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Almost One Year to the Day

- jamie - Saturday, August 5th, 2006 : goo

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It is almost one year to the day that, in a bright uncomfortable heat, i took a walk along the disused canal in horncastle. It's been an eventful year and a lot of metaphorical water has passed beneath an equally metaphorical bridge. This time though i didn't venture quite as far along the canal as i'd opted to take my buddy jack with me and he quickly got tired.

image 14242

image 14243

image 14244

image 14245

image 14246

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The ubiquitious pansies have hit the spring windowboxes of Bklyn. Have you ever noticed how pansies in windowboxes stare down at you, accusingly? You can almost hear them gossiping behind your back, an angry mob. These pansies lives in the ground (at...

Accusatory Pansies

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