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America's Most Boring Towns: 10

- Scott Sargent - Thursday, June 29th, 2006 : goo

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image 13131
So closed-off and vacant for such a welcoming sight

image 13132
This odd / building was situated directly across the

image 13133

image 13134
An open door?

image 13135
Let's look inside. It's

image 13136
Which seems to be the case for most of this town

image 13137
with no one to sit in them

Which seems to be the running theme for , as a whole.

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Peter: 29th Jun 2006 - 14:49 GMT

, at first glance, looks about as boring as all the other towns, but when i got to the last few photos, it started looking downright creepy...

t@ngent: 29th Jun 2006 - 15:16 GMT

i like how there's no people in any of these photogravures.

Susannah : 30th Jun 2006 - 13:25 GMT

I think Belleville seems to be by far the most desolate on the everyone related in these towns?

TheHutchinsonCityzen: 8th Jul 2006 - 01:20 GMT

Eh, the last photo is the AA hall. It comes alive with people at night, cuz all we have to do here is drink and recover.... Or on days like today, we get to host a thousand rich folks who like to watch golf. A truly telling photo essay.

Alexa: wow i live there and umm....its not that bad

Chavo: 7th Dec 2006 - 19:32 GMT

This is a pretty bad place to live it sucks to live here... If u r suggesting on living here dont. There nuttin to do here.

Jerri Lee KlonDYKE: 20th Dec 2006 - 23:39 GMT

This town does suck, no changes for employment unless you want to work at arbys, mcdonalds or an old folks home. The police do not do there job and METH is all over the place. Hutchinson is Nothing but DRUGS DRUGS DRUGS and unemployed lazy VERY FAT "MAS GORDO en espaol" people.

tt: 11th Jan 2007 - 15:07 GMT

"This odd church/apartment building was situated directly across the highway"

It was originally a Hospital, my younger brother was born there... At one time it had a baseball card shop in it.

Joan of Ark: 12th Jan 2007 - 21:16 GMT

I used to live in Hutchinson Kansas. It is truly just full of trailor trash. Also unemployment in very high. What a pitiful town.

Kane: 22nd Mar 2007 - 02:00 GMT

yeah those old apartments arent across from the highway.....i live in kansas

iman: well there's a reason why people abandon places.

Cobi Cipoopbutt: yes, hutch is a POS town.

sbfskillz: 4th May 2007 - 02:23 GMT

How can you judge a town by a few bad pictures and comments from losers who think that living anywhere else will make them happy or better than anyone else. You dont have drugs in your town? That seems to be a nationwide epidemic that has spread acrooss the US like wildfire. It probably started in your city! Don't be so pathetic to judge when your city is probably full of the same CRAP!!

aubie: 4th May 2007 - 03:27 GMT

Hutchinson, Kansas is a wonderful place to live the theme is "come share our space" I think it's because we have the Kansas Cosmosphere Space Center located on 11th & Plum.
The college is a great place to learn and this is a pErfect place to raise children and the job I obtained is the best one ever~! I make more than ever in my past. I'm not mad because people are hating on Hutch I just want my opinion to be heard speaking from Hutch. Take care and "Come share our Space!"

Sally: 4th May 2007 - 19:14 GMT

You can go to any town in the USA and shoot photos like this. Part of my family lives there and they are far from trailer trash. We always find something to do and manage to have fun. Why don't you show pictures of the active areas of Hutch?

Yo!: 4th May 2007 - 20:56 GMT

Hutch is boring! I lived there for over 3 years and it was lame. I wouldn't raise my family there. It is a shrinking town. The high school went from the biggest class to the one right below that. So you tell me if the photos show the real Hutchinson or not.

Me: 8th May 2007 - 22:02 GMT

Who is this Scott Sargent anyway? There is more in this town than the one building he photographed.

CartLegger: 9th May 2007 - 10:37 GMT

Scott: Maybe you should incorporate the innovation of Google mapping so we can all know just where all this spatial boredom is located.

William Metz: 16th May 2007 - 17:28 GMT

Who are these people who are promoting Hutchinson. I have lived here my entire life and it sucks. Plus it is shrinking.

Donald Walters: 16th May 2007 - 18:08 GMT

I agree. I lived in Hutch until I was twenty two and moved away the split-second that I had saved enough money to do so. Best decision of my life.

All you folks here that are getting your undies in a bunch because some other person called our town boring need to open your eyes and realize that the person who posted this makes a very good point. You are all just partial and stubborn. Get out and see the world a little and you'll no doubt agree with me that Hutch is really nothing special.

sbfskillz: 17th May 2007 - 16:51 GMT

Hutchinson is not a POS town. I have seen the world and lived in many different locations on the globe. To say that Hutch is really nothing special is shallow, and indifferent. I guess everyone has their own opinion.

But I still say that, no matter where you live, you can find peace and happiness.

.....Hutch is shrinking? Your just being negative. Show me the statistics!

Donald Walters: 17th May 2007 - 17:43 GMT

I challenge any Hutch resident to name me TEN particular, redeeming, specific traits about the town that make it "special". And not stuff like "it's a good town! the people are cool!" but real, specific things.

William Bordden: 25th May 2007 - 02:51 GMT

If you want stats, go to the hutch news. Look up that job growth stats for last year... It was published in the hutchinson news. Plus if the population of hutch is growing, It must be retards and elderly people.

ihatehutch: i live there. it is so freakin boring.

Lady Fualk: 6th Jun 2007 - 15:42 GMT

Hutchinson is a joke. I wonder why there are so many people posting on this site? I had to search for Hutchinson Kansas Sucks on google to find it.... People must a tired of it.

Also I no criminal, but I feel like I am living Nazi Germany with all the police presence in this town. I can drive down the street any time and see unmarked police cars, sheriff and city police. Why is that??? Is this a crime infested sesspool?

local : 14th Jun 2007 - 22:28 GMT

If the recurring theme is Hutchinson is shrinking then why has there been so much devolpment? From 11th and Hendricks to east 30th ave and everywhere in between. It occurs to me that those who are unhappy with the town will make themselves miserable whatever their location, eyes watering and feeling sorry for themselves in the process.

Local ASS: 16th Jun 2007 - 15:46 GMT

Hey, Hutchinson is growing! With old folks homes and fat women having worthless children. READ THE HUTCHINSON NEW ASSHOLE. LAST YEAR THE JOB GROWTH IN THIS TOWN WAS 1 JOB!!! WOW it is growing!

And yes, Hutchinson is growing with OLD RETIRED ASSHOLES who want to play golf! And Drive slow. Why would anyone move to hutchinson? I don't see any places for good employment, no large plants for people to work at.

Also maybe you need to give this a thought... Maybe the old retired asses from Hutchinson are moving from their old houses to new!

I know that I am personally from out of a town, and I am going to be moving out of town again.

ALso Every town is growing because people are havhing children!!! Look at the facts, there are no good jobs in this town, also if you want facts go to and look at the unemployment rates in Hutchinson. If you factor in all of the retired, retarded and disabled people in this town you will see that 38% of this town does not have a job or cannot have a job!

Also, would you care the guess who that largest employer is in Hutchinson? THE CITY!!!


Local ASS: 16th Jun 2007 - 16:35 GMT

I know that theirs plenty of pathetic places to live. Ever day I deal with Hutchinson Kansas, I never got lucky and got out. Hutch is a trash hole,infested with lazy non-working money sucking users. Ask any clerk in a grocery store, they see the lazy money sucking over fed (obese) moms,dads, and children. These state@gov. thieves know how to work the system. they eat,our money up,while we are watching our budget. For our population we have dead people driving around. (to old to drive) . the small percent of hard working people,lucky enough to find a job. The rampant percent 78% of our drug dealers. Our lovely city is a breeding ground for drug dealers. PEOPLE WAKE UP...... our town is a joke!!!!!!!. Why is the drug traffic so big, and we keep putting more police, detectives, etc out on the street.maybe something is not on the level,or someone. It is known in other states ,that hutch has plenty of meth. I just got a positive thought!!!!. I think I'll stay in hutch go on food stamps,eat like a king,and make meth!!!!!. Also I can get doctors for free , when I need diet pills, or my teeth rot out from all the drugs I used. WELCOME TO HUTCHINSON,,,, COME SHARE OUR SPACE

local : 18th Jun 2007 - 16:15 GMT

Point made. Get the tissue and wipe those eyes.

local: 20th Jun 2007 - 14:49 GMT

I know Hutchinson is a dumpster.. There ain't Much in Hutch...

I don't know why are speak highly of this place... I am retarded

salt: 26th Jun 2007 - 01:02 GMT

Take a moment and notice how many people who hate Hutch kant rite so good and think the town is soooooo boringk. Can you guess why they were/are so bored/boring?

Now, go take a walk in the Dillon's Nature Center.
Or visit the old folks--who really do know a lot--at the Delos Smith Center. Have you heard of Delos Smith? Check him out at
Or take a walk through Carey Park. Yeah, I've read Mysterious Skin. Have you? Scott Heim writes fiction. He's honest. Hutch is still okay.
Read a William Stafford poem about Hutchinson? Have you read William Stafford?
Watch a full moon rise over the State Fair. Yeah, the photo shows the grounds closed. You think every theater on Broadway is always open?
Man, go have a coffee at Metropolitan Coffee and listen to a band. It's like Austin. Have you been to Austin?
Talk to a Mennonite. They're really cool and they like to take care of people who need care. Yeah, that's boring. Have you heard of Darfur?
Okay, enough already. You didn't notice that cottonwoods are beautiful?
Did you ever read PrairyErth?
Ever read a poem by Steven Hind?
Ever listen to the wind?
I know. It's all crap. It's boring. Life. You. Me.
Maybe not?

proud2serve: 26th Jun 2007 - 19:42 GMT

What about Hutchinson is boring? I really am interested in your thoughts and how we can make it better. What would make it exciting? I know that most young people think that about Hutch but I can't figure out what it is that they would like to do - I like living here and I work for the City of Hutchinson but would really like to pass on to city officials how we can improve it. I would like more nightlife here and there isn't much shopping to do - the mall is fading fast. I do agree there are not many job opportunities and we need more big businesses here but hopefully with Dave Kerr on board with the Chamber - we will see some growth.

confused: 27th Jun 2007 - 14:03 GMT

The City of Hutchinson is boring for several reasons, 1. NO ECONOMY, NO GOOD attractions. There is plenty of Night Life in Hutchinson, but most of that involves drinking. It has been made very clear that the Hutchinson Police have nothing better to do than wait outside of Bars "nightlife" and get new DUI cases. Not to mention that every bar I have been in and I mean EVERY bar is full a people high on meth! or Cocaine or some type of "energy supplement" (you can see it in their eyes.)

Hutchinson is also unsafe! I read every single day about businesses getting ripped off all over Hutchinson. Stolen cars, motor fuel.... the list goes on.

These are the facts.

1. Hutchinson Has no job base, this drives the scum of this town to steal.

2. Hutchinson has a small population, this keeps big business out.

3. Hutchinson has a large population of people who simply choose not to work. (get on social services) This also keep big business out because of the lack of educated workforce.

4. Hutchinson has no major interstate running into the city, and Never will... This also keeps the town from growing (look at Mcpherson, Wichita, Newton, Salina, Manhattan, Emporia or any other city along the interstate. Then compare those cities to Hutchinson foremost, Kingman, Pratt... These cities have no major interstates running into them, and they are shrinking.

5. Hutchinson has refused in the past to accept large businesses and refused to give these business a reason to move to Hutchinson. Case in Point: I personally know of several large companies that have wanted to move into to Hutchinson, but the city refused to give them tax discounts if they moved in. This has put Hutchinson on a black list, these business know not to mess with Hutchinson because the people here a stubborn and will not work with them.

Hutchinson has made it's own destiny. It is to late and the world and nation has passed it by.

Kansas as a whole is not doing well.

philly_jawn: 27th Jun 2007 - 16:16 GMT

you couldn't pay me to live in a shit-hole like Hutchinton, Kansas

returned_farmboy: 29th Jun 2007 - 19:18 GMT

I was going to go to all the trouble to refute some claims about Hutchinson made in this post, but then I cam to the realization that: 1) If the author was doing a serious listing of the most boring towns in America, Norman, OK wouldn't have been higher than Hutchinson, and 2) there are plenty of dull towns not in the geographic center of the country. My only guess is that the author isn't as well-travelled as some would think.
Honestly, I will agree that Hutchinson isn't the most exciting place in the world, but compared to the major metropolitan area I worked in prior to moving back to Hutch (where I was tired of the daylight murders down the street from my previous employer), it's a worthwhile tradeoff.
It's interesting that the worse a person's grammer/spelling is, the less they like their hometown/former hometown. Honestly, I used to think Hutchinson was a crummy town also, but compared to what many people call home (Gary Indiana, Flint Michigan, Camden New Jersey come to mind, as well as most inner cities) it's not really that bad. Finally, any one I've come across that couldn't find a respectable job here were limited more by their personal "attributes" (lazy, slow, etc.) than by their geographic locale.
While Hutchinson may have gained only 1 job last year, that's still better than most Plains communities that are off the Interstate system & under 45,000 people. I guess it's all a matter of perspective.

Wannabe-Farmboy: 29th Jun 2007 - 22:27 GMT

I always love it when someone makes remarks about grammer/spelling. This is a cheap comeback or stab. But maybe you don't have enough common since to think that it may have been a typo.. Not a direct reflection of the persons ability to speak or spell.

Yes, it is true that other towns may have the same problem, not a single person here has stated that Hutchinson was the ONLY town like this.

My personal dislike for Hutchinson comes not from it's geological location, but it's stubborn community of upper class scum that run this town. They always have.

Also the one poster that talked about other town's located in this area and comparing them to Hutchinson was correct. Hutchinson is not as progressive or aggressive in attracting new business, They want to think of Hutchinson as a retirement community/vacation Destination. This does not build a good economic base either, it makes a transient community with low paying jobs. Also who wants to visit Kansas for Vacation?

Hutchinson is failing, it has been for years. Despite the supermen and women that are trying to save this town, no one else cares. They are leaving.

I get the feeling that Farmboy is an employee for the city. Maybe he is retired. Who cares about how well traveled anyone is? What does this have to do with anything? Facts are Facts. Even the mighty farmboy cannot dispute the facts that have been posted! You can see the proof in the near by towns and cities. (ie. mcpherson, salina etc..)

Jersey: 30th Jun 2007 - 14:39 GMT

You compared Camden, NJ to Hutchinson. Yes they are both crummy towns, atleast camden NJ has an economy.

nothingtown: Hutch Sucks. Get over it.

Mr Low Income: 2nd Jul 2007 - 21:55 GMT

Well here we are, 8 homeless/Low income housing projects in Hutchinson now. 1. The Clusters 2. The apartments on 11th and Porter 3. Commerce Gardens 4. The Apartments behind K-mart (off 33rd St). 5. Hidden Villages 6.The Duplexes behind and to the west of Hamilton Lagreca. 7. The Revonvated/defunct Hotel in downtown (off of 1st or 2nd street). AND DRUM ROLL PLEASE! NUMBER 8! NEW CONSTRUCTION HAS BEGUN ON AVENUE A, IN THE FORMER LOCATION OF NEW BEGINNINGS!

WOW what a success, we are sure doing a good job of burning tax payer money on people who want to have children and not work! GO HUTCH!! NO WONDER TAXES IN HUTCHINSON ARE SO HIGH!! YEA!!

realworldgirl9: 4th Jul 2007 - 01:10 GMT

You know, the reason our entire country is in a shit hole right now is because of the lousy attitudes of people today. I have lived in many places in my life, for instance: Derby ks. kingman ks. Savannah Ga. Korea, San Antonio Tx. so, I feel I have experience enough to make some comments about living here in Hutchinson ks. "There is no night life" Your right, if you are so ignorant that you can't find anything to do but go drink or screw around. Call me crazy, but going to the HISTORICAL fox theatre. taking a walk with my sweetheart, going to friends houses for get togethers to spend some good quality time with people I like and love before they are gone, going to the salt mines,(where the origanl film gone with the wind is stored), going to the farmers market, taking a cruise with the top down on a cool evening, or God forbid spend some time with my family, and ride bikes or play with my children etc. etc. I could go on for an hour. Until you have lived in a big city, or a different country, where you go to bed wondering if you or your nieghbor are going to be awakened by a knife to your throat, or a bullet in your chest in the middle of the night, you really shouldn't talk so much smack. I'm not saying it cant happen here, but i garantee you don't go to bed every night in this town, wondering if you are going to be next. I can understand wanting more. More, seems to be the only thing everyone wants anymore. I think most of the: I am not happy, I need to be entertained, I want more attitudes, come from people who eighther had everything handed to them from mommy and daddy their entire lives, or from someone who wants to bitch about how bad everything is, but is to stupid or lazy to change it or pack their belongings and get the hell out of here. If you don't like it here, get a pair, and change it or Kick Rocks. After working double shifts, and paying my way through college, I joined the military as a Helicopter crew chief. I got the hell out of my little pissy town, and after everything, came back and found that some of the silence, boring days, and small town B>S> was refreshing compared to what I've experienced. I have seen more good, bad, and ugly in my young life than some see in thier entire lives. Most of you making these comments need to grab ahold of your lives and make them what you want them to be, instead of blaming a town for your own lack of desire to make a change for yourself, or your surroundings. And, for Gods sake, read people. not just Bullshit magazines, read a newspaper, read some books from authors that can be documented in our history. Read and educate yourselves about more than tabloid B.S. "Knowledge IS power", and you get real knowledge from educating yourselves and . . . wait for it, wait for it, TALKING TO "OLD" PEOPLE. Hutch has a Plethera of "old" people who are willing to talk to you and open your eyes to some truths onlythey can tell. Hear those stories before they are lost forever. So, all you Hutch Haters, Fish, or cut bait. Good Intentions to all who read this!

Hutch1: 6th Jul 2007 - 23:15 GMT

To the original poster of the photos.

You took photos of only the worst of the town. What state has a year round State Fair? The old hospital is not across from a highway. I do agree it is ugly and needs done away with. The apartment complex had an out of state owner who died before completing it and it is now tied up in estate problems.

Very easy to point out the worst problem areas. Every place and person has problems.

I have traveled all over the world and every town/city has a run down section, homeless and just plain lazy. Your worst town choices show you haven't been anywhere to speak of.

Just an sad little man crying about what he doesn't like but doesn't understand.

Hutch is a dying town. Like many across our country. The population is old. There are few good jobs. This is a sign of our times and not unusual for small midwest towns.

If you don't like it change it or move on.

Not everyone is looking for a good time. The drug problems exist everywhere. You sure seem to be able to find them. Maybe you are looking in the wrong places and finding just what you want to see.

Hutch-2: 7th Jul 2007 - 13:09 GMT

Yes there are alot of problems in the United States with small towns. But you say they are all dying, then let me ask you this question.

WHY IN THE HELL IS MCPHERSON, SALINA AND OTHER TOWNS IN KANSAS GROWING WITH JOBS AND COMMERCE??? I think you are a stubborn ass just like the majority of Hutchinson. THIS is why Hutchinson is dead. Hutchinson has NO good large employers. It has no factories, manufacturing jobs or anything else. Just some fast food dumps and other low paying jobs.

HUTCHINSON SUCKS. I have moved on, you are not smart enough to do so.

HUTCHPD: 14th Jul 2007 - 14:48 GMT

Hutchinson is a crime infested shit hole. The police do nothing but take reports and do nothing.

from there: 18th Jul 2007 - 03:09 GMT

Hutch does suck, and is full of drugs, It is a C.I.P.O.S.(crime,invested,peace,of,shit) That is why I left all those years ago.

papergirl17: 18th Jul 2007 - 22:42 GMT

Hutch may not have all the ammenities the larger towns have, but here are the "10 Specific Things That Make It Better" for you losers who don't have anything better to do than to rag on probably the first place you lived.

1. The Cosmosphere (since there are only like 2 or 3 in the whole United States)

2. State Fair is here

3. Several different schools to put your kids in

4. Renovation of downtown

5. The help that goes towards the less fortunate (like housing)

6. Carey Emerson

7. Two cities in one (Hutch and South Hutch)

8. VFC program at the local Health Department (does YOUR Health Dept have that?)

9. Several car dealerships

10. The murder rate is lower here than most every other place (One murder in the last 23 years)

Yeah, there are drugs here, but there are drugs everywhere. Maybe instead of complaining about it you should help clean it up you mamma's boy. If you don't like it here, go somewhere else and shut up.

