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Club Super Sexe

- EvilGentleman - Monday, April 2nd, 2007 : goo

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The weather was beautiful, so I went for a walk down Sainte-Catherine Street today (Sunday, April 1st, 2007) and took a bunch of photos of businesses related to the industry, as well as a bunch of other things. This is the first post of what may prove to be a very long series about


Female dancers serving a primarily male clientele
Table dances, lap dances, erotic couples, bed shows

image 19250
With its central downtown location across from the and its kitschy, yet eye-catching signage, Club is perhaps the strip bar in Montreal best known to American tourists. The sign once occupied the space above and alongside the marquee of the , but since the demise of the Palace, it has become the dominant sight on the south side of the block.
image 19251

image 19252
The advertisements in the entrance only hint at what lies within.

image 19253
A recent addition to the Super Sexe business, Club is the lap-dancing portion of Club Super Sexe. The neon signs are actually animated to show men fondling the dancers.

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EvilGentleman: 2nd Apr 2007 - 05:14 GMT

I must comment additionally, I found the adjacent signage in the last photo to be quite funny, yet appropriate. The "" Gym was an awesome touch of randomness, and I guess the dancers who have a little too much contact might need to go shopping downstairs at the maternity boutique.

jack: 2nd Apr 2007 - 14:05 GMT

if i look at this too much my wife will make a super contact with me, a right into the jaw.

EvilGentleman: 2nd Apr 2007 - 14:46 GMT

I guess that's what they call "tough love"

EvilGentleman: 4th Apr 2007 - 19:28 GMT

Hey, I just noticed, at the bottom of the poster with the pictures of the dancers, there is a free buffet notice. I wonder what kind of food they serve? But wait, lemme mull over a couple of facts here. Hmmmmm....

point 1 - the free buffet is from 11:30am to 7:00pm
point 2 - the daytime hours are usually less busy, so many strip bars have fewer dancers working, and the "hottest" dancers usually work the busier late shifts, where they can make more money.

therefore - maybe the buffet is for the dancers?

God, I hope I'm wrong. I'll have to go check it out now, just to see what the situation really is.

iman: 8th Apr 2007 - 20:26 GMT

montreal is the original sin city. way before vegas.

montreal=awesome: 16th Apr 2007 - 02:06 GMT

Well, i just got back from a weekend in montreal, couldnt have had a better time (until the ride home) Went to Club Super Sex, excellent place, even the daytime ladies are hot. As far as the buffet, its for the guests and the strippers. In fact i ate dinner with a stripper while i was there (Foxy). 5 to get in, 10 for VIP. Also, you cant leave without putting a 5er in your mouth and laying onstage, very worth it.

jack: 17th Apr 2007 - 19:29 GMT

does anyone remember, candy barr, she wore tassels and it was the hottest thing for us 11 year olds to see, if we would have seen then what is available now, why the boys would pass out at one look. i kid you not, a glimpse of stocking garter was something to see.

Mike: 19th Apr 2007 - 22:15 GMT

The rite of passage for many a down home lad in the days of maritime purity ;)
I remeber my trip 30 years ago.

marcus: super sexes maybe the hotest place in the world

Francois: 20th Aug 2007 - 01:36 GMT

I believe that club super sexe is an appropriate place for my wife and me to celebrate our anniversaire. What the hell, she goes on at 10 anyway.

the bachelor: 1st Oct 2007 - 17:00 GMT

I just went this past weekend and I would not recommend anyone to go here unless you want to spend more money than you should. Yes, the women were beautiful, but so were the women at every club I went to. The downfall is that while the average dance in the area is $10-20, the women here are allowed to charge what ever they want for a dance. From what I was told by one dancer is that a dance was $40 (no contact) and $60 (contact) PER SONG. At super contact, dances were $10/song minimum of 2 songs. With that said, you are wasting either money or losing playtime if you go to super sex

Murph: 4th Nov 2007 - 00:36 GMT

I went to super sex a few years ago for my brothers bachelor party it was off the hook. That place is great. Easy to spend your money. (5 of us spent 4800 u.s. in one night)planning a return trip at the end of november.

serlingrod: 10th Nov 2007 - 16:51 GMT

image 24532
I love the funny names these places get outside of the states. Here in America it's usually "Cheerleaders", "Show N Tell", "Adult World"....the industry seems to take itself too seriously. But "Pussy Corps" (on Sainte-Catherine not far from Super Sexe if I'm not mistaken) that's a club I can have fun with.....

Peter: 10th Nov 2007 - 22:37 GMT

nice in front, too...

anon ( 16th Nov 2007 - 20:58 GMT

Super Contact was 15$/song minimum of 2 songs + tipping(5-10$)

Matiuzzi: 8th Dec 2007 - 23:35 GMT

oh que ca change, fini le temps des princesses au Super. Il en reste quelques unes, mais tellement elles sont calmes et polies les anciennes princesses, elles sont plus capables de faire l argent comme avant.
Le super sexe fait plus d argent maintenant ca c sure, mais la qualite des filles et des clients expriment le declins de l empire du sexe au Bar supersex.
les filles demandent plus d argent au clients c des crosseuses, je ne sais pas le nouveau gerant Dominic a quoi il joue, les moches au bar qui ne font qu haceler les clients et vider leurs poches. oufff. je conseille le monde a aller au bar de cote c l extension du super sex.les filles sont plus belles et correctes.

EvilGentleman: 9th Dec 2007 - 00:20 GMT

Could someone please translate the above comment? The best I can make out is:

Oh what a change, the days of the princesses at the Super are over. Some still remain, but they are quiet, polite, older princesses, that are more capable of making money than before.

The Super Sexe makes more money now for sure, but the quality of the girls and the customers the decline of the empire of sex at the Super Sexe bar.

The girls demand more money from the customers (cannot translate "crosseuses"), I do not know why the new manager Dominic hires the uglies at the bar that only hassle the customers and empty their pockets. Ouch. I advise the world to go to the new addition of Super Sexe. The girls are more beautiful and proper.

Can someone tell me if I translated this one ok?

CE: 9th Dec 2007 - 19:56 GMT

Yup, pretty good translation. I'm not sure what "crosseuses" means either. I looked it up and can't seem to find a meaning.

Mattiuzzi: 21st Dec 2007 - 15:30 GMT

If you are not able to read french i ll tell u that crosseuses means voleurs (overcharge).Sincerely, look to super sex now: girls are not polite, not all girls of course. Dirty talking and dirty faces. And congratulation for your translation Mr Evil gentelman, French article is for people who are not able to read in english.

wakkawakkawakka: 30th Dec 2007 - 22:48 GMT

How's it? I'm writing a novel that takes place in Montreal and one of the places the characters visit is supersexe. Could anyone be able to describe the Vip section is like? You know, where the lap dances actually take place?

