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SeaView Hospital

- Sean Hopkins - Monday, March 23rd, 2009 : goo

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Abandoned buildings @ Brielle and Walcott
image 31718

image 31719

image 31720

image 31721

image 31722

image 31723

image 31724

image 31725

image 31726

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Stormdog: 23rd Mar 2009 - 15:38 GMT

That's a neat building, and an awesome setting. Very Lovecraft.

Rich: 23rd Mar 2009 - 17:10 GMT

nice pix, the fifth shot at night would've looked like an invitation into a horror flick. What kind of a hospital was this?(just curious)

SF: Fantastic. Have you explored inside?

Geikochild: it is So spooky and eerie oh my

Sean Hopkins: 23rd Mar 2009 - 19:29 GMT

I wanted to go inside so bad, but couldn't conjure up the courage.
These are some crazy photographs here

Peter: 23rd Mar 2009 - 19:32 GMT

id like to go inside on a really clear, sunny summer day...

Sean Hopkins: 23rd Mar 2009 - 19:42 GMT

I did see two sneak holes in the fence on Brielle Ave

Peter: i vote for a return trip...

fightingforward: 26th Mar 2009 - 20:05 GMT

What, no interior pics?

Is this an old psych hospital or regular one?

John Davis: Oh wow what a beautiful place!

anon ( 3rd Apr 2009 - 03:41 GMT

I wish you all the bravery in the world. If you ever get the chance to go in, I'd love to see the pics.

matt: 12th Apr 2009 - 04:24 GMT

I went today with my friends and I have to say that it's extremely creepy. If you do go make sure you bring a weapon because often bums hangout inside and will attack you.

jon: 17th Apr 2009 - 23:23 GMT

holes in the fence, paths to walk on, its a great place!!

Sara: I'd go in. But I've always been a little off.

Nicole Solimano: 27th Apr 2009 - 03:31 GMT

did you ever go to willowbrook on staten island

Max: 24th Jun 2009 - 13:23 GMT

Hey Sean.. If you go in its really not bad. There are no homeless people left in there but being a photographer myself, I still bring backup and a wooden stick. lol. But if you would like to see eerie visit the hospital buildings across the street...

justd: it is so scary inside realy i been in there

Olivia: 4th Aug 2009 - 21:06 GMT

I just went there today. Really really cold inside the building. The property went on for a really long time, with at least 4 buildings if this size and many little shacks. Scary shit

James V. Hickey: 27th Aug 2009 - 14:28 GMT

I have very sad memory of Sea View. My aunt died there in 1936 of TB.

ant: 3rd Sep 2009 - 01:03 GMT

this place is haunted it used to be a like pshc clinic but they used to toture and kill the patients there i was there llast nite in all the buildings. in the basement of 2 of the buildings were the straps they used to hold them down and cages and shit there has been many ghost experiences that just my friends have told me

robb.: 13th Sep 2009 - 01:56 GMT

i went today with friends. you must bring weapon. there were 2 bums there. they didnt do anything but we ran to different building. really scary. we looked for the lost morge. but no luck. if any one nows were please write back.i have pics of interior. im posting them on youtube. seaview hospital si. look it up

dexa: 14th Oct 2009 - 18:27 GMT

yeah spooky 4 sure no bums crazy shit we went there at midnight at night

Louie Tsihlis: 28th Oct 2009 - 17:49 GMT

Hey guys im from Brooklyn and i went to seaview last week. We entered through the fence and and actually went in the main building of the hospital around 930 at night for chills before Halloween. We roamed around inside the basement and the main floor. we wanted to go upstairs but it was to scary... We ran out because we seen someone walking towards use. All my friends want to go in again but during the day to go to all three builds.

Emilio Torres: 16th Dec 2009 - 05:13 GMT

I would love to revisit Sea View Hospital. I was a patient there as a child in the forties. I have many memories of the place, some good, some bad, but mostly just memeories that seared my brain. I visited Sea View about three years ago, but security wouldn't let me close to the children's hospital or allow me to take photographs. I wanted to visit the "back room" where the most ill were housed and to pay my respect to my buddy Teddy that never the back room alive. He was only 10 years old. I loved him and still remember Teddy with fondness and affection. He should have been an aging grandfather like me.