Me: 19th Jul 2007 - 12:23 GMT

Well, I for one moved back here after being gone for 23 years in a place that was so dang expensive(California) rent 1,400 a month. Median home prices 600,000 and that would get you something with maybe 2 bedrooms and 1 bath. I saw million dollar homes that sat on the ocean that was comparable to houses in the south end of town ( no offense, because I grew up in the south end), but there are worse places to live. Try living in South Central Los Angeles where you have to wear protective gear just to go outside of your home. My nephew and cousin visited there in the 80s and was shot at just returning to the aunt's home! No rhyme or reason for it. Yes, it is hard to get a job here, but I am lucky that my job is in on the internet and it came with me. (Medical Field). My daughter tried to work at the hospital and clinics, after working in those fields in California and they would not hire her. But, there are worse places to live other than Hutchinson

Bass Girl: 19th Jul 2007 - 13:41 GMT

I moved here from a town of 2500 people about 7 years ago, and I've watched this town die around me. Many businesses have come and gone, major industrial places for large employment have closed, or are tetering on keeping their doors open or not. I think there was more to do & more opportunity in my hometown of 2500 than there is here. Yeah, there is the Cosmosphere, free water parks, the college, etc., but after 1 or 2 trips to the "sites" here and you've seen enough. I won't take my kids to the free water parks anymore because the quality of people that frequent those places has diminished greatly. I don't like the thought of my kids playing in someone else's bath water. The property taxes are outrageous here as well. My husband moved here from Salina about 8 or 9 years ago, and when he had to renew his tags in Reno county, his fees doubled. I'm guessing our taxes are so high here so that the "attractions" of Hutchinson can be funded. I could go on and on about how the "old money" keeps its control over this city.... It was sad to hear that a development company designed to investigate how to grow communities came to spend 5 years researching on how to grow Hutchinson, but after 1 year they packed up and said that there was no hope. Now the county is offering you $100 per person that you can get to move into Reno County from out-of-state. That's sad. I wonder when the city commissioners will realize it's going to take more than dressing up the delapitated downtown area to get people to want to stay here / spend money here? People can't afford to go out when the jobs pay so lousy around here - IF there are jobs available..... Things just don't sound promising and that makes everyone's attitudes dwindle.

Bass Girl: 19th Jul 2007 - 14:47 GMT

Oh my gosh you live in the salt mine hundreds of feet under Hutch or something? Lets try coming to the surface and having a cup of reality....

1. The Cosmosphere (since there are only like 2 or 3 in the whole United States)

Woo frickin' Hoo. Once you've visited there a couple of times, it's a done deal. And how many of us saw that same stuff when we were in grade school? I don't know about other residents here, but I find that the Russian space program is intensely boring to read about.

2. State Fair is here

Once a year for 2 weeks. That leaves 50 weeks of nothing going on around here. Unless you count Hutch Fest, which is yet another feeble attempt at coolness.

3. Several different schools to put your kids in

And this is supposed to be unique in some way?

4. Renovation of downtown

So now we can sit on a chair and look at the empty and/or rundown buildings. Maybe others can sit there and get even larger eating the junk food they bought with their Vision Card because they don't have a job to go to (or because they don't WANT to work).

5. The help that goes towards the less fortunate (like housing)

They are less fortunate because they either A)Can't find a job, or B)Don't want to find a job because they are catered to as it is and aren't given any motivation to work. How does this benefit those here that are working and willing???

6. Carey Emerson

Are you serious???? The guy is dead. I don't see how he is making an impact on the community NOW...except for a park for all the "less fortunate" to make their drug deals and have sex.

7. Two cities in one (Hutch and South Hutch)

That's like having 2 boobs in 1 side of your bra. It's all one big boob when you step back and look at it.

8. VFC program at the local Health Department (does YOUR Health Dept have that?)
Google "VFC program" and the list of cities that provide that service goes on and on.

9. Several car dealerships

This is the real reason why anyone would want to move to Hutch. All those car dealerships! LOL Too bad the jobs don't pay what most other cities have their standards set for the same types of jobs, or that there aren't more jobs available for those who need them. Then maybe more residents could afford to spend their money at ALL OF THESE AMAZING DEALERSHIPS.

10. The murder rate is lower here than most every other place (One murder in the last 23 years)

They just haven't found the bodies of the people who supposedly "moved away." Maybe other dogs will start digging them up like the one that drug that dead newborn up in the yard of that family. Remember? It was the one where that girl didn't get CONVICTED of murder because of legal red tape. I think you forgot about the guy that shot another other guy over losing a poker game too. Or the woman they found dead in her house over a bad drug deal.....

So, despite your desperate attempt to make Hutchinson so like such an amazing place to live, that list just doesn't provide VALID reasons. Good try though.

CE: Ha! "Several car dealerships" That's classic!

John Humperdink: 19th Jul 2007 - 16:42 GMT

What's that smell? oh, it's the living sewer town of hutchinson, with all the people drowning in their own scum.

Papergirl, you are living in your own little dream world...I think you are smoking some good stuff to be that disillusioned. Don't you read the paper? And who cares if we have car dealerships? You make it sound like a a grocery store or something. Oh, it's Friday again, time to go buy a car. Which place should I go to? Also, the renovation of the downtown was like dressing up a turd. There's nothing anymore to go see, most of the stores are closed anyway and the one that are there are nothing but junk stores.

Bass girl, you rock! You hit that nail on the head.

John Humperdink: 19th Jul 2007 - 16:55 GMT

Sally, tell us about the "active" area's of hutchinson, We'd all love to know since they aren't obvious. I think the most active place is the highway out of town. Usually trailer trash doesn't know they are trash cuz they are dumb and living better than most of us on welfare.

Aubie, is that the best you can do? Why would having the cosmosphere and a catchy them be reason to live in hutchinson and raise a family. I don't want a kid that can tell me everything that's in one space museum because that's all there was to do. Besides, it's mostly Russion space stuff anyway. Who Cares to see that more than a couple of times? And if it's so popular, why is the lot always empty and they struggle to pay staff?

Hutchinson is dead: 19th Jul 2007 - 18:11 GMT

John, You hit it right on the head. I don't know why these idiots have to get on here and prop hutchinson up. Do they work for the City? Why do they love Hutchinson?

Hutchinson is dead and will not come back from the grave.

Reply to me: 20th Jul 2007 - 01:19 GMT

Me, There is more and more bad things happening in Hutch. IT is no mayberry. Plus cities have plenty of jobs, Hutchinson and other towns like it are not good places to make money or advance yourself.

Do the Hutchinson.: 20th Jul 2007 - 15:57 GMT

I would like everyone in Hutchinson to think of the 70's hit "do the hustle". Replace Hustle with Hutchinson and you have "Do the Hutchinson". This what I think about everytime I am behind someone at Walmart or Dillons using a vision card or driving extremely slow or wandering down the street on their gov't bought electric wheelchairs.

Hutch sucks. Why does anyone try to prop it up? That is truly a loosing battle.

Bass Girl: 20th Jul 2007 - 20:30 GMT

LOL @ "Do the Hutchinson"!! I have seen the dude who cruises around in his electric wheelchair pulling another electric wheelchair behind him! It's attached with a bungy cord, no less. LOL!!! And for all you Hutch Fans - no, he's not pulling it as to give someone "a friendly tow."

Do the Hutchinson.: 21st Jul 2007 - 15:46 GMT

Yes, it is a great adaptation to that great 70's hit. EVERYTIME I drive I get behind some old fossil who is driving 10 to 15 Mph under the legal posted limit and randomly hitting their breaks. And to keep from getting road rage I start thinking of "Do the Hutchinson" as I pass these old fools.

I also use it everytime I see some old/retard/non job wanting person driving around on a $10,000 electric wheelchair. THEY ARE ALL OVER THE PLACE, Like Flies! And the thing that really pisses me off is the fact that I am paying for this shit as a taxpayer!

Also, a previous poster brought up the 8 low income housing projects in this GREAT town of 35,000 people. I would like to bring notice to another! I think that I have spotted another free housing area! 1200 Block of west 11th, these look like gov't housing projects to me!

Also I have thought of another way to spend more tax money(that we don't have), that will make this town more inhabitable. Instead of taking out stopsigns and stop lights, Just put mini over passes on every intersection! This will allow the huge community of old/retarded drivers in this town that don't know how to operate car/electric wheelchair at an intersection to pass freely instead of clogging the intersections.

new at Hustle Hutchinson: 22nd Jul 2007 - 21:59 GMT

Does any-one know of some jobs around Hustle Hutchinson? I know I will need three part time jobs to make ends meet. I am new here,and I was told to get on this site to search for a job. I have found out how much employees get paid. I am thinking I screwed up moving here, HELP!!!!!

I hate Hutchinson: 25th Jul 2007 - 04:12 GMT

Hutchinson is full of thieves, drug heads, drunks and general losers. All the people with any promise move from this town and get a life. I was happy to see this website,
Exposing the nasty truth! If you have any property in Hutchinson you had better keep tight hands on it. Go to and just take a look for yourself, Major thefts are an everyday happening in this shit hole.

Also the Hutchinson channel is a JOKE! The producers of this channel should be sued for false advertising and false representation.

Angela Watkins~ Harris: 6th Aug 2007 - 03:24 GMT

I was born in Hutchinson, Kansas back in 1960 and I lived there for a while I did 1/2 of 9th grade at Sherman Junior High School and then attended 10th & 11th at Hutch High 1977 & 1978 and then graduated in 1979 from Elmira Free Academy in 1979 in Elmira, New York after graduating. I moved back to Hutchinson, Kansas and live there until returning back to Elmira, New York in 1986 I have to say I love Hutchinson, Kansas I had good jobs while living there my grandparents taught me well my grandfater retired from Cargill Salt Company and grandmother from Wiley's Department Store I owe everything to my grandparent's may they R.I.P. because from 1986 I have a job on going and wouldn't know how it would fill to be layed off I made good money in Hutchinson, Kansas I now work in a Business Office at a Hospital and the last 17 years and enjoying it thats what my grandparents taught me how to work and thanks to them for allowing me to live with them because I wouldn't be where I'm at today if it wasn't for them I cannot know Hutchinson, Kansas was just there last year for The Emancipation Day and it was lovely its not the town its how you live in it yourself I know back then I hanged out at Page 1 & Page 2 I use to go to the NJCAA Tournaments and I use to throw parties at the Knights Of Columbus and other buildings its what you make it if you want to sit around and not work or do anything you will become bored but that wasn't my problem I will be going back to visit relatives again in 2010 if the good lord is willing so don't bash Hutchinson, Kansas it sure was good to me

From Elmira, New York

Hutchinson=Poor Town USA: 6th Aug 2007 - 21:52 GMT

Angela, You must have not had a good english teacher. Your grammer is very bad. I am glad to hear that you are doing so well in New York. I live in New Jersey and moved from Hutchinson at a young age.

Hutchinson is a dead town and it is not getting any better. I have not lived in that hell hole for 9 years and still to this day it gives me a bad feeling.

If your thing is drugs, drinking or unemployment it is a town for you. Hutchinson has a wide variety of extremes. Either Drug users, drunks or Super Religious fanatics. From one extreme to the other. One thing I can say about Hutchinson, if you want to be lazy and fat, sit on your ass and do nothing then it is great!

BelRoC: 6th Aug 2007 - 22:33 GMT

The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center in Hutchinson has the 2nd largest collection of US space memorabilia anywhere and the largest collection of Russian space memorabilia outside the former Soviet Union..
Also has an Amtrak station on E. 3rd Ave.. & N. Walnut St.
Plus alot of train activity near S. Whiteside St. & Ave D.
Thats what I heard..........

Hutchinson Kansas=Poor Town USA: 7th Aug 2007 - 13:28 GMT

Belroc, Who cares about the things you stated. Does the Cosmosphere employ large amounts of people? NO!! And I have never ever seen an amtrack train in Hutchinson.

Newton Kansas Has alot of train activity also. Alot more than Hutchinson does...

Your comments make no sence..... That's what I read..

Forehead: Who cares about Hutchinson.

serlingrod: 7th Aug 2007 - 14:47 GMT

we should all take a virtual field trip to Hutchinson, via Google Maps. Once they get their Street Views covering the whole nation I say we take a group tour to each of the several car dealerships.

Bass Girl: 7th Aug 2007 - 15:00 GMT

I have yet to see someone come up with a valid reason why Hutch is a prospering community with anything to offer....

Hutchinson=Poor Town USA: 7th Aug 2007 - 16:38 GMT

Bass Girl. I know it is just like Hutchinson. People live in dream world and think they are the ONLY ones that are right!

jeeff: "Your grammer is very bad." lolz!

Kristen from Hutchinson: 7th Aug 2007 - 19:13 GMT

"I always love it when someone makes remarks about grammer/spelling. This is a cheap comeback or stab. But maybe you don't have enough common since to think that it may have been a typo.. Not a direct reflection of the persons ability to speak or spell."

Just cause you asked for's SENSE, NOT SINCE.

And the people that said that building is not near the highway are's off Monroe Street.

The people who say their aren't many jobs are right---there aren't. But you know what, Hutch really isn't that bad! I know of and have been to many "cities" that are much, much worse.Kr

Kansan: 7th Aug 2007 - 20:27 GMT

I just want to say I have a great job in Hutchinson. Anyone who has been to Hutch knows these photos are not all there is to the town. I don't think Hutch deserves this ranking, but then again, this list is questionable anyway. The comments on this site are very entertaining, though!

cbdi: 7th Aug 2007 - 20:36 GMT

proud2serve: if you think dave kerr and the chamber will get anything done you are in for a surprise. what did kerr do for reno county when he was a state senator representing reno county for 20 years. he gets a nice state pension, a check for being president of the chamber, and is building a multi-million dollar ethanol plant in rice county. get past the "spin" they try to spoon feed you and start doing some research on kerr's record re; reno county, the "real" facts about ethanol and subsidies and you may have the same questions that the chamber and it's execs are not wanting to talk about. who needs them! this town will never be what they are trying to promote. any one with any sense that has been anywhere around the country laugh at the feeble attempts these leaders come up with. there is not enough space or time to rant on about this town, it has been left in the dust and will never be what it once was.

Dojo: 7th Aug 2007 - 21:13 GMT

With all due respect to the above posters, I'm also from Hutchinson, and I couldn't agree more that its a shithole infested with worthless humans following pointless lives. I just can't wait to turn 18 and move out of here! Literally, I'm gone the second midnight of my 18th birthday comes. And it can't come soon enough.

DITTO: 7th Aug 2007 - 22:07 GMT

Has anyone paid attention to the people in this town? FAT mega beasts setting around eating pizza a Cici's Pizza or one of the other major buffets in town. I noticed that someone has posted about the large amount of low income housing projects in town. I would like to bring light to the large amount of nursing homes! MY GOD! They keep builing more and more.

To all of you posters that are Pro-Hutchinson. You must have nothing better to do than sit around and prop Hutchinson Kansas up. Because your life is meaningless and you have been left behind just like Hutchinson.

cowgirl82: 8th Aug 2007 - 05:31 GMT

Yes Hutch can be very boring. But we do have a few things to do. And the person that said the Hidden village was low income housing...not even...I used to live there and I am paying less to live in a four bedroom house now. We do need a lot more things to do. For one we need to have somewhere for young people to hang out that will actually stay in business. But we need more big companies first. Unfortunantly that will probably never happen due to the facdt that people here are so stubborn. There are good points and bad points to every city or town. Some people just choose to look over the bad if they are truly happy in that place. Others move on and find somewhere they can be happy. And they could have shown a few more pics. The ones here are all in residential neighborhoods...never to exciting.

PimplePuss: LOL Hutchinson.....

blah is good: 9th Aug 2007 - 03:35 GMT

Drugs, drinking, crime, unemployment - doesn't sound boring to me. Boring is under-rated.

City Council's Fault: 10th Aug 2007 - 00:52 GMT

The City Council in Hutchinson will NOT do anything that the citizens want done. Hundreds of people can complain about fireworks in the city limits, stop lights being taken down around the busy post office, vandalism, and so much more. This town does not cater to the residents who live here, our opinions mean nothing!! The City does what they want to do, not what is good for the citizens of Hutchinson. Until they pull their heads out of their asses and realize the citizens have good ideas for change, nothing will ever change. Let's throw the people in charge, out of charge.

Not from Hutch anymore: 12th Aug 2007 - 03:18 GMT

I would like to say that I do not live in Hutchinson anymore. I have, however, lived all over the country since I left. This includes New York, San Francisco, LA, San Diego, Seattle, Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Colorado to name a few. Let me tell you, if most of you had experienced life in other parts of the country, and reading a few of your comments I would say most of you are under the age of 25 and dying to get out of the city, you would not be so quick to mark down Hutchinson. While it is in the Midwest, which I would say is entirely being affected by the flight to larger cities, there are many qualities that I respect. Hutchinson provides a stable living environment for families and others, a respectable school system (I am a graduate student so I turned out ok),public and school activities, good public recreation and recreational systems, cheap (yes, I say CHEAP! Move to CA if you have a complaint about housing) housing. Don't complain about the drug problem until you REALLY know what a drug infested city is (LA). To be boring, as you mature, you realize means safe, secure and a stable environment. You make your life as "exciting" as you want it to, it doesn't matter where you live. Life on the streets of New York City can be just as boring as life in Hutch. Trust me, I know. The question is, is your life what you want it to be? The town doesn't matter, you will always find fault with where you are, it is your attitude that counts. And no, I don't live in Hutch anymore and realize there are many problems, but make your life what you can, regardless where you are. In retrospect, Hutch is a pretty good place to be.

Hutch=LOW INCOME: 12th Aug 2007 - 14:39 GMT

I question people like you who list these many cities they have lived in. You must travel alot, because if you lived in that vast number of cities you must stay for less than a year at a time. This tells me that you would have a hard to getting to know the city before you left.

All you have to do is look at Hutchinson like this. Compare it to Mcpherson, Salina, Manhattan, Newton, Kansas City, Springfield MO and Joplin MO. These cities offer a safe living area, things to do and the most important of all JOBS! Hutchinson has job but they are low paying. Manufacturing jobs and other jobs that produce $18.00 per hour or more do not exist in Hutchinson. If you want to work in a nursing home or Mcdonalds then every thing is great.

I am a business owner and a pretty successful one. However if I counted on Hutchinson for my revenue I would be screwed. Hutchinson's residence cannot spend money they do not have. The majority of the residence in Hutchinson are just making it, affording luxuries is not something they can do. Plus there is a large large part of this town that survives off gov't paychecks.

A few things that make Hutch special: 12th Aug 2007 - 19:51 GMT

Let's see, we have the Hutchinson Salt Museum (the only one in the Western hemisphere), Senior's Open and the Women's Open (famous golf tournaments if you didn't know), NJCAA (basketball tournament again, if you didn't know what that is), Kansas Cosmosphere, Kansas State Fair, car racing, Fun Valley Sports Complex (many baseball/softball/fast pitch teams visit each year), Hutchinson High School football team has won the state champanionship three years in a row (doesn't sound like they're bored), Fox Theater (brings in plays from all over the country), Children's Flag Theater, Grand Prairie Splashdown (indoor water park), Salt City Spash and the YMCA. Guess if you don't like doing any of these things, maybe it would be boring. You challenged someone to find 5 things that make Hutch "special", well, we found around 15 things we feel make Hutch special, which isn't bad for a small town. As other's have posted, you can take pictures of the worst part of any town and project the image you have of it but there is so much more to it than what you projected. As I've always said, if you're bored, your the one not looking for something to do. Anyway, this is only my opnion.

Hutch=LOW INCOME: 12th Aug 2007 - 22:42 GMT


You are to stuck up and ignorant to see that we can have all the little attractions in the world and it will not cause this city to grow! People will come and see the stupid attractions ONCE and never come back!

Look at Sturgis South Dakota, it has one of the most well known attractions in the world and it is not growing. People come in spend some money and leave! But this is on a much larger scale then Hutchinson's great attactions. Yet still the town does not grow.

Now look at Kansas City. This town has made an attempt to bring in large business and has done well. It is growing and people are spending money. In HUTCHINSON THEY ARE NOT, unless you count wal-mart. The vast majority of this town is financial broke and cannot afford to leave that is the only reason they stay. I personally know more people that have had to leave Hutchinson because they could not find a job that pays well, they are forced to leave before they lose everything!