Much appreciated

Uaser: 1985

Gully: 11th Mar 2008 - 17:15 GMT

I was there in 1983 summer time seen some expos games and went to super sex i was 19 and it was awesome,hooked up with one of the girls from the club spent the last couple of days in Montreal with her, she was heaven on earth,i hope she got the life she was hoping for.

Candy: 20th Apr 2008 - 20:43 GMT

Well im a dancer there .... its 15$ per song contact but 20$ per song for a vip room not more not less ....usually in the weekend were about 40 to 55 girls workin we open both stages ....All hot and georgous cant find hotter than what u can see there... we could do some lesbiens show but sometimes gotta ask for it !!

Mattiuzzi: 21st Apr 2008 - 05:46 GMT

Candy, u are a honest girl. But there s a lot of bitches who don t work like u. i ll go to see u in super sexe. when u are working dear???

Jeff: 16th Jun 2008 - 04:31 GMT

I went to Super Sexe a few times around 2002-2004, had a great time. Gorgeous women and good price, very entertaining overall. I have done nothing but spread the good word since, telling everyone they must go. However after this past weekend this will change. Brought a buddy up for a bachelor party and thing have gone significantly downhill. Getting in was up from a paltry $3 four years ago to $5 which was to be expected. However we were walked 15ft to a table and demanded another $3 each from us for sitting us...WTF? Note to management we would have been fine if you just charged us $10 up front instead of pissing us off with that nonsense. This would be the theme of the night as girls would tell us $20 for a private dance then charge $60 by charging a $20 room fee and starting the dance 1/2 through the first song and then when we thought the full song was done ding for another 20. Sure you got the money from us, congrats but you also pissed everyone off by not being straight and upfront about it and making everyone feel cheated. We would have been willing to spend more if we knew what we were getting and not feeling deceived at every turn.

Four years ago they had a bucket deal, you get a bucket of beers and a ticket for a free table dance. Same deal this year (although about 90% more expensive) except all the girls refused to honor the ticket. One girl was pissed that we wouldn't let her keep it when we left although she wouldnt actually honor it....again management WTF? If your women wont honor the tickets dont advertise or distribute them!! Plus those short table dances were awesome and for some people more comfortable then going to a back room.

Other complaints:
-What happened to the girl on girl dance that use to happen every hour or so??! We were there on a Saturday at 11pm, was this abolished?? Very sad..
-There are still a lot of hot girls, but the quality has certainly diminished. There were several girls with more of a belly than they should have for working at a place like this. Get them on a diet or fire them! Seriously how is this not obvious?
-i know the job sucks, but really if the girls are miserable or yelling at there boss on the phone its a bit of a turnoff

Alright I'm done, chances are Super Sexe is probably still better than about any place youll find in the states but there are a lot of other options in Montreal and I suggest exploring them. I can see why the place had about 20% the patronage it used to on a Saturday night in June. Word of mouth of deception is probably being spread and people are telling there friends to look elsewhere. Wake up Club Supersexe owners.

Jersey Guy: 16th Aug 2008 - 16:36 GMT

Thanks for the can find the same differences here in the states too. Bottom have to know where to go. Along those lines, I'm going to Montreal for the first time on Sept 3. Can anyone recommend a good place to me? I don't like roaming from place to place, plus I'll be up there by myself. Is it pretty safe to walk around in that area at night?

pascale : 28th Aug 2008 - 19:53 GMT

Bonjour jemappelle Pascale jai travaillé longtemp au super sexe a mtl et cetais le bon temp les danse a 5 et 6$ ca changer je nezs jamais retourner apres mais jy pense esque sais vraiment mieux maintnent????les filles ont telle autant de classe rdonner moi des nouvelles je peu dire que les personnes avec qui je travaillais , lino johny vincent ect sont de vraiment bonne personne

pascale : 28th Aug 2008 - 20:00 GMT

ou sont les bons clubs a 10 si je dois faire du contacts je veux une place que sais classe jaime travailler dun bar que les filles sont belle et ont leur tete je danse depuis 15ans et jen suis rendu que sais comme pu pour moi surtous avec les danse a 10 sais comme pas se respcter ca et je vaux mieux que ca . je suis encor super ont me donne 24 quand jen est 33 et je veux faire autre chose genre models dans un magazine si vous avz des contacts svp je serais super contante jai telephoné quel qu agence jattens des nouvelles ladessu Merciiiii

anonymous: 30th Aug 2008 - 07:02 GMT

my advice to all you guys is that if a girl named angelika comes to ask for a private dance say no...she is the worst at it.. and she is such a b**** that she asks for the tip as much as she wants..she ask for 15 $ as a tip i mean wtf the dance costs 15

warren from boston : 26th Oct 2008 - 18:22 GMT

been going to super for 26 years. club still has some hot girls. not as good as years ago.Prices skyhigh... Nighttime much better. VERY OVERPRICED.

stefany: 4th Dec 2008 - 18:01 GMT

Come to see me!! Soon my picture on the website super sexe!!! Beautiful and sexy girl 5'7,dark hair and brown eyes,huges boobs naturals!! I'm very nice and sympatic,i like talked with someone who give me chance a give u a smile!! Its one year a work and super sexe and i like a lot a people,staff and guys very friendly!!
Maybe see u soon!!

Mignith: mange ma plotte

Mignith: mange ma plotte

anon ( 29th Dec 2008 - 19:45 GMT

hey stefany,if you have to advertise on here then you can't be that great.

crazy : 3rd Jan 2009 - 04:00 GMT

hello everyone
i met a dancer just yesterday at super sex she was great she told me her name but i forget all what i know is it begine with M ...pls help me know her name.

Peter: 3rd Jan 2009 - 04:16 GMT

^^^ yes, someone please help this dude out so he can stalk... er, i mean "contact" her!

crazy : 3rd Jan 2009 - 06:26 GMT

thx Peter what if i'm a girl?does that still bother u

myself: 2nd Feb 2009 - 03:16 GMT

Hi Crazy,
I went there on Feb 1st. Maybe it is Maria. I met her too and she was so cute! small blonde girl around 95pounds!!!

myself: 2nd Feb 2009 - 03:18 GMT

I would pay a lot for her.
If someone knows about her let me know and I'm ready to pay for such kind of help...
she was so small and cute...

