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Black Hebrew Israelites

- serlingrod - Friday, July 18th, 2008 : goo

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image 28554

These black supremacists hang around Center City and make everyone super uncomfortable. While I disagree entirely with their belief that people of color are God's ONLY chosen people, they are definitely part of the urban fabric that makes this city what it is.

Rather than get into a debate about religion or race or anything contentious, let's just OBSERVE these people....

It is what it is. City noise.

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eyeofodin: 19th Jul 2008 - 00:41 GMT

Great post. Louis Theroux of the BBC did a great episode for his 'Weird Weekends' about Black Nationalism, and concentrated his time in Harlem. He was able to enter the headquarters and interview a few Black Isrealites. I highly recommend watching all 5 parts on youtube. Here is the link to the first part:

Elijah: 19th Jul 2008 - 03:02 GMT

And with his chariots, like a whirlwind.............. That's how Christ is coming back. In the so called mystical thing that you see on the X-Files every Friday night. All the so called U.F.O 's. These U.F.O.'s are not little green men from Mars, Extra Terrestrials as you think. But they happen to be the spirits that dwell in the Heaven of God, the Angelic world. Those are the vehicles that they travel in, and those are the same vehicles that they delivered The Prophet Elijah in. When they took Elijah up by whirlwind and separated him from Elisha. It's the same vehicles that are coming back to save the Children of Israel, and when they come the White Man is aware of it. He's putting weapons in Outer Space every month on a global level, they are sending up the space shuttle to put weapons out there to try to fight and prohibit the Second Coming of Christ. That's why the shuttle goes up with secret military payloads. Particle beam weapons, Space Mines, Electromagnetic rail guns, Kinetic energy weapons. All kind of mickey mouse toy weapons that your sending in outer space. You think you can fight God, but you can't even make a deal with Fidel Castro.

Jamie: 21st Jul 2008 - 15:09 GMT

Hey, there's nothing wrong with a little bit of racial supremacy. Us white people have been doing it for centuries. It's all in the name of good fun. Except it isn't.

Willing to die for truth: 4th Sep 2008 - 19:00 GMT

To me white folks love the position they are in. I mean they have heaven here on earth, they get everything they want, or take.My question is, do you think they have heaven on earth, or am I just seeing things. My mother said" everybody if they beleive in Jesus (only what they have put in) will go to heaven. I am asking for understanding on this, WHY, they have never loved God EVER, so why would they get heaven here on earth, then get to go to heaven all over again. Why would God make use suffer here, an they will be with us in heaven. That is a double scoop of heaven. An I ask again WHY.

Ezekiel: 5th Oct 2008 - 12:59 GMT

God is just their rule is come to an end The Father and his chosen shall rule.All praises.

Arit: 26th Apr 2009 - 00:39 GMT

As a black woman who is Halakhically jewish, i'm disturbed by these people. They depict G-d as being only for them and preach hate towards most other groups of the world. To me they are an embittered fringe group attempting to claim glory and respect they have neither earned nor deserve by using their twisted vision of G-d to put others beneath them. Their circus performances will not bring them any higher in G-d's eyes and they need to have respect for the people who have kept G-d's commandments faithfully for centuries which include people of african, arab, persian, spanish, indian, european etc descent.

Sean Hopkins: 26th Apr 2009 - 04:28 GMT

I wonder if they stood in front of the "Extra Service" sign for a reason

Peter: his headband matches...

Tom Jones: 31st May 2009 - 18:51 GMT

We have some in Seattle, they were downtown yesterday (May 30 2009)

Kim D.A.: 2nd Jul 2009 - 19:53 GMT

I just caught a few minutes of the Hebrew Israelites' show "The Hidden Truth" on a local public access channel here in VA. At first I found their program merely odd, until I began to hear such anger, paranoia, fear-mongering, supremacy talk, and their frantic (and loud--they were yelling) and unusual interpretations of the Bible. They insist that their particular interpretations are the one and only "truth" and that those who don't believe exactly as they do are doomed to hell--a claim of exclusivity that marks extremists in any nation and religion. It's up to them to believe what they want, but they also preach and engage in violent and intolerant acts against many other groups. (I've read of them harassing white people and Jewish people to the point of tears). Worst of all, some people actually believe what these supremacists are saying and are willing to join right along. Scary.

It's also curious to me that the videos showing the Hebrew Israelites' aggressive tactics seem to have been removed from just about any site at all....including this one.