THE POINT IS, you have have all the State Fairs, Underground salt shit and space museums. This does not pay the bills. Hutchinson has a poor economy if you compare it to any town that has industry that supports employees. Keep in mind when I am speaking of employment I am not speaking of Mcdonalds, Arbys, Walmart, officemax or the cosmosphere.

Plains of Despair: 20th Aug 2007 - 19:21 GMT

Hutchinson Kansas Sucks=Plains of Despair

Western Kansan: 20th Aug 2007 - 20:14 GMT

If you think Hutch is bad, you should come to western Kansas. Take your pick of Garden City, Liberal, or Dodge City; they are all being taken over by the Mexicans, many of whom are probably illegal immigrants.

After visiting any or all of these cities, Hutch will be very attractive to you!

Plains of despair: Western Kansas Has always sucked.

Plains of Despair: 21st Aug 2007 - 13:23 GMT


Why is it that you cannot understand, you said yourself that Hutchinson has a huge population of people living at the poverty line or BELOW! This is enough to make our point and it came from your sphincter of a mouth.

I encourage you, just go people watch. You will see all the Meth heads, crack heads, drunks and losers that make up this great town.

We can all tell that you are an uptight asshole who had to settle for his current position in life. When all else fails move to Hutchinson and that is what you did. You did not have enough talent to land a job outside of Hutchinson.

And as far as opinions.. You have done nothing but spout your own opinion. You have not addressed the problems that curse Hutchinson. You live in make believe land where everything is peaches and cream. THAT IS YOUR OPINION.

The jobs that you listed do not put a dent in the problems in this town. Any town in America and say the same thing. "well we have jobs".

1. Hutchinson is a retirement community, which does not accelerate growth.
2. Hutchinson is a substandard town, because of years of mismanagement.
3. Hutchinson has no major interstate and NEVER WILL!
4. Hutchinson is full of drugs.
5. The idiots that run this towm (much like yourself) only do it so they can look special in everyone's eyes.
6. Hutchinson has a substandard Justice system, which has has been full or corruption for hears (i.e sheriff Leslie and other scandals.)
7. Hutchinson has a large population of handicap persons (they cannot hold down a job).
8. Anyone that does get an education in this town, leaves as soon as they get the chance!
9. There is not a large community of educated people to fill any jobs that are highly technical or highly paid.

These are not opinions, These are facts.

You sir are just a puppet in a circus of idiots, doing what he is told to get a paycheck.

one more comment: 22nd Aug 2007 - 22:36 GMT

ok, i got to this site by accident but it caught my attention so I continued to read. I should have gotten out the dictionary to make sure I spell everything right so you dont slam me also. Both sides have valid remarks. I used to hate the town also but that when i was getting in trouble with the law, cheating on my spouse, screwing up at my job and looking for every reason i could to try to get out of here. Funny though - i went to prison for awhile and Hutchinson looked really good when I came home. Ok, so there you go- maybe it is good place for an ex-convict! But now that i dont use drugs, or do anything illegal i have started taking time to enjoy the things that the town has to offer ( not a whole lot) but it is really where i know i will be the rest of my life so i have learned to not try to "escape" to the other side. just deal with it fools! oh, but the idiot that made the remarks about the Mexicans-he must be jealous cuz all they do is work the jobs the white boys wont take because they can draw the welfare check. And.. the Mexicans are paying in taxes and they dont file tax returns so where do the white folks get all the tax money to cover their welfare checks? Right, the illegal immigrants support our welfare system so girls can have babies or drug addicts dont have to work and they can sit back and receive the welfare money is all how you look at it. And fyi- no i am not a Mexican.

one more comment: 22nd Aug 2007 - 22:42 GMT

not that I am sticking up for Hutch because i do know that it has a lot of "respected citizens" that are running most of the government here, and almost all of the boards of directors have the same people on them, the "people with money" and they control almost everything. But i dont think it is probably worse than lots of other towns. the rich people run them too, there are just more of them. so either pack up and leave if you have the education and money to re-locate or put the crack pipe down and get a minimum wage job here in Hutch and enjoy it. Funny though, the druggies in the town think there isnt enough dope here!

John Doe Jr.: 23rd Aug 2007 - 13:31 GMT

That is some of the problem. the PRISON! Hutchinson is a great place for convicts.

Miss Positive.: 23rd Aug 2007 - 14:52 GMT

Those who live in Hutch need to help change Hutch.
What can you do to make Hutchinson a better place? Can you volunteer to plant flowers on a street corner? Can you volunteer to arrange a group to pick up street trash?
Can you get a Christian group to help paint someone's worn down home?
One person can start a program to make Hutchinson a better looking place to live.

Miss LALA LAND: 23rd Aug 2007 - 18:06 GMT

Hutchinson has plenty of people that want to plant flowers and join church groups. That has nothing to do with the bad economy. That is the biggest problem this town has.

How about a christian group to attract a large employer? Or a Christian Group to get people off their asses and stop sucking of hard working tax payers.

saltbake: 24th Aug 2007 - 06:10 GMT

Im afraid to say that this town is the worst place Ive ever lived. I grew up in a really small town in South Dakota, and I can say that Hutchinson does not even have the charm of my hometown, which was likewise terrible (about 1200 people).

Ive lived in Europe for 4 years of my life, and Ive lived around the United States as well. The Middle West of the United States is one of the dumpiest places in the civilized world, though nobody could have predicted it would turn out that way. And it gets worse when you go south, and Kansas is where that starts.

The problem with Hutchinson, at the bottom of things, is not economy like so many folks are suggesting. The problem is that like the rest of this wasteland, everything was built according to profitable principles. This includes making ugly, crummy buildings. This includes the American concept of excess with space as well... the design of the city cripples social interaction. But this is no different than so many American towns. I can tell you, there are some poor cities out there in the world that are excellent places to live, for example Sevilla, Spain.

I read alot of posts, and Id like to respond to the fellow that mentioned LA. That guy has no frame of reference, because to compare Hutchinson, Kansas to Los Angeles, California, is like comparing two big pieces of shit.

Im really sorry, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, for all the people who grow up here and never leave to see how beautiful life can be, to get to know other cultures, to participate in the vast exchange of ideas and cultures that is taking place all over the world. Im really sorry that people here probably dont realize the possibilities in front of them. Im just really sorry for everyone, including myself, that has to be here.

Im sorry if I offend anyone. Please, if I offend you, let go of your pride and think past the city limits. Nobody can save this city. It started going wrong long before it was built.

La: 24th Aug 2007 - 15:51 GMT

I happen to love Hutchinson.It may not be the prettiest, but the photos you show are from the very worst building in town. Yes we have attractions, a world renowned space museum, the underground salt museum, the Kansas State Fair and on. I am proud to live here and raise my children. I happen to make a very nice living here and live in a nice neighborhood. Maybe you need to get out of the south side for a change and experience some of the good things.

John Doe Jr.: 25th Aug 2007 - 01:01 GMT

Saltbake you had some good points. Hutchinson is a sad place.

John Doe Jr.: 25th Aug 2007 - 01:03 GMT

LA. Hutchinson is a good place to race childem (ok?)AND who cares about that? We are talking about the economy here. Raising children has nothing to do with it. What is someone wants to do something beside raise kids. What would you say then?

Peter: hutchinson, kansas... home of "racing childem".

John Doe Jr.: 25th Aug 2007 - 01:32 GMT

HEHE... Peter... I am glad to see Hutchinson is not enough of a concern for a CAPITOL "H"

Look here Mr. Fact: 25th Aug 2007 - 15:47 GMT Yet something else that we have been saying is true! Hutchinson is falling apart.

Amanda: 28th Aug 2007 - 00:00 GMT

yes hutch maybe lonley and desolant in those photos but hutch has the state fair cosmosphere and lots of other fun things to do and you dont know what hutch is like till youve lived there for 8 yrs...or more!!!!!!!!

mike hawk: gay .... yep real gay

mike hawk: 28th Aug 2007 - 21:38 GMT


What Amanda ?: 29th Aug 2007 - 14:40 GMT

That post is a complete explanation of a big majority of the residents of Hutch. You bring up Hutch has "lots of other fun things" FUN DOES NOT PAY BILLS!!!!!!! I have lived here more than 8 yrs. It has gotten so much worse every 8 yrs of living here !!!!!!. I know other places are in trouble also, but if you have worked hard your whole life in this shit hole, you have seen our city officials, ( the complete spectrum of all city employees screw with our money. You start to see the games they play while abusing their place they have been appointed..... Again FUN DOES NOT PAY BILLS. By the way. I am stuck here in this shit hole. yes I have a job, I am on a budget . So I can support the looser people that need to live off us so they can have FUN. OH! this Mike hawk dude that wrote the very colorful and creative post using a certain word starting with the letter [F]: must be a resident of hutchinson ks.; He is just going through a level of frustration, depression, to his braking point. I hope he can hold on.. What your reading is a victim of the city of Hutchinson . He has fallen into the hostage of hutchinson crisis.. And its not FUN!!!!!!......

Bass Girl: 30th Aug 2007 - 15:12 GMT

LOL @ all of the comments made since I last stopped by. I can't help but shake my head when I see people hanging on to the "but we have the Cosmosphere, the free water parks, the museum, the...the..." mindset. Like I've said before, those are attractions that you visit once, and then you've seen it. No need to revisit and revisit, unless you like to stab yourself in the eye with a fork repeatedly too. Besides, you have to have extra money to do a lot of those things anyway, and who has that with the crappy salaries the few jobs here have to offer??

I am in my early 30's, raising a family of 3 in a middle class home, and hoping that my kids don't fall to the entertainment of drugs because of a lack of things to do. It is definitely hard to keep your head up and stay positive after a trip outside of the house. Even my family has noticed a decline in the quality of people here when they visit from out-of-town and go to local businesses. They say our Wal-Mart reflects a pathetic example of what Hutchinson is made up of compared to other cities (like Manhattan, Salina, Emporia).

I could go on and on, but it's really futile to do so. The experts agreed when they came here to stay for 5 years and come up with a plan to grow Hutch......they left after 1 year saying there was no hope.

Bass Girl: 30th Aug 2007 - 20:28 GMT

P.S. Has anyone mentioned the sky high property taxes in this county? I was in the courthouse renewing my car tags, and there was a college-aged guy renewing his tags at the neighboring station. When the clerk told him his total, he looked at the check he was holding and said, "How much again?" She told him again and I heard her say that the taxes in Reno County were a little bit 'different' than the taxes in McPherson County. Apparently his mother had written a check for the total stated on his renewal form.....for McPherson County. He said he would have to come back to take care of his tags and taxes because he did not have enough. How much more did he owe compared to what he would have had to pay in McPherson County??? I heard the clerk figure up that he owed 75 more bucks. My husband had a similar shock when he moved here from Saline County. His car tags/taxes almost doubled. Now why is it that we pay more, yet appear to have less?? Hmmmmmmmm......

Former Salt Hawk: 3rd Sep 2007 - 17:23 GMT

I read this multitude of comments with bemusement, shock and sorrow. I was born and grew up in Hutchinson, Kansas, and, like the old familiar Neil Young lyric, "All my memories are there". It is true that Hutch has a drug problem, but what town in America does not? The standard of living also appears to be declining, but that also is probably a State-wide problem and endemic to the agriculture-based states. It is also true that there is not very much to do in Hutch, exept for what I would consider to be more wholesome types of entertainment. But what Hutch has to offer is not found in the variety of entertainment resources. Hutchinson, Kansas is about the people who live there; and I'm not talking about all the losers who have been posting to this response column. I know that sounds harsh, but anyone who professes hate for the community and still lives there can be decribed in no other way. The people in Hutchinson, who make up the backbone of that community, are some of the finest, most decent, and creative people in the world. They have intuited that life is far more meaningful than constant engagement in leisurely distractions such as going to the concerts of big name entertainers. These peple know that the most precious and rewarding aspect of life is casual conversation and daily involvement with people that you love and respect; and they have found the rich bounty of the rewards that come from human interaction. In my view, there is no one more creative than the person who does not need to be entertained. So I am shocked to see how many people from Hutchinson have posted to this response column with nothing but anger an venom in their spirits that has somehow become directed toward the community. And I am saddened to see the place where I grew up, a place where many people that I love and respect still live, to become the focus of such ridicule.

Yahoo!: 3rd Sep 2007 - 23:14 GMT

Hutchinson Kansas is a bad place period. Again Hutchinson has lost more chances for employment. It will not change. Hutch may have some good people in it. But it has far MORE SHIT.

observer: 6th Sep 2007 - 19:30 GMT

leaving Hutchinson, Kansas about 20 years ago was a decision i've never regretted.The mindset of the business community is that you OWE them for a minimum wage existence.GOOD jobs are hard to find and unless your'e related by blood or politics --you will not advance in any meaningful way.Don't make the mistake of giving this town your youthful and best years. Get out while you can! The economy is not set up for the working average Joe. Everything seems to be slanted to keep the "old order" of things firmly fixed. There is a wide boundry between "UPPER CLASS" and "lower class". The "middle class" element is very small and continues to diminish. Wal-Mart,nursing homes,liquor stores,the medical community, pawn shops,pay-day loan firms, credit collection agencies and the like appear to be prospering. Fast food joints are in abundance. Granted -Hutchinson has some good qualities; but unless you are "born and bred" here you will not-"fit in" Enough said.If you enjoy golf you will find a wealth of it-also a wealth of politicl B.S. that you will also enjoy!Hindsight is always 20-20.Let the "city fathers" have it!!!

HushUp: 6th Sep 2007 - 23:39 GMT

Is all the messages a person tries to leave show up as spam?

HushUp: 7th Sep 2007 - 00:11 GMT

Ok apparently not. So here we go (I guess because of my first post I used copy and paste so it didn't go through) Sooooo, I will type it all out, just because I want to prove a point.

I wasn't born in this city. I moved here for the first time in 1990 and left after 2 years of pure hell. I have lived in Phoenix, LA, Dallas, Kansas City and Europe (5 years). I moved back here because my husband is originally from here and all of his family is here. I wasn't in the least bit thrilled about moving back here, just for the record, but it was based on a previous bad experience that I didn't want to feel like I was going to have to relive over and over. I agreed to come back here, only because of a certain situation. Prior to moving back here, I was living in Kansas City. Now for the person that compared Hutchinson to Kansas City, just so you know, Kansas City (on the Missouri side) is without a doubt the most drug infested and gang infested place I have ever been to, next to LA. The reason I left Kansas City? My son, 16 at the time, his best friend was shot by gang members. Although they were gang members, they went looking for my son and his friend because some kids at school didn't like them, so they told these gang members that my son and his friend called the cops on them, which wasn't true. So my son's friend is dead. You better believe we left and left quickly, it was enough to have SWAT at our apartment complex on a weekly basis, and that is without exaggeration. The drugs up there are worse than Hutchinson could ever think of being. At least here all you have are 'gang wannabees'; which if they were to go to Kansas City, I'm relatively sure they would be killed inside of a month. Sure it's nice in Kansas City if you live in one of the richest counties in America, which happens to be where Olathe and Overland Park are, good luck affording the cost of living though, on a medium income. Otherwise you are stuck in the area's that I described above, whether you like it or not. I'm well educated and had an incredible job as a Regional Manager, so you aren't talking to someone who is in the least bit interested in hearing all of the 'uneducated' guesses at what a city should or shouldn't do, if they aren't willing to stand up and do something about it. You want to do something about the problems, GREAT DO IT!! If not, then you have absolutely no right to be an armchair politician and voice your opinion and spread hatred. No I'm not some rich person, My husband makes average wages around here, and currently I'm unemployed (my choice). For all the armchair politicians out there though, I took the liberty of putting together a list JUST FOR YOU (although i'm not sure why i'm wasting my time); this is a list of all the companies in this city and the number of employee's they have here as of last year; the list does NOT include companies that have LESS than 150 employees.

Hutchinson Hospital - 1536
Dillons Companies - 1,098
Hutchinson Public Schools - 939
Hutchinson Clinic - 610
Tyson Prepared Foods (omg a manufacturing company??) 536
Hutchinson Correctional Facility - 508
Reno County - 420
Wal-Mart SuperCenter - 420
City of Hutchinson - 398 (as you can see they are not largest employer in Hutchinson)
Hutchinson Community College - 340
Lowen Corporation (oh no not ANOTHER MANUFACTURER) 330
Collins Industries (WOW ANOTHER MANUFACTURER?) 300
Eaton Corporation (I just cannot believe it; another manufacturer - well what do you know?) 300
Wesley Towers - Health Care/Retirement 260
Data Center - 240
Mega Manufacturing (Metal Fabrication MANUFACTURER) - 225
Mennonite Manor - 219
The Medical Center - 190
Krause Corporation (yes you guessed it; another manufacturer) - 171
TECH - Education & Training for Special needs; although you guys like to refer to the people that need these services as retards, the majority of their students are brought from out of town because of the program TECH has to offer them; I hope you never have a family member that needs their help since you seem to hate them so much. - 169 employees
Kroger Convenience Stores Division (Corporate office) 168
Portfolio Recovery Associates (i would bet this bothers some of you because i'm sure they have had occasion to call you to collect money from you and that is why you're so upset; get over it, they are needed for thieves and dead beats) - 165
APAC-Kansas Inc. Commerical Contractors- 156
First National Bank of Hutchinson - 150

Ok, so am I making my point yet? What the hell will make you happy? To see an entire list of MANUFACTURING COMPANIES on here that will bring people to this city and we wind up like Wichita? Where the crime rate is so high for such a small city; Is that what you people want? Or do you want to suck it up and realize that there is more out there than what you realize, but it's people like you that are purposely making things worse, because we don't fit into YOUR idea of what A PERFECT city should be. Friend of your idea of a perfect city is Kansas City, HAVE A NICE LIFE AND I WILL TAKE HUTCHINSON ANYTIME. By the way, although I have a college education, my husband doesn't, and neither do any of my kids, but they don't seem to have a problem finding a job here that pays enough for them to live comfortably. You people are just too greedy, that's all your problem is.
Have a nice day, and either do something about it, or hush up.

HushUp: 7th Sep 2007 - 00:35 GMT

Oh, and by the way, that list was only about 25 companies; and of those 25 they are employing over 10,000 people around here. Excuse me, they aren't all manufacturing companies, but I happen to be ok with that, and apparently at least 10 thousand others do too. And just for the correction, I had written about my son and his friend; I put in there they were gang members, that was a typo (please forgive my lack of education and lack of editing skills) - but no they were NOT gang members.

I'm not saying this town is perfect, I'm not saying we don't need more business in here, but what I am saying, is you have a right to vote, you have a right to help make changes, no matter how corrupt you think (and I think) this city is; we all know who runs this city, there is no doubt about that, but instead of looking at what we are lacking, and how bad it is how about people start getting off the backs of the elderly and the handicapp, and put heads together to see what can be done. I would love to see this city grow as well, but within reason, I certainly would hate to see this city get as big as Wichita, because like others around here, I enjoy being able to walk out to my car without fear, and sleep at night without constant sirens going off from police cars.

I think it would behoove the city to offer better tax cuts for businesses wanting to move in, although I know no city likes doing that but if they did it they could still reap the rewards by boosting the economy either way they would get tax money (and Lord knows we all know the taxes are incredibly high here).
The cost of living here is about 80% of the national average, which I think is too high for a city this small as well for no more than they have to offer.
I was watching the city council last summer, talk to a group of individuals who didn't want their taxes raised in order for new development next to their property. One of the City Councilmen (which i won't say his name) - told them they can say what they want, but he already had his mind made up, so it didn't matter. The only reason why they were allowing the people in that neighborhood to speak was because of protocol. I would highly suggest getting individuals off of the City Council that have that mindset, it hurts the city more than help it.
Our country has always had a majority rules society. There is always a loophole for most anything, and that includes getting people off of the council if they are not performing their jobs in the capacity that they were hired to do. You can start with petitions or I'm sure there are plenty of avenues to go.

With that, I'll shut up now, just some things to consider and think about. Thanks for your time.

Re. Hush up: 8th Sep 2007 - 02:42 GMT

If you delt with the economic conditions of this town (LIKE I DO) on an everyday basis you would see the truth. Hutchinson is a low income area! PERIOD!

