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Decarie Hot Dogs

- CE - Thursday, August 24th, 2006 : goo

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image 14833

Apparently this is the best place in the city to get a hotdog. Being a vegetarian I can't attest to this but I can say that the french fries are absolutely delicious!

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Peter: i love homemade signs like that...

EvilGentleman: 24th Aug 2006 - 18:06 GMT

There is a good one at the corner of Greene and Notre-Dame in the St-Henri district, too.

Matt: 24th Aug 2006 - 18:21 GMT

The Green step dad used to take me there when i was a kid.

EvilGentleman: 24th Aug 2006 - 18:34 GMT

I think Green Spot is in Ville-Emard, isn't it?

Sirhcbre: 25th Aug 2006 - 03:11 GMT

My favourite part about this place is the atmosphere inside. The guy behind the counter is always yelling at customers who are shuffled through like cattle. It's always completely full of people and the cash register is one of those old ones where the numbers pop up on little plastic cards and make lots of noise.

anon ( 1st Sep 2006 - 22:41 GMT

I think that there hotdogs are quite average but there poutine however is the best in all of montreal.The fries that they use too make it are always crunchy and the gravy they use is thick and full of flavour.Decarie hotdog is the only place I ever eat poutine now.

Sirhcbre: 2nd Sep 2006 - 06:17 GMT

I had the poutine the other day. It was really good but I've had better (but not much better).

leilani: 5th Nov 2006 - 18:40 GMT

i love this place the food is superb and delicious the atmospher is nice the workers are sooooo friendly i definitelly recomend

Alan Clarke: 7th Jul 2007 - 04:40 GMT

Decarie Hot Dog is a Montreal cultural icon! I no longer live in Montreal BUT whenever I'm there even for a day I must make the pilgrimmage. I was there on the first day they opened and watched the construction when it was being converted from it's previous incarnation (Carnivale)

Steamies should be gaurabteed under the charter! And no one does them better then Nick and his crew at Decarie Hot Dog!

Antoine: 19th Jul 2007 - 20:19 GMT

Have you noticed that the staff don't care about hygiene? They handle cash and food at the same time. I never see them washing their hands after operating the cash registery and they handle raw and cooked food like nothing happened. Sorry but this thing need to stop. I filed a complaint and see what happend. This place is going down.

CE: 19th Jul 2007 - 22:08 GMT

I just ate their the other day during a bike ride to VSL to see how the redevelopment of the street was going. I'm still alive.

Antoine: 26th Jul 2007 - 19:04 GMT

It doesn't mean that if it's OKAY with you then it's fine. A food inspector went to pay them a visit and yes, he confirmed that no one was washing their hands neither wearing a cap. A fine was delivered and since then, they have more respect for their custommers.

EvilGentleman: 26th Jul 2007 - 19:45 GMT

Wanna bet that Antoine gets sick more often than the rest of us? If so, it is probably due to the fact that his body has no germs to build immunities to. Put down the Purell and gimme a handshake, Antoine. And for God's sake, take off that silly-looking surgical mask!

EvilGentleman: 26th Jul 2007 - 19:48 GMT

Oh, and how is the Poutine, CE? Believe it or not, I have never eaten poutine in my life. Just never appealed to me.

CE: 26th Jul 2007 - 21:13 GMT

Yeah, seriously, when I make food, I don't wash my hands every 30 seconds and have never made it a point to wear a cap while cooking. I seem to be doing ok.

The poutine isn't bad, their gravy isn't the best. Their fries, however, are amazing so I prefer to eat them with just vinegar and mayo.

I am frightened and appalled by your lack of poutine consumption! Are you sure you've NEVER had it?

Peter: mmm fries with vinegar and mayo.

EvilGentleman: 26th Jul 2007 - 22:31 GMT

Mayo? Peter, you are as demented as the people of Quebec, with their fries and curd cheese covered in brown gravy.

CE, never ever.

EvilGentleman: 26th Jul 2007 - 22:36 GMT

Oh wait, the mayo thing was CE's? For shame! And to think I have transported such a sick man around, what ever shall I do? Almost as sick as the kid I went to school with in Cornwall who would coat his fries with mustard.

In my book, there are only three things that belong on fries. Heinz ketchup, Saint Hubert BBQ sauce and salsa con queso.

CE: 27th Jul 2007 - 15:42 GMT

You probably won't want to know about the great pleasure I occasionally take in dipping my french fries in mustard then. I actually don't like ketchup, I haven't since I was very very young (probably around four years old) and found some weird white chunk of something in the ketchup on my fries. I put ketchup on my fries (after a desperate plea from a friend) for the first time about 2 years ago and realised I didn't hate it as much as I thought I did but still don't like it too much. It's too sweet. BBQ sauce sounds good though, I've never tried it on fries.

Ricky K: 14th Jan 2008 - 01:55 GMT

OH MY GOD, you guys just don't understand, this place and I have a special bond I LOVE IT !!! Back in the days when I use to take the bus, my favorite part of the bus ride was that decarie hot dog stop. The taste of those fries and that poutine, forget about it. I can say that this is a historical place and it does not need to change a thing. CHEERS

Dayum: 11th Feb 2008 - 21:27 GMT

Best poutine ever...i also like the hot dogs but theres just as any other hot dogs in mtl...exept if u get them toasted....oh and the burgers are also delicious...overall it was always my best place to have lunch when i was a student and i still go there...

HomerJ: 16th Mar 2008 - 15:42 GMT

I used to eat there quite often back in the early 90's. Often I'd get 2 burgers, 2 steamies and a poutine and then go park somewhere and stuff it down my gullet. When I got to 230lbs, I stopped doing that.
I used to know the son pretty well, the 2 sisters used to work there two, one of them really pretty.
Good place I hope it's stil in the same family.

