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New York and Atlantic Railway?

- Peter - Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 : goo

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image 31985
After several hours of riding my bike along the freight rails in , , I began looking for
an easy exit from the elevated rail-bed back down to street level. The gravel was getting increasingly
rough and daylight was fading.

image 31986
I was excited to find this stash of locomotives hidden behind the bend of the only service road
leading away from the tracks. I was doubly curious, as I had never even heard of the
. Apparently, they're a rather new short-line railroad
that has taken over minor (and comparatively infrequent) freight operations on these disused
freight tracks.

image 31987
At about this point, I was spotted by the Bull, who seemed rather perplexed as to how to approach the fact
that I was on the inside the gate zipping along his private property on my bike, snapping photos and
trying to get out while he was outside the fence on public property, trying to get in to confront me.

image 31988
So I shot only these few low-quality flicks from the hip, but am posting them here anyway in hopes
that some random or might come along that could tell me more about the

image 31989
Although these engines no longer seem to haul such cars as these, they most definitely haul the
garbage cars and back and forth between and , forming quite an
industrial little railroad.

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Luke1972: So what happened with the bull? Any grief?

Peter: 31st Mar 2009 - 13:07 GMT

no grief... more of a "hmm, i have no idea how you got in here in the first place, but you need to get the hell out..." and then the afterthought of "and whats with all the photos?" as i sped out of the place on my bike... hahaha

John56: 2nd Apr 2009 - 14:16 GMT

The New York and Atlantic was the freight arm of the Long Island Railroad until they sold it in 1997. They handle traffic from the Bush Terminals in Brooklyn, Hunterspoint and Sunnyside in Queens, connections to Long Island and the mainland. There are lots of articles on Google like this one:

Peter: 2nd Apr 2009 - 14:25 GMT

yeah, i actually linked that wiki page in the post above. i guess i was hoping for more anecdotal info ;)

Auxil Benevosoc: 6th Apr 2009 - 16:08 GMT

This is a great find. I have forwarded it to my Crossharbor RR teammates. Where in Bushwick did you ride to find this?

Peter: 6th Apr 2009 - 16:33 GMT

just along the freight tracks... whats this about the crossharbor rr?

Fred M Pohl: I like the paint scheme on the Locomotives

Auxil Benevosoc: 7th Apr 2009 - 17:41 GMT

The Cross Harbor Rail Road runs along 1st Avenue in Sunset Park and around the Bush Terminal area. Last time i was there, they owned 1 ALCO diesel electric and a second one for parts. It was privately held until last year when the Port Authority bought it. I have not heard what they are up to. The RR operated one of the last float bridges in NYC between NY and NJ using barges. It is intended that Jerry nadler's cross harbor tunnel would make the RR obsolete.

resisident: 7th Apr 2009 - 21:09 GMT

This isn't in Bushwick. far past that. This train yard is in Glendale.

Peter: 7th Apr 2009 - 23:16 GMT

fair enough. i only accessed it from the tracks, and really had no idea where i exactly was, and couldnt get a gps reading. ive edited the original post to reflect your correction.

as a bushwicker, i guess partial and try to bump it in keywords as often as possible *shrug*

pslugz: 9th Apr 2009 - 00:23 GMT

haha very ballsy i like that u didt no that was there main yard, the security booth for the whole yard is in ur first picture above that bridge, and there other security booth is to the right of where they seen u, i think unless its nite time its impossible to even past that bridge to the right towards homedepot, got yourself a good mountain bike?

Peter: 9th Apr 2009 - 00:30 GMT

its good enough to outrun the boys, if you know what i mean, hahaha... even on that big rail gravel.

Michael A. Bonano jr.: 18th Apr 2009 - 17:36 GMT

Very careless frieght liner flair guys
On April 14 at around 8:30am two frieght operators had a careless acceident by throwing a flair on my mother-in-laws property causing a fire,one week before there was another fire on the tracks,a year before that a freight worker threw a flair and it landed on the house causing damage to a house where a two familys live and a question is why do thay have to use flairs in the early morning sun filled hours,why can't they just use flags in the morning and lanterns at night.they should be a lot more carefull when using flairs before there is a major marshals had a word or two with two of the frieght workers but diden't do any good because there still using flairs,when will this stop when they hurt,kill or burn someones property down.

DUBZ CMA.WSF: 11th Feb 2010 - 17:59 GMT

I was there with 2 other writers, i got chased by some track workers and ended up running in front of a moving train, tracks arent what they used to be . -__-

Cecil Catchings: Very Interesting photos.

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