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PDX Graffiti Like Ummm...

- fuzzytank - Wednesday, April 20th, 2005 : goo

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Ok so this has been bothering me..... the quality in this town is very questionable. almost to the point where its not worth showing here at times. Yes if you go to the train yards your gonna find something but never can tell where it came from. Aside from that there are the pretty nice contracted pieces. After that though....

well lets start with some decent ones afore we get to ranting:
image 969
image 970
image 971

now you get to 'ok they at least tried':
image 972

then you get to blegh 'those guys that hit community murals and local business storefronts, and im not talkin roll up shutters, i mean comlpete disrespect for no reason:
image 973

and then theres the 'just go home and leave those poor walls alone':
image 974

its not that theres no good work in Portland, just that everything thats real visible is the type of shit that makes the city formulate laws to get anybody thrown straight in jail for 'vandalisim cause thats all people see.

the saddest thing to me is that there are sooo many great spots just askin for a nice piece. I mean a solid industrial area between the downtown and big ole residential neighborhoods with varied terrain that can be seen from all over.


Somebody that knows what they are doin needs to get there and teach by example.

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Peter: 20th Apr 2005 - 14:13 GMT

heh! I gotta admit, seeing really crappy graf is often as entertaining (if not moreso) than seeing really amazing (but increasingly hackneyed) wildstyles, executed by true artists. I'm sure it sucks to have to see it in your town, but its amusing to see it on here, at least :)

Justin: 21st Apr 2005 - 03:55 GMT

Re: PDX graffiti like ummm...
There are some impressive tags, but so much of that industrial area gets canvassed by white rollers that the pieces live only for a few hours, maybe a day. And yes, the crap graffiti sucks, my area is covered with the "LMV 13," this guy even tags trees, not to mention the community center.

OG PESTONER DNA: 23rd Apr 2005 - 02:45 GMT

Most of tha good graff is abandoned tunnels, in frieght yards, etc...any public graff is usually whitewalled with the quickness...even pieces where the owner of the property gave permission (buffed by the city without the owner's consent) The city just does not like graff, in fact they hate graff so much that they started going over non-graffiti public murals just so that people couldn't accuse them of singling out the graffiti stuff. But, yes, most Portland graff is wack, this new generation of ptown writers seem to be more interested in tagging and bombing instead of piecing and on top of that more concerned with getting up than with style...

skizzle: 28th Apr 2005 - 18:51 GMT

agreed. i live in NE ptown and unfortunately, lame graff in my neighborhood is not in the slightest bit appealing. one guy scratched "X3" into the front window of a new house being built. it took nearly six months for the property to sell after that. the other comments on this post are spot on. portland has become hyper-combative against any and all types of works, except for the murals approved by the city.

WrekOne: 1st May 2005 - 03:32 GMT

To find the best pieces, look for large buildings with wooded or wild areas directly beside/behind them. That is where I often find great pieces that are hard to see from the street. After "Jasper" and "Huge" got caught by the popo's, alot of people were afraid to do anything in the more densly populated areas like downtown. Much love to those still getting up like "Dazen", and much hate to those bastards with the anti-grafiti graffiti like the circles or dots over the center of a great piece. The tags like X3, XV3, etc. are all latino gang tags imported from SoCal. Watch out for those guys (gang bangers, not latinos), as they're extremely violent and short tempered. What this town needs is an ArtFiend reneisance like the old days. Peace.

Peter: fuck the tag-bangers

ALEX FROM ESCO : 18th May 2005 - 01:24 GMT


jeeff: oooooh, major diss.

Vel: 20th May 2005 - 00:49 GMT

Cest? What's a cest? Ohhhhhhh... you mean chest? Doof.

fuzzytank: 20th May 2005 - 05:33 GMT

i was more confused by 'buting tose on taere' but i think i got it now ;)

WkC member: 21st Jun 2005 - 09:57 GMT

i know 3 official members of 13 street AKA LMV X3. you wont believe this shit. ones in 5th grade, 9th grade and 8th grade. ive been asked to be in x3 lmv or x3 sur and i said no. im just in a writing crew. and now x3 isnt even all latino. white kids are in...

i tag, i peice and i do throw ups. tagging to me is like just a rush. and yeah i know i just make the world look terrible with my tags but i mean come on. could the world get much worse? graffiti is in such young kids blood now that you wouldnt believe it. i know this kid. hes like 8 and he writes "lank" im 12 and i write too but im not gonna give you my name. im wanted.

graffiti around here is all bad. portland is shit. i feel bad becuz its my fault sort of. im good at this stuff tho. i get some people into graffiti that are straight f*cked up! thay cant do anything right and they go out and do it anyway and i tell them they suck and to stop and their like "i burn you"

sharpie tags... oh please!

Curve: 29th Jun 2005 - 20:31 GMT

ya some shits wack but lately ive been feeling some SouthEast Portland styles like Morph and Tahoe if you check those your little thoughts would change

fuzzytank: 29th Jun 2005 - 21:32 GMT

hook it up with some photos curve ;)

i cant get down there as often as i would like

Peter: 30th Jun 2005 - 14:03 GMT

yeah i gotta second that- would love to see some photos...

