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Scenes from a Little Town Called Jacksonville

- Jones - Tuesday, April 19th, 2005 : goo

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jeeff: 19th Apr 2005 - 15:42 GMT

Re: first photo

what a weird combination. the detailing on the tracks makes them look like some leftover from the Roman empire. And then a 70's po-mo train on top.

hasslehoff: 19th Apr 2005 - 15:53 GMT

Having heard a lot about Jacksonville from an old friend who once lived there, yet never having seen any pictures of it. I have always imagined it to be more concrete-boxy than these photos portray it to be. I'm inrigued by its supposedly random juxtaposition of architectural forms.

kobe: 19th Apr 2005 - 18:21 GMT

that last photo is enchanting. i wonder how long those windows keep repeating?

shaun: 1st Dec 2005 - 14:15 GMT

bah, jacksonville is a pretty average looking city, those pictures show off a few weird parts though

pretty boring place too

jsr: ima graffiti this mother up

Dale: 10th Dec 2006 - 22:20 GMT

Heh I live in Jacksonville and yea its a pretty boring place and graffiti...good luck, this is a place of constant traffic.

Dave: 26th Jan 2007 - 05:19 GMT

Jacksonville is not boring. There is peace and quiet AND excitement and variety. It's hard to find another city that offers so many cross-sections of lifestyles and changes of scenery. You can choose to live in quiet places or you can choose to live in busy places with traffic and a faster pace. If you don't see that, then you're not looking. Get off your butt, get out, and you will enjoy Jacksonville -- it's truly one of the less pretentious and more enjoyable cities in the US.

Klyph: 10th May 2007 - 18:40 GMT

What was formerly said of Oakland, CA, is also true of Jacksonville: There's no "there" there. On the other hand, J'ville boasts 46% adult illiteracy, 33% high school drop-out rate, and the most murders per capita of any Florida city, and a high school named in honor of the founder of the KKK. Boring? You decide.

anon ( 16th May 2007 - 00:47 GMT

I agree with Dave, Jacksonville is terrific! These 6 pictures are of buildings and over passes downtown...whoever photographed these should have ventured out to the beaches or intercoastal water-ways...Jacksonville is beautiful...if you don't like it LEAVE!!!

annah: 17th Nov 2007 - 20:24 GMT

Jacksonville is a great city to buid yourself up. It's easy to stay out of trouble if you are a teen, and if you have the proper mindset, you can really make something of yourself here, fccj is a great school. THen you can leave and explore other citys and realize there really is no place like jacksonville. I love to hate this city.

Kim: 21st Nov 2007 - 18:17 GMT

I live in Jacksonville, FL for the last 3 years and I still can't am unable to find anything to do. This is the most BORING city I have ever been in. I think once the housing market gets better, I want to move alot closer to Orlando, FL. Jacksonville needs to take a lesson or 2 from Orlando and get some sort of entertainment. It's not like they don't have the space to put whatever they want there!! They could easily put a six flags, mall of america anything entertaining to put it on the map. I HATE JACKSONVILLE, FL!!! The only thing that is good about Jacksonville, FL is the school my son goes to and THAT IS IT!!

Will: 9th Dec 2007 - 09:11 GMT

The last picture is the Jacksonville Electric Authority building. I owe them $110 currently. The Modis building is also interesting because it's like a 70's retro skyscraper. Oh and I love Jacksonville because there is no six flags. It's not boring either because we have a fair share of random stuff going on at all hours. The area in these pictures is actually pretty incredible.

colavitos: 9th Dec 2007 - 10:38 GMT

there is no such thing as a boring place. only boring people.

Andrew: 14th Dec 2007 - 03:48 GMT

I hate Jacksonville. I am from Atlanta and it was the biggest mistake of my life to move here. I have been here since Feb'07. In April of '08 when my lease is up, I will be doing something I have desired for months now: leaving this place and never coming back. Jacksonville is gross and so are the people who live here.

Andrew: 14th Dec 2007 - 03:55 GMT

--Addendum to previous message--

And just so people don't hate on me for saying what I did...Believe me, I have tried and tried and tried to find something I like about this city. It really makes me sad that I want to move so badly, and that I couldn't enjoy this place like some do. Well, I do enjoy some things about it...the outdoorsy things. However that alone isn't enough to make a city great. I have lived here almost a year now and still don't feel at home.

stephen: 7th Jan 2008 - 22:52 GMT

I would just like to say to the people who said bad things about jacksonville I would like to move but I have lived here for all my life and I love this city you people just have no life and like to sit at home there are plenty of things to do in jacksonville you people just need to leave if you hate it so much go move to a big city because if your talking about downtown jacksonville I believe we are not quite up to par with other large cities but we are getting there and they are trying to make it better

riana: 16th Jan 2008 - 02:56 GMT

I moved here in 1989 and if you people hate Jacksonville now you would of really hated it back then, there was really nothing to do, and everyone here talked funny. Ive seen it grow over the years and now I call it home I have been a single mother for 10 years and if I were somewhere else I may have not been able to support my son, it's very affordable living. If you want something to do all you have to do is go out and look for it,I'm never bored,we have a NFL team, baseball, hockey concerts all the time at the Veterans memorial downtown, a beach, St Augustine festivals at the beach all summer,the circus is coming, lots of movie theatres, the St Johns town center,the landing,What else do you need? quit complaining and get a life, GET OFF THE COMPUTER!! Movies at the beach in the summer on Friday nights,lots of good resturants,THE BEACH IS WERE YOU NEED TO BE.start living life and have fun.. If your worried about the schools move to the beach and put your kids in school there. I just bought my first house last year, If I can do it anyone can..

riana: 16th Jan 2008 - 03:00 GMT

Get the folio weekly, it has all the upcoming events and everything going on for the weekends.

Beni: 16th Apr 2008 - 16:12 GMT

I lived in Jax for one and a half years. I don't like it. My main problem with the city is the lack of public transportation, the non-centralized infrastructure and the low intellect of the population. Best example for that is the Skyway, which is displayed on the first picture. Nobody uses that thing, because there is barely anybody living in the area it operates. You always have to worry about getting a DUI, since all your friends are living miles away, and the designated driver idea doesn’t really always strike in a city with a very low population density. I do not recommend that city at all.

Beni: Not to speak of the homeless people of course

imon: 18th Apr 2008 - 05:46 GMT

jacksonville has a cove ,yeah its looking decent,yes its trying to compete with other major cities,but it is a racist city ,it has the good ol' boy mentality, paysucksno matter what you say, housing might be a bit cheaper but it balances out with high price food,clothing etc,i hate the factthat companies do not give you a fair share to work, they basically shoot you down ,without giving you reasonable doubt, i hate that right to work mentality because it is b.s as fast as they hire you they can fire you and make up anyreason, jacksonville is boring, people hang more at the many wal-marts here, so consider this you'll like the change temporarily because i did , but now when i visit chicago my hometown i regret coming here,oh yeah whoever says it is safe ,remember #1 in murder,aids, alot of sexual predators,so be aware what you sacrifice for a nice home research because the schools here are not that great and i supposedly live in a good area southside,remember,big city landwise,with a lot of backwwod secrets

jeff: 25th Apr 2008 - 18:23 GMT

i've lived here for 22 years and have often complained about wanting to "get out of here". the problem seems to be once i'm somewhere else i miss home terribly. there is something that draws people here and northeast florida in particular. i've been to all corners of the u.s. and canada and i can honestly say there is no place quite like it. yes, it;s sprawled out, but you should think of it as more of "metropolitan" area which has many different neighborhoods. some neighborhoods do in fact suck and some can totally transport you. my advice, if you are moving here or visiting, do visit riverside. i suppose it's the more bohemian area of town. very liberal, very historic. one of the few neighborhoods that gives you the feel of living "in the city" stay the hell away from the south of the st. johns river. bunches of yuppies and vacuous wage slaves. also if you are a musician or just enjoy the arts in general there is quite a massive thriving scene here. you'd be surprised. i think the last thing i can say is if you moved here from somewhere else and "hate" it and can't understand why anyone would live here then you most probably live south of the river in one of the truly boring subdivision type areas where all you are going to do is interact with shallow punks and other misguided folks like yourself. open your minds and realize that the stereotype of the south only extends to some not all. good luck.

Johnny: 5th May 2008 - 00:44 GMT

The cost of living is cheaper here but it still sucks. Why don't we leave you ask? Because now we are stuck here with the housing market and all the other crap. Jacksonville could be a cool city like Orlando or Miami but not enough people care to make it. Plus the churches control so much of downtown that you really can have a good club or bar scene. My first clue about how much this city sucked was when I saw a liquor store go out of business across form JU.

anon ( 5th May 2008 - 16:45 GMT

I have lived in Jacksonville for all of 3 months now, and I have to say that I haven't found it all that great. Once you get over the beach and the shopping/dining, there isn't much more that I have found to do. There are many organizations for young professionals, and the social scene leaves a lot to be desired. You have to drive to Valdosta or Orlando for a theme park, the traffic sucks for there to be so many different routes. I came from a smaller town, Tallahassee, where I lived for 7 years. I thought that this place would be more "city like" as opposed to the country feel of tallahassee, but boy was I wrong. Sprawl everywhere! I actually do like the downtown area, but like Jeff side, I live on the Southside, and there ARE a bunch of yuppies there! So far I am not impressed. The problem is that some folks have become so accustomed to their lifestyle that their views are a bit myopic. I am just counting this as a lesson learned.

anon ( 5th May 2008 - 16:47 GMT

In reference to the above comment--there are NOT many organizations

Shaun: 6th May 2008 - 03:17 GMT

I moved to Jax in Sept and my lease is up in June. I am outta here! I'm from the D.C. area and I visited Jax all the time. My family and I decided to move here because of the sunshine and the price of living is cheap. Now I know that was not the best move. I live in Clay county and I see Confederate flags everywhere I go. People here are soo slow and can't drive. Everything is so far, this is the biggest small town ever. My kids schools are in an A school, they seem to like it , but get racist comments sometimes. The job market sucks, unless your a teacher or military. Wages are low, and about time you buy gas, food and pay high taxes, I couldn't have stayed in D.C. It was cool for a while, but we had enough.Time to go home!

James: 17th May 2008 - 19:13 GMT

I've lived in Jacksonville nearly my entire life (I'm 39). I find people who have issues with Jacksonville are not from here. The ones who complain the most are not from here. Jacksonville is great place to live. I do admit our public education totally stinks, but so does most of the nation's schools. Regarding the comment about N. B. Forrest HS, named after the former Confederate general. It was NOT named to honor his attachment to the KKK no matter what the NAACP tries to tell you, it was named to honor his leadership in the Confederate army. This is the South people. We are proud of our heritage. If you don't like Jacksonville get the hell out!

RAY ALAN: 20th May 2008 - 18:40 GMT

I have lived in jacksonville fla. all my life 51yrs. to be exact.First I cant belive Jacksonville fla. is being called a small town because there est.800,000 people reside here and it is the largest city in the U.S in terms of land area.BOY HAVE I SEEN CHANGES.To a once beautiful city with a population 250,000 to 300,000 people this city has become a real hellhole and I plan to leave.Crime and conjestion is unbelivable in fact currently Jacksonville is the murder capital of Florida for about the last 3 to 4 years.Because of a large black population that is out of control who cant stay off drugs and like to rape white women and rob gas stations is not a pretty picture.To make things worse they whine and complain like in other cities that white racism is to blame for there actions and behavior.Nice areas of town are not exempt either low income blacks have flooded apartment complexs and I could tell to you plenty of horror stories.If there is a family planning on moving here make sure you own firearms and educate your children. If there are girls in the family warn them of dangers or will propably get there panties pulled down and get aids OR WORSE.

Lisa: 20th May 2008 - 19:02 GMT

Spent the first half of my life trying to get away from Jacksonville. Now here I am in San Antonio texas, wishing for home. :O(

Melissa: 21st May 2008 - 01:40 GMT

I googled "I hate Jacksonville" just to see what I would find... and I have found this site here. The only reason I "dislike" Jacksonville is that I have been ripped from my home in Hollywood, FL because my husband and I couldn't afford a house down south and we did not want to raise our children there. This totally sucks for me, now I have no friends and only my husband's family here in jville.
It is beautiful, but my husband is too busy with work and studies to hang and show me fun stuff. I feel so alone here and now with two children I couldn't move back home if I wanted to. AS mush as I love home, the schools and people here in Jville in general are alot better.
OK, I guess I like jville I am just lonely for my old friends and family. I am stuck like chuck!

anon ( 21st May 2008 - 19:45 GMT

To Ray Alan. Maybe you should leave. It is racist attitudes like yours that make other people think that Jacksonville is a racist place. Blacks are not the only ones who commit crimes or are low income. Thank you for your excellent representation of Jacksonville.

yeah yeah: 27th May 2008 - 13:06 GMT

i think its amazing how people are suggesting that jacksonville should become like miami or orlando in order to become more "entertaining"... havent any of you people taken a walk around outside or a swim in the ocean or are you really as lazy and overstimulated as most americans appear to be? HELLOOOO!!!! we have a ton of small beautiful trails and preserves with beautiful scenery as well as numerous nearby beaches (all of which are seemingly different in style and crowd-size) and historic ladmarks... most of those things dont even cost any money, but hey, if youre looking to spend some money to feel like youve gotten REAL ENTERTAINMENT, rent a f*cking surfboard and learn a new healthy hobby... its better than sitting on your ass and letting some one else do your entertaining for you... its shocking to think that people need to destroy all of the natural, cost-free, self-motivating and healthy entertainment to make this a "fun" city... dont you think there are enough "fun" cities in south florida? orlando is only 2 and a half hours away- drive there for a day at disney or do you need to go every day to feel entertained? some people are just lazy and like to blame there boredom on everything else- once jacksonville's natural beauty is completely destroyed, you will probably complain about the disgusting polluted air and how theres nothing pretty to look at... seriously, just go play outside for a bit- you might do your body, your pocket, and those who dont want to hear your bitching, some good

dan: 29th May 2008 - 06:44 GMT

Life in Jacksonville is what you make of it. No matter where you live, there will be folks who hate and love that place. There are valid reasons for both sides - it kind of comes down to personal preference, just like everything else in life! As for Ray Alan, please take some sort of English or writing course before attempting to go off about others. Your delivery comes off as both racist and ignorant, no matter what your intentions.

Jilch: 1st Jun 2008 - 22:00 GMT

I agree with several postings here. I love living here in Jax. I am a technology professional, who lives in the south side of the city, which is much cleaner than a lot of parts of town. I love the weather, the beaches, the fact that we have 4 seasons with neither one dominating the whole year. I totally disagree with those who say Jax is a 12 month sauna in terms of climate. There are a great many temperate days here. And culturally the city is growing. It all depends on where you put your life's focus. As a working professional I don't have time to go to entertainment except on weekends, and there IS plenty of stuff, just many of you aren't looking.

CJ: 30th Jun 2008 - 18:53 GMT

Hello! I found this website because a co-worker of mine is considering a move to North Florida. I told her about my experiences but she didn't believe me. Perhaps she'll believe you guys though so I'll pass this link along to her.

My husband and I lived in Jacksonville for 4 years and I hated it more than you could possibly imagine. It was the most racist, sexist and homophobic city I'd ever lived in. I tried to like the city. I even went so far as to take a job with the Jacksonville Convention and Visitors Bureau hoping it would boost my opinon of the city. It did boost my opinion of all of the beauty that the land has to offer, but I still found the people unbearable. As far as securing a job was concerned, I found that having a degree, years of experience and a positive attitude counted for absolutely nothing if you were Black! It was so horrible that we left Jacksonville 8 years ago and moved to Seattle where we are VERY, VERY happy. My husband and I both have great professional jobs and own a home in a safe neighborhood with people of all races. God Bless the great State of Washington for helping us restore our self esteem and dignity after Jacksonville had all but broken it down.

A: 11th Jul 2008 - 15:59 GMT

Jacksonville is a really nice place to live compared to a lot of places in the country.

There are really only 3 good public high schools (Stanton [top 10 in the US], Paxon [top 20 in the US], and Mandarin). And they just finished building one and will be finished building another in 2010.

Crime is only bad in certain areas. It's the same with the rednecks. They concentrate in certain areas.

It's only boring if you're too lazy to go out and find something to do (beaches, restaurants, movies, parks, whatever).

A: 11th Jul 2008 - 16:02 GMT

By the way, Duval county is Jacksonville. Clay county is not. Clay county is probably home to most of the small-minded people you are complaining about because its right next to Duval.

Anonymous: 17th Jul 2008 - 18:26 GMT

I've lived in 17 states and Jax. is the only place where I've been robbed. I've had 4 apartments broken into here (one of them several times). I've been beaten up and robbed walking down the street at least 20 times over the last 10 years. Most of the times I have had to walk anywhere for any reason, I was harassed at least once. Jacksonville is a very scary place for a small, clean-cut, young white guy. The west side is anyways, riverside kicks ass.

Anonymous: 17th Jul 2008 - 18:35 GMT

In fact, I can know for certain, that if I were to walk out my front door right now and walk as far as past Ureka Gardens apts. with my i-pod on- I would see many young black dudes standing around in a group on the side of the road there and they would aproach me like allways and say something like: "What-chu got for me cuz?" and proceed to pat my pockets and take my i-pod. If I gave them any kind of look for it they would smash my face of course. I am so certain that these things would happen exactly like this that I would bet you everything I own against $5.00

Anonymous: 17th Jul 2008 - 18:39 GMT

Oh yeah, I allmost forgot the best part. After they beat me up and stole my stuff they would follow me (at a distance)back to my house, then they would run up on me after I open the door and stick their gun in my face and walk through my house taking whatever they wanted. Then I would move, AGAIN.

anon ( 25th Jul 2008 - 04:44 GMT

It's a very quiet, working class city. It's family and church oriented. It's also very poor, old and run down in many areas unfortunately.

diverdan363: 26th Jul 2008 - 04:36 GMT

Thank you jacksonville for lieing to us about the quality of air, its poluted, look at the rise in lung cancer in florida the diesel death zone, jaxport may offer jobs but did they mention that 60,000 deaths are the result of ship emissions, did the tell you about the river and the high content of mercury in the fih you eat. did they tell you about the children who suffer because of the toxics in the air?

diverdan363: 26th Jul 2008 - 04:45 GMT

city of jacksonville does not want you to know that the air polution in jacksonville is very bad so much so that you kids will suffer some type of breathing problems due to the develop going on around jacksonville. environmental rules are tossed out the door for the sake of jaxport expansion no eis statements because of the size of develop is under 10 acreas loop hole to by pass impact statements.have you ever wondered why no impacts statements is made available. it would stop the economic engine, you are a second class citizen next to jaxport air polution is placed on the back burners for the sake of the economic engine.

transplant: 28th Jul 2008 - 13:17 GMT

Older neighborhoods near downtown - Riverside, Avondale, Springfield, etc. make it easy to use your car less and get out into the world more. If you are really open-minded you can always find like groups that share your values. We recently joined the Unitarian Universalist Church here and now enjoy the companionship of smart, progressive, thoughtful folks. It has made a real difference. The beaches are wonderful, we're building an arboretum, downtown is cool fore 1st Wednesdays, our zoo is amazing. You have to be resourceful here, and avoid living in the sprawl, but you can have fun.

Barker777: 31st Aug 2008 - 15:47 GMT

I love Jacksonville. We moved here from Northern California and have not been back to Nor Cal since - 5 years now. Same as Nor Cal – spread out but if you can settle and wait for it to blow up into a major metropolitan area you will be happy you did. Start a business and watch it grow as the city does.
If you do not like it here you must be younger 20’s early 30’s? It has much to offer and being able to grow roots in a very up and coming city is a great opportunity. Fish, ride your Harley (killer places to see – river, ocean, historic, country, beach). Try to live on the south east side of the city..

scott: 19th Sep 2008 - 19:03 GMT

Happiness comes where ever you is up to you to find it. Oh, and don't look for it in your neighborhood or part of comes from within. Those of you who haven't found happiness, good luck...I'm staying in Jacksonville, FL.

pfffft: 24th Sep 2008 - 02:06 GMT

nice sentiment, scott...and i used to subscribe to that philosophy....until i moved to jacksonville, fl. as an airforce brat, i have seen a lot of this country AND planet...let me tell you, this town is gorgeous...but the people? not so much. i have never seen so much ignorance and negativity--and i lived in NYC for a year! people here are backward and rude! they don't even cover their mouths when they cough for crying out loud! and laziness like i have never seen! no wonder they lost the war!

AARON F,: 8th Oct 2008 - 22:13 GMT

I have lived in Jacksonville for over 26 years,I still think the city and 95% of the people in it suck.But no one SUCKS ass more then the JEA,rates increases,how the hell is it that you have a 400.00 electric bill,so you have to decide to pay and have lights or feed your kids...and yes i try to save as much as possible,my house is less then 5 yrs old,all energy efficient appliances,light bulbs,keep the air set high and heat set low.We do everything possible,but still have a hard time understanding WHY? does it cost as much for electric as a god damn car payment.JEA SUCKS sure JIM the CEO makes a nice fat 6 figures.THANKS JEA. LOVE 4 EVER,AARON F

Jules: 11th Oct 2008 - 15:28 GMT

Okay....BORING is the reason my husband and I left Jacksonville in July '06. We did everything a modern Metropolitan couple could do. We lived on the river, we had season tickets with the Jags, we went to the beach for all of the festivals, we had stable employment, we visited all of the surrounding attractions (Jekyll Island, St. Augustine, Fernadina Beach, Ft.Lauderdale, Miami, the Keys, Orlando, Tampa, Sarasota, etc.....), we ate at some of Jax finest restaurants: Bistro X, Matthew's, Marker name it! And we did it over and over again......but still, we absolutely hated living there. We love city life...and Jacksonville doesn't offer the excitement of a large city. It is still a very low key, under educated, immature city just waiting to be awaken...but as long as "locals" are voted into city office and management, Jacksonville will never get the attention that it needs. Some of the locals we met while living there were afraid of going downtown because of the "crime". Well I'm here to say "THERE IS NO CRIME!" Having lived in Houston...just watching 30-45 min. of news footage dedicated to overnight city crime makes Jacksonville look like a bunch of silly hillbillies. Jacksonville doesn't know crime. We love that's a diverse city...full of life....and with that comes REAL traffic...but we LOVE it. People are skilled, work hard and play hard, have social lives that involve a connection with other people--being single or doesn't matter. Jacksonville has its "clicks"(immaturity) and that's why there is such a division between the Beaches (people across the ditch), the city, and the West-side (where people will be happy to tell you that's where Lynard Skynard got started--Woo Hoo!) The division is real and the reason that Jax will never be a "together" kind of place. Then you have your transient people from NY and retired people looking for the warmth of the sun during the winter. Now that's an exciting group of folks! So, my advice to all of you people looking to relocate to Jax from a major established city, "Don't do it!" You will long for the days that provide you with the excitement a city can bring...and you will miss your family members. My husband and I stuck it out for 6-7 LONG years....years off of our lives. Now we are back in our home state, Texas, and we plan to never leave again. If you are looking for opportunity, you will never find it in Jacksonville, FL.

jeff: 17th Oct 2008 - 16:35 GMT

Jacksonville is awesome if you aren't an overstimulated, whiny yuppie elitist. :) You are right, Jacksonville isn't Houston. In fact, it's got about 6 million less people and no fancy oil money like that aforementioned swamp nightmare of a metropolis. No, but seriously, if you are someone that doesn't need other people to plan out "fun" things for you to do, J-ville is just fine.

Tina: 19th Oct 2008 - 03:35 GMT

I think that Jacksonville has its moments, but to be honest drugs and crime have taken over. You can no longer turn the news on and not see who was shot that day. The city would have serious potential to be what it once was, but more people like to complain than get involved. I have lived here for 26 years and hate that its gone downhill so much. The kids here have not much to do unless they can afford certain athletic programs. Jacksonville has it wonderful features, but you can't enjoy doing them out of fear that you will get robbed on your way. The landing is beautiful, but there are not near enough activities that are planned. I was married to a police officer for the city of Jacksonville and he worked his tail off, but things have just turned so bad. I wouldnt recommend Jacksonville to someone that wants to raise a family unless you have the money to live on the "higher" end of town.

pfffft: 4th Nov 2008 - 00:15 GMT

this town is extremely "clickish"--they hate outsiders...

jeff: 5th Nov 2008 - 16:06 GMT

I think the word you are looking for is "clique-ish".