Ben: 22nd Dec 2009 - 02:34 GMT

Photos are eerie indeed. I was a patient at Seaview Hospital back in the late forties and early fifties. I spent 5 years in the childrens' ward and my sister 3 years across the hall. I was turberculin then and must say, something good was done for such is not the case today. I'm 63! I remember as a kid looking out from the long enclosed balcony (for lack of a better word. don't remember the floor but it was quite high for a young kid) I could see the vegetable garden that we kids tended on a regular basis. I remember also and shortly after a mastoid operation (and with full bandages around my head) being hit by a baseball bat. The children were permitted bats and we played on the outside balcony quite often. It was in the childrens's ward that I was introduced to Hopalong Cassidy, Roy Rodgers and all those other "gun tootin" cowboys. We would all sit in front of this one t.v. and watch all the wonderful kids show. I truly would like to go back and visit the hospital. Have more stories if anyone is at all interested. Thanks for the shoulder.

ashley: 2nd Jan 2010 - 07:07 GMT

all that i have o say is that you are brave for even taking pictures because i wouldnt ave even went to the front gate

Terri: 8th Jan 2010 - 04:06 GMT

I believe this picture is of Seaview Hospital. My grandmother was hospitalized there for several years. Please let me know if this picture is at Seaview. If so I have many more photos including doctors and nurses.

Lindita Capri : 13th Feb 2010 - 18:31 GMT

Hello, my name is Lindita Capri and I have read some of your comments on these pictures and I find seaview very interesting. I think the history that goes into it is very amazing and interesting. Currently, a group of students and I and working on a script which is based on Seaview HOspital. We have been searching about the history of this place and everything it was about and what went on in this building. I was hopeing to find more history that i came across with but did not. The students are working extremely hard to find out the true history of Seaview. We have recently been working with a few people who are giving us a space to perform our script, where we will be performing for three nights. We are having a bunch of disbaility schools with children of a variety of disability see the play, which we feel they will defiently feel touched by. If anyone has any histo, we could use to complete our script would be greatly appreciated!!!! You can email me at or just post it on her and we could chat from here. A reward would be a free ticket to the show and we would even love to have some survivors come and see the play. Thank you very much and Hope to hear from you soon.

max : 15th Feb 2010 - 00:04 GMT

Hey Lindita,
I think its cool that you would write a script concerning Seaview. However, you have been greatly misinformed.. The photos that you commented on are not of Seaview Hospital.. Those photos are of the Farm Colony. The Farm Colony was a location where poor immigrants were placed for medical treatments and affordable housing..

I beleive what you are looking for are the abandoned Seaview Hospital buildings... These buildings are across the street from the Farm Colony behind the current Wagner High School. Im a photographer myself and I've frequented these buildings.. There are about 7 buildings about four floors each connected underground by tunnels.. The buildings are difficult to find but they are wonderfully preserved, containing wheel chairs, shelves full of patient health records, medicines, and various surgical equipment and operating machines... I know all of the history behind these buildings and even have a couple Health Records, Death Certificates, and Terra Cotta murals that i managed to grab.

For my photos follow this link...

anon ( 22nd Mar 2010 - 18:52 GMT

I can't find pictures of when it was up and in service. Does anyone have pictures of them? Or know where i can find them?

anon ( 28th Apr 2010 - 21:04 GMT

i been there its scary but kool

Nick : 5th May 2010 - 07:03 GMT

MY friends and I used to drink a little well a lot of liquid courage and hang out in there all the time. We eventually found the morgue....really creepy and saw all the body bins where they use to burn the bodys. The morgue is towards the back left if looking from Brielle and next to a large factory like building which had music playing inside and may have been a functioning body/chop shop. Check it out but dont go alone. There can be sketchy people back there so safety first! Let me know if you find it, I took the morgue files I found there as a memento! Sick Shit but exhilirating at the same time.

mike : 13th Jun 2010 - 16:55 GMT

yooo people im having agroup of kids to go there a night wannah come?
text me 1646-469-1315

anonymous: 30th Aug 2010 - 04:08 GMT

my friend and i were bored so we went alone to the hospital at 1 am. it was dark as shit and rly scary and we were armed only with flashlights. scary shit but worth the 11 dollar toll we payed on the highway.

