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Pilgrim State Psychiatric Center

- Sean Hopkins - Monday, March 30th, 2009 : goo

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image 31945

What's there to do on a foggy day? Explore one of Long Island's enticingly abandoned Psychiatric Centers, of course! I really hope you dig these, 'cause I narrowly escaped being arrested by a State Trooper for trespassing. This was the only roll that made it today. Unfortunately, all others were forcibly destroyed. Oh well, seems this hobby of mine is gonna get me into some trouble!

image 31946

image 31947

image 31948

image 31949

image 31950

image 31951

image 31952

image 31953

image 31954

image 31955

image 31956

image 31957

image 31958

image 31959

image 31960

image 31961

image 31962

image 31963

image 31964

image 31965

image 31966

image 31967

image 31968

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CartLegger: 30th Mar 2009 - 00:56 GMT

Thanks for taking one--and destroying more--for the team, Sean! Great of course, we need to ask if you think its worth going back?

Peter: 30th Mar 2009 - 01:13 GMT

fantastic! now i definitely want to go...

p.s: fuck the police.

Sean Hopkins: 30th Mar 2009 - 01:14 GMT

It's pretty hot over there man. There's actually a State Trooper's headquarters right nearby, which I discovered a little too late, lol.

I was snapping photos (in TMax!! I'm pissed I had to destroy those!) and Carolina is like 30 feet away from me and a trooper spotted her, came driving down the hill past her and right towards me. He was telling us he could arrest us for trespassing and I did the obligatory, "Oh, gee, I'm sory officer" bit. He told us to erase the pictures from our cameras, so therefore I had to explain that we were snapping photos with relics. He then ordered us to take out the film, that bastard.

It's a risk. However, it can be done as you can see.

Being in that building was quite a rush man, and obviously the danger of it adds to the allure.

All depends on how brave you are :)

On a safer note, Saturday April 4th there's a Ft. Totten tour.

Peter: 30th Mar 2009 - 01:22 GMT

these days, being able to quickly and unobtrusively eject/pocket a memory card without looking at the camera is a good skill to have ;) unfortunately, not so easy with film... lol.

i see the energy in your shots. no doubt you got a rush!

perhaps dusk would be a better (and more creepy) time to plan the next trip there...

Sean Hopkins: 30th Mar 2009 - 01:28 GMT

LOL yes I know man. Actually in hindsight, we were like "Damn! We shouldve just handed him a roll we hadn't shot with yet cause he probably wouldnt know the difference." Don't you love how after the fact you always think of something you SHOULD'VE done?

Dude it was DARK too! I was using my flash in there. It's a crazy combo of the darkness acting as a wall to hold you back, but the insane rush from the excitement and curiosity pushing you forward.

Peter: 30th Mar 2009 - 01:40 GMT

yeah, now you know for next time. the average person can usually outsmart the average cop, but it does take some practice and forethought, hahaha.

wow, yeah, loking back at the photos, i can see the flash now... must have been dark, indeed. i thought maybe late afternoon sun. imagine what sort of shots you could get there on a moonlit night with long exposures and a tripod!


David: 30th Mar 2009 - 02:29 GMT

Nice pics.
Another psych hospital in Long Island? Seems to be a lot on this island!

Peter: 30th Mar 2009 - 02:36 GMT

hey, they had to have a place to stash all the allegedly crazy folks from ... the wiki is a fascinating read: particularly the bits about the "farm colonies" they envisioned...

Luke1972: An imposing looking place for sure.

BZZZP!: 30th Mar 2009 - 09:00 GMT

this guy used to crawl all over the thing with his camera
(the 2003 pilgrim's hospice sets)

Mo_OsE: 30th Mar 2009 - 13:37 GMT

I used to go to a day care that's in the center of that place....when I grew up and learned what it used to be I was pretty shocked.

Sweptawaybayou: 30th Mar 2009 - 13:46 GMT

Wow. Those are excellent and rather spooky. :) Thanks for sharing.

Peter: 30th Mar 2009 - 13:52 GMT

Mo_OsE: wow, how did you end up going there for daycare? whats that all about?