CobraaaB: 5th Nov 2008 - 17:09 GMT

Thays for clearing that up, because I was just sooo completely perplexed as to what they meant :-P

BethAnn: 2nd Jan 2009 - 14:05 GMT

Ugh...I hate living in Jacksonville!! My husband is in the military and we had to leave wonderful San Diego to come to this dump! I am not black, but this place is so racist it is not even funny! I think the people are rude and do not like anyone from the North. There is nothing to do here and downtown is a joke! I am not sure why they even bother to have a downtown area. I hope my husband can get out of the three years we are supposed to be here. I do not think I can handle living here for three years. Other than the cost of living, I do not see the attraction. I wish I could have stayed in San Diego. Everyone I have talked to that was in the military and got stationed here said "You are going to love Jacksonville". Hmmm...For the people who "love" Jacksonville, can you tell me why? Don't tell me it has "great" schools. What exactly do you like about it? I am sure it is not the boiled peanuts because they suck too. Where do you go to do fun things? In San Diego there were all kinds of nice, fun things to do.

adam: 8th Jan 2009 - 23:10 GMT

Okay, where do I begin? I have lived in Jacksonville for pretty much my entire life. I am 29 years old and I recently moved to Ft. Lauderdale, FL which is a much better city to live in (culture, variety, nightlife, crystal blue water beaches, shopping, diversity, etc.). Prior to moving, I have done quite a bit of traveling: Boston, DC, Chicago, Miami, Colorado, Dallas, etc., so I have a pretty vast experience with other cities. The first thing I noticed living in Jacksonville, is that people and the city are behind times. I don't want to stereotype everyone, because there are some great people there, but they are outweighed by the rednecks and good ole country people flooding in from towns like Starke, Lawtey, Palatka, Callahan, Middleburg, etc. It's funny how Jacksonville people get so excited over new chain restaurants that have been open for years in other bigger cities like (Cheesecake Factory and PF Changs) which are both good, but break away from the chain restaurants Jacksonville people, try some of the local restaurants in Avondale, Riverside, and San Marco. Some Jacksonville people like to boast about how big the city (landwise) is, So!! Who cares? It's spread out and you have to drive everywhere, and there's under a million people living there, where a city like Miami has 5.4 million people in the greater Miami area. The transportation sucks in Jacksonville, esp the monorail to nowhere. People are so consumed with their chain restaurants (chilli's, carabbas, outback, longhorn steakhouse)that they don't even try to support new restaurants in Downtown, San Marco, and Riverside that are trying to change Jacksonville as a city. Chain restaurants are okay people, but there's more out there. Majority of Jacksonville people don't bother to check out anything cultural like the art museums, music festivals, or film festivals, for they are too busy trying to make it up to the Ale house to drink beer and watch a gator game. I was an active person in Jacksonville and tried to make the best of it. I went out supported downtown bars and restaurants, and I loved attending the Art Walk. I also spent time in the cities parks, and visited the beaches occasionally. Riverside is my favorite place in the city. It has culture and diversity, and the people are pretty cool. Even with that though, I found myself being bored. The more cities I traveled to in the US, the more I realized how boring Jacksonville can be. I don't hate Jacksonville, but I can def. say I don't ever want to live there again. When it comes to racism, it happens on both sides in Jacksonville, but it happens in every city. There is a large number of people in Jacksonville that in general are racist, homophobic, non-cultured, close-minded good ole country people who just don't know any better. The most culture or diversity they get is visiting Disney World year after year for vacation. Ft. lauderdale has been a great move for me. The city is amazing. There is tons of restaurants and bars to chose from. You can get any type of food you can think of from local and well known higher end chains. There is many neighborhoods that you can walk instead of driving everywhere, and best of all you are only 30-45 minutes away from West Palm Beach, Hollywood, and Miami. The beaches are also completely different than Jacksonville's. For one, the water is crystal clear and teal, and two, you can go to them year round, because it doesn't really get cold at all. For any of you like me that have been in Jax. your whole life, you should move. It's not a bad city, but it's time to break away and see things in a different light, but if you plan on staying, don't be a stereotype. Try something new and help change the reputation that it has gained over the years.

adam: FYI. Read jule's comments. I completely agree.

CV: 12th Jan 2009 - 13:57 GMT

Moved here from Denver to start a biz 4 LONG years ago. Biggest mistake of my life. What few waterfront restaurants that were here when we moved were torn down for condo development and left in a heap of rubble, what a waste since there were already so very few places to go, the quaintness of jax beach was replaced by greedy condo developers who are probably bankrupt.........road construction projects are everywhere and never seem to get bike paths (no wonder, almost all the people I have seen on bikes have a cigarette hanging out of their mouth)....the pavillion at Jax Beach is a homeless shelter instead of being used for entertainment purposes (oh, excuse me, they do show movies there 3 or 4 times a year...don't get too excited by this, as they are movies you can catch any day on cable).....

PB: 5th Feb 2009 - 00:10 GMT

Jacksonville is fantastic - a breath of fresh air compared to other places we have lived. Great people, great services, we hope we stay here for the long hall.

gg: 7th Feb 2009 - 23:01 GMT

jacksonville is the south. it's racist, and conservative, and narrow minded. people don't get out and coexist or attempt to be kind and friendly. there is a feeling of dread in this town for me.

jville is hot and sticky: 16th Feb 2009 - 19:37 GMT

jacksonville is full of stereotypical thugs...
im from arlington and thats all i see around here.down by the beach are skater punks, in the west side there are low life druggies, and southside mandarin area are full of albanians and bosnians that think they are black.

do not move here: 9th Mar 2009 - 03:59 GMT

I googled, like many of you, "I hate Jacksonville," and stumbled across this site. Let me begin this rant with a proper introductory sentence: I fucking hate this god-forsaken town. Not only are the people incredibly narrow minded (think, like, the day before we the people elected our first black president, the school board voted AGAINST changing the name of the high school that honors a klu klux klan founder) but you have to drive through hordes of traffic to get anywhere. (think obnoxious SUVs riddled with bush and cheney stickers and tacky "choose life" license plates.)
The city is run by the southern baptists. It is awful. I moved here for college and cheap rent and I am literally counting down the days till I move in August. Listen, if you like white trash, thugs, and an overall dreary feeling everyday of your life, THIS is the city for you. I cannot stress this enough folks, if you seek culture, art, and progressive neighbors, choose another city.

Also, Ray Alan, the incoherent fool towards the top of this page? Probably a perfect representation of the majority here. Gross.

not from jax~: 17th Mar 2009 - 05:12 GMT

Well for those who defend this city, i have lived all over this country, in big cities and not so big cities. This place is miserable. The racist red necks and the blacks have jointly ruined this city for good. I feel jax should not even be considered a part of florida, the map should be re-drawn to have jax as part of GA. This city is boring, filled with ignorant and rude people. There isnt anything actually happening here although the locals try to make it sound like there is plenty to do here. The people here are still living in the old times and are not open to outsiders. Even for those who are married with families this is a city to move. If anyone is looking to move to this city, think 10 times. Talk to those who have moved from other places to here and u'll know what i mean. As soon as the job market situation even shows a little change, i'm running out of this shit hole.

Mikdest: 20th Mar 2009 - 03:21 GMT

You should check out these sites,_Florida and also not to mention if it wasn't for the great oncologist here in Jacksonville Fl are the ones whom saved my daughters life from Retinoblastoma. Wolfson's forever I am in your debt. I would never think of moving because I would never trust anyone else to care for my child.

wouldn't you like to know: 2nd Apr 2009 - 03:41 GMT

I was born here, then I moved away. And well I found myself back here after being away for 13 yrs. When I got back I tried to give it a chance. I used to live in St. Pete which was an awesome place. everything you could think of you could do down there. Anyways back to my story. I went online to meet people and I ended up meeting my wife and settling down and having children. We moved our family away to a little town in southern putnam county. It sucked down there as far as the city went but family life was better. Then we came back to Jax. This place is probably the worst for raising children on public education. If you can't afford to send your children to a private school they are probably going to learn nothing but garbage. I'm not the best person here or the smartest but when you have the crime like it is on both black and white sides you don't have to be educated to see it. Alot of the things here are backwards and run by "affirmative action". In my opinion if you want the job go to school and get it. This city is so focused on making it right for black people that it is leaving out the others. Constant programs for black males in school to reduce the drop out rate, what about the other drop outs. They make their own choices as well as the other kids but there are no special programs for them. Most of the young people here have this I;ve got to live up to my ghetto roots so I can be a rapper or some sports player instead of growing up to just get a job and being a positive production of their surroundings. The crime rate for black on white crime is astronomical. A group of black males can confront people here and cause a scene and it's acceptable but if it were the other way around Jessie Jackson would be out here. Im not for one race over another as both are equally guilty but like I said before this city is geared more for making it right for black people. You have so much crime here in the predominately black areas but you cant say black people are guilty or your a racists and they have it hard. The people here have it hard because they chose to do the drugs they chose to break in the house they chose to rape the woman. But when you live in Jax it's ok to blame everyone else for your actions it's what everyone else does right. To the black people here it is the "white man's" fault for them being in the slums. See my above statement it's your fault. It is easier for a black family to get into a neighborhood to equalize the race so the area can't be deemed racist. Do like everyone else get a good job and do it yourself. I sure can't get the help to get in alot of the places that are handed to you but im the racist. I couldnt even get Govt. help for my family here. Im defaulted on my mortgage but I make to much to get medicaid or is it that im not black? In all the black statements here you can insert redneck also. not all black people are bad and not all white people are good. This city is racist and maybe thats why there are so many programs dedicated to black people, to hide the racism? Bottom line here is this city is jacked up. You cant feel safe walking down the street anywhere unless your with a group. I wont let my kids play outside by themselves in a fenced in yard with a big dog. Look at this place is riddled with sex offenders/predators. This city only has a hand full of good areas and those are jacked up by the "ghetto youth" trying to be someone. If there was so much to do in this city the kids wouldnt be the way they are. Jax is worried about nothing but your money and if your going to give it to First Baptist. As the above post states "Wolfsons children" is the best thing jax has to offer. If I were you and you had to move here I would look else where. Your going to feel dirty here and like someone up there said like it is pulling you apart emotionally. I feel broken spirited by being here, most of my adult life has been here and Im moving away in a couple of months. I hope I feel like the family who moved away and got their spirit back. I will kick the dirt off of my feet when I leave here. There is just something about Jax that makes you feel like you are being leeched of yourself. All depressed like this is it? this is the way life is? well if you live in Jax then yes this is what life is one dreary day here after another. You pray for sunshine just so you can feel moderately good about life. One last thing THIS PLACE SUCKS.........

wouldn\\\'t you like to know: 2nd Apr 2009 - 03:54 GMT

Happiness comes where ever you is up to you to find it. Oh, and don't look for it in your neighborhood or part of comes from within. Those of you who haven't found happiness, good luck...I'm staying in Jacksonville, FL.

Try to find your happiness within when your walking down moncrief and you get robbed or shot for being white and weak. Its the truth not racism. hope you can find your happiness within there scotty

Fred M Pohl: 6th Apr 2009 - 23:27 GMT

My SOns Ex lived in JAcksonville With a fat slob for a girlfriend and her auntie was as foul mouthed as a truck driver in LAmplighter Mobile home PArk off 301 And her and her Aunt and her ex Hsuband a real lowlife HE was kicked out of the NAvy for posting Kiddie porn on the internet I hope enver to see thier like again

serenea: 19th May 2009 - 20:30 GMT

I have lived in Jacksonville for 10 years and basically hated every moment. It is true that there is no excitement whatsoever unless you live on the north side and frequent the police stations. I live in a nice multiracial neighborhood and my neighbors are nice. But over all natives have an attitude because I believe most have not lived any where else. It has the feel of a country bumpkin town, with a Jed Clampett mentality.To quote Adams's comment, "There is a large number of people in Jacksonville that in general are racist, homophobic, non-cultured, close-minded good ole country people who just don't know any better." The schools are lacking, The utility company rips customers off and crime is totally out of hand. Its not just the "bad" areas either. Everyone is entitled to there opinion but I say about 5% of Jacksonville natives are nice. The rest ???. If you are of the 5% and don't agree, just look past your circle of friends or stay awhile in another city. The nice thing about Jax is the beach but have nothing to do with that! 23rd May 2009 - 19:36 GMT

THE BAD PART: I've lived in this city for about seven or eight years. I moved from Detroit, Michigan. For the few years, my home was in Arlington, and I worked in Ponte Vedra. I drove 45 minutes to work every day through JTB traffic. For fun, my then-girlfriend and I went to the Beaches and basically people-watched at pretentious clubs. We had no friends because my then-girlfriend hated the people here. We moved to Mandarin (the middle-class family area) and despite having a nice home, our lives were the same: chain restaurants, shopping at tired stores, and making-fun of people having fun at Beaches nightclubs.

THE GOOD PART: When my then-girlfriend and I split up, I kept living in Mandarin. But I started exploring and hanging out in San Marco, Riverside, Downtown, and Springfield. I made a ton of really great friends—and even met my fiancée. Together, started a motion picture production company and began working from home. Sure, I have to drive for 20 to 30 minutes to get ANYWHERE in town, but the city is so huge, it's a reality.

THE CONCLUSION: I realized that through my ex-girlfriend's hatred of Jacksonville and her people, I mirrored the sentiment. And when I convinced myself that I hated everything about being here, I made myself miserable.

While Jacksonville does have some of the more vocal racists, homophobes, and haters I've seen between here and Detroit, it also has some truly amazing and friendly folks who tend to centralize toward the city areas.

My fiancée and I almost moved to New York City six months ago to start our movie business, but we decided to stay because of the many great opportunities this town has to offer.

Thanks to that decision, our film production company is now doing very well, and for this, we have the fledgling metropolis of Jacksonville to thank. 23rd May 2009 - 19:40 GMT

(Pardon the typos:

...For the *first* few years...

...Together, *we* started a motion picture...)

Mr Tanner: 3rd Jun 2009 - 15:43 GMT

I lived in Jacksonville for 32 years, born and raised. Let me tell you about Jacksonville... growing up on the Westside near Woodstock Park in the 70’s, it was pretty decent. However the area quickly was infused with many different and cultural ethnicities that in some instances made these areas UN desirable to reside.

We moved to the San Pablo area in the early 80’s when there wasn’t anything out near girvin road except a four way stopsign. The schools were predominately white and the standard of living was again fair but not extravagant. In the late 80’s these areas again were fused with another wave of people such as the first wave hit the Westside in the early 80’s. I went to Southside Junior, Sandalwood, Arlington, Annie R Morgan, Windy Hill, Love Grove, Terry parker & Landon.

Out of all these schools I think Southside was the best experience for me, however going to school in Jacksonville is Tough. Very Tough.. There were and are still today many students who bring their street attitudes to school and get themselves and other students in trouble with them.

My daughter was born and raised in Jacksonville and she to elementary schools in the mid nineties, Love Grove.. This gem of a school was the ONLY reason my wife and I stayed, so she would finish. She started Landon in ’02 and my wife and I started to notice vast changes right away. She became withdrawn and almost non social. Then she started getting hassled by other students who even from my experiences were vicious.

My wife and I assured each other that we wouldn’t put her or my son through the type of experiences we went through growing up going to school in Jacksonville. We packed up and moved to the Midwest in 2003. I miss Jacksonville very much, but if you have children or a child. Take it from another parent and a lifelong resident to NOT make Jacksonville a choice.

The traffic is horrible in Jacksonville. This city was NEVER EVER intended for the amount of people now residing there. It also appears now that I have been gone for six years, which an extrondinary amount of racism appears to be present in or around almost every tone of local Jacksonville society.

I was a victim of a violent robbery and I cannot count how many times no matter where we lived that we or someone we knew was NOT affected by some sort of crime.

If I can prevent or change just one person or family view on Jacksonville then I consider this posting a worthwhile effort. If my post did help you change your mind I or my wife would appreciate any comments.

the stylz: 6th Jun 2009 - 01:48 GMT

i love jacksonville fl. yes it can be "danger danger" but its nice too just dont be a pu$$y and dont go to where you dont belong and you'll be ok.put your feet down and pick your ass up you'll like it too. and yes you can graff here no problem just let your nutts hang abit. not to low now they will get cut off =)~

richy: 6th Jun 2009 - 20:03 GMT

Calling Houston home and calling J-ville redneck is hypocritical.Everyone knows that Texas is the REDNECK capitol of the universe.Houston is a backwards trailor trash redneck hellhole.I guess this Texan is in denial.I'm a Floridian, yes J-ville is backwards compared to the rest of the state, but Texas is consistantely hick.GEt it right Texas.

F*ck everybody hating Jacksonville: 9th Jun 2009 - 18:11 GMT

For all you ignorant ugly fat ass good for nothing dumb f*cks.. F*ck yall. Jacksonville is the greatest city in the world to me.. I was born and raised in Mandarin off of Old St. Augustine Rd. and I had the best life so far anybody can have. Yeah there somethings Jacksonville can do, build a theme park or what not but oh well, man when we grew up, we found something positive to do. We always had fun growing up. Alot of gifted people are here. I've been to Houston.. It sucks hard!!.. 70% of the women there are either pregnant with kids or carrying STDs.. It's slow and horrible and whoever said Houston is full of live... ummm try again.. You probably some fat ass diabetic f*ck who ride the bus all day and say this is entertainment.. Hoe sit down.. Orlando only got attraction.. D.C. full with AIDS.. how the hell the state capital be the poorest city in the nation and got a higher HIV rate then some country in Africa.. That place is beyond horrible.. ATL is the mecca of gay black men.. full of AIDS just like San Francisco and Dallas.. All these places yall bragging on is overrated then you can imagine.. We have our flaws in this city and my city aint perfect, but yall boring ass cities aint no better than mines when yall got some of the most ridiculous things and people i ever seen and met.. Jacksonville really got alot more to offer then the other big cities.. The crime is horrible here and thats the only thing I hate about my city.. The Crime and the person from Houston who said Jacksonville dont know real crime.. bitch we dont wanna know real crime.. we wanna stop crime so I dont have to walk out my house and watch my back everywhere I go.. The N.O. people running yall city so yall TX folks in general can't talk.. Texas and Alabama are the most racist states in the country and you got the nerves to talk about Jacksonville? Only nerds, lames and geeks would be on this site saying they hate jacksonville when all cities are basically the same.. Get a life and get off yall asses and go find something to do.. Ignorant idiots.. Duval County is great to live at.. I hope God bless you people soul because I guaranteed.. all of you people who got hate for jacksonville and live here before.. you'll be back lol.. and that be the funny thing because the same idiots like yall say that.. come right back and be happy to be back.. Pathetic ass people.. lmfaoo.. how the hell you type in google search.. i hate jacksonville.. you people really need a life.. I'm out

Tim: 16th Jun 2009 - 13:46 GMT

Jacksonville is full of forcibly undereducated black people and willfully undereducated white people. Only 14% of the population has beyond a high school education. If you want more out of life than going to the Baptist church on Sunday and gossiping about American Idol the rest of the week, this isn't the place for you.

Tim: 16th Jun 2009 - 13:47 GMT

PS - why doesn't Mayor Peyton come out of the closet?

B&R Native of Jville: 18th Jun 2009 - 18:00 GMT

On August 27, 1960, more than 200 whites attacked 34 Black youths with baseball bats and ax handles. No more than 43 years later On June 1, 2003, Matt Carlucci, a white Republican endorsed Glover (a Democrat) after being defeated in the open primary. Afterwards, Carlucci's business was vandalized with the words "NIGGER LOVER", and Glover's campaign headquarters was vandalized with "NO NIGGER MAYOR".

I was raised in this "good ole boy" town born in 1979 I've been called nigger by more than my fair share of whites and honestly I can't forget what I've heard and seen. I sat in school at Lee and heard the whites talk ill about a huge racist war they were going to start etc nothing has changed all has just been brushed up under the rug.

All of the events that go down in Jacksonville are marjority related and intended for non blacks. I read the local papers just to confirm that by each print. I've been to the concerts they host at the beaches and in metro park no different than any other city. I think that what most of these people are saying when they call Jacksonville boring has little to do with the entertainment but more to do with the atomosphere and cultural experience. Jacksonville has NONE! I was thinking of the early 20th century before Hollywood "Kalem Studios" first to open a permanent studio in Jacksonville and wanting to relive that moment considering I am a writer and working on a novel and screenplay but just like the conservative residents back then who objected to the hallmarks of this time's early movie industry has NOT changed. This town is too scared to become a prominent city for then those conservative residents will lose control. They like it their way or nothing else. We were going to get a theme park, but guess what they decided to build yet another "golf course" now I ask who's that golf course for? When we already have so many of them, did we really need another one? Like I stated this is a good ole boys town not a city just a big backwoods want to be city and that will never change.

B&R Native of Jville: 18th Jun 2009 - 20:07 GMT

After reading the rest of the posts I realized that most of you that have written in and hate Jacksonville are just a bunch of racist idiots. You NEVER put every person in one bucket. Have you talked to me or spoken to anyone in my family. We have generations of college educated black women and black men. What programs and or areas have you really lived in that you can speak on every black person living in this city. Now don't get me wrong, I know alot of ignorant blacks and whites, and hispanics etc... that live in Jacksonville and for the most part they are just like you, for the majority of them didn't grow up here! They moved here, so lets just say that all of the people you grew up with in the cities you love the most ventured here in this good ole boy town making it WORST than it was. I go out, I volunteer, and have worked with a lot of persons that aren't from Jacksonville, so I am wondering maybe its all of you who aren't originally from here that's the real cause of this city staying a hickville town. Half of you written on here hated the city before you actually moved here. I want to read what people have wrote who aren't set in their own ways but those who do have an open mind and not racist and prejudice. Read what you have written, these are your thoughts and the majority of you speaking ill of the "blacks" and "rednecks" are no different than those you are prejudice against. You are the racist people of this world. You have offended me as a black female with an education. And who says that an education means anything do you hold a degree or multiple degrees? I do, an associates and a bachelors what does that mean to you? Does it really matter how educated you are when you don't have an intelligent mind set? Yes I am speaking to the majority of you, just because you have an education on paper doesn't mean you are truly educated. You guys are blinded by your own setbacks that you choose to really get on here and blast a race of people and that has taken away from the actual discussion/forum here. I can go and research half of the cities you guys have mentioned as being better than Jacksonville and debate you long and hard on the fact that each of those cities in reference to the race of people that make up those cities are no different than those in Jacksonville.

State: California (CA)
City Population: 1,272,746
Murder: 65
Forcible Rape: 406
Robbery: 1,626
Aggravated Assault: 5,269
Burglary: 8,076
Larceny or Theft: 25,739
Car Theft: 12,567
Arson: 238
Data Source:
FBI Report of Offenses Known to Law Enforcement

State: Florida (FL)
City Population: 776,417
Murder: 92
Forcible Rape: 213
Robbery: 2,344
Aggravated Assault: 4,080
Burglary: 8,910
Larceny or Theft: 30,043
Car Theft: 4,838
Arson: 283
Data Source:
FBI Report of Offenses Known to Law Enforcement

State: Texas (TX)
City Population: 2,041,081

Murder: 278
Forcible Rape: 768
Robbery: 10,985
Aggravated Assault: 11,957
Burglary: 26,522
Larceny or Theft: 72,032
Car Theft: 21,451
Arson: 1,553

All of the negative information here is just based on opinions not the facts and opinions are just like "assholes" all of us got one.

anon ( 19th Jun 2009 - 18:40 GMT

The reason that people from somewhere else do the complaining about this dump. Is because we have lived in real cities. Not this imitation town. Red-necks dream come true. YAAAAAAALLLL can kiss my ass. I am out of this ignorant hick town.

Beth: 23rd Jun 2009 - 17:01 GMT

I had posted above a few months ago and came back to see if anyone listed any places to visit or things to do in Jax. So far nothing. I can see that the "locals" judging by the foul mouth language and vulgarities that were used, like to go to the local bars and drink and swear. I have a 18 month old and I am not going to go hang out at the bar. I have been to St. Augustine and liked it. I just don't understand why they don't fix up downtown Jax a little more. I am orginally from Baltimore and the inner harbor there is really nice. I have been to the beaches, and had fun. You can't go to the beach every weekend. I was just wondering if there were any nice places where you can go with your family and have a nice time. Yes, I do hate it here, and unfortunately I am stuck here for two more years. I have decided to try and make the best of it while I am here. And for B&R Native of Jville, I never criticized anyone in my post. All I said was that this place was very racist. If I were to write a post like some of the ones above on a Baltimore website, someone would hunt me down and shoot me. I guess I am just not used to seeing the confederate flag flying like it was the American flag. I myself have multiple degrees. I noticed your comparison of states and crime stats. I am only going to comment on California because I lived there. The population of California is much greater than Florida. Not to mention you have Mexico on the border that has thousands of people crossing each day. A lot of them illegally. Most of the crime in California is committed by illegal aliens. What about Florida? I don't see a country bordering Florida, so that means the majority of the crime is committed by citizens. Second, there are crimes that have higher rates in Florida than California. Considering the population is larger in California, that means those crimes are happening more often and to more citizens than in California. Third, Florida relies heavily on tourism, when the economy is poor tourism goes down. And that means crime goes up. Maybe Florida should try to invest in other avenues beside tourism. I can also see that the "locals" do not want their town to end up like Miami or South Beach, and that is fine. The only problem is, the times are changing. This is not 1940. If Jacksonville would spend a little money and stop concentrating on being the bible capital of the south, they may have more people who actually want to come here to live. Did you ever wonder why it so cheap to live here and so expensive to live in San Diego? That is beacuse they take pride in their city and they made it into a great place to work and bring your family on vacation. Why is everyone so pressed about getting a theme park? San Diego only has Sea World. They have made other things out there and every weekend they have something going on at the zoo or Balboa Park. Their downtown area is kept clean for the most part. I am not going to complain about being here anymore. Like I said, I do not like it here, but I guess it could be worse. I could be in Alaska!

