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The Anti-Sit, Part 2:
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Parkour Trip to Lisses

- Ben Nuttall - Friday, October 12th, 2007 : goo

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Trip to , 2007:

For those of you who don't know, is a of and it is where began. David Belle, the founder of the French discipline, lived there and began to develop the art of movement from his background in gymnastics, athletics and martial arts.

image 23887
La Dame Du Lac

Me, Danny and Scott met up in bus station and got the coach to , where we met up with Sam and Kai and got the Eurostar to Paris, where we got a couple of trains (which were double decker, might I add!) to and tried to find our way to the hotel in Lisses. After an hour or so of walking through the Parisian suburbs in the dark, I was starting to get a little concerned, we went on...and on...and on...until suddenly Danny shouted out in ecstacy "it's there - the Dame Du Lac!" which I took me be a good sign immediately, seeing as we'd been told that the hotel was a short walk from the Dame. (Note: the Dame Du Lac (Lady of the Lake) is a man-made architectural climbing structure in the Park Du Lac (Park of the Lake), which is commonly used to practise parkour on)

image 23888
La Dame Du Lac

We eventually found the hotel and sorted our rooms out, showered and went out in search for food, the venture lasted hours and we found nowhere open (this was a Sunday evening) so we went back to the hotel, depressed and starved, and treated ourselves to one of Sam's cereal bars each. Not a great start. Our first day of training started with going to the Dame Du Lac and seeing it in daylight in all its magnificent glory for the very first time. There was something bothering me all day; I wasn't in the mood for training, I felt tired, aggravated and my ankle wasn't comfortable with me doing much else than walking. The first day passed and I was surprisingly depressed to say I was in Lisses.

image 23889
Ville De Lisses

The second day came and after a warm up and a jog round the town I felt fresh and rearing to go! After doing a few cat pass precisions I'd seen the day before I was feeling incredible, exactly the way I knew I should have felt. The whole day's training was great. The next few days went by and we hit all the spots around the town we were aware of and we were all simply in awe at how perfect the place was, it's like it was meant to be that parkour was created and practised there - everything about Lisses and its surrounding areas is perfect for practising parkour movements and performing natural training; the architecture of the flats, the streets, the rocks and trees that were positioned as though they were meant to be used for this purpose, the forest which has about a dozen different man-made training resources placed around the course of the path - pull-up bars, monkey bars, balance beams, stepping-stone tree-stumps - like a £40-a-month gym membership all made from wood and free for anyone to use anytime day or night!

image 23890
Lisses flats

After a few days of being undecided whether I'd make it to the top of the Dame, I conquered my fear and went for it, I was shaking like mad when I got to the platform at the top and Sam and Scott met me up there, I felt awesome for having made it but had an anxious scared feeling of being up there and having to come down, as I knew it would be even harder to get down than come up. Both up and down are a huge mental challenge. I'd even go as far to say doing it was one of the hardest things I've ever done in my life, purely on the mental block factor. Oh and it was bloody windy up there! Anyway I took it carefully and slowly and obviously since I'm sat here telling you about it I made it down no problem. I went back up again the next day, which was much easier, as was coming down, although I still had to be cautious and take it easy. The day after I went up twice more, each time felt more comfortable. I only went up the left hand side, so next year I think the challenge will be to try out one or two of the alternative routes.

Half way through the week we went into Evry and saw that the spots there were next to the station we walked to the hotel from on the first night (it took us about 30 minutes this time, the more direct route!), and we found the spot next to the (which is the weirdest looking Cathedral I've ever seen! See picture below). Anyway, Evry has the sickest spots! Just two massive areas next to each other with a whole range of jumps, vaults and combinations to try out! I managed to do the famous cat pass precision with the three walls where you clear the middle wall, and I also made a sizey level cat pass precision next to it.

image 23891
Evry Cathedral

One night we decided to go and check out the forest, and did some light conditioning on the man-made structures, we did cat crawls, balances, precisions, runs across the tree stumps, and literally "hung out" on the monkey bars. We returned the following afternoon to see what it was like by daylight and had great fun on the exercise equipment, and even joined on the back of a French running group's workout session!