Jess: 9th Sep 2005 - 04:56 GMT

Movie for you: The Subconscious Art of Graffiti Removal - It even takes place in Portland

Chino: 14th Sep 2005 - 05:22 GMT

I love graf. I use to bomb some hot s#!t back in the day. Yes, today alot is wac. Today no one can appreciate good graff. Everyone see's the weak graff and say it's vandalism giving good graff artist a bad name. To all my fellow bombers, reall street artist, Keep up that good work. Don't run out of paint, kid!

SlangOne,AmenOne EST.90: 6th Nov 2005 - 04:14 GMT

You are correct.I have been writting in PDX and Boston...Mostly PDX for OVER 11 years now.As an "adult" and freelance artist I crack up at the nonsense and disapreciation for it.And to the guy sucking on "Jasper" and "Huge" ever heard of MOVER,WERL,DS,SLER,MASON,MING,SPOIL,The OLD CD Tunnels...etc...or were you playing blocks and lifting model paint from Safeway back then.There have been someSUPER writers here that NEVER got caught (self included) that never hit personal business,churches and so on...back when there was a Code.Which also was a superb writer...heres a list of more...
ZEDY, goes.

knock one.: 27th Nov 2005 - 03:11 GMT

portland graff is decent. you got toys and you got some good writers and the rest are alright. the scene is here in inner se. reminds me of l.a.`i've only been here for almost three years and it seems like the graff scene here thrived in the 90's.`what happened?? i guess we grew up but i try to hit streets and trains a few times throughout the year. anyhow, the scene is cool, we could do with less toys though..

blank: 24th Dec 2005 - 08:14 GMT

i cannot stand the thirteen-streeters. ther are always crossing out my shit. ftc x3 kts... all of it. some people do some tight shit sround portland, i think this place just needs some pictures everyone should throw some up

Tails: 7th Feb 2006 - 03:59 GMT

i lived right here in ptown all my life and i used to always watch the trains roll by. i loved to see all tha graff and wonder how it was posible for people to do that. taging is a big part of my life.

so i live up in NE, right next to whittaker middle school.
its a pretty hot spot up here but today i found it all white washed and shit! what they hell man! i'm so sick of people saying that all graff is bad! no one owns the school. its abandoned. how is it hurting people? why dosn't the city put their money to cleaning up all all the litter up there instead?

rgist: 24th Feb 2006 - 23:21 GMT

how would graffiti writers think about having access to a billboard truck. would a moving wall be a cool idea or just lame?

fuzzytank: 1st Apr 2006 - 10:52 GMT

did you search for graf trux?! Im serious about not tryin to be mean but.. its not a new idea.

fuzzytank: 1st Apr 2006 - 10:56 GMT

sory all those photos are old an outdated. the first three got buffed an the belmont trash got re-routed it loked better last time i was there, but that was only for a few min.

tesio: 12th Apr 2006 - 23:38 GMT

who is the guy that paints the animal on the wall i see that around lloyd center alot and also in about 12 graffiti magazines that i have is he copycatting "originality" ummmmmhh?

the face: 21st Apr 2006 - 23:41 GMT

I like the graff trux idea! I want to see more! Ps. Fuzzy have you heard of the up factory in portland? You should check it out! Lots of good spots, and a great place for photography. Its in St. Johns google search it.
The Face

BIG PEST ONE: 16th Jun 2006 - 21:02 GMT

yeah man it's been over a year since i posted here last and portland graff is STILL by the whole...WACK!!! there of course are a few exceptions but these kids now-a-days have no respect for tha game, tha culture, or tha 'rules' of graff...graff might not have started with HipHop but HipHop is what made it these skaters, punk rockers, hippies, ravers, etc. are all into graf and fucking it up! don't get me wrong, there are a FEW cats from each category that have skill and respect but for tha most part...NOPE! i visted afrika earlier this year and tha graff there was phenomenal. these kids who barely know ANYTHING about HipHop because they are so poverty stricken and neglected it is next to impossible for them to get their hands on shit they was still doin' it 1000 times better than ANY portland cat! it's a shame to say but we've lost it...

420eeka-mouse: nice

420eeka-mouse: 18th Jun 2006 - 21:53 GMT

image 12779

420eeka-mouse: 19th Jun 2006 - 22:09 GMT

image 12827

420eeka-mouse: 19th Jun 2006 - 22:18 GMT

image 12829

Wicked: 20th Jun 2006 - 00:14 GMT

What up!?!? Art Fiendz are officially in the building!
What up Pest One!
Can't forget Big Bad Boogie Rack, Alarm, Amazer, Aqua, Zelly Roc, Felon, Prizer, Fear, Guess, Wave, Rage, Kove, Sane, Ready, Comic, Menace, Shep, Scene, Nese, Icon, and all the other OG Portland writers that pioneered grafitti in this city!

Shit just ain't how it used to be.

