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Hawaii Graffiti

- dubside - Friday, October 27th, 2006 : goo

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on , :

image 16746

image 16747

image 16748

image 16749

image 16750

image 16751

image 16752

image 16753

image 16754

image 16755

image 16756

More here:

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TTP : All the shits nice

Peter: 27th Oct 2006 - 14:22 GMT

wow, these are some really great flicks. id like to see more, thats for sure...

dubside: 27th Oct 2006 - 18:33 GMT

image 16780

image 16781

image 16782

image 16783

image 16784

image 16785

image 16786

image 16787

Peter: wow, just wow. thats some *great* stuff...

barry: This graffiti is shit hot.Nice photos dubside.

jamie: 28th Oct 2006 - 22:19 GMT

there's something distinctiely hawaiian about them. don't you think. can't quite put a finger on it though.

dubside: 30th Oct 2006 - 06:46 GMT

At the risk of overloading this one page with too many flicks, here's some hands from around town:

image 16862

image 16863

image 16864

image 16865

image 16866

image 16867

image 16868

image 16869

image 16870

image 16871

image 16872

image 16873

image 16874

Tyler: 22nd Nov 2006 - 01:52 GMT

NICE DUBSIDE, PS who the fuck went over that one piece in the top section of pics? Dot 50... WHAT THE HELL MAN! he ruined it! And the tags in the last section... They must stick alot on one tag! The one on the pole... How do they get away wih it! It's sick though!

mistress jinx: 8th Dec 2006 - 20:53 GMT

who these are mean,
i have seen most of them up close!
thats awesome!
fkn sexi....

upz: amazing sets man respect

Felicia b.: 27th Feb 2007 - 21:28 GMT

wow these are so some realy nice shots,you got mad points in "my book"!HOLLA

local boy: 2nd Mar 2007 - 12:40 GMT

i normally think graffiti is disgusting but that is brilliant, it must have taken AGES!

iman: 4th Apr 2007 - 00:21 GMT

man i'm from brooklyn, and they use some different styles in hawaii then over here. i'm impressed.

tony: 6th Apr 2007 - 02:02 GMT

that is some amazing shit.I have to give them respect

staying true: Thanks For The Love Peoples* (>.

jeeff: this is wicked.

kuh: 19th Apr 2007 - 05:39 GMT

Hawaii has some amazing talent!!! unfortunate that a lot of that quality stuff gets written over by crap.. lack of respect for true art.

blahh: 22nd Apr 2007 - 01:26 GMT

This stuff is Mostly the talent of Almost Famous crew. if not some then they arent all. I see these a lot. Beacuse i live Hawaii

yourmom: 27th Apr 2007 - 22:01 GMT

you know what?? this shit is really good. But why doesn`t dubside take pics of my hands?? huh

broken: 1st May 2007 - 06:27 GMT

the first 19 r so fricking awesome........
how do they make it so 3D???????

riko: 17th Jun 2007 - 21:39 GMT

Anyone know of any other websites that show Hawaii Graffiti/art?

new guy: 18th Jul 2007 - 09:01 GMT

There's a new guy out taking pics and uploading them onto They can be found at

Belroc: 8th Aug 2007 - 20:19 GMT

Great pictures!!
I knew Hawaii had graffiti, but I never knew it was this good.
Thanx for the post!!

BELROC IOFcrew.......

808 Writer: 21st Sep 2007 - 07:31 GMT

I seen some of these but they are older. Hawaii has some better ones now and writers are gettin better and better now.

leak: 30th Sep 2007 - 20:24 GMT

i seen some of'em all over the place aiea kalihi but this is hot

POSM TM crew: 13th Nov 2007 - 02:20 GMT

Hawaii got some dope ass graff artists.... I miss doing graff there Cali is on lock down all the fuckin time.... Stay up Hawaii!

dzine808kona: 22nd Nov 2007 - 22:17 GMT

yo thanks for posting does fresh master pieces. da question is where is my boy east3? i havnt seen the pioneer in a while is his burners still around? if can try and post sum old school pioneers like syze1 katch1 skid joski suya pyro aroz amp crew and 808giants and of course east3. dont get me wrong new school hawaii is da sickiest but old school brings us back to da fundamentals. thanks again and i will be back for mor goodies