To Arit: I'm really glad that you spoke up here. It's more important than ever that we all remember that the extremists of ANY one group/sub-group do not represent the majority of that group/other branches of it. Namaste.

Anya: 17th Aug 2009 - 03:53 GMT

I.C.G.J.C. We're not saying we r the only hebrew israelites in the world, but we r the only true representitives of the ALMIGHTY JESUS CHRIST! We r THE CHURCH of the Holy Bible; of Ex. 12:37, Deut. 7:6 & we r without a doubt THE CHURCH of Rev. the 7th chapter. We r of the promised seed of Jacob(Israel)! All ur questions can be answered Fri. afternoons @ 15th & Market Sts. Come. Hear ye the word of The Lord!!!

buddmar: 16th Dec 2009 - 00:03 GMT

Well, as a Buddhist, I really can't comment on the theology of these people. It sounds to me that they are "Wannabe Jews". I have read that modern day Jews, you know - the Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Mizrahi, Romaniot, Cochin - the all the branches of modern day Jewry have been scientifically linked as descendants of the Jews of since Antiquity through DNA and the Human Genome Project. Recently the National Geographic Magazine exposed the Jewish ancestry of Spanish-Mexican families of New Mexico and Arizona who were descended from Sephardic Jewish "Muranos" who escaped to the New World after the Inquisition of 1492. They had the exact same DNA markers of second and third generation Israelis of Polish/Lithuanian/Russian background!

Xavivi: May God forgive and bless us all!

CartLegger: 1st Jan 2010 - 13:28 GMT

Wow. Thanks pinefish. That musta been some party you were at last night. I guess the keyboard was next to the dip or something, to keep you coming back. Appreciate your contributions!

Igboinexile: 15th Feb 2010 - 03:33 GMT

The noise you are hearing now is a noise that has been suppressed for a long time.In a little while you would not be hearing any noise.We will be leaving very soon.Why blame them? Why not blame and negatively critized the people who control the system which was designed to keep our people ignorant of our true identity. Slavery been over a long time ago and why are we still in bondage.Becaude as you know that unlike our fathers who went into Egypt as free men,Our Ancestors were brought into this Egypt in ships to serve their[our]enemies in these lands -which were unknown to them and their fathers before them.....Jeremiah chpt.17.And just like the Pharoah of ancient Egypt the ruling families -the off shoot of the Confederates of Psalms 83-they will be glad for us to leave.This basicly is the reaction you would expect from any bunch of people who were maliceously held in the dark for a very very long long time.They have seen the LIGHT thats all.

Shapat : 24th Feb 2010 - 21:00 GMT

Blacks (Israelites) were slaves as punishment from the MOST HIGH now white folks
will be slave to Blacks as punishment. Rev. 13: 9-10. Whats the problem?

Scorzi: 5th Mar 2010 - 06:30 GMT

You can believe anything you want, but when a group harasses people in the street--shouting, shoving, spitting on people, getting into people's faces and being confrontational--for any religion that is NOT okay. These guys are at the Staten Island ferry all the time. I am white and I respectfully say nothing, but even when black people politely walk by they try to force them to take a flyer, will confront interracial couples by getting in the man's face and surrounding them, and will shout at white people that they should be murdered in a racial uprising. That is not Christ-like at all. They also have a branch in Florida that had people arrested for weapons possession. This is not a healthy off-shoot to be involved in.

The Creator Watchmen: 21st Apr 2010 - 16:33 GMT

As a hebrewisraelite for the pass 30th years,YHWH choose Israel as his first born son. Christ is a nother lie to decive people of colour in america. People of Afraican desent had know knowledge of christ until their slave master beat them like dogs. then they were force to serv christ. Yah said this would be our punishment for disobedence to him.Yah said, he will reach his hand out a second time to the House of Israel. Only a remnant will return this time. So don't think for one moment, because you say your the choosen one,you will not go under the rod of judgement. Yah will judge his people first. So the best thing you can do as a hebrew is, go to leviticus 26, and confess,the pray of daniels in chronicles 2. These are the word of Yah!