Peter: 23rd Jun 2009 - 17:39 GMT

drink and swear? OH NOEZ! :-0 way to gloss over the allegations of drugs, crime and racism and tackle the really hard-hitting problems of vulgar language and alcohol consumption. *snicker*

Beth: 23rd Jun 2009 - 19:50 GMT

I really don't think I needed to further comment on the drugs, crime and racism since everyone else on here did it for me. I have never witnessed any drug use or crime around me. I lived in Baltimore and it was much worse up there. Drug and crime down here *snicker* This place reminds me of Mayberry. I am just waiting for Barney fife and Andy Taylor to come walking up to my door offering me a glass of lemonade!! Of course there is nothing like a bunch of drunk southerners to give cheap entertainment. I guess I found what the form of entertainment is around here. Drink, shoot your shotgun, hang a negro, and take the family out on a fanboat! Of course we will have to go to church on Sunday to seek forgiveness. LOL!!!

TAP: 25th Jun 2009 - 20:43 GMT

I have been in JAX now for 4 years. I love the fact it has a river and an ocean. I like the weather - you get a northern autumn here in the winter. Hugenot State Park is a great beach to bring your car and your dog. I have lived in major cities - Chicago, NY, San Fran. I have lived in smaller cities - Albuquerque, Las Vegas, Colorado Springs, Shreveport, and Biloxi. I have lived in Navarre Beach, Ft. Lauderdale, and Key West, Florida. I think Jacksonville is by far the prettiest city I have lived in. I had family come visit from Sacramento and they fell in love with the whole area (from Savannah to St. Augustine). If you want to see real crime, move to Chicago, NY, etc. Traffic is much less than other places I have lived. If you want to see the "good ole boy network and racists move to Louisiana - Shreveport/Dallas area - what an awful place. Bad weather - move to San Fran, Colorado Springs or Chicago. I like the fact it is not an Orlando (Carni Town) or Miami (Sleezeville). What this town needs is the Jags to play a decent season or have some real gambling. Went out on that gambling boat near Mayport once and it sucked - the only thing I really miss about Vegas. After living in the Biloxi area - no place can compete with that food (yummy). If your bored here - I think you are probably bored where ever you live (everyone knows people like that). As they say, you can't have everything. JAX has most of what I want in a city and then some :)

Brez: 27th Jun 2009 - 23:58 GMT

LOL. I like how a lot of people came in here by typing "I hate Jacksonville" via Google. That just proves how much of a failure that city really is.

I've spent 6 years living in Jacksonville. I've tried to give it a chance and see what could be great about it. The city looks like a nice place and has a nice variety of stores and restaurants. The beaches look nice too. But all of that is just deceiving and anyone who's been here should know that. Jacksonville is boring as hell, lacks fun spots besides what I've mentioned, and has some of the most pathetic, rude, and ugly people I've ever seen. Thugs, racist rednecks, crackheads, cigarette-sucking elitist-wannabes; this city has them all.

Looking for a job in Jax? Well good luck on that. You have to really bust your ass to even get one yet it seems the employers are more interested in hiring the most retarded people they can find.

Speaking of retarded, look at schools. I've seen some pretty bad schools but they're first-class compared to what I've seen in Florida's asshole of a city. Jax is littered with F-schools with students speaking in ghetto trash, low-grade reading levels, and low test scores among other things. There's also plenty of teachers who are either pedophiles or focus more on money than actual teaching.

I could go on and on and on with everything I find bad in this city. Instead of moving to Whack-sonville, try Ft. Lauderdale or St. Augustine. Hell, I think any part of Florida is better.

And please ignore the people who recommend the lame ass city. They don't know a damn thing about fun places.

uncle jake: 14th Jul 2009 - 22:16 GMT

I'm glad people in JAX know Mayor Peyton is a closet FAG!!!!!!

Dave: 28th Jul 2009 - 15:20 GMT

I'd admit Jacksonville isnt the most pleasant city but no one is asking you to stay here, and what all other cities envy about Jacksonville is our since of pride and partnership in our community. We have so many organizations that make our city what it is today. We have HabiJax, a division of Habitat for Humanity, and statistic show that HabiJax is among all other Habitat for Humanity cities for helping build new houses. If you watch the news you can could have heard about the Be a Hero food drive. Our city donated a whopping 80,000 pound of food for needy people! There are so many events that make Jacksonville such a formed city I can't even name them all. First Coast News does A LOT of these events. Talk about shi**y.

The city is expecting even more people who would be moving to Jacksonville in future years, and were giving them some southern hospitality by cleaning up the neighborhood of Springfield and the Northside area. WHAT NOW!!! HATE ON IT!!!

and If you wanna see traffic drive your ass to Atlanta...traffic city galore.


Kelsey: 31st Jul 2009 - 20:31 GMT

I do not like Jacksonville. I've tried (still trying I guess)- since it doesn't look like we'll be able to leave any time soon. I despise it so much on a daily basis, that I just found this plethora of opinions when I literally googled "I hate Jacksonville FL" just to see if I was the only one. I'm not.

I don't think I have too high of expectations either. I come from a small town. I've seen my share of crime, poor education etc. That, I can have hope for. My husband and I sigh in disbelief so many times after daily venturing out to try new events, restaurants, opportunities to meet new people etc. and just simply do things as a family. We rake what we can off of for our 3 year old and have been scratching our heads so many times as to why they have so little to offer for kids around here. We've been able to know the lay of the land fairly quickly because we've driven everywhere trying to find options for living a good life here.

We end up going to Savannah, St. Augustine, Fernandina etc to have a good weekend.

I've never heard the "F" word so many times in public. I've never seen so many dirty looks exchanged for obvious racial distaste. I've never seen such unhappy people. Not even a bit of Texan politeness can bring folks here out of their funk. I've never seen so many people in the health care field out on their smoke break. Lots of negative conversations on cell phones.

You would think a nice long road headed toward the beach (Atlantic Blvd or Beach Blvd) would be full of great eating stops, culture and the coastal vibe many cities CAN have. No, instead you find run-down car dealerships, typical chain restaurants and complete randomness. I'd list more but I can't think of much. Fast food I suppose. Radio Shack. Hotels...uh

You might like the beaches of Jacksonville if you like to see people smoke on the beach, cheeto bags in the sand, rednecks driving 30 mph across the sand with their music blaring, disregarding small children and letting their dogs loose to eat your food.

I could write a huge list of what would make Jacksonville more appealing but I doubt any city officials or natives would care enough to change the way it is. Apparently they are content. There is a huge lack of progression here.

We've been here a little over a year, already moved once to a "better" neighborhood and it still is less than desirable. We'll leave as soon as we can.

Scott: 31st Jul 2009 - 20:41 GMT

Thank you "F*ck everybody hating Jacksonville" -- you sum up perfectly why most of us don't like it here. You are the personification of all that Jacksonville will EVER amount to. 2nd Aug 2009 - 11:23 GMT

I understand that for a lot of folks, this city fails to meet expectations, especially when it comes to activities, apparently.

Outside of simply stating "there's nothing to do here", what activities EXACTLY are you looking for that you either wish were going on or have seen in other cities/municipalities that isn't happening in Jacksonville?

This is not confrontation, but rather genuine curiosity.... 2nd Aug 2009 - 11:24 GMT

"that aren't happening in Jacksonville?"

marissa: 4th Aug 2009 - 06:02 GMT

Ready to move to Florida. Can not decide Jacksonville or Tampa area or even Ft. Lauderdale. Me, my husband and 3 kids. What do you think?

Anonymous: 9th Aug 2009 - 02:19 GMT

Go to Tampa or Ft Lauderdale don't waste time in Jacksonville

Boca Raton....(Palm Beach County is TERRIFIC!!!!): 25th Aug 2009 - 17:05 GMT

I used to live in Boca Raton (Palm Beach County) for 10 years and moved to Jacksonville in 2007 to be with my fiance, now my husband--->(the only reason why I'm here in Jax). Living in Palm Beach County was sooooo AWESOME! There's so much to do and people had "class". If you like ritz and glitz this is the place to be. People dressed up better, less blacks, upscale living There's always something to do and places to go to. My salary in Boca Raton was $5,000 more than Duval County. If I would compare Jacksonville to where I used to live, JACKSONVILLE IS A GHETTO PLACE!!!!!!!! I don't feel safe here in Jax because there's so many shady people lurking around. I think it's hard to impress people who came from one of the best counties to live in.

Those people who think Jacksonville is awesome, maybe you have NOT lived in the best cities. I tried to love Jax...I really, really tried. At first, I thought it was me but when I read the other comments of people I know that this place is not for me. I'll try to convince my husband to move back to Boca after my job contract ends next year. I CANNOT STAND LIVING IN JACKSONVILLE>>>It's the MOST BORING CITY!!!

SoSickOfJacksonville: 4th Sep 2009 - 04:14 GMT

I have lived in this Godforsaken Hell hole since 1990. Every single aspect of this "city" is crap. The city's "Mayor" touts the water ... horrible. If the water here is so good, then WHY THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO CHISEL IT OFF OF MY QUARTZ KITCHEN COUNTERTOP? Crime: Ha! Thugs run this city and the police can only hide in bushes to try to catch you speeding. No wonder the crime rate is so high. Try to find two city council members with a college degree IN ANYTHING. Try to find a school board member who has any idea what the teachers in the trenches have to deal with every single day. Try to find one idiot on Jacksonville's streets who knows how to drive the car they own. Art? ha! Culture? Hell, there's more live culture in a yogurt container than in this shit-hole. The education level is so very low. The city management is horrible, the traffic is absolutely awful, and the three universities in town cater to the stupid and the poor and those without hope of a future (I know... I teach at one). The Orchestra is good (but the seats go unfilled most of the time) - and the redecks who attend the Jaguar (NFL) games are drunk losers who are more proud of the number of plastic beer cups they collect at each game (before throwing up on you while walking down the ramps at the end of the game) than they are of their kids who struggle to survive third grade for the fourth time. Yeah... Jacksonville... real progressive. This place is a fucking FREAK SHOW!

SoSickOfJacksonville: 4th Sep 2009 - 04:22 GMT

In 1906 (I think) Jacksonville had a huge fire which destroyed most of what was then known as "the city." Before that, Jacksonville was creating a future for itself with tourism, agriculture, art, transportation, and manufacturing. After "the great fire," labor was hard to find. The city needed to be rebuilt. Who was enlisted to rebuild Jacksonville? Idiot, uneducated, uncultured farmers and farm-hands from south Georgia. They "rebuilt" the "city" and, unfortunately, never left. Jacksonville Florida has never, and will never, reach its potential. The education level here is shockingly low - and, for some inexplicable reason, is celebrated as "local charm." If you are reading this page, you must never come here. If you are already living here, then you are probably already dreaming of the day you can look into your rear-view mirror as you drive away and watch Jacksonville sink below the horizon.

Herb: 4th Sep 2009 - 17:10 GMT

I have lived in Jacksonville for 17 years. I then moved to New York City and all I can say it was the best thing I ever did. NYC is not for everyone, and the cost of living here is extremely high, but the culture, the entertainment and the overall experiences are second-to-none.

In Jacksonville, I wouldn't know real Italian food, only Olive Garden. In Jax, I would never get to try Indian food, Greek food, etc, and tell the difference between good pizza and bad pizza.

Whenver I come back to Jax to visit my parents, all I see is where once nice neighborhoods have decayed. In the early 80's, Jax was a very nice place, people were racist, but it was definitely a safe place to live. When I came to visit this past April, I actually felt unsafe. I couldn't imagine living here and consider it a nightmare to do so, but that is just me.

Beth: 10th Sep 2009 - 21:59 GMT

I saw someone above ask what type of activities are you looking for. Well, I have a 20 month old and I moved to one of those planned communities with the amenity center, pool, tennis, golf course etc..Everytime they have any kind of social gathering, your child has to be 5+ in age to attend. So I guess everyone that has a younger child is left out even though my HOA fees are paying for these so called activities. When I lived in San Diego, there were always activities at the zoo for children, they had Balboa Park which had numerous cultural events and fun days for children and families. There was seaport village that has cute shops and it was on the water and on the weekends they had festivities for families and even just adults. Even when I lived in Maryland ,we would go to Ocean City. There was a beach and a boardwalk with rides, games, restaurants, stores, bars, etc...The beach here seems to be lacking any kind of fun activities. I also went to Jacksonville landing and was disappointed. I guess since I grew up in Maryland, I was trying to compare it to the Inner Harbor there. There could be so much potential there. I also was driving around downtown and it seems like it is nothing but office buildings and industrial buildings. The Inner Harbor has an aquarium, the Constellation, an old submarine you can tour. Not to mention numerous shops, restaurants, bars, a huge mall called the gallery. The have a little Italy there that has great restaurants and they have festivals there ever so often. Baltimore has a football and baseball stadium and they seemed to have made it into a fun place after the game. Now, the crime in Baltimore is high along with the homeless people asking for handouts and camping out on the streets. All major cities have that, I guess you just have to deal with it. I much rather live in San Diego if I had to choose.

Now for the jerks that come on here and say f**K all of you people that hate Jacksonville, leave if you don't like it. I wish I could leave. I would leave tomorrow if I could. I have a husband who is in the military and have to stay. First, we can't afford two rent payments, two utility bills, etc... Second, would you want to be apart from your family considering they may be deployed the next duty station you go to? I think not. Third, Why should I have to leave? Maybe you should make improvements to your town so you can get more revenue and you wouldn't have to cut programs and raise property taxes. Maybe the mayor should study some cities that are destinations for families, couples, single people, and try and take a page out of their book. I usually don't comment on the places where I am living, I married my husband knowing we would end up in many different parts of the world. I am open minded and can adapt to most situations. I just can't help commenting on how this city could have so much potential for revenue and tourism. For those of you who do live here, don't you ever want to stop the increases in your property tax? Why don't you want to see this city become a nice tourist destination? Are you afraid that it will become to expensive to live here or something? I just can't figure out why the majority wants it to continue with it's downward trend and negative comments.

truth: 22nd Sep 2009 - 03:58 GMT

The only way to survive in this city is to purchase a handgun and plenty of booze.

anon ( 24th Sep 2009 - 06:04 GMT

Wow I am SO glad that I am not the only one who hates living here. I moved here from northern Virginia and its has been hell for me.

The whole energy of this city is negative, I have never met so many rude and ignorant people, and it seems that you cannot trust anyone you meet. Luckily I did get two good things out of moving here. I met my fiance (who moved here a month after I did) and we have a daughter now, but now we are ready to pack up our small family and move away!! If only we could afford it ::sigh:: I do agree that this is a very beautiful place to live... I love the river, the beach, the view of downtown from Lakeside park, etc. But I think its the people here that make it suck. I am not saying that EVERYONE is rude or ignorant or racist or whatever but it seems the majority of people are. I have been here for over 3 years and still do not know anyone that I would consider a friend because every time I think I have made a "friend" they either stole from me, spread rumors about me, etc (and these are adults im talking about)

I work in retail so I am around a lot of people everyday and the attitude of most people here is just disgusting. I also do think there are a lot of racist people here, but it is on both sides. A lot of white people are racist towards black people but a lot of black people are also racist towards white people. Where I came from there was nothing like this... there were people from all races in my group of friends, and I could trust those friends.

I do have to say that the traffic here can be aggravating but if you want to sit in a real traffic jam try driving around in or just outside of washington dc at rush hour. That is the one thing I do not miss about Virginia.

Its also very sad when you have to fear for your safety just to stop and get gas at night. Not to mention the drugged up prostitutes that I always see walking down the street (im suprised no one has mentioned that yet)

I can see how some people may like living here, if you can afford to live in a decent area of town and are lucky enough to meet some of the few good people here... but this place is just not floating my boat.

and to the person who lived in Baltimore I can totally understand what you mean because once I got lost in downtown at night and it was scary!! lol

Jennifer Palm Beach Gardens: 2nd Oct 2009 - 03:39 GMT

Oh Please, Boca Raton "less blacks" we all know that Boca is a retirement community for the underworld that has migrated from Broward and Dade County. Including yourself which is the real reason your white collar criminal husband are in Jacksonville now. Do you not recall the non black person thats
killing people leaving the Town Centre mall? Remember the white woman pushed out her truck after being shot in the head by a white guy? Do you recall the poor mother and daughter that were tied together and excuted in the mall parking lot by
a non black person. Boca Raton you are ridiculous as everyone else no city is perfect and crime exists everywhere lowlife idiot whorebag!

inJax: 17th Oct 2009 - 04:18 GMT

7 years in Jax for my husband. I miss enthusiastic people. You're about 10 times more likely to be a part of a conversation about a going-out-of-business sale(!!!) than a)the most recent book someone is reading, b) anything involving emotional insight and openness, or c) someone being curious and inquisitive about you, or anything for that matter. It's like there's some fear of appearing weird, perhaps a byproduct of the many faces of Jacksonville intolerance.

I agree with a previous poster that the city is slow to welcome outsiders. I'm sure people from here would be happy to offer some counterexamples, but they probably haven't clockwatched through 50-million drunken conversations of "who did you go to high school with". And the drinking? It's treated as the end, not the means. You just get drunk in some place that's too loud to talk. So I go home wondering what's wrong with me, only to feel amazing when I visit friends in other cities and they're talking about interesting ideas (not just stuff they're going to buy), and stuff they've done (not just stuff they're GOING to do) and stuff they love (not just stuff they hate), and they lean in like they're interested (not cutting me off mid-sentence with a non-sequitur).

The black/white racism is omnipresent and baffling. There's a lot of racism against black culture, and I've never felt so excluded/disliked for being white. The rift is so, so deep. It's like you can't just be a person here, you have to be a TYPE of person.

I keep trying to like Jacksonville. It just takes so much suspension of disbelief.

Brez: 20th Oct 2009 - 17:12 GMT

Jennifer, you clearly haven't stepped out of Jacksonville. At least Boca Raton has recognition while Jax is either thrown into obscurity or looked at as the failure it continues to be. It's time to get your head out of your ass and wake up to reality. Jacksonville sucks and will continue to do so as long as ignorant people like yourself exist as the city's majority.

Robert: 20th Oct 2009 - 18:12 GMT

Well, this for sure is one of the saddest articles in CN... it's so full of hatred, abhorrance and complains that someone with talent should really take advantage and write a long melodrama about it.

anon: 3rd Nov 2009 - 23:14 GMT

They already made a melodrama. It's all live action and is shown 24/7. Wanna know the name? JACKSONVILLE, FL

RT: 23rd Nov 2009 - 03:29 GMT

Jax is a pretty place to live... but don't let looks fool you. This city is full of racism. If you're an educated black person you might as well burn your degree. The racism is palatable sometimes. You'll see more confederate flags than you're comfortable with. The beaches area is a lot better. The people are much more open minded on average. In general, there's always plenty to do but you do have to work at it.
The economy down here is pretty bad. I mean worse than most other cities during this recession. Pay rates are super low. Never believe someone who tells you you'll make money in a commission oriented job... it's a lie. I think the city is cursed because of their racist ways but I can't prove it. You see elected officials who seem closed minded and just plan lacking imagination. So the city suffers. Nepotism is a bitch and it bites you in the ass sometimes. The good ol' boys network is just that: A net that has trapped the city in a never ending web going absolutely nowhere. If they don't drop some of their pride and start opening their minds to new ideas and accept people's differences this city will continue to suffer.

h to the izzo v to the iz a: 23rd Nov 2009 - 05:32 GMT

rt ,thank you, i've been saying that for the past 5 years that i have been in jacksonville,the city is not that pretty tho,compared to other florida cities ,its mediocore at best....the pay here sucked even when the economy wasn't that bad, they treat hispanics here worser than anyother city i've been in, i wonder why their is so much hate in jville,the beaches are not much better my friend,its that their is more tourist ,so the ones met here in jville that acknowledge you in a civil manner, were all implants from other states,you here comments like jville is cheaper to live than other states , nahhh being an implant myself (chicago) i too fell for the sunshine state ,even took a big paycut here to move, than they terminate you because they don't like your free will thinking (right to work state my ass!!!! they should call it what it is ( you do what i say state)!!!!!! i'm of puerto rican descent and i never experienced such closed mindness ppl,even the implants that been here long are starting to develop negativity and hatred, i hate to down this city because it doesnt belong to us , but 95 percent of the people here have a zombie like atitude of rudeness, just visit the many wal-marts ( you know its true) and hess, and gates, and see what jacksonville customer service firsthand is, i hope this city reboots its way of thinking , but for me as soon as i can i'm leaving this city, i'm not happy here ,i see no progression, education here is lacking,i see kids grow dumber by the day, i have to check mine b4 they fall in that crevice of ,backwood mentality, jobs i believe are plentiful ,they just have them reserved for the rednecks,and blacknecks of jville, the locals) because i notice and really i don't trust anyone enough to call them friends ,because i witnessed firsthand how they will sell you out (judas) style, god bless ppl hope something good will come of our comments.

anon ( 3rd Dec 2009 - 20:03 GMT

I fucking hate Jacksonville. The racism here is palatable on both sides. You have the incredibly rude people from Jersey here that speak like thugs with this obnoxious nasal accent and have no class and are uncouth to the nth degree. JSO is a joke and is corrupt.

Even the president of the police union was being investigated by the state's attorney office, the city, and jso internal affairs. They definitely subscribe to the good ol' boy network here and nepotism. The mayor is some rich kid born with a silver spoon up his ass and never had to work a day in his life.

The school systems are the worst that I have ever seen, the kids are downright stupid. They have so many days off and days that they get out early it is clear that no great scientist will come from this area. The morons pretty much only care about football here. We can't get any real decent acts to come to town.

Along with the criminals, you have the knuckle dragging red-neck brain dead morons who love Dubbya. It is like a scene out of Deliverance. Free thought and free speech are illegal here.

Then you have the Jesus freaks, which is hilarious because they only pick and choose the rules of God they wish to live by. Children are constantly born out of wedlock and with no active fathers. I know of a pastor where both his daughters have illegitimate children.

If you are against the right-wing conspiracy than you are considered a communist. However, it is the intellectuals and liberals who are against the right-wing conspiracy so the thought that a communist would be a liberal is a laugh. Liberals and intellectuals would be the first to die in a communist society.

This is truly one of the most brain dead places I have ever lived in and I truly regret every day that I live here and can't wait to leave. I have never in my life lived in a place where I truly did not feel safe until I moved here.

antommarc: 5th Dec 2009 - 00:53 GMT

Hello to the better people of J’ville…

Please note the following when reading comments on this website:

Human beings frequently suffer from a prevalent malady called Glamour Syndrome or GS.

As the name suggests, these people have a propensity to compulsively seek out a glamorous and sensational lifestyle, all while contributing little to its cause or continuance. In a sadists and massacists universe, they would be the massacists, a.k.a. the taker. In a capitalist society, they would be known as the customer.

These people overall can lead above average lives, but rarely fall within a unique or elite subset of the human class system (smart, rich, famous, etc., etc.). Their compulsion is a desire for that which they are not. A variety of dining and shopping in midst of a well-dressed purchasing ambiance are often daily requirements to relieve the boredom imposed by that which they are. For these sufferers, sophistication and style is most certainly a menu, not a mindset, and creativity only fits in a shopping bag. These are external seekers and need to be treated accordingly.

This unfortunate ailment may be exacerbated by living in certain locales of the southeastern U.S. Jacksonville, Florida is continuously noted to be a place of significant GS symptom provocation. Jacksonville as a “Florida” city seems to fair the sufferer much worse as it generates the sexy image of a sub-tropical urbanite lifestyle, a la Miami, Boca, or even Tampa, or god forbid even Orlando. With this wild imagery, the GS’er feels utter disappointment and often falls to despair or depression by the ordinariness and down to earth qualities of the old “cow town” they have selected to subsist. This ordinariness impart is passed on to make the GS’er feel ordinary themselves. This is the most undesirable and dangerous state for the GS sufferer.

Forewarn any GS suffer to stay out of Jacksonville. It may just save lives.

whattheheck: 6th Dec 2009 - 19:06 GMT

antomarc that was the most stupidest and not thought of argument i ever read, that comment was so dumb, every person that reads it will lose iq points, gs sufferers lol) you sound like an intellect sufferer for what you wrote, this is jacksonville,florida we are talking about, and the majority of comments are not of a material comment, but more of how jacksonville lack of education ,humbleness, friendliness and so on has diluted peoples feeling, we all come from different states looking for better weather and cheaper living,just to realize we sacrificed alot to relocate here ,because pretty much as alot of comments put it ,this town has a negative feeling,and it really does , i mean every state has its problems , but come on for a sunshine state ,thats motto is better quality of life? how if people are so frekn aggravated here ,i say 90 percent of people i met ,and tried to coexist were assholes to the fullest,they were locals ,and people who been here so long they just adapted that jville hatred,so don't comment , unless you truly are a behavorial science expert, etc. because your word are just what they are words,almost sounds copied from a book???? research and your gonna find alot!!!!!!! of people who dislike jville for obvious reasons, not because of glamour ......

anon ( 8th Dec 2009 - 16:12 GMT

I love whomever wrote this,

"The reason that people from somewhere else do the complaining about this dump. Is because we have lived in real cities. Not this imitation town. Red-necks dream come true. YAAAAAAALLLL can kiss my ass. I am out of this ignorant hick town"

Most of the fucking morons who defend J'ville have never lived anywhere else. Which that in itself is sad. Life should be about going new places and trying new things, learning new cultures opening your mind to different ways of thinking. Well clearly that mentality (abstract independent thought) is looked down upon in Jacksonville. Unfortunately, that will not change until people try to educate themselves on some level here (any level, like read a comic book), the ignorance and stupidity will continue to flourish here. Just like the crime rate.......

whattheheck: 9th Dec 2009 - 21:40 GMT

lets hear it for jville ,this place will make you feel deeeepressed , the locals will bother you, the jobs will just fire you, lets hear it for jville, apartment complex will rob you ,wal-marts will just tire you ,lets hear it for j-ville -j-ville ,j-villeeeeeeeee lol haaaaaaaa

antommarc2: 12th Dec 2009 - 20:04 GMT

What the heck, whattheheck?

