!

image 34847

image 34881

Its modern control tower overlooked the jets of the world...

image 34848

Including Quebec Air 707s and Alitalia DC-10s...

image 34849

Air France 747s...

image 34850

image 34851

Air Canada TriStars...

image 34852

...all serviced by mobile lounges.

image 34853

The open air concourse...

image 34854

image 34855

with it's ticket counters...

image 34856

and baggage carousels...

image 34857

...all scientifically planned

image 34858

image 34859

Airport scenes...

image 34860

image 34861

image 34862

image 34863

Buses at the ready...

image 34864

to whisk you to the city centre...

image 34865

You could also take the subway...

image 34866

or rent a car...

image 34867

The world city of Monteal beckons you!

image 34868

image 34869

Monteal... host of the 1976 Olympics...

image 34870

And the Expo '67...

image 34871

Many airlines...

image 34872

To take you to all points of the globe...

image 34873

As proud as we are of our passenger services...

image 34874

Mirabel is also a first-rate air cargo facility!

image 34875

We can handle anything from the above British Airways 707 to this Air Canada DC-8 60...

image 34876

We have the complete range of auxiliary services...

image 34877

...and naturally, are well equipped for snow removal.

image 34878

Technical data - in French and English

image 34879

image 34880

On the back cover in French and English it notes that the info contained within was accurate up to the time of publication in February of 1978.

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Nicole: 3rd Aug 2009 - 17:27 GMT

Wow, what a great pamphlet! So detailed! I spent a lot of time in that airport. It was a noisy place. Thanks for sharing this with us.

Franny Wentzel: 6th Aug 2009 - 03:36 GMT

As hopeful as this brochure was... it turned out that Mirabel wasn't really needed in the long run for a number of reasons. The link with the city's mass transit system was never built which made the hour or more drive into the countryside that much more irritating.

A dropoff in air traffic due to international airlines and many local business going to Toronto occured over the years and public pressure not only kept the more convenient Dorval International open but encouraged its development over Mirabel. By 2004 the last of the passenger airlines had ditched Mirabel and only air cargo, a medivac service as well as a couple aircraft manufacturers survive on the one runway left open for business.

The terminal was used for scenes in a Tom Hanks movie call of all things 'The Terminal'. Current plans are to convert part of the airport into a race track - which is projected to attract enough private jet traffic to justify investment from a fixed base operations company.

YMXguy: 25th Aug 2009 - 01:09 GMT

Thanks for the great post Franny! I work for a small airline based at Mirabel, and it just infuriates me to see this great facility go to waste. The race track is already built and it takes over 2/3rds of the once huge apron. The Control Tower is still in use, although it is staffed by FSS instead of ATC's. In my mind they should finish highway 13 and do the rail link the airport was supposed to get from the beginning. I really can't understand Aéroports de Montréal's (ADM) logic in still pouring billions into Trudeau (Dorval), when the same money could be used much more effectively in transferring all airport ops to Mirabel, and have a real airport for Montreal which can compete head-to-head with Toronto. Because Trudeau is amidst the city, the airport has a very strict night curfew which causes many headaches for airlines, whereas Toronto's curfew is much more flexible. Finally, what is really ludicrous is the fact that despite recent investments, Dorval is not going to last forever and ADM will be forced to re-open Mirabel again eventually. What I don't understand is why not do it now while investment would be relatively less than in 10-15 years from now (maybe sooner) when Dorval is completely obsolete and ineffective. To make matters worse, ADM really foiled the original plans by allowing Bombardier to build a plant where another terminal should have been, and now Pratt & Whitney will also take a lot of land that could have been used for Air Canada's hangars for example. And even if there is interest by AMT to build trackage to Mirabel, ADM seems poised in accelerating the degradation of Mirabel. Very sad and truly idiotic when you think of it. How can the government allow such mis-management of public property?

Franny Wentzel: 25th Aug 2009 - 01:34 GMT

How can the government allow such mis-management of public property?

Because it's The Government... that's what they do.

Tom: 27th Nov 2009 - 22:52 GMT

Franny, fantastic! Any chance of getting a high-resolution set of scans of this brochure up here, so that they can be downloaded so people can take a closer look?

Franny Wentzel: 27th Nov 2009 - 23:13 GMT

Unfortunately there's a 600x600 pixel limit to images posted on this site. Will have to upload to Photobucket or someplace and link the album back to here.

Wayne: 27th Nov 2009 - 23:18 GMT

This is why we need to privatize ALL public services in Canada.

Kate M.: 13th Dec 2009 - 18:30 GMT

Wonderful entry. I've just posted about it to the Montreal City Weblog.

chriskayTO: 14th Dec 2009 - 17:31 GMT

This is great - thanks so much for sharing. A wonderful area of Canadian megaprojects - too bad this now has the white elephant status. I agree that a direct rail link to downtown would have changed everything.

Lance Norman: 5th Jul 2010 - 06:11 GMT

Turn it into a Soup Kitchen & Lodging for the the people who want to opt out of the Economy. For those who like communal living in a country setting, and won't have to feel that they are fellow polluters and devourers of the Air / Water and Soil like the rest of their Mega-Project addicted compatriots with Kingly lifestyle requirements or shall we say Post WWII Boom era addictions!!! Yes I am an Enviromentalist Who own No Appliances, Subscribes to nothing, Does not own any communication devices, Vehicles not even a wristwatch and am damn proud to preach it to all my millionaire friends and Family. Cheers and learn and live for the most Purity (Gasp) you can attain. It will feel a lot better than any Money or Goods!! Study and debate or lecture to change Man in his World and do it now The World cannot Wait!!!

undercover: 2nd Nov 2010 - 03:47 GMT

^^^ says the one posting on the internet...?

Michael: 27th Jan 2011 - 20:42 GMT

Once again, many thanks, Franny. You alway focus on the most interesting things! I've linked your post to my blog, designKULTUR. I think you had trouble accessing it last time, but here's the link: designKULTUR. Cheers from Vancouver, Michael

Michael: 27th Jan 2011 - 20:42 GMT

didier chabanne: Mirabel est numéro 1

Marc Francis: 21st Apr 2013 - 03:40 GMT

Thanks for posting this! I went out exploring the abandoned Mirabel. Such a beautiful place.

Franny Wentzel: 14th Feb 2015 - 17:26 GMT

Link to album larger versions of these images.

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