Biyoushi: 28th Jan 2008 - 23:43 GMT

Aloha.. I was wondering where I could find some of these? I live on Oahu and I am looking for a vividly colorful piece, actually a few of them, that I can use as a backdrop for some photoshoots... hit me up at my website..

brendan: 2nd Nov 2008 - 04:33 GMT

lets see more more boissssssssssssssssssssssss!!!

anon ( cool

anon ( 29th Nov 2008 - 23:47 GMT

i have one too the spyr thats mii

nioce: nioce if you know what i mean

db: 7th May 2009 - 00:57 GMT

go google and type in dubside hawaii graffiti
has more flix

db: 9th May 2009 - 00:16 GMT

yup. dubside and minkus have the most hawaii graff flicks

australia: 16th May 2009 - 07:20 GMT

good work going on, i was in Oahu in 03 an i'll be comin back real soon. keep it up..!

Recon: 3rd Dec 2009 - 22:39 GMT

This shit is sick man i love it thank you for giving us the oppertunity to see such beautiful art.... It was a pleasure to view this lovely pieces.

heather: 23rd Jan 2010 - 12:48 GMT

damn. i like also's style. fuckin nice :]]. i also like da other stylez. fuck someday i wish i can get 2 dat stage of graffiti'in piecez. shit da only piecin i BE DOiN is on paper. hope i can master da piecez dat i drew. but anyway i'm glad dat u got a picture of da piecez!! although i'm pretty mad dat some1 dissed also's style. what a fucker >:((

VAMPZ: 11th May 2010 - 03:36 GMT

are these pictures in honolulu? if so, on what streets i wanna see it in person!! awesome graff!

...: 5th Jul 2010 - 10:03 GMT

I m a writer from europe and right now I m in honolulu are there any writers who could show me around?

ZATIKone: 7th Sep 2010 - 21:42 GMT

Hey guys i just moved from germany to hawaii and where can i find these spots ? and where is a good graffiti store to buy cans ?
Maybe someone wanna paint a wall with me. Here are some pieces i painted

anon ( 12th Sep 2010 - 20:48 GMT

2grooves is the spot to buy cans near UH MANOA

ZATIKone: thanks dude! do you know the street ?

dozen: graffiti fo life "just tag yo goin get betta"

combo: Do you know who tags "PACO"?

joker: Does anyone know who tags "Busu".

lip: love graffiti.

1: one!

Loter: Pretty bad

craver one .: 18th Nov 2010 - 20:23 GMT

Yah who went over that sick piece at the top . dot 50 . u cant tag 4 shit . battle u any day . DTS. OF. HI

craver one .: Sick throwup socker . mad respect

old school: 6th Dec 2010 - 15:43 GMT

international language, specific minds/voice/hands with aerosol's gotta bust out, it will, in more media than we now know!
Tough terrain makes it indelible, would hate to see it in lifeless galleries...thanks!

Old school or no school?: 19th Apr 2011 - 20:20 GMT

"lifeless galleries ?" Humans bring 'life' into the galleries with them.

yasmine sesepasara: these are dope chee yeah!

little girl: 4th May 2011 - 04:13 GMT

where are the best graffiti spots? i want to use them as a backdrop for my photoshoots =)

Tig Rig: 16th May 2011 - 08:34 GMT

Man these are some slamin peices i dig the art form on any level level but these are really good

see ya : 23rd May 2011 - 18:45 GMT

Pretty chill spot is the ditch behind zippy's in waipahu that place is pretty mellow at night but so many fucking cats

808aloha: 17th Jul 2011 - 00:46 GMT

808 brah! we talented and are sick dopes man! we tight! CHEEEHEE!

BARKDOG: BARKDOG is coming. You have been warned.

BARKDOG: BARKDOG is coming. You have been warned.

DJMC: 1st Jun 2012 - 18:52 GMT



sceet "HBSK": GOOD

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