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Fall in the East Bay

- joey - Saturday, October 21st, 2006 : goo

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some local autumn colors hide a post-modern building on telegraph avenue
image 16651

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steelisreal: 22nd Oct 2006 - 13:56 GMT

oh how i love the bay area.... *sigh* i miss it so much.

mary jean graham: 7th Jan 2010 - 22:29 GMT

i grew up at 3537 n. kip st. i moved away after graduating from little flower highschool 1970. i loved living on kip st in kensington. it was a safe and happy time. i have fond memories of christmas holidays, halloween , when we would go out on soap night and get everyones cars. and mischef night doing harmless pranks in the neighborhood. i loved to take the elevated at k and a to center city to visit Wanamakers, you could spend the who day in that store, it was like a city. my best friends, margie seiger, and re re gatter to always visit the dairy bar for our fix of ice cream. what a innocent and wonderful time.

mary jean graham: 7th Jan 2010 - 22:32 GMT

me again , mary graham, does anyone know of re re gatter, her real name was marie gatter her dad was a fire chief, she too lived two houses down from me on the 3500 block of kip i lived at 3537. would love to locate her again. she didn't go to little flower, she went to the public high, can't remember it's name.

joe bob: 16th Jan 2010 - 00:59 GMT

wow.i grew up in kensington @D and Cambria. i hung out @ C and Somerset,Hissy playground,Jasper and Heartlane and Front and Cumberland.I remember sneaking smokes and and drinking Ballintine @ the railroad off of Rosehill St, going under the fireplug, playing in the alleys,riding the El,jumping off the White bridge on the moveing coke cars,getting into fistfights and laughing about it laterthey were good times, but that was the 50s and early 60s.the war came ,factories closed,solid families moved to Juniata,Mayfair,Bristol and the Greater Northeast because they had jobs and money leaving behind those not so fortunate.The color barrier was broke @ Front st and the neighborhood then had an influx of more people that also had it bad.It all tured to shit.But look @theBadlands it is now called Northern Liberies and it cost about $400k for a house.If people just pulled together instead of trying to fuck over each other the hood could become a place to be proud of.

quinny: 21st Feb 2010 - 03:17 GMT

I grew up at Front and Somerset in the heart of Kensington in the 60s and 70s with Jackie OConnor ,Tim Sinese and Joe Macanany.We were bad kids at times,but not like the kids today who have no regard fur humam life.I recently went back to visit, what shame it looks more like a third world country then a neighborhood

quinny: 21st Feb 2010 - 03:18 GMT

I grew up at Front and Somerset in the heart of Kensington in the 60s and 70s with Jackie OConnor ,Tim Sinese and Joe Macanany.We were bad kids at times,but not like the kids today who have no regard fur humam life.I recently went back to visit, what shame it looks more like a third world country then a neighborhood....

John P: 19th Mar 2010 - 00:21 GMT

I grew up at 3055 mascher st.I remember standing at jacks corner across from the hippies house. There are so many memories.I used to go to violas.I remember John the bartender. they used to serve raw hamburgers on a roll.I remember one night they put hairs logan,not hairs baxter behind the bar a girl by the name of mary ask him for a tom collins and he told her he was not here now.kellys korner was a ptc barn untill it bured front and westmoreland there was a firehouse with the fire pole.I used to take orders home for people at the a+p.The wishart movies.I could get served in bars at18 if you had your draft card.Jerrys shirt shack, bright sun cleaners the shoe makers cleaners,what was is name?,May fete at epicopal hostipal.Evey thing said about growing up in kensington was true they were some of the happys years of my life.I wish i could go back.I graduated from ST hugh in 1967 before that kindergarden at sheperd.After reading these blogs i feel great.I just found this site,hope to hear more

John P: 19th Mar 2010 - 00:49 GMT

I went to ST Hughs with George Seiger.I am sitting here looking at my class graduation picture from 1967. Rev.DJ walsh was the running the parrish. Sister Mary anise ran the school.I worked at teddys hamburger stand at Mascher and Allegheny Ave