Cassie: 26th Sep 2010 - 14:03 GMT

scariest place i have ever been too.. cant wait to go again!

steve: 8th Oct 2010 - 19:27 GMT

me my girl firend and a coupls of friends was in the childrens hospital last night and it is crazy. u see old girnies and wooden wheel chairs and old documents and stuff like that. But becareful of the NYHP lol. They do have a little camp set up outside the building so be quiet or get arrested for trespassing. u might have to walk on the actual seaview grounds that are up and running to get to the entrance but no longer then a 2 min walk and stay next to the fence because of cameras on the sidewalk for we found out when we had to run last night oming out lol. If any one knows where the tunnels are pls reply

anthony: directionz anyone

pahan: 30th Jan 2011 - 03:55 GMT

They recently opened a new subway restaurant there and yes folks I work there night shift by my self. My friends told me this place is haunted and I googled it and found this article and now i'm scared not because i work alone because I walk home after work alone.

Carrie: 17th Feb 2011 - 18:51 GMT

I live about 3 blocks from there. If you go be aware that there are sink holes from the broken sewer lines running through the property to a pumping station near
Forest Hill Road. Stay on the paths. I've been up there a couple of times looking for the cemetery...I never did find it.

Nico: 24th Feb 2011 - 20:48 GMT

I've herd about it seen it but never bin there I'm supposed to go next week wit freinds and couzins

no one of interest: 27th Mar 2011 - 18:41 GMT

how heavily patrolled is the area during the day? being that the 1st level windows are all cemented up there is very little light in there until you reach the second floor so i want to go during the day. we scoped out the place yesterday and will definitely be making a trip back. we found 3 easy access points but thanks for pointing out the sink holes. def be careful of those. will also be getting asbestos grade masks and stronger flashlights.

no one of interest: 27th Mar 2011 - 18:41 GMT

image 47295 30th May 2011 - 09:55 GMT

omfg such memories this place. Went here with alot of ppl in past twice. First time we were taunting the dead then scaring our friends. Hours later stupid friend touches a toy on floor next to a jail cell chamber and then we hear noises, seen a gate cell fly across room from us and even heard a gutar playing in a locked room above us that was caved in by broken stairway. We panic'd aka got freaked out and tried to leave. On the way out the woods turned into a maze and we were bugging out. On the outside of the woods there's a lil gate that blocks the trail to the street. The whole thing pretty much was mazed for us, its like the dead was trying to make us stay cause my stupid friend had to touch the toy and back talk the dead. After hours finding a way we then decided to hop a barbwire fence and we all went home after that night, we told ppl but no one believed in us. About two weeks after we go there with more ppl and a new bunch of friends to get high and drunk. We brang guns, bats, holy water, 3 video camera's, fireworks, weegie board, weed, and liquior.. The rope was from lowes, bout 100 foot rope.. We tired edge of rope to the front of the gate entrance to all the way to the 14th building, had some rock pebbles so we don't get lost in there. After a few hours of drinking an horsing around we poped out the weegie board, had 2 friends keep an eye out on weirdos, drunks, or whoever wasnt with us. We sat on floor of a staircase poped out weegie board and tried to communicate with the dead. Nothing seemed to happen. We had went insane with this ghost thing, and took it to another level. After a few minutes lights started to go on in hallway which was weird cause this place has been abonden for alot of years, and all the stories bout its haunted we pretty much tried to get it on tape, guess we were too slow at the time. Anyhow wish we did have it on tape woulda been rich today incredable discover live on tape. It's been about 5 years since ive been to the old seaview ruins. I'm located out in florida now, but willing to come back to si and visit seaview again for memories but next time well prepaired.

Michele: 10th Oct 2011 - 23:32 GMT

ive been inside the buildings not that scary ive walked the grounds at night its real fun just make sure you bring a flashlight to see where your going and be careful walking in the buildings lots of nails and the buildings are old so they are falling apart

Jay: 12th Feb 2012 - 21:22 GMT

I'm trying to do some research on this place. Does anyone know if you can legally see this place? I have been to the edge and have never seen any trespassing signs. Just fences, but that doesn't mean its illegal to go there. If you are interested in going, let me know.

anon ( 24th Feb 2012 - 06:58 GMT

i went in today wit some friemdss it was reli scarry

anon ( 2nd Mar 2012 - 20:57 GMT

i live there now its renovated beautiful

john: 24th Mar 2012 - 03:12 GMT

wen i went with my dad btw he's the one that made the hole in the fence......anyway.................wen we were walking pass the woods we here'd a noise....loooked back and just caught a quick glimpse of a 5foot4 about 100 pounds little boy with a baseball cap on just blasting through the woods and he actually looked like he was glowing like a ghost if anybody sees the same thing lemme know asap

Shoe: 24th Mar 2012 - 03:38 GMT

I have seen him too. Blue hat. Moves fast. Glows greenish.

