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- Unknown - Tuesday, August 8th, 2006 : goo

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This article has been viewed 21603 times in the last 9 years 23rd Dec 2007 - 20:11 GMT

I suppose, then, they built an artificial wall and gate running across this street, near where the silver car is parked. Does anyone know the filming location of Sonny's death scene on the causeway?

shawnie: 2nd May 2008 - 02:37 GMT

It was point lookout causeway @ Jones Beach toll Booth.

Buzz: 18th Jul 2008 - 20:33 GMT

Actually they filmed the Sonny -Toll booth scene on a runway at the old Mitchel Field complex which is now Nassau Community College

Garrett: 23rd Aug 2008 - 17:39 GMT

The toll booth scene was filmed at the old Mitchel Field base, but still exists!!!!! I will provide photos shortly!

Garrett: 23rd Aug 2008 - 19:42 GMT

image 28942

Toll Booth scene, located at the abandoned runway of Mitchel Field in Uniondale, NY. Stiil exists today. (Sorry for the grainy cell phone pictures)

Garrett: 23rd Aug 2008 - 19:45 GMT

image 28943

This shot is where Sonny is still in the car, looking ahead of him. In the movie you can see a water tower past the trees, but the trees have since grown in the past 36 years, thus blocking the water tower from view. But it is still there!

Garrett: 23rd Aug 2008 - 19:48 GMT

image 28944

Scene from movie.

Garrett: 23rd Aug 2008 - 19:58 GMT

My friend Jerry had heard a rumor on some website that the famous toll booth scene from The Godfather had been shot somewhere by Nassau Community College on Long Island (right by where we live). Naturally, this sparked our interest. So we examined the movie scene, along with what we knew about the area. After some detective work, we narrowed it down to an abandoned runway left behind by the old Mitchel Field Air Corps base from WWII. So, we took my car and headed out in search of the EXACT filming location of one of the most famous scenes in movie history. We used reference points from the movie (such as a radio tower, water tower, tree lines, roads, etc.) to pinpoint the location. So, here they are above for all to enjoy. CIAO!

anon ( 5th Nov 2009 - 21:09 GMT

so who owns the house 1 was filmed in??


anon ( 18th Nov 2009 - 20:53 GMT

I'm also wondering if the interiors of the house were filmed in the house or on soundstages...also wondering if the house had the great backyard / garden where the wedding took place?

Louis: 21st Nov 2009 - 03:04 GMT

The owner of the house used in the Godfather still owns it and lives in it to this day. There is a large sideyard/backyard that I believe was used in the movie. I know someone that owned the house directly across from this one and it can be seen in the movie. They lived there at the time of the shooting. I will ask if all of the outdoor scenes were filmed at that location.

Louis: 21st Nov 2009 - 03:13 GMT,_The/Videos/?vxChannel=Fox+News+Local+-+Los+Angeles&vxClipId=2081_godfather-house_20090613_225213&video_title=Take+a+Tour+of+%22The+Godfather%22+Home&video_count=1

P: 15th Feb 2010 - 07:45 GMT

The Toll Booth scene was indeed shot at Mitchell Field. I had a summer job at the Navy Exchange-Mitchell Field, and we would go down and watch the filming during our lunch hour. It took them several days of filming to complete that brief scene. Unfortunately, I was so young at the time, I didn't even know who the actor was that played Sonny.

J. Herzog: 16th Feb 2010 - 01:24 GMT

If you view the brief interview at you'll see that the home is owned by Edward Norton. You are right. The interview says a wall was built across the street to make the house look like it was in a fort. The yard is where the wedding was filmed also as well as the scene where the Godfather died. The interview answers a lot of questions.

Melissa: 13th Apr 2010 - 17:58 GMT

The owner of the godfather house was my grandfather and they moved shortly after it was filmed. They currently do not live there so that information is false.

Melissa: 13th Apr 2010 - 17:58 GMT

The owner of the godfather house was my grandfather and they moved shortly after it was filmed. They currently do not live there so that information is false.

Majordobie: 19th Apr 2010 - 01:35 GMT

The interiors of the Godfather house were shot on a soundstage and were not the actual interiors of the house on Long Island. Also, the wall that was built on the road leading to the house was actually made of styrofoam.

king : 16th Oct 2010 - 12:32 GMT

this movie changed my was filled with love,hatred,emotions

dallaslvr: 5th Dec 2010 - 05:56 GMT

The owner at the the time was Edward Norton and he lived in the house until his death in June at the age of 93. The family has decided to put the house up for sale

anon ( 29th Dec 2010 - 02:08 GMT

The house used as the Corleone Compound is on Longfellow Avenue in Staten Island. I am the UPS driver for that area. The Norton's have owned the house all this time. They are very nice people.

Franny Wentzel: 27th Oct 2011 - 19:19 GMT

Recovered article

Godfather's Home

staten island, ny - jack - Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

image 14306

sorry about the last posting. here is a better shot of the house used for the film.

image 14307

in the movie there was a walled compound and a chain across the entrance, but i found only a street. here is an additional pic of the street sans wall and chain.

image 14308

Don: 7th Jul 2012 - 01:43 GMT

I was at the site today (7/6/12), where the Toll Booths were built and "Sonny" was murdered. A large parking lot has been built, covering the runway on which Sonny drove to access the Toll Booths. Where the Toll Booths were constructed on the access road to the abandoned runway (at which was once Mitchell Field Army-Air Force Base), a very large mound of earth (over 10 feet high) is present, obscuring the spot and making visual recognition of landmarks impossible. All that remains of the original runway, is the extreme north-east corner, which is where Sonny would have driven to had he not made the left turn to the Toll Booths. I accessed the site by riding my bicycle along the eastern perimeter of the campus, on Perimeter Road, just south of where it intersects with Endo Drive. Just south of Endo Drive, is a dirt road on the west side of Perimeter Road, which inclines up to the northeast corner of the remaining runway. Sonny's approach was directly in front of where I was standing, now obscured by the man-made hill covering the access road to the Toll Booths. I told the story of the filming site to two young construction workers nearby, who actually appreciated my sharing of this nostalgic information!

Don: 7th Jul 2012 - 01:54 GMT

Here is the map link for National Geographic Maps - I typed in "Nassau Community College" as the search term:, -73.58873248100282&z=16

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spent the day at the tate modern and coming out going under the millinium bridge i saw this street musician holding his sax and the way the shadow fell thought it was an assume shot. taken with canon elan 7e


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