John P: 19th Mar 2010 - 00:56 GMT

I see a picture of W Graham I remember him.There are no girls in this picture.He was in my class in st hughs.

joe bridge: 29th Mar 2010 - 15:16 GMT

kensington reunion in wildwood on july 11th,...i the lighthouse .......15.00 per person starts at 2 pm.....see you all there

Don: 2010 1600 GMT: 31st Mar 2010 - 20:03 GMT

Did anyone go to Setetson Jr High school in the 40's or maybe even in the 50's

John P: 2nd Apr 2010 - 18:41 GMT

Don: Joeanne States went to stetson.She hung around with peggy and a girl named penny.

MissD: 5th Apr 2010 - 21:49 GMT

Hairsy: You mention Frank McHale - was he from 2900 Howard St and have 3 sisters? Are you in touch with him now?

joe s: 9th Apr 2010 - 17:10 GMT

kensington got a bad name, but things are changing now... seeing buildings are being renovated, and a lot more cops are around the neighborhood. housing price are cheap there, grab a few if you can. just passed by the big old factory building on somerset street and ruth street that looks like work is being done there too.

hairsy: 3rd May 2010 - 19:24 GMT

miss d frank mc hale lived on 2900 blk of howard st i have his address and phone number email me at hairsy39

hairsy: 10th May 2010 - 04:10 GMT

i grew up at front st 2818 is this quinny from lee st

Bill D.: 10th May 2010 - 15:23 GMT

My people lived on the 1700 block of N. Bodine from the early 1900's until the 1960's. I recently took my mother back, who was born and raised there, and all the houses are torn down. Also had family on N. Orianna St. Those houses are gone now too. Anybody know why the houses were torn down. Were they delapidated?

hairsy: 11th May 2010 - 18:13 GMT

hi to john p from mascher st was the girl penny married to ed gillis . and is this john payne.

hairsy: 18th May 2010 - 13:09 GMT

were are all the kenso's at come on and write in

John P: 2nd Jun 2010 - 15:43 GMT

Penny was married to Tony Pezzano.Yes it is. John

hairsy: 7th Jun 2010 - 16:23 GMT

hi john i got your e mail and i don't know when they will have another reuion they just had a get together at the rhawnhurst if i hear about anything i'll let you know. good to hear from you hope everythings good . i talk to o'd every week and just started talking with jerry shaw it's like going back to howard st . keep in touch . hairsy

John P: July 11 Lighthouse in Wildwood.Hope to see you.

John P: Hope to be there maybe with the limo

hairsy: yo john how was the reunion in wildwood

Jerri B.: 30th Jul 2010 - 23:49 GMT

Just happened on this site, really great. Lived at Front & Dauphin, '42 to '63 when I got married. Went to St. Bonnie's & Hallahan. Best friend, Lee, next door went to Little Flower. After a while you didn't even hear the rumble of the El. Remember the Howard & the Kent, dances at Wagner's & Boulevard Ballroom. Friday night cones at John's ice cream shop, ice cream sodas at Pop's across from the park. Would love to find anyone from that neighborhood.

John P: 9th Aug 2010 - 21:55 GMT

Had my grandson with me.I had to drive by.It looked packed.The North Catholic party at the Lighthouse was also packed.Had to pass on that to.

hairsy: 15th Sep 2010 - 01:52 GMT

jerri b i lived at front &somerset and also went the howard and kent and boulevard ballroom with guys from k&a when i was a little younger i went to lighthouse dance mascher and lehigh ave.shervans at front and cumberland had the best ice cream

linda sibilla: 9th Nov 2010 - 01:04 GMT

went to ascension school 1954, lived on East Willard, anyone remember the McGlynns. Eileen was my best friend in Grammar School. I agree with the posts growing up in the 50s, we had a great time and neighors took care of neighbors. It was a hard working neighborhood. Irish and Italians. I lived with my grandparents who came from Italy. I'm in New Orleans now and still have fond memories, especially Sister Rose Therese.