What the heck is with your beef? What the heck is with those antagonistic comments? Are you not the nomadic seeker of “humbleness” and “friendliness”?

And what the heck is up with intellectually dissing someone with brain dead language such as– “most stupidest” “not thought of argument” and of course the always descriptive and meaningful “that was so dumb”. Assuming you are not 14 yrs old, such phrasing is only ironic and empty at best; it left me only the terrible aftertaste of boredom. No wonder you are miserable here. This place must not sidetrack you enough.

All IQ points aside, you are still way out of your league whattheheck. I can understand how you believe that remarks on here are something more than superficial rants. However, at the very core of these bitter and immature comments is a tie to a material dissatisfaction with Jacksonville.

And yes, many people here have absolutely “glamorized” something about themselves or the lifestyle they should be living.

Do not confuse glamour with blonde and bouncy. Turn off your tv for a second. Some of the most glamour stricken people wear t-shirts and jeans everyday. Glamour, in its simplest form, is a state of very high and unrealistic expectations; it’s a resistance towards the ordinary.

Jacksonville is small and that’s what people hate. It’s also hard to meet people, which is enormously common in any spread out city with just over a million people. This is not NY.

98% of the people on here are either bored or lonely, not culturally or racially disenfranchised. Give me a break. Last time I checked people are rude everywhere.

If Jacksonville had more people and more places to go (i.e. material) a lot of these people would have never googled “I hate Jacksonville”

They feel a deficiency in their trivial 20-something lifestyle, and their hate of Jacksonville is based on one-dimensional insight.

Bottom-line, Jacksonville is a mid-sized metropolis just minutes from the ocean. It’s not going to distract you from the petty voids in your life, that’s up to you.

As one person said on here to all the naysayers, and it probably says more than anything:


I’ll leave it at that…

whattheheck: 13th Dec 2009 - 02:33 GMT

antonmarc again you make no sense in what your saying , your remarks are remedial, (do me a favor) read your comment after you write and awwwwe in your own ignorance(hehehe)jacksonville is a midsized metropolis??? isn't it the biggest city landwise... plus where do you get your info,more people,more places to go???/ this isn't new york haaaaaa you just keep proven how dumb you are, you can't keep dressin your ignorance with big words,(who are you fooling) intellectually i diss the hell out of you with urban flavor, 1 thing you wrote that urk the hell out of me is how you speak on 98% percent of people are bored or lonely not culturally or racially disenfranchised, how can you tell??? anyways if you believe its glamour then thats your perogative,the rest of us (and their is alot)know what we feel!!! one thing in my other comment i never said their was no such thing as rudeness,i just stated it was more frequent here ,next time read it right or have some one decipher it for you , oh yeah i am out of your league ,i'm above you, plus i am a seeker of friendliness and humbleness, not nomadic, that be you ,a nomad of psychobabble(lol) so i'm gonna fish my comment by saying ,if we are bored and have nothing to do do but diss jacksonville and fill the void,because we googled i hate jacksonville, then how did you find this site? are you bored? i bet you never lived anywhere else hence(the lack of culture ) you exhibit a type of arrogance in how you express yourself,but truly you do not know a thing. i'm out i gotta go get glammed up ,and watch some blondes on tv lol

KCM: 14th Dec 2009 - 13:39 GMT

Moved to Jacksonville in 1999 from Portland, Oregon. My wife was offered a great job and soon I found myself with a great employer. We built a big house and have definitely enjoyed the sun and surf. It was always fun to tease our friends back west, especially during the winter. I would be golfing on New Years day and they would be waiting out a winter ice storm. We have prospered both financially and professionally with the low cost of living and the many opportunities in our respective field. HOWEVER, after 10 years we are heading back to Portland.
We could stay, but I am bored. The need for culture, mountains and seasons out-weighs the need for sun and sand. Not much in the way of arts or events that don't involve Bud or Bud Light. There are not that many fun things to do here....
The dining environment is totally lacking. Chain restaurants, wings and BBQ get old after awhile. I must say….there is nobody in this town that knows how to make a good pizza. Papa Johns and Al’s Pizza are not the gold standard.
The crime in the city has been a growing concern with me. The west side just scares the hell out of me as well as the Springfield area. The black on black crime rate is just appalling. I find myself totally avoiding the black culture. The number of white sexual predators is shocking. As the crime continues to creep towards the south side, I find myself carrying a concealed weapon.
When we arrived 10 years ago the bubba network was in full force. Very exclusive and hard to break into certain circles. They are definitely in decline, with all the transplants, and are quickly becoming irrelevant.
I just have to say this.... University of Florida is not the greatest school on earth. This town is too wrapped up in the Gators. The funny thing is that all of the hicks walking around with the Gator ball caps and t-shirts on not only didn't attend Florida but probably never went to college themselves.
We are keeping our house in Jacksonville to come back to a few times a year to enjoy the sun and sand....but it is definitely time to leave.

whattheheck: 14th Dec 2009 - 16:36 GMT

i agree with you 100 percent kcm , now for pizza try chicago pizza on baymeadows rd. i'm from chicago ,their pizza is not quite like chitown .but by far the best pizza i ate in jacksonville.

Frederick21701: 15th Dec 2009 - 04:21 GMT

The one thing I have read little about on this page is about the people themselves. The people in Jacksonville are not warm and welcoming. Oh they have a "surface" friendliness but that is all. Rarely get beyond name, rank and serial number ... so to speak. We have lived here a very long time ... can count the number of invitations we have received ... so we do all the reaching out ... miss having close intimate friends. If you are a "Yankee" you will never really fit in ... they will continually remind you of that fact ... how sad ... just want to be accepted and a part of them. Long for them to teach me about their culture ... not put me down because I didn't grow up like they did. After years of the beach ... what else is their to do ... have entertained myself by gardening ... have more fun at home then in Jax ... there is no sense of community here ... you pretty much are just on your own

anon ( 15th Dec 2009 - 19:05 GMT

Just met my first racist Jew in Jacksonville. JAP, wife of a prominent Jewish doctor who lives at the Jax Golf and Country Club was downright rude to my African-American employee to the point she actually ignored him and turned her back to him. When he said hello, she just ignored him. I could have made good money doing this job, but I don't won't her fucking money. I won't go back there. I hope that bitch knows that the KKK not only hung blacks but Jews as well and this is still the South and she can hide in her little gated community but this is Jacksonville, and there is no safe place to live here anymore if you look at the crime rate.

hova: 22nd Dec 2009 - 06:24 GMT

instead of ranting and raving about jacksonville, i have a new topic to discuss and that is the foreclosure problem,is anybody having problems with banks i.e indymac/owb chase etc,is anybody facing a foreclosure ,i am, but i would like to hear comments of how to cope with it,for i am having a tuff time, thanks and god bless

mimi: 23rd Dec 2009 - 19:19 GMT

I think it's sad that you are so down on Jacksonville. I'm from up north and I think people are pretty much the same wherever you live. I have lived in several different states. I think going to church and making friends where you work gives you a sense of community. If people are not reaching out to you, then you should reach out to them. One person commented that they have not received many invitations. So, invite people, such as neighbors, to your house or invite people to go out to dinner. Life is what you make it. There are things to do in every city. Go to St. Augustine, go to the beach, volunteer to help the homeless or children who don't have parents to buy them presents. There are many people who are less unfortunate who could use a friend. Go shopping, go look at beautiful Christmas lights. All the churches have special things going on this time of year. Listen to 88.1 the promise radio and get some positive input in your life.

woowoo: 30th Dec 2009 - 20:20 GMT

Let's see...

Our music scene sucks. Try going to a good show since Thee Imperial and Fuel shut down. You won't. Even when they WERE open, the music scene still sort of sucked.

Our beaches? Not too great. Maybe I'm biased after visiting the Gulf and seeing the beautiful CLEAR water there. I'm sure it's probably that way all the way up the coast, but still. They always seem dirty to me. :/

The population? Well, there's some nice people here and there, but the public image consists of white trash rednecks and ghetto ass blacks. Each race has their own lazy as* members who would rather sit at home, live on welfare, and basically take up space than put a real effort into finding a job. I'm very aware that every city has many people like that, but it seems like Jacksonville has an abundance of them.

Oh, and the crime! It's really great, y'know.

I'm not going to claim to be old and wise. I'm eighteen years old, but I can remember a time when Jacksonville was better than it is now. I can barely go to ANY of the malls without fearing for my life. Have any of you been to Regency lately? Holy sh*t. I mean, there's the Town Center, but as a college student barely scraping by, I can hardly afford anything there.

One last thing: the schools suck too. Lots of pregnant girls, lots of drop outs. It's awesome.

woowoo: 30th Dec 2009 - 20:22 GMT

Oh, despite everything I just said, I will always secretly love the 904. Just as I'm sure that everyone has a little place in their heart for the town they grew up in (no matter how f*cked).

anon: jacksonville sucks balls

Al: 4th Feb 2010 - 13:05 GMT

I love Jacksonville! But you have to stay intown...Springfield, San Marco, Riverside, Downtown...There is plenty to do. Of course, if you are a suburban wage slave who quakes when you see a homeless person here or there, stay away. But is you like hole-in-the-wall bars, good restaurants, historic houses, friendly people, and incredibly cheap housing prices, you are in the right place. All of these people bitching about JAX are probably living in the burbs in strip mall and traffic hell. In-town people have a whole different mindset, and we love it here! Go to artwalk downtown the first Wednesday of each month or Springfield's or Riverside's first Friday get together the first Friday of each month, or Bay Street on a Friday night, or the Pearl on a Thursday or Saturday night, or Shantytown any night and you'll see what I mean. Stop complaining, move in-town and have some fun!

Dennis: 8th Feb 2010 - 22:17 GMT

Jacksonville is great and will be greater IF we can get rid of all the crooks that run the city (JEA and such). There is a lot of good in the city, but unless you like drinking, gambling, the nightlife, you'll be bored as hell. For teens, it's even worse. Every time there is something opened especially for teenagers, it gets closed down by the city for one reason or another. Usually the excuse of drugs and alcohol getting in. All the utilities are high priced and getting higher, even though we are in an economy crisis. Cops are just as bad as the crooks they are not catching. I could probably go on for a couple pages about everything wrong in Jacksonville, but won't.

All in all, it is a great place if you can deal with all the problems.

Roberta K.: 9th Feb 2010 - 16:36 GMT

After a day of dealing with typical Jacksonville folk (you know, the ones who claim to be God-loving, then spew nothing but hate) I, too came home and Googled, "I HATE JACKSONVILLE." First, I found this lovely gem: (I agree with 99.9% of it - Sorry, I'm a Gator fan).

Then, next in my Google search, I happened upon this lovely website - AND THANK GOD! Finally, after almost five years of living in this hopeless, hellhole of a town, a place for me to openly vent my frustrations.

I truly regret not listening to my friends in Central Florida when they warned me about Jacksonville, saying "There's a lot of crime" and "It's really South Georgia." Sadly, I was fooled by the nice skyline "downtown," the nice location by the beach, low cost of living, and the statistics that show Jacksonville has a large, young population.

I have a job that exposes me to every area and every type of person in Jacksonville. And this job has really peeled back the thin layers of what's good about Jacksonville and it showed me what it's really made of.

Racisim - from both black and white people - is so ingrained in the culture. And I've seen more Rebel Flags within the first few months of living here than I have in my entire life - I even saw a huge one flying across the street from a school. Oh sure, it's "Southern Pride" - which is a heritage based on HATE - plain and simple. And don't even get me started on how so many people here are actually happy with being uneducated and uncultured. Oh well, like they say: Ignorance is bliss. Which all filters into the city's crime problem. I've never lived in a city where, even though I live on the "nice side of town," a murder still happens about two blocks away from my home. And don't fool yourself - crime is a black AND white problem in this city and it can and does happen ALL AROUND TOWN.

The only thing that upsets me more than that about the people of Jacksonville is they really don't want their city to improve. And that's so sad, because it has so much potential. Even after I realized how much this city sucks, I still stuck it out and thought, "it at least has the potential to become a great city." No, it really really doesn't. Just use the JAXPORT cruise terminal as an example. A cruise terminal expanded into Mayport would have brought thousands of jobs and millions in revenue each year to the city (which would have been great for all you crybabies who demand tax cuts and then wonder why city services are disappearing and the crime rate is going up). And even after explaining the numerous ways it could have helped the shrimpers in the area, the Mayport civilians still rallied against it. All of those jobs and tax dollars that could have helped during the recession - GONE! Way to shoot yourselves in the feet, morons.

But the politicians of this town aren't innocent either. The corruption runs deep in everything from city hall to the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office. It's this same secrecy and "good ol' boy network" that's holding this city down. And whether you care to acknowledge it or not, YES, a bunch of rich, old white guys are making huge profits and getting away with murder - trust me, I know. I've been to several of their luncheons.

And "fun is what you make of it"? What a convenient piece of horse shit that is. Yeah, like most normal citizens, I expect my tax dollars to go towards making this city somewhere I want to live. And once you've done the beaches, gone to the stadium to watch the Jaguars lose ANOTHER GAME, discovered there's nothing to do downtown except get approached by homeless people or hang out at the trashy Jacksonville Landing - there's nothing else to do. Oh, whoopie! Let's go to the nature trail...EVERY WEEKEND?! I had a good time at the Jazz Festival, but really, there's nothing special about any of Jacksonville's "gems." You can do the exact same things in much nicer cities. And good luck bringing entertainment TO this city - I've lost count of how many times shows I bought tickets for have been canceled. So many good national acts just pass this city on by (oh, except for the country music stars - big surprise there). So if I want to see good entertainment, I always end up going to Orlando or Tampa.

And I've driven myself to the point of loneliness and depression trying to get to know people here. There are the gang banging thugs, hoodrats and hoes on the Northside. The hicks and rednecks on the Westside. The hipster douchebags in Riverside, San Marco and Avondale. The hypocritical Jesus Freaks on the Southside. And the "Holier-than-thou" snobs at the Beaches. A variety platter of the worst kinds of people - and you can find them all in Jacksonville! And of the friends I have made, we all have one major thing in common: We hate Jacksonville and we can't wait to leave.

In closing, I have no problem shitting on a city that's not even respected by the folks who have lived here most of their lives. And no need to tell me to "leave if you don't like it here." I am WAAAAAAY ahead of you. I'm polishing up my resume as we speak and getting the hell out of here as fast as I can and never come back. Well, I may do one signature Jacksonville move before I live - I'll give this city the bird as I drive the hell out.

chitown: 10th Feb 2010 - 07:42 GMT

dam roberta k, i too feel your pain, i've been here almost 5 years, but you left out how rude alot of people from jville are , i mean ppl are rude everywhere but here more frequent, also you left out the most important part hanging out at are many wal-marts lol, you wanna see depressed ppl go their, yo hit me up ,lets be friends, before you leave.

Duval: 11th Feb 2010 - 02:52 GMT

i lived here all my life...
n well yea jville is borinq sometimes bt it cud be worse....
bt i like it it has the city life with the country can travel for miles and think your in another city but your still in jacksonville...its actually real has parks culture then im native soo i know where to go...i have did a lot of things

nyc: 11th Feb 2010 - 08:40 GMT

haah duval you express yourself like you never been out of florida,(bt It cud be worse)where you know where to go player? culture,parks? where? this is what i see the majority of natives doing lol ,jim's place,club christophers, plush to name a few,but its repetitve,meaning northside,westside,eastside,all sides,you see the same people at the same clubs,tailgating,whatever,if its not football talk its apartment complex thugs beefin at eachother,i did tried the club thing there ,but it got so boring, same topic no matter where i went. but i'm back in new york hah, let me say this ,i feel brand new,these light will inspire you, lets hear it for new york!!!! i felt dead in jville.. jobs in jville a joke, cost of living my ass.. every 1 always said the same thing in jacksonville ,new york cost more,yes it does.. but you make money,if you got heart to get out and do is cheaper,clothing, cost more ,but yo this new york, now jacksonville no money= high cost of living=unhappy depressed other thing why do floridians call new yorkers rude,when i was in jacksonville rude,nasty mean people ,y'all don't know how to co exist.especially with hispanics.. seemed when i was their the hispanic population was booming,but people and i heard this comment y can't we stay in miami, or orlando lol (idiots) anyways remember when they used to do fiesta playera at thge beach, that was kool.. but then what they do , moved it to downtown where it was just a hassle ,and hispanics said forget it, you made more money at the beaches because you had people from miami,tampa,orlando come down and fill the beaches up (not no more)bad city planning, no diversity.. wheres the parades for every ethnic culture in jville??? is world of nation all their is??? jville has potential, but you have to educate the ignorant,incarcerate the sex offenders, obliviate wal-marts and their saturated buisness techniques lol, they should rename it wal-ville, get the good ol boy network out... and it might be an appealing city again, maybe.. i'm out be easy i'm enjoying the serenity of the snow...

nyc: 11th Feb 2010 - 08:40 GMT

haah duval you express yourself like you never been out of florida,(bt It cud be worse)where you know where to go player? culture,parks? where? this is what i see the majority of natives doing lol ,jim's place,club christophers, plush to name a few,but its repetitve,meaning northside,westside,eastside,all sides,you see the same people at the same clubs,tailgating,whatever,if its not football talk its apartment complex thugs beefin at eachother,i did tried the club thing there ,but it got so boring, same topic no matter where i went. but i'm back in new york hah, let me say this ,i feel brand new,these light will inspire you, lets hear it for new york!!!! i felt dead in jville.. jobs in jville a joke, cost of living my ass.. every 1 always said the same thing in jacksonville ,new york cost more,yes it does.. but you make money,if you got heart to get out and do is cheaper,clothing, cost more ,but yo this new york, now jacksonville no money= high cost of living=unhappy depressed other thing why do floridians call new yorkers rude,when i was in jacksonville rude,nasty mean people ,y'all don't know how to co exist.especially with hispanics.. seemed when i was their the hispanic population was booming,but people and i heard this comment y can't we stay in miami, or orlando lol (idiots) anyways remember when they used to do fiesta playera at thge beach, that was kool.. but then what they do , moved it to downtown where it was just a hassle ,and hispanics said forget it, you made more money at the beaches because you had people from miami,tampa,orlando come down and fill the beaches up (not no more)bad city planning, no diversity.. wheres the parades for every ethnic culture in jville??? is world of nation all their is??? jville has potential, but you have to educate the ignorant,incarcerate the sex offenders, obliviate wal-marts and their saturated buisness techniques lol, they should rename it wal-ville, get the good ol boy network out... and it might be an appealing city again, maybe.. i'm out be easy i'm enjoying the serenity of the snow...

Snoopy Jones II: 14th Mar 2010 - 03:17 GMT

thank GOD for this site. You guys just saved me the hassle of moving to Jacksonville.

I'm serious too...

mvp904: 24th Mar 2010 - 07:01 GMT

All of you have good points about the problems here,hope you all know that all cities have these problems know this no matter where you go crime and racism is everywhere this is a boring city terrible for singles the only thing to do is move.

ih8jville: 24th Mar 2010 - 14:28 GMT

mvp 904 have you lived in all the cities to know this???? or are you assuming this?? where have you lived that you can base your comment on?

goumi: 9th Apr 2010 - 00:22 GMT

lol, someone said San Francisco had bad weather compared to Jacksonville. A cool marine climate with lots of sunshine or 8-9 months of muggy swelter where you need your a/c running 24/7. Give me a break !

anon ( 12th Apr 2010 - 13:35 GMT

I moved to blaxonville from San Fran. This place is an intellectual black hole. I have never had to deal with so many uneducated and stupid people. THe blacks are the worst. Everytime I book a black person for an appointement in my business 99 times out of 100 they either stand you up, cancel at the last minute, or state they don't have money for the service when we get there. I am not kidding, I could make a bet and it would be easy money. I deal with many kinds of peoople in Jacksonville and it is the niggers here that stand out. It is getting to the point that I don't want to even deal with them and I don't want their fucking money. You can always tell when one is calling you, they have such lazy speech. They will live in a fucking shack and drive a BMW. They are very materialistic and yet, still on welfare. These people truly live up to their stereotype here. The only times in my life that I have ever been a victim of a crime it was always by a nigger.

Stanley Robinson: 16th Apr 2010 - 05:18 GMT

Actually, Anon. You seem like the type that would be perfectly at home here in Jacksonville with all the rest of the racists. And by the way, I'm black, not on welfare, living in a Southside house not living in a shack, I don't drive a BMW - I drive a Nissan Altima, make it on time to all of my appointments. I speak clearly, work a full-time white-collar office job, and I don't have a need for a lot of material goods. I'm an independent single man, with no wife or kids. Sounds like you're the ignorant one for stereotyping all black people. So, in reality, you're the type of person that makes people not want to live in Jacksonville.

anon ( 16th Apr 2010 - 15:59 GMT

To Stanley Robinson:
If you are the way you describe yourself sir, you are the exception, not the rule.
I am not the type of person that makes people not want to live in Jacksonville. I am the type of person people would want to live around. I don't commit crimes. I am financially responsible. I don't have children I can't afford to have. I don't do drugs. I don't steal or lie. I work hard for a living. I take care of my home, pay my taxes, don't live off the government. I enjoy learning and reading. I am educated. I have been married for over twenty years. I am an employer. I don't live beyond my means. I buy only American cars to support the American economy. I have no accent. I could be white, black, asian, hispanic or pacific islander. I am the type of person that every decent person wants in their community, with the exception of Jacksonville. I am not some redneck cracker or Jesus freak and I am not some gang-banging thud. So I guess I really don't fit into Jacksonville.
Where I would be most comfortable is in a multi-racial community where people are educated, intelligent, good-intentioned people who value family and hold it sacred. People, who are respectable, care about their neighborhoods, women who don't have children by multiple fathers. No multigenerational welfare families. Fathers, who take care of their children, help in raising them in every way (i.e.: financially). Fathers who pay child support instead of buying gold teeth or jewelry. No drunks walking around in the street, no gangs, no drive by shootings, no drug trade, no murders, no robberies and no thefts. Basically, no places like Springfield or certain parts of the north or Westside.

Coming from the west coast, especially san franc, I knew and appreciated many cultures. Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Irish, Russian, Slavic and African Americans. I knew many African-Americans, but few niggers, they were mostly the gang-bangers who sold drugs, who robbed and murdered mostly in Oakland. The African-Americans in other areas are well-spoken, educated, intelligent, and are truly an asset to their community as well as being very honest. There are some African Americans here in Jax. My neighbor is awesome, I don't see him as a black man, I see him as a man, a good man who is a wonderful father and husband, honest, intelligent and very giving. However, in Jax, he is not the norm, but the exception. His was married to his wife before he had children. He doesn't have five other kids from different women. He has a job. He doesn't drink, doesn't do drugs and is not violent.
I can't understand why the other 60 to 70% in the area that is not like him. Don't take my word for it, just look at the stats. Blacks in the U.S. account for less than 13% of the population, however, they commit a disproportionate amount of the crime. There is also a major issue of illiteracy in cities that have large black and or Hispanic populations and the school drop out in Jacksonville for black males is huge.
Also, I voted for Obama. However, if it wasn't for his mother and grandmother who raised him (because his black father abandoned him) and helped him see the importance of family and to guide him to succeed, instilled a sense of morality and work ethic, he would most likely have turned out like his half-brother in Africa in jail for drugs whose father was a dead-beat.

I also resent the fact that I have to watch my back here constantly because you never know when some drugged up gang banger is going to take a shot at you, or worry about being car-jacked by a bank robber.
I don't need to stereo-type the black race. The black race in Jacksonville has done that themselves. Through their continued actions and a lack of morality, not taking responsibility as parents for their children, not providing a safe environment in their own neighborhoods, they continue to perpetuate the stereo-type. If more people were like you and my neighbor, there would be no stereotypes for any race.