Mo_OsE: 30th Mar 2009 - 13:53 GMT

My family lived in Brentwood and the day care was called something like "Small World Daycare" I think. It was just a regular daycare amongst the buildings. There are still a few used buildings on the compound, mostly just halfway houses and there's another building that does some psychiatric work for recovering addicts but its very small. I remember I was working at the Target by the Commack Movie theater and someone came in and said someone had escaped from the center and that he had an aggression problem and liked shopping. It was pretty crazy with all of us on the look out for a potentially aggressive shopper but I think they found him up the street an hour or so later. They came in to let us know which was pretty nice of them.

little ukraine: 30th Mar 2009 - 13:58 GMT

glad you were able to get these shots! this place is slated for some pretty massive redevelopment, no telling when it will actually happen. story goes that when they shut this place down, they literally dropped busloads of patients off on street corners in nearby Bay Shore.
Hope you can make it to Central Islip Hospital and complete the trilogy!

Amy: Wow - it looks like a terrifying place...

Dimka: 30th Mar 2009 - 17:03 GMT

brrrrr, frightening, as if it was built to destroy souls, not to cure them...

~Nick~: 30th Mar 2009 - 17:04 GMT

I have the urge to break into that abandoned building and just sneak around. Unfortunately I would be afraid that some evil spirit would sneak up behind me and strangle me. Urgh...

Mary: 30th Mar 2009 - 17:30 GMT

Great shots! The building is so massive and ominous, I'd never dare to enter it - abandoned or not :)
Thanx for posting!

I wonder what the authorities want to do with this building if it is still under police protection.

Unaria: 30th Mar 2009 - 17:35 GMT

I just realized that this is a place I'd get freaked out in, but the bravest people tag the dumbest graffiti.

Love the pictures though!

Elektronymph: 30th Mar 2009 - 18:25 GMT

pretty interesting place. i live about a half hour from there. kings park psych isn't as grand a spread but for some reason i think kppc is cooler than pilgrim. nice shots though.

Peter: 30th Mar 2009 - 19:31 GMT

elektronymph: then you might dig this post or this followup post on ...

Peter: 30th Mar 2009 - 19:37 GMT

also: heres an interesting link about , with lots of background info:

GJ: 30th Mar 2009 - 20:07 GMT

So thaaat's what it looks like. I drive by the exit for it every day on my way to school.


joey b: 30th Mar 2009 - 20:44 GMT

They shouldn't be able to arrest you for photography!

Pygmy: 30th Mar 2009 - 22:52 GMT

Wow*. The weather was really on your side for this one, on top of the gorgeous photography.

lalalalee: 1st Apr 2009 - 06:51 GMT

yessir! the chance of getting caught makes the hobby even more worthwhile, youve got to do it when you can! ahhhh excellent pics, you should try light painting in there...

keys: 4th Apr 2009 - 13:41 GMT

I have heard stories that pilgrim state is haunted. When you drive through at nigt you hear people screaming and lights flicker in buildings. I have experienced that myself. It s a very a scary place at night. If your interested in that kinda stuff thaer are lots of intriguing places on long island that are haunted. Just search on google.

fearlessdoberman: 11th Apr 2009 - 03:03 GMT

this place is kick ass. this was my first out of state exploration and certainly not my last. if you want to see this place get there while you can,cause they already demoed some of the buildings.

Resortliz: 24th May 2009 - 11:46 GMT

They should really make this land a huge resort/club,fishing,horseback riding,hunting
People would pay a pretty dollar for memberships to this club.

Frank from Queens New York: 13th Jun 2009 - 18:56 GMT

Just got back from driving around Pilgram State. What an awesome place. took some digital photos on the outside of the buildings. Would love to get inside & explore.

Jacqueline from North Babylon: 24th Jul 2009 - 16:44 GMT

I drove by Pilgrim State last October, we got lost on our way to try and make it to a PRS event. Even driving by, in the middle of the day gave me the chills. It's like there's this energy there. I would love to go inside and take some pictures, but I'm not keen on the idea of getting arrested for Trespassing.

firefly: 5th Aug 2009 - 01:58 GMT

i work for a cab company i bring a group there on a daily basis and i still get freaked out

alpha-omega: 7th Aug 2009 - 02:13 GMT

Hideous place. Just image yourself being committed to either Building 81 or 82 that are still working. You go through a sally port just like a jail. The place is unfortunate and sorry.

c. nella: 21st Aug 2009 - 01:07 GMT

i was just there last night, went in and everythin cuz i'm a ballsy girl hehe..freaky shiit, deff haunted.