Why do you demand attention, you know you are fighting an up hill battle. Hutchinson is not the worst place in the world, but it is not the best. You must have nothing better to do than defend Hutchinson.

By the way, Did you read the artical in the Hutch news about why the petrochemical company overlooked Hutchinson??? No interstate highway and other factors.

I live in Brooklyn NY now, I bet you think this is a dangerous city. I walk down the street every night from work. Never had a problem. You are like the majority of people in the US, making up stories and taking things out of context to suit your needs. Also generating fears that should not exist about large cities. Perhaps the deal with your son and his buddy is not what you see.. 16 year olds and stretch the truth to suit their needs also. Perhaps you did not hear the side of the gang member

why not: 8th Sep 2007 - 15:50 GMT

Why not place a large meat-processing plant in Hutchinson? It would create lots of decent paying jobs and enlarge the tax base as well.Empty apartments would be a thing of the past and overall business would most certainly increase.Thanks for listening.

Big Momma Becky: 10th Sep 2007 - 17:38 GMT

I am going to straddle the fence,so to speak,about my hometown,which happens to be Hutch. I am a middle aged woman,so someone younger might not have my same opinion,which is understandable. I have lived here my entire 53 years,so I know what I am talking about. Yes Hutch is dying. Anyone who disagrees just needs to go out to the mall and see how many empty spaces there are. The mall used to be so festive and fun,especially at christmas,with all the decorations,and Chris Moose. What the hell happened to Chris Moose? He even left Hutch,for petes sake!!! Downtown is and has been dead for years. I remember when a person would have to drive around the block over and over again to find a parking space,you dont see that anymore. Look at how our phone book is shrinking,that in its self tells you all you need to know. If you cant remember how big our phone books used to be,go to the library,upstairs,in the Kansas room,and compare what the phone books looked like 10,20,30 years ago. Yes,Hutch is dying. I really do not know what has kept me here all these years. I guess I am afraid of change. Plus I do like the big beautiful trees here, the Antique district is pretty cool,Hutch does have some good restaurants for a town this size,we do have a fun and entertaining coffee shop,some pretty cool bars,if that is your thing. Plus many beautiful churches to choose from to attend,if that is your thing. I really do not know what this town has to offer for our younger folks,that has always been a problem. The skate park and Salt City Splash is only a seasonal thing,so what are our pre-teens and teens supposed to do? I ran into that problem years ago myself,nothing to do. So I got high. Honestly,if there would have been something around this town to keep me occupied,I probably would have chose a different recreation, but there was none. I think thats why drugs and alcohol are such a problem in Hutch,there is nothing to offer our youth here. Hutch has its good points and its bad points.I love the Houston Whiteside area, Hutch has some grand homes. Its fun to walk around and look at the beautiful older homes,but again,something like this would probably not be fun for a younger person. I have been a single mother most of the time I raised my daughters,I have been able to buy a modest home and a new car on my income,and my income alone, I have just recently sent my 17 year old to Hutch Jucco as a full time student,she evidently got a good education here because she was through with High School and enrolled at Jucco at 16 and now attending at 17. And you know what??? I have made my living working in Nursing homes and no where else. Yes nursing homes. I am not a nurse making big bucks, I am a CNA-CMA and have made a halfway decent living off of it for over 20 years. I really have rambled on enough. I guess my point is,is that Hutch has its good with its bad,like all places do.

Big Momma Becky: 10th Sep 2007 - 17:46 GMT

Oh I almost forgot. Our new slogan should be "Come to Hutch,its a BLAST" or "Come to Hutch,its a GAS" I know this is a cheap shot,sorry.

Born in Hutchinson: 11th Sep 2007 - 04:36 GMT

That weird church/apartment building you describe used to be called St. Elizabeth's Mercy Hospital. I was born there.
I lived for several years about three blocks east of that building, in a very nice neighborhood. I have very wonderful memories of that town, but also very dark memories as well.
I left Hutchinson in 1978 and I've been back only three times. It now feels flat and baked, almost shrunken.
The downtown is a pathetic shell of what it used to be, but I have memories going back to the late 60's, when there were still department stores downtown and a Woolworth lunch counter. For a kid who didn't know anything else, it was exciting to go downtown.
But like everyone else I yearned for the big city and I got out, living in various big cities like San Francisco and New York.
I learned that these places can be shitholes, too.
Life is what you make of it. There are no boring towns...only boring people.
Here are some pictures...St. Lizzies in her heyday and the Wiley building, ca. 1930's.
image 23425
image 23426

Bass Girl: 12th Sep 2007 - 15:41 GMT

I love those old photos above! It's good to see Hutch had a good start. I wonder what happened?

I had an interesting visit with a neighbor who has been trying to get something wonderful started for kids and teens. He has been working on this project for about 5 years. In that coversation, it was mentioned how hard it is for change and "new" to come into Hutch. Since the city won't budge on giving new developments a tax break (can you blame them for asking since Reno Co. is the 2nd highest in the state?), we've missed out on quite a few new job ops. Dell wanted to put a call center here, but the city wouldn't work with them. Hospira, now located in McPherson, was originally wanting to locate here, but the city wouldn't budge for them either. Many years ago, when Hutch was asked if they'd rather have a State Fair, or a State College, look at what they chose. What the ???? And Eaton.... still clinging to life here after weeks of begging them to stay....

Sure, as mentioned above, there are 10,000 jobs occupied in major companies in Hutch right now. What about the other 30,000 people living here? Granted, some of that population includes children, but given the average age of habitants is 40+ here, they probably don't make up very much of that 30,000. Some of those people are working the random lower salaried jobs (most likely floating around min. wage), which forces them to depend on the state (our tax dollars) to provide the gap between what they make and what it takes to live above poverty level here. Employers (mostly owned by deep-rooted money) are not willing to pay more when they aren't given any incentive too - such as new comapanies with the same type of jobs that are willing to pay more and put a little competition in the market.

I've noticed there is a new group starting - the Young Professionals Association. I could not make it to their initial meeting, but if they are about making Hutchinson an improved city, and not a dieing one, then I am all for it. I just hope the "old money" and City Council are willing to go along with fresh ideas. Historically, they have not. I wonder if any of them read this post?????? Maybe someone should email them the link so they can see what residents REALLY think, and then take that to heart.....

HushUp: 12th Sep 2007 - 19:46 GMT

For the person who thinks that someone should ask the side of the 'Gang Member' on why they shot and killed my son's friend - It's obvious you have no clue what it's like to live in a City that suffers - so I think anything further you have to say from this point on is irrelevant. Maybe you didn't understand what I was saying, so let me say it again, I never said that Hutchinson wasn't a dying city (learn to read), what I said was it doesn't have to have or be over run with Large Manufacturing Companies in order to survive. There are other avenues to go. No, I'm not defending Hutchinson, but I'm not willing to sit back and watch low lifes make their pathetic posts about this city in which they DON'T LIVE - I'm not sure why you would want to try and condemn this city over and over and over. You must be the one that posted those ridiculous pictures about Hutch as well at the begining of this thread. Go back to your city, and let the people of this city try and do something about it. Your anger and frustration does no good to anyone to try and help solve any problems.

As for the others that posted in this thread - I think it would be a great idea to send a copy of this link to the City Council, they need to know what a small handful of people think of how they handle themselves around here. I was watching them on t.v. the other day talk about some woman and her daycare, and how it is she didn't 'care' to show up at the City Council Meeting, and how they would never send their kids to her daycare because she doesn't care. I think them voicing their personal opinions in a public forum like that, instead of just moving on with their next agenda should be cause for City Council Members to be removed from their seats. It was a statement that was uncalled for. I know a person who know's the woman that was trying to open that Daycare Center up, she said the reason the woman didn't go was because the City Council had already denied her the license because of no off street parking, the City denied her AFTER the City Engineer said it would be fine - seem's to me the City works against itself instead of working together. So why would the woman show up in front of the City Council Meeting? What? So they can tell her to her face 'NO'? It's rediculous - I wouldn't have gone either. Apparently they told her she had to have a significant plan for parking before they would change their mind about her permit.

The problems with this City, start with the City Council, and it's time for a drastic change. People are right, it is a dying city, but it can be stopped if the right people are in place.

Yes we lost out on another company due to lack of Interstate Access, that's to be expected by large Companies. The City has been taking steps, such as expanding 96 Hwy out like they have, and their plans for 61hwy to McPherson.

As for the companies that I listed - and talking about the 10,000 people that are employed, the only point was, that was only 25 companies here in Hutchinson that are employing more than 150 people - that doesn't include all of the other companies that we have in town that employ less than 150, but I understand your concern, and your right, there are a lot of people that are unemployed.
Just by chance (and not because I get into the middle of anything) I know a little bit of the revitalizing of downtown, and am excited about what they are wanting to do down there. Although it's not enough to bring in jobs, it is a start.

I don't see Hutchinson as having any other problems as any other major city - they all have attractions that you visit once and then your done, or they have seasonal type entertainment for our kids. Growing up in L.A. and Phoenix (for me), it was no different there either, except if they did have more to do it was too expensive for our family to really enjoy (like a majority of the population there as well).

My kids aren't into drugs or anything like that here (and yes I have one left at home that is a teenager). He seems to find things to do with his friends that quite frankly I think are creative, and don't always involve the computer, t.v., or video games. Seriously, think about it, what did you use to do when you were a teenager? Ride bikes, hang out with friends, go to parties, go to the mall, go to the park (winter is always a cause for cabin fever, not just with adults; lol).. I just don't see that much difference. Although I don't have my head in the sand either, I do know there is a huge drug problem here as well. My son and I both try hard to show kids that they can have fun without drugs and alcohol. He makes pacts with other kids not to smoke dope and do drugs or they beat eachother up if they do, that kind of thing (that was suppose to be a joke).

Anyway, it is good to see others from Hutch posting on here (and trying to be positive without ignoring the truth).

As for those who don't live here, who want to bash this city. If you are so concerned about it, how about giving some idea's. You seem to be really good with your words and bashing, lets see how good you are with your words in a positive note, ok? Just an idea.

Have fun :)

Re : Hushup: 12th Sep 2007 - 23:04 GMT

First of all I live in Hutchinson. I do not bring up points that are pointless or stabbing. I am only trying to show this town has many problems. It is not the happy little haven of prosperity that you try and convey.

It is a drug infested, crime infested, low income, low education town that THINKS it is something it is not! Every attempt that is made at getting this town on track is screwed off by people like yourself who try and ignore the REAL truth! You talk about people being ignorant... let me ask you a question... WHY ARE YOU IN HUTCHINSON? WHY DID YOU HAVE TO LEAVE LA AND OTHER GREAT CITIES!

BTW I currently reside in Hutchinson, I am a Network administrator for a major telecom firm. I only live in Hutchinson because it is a midway point between the East and West Coasts, Where the economy is!

Bulls**t: 13th Sep 2007 - 18:25 GMT

I live in Hutch, Wish I didn't. I keep praying for the day that I will be able to afford to leave this toilet skid mark. I am going to an online college so that I can get the hell out! I am hoping to land a job in KC or Springfield.

Mega mommas: 13th Sep 2007 - 20:08 GMT

I was looking around on the internet for women In Hutchinson. I noticed on all the the dating sites and bars (other places also) that the wide majority of the ladies are fat? Why is that? This is not a town for singles, that is unless you like fat ladies.

Big Momma Becky: 14th Sep 2007 - 00:43 GMT

There are other ways to find women here in Hutch. Join a singles group,join a church,walk around the mall or the park,etc. The women you meet in bars are probably drinking too much beer,thats why they are fat. I guess if you dont like fat women,you can always find you a skinney meth head woman,which everyone seems to think this town is full of.

jeeff: 14th Sep 2007 - 15:15 GMT

well, all you lovers and haters of hutch can be comforted by one thing at least. through citynoise, hutchinson has finally achieved some worldwide fame. this thread just keeps going and going and going...

Joe: 14th Sep 2007 - 18:01 GMT

I know it just show how bad this town really is.

Hutchinson Come share our space, because we have lots of it!

Hutchinson Sucks: 14th Sep 2007 - 18:09 GMT

Let me just restate what Donald Walters said above--

I challenge any Hutch resident to name me TEN particular, redeeming, specific traits about the town that make it "special". And not stuff like "it's a good town! the people are cool!" but real, specific things.

I find it very telling that with all the comments here, no one has been able (or willing) to do this. As a matter of fact, I live in Hitchinson, and can't even do it! This town really sucks that much.

Big Momma Becky: 15th Sep 2007 - 01:26 GMT

Got me there!!! I'm having a hard time comming up with 10 myself. Does suck when you think about it. Come on people, help us out. My 17 year old daughter is comming up with a few of the usuals,but she also is having a hard time comming up with 10.

Momma' Becky's daughter: 15th Sep 2007 - 02:10 GMT

Well, I actually Don't think that Hutchinson Is all THAT terrible... I mean, I know it's really not a whole lotta' fun, and there isn't much to do here... but the beauty of becoming an adult is, getting a job, and moving the heck away! You don't HAVE to be stuck here all your life. If you hate it so bad. THEN MOVE. Yes, indeed, Hutch is some-what a retirement community, a lot of old farts do live here, and yeah, there is a lot of nursing homes, but thank god for those nursing homes because a lot of people would otherwise be stuck with relatives that they couldn't possibly take care of themselves. It has it's good, and it's bad. Yeah, places like Wichita Kansas are a lot FUNNER, but also more drugs run through there (partly because it's a bigger city I suppose) More gangs are there, and much more violence. Yeah, I know this site is "Boring Hutchinson," But that isn't the same as "Terribly God-Awful Fuckinson Kansas." This place is my home. Yes drugs do run through here, But If you have a problem with it, don't associate your self with it, rise above the drugs, get a great job, and focus on something worth your time. A few of the things I PERSONALLY like about Hutchinson are:
1. The Kansas State Fair. We hold the state fair year after year, and it's one of the highlights of the year. Instead of turning to drugs to get my dopamine production up, I turn to "natural" highs. Mind blowing fair rides such as the TWISTER. Fun, fun, fun...
2. We have the Cosmos Fair,which has the 2nd largest collection of US space artifacts in the world, second only to the National Air and Space Museum. That's pretty cool. Take your kids to The Kansas cosmosphere and teach them something interesting! Kids Love to hear about space.
And while I can't come up with 10 GREAT things about Hutchinson, I can come up with many that I personally Enjoy. I Like Swimming, And we have the Salt City Splash here. It has fun slides, a Great Kiddy Pool and infant area, as well as a lap pool, and a low dive, high dive, and red "shoot" slide. Not to mention the best Stuffed pretzles and pickels ever. That's not boring, It's a whole lotta' fun in my opinion.
I Guess my point Is, while Our logo might Not Be "Hutchin-FUN" we aren't all that bad. We have things people like, and things people dislike, just like any other place!

Yoda: 16th Sep 2007 - 23:32 GMT

You are so wise for your age of 17. Your parents must be so proud. To bad all the points you have brought to light have been stated many times on this forum. Sure the Cosmosphere and the Fair... But really who cares?

Big Momma Becky: 17th Sep 2007 - 05:04 GMT

Bless her,but personally I cant stand the fair and all the traffic and dust and all the bullshit associated with it.

Limmpy: 18th Sep 2007 - 14:15 GMT

I tell you want, just go to walmart and see the quality of the Hutchinson People.

Also, I just read the Hutchnews about the housing market! I cannot believe what I was reading. Hutchinson is not having a problem in the housing market? It is not suffering as EVERY other city in the US is. If anything the reason that it has not be hurt is because it SUCKED to begin with!

average joe: 19th Sep 2007 - 07:15 GMT

it's fairly easy to make people believe that hutch is a shithole, well for one because it is,but yet you only show photos of a building on 20th and monroe. thats where the AA meetings are held at and lets face it no building where alcoholics go is going to be in good shape. Other than that i actually live in that neighborhood and its quite nice. if you were to show pictures of downtown past ave. A then you could have been more believable 'cause lets, well thats where all the meth head tweekers live and the never know how to keep shit nice. hutch is slowly trying to make it look better but i still don't think that will hell with the shitty ass crooked cops that are there. even the shelter where children who get taken from there home because they are victims of neglect by their parents get treated like shit by the staff, who might i add are a bunch cock suckers who abuse their power just like the police in hutch. it's like if your not ritch then your looked down on by everyone and if you ask me that just isn't right. So i guess in a sense i disagree with you about the looks and the boredum of hutch, but then again it's judicial system is what makes it so fucked up.

Choad: 19th Sep 2007 - 13:45 GMT


defandum: 20th Sep 2007 - 15:34 GMT

regarding Hutchinson; Time will tell,and shit will smell!

Choad: 20th Sep 2007 - 20:10 GMT

What are you talking about, Hutchinson Already smells like white trash and shit.

observer: 21st Sep 2007 - 22:58 GMT

through the years i've known many great people in Hutchinson.Sadly, most of them are gone now but memories of them remain close. There also are people in Hutchinson whom I learned to loathe.You will not find a shortage of these small-minded,petty politically motivated individuals either.Some little people enjoy others hardship,struggles and failures. This is human nature. It has always been so.Hutchonians just seem to project an attitude of false superiority to other persons they deem "below their class" I am glad to be seperated from the depressive stress of this community.I left years ago.Good luck to all who are caught in this cycle of despair!

Big Momma Becky: 1st Oct 2007 - 04:12 GMT

This post is dying out,just like Hutchinson.

Choad: 1st Oct 2007 - 16:31 GMT

Yes, it is much like Hutchinson. Nothing but nothing. Hutchinson KANSAS sucks, now that I think of it, Hutchinson AND Kansas Sucks.

Yeah I live in Hutch, so what.: 3rd Oct 2007 - 17:57 GMT

Quoted earlier: I challenge any Hutch resident to name me TEN particular, redeeming, specific traits about the town that make it "special".

I can't name ten traits about ANY town that make it special, but to name a few:

If you like space and aeronautical museums, the Kansas Cosmosphere is one of the best in the country. You can even see the actual Apollo 13 command module there. A new underground salt mine museum has also recently opened. The state fair is a big draw every September. People flock to the NJCAA tournament in March. Several softball, baseball, and basketball tournaments are held in Hutch throughout the year. Not too shabby for a "boring" town.

Personally speaking, I don't know what is so wrong with Hutch that isn't also wrong with Salina or Hays or Dodge City or Manhattan or Emporia or in towns of similar size in neighboring states. If there's anything that makes Hutch truly boring, its that there's nothing terribly exceptional, either good nor bad, about it.

Exactly what is it folks, that Hutch has that makes it "exceptionally boring", or needs to be "not boring"? I mean you can snap photos of abandoned buildings in most any locale.

Choad: 4th Oct 2007 - 14:39 GMT

Re: Yeah I live in Hutch: You have stated the same things that everyone else has. What makes Hutchinson boring to me is the lack of any good looking women. You go anywhere to meet women in Hutchinson and you will find obese women.. That or they are married. Let me ask you, would you go to the cosmosphere twice a week or more? Would it be a social event of any every week.

Also, all the NJCAA does it bring in old retired assholes in Hugh RV's. They don't stay here and even if they did they would just add to the fat old people that rot here already.

Mcpherson, Emporia, Salina and other towns In Kansas Either have Large businesses or a college or both. Hutchinson has very few large companies to speak of (salina has GE so don't compare Collins to Salina) and has a poor excuse for a Junior College.

Basically they way I see it is this, if you fail or are rejected by a larger more progressive city then you can always fall back on Hutchinson.

joe: 4th Oct 2007 - 19:59 GMT

I live in South Hutchinson-I am so poor, hungry, trying to find some more food but I can't get enough food nor emergency help, etc. Please don't move to Hutchinson, Kansas area. I was from Arizona State. I was born at Salina, Kansas. I moved to South Hutchinson. It is very high crime infested, too. Not enough help from Medicaid, etc. Please watch out before you make a big wrong decision. Many wishes.

