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Tour of Montreal’s Chinatown

- CE - Wednesday, May 16th, 2007 : goo

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For a city the size of Montreal, its Chinatown is quite small. Located just outside of the financial district and sandwiched between (old Montreal) and the , the seven or eight blocks that make up Chinatown is a great place to eat authentic Chinese food, buy cheap imports, or just hang out and people watch.

On blvd looking south toward Vieux-Montréal.
image 20205

A recent fire took out a couple buildings. When I took the picture about a month ago, you could still smell the smoke.
image 20206

The east gate on .
image 20207

Rue Clark is a tiny narrow street with some shops and some service entrances. A good place to see .
image 20208

image 20212

De La Gauchetière is the heart of Chinatown. The section of the street within the Chinatown gates is closed off to car traffic making it a pleasant place to eat and wander.
image 20209

image 20210

image 20222

image 20213

image 20214

image 20221

A little square on the corner of De La Gauchetière and Clark serves as a popular space for falun gong practitioners and for those passing out pamphlets denouncing the Chinese government for its oppression of practitioners.
image 20215

image 20216

Rue facing south toward Vieux-Montréal.
image 20217

image 20218

Looking toward the north gate on blvd St-Laurent.
image 20219

The north gate on the corner of St-Laurent and . Past the gate is a seedier part of town generally known as the city's red light district.
image 20220

, ,

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EvilGentleman: 16th May 2007 - 19:17 GMT

One of your best posts yet. Love it.

But a little envious, since I kept meaning to do the exact same post, but had yet to actually do so. I think we do that to each other a lot.

Peter: 16th May 2007 - 20:41 GMT

eg: id love to see your take. you guys could go head to head!

i love that there are folks on here that portray the same cities, etc, but with just a bit of a different eye. id love to see the contrasts in your take on such a post, to see what you dig up and take notice of...

ce: great post, man. i know these sort of inclusive posts take time and effort to do, but id def love to see more...

CE: 16th May 2007 - 20:49 GMT

Thanks EG! We have been doing that to eachother a few times. Maybe the next time we get together (maybe this weekend?) we should collaberate on some posts or each do seperate posts of the same thing with our own take on it. It could be interesting to try out.

I actually have quite a few more inclusive posts sitting in my "Citynoise" folder that I've been collecting over the months. I just haven't been able to post most of them due to not having access to the internet for so long and the time constraints put on me because of school. I'm hoping to do more of these types of posts soon since I have a bit more spare time to do so.

Peter: 16th May 2007 - 20:55 GMT

i, for one, would love to see a collaboration or a post of two people's takes on the same things... cool!

EvilGentleman: 16th May 2007 - 23:14 GMT

You know, this sounds pretty good. I'm thinking we can just go out for a drive on a decent day and cruise around until we see something of interest, and then we both take a series of photos of the subject item/place/area and see what our respective posts end up looking like. Best of all is if we can do almost simultaneous posts, and then add comments cross-linking to the other one.

In time, if it works out well, (and if CE has done well enough at Concordia this year to be able to either stick around or to come back in the fall) we might be able to try and do a series of request posts, where we take suggestions from the public, and then once we agree to do them, we both go and do double posts of whatever it was. Sort of like a double version of CE's Montreal Scavenger Hunt post.

CE: 17th May 2007 - 17:54 GMT

A description of the Red Light District which the last picture shows a glimpse of can be found in this post.

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