Peter: 2nd Feb 2009 - 04:02 GMT

welcome to the 7th season of "citynoise: criminal hookups"

EvilGentleman: 2nd Feb 2009 - 05:09 GMT

Wow, I never realized in my younger days of frequenting strip bars, that so many obsessive creeps were there. Those poor dancers, how hard their job must be...

tyler: 16th Feb 2009 - 15:28 GMT

to start off with 8.50 for a beer is way to much, even for a strip club. next my friend got an 11 song dance (since all of the songs were cut short by the dj and only about 1-2 minutes long) and figured that he might have been up there for 5 songs. but then katie, the stripper starts to give him hell, saying that he owes her 265 dollars for a 20 minute lap dance. she comes running over to me (im not even involved, i just walked in the door with this guy) saying that if i dont pay for him im going to go to jail. so my other buddy and i lay out 125 (me 85 and him 40) so at this point this fucking cunt theatens to have the the bouncer beat the money out of this. so i calmy walk over to the atm. she graps the money out of my friends hands. then puts it in her wallet. i then tell her to give it back to me because i gave her mixxed american and canadian dollars (and american dollars are worth more) i figured that i wuld pay her in a lump sum canidian. she then procedes to tell me that we have only given her 45 dollars. i call her on it several times, until the bouncer comes over and bullies me into paying her 220 in cash. not only did that bitch steal 80 dollars strait up. she weaseled us out of hundreds. we ended up paying 345 dollars for a 85 dollars lap dance.

mtl=tooexpensive: 21st Feb 2009 - 21:42 GMT

never went to super sexe, but i can honestly say that entire city is way overpriced, the only thing that you can find cheaper is alcohol in the corner stores, everything else including super sexe is way to overpriced (should say, i didnt stay at super sexe because of the rediculous overpricing) a good place in MTL to check out is Chez Paree, but even they are over-priced, but its a good place to check out, only one block from the Bell Center, and right around the corner from Peel Pub and Macleans Pub, two wicked little drinking/food spots. And I can tell everyone, that if someone tells you to go to Crescent street, it is a good place for bars and clubs and stuff, but be ready to empty your wallet, minimum 7 dollars for a beer. But seriously if your looking for a strip club, check out Chez Paree, girls at night!

a stripper from super sexe for tyler: 27th Feb 2009 - 02:21 GMT

I agree that super sexe from two years changed, changed a lot. I'm dancing there from 5 years ok, from when it was no contact. I stop dancing there when it change contact, but I'm back because the hell is in all strip clubs now contact or no contact.

- About the Dj and the songs: I wanna know if u were dancing the girl contact dance upstairs or no contact downstairs. 'Cause up-stairs for contact dances music is not the same and it is songs of 4 and 5 min MP3 playing alone, from 11:30 am till 3 am, never the songs cut and the music up-stairs is not the business of the Dj.
if u take an erotic bed it is 15 bucks a song, table dance is 10$ and it is really ten guys. The Dj never cut the songs, i don't think that he is able to talk every two minutes between the songs 8 hours working. and if the girl stop dancing on the stage, the song still to the end. And with my experience the girl who dance just 2 or 3 minutes on the stage is not good for her she show to customers that she is not interested to give a good show and in the end a bad dancer like a conclusion.

- let's talk about ur problem to pay the girl. I don't know u are talking about who but the minimum that the girl can show to be ok and honest, 'cause guys make dance girls because ,she have a nice face and boobs, or he saw her talking with a lot of guys without making money. The 75$ that customer pay for 15 min dancing can be 80$ to fuck an escort for 30 min. So the girl can show the client in what time she begin to dance and in what time she stop. it is easy and it satisfy everybody. But if u take song by song when everysong finish tell the girl 1 song finish, after that 2 songs and like this no mistakes. if u feel that the song is short tell the girl it is not a problem, negociation and nice talking give results from the client and the dancer too.
To pay in the end: never u pay half and the half after the cash machine, girls can stole u by saying u didn't give me anything.

Look my friend, I'm not with u and I'm not with the girl who was dancing for u but I know that horrible girls are dancing with me. attitude of customers changed with me, and my regular client from years told me that girls are so bad with them, they charge double, they charge 20$ in regular booths, etc....
I'm losing money because of these whores. I swear to god when It was 8 bucks table dance and 10 bucks erotic bad. I was making more money. In the end I don't blame the girls I blame the administration who take a lot of girls 40 girls or 50 girls per night to dance, so the system of work change for girls: hangry hangry for money, don't talk to u a lot just 30 second and after that let's go up-stairs (the hell of $). why a lot of girls? the answer is: girls must give the bar service in the end to the bar the minimum is 10$( if u begin to dance at 7pm) and the max is 60$( if u begin to dance after 10 pm). so check how much money the bar is making just with the bar service. And check how much money customers pay for the drink minimum 7$ per drink. hahaha Amasing administration. Before we were working max 20 or 25 girls per night no contact and everybody is happy girls, clients, and administation. We had more client before yes, And remember it was no contact.
And to answer mtl= tooexpensive look I'm dancing in super sexe the week end and chez Parée monday,Tuesday and it is the same story and the same girls on the majority just chez Parée turned contact in november. And to have a good moment I suggest that u choose ur girl, if u wouldn't make dance a girl it's not a problem too u are paying ur 5$ in the door for the show by the way. Another important thing: if a girl sit with u and ask u to pay her because she was talking with u it's a bullshit. Don't give her any $$$.
May be girls will think that I'm ugly, or fat or old: I'm natural colour hair,beautifull face, natural boobs, and athletic body ( fitness exactly) to not say another thing that girls who work with me wish to have but they are losing their money in drungs, and pimps. And I wanna ask customers can u suggest to girls stop dancing songs with words like: bitch, suck, fucker, asshole, pimp, gangster music.
the situation is the same in all bars. i suggest that they change the age for stripping 22 not 18. And wish that girls pay their taxes like me and some friends who work like stripper. And I wish that the gouverment gives us peermit to dance like Toronto.

Hope that I was clear, and as i tell to myself and people who work with me (staff and girls) we exist because dancing is legal what we need is keeping the respect. thanks for everybody.
P.S: we need more review because managers check what people right in this page and if u tell them ur experience especially bad ones things can change and try to remember what is the name of the girl.
Good luck for everybody, nobody is perfect but we can correct our selves.
the stripper who have a dream; super sexe return like 3 years ago. Thanks

rns: 4th Mar 2009 - 22:03 GMT

Anybody know the new girl who started tuesday of last. Hair dresser, long sandy brown hair, glasses worked friday night. Wowa.....Left all my $$ with her, worth every penny...Jst wnted to tnk her!!

EvilGentleman: 8th Mar 2009 - 23:49 GMT

Wow, I am surprised at the way this post has evolved in the last two years. Perhaps I should wander inside one of these days and ask if I can take photos to post on citynoise.

I was thinking to get permission to take photos of the interior, the stage, and the booths, but with a staff member with me at all times to ensure that I do not cross any lines, as well as a few shots of any dancers who volunteer to be photographed. (They would be clothed in their dancing costumes, or shot from a teasing angle, naturally)

Hmmm... I know Michel, the old DJ from here. I should look him up and see what he thinks of the idea.