Hutch Hater Too: 5th Oct 2007 - 03:02 GMT

I agree that Hutchinson is a hell hole. The writer who mentioned how those in charge are nothing but a bunch of snobs is right. Money grubbing, ignorant snobs at that. I'm not just talking city officials but county too! The city and county commissioners are lazy, ignorant, haughty, and out for themselves and no one else. The voters are all too drunk and stoned to even be able to pay attention and notice they are being ripped off. It is too much to ask that they get out and vote the crooks out of office. The few that do notice are quickly silenced by these crooks using taxpayer money. Yes, Hutch is shrinking. That is why the bozos decided to spend millions tearing up a perfectly good Main Street and put in wider sidewalks with benches and flowers that no one uses. It was supposed to draw people to downtown. But alas, they haven't noticed there are no people left to go downtown except the same crooks and snobs who are trying to draw people downtown. Take a drive and you will see taxpayer money being wasted everywhere! Every other street in town can't be driven down because they keep ripping them out and then leaving them tore up for months on end. They put in new street and then a few months later rip out the new street to put in pipe under it and leave it with a poor patch job that throws your car around when you drive over it. Just once I would like to see one so called, "road construction" job get finished before they start tearing the hell out of another street. The greed, incompetence, indifference, self-seeking, and just plain outright arrogance that prevails here is sickening. Yes Hutchinson is a stinking hell hole and the motto,"Come Share Our Space" is just to lure in unsuspecting new meat to prey upon.

defandum: 5th Oct 2007 - 12:17 GMT

The secret to sucess in Hutchinson is to devise a great con-game or lucrative Ponzi scheme.Many have done well with this approach over the years and are doing quite well presently.Research will bear this out. Greed is a driving motivator. There is an abundance of this commodity in Hutch! Good luck in your endeavors to rise socially and financially. Don't forget that in Hutch - money is'nt everything- it's the ONLY thing!

Hutch Hater: 5th Oct 2007 - 18:15 GMT

Hutchinson is a poor ass excuse for a city. What a joke.

hutch sucks: 6th Oct 2007 - 21:19 GMT

i happen to live in this shit hole, or the asshole of the united states. im always afraid im going to run over a crack head at night. im sorry for those who think its awsome but face it, its shit, never mind its better than dodge city, ks. at least it has that i guess

fuck Ks : fuck Hutch

defandum: 7th Oct 2007 - 11:22 GMT

I enjoy the panhandlers in Hutchinson. They are so creative! Have you noticed the advanced works of graffiti taggers? How resouceful and uplifting!Which is it :high art or art when high? O.K. I'm convinced- "Let's go to Hutch motherFutch!

Country Club Snob: 10th Oct 2007 - 01:27 GMT

I have always said Hutch is the negative vortex of the world and having lived on both coast I speak with some knowledge of this. I was born & educated here, left for K-state and was gone for 12 years with marriage & travel. I returned in 1997 to raise my children near family. I will be moving the end of this year back to the west coast. The Hutch I grew up in is gone. I graduated in 1985 so I am not elderly in my recollections. Drugs, they are everywhere. unemployment? IF you want a job you can get one. Most people are to lazy to do a decent days work. The spend their days watching MTV and want to live like a Rock Star. I do see Hutch as a microcosm of the economy at large, a shrinking middle class. I do not pretend to have the answer and I am fortunate I can leave.

think about it: 10th Oct 2007 - 03:06 GMT

hell try living in miami,, go out at night to go to the store and not worrying about geting shot by a drive by,,i swear people,, i view your comments,and laugh, hutch is boring yes i know,, but i know im not going to get shot if i go for a walk at night,,i have lived here for a short time and i am grateful that i can let my kids go outside and play and not worry that they will be shot or abducted,,u can always drive some place around hutch if u are desiring fun,, i lived in dallas, miami, stlouis,, and to go and do anything,, u had to drive 30 min or and hour ,, just to get away from the cities,, how often do you really stay in your town to do anything fun,, think about it

Re: Think about it.: 11th Oct 2007 - 15:08 GMT

Okay, let me break this down for you. Look at and you will see how many shooting that occur in Hutchinson. Not to mention stabbins, meth finds and other "big city" crimes. I live in Brooklyn NY. I walk from work every single night and have never been robbed, shot or even looked at wrong. In Hutchinson I have had cars stolen, houses broke into and meth heads stealing the air conditioning coils from a rental property I own in HutchiSuck...

Also, why did you move from Miami?? Let me guess, You could not afford it! I may be wrong, but it sounds to me like you are a mother or father with 50 kids, who lives on social assistance (which is abundant in Kansas) and moved to Hutchinson to raise your kids.

Noneya: 13th Oct 2007 - 11:24 GMT

Hutch is truly a crime-infested, drug-ridden hell hole. Hutch PD has not the man-power nor the finance to rid this city of its problems. I can speak from experience that Hutch PD has some crooked-ass cops on the payroll. Some cops have been accused of using steroids, others have been accused of dealing drugs while off duty. Whether any of it is true, I don't know... but I will say that the facts do not lie. If you want to clean up this shit-hole of a "city", then start with the police force. That's where it all begins.

Choad: 15th Oct 2007 - 00:54 GMT

Wow, This website is sure getting alot of press. I wonder if any of the city fathers have seen this website.

I think that Hutchinson is full a problems and to all you people trying to defend Hutchinson Just stop it is not worth your time.

flyby: 16th Oct 2007 - 14:54 GMT

Hutch just lost another opportunity ! Air ambulance maintenance went to Newton instead.Greed was probably a factor. Oh well...

Choad: 17th Oct 2007 - 01:34 GMT

livin it up:

All of your thoughts were great! WOW. Hutchinson is shinking. LOOK AT and look at the FACTS. Hutchinson has shunk 2.2 percent in population. Not to mention it has shunk even more in job growth.

Big Momma: 17th Oct 2007 - 05:46 GMT

The new underground salt museum is allready in trouble. Not making any money. This town needs some serious help. Whats the answer?

Tex: 19th Oct 2007 - 17:42 GMT

I was born in Hutchinson, Ks. (in fact it was at the Grace Hospital, which is the second picture from the top). Back in the 70's Hutch was a going jessy, vibrant downtown, lots of people, things to do. It's sad to say about my birthplace, but I have to agree with most of the negative comments that I've seen on this board. The city is nothing like it was 30 years ago. I moved out after college and went to Texas, better paying jobs, more friendly and beautiful women, I couldn't be happier. The first thing the people in Hutch need to do is to fire or vote out of office everyone that is in city and county govt. and the chamber of commerce. They have failed the community miserably, by promoting their own pet projects, and failing to bring industry and jobs to the town. (and I'm talking about jobs that pay better than min. wage!) The city is now basically a city for the elderly, unemployed and parolees and most of the jobs are centered around taking care of those three groups. My advice for those who live there is to get out, things are much better elsewhere and it's past time that you found out!

Tex: 19th Oct 2007 - 18:34 GMT

And while I'm on my soapbox, It looks like to me that a lot of crime that is committed in Hutchinson is done by the 'elite' members of society.
Here is an example of two of Hutchinson's finest representatives and what they got caught doing:
"Max Ary, former Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center President was sentenced to 36 months in federal prison for his role in stealing and selling space artifacts from the his museum."
"Witness the jailing of former Reno County Sheriff Larry Leslie for accepting $284,000 in payments from a private firm that used to operate a jail annex."
I think the feds are going to be the only ones that can clean
Hutchinson up.

Re: TEX: 19th Oct 2007 - 20:27 GMT

You hit it right on the head. Hutchinson a sad place. It is truly full of the elderly, handicapped and prisoners!

Bill Johnston: 19th Oct 2007 - 21:25 GMT

Very funny that so many people would spend so much time commenting on something being boring. You all must have nothing else to do! I'm out of here this discussion is boring.

ILiVeHerE2: 20th Oct 2007 - 00:17 GMT

Hutch is like living on "Fantasy Island". Don't you know? I love this town. I wouldn't live anywhere else. This place is truly an amazing place to live. The people are great. Kind of like you people posting on here. Gut-wrenching Love. :)

lila22: 24th Oct 2007 - 16:38 GMT

Hutch was a nice town to have my baby, but my husband and I can't wait to leave this town and move back to a real city,
CHICAGO!!!! Here we come!

Hutchinson Stain: 25th Oct 2007 - 14:47 GMT

Hutchinson not maybe the most boring town in the USA. However it is one of the poorest. With low incomes and lots of retards.

Another Former Salt Hawk: 27th Oct 2007 - 04:39 GMT

As someone who grew up in Hutchinson (HHS Class of 1970), it saddens me to see how the town has changed over the years. Unfortunately, there is no denying the town has gone downhill. However, is it really any different than most any other town or city in America? Don't you think there are people from all the towns and cities across America who could express the same dissatisfaction regarding the problems and changes that have taken place in their communities over the years as is being expressed on this forum? Change is an inevitable fact of life. How we deal with it is what matters. I think most people on this forum are bemoaning the fact that Hutchinson just isn't the same town it once was and are frustrated, even angry, that this is the case. What can be done about it? I don't know. I wish I did. But I do know this: I remember Hutchinson as a wonderful town to grow up in. I have many fond memories of my youth growing up there and reflect often on them and my "Home Town". I'm thankful that I can say I knew Hutch back when it was a great place to live. I just wish all of you who seem to "hate it" as you do could know the town as I used to know it.

Been there,done that: 27th Oct 2007 - 04:59 GMT

Yes, Hutch used to be a fun and wonderful place to grow up in. But the key word here is "used to be." The only good thing going for this pathetic town as far as progress goes,is the new Lowens building. It sure looks nice and too damn bad their isnt more places like it. The Salt Museum???? What the hell is going on there anyway??? You can hardly tell from the outside what it is. Only a little sign outside, thats barely noticeable. Nothing to draw or attract anyone to the inside. I am frankly embarresed by the way it looks on the outside. I havent been inside yet,so I guess I have no room to talk, but nothing is drawing me to go inside. I suppose our new Gowens stadium is pretty nice also,it looks good. But thats all I can think of now.

Another Former Salt Hawk: 27th Oct 2007 - 16:12 GMT

IMO, if most of the feelings and opinions expressed on this forum are representative of most of the people who live in Hutchinson it is safe to say that Hutchinson will never be the town it once was, nor will it ever be the town you all want it to be, or seem to expect it to be. Let's be honest, there are no perfect towns. None. Life is what each one of us makes of it, not what someone else makes of it for us; and the town we all choose to live in is what each one of us makes of it as well, not what the City Council makes of it for us. If you are waiting for the Hutchinson City Council to make Hutchinson into a "better" town you are setting yourself up for major disappointment. It ain't gonna happen. It is up to each one of us individually to make our surroundings (towns) better, not someone else. Besides, who knows better than ourselves what each one of us wants. Certainly not the City Council. So get out there and make it happen and quit bellyaching that someone else isn't making your life and town better for you. Let the flames begin!

mr. pINk: salt hawks suck

mr. pINk: 28th Oct 2007 - 04:09 GMT

since i live here i feel a great sense of isolation and every time i see a plane overhead i feel jealous of the people who are finally leaving this hell-hole. and the new highway project is another one of this city's "baby step" improvements. it seems like every 20 years hutch gets so little improvements.

mr. pINk: 28th Oct 2007 - 04:11 GMT

this town would be a perfect setting for a zombie movie all they have to do is make it look isolated....wait it already does.

mr. pINk: 28th Oct 2007 - 04:20 GMT

there is absolutley nothing to do here except all those ignorant "city leaders" that do nothing to better this place as a whole. and why do they want to waste billions on some pointless salt mine? the mall used to have great stores now its all crappy b-stores. cant wait to leave this pathetic town.

mr. pINk: 29th Oct 2007 - 16:09 GMT

i heard this rumour that GE wanted to make their world headquarters here.. except the mayor objected to it said it would be bad for the area.

mr. pINk: 29th Oct 2007 - 18:01 GMT

the salt museum is a waste of money time... who the hell wants to learn about salt??! i dont. this boring ass town is so pathetic. full of meth trailer trash and they keep tearing up streets and wasting cash on crap.
for economic failure and a drug problem come to hutch the town most likely to get eaten by a homeless man with a taste for crack.

Tex: 29th Oct 2007 - 18:37 GMT

The idea that attractions will help bring people to a city to live and work is absolutely stupid. Which would make you think that someone is making money on all those Hutchinson pet projects and it's not the taxpayer. Jobs are what people move for. I live and work in the Texas gulf coast region. If I wanted to move to Dallas and be closer to Texas Stadium or Six Flags, you can bet the first thing I'm going to find is a job in that area that pays what I want, or I won't be moving. In this day and age if a city can't produce jobs for 20 to 50 year olds who can make at least 50,000 a year, that town is in deep trouble. And, it's only going to be those leaders in city and county govt. that can make the deals to get companies to move to Hutchinson. The ordinary citizen can't do anything, except maybe vote out of office everyone in city and county govt. which would be the first step in taking your town back.

Another Carlot: 31st Oct 2007 - 12:54 GMT

Wow Hutchinson has added another attractions. Some jerk has opened a trash carlot on 4th street by Burger King. He has such junk on the lot, it really added more charm to Hutchinson.

ladyGal: 1st Nov 2007 - 15:23 GMT

I saw that too. For your information that is the place the used to be "auto select" another defunct Hutchinson business. Who ever took over this sure has a lot a trash on this carlot. It looks like the complete opposite of what the out of business carlot had. I think we should file complaints about how trashy his lot looks.

me: 4th Nov 2007 - 08:17 GMT

This town still has potential. Let's all stop our Bitchin and do something about it. Any suggestions?

Resident of Hutch: 14th Nov 2007 - 23:34 GMT

Okay, I like how the person only takes pictures from one part of town. This fact makes this article worthless. They fail to take pictures of the area around 23rd and Waldron. Hutchinson has a very booming medical business, and if it is shrinking then why is my house becoming surrounded by businesses standing where houses once were? Hutchinson has plenty of potential and great people. I can also find something to do any night I want to, so this man has no Idea what he is talking about. Before you start challenging what I say and claiming I am not well traveled and don't know of cities outside of Hutcinson, I would like to state this. I have lived in the same house in Hutchinson for 14 years (all of my life). Neither of my parents have ever been without a job in this time. I have been out of Hutchinson. I have traveled to Colorado, Wyoming, Missouri, and even spent 20 days this summer in Australia and New Zealand

...just lookin for a job, lookin for a job...: 16th Nov 2007 - 17:58 GMT

OMG! I thought I lived in a pretty good place until I stumbled onto this site while surfing for nursing jobs in this area. I've been HappyInHutch for 30+ years and known about all the problems mentioned here and chuckled about them. It's never occurred (ocurred? occured?..oh well) to me to be bitter about them. I've heard my kids complain and belly ache about some of the same things belly ached about on this site. I've had a good job that I really love at Hutchinson Hospital. I said something stupid and thoughtless (but not INTENDED to be hateful for mean) and now I'm looking for a job. I have also been owner of a successful very small business.
Hutch has been good to me and I really do love Hutch. As a nurse, I've taken care of every kind of person in the town. Some of the highest class people have been some of the least classy; some of the lowest class people have been very classy; and any combination of that you might come up with. I've noticed that many of the old people of Hutch who gained their wealth and power right here in Hutch, care very deeply about this town and 'give back' to the town in BIG ways; they have been giving back long before that term was coined. They have quiet, sophisticated class and treat those around them with quiet respect. I have also encountered the adult children of these people and they don't seem to have inherited that instinct or knowledge of how to treat those around them. Their parents make the people serving them feel important. The children make it plain to the people serving them that expect to be served. Their parents worked hard to make something good in Hutch; I really doubt if they complained of 'nothing to do in Hutch' while they were working at building a City! All of these people in this thread who are complaining about how bad Hutch is can make it a better place by doing just one thing to make it better. One person can't change a town or a country, but one person can change the three feet around himself. Pull out a couple of pencil stubs and a scrap of paper and play tic-tac-to with someone or with yourself; it's so corny, it will probably make somebody laugh! Get somebody to sit with you at one of those little tables on main street and drink a coke and play checkers; it's Mayberry, but I'll bet somebody will get a chuckle out of seeing it. Pick up some rusty horseshoes (or buy a set) and set it up at one of the parks around town and start pitching; I bet one of the city old folks, retards, or bums will stop by to watch and you can invite them to play, too. If you are one of the people on public assistance at tax payers expense, bend over and pick up a piece of trash or two just one time a day and put it in the trash bin; if we have as many people on public assistance as this sight makes it sound like, this whole town will be spic and span within a couple of weeks! Smile at somebody or say 'Howdy' --that should make somebody chuckle, for sure. If you are the recipient of a 'howdy', pass it on! Remember 'pass it on'? Buy somebody a cuppacoffee or a cold-drink; if you are a smoker, move twenty feet from the entrance to light up; if you are a meth head, skip a hit and take a long walk or jog. If you are a pusher, hide out from your customers for one day a week. Rediculous? I just wanted you to know that I'm not a PollyAnna; it's my sarcasm that's got me into enough trouble that I have to start job-hunting. But seriously, have you heard this: "World Peace --let it begin with me." I can't wait to see what this post is going to trigger!

Resident of Hutch: 17th Nov 2007 - 22:54 GMT

I know I know very little about the actual problems. Hutchinson has lots of problems. This has been a eye opener!

me: 18th Nov 2007 - 06:40 GMT

We have problems due to the fact that a certain family of wealth many years ago prevented other businesses from coming to this city that wanted to pay decent wages,because then this certain family of wealth and their business would have to pay higher wages also,which they did not want to do. This family has controlled this town for years!

...just lookin for a job, lookin for a job...: 18th Nov 2007 - 17:02 GMT

Which family?

Re: to Me: The Dillons family.

me: 19th Nov 2007 - 06:13 GMT

I am not going to mention which family,to do so would be slanderous, but anyone who has lived here for many years,will know who I am talking about. I have heard this for years, from my parents who are in their 70's, from many of their friends, and also from Hutchinson "officials". A sad situation,because look what it has done to this town now.

Yo Hoe: 19th Nov 2007 - 22:47 GMT

Hutchinson Kansas is a sewer plugged with fat ass welfare pigs!

me: 20th Nov 2007 - 00:21 GMT

Because their is not that many well paying jobs here, which this post is mainly about. The question now is,what can be done about this.

Penelope: 20th Nov 2007 - 19:55 GMT

I live in Hutchinson and think its a great place! Our 6A high school football team is going to win state again this year, which makes it a 4-peat! Yeah Baby! Go Salthawks!
We also have the Underground Salt Museum, Cosmosphere, and Lots of Fun people.

McArthur: 20th Nov 2007 - 20:54 GMT

Dear Rest of the World,

I would like to point out that Penelope's opinion (stated directly above this comment) is typical of about 99% of Hutchinsonians, and is a major part of the "problem" facing our Town -- the fact that people would rather ooh-and-aah about irrelevant superficialities like high school football, the Salt Museum (Honestly -- a museum for salt mines?) and most laughably, "Lots of Fun people" than address the plain and simple FACTS.

I know (as all of us Hutchinsonians do) that the above photographs don't best represent what Hutch looks like, but this discussion-thread has obviously grown far beyond commentary on the mere, limited scope of the photos.

Anyway, my point is to say that before another gung-ho Hutchinson resident makes a further ass of himself (and our town) by yet again failing to address prescient, realistic problems (like crime, local political corruption, drugs, unemployment) and instead starts yammering about superficial attractions, let me urge future home-town folks to address the facts.

Let's get a dialog going on here! Come on, folks!

We all know about the Salt Museum and Cosmosphere -- they've both been mentioned in this thread a hundred times already!

The time has come, Hutchinson! Stand up!!!

Peter: 20th Nov 2007 - 21:37 GMT

although im a er, i agree with mcarthur. ive watched this post for over a year and though its taught me a lot about a place ive never been (and about some of the general public opinion about the place), i must admit that i chuckle at the constant repeat comments on the salt and whatnot, while genuinely thought-provoking issues like employment (to pick one that has appeared a number of times) are repeatedly ignored. its a classic example of not being able to see the forest for all of the trees... or at least it seems that way to me, as an outsider whos complete perception of is shaped entirely by what ive read in this thread. i had never even heard of the place before this thread.

i would like to see a meatier dialog here, too, not simply to have more content to read, but because i think theres potential to actually see an impetus for positive change and awareness here; weve established that has some problems (trust me, we do here in , too, ha). weve also more than established that some people like the place, and some do not, just like every other town in the world. im sure it can be boring (anywhere can) and weve been made aware of the attractions ad nauseum.

two seconds spent googling pointed me to these sites:

perhaps anyone feeling down on should consider voicing their opinions beyond merely bickering on a website. email your politicians and city council. think a politican is corrupt? call them and confront them about it. write a letter, leave a voicemail... maybe if enough local people put in a few moments each, yall might get the ball rolling on bringing about some change? or at least raising public awareness about topics more pressing than the ? i mean, thats what i would do, at least. it sure beats pointless grumbling and circuitous dialog.

if any of you do, or get any results, or find any factual information about problems/solutions, share them with us here. because, as the view-count on this post indicates, a lot of people are reading about your town, and im sure most of them are chuckling about the same things i am...