Respect the ghosts.They don't mess with you. Don't talk about them here.

Lou: 17th Apr 2012 - 23:47 GMT

I went there as a kid a bunch of times. I seen 2 seperate incidents. The kid glowing green running in the woods, and a old patrol car disappearing into a dead end. Scariest shit i've ever seen. I have about 10 witnesses if any one is a skeptic

sam gomez: 26th Apr 2012 - 19:36 GMT

i love that place we always go there every hallaween .we used to write griffedy on the wall .we wanted to go inside but my sister was to scared.

Patty Hunt: 14th Jun 2012 - 15:22 GMT

I think my father may have been at SV-1925 age 7. His mother died in 1920 and I wondered what happen to him age 4 and sister age 1. I know he died in 1939 of TB. Was this hospital connected with the Catholic church? I thought they both went to an orphanage, but I have no info.

Andrew : 14th Jun 2012 - 16:20 GMT

I went to a jobs kill training whatever a year or two ago at Susan Wagner and the bus i would take to get to the school would go through seaview but i dont think it went near the haunted parts. Im actually going for the first time with some friends tomorrow im nervoous but excited all at the same time

Andrew : my bad i meant to say job skill

Rosa: 21st Jun 2012 - 19:25 GMT

I was a patient at Seaview Hospital in the mid 1950's. This might not be the exact buildings because I don't see the children's ward that has the porches extending on the outside of the wings of the building. Seaview was beautiful at that time with a very unusual architecture. I snuck back to the ruins by car with a friend in 1998 and found the children's ward all the way in the back. There is still a wonderfully fragrant herb that is growing right outside of the driveway entrance to the building. I am dying to know the name of that herb. If anyone knows, please post it here. We use to have our own garden where we planted flowers and vegetables, and we used to take trips through the woods behind the building. There was a stream in the woods. I remember it as a happy place except for the medical treatment. Other than that I had great fun and plenty of kids to play with. I wish they would preserve it as a landmark.

Dave: 10th Jul 2012 - 20:12 GMT

We were there today July 10, 2012. Walked along foundation of the old hospital. Walked right in no one bothered me. High broken windows. I would need ladder to climb in. Does anyone know of another entrance. Also saw morgue across street where rec center now sits. If anyone hasany info about getting in. Please share on how to get in or if you want to join me all welcome. I have pics from today of asylum and morgue crematorium. Too much activity on area to get into building of the morgue.

Ben: 2nd Sep 2012 - 23:26 GMT

To Ben and Emilio Torres: Since you were at Seaview in the 1940s and 1950s, did you ever meet and old man named "Sam"? He was in and out of Seaview for over 20 years. He died in 1957--an uncle of my father. Never knew him. They later found out Uncle Sam had Pleurisy. Thanks.

Ben: 10th Sep 2012 - 01:51 GMT

I am intrigue at the impression the old hospital has had on many. Never would I have thought such was possible. Didn't even know it still existed until a few years ago when I wrote regarding my stay there at a very tender age. Naturally I don't recall an Emilio but he and I must have been on the same ward, and both must have been tuberculin. Eerie it is viewing the many photos of the "joint." I don't recall a "Sam," since the children were separated from the adults. My sister was a patient there, and at the same time as I. She was on the girls' ward which was directly across the hall. It sure would have been a "hoot" if we kids had had the opportunity to "touch base" with each other in later years. How sad! Those years are lost forever. I was much too young to recall much of anything. All that is left are bits and pieces of a jigsaw puzzle which can't, and never will be completed. I do recall that there was a teacher (name unknown) who would come to the ward and show us how to fingerpaint, play games, and do maps of the U.S, then given cookies and milk. We then took a nap. I vaquely remember him, but somehow I remember him with fondess. My father died when I was just one and Iguess I considered and looked upon him as a father figure. As a young child, I knew very little in terms of scholastic endeavors, and had a difficult time when enrolling at a Catholic school in the Bronx after I had been discharged. I couldn't read, write or do much of anything. But boy could I fingerpaint. I was about nine or ten then. The late forties and early fifties are distant times. I remember with relish Christmas and Easter time. At Christmas we were given what seemed tons of gifts which we had to "hand over" to the nurses so that they could be placed in a room with all the other toys. I recall one Christmas receiving a gun and hoster set. I felt like Hopalong Cassidy running around "shooting up" the enemy, those kids which I felt were unfriendly and bad. hee hee. Easter was the same. Huge Easter baskets filled with yummmy sugar treats. The ward at Chritmas and Easter time was always decorated with holiday motifs. It was two of the fun time we kids looked forward to. I have a picture of myself on the ward with a bandage around my head after having been operated for a mastoid ear infection(still parially deaf in one ear.) The children's ward is the building with the three arches and the balcony. That I do recall. The ward was then enclosed with a screen. We could see and looked down on the vegetale garden we tended from time to time. It seemed so huge then. It was on the balcony where I was hit by a baseball bat when I walked in front of another youngster who was "at bat."
Thanks for the walk down memory lane. To the group whose interest is in producing a video - GO FOR IT.