anon ( 27th Nov 2010 - 16:26 GMT

happy thanksgiving to all

bill11222: great memories!

hairsy: i would love to go back in time

anon ( 11th Dec 2010 - 19:50 GMT

Any Christmas get togethers planed

hairsy: 11th Dec 2010 - 21:02 GMT

get together at howard&cambria st dec 23 9pm see you then

hairsy: 12th Dec 2010 - 20:28 GMT

merry christmas to all kensington back in the day people

Mr Adam Smolkowicz: Autumn is not far away

FRANCES O.: 23rd Jun 2011 - 21:50 GMT

Hi Billy D.
I was reading your comment and i also want to know why did all the houses got knocked down. I live on 3rd & CBM for the past 30 yrs and my yard is connected with the vacant lots that are now there where the houses use to be. If you found out why they knocked the houses and if you know a man who might of lived there named JOHN KROHN, feel free to get back to me on here.

suzanne: 29th Jul 2011 - 21:54 GMT

for all those people who said they are from kensington and how it has turned out to be so terrible. alot of you seem to have been successful which is awesome, but how come you dont try to go back and help change something. maybe not go and stay because you left for a reason, but contributing can always help.

suzanne: 29th Jul 2011 - 21:54 GMT

for all those people who said they are from kensington and how it has turned out to be so terrible. alot of you seem to have been successful which is awesome, but how come you dont try to go back and help change something. maybe not go and stay because you left for a reason, but contributing can always help.

anon ( 1st Aug 2011 - 17:48 GMT

Went to KHS which was an all girls school back then in the 50s. My boyfriend at that time went to Mastbaum. He and his family lived on the 2300 blk. of Collins Street. They ran an Auto Repair Shop Called "Ivin's Garage. Anyone know of it?

kenzo forever : 12th Aug 2011 - 16:03 GMT

I was born and raised in kensington I still live here with my husband and children.We chose not to leave we both work and are very involved in are childrens school and interests.The neighborhood has changed and yes we do miss the old kensington.This site is bringing back memories but there are still many good people here just trying to get by just like the old days.Just like the old days if you are from the neighborhood people dont bother you.As for the drugs yes it is horrible alot worse then the old days but I see so many people coming from the suburbs to buy the drugs and any man who lives in kensington knows not to touch the hookers from here once again it is the people from the burbs.So yes we see the drugs down here I dont agree with what they do but they dont hide it either.So for all the people who decided to get out and not stay and fight for the neighborhood you loved so much and miss tell your friends and neighbors from the burbs stop coming to kensington to score and maybe the problem wont be as bad.

JP : 14th Aug 2011 - 18:35 GMT


kenzo forever : 14th Aug 2011 - 19:31 GMT

Think about the drug dealers this way.If the drug dealers were a store and nobody shopped there the store would go out of buisness.My problem is people who once lived here and people from the burbs putting Kensington down all the time what a dump it is and that nothing but scum live here.Thats wrong when these same people are part of the problem coming down here buying drugs being with the hookers taking god knows what back to your poor wife and kids to your nice safe neighborhood and calling us scum.How about taliking about know wonder the kids in kensington are the way they are look where they live look at what they see. Guess whos keeping the dealers in buisness your sweet burb kids who are doing so well in school how proud the parents well i got news for you right now i see them here everytime they want to party but yet are kids down here are the problem .My kids live here see it day after day and they dont want no parts of turning to the lifestyle they see where it could lead .I know where my kids are right know do you oh thats right they are at the library .HA HA