Tia: 22nd Apr 2010 - 17:51 GMT

these people are nuts, i avoid them seriously, theyre one of the reasons i don't hang out more in Harlem, and on the subways they are even worse. If you do not subscribe to their racist egalatarian outlook on life then you have no place in their universe. They hate whites, and non blacks in general. The regalia they wear is also ridiculous. They really get a kick out of intimidating women on the street too, Black just is, such is any other color ethnicity, why the need to "reclaim" histories we never had, don't we have plenty to be proud of, didn't we struggle, arent we doing things, i just dont get why so many black people always have to hijack someone else's culture to validate themselves

Elieazer dov bear: 10th May 2010 - 17:19 GMT

i serve with them in the Israeli army and i see them around the country here in israel they don't do any of what they do in new york
I find that most of the ones i met are very sweet people

Overstander: 3rd Jul 2010 - 17:14 GMT

Well to begin,
I will say that no one has a right to be ridiculed for there race or religion,every one has the right to chose now a days.
But by being a black Israelite doesn't mean that you have to be violent in order to believe someone. right knowledge is right knowledge and if some one has a second opinion that's there acceptation not ours. YAHWEH is god, us as a black people need to realize that we are not home. This is the Caucasian mans land which he built from our blood,sweat,and tears. We need to wake up and see that all of these people who claim to be christian and Jewish are simply a spin off of the original religion Hebrew.
Hebrew Israelite come the man Israel formerly know as Jacob in the bible. who comes from the land know as Israel.

But why waste my time explaining when 85% of people are blind deaf and dumb?

ron: 8th Jul 2010 - 02:30 GMT

if jesus said he dont come 2 send peace but a sword now a sword is used 2 cut so plz stop thinkin god is all lovy lovy thats wat i hate, the same old god that destroy the world with water

is goin 2 be the same old god that will destroy the world with fire so do that sound like a lovy god hell no the scripture also says gods wrath is like of a consumin fire

so plz dont say god dont hate thats a lie he hates, jacob i love and esau i hated if you ppl don't have knowledge of the 12 tribe of israel why comment wat they do i research thir teachings according to the bible wat they say is truth

again god is not everybody god if that was so the bible wud never address him the god of israel known as jacob had 12 sons wich represents the 12 tribes becuz who did god made an covenant 2 israel god said i have not dealt with no other nation so all other nations can't not say he's everybody god that wud be a lie becuz he just said i have not dealt with no other nation and he god made no covenant with no other nation

Sara'i : 12th Jul 2010 - 22:07 GMT

There are many clasification in the Hebrew Yisraelite community. Many of us do not read or believe in the new book. Many of us are Torah oriented and do not believe in violence unless we are violated.99.9% of us follow the ancient ways. There are many who are taught to be agressive and will get in your faces to express thier points. What I see here is that you the readers of this site clumps us in one bag as you did when your ansestors did when they brought us to these shores. They thought that all black people were alike and did not take the time to see that we were diffrent culturally, the way we eat, dress, the way we live and the way we serve our G-d. The Creator choose the Yisraelites as a nation of priest to guide and show other nations to Him.He has stated that all knees shall bow before Him. As I live I have found that there are radical people in all walk of life and all just want to be heard. Many radical however go about it the wrong way. Do when you see the brother on the streets making noise as you say, just walk away with a smile. You do not have to listen to their noise. But by chance you want to know anything about us "who are peaceful" look us up and visit us and see what we are all about. Do not condem what you do not understand.

Zayan Shal Ahmath: 19th Aug 2010 - 00:08 GMT

people need to stop with this bullshit "Yisrael" thing stop putting that damn y in front of a english translated word its Israel in english Yasharahla in hebrew you can't put both of them together it just looks stupid....

YDude: 19th Aug 2010 - 03:17 GMT

I do not even know my ancestors, and I sure as heck did not control them and they do not control me.
Let it go's over.

mythdebunker: 3rd Sep 2010 - 08:46 GMT

i have videos on youtube that debunks and dispoves the black hebrew israelites claims and interpretations. black american history is modern and its american history so its all taught in american schools but jews full history is not all modern and some may fall into a religious aspect and schools in america can't teach religion just out my videos on youtube here is the URL to my channel

Arnold Johnson: 17th Sep 2010 - 17:52 GMT

LOL, extremely loud! if you were a people cut down to the point the whole reality of your history was the disgusting story of the slave experience in America and all of the sudden the possible truth comes out, you'd be in their position, awe mixed with rage. They are doing pretty good considering they could be engaging in outright violence and mindless retribution. Once the newness wears off, they will work on having grace along with righteousness. That is when the real fun begins, cause if they/we really are God's people His presences will be obvious. You have to endure the new car smell until then.
This is far too exciting a revelation to keep meekly quiet about, needs a much deeper look.
I have dozens of videos for and against, people have their firm reasons, especially the ones who have something at stake. Maybe we are all wrong and been duped for years. That pill is the hardest to swallow. You have to also realise that the official history taught in school is the mission statement of the government or controlling organisations in charge. Biblical history draws from every ancient source involved, you'd better have more than a few videos.