Ponyboy: 7th Sep 2009 - 20:07 GMT

I use to enter these buildings but with the police around these around the clock I can't anymore. I use to get such a charge out of being in these buildings. On time I was in a building with my girl friend. She use to get unbelievably sexualy charged. We were just walking around when I turned a corner and right into a cop. We scared the crap out of each other he even dropped his gun. Thanks God.. Unfortunately I got a ticket and fingerprinted. The Cop was a real Jackass with a bad hair piece.

Ponyboy : 7th Sep 2009 - 20:08 GMT

This is a building I ran into one day on a wrong turn and since wanted to enter. So I was googling it and came to this page. Still want to go. I'll have to figure something out.

laneawitz1: 25th Sep 2009 - 19:03 GMT

I enjoyed the pictures, Sean, now go back and get more. Why did the "trooper" give a shit about the pics (sounds like a good joke in there)?

Diavana: Scaryyy

nyko: 7th Nov 2009 - 13:24 GMT

ive been in many times both day and night, i havent encountered anything paranormal. i have tones of pics,and nothing strange. awesome place though cant wait to go back. never had problems with police, next time doing some evp, maybe ill catch something.

never again: 28th Nov 2009 - 07:01 GMT

Ok well tonight concludes my third and last time. I can take a hint, everyone in the car feels sick in front of the building abandoned with the rails on the window. All 5 of us have cameras and they all stop working. As soon as we get further away they work.
It is a horrible feeling of dread.
One time as we were leaving we had the camera that started to work down another street out the window and just kept snapping.
COme home.and there are three kneeling ghosts in cloaks on the ground and the name "Frank" spelt over their who Frank is..I do not think I want to know.
I will add tonight before going I researched pictures felt the dread said I am not going we are not soppose to and said it for 1/2 hour.
I went..and someone ripped the front end of my van,.
Bungee jumped it up=kept going and camera BROKE AGAIN UNTIL I GOT way no more

ebarry: 23rd Dec 2009 - 20:20 GMT

Both of my grandmothers were nurses there in the late 50s and early60s. as a kid my mom and i would go pick up them at the end of there shift it was a magnificent place.

JudyToast: 27th Jan 2010 - 01:18 GMT

I grew up about less then 1/2 a mile from Pilgrim. My mother worked there for 37 years and at least 5 other family members worked there. You're right ebarry, it was a magnificent place. It had it's own LIRR stop, power plant, commissary, auditorium, water tower and much more. I use to accompany my mother to work sometimes, I have to say not all the patients were crazy. Some had truly amazing or heartbreaking lives. Every 3 months my mom would take 5-6 of her "not crazy" patients shopping to the South Shore Mall. They would go shopping at Woolworths and have lunch at the cafeteria in Woolworths. Each building had basement fall out shelters and laundry rooms. I was never afraid and I still drive in whenever I'm back in NY. Not afraid of any of it, perhaps it's because I knew it on a personal basis in it's grandeur. I'm curius about some of my mom's former patients. I know there's a cemetery and potter's filed on the grounds. I'm hoping that those area's are respected and not built over. Plan to research those areas and see if I find the resting spots of some of the patients that I knew and spent time with when I was a kid. One which I remeber so clearly was named Erma Tobias. Also had her hair done with a headband, tacky costume jewelry and make up heavily applied. But the sweetest old lady I ever met.

goody blag: 30th Jan 2010 - 07:47 GMT

i too went to the smallworld daycare while my mom was working there and i remember sneeking off with other kids to explore the place. we'd take the elevevators into the basements and get freaked out because you'd hear the patients moaning. i actually had good memories there as a kid.

jesse: 2nd Feb 2010 - 00:07 GMT

scariest place ever to hang out...ecspecially when ur drinking everything scares the crap out of guys should go with friend and hang out there yourself

al: 13th Feb 2010 - 21:53 GMT

can someone help me with getting into kings park and pilgram

Rick: 23rd Mar 2010 - 02:09 GMT

Igrew up around the corner and hung out in the buildings all the time.

