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White Van and Missing Kids

- Mags - Wednesday, March 25th, 2009 : goo

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image 31822

they went missing the day that white van came around the corner and kidnapped the children.

robbers & kidnappers corp, jersey division

kids, don't get into cars with strangers!!!

you will end up on a similar poster.

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yamilex horta: 30th Jul 2009 - 02:37 GMT

my uncle drove a white van and he once was charged for kidnapping a bunch of little kids

Franny Wentzel: 30th Jul 2009 - 02:59 GMT

I prefer an ice cream truck for my kidnapping needs. If people ask - and they do - I just say yeah, there's a couple kids at the bottom of the freezer and offer them a freezie-pop. They laugh and take the freezie-pop.

Freezie-pops taste so much better if you think the box they came in is sitting on an imaginary frozen dead kid.

CartLegger: 30th Jul 2009 - 03:59 GMT

i was oft told as a lad that white vans are kidnapping vans. anyone else hear this?

livia: Yeah ... we hear this here in Brasil too ...

Peter: 30th Jul 2009 - 13:34 GMT

what, did molesters have a consortium to decide which color van to go with? heh...

image 34671

livia: 30th Jul 2009 - 13:57 GMT

Well ... to be more specific: a white Volkswagen Transporter T1/T2 (a.k.a Kombi).

LC: I have heard the same about white vans o______O

FBI / BRITSH SPYS: 31st Jul 2010 - 21:21 GMT


FBI / BRITSH SPYS: 31st Jul 2010 - 21:24 GMT

please try and help us to find more information we or are trying all we can we can

hol: 23rd Sep 2010 - 16:01 GMT

yeah i hope kids dont get kidnaped anyone heard about the black van scary or what!

patricia: here in the philippines too

sliver: 28th May 2011 - 13:59 GMT

over here in the uk kids have been kidnapped by people in

sliver: 28th May 2011 - 14:07 GMT

over here in the uk kids have been kidnapped by people in white vans in my school they say its white and black men my friends ex aunt niece got kidnapped raped but she got away but then they went back for her and got her my friends little cousin was almost kidnapped but my friend and her uncle saved her and when a boy my school was riding the men came up to him and was about to grab him but he got away but riding away and what im telling u is not made up truest me

anon ( 15th Jun 2011 - 22:25 GMT

wow dont get in no ones car remeber that kk mii little kids not noone

bob: 9th Jul 2011 - 03:21 GMT

oh my god i just heard kids screaming when a white van can by

LayLay: 24th Aug 2011 - 00:14 GMT

i have heard the same about white vans whenever they go past i get really freaked out:/ what about black vans?

izziepop: 11th Sep 2011 - 12:54 GMT

be careful and stay safe don't go out on your own unlees it close to your home and sta withe someone at all time

mason: my sister wet her pants

rocky and Juliet: Im so Scared

Ellis lockwood : 19th Apr 2013 - 07:12 GMT

At my school one of my mates mates went missing and me and my freinds saw a van what looked like that red free candy van it said that as well and yes it is true but please believe me it is inportant

banana: 11th Aug 2015 - 01:36 GMT

so my friend had some relatives over and my other friend and I went over to his house and we saw hanged out a little then we decided to go home and his grandpa in the front and he asked: "where is (friends name). So we told him, "in the backyard". So he nodded and watched us go home. When I turned around I saw him and he looked like he was following us. So we quickly went home. That leads me here (it just happened now) writing this stalker story.

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I saw this on my way downtown tonight and it made me disproportionately sad--probably because the rag doll is smiling even though he's lost. I hope someone finds them.

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