PESTY: 20th Jun 2006 - 07:15 GMT

ha ha! what up WICKED?!?! can't forget Doc-J...i just ran into that fool tha other day...he's been MIA for years lost in tha wilderness on tha otherside of tha west hills but he's back and that motherfucker has an 11 year old kid!

JELOROC: 20th Jun 2006 - 07:21 GMT

yo i just wanted to say to all you newjack graffiti writers if i ever catch you tagging on another piece of public art i'ma choke you! whoever tagged tha spinning sufi on alberta is a punk...whoever tagged tha mural on 15th and alberta is a toy...wolf you are a punk AND a toy...

SYNC MTC: 24th Jun 2006 - 20:56 GMT

fuck that PSP graffiti sony pays for.. in la and new york that shit got ragged immediately.

blinddonut: 3rd Jul 2006 - 16:06 GMT

Hey. I'm looking for a graffiti artist, or group of artists to do some stuff for a Tango Festival in portland. If you're interested or know anyone who is interested, email me at and we'll talk.

anon ( 8th Jul 2006 - 17:28 GMT

this is the shit. and we show have more of this soif. here on aol.

anon ( 8th Jul 2006 - 17:28 GMT

this is the shit. and we show have more of this soif. here on aol.

ERQLE: 7th Aug 2006 - 01:51 GMT

It escapes most writers but the keys to good graf is 1)the object/spot and 2) the execution, cleanliness, control etc, drunken bombing missions aside yes there is a lot of crap goin up on the walls, however every other cty has been taken over, i appreciaTE the fresh spots all over. way to say some good shiz though, thanks for stayin on the look out. ERQLE BTS JYK

havek: 17th Sep 2006 - 21:55 GMT

Skaper - Disme - AOR Crew is the shit! have you guys seen them around?

FauxReal: 2nd Oct 2006 - 10:21 GMT

I know a few graff kids that do some good stuff, but it's hard to get up when the cops are so hard on it. I've noticed a lot of nice stencils and posters in Portland over the last 2 years and some pretty nice stickers on the backs of signs. I was digging on those painted over stickers with robots on them, and the elephants were decent too.

Those silver donuts over murals and tags from what I understand were being done by some old man who eventually got busted by the cops.

I can't stand all those sloppy taggers out there though. I caught that punk kid Hustle tagging the bathroom in a bar I work at, told him I'd whoop his ass and make him eat his pens if I ever saw him again. Sometimes I wanna bitchslap those DFM kids too for tagging and etching businesses. Though I've seen a couple DFM pieces on walls that were pretty decent. They need to drop the retards from their crew.

Reeko1ne: 5th Feb 2007 - 21:47 GMT

PDX graf used to be the sh!t...problem is everybody grew up and got old.
the original Dfm crew: Resk, Cerca, Vegas, Reeko, Motevs, Bore, Cayper, Cops, OFA crew, Relik, Torch, Kable, Mach, Rune, UFR crew , Tonek, Avel, Frost, RCK crew, HOD crew, Ming, Spoil, Detr, Diz, Code, Mesk. half these cats are either somebody's parents now, married and sh!t, dead, or got real jobs. all the young coming up just ain't doing it right. can't blame them though, they don't really know any better. lack of rules, and knowledge of the game and it's past is what's fuckin up these youngins.

BLESTone: 19th Apr 2007 - 04:36 GMT

do any of you guys know what happened to jukes? i haven't seen anything new by him. . .

coppertone: 8th Jul 2007 - 22:27 GMT

portland was deaded long ago.. Can anyone bring it back to life

Mekroe: 11th Aug 2007 - 07:40 GMT

Jukes still gets up on the best spots in town. Much props to him, evak, bier, june, relo, server. Those are new kids getting up. Or at least i think. They are the ones that keep me excited.

jay: 23rd Aug 2007 - 18:08 GMT

"Let's start with some decent ones?" Your "special" art (the three at the top)... ? Thats nothing more than a big "tag", that's nothing! shit you just write your name bigger than the rest of us, all that represents is a bigger ego.

Losnah: 8th Sep 2007 - 05:11 GMT

There's tons of cool shit here, just keep lookin', cause the buff is quick... I spot dope pieces a lot. Lately: Gime, Fever, Jeab (mad throwies) Jukes, Snore (throw ups too, up High), Sherm...

Portland's a tagging and bombing city, though, there's nothing wrong with that. Every place has toys and whack shit, maybe it's a bit disproportionate here... so go over that shit with something better and catch the fuckers disrespecting the codes and the community and talk to 'em... hell, half the dope cats out there I've also seen scratched into windows of taquerias or up against a tiny church or some poor working stiff's hole in the wall business...

There's a lot of nihilistic types that think everything is shit anyway so why not make it their shit... I don't agree but I don't blame 'em. Writers should raise the bar.

ALso, I think a lot of writers are crazy young and they're out there every night, payin' dues, learnin'... so who's teachin' 'em? Hope it's somebody out there with some skill and some knowledge...

ANYBODY can write on a wall...Everybody should at least once...but Writers transform walls...