JP : 15th Aug 2011 - 01:48 GMT


kenzo forever : 15th Aug 2011 - 12:54 GMT

Im not bitter JP.Im mad that people are always judging us like if you live in kesington you must be poor or trash or a criminal.I stayed because because this is my home i have many friends here who are hard working honest are coming after me but if you look at some of the past post on this site some of these post are downing the people who still live here just defending myself.There is good and bad everywhere im just saying to these people that the people who are doing wrong down here are what they are they dont try to hide it.You cant have it both ways some people want to live in the burbs act like they are angels and come down here and be the devil.Then talk trash about us.You said at one time you lived here be honest would you pick up one of them hookers and how many cars did you see that didnt belong buying drugs.they did a john sting down here all the johns got put in the paper not one of them were from here guess where they were from.As for the hookers most of them will tell you yes they live here now but a good amount of them lived in the burbs good kids got hooked on drugs and started selling themselves to support the lifestyle.I worked at a store down here and would hear them talking.The dealers are from here not going to deny that but you were right in some ways the corner dealers live here but the main suppliers do you think they live here guess again.Me and my husband go to work every day raise our kids right own are home and then i have to put up with being called trash because of where i choose to live.Im not saying everybody in the burbs are bad or talking trash this is just for the people who have alot to say but dont want to look in the mirror.

JP : 18th Aug 2011 - 00:02 GMT

Iam not coming after you. I dont think kenso is the only area with your promlems. chester,camden,darby,bristol all over. I lived in kenso in the 60s and 70s. I went to sheppard school. In my kindergarden picture out of 15 boys 7 of them are dead from drugs first one was 15 years old.[Istill have the pic i will have get it out and check] Iam very proud of being raised in kenso, by the way i was 23 when i moved out. after they broke into my house i had to think of my family. I did not want my childen living like prisoners in there own home.My family lived on 2900 mutter st. they had to board up there windows and put iron bars on there back doors to kept out the junkies. I had friends killed,stabed on there own front steps.When i lived there it was a different world. the burbs to us was mayfair,juniata,the far northeast. We had people come down from those areas and didnt like us. they were the cops they would come into kenso with a attitude and beat the crap of you. I was drinking when i was 18 if you could go to veitnam and carry a gun you should be able to drink. the cops didnt agree they found you drinking you were in trouble even worst if they were highway cops.And as for your question about picking up hookers i would no sooner pick up a hooker then i would pick up a needle. To this this very day if some one talks about kenso i tell them how great it was. We have people come out to the burbs all the time buying drugs and killing people. it is all over. I could go on all nite about kenso to much to say to mny memories. I hope you and you family stay well. And i never put anybody down i was raised by good parents.

kenzo forever : 18th Aug 2011 - 20:23 GMT

I understand jp you have to do what is best for your family.I live on a pretty good block its small we all look out for each other and keep the block clean in all ways if you know what i mean.Living down here has its benifits for my kids seeing what they see they dont want no part of the drugs sort of like a scared straight program.Sorry to hear your house got broken into.Alot of the kids i grew up with met the same fate as your friends.I didnt mean you were putting kensington down just some post in here i read got me know what they say cant judge a book by its cover.Im not going to deny it some blocks down here really bad i wont even walk down them.I guess people just get tired and give up the fight and the block turns.My block reminds me of kensington back in the day parents sit out watch the kids kids play all night during the summer neighbors sit out talk to each other block parties bbqs.You left because thats what you thought was best for your family i get it and respect that I decided to stay its my home im not going to leave because a few bad apples want to spoil the bunch.take care jp.

hairsy: 12th Sep 2011 - 20:18 GMT

kensington forever the best days of my life was hanging at howard & cambria sts. would do it allover again

Natalie: 18 Nov 2011 : 19th Nov 2011 - 07:33 GMT

I live on kensington & dauphin st....I like the neighborhood been here for 29yrs it not that bad...everywhere u go there is good and bad its not where we live it the ppl we have to worry about...just incase anyone wants to know Kensington high still my neighborhood..

