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The Gherkin

- Hasslehoff - Tuesday, April 12th, 2005 : goo

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This incredible structure has over 24,000 square metres of glass cladding and is recognised worldwide as a cutting-edge piece of modern architecture which has dramatically changed London's skyline.

image 79

Owned by Swiss Re, the Gherkin has 40 floors and it's restuarant at 165 metres high, is officially the highest in the city.

image 80

image 81

This article has been viewed 92208 times in the last 11 years

Peter: WOAH. thats cool! the gherkin. heh.

elaine: 30th Mar 2005 - 14:21 GMT

Re: The Gherkin

my friend tried to film outside the gherkin and the security men got very angry - it seems it is a breach of copyright of the architect... i think this is an interesting idea as well as shocking and crap

Peter: 30th Mar 2005 - 14:30 GMT

the same thing happened to my wife when she was taking the photo for this entry at rockefeller center in nyc... go figure!

nuria: 31st Mar 2005 - 10:31 GMT

The Guggenheim-Museum in Bilbao tried to forbid fotos from the outside, too. Finally they had to admid that it's imposible to establish a copyright for buildings in public spaces.

fuzzytank: 31st Mar 2005 - 10:49 GMT

international rule => if you are on a public right of way you can take any photo you want. thats it. If a security guard wants to battle thats his right he will loose in an official court, however if he wants to beat the ass of whoever is holdin the camera a court date might not be in the photographers best intrest. My input... keep smiling an feign innocence make them laugh an you will get away....

jen: 1st Apr 2005 - 23:47 GMT

Re: The Gherkin

I was just out there today, and people were snapping anyway without any problems...?

elaine: 14th Apr 2005 - 10:39 GMT

filming is different, i think it makes their eyes go all dollar signs

elaine: 19th Apr 2005 - 10:45 GMT

Re: The Gherkin's windows open! I was watching a 2 hour docco (!) on TV the other day and it seems that part of the innovation of the design is that the windows open making it 40%more energy efficient than comparative square structures that need year round airconditioning. imagine being able to open a window in a building that high! top marks I say, and the reorientation of architects as engineers - very unbauhaus, and strangely considering what it looks like, very british

Peter: 19th Apr 2005 - 13:05 GMT

thats cool- i can see a couple of em open in the above photo. such a lovely building- nice to know it was engineered as well as it looks.

Marc: looks like steely dan tower!!!

Nora: 22nd Apr 2005 - 11:58 GMT

Fabulous building, I reckon the designer lost a lotta sleep thinking up those ideas.

anon: its a right harvey nichols, it is. love it.

fuzzytank: 23rd May 2005 - 07:58 GMT

did the belfast article get capped?
anyways i finally had something 'constructive' to add to it (as opposed to photos of piggies)

had a friend workin on a project lookin at this here gherkin
the true name of which i guess we dont mention

anyways i heard the only reason it got built was cause the site was an existing building that was destroyed by an IRA bombing....

Its interesting that the rants and raves went on and on over the murals but ignored this bombed an rebuilt site. I dont pretend to know the real story but if theres that much energy given to that one thread i was suprised not to see anything here or on one of the other gherkin postings....

that or the ones writing the rants dont really know that much about what they are talking about

elaine: 23rd May 2005 - 08:15 GMT

fuzzytank - lets take your last comment first... would be my guess
lots of bombsites from WW2 mainly shape the higgledy piggledyness of london - after the big fire, that is, and there was a bomb in the city, which i didn't look at the epicentre of, but the location would fit what i did see, which was a lot of glass out nearby, you need peace for glass buildings, really. it looked like the aftermath of a party that got aout of hand, all the vertical blinds flapping out in the wind. also there was a bomb around that time near canary wharf, but the rebuilding has been unremarkable, and there is so much building round there, all new, that you can't tell which one it was.

has the gherkin got a 'true' name? what's in a name, fuzzytank?

Polymorph: 10th Sep 2005 - 04:08 GMT

Did anyone else happen to notice that it looks like a giant phallus?

steelisreal: 10th Sep 2005 - 04:54 GMT

thats why its called the erotic gherkin

I used to live in kennington an you could see it being built from my 3rd floor flat and it was all lit up in so many colors and we used to call it the big bright dildo

ian: 10th Sep 2005 - 16:31 GMT

Is 1 Canary Wharf outside the city proper, then? It's much taller than that, is it not?

elaine: 10th Sep 2005 - 18:20 GMT

yeah, it's the isle of dogs which is somewhat east. it was bombed and it was docks so one way and another it was pretty run down and the canary wharf and chums buildings were a stab at regeneration

JayEastsider: huh?

JayEastsider: i just went crossed eyed

Mayuri: 1st Oct 2005 - 21:29 GMT

i went on london visits wiv my architecture class frm we went 2 visit Gherkin...wich iz a nickname for 'Swiss Re Tower'. it was an fabulous a high tech building...evry1 took photos or waheva..but the only prob thing was ...we wasnt allow 2 go inside 2 take a pics of spiral inside...:( nt happy...i wanted 2 see the spiral inside...:(:(..oh wel...
this is my 1st time i been 2 diz site...i got thru this site frm search....