DREBSR SWK....SOCIETYS WORST KREW: 20th Nov 2007 - 23:17 GMT


gHoSt - rYdiN sOLo: 2nd Jan 2008 - 22:08 GMT

I was a part of the early 90's graffiti movement in Portland, Oregon. Retired from the streets but still have love and appreciation for the dying art.

I still see some good artists running around but nothing like it was back in the day.

We all have to grow up sometime. Miss the smell of paint and meanstreaks though..

gHoSt - rYdiN sOLo: 2nd Jan 2008 - 22:11 GMT

hAvEk! is that you brandon? used to bomb wit ya back in the day.. hit me up.. ghostgoneawol at yahoo..

wow crew 92': 12th Feb 2008 - 08:35 GMT

shit i was RIVAL an original member of the WOW crew and there were some tight writers back then
yeah they were few and far between but still UP and we bombed the fucking city all of us AF OFA DK UWK CD cellec the king bomber etc... etc...
i remember when i met code who was a cool muthafucker hushing me as a saw him hitting up the back of tri-met he was one of the first writers i met, him and his cousin and fear and a few other AF guys our crews had some minor beef but i was cool with most of em, most of us knew each other had bar-b-q's drank together and shit thats how we knew about the spots
and i don't know about now but back then only other writers knew the good spots to piece like the old abandoned freeway tunnels all along the max tracks and around 205 etc...
so go underground for the good shit

polka mover rival acme desk crime decca wow crew 1992

Writing On Walls
Widespread Optical Warfare

Saiz: 29th Feb 2008 - 05:58 GMT

Ay, this goes out to all yall who say Graffiti is being ruined by young kids today.... Im 18, an I did a lotta research on graffiti, I feel like I have a good understanding of the dos and donts of the art and culture. Im not very good, but im practicing. I do agree that alot of younger kids juss dont know what its about, an they dont care really. Ima keep tryna bring graffiti in Portland back to the way it used to be, or at least what I read about how it used to be. Look out for SAIZ

Peter: 3rd Mar 2008 - 15:07 GMT

Saiz: im curious- fill us in... what are the "dos and don'ts" of graffiti culture?

Saiz: 9th Mar 2008 - 08:15 GMT

Im not sayin thers a "guide to graffiti: dos and dont's" What I meant was I see a lot of kids putting up graffiti in the city, but they dont do their research first, they dont know the history of it.

Also, what I meant was there really are some basic things that writers should know right? Like, i've seen some one tag "seen" on the side of a building all shitty- like. Its stuff like that that kinda kills it, dont u think?
I dunno, I juss thought you'd like to hear that a young writer(me) was tryna make things better..It's like what the first post of this article "Somebody that knows what they are doin needs to get there and teach by example." I feel like im one of the few kids in this city who writes that actually cares about where it all came from, how it all started. I am learning, practicing, and hopefully I can be that one who leads by example

OHNOE ONE: 16th Mar 2008 - 17:14 GMT

image 26422

thelevens: 3rd Apr 2008 - 06:15 GMT

anyone remember metro, always liked his style.

MehONE : 19th Apr 2008 - 04:41 GMT

Revolution is now - Fuck the system, destruction is beauty -

Down with all gang related bull shit ( at me to that long list )
Idea, Morph , Relik, Bonus, Difer, Bore, Six, Tahoe, Severe, Sezer - Keep up.

Have faith in the youth, Someone will take the place of someone else, and so the story goes-

if90b: 20th May 2008 - 08:44 GMT

New workout by on right side of I-84 heading west after 181st exit. There used to be a LUNAR out there on the fence and it got cleaned, then a few weeks later was some new work out there I love. The piece is a couple shades of blue and as a couple capital M's in it. Anyone know anything about it? Or where i could see more?

216: 30th May 2008 - 06:45 GMT

No mention of CHK here what happend to spades? 216 krew (yes we were those drunk kids who bombed a buncha shit that looked like shit, accept an apology and ill give it)

if90b: cleaned and gone..... bummer

Meh one: 11th Jun 2008 - 23:34 GMT

The one on 181'st was mine, the one next to it is Idea - the m and the H look alike because the only different is the angle of the middle bar separating the 2 lines - kno what I mean? - -they acually fenced in that job though - I dont have pictures anywhere posted --thanks tho. peace

RELIK OFA: 16th Nov 2008 - 08:56 GMT

This shit is funny to read, all the people still talking about the old days. but if you want to go back in time it was Ozone in S.E. that made me hype on getting up. I was going to Lane M. school and he stayed two blocks away on Duke. That was the Kat that got me wanting to start getting up. what was another one, o yeah Sunc. as a kid I fell in love with graffiti. it was not knowing this person but i could fill in the blanks in my head. it was an image any one could portray. I to had done my little bit of work on the city and not a day go's by with out thinking about graffiti and what it was. it was our youth, a movement, power, respect, love, friendship, its shit talking its life. For a lot of us our krues was our family, a brotherhood.

junco: 30th Dec 2008 - 03:13 GMT

dude. go to fucking pirate town. some sick shit there. some by me i might add.