...and just imagine how different things could be if every one of the almost 100,000 people that have read this post called the mayor of (ron sellers, 620-662-8331) to voice their concerns for the city and support some positive change. its a slow process, but it is possible, you know.

I agree: 20th Nov 2007 - 21:54 GMT

Mcarthur, that is the problem. People would rather brag about wastes of money like the football team or the SALT museum which has to be bailed out by the tax payers to stay open!

Also, has anyone noticed that HUGE amount of welfare momma's and worthless fathers of the children in this town? I work with a credit company that specializes in Bad credit lending, WE ARE CONSTANTLY PACKED FULL of women that live in one of the many low income housing projects in this town. It is the same ol' story, These women go out and get knocked up by substandard men who can't even support themselves. They in turn produce more of the same and the welfare rolls just keep growing!

The problem just keeps getting worse. People in this town love to be superficial and take glory in museums and High school football teams. While ignoring the dark facts of this town.

McArthur: 21st Nov 2007 - 05:02 GMT

Peter-- Right on!!

I Agree-- see, you're another person who's pointing out flaws and then digressing into a rant. What are YOU doing to change the "problem"? Complaining online? I was with you for your first and last paragraph, but then you just digressed into a rant about credit, housing projects, "substandard men" (whatever that means) and whatnot. It makes you come off as sounding classist.

Some people are poor, and some people make bad life-decisions. If the problem indeed "just keeps getting worse", what are you doing about it? Bilking them at a bad-credit-lender company and complaining about them online?! Please!

When was the last time you volunteered to help these people change their sad (but very realistic) living situation? What do you do for your community?


NOBODY YOU KNOW: 21st Nov 2007 - 06:20 GMT

I just called the office of Mayor Sellers at (620) 662-8331 and gave him the what for. I advise all of us Hutchinson residents to do so also. You know, I never realized how easy it was and how good it felt to call up the Mayor (who I voted for, by the way) and chew him out for letting our city down.

Go Hutch!

GD: 21st Nov 2007 - 18:37 GMT

Wow i have never seen so many negative people in my life in one place i to have seen alot of the good & bad things in hutch but then again i try to be active meber of the community.i go to city counsil meeting and ill bet if you people here were to be honest ive never seen any of you there trying to make changes or even state your opinion. when local elections come around how many of you people even vote to get a counsil member in that share your same views.the problem with all of america is that we have the ability to make changes we just choose to not use our abillitys. to make changes in a community it takes time and a passion for what you belive and not alot of people have the time to be passionate bout anything anymore. i know these things because im as much to blame as all of you in this forum.the lady that just called mayor sellers was that the 1 and only time you called are you going to follow up or are you just satified what you did was enough. do you see where im going with this people. UNITED WE STAND & DEVIDED WE FALL so with that said the reason hutchinson sucks is because you suck 1 person can make some changes but alot of people can make it alot easier on that 1 person who is trying to make some changes. so in closing if you want to be active in your community then you have the rite to bitch .i just forwarded this forum to all council members and the City manager so if you people want a voice then speek up or shut up

Hutch Ho: 24th Nov 2007 - 07:23 GMT

Hutch isn't all that bad. No worse than any other city. It has it's problems,but what town or city doesn't. The downtown renovation is nice,Ave.A park is nice,the antique district is totally cool, Smith's market is a wonderful place to shop,downtown has some good shops also. The high school is big and for the most part trouble free for a school it's size. The middle schools are nice, as is the college for a town this size. The new stadium is awesome,tax dollars were well spent there. Carey Park is well maintained and a wonderful place to hang out,weather permitting. Hutch has some excellent restaurants,many to choose from,excellent mexican food restaurants,Bar BQ,chinese,you name it. Oh my, I believe I have named at least 10 good things about Hutch. I could go on with more.

Re; hutch Ho: 25th Nov 2007 - 20:54 GMT

Same ol stuff, over again. Sure hutch is great :(

Young Hippy: 26th Nov 2007 - 02:06 GMT

Tax Money well spent on NEW STADIUM? What the hell are you talking about. WHAT has that done for this town to help it grow? You sir are a complete idiot.

Tex: 26th Nov 2007 - 18:11 GMT

Hutchinson is a safe place to live, better than most cities?, Yea right, you better check the facts.

According to the 2003 FBI crime statistics.

Arson = 2.89 times the national average (why?, people are setting their homes and businesses on fire to collect insurance because the economy is so bad.)

Forcible Rape = 2.16 times the national average

Burglary = 1.57 times the national average

Larceny or theft = 1.50 times the national average

Aggravated assault = 1.10 times the national average

Based on the above areas of crime, on the average you would be safer living in most other cities in the nation, then you would be in Hutchinson, Ks.

The areas that were less than the national average, were murder, robbery & car theft.


2006 Crime info
According to crime index for Hutchinson for 2006 was 427.5
The U.S. average was 157.3 (Higher index means more crime) also shows the number of law enforcement officers per 1,000 residents in Hutchinson in 2006 at 1.68. The U.S. average was 3.00 officers per 1,000 residents.


Johnson: 26th Nov 2007 - 22:07 GMT

Yes, Hutchinson is a shithole. Part of the problem with the crime in this town is that the police are so dedicated to shooting stray animals and petty traffic violations that theft and other crimes run rampant.

Hutchinson also has 3 prisons in it that parole people into the shity (i meant city) and they are lifetime criminals who refuse to change. This city is a heaven for them because of the lack of qualified law enforcement.

In this town any of tom dick or asshole can become a sheriff or police officer just by signing an piece of paper, having a GED and attending a couple weeks of classes. Mostly the only guys (with some exceptions) are just egotistical idiots who have nothing better to do than look powerful.

Most cities you have to have a College degree to drive a patrol car.

t-rex: 27th Nov 2007 - 03:02 GMT

to whomever said the following --

Hutch has some excellent restaurants,many to choose from,excellent mexican food restaurants,Bar BQ,chinese,you name it

you made me laugh. did you read any of this thread? no? and here you are, ignoring all of the horrible truths of living in this city, overlooking it ALL for "excellent restaurants". wtf?!? you, sir, are part of the PROBLEM.

Hutch Ho: 28th Nov 2007 - 03:16 GMT

Yes, I have read everyone of these posts. From way back somebody asked readers to list 10 good things about Hutch,which you would know about if you had read all the threads. Anyway,this thread originally started out about Hutch being boring,not about lack of jobs,which you would know that also if you would read the threads. And I am a woman,not a sir. But I do agree with a lot that has been posted,both the negative and the positive.

what now?: 1st Dec 2007 - 02:39 GMT

Has anyone noticed how the middle class has all but dissapeared in this town? You are either stinkin rich and control this town,or you are one of the many who live at or below poverty level. Does anyone agree with me? And speaking of crooks,it,s the lawyers in this town who are the most crooked.

Tex: 2nd Dec 2007 - 05:58 GMT

That's the way a corrupt system works

If you have corrupt lawyers and they become corrupt judges then you really have problems.

The working middle class who built this country, are usually the main ones that can hold the corrupt leadership accountable and keep it in check. So, once you get rid of the middle class, the poor are all that's left who have little power to change anything, since they're spending all of their time simply trying to survive.

And of those that resort to crime to survive, they have even less power to challenge or change anything, and thus corruption is allowed to run rampant in leadership.

Now yes, everyone has the ability to vote, but if decent jobs are not available then the poor will remain that way and thus will pose no threat to the corrupt leadership. Which is the way that those in power want it to be.

I Remember When: 2nd Dec 2007 - 08:24 GMT

Hutchinson used to be such a cool place to live during the 60,s and 70,s. It really was. I remember going to clubs and listening to a band from Kansas City called NATION, and they used to love to come to Hutch and play because Hutch was such a happening town back then. The guys in the band said Hutch had the most beautiful women they had ever seen. One of the band members married a local girl from here. Like I said, these guys were from Kansas City, and loved Hutchinson. I bet they wouldn't feel the same today. It's really sad to see our town become what it has become. I think Hutchinson is becoming another Picher,Oklahoma.

JOHNNY MOSS: 5th Dec 2007 - 10:33 GMT


Kate: 7th Dec 2007 - 14:17 GMT

I live here in Hutchinson and I know it has its boring parts, but the College is growing, downtown has its busy parts and there are a lot of community get-to-gethers. Like every town, Hutchinson has it good and its bad, You want to see boring, take a look at Windom Kansas, and if you drive by there, don't blink, you'll miss it..

Someone Who Made it Out: 7th Dec 2007 - 15:43 GMT

I lived in Hutchinson for the majority of my adolescent life. By the time I had reach the 8th grade at Sherman back in 1999-2000, I had already become a product of which Hutch has to offer. NOTHING!!!

That year I had learned how to roll my first joint, done my first line of cocaine(in the girls locker room) and had my share fair of fights and soon ended up like everyone else on community corrections with Susan Mayes.

Now don't think that just I was a bad egg. It seemed to be all of my class that year was like that. My 8th grade class we all seemed to encourage one another who could do the most outrageous fucked up thing. We were all really that bored, I looking back on it now have no idea why we were like that. But that is what we all did.

By the time I was 14, I was sent to options in Witchita KS for failing a U.A while still on corrections. Not to mention 5 other kids were there from Hutch with me 3 of them I had partied with and one had the same Correction officer as me. What are the odds of that I'm in rehab 1 hour away and my party buddies walk in the front door, just for the record back then the rehab didn't work.

I also forgot to mention,I had been taken out of my home on many occasions and sent to Bob Johnsons and the detention center. It really didn't do me any good because when I would get there most of my idiot friends would be there too. It is just a vicious circle. Finally when I was 16 still on corrections I had gotten a D.U.I WHAT IN THE HELL WAS I THINKING!

Just a product of Hutchinson I suppose.

The point is there weren't really any after school programs. Back then we had a teen center but they quickly shut that down because I think it was a mini bar for older boys to go and pick up younger girls I'm talkin about 17 going and chasing 11 and 12 year old girls with troubling back grounds. But that is just a product of Hutch. You know my 5th grade teacher was found guilty of molesting 2 girls, back then I had suspicion of his doings and no one took me serious enough, 8 years later they found out how nasty you really were Mr.Roberts you sick ass man.

There is just a bunch of sick perverts lurking in Hutch wanting for the moment to get their prey. Mr. Cottons our school police officer for my 8th grade year we all know he was dirty. Finally when I was 17 I was arrested for failing my U.A once again and sent to a group home in Topeka where there I found out I was pregnant.

I had become the product of that which Hutch has to offer.

I had never done drugs before my eighth grade year and never drank it seemed like only a hand full of the kids who I had hung out with has made it. Myself included I was in that group home for one year when I was let out I moved to Lenexa, Ks, where I have made a life for myself that was 6 years ago, I am now married have 2 kids I have not and do not or even touch drugs.

I am not on any kind of vision or foodstamp assistance or state help I am a hard worker and I have earned every bit of what I have. I do have one of my sisters that lives off of Hutch she is lazy, gets high off the money the state gives her and is waiting to get into commerce gardens free and clear living off of my tax dollar, so that she can keep poppin out kids, she is 22 working on her 3rd. No job,no car, no life but she can do it because she lives in the wonderful town of Hutchinson where no one takes responsibility of there actions.

To the woman who said she is proud to say she is raising her kids there be aware of their friends and what they are doing at all times I'm guessing I got away with what I did because at the end of the day I still came home with A's and B's everyone just thought I was going through a phase, it wasn't a phase I got lost and the only person who saved me happened to be my Community Correction Officer Susan Mayes not my parents, not the teachers, not the staff of Bob Johnson but the woman I thought I hated the most was the only one who stood up and put me in check.

Thank you Susan Mayes.

Commodinson: 7th Dec 2007 - 23:36 GMT

Wow, that is what I like to hear. THE TRUTH. This lady and her story are typical of Hutchinson. It is a place for FAILURES. Granted there are some good in the population, but this is blown away by the amount of scum.

Tex Re: Someone who made it out: 10th Dec 2007 - 18:49 GMT

That is really a very honest and telling story about the lives of a lot of youth in Hutchinson. You are to be commended on getting out of the situation and developing
a better life. In essence, there really seems to be a fundamental lack of concern
about the youth in Hutchinson, and instead of addressing the issues, the city just
builds more correctional facilities. It's like they expect the youth to be happy
to come home from school and watch Wheel of Fortune on T.V. and then go play bingo
at the local church and be happy with that.

Young Hippy: 14th Dec 2007 - 13:00 GMT

Hello Winter!!! As some of you may be aware, Hutchinson has the WORST DRIVERS.. I travel for a living and can attest that Hutchinson has the worst drivers I have seen in any country, city or state. IT IS TERRIBLE, setting when lights turn green, not using turn lanes and just stopping randomly. Every car should have signs on the back the says:


Bob: 17th Dec 2007 - 20:29 GMT

The Hutchinson, KS haters amuse me. I'm sure some of them have lived in other cities, some have attested to it in their diatribes. However it seems that they are either young or immature or both. When I was young and immature I also thought Hutchinson "sucked". I am not yet 40 but I can tell you it does not generally suck. It may suck if you are young and looking to "party". I would agree, the main law enforcement involves DUI arrests. Here is an idea, if you don't want a ticket don't party and drive.

As many people have stated, you will find the same levels of drugs and poverty in most towns you go to. I honestly don't see too much of the supposed drug culture, but maybe that is because I don't hang out in a group that has overlap with that group. I don't see much retardation and people "milking the system". I see people who honestly can't survive without help. So if compassion makes you suck than yes Hutchinson is the suckiest! Are there people working the system? Yep, just like every county in America, probably no more, no less.

There is little industry here, I had to work through almost 7 years to find another professional job. But I chose to stick it out because I think this is a good place to live. I didn't throw my hands up and say "There are no jobs here!" I didn't think I was going to be handed a job or that I was entitled to one.

But enough defense, here is some offense:

The top ten things for different people are going to be, well, different.

Sports fan?
NJCAA Basketball Tournament, every year, best 5 days of your life. No it isn't the NCAA, but you are in a small town, you don't have to pay $100 a game plus parking. Try it you'll like it.

Hutch High Football - best in the state for 4 straight years

Softball - One of the best facilities for playing an watching in the region.

Racing - If that does it for you, the fairgrounds offers various motor sports throughout the year.

Golf - Some very nice courses to frustrate you

Hunting - If you must, I am told the killing here is great fun!

Water sports, you are minutes away from a decent sized lake-like reservoir.

Like the Arts?
There are 3 theatre companies performing almost every weekend.

The Fox Theatre - brings in some very good shows, maybe it is geared to a mature audience but try it, good stuff is good stuff.

The Cosmosphere and Space Discovery - Just because you were drug there for every grade school field trip doesn't make it bad. You may not need to go every year but it does change from time to time, plus it is still really freaking cool to see that SR-71 over your head.

Reno County Museum - Learn about the place before you bash it, a cool place

Like to exercise or get outdoors?
Carey Park-It's not just for sex and drug deals any more! Have picnic, play golf, go to the zoo, ride a train, play disc golf, watch some baseball, feed the geese, go fishing.

Martinez Trail-I don't know the mileage but you can safely ride or walk the trail from Carey Park to Rice Park and back.

Dillon Nature Center - Hike, fish, check out the museum.

Like to party?
I have no idea, why don't you just get one of those nice empty buildings and throw a party for you friends? Just don't do it by me or I'm calling the lousy cops!

If you are a Hutch hater, copy this page to a file and save it to your computer. Read it again in 10 years and see if you feel the same way? If you do, you might just be bitter, and you are probably unhappy wherever you are.


Hutchinson only sucks if you let it!
(That would make some kind of slogan. Maybe I'll email it to Dave Kerr!)

Joining the Whine: 17th Dec 2007 - 20:44 GMT

What a bunch of whiners. It seems like many of you have never visited, let alone lived anywhere else. Some of you certainly haven't taken a close look at the idyllic places you live in after escaping the Hutchinson gulag. Someone in this list said, "Life is what you make of it". This is one of those rare, throw-away phrases that is actually true. Life is not rosy in very many places these days due to shrinking middle-class, dwindling opportunities for upward mobility, and a ridiculous obsession with getting out of this "hell hole", wherever that hell hole might be. As someone who has lived in other places, I can say that Hutchinson has more to offer than most towns its size, let alone cities. Sure, Hutchinson has problems - the same ones you find anywhere. Instead of complaining, why don't you go do something about it? Someone isn't going to hand you happiness on a silver platter - take a class at the college, get involved in politics (I'd vote for some of you just for the laugh factor), join community theater. Hell, go to a city council meeting and tell those evil elites what you think...oh, wait, any of those things would involve effort rather than making anonymous whiny comments on teh internets.

Young Hippy: 18th Dec 2007 - 03:15 GMT

Bob, that is exactly it. It is a town for RETIRED PEOPLE, Or close to retirement. You are simply someone who has settled for what is around you. Maybe you should look at yourself, Hutchinson is made up of people like yourself who have settled for what life has given you.Have you traveled outside of Hutchinson, lived anywhere else? Judging by your statements I would say not. Just look around, Most every other town around Hutchinson is growing. Hutchinson is not. Also you pointed out the same boring things to do that every other mindless Hutchinsonite has.

Also you stated that many people just cannot make it without help.... WHY IS THAT ? Also have you looked at your taxes lately? They are among to HIGHEST in the country.
Who cares about the basketball, Football and other mindless activities you have pointed out. Can't you see that HCC brings in some of the stupidest people to play football just so they can get state and federal grants.

Have you looked at the price of gas in this town? Are you aware that Salina, KC, and Wichita are always around 10 cents cheaper per gallon, WHAT IS THAT? It is because of certain people in this town controlling the pricing.

So live in your land of fairy tail land. While the rest of us move on.

Young Hippy: 18th Dec 2007 - 03:22 GMT

Joining the Whine, Where have you lived? I would be interested to know. Since you are so wise and have the world by the horn.

Bob: 18th Dec 2007 - 14:31 GMT

I have lived in Lawrence, KS as well. I have traveled this great land of ours extensively (Driven through every state east of the rockies and south of New York)

I am not saying all those things make Hutchinson a great travel destination (that is why I travel) I am saying it makes it a nice place to live. It is the opposite of the saying "Nice place to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there" People say that about big "exciting" cities all the time. Well the inverse is almost true here. I wouldn't necessarily visit here if I wasn't from here but I might want to live here.

I haven't settled for anything, I could have lived anywhere I wanted. I chose to live here. If I had been a few years younger when I was deciding where to live I might have chose differently. But I was mature enough to realize that home is what you make of it.

I make my own fun. I am involved in the community. I play music at those retirement communities you belittle so much (you may be fortunate to live long enough to live there someday). I act and direct in the local theatre scene. I have been in bands and played at some of the cool local coffee shops. I have played for the fun of it during downtown events. I volunteer when I can. I get out and try to entertain and be entertained every chance I get. If you need excitement served up to you, I don't fault you, I just feel bad for you.

Oh and the gas prices fluctuate, I have driven to Salina several times and didn't fill-up when I left because I always heard the fable about the gas prices. Guess what, about 80% of the time it is the same or higher in Salina. I have a friend that is a Hutch hater who moved here from Salina. He always talks about how much better it is there. He still lives here though. I honestly see no difference.

For the record, here are some "big" cities I have spent considerable time in:
Kansas City
St Louis
Little Rock
Oddly enough Chicago is the one town out of these I would consider living in....


Bob: 18th Dec 2007 - 14:37 GMT

Oh, and Young Hippy, concerning drivers....

Drive in Harvey County, especially Newton for the worst drivers. (just kidding, one bad generalization deserves another!)

Hutchinson is small. You can get anywhere from anywhere in 18 minutes. You should plan your trip better than to be in such a hurry. If you are so young and hip, try relaxing and taking your time getting to where you are going, give yourself an extra 7 minutes, you might enjoy the trip for once.