Jamie: indeed

Drabbers: 18th Jan 2006 - 20:11 GMT

the gherkin is cool, and pickled in vinegar, mmmm... pickles.... oops thats not about this article, sorry about that

dawg: 25th Feb 2006 - 13:04 GMT

the gherkin is cool, and pickled in vinegar, mmmm... pickles.... oops thats not about that :-) ..

Mary: 12th Mar 2006 - 17:50 GMT

I think it's a fantastic sight WELL STRUCTURED AND ADDS something
of special mystery to the London skyline.

Gavin: 30th Mar 2006 - 11:07 GMT

Does anyone know if you can abseil down the side of it ? I heard there is a company doing this.

Darren Gunn: 13th Apr 2006 - 22:50 GMT

I love this building. London has a new landmark that is unique. I am so proud to have this as part of my capital city. The architecht deserves any awards that are given.

Brenda: 3rd May 2006 - 18:07 GMT

My brother is a chef in the restaurant on the top floors of The Gherkin, i wish i had such a cool outlook from my office! - cool or what!?

Carley: 3rd Jun 2006 - 14:09 GMT

I think the Gherkin is sooo unique and its a great place to vist and im so proud to have this part of my capital city !!!!!!!!!11

Carley: 3rd Jun 2006 - 14:09 GMT

I think the Gherkin is sooo unique and its a great place to vist and im so proud to have this part of my capital city !!!!!!!!!11

Carley: 3rd Jun 2006 - 14:09 GMT

I think the Gherkin is sooo unique and its a great place to vist and im so proud to have this part of my capital city !!!!!!!!!11

Carley: 3rd Jun 2006 - 14:11 GMT

ooops sorry but it shows how much i love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tamara : 3rd Jun 2006 - 14:14 GMT


anon ( 12th Jun 2006 - 13:24 GMT

The gherkin is spectacuar!!! We went 2 c ut 2day!! Sara N Erin

Ben: 13th Jun 2006 - 12:48 GMT

The actual name for the Gherkin is 30 St Mary Axe, which is just the address - boring. It's built on the site of the old Baltic Exchange which was blown up by an IRA bomb in April 1992.

It's a very cool building. You can see it from almost anywhere in central London. Apparently there are more innovative sky scrapers due in London soon.

samantha: this is an awesome buildinG...........!

eliza: Woohoo I love gherkins!

QueenKoolKat15: 23rd Jan 2007 - 17:05 GMT

i saw it on a boat trip on the river thames last year

poulet: 13th Feb 2007 - 23:11 GMT

strange,taking photos of the gherkin is not allowed.I was taking photos of aircraft landing at heathrow the other day and was surprised security didnt pounce on me(surely more potentially dangerous!

joey: 13th Mar 2007 - 05:10 GMT

i saw it in a movie. dirty pretty things. with inside shots as well.

Luiz Carlos Alvarenga- Brazil - Teixeira de Freitas - Ba: 26th Mar 2007 - 02:16 GMT

This incredible structure !!!!!!!I love this building

HervÚ: An incredible, amazing structure...

Janet Creed Canterbury Kent: 12th Apr 2007 - 20:35 GMT

Could anyone tell me if there is an open day coming up to tour the Gherkin as l would love to have a look around. It really is an amazing building?

gesls: 10th May 2007 - 15:41 GMT

I work in the Gherkin, and it is not as great as you all think, day in day out it gets tiresome

Peter: 11th May 2007 - 02:27 GMT

gesls... post some photos! we'd love to see pics of your tiresome life...

babes : 20th Jun 2007 - 15:36 GMT

this building is so cool and it is so big i went and saw it a bit ago it is marvalouse

anon ( 27th Jun 2007 - 00:32 GMT

when did they put up the gherkin ?????????

steve: 15th Sep 2007 - 07:56 GMT

I am about to start work there, and cannot believe someone would say they would tire of it. The views are amazing. The person who claimed they find it tiresome is either lying or hasn't worked in other offices before.

Ah kan: 15th Oct 2007 - 14:35 GMT

exactly!! this is just an iconic, amazing, adorable piece of architecture!! the gherkin was built between 2001-2004! amazing errrr!!!!!

Jeff: 2nd Jan 2008 - 18:39 GMT

What a beautiful building! It gives me another BIG reason to visit London. I understand that the structure is "green." What exactly does that mean?

Billy Carbino: 16th Feb 2008 - 19:05 GMT

the gurken is massive and i thing thay chose the right country and place to put well done builders

Ariana: 20th Feb 2008 - 19:48 GMT

The Gherkin is amazing. I have never been to London or been in person with it but it looks amazing and who ever built it....GOOD WORK...!!!!

ash: the gherkin is the best

Maddy Hodson: 17th Jun 2008 - 20:50 GMT

A dream of a building. hope London feel very proud of this structure.
Love it Love it Love it.
well done.

Widow of a Geordie: 22nd Jun 2008 - 17:36 GMT

We saw it on our last trip from the US in April 2004. Glad he got to see it as he died that August.