Geddy: 1st May 2008 - 02:05 GMT

Living in Vancouver now, but every time i vist Montreal, i make it a point to "slide" into DH and get my fix! There is so better in the city.....

IBM: 8th Jun 2008 - 06:56 GMT

Lived in St Laurent 1980-88. Just east of Decarie on Cote Vertu in fact. Probably ate more Decarie Steamies than was good for me and I still have the occasional Jones for a couple. You'd think you'd be able to get a good hot dog in places like San Diego and LA but that isn't possible without a great deal of travel to Hollywood or the Valley. Sigh... Funny thing though. You can get smoked meat in Redondo Beach.

IBM: 8th Jun 2008 - 07:01 GMT

Homer J mentioned ownership. Is it still owned by the same folks? The son graduated McGill in Mechanical Engineering in the mid 80's as I recall. Ran into him a couple of times on campus while taking an evening course.

darin: 9th Jun 2008 - 20:34 GMT

how much is the fries with the hotdog all together now?

Dukester: 5th Jul 2008 - 22:30 GMT

fries is 1.75 and steamie 1.25 i think. More expensive than it used to be, particularly the poutine at 4.50, but it takes much better now I think.

Cliff: 15th Aug 2008 - 16:36 GMT

I live near Toronto, any time I am remotely close to Montreal I always take a side trip to Nick's. Once on the way home from the East Coast a car load of us converged on Decarie Hot Dogs for a feast. Can hardly wait for my next visit to or near Montreal for the hot dog and fries.

Mr.Wii: 29th Aug 2008 - 07:23 GMT

traditional Combo. 2 steamies, fries and drink... $5.25 tax included.

beardley: 3rd Sep 2008 - 22:38 GMT

what they lack in hygiene , they make up for in atmosphere

toddsschneider: 1st Nov 2008 - 22:17 GMT

"Good place ... in the same family."

Yes, Tom Vriniotis has taken over from Nick Vriniotis (the man on the blown up Montreal Gazette review posted on the side of the building).

poolboy: 26th Nov 2008 - 22:54 GMT

I LOVE this place. My grandparents lived just down the street and i used to go there. Now, 21 years later, i find myself going out of my way to go here. I love the steamies. I usually get about 4 at a time. All dressed please!!!! And the poutine rocks. I can almost feel my heart skip a beat just from smelling it.

pianogirl: 26th Dec 2008 - 01:28 GMT


Been going there since the 1970's.
I remember the sign clearly! Steames were 25 cents each 2/ 45 cents!
The Pepsis were a quarter a piece and the same for the fries.

We still head back when visiting - nothing beats Tom's steamies and poutine.

Can't wait till next week - we'll be in town and we're certainly planning to stop in and have steames.

Acrobat: 14th Feb 2009 - 01:48 GMT

People are so friendly in that place ,costumers and sellers.
but they have to do an effort for the hygiene
maybe its just because we see what they cook and other restaurants they hide.

james: 22nd Apr 2009 - 20:08 GMT

those hawdogs are FREAKIN good and the poutines mmm i have like 3 at a time. and the burgers..what can i say? best in the business!

Marc: 8th May 2009 - 23:33 GMT

I just hod a hot dog it was immmmmmmazin.I give it 5 stars.

dave: 23rd Jul 2009 - 15:29 GMT

The best hot dogs in the city no contest. When i visit Montreal from Toronto the family always make a stop for steames and fries.
Best wishes a fourth generation Decarie hot dog patron.

EvilGentleman: 25th Jul 2009 - 17:52 GMT

I stopped by there recently. The original hand-painted menu board is still there, although the price portions have been painted over many times.

The owner served me, and we chatted a bit. He said he opened for business in 1966, the year before Expo 67.

43 years and going strong.

Simon: 11th Oct 2009 - 22:45 GMT

The french friens are deepfried in lard over there have fun being a vegan...

decarie french fries: 16th Jan 2010 - 17:06 GMT

Decarie fries are cooked in Crisco oil which is a shortening made entirely of vegetable oil. As such, Crisco may be considered appropriate for vegan diets as it contains no animal products.

Mr. Sandman: 16th Jan 2010 - 20:13 GMT

What's the most common way to order the classic "Moutarde choux" in Shakspeare's language? :)

Dazed97213: 15th Apr 2010 - 10:21 GMT

Cheese curds on fries? You crazy Canadians! GO CAPS!!!

Jerry Syracuse: 18th Jul 2010 - 22:59 GMT

In a word, delicious. What's not to like, steamed dogs with a fabulous topping, cheeseburgers to die for, best fries, poutine...... Just go, just go.

vato: 18th Dec 2010 - 21:43 GMT

décarie hot dog has the best fries for the best price. 2$ for a huge bag. AND the poutines the best =D

Derk: 21st Dec 2010 - 20:16 GMT

I agree with the comments about their poutine. C'est le best! However, I only lived in Quebec for two years.

mary15: 15th Feb 2011 - 23:38 GMT

The food is the best, and the service is amazing! definetly a good chill spot, my friends and i are there almost everyday!!

Bill: 26th Apr 2011 - 20:15 GMT

I grew up on their food then moved to Toronto and I am back in Montreal for awhile. I found in the past they cared about their clients now they don't. I ordered fries and they just mix them with uncooked ones it was so bad. I found this place is no longer clean and I will never go there again.

anon ( 28th Mar 2013 - 15:22 GMT

try the club sandwich!!

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