And as far as the letter from the stripper answering tyler goes, I thank you. It was very interesting to hear it from your perspective.

gilbert michaud: 10th Mar 2009 - 20:30 GMT

the history of those clubs their beginnings and how they blossomed would makes a good story

Terrenord: 25th Mar 2009 - 17:32 GMT

When I was in basic training, a friend of mine went in there and saw Hulk Hogan. Stupidly, he took a picture of him across the room. Well, the Hulkster took his camera and smashed it then beat him up right there in the bar. The girl on stage was very professional. She just kept on dancing.

burnz: 26th Mar 2009 - 11:00 GMT

I was there on the 21st of march after the habs game. 5$ entry fee, 1.50$ to check your coat(hang them up). 3$ seating fee. I ordered two beers after that, the girl took my 20$.

Very expensive night, I wish they told you about all the tiping and stuff before you enter. I would have never went. Alright girls, few hotties, but they take a girl off, put one up, then take her off and put the first one up again. Weird

Northernman: 31st Mar 2009 - 13:38 GMT

Boy does this blog bring back some serious memories. I grew up in Massena, NY and spent most of the weekends in either Montreal or Ottawa. Great times!!. Club Super Sexe was one of our primaries. We used to prime ourselves at a small club in cornwall then head NE to Montreal. Can't remember the name of the cornwall strip club but, always had a good crowd. I remember one time bouncing back and forth between super sexe and another club close by and the next thing I knew we had the street shut down with Montreal police on horses stating that a bunch of Americans had caused a problem in one of the strip clubs. That would have been me. All over the fact that I was driving and all I wanted was a water to try and sober up. The manager was a complete dick and told me to buy booze or leave. I left but, first had to make my presence known.I was heading down the stairs to leave and a shit load of police were on the way up. I told the cops that a group of canadians left of the stage were out of control. Fortunately it worked and I was able to get my ass out of the city. Why can't there be more times like that one. I still wonder if those bastards ever got arrested...

John: 7th May 2009 - 03:50 GMT

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a girl called Sky. She used to work at Super Sex and now it seems she wondered off.
She is a blonde girl with japanese tattoos on her neck and left shoulder. Does anyone know where she works now?


Afroblanco: 7th May 2009 - 04:04 GMT

With creepy stalkers like you, John, it's really no wonder that she "wondered off", now is it?

Jeff: 8th May 2009 - 03:26 GMT

Candy is very hot, and I heard that she is a model or something but cant find any info on her on the internet. Has anyone ever found any pictures or something. Does she have a site?

John: 8th May 2009 - 18:55 GMT

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a girl called Sky. She used to work at Super Sex and now it seems she wondered off.
She is a blonde girl with japanese tattoos on her neck and left shoulder. Does anyone know where she works now?


About sky: 17th May 2009 - 02:04 GMT

she stops working in Super Sexe because girls discover that she fuck on V.I.P rooms
She is a whore, sorry for u John.

John: 19th May 2009 - 01:55 GMT

Sky is my friend and i'm looking for her.
I hope she is alright.
If anyone knows where she working ...


shy or others: 29th May 2009 - 03:47 GMT

if u are friends and sweet hearts with some kind of girls why u can't contact them by phone or e-mail? 'cause when i'm friend with someone I have his phone number like minimum, or now as everybody the famous facebook.

ALLXXX: 4th Jun 2009 - 18:20 GMT

Last time I went to S.S. I got the hottest blonde girl to dance for me and spent ALL my money on her she was so hot it was INSANE!!!
I think her name was Sandy, anyway she has long blonde hair and wears glasses and has incredible big boobs with really nice ass that I sqeezed....
I don't know when she normally works there, hope to see her again! She'll forever be in my DREAMS...
Thank you S.S. Love this place!

Tim: 11th Jun 2009 - 01:56 GMT

Just got back from Montreal, loved the city and for sure enjoyed myelf at SS. I went during the day and as the dances were only $15 (upstairs), the drinks (drank beer one day, coca cola the next) were a minimum of $7 regardless. The girls ask you to buy them a drink, but they do nurse them (as did I), and how can you refuse? Both of the women stuck around and spoke with me, very cool personalities. The girl I talked to on the second day was super hot, super cool and gave me an excellent hands on lap dance. I know they are doing their job, but she really did her job well. The girls name was Jenn, with big JBF blonde hair, natural boobs (38 C or so), and thighs like a cyclist, HOTT!!! The cover was $5 and each dance had a "room rental" of $2 (not for each dance, but I only went up once and got two dances in a row, only cost me the $2 extra from the $15 for each dance. I would certainly go back!

Der Wachter: 14th Jun 2009 - 20:03 GMT

Probably the hottest ladies in Montreal. Compared to some other downtown clubs the cabindance at SS is realy hot - ulitimate contact :). U basically get fucked, while your pants are still on. On the downside - very unplesant arrival. Pay at the door (ok! with me), then - the thug who escorts you to the table like u were some schmak who got cut stilling the Mobs lot and is about to get wacked. U have to pay him too, althought an uncomplicated amount. Then the waitresses are extrimely pushy - wouldn't let you be even after you a)bought a drink,b)gave them a beyond decent tip.

In love with Lily: 18th Jun 2009 - 18:33 GMT

A girl named Lily, real name "Carisma" or at least that's what she told me, was very impressive. Not to mention beautiful, she was very personable and intelligent...made me think that she could be doing many other things in life besides stripping. However, I'm sure she makes good money. Oh well...only knew her for two nights...maybe I'm just naive.

Candy: 23rd Jun 2009 - 04:26 GMT

So nobody here knows anything about Candy. Her picture is posted right outside the club, she's probably the hottest girl there. I know she comes from out West, like Alberta or something, but no one as any info about a website or anywhere she has been featured?

Peter: 23rd Jun 2009 - 07:01 GMT

you guys sound like such creepy stalkers trying to track down strippers on the internet...

Candy: 24th Jun 2009 - 00:27 GMT

I bet Candy's vagina is like throwing a toothpick into a volcano.

Rick: 28th Jun 2009 - 21:57 GMT

I believe I ran into Sky with a few of my buddies while in North Bay from June 22 to the 24th; we met a dancer who referred to herself as Sky, platinum blonde, but I can't remember if she had tattoos. I distinctly remember her telling us she was from Montreal and worked at Super Sexe, and two other clubs. She said was was visiting her mother and had some family in Sudbury. As far as I know she was only at Fanny's (North Bay's strip club) on that Tuesday and Wednesday. I believe she mentioned something to my friend about Alberta. Hopefully this helps.