Omen1: 17th Jan 2009 - 12:59 GMT

All you kats talking about the old days got me thinking about my days in Graffiti in Portland and Vancouver from 1985-98 until I moved away to Cali.
I was the other "original" member of SMS Before SPOiL and before that was around... for AF to form in 88'. And you know what ???........FUCK Ming. Yeah I said it ...I never liked you. I only hung out with you cause I felt sorry for your ass. Now that I got that off my chest....Anybody remember the Reed wall...or Hawthorn wall? What about the CD tunnel And my favorite the old abandoned prison tunnel. Yeah....those were the days. So much energy and excitement pulsing through your body...gettin chased and shit was all part of peicing. Now Im 37 years old showing game to my son SEAC1{ San Diego California !!! I still got it though....I guess its like a bike ...once you get on your good to go ! Anyway all you real writers keep blasting those cans. Peace to Lc Fresh,Skkye,Juice,Amazer,Fear,Felon,The original OG 1con from 84',And all you other mother fuckers I painted with in Portland,Vancouver,Boise,Beaverton----What up Rob?,And San Diego California. P.S. Anybody remember when Code fucking shot himself in the foot during that beer robbery ??? That shit was funny !!! OG Omen1

hennessy4817: 4th Feb 2009 - 19:52 GMT

i think that there are alot of good bombers in p-town, they just put there art in abandon warehouses and shit. i agree that the art we see nowadays is shit and alot is just for vandalizing not to make a good point or showcase the art we can do.

chirothehero: 6th Feb 2009 - 04:35 GMT

pirate town has some great stuff, but its closing soon

esen: 10th Mar 2009 - 23:12 GMT

yeah there have been a ton of rumors that pirate town is about to get torn down. it blew up. it was cool when there was just skaters and writers. then came photographers. then came the photographers friends, and now entire families go down there for picnics. im sick of non-writers who have no business being in a spot, being in a spot.

FUCK COLLEGE RACE MOTO x994x: 20th Mar 2009 - 00:15 GMT

OoOoOoOoh I Love a tasty burner....

Rae: 5th Apr 2009 - 20:54 GMT

There is a good Place by Hollywood Transit Center also.

picture taker: 21st Apr 2009 - 00:23 GMT

image 32677
image 32681
image 32683
image 32686
image 32688
image 32693
image 32700

pdxkid: 24th Apr 2009 - 04:38 GMT

Peices speak louder than Speeches.
Ha Ha. Ill graf HOD.

rad fac tagging crew: 24th May 2009 - 23:29 GMT

"chek" and "looney" that are both in fac for all crimanls are startin 2 try 2 get some more graff in portland so watch out for fac and chek and looney

the original OG 1: 8th Aug 2009 - 17:12 GMT

jeeezus christ. im glad i didnt read ALL of this shit.
you guys are fucking faggots.
writing on shit is writing on shit. its all good. even shit like "white power", gives you something to go over.
i give more respect to tag bangers than to faggot piecers doing exact replicas of shit theyve spent hours drawing and coloring in and took hours to paint with 8 dollar cans of montana hardcore. graffiti is good because you CANT overthink it, you dont have time. if you start thinking too much you loose the original "flava". so fuck you and your faggot art, write on shit. dont destroy. modify for your records.

and for the record, i, personally, and my friends dont understand it, dont like tagging all that much. i just like bombing.

y'all gay.

-the original OG 1

the original OG 1: 8th Aug 2009 - 17:16 GMT

and pirate town has been a lame spot for years, the skateboarders came wayyy after that spot was toyed out. i think those vcr idiots really fucked it up with their huge entire wall rollers that they did for no reason at all (nobody can see the inside of a building from far away guys [its the inside of a building])

anybody who talks about art and takes themselves seriously is a fag.

"keep portland weird"
dont tell me what to do.

the original OG 1: 8th Aug 2009 - 17:17 GMT

i cant believe i just called it "pirate town".


urban expressions: 14th Aug 2009 - 15:41 GMT

Tryin ta change the game, lets hand down some knowledge. Pretty soon we'll be launching Portlands First How to - Whats What - Online Graffiti Learning Center. follow us on twitter @ seriously, the good graffiti is few and far between. we're all creative and tryin' to spash some gray matter on those walls in some way or another - this can be the way to do it! urban expressions!

OMEN: 23rd Aug 2009 - 04:19 GMT

all im gonna say is, for those who write... keep working on your pieces and bombs... the minute your spray hits cement its art... just keep it real and leave the poor little businesses alone...
Im new in the beaverton area and i try and get down to PDX whenever possible lol the max is a godsend... anywho... any of you that get out to the beaverton area hit me up... it would be cool to work a piece with some other cats...
ps... there aint much in beavertown... its way gay

CLOSE ONE DEVIOUS KREW: 10th Sep 2009 - 02:20 GMT

DK in the house close devoc pride merc alert fink web kezra... rip clue bec. The one and only real portland graffiti crew DEVIOUS

Xenon Legal: 28th Oct 2009 - 00:59 GMT

Some shit in p-town in mad wack but a 12 year old talikin shit, saying 'im wanted' thats pretty fuckin wack too. Some of the best artists in my opinion are paintpen/sharpie writers. Gotta know where to look in pdx.

take2: the scene up here is aite...

moth: 22nd Nov 2009 - 09:16 GMT

hey ive done some serious stencilling, but i want to get into freehanding. does anybody know where i could get a few tips (like @ a cc or sumthin) for freehanding?

