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The Murals of Leslieville

- Elicar - Sunday, April 6th, 2008 : goo

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image 26813

The murals at Leslieville all have something in common: Graffiti Transformation Fund, Mural Program, Grant Thornton Centre.

image 26814

Both the Graffiti Transfomation and Mural Program fall under Neighbourhood Improvement Grants given by the City of Toronto.

"Graffiti Transformation
Employs youth for removing graffiti and replacing it with murals, through grants to community organizations.

Mural Program
Business associations, including community groups that include strong business participation, can receive one-time funding for street banners or wall mural projects that help promote a local theme and facilitate commercial neighbourhood identity."

Ralph Thorton Centre on the other hand, is a centre established in 1980 with a "primary purpose of having a supportive environment in which the Riverdale community responds to issues and needs." occupies an old post office building on Queen Street Street just east of Broadview vacated in 1975.

This is the Ralph Thorton Centre

image 26815

And here are some of the murals

image 26816

image 26817

image 26818

image 26819

image 26820

Under this bridge in Riverdale is also a result of the Ralph Thornton Mural Project

image 26821

image 26822

image 26823

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SCAM28: There need to be more programs like these....

firecraker: 7th Apr 2008 - 17:08 GMT

why is "gtf" crossed out in the second mural?

Picky Lurker: 8th Apr 2008 - 20:13 GMT

Is someone reloading their posts over and over to get them into the top-ranked "Popular Articles" list? I just reloaded this post and the view count jumped over 100 views in a few moments. I reloaded again five seconds later and there were about 50 more views. I only point this out because it seems that any time any other post jumps to the top of the list, a post by the author of this post almost immediately beats it out once again. Call me picky if you must, but if this is indeed happening, its not a fair or honest tactic. I've noticed it before on here, but as this is about the third month in a row I've seen it happen with this particular author, I just thought I'd go on the record and mention it, because I'm sure I'm not the only one here who actually uses the "Popular Articles" list to quickly ferret out good posts, and I feel thwarted when I see someone reload their post just to get it in the Popular List. We should let the Popular List speak for itself. What's the point of it if you just bypass it to dishonestly get your post to the top of the list? It lowers the quality of the browsing experience (no offense, this is an OK post, I'm just using it as an example here) when the Popular List goes from being the real, most popular posts to being a list of posts by whomever has the time or interest to just sit there and click reload on their posts.

Jamie: 19th May 2008 - 15:59 GMT

Mural schemes suck more often than not, but most of these are pretty good. Nice photos. Thanks for sharing them

@Picky Lurker: I wouldn't like to speculate on any "view fixing". Sometimes posts can accrue lots of views without collecting many comments. This most often happens when something randomly scores highly in search engines for a completely unrelated search term. Lots of visitors flood in. Then leave, but still positively affect that posts popularity.

The entire concept of popularity is something i've been looking at re-doing for a long long time, and very soon, you will start to see some very different behaviour when it comes to the popular lists. Hopefully it will be a much more accurate depiction of what's popular and much more difficult to subvert.

Alex: 30th Apr 2009 - 21:00 GMT

I would like to point out that the mural with Alexander Muir has now been destroyed, by some smart ass painting him up like Heath Ledger's joker.

Matt: 20th May 2010 - 13:22 GMT

The murals have really added some interesting features to the 'hood. My faves are the robots and the creatures on the bridges. Both the bridge by Bonjour Brioche and the one by the LCBO on Gerrard were visually dead and now are so alive. I hope to see more murals up in the area. I have noticed the thought and quality of them is improving and that's a bonus.

Who cares: @Picky Lurker shut up. Great photos!

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