"Trouble -One": 17th Apr 2010 - 05:04 GMT

It aint the city whats the problem!! Its the clowns who we vote in and then they think they know whats best for us. Talk about taxation without representation. This is it. I cannot see what good was acquired from all the city fathers going to France to see how the "FROGS" run Paris. (WHOOPE DE DO!!) They didnt mind spending our tax money for that but want to cut police and firemen's pension. I may be wrong but when I was a fireman,we donated a part of our salary toward our pension that was matched by the city.The mayors tribe dont tell you that. Also because I was a city retiree and on a pension plan I lost approximately 60% of my social for which myself and all others on pension had pain into. "Little John" and his band of merry men would have us believe the city is the sole contributor of the pension plans. Tell you what, If your house or business catches fire or gets robbed, call Chief Peyton and city hall. I'm quite sure they would respond!! In a "Pigs Eye" they would!! As for them all having cell phones so they can receive phone calls. Baloney. Thats another expense outta our pockets. If they should happen to need an automobile give them a Ford Escort and park it at the nearest firestation instead of driving it home!! Thats what I had to do when I was fire inspector! They can get a pager so we can leave a return call number. (If They decide whether that call is important enough) I do not see how a person can call himself a christian and be a politician. If I were one , I would be ashamed to show my smiling face in church. If you councilmen read this and cant stand the heat, "GET OUTTEN THE FIRE!!" any comments????

Stanley Robinson: 19th Apr 2010 - 02:21 GMT

As "African-American friendly" as you try to portray yourself, anon, the thing you still fail to realize is, the term "nigger" degrades ALL BLACKS. And if you're fine with that, than small-minded Jacksonville is the place for you.

Him: 27th Apr 2010 - 02:58 GMT

Anon, you have hate in you---lot's of it.

left J'ville for Tampa in '98 and the ONLY thing I miss is the Jags--NFL should fix that mistake and give them to a REAL city.

That town is full of "Jesus-Zombies", "Heritage Racists", and "BET-rejects". Whole lot of stupid in the 'ville :(




itis what it is: 28th Apr 2010 - 05:10 GMT

do you guy's really hate jville? i don't like it either i find it hard here.... the people don't even want to know you( majority)... no jobs... pricey ,no culture ... i don't care what alot of people tell me jax is still growing lol... how long does it need to grow and by what do they mean grow... hopefully jax locals can sitdown and get this city grow to its full potential i.e new york, chicago,la,...

transplant: 17th May 2010 - 18:09 GMT

Parks and Recreation here is sooo behind the times! Never in my life have I lived somewhere where there are so few picnic tables in a park let alone hope to find large covered pavilions for a large group to socialize ... try planning a family reunion ... where in Clay or Duval county can you have a large picnic ... no where! Yep, told I could rent a "pavilion" for our picnic but when I asked how many tables, I was told 3! Come on people! Three tables will be used to hold food and drinks ... so we have to drag our own folding chairs and eat on our laps! This is Florida! It rains unexpectedly throughout the summer ... those yankees up north are smart enough to build large picnic pavilions why on earth don't they do it down here ... just about as bad as the elementary schools not having gymnasiums or the high schools having an auditorium ... good grief! my 80 yr. old mother had schools with both! Complaining probably won't do a thing ... do the officials of these two counties even read these posts? Lived here 21 years ... it's not gonna change in my lifetime!

Kev Mo: 24th May 2010 - 22:07 GMT

Moved to Jacksonville in 1999 from Portland, Oregon. Built a house on the Southside (Atlantic & St. Johns Bluff). Wife and I had rather good jobs. Weather is great during the winter months (compared to the NW). Cost of living is less in Jax than the west coast. Made a decision that it was time to move late last year....and here's why...

1. Seasons...Winters were great, but the summers can get oppressively hot.

2. Terrain....I have never lived in such a flat place. Highest natural elevation in Florida is 300 ft. No view.

3. Ocean resturant views....except for Joe's Crab Shack...and the Turtle can't eat dinner and look at the ocean...odd for a beach town.

4. Jags. I can understand cheering on the home team, but the Jag fan base does not have a lot of depth....kind of like the team.

5. Gators....Tim Tebow overload....enough said.

6. Fundamentalist Baptist...being a life long Baptist and member of First Baptist Church of Jacksonville I am qualified to speak on this issue. First Baptist is big and has a significant positive impact on the community. However, being in the bible belt I was surprised at just how shallow fundamentalists are. They think the Bible starts at Matthew 1:1. A lot of the Billy Bobs, Bud Light drinking, NASCAR hat wearing, Jag T-Shirt wearing, pickup truck driving only know the name Jesus, but not how to articulate thier faith. This is more of an indictment on the south than just Jacksonville.

7. Parks....there just are not enough green park spaces...there is the beach...but no pick nick tables.

8. Bus Stops....with torrential down pours you would think the bus stops could provide shelter.

9. Violence...I enjoy a good action flick, but it seems as though the violence on the northside is creeping into the southside. Check out the murder rate...yikes!

10. Schools...very low high school graduation rate. Underpaid and overworked seems as though Jacksonville has more than its fair share of failing schools. Check it out.

11. Education...Difficult to hold a conversation with someone outside of the Gator/NASCAR/Jags bandwidth... Very uneducated workforce. This is coming from a hiring manager.

12. Sex...Probably indicative of our time, but take a look at the number of registered sex offenders in your neighborhood. The Sommer Thompson case just broke my heart and helped push me to move...seriously.

13. Time and Space....Jax is a big place. Takes 1/2 hour to walk out your door, drive to Walmart, buy milk and drive back....regardless of where you live...of course, depending on where you live your have your choice several Walmarts....that is not a good thing. Jax may be a huge place, but stay away from Springfield, North Jax and West Jax. Very dangerous...scary.

14. Regency Mall. Recommend you avoid Regency Mall. It is small, crowded and attracts the wrong element in shopping. That is why St. Johns Town Center is such a hit. It is clean, open and a little higher end than Regency...also better patrolled.

15. Foreclosure....Jax has been hit hard by the recession. Eventhough prices have fallen, people were too leveraged in thier lifestyle. Once again, more of an indictment on our times than location. Check out all the dorks who drive a new car, have a big boat parked on the driveway or next to the house, watch big screen tv...and park thier car on the lawn, don't mow thier lawn or have a dead lawn...and can't make thier house payment or keep it up. I knew a guy that deferred saving for his kids college so he could have a boat.

That is about all I have for now. If you are on the fence about Jax, check it out first. We enjoyed the first 5 years...and that's pushing it....but could not wait to get out of town when the time came. Fortunately, we sold our house in a down market and still made money...but we sold because Jax is not where we wanted to spend anymore time.

We moved back to the rainy Northwest (Portland, OR)....and love it. Thankful for the experience, but glad we got out of there.

Best of Luck.

Kev Mo.

Suz: 26th May 2010 - 18:58 GMT

I have really enjoyed reading this blog. Glad I came across it. I have lived in Jacksonville, FL. for about a year and a half. My husband and I bought our first house here. We moved for his job, and he is doing really well, but I have not found anything job wise, yet.

We came from San Diego, CA. I enjoyed the night life. Also, we lived in the Gaslamp Quarter so there were plenty of things to do. I am not a city snob, or a California ****!!! bag, but I feel there is a lot missing here in JAX.

I spent 18 years in Tulsa, Oklahoma... which some may feel is even more in the middle of no where, but actually I would say there is more to do there. I agree with the blogger that said, "It isn't where you are, it is who you are with." So far though living here in Saint Johns is totally boring. I haven't met anyone like me. My husband and I do not have kids, so I feel really out of place. Nor do I want to have kids. We are still young??? What is with all the family stuff. Ugggghhhhhh

Anyways, on an unexpected side note the men in this town are very strange. We have needed to have things done on our house, and the men that show up treat me like I'm an alien. They are always asking if my husband is home, or could they talk to him. Also, when I was looking for a home here in JAX all the builders kept telling me to come back with my husband. Wake up Jacksonville... Women are people too! This part of the culture really frustrates me here.

Back to what I was saying... I have met many other transplants, and they have all said the same. Especially, in Saint Johns county. Since we have moved here 10 restaurants have closed due to the economy. Now all I have is the grocery store. My husband never wants to go out to eat because we have to drive an hour to get out of the dead zone I feel like we live in.

Please don't take this as being rude. I am really trying to get it here... I am. I will try going to the beach areas, and reading this is actually helping me. I hated it when I moved to San Diego for the first 3 years, so I know you can change your mind about a place.

Suz: 26th May 2010 - 19:20 GMT

I did want to add something to the blog. My husband Chris is from here, and I asked him why Jacksonville sucks so much... He said it is because First Baptist bought all of downtown, and they don't sell to people who want to have a liquor license, or anything adult... like clubs, nightlife, etc.

Based on what I am reading that is true. San Diego really wasn't that built up when I moved there in 1999. I am thinking if the nut bags will release downtown for sale... something could possibly happen here in JAX.

Let go of downtown First Baptist. God said we have Free Will. Let Jacksonville be free to party!

anon ( 31st May 2010 - 15:09 GMT

I grew up in the Northwest section of Jacksonville in the Moncrief Road area. I graduated from Stanton Prep School when it was still New Stanton Sr, High. I left Jacksonville sometime ago to join the military because I wanted to do something else with my life besides living in the same old "ghetto fabulous" neighborhood. I needed to expand, grow, explore life and I extremely tired of living around the same old narrowminded people with the same old tired, petty, nosy, ignorant habits/mindset and confrontional behavior. I have visited Jax on several since then, but I never moved back. If the indications I've received from former friends and certain family members is correct... then it's a good damn thing I didn't. I will be hated for saying this, but my Black people in Jacksonville are STILL a bunch of narrowminded, cynical and ghetto haters. They have expanded somewhat though.. they've branched out into to acting phony too. LOL I've observed a few things on previous visits it seems they've done an excellent job of handing down the same ignorant and confrontational behavior that I grew up around to their kids. They still equate decent grammer and "mainstreaming" as trying to be White because thry're still caught up in slave mentality... and they just keep handing that crap DOWN! They simply CANNOT get past the "Willie Lynch Syndrome" and SO many of them are still so immersed in it that you don't even know WHY they act the way they do towards each other. They just "exist in their mindset and culture" and allow themselves to believe that "this is the Black Experience as it was intended to be". They hate the word "nigger", but like Blacks in many other cities, they INSIST on acting like one! They are still petty; prone to "drama and violence", envious and unfortunately... they still act like a bunch of BWAs (Bamas With an Attitude). The Moncrief area was actually one country ass place to grow up. People over there wouild equate who's right and who's wrong to who could whip who's ass. There was very little (if any) regard or concern about logic, fairness and simple courtesy. If someone believed they could whip your ass then nothing else mattered. That's intelligent right? Oh yeah... don't use too many "big words" because you were not allowed to be anything that resembled smart or intelligent because it meant that you were "trying to be White" or a smart ass. What happened to the concept of simply being an intelligent Black person. I'll tell you what happened to it... the Blacks I grew up around had no concept of such a concept! LOL So here it is 2010 and I think I can very safely say that the Moncrief and other predominantly Black sections of J-Ville are still that way. It's amazing that a lot of these same people try to make themselves seem important these days by pretending to "not remember" people and things. They are very quick, however, to recall the negative or the humorous things they know about the next person. As a matter of fact, they actually work at trying to psychologically manipulate and/or coerce people into being (or acting) like the Black person they once knew. What's the matter? Does it really bother your smallminded ass that much if someone expands themself? Do your really, really think that by faking and trying to make people call you multiple times before you speak to them makes you important? Do you actually think this kind of stupid and silly ass behavior keeps the other person as "grounded" as YOU want them to be. Is this your "comfort zone?" Negroes of Jacksonville please! I did this very post to tell YOU and anyone LIKE you to kiss my butt. I know the things I've said here don't apply to every Black person in Jacksonville, but it cannot be denied that it applies to many. You know who you are don't you? I hope you guys get past everything I've called out on here today, but I didn't have time to wait for you. That's why I rolled out a long time ago and I'm glad I did. This post was my way of parting ways with you emotionally. You are no longer my hometown and have not been so for a long time. You weren't even my howmtowm when I was living there. I actually never truly identified with the culture and mentality of most Black people in Jacksonville even back then. Life began for me when I left. LOL

This post is was dedicated to the following persons:


and a few more folks...


Suz: 2nd Jun 2010 - 06:34 GMT


I can understand your prospective from the point of view.... of someone who left my hometown because of the small mindedness. I am not black so can't say that I understand everything that your saying, but I felt this way in my hometown. Sometimes it is just the people who have known you become oppressive. They seem to want you to stay the same, and not change. Everyone needs room to grow, and find themselves.

Jacksonville from what I have seen doesn't seem that poor on education, or race relations. Compared to other places I have been. Actually, I can say that compared to San Diego it feels like a welcome breath of fresh air. In San Diego a lot of the boundaries between Race, Religion, Sex have been taken down, but there are new issues emerging. A lot of entitlement issues. I encountered a lot of job experiences in SD where someone from a different race, other than my own only hired others of that same race. So there was a lot of reverse racism. Since everyone is so liberated no one questions this type of behavior. Most sit back and feel that this is what white people deserve. I believe in equality. I just hope that whatever injustices have been done in the past don't come to be in the present(by parties who have felt oppression.) Two wrongs don't make a right to me.

I want to applaud you for making a different choice. I have a lot of black friends, and have had many that have had the difficulties you have encountered. It is wonderful to meet people like you that want better for themselves, and don't follow cultural norms mindlessly.

Also, thank you for your service in the military. I appreciate your service to this country. Thank you for my freedom.

Bimmer: 3rd Jun 2010 - 17:59 GMT

I have lived in Jacksonville for most of my life. I recently started going to school in St. Petersburg and I must say it is such a nicer city. First off, Jacksonville is way too big. The schematics of the city are entirely messed up. There's sprawl everywhere, which is horrid and only creates traffic, mediocre strip malls and car accidents. There's also not much to do for the youth here. You can't really get anywhere without driving, leaving most kids with nothing to do but sit home and be jobless. In Miami, Tallahassee and the Tampa Bay Area, a car is nice but definitely not compulsory for a good time.

Jacksonville also seems to be entrenched in conservatism and right-wing religion, both of which only are detriments to the advancement of the city. Many people have brought up racism, which, as a black man, I have never really experienced face to face here. However, the racism exists more systematically. It seems that once you cross the bridge onto the westside/northside the city is completely racially divided. Eastern Jacksonville is more integrated and also a nicer area in general I feel. San Marco, Riverside, Arlington and the Beaches make Jacksonville bearable.

So, yes, Jacksonville isn't the best city. It's kind of full of yuppies, wannabe thugs, actual thugs and what not. People talk about rednecks a lot but not all "rednecks" are racist and uneducated. There are a bunch of hippie, pot-smoking rednecks that want nothing but to drive their Silvy's around, haha. However, there are a few racist ones, I guess. Jacksonville needs to learn to become more liberal, STRONGLY stress education in all communities, no matter the race, and perhaps focus more on creating neighborhoods with a strong sense of community instead of creating a whole bunch of yuppie neighborhoods that all look the same.

jvill will always suck: 22nd Jun 2010 - 22:06 GMT

wow. im shocked. this page was mostly about the white and black riff in this city. didnt see that one comming(this is sarcasim for you true blooded jville natives). i mean, really....the niggers do this, and the whites do that...blah blah blah. i can remember wallking home from school as a child and being chased by grown white trash rednecks. being treated like some sort of criminal or animal when all you care about is cartoons and video games will mess you up a little. but, here i am with not a racist bone in my body. i am a proud shut-in loser whos only goal in life is to earn enough money to get as far as i can from places like this. i actually refuse to socialize with just about everyone i come in contact with unless they can prove to be indifferent and unbiased towards others.(and they come few and far between) i dont hang with blacks that promote the negative stereotypes that paint this ugly and untrue picture of how most of are and shun away from closeminded whites who get off on only the ingonrance of trash blacks and not the ones who try in life. all in all thats about all you can do is try. try to get pass cultural differences and understand each other. stats and media propaganda aimed at triggering the fears and hate of the world dont do anything but promote more hate and ignorance. i have no clue as to what it is like to be white just as most whites dont know what its like to be black. what makes this city such an awful place is nobody cares to find out the truth. if the news and internet says that a black person commited this crime and a white person was the victim more than likely you people would just see black-crime white-victim and not just crime-victim and its the exact same if the roles were reversed. just like the incident in seatle where only people see that a white-cop hit a black-girl which means that cop was being racist or the black felt she didnt need to take responsibility for her actions and she and her people arent above the law. this crap is so stupid. i dont disassociate myself from blacks that act like dumb thugs becuase they're black becuase they act like dumb thugs. you choose to label people, people dont label themselves. its not right that im subjected to bad service in a place of business, or dirty looks out in public because of what someone else does and what you believe in. and because i feel this way i cant ever feel ill willed towards whites as a whole for what some peice of trash did to me. its stupid and unfair to those people who hate people like that just as much if not more than i do. but this isnt the mindstate of city of jacksonville its the direct opposite and its never going to change because theres nothing else in this hicktown to do but hate each other. so if your reading this as a reference on whether or not this is a place for you be warned: its segregated, uncultured, and yet backwardsly pretentious. and if not in to living like a mindless sheep fueled by fear ignorance, you might want to weigh out more options. One.

whydidicomehere: 12th Jul 2010 - 16:56 GMT

you know what i hate? these assholes from new york, or jersey, massachusates, or pennsylvania that talk like thugs. this bitch calls me in mandarin in 32258, julington creek, i am sure. what a cunt. she starts talking to me like a fucking drill sargeant and i give it back. she is drilling me about prices but her ego is too fucking big to realize she pissed off lotsa people so they give her a large price range of costs for what she wants. she doesn't like the way i talked to her because i was acting like her. i said i was only speaking to you the she spoke to me, ma'am. i called her back and told her, you're in the south, be nice. i refused to be spoken to like shit by some stupid, angry, yankee bitch. what a CUNT! she is horrible representative of women.

whydidicomehere: 12th Jul 2010 - 16:56 GMT

you know what i hate? these assholes from new york, or jersey, massachusates, or pennsylvania that talk like thugs. this bitch calls me in mandarin in 32258, julington creek, i am sure. what a cunt. she starts talking to me like a fucking drill sargeant and i give it back. she is drilling me about prices but her ego is too fucking big to realize she pissed off lotsa people so they give her a large price range of costs for what she wants. she doesn't like the way i talked to her because i was acting like her. i said i was only speaking to you the she spoke to me, ma'am. i called her back and told her, you're in the south, be nice. i refused to be spoken to like shit by some stupid, angry, yankee bitch. what a CUNT! she is horrible representative of women.

Whatever: 25th Jul 2010 - 05:48 GMT

I have to tell you this is not the place to live if your single! It is like being trapped on an island without any men! I have lived in NYC, Atlanta, Cleveland Ohio, and many other places. THIS place sucks as far as being single. I would consider myself above average and the men here are either looking for a one night stand or basically uneducated. They are clueless when it comes to taking a fine lady out to dinner, what is up with that?

playafrom the old: 25th Jul 2010 - 19:15 GMT

hey whatever i'm not from here either and i find the women here to be rude as hell,the majority are looking to find out whats your position in life ,rather than a good quality man,the majoriuty as i seen it either want to date football players or military men lol ,i tell some of these conceited women that they are typical and they are more choices for men to choose women than women to choose men,miami,orlando,tampa,all have a different vibe being that the women are more competitive for a mans attentioin ,its got more of an up north feel,here in jville women act like they are the only ones that have two tits an ass and a pussy,lol maybe your giving off that vibe too...

Suz: 2nd Aug 2010 - 16:08 GMT

You know I came across this blog when I first moved here. It was really helpful to read some of the comments to get a feel for the area. I was hoping this discussion would continue to be productive... Like where locals go that is fun! Beaches only locals know about, or bars that... people know your name. I have gleaned some great info, but lately don't really know if any of this is relevant... and am finding some of the bloggers to be very incorrect.

If anyone on here would like to discuss Jacksonville in terms of a new person getting the feel for things am up for a discussion. Promise to check back, and comment on things. If you are just moving here I can say Jacksonville is pretty awesome! I am finding new things everyday to be excited that I live here.

brooklyn's finest: 6th Aug 2010 - 17:47 GMT

whats good suz, i'm fairly new ..but i'm bored.. what do you do in jacksonville?that is exciting.. i hit the clubs. and now i'm just bored because i see nothing else. i been to the beaches.and thats it lol, its ok here i guess but i crave culture like in nyc..i transfered my job here and i'm single,so on the weekends i also hit 95 s,to orlando,tampa ,and miami.. i love miami..and orlando and tampa are off meter compared to jacksonville,but since i live in jacksonville i want to experience it i am wondering what else i might not of discovered thanks...

whaddayaknow: 25th Aug 2010 - 00:39 GMT

jacksonville sucks period,sugarcoat it how you can, but at the end of the day it sucks,might be a step above for some of you,maybe you couldn't make it in tha city you were in,and thought just like myself ,i can make it here in jacksonville.. wrong i was to believe that i can make it in a small minded city,and this goes for everyone in jville (any culture) who refuse to help! this place sucks to raise children,,but oh well let my rant be heard, how many agree that we f-!@ed up coming here .. seriously

Suz: 27th Aug 2010 - 09:57 GMT

In Saint Johns county TAPS is a great bar, and restaurant to meet other peeps. Also, am finding a lot of people in my neighborhood that hang out in there driveways, and party. I really love being outside, and being around my neighbors.

Also, I love Clarks fish camp, burrito gallery, 13 gypsies, and Corky Bells. If you check out the Food Network... Diners, Drive'ins, and Dives you will find a ton of places here in Jax's that are fun to check out. It is sad that I came to this blog as a newcomer, and am now supplying the information I was looking for all along.

Anyways, these people do not know how to have fun. Totally sad... Do not listen to the idiocy of some of these bloggers. There are a lot of people in JAX that have not enjoyed it when they first moved here, and I have found a support group of sorts. Florida is fun... and the best part is you have places like Orlando, Miami, and the Keys if you can't find what your looking for. Also, I am still really stoked to check out Savannah, GA!!! Awesome

Anyway don't be a bore... Get out there... find what you like. People who are bored are boring. Hello.

If you don't like it please leave. It isn't easy to move, but if you hate it here I don't want to run into you.

whaddayaknow: 27th Aug 2010 - 19:09 GMT

lol, talkn about nothn to do!bars ,restaurants and partying in the driveway haa ,can you just be so typical, next is tailgating at jaguar stadium, and waiting for the georgia-florida rival,haa ur a typical jax person,can you say (git-r-done bubba)at the end of your blogs, your not a trend setter,every body been thru what your talkn about,it becomes a routine, now besides gettin drunk , what else do you do? any culture? what about the people who can't afford to continuely go to restaurants,and dive bars? what do you reccomend for them? or should they get a 24 pack of busch,and budweiser beer and drink drink drink away with the neighbors..(how fun?)i agree only with ur comment about orlando,and miami.. other than that..ur typical,tell you what get a bunch of tatooes,and really follow the heard..

Suz: 28th Aug 2010 - 11:36 GMT

It's herd. Sad really. The educational system has failed you. More money is needed for our schools people.

Suz: Thanks

whaddayaknow: yup... np

wishing i never moved here: 17th Sep 2010 - 05:57 GMT

I've lived in Jacksonville for over 10 years now. I can honestly say I HATE IT HERE. If I had the money, I would move out of here tomorrow. As many people have said on this site, the people are so rude! It's very difficult to make friends here since they don't welcome anyone that is not originally from here. The blacks here are prejudice agains whites. The civil war is over people!! We had nothing to do with that war, stop blaming us!
Then anyplace you work in corporate america here, you have to deal with good ol boy management who don't care if some of their employees are lazy and don't work just as long as they show up on the golf course for a round.
What is it with the southern holier than though hypocrits. They go to church and claim to be good people but then they are out cheating on their spouse right after church. I've had it with this place. My biggest goal in life right now is to find a way to get the fuck out of here!

whothehellcares: 17th Sep 2010 - 06:05 GMT

wishing i feel your pain, i hate it here also,their is only one person who blogged she liked jacksonville, suz...

amazed: 21st Sep 2010 - 15:34 GMT

It's entertaining reading through this entire blog. The one commonality that exists from majority of the people defending Jacksonville is poor grammar and mispellings. Can't you figure out the difference between your and you're and when/how to use it. It seems the local Jacksonville people writing the blogs tend to use the words (more often than others) : fuck, nigger, fags, cunt, etc. Jacksonville locals, you have shown your true colors. You have stereotyped the rest of the people who live there who are not like that. I think it would behoove you all to step it up a notch. Maybe the next time you're sitting in the Olive Garden, TGI Fridays, or the Cracker Barrel you should read something intellectual. And to F*ck everybody hating Jacksonville: 9th Jun 2009 - 18:11 GMT ---you are the most ignorant, misinformed, bigot on here.

whothehellcares: amazed you're so right,lol....

Tired of some people in Jax: 26th Sep 2010 - 14:00 GMT

Jacksonville is a nice city but it does have a lot of NIGGERS and REDNECKS. Now not all black people are Niggers and not all white people are rednecks. I have run into a lot of ignorant niggers that like to act a fool in public places, yell, and call a white person cracker. They try to pretend they have money by dressing up and try to drive nice cars, but really they dont have anything but welfare and other government programs. They seem to populate like monkeys downtown and the beaches area.

71_Checy: 7th Oct 2010 - 18:36 GMT

I grew up in Jacksonville. I am 38 now and moved away in 2003. I live in Chicago now, (Barrington Suburb)and honestly miss my hometown, but will never ever .. ever move back. I spent my childhood growing up on all sides of J'ville. I recently had to attend my father funeral (natural death, not crime related) and was utterly mortified by the blight and decay that was once a fair city in the 80's.

