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The West Belfast Peace Line

- Jamie - Sunday, April 14th, 2002 : goo

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The Peace Line

image 5077

One of the main gates on the '' in West Belfast. This gate is used to seal a road that runs between the area and the area.

image 5078

One of the major sections of the 'peace line' that stretches between the Catholic and Protestant areas of West Belfast. Among the you can often find messages left by tourists about their thoughts and feelings towards the wall and the in general.

image 5082

These photographs were taken from the Protestant, Shankill Road, side of the wall. The bottom section of the wall is made of white-painted concrete blocks. On top of this is metal sheeting. In some places there is also a metal grill to try to prevent missiles from being thrown over the wall.

image 5080

Another view of one of the major sections of the 'peace line' that stretches between the Catholic and Protestant areas of west Belfast. The photograph was taken from the Protestant, Shankill Road, side of the wall. On the far (Catholic) side of the wall building land is in short supply and houses have been built tight against the . On the (Protestant) side from where the photograph was taken there is less pressure on land and houses have been built further away from the wall.

image 5081

image 5079

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Peter: 14th Apr 2002 - 22:02 GMT

i think these pictures show the extremes that people will go to to act out prejudices that thrive in almost every neighborhood; the neighborhoods that are around me, here in nyc, like harlem, the west side, spanish harlem and midtown, all have an element that doest approve of outsiders; the demarcations between accessable/non-accessable parts of the neighborhood have everything except for the walls. they often have the fighting people, the hate, the graffiti.

i guess i should be thankful, in spite of all the varied opinions and prejudices, that there are no such walls in my neighborhood or city.

Jake: 15th Apr 2002 - 12:59 GMT

i was particularly moved by the comment left there by the german tourist. it makes you think.

shirley: 8th Jan 2004 - 01:45 GMT

I signed that wall last year in memory of my father born in Belfast.

My heart breaks for this city.

logie : on with the war CIRA

republican socialist: 24th Mar 2004 - 22:23 GMT

fuk all youse dirty fukin orange and british bastards tiochi faidh ar la vencremos se se abu ar la

rebel 32: 24th Mar 2004 - 22:30 GMT

the fools the fools they left our fenians dead:
fuck all orange and british whores, whose in bed with your wives i bet you ma's all had a bit of dirty fenian cock at one stage of their lives and remember we built your cities in years and we can wreck them again
even quicker

rebel 32: 3rd Apr 2004 - 22:33 GMT

This one goes out to the fucked up whore who would love to be fucked by a 9 inch good fenian cock either them or their fuckin ma,sisters up the C.I.R.A.

republican socialist: nice one logie

rebel: 3rd Apr 2004 - 22:37 GMT


rebel 32: 3rd Apr 2004 - 22:39 GMT

13 dead and not forgotten 21 papas and lord mountbatten

rebel 32: king billy was a queer

rebel 32: 3rd Apr 2004 - 22:42 GMT

seawright got a hole in the head for christmas

rebel32: 3rd Apr 2004 - 22:44 GMT

Whats the difference between billy wright and a black taxi?
A black taxi only takes five in the back

rebel 32: 3rd Apr 2004 - 22:47 GMT

What was 10 feet and stank of piss?
The queen mother on pension day

rebel 32: 3rd Apr 2004 - 22:50 GMT

Queen elizabrit is like B&Q
two bob a screw

chill out: why is everybody so mad? chill out!

Peter: 6th Apr 2004 - 20:24 GMT

be mad if you want, thats fine, just get a grip on it and maybe restrict it to a few comments, as opposed to like 50 sequential comments of spew, ok? otherwise the site gets bogged down with tons of recursive vitriol. thanks :)

William: 23rd Apr 2004 - 01:06 GMT

Ulster - 1100ad-2004ad - Still British!! No Surrender!!

Jesus's messenger in Doc Marten boots: 4th Nov 2004 - 16:04 GMT

Oh my---what profane language.
Does your God tell any of you to put profanity when exposing his word??
I may be Irish, but I don't live in Ireland, I'm not even close to it.
In fact, I don't even live in Britain.
You know something?
Considering the fact that there's a great war going on in Iraq, and all the world is witnessing the hatreda between Iraq and the United States of America, it would have been considered sensible if all of you Irish and British had enough intelligence to get over your stupid hatred for one another, and learn to live with each other.

karma: 15th Nov 2004 - 14:43 GMT

whats all the fuss about people? i mean, come on, really.

truth: 13th Dec 2004 - 01:34 GMT

One day I hope all you prods will see the real truth .You all come from scotland,we call it the plantation time,your not even Irish.Why is it that in the Ulster Rifles you will fight along side Catholics and be there friend out side of Ireland. But when you all go home you go back to the bitterness and hatred.Thats insane,its stupit.


Hater: "your not", "there friend", "stupit". nice!

O'NEILL: 17th Jan 2005 - 00:22 GMT

You Prods talk about God,yet you dont even do his work !!!Jesus said ..Love one another as I have loved you.yet all you prods can do is hate, thats Satins work.And Pasley is in the Bible,He is called THE WOLF IN SHEEPS CLOTHING ...

Hater: 18th Jan 2005 - 14:35 GMT

"satins" work? satin is a type of cloth, dude. the silky, smooth stuff! satins work! thats rich.

jesus also said "he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone"... so stop starting arguments without cause, ok? the slander and namecalling isnt appropriate.

Peter: "Satin's work"... classic, heh!

borutz: 9th Feb 2005 - 18:11 GMT

i still do wait for some answering about what this topic does mean maybe and why the people do get so fretting over it. maybe i am not understanding alot of the words people are using they seem they that are "slang" for people who do live in these places.

uk defender: 1st Mar 2005 - 14:25 GMT

This site is hillarious..i had no idea that catholics and protestants still hated each other this much in northern ireland.But to be fair both sides are a bunch of fannys.I mean surely all your disputes is just bigotry handed down from generation to generation.Each side having the loathing of the other side instilled in them from birth.I mean both sides have the same Jesus...both live in a developed country where there are opportunities,education,health care and jobs.If you want real terrorists look at the Palestinians!they have to SUFFER every day under occupation,when you have young people dying as suicide bombers for the cause it kind of puts you idiots to shame with your front for organised crime.If any of your paramilitries were to come up against Hamas,islamic jihad, etc you would shit your pants.Grow up and be thankfull for where you live.

sammy: no surrender,we are the people,rfc

Inquisitive Floridians (U.S.): 4th May 2005 - 00:19 GMT

We are students in Florida, U.S. studying this conflict. I know many of the people who read this will not like what I say.... but if we both pray for each one another, no matter what religion, don't you think we may find Peace in our own Community. Also don't all of you find it ironic that you are all fighting over religion?! Don't we praise the same GOD and would't he want us to Worship him togther in PEACE?! I see how centuries of fighting has effected this but don't you want to make a positive change?

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