Natalie: 18 Nov 2011 : 19th Nov 2011 - 07:35 GMT

I used to hangout at hancock & cambria wow those were the days lol

hairsy: 23rd Nov 2011 - 00:01 GMT

looks like they are going to close sheppard school i can't believe this is happening

hairsy: happy thanksgiving to all

Fishtowner: 24th Mar 2012 - 07:40 GMT

Growing up at Dauphin and Memphis, 10yrs old in 1978, Mom would pack all the kids, little sister in stroller, cousins and an Aunt or 2. We would walk from Dauphin & Memphis to Kensington Ave, turn right and hit all the good spots until Allegheny Ave, then cross over and shop all the way back to Dauphin and go home. Kellys corner was a favorite and American Pants Co??? May be wrong about exact name but I remember begging my mom to buy me Jordache Jeans, Gloria Vanderbilts or Baranellis (spelling?) from there. We would have a ball and the avenue was crowded with families doing the same thing, just out for the day, buying a little something and we'd eat water ice and soft pretzels on the way home. Those were the days when you were 10,11, or 12 and you got soo excited that you just got a couple of new patches to sew onto your jean jacket. Keep on Truckin!!!

Kathie, April 8, 2012: 9th Apr 2012 - 18:08 GMT

I haven't been back but I tell my sons all about where I grew up poor but happy. Kensington: Sat afternoons walking to confession at 4:00, church on Sun. morning 9:00 Visitation, getting beat by a bunch of frustrated nuns. My Dad still lived down there and died a few years ago, an old Irish diehart, we had the mass at Visitation, THEY SAID THE WHOLE MASS IN SPANISH? NO OFFENSE SOME OF MY BEST FRIENDS ARE SPANISH AND LATINO, BUT WE DIDN'T UNDERSTAND A WORD, DO YOU THINK THEY COULD HAVE ASKED US???? My best friend at school was Lorraine Nick, Vicky Gizzi, Darlene. My wonderful neighbors Claire Walker, Mickey, Tracy and Kelly who I babysat, Beverly Fleckenstein with her very large family on Coral Street, Rose Mullaney, Kathy Powell, who was my best friend till we moved away, Robert McNichols the love of my life and first kiss, Kensington HS grounds to play ball. Mary Lou O'Rourke, snob and next store neighbor Nancy, snob, parents had money so we weren't good enough, Joann Cubbins, Sergeant street, great friend, parents didn't like poor people. Sharon Hale, fabulous friend, never saw her after we moved. Ed's corner, hung out, and we weren't trouble. Hazzard street where I grew up next to a bar, no inside running water upstairs, washed in a basin at the kitchen sink, went to an out house in the yard, no one ever knew. Can't go on.. it was a hell of a it's like shit. Got my Mom and Sister out .... I feel sorry for all the Irish, Polish, German and old people who have lived there all their lives have no money saved and have no where to go.... they just wait to see when someone will jump them on the streets or break in their house and kill them for their $3.00

Beth: 17th May 2012 - 15:40 GMT

Mary Jean Graham: I'm related to the Gatters because Helen Gatter was my great grandmother, who married my great-grandfather Francis (Frank) W. Garstkiewicz. I could probably assist with some research - email me @

Editor: I love the irony of your request that folks refrain from "nostalgia" - because whether you visited Kensington in a kind-hearted fit of volunteerism or some misguided participation in "ghetto" tourism, the comments here actually provide some great insight into what Kensington is about. True, too much reminiscing, and you're just sitting there stuck on the stoop (which is Kensingon's problem). But there really are some great stories ...

hairsy: 30th May 2012 - 20:47 GMT

KATHIE i don't know if you kept in touch with LORRAINE NICK but she now lives in FLORIDA she is the best

BobJ: 26th Jun 2012 - 04:40 GMT

Hairsy. I think you know my sister, Sue Jones from Howard St.

hairsy : 28th Jun 2012 - 12:35 GMT

hi bobby yes it's me how you doing i did see your sister sue a few months ago she looks well if you read the back notes on this site you will see i have been here for a few years.i'm know you will remember some of the people that wrote in.jerry shaw and tommy shaw live in wildwood villas nj. i don't know where bobby shaw is or bruce shaw he's should be around your age

BobJ: 29th Jun 2012 - 02:20 GMT

I stumbled on this site awhile back. It was fun reading about the old neighborhood. Those of us from the old days lived a different life than anybody today can understand. We lived in a very tough place and knew we had people that would always watch out for us and we watched out for them. I remember a time when some car theives were being chased by the cops and turned done Howard street and wrecked the stolen car and jumped out to run. They weren't from the neighborhood so they got as far as the corner where H&C folks snatched them up and held them for the cops. You didn't come into our area and cause trouble, it wouldn't go your way. Kinda a warm feeling. That doesn't exist anymore.