Kaos AF : 7th Dec 2009 - 06:44 GMT

Yes things in portland have changed.But if you could have seen it in the 90's man im telling you .you might of been affraid to throw up some garbage.because these tag banggers might have disfigured you with a smile ya digg.O come know close.How old are you couldnt win back in our know you flexing on the youngsters lol Kaos ART FIENDZ PTOWN>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

qwerty: 9th Dec 2009 - 05:55 GMT

get a legal wall

SickOne AOK: 12th Dec 2009 - 02:40 GMT

hey to any of you who know your shit...
help me get better cause im not that great and i need help trying to find caps cause raking montanas aint easy.
get at me at

quetzy: 2nd Jan 2010 - 10:57 GMT

sickone, have you tried getting caps from yeah dude, i could use a little help with freehanding 2, im kicking it wit stencils and want to move into piecing
whoever responds to sickone, get at me 2

Channel: 4th Jan 2010 - 01:01 GMT

Just thought I'd put this in; as far as I can tell, the graf scene in Oregon just sucks. I stencil in Eugene and I've hit The Land of Ports and few times, and i've never seen anything good that doesnt get covered up within a few days. For fear of sounding cliched, we need to revolt from the white walls of normal society and stop bitching on the internet and get out and paint! On that note: I have a stencil to paint!

"JARE*ONER*DECK": 13th Jan 2010 - 19:03 GMT

i've got much love for all Oregon writers.. im new to Oregon and have only been to PDX a few times but i gotta say there are some killer writers there.. and reading what you guys say makes me wish i lived here back in the 80's and 90's.. but im only 15. haah


nasty93cc: Learn where to look.

?: 21st Jan 2010 - 19:59 GMT

Portland was so dope back in 90 and 91. I came up to portland and met some writers. The twins, I am not sure what they write anymore. I ended up coming back out and staying with Amazer for a few weeks. I was in AF back then and we had another crew UWK that was originally my crew in Cali and I brought it out to orgon. I also remember the WoW guys. Mover was hella dope and he came out to Cali a few times. I remember we did a Feliz Navidad piece and I think it was on a building on the Burnside Bridge.

METER: smash it fellas!

demcione: 17th Feb 2010 - 19:03 GMT

hey just moved here from detroit. i dont write much anymore mostly just shoot flix. any hints on where i should go?

FreightKiller: 7th Apr 2010 - 05:53 GMT

Im new to the Northwest from the Bay Area. Meter, I see you on every freight around here.

forgeWOWcrew92: 1st May 2010 - 01:47 GMT

most other big cities can't believe it, but 90's portland was producing some of the most top graffiti in the country, totally original alphabets, characters and pieces. i'd like to see a good collection of photos from that era. if you have any.

Stem10 ASN: 18th Jun 2010 - 17:47 GMT

its funny how like now days im seeing these old ass crews like af and dk getting up again with all these new members like dk with sega, emer, iver and af, bert1 hes the only new one i can think of butit makes me wonder if they know any history about that crew ther in that has bean around for a long ass time, and back then pdx had a hole diffrent type of handstle now its way diffrent haha i saw this old video news clip that had an interveiw with some af members

vicaro: 12th Jul 2010 - 03:17 GMT

I love Portland graffiti. It's nothing like the rest of the world but is still fun to watch.. check

anonymous: 22nd Jul 2010 - 09:55 GMT

It's the- Buff, The yuppies, The countless toys, the Nazi police dept, Vera katz (she started the clean up),the wannabe gang taggers,that HMS faggot Peter Nathanel,The wack legal mural rules that the city enforces on businesses, the lack of LOYALTY between other artists, the lack of LOYALTY to the whole culture period, but mostly the just plain IGNORANCE to what street art is.
These are most of the reasons portlands graff and street art scene sucks. !!! GET MONEY, THEN FIGHT THE POWER, IF U WANT A CHANGE !!!

Keep it Pushin!: 22nd Jul 2010 - 10:32 GMT

-Woah!!! I just got rolled up on by a cop right after I tagged a dumpster near downtown. Luckily there was a bush behind the dumpster to throw my pens under, as he got out the car...
"I'm just going through the trash looking for pop cans officer"...

I love the street, but boy am I glad to be home right now instead of in a holding cell again.
Jedi mind tricks.