Chinis03: 2nd Apr 2010 - 02:41 GMT

I went with a gropu of friends including my brother to this place it was around 1:00 am it was completely dark in there!!! We went inside and explored the place. While we were downstair We heard a Big noise upstairs!! I almost Dieeee I swear... so creeeeepy. After that one of my friends and I didnt wanna go upstairs, but it was 2 against 6 so we all went lol I could swear i heard someone telling us lik to stop i i though It was the police or something, but nobody else did... we saw chairs on the hallways and it was creepy, we count find the stairs to go on the basemant where suppsly you see sacrified animals and other scary stuff... we got lost inside for a minute trying to find the way out and found the morgue!! we took lotsss of pics No police or nothing, but me screaming haha

PIKEPOLE: 9th May 2010 - 02:08 GMT


jennifer: 16th May 2010 - 04:18 GMT

Those are some good pics, but creepy as hell...I grew up in Bay Shore and was always scared of the place.

kimberly: 30th May 2010 - 01:40 GMT

i live just around the corner nd always pass by on my way to school it seems pretty scary once i was takin a short cut wit my mom when i heard someone screaming in the background i was soooo scared I started screaming!

anon ( 6th Jul 2010 - 06:04 GMT

the day care is now a halfway house for drug use program and adults with special needs and a alchol detox on the other side...I used to drive a cab in Brentwood/deer park the asylum actually sits on the boderline of both towns..ive seen and heard things especially but not limited to nightime when picking up and dropping off people here.. soon as you see the buildings and see the windows most with the glass busted feel something watching you...i just saw a movie yesterday session 9 which is about a haunting of a very similar asylum in Mass great movie.. creepy... not as creepy as seeing pilgrim state in real life

real life and plus we live near this place: 15th Jul 2010 - 21:27 GMT

my bro and his friends saw a man stayin on the roof
but they look away the man was gone

they say: 24th Jul 2010 - 04:50 GMT

Those who leave a mark behind, or take one with them will have bad luck. Those idiots who left behind that grafitti.... lol. feel sorry for them.

been there: 13th Aug 2010 - 08:02 GMT

i went last year @ night with a few friends and it was scary im not gonna lie. 1st we parked @ a hotel near by then walked to the building, it was like 2am. we found an entrance on the west side of the building. all we had was flash lights. didnt see anything or heard anything but i bet if we provoked spirits we maybe could of caught something. we just went to look around. it was deff a cool experience. i heard king park asylum is haunted.

Cuckoos Nest: 14th Aug 2010 - 17:04 GMT

image 44365

Learn a lesson from this guy on how to escape Institutions.

jackie: 25th Aug 2010 - 23:59 GMT

You all think that it's a game going there taking pictures of this place. But it's not at all. Poeple was killed in there for know reason at all they was doing so much bad thing's to people as if they were pigs. Just not careing at all about who or what they did it to. People was coming up missing and never to be seen again and you all think it's a funny place to chill out at. But did you ever think about all of the lost SOULS there that's still waiting to be free from the hell inside there. You want to see what hell is like try staying there and hear the souls cry out to you for help or trying to get free from the hell inside that place. I worked there for 26years. I am still sick this day and can still hear them calling out my name. understand that this is not a game it's real as it gets. I hope it burns down and let them poor souls be free. DONT GO DONT GO DONT GO......................

Stacey: 26th Sep 2010 - 01:08 GMT

I went to that daycare 2 that use to be their...

maria: how do you get inside?

Russ bliss: 18th Oct 2010 - 07:35 GMT

To everyone who says that they want to go in the buildings, if you do you have to be really careful. There's alot of the floors rotted out and all sorts of dangerours stuff you can breath in. If anyone wants to know I have been in some of the buildings here, ran from cops and have had encounters with parnormal, any questions please feel free to ask, I never mind telling stories about this place, thanks eveyone.