Candy: 29th Jun 2009 - 02:54 GMT

I totally saw that picture of Candy outside the club. I was there once last winter and Candy did a show for me! Totally hottest danser ever! Does anyone know where she working now or can I still get a show from somewhere.

About Candy: 4th Jul 2009 - 19:58 GMT

Yes I know where is she now, she is dancing in Cleopatra. It is not 15$ a song as super sexe but she told me that she is busy all the time and she can choose customer's sometimes. she is great with her nice personnality and experience, good nursing if u wanna talk and stay 1 hour and more in a club. But i can tell u that she don't have the perfect body in super sexe.
More classy and hot girls refuse to be in the web site and in pictures in the door because they are married or they have another job in Montreal. Candy in from Alberta no one knows her in Montreal. The reason that Candy left super sexe is: She was trying some days in another cub the manager put her out. Daytime if u change the club some days they change u forever. Anyway I'm pretty sure that they'll close soon day time 'cause there's just the barmaid drinking white wine and talking with the manager, no girls good looking and no important customers like before.

roxane : 6th Jul 2009 - 05:42 GMT

my name is roxane and i work there all the girls are not the same but if some are not polite some times it because of you gentlemen but anyway comme to see me and i will be nice i promess xxx

For roxane: 17th Jul 2009 - 02:22 GMT

hey u, stop advertising ok. As a customer I will not promise anything and I m not the only one who will tell u that. respect urself girl and stay away.try to be nice in ur job and not in reviews. it s not all girls who advertise in this webside, so please Roxane stay away. i don t understand how the business get down in all strip clubs in Montreal especially in SS. Hope that new rules will be in use soon, like a lisence. There s a lot of girls who don t have to be in the business.

theguywhogotfrauded@SS: 17th Jul 2009 - 15:59 GMT

I hope it's not all the girls who are alike cause I got crooked like never before there... The same shit anywhere else would have cost me a third of what I paid last night... they just do not want people to be satisfied and come back....

Constantine: 29th Aug 2009 - 09:59 GMT

I used to hang out at SS in the late 80's - early 90's. The girls were always beautiful and the buffet was pretty good too. My fave was Patricia. She really was the best stripper in town! (like the song says)

bill: 14th Sep 2009 - 23:41 GMT

I went there with friends for a bachelor party and one of the guys got ripped off and was told either to pay or
get beat up. The place sucks and is a rip off.

yoyo: wow! i need to go there

Larry: 12th Oct 2009 - 04:46 GMT

This place is a scam. Before you get your first drink, you would have spent 20 dollars already between the cover, tipping the bouncer because he is bigger than you; coat check is 5.50, oh yeah don't forget to tip the coat check girl. Private booths are 25 dollars plus the cost of the dances. All the stories above about getting hosed is true. Consider your self warned. Lots of other places to go down the street that are much more pleasant and cheaper. Stay away from this place.

Galloping Greg: 12th Oct 2009 - 04:57 GMT

I love how half the people in this thread seem to think its a human right to have access to affordable strip-clubs. Come on, guys. Sex sells, and these are for-profit places.

It just plain starts sounding creepy, a bunch of horny guys complaining about prices. Sheesh. Save your money and go home to your wives.

Steve: 13th Oct 2009 - 10:50 GMT

I was there in September and the same thing happened to me. I wouldn't go back.

I like the last comment from GG. Hey GG, - would recommend SS to you because you are their ideal customer.Stupid. You will have fun because it will be you and about 15 girls. all the other smart customers are in other clubs down the road enjoying themselves at nicer, more honest places.
Nothing wrong with making profit but scammin people is wrong.

roxane: 21st Oct 2009 - 16:57 GMT

it roxane again stop talking about are rude are the girls and how expensif is you are in a strip club if you dont want a spend money stay home or if you want some fun comme see me you will be satisfaite xx see you!!!

tom-jack: 26th Nov 2009 - 20:40 GMT

please one dude give me whats the range of the price of the girle there ? and this price is for how long time? thnx

Roxane: 3rd Dec 2009 - 18:49 GMT

Dear Roxane, change the club: go work in another strip club.
It s not fear staying in a horrible place where the majority are not honnest
because customers will see u as any girl there (hangry bitch of $$$$$).

roxane: 12th Dec 2009 - 00:39 GMT

no there not gonna see me like that cuz i go talk to them and im nice all the time and if you say no or u rude i still stay nice
and polite so i have to stay there they need one like me lol!! but tanks anyway xx : )

roxane: 12th Dec 2009 - 00:42 GMT

regulier:5$ cover
15$ per song or
75$ for 15 minutes

vip:20$ cover
20$ per song or
100$ for 15 minutes

pret: you need to go there

pret: you need to go there

sawe: i want to fuck you

Thanks Roxnne: 13th Dec 2009 - 05:28 GMT

thank u because u are showing everybody in this threat
how much coast the super sexe in the regular booth and the VIP.
so guys: now u know the prices. so u can make a decision to go or no.
for the tips, it s u who decide.
the fault is not just the fault of the dancers, the staff like a doorman
are sometimes piece of shit and they ask a lot. They force u to give them money
Be carefull guys and enjoy. thank u Roxanne again.

lol : 18th Dec 2009 - 00:48 GMT

how short is a dance??? bc if it's $75 for 15 minutes and $15 per dance that means 5 songs is under 15 minutes which is under 3 minutes each WOW. 75 for 15 minutes I hope they blow you for that or hit something else.

lol : 18th Dec 2009 - 00:49 GMT

Damn go to Toronto where it's a LOT LOT LOT BETTER for that money you get and "lot more" if you know what I mean.

the realest of the rell: 23rd Dec 2009 - 00:15 GMT

i love how some of you guys are talking about eating at a nasty ass strip club buffet, thats when you know you spend too much time there when ur eating at a nasty ass place like that

Where is Candy?: 17th Jan 2010 - 01:23 GMT

Is Candy still around? She was at SS then Cleopatras? Now I cant find her. Any info. Long brown hair, extremely busty, easy to talk to, lobster tattoo on left thigh! If anyone knows where she is dancing please let me know.

PIERre too.: 23rd Jan 2010 - 05:30 GMT

Some folks being rude to Roxane around here surely don't know her. If she's the tall skinny brunette I met there a couple weeks ago, she is a sweet heart on long legs, an angel send to earth barenaked to comfort lonely men. There should be more women like her. Luv U Roxx!

PIERre too.: 23rd Jan 2010 - 05:40 GMT

Roxx, if you remember me and my buddy Jay-See, from a couple fridays ago, you can contact me at --- I would be really pleased.

Candy: 7th Feb 2010 - 04:18 GMT

She came back to Calgary dude. She says no more money like before in Montreal.
She will come back in June for the F1. That s what Brigitte big muzzle the barmaid of super sexe daytime told me.