Marion aka Mickey: 24th Sep 2012 - 02:45 GMT

A girlfriend of mine recently in visiting a friend in Staten Island. When she told me she had just returned to Atlanta from her visit, I remembered Sea View Hospital and asked her if the hospital was still there. She said the hospital was still there. This knowledge triggered my memory of having been in Sea View in 1956-57. I was only thirteen when I came to Sea View and remained there for several months. I am now sixty-eight. So, I, too have memories of the balcony and the arches Ben talks about. I also remember being bused, along with the other girls on my floor to another building to be schooled. I was sad being there, but I do have fond memories of the friends I met there, and often wonder where they are and whatever happened to them, i.e, Dorothy, and Kirby, and so many others I can't recall.
The greatest surprise for me was that the hospital still exists.

Ben: 17th Nov 2012 - 03:56 GMT

Weeks and sometimes months go by before revisiting this site. Nostalgia is but a word, yet a word that brings back wonderful memories of a lost childhood. If I bring back memories for anyone who happened to be at SeaView for any length of time in the distant past, and who happens upon this site - Well - I hope the trip down the lane was worth it. How sad that we will never meet, exchange stories, laugh and enjoy each others' company, which I am sure we would. I live in Naples, Florida and at 67 am no longer turerculin. It Staten Island and SeaView obviously did wonders for me. Alas, I can only offer a prayer for the many that lost out on growing and aging in time. To those who frequent the site, please keep the stories of adventure coming, regardless of whether they be negatives or positive. I enjoy reading others' escapedes as they traverse the lane I long ago walked. Thanks. And to Marion aka Mickey - It would have been nice to have known you, yet I, in a small way, I feel as if I do.

Holly: 20th Nov 2012 - 07:00 GMT

Hello Ben and Mario aka Mickey, I am currently doing a project on Seaview Hospital for my college english class, it's due in december and I need to get a primary source for a piece of the project, I was wondering if maybe either of you would mind doing an interview via email if I send you a few questions. If you're up for it please contact me at

anon ( 22nd Nov 2012 - 14:21 GMT

My crew and I always drove threw be4 they closed the gate u don't go in at day light u only go in at night we saw some shit but we keep going back we drove the road and it always changed it never stayed the same sea view and than we went to Igo road in nj

mark: this is so scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

rj: there is so much grafiti

Amy: 15th Feb 2013 - 00:28 GMT

My father, who was a physician, did his residency here in the late 1930s. Sad to see it abandoned and crumbling like this. If anyone has photos of doctors, please post them - maybe my dad will show up in one of them!

incaecus: 19th Mar 2013 - 15:18 GMT

Anyone been here recently? I'm thinking about making a trip up there this weekend to check it out. Anyone who wants to come or has information about its current condition email me. :)

Sandy: 14th May 2013 - 01:08 GMT

My husband's mother died at Sea View of TB in 1949. We're trying to find her name. She was too sick to care for my husband and he was in foster care and then adopted after her death. NY law prohibits revealing identifying information about biological parents unless both parties agree. Well, his mom is dead (so the NY Foundling tells us) and his father went back to Poland (again, information from the NY Foundling). I can't understand why this law has not been updated to deal with other circumstances, i.e. how can dead people agree to release information. I saw someplace that there is a Potter's Field at Sea View and wonder if that is where his mom is buried. Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated.

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