Russ bliss: 18th Oct 2010 - 07:38 GMT

You can also email me if you want for more questions, email is:

Daphne: 24th Nov 2010 - 00:52 GMT

I played soccer vs. Brentwood and they r tough people. I think that's because their coach tells them that if they lose,he'll throw them into pilgrim state.

Phonix: 8th Dec 2010 - 19:43 GMT

To Daphne, please do not try to find excuses, what you are saying is not true, Brentwood soccer teams, are excelent, they do not need to be threated to play good, they are smart and have a lot of potential. It has nothing to do with Pilgrim State. But yes Pilgrim State is a place where you feel the chills when you pass by especially at night time.

Melanie: 21st Dec 2010 - 23:46 GMT

My friends come here all the time for no reason. They always go in the day. I went once in the night. And i will never, ever return. Call me a pussy. This was the most terrifying thing I had ever seen in my life. I'm a normally loud person, that night. I didn't let one word slip my lips.

Lee: 3rd Jan 2011 - 18:43 GMT

Some of my friends went there one night. They didn't see any cops but they did come across shacks with meat hooks and squirrels hanging from them. o_0 They also came across some weird looking guy just circling the place. They high tailed it out of there real quick.

fabfour Image64: 5th Jan 2011 - 23:00 GMT

been to this place once its set for demolition though i also feel their final resting place should be respected

Margaret: 7th Jan 2011 - 21:06 GMT

under photographer's rights in federal law the police cannot order you to destroy film or delete pictures because the act of taking pictures cannot be classified as vandalism, terrorism or tresspassing

Davo: 12th Jan 2011 - 03:16 GMT

Would love to visit and photo doc this place before its all gone... But I would of preferred to explore Edgewood!..... ahhhh the edgewood days.. shame they demoed it back in '89. Still Pilgrim State is the next best thing....

Anup: 29th Jan 2011 - 19:01 GMT

I work right next to this building in Broadridge Finacial..!!
I see this building every day. & its really creepy..!!

`elle.: 25th Feb 2011 - 09:24 GMT

whoop! this is my place~!

I come here every weekend. Honestly, I'm not sure what it is exactly, but I'm always coming back to it. Patrol is slow, by the way. But if you come in at the wrong time, and you run into the woods, you can get stuck there for hours, finding that more and more cops are rolling on by. Occasionally they do put the search lights on, and that's always fun. Especially when you're not by the safety of the woods anymore, and instead out in the open dropping down and kissing the ground to keep from being spotted [thank gosh I'm not allergic to poison ivy!].

But, now, where would the fun be without all the hassle? There have been former gangs here, too. And some kids go here to get drunk. Going to video this place, too. The first or second time I was here [roughly '09] I did have doors slamming by me. That sure scared the crap out of me. Also, whispers and footstep are clearly heard. I wish my crappy old phone had picked it up when I was recording.

Diane: 1st Mar 2011 - 23:41 GMT

My x-boyfriend took me here back in 1991 and it was a thunderstorm going on at the time. There were people standing outside waving at us. I wrote to Ghost Hunters and told them to investigate this place, im sure it's haunted. I love the photos whoever took them.

slim: 3rd Mar 2011 - 02:26 GMT

a few yrs ago we was passing through to reach the SSP (southern state pkwy) & I looked straight & seen someone at the window. It was a body figure in white. I had said 2 my x boyfriend "oh I didn't know that bldg was open still" & he looked at me & said it's not. My heart dropped to my ass. I couldn't believe I experienced that.

Ann Duggan: 7th Mar 2011 - 17:49 GMT

to Judytoast: Does your mother who worked there remember a patient by the name of Marie Aitken Duggan? I have been trying to find her since 1971.