Joining the Whine: 18th Dec 2007 - 15:32 GMT

Young Hippy - go and see the world. Travel. I saw some of it. I've traveled all over the U.S., the Caribbean, and Mexico. Hopefully soon I'll get to visit the Far East and Australia. I've lived in the sticks near Houston TX, Austin TX, Lawrence KS, Panama City FL, and NYC. Every single place I've been has crappy parts and great parts. You have chosen to see the bad parts of Hutchinson exclusively. I'm not going to change your mind, you'll have to go out in the world to see for yourself.

Oh, and while I'm not a hippy, I am young. I do look at my taxes and they are on the high side, but not by FAR the highest I've had to pay - try living in NY for awhile. Texas was cheaper because there's no state income tax and you got what you paid for in crappy schools.

The real problem for me with this whole discussion is that people seem to be so whiny about things rather than actively trying to change them - or leaving to find a place that makes them happier. It would also have been nice, and lent more credence to the initial argument, if Scott Sargent had a) taken pictures of more than one old building, b) gotten his facts straight, and c) been more honest about his motivations.

Young Hippie: 18th Dec 2007 - 18:13 GMT

You all assume that I live in Hutchinson. I have the misfortune of having family there. I live in Florida myself. I have since I graduated college. The Young Hippie name has nothing to do with me actually, it was just a stupid name I made up on the fly.

Joining the whine: What are you an ass backwards hick? If you are young, how young are you? How do you know what I have and have not done to change Hutchinson? Did you think that maybe some of us on this forum have just given up and left? Could it be that we are just putting this stuff online so as to show the truth to the world?

Padre Island: 18th Dec 2007 - 18:55 GMT

I graduated from HCC in the late 70's, back when Hutchinson still had somewhat of a
downtown. I remember our business law class one day invited the Pres. of the Hutch
Chamber to come speak. We asked him some very difficult and pointed questions about
the downward direction of the Hutch economy, and he side-stepped every issue and
basically just gave an unrealistic rosy picture, a lot like what you hear on this
website. There have been people speaking out to the leadership of Hutchinson for the
last 30 to 40 years about the bad economic conditions and the city leaders continue
to live in a fantasy world of denial.

We don't have state income taxes in Texas, nor do we have property taxes on vehicles, and our schools are crappy??. Yea, right. If you notice NASA is in Texas not Kansas, along with a lot of other headquarters for world organizations.

The reason why your taxes are so high, is to take care of those on the welfare roles and the babies of those on the welfare roles. But wait, you haven't seen anything yet. In another 10 to 20 years when the baby boomers (who haven't
saved anything for retirement like their parents did) start retiring and have nothing
to live on except social security, who do you think is going to foot the bill?
You!! the Reno County Taxpayer.

That's why you need industry, 20 to 50 year olds making good money to help put
money back into the economy. Softball, Basketball, NJCAA, golf, parks, theatres, get a clue people, that's not going to generate income worth jack squat for your economy.

And, I see today in the Hutch news that the Salt Museum is not doing well, surprise
surprise, and they are going before the city to get additional money. Yea, put more
of the taxpayers money into worthless ventures instead of bringing industry to town.
That makes a lot of sense. (And I'm qualified to complain about the taxes because I
still own property up there)

The solution: FIRE or VOTE OUT OF OFFICE everyone in city and county govt. and start
over, I don't know how you could go in any direction except up.

Young Hippie: 18th Dec 2007 - 20:43 GMT

Padre Island, Right on. These people all live in imagination land/Denial island. I am beginning to think the Pro-Hutchinson sect on this site are nothing more than Hutchinson employees who are enjoying a relaxing life which is being paid for by the Hutchinson Tax Payers. I could not imagine why anyone would have any other reason to be Pro-Hutchinson.

Joining the Whine: 18th Dec 2007 - 21:50 GMT

Hey Padre Island - Texas schools ARE crappy, at least the Houston ISD. JSC, NASA's location in Houston, has nothing to do with anything but the fact that NASA needed a way to transport very large equipment by water and they got the land donated. Large corporations = better public schools? No. Again, I'm not going to change any of your minds. We can all argue and whine until we're dead and still change nothing. I totally agree with your solution though which is more succinctly put than what I implied in my original post. Disgruntled Hutchinson residents should stop complaining and do something about it.

But all of you non-residents should look around your various paradises with a critical eye and tell me you don't see some of Hutchinson's flaws where you live.

Bob: 18th Dec 2007 - 22:46 GMT

I don't understand. Are all the welfare cases statewide in Hutchinson? Is that why our taxes are so high? Seriously if statistical data supports that we have a high percentage of welfare recipients, so be it. I just doubt it. To me there is the same level of poverty throughout the Midwest.

It is the same for all baby boomers as far as retirement savings go. Is there really data to support you insinuation that we will have a larger percentage of unprepared baby boomers in Hutchinson? Even so it won't make Reno County taxes much higher it will make federal and state taxes higher so it would affect more than reno county.

Taxes are a problem in Reno County but it seems more like government mismanagement than an overwhelming amount of poor folks. Your example of the salt museum with a handout is a prime example of that. The homeless shelters have been largely privately funded. More so than the schools and the museum-like organizations.

But as far as taxes go, I am able to live comfortably, and pay my taxes. Until one of those changes I pay my fair share without complaint, because I would move before I would complain.

...and no, I work in the private sector, not a government employee.

Padre Island: 18th Dec 2007 - 23:41 GMT

The elderly that are in their 80's and 90's today grew up during the great depression, WW1, WW2 and learned from a early age to save every penny for when
they would need it later on in life. These elderly would not consider themselves to be rich, but a lot of them have a good deal of financial savings put aside to get them through these retirement years. They have also learned how to live on very little. You can not deny that Hutchinson is made up of a lot of these individuals, they help keep the economy going. The medical community for example is booming. Why? The population is aging, dying, thus needing more medical care. But, once this older wealthier generation is gone, it is not going to be replaced by new elderly that have means to take care of themselves. Statistics show that this will be a problem nationwide. When that day arrives I predict a mass exodus of companies from Hutchinson who have built their businesses around taking care of these elderly. Do you think the fed govt. is going to raise the support level when this day happens, I doubt it. Your going to see more poverty, more crime which will be noticeable everywhere, but even more so in a city like Hutchinson which is down already economically.

Padre Island: 19th Dec 2007 - 05:17 GMT

As far as your tax dollars providing a good education in Hutchinson, let's do a reality check on the results. According to

For population 25 years and over in Hutchinson

High school or higher: 82.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.2%
Graduate or professional degree: 5.8%

That means only 17.2% have a 4 yr college degree or better, leaving approx 83% having less than a 4 yr degree. In this day and age if you don't have a 4 yr degree, you're going to have a tough time making it anywhere, so either the education system isn't working in Hutchinson, or those getting educated are leaving town.

Padre Island: 19th Dec 2007 - 15:18 GMT

Check out this website, it's loaded with statistics about Hutch, quite an eyeopener

Here's an example:

Hutchinson compared to Kansas state average:

Median household income below state average.
Median house value significantly below state average.
Black race population percentage significantly below state average.
Foreign-born population percentage significantly below state average.
House age above state average.
Institutionalized population percentage significantly above state average.
Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher below state average

Joining the Whine: 19th Dec 2007 - 20:36 GMT

OK, Padre Island, you win. I'm cornered by statistics. I won't quote Disraeli though, because I agree with a couple of them.

income below average = agreed, a problem. Hutch needs to do better attracting business in a big way
house value significantly below = can live in a bigger house if you have a job
black race pop. below average = average is low anywhere in Midwest, Hutch is %-wise a little lower
foreign-born pop. significantly below = so what
House age above avg. = again, so what. I like old houses, mine's 81
Institutionalized pop. sig. above = yes, there are prison facilities here, so what
% of pop. with 4 yrs. + education = agreed, this is not (necessarily) good

The points that matter are agreed - Hutch is bad at attracting/encouraging new business. The populace (of which I am a part) needs to change the leadership, especially at the county/city levels.

If your implication re: educational attainment is that only dumb people stay in Hutch, I very much disagree. If there's no job fitting your educational specialty, you move no matter how wonderful your town is. I would say that the schools here work quite well, the Chamber of Commerce does not.

Still, all of that is just noise and distraction. It all gets back to attracting more business.

So, Padre Island,, I wish you peace and prosperity where ever you are. I will get back to doing something rather than griping on a message board.

Bob: 19th Dec 2007 - 22:40 GMT

Yes the statistics bear out that Hutchinson is poor and has many residents in retirement homes. The education level is not that low for the Midwest.

I do acquiesce on the level of poverty though, I was shocked that we were that much higher than average. I still say that it has no effect on my life here though, except that I need to be even more charitable locally.

The retirement home level is of no importance to me at all. Just more captive audiences to "entertain" (you will never have a more appreciative audience)


Welcome to Hutch - Come Share our Space!

Padre Island: 20th Dec 2007 - 14:53 GMT

I am honestly not a Hutch hater, I was born there and grew up in that area. It just saddens me to see what the city was 30 to 40 years ago, and the situation now. And, I think the difference is more noticeable when a person lives somewhere else that is more vibrant and active with good paying jobs and properous economies.
Several years ago when my parents who lived there were faced with looking of having to go into a nursing home I made the choice to move back up there for a few years to take care of them so that they could stay at home with one another in the remaining years that they had left. The old folks are great, but unfortunately a lot of them are forgotten about, and they have such a sense of humor, stories, and wisdom to pass on to us. So, Bob you are to be commended for bringing joy into their lives, and I'm sure it's a joy to you too.

I appreciate your responses to my gripes and I respect all your opinions. And, now I'll wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Padre Island: 20th Dec 2007 - 15:43 GMT

P.S. One thing I really do miss from being up there is the snow. Here it is Dec. 20th and it's 70 degrees down here. DARN!!

Justanotherjoe: 20th Dec 2007 - 15:55 GMT

It is easy to understand why someone who likes Hutchinson may visit this site and take time to comment. What I can't fathom is why anyone expressing some much dislike for the town would even bother a site visit; unless they are hiding latent desires to return! If their memories of the town were so distasteful, what would be the draw to the WEB to look for anything "Hutchinson"; simple justice, guilty morals, to much mental vacuum?

Freddy Lurkury: 20th Dec 2007 - 16:15 GMT

Hey "Justanotherjoe" - Didja ever think that maybe frustrated Hutch residents browse online trying to find explanations for their town's woes or to find resources on who to contact to try to start some change? Thats how I found this thread.

And as far as "hiding latent desires to return", WTF are you talking about? I think its clear that many of us here- myself included- currently live in Hutch. So, I'm not sure I get what your point is in saying that, unless its a failed attempt to insult those of us who don't think Hutch is as rosy and great as you happen to think it is. Come to think of it, your mention of "mental vacuum" and so on makes me think that indeed you are just being insulting.

To me, you're just another one of those people on here that can't, for the life of them, express anything beyond "Hutch is great, and if you don't agree, something must be wrong with you!". And that means you're part of the problem, not part of the solution.

I've been lurking on this thread for ages, BTW, and have finally felt compelled to comment based on your superficial comment.

Kimberly: 28th Dec 2007 - 14:57 GMT

This town SUCKS!! I have lived here 40 years,been in the bar ,in the drugs, in a couple good jobs,currently in one of the top paying postion and still have nothing to show for any of it becouse this town sucks. Not to mention the court house: Judge Chambers, who the hell voted him in anyway? And Why? He's got that smerk on his fat face, I wish I had a pic of him, you would see for yourself. He wins reno county worst judge award.And judge Joe Mccarvle, another joke.This town is stupid, with stupid people in control of our kids and THEIR system who do not have a clue or just plain don't care.The people in this town are heart-less!!!!I've yet to see an act of kindness from the heart.Well unless its to better themselves or someone they know.I truly hate this place and plan to get out soon.

Former Kansas Resident: 28th Dec 2007 - 16:13 GMT

I won't elaborate with a story, but I know from first hand experience that the judicial system in Hutchinson does have corruption. The focus is on making money and not administrating justice. It's basically a 'good ole boy's' club where the lawyers and prosecutors become the judges, so there's no new blood from the outside.

Kimberly: 28th Dec 2007 - 20:40 GMT

I am happy to hear other people know the truth,I only wish someone with some pull would walk in & do something about it.But this town seems to cover their tracks very well.But if only that one person knew what is going on and had the common sense to yank alot of people out from their positions. This town could turn itself around and be rid of alot of misery they put into people lives for little or no reason.But the rich & heartless live ontop of the best people,I will be leaving soon,but I will have to leave my best behind.I hate to,but have to.Only becouse of the system & their B.S.

Johnson: 28th Dec 2007 - 23:14 GMT

Kimberly Hutchinson has many problems as it always has. This is just one of the many. Judge Macke Dick is not much better than Chambers. I think that the only good judge has retired. If you look at the statistics Hutchinson shrinking.

Michelle: 29th Dec 2007 - 03:47 GMT

it's not as bad as it seems. there are FARRR worse towns to live in. and it seems that the pictures are only taken from a certain part of town. i'm sure that there are worse things to be looking at. seriously not that bad. yea, it gets boring, but could be way worse, seriously worse. it's not like people get murdered left and right.

Johnson: 29th Dec 2007 - 14:27 GMT

Michelle. Have you not been watching the news? There was just a killing last week. (a shooting) also have you not looked at the police log., You must have your head in the sand... Typical.

Evinrude: 29th Dec 2007 - 19:00 GMT

Hutchinson is truly a trash heap. However Kansas as a whole really sucks. People are are ass backward. Whatever the rest of the country is doing, Kansans do the opposite. This state as a whole is shrinking. Look at ever single state surrounding Kansas. Oklahoma, Growing. Nebraska, Growing, Colorado, Growing. Missouri, Growing. If you want proof, just take drive to KC and compare KC, KS and KC MO. The evidence in over whelming. Kansas has terrible taxes and government.

shirley willis: 30th Dec 2007 - 04:11 GMT

dec.29th, 2007

I am glad to hear how dreadful kansas is. I hope no one moves here. The skies are clear and the air smells good, and it is quiet. I live here and like it, and would discourage anyone else from ever moving to kansas.

Carrie: 31st Dec 2007 - 03:53 GMT

My Grandparents, Mom, Uncle and cousins all grew up in Hutch and loved it. I loved visiting. I live in Dallas, TX now. It is crazy, also. I enjoy going back to the slow pace of Hutchinson. A lot of you seem very young...get out and see what's out there. You just might go back to your hometown someday! :)

Evinrude: 31st Dec 2007 - 16:33 GMT

Isn't is great having a city employee driving a city truck drunk and on painkillers.

Kimberly: 31st Dec 2007 - 17:31 GMT

But he says "the accident would of happen even if he weren't on anything".Oh Yea, he shouldn't of mix the two (as if it's the first time). I like the way they printed his Innocence. Why ? Becouse Hutchinson News is just as corrupt as the rest of the town.

Kimberly: 31st Dec 2007 - 17:52 GMT

The sky maybe clear but I recall gas in air, burning, killing people, do you think its all gone? The great city helps everyone forget.

Re to Carrie: 1st Jan 2008 - 09:34 GMT

But of course your Grandparents,Mom,Uncles,Cousins all loved Hutch. Hutch used to be a great place to live many years ago. Thats no longer the case.

re carrie : 1st Jan 2008 - 14:14 GMT

ask them if they still love it, and your'e just a visitor

YESiam: 1st Jan 2008 - 19:57 GMT

"Isn't is great having a city employee driving a city truck drunk and on painkillers." No offense, but actually the city employee you're referring to is a county employee. Let's not get the city and county mixed up.

I found this thread and read through most of it. I personally like living in Hutchinson. I didn't grow up here, but was raised in a college town in the South. I wouldn't raise my kids anywhere else. OK... so Hutchinson isn't growing as fast as some folks would like, but I'd rather live here then face the hectic pace of Wichita or Kansas City. I personally make a habit of going to the Cosmosphere at least once a year and enjoy it everytime I go. I also enjoy not having to go to Wichita everytime I shop or want to eat out with my family.

For those that hate Hutchinson so much, why are you still here? Also, it seems as if those that are doing the most complaining are ones still living at home with Ma and Pa. Wait until you get a little older and then you will appreciate what Hutchinson offers.

Johnson: 2nd Jan 2008 - 02:22 GMT

RE: YESiam First off, who cares about you or your children! Second, I do not live with my parents. Nor do I live in Hutchinson. You are very typical of the attitude in Hutchinson. You must be employed by the state or something. That or you don't work. You have missed the entire point that we as a whole a trying to bring to light.

Hutchinson is made out to be a great place to live, when it is not.

Johnson: 2nd Jan 2008 - 02:25 GMT

Also you point about being older to appreciate what Hutchinson has to offer. YOU HIT IT RIGHT ON!! Hutchinson is a RETIREMENT COMMUNITY!!! A great place to drive slow, bitch about everything and eventually die!

Carrie : 2nd Jan 2008 - 04:02 GMT

Just curious...why are so many of you complaining and not doing anything to change your situation? I posted something to that effect the other day, but for some reason, it's been deleted. For change to happen, you've got to look in the mirror!

Re to Carrie: 2nd Jan 2008 - 08:21 GMT

What can you do when the rich families control this town ? How does your average citizen fight the money and power and control in this town, and get these crooks that stick together like super glue out of power?

Re to Carrie:: 2nd Jan 2008 - 18:52 GMT

That's right, you have some wealthy families with big buisnesses up there that have
kept companies from coming to town for years, so they wouldn't have competition and keep wages low. The city and chamber have been corrupt for years.

Hutch lovers: 3rd Jan 2008 - 03:39 GMT

Its a big circle when you think about it, when you look all the way around the town there's no one to turn too, they are all connected. You will never be able to get those that are corrupt out. They have always protected each others ass. When one of them is in trouble there's 3 or more behind picking up the peices. They do a really good job keeping the "Hutch folks" blind to their wickedness. As I have seen above. And thats why "the corrupt" get to stay and continue to cover up the B.S as they have for years. 40 years that I have lived in this hole. 25 years ON MY OWN, working, earning my own way to make a living, and have seen the stupid crap go on every since I can remember. You are missing the point,its not the grounds, its those with that typical Hutch attitude that walk on it! So keep your blinders on. It's your town.

YESiam: 3rd Jan 2008 - 04:58 GMT

To Johnson, yes... I am a government employee. Does that mean that I'm blind to some of the idiots that run this town... no, I am not. Am I rich or do I live on the north side of town... no, but I do appreciate what this town has to offer. I have lived here for over 20 years and there aren't many places that would think of living or, as I said before, raise my kids. Also, what kind of person would say that you don't care about my kids? That's the problem we have in society today... everyone seems to only care about themselves and let's screw the young people.

Johnson: 3rd Jan 2008 - 14:32 GMT

YESiam.. Just as I suspected. You work for the city, my hard earned (OVERPRICED) tax dollars fund your life. That is why you love it in Hutchinson so much. That is very typical of Hutchinsonians such as yourself, WORK FOR THE CITY OR COUNTY and have lots of kids... It is a sad state of affairs when the largest employer in this sewer is the city and the state. If you don't believe me then look at the WELFARE AND SOCIAL ASSISTANCE roles and people like you that work for the city! Nearly everyone in this town is or has been on social assistance.
This town is a broke dick town with no chances for employment so every runs to get a job with the city, county or state. This just raises taxes and makes people move out.

Yes, I truly do not care about your children, why should I? I did not ask you to have children. In fact I wish that you did not have children. This town is already full of people who cannot even afford the pay for the children they had. I think we need to have a new rule, you cannot have children until you have proof that you can pay for them.

Also, I have seen it over and over again, everyone has children, gets on social assistance. Then when those children grown up in a town like Hutchinson they think it is just fine to live off the government one way or the other. Thus raising taxes more and more on the people that choose to work.

Tex: 3rd Jan 2008 - 21:54 GMT

Here's an interesting statistic per

Median Household Income for 2005

Hutch residents: 33,300
Kansas residents: 42,920
Hutch govt. employees: 53,604 !!!

Johnson: 4th Jan 2008 - 02:46 GMT

That is very interesting, the City Employees make 20,000 more per year on average than the tax paying public!

Johnson: 4th Jan 2008 - 02:51 GMT

Also YesIAM I need to retract something I said. I and glad that you had your children, Also I wish you are them the best. But please don't force them on everyone and think they should care or have some feelings for them. I hope they grow up to be productive PRIVATE SECTOR EMPLOYED adults who do not live on tax payers!