One day when we started at the Dame, as I was walking along the side of the lake I spotted a dead fish floating at the side of the water, and decided I wanted to "fish" it out, so I reached in with sticks and things to try and lure it closer to the edge for me to pick up out, and after a good five minutes' hard work trying to get it close enough to get hold of it, I managed to get it in my hand, then I decided to take it with me up to the top of the Dame. I put it in a carrier bag, put it in my pocket and set off for the top! I left it up there for someone else to find it amazed shock and confusion, and the next evening I was talking to the guys from the hotel about how I hate and it turned out 3 of them were part of UF, which sounds like it could have been awkward but they understood my reasoning, and anyway, one of them mentioned they'd been to the Dame that afternoon, so I asked if he'd been to the top and he said he couldn't go to the Dame without going to the top, and I asked if there was anything up there and he said in exclamation "Yeh! There was a FISH up there!" and I laughed and said I put it there. He said he thought a bird had flown it there or something. I have to say I think I'm the first person to have taken a fish up to the top of the Dame Du Lac.

image 23892
Me with a fish on top of the Dame Du Lac

On our last day of training, the Saturday, we trained in Lisses in the morning and I managed to pull off a laché-type manoeuvre that I saw Dave do in the Northern Parkour Lisses Trip 2006 video. Then we headed into Evry and bumped into some local we'd trained with earlier in the week, then saw a couple of guys who train in Evry with the Yamakasi. I was telling one of them about the guy who Danny and Paul met last year who claimed to be Yann Hnautra (co-founder of the Yamakasi, as seen in their films) and that they met him again this year, and he said that they were aware of the fake, and just then, a bulked up guy came round the corner and he said "oh, here's Yann". It was the real Yann. His wife came along with their 2 year-old son and I asked him if his son does parkour and he said he does a bit. Yann played with his son and then got his guitar out and started performing like a busker.

During a bit of training with the guys we'd met earlier, Danny had done a cat pass precision and the guy we were with liked it and tried it a few times before making it, and Danny turned to us all with a smug look on his face and said "I'm better than the Yamakasi" and we all burst out laughing and explained that this guy wasn't part of the Yamakasi, he just trains with them, he's been training just a few years like us as opposed to the 20 years the Yamakasi have been practising!

I tried to find the secret message at the Dame, and discovered that it had been replaced by the guy who found it with his own message, so I took it home as a keepsake and replaced it with my own message. Cool, eh?

image 23893
Me on the school roof in Lisses

We were gutted to have to leave on the Sunday, but it had been such a rewarding trip - we'd all learned so much, achieved so much and experienced so much, it was everything we hoped it would be and more. The only disappointment for me was that we didn't meet and train with many other people. We briefly trained with the local French guys, the Portuguese UF guys, one Polish guy and the Yamakasi followers, but no-one else, not even from the UK. I was expecting the place to be flooded with traceurs from all over Europe. I was hoping that David Belle would come home from the Airwaves Parkour Event in and be out training in Lisses, but we heard from the guy in Evry that he was visiting his sister in after the thing in Berlin. Maybe next year I'll get to meet him...

We had to head off early on Sunday morning to give us plenty of time to get to Paris to get the Eurostar back to London, so we didn't get chance to train in Lisses before departing. We were lucky with the trains and got to Paris with 3 hours to spare so we did some bouldering and skimmed rocks on the river until it was time to go. We then had a couple of hours spare in London before our coach so we trained around imax and South Bank which made me realise how much I'd love to go to train in London, it truly is a great place for parkour. We got so carried away with training that the time flew and when I checked the time we only had half an hour before our coach left, so we had to run for a ...or get the Underground...or anything to get there as soon as we could, and after 15 minutes of trying to work out the quickest way, and then realising there was a huge queue for taxis, we ran through and bought tickets, sprinted to get on a tube, it was only a few stops ( to ) but included a changeover, and what didn't help was that there was a closure on the stop we needed to get to, so we had to go an extra stop before changing, and then when we finally got to Victoria, a couple of minutes after the coach departure time, I saw the coach to Sheffield down the road, sprinted to catch up with it at the traffic lights and asked if we could get on, but they'd filled it up, I guess they sold our seats off. We went into the station to see if we could get on another coach and we could get another one an hour later but we had to pay £15 each for the tickets, which was more than we'd paid online for the return journey! We managed to get home on that next coach no problem.