Samantha: 20th Mar 2011 - 18:34 GMT

Love the pics. Drove through there yesterday and would love to go back and take pics (from the safety of the car). I would also like to drive through at night...

lila: 2nd Apr 2011 - 19:23 GMT

has anyone seen a tall man wearing a hat as you drive by the place?

biggpugg: 15th Apr 2011 - 13:26 GMT

we use to play handball and basketball at the courts they had during the day,the people during the day looked scary night during a snow storm we were doing donuts and the drive axle popped out,so we jumped out to fix it.we layed on our backs to put it back and my friend screamed,told me to look up and i did and it was a man hanging from a tree.we flew out of ther soo fast.went the next morning to see if we saw was real and nothing was there but the tire marks and puddle of oil from his leaking motor

Derek: 12th May 2011 - 00:24 GMT

How do you get into the first building? the one you see as you enter the grounds.
I was creaped out ever time we picked up my uncle for a visit but now I really want some pictures of the place.

jenny: 4th Jun 2011 - 16:57 GMT

wow!!! those pictures are great, I drive past that place all the time and always wondered how the inside looked, pretty creepy but amazing!!!!!!

Randi: 5th Jun 2011 - 02:14 GMT

I agree with many of you I think that the place is pretty creepy even in the day time. I also believe that there are many lost souls that still reside there!

tom: 23rd Aug 2011 - 01:24 GMT

went there at night the hospitol building. never seen my friend so scared when we went into a room that had a freakin monkey cage for people lol.

anon ( 11th Sep 2011 - 03:12 GMT

Was there last night. Scariest night of my life, me and my 3 friends went through the cemetery to the water tower. On the walk back it seemed to get more Erie and as we were about to exit we saw a man in the exit blocking us. We ran into the woods by the south side of the L.I.E. We saw him walk across the field then we hopped the fence. Out of no where this man, wearing a white baseball cap, and white clothing came sprinting at us on the service road of the highway east of commack road and we ran as fast as we could away. Never going back there again

Evan Williams: 12th Sep 2011 - 00:30 GMT

Hi there....
I'm doing some work in the area and staying in the Wingate hotel across from here. I found it just today by accident and went back 3 times for pic/vids. I wish I could get in, looks interesting. I did find the above mentioned cemetery and took some pictures and video for our SW PA blog as sort of a field report...
Keep up the good work, it's sad to see how this place is shrinking and will most likely soon go away.


Victoria: So creepy, these pictures are great.

Adil : 16th Dec 2011 - 02:00 GMT

Proud to say that I made it alive from there today, thursday december 12th 2011. Going at night is scary especially when you keep hearing noises from inside and seeing bodies move through the dark windows and dont know if theres something actually there or its just your mind playing tricks. For anybody that wants to visit go @ night and take flashlights. Kudos.

Tigg: 16th Jan 2012 - 03:57 GMT

I live 4 blocks away. The entrance to the Sagtikos Parkway is right in front of the main (abandoned) building. You HAVE to go through to get onto the parkway! The State Trooper station is right next to the entrance of Pilgrim, they need to to through to get onto the parkway like everyone else. They have driven right past me while taking pictures of the abandoned buildings, and never chased me out. If you go into the main area that is still in use, they may chase you out. There IS a sign posted at the main entrance off of Commack Rd about Not taking Photo's (I saw it for the first time the other day). I don't think it's scary there at all. That could be because I live close by and cut through all the time. You DEFINITELY need to keep your doors locked when driving through, and watch your back if you get out of your car to take pictures though. The patients are often out walking the grounds, and although most are not, some of them ARE dangerous!

anon ( 20th Jan 2012 - 01:55 GMT

Day care is not on pigrim state maybe your thinking of suffolk community college yes that was apart of pilgrim state years and years ago but i dont think any patients ever lived in tat oneYes a blue bus would drop off patients off in Brentwood they would walk down hale street to the 7-11 get some cigarettes or candy walk back the blue bus take them back not just let them off never to come back for them.yes its is dangerous to walk around not because of patients because people do hang around by abandoned buildings drinking and doing drugs who knows what someone might do.i think they should have kept the jail there because it was being used but alot of people didnt want it there.i remember people from dix hills having a fit about it to me that was funny i thought it was grate and gave people jobs and kept the place clean but not in back yard !!!! About police stoping you, in the 1990s someone dumped a body at edgwood for all of you who think its fun to go in just remember dont go into the grave yard its wrong!!!!!

anon ( 14th Mar 2012 - 07:01 GMT

I used to work there. It was like a second home. Be careful going in there. There was alot of asbestos.