Sometimes you never see things for how they were until you are away from it. Shock is the only way to describe the feel-vibe and misery I witnessed while I was in town. I was there ( in jax ) for five days and by day two I was ready to leave.

I have a few comparisons if you care to view them but for everything else, do not I repeat do not consider jacksonville a place to live.

Jax Healthcare - marginal
Chi Healthcare - worldclass

Jax bbq - THE BEST ( jenkins bbq & the pig bbq )
Chi bbq - uh.. nope

Jax Pizza - nope
Chi Pizza - the best

Jax Seafood - Singletons Seafood Shack
Chi Seafood - hmm, still undecided

Jax Jobs - hahahahaha
Chi Jobs - what recesion

The only place I could find more miserable than Jacksonville was Fort Myers, with me wanting a warmer climate I have been considering moving back to Florida but im think south of orlando.. BUT I am also considering Hawaii so ... take it from a native of good ol jacksonville..

Hey Jacksonville... heres the big middle finger all the way from Chicago!

--leaves the room with a fart

anywhere but here: 7th Oct 2010 - 18:37 GMT

In response to tired of some people in Jax, you are so right. I could not understand why so many niggers here have really nice clothes and a mercedes or bmw. Well, 9 times out of 10 they are drug dealers and the cars are leases. When I bought my cady, I asked why do so many porch monkeys have expensive cars, the salesman said they are leases and they live in a hovel. Well, they do live up to their stereotype. Everytime one of them kills their own kind it is just one less piece of shit ghetto trash off the street, for good, and one less criminal I have to worry about blowing away when they try to come to my house to rob it.

71_Checy: 7th Oct 2010 - 23:49 GMT

@anywhere but here - dude I couldn't wait to get the fuck out of Jax, what a nightmare that place is/was. but dude, you cant go around dropping "n" bombs like it's nothing.Trust me dude, there are more places that racial harmony exist than being pissed at Jville all the time. do like I did and haul ass out of there and be happy,your blood pressure will thank you and you will find peace again.

I grew up in Jax and left a few years ago and moved to Chicago.. probably.. no wait.. the best thing I could have ever done in my entire freakin life! good luck dude!

whattheheck: 8th Oct 2010 - 05:10 GMT

checy,man you made me think of the chi(humboldt pk.)i am a native of chicago,and i miss it after reading your blog, your right about one thing the jobs in jacksonville ,(what jobs) i feel so poor here in jville,its not even funny...and i never knew what dirty south meant til i moved to jacksonville, i find myself wearing white t's more than ever,lol,and let me just ask what do you prefer chi or jax woman??? i only found one thing that has chi beat,its the 24 hr wal-martsand the variety of them ,5 in my area spaced 4 miles apart lol... be good ...

71_Checy: 8th Oct 2010 - 23:08 GMT

yaya, im on the metra heading home after work.. I work in the loop. dude, fucking jax skags don't have nuttin on all these gorgeous bunnies here. let em have em & dont give away secrets to the "necks" lol.. we'll save some pizza for you at dons :D _peace get outta there dude not much time left ..hehe ..ok im out

Liz: 20th Oct 2010 - 01:21 GMT

We are not happy here. Job prospects are low, racial and ethnic tolerance is very low, and there is not much to do here. It's difficult to make friends here as well. There are some really pretty places to live or visit, but the above problems we experience are difficult to deal with on a daily basis. It's just too unhealthy to expose our family to such a negative, racially and ethnically intolerable area. I don't want my children growing up thinking that this is the way it is all around the world because it is not. There are places within this country and earth that accept people based on their merit, kindness, open-minded views, and hard work than on what color their skin is or the shape of their eyes. Just a really eye opener on how much we took for granted at our previous locations.

71_Checy: 20th Oct 2010 - 23:03 GMT

Liz.. as someone who grew up in Jacksonville.. and I mean all over. I attended over 18 schools growing up as my mom moved around the city alot. That is really no place .. and you don't need me to tell you .. to raise kids. I am a web engineer and have been thinking about building a site to help people get the hell out of there. I so understand what your feeling. If you or anyone reading this board need advise or help I'll do what I can to help out to get people out of there. I apologize for my grammar as I check this site when im on the train in the evening..

whattheheck: yo i need ,help i'm dying slowly here...

71_Checy: 21st Oct 2010 - 23:00 GMT

funny, I was looking at domains to build and Richard OLeary already registered oh well Ill register one also and build a pretty good site for people who want to leave jacksonville...

71_Checy: 21st Oct 2010 - 23:22 GMT

oh by the way here is my pgp signature incase someone wants to email me in private and verify my identity :

I emailed the editor here to post my key..

71_Checy: 21st Oct 2010 - 23:45 GMT

oh by the way here is my pgp signature incase someone wants to email me in private and verify my identity :

I emailed the editor here to post my key..

wishing i never moved here: 30th Oct 2010 - 06:47 GMT

Checy...I hope you build that web site because I really need help getting out of Jax! I feel trapped because my job is here and I don't have money to move. I literaly feel like I am in hell.

whattheheck: 31st Oct 2010 - 16:29 GMT

to wishing i never moved here,

i feel trapped also ,at times i get so depressed its not even funny,its even worse when you don't have a job, and its so hard to get a job here it is not even funny.... i can't understand why ppl r so negative and rude, i mean people are rude everywhere but here its so frequent , i moved here from chicago because i was tired of gangs,but man its worser here its just isolated where they report some crimes,too many sex offenders,and racist ppl,i was tired of gangs because i have children and i wanted to move them out... but we never got harassed, i was just using it as an excuse to leave chicago, i had a great job in chi, and if i ever became unemployed.. it doesn't take long to find work..but i regret it, my children are older but have dumbed down because of the school system here.. and they go to a rated schools and their grades are good.. but i feel they have dumbed down since we left chicago..teaching methods are ridiculous , i've seen the work they bring home,and i had a conference with a teacher who was from pennsylvania who basically confirmed the curriculum was messed up.. i have been here 5 yrs... time to get out...

DL: 2nd Nov 2010 - 00:51 GMT

The Southside:
This is what happen in the mid 80s thru the 90s, all the Yankees started moving here and screwed up everything from regency to the beaches, then came the Mexicans and the dot heads, then guess what happen ! well put it this way I don’t go to regency mall anymore I’m sure you know why, you can’t even walk outside in your own yard without watching your back, don’t even think about walking to your back yard without locking up your house first.

whattheheck: 2nd Nov 2010 - 01:48 GMT

hey dl you are a spokesperson for jacksonville,ur the majority of how ignorant people think here... that comment you made is so racist and ignorant it left a bad taste in my mouth. i feel so bad for you because what you reap you sow..

DL: 2nd Nov 2010 - 21:57 GMT

Get over it, I was born here I have the right to speak the truth , I take your a young punk that has never worked a day in your life, let me guess you live off the government ? Right ? that’s ok I’m going to move away from here and let all you in plants have this nasty place, get a job you lazy @ss

DL: 2nd Nov 2010 - 21:59 GMT

by thr way thsy changed the name its no longer jacksonville, Its blacksonville

wishing i never moved here: 3rd Nov 2010 - 04:24 GMT

To DL...
I take offense to your comment about all the Yankees moving here and screwing up everything. I am from the north and I have never been without a job for more than a month. I mind my business and don't cause any trouble. So tell me, how is it my fault that Jacksonville is so messed up?

wishing i never moved here: 3rd Nov 2010 - 04:34 GMT

To whattheheck...

I guess I've been lucky since I've never had trouble finding a job here. I suppose it depends what skills people have as to how difficult it is to find a job. I get really depressed sometimes too because I'm stuck living here for the time being. From what I can tell, most of the people that are originally from here are ignorant, bible thumping, racist hypocrites. It wasn't until I lived in Jacksonville that I experienced blacks hating whites...and this was in the workplace. I had to quit a job because my boss was black and was very obvious about not liking me due to my skin color. The part of the north I'm from, skin color didn't matter. It's really sad that people have to be this way. Good luck to you. Hope you find your way out of here soon.

whattheheck: 4th Nov 2010 - 03:03 GMT

aaa dl your amazing!! you just keep upgrading how stupid you are...i'm not a lazy person friend.. i've made more money than you'll probably ever see in your life.. (hahaha), i've had these mediocore jobs in jacksonville,that really don't paywell,13,14,15,highest 20$dollars,in jacksonville,now 20 dollars is decent..but companies abuse the hell out of their workers here being its a right to work state.. and locals like this fool dl.. whose mindset is small and lacking amaze me everytime because you find them in every job hating on you no matter what.. last job i held laid me off because of the money i was making,and replaced me with i'm sorry to say it ,a douchbag with the mentality of dl,it was basically a conflict of interest.. that you can't fight.. i'm very skilled i have my credentials,but jacksonville is racist.. now jobs i apply to do not hire me because i figure they think i want to make 20$ an hour ,i'm looking to work and be competitive,but yet i get overlooked .. last job i held b4 moving to jville, i made 40$ an hr plus overtime.. i moved here in 05 from dl suck on that.. hater.. i hope yo do move because i hate running into people like you on the southside... (hater)!!! btw ,check the stats jacksonville's unemployment rate is hire than the national average... (wow) 12.3%!!!

whattheheck: 4th Nov 2010 - 03:10 GMT

oh and if your'e wondering why i moved here, i'll be the first one to admit ,i messed up, my job was open for 1 yr in chicago for me to return ,but being hardheaded at the time i made the mistake and stayed here to watch this place stay the same and never improve,i bought into here (real estate) thats why i haven't left yet... unless you want to buy it dl, c'mon its a 5 bedroom two bath by tinsletown...

DL: 4th Nov 2010 - 22:55 GMT

LOL, Thats the point you dumb ass Its not the same you and your yankee buddies F,,ked it up, If you get the chance to move make to Jersey take you buddies with ya, Thanks, don't get me started on the real estate problem .

DL: Welcome to blacksonville prick !

whattheheck: 5th Nov 2010 - 05:51 GMT

lol what a douchebag,yankee buddies didn't mess up florida, people from up north make money,and they bring it to florida to keep the economy pumpin,now that people are hardly coming to florida,and alot of people are moving away from fl,its suffering.. and fl economy wasn't even that great to begin with,even before the recession..jacksonville as the city that boast biggest landwise, and lynard skynard is from here hasn't much to offer,once you get over the beaches,fishing,and shopping at the many ,many wal-marts lol.. what else is their? i can't imagine dl in the 80's when jacksonville was even more dilapidated as a city, your'e blaming people from up north? when y'all always had the racial tensions here.. and not too mention the many many sex offenders in jacksonville, they didn't come from up north thats an inhouse,inbred florida-georgia backwood secret buddy!!! so i don't know dl .. all i know is the closemindnesses of people here are of southern roots... i know they are rude ppl everywhere ,but here c'mon... more frequent!! let culture in your heart my friend and appreciate the beauty of every race,take a trip go to ny,chicago etc.. expand your horizons dl,break out of that good ol' boy ,redneck,busch swiggin,git-r-done mentality...

Somebody: 11th Nov 2010 - 15:18 GMT

Jacksonville is the WORST city I have ever lived in. Moved up here from Orlando about 5 years ago...WORST mistake ever! Oh my god the people here, of ALL colors are just outright HOSTILE. I get stares everywhere I go, mean looks like the "What the F*ck you doin here?" kind, I get this from Blacks AND whites and i'm white. Wife was mugged in a local Winn Dixie parking lot, Neighbor had his home broken into while he was at work.Neighbors on the other side are a buncha white trash connected assholes, one works for JEA and has like 50 of his buddies over at all times with reving car engines and trikes and other shit. Man don't ever move here if you are thinking of it, it will break you the fuck down. Seriously want to move but with the way things are right now economy-wise looks like we're stuck here for awhile longer :(

Anon: 13th Nov 2010 - 16:53 GMT

I lived in Jax from 1987-2006 (ages 6-25). During that time I lived in Baltimore for a few months and currently reside in San Antonio and Jacksonville would have to be my least favorite of the three. There was a time when I was a young adult when Jacksonville was a lot of fun. There was a whole slew of nightclubs and coffee shops to hang out at. 5 points was still interesting with neat little shops (visited recenly and it has been ruined). Then all the clubs closed down,5 points was redone to emulate San Marco and there was nothing to do. In Baltimore, you could walk in the city all day and there was always something to go- great restaurants, lots of entertainment. The crime there is ridiculous though. San Antonio has a lot to offer in the way of outdoors fun, low crime for a city this size, and a rich culture. I am white and the dominating culture here is Tejano, but it's interesting to be immersed in a different way of life. Both Jax and SA are sloooow paced and I prefer Baltimore in that respect. I guess the point is that Jax has no defining culture, nothing in the way of entertainment and a lot of crime. I never felt that the people were mean in Jax, though. Quite the contrary, I find most people to be very pleasant and friendly on the whole. The city has a long way to go and no one to lead it there.

Suz: 18th Nov 2010 - 06:07 GMT

Alright I thought I would throw my two cents in, again. I went to Kickbacks recently, and had an Awesome time. I really don't care if your white, black, or blue you would have a good time there. It was really Amazing! Also, I checked out the scene, and it was really jumping off on Saturday. The food was the best I have had since I have been here. Also, there were tons on interesting places around that I will have to come back, and check out. I have hope that Jacksonville does have some jems.

Wanted to let people know that Burrito Gallery downtown is kinda bland, but am used to eating real Mexican food, so I may not be the right person to ask. Check it out though.

I am really excited to find out that there is a Bikram Yoga here. I am going to start going, again. I know the right people are out there in this city, and also the right places you just have to keep looking. Don't give up...

The job market does stink though. I was asked recently in an interview if I was planning to have a family, and if I was the job I was interested in might not be the right fit for me. WTF. Jacksonville please wake up women can work. Also, Jacksonville it is 2010. I hate your face Jacksonville, as far as the women working here. It is not your business what I am planning to do, or even if I have children... which I don't. Still should not exclude me from working in either case. Ughhhh.

Even better, but it was the St. Johns School District who asked this question.

Does anyone know if there is a website now for I Hate Jacksonville? Could someone post it if there is one.


Suz: 18th Nov 2010 - 06:23 GMT

Found two I hate Jacksonville websites on Facebook

Let me know if you find more...

Also, I would really like to see some of the faces of those who post. We are all in this together. Were not enemies... just people that are new, and are unhappy with there lot. Stop arguing, and start helping. It doesn't have to be horrible...

whattheheck: 18th Nov 2010 - 06:48 GMT

so do you like living here? (suz) your'e right we shouldn't be mean to eachother on this blog page,but man they are some bloggers who just force the fight (lol) i know i've dissed you in past blogs(my bad) ma!!! but on the real , you've been here a while ,besides restaurants and hangouts .. what type improvements do you think jacksonville needs>>> personally for me the majority need an attitude adjustment, i know theirs rude people everywhere,i'm from up north so i know this first hand.. but theirs alot of unhappy rude ppl here,and i wonder why? because up north its the weather the majority of the time that puts ppl in a foul mood or traffic,but here the weather is nice all year around,the traffic is minimal,so what can it be suz?? let me tell you i'm the type person that believes truly in having social skills,i don't act rude with anybody,because every1 deserves respect and should be civil,but thats why i dislike jville alot,the people and jobs ruin it for me,i've met great ppl but they are all from my city or other states lol.. anyways suz be good,hope to see a response from you soon...

wishing i never moved here: 2nd Dec 2010 - 05:28 GMT

Tonight I had to an issue with a neighbor in my apartment playing music too loud. I knocked on the door and asked my neighbor to turn down the music.....he went on about how I was disrespecting him because I was white and didn't want to hear the booming base of his music all night. He shut his door and turned the music even louder. Jacksonville truly is the rudest and most reverse prejudice city in America.

hahahaha!: 12th Dec 2010 - 00:00 GMT

Jacksonville sounds like a TV episode. All kinds of drama and everyone complaining while only thinking of themselves. I have read only one post with the reality of the matter contained within it. Either get busy living or get busy dying. Poor J-ville is dying before it could dream.

canudigit: @hahahaha what post is it?

hahahaha!: 12th Dec 2010 - 21:33 GMT

canudigit- the post I was referring to was from TAP posted on the 25th of June 2009. The reason i felt this way is because it was an objective post and he/she did not let their personal beefs get in the way of rating the city for what it is.

canudigit: 13th Dec 2010 - 07:41 GMT

i read the post (hahahaha) so whats so special about it? i don't exactly know what your'e trying to say... all i 've read is that tap says he has lived in all these city..ok but for how long,and how is he/she basing their comment,every one else's comment is pretty much the same type rant,so it leads me to believe their is a problem here in jacksonville,fl. i mean you have quite a few websites dedicated to disliking this city, i've typed in i hate new york or chicago etc,and nothing has popped up... so i don't your post you say get busy living or get busy dying? you really didn't have a strong argument as to why this city is great..and of course ppl are only thinking of themselves when they rant,because they are the one's experiencing why they don't like it here.. personally i agree 100 percent with these ranters because they are dead on right. i've experienced what they are talking about and so have many others that i know.. now tap was basically dogging every city,even orlando,fl calling it sleaseville, i'm sure tap has not even experienced living in those cities,maybe just visiting.. so from experience i'm ranting, 7 yrs here and no changes, aside from wal-marts popping up everywhere...

living in the greatest city in the world: 13th Dec 2010 - 22:34 GMT

Having moved to NYC from Jacksonville, I can tell you that I never realized what I had been missing. Diverse culture, an art scene, top notch entertainment, the best in sports and the best food I have ever eaten.

Having to visit Jacksonville to see family is a chore that I would rather do without. I can't wait to leave. The more the city changes, the more it stays the same. It is unattractive and it is boring. One can do everything in Jacksonville in a day and still have 23 hours left over.

Yes, housing is cheap and the cost of living is low, but you also get what you pay for.

whattheheck: 14th Dec 2010 - 01:19 GMT

housing is cheap and cost of living low? ru kidding me.. with the low wages they pay in jacksonville or fl in genearal it balances out to be expensive also, i know new york is ridiculous in pricing(i'm a native) but you can't tell me you don't get greater deals on clothing,electronics,food.. unless you just shop at name brand stores or live in manhattan.. i find jville expensive for a city that says cost of living is cheaper..its expensive so many ppl here hold two jobs just to get by,and thats even b4 the economy got worse, look at southside and and the beaches area.. its ridiculous to rent 1200 or 1300 for 2 bedroom in a gated or half way decent community lol, i know new york is 2200 for a 1 bdrm but you make money in nyc, and buddy i don't know if youv'e been to brooklyn but shop myrtle ave ,or knickerbocker ave. pitkin ave. or fulton st. and find all those bargains.. like they say if you cant find it in ny, they haven't made it yet... let me ask you which do you prefer women in jville or nyc woman.. me i prefer nyc woman ,because they don't play games .. and let you know if they want you.. peace my friend, btw i'm assuming your a dude yo.. so if ur a woman i apologize.

hahahaha!: 14th Dec 2010 - 03:26 GMT

canudigit- I am sorry you hate living in Jacksonville and feel so trapped. I was merely pointing out that I read a majority of people that are complaining about their situations and frustrations instead of hooking a brother up with tiny spots to visit. Like the coolest coffee shops and the underground clubs that go off all night. The car scene or the surf in the area. The classic car shows that flood the area and the local music scene that is unique to Florida's small bars and hometown type feel. The awesome colleges that dominate the surrounding areas or the shuttle launches that are awe inspiring. Or how about the talented group of local writers that have come from that area. or what about the seemingly endless amount of beaches that a lot of people have never even experienced. How about the inter-coastal loaded with boats and areas to explore. Hunting, fishing, offroading, camping, biking, scuba diving, sailing, swimming, skating, moving, living, breathing, dancing, having a life! I didn't hear about those!!?? Seems as though Jacksonville has been put in a box where dreaming is off limits and those that are have been doing so without the rest of you! BTW Tap called Miami a sleezeville not Orlando. He said Orlando is a Carni town! And it is! hahahahaha. I lived in central Florida for 28 years and have seen and done almost everything there is to do. I left 7 years ago and love where I live now (not Florida BTW).I understand what you are all saying and have experienced it first hand. I am only saying that life is hard all over and if your life sucks in Jacksonville I'm sure a trip to Afghanistan will forever change your mind about anywhere USA! Save your money, let go and see the world bro! Life is way to short to be trapped!

canudigit: 14th Dec 2010 - 04:28 GMT

hahaha) thats whats up bro, life is too short ..i'm glad your'e happy where your at (which is not florida) all that you have described (my dude) has been done... and if you hated living in orlando then jville is 2 as worse.. why don't you just move here and find out.. btw i've seen the world ex-military..

hahahaha!: 14th Dec 2010 - 05:23 GMT

Canudigit, I am moving to J-ville and I know and love the area. I can do without a lot of the people but that goes for anywhere I have ever been. I don't hate Florida or anywhere around there I just thought I'd let you know that I have shared in the experience and frustrations in Florida. There is a lot of awesome things there but, I learned to not dwell on all the crap because I can't really change it and it always ended up changing me for the worse.
"May the road rise to meet you,
May the wind be always at your back,
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
The rains fall soft upon your fields,
And until we meet again,
May God hold you
In the palm of his hand."

canudigit: 14th Dec 2010 - 19:48 GMT

alright my brother,appreciate ya, god bless and see you (most definately) in the one of many many wal-marts lol..

anon ( 18th Dec 2010 - 00:02 GMT


71_Checy: 2nd Jan 2011 - 21:59 GMT

Happy New Year!!! I am almost done with the site and the site will have all kinds of helpful information to those wishing to leave Jacksonville. I will post the url here in a couple of weeks.

LivedinJAX20yrs: 12th Jan 2011 - 15:29 GMT

Be careful about choosing to live in the Jacksonville area ... neighbors are unfriendly and keep to themselves no matter how much you reach out to them ... do not help each other and reluctant to help you if you need it and don't want to get involved. If your not Southern ... you will never fit in ... if you do not have an outgoing personality... you will never fit it ... no hope for you if you have a quiet and shy personality ... if you don't fish, hunt, ride a motorcycle or play golf ... you won't fit in. Most boring place I have ever been ... and cold very very cold ... when we moved here 20 years ago had expected to experience warm "southern hospitality" ... guess what? ... it isn't here! I was told by a Tennessee transplant that it is because we are in the deep south ... true southern hospitality comes much farther north of here... we grew up in a small town and know what it is like to be warm and hospitable ... we have tried our hand an extended hospitality to people here and they act like we are weird or something ... activities are the same year round ... nothing to look forward to except fireworks on the 4th of July ... but they aren't pleasurable because you have to fight traffic and crowds to see them ... the only entertainment here is shopping and eating ... who wants to do that 24-7! Sadly the Southern Baptist churches are no warmer ... they are large & don't reach out and pull you in ... they've lost that loving feeling ... you have to be the aggressive one and push yourself in ... come to us ... we won't reach out to you ... and then having fun to them is sitting at a banquet with hundreds of other members ... and they call that "fellowship" ... are these churches actually "growing" or just exchanging members? ... unbelievable how membership shifts from one church to another ... sadly, we are not able to leave this area because of the economy ... we are retired and our house's value has plummeted ... our best times are spent at home because there is nothing in Jacksonville that is worth going to ... I feel like we sold our soul to the devil when we came here ... 20 yrs. later it's still the same ... hate it that our grandchildren have to grow up here ... they are missing out on so much ...

anon ( 25th Jan 2011 - 05:03 GMT

Jacksonville = Most random city in the U.S. Do not move here.

NeverMind: 28th Jan 2011 - 06:44 GMT

Yea i have lived here for eight years,It would be alright if it wasnt for all the frigging racist ass brothers and sisters here.They act like they own every thing and like we owe them every thing.I dont owe you nothing so please get the hell off my lawn.

collarsgoesdown: 29th Jan 2011 - 13:59 GMT

jacksonville is racist? am I missing something? I've lived in jax my whole life, I'm now 24 years old, I've been ALL over the country, NM, NY, Philly, San Diego,NV, TX you name it I've probably been there. Jacksonville is not racist, (unless you're talking about the street trash wannabe gangsters) it's full of hipsters and liberals, the only "good ol' boys" you'll ever see are elderly out of towners. People in general are very laid back and apathetic which makes people think they are "rude". But I can map out the entire U.S. for you right now. South= laid back/apathetic North = rude,always in a rush,complain a lot, lots of racism. West= laid back but self righteous in a way, have to do things their way. East= prevalent racism and people generally don't care about others. That's the country in a nutshell, give me the southern or western U.S. any day.