PIERre too.: 14th Feb 2010 - 19:43 GMT

Candy, not sure we are talking about the same Roxane. I saw her again last Thursday, like for the past weeks, and she was surely there... All legs and as much charming as usual. The last rumour I heard from another stripper kind of broke my heart, though... She would go to Paris to work in "La Ville-Lumière"... I already miss her even although she's not even gone yet... Ah! "Damn World Globalization!"... No frontiers, no attaches...

Jake: 16th Feb 2010 - 00:28 GMT

I have been to Montreal far too many times to count. Go on an annual trip with a bunch of guys every year since '94, plus many other trips for other occasions. Super Sex is not the best joint up there. It is better than many of the dives that are up there, but it is very pricey and the women there seem to be a bit snobbish. At Super Contact, they work to earn their money, and at Club Downtown, you get decent on stage shows, and full contact and the women are better looking, though not by much. But if you do go to Super Sexe I highly recommend Maria and her disappearing hand. Worth the money for her show.

roxane : 14th Mar 2010 - 23:33 GMT

tanks to evrry body im there evry day comme see me so now u know are it work so mabe i see u there !!!! xxxxxxxxxx

love all ya!!!

roxane : 14th Mar 2010 - 23:42 GMT

i forgot the lesbien show

vip:25$ cover
20$ per song per girls or
100$for 15 min per girls

u can go with one girls if u want or 2 or 3 or 4 or what ever u want!!!!!

so i hope i see u there...

For PIERre too.: 14th Feb 2010 - 19:43 GMT: 15th Mar 2010 - 04:19 GMT

When I wrote Candy like a title (7th Feb 2010 - 04:18 GMT), I was talking about Candy the stripper cause someone wanna find her.
For ronanne thank u so much for the information about the cover.
By the way is Tasha still working there??

PasserBy: 18th Mar 2010 - 16:21 GMT

I saw Candy dancing last night at Cleopatra. The SS waitress who told you that she moved back to Calgary was BSing you.

Rob: 20th Mar 2010 - 00:06 GMT

Super Sexe---- one of the worst run clubs in montreal.... had a small miscommunication between the girl and a bud getting a lap dance.... basically they scammed us into paying 75$ when all we asked for was one dance one song-$15 worth of dancing....they didnt like that the girl was not getting paid for something we didnt ask for..the two of us had 6 bouncers around us.. my buddy got punched in the face by a guy that wasn't even a bartender...prob that girls BF ha wouldn't suggest it to anyone... gentleman's club is where it is at..

Sam: 3rd Apr 2010 - 08:28 GMT

I went to this club first time today and it is AWFUL. The club is full of unethical and corrupt people. The dancers are average. Two dancers took 3 of us for a lesbian show for $20 each...i.e. $40. We ended up paying $225 in the end..WHY??? Coz first they charged $25 for the so-called VIP room.....(FYI...there's no VIP rooms in the bar). Then when we told them that we want the show for 1 song...they didn't tell us and continued. Not only this...after approx. 10 mins...they said that it is 15 mins past....and we need to pay $100 for each girl i.e. $200. When we said this is cheating, they called the bouncer and we ended up paying the entire money. BUT we came to know that this club is full of Cheaters and you should AVOID this at every cost...The club right next to this club is decent and has good people....we ended up spending the time there.

Artlover: 25th Apr 2010 - 05:01 GMT

My opinion: SS has been on a downward slide for a while. Used to love it, but lately it disappoints more and more (and I go to MTL strip clubs every three years or so). On the other hand, I never fail to find a nice, natural, very sexy and beautiful dancer at Wanda's. I usually have to be patient and look for my type (no fake boobs), but the place does not disappoint. I know it all depends on the night with strip clubs since the dancers are all freelancers, but I just like the vibe at Wanda's better than SS.

Super Sexe is OVERATED: 27th Apr 2010 - 05:02 GMT

super sexe is so damn over rated i still cant understand WHY THE HELL guys still go there. There are so many other smaller clubs on st.catherine street where the girls will actually sit n talk to you for a bit instead of RUSHING you to take your money. Super sexe is over run with girls who have pimps. that's why they rush you, because they have a quota and need to move on to the next. They might as well be saying "give your wallet right now". It's rediculous. Countless of guys complain about the extortion of the prices there. You think because there are 50 girls it's worth it? Why would you just go to a club with less amount of girls (say 20) and at least when you spend all your money, you wont feel so bad because you somewhat feel like you know at least a little bit about the girl you spent it on.
The girls there arent even that hot first off, management is just takin any ol thing off the streets at this point. It's sad. Right next door to supersexe lays Super contact, there are less girls but they ALL talk to you and make you feel comfortable. The rule at that club is "if the girl gets rude or rips off a customer SHES THE ONE who gets kicked out" There is no tolerance for stealing guys money at that club. The fact is, smaller clubs treat customers better simply because they APPRECIATE their buisness and want them to come back. Bigger clubs like super sexe, wandas and chez paree dont give a fuck if you come back, they just want all your freakin money in one night and then wont hesitate to make their bouncers kick your ass out.... just some food for thought boys.

Golfing guy: 19th May 2010 - 18:02 GMT

Went to the club Friday night the 14th. I can't tell you how great the girl was. Black hair pulled back tight. Beautiful face amazing body. She told me she was 30yrs old which I like not interested in the real young girls. I spent about 3 hours with her. I just wish I could remember what her name was. When I go back I will be looking for her. I think she said she was a hair dresser during the day. Next time up maybe I can get a trim. Anyone know what this girls stage name is?

anon ( 30th May 2010 - 04:12 GMT

Elena, she is 32 years old.

HabsFanNH: 14th Jul 2010 - 06:18 GMT

Will be heading to MTL with some friends next month. Thanks to the girl who posted the price list....was wondering: for the lesbian show, do you have to pay for the VIP room, or can you just get the show at your regular booth on the table? Thanks, and can't wait to visit!

mohamade: i want sex with girl

cocaine009: 21st Jul 2010 - 13:40 GMT

does any body know where candy is dancing now recently, she got brown hair with a scorpion tatoo from alberta. the day or night shift, I have not seen in a few years.