GARY BORUM: 22nd Apr 2012 - 16:35 GMT


Jennifer: 6th May 2012 - 08:36 GMT

SoI just went there today....found a way to get in since there is now a fence around it. WOW..the energy in there was sick !!!! I didn't go in, my friend did and took pic's on his phone. But even standing outside I felt like I was being watched...and it was just a bad and sad energy...I never felt like that ever. We want to go back....maybe i'll go inside this time !!! It was a rush....

Tuquana: 8th May 2012 - 21:34 GMT

Im a Suffolk nursing student currently doing my clinical rotation here, creepy feeling! I want to come back at night and explore, my fellow studwnts are to scared to come back at nigt time and i acared to go by myself! So if anyone's interested email me @

liz: 7th Jun 2012 - 05:10 GMT

i been inside this place so many times its like a second home i find it creepy but i have yet to see a ghost inside best way to enter is thru the woods leave your car parked somwhere else or state troopers will find you easily i seen ghost in the woods even heard voices but inside there its worse i been to the basment and to te roofs never go to the basment theres like udergrouns wells you can fall in it to dark the roofs are broken but the view is amazing scariest thing i whitness in there was a piano right in the middle of the place wouldnt advice you to go alone tho i always go with at least 5 people people do crazy things in there its even know to be where kkk have meetings or even ms 13 members but its worth going

michaelhimpson: 22nd Jun 2012 - 16:42 GMT

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Larry: 1st Sep 2012 - 00:55 GMT

It is so funny to know people are still doing this, I am an old guy and me and my friends used to go to pilgrim state all the way from smithtown, the place was a really cool place to hang out at night. We would meet kids from all over long island, everyone was partying together and it was like a party on the grounds, do you guys know about the civil defense tunnels that run all along the grounds, if you find the hatches you can make your way to the building, the one that closed in the fifties, we went to the top, it was called crowning out, you had to go up in the tower and jump across water tanks to get to the top, I cant believe I did that. You could easily die if you fell between the tanks a forty foot drop. No one ever fell when i was there but people talked about people who did, you could see manhatten from the top. It was awsome

Joker: 8th Sep 2012 - 21:12 GMT

I was just there in July and got some amazing photos of a purple mist, an orb and a full bodied apparition. Also caught some EVPs. I cant wait to go back

anon ( 20th Sep 2012 - 03:53 GMT

I live on pilgrim building 5u need to respect these grounds or u might have a rude awakening seriously I've been in Brentwood 25years n u don't wanna know what happens here trust me you'll pay if u violate the law n not by law enforcement but by the curses that'll travel u off these grounds

Kathy Murphy-Ryan: 12th Jan 2013 - 23:43 GMT

When I was about 11 years old (1968). I was in the Knights of Columbus Marching Band...One time I think during the Holidays??? We had to go there and play for the people....afterwards we stayed and It was the scariest thing I experienced at that age.....The people were like "night of the living dead". Would grab and hold on to you...scared the shit out of me, memories still do!!! Does any one out there remember the place when it was opened????

LAURA GORIN: 24th Jan 2013 - 22:32 GMT


LAURA GORIN: 24th Jan 2013 - 22:34 GMT


JM : 15th Apr 2015 - 05:05 GMT

Lila, I was driving 2 weeks ago at night and may have seen your tall man. I realize I am necro posting but I'm hoping someone on here has seen the same thing.

One who knows!!!!!: 26th May 2016 - 10:30 GMT

For those planning on going to pilgrim psych some warnings to you, It is illegal to wander the grounds as there are numerous signs stating this, you are trespassing and will get locked up if you are caught by the NYS OMH POLICE, who police the property 24/7/365. Suffolk County Police who are called there for kids playing in the abandoned buildings; and the NYS troopers who drive thru. The officers that work there can erase the pics you take under the HIPPA laws (which are the privacy laws governing the patients).
There are numerous patients who roam the property who are CONVICTED killers and drug addicts so interact with them at your own risk!!!!!!! They do go into the woods as well!!!! Have Fun !!!!!

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