Also sharing the pics with my sister who's another Anglophile.

katie: its such a pretty building i love it

ver˛gvkr dknkvnkvf: 22nd Jun 2008 - 22:02 GMT

yes hai ragione.... i can't see this supposta.. it's very longer

hc: i think the gherkin is like my favourite building.

Jazz: 15th Jan 2009 - 22:09 GMT

Does anyone know where i can apply??? or what to do???

Jazz: 15th Jan 2009 - 22:10 GMT

Does anyone know where i can apply??? or what to do???

gjergj shoshi: 3rd Apr 2009 - 18:29 GMT

What are these shity new buildings?!
I never had the chance to see London but I can give one opinion
for the crazy architects that in my opinion did destroy the tradition.
Much better in any small town or in north Ireland!
fuck you all(I mean ass-holes)with a lot of money.

hak: 14th Apr 2009 - 22:05 GMT

would love to know how many people working on this beautiful building?

ashley: this is an awesome building!!!

Michael: Wow I didn't know it was that awesome!!!

kaka: fart gherkin

Kelly: 14th Oct 2009 - 13:16 GMT

I am currently doing a project on architecture in london and any feedback to the following questions would be much appreciated:

-What do you feel are the main strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of 30 St. Mary axe (The 'gherkin').

-Do you feel it is destroying londons heritage and tradition of buildings?

-With the new plans for several skyscrapers, do you like the way architecture in london is heading?

Thanks alot.

Bob L: 8th Nov 2009 - 07:05 GMT

It should be called the Johnson. The owners and architects should be humiliated. Keep it in your pants, boys. Too bad green architecture has to have a Freudian slip like this as one of its exemplars.

sheringham court: you are gherkin workers! lol

Franny Wentzel: Don't be jerkin' on the gherkin Bob...

rw: Gherkin or Gherkout?

tanya: i work there, isn't it beautiful?

Morganne: i work there to it's WOW

maria arshad mahmood: 6th Feb 2010 - 17:10 GMT

i was there and i stared at it and i got dizzy

maria arshad mahmood: i love the ghekin so much

andrei: i have never been there

kulsoom: coooooooool

anon ( 20th Feb 2010 - 18:27 GMT

london is so koooooooooool i went on the london eye

Scott Craig: 11th Mar 2010 - 05:20 GMT

The components of the building are indeed visually interesting at close range. However, in the context of surrounding buildings and the urban landscape it looks like a giant suppository - perhaps the architects had London's congestion in mind.

lidia: 18th Mar 2010 - 15:01 GMT

i think it looks like a bullet...which makes it look AWESOME!!!

fabio sassi: 6th May 2010 - 11:14 GMT

"There are places I remember
All my life, though some have changed
Some forever not for better..." lennon-McCartney

im not telling you my name: This kind of helped me.

anon ( this is a bunch of crap

chloe aged 11: 23rd Jun 2010 - 17:37 GMT

i went to london and thought it look strange but cool

no name: 23rd Jun 2010 - 17:40 GMT

london is kwl the name gherkin is funny =]
i like the gherkin
gherkin gherkin...........
gherkin gherkin..............

Nixie Arethousa: 12th Aug 2010 - 21:16 GMT

Dude.....This thing looks like a giant dildo or a vibrator....hahaha thats pretty funny! And why did they call it The Gherkin? That sounds german for penis. HAHAHAHA. wow. so you should message me sometime. My e-mail is

Fun: 12th Aug 2010 - 21:24 GMT

Wanna call The Gherkin? Here's its telephone number:
+44 (0)20 7071 5008

anon ( 24th Aug 2010 - 17:33 GMT

Gherkin is a pickle (dummy).It's appropriate name because it sours the already ugly skyline (except for Big Ben, Westminster, etc.).

robby: the gherkin is awsome it is so tall

jojo: yeees.its very fantastic.(:

anna: 13th Oct 2010 - 16:58 GMT

rrruubish!!!NOT this place is arsom but I still hate it

baide: this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

baide: this is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAN: 19th Nov 2010 - 14:29 GMT


tt: its amazing

Tom: does anyone know what people do there ???? :)

Alina: 10th Mar 2011 - 06:14 GMT

I think it is one of the most beautiful examples of modern architecture!!!i love it=)

ffbb: 19th Mar 2011 - 12:18 GMT

it is used for offices it is so pretty !!! i love it hahahaha !

Enrico: the gherkin is really beautiful!!!

camila: i love it it's an icon

Akshat Jain: Fuck ...Theres no prblm over here

Judy: 24th Oct 2011 - 01:39 GMT

It is beautiful. I hope by the will of GOD to see it someday.

ola: 3rd Feb 2012 - 10:28 GMT

i think that the gherkin is realy good and amazing

nicki: 7th Sep 2012 - 00:26 GMT

im doing a middle skool project on this building it looks amazing i want to visit there someday is it huge on the inside wondering srry if i seem kinda slow jus wanna know lolxz

anon ( 11th Sep 2012 - 21:00 GMT


anon ( 23rd Oct 2012 - 13:05 GMT

Ugly as hell, Cant believe they decided to "erect" a building shaped like a giant penis.
Besides with the security guards stopping people from taking photos? Its crazy


abby: thas cool

yammy: ohhhhh

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