Btruthful: 26th Oct 2010 - 02:41 GMT

Until they recover Jacob's remains and prove its Jacobs, then there is no valid DNA test that can be performed. If they are testing AshkeNAZIs to Mildle eastern people then they are just related to them, remeber Jacob had a twin Esau maybe they are from him, maybe they are Araibian or maybe they all are imagrants to that area. Obadiah does say Edom(Esau)moved into Jacobs land and NOAH did say that YHWH would enlarge(entice/deceive strongs #6601pathah) Japhet and he would dwell in Shems tents. Japhet had a son named Gommer who had a son named "ASHKENAZ" so let GOD be true and every man a lair especially the people in high places, read the scriptures its all in there.

favvideos : 27th Oct 2010 - 03:13 GMT

i have videos that debunk their myths here is the link to my youtube channel URL

favvideos : 27th Oct 2010 - 03:14 GMT


there sorry that away no one needs to copy it

Hebrew7: 17th Nov 2010 - 20:04 GMT

Hebew Israelite groups are independent,some spewing hate others telling the truth,listen and read

Hebrew7: 17th Nov 2010 - 20:10 GMT

Hebew Israelite groups are independent,some spewing hate others telling the truth,listen and read

van: 25th Nov 2010 - 03:28 GMT

If we all read and studied the Bible we claim to believe is the Word of God - Yahweh we would understand that satan would use a ploy such as a group who does not shww the love or Truth of Yahweh in anything they do or say to keep people blinded to the Truth that screams to us from the Bible.

You don't need to believe that African Americans (one of the many names we have been given in the various lands of captivity that we are still in)are true descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There is more proof in the Bible than you could ever digest--The whole Bible is about the salvation of the whole House of Israel scattered all over the world since 70 A.D. and the salvation of the nations second.

This group and others who distort the Word of God are a smokescreen. The world loves to highlight the evil Black people do. How many 'serious" videos have you shown of brothers bringing the truth about who we are--- in love and truth? They are out there. You post this for sensationalism. It's very American of you to do so. Why don't you pray for them instead?

One study of Genesis 10 would tell you the people in Israel right now claiming to be of the Children of Israel are mostly Germans called Ashkenaz and ALL of them are Gentiles just as the Bible prophecies would be in the last days.

What is funny and quite crazy is all the Christians who are Black and love Messiah believing they are Gentiles of the seed of Japheth--- descended from White people.

As for the Holocaust of the JEWS that was bizarre. Germans killing Germans--Ashkenazi hatred of Ashkenazis. As horrible as it was for all those people to die that way, they were not the Children of Israel and Hitler knew they were Germans. That's why he hated them. Now ask why he hated them and Black people together.

There is more than meets the eye in all this and it's past time for Christians to do their homework.

Finally, there is nothing wrong with English speaking people calling Messiah by Jesus Christ. If I preached the Gospel to a french person would I expect him or her to learn the English language first? Ridiculous.

Yahweh told me who I am and because I have been in the Word for over 30 years I had no doubt I am Hebrew Israelite and know those people in Israel could not be who they say they are. Seed is determined by YAHWEH through the father not the mother. So the Twelve Tribes of Israel are determined by the male ancestors not the female. Women have never and will never produce seed. She carries the seed of the children. Point is Yahweh knows who His true Children are every one of us no matter where we are in the world. He will do this ALL by Himself.


mr sike: 19th Feb 2011 - 01:30 GMT

first off i am not a hebrew isrealite by everyday standerds but everything that is racially popular is not my stance i happen to believe that those radical black isrealites are telling the truth with extra incentives if anyone cares to comment and have knowledge of self feel free any nationality or what have you im deep if u r deep lets situate humane politics on a mental and average level no hard feelings so bring on the issues open minds and futuristic , contructive idealistic conversations of rel life people and folks of all kinds

Ira the Jew : 19th Feb 2011 - 13:54 GMT

I love these guys. Where do they buy the dresses they where ?

anon ( 10th May 2011 - 01:45 GMT

Shalom! We need to stop the division I too am a Hebrew a so-called blackman here in America for the last 5 years i have been studying those who don't believe what we are saying it's fine all won't recieve this truth as the bible says butknow this if you don't believe what we say and it's right here in the good book then you my friend are calling Yah the father a lie and i will pray that you too will find the light sooooon Shalom.