hairsy: 13th Sep 2012 - 19:11 GMT

some of the people who have past away this month ed gillis, jack delanley from jack's corner i will miss him he was like a father to me . will also miss ed gillis

bobby s: 9th Dec 2012 - 15:33 GMT

used to live at frankford ave elkhart st move a way 30 yd ago like to no about the old neighorhood and if some of the people are stille ther

Raymond Grant: 16th Jan 2013 - 23:42 GMT

Lived@2736 A street. I knew teppers mcanannys RIP joe..Shribiers ...kiethAKA breeder billy Krause brakens welshes millers mccarthys boleys dugans sipes martins remember joe tep a lot he used to shoot up in the abandon houses on somerset street.Knew the fitzgeralds blaneys I went to VISO then Stetson then mastbaum.Played baseball @ lighthouse field from1972 to 1983. Man so many good memories growing up in that neighborhood and all the good people that I made friends with wouldn't trade that for anything. I seen a ron.s on the site would this happen to be Ronnie miller from the old AnS crowd?

Raymond Grant: Not Ronnie miller but Ronnie Sullivan?

Raymond Grant: 18th Jan 2013 - 21:19 GMT

Also other family's from A and Somerset area...hinkleys, mcdonalds,kibit,Carl adihock,hinkles,Matthews,yokums....remember Marty yokum in front of the kaboose bar @front and somerset. With his paper cigarette. More family's peters,Greer's,Torpeys....franny kaman I believe he lived with billy Krause.old man Pete who always gave us a problem when we played stickball.Bromley mills best factory to play stickball against.The corner stores...taters...RnR...cutrite....hassies. By any chance ronnie Sullivan see's this contact me Hopefully we'll get to go over the good old day's.

hairsy: 22nd Jan 2013 - 01:40 GMT

how about marty's and the shoe repair stores charlies meats all on the 2700 blk of front st

Raymond Grant: 27th Jan 2013 - 04:29 GMT

Hairy I remember them too. How about SAMs supermarket on front street?

Raymond Grant: Sorry hairsy

Raymond Grant: 27th Jan 2013 - 04:33 GMT

Hairsy do you know some of these names I posted from A andSomerset the old AnS crowd?

anon: 6th Mar 2013 - 01:24 GMT

Hi ,Ray.Did you have a brother Johnny who went out with a Franny Nash back in the day? Well let me just through some names out and see if any of them ring a bell,Mike and Joe Odonnell,Bobby Donnelly,Mike Harris,Joey Poulter,Petey Portor,Joey Anton,Danny Peters,Scotty Kates,Danny Hinkel,Bobby Schmid,Bobby Murphy,Jackie and Tommy Oconnor, Tim Sinese,Bennie Dougherty,Bobby Samon,Eddie Dillin,Harry Sterling,Ronnie Dugan,Billy Miller,Bobby garcia,well I could go on if my memory comes back, maybe you can add to the list,also do you remember Earl's pool room at Front and silver st.?

anon: 6th Mar 2013 - 01:28 GMT

Who remembers the shoe maker Joe Kallinger,Front and Sterner st? the serial killer.

hairsy: 20th Mar 2013 - 17:52 GMT

hi ray i know 90% of the people that anon knows and sam's market use to be an acme when i was young i use to deliver the bulletin to the kallingers

Mary m: 12th Sep 2014 - 13:12 GMT

anyone remember Butch from st huges Im think last name was Sites or Mase i remember he had red hair

anon: 8th Oct 2014 - 03:35 GMT

there was a Butchie Sites who live around Ella and Cambria. There was also Butchie Mase, I believed he lived near the Lighthouse boys club on Howard and Somerset st.

Mary m: Thanks for the info anon

Quinny: The Caboose bar at Front & Somerset

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