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Apartment to Let

- jack - Thursday, January 11th, 2007 : goo

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image 18035

i have always loved these old buildings near the tunnel. always wanted to get an apartment there because my friend tom and i would cruise uptown and go to the inner circle, a little bar in the 60's streets where all the hippest kids went to and we always picked up a broad or two and would try to find a place to make out but the city can be rough at 3 am so the other guys heard about the apartment (which i will refer to as the 'pad') and they all chimed in we will bring all our trampy broads up to the pad and use your rooms for a little action and then tom and i looked at each other and we could picture these trampy broads all over our beds and the roaches and the smell of sex and booze and we got sick to our stomachs and we decided to stay at home with our mommys and daddys where everything was clean and neat and smelled like flowers and clean sheets and just nice and so we didn't get the pad and that was that. hmmmm

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pierre: isn't this the entrance to the holland tunnel?

upfromflames: 4th Apr 2007 - 12:25 GMT

Jack, I agree. Whenever I am on the way to PA, I see these buildings and sigh. Such bustle, and such calm.

I read in the NYTimes (can't remember which city section) that a very nice musical family lives in one of these buildings. Mother plays strings in some orchestra.Apparently the traffic does not even bother them when they are practicing.

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