Keep bombing the city! The streets are ours! That's why are Names are on it!

anon ( 25th Jul 2010 - 09:52 GMT

^^^^lol..... daaaamn ON A DUMPSTER!!! i dont know, seems pretty gangster

Suda: 28th Jul 2010 - 08:37 GMT

pTOWN's still got it, just have to know where to look. Seems the scene has changed tho, still decent work in some low key spots. Big up's ^^ to the people who try an keep this culture alive
image 43990

Jade: 6th Oct 2010 - 17:05 GMT

I miss the days of CD tunnel, Pranklin tunnel, mississippi wall, mings spot in hazel dell, tht legal wall by popeyes and the train yards by there...suprisingly no one has brought up cats like zire, seok, metro, aqua and joker.

Jade: 6th Oct 2010 - 17:06 GMT

oh and that spot that taz roc had in downtown portland off of burnside those parties where live and all the graff writers there and all the cats from DC5

Jade: 6th Oct 2010 - 17:10 GMT

dang this now has me reminscing...what about that battle between Wizart and Seok at the downtown fred meyer. the tag banging days and beef between Slope and Bore on I-84 straight classic!

Kris: 25th Oct 2010 - 21:26 GMT

I'm a photographer in the Vancouver Wa / Portland Or area and I would love to be able to photograph pieces right after they are placed so i could get a shot before they are covered or tagged over that is the problem I run into now! I don't know anyone who does this but would love the chance to show other how artistic you all are! If you are in the area please contact me thru my facebook it is "Gotcha" Photography!! Thanks!!!

Pigs: Sooooo many undercovers in here.

Doug: 17th Nov 2010 - 16:47 GMT

I also am a photographer. I just moved here from idaho and i am shooting the Cherry Poppin Daddies and am looking for a good graffiti location to use as a backdrop. Can someone help me with this? You can see my works at
Icandy Imaging on FaceBook.

Emauil is

THanks so much

Jefree: 10th Dec 2010 - 02:23 GMT

Too may Haters that ain't even in the Game on here.

Omen1? lol get a Life nobody.

Pretty sure the real Omen has shit riding the freights buddy!

8CHOWEDEE: 11th Dec 2010 - 06:25 GMT


RIP BORE: 11th Dec 2010 - 06:27 GMT

image 46272

Hater-Proof: 11th Dec 2010 - 06:41 GMT

image 46273
image 46274
image 46275
image 46276
image 46277

weso: 26th Jan 2011 - 08:37 GMT

where was that last gime flick taken... im feelin that

weso: 26th Jan 2011 - 08:37 GMT

where was that last gime flick taken... im feelin that

crony: gimer took me there a couple times its ill

anon ( 13th Apr 2011 - 19:56 GMT

Crony is faggot toy

sopl: 13th Apr 2011 - 20:03 GMT

Crony should give up and stay home.nobody wants to see your ugly graffiti. Same with those cia kids too.dise is gay.stay home nobody wants to see ur graffiti around. Fags. Props to huge and all the old school cats.props to triel ajust acs crew hod dfm all those cats

1more tmc wnr: 19th Apr 2011 - 05:39 GMT

Props to all the old wrighters Portland Oregon.St.johns 1moretmcwnr?.

MuseOWI: 20th Apr 2011 - 02:51 GMT

I met Ming once up on like 57 and Foster doing a big ass piece.
But man i'd love to meet some of these older writers.

SFmoob: 27th May 2011 - 16:34 GMT

Can someone here help me find an artist I can let loose and throw down some graffiti on some walls in my business!?

CascSE30th: 29th May 2011 - 08:35 GMT

Motherfuckers need to get up, the cities graff is becoming such shit because the city paints over the good shit and leaves handstyles on community bussiness, they don't paint over the right shit, they shouldn't paint over anything. Paid for by the people and upkept by the law and private rich motherfuckers. The people need to take charge.

Ric: 14th Jul 2011 - 01:37 GMT

I'm looking for a Graff artist to do an art car on a 91' Toyota Corolla. Guitar music theme. Email any sketches or ideas to $100.00 to chosen artist.

Thanks guys

komatose: 13th Oct 2011 - 00:23 GMT

Yes, its not like the old days. But I've been out for a while. Would like to see some good spots in pdx. I was an art fiend. I finished as DK

komatose: 13th Oct 2011 - 00:38 GMT

Yes, its not like the old days. But I've been out for a while. Would like to see some good spots in pdx. I was an art fiend. I finished as DK

komatose: 13th Oct 2011 - 00:44 GMT

I still hit it up sometimes, love that feeling. Any old or new DK out there still? Hit me up.

komatose: Or art fiends. Koma wants to see what's up?

rekser: 24th Nov 2011 - 00:27 GMT

much respect to hod, vrs, ibd, vts, dk, tmr, kyt, etc.. all the crews i used to see as a kid and look up to. portland is pretty desolate right now as far as graff goes, reaaly sad to see. would love to see some old heads pop up. till then ill be on my job keep portland bombed fuck the rest.