KAC22381: 9th Feb 2011 - 09:08 GMT

So,...I lived in Jacksonville for 15 years (I was 10 when I moved there with my parents so I didn't have a choice) and I now live in Los Angeles.
Without a doubt, Jacksonville is the worst place in America I have ever been! It is called a city, why I do not know - over 90% of the places here close at 9pm AKA roll up the sidewalks and there is very little to do. Nothing is original or interesting; it totally lacks pizzazz and positivity. Jacksonville still retains the "good ol' boy" mentality of the deep south - if you are not a "local" or if you are of a different race, culture, ethnic group or are of a religion other than a "good Christian" you are regarded with suspicion and treated with malice. "We don't like your kind around here" is the message you will be getting.
Jacksonville is also extremely violent and JSO is a joke. I was robbed twice there, once at gun point, and guess what? Neither crime was solved and I even kept on them to make sure those cases wouldn't go cold. Finally, I was told in so many terms that I should just stop calling and thank God I was not shot! My life was also threatened here when a LOCAL business owner threatened to kill me because I said "No thanks" when (I was looking for a job and had submitted my resume to him) he wanted to conduct the interview at his house! The JSO officer came to my house and the first thing he asked was "What did you sell him?" !!!!!!!!!! As if I sold him a lemon car or something and the LOCAL had every right to be wanting to kill me. When I explained the situation the officer told me there was nothing he could do. I asked him if he was going to go over to the guys house and the officer actually said "No, because I don't want to get him more riled up than what he already is." Protecting the locals!
I could go on and on about all the negative things that have happened to me while I lived in Jacksonville, but I think you get the point.
I would not recommend this place (I can't bring myself to call it a city-- large land mass does not equal city, sorry) for anyone looking to move. Come to sunny L.A. instead! I have not encountered any negativity and the people are pleasant.

anon ( 27th Feb 2011 - 18:43 GMT

I moved to orange park/ jax when i was 11 years old and now i am 29 and let me tell you this place is the closest place to hell. All the people are wanna be thugs with no lives there aint shit to do and if you do find a place to have a drink it is so far of a drive to get to where you wanna go next. Its like an never ending nightmare here In jax the people are the worst not really friendly and if u do find friends that you think are cool they end up stabbing you in the back if you are thinking about coming to this shithole dump dont come it will make ur life miserable

anon ( 7th Mar 2011 - 17:13 GMT

I hate fucking jacksonville it blows all there is a bunch of ghetto people and white trash there isnt any entertainment at all if think the clubs are good then u must be the ghetto trash that makes up a third of jax the radio stations sux ass they play the lamest shit and the djs are fucking annoying i believed that this town would get better buy it only gets worse i hate jacksonville with a passion

anon ( 27th Mar 2011 - 15:24 GMT

Wack ville is a shithole bukkake fest this city blows big green donkey cock look at the clubs they suck. Bourbon st used to be fun but now smells like a wet fart out of dried up vagina i mean people get real if you think this city has shit to do you are mistaken. This town is like a black hole similar to the nasty skanks that reside here it sucks you back when you try to leave.

Ex Resident: 9th May 2011 - 12:12 GMT

What does Jacksonville, Andrew Jackson, and JSO have in common, they're all dead or useless. Jacksonville the slag left over from refining gold. What was once a gorgeous city that people tool pride in, is now a bustling gigantic mini-mall from Yulee to orange park. There's nothing happening in jacksonville that can't be solved, however. First thing you got to do is make the judicial and executive branches of government do their jobs, and start locking up the real criminals in stead of trying to beat Miami in convictions, and over crowding Lake Butler Prison Intake, and take the say so from first baptist church, who have had there child molesting hands in every running aspect of the city. They should take the day off if what they've done so far is the best they can do, and make them pay taxes on all that crap. If you pay taxes then you have a right to the political arena, and can make decisions. Lastly, quit making the poor and middle class pay for all that damn construction with you 1 and 2 cent tax increases. Make the rich pay it, call it a luxury tax. Oh, and get rid of that damn monorail too, that's the biggest wast of money spent in Jacksonville since I was born there 30 years ago. I'm glad I moved out, with sex offenders on every corner, it's wonder the churches aint competing for best in pants competitions.

NativeFloridian: 13th May 2011 - 23:59 GMT

Jacksonville, hands down, is the worst major city in Florida. So many cops with nothing to do but stake out colleges, and about every three blocks, with speed traps. Everyone I know has been arrested at least once for petty bullshit. I am from Pensacola, and it is much better there. The people here are mean and rude, illiterate, and nasty. The blacks hate you if you are white, and the local whites hate you if you aren't a redneck. Educated, cultured people, stay away from this hellmouth!

Arlington: 9th Jun 2011 - 20:42 GMT

The only people that like Jacksonville are the people who have never been anywhere else! This is a slave city for both black and white people and if you have a college degree,don't put it on your resume because you will not be hired and the only jobs that they have alot of is call center, and you need to speak Spanish and English to get hired. The schools are terrible, the Teachers can't speak proper English and the kids are dumb as shit! I can't wait to get the hell out of here...the recession or depression makes it harder for anybody to just up and leave..unless you don't have anything you can put that shit on top of your car! They have these career colleges that costs three times what a community college costs but these folk add 2+2 and keep getting 5 so of course they will be a good candidate to go to a college that says, you don't need a high school diploma. I feel sorry for anybody that has been here all their life. They aren't professional, it seems like people just roll out of bed with their pajamas and slippers on, and go to the store as if this is the way it is. Well let me tell you Duval County..this ain't the way it is...isn't that how you all speak. Get a grip, read a book, get some culture, learn to communicate, hell wash your azz before you leave your house...these are the type of people that get hired everyday while the people with etiquette...(grab a dictionary Duval and look up that word) end up with no job, getting their car reposessed, evicted, living on food stamps. This place is a dump and it needs to be called!
My last interview the receptionist told me that the last girl they hired didn't know how to turn the computer on and she had the nerve to ask me if I could type..bitch..did you see my can you type..well I didn't get the job because I was "overqualified" for an $8.00 an hour job..ain't...I had to laugh at this backwards ass city, no wonder the kids act crazy in school...look at the uneducated parents! I tutored these dumb ass kids in reading...its a shame they are in the sixth grade and can't read a third grade book!

Denise M.: 19th Jun 2011 - 05:47 GMT

I definitely relate to the people who find there's little to do and little to like about Jacksonville. If you've lived somewhere more rural or you like a quieter lifestyle, this is not a bad place, I suppose. The airport is very convenient for leaving and I appreciate that. I make use of it as often as I can. It's certainly a divided city with the poor living mainly north and west and the middle and upper-middle class largely southside and toward the beaches. (The beaches, Jax beach, Atlantic Beach, Neptune Beach, Ponte Vedra, are not incorporated into the city of Jacksonville.) St. Augustine is a beautiful and quaint city. Jax is not that. Downtown after 7 on a fall/winter evening can be completely desserted. There are cultural things to do, from time to time, but not as much as one might expect for a city with Jacksonville's population. It is ultimately a very large, southern town (when I first got here I found nothing more annoying than the constant question "have you found your church home yet?" with the presumption that it was not too personal of a question or that I was looking for one) with a naval base, racially segregated neighborhoods (that you find in most any US city), heat, humidity, bugs and little in terms of culture. I've moved around a lot and I have tried to be positive about this city over the past 5 years but out of 16 or so others where I have lived, this is the city I won't want to revisit when I leave. Housing is cheap, cost of living is low. Jax is a far cry from Miami or even Tampa - both real cities - but it's the murder capital of Florida. In the last few years there have been lots of new places to eat and there's even a number of decent small theatre groups. Most acts I'm interested in pass up Jax for Miami or Orlando. I'm not thrilled to drive over 2 hours for a concert. Some will go to St. Augustine. A charming city and close enough that I can attend a concert there and return home that night. I've not met one person I can really relate to although I get along with most everyone. I'd return to almost any major city in a heartbeat (other than NY) but my career and my age keep me here. I've never lived in any city where it was major news that a call center was going to bring jobs to the area. Unfortunately, a year or so later, without so much ceremony, it closed and the building is not part of UNF. There do not appear to be many jobs for professionals - CSX and BC/BS of FL are two of the major employers. For anyone thinking of moving, the lack of jobs is something to consider. If you're not in a recession proof job or if the industry you're joining is the only one in town, it will be hard to stay in Jax should your job not work out. And it can be expensive and difficult to relocate.

AG: 29th Jun 2011 - 15:20 GMT

I was born and raised in many areas in Florida. Mainly Orlando and Palm Beach County cities. All I have to say is thank you Jesus my family never moved to the hell hold that is Jacksonville. I passed through Jacksonville once and that was enough for me. I hated it. We stopped at a Burger King and a Winn-Dixie. At the Burger King, first customers we seen as we walk in are extremely ghetto and country as hell. Then at the Winn-Dixie it looked all run down and once again ghetto people walking to and fro actin foolish. The city in general looks very ugly to me. Most Florida cities don't look like this. I hated everything about Jacksonville. And then the LONG DRIVE to get OUT of Jacksonville was HELLLLL!! We must have been on the road for HOURS trying to go down south!! That officially KILLED any chance of me EVER coming back to J-ville. It's the worst city in Florida!! And I was right about that according to all these reviews!! Don't move there!!

Leah: 8th Aug 2011 - 03:46 GMT

After living in Jacksonville for over 10 years now, I am happy to say I am FINALLY moving in 3 weeks. I am moving to a thriving city known as Denver. I can't wait til I move from this sticky, humid, cockroach ridden place! True there are a few things to like here, but not enough to convince me to stay. Not even my friends are convincing me and that's pretty bad when they are jealous of me moving somewhere else! Stay here and stay alone also. If you are single and above the age of 22, good luck! Most people I know that live here have been in serious relationships their whole lives, have children or are married by the age of 25! I'm very glad I'm leaving this town and good luck on the downtown vision, it'll never happen, they've been talking about it since I moved here!

westsider: 12th Aug 2011 - 18:09 GMT

I grew up in Jacksonville in the sixties and seventies and it is still home to me. But with the high crime rate in Jax now, if I am ever able to move home to Florida, it might not be to Jax - but close enough for me to visit the old haunts. All you people who hate Jax - you ought to spend some time in Knoxville, TN. Then you would truly hear backwoodsy talking. The first time I and my family was asked "How are youins doing?" I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Knoxville and all of East Tennessee is the redneck capital of the world. I despise living here and will escape as soon as we can.

renee: 13th Aug 2011 - 20:35 GMT

I'm leaving this racist a** city, I never experienced nothing like this in my life. I have to go cause I don't want to raise my kids here. I have been here since 2004 and been trying to leave since 2008 but thank goodness now I have the chance to leave. My kid's father been trying to get me to stay, I said to him, "Have you lost your mind?" lol.

BIG I: 5th Sep 2011 - 06:05 GMT

im really am starting to dislike jacksonville aloT!!!! majority of ppl rude as hell,i know theirs rude people everywhere,but in jacksonville they make it a point to be rude... jobs suck,jea sucks(too high on prices,people suck(majority),women suck (conceited as hell) majority are... flori-duh sucks in general... should of stayed my but in chi-town... peace every one.

f this place: 13th Sep 2011 - 12:36 GMT

jacksonville aka toilet town= cleveland of the south

hostile idiots + expensive everything + poor city leadership + awful schools + brown oceans from all the shit dumped in it + sprawl sprawl and more sprawl = jacksonville florida

its not even worth a visit

JM1775: 15th Sep 2011 - 02:14 GMT

As a military brat and prior Marine, I have lived/been all over the US and the world, and I must say that Jacksonville, FL is the first place I've lived that actually made me uncomfortable in my own skin. I'm a half-black/asian and I've never felt more self-conscious anywhere than I do here. I always used to joke that as a half-breed I've experienced more racism from blacks and asians than from whites (which was actually true)... that was until I moved here. It's pretty sad that a city in the U.S. can make someone, who's lived his life for his country and it's people, feel unwanted or even hated. I was at a store at Jax Beach a couple weeks ago with my wife (who is Japanese) and even she noticed how the staff would follow me around and watch me. It's funny that now as a security contractor I love going to Afghanistan, Iraq, and other places I can't mention and feel perfectly at ease, but not in my own country. I'm the first guy that would tell you that there is most definitley a difference between an actually racist, and someone who comes off as a racist on the surface, when in fact you just haven't earned their trust or respect, but Jacksonville is the only place where I would actually WANT signs posted on restaurants/shops/etc. that say no colored people so I'd know not to give those people my money. That being said, the black people here are no better. I've never seen so many whiney blacks in my life, it's pathetic. All they seem to do is play the race card when things don't go their way, but then again... this is Jacksonville. It's funny all the friends I've made here in the past year are immigrants, and they seem to understand what America's all about more than so called "Americans." I am actually planning to buy a house here soon, since I hear that the U.S. Navy will be moving it's Norfolk, VA fleet here. With more military family infusion, maybe Jacksonville, will finally break it's close minded attitude(s).

JM1775: Problem solved... moved to Green Cove Springs.

J-ville4life: 9th Oct 2011 - 22:39 GMT

i have lived in jacksonville for 28 years and i have only two things to say. Fuck yall who dont like it here and jville is dangerous,but dont be a bitch!

J-ville4life=moran: 10th Oct 2011 - 09:43 GMT

J-ville4life is a prime example of the rude ass people that make up Jacksonville. Think of running into people like him at just about every place you go in Jax and you about have the picture. What a moran.

boredofjville: 13th Oct 2011 - 13:20 GMT

jville for life lol... 28 yrs in jacksonville,and all you have to say is fuck y'all who don't like it and jville is dangerous don't be a bitch...what will you say in 28 more years (idiot)--- when you got a punk like you , trying to rob you?

JM1775: 26th Oct 2011 - 02:19 GMT

Oh yeah J-ville4life, you are a prime example of why I hate this city. Plain ignorance. "Fuck ya'll who don't like it here" = I've never lived anywhere but here, and "jville is dangerous, but don't be a bitch!" I would encourage you to come on one of my business trips to Africa, the Middle East, and South America, and we'll se who the bitch is when your in face to face combat with a drug cartel, AQ, or AS. It's not that I'm a bitch, I just hate ignorant idiots who are back on the same block they were born in and have never done anything with their meaningless lives, and I don't want ignorant ass people around my family. Have a nice day.

I lived in Jax: 30th Oct 2011 - 08:24 GMT

I lived in Jacksonville for 34 years before moving to Indiana then Moved to Chicago. I was born and raised there and am honestly ashamed of telling people I am from Jacksonville. Most times I tell people I am from Miami. I am moving back to Florida next summer however I am moving to south Florida and will never step foot inside duval county again.

Jacksonville is a horrible place to live. I never knew what life had to offer before leaving Jacksonville however I cannot continue to live in a cold climate so I have chosen to return to Florida. I plan on spending my summers in Indiana and Winters in South Fl.

Folks, Jacksonville is not anything you would ever want to get involved with. I attended 8 schools while growing up and I was frightened at each school. I was robbed at gunpoint in my twenties and arrested twice because of pure hearsay. After living up here now for a number of years, I have mostly lost my accent but when I spoke with my cousin on the phone a few weeks ago, I was shocked at how he spoke to me.

There is nothing on this earth that would entice me to move back to Jacksonville and if you are a military family that is planning on moving to Jacksonville you should seriously heed my warning. If you have children and plan to move to Jacksonville, don't.

If you are a single female and are planning on moving to Jacksonville. Don't
If you are a business person thinking of moving your business to Jacksonville. Don't
If you are a recent retiree planning on moving to Jacksonville. Don't

This is not a joke. Jacksonville is a very dangerous place to live. If you live in Jacksonville and want to move away, get out. There are places that are not like Jacksonville and people actually care about one another.

To the thugsters and wanna be gang fags who torment honest people in Jacksonville.. GFYS!

brie: 5th Nov 2011 - 16:53 GMT

i have lived in jacksonville for 5 years now. i hate it.its boring there is so much crime and there is nothing to do if u are under 21 or if you dont like to drink. yes there are things like bowling and ice skating but those things cost so much and when u get there the ice skates are falling apart the shoes at the bowling allie are disgusting and there is no variety when it comes to food. i have lived in st.johns county which is a bubble and hides the true crappiness of jville.i moved to the beaches which the only thing to do is go to the bars. and im only 19. its aweful to live in a place that has no true diversity other than black assholes who shoot ppl and white trash rednecks who shoot animals and embarrass the human race. i have tried for years to find something positive about Jacksonville but there really is nothing. the city is littered with crime. the downtown looks nice but is just a mess with violence. the landing is a crappy place that never has anything going on.there are small places that used to be nice but not anymore. they close down anything that has any interesting thingsgoing on and they wonder why there is so much violence. boredome and complacency breed violence and young teen drug abuse and pregnancy. maybe jacksonville should try to cleen up the city rather than waste tax payers dollars constaintly fixing roads that dont need to be fixed. i hate this place and cant wait to get the hell out of this shit hole.

Dr Tom: 15th Dec 2011 - 18:38 GMT

I lived in the Jacksonville area for five years. IT SUCKS for sure. Hotter than hell most of the time,lots of crime and rednecks. IT's basically south Georgia, which is often joked about. The worst are the Christian assholes. The big churchs run everything. When I lived there, in a city of almost a million people with an NFL team, you could not buy or rent an adult video because of those pricks. Glad to be gone from that fuck hole.

boredofjville: jacksonville suks indefinately...

boredofjville: jacksonville suks indefinately...

boredofjville: jacksonville suks indefinately...

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boredofjville: jacksonville suks indefinately...

boredofjville: jacksonville suks indefinately...

boredofjville: jacksonville suks indefinately...

GRITSouthPacific: 10th Mar 2012 - 04:00 GMT

Every person who grew up in Jacksonville, loves their people and memories. Ignorance is bliss. There is plenty to DO in j-ville...from the river to the ocean to the road rage and trashy females...It's just that people from here don't know any better. Yes, home is where you make it, and you can PLAN on FINDING things to do in Jacksonville, but, venture out into the wilderness called LIFE and go to a place where you don't have to PLAN ANYTHING, or DRIVE ANYWHERE to have a blast. This town is perfect for it's all means...why would these people go anywhere else? This place is made for them? :)

Lenetta: 12th Apr 2012 - 22:54 GMT

Everyone saying 'get off your computer and get a life' needs to shut up. I've lived in this sorry excuse for a city all my life and there Is INDEED nothing to do here. Unless you go to the beach, the malls, the landing, the libraries, adventure landing, and all their sorry major and minor league teams, there's nothing to do here. To make matters worse, neither me nor my parents have a car, we're poor, AND to go to some places in this city, you have to have money. That includes money for the stupid JTA buses. Try being young, jobless, carless and friendless in such a spacious (also self centered, boring and rude) city. Then you'll be complaining as much as me. Jacksonville sucks, and so will the extra sorry Jacksonville jaguars.

stuck in hell: 19th Apr 2012 - 00:48 GMT

i really dont think st. augustine is that much different. It sucks balls as well. If you aren't from here its like the whole freaking town is out to get you. since i have not joined the baptist church. that is like a death wish. Been here about two years and been fired from 3 jobs. It is just not fun. the only real beautiful thing is the beach. other than that, i don;t know.

Eric: 23rd Apr 2012 - 23:25 GMT

Jacksonville is just exactly what you expect from it!If you look at it expecting to see no options or excitment, then that's wht you'll see.( glass half empty mentality)but if you see it for the promise and possibility that it has,then that too is what you'll find.Compare it to nothing,make it be all you need,look for it!! It's out there!!

boredofjacksonville: 31st May 2012 - 21:23 GMT

i want to take this time ,and retract all my negative comments i ve done here in the past, i was the one of may to put all the blame on a city ,when it was my own fault, i never realized it til now that im going thru a sickness that was brought on by my dr and my error, details, i fell into the benzodiazopene hole, i was getting sick for the last couple of months in and out of hospitals, for at the time i thought i was dying, on april 12,2012 i went and picked a primary , i told him what happened to me, he goes and prescribes me 1mg of alprazolam 3 times a day , i would take one or two, may 14th i thought i was hving a heart attack ,ambulance rushed me to memorial, stood two days, their a male nurse nurse told me about benzos, i go home throw about 30 pills away ,i go into withdrawal, omg !! i had to rescue 4 pills from garbage .. the rest disintergrated,may 18 th go to dr he wont see me i get a physicician asistant she prescribes me clonozopam 1 mg twice a day to wean down and paxil,well i throw paxils in toilet...andd i took clonozepan, ,this pill made me stutter walk funny,etc, so i started to break the pill in 4 pieces and eliminate a piece every 3 days, i go to see dr on 25 he sees me , he says i havent used too long to be adicted i told him,im not addicted i want off, but the physical is addicted, so i tell him give me 0.5 miligrams he does, wow how easy was that... now i took the 0.5 cut it in 4 pieces,and im taking the equivalent of .00125, these benzos are real bad, and everytime i change doses i get reactions , but i wanna get off tis hell drug , moral of story .. i been at home alot i can barely drive, i get more anxious with pills, barely sleep 4 hrs a day,i cant work , i cant enjoy life ,i 've been calling out to god ,jesus, and i feel much better,but iwish i can just enjoy the little things i complained about in jacksonville, so let me end this by saying praise god and jesus for everything we have, we create our enjoyments in life so why suffer complaining about something you can control now.. until ur put in a situation like mine.. meaning enjoy life no matter what give thx for the little things, because god forbid ,it could be much worse, like its going for me,so praise god always, pray for me,and the ppl that dont have an option at the moment to do what you do.. god bless us all, thk you and enjoy life..

@Boredofjacksonville: 31st May 2012 - 22:31 GMT

Dafuk did I just read there man lol You need to get back on those pills cause Jacksonville still sucks brother. Amen.

joedsavage: 5th Jun 2012 - 05:18 GMT

Northeast Florida in general is a joke. I've read the majority of people's comments here and brother,they're not telling a lie.Only things I can add regarding this area of the state is just a few suggestions for the state officials and they are: #1 The official Northeast Florida Symbol should be a Pickup Truck with giant Mudder wheels. #2 The Official language should be Trash/Ghetto. #3 The NE Florida Official bird should be a Beer Can. I could probably continue but I've been here too long and my brain cells are tired and dying from inactivity.I've probably got typo's all over this comment but hey--like the majority of the people in this area---I DON'T GIVE A SHIT.

joedsavage: 5th Jun 2012 - 05:30 GMT

Aw what the hell,here's more: Official Color should be Camouflage. Official Economic Symbol should $0.00 The picture for Miss NE Florida should be a 300 pounder with Two Teeth. And last but not least---The Official Government office should be located in a newly opened Wal-Mart.

JustineCase: 9th Jun 2012 - 19:47 GMT

I've lived in Jacksonville for 14 years....its one hell of a sucky city for sure. Full of racist bitter old people, and there's NOTHING to do. OK, we have jacksonville beach, and the zoo.....and the MOSH???

Anywherebuthere: 3rd Jul 2012 - 14:05 GMT

Do not move to's why:

EDUCATION - Horrible education system in Duval county. Having lived in about 6 different states I can tell you the education system is on par with New Orleans (at least from 76-80). The schools used to be much better here, now they are all pretty much ghetto schools. Most people who move here are advised to live in St. John's county for educational purposes, but now even those schools are becoming overcrowded and it is just a matter of time before they closely match the poor education here in Duval. I am homeschooling my daughter and will homeschool my other daughter as well. The biggest reason is because of the poor education she'd receive, the next biggest reason is because of the education she'd receive from her peers! Of course if you have the money you can put your child in a private school or a Christian school, but they have their own problems and again education seriously lacks in most of these schools and the costs are prohibitive to most wage earners in Jax. Most of the people here are a product of their poor education system here (my husband is just one of those lucky people born with a brain) so making friends or having an intelligent conversation or hell, even reading this site, is a real pain. I stumble through Christianese which is EVERYWHERE here, and practically suffocate while trying to read some of these posts here. I have never met so many uneducated people in one place which creates a very lonely atmosphere for us.

RELIGION - If you are not a part of a church here you will not have much of a social life. I was a part of a church here for the first time in my life. I am no longer a part of that church and even though I have not put their religion down I do not hear from any of those people anymore. If you are not active in the church they are not your friend. And how can you be active in a church where most of the people there are football junkies (my mistake was joining a church founded by many of the Jag football players...I did not know at the time anything about this church). My experience was great when I first started going but once I saw through the facade and visited the pastor's wife at their house in a gated community I rapidly became uninvolved. Not to mention most of the church going people here (aside from Catholic/Episcopalian) think the world is around 6000 years old. I find this to be a problem when actually EDUCATING a child. I am actually going to have to quit a homeschool group I joined because at some point my child is going to crush another child's whole world view because it is a Christian based homeschool group.

CRIME - My husband's best friend is a police officer here so I know all about the crime here. It is horrible. I fear for my life a lot of times. I hate shopping by myself with my 5 year old because I am ALWAYS approached for money no matter what side of town I'm on. Of course my husband thinks I'm just making this stuff up since he never gets approached. Now, what bum do you know that would approach a man with no hair and a goatee that looks like he could pummel you? Yeah, no they just approached the women with children who they think are too afraid to tell them to get the hell away. I'm not afraid to tell them that which has caused many a homeless person to cuss me out in front of my child. My husband who has been a staunch defender of our neighborhood since he's lived here for 32 years got a wake up call when we went to take our daughter to swimming lessons at his old high school (Englewood) just 2 minutes up the road from us. He was accosted with the sight of decay and dilapidation. On our way home someone had brought a shopping cart to our street and left it out in front of their house. I don't think I have to tell him anymore that we live in the ghetto and that us being victims of crime is imminent. We recently trekked out to St. John's county and saw a whole other side of Jacksonville. So if we had about $300,000 we could live in a much nicer less crime ridden area, but then there is still that lack of education and backwards religious thinking to contend with.

