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Going Home

- jack - Wednesday, August 9th, 2006 : goo

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image 14376

leaving staten island and taking my short cut by way of bayonne bridge.

image 14377

approaching the toll.

image 14378

going over the bridge.

image 14379

in bayonne.

image 14380

i can see the elizabeth seaport at left.

image 14381

image 14382

at the port but no cruise ships to take a pic.

image 14383

getting on route 78. the sky was beautiful.

image 14385

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Under The Overhang

Under The Overhang Under the overhang at the River Oaks Shopping Center in Houston, Tx. This building and theater are in danger of being demolished so that the property owners can build condos and a parking garage. Save Our Houston Historic Landmarks Larger...

Under The Overhang

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