anon ( 26th Jul 2010 - 15:52 GMT

second time going, and definately a RIP OFF. I'm a guy who doesn't tip as much in the beginning because I want to see if I will get the same service, so I bought me and my buddy a drink totally $19, gave her a $20, and she's like you have to tip me more. I'm like excuse me? I'm like you better not serve me again. My first experience I remember the bouncers saying you have to pay us $3 each, we're like it's our choice to tip, we like the service we use our discretion on how much we want to tip. When we said no, the bouncer said you can take your cover charge of $5 back and get out, I asked the bouner for his name, the bouncer is like why do you need my name, I say so I can make a formal complaint, he takes my shirt, and grabs me against the wall, he holds me and another bouncer holds my friends refusing to let us go, we end up having to call the cops, who do FUCK ALL. When we went the second time this time we get in $10 cover, surprisingly bouncers did not ask for a tip this time. We get these girls sitting on our laps we play the game as well, waste about 30mins of time, and them begging us to watch their lesbian show in the private room and we can feel them, we are like ok fine, they say $40 for a 3 minute song, we pay an additional $5 cover each upstairs some administration fee (they are basically robbing you) and then when we were done with the dance, the strippers are like people spend like $500, for 15 songs, and they were trying to convince us to stay, after we declined, she started swearing at us. DO NOT EVER GO TO SUPER SEXE

anon ( 8th Aug 2010 - 19:49 GMT

I wanted to go toclub supersex with my man. I have always wanted to go he says certain girls are more attractive than others can I make an appointment in advance and book out an hour with a certain stripper or do you have to just go and see what's there? Money is not an issue.

anon: 2nd Sep 2010 - 15:20 GMT

What is the name of the ukranian girl that works there slightly pear shaped light brown hair, small scar on the left side of her forehead?

xoxo: Her name is Osean

Rolling stone: 8th Oct 2010 - 03:47 GMT

Whatever anybody say..
Super Sexe is best club yet for me yet, where i feel relaxed to come. I may be biased as I,m office goer so only go in evening., ( and married) so can't come at night. Also i find some stage action too , as most of the clubs i visited have no stage show , only private dancers.I always find some nice girl here though (Girls keep changing , god knows Y , can't find same girl a month later). It better then most in downtown i bet.
Can anybody suggest any other club which have nice shows and girls in evening in weekdays ( For office goers and married like me;) ?????

DJ PARTY GUY: 13th Oct 2010 - 17:38 GMT

I used to work at both Super Sexe and Super Contact, and it sure sounds like it has changed! I miss some of the girls especially Natasha (daytime Super Sexe), but I am much happier now not being in Strip Clubs. The buffet used to be great, and it is for staff and customers. It was one of the bonus' of working there! Be up front with the girls, say hi to a bouncer or when you pass the DJ going for a dance so they can see how long you have gone. Not to be rude, with all those titties in your face, you forget about time!

Ice: 18th Nov 2010 - 22:45 GMT

Hey everyone, I Just got back to Montreal and wanna get back into clubs, Im looking for a girl called Sky we used to work together at Super Sex a couple of years ago, she told me she worked in Montreal, anyone knows where she is working now?

dan: belle pitoune

Ice: 23rd Nov 2010 - 03:07 GMT

Hey everyone, I Just got back to Montreal and wanna get back into clubs, Im looking for a girl called Sky we used to work together at Super Sex a couple of years ago, she told me she worked in Montreal, anyone knows where she is working now?

(B) joe: yo

joda: operation

anon ( 12th Dec 2010 - 14:49 GMT

i was telling friends about super sexe. now i'm just going to tell everyone i know that it's a rip-off there...(not all girls) but some really come on way too strong when they come up to you (hustlers with no shame whatsoever). You go upstairs for a private dance and that's the beginning of the rip off. i influence many many people in montreal and i also work for tourisme montreal and can say that i will tell everyone that super sexe is the biggest rip-off. in fact all or most strip bars are a rip off...

Sky: 27th Dec 2010 - 18:48 GMT

Anybody knows where the blonde girl sky is workin'? Anybody heard of a girl called brittany?

cheated by super shit : 12th Jan 2011 - 05:11 GMT

so im mexican and went to montreal last summer and we wanted a good place to see girls and chill, so everyone at the hotel told us the best place was super sexe (3 hours later i knew it was crap) so in the hotel they gave us a card with the guys name (he gets like 2 dollars for each person he sends) so first the cover was 25 dollars way expensive oh and the bouncer charge 6 dollars for a walk we didnt know you could do that... so we ask for 2 beers canadiena beers and it was $22 talk about stealing we kinda wanted to go but the beers where open so yeah we gave 25 and the fucking waiter goes like oh its a 5 dollar tip WOW WAIT WHHAATTTTT?? so its either that or get beat up... bathrrom 1 dollar to use it..ask for a private dance and 75 for 2 songs so we heard that and we stomed out of there BUT SURPSIRE SURPRISE they allready charged it each so it was 150 plus tip for 2 songs... so this fat annoying bouncer with huge tits like hugbears me from behind and like starts choking me screaming in freaking french i couldnt understand shit so my friend just goes ok ok ok so we got the worst 2 lapsongs in my life and the girls so annoying so from a 75 it was 100 dollars for each for 2 songs... never ever go to that place its fucking disgrace.. oh and the guy from the hotel was like oh its the first thing that this happens but now that i read all this now i know i wasnt the only one... canada is awesome i cant believe it has places like that reminded me of my butthole country... oh and the other strip clubs are way better .. most girls with beer bellys and like 40 year olds so fuck super sexe

Enforcer: 13th Feb 2011 - 16:56 GMT

Pretty funny listening to you bimbos getting ripped off. No doubt the bar super sexe allows too many girls in there to have any idea which ones giving est. a bad rep or not - it's just like anything else - trial & error. If the girls have never seen you before & you're from out of town, then why would you expect anything less from them when you're there today - gone tomorrow. These are tough financial times but coke prices stay the same - just kidding haha. If you're gonna tip anybody it should be the chef there - the buffet is way better than expected those guys have quality meat there & the other "meat" there ain't bad either. I actually really like the dances I've got & it's been the same from all the girls, full contact & they straddle ya a la Toronto which is damn well what I expect for my hard earned cashish. The girl Osean there is adorable with awesome curves - I dunno if she says it just to be cute but how can any man not like a young girl who loves to knit in her down time!?:)
sickens me that I'm in Treal often enough & always assumed the club beside this one, which everyone says is great here, was much worse. Guess it's bc I don't rememb it having a stage & a naked girl swinging from a strippers pole is a must for me (I go to club Downtown for that very reason even though their stage is small & the lapdances are "clean" it's just one babe afta another there which is khilr & the girls there are happy n
nice so good ambiance. Anyway Super Contacte - I'm a comin baby!!

Also, y'can take it from me, the places where it's definitely tough to go wrong is gentleman's choice club & what was chateau du sexe but I guess it's closed now bc of Italian mafia affiliations but you'd never take the mrs there. A great couples place to go is KamaSutra where again the danses are clean but it's a shame they kaboshed the lesbian shows right on top of the bar those were exceptional : >

anon ( 15th Feb 2011 - 02:23 GMT

Just got back from Montreal. Read the reviews above and whoever the dude is that wrote that he got pushed around by the bouncer is a retard . Of course it costs money to go there you idiot. If you can't hang with the big boys go jerk off to Internet porn . If you can't sweet talk the girls into smiling and giving you deals you don't deserve to be squeezing their cheeks. It was a great time and great times usually cost money .I will definitely be back.