FAMILY LIFE - There is not much for children here in Jax. I can only presume that is because everyone here is involved in church activities. The hands on children's museum is the biggest joke ever, especially if you've ever been to one in a major city like Atlanta. It is dirty and disgusting and most things are just donated there. The same with the Mosh in so far as dirty and old. I actually used to work there so I know what I'm talking about. There are, of course, the beaches..and St. Augustine. And that's where the fun ends. I think when a lot of people on here say there is nothing to do here it is more that they have already done what there is to do and there is no depth to it more so because the people in Jax have no real depth to themselves. You can go to a beach a million times but if you run into the same plastic people or thugs or homeless people every single time Jacksonville becomes a place where there's not much to do because you don't want to leave your house and run into these people again. I have never seen a town so full of children that offers very little for them to do unless it's involving a church of course!

CULTURAL/MUSIC - Pretty much most people are dead on that have discussed this already. We have a modern art museum downtown which is nice but you have to wade through the mountains of homeless people to get to it and it is right next to the biggest library offering the most programs. So I am suppose to take my 5 year old daughter and my 3 month old daughter down to the downtown library to participate in their French story time by myself, eh? Count on it. The Cummer is another nice museum, but again both of these places offer such little space to children you would get bored if you went more than twice a year. So then there is the zoo...again bored after a few visits. There is not much here to do during the summer either unless you like to roast. I can take my daughter to the one and only ice rink here in a VERY bad part of town, a mere 5 minutes from where I reside, and that's it. Even that rink is junky because everyone in this town is into football. Football Football Football. Holy God!!!! Ok, so there are a few nice restaurants here. Bistro Aix, BB's, Biscotti's. There you go..there they are. We have all the typical chain restaurants you could want and I do enjoy some of those but it is hard to find any really good non-chain restaurants here. And for the younger crowd, well I didn't have much of a problem here in my 20's. They had the Milk Bar where the Pixies wimped out and left because the crowd was so overzealous! We hung out at Sherwood's and drank and went to the beach and St. Augustine. I was newly arrived in Jax so I had plenty to do as a singleton back then, but after about 2 years here I was ready to move...that was 18 years ago. So I understand the frustration of the younger crowd.

So to recap, do not move here if you have a family or if you are young and single, or if you are elderly. NOT move here. If we could afford to move we would.

Anywherebuthere: 3rd Jul 2012 - 15:16 GMT

I forgot to mention the RACE RELATIONS up in the previous post. Yes there is racism on both sides here so much so that it is quite shocking if you come down here from up north. Rednecks and thugs on both sides of the card. People wonder why so many in the south are "conservative" and it's because down here we see first hand the abuse of welfare programs. We see the lazy people of all colors, but mostly black doing as little as possible to ensure keeping their government money. Bosnians, Russians, Albanians, Mexicans and rednecks make up the other half of government program abusers. Of course there are exceptions to this but they are few and far between. I was shocked when my then future in-laws (when I first moved down here) constantly said horrible things about black people but now I understand why they were saying it. It makes me sad that there is truth to some of the things they say because I have lived in mostly black communities where they are NOTHING like they are here. I've lived in communities where people are just people...this place is just crazy and so backwards. I think even when black or ethnic people move here from other states they are shocked too and are pulled into a racist world where they have to deny the white man in order to have any kind of a social life here. There are the exceptions as I've said, but only few and mostly professionals such as doctors that don't fall prey to this. The educational systems plays a very big part (government and family education) of why racism is such an issue here. I can only assume the one person who mentioned they had no clue about the racism problem here was either completely blind to what was going on around here or is very young and on the right side of town where they live in a bubble.

Marc: 11th Jul 2012 - 18:16 GMT

LMAO, I thought I was the only one who didn't like it here. I've rewritten this twice and it's not worth explaining myself lol. I agree with 90% of the post on here and the Jax defenders crack me up. It's not the city I have a problem with its the people like you! Look,I'm from Boca Raton and if there was a website dedicated to people trash talking it and saying how rich & stuck up it is there etc. I would totally agree with you but what I find even more funny is you people here are just as or more stuck up than S Fl people. Why would you even google I hate Jacksonville if you love it soooo much? I find it sad that so many other people had to google it to figure out if it was just us who felt this way but wow, we all say the same things.. Hmmm. Can't be Jax. it's gotta be us lol

Carol: 19th Jul 2012 - 21:50 GMT

I find it funny that most people who defend Jacksonville grew up there. Well, DUH!!! As Dorothy said on the Wizard of Oz, "There's No Place Like Home." Most people are going to defend their hometowns, it takes someone brave who grew up there to speak up!!

Wished I Never Moved Here: 25th Jul 2012 - 05:20 GMT

To Anywherebuthere....I agree with everything you've posted on here. The only thing keeping me in this horrible place is my job. I also would move if I could afford to. I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the Religion thing. I'm not religious and don't go to church and it is close to impossible to find friends here. Once people find out I don't go to church it's like I become invisible to them....they completely ingnore me. Very closed minded hypocrites in this town.

Aggro74: 7th Aug 2012 - 05:44 GMT

Been in Jville since June 09 and gotta say there truly is a dreary, dreadful kinda vibe here. Im currently living in the Downtown area by the Winn Dixie and cringe everytime I have to step outside my Apartment to that shit smell of the coffee factory along with the zombie like creatures shuffling around begging for some random amount of money..which is never a round number like 50 cents or a dollar its always.."ayy der honeychild how u be?? i be needin a dolla sixty foe(4) to get da ress of of da money i be needin foe (for) my cab fare..ya heard??" So yea that can get pretty damn old in a hurry..After the cabfare lady I might run into a nice little interaction w a stumbling drunk asshole who reaks a combination of shit, garbage, urine, and body odor( you can imagine the foulness along with this intelligent and sophisticated question this hobo is about to present me) ..Before he can ask me for a dollar I quickly turn the tables to ask him for a dollar and a smoke..then I wait for that priceless look of confusion and frustration mixed w sadness and defeat..So I usually will try to lift his spirits by YELLING "O WOW 5 dollars!!!as Im pointing at a Winn Dixie reciept in the Middle of busy State Street during rush hour traffic just hoping the stinky bastard might snap re act and go running after it..Hey what do you want from me!! I do it out of kindness..what can I say? Im a Humanitarian..Anyways just hoping I can get to class without anymore run ins w the Natives.. But what really Aggrivates me is that this shit pile city kinda turned me racist.. Ive never been that kind of person in my life till I moved to Jacksonville. Before I never spent anytime what so ever thinking about race of any kind..It just never crossed my mind. I always looked at people as either Stand up, Cool, Classy, Responsible people of character, morals, and values OR Dickhead Assholes who tear down society and try to make life miserable for people who have a positive impact on the community..In Jacksonville everything seems to be race based and at least in my experiences hear Ive witnessed wayyy more racism towards white people than I have towards black people. Just to let you know I also lived on Beach Blvd, 4th Street south on the beach, and the Ive been around more considered "white" areas than I have "black" areas like I currently am living Downtown.. Always hearing Cracker this Cracker that.. gettin mean mugged and cussed for no reason..constantly hearing complaints and bitching that the black man be kept down cause the white devil..Ive heard a few white people hear and there say that nigger blah blah blah but Ive heard way more racial shit coming from the blacks.The thing with me is that Im more of a characterist and seems to me not many afros in Jacksonville have much if any character at all. I never hear a black dude stand up and admit when hes wrong.. the mentality here is im gonna get mines..and i fuckin hate that shit!! The color of the skin doesnt mean shit to me its the character of the man//for me personally I hate using the term nigger just like I hate hearing cracker..Its only natural for any human being to start having a little distane towards a group or a race if they are always hating on you when they dont even know you..Thats the bottom line they hate me cause Im white and Fucking proud!!Im just over this dumb fucking narrow minded town..just level it to make room for a new landfill

Aggro74: 7th Aug 2012 - 18:49 GMT

Oh yea one other little thing...Dont EVER go to the Burger King Downtown especially the white man!! Went in there cause I was pressed on time, starving, and no other options (so I rolled the dice) to of course the nasty ass smell of body odor and piss..As a full staff of black employees either on their cell phones or talking about where "dey gonna get dey nails dun" blah blah ect..saw me standing at the register waiting to put in my of course they continue to chat w each other and talk on the cell phone letting the customer wait..every now and then the dark skinned fellows cooking the food would walk up front to see if it might be "one dey homies" but of course see me and continue to mean mug w that stupid fuckin scowl on their face..I just wanna grab em by their big fuckin babboon lips and shove their fuckin head in the fryer..but I still try to smile and remain positive which I truly am 90% of the time until Im around Jacksonville people the reamaining 10%..Thats what Jacksonville will do to you..It will turn a nice happy non racist full of life and passionate person.. to a typical local resident: angry, frustrated, depressed, full of spite, jealousy, hating when a good thing happens to you, ect........anyway back to downtown BK.when I do finally get my food its cold..cheese unmelted,tomato and lettuce w a slimy texture which completely is discusting..even the damn fountain drinks are gross.flat the hell do you fuck up on fountain drinks..o well..because im so hungry and short on time( i actually apply myself by working and going to school)..i force it down and after always feel unsure of what foreign substance could of possibly been added to food..then feel ill like my body is fighting something!! How DOES ONE CITY LIKE JACKSONVILLE MANAGE TO GET THE SHITTIEST PEOPLE ON THE PLANET INTO ONE CITY..NOT JUST LOCALLY BUT PPL MOVING HERE?? I mean just think about the odds alone..most ppl here are truly bottom of the barrell!! One last thing:::: TO ALL AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE WHO LIVE OUTSIDE OF JACKSONVILLE FL;; PLEASE HAVE A SERIOUS SIT DOWN W THE BLACK PEOPLE IN JACKSONVILLE!! THEY ARE GIVING YOUR PEOPLE AND RACE A BAD NAME;;I KNOW MOST AFRICAN AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE DECENT NON RACIST HARD WORKING AND SELF SUSTAINING PEOPLE. I MEAN IF YOU CAN TAKE THE WORST POSSIBLE CHARACTERISTICS OF A HUMAN BEING( PRETTY MUCH ALL 7 OF THE DEADLY SINS AND THEN SOME) AND ROLLED INTO ONE KIND OF PERSON IT WOULD BE THE BLACKS WHO RESIDE IN DUUUUUUUUVAAAAAALLL.. fuck em

JP40: 14th Aug 2012 - 00:05 GMT

Dam Aggro!! Hahaha..Isn't that the truth.Well said typed whatever..but I agree 100%. This town sucks..bottom line: race, traffic, violence, mentality, aids, rapists, pedophyles, just bottom barrel people all manage to live here. Another thing that annoys me are those stupid fuckin stuck up college age whores who drive around on they're cell phones putting peoples lives at risk..they will almost hit you with their beamer cedes or whatever then honk their horn and flip you off w this look like how dare I breathe and happen to stop at the stop sign at proper stopping point while she turns way too early and fast and cuts across my lane almost hitting me and a kid on a bike..and we just happen to interrupt her phone call about what dude stretched out her asshole out on Friday night. As well as the nigger drivers ..which I would love to have a missile launcher when those stupid fuckin niggers drive by with some no talent shit garbage rap blasting with their crap nigger rigged system so its always rattling in they nigger houpties..Jacksonville does have some sorry niggers that live here. Well those apes will also put your life at risk when they drive..if your walking they will not stop for you if anything speed up..I'm used to civilized people /always white people/ when whites drive they stop for you..wave u through know normal civilized human behavior..but not the niggers in jville..on the other hand when I'm driving and a niggers crossing the street he shoots you a glare as he walks as slooooow as the animal kingdom allows..well I feel better..its nice to vent on this page..alalyze your behavior negros..grow up ..quit bitching..quit blaming the whites for your shitty up...take fault when u were wrong and us humans will welcome you with open arms and say welcome to civilization

Aggro74: 19th Aug 2012 - 20:57 GMT

The difference is JP is that I do not want to be racist..I hate it..Thats NOT who I am that NOT who I want to be!! There is alot of African American people that I look up to and respect..When I typed previous comment I was having a frustrating day and took it out on Jville and the African American people..Point is all of us in general have to have inner peace and happiness or it wont matter where we live. Jville has its nice spots and horrible spots like any other city in US and just have to focus on blessings and nice areas with positive people no matter what race. I wish I could take back my hateful comments cause its not me..its my serenity and spirituality that needs work and just to focus on how to make me a better person. Also there really is alot of great people here in JVille just have to look for them..Is there better cities w more to do,less crime ectt..YES..but just have to make the best of where we are in our current life and if were not happy..make a change

brooklynlogic: 29th Aug 2012 - 04:09 GMT

I was trying to learn something about Jacksonville because I have to visit family there, but I am now profoundly dumber for having read these comments.
Thank you, you fucking morons.

JP40: 29th Aug 2012 - 06:22 GMT

Your Best logic is to stay the fuck in Brooklyn dipshit

anon ( 15th Sep 2012 - 05:25 GMT

Call for fuck 9042488461

stukinjax: 17th Sep 2012 - 19:32 GMT

i just wanna know why are the majority of ppl rude in fl..especially jacksonville.. i am polite and friendly but alot of ppl are so freakin rude.. i mean theirs rudeness in other cities but its more frequent heree .. and dont say its the yankess its the locals too.. whats the problem.. i know the economy is bad.. but fl always was behind other cities.. even the women in jacksonville seem stuk up..

@stukinjax: 18th Sep 2012 - 02:23 GMT

But it is the northerners, who stopped here as soon as they crossed the state line and said "good enough;. It's ALSO the fact that Jax is about the perfect storm for stupid/rude people anywhere. Besides the Yankee's you have the Jar head military that get stationed here from all over the country, so basically all the dregs that cant find work anywhere else and 'join up' get sent here. Add to that the dumb ass redneck population resentful of the blacks/northerners here and the blacks resentful of the rednecks and other whites and you get a shitstorm of epic proportions in Jax. This place absolutely sucks.

stukinjax: so what category are you in?

stukinjax: so what category are you in?

@stukinjax: The 'getmethefuckouttahere' catagory.

stukinjax: 6th Oct 2012 - 22:25 GMT

list all the things that you dislike about jacksonville fl, and this is to all that visit this site .. i am curious.. and i wonder where each and every one of you that do comment .would say where you think you would be happiest to live.. for me its a toss up between chicago or san francisco..

stukinjax: 6th Oct 2012 - 22:25 GMT

list all the things that you dislike about jacksonville fl, and this is to all that visit this site .. i am curious.. and i wonder where each and every one of you that do comment .would say where you think you would be happiest to live.. for me its a toss up between chicago or san francisco..

seeingitself: 21st Oct 2012 - 04:38 GMT

Jacksonville is full of rednecks & hicks, & is one of the most racial crime-ridden cities I have ever had the displeasure to have to grow up in. It is still run via 'good ole boys' fundamentalist xtian racist airhead zombie mentality. I grew up here unfortunately & I have nothing good to say about this town, if I didn't have a good job here I would have left long ago. The place is also a cultural wasteland, a waste of space. Do yourself a great favor & avoid this backassward city.

stanlryword : 24th Oct 2012 - 07:44 GMT

Jacksonville is a boring city to be in I'm experiencing it for myself been here since Sept 2004 up until now to be honest I had nothing but neglect,and negativity brought against me.This city affects me so badly that I stress so badly.I feel I have so much bad luck living here.I had a few relatives on my dad side that moved here now they changed on me.Now that I live here my dad changed he act like he don't care about his only son now.Thats why I say fuck Jaksonville with so much animosity i hope this city fall one day if it do I wouldn't feel bad.Honestly Jacksonville is not a real city its a redneck island resort

stukinjax: 26th Oct 2012 - 02:50 GMT

wow .. last two comments deep.. i too feel like last two comments..its crazy..

stanlryword : 30th Oct 2012 - 07:11 GMT

this is how I can put it alot of us that live in Jacksonville,and hate it with a passion we want to move but we are not able so we just have to deal with it while we can right now.I can't stand this city for nothing in the world thats just how I feel plus they got a sorry NFL team that don't need to be here they need to be moved out this city.

stukinjax: 1st Nov 2012 - 20:06 GMT

is it just me or does anybody think the women are concieted here.. in jax

antiJ: 6th Nov 2012 - 05:17 GMT

Jacksonvilles native population is actually even more intolerant than your average Southern Redneck. Especially against Europeans, probably because they realize that atheism is gaining ground in Europe. I am a combat veteran who served in the Marines and I still had to deal with racist comments due to my foreign accent in this city. And Yes the women in Jacksonville are stuck up, more than likely this is because there are a lot more young males vs young females in Jacksonville as a result of its large military concentration. Thus even a below average looking girl can afford to act stuck up in Jax...

stanlryword : 9th Nov 2012 - 19:10 GMT

They have the worst football team in NFL history ever invented they can't win not one home game they play the worst teams,and get beat.Not only that the people here turn their back on them speaking of that they was suppose to be moved out of Jacksonville to Los Angeles.What happened?You get this Dennis the menace type guy from the middle east to buy the Jaguars now he is losing way more money than he spent on this team.$750,000,000 is what he spent but now he's losing way more money now.Well you can ask him was it really worthed.If it was me I would have brought a different NFL team.

Marc: 28th Nov 2012 - 21:18 GMT

Ha, posted on here months ago and the hate list is still growing. Glad to know it's really not just me who feels this way. I am stuck here as well because of my job but I moved down to the World Golf Village and I like it. It's too slow and really boring but the people are nice and wave hi..comfortable suburb life. I still head up to Jax on the weekends when I want to go out. It kills me everytime but I do it because I can't be a recluse. I am single in my early 30's, have a great job, nice car, house and I'm pretty good looking. Not to be cocky! Yet I can't meet a classy lady in this town for the life of me. Where are they hiding? I always meet the party for life, stuck up or 21 yr old with 2 kids type.

stukinjax: lol @ marc .. so true man...

Marc: 29th Nov 2012 - 11:56 GMT

antij's comment is spot on about Jax women being stuck up because of all the young Navy/Marine guys being here. These women have all the attention they could ever ask for and then some. Even the 2's & 3's think they are high class 10's.

Marc: 29th Nov 2012 - 12:18 GMT

Thanks stukinjax lol.. So just to add to my point, I was out Saturday night and was chatting with a girl I know about how Jax sucks. Her friend heard us talking and jumped in the conversation to defend Jax (imagine that). I explained how hard it is to meet people here and she said it's not hard, I have lots of friends, it must be you! I laughed at her for being so funny and asked if she was from here and she said yes. I told her of coarse you have friends, this is your hometown and everyone from here stays in their little circles from high school. She started to give me a attitude so I walked away. 20 min later the girl I know came over to say sorry for her friends behavior. I said no worries, oh and where did she run off to? She said she left with some MARRIED guy she just met. I said what!!??? She met and left with a married guy she met 20 min ago! Her reply was well he said he wasn't happily married. lmafo. Welcome to Jacksonville!!

stukinjax: 30th Nov 2012 - 06:47 GMT

typical hoodrat lol,i know what you mean man about the women here, have you tried orlando or miami yet? i got much love when i went down their.. jax got too many dudes wooing,fighting and begging these women.. i have mad respect and know how to treat a lady but when it comes down to the women in jax its a needle in a haystick.. their has to be good ones man . its just exhausting seperating the hoodrats,stuck-ups,and the ones that are in cliques.. i like my mid-west,up north types..i guess when they are form here or move down here they get pumpkin-heads..

Plenty of bad and few good things: 2nd Dec 2012 - 21:54 GMT

We are stuck here too due to finances. There are so very few CLEAN attractions for families that are not located a GREAT DISTANCE away.. everything is disorganized. We come from San Diego which is a pretty well laid out town compared to Jax. I also feel the intolerance between the races is pretty thick here. Its not so much violent, but I have seen almost one party from each imaginable race act intolerant to another race FOR NO EARTHLY REASON. Very sad.

There are two families with developmentally disabled children in my neighborhood and both kids are shunned by the other kids as well. My observation is that there are pockets of "cliques" like mentioned earlier. I think we are stuck in a pretty ignorant neighborhood because there is better reception of special needs kids in other parts of the town. A couple issues that I see more tolerance in (compared to the West coast) is that women are nicer to each other here and also heavier people are not outwardly made fun of or shunned here like is sometimes seen on the West coast. Pray for this place to evolve!

the woods and trees: 18th Dec 2012 - 07:24 GMT

Jacksonville is the biggest city in America yeah right this place is too country its like the bigger version of the woods in Georgia,and Alabama.You can't even compare Jacksonville to a real major city.

Help: 16th Jan 2013 - 02:44 GMT

F inancially bankrupt
U neducated hicks
C rime ridden hoodrats
K ooks and wackos

J ackasses and morons
A bsolute wasteland
C lassless dickheads
K kk feels at home
S hitty drivers

Help: 16th Jan 2013 - 02:48 GMT

Anyone care to complete above?? Im sure y!!!!ou'll be able to think of something!!

big i: 16th Jan 2013 - 16:14 GMT

wow help you really dislike jville.. i understand.. i been here going on 8 yrs and have my moments.. but i love my church.. and it could be worse.. jville is not perfect but nowhere really im thinking on my part was to change me.. i was the one with the problem..god bless.

Cort: 22nd Feb 2013 - 05:06 GMT

I live in Jacksonville FL and this is the most boring city I've ever been to in my life. I mean besides the beaches there is nothing to do here, plus I hate the weather the heat is just way too much for me. I cant wait for my mom to finish her board exams we came from London and now she wants to work here in the U.S. as a medical doctor as well. I cant wait till she finishes because then we may get to move to Seattle, WA. I mean the city itself isn't child friendly there's to many lazy black people that wont get off there butts and work and that's coming from someone that's black as well. it really disappoints seeing my own race sitting back not doing anything but receiving government money. not only that but there's to many high school drop outs, I don't see how a parent can sit there and let their child drop out of high school, I don't understand because my family isn't brought up that way all of my family members are either Medical Doctors or Engineers. I mean how hard is it to go to school for a couple of years to live the best life you can as posible

I am leaving : 27th Feb 2013 - 17:56 GMT

I am planning to leave here after being here for 6 months.. and I have some points for anyone planning to move.

-People have kids in their early 20's (that's not a bad thing... but for me I couldn't relate since I want to wait for my 30's)
-People who like JAX are the ones who were born/raised here or moved here with family
-No young professionals around - everyone my age (mid 20's) are all working in bars, publix, gyms etc... I don't see any corporate young professionals
-I went out to 4 - 5 bars/clubs one night when my friend visited. No good looking people around downtown or rivermarket area
-There are good looking people around the beaches, but they are kids in high school so that doesn't help
-No Art or culture - I miss my cocktail parties back home and I am from the MIDWEST!!
-Very hard water

Bottom Line: There is no "Vibe" here. My good friend/co-worker just left and he was saying the same thing. Life is more than just having kids, going home after work and watching TV. I feel like JAX is great for people with roots here, but for the new comers we feel left out... I usually never feel lonely and I find friends easily, but this place is so hard for me when I can't even find someone my age with the same level of income. This pass month, I feel like my life stopped completly since everytime I try to go out I realize that energy isn't there in the air!
Sorry for the rant...

Read through and wanted to highlight these points

1)Aggro74: 7th Aug 2012 - 05:44 GMT
Been in Jville since June 09 and gotta say there truly is a dreary, dreadful kinda vibe here.

2) I was out Saturday night and was chatting with a girl I know about how Jax sucks. Her friend heard us talking and jumped in the conversation to defend Jax (imagine that). I explained how hard it is to meet people here and she said it's not hard, I have lots of friends, it must be you! I laughed at her for being so funny and asked if she was from here and she said yes. I told her of coarse you have friends, this is your hometown and everyone from here stays in their little circles from high school.

big i: 28th Feb 2013 - 22:42 GMT

@ i am leaving... im from the midwest too,and i used to be a major complainer about jax, and 8 years later im still here:) so give jax a chance ..branch out hit st augustine..orlando daytona... your at driving distance to all these great places..also switch up your vibe maybe a little .. i was so frustrated with jax so i was always negative ..but now i cant see myself back in chicago.. i love my church.. the people i meet just so appreciative for everything god has allowed me to experience.. just give it time 6 mths is too little .. take care and god bless.:)

Noah Allen: 5th Mar 2013 - 16:06 GMT

Just so you guys know, I've lived in Jacksonville my whole life. 23 years. This is a truly great and inspiring city. You can achieve a lot of great accomplishments. If you enjoy band,you can join the Jacksonville Symphony. Whoever says Jacksonville is boring,needs to step outside and LOOK! There is always events, especially at The Landing. You want friends? Well if you're living in Jacksonville you must have school or college,make friends! It's people who don't look hard enough that can't make friends,or if you're always bored. Step outside for once,and enjoy this magnificent city.

anon ( 31st Mar 2013 - 19:53 GMT

I live in oralndo and was considering taking a job in Jaxville but after reading all of these comments, I think Tampa maybe a better choice. I wanted to move to Jaxville because it was near to Savannah and Atlanta but I do want to make friends where I live too. It appears that the problem with Jacksonville is that you do not always want to drive to some other place inorder to have a good time. Guess based upon these opinion I need to revamp my future direction. I may come there for a few weekends and see what's going on prior to my final decision.

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