image 23894
La Dame Du Lac at Night

If anyone would like any advice about a trip to Lisses, such as where and how to get the train from Paris to Lisses,or info on the hotel or whatever, please feel free to contact me with any questions.

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Cloned Prince: 12th Oct 2007 - 17:18 GMT

I wrote a Parkour Rap!

Things just aint the same for todays traceurs,
Cops and pigs want to see us in handcuffs
Yamakasi and the Belle are aging,
The old traceurs, well they're all changing,
Making way for new names and faces,
Whilst traceurs are popping up from all kinds of places.
Paving the way for a new generation,
Where we all live as one, in our dicipline of concentration,
A hop, skip and jump, there's no mistaking,
Lets not forget this is history that we are making.
A fearsome roar, a blood curdling scream,
The voice of every nation, working together as a team,
Parkour is life, let us go strong as we should,
Physichally, mentally, creating a brotherhood.
All for one and one for all, this is more than just our hobbies,
Working hard and fast showing control of our own bodies,
The flow of parkour runs throughout or life force,
The Urban environment is our obstacle course.

from the homeland of france to the land of the australian
anyone be they black or white, african or asian
Parkour's not just for fun, it's a discipline too
who'd have thought that from running our philosophy grew
now we understand our bodies and our minds, the humility
from knowing our own limits will increase our civility
and boost creativity, our art is our flow
we use the city as our canvas in the sun or the snow
so run with me bro, we'll live our lives with precision
we understand each others thoughts and share a single vision
loving what we do, with our friends, under the blue sky
in the search for something special this is right on the bullseye.

some say we were angels fallen from above
now gravity's bi-otches, the sky gives us no love.
so from the dawn of time man has dreamt to fly
everybody's feelin' it, this you can't deny
we can't fly my brothers we can only run
but running walking crawling it's all been done.

so we jump, we vault. for one moment it's flight.
so we land, we flow. for this feeling we'll fight.

from the gym to the streets, our moves look so uber
always trying to be stronger and faster and smoother
we show off our style and our ways as we run
whoever sees us is inspired to come
we run and we jump and we flow as we move
through the street, its our course, its our life and our groove

As we make our way through this jungle called life,
we have found a way to get us into some strife,
altthough not at first the intentional plan,
its just the way it gets looked at by "the man."
Some look at us, as if to play the fool,
or down note us so that they can look cool,
But the real shame is their afraid of it,
That little thing we've learned to love, getting fit.
It is hard to hate such a beautiful thing,
that has come to make us the jungle king.
L'art du déplacement, is a physical discipline,
an art form of human movement, focusing on the power within,
adapting to our style, our grace and technique,
to explain it in french,just simply magnifique.
To overcome an obstacle with the human body's ability,
takes Pride, spirit, courage and agility,
however, fluidity and beauty are important considerations,
to take out body to its extent, and cope with the adaptations,
a way to encapsulate human movement in its most beautiful form,
its gives all of us the feeling, of almost being reborn.

in the words of david belle "aphiaditshetfu!"
i love parkour and so should u
so pk is our thesis,
people confuse it, like a white face painted on black jesus
tryna get my flow smooth and killer
like when MJ dressed as a zombie for thriller
drilling my kong vaults
so one day they'll launch me like catapaults,
cat from place to place and brace my face so it dont end up in lace from stacking it down the stair case
my mother,Grace, worries i'll get my shoelace undone
while having my pk fun
so get ur runners tied up tight son,
and let parkour bring us together as one

Tic-Tac Cat, from Civic to the Parliament
Leap like a kitten but always land silent
With a vision of precision and a feeling of flow
Moving with a method from above or below.