Homegrown: 22nd Mar 2011 - 15:36 GMT

Recently went to their Super Contact "branch". I walked in...and I already thought the worse, it was just after midnight on a Friday, and the place was dead. The cover was pretty cheap, only $5, and immediately to my left was a table of women, just waiting for customers. I'm not going to lie and say they were absolutely gorgeous, but they weren't hideous, all were pretty good looking, a little better than what you'd expect at a strip club. I assume because the place was dead, would be why they were so friendly, but the friendliness carried on with the the Ebony lady I selected. She was engaging, friendly, and, surprising to say this, completely honest. I was keeping track of the songs, and when I hit a certain point, I'd ask what number we're on, and her number matched up with mine. I won't go into every detail, but, if you pick the right girl, treat her with some respect (not going in asking how much for a blowjob, and crap like that), and don't look like a complete creep you will have an amazing time. When next I visit, I'll certainly return to Super Contact, hopefully running into the same girl.

Rob: 30th Mar 2011 - 17:00 GMT

Im looking for my friend SKY she is a blonde stripper in the 37 years of age, I haven't seen her in 5 years and I want to talk to her, she changed her number and never gave it to me... does anyone know where she works ?

She has japanese tattoos on her neck, and though she is very intense, she is a very nice person, thanks for the help bros

Mtl Night Life: 9th Apr 2011 - 07:42 GMT

been to super sexe crap today with my friend and i can never understand why is it higher prices than chez paree which is way more classy than this rat hole, girls look young and they are kinda rude talking french with each other when you dont understand what they are saying, eventually i asked the girl if i can use my tongue and kiss her boobs and nipples she said yes, when we went to the private room she didnt allow me to do so, and then said " i didnt say you can kiss my boobs dont put words in my mouth " cant remember her name though but i noticed she had a scar on the middle of her back looks hideous, young girls rush you for money like everyone in this post says, others who dance more profissionally get friendly with you and eventually you get friendly and accept to go for a dance.
i still dont understand why does it look like a junk yard knowing its too expensive to go for even a drink, i like chez paree more and the girls there are more beautiful than super crap sex

Eric: 12th Apr 2011 - 20:18 GMT

Are there any "super contact" girls that read this blog? Any who might have worked there in say '03 or '04. Probably a stretch but I just saw this guy looking for "sky" and it made me laugh. I'm looking for a girl named Magdalena. Went by "Mags", not sure of her stage name, but she used to date a kid from the states, connecticut I believe. Anyone hear of her?

club super craps: 20th May 2011 - 06:41 GMT

i just keep going there and i keep finding that it sux, today a girl asked me what i do in life and once i said im a doctor she said everyone hates this career you should quite, then kept saying how she read books on neurology and that i should read some book i dont remember when its called, but her comment was that reading it wont do me any good becoz of how hard it is for me to understand.

the girl i went with the room with was kinda cute but kept talking loads of sh*t about her sucks life with her bf and that she wants to break up with him, and she was offended by a question i asked which was, can i kiss you on the ears :S:S:S what the heck just say no and thats it, knowing how respectful i was with her and thats by her words not mine.

anon ( 17th Jun 2011 - 14:19 GMT

I have always wanted to fall in love

Josh Ruddendord: Anybody knows where Sky works?

Club Supersexe: 8th Jul 2011 - 00:57 GMT

Sky moved to Oregon, USA to pursue a career in Information Technology.

About Sky: 12th Jul 2011 - 16:15 GMT

Sky is an Escort workin at Angel Escorts Montreal

Livedinmtl: 21st Jul 2011 - 06:04 GMT

Lived in montreal 94-96 and frequented all the clubs and parlors. I've never once allowed myself to be hustled by bouncers, and if the waitresses were rude, I'd just pack up to another club down the road.

SuperSexe was the last place I would go. PussyCorps was my second home when they offered 40 entrance, 10 vag toy/20 anal toy. Sad to see the place is not what it once was. I was actually looking forward to bringing my wife there this summer but it sounds like a scam now.

Here's a longshot and a wayback to November 1995: Three or four room massage parlor in an upstairs on Hochelaga, advertised in the gazette. Run by an older franco lady.I went there and got service and hj from a french girl named NATASHA (her real name), plainly pretty 22 year old long brown hair, glasses, slim frame small bust, slight overbite.

we made broken conversation (spoke no english) told me she had a daughter about a year old. I made a joke about dinner and she told me to meet her at the metro station the following saturday night at 9. Well I happened to be at a bar that saturday by the station, so I ducked out not expecting to see her. There she was, so we grabbed a quick drink and went to my apartment where I got free full service 3 times that night. She was a squirter and the filthiest screamer I've ever encountered.

Then she told me she loved me and stalked me for a week.

anyone else have similar dealings with a natasha of this description around october or november 1995? she had no tattoos, small breasts and a c section scar above a wisp of hair.

Turncoat: 16th Oct 2011 - 02:55 GMT

Man, what is all this whining. Let me tell u guys something.

First of all, why aren't u counting the songs? Is all that ass making you fail a simple task involving a bit of concentration?

I had 2 dances yesterday, both 2 songs long. It's what I wanted, it's what I got. Both girls ignored the songs, I told them time up, paid them, and left. Of course they;re not gonna keep count, I dont expect them too.The bouncers all got tipped, I had my dances, I was careful and I got out satisfied.

Secondly, noone charged us for a coat fee, and we all had one on.

Finally, one chick who was columbian let me touch her pussy and lick her tits for no extra charge. Thats a good deal dammit. And no I aint much of a looker or talker.

And another thing, OF COURSE you're going to get harrassed by the pushy strippers, we had loads approach us and refused them cause they weren't that hot. We just made up some excuses, waited for some bombshell to walk by, and boom, immediate dance.

Kristina: 17th Oct 2011 - 17:44 GMT

I work at super sex mon till wen in the evening you guys should come..
i make you feel like ur at home wen ur wit me. xx dances r 15 dont be shy

Jhonny from Montreal: 21st Oct 2011 - 19:51 GMT

Are prostitutes happy? I learned my ex is an escort ... is she happy? Does she need help? Makes me sad to hear shes doing that, I don't know what to do? Can anyone give me advice...

Petee: Sexemovi

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MoD Aquila (Part Two)
from: Simon Cornwell
45 Minutes in Verdun
from: Sirhcbre
Things I Hate About... Parking
from: EvilGentleman
Kensington Kinetic Sculpture Derby
from: serlingrod