Mpeyton: 12th Jul 2011 - 00:33 GMT

As Hebrews, we need to focus on awakening the lost sheep out there that still believe they're Hamites, instead of what white people have done. I think we can all agree that the white man has wronged up for a long time, but we're only in this fix because we spat in the face of the Most High by not keeping his laws. Now we need to cast aside the slave religion, Christianity, and re-read the Scriptures to understand what their really saying.

Amikeyballa: 10th Dec 2011 - 14:18 GMT

Right on and well said Mpeyton The most high or God also said that he will save the stranger attached to isreal as well as his first born

Amikeyballa: 10th Dec 2011 - 14:28 GMT

People need to stop making this a black and white thing when its really about Good and evil right and wrong When we first came out of captivity in the dessert we came out with hebrews as well as EGYPTIANS the same people that kept us in captivity.

anon ( 31st Dec 2011 - 01:56 GMT

What I heard in Phila. today from the Isralites was disgusting. They were holding a picture of a white Jesus and calling him a faggot.We all have the same god. He has no color. Stop the prejudice now. What is wrong with these people? I will pray for their souls.They were screaming death to the white race. How can they be allowed to do this? Would it be okay for a group of white men to scream death to the black race? I think there should be arrests made.

me: they do strongly they called the KKK

Anonymous: 1st Apr 2012 - 14:10 GMT

If it 'doesn't apply', then walk on by. That is what those offended by Hebrew Israelites should do. Instead, they confront the group and end up looking stupid when faced with the KJV Bible scriptures.

It has been my experience that evil liars hate for others to have the opportunity to hear the truth. That is why they stop and make themselves look like fools by trying to argue with the scriptures being read.

Now they evil people can no longer convince everyone that the Messiah was white they insist that the 'color doesn't matter'.

If it doesn't matter, why get so angry when the fact that He is Black is spoken?

Know the truth and the truth shall make you free.

MohamedSmh: 23rd Aug 2012 - 04:05 GMT

Hello, I categorically use reading your posts, acknowledgment you for the gifted notify!

star child: 10th Sep 2012 - 20:15 GMT

To all who respond on this blog.Beware of what you say and speak because if you are wrong you will pay a price for your ignorance. Jesus said there would be unbelievers any they would turn there ears from the truth to hearing fables. You can believe in santa claus and reindeerss but you can't believe God can choose one people as his own. Who are you as the creature to determine the creators position on his creation.

star child: 10th Sep 2012 - 20:22 GMT

Don't you know all you gainsayers are doing is fulfilling propecy. you are doing exactly what God said would be happening in last days. when the scriptures says in jeremiah 14:2 judah mourneth and the gate lanquish they are black unto the ground and the cry of jerusalem is gone up. What do you think the term black means. The scripture already gave you there state mourning. Why do people mourn something has happened to alter the life such as death, slavery, captivity. So the black is strictly a reference to their color.

Dear Star Child: 10th Sep 2012 - 23:19 GMT

People might take you seriously if you brush up on your grammar and spelling. But as for now, you look like an ignorant freak spouting garbage on the internet. Seriously.

notanks: 11th Sep 2012 - 03:08 GMT

oooo this reminds me!

Sharnita Jones/ Sherman: 10th Jan 2013 - 15:02 GMT

I never heard of Black Israelites until I met Anthony Sherman. I was attracted to his knowledge of the book. We married on December 20,2012 and I seen him in a different light. He was abusive mentally and physically. All he wanted was to get oral sex and for me to clean and do degrading things. I was nothing but good and faithful to him, but yet he treated me like a dog. Is this common for a black Israelite to act like this?

gm: Yes they are abusive and i know one

gm: Now that is very educational

oakleys sortie hijinx: 6th Apr 2013 - 02:13 GMT

Des milliers de personnes toujours porter leurs lunettes de soleil quand ils conduisent le matin ou à midi. Mais parfois, le pare-soleil n'est pas toujours bon, si dans cette situation, il est très dangereux pour les conducteurs. Pour ces personnes, vous avez besoin d'acheter une paire qui peut les tenir au courant dans les enjeux de style te. oakleys sortie hijinx

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