Across the world traceurs are bouncing through forests and cities,
Hard to belive this movement all started in Lisses,
But the ball is rolling, and it wont rest
Traceurs started training, aiming to be the best,
We move like water across the face of the world,
Coming into the public eye, the pkaus banner unfurled
They think we are just skaters without a board,
But we belive in peace, we want to pass on war,
If only they could understand the philosophy
But they don't, so the distintion remains blurry,
All that we ever want to do is move,
But all you guys do is disprove,
Put your effort into reviving whats dead
Cause we're fine, carving the trail ahead,
Mayby if you leave us all to our own device,
The traceurs will wash over you, and improve your life.

he tracuer philosophy is here to say
one day the whole world will see it our way
look up not down, when u walk around town
and u might just end up leaving the ground
imagine everyone PKing for their transport
they would be fitter and happier doing this sport
everyone can fly, if only they try
unless they suck, then fall and die
n00bs who think they can jump a big gap
they fall and get hurt, and make PK seems like crap
if only they trained first instead of rushing ahead
mayb theyd still b PKing and not hurt or dead
do u think Belle could fly the first time he ran
no, he trained his whole life to do what he can

concrete hits me, so hard
it makes me say, oh my lord
thank you for blessing me
with a mind to rhyme and real strong knees
feels good, when you jump and roll down
a really cool traceur, from the old town
and I'm known, as such
cause this is the flow, uh, ya can't touch

...Can't touch this!

Peter: 12th Oct 2007 - 20:46 GMT

though im not into , this is a great post.

the "", however, im not so sure about... heh.

Cameron: 20th Jan 2008 - 04:20 GMT

The wall looks Awesome hope I can try it someday.

shpirra: tre bien

hi: zit illegel??

maddn: 15th Jun 2008 - 21:40 GMT

can you give me infos about the spots in lisses?

-are the spots really so hard?
- how high is the dame du lac?


a: parkour rap.........................

Peter: 7th Jul 2008 - 15:01 GMT

yup. the "parkour rap" makes me lol every time...

Matt: 28th Dec 2008 - 21:10 GMT

i know the dame du lac is 60ft high with a 6ft fence round it.

Andre: 27th Jan 2009 - 21:36 GMT

Hey did you go to the manpower gap? please if you did do you have the location i plan on going there this summer to attempt jumping it please let me know.

Guest: 11th Apr 2009 - 01:00 GMT

The parkour rap is pretty lame... I question the mentality of the individual who wrote it, and if they are really even a traceur.

Prepostereo: 25th Jun 2009 - 16:48 GMT

Question the mentality all you want. The spirit pierces through. I suggest an ego check for those who claim to know the philosophy behind parkour while gawking at a lyrical form of expression in honor of parkour.

aquila: 29th Sep 2009 - 03:02 GMT

prepostereo....well said, even though i didnt read the rap, i understand exactly what you mean, being both a tracure and a poet myself...ill probably read it tomorow tho...its neerly 4am nar an am off to bed

keith: 19th Dec 2009 - 22:56 GMT

I plan on going after a few more years of experience. Ive only been doing parkour for about a year.

keith: 19th Dec 2009 - 23:06 GMT

by the way "Guest" ...I question the fact rather YOU are a true Traceur or not. True Traceurs would have respect for some one, especially to another Traceur, and ESPECIALLY when they love what they do enough to write a song about it. Besides do you really think a chump like you is even "good enough at parkour" to question others about their practice? Your real low man. "I question the mentality of the individual who wrote it, and if they are really even a traceur" ......practice what you preach.