OFAK CD DK: out for action

OFAK CD DK: 24th Nov 2011 - 06:55 GMT

whats up koma,rival,cure,side,kez,RIP bec n clue!sup salem,code,zire.all grown now but miss yall.merc,alert.ol schoolie here lol..can ya guess who i am??OFA

DK: donovan u started DK

OFAK DK CD: 24th Nov 2011 - 07:57 GMT

me again..almost forgot one of the freshest crews EVER in pdx......DMC!!! dk: 27th Nov 2011 - 08:01 GMT

i started doing graff when i was about 10.i sk8ted for a team.around 86' we used to have teams instead of batboy was the shit then.i was in it with a cat named dean,u might know him as flaco 18thst now.anyone remember team batboy or any other?

a fiberous ceral: 5th Dec 2011 - 08:57 GMT

image 48650

more pics soon

a fiberous ceral: 5th Dec 2011 - 08:59 GMT

that huge thing said ugh kaes caser if my memorie seves me

Waydaylop: 6th Feb 2012 - 10:01 GMT

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Arts my crime.: 5th Mar 2012 - 17:27 GMT

Portlands graffiti is wack. The only artist frOm Portland I love is omek and his crew pm/pmk. My crews AMC/DMK/XMK are here to change portlands graffiti.

Arts my crime.: 5th Mar 2012 - 17:36 GMT

The only crews still getting up in Portland. AMC/XMK/DMK.
PMK/PM. ASN/AOC. I Heard the crew RSK crew got busted. ADN

Arts my crime.: Also the crews.WOT and WOTK

Arts my crime.: And the crew. DVS

shmO: 14th Mar 2012 - 18:31 GMT

So I recently moved to portland and im looking for someone who knows the city to show me the city a little bit. I've herd they are strict around here in regaurds to graffiti so if someone wouldnt mind showing me around that would be great. Hit my e-mail

FOLKYARD: 29th May 2012 - 01:34 GMT

We are a local graffiti/art/hip hop collective looking build our presents with other groupd of artist from street art,handstyles,dancing ,film ,hip hop ,to bands presents please email and get involved we are just starting out in Portland, here is our info :

please contact if your interested !or business looking for art or decoration on your walls email us at

Wicked: RIP Comic AFK!

reefa..MTSK: 19th Sep 2012 - 23:06 GMT

cant forget mts krew.. brought from orange county,,, REEFA ..MENT TO SMOKE KUSH.. mts all day keep bombing shit .

fuck you: this got gay real quick.

your little brother: 8th Dec 2012 - 08:25 GMT

hahahah everyone can forget mts krew, you have to be joking.

RENEW : 13th Dec 2012 - 08:36 GMT

the thing about portland is, there aren't a lot of ups, there are a lot of locally owned businesses and there are a lot of rich white people and when you got all that stuff going on, the graff seen is bound to be a little weak.
That being said I have seen a lot of good graff here but like I saw mentioned earlier, you gotta know where to look.
by the way, who ever the fuck GRAWK is writin his wack ass style all over alberta is a toy.

Swag swag: 18th Dec 2012 - 17:22 GMT

Yo i see you Snek, Saek, Cesen, Depths, Reks, Funeral. VRS START GETTING UP AGAIN

SERREDAD: 4th Jan 2013 - 17:43 GMT


SNEEK•MTSKREW: 17th Jan 2013 - 08:11 GMT

First off fuck you niggas talkin shit but postin no name this sneek from that big bad Menace To Society Krew we out here on the block never hidin scarin them niggas talkin you know who you are..and props to all the real tag bangers reppin to the fullest

dd nigga: the tunnels are graffiti writers heaven

dd nigga: in portland i mean.

Diz 632: 30th Mar 2013 - 21:08 GMT

What up to all my old ass row dogz, OFA * DK * DFM * DMC * HOD...RIP Klew...Rip Bore (who drew that tat 4 me). One love baby. You know exactly who I'm talkin to, straight tagbanging crooks. Some of this shit makes laugh. Back in our day you could be "Captain fuckin' Krylon" if you wanted, we'd still just roll right up and sock you dead in the face. That's just how shit was. And yea I remember when Code got clipped during that beer run, and it was his head not his foot...image 50857

Saurus • MTR - POP - MSK: 31st Mar 2013 - 02:55 GMT

For real, half these folks I never even heard of, least of all seen up.
Internet writers, hilarious.
You sticker jockeys aren't much better. Too scared to cop a tag so you slap? Weakness.

Pick up a can or mop, rooks.

Diz 632: 31st Mar 2013 - 17:21 GMT

My bad, left out the homie "Above". Rip homie, damn I fuckin miss you. I'll never forget you watchin Strange Brew every single time you'd crash at my pad. Shit still makes me laugh...

GO PAINT : 3rd Apr 2013 - 00:33 GMT

Yo that ming and spoil wall was a block from my house...shit would change every month or so i fucking loved it they tore that wall down...also that dude lemur is fucking nuts all i see is heaven spots from that guy

D-LUV: 20th Sep 2014 - 06:29 GMT

91 to 93 North Portland was all DCA bangers "Doin Creative Art" hands down respect to all the early 90s major crews u old farts know who u are.......

anon ( 4th Oct 2014 - 07:08 GMT

DEVOK1 DK↑ 503 ....Dam I was reading through and
brought me back to the good ole days..some still make me sad but still pourin out a little liquor what up clue above bec eree shorty my dog 40

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