Harks: 6th Jan 2010 - 20:56 GMT

Im studying in versailles for the year outside Paris and wanted to get into Parkour here and definately at least go check out the Dam du Lac, could you recommend a hostel in the area and if you know some other spots in Paris i could start off at

SURREY: 20th Apr 2010 - 00:09 GMT

Hi guys,
I am new and I may be going to Paris in the summer. I want to check out the Dam du Lac. I saw that it said that there was a fence around it so how do you get in?

anon ( 26th Apr 2010 - 19:30 GMT

i'm going to lisses at 30 april 2010. We stay at de F1 Hotel Evry. Maybe there are some more people who are there at that time to do parcour? It would be nice! We wil do training at the dame du lac, and several other places in the neighbourhood.
We come from Holland and stay 3 days.
Emile en Math

SURREY: 2nd May 2010 - 02:57 GMT

I love the world of parkour. It opens up so many things that u can do. And I agree with Keith. We need to stick together. Where I am we get chased away by the security, no problem getting away but still, we need to stick together and hopefully it will be ok to parkour over here. Get some of the security and police over there (Europe) to tell them over here (Canada) to stop bugging us.

Tyler H: 16th May 2010 - 03:27 GMT

Awesome article. I am travelling through europe this summer and Paris is on my list and I would love to hit up lisses while I'm there. I'll be in Paris around july 22nd ish to july 25th.any tips on how to get there. I'm from Canada by the way so it's a big trip for me.

Daku Maeda: 14th Aug 2010 - 11:08 GMT

The parkour rap... yea I ponder if he is a Traceur as well as I am sure anyone old or not in the world that is Parkour and free-running will continue flying over walls and such well into their 50's.
I've never had trouble with police when having a random session. I'm the only one in my City who is a Traceur and I have only been stopped by an officer once to be asked "What's your name? Can you do that again?" and other such questions. I was even asked by the Sheriff to teach some of the younger learner officers easy ways to get over walls and such.
Someday when I begin my world pilgrimage of Parkour, Lisses and the Lady of the lake shall be on my list to conquer :D

Danny: 18th Oct 2010 - 00:23 GMT

hi, i love the diary/blog you made about your trip to france!!! it really got me excited to go in 2 weeks! i have a question and i would like it answered before i go to paris if possibe: is the Dame du lac closed? also join my page i made on facebook!/pages/Dame-du-Lac/143008905744878

skyy: 18th Oct 2010 - 20:00 GMT

yeah why do u have to judge other peoples art its an expression to what parkour means to them so its awesome in there eyes dont put down someone for there art its not yours to judge i thought it was clever

zander: 5th Jan 2011 - 16:09 GMT

that is awesome!!!!! im planing on going there this summer!!! cant wait!!

Dom : 14th Feb 2011 - 23:15 GMT

how often do david belle or/and sebastian foucan train in lisses

Ajam: 15th Feb 2011 - 02:39 GMT

im coming on 13 march to Paris and i planned to go to Lisses on 14..
I need somebody to accompany me to show the good parkour spot around lisses..

Dom : 15th Feb 2011 - 18:23 GMT

what would you say if your dad told you to stop doing parkour ?

Vinc : 19th Apr 2011 - 18:08 GMT

La Dame Du Lac is the best I'm comming from stuttgart! I love Lisses!!

Tobi: 6th May 2011 - 13:27 GMT

Is it actually legal to climb the dame du lac?
Athough is was built in the intention of being climbed, I have read lots of articles which say that sometimes the traceurs get cought by the police.
Is that true or can you climb it up without hesitation?

I am from Austria and I do not know wether I should go to Lisses or not.

Thank you for answers.

Koen: 24th May 2011 - 21:32 GMT

I was There yesterday.
and will be going back later this summer.

Do i just saw Dame du lac i didnt see mush more i'l be looking next time.

Antwerp, Belgium

anon ( 12th Feb 2012 - 16:38 GMT

I would like to know how to get from Paris to Lisses by train or by bus.

Thank you in advance.

Dylan : 12th Apr 2012 - 07:12 GMT

I am 12 years old and love parkour I have been doing it since I was 8 but I have been doing gymnastics since I was 4.i would love to go see you!!!

Dylan : I train at steel city gym in Sheffield

anon ( 17th Jun 2012 - 12:09 GMT

my dream is to go there someday :D

I wanna be where david belle was someday!!!

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