Emily: 4th Jan 2008 - 19:49 GMT

I love hutchinson, it's a great place to raise a family and the pictures that they took are not the typical houses...yes there are some crummy places, but what towns don't have them? You can't judge a town by 5 pictures. Though if you 18-29 there aren't tons of place to go, but for a family we have water parks, a cute zoo, nice play parks throughout the town and most people walk around with a smile!!! em

Carrie : 5th Jan 2008 - 18:36 GMT

Ok everyone, I see you points, but let me tell you...corruption and political favors are EVERYWHERE, and in every city in America! Of COURSE, if you're in a position to keep a competitor out of your town, you're going to keep them out! It's just that in a small town, it's going to be much more transparent than a bigger city. Sorry to be a downer, but pick your poison! Keep in mind that you've also got more power to change other things that matter in a small town like Hutch than you do in say, Chicago, Dallas, or New York. Change the things you can...if you can't - pack up and get out, but quit complaining!

Former Hutchinsonite: 5th Jan 2008 - 18:59 GMT

I packed up and left years ago, moved to Dallas, job pays about twice as much as what I could earn in Hutchinson, no state income tax, no taxes on your vehicles, just pay for the tag which is about $60. Cost of living is lower, a lot more things to see and
do, especially beautiful women, (you ought to see the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in person!!) Of course the city has some criminals, but I haven't personally seen any
violent acts or been a victim of a crime, I think if you behave yourself and not get involved in things you shouldn't be doing, you can probably live your entire life without being a victim of crime. Of, course you need to live in a city that doesn't have the poverty and drugs that Hutchinson has, which helps breed crime. But, I couldn't be happier and life is good!!! You'll should move down here!!

Just me: 7th Jan 2008 - 00:30 GMT

After reading every single one of these posts, I have formed my own opinion about the majority of the people expressing their views here. My gosh,their are some extremely intelligent people here in Hutch,you can tell by their comments,grammer,choice of words,etc. Seriously,I'm not saying this to be a smart ass. I honestly mean this. I wish some of these good people could somehow get things right in this town.

Hunter: 7th Jan 2008 - 00:35 GMT

I grew up in Hutchinson (HHS Class of '50), but have lived in California most of the time since. I visit friends there from time to time, and am fairly familiar with contemporary Hutchinson.

The photos are interesting. The first is certainly the gate at the fairgrounds. The second is presented as being "directly across the highway", but there is no highway next to the fairgrounds Most of the rest could be almost anywhere, perhaps even as represented, but number 6 I'm reasonably certain is not even in Hutchinson. It's a small place, and that photo is of a building(s) that I would remember. I think the photos are faked. If the author wants to be taken seriously he should identify locations by address.

Small towns are almost always bad places to live if you must work for a living and do not own a business. People in that situation should recognize that they must move to a metropolitan area where there are high-paying jobs if they expect to make more than a bare subsistence living.

The more outspoken of the town's critics are clearly the sort of ill-educated people that would have a tough time in any competitive environment. That is probably why they have elected to remain in Hutchinson and whine rather than move and succeed

Re: Hunter: 7th Jan 2008 - 14:46 GMT

The photos are not faked, except for the first one, they are all of the old St. Elizabeth hospital over on north Monroe street. The sixth photo is from a side
street looking towards the intersection of Monroe Street. The description the photographer use of "directly across the highway" may not appear to be correct since the building is along a street, not a highway. If you look about halfway down this thread, you will see some other pictures that someone posted of the same building as it was years ago. And, I believe you are correct about your comments of
if you expect to make more than a bare subsistence, you're going to have to move to a metropolitan area and have a good education.

Alfred: 8th Jan 2008 - 07:05 GMT

I live in Hutchinson, and I knew this article was pure propaganda right when I saw the photos. The first photo is of an entrance gate to the State Fairgrounds, which the author describes as "closed-off". What he doesn't tell you is that the two gates shown in the photo are closed off because they aren't usually used to enter the fairgrounds. If you look at the left-hand side of the photo, you will see that there is an open space where there isn't a chain blocking the entrance. That is the entrance people use to enter the fairgrounds when the actual fair is not taking place. If he would have moved his camera ten feet to the left, you would have seen a very different view. The other six photos shown are all of the same place, an old hospital that was closed in the 1970s when a newer, larger hospital was built in Hutchinson. That old hospital is in a very residential area, miles from any highway, and is not in any way "typical" of what the city looks like. It's probably the most creepy-looking building in the entire city. The fact that the author chose to highlight these two places in the city tells me he is full of it. If you were coming into Hutchinson from the highway, you would never get to these two locations without a lot of searching and driving the side streets in Hutchinson. So the photos are just propaganda and don't read anything into them.

I read through all the comments. I never thought I would see so much negativity about Hutchinson in one place. I don't agree with all the negativity, but I will agree with people who said Hutchinson lacks a lot of good-paying manufacturing jobs. This is a list of the top ten largest employers in Reno County, Kansas, taken from the Hutchinson Chamber of Commerce website (

Hutchinson Hospital 1,536
Dillons Companies 1,098
Hutchinson Public Schools 939
Hutchinson Clinic 610
Tyson Prepared Foods 536
Hutchinson Correctional Facility 508
Reno County 420
Wal-Mart SuperCenter 420
City of Hutchinson 398
Hutchinson Community College 340

Of these top ten, only two are manufacturing-related, Tyson and Dillons. It's also deceptive because the Dillons number includes those who work at the Dillons warehouse and as well as all those who work at the Dillons retail stores. So you really only have 1.5 of the top ten in manufacturing. That's bad because these service sector jobs don't pay as well as manufacturing jobs. Everyone knows manufacturing is in decline all over the U.S., so I don't know if it's the same or worse in other places.

There is a small white-collar professional class in this city that makes it livable. Almost everything this city has that makes it livable, like the Cosmosphere, Dillon Nature Center, Hutchinson Public Library, Radio Kansas, Hutchinson Art Center, the NJCAA tournament, Dillon Lecture Series, Fox Theatre, the Salt Museum, and Hutchinson Zoo, to name a few, was either created or is largely maintained by the professional class in this city.

Hey, that's 10 things right!

Evinrude: 8th Jan 2008 - 12:28 GMT

Alfred. Again you stated over again what has been brought up before. If you have looked through the site you will see that old bastards like yourself enjoy the same things, the comsmosphere, NJCAA, The the Dillon Lecture series the Fox Theatre and RADIO KANSAS?!?!?!? I bet you like setting at Mcdonalds and drinking coffee too.

The salt museum??? What a joke. You must like paying high taxes, great places like that are what makes this town.... No offerings for growth and HIGH TAXES! I think we need to add a few more low income housing projects in Hutchinson. Maybe we should just setup a office where you can go to get handouts from the city, so people can start more things that suck off the tax payers.

This still does not improve it in the eyes of anyone young. When I say young also I am not speaking of teenagers. I am talking of 20 to 30 something adults who currently set around at local bars and waste their lives away instead of building a life. Then they get old and the cycle starts again!

Alfred: 8th Jan 2008 - 17:42 GMT

"Old bastards" - I'm 26. Maybe young people in this city should learn to take enjoyment from simple things like taking a stroll at Dillon Nature Center or listening to non-commericial, uninterupted classical music on Radio Kansas. What do you want, 50 Cent to come and perform?

I don't mind paying high taxes because I believe in civil society. I think the salt museum should be taxpayer supported because it's a unique attraction that only Hutchinson has. Typical Hutchinson negativity to fail to see what that attraction could be if it was funded adequately or marketed properly. Currently, lack of funding limits it. You want to know something? Letting the free market dictate businesses/attractions in Hutchinson is why this city has changed for the worse over the last few decades. Most of the things of value in this city are either non-profit based and operate from donations, or they are government supported and operate from tax dollars. If you let the free-market dictate what Hutchinson looked like, it would be worse than it is now.

As for low-income housing, I said there's a lack of good jobs in Hutchinson and when that is the case, people are going to struggle. I happen to believe in supporting them rather than kicking them into the gutter. I doubt Hutchinson's taxes are that high compared to other cities/states anyway, especially states in the northeast and upper midwest. It's all about perspective.

All that said, honestly the best thing about Hutchinson is that it is a 45 minute drive from Wichita.

Alfred: 8th Jan 2008 - 18:03 GMT

By the way, if you want something to do, just read the Preview page in the Hutchinson News on Fridays. There are always a lot of events going on.

Evinrude: 8th Jan 2008 - 21:15 GMT

Alfred, people like you are the problem with this country. A socially ran country fails, do the research. Why don't you just join the communist party! Free market is what has built this country. If you don't like it get out. Taxes as far as income taxes are very high in this state, because we have so many idiots that think like you.

Do you even work? You are sounding more and more like a typical Hutchinsonite as you talk. Wanting to government to support everyone.

I am 24, I don't listen to classical music, I don't care about salt. I HATE live theater and don't want to be lectured by some old man or women about their life.

I want the following:

1. A good paying job in a career field that I choose.
2. Law taxes so that I may save more money.
3. A NON-SOCIALISTIC COUNTRY where I have control of my life and are not supporting every deadbeat on the street.
4. Women to meet that are not meth heads, no money having, crazy, drunks or ultra fat. (like the majority of women in the city of Hutchinson)

Perhaps you need to get out of Hutchinson, like I have and see the better things and places in life. If you want to lead a boring life where you have no opportunity then stay in Hutchinson.

P.S. I want a civil society also, I think however you don't understand the definition of Civil. I think you meant SOCIAL society.

jeeff: 8th Jan 2008 - 23:00 GMT

what?! income taxes in the US are high compared to which OECD countries as of 2007/2008? give me a break, the US has lower personal income tax and fewer govt services in general as compared to other OECD countries.

SF: 8th Jan 2008 - 23:33 GMT

Hate to change the subject on the negativity of least is in the US!!

I was born in Hutchinson KS at the hospital that used to go by the name Grace Hospital, it was 1964. I am searching my birth parents - my birth mother was full Japanese and her name was Mitsuko Nakajima, although I do not know if she would have used this name. The name on my birth certificate as father is Charles Harold Trotter - it is said he worked for an oil company. Does these people or names ring a bell for anyone out there???

Thanks for any input!!

Just me: 9th Jan 2008 - 01:00 GMT

He is not called Evinrude for nothing!!!! He does make some excellent points. He is one of the extremely intelligent ones that could make a difference in this town, I believe. We need young, intelligent people to try and make changes if this town is to be saved.

Evinrude: 9th Jan 2008 - 16:15 GMT

Jeeff, Income taxes are Higher in this state than many others. Infact, some states don't even have income tax. Please notice I said "STATE" when refer to income taxes. I was comparing Kansas to other states. Kansas as a whole is not a good place to build any type of business or life. As a whole Hutchinson seems to be the worst of the worst.

Kansas Taxes everything to the hilt. Why you ask? Simple, there is very little population in this state. Of this population very few pay taxes! This is because they are on some type of social assistance or already work for a state or municipal organization.

I challenge you. Sit down for 10 minutes and think. How many people do you know that work for the government? If you can't think of anyone than go set on main street in this fair town and look at all the city trucks, police cars, fire trucks, social workers, animal control, sewer workers, contractors, street workers, theaters and SALT MUSEUMS..... There are so many that I don't even have to time to type the entire list. This list goes on and on of state supported people and organizations that are funding solely by the tax payers.

In contrast, The list of "evil" for profit businesses in this town are shrinking. This is because of the mindset of idiots like Alfred. They are leaving and going to other cities with a better chance for commerce.

Just me: Thank You for your compliment. It is comforting to think there are a few people that have good sense.

Topic for discussion: 16th Jan 2008 - 18:45 GMT

This appeared in the Hutch News on 1/16/08. A routine traffic stop resulting in these charges:

"The officer then arrested him on suspicion of having a stolen Kansas license decal, possessing drug paraphernalia, obstruction, theft, not having liability insurance, driving with a suspended license and having an expired license plate, according to reports."

I wonder how many people are driving around Hutchinson right now, and if stopped
for some reason, would have the same charges as this guy had. I think it would be a lot more than what you could imagine.

The Grimm Girl: 17th Jan 2008 - 06:49 GMT

Our new motto should be "Come share our empty space" because there sure is a lot of it. Empty spaces downtown, empty spaces at the mall, empty spaces at the salt museum, empty spaces at the space museum, empty spaces in my head due to living here all my life.

Evinrude: 17th Jan 2008 - 17:19 GMT

Re: Topic for discussion. I have to agree. Drug use is very rampant in this fair town. I personally know some cops and he has stated that when he is assigned to patrol the Hutchinson area (he is a state trooper) he always can count on atleast one drug bust or several DUI. He says that people around here don't think they have to follow the rules.

Adding the extra law income in this town, You can see why these people don't renew tags, pay taxes or keep insurance.

When driving in Hutchinson you should be extra careful. There is a very good chance that the person driving is drunk, tweaking on meth or just has no insurance or a combo of all.

MJ: 19th Jan 2008 - 04:20 GMT

Wow. I mean really, wow. This topic has gone on for a long time. I have lived in Hutch for a good portion of my life. This is where most of my family (including my husband) were born and raised. None of us are trailer trash. I have a decent job and make ends meet quite well, actually. I know there are a lot of low income, fat, lazy slobs around here. It's sickening to walk through Wal-Mart and see these leeches with their 6 kids in tow. The fact of the matter is, some of those "fossils" are my family. I guess I'm not too worried about the night life since I'm usually at home with my husband our visiting friends or family. I know that almost no one is happy here. Everyone says this place sucks and they want to get out. I think that's a big part of the problem. Either way, as long as my family is here, I'll be here. If you don't like it, leave.

Evinrude: 19th Jan 2008 - 23:33 GMT

I have already left town, You did not have to convince me. This town is a joke.

an observer: 20th Jan 2008 - 00:23 GMT

Then you must be equally bored in your "new town" or you wouldn't be posting on this discussion board so often,Evinrude.

Just me: 20th Jan 2008 - 00:29 GMT

Dont pick on Evinrude. He has brought up some very truthful facts about Hutch. He has a right to say whats on his mind,and if he has lived here before,he knows what he is talking about.

texan lover: 20th Jan 2008 - 01:58 GMT

my dad has moved me from texas to hutchinson,kansas and yes kansas hate it. My school in texas was a very nice school. I am in the sixth grade and my sixth grade was not very bad well there were only about 2 fights in the whole year. but in hutch there were just 4 fights at recess last Friday .there are also kids that got suspended for a couple of days for drinking alcohol in school! I think that hutch is a very poor and crapy place to live and yea i really think that the drug problem is bad considering that there are KIDS in my grade drinking alchohol.and yea there might be drugs in other places but in hutch its really bad! so all of ya'll that think its a good place to live well its CRAPY!i am now living there and it is so SMALL. and want to move home if you were in my shoes how would you convice your Dad...Help me I really want out of here!!:(

zack : kansas is fun to play tag in the wheat fields

Fred, The.: 20th Jan 2008 - 19:05 GMT

Good morning,

I can see that there are some misconceptions out there about this ridiculous mess of a town.. I've created a video response for you maniacs so that you can better understand the real situation.

The law enforcement officers, they're not as bad as some have
said that they are. They will put your dumb * down if you're a up and work with ou if you're not a complete **up. It is the very same in the Municipal Court here. The Judges are fair and will work with you if you take things seriously and they can see that you mean to make things right - Anyone who complains about the local LEOs or the Municipal Court is probably one of the scums they've taken off of the streets.

In short, the video says that in order to make gainful employment or run a business here you've got to bring your good old boy card. Incompetent maniacs are business owners here because old blood takes care of old blood. You're not borne of the right blood, not born into the right family, forget making it here.

Hutchinson is not as dangerous as you all think - the LEOs do their job, they do their job well. Someone has to control you stoners, able bodied welfare cases, druggies and college kids. Also, Hutchinson does have a couple of billionaires and many many millionaires- you normal people do not see them or know which ones they are because when they come to the downtown area they're driving automobiles just like yours.

PS: I did not make these videos for the h* of it over here- these are made in order to give hope to those of you who are competent businessmen who cannot make it here and you're wondering why, these are made for the working man who is supporting a state which does nothing but STEAL and EXTORT and TAKE, for the hard working LEOs who catch alot of they shouldn't, and for the workers down there at TECH (?sp?) who seem to care MORE than ANYONE about BEING SOMETHING without SIMPLY COMPLAINING WHILE SITTING ON THEIR BUTTS even though normal people GIVE THEM ** FOR NO REASON.


Fred, The.: 20th Jan 2008 - 19:16 GMT

Mr. Texan..

I also look forward to being in Texas. I did attend a grade school here in Hutch years ago but I had to quit when I was only twelve years old. I was surrounded by illiterates and pretty much finished high school befor I was 13.. I'm not uneducated, mind you, I just did not got to school.

Texas has alot of great towns where you can live more of an old style American way. Big V-8 automobiles, beautiful Angels, Big Juicy Steaks, Guns, Good Business, Good Card Games.. don't get me wrong, in Texas, business it is CUTTHROAT but at least one has a CHANCE and I LOVE competition...

Good luck on making it back home- maybe I'll see you down there.


Kinda sorta like this city,sometimes: 20th Jan 2008 - 22:10 GMT

Hey,30th a cool place to be on weekend nights for bored teens.Good clean fun,Hastings is cool to hang out at,the new health and fitness club is also cool.

Chris: 21st Jan 2008 - 02:17 GMT

I just happened over this page while looking for something via Google, but I couldn't just let this go- I grew up in Hutch, but no longer living there. I moved to the West Coast several years ago. However, I just wanted to point out that you can make anything seem as dreary as you wish; it all depends on your perspective. There is a lot of hidden potential/power in that little town...

I'm not saying Hutch is a popular vacation destination by any means, but there are a lot of good people there. Good people with big hearts. There are also a lot of people that need help. As with any town, there is 'good' and 'bad' no matter where you go... keep that in mind, but I do have one gripe: I noticed several *current* residents complaining...talking never does anyone any good. So, why don't you fix the problems rather then let the town fall down, *forcing* people away in search of better jobs/opportunities?

Here is a start: Basic freedoms - Give people the *option* to buy alcohol on Sunday. After all, anyone who lives/lived there knows to stock up on Saturday; it's a 'wash'. Personally I don't drink, but I do believe it should be a personal choice rather than a local government decision!

As for the legalization of gambling, (I read - this is a big topic), how can you play bingo at the Catholic Church on Wednesday night, hit the bingo hall any day of the week, or buy a lottery ticket at any gas station, then vote NO to add casinos to the area to help fund schools??? What's the damn difference? There isn't a difference. Gambling is gambling- it should be all or nothing. I do applaud people who stand up for what they believe in, but not hypocrites.

Another idea: This would be a great time to get in on the "Home Grown" power movement. Kansas could 'bank' on land used for growing corn and solar/wind energy. Germany has a similar climate, so if you think it's too cold in KS to do that, think again! Besides, don't people in the MidWest live to see the MidEast go down? (Sorry, a sterotype got thrown in there), but think how you could 'stick it' to them by getting the US away from foreign oil? Think of what that could do!!!!

Those are just a few suggestions. Make Hutchinson more inviting. Not with "beautification projects", people need more than "fluff". Once changes are made people will come, then jobs will come, etc., etc., etc.

Get moving folks, you've got some big challenges/opportunities to tackle.

james: 21st Jan 2008 - 04:36 GMT

hutch has alot to offer like looking at the new sexy stop lights on main street. Huthinson is full of baby boomers who are living off thier parents hard work and think they are succesful. Hutch is full of big fat women wearing jami pants no bra 7kids by 7 diffrent dads they love wallmart

He He: 21st Jan 2008 - 08:05 GMT

James baby,you are right on and honest. I have to submit to a UA in order to get a job,shouldnt the welfare people have to submit to a UA before collecting a welfare check? I have to submit to prove I'm not on drugs,shouldn't welfare recipients take a pee test also to prove they are not on drugs? And also get spayed and nutered so no more kids can be born to these fat,lazy wall mart lovin folks? I'm not talking about the good people who really need public assistance, I'm talking about women who keep having babies to collect more assistance,and their husbands who use drugs. People who are both physically able and mentally able to go to work. I do not mind my tax money helping people who can not physically or mentally work. And you are so right about baby boomers thinking they are succesful, I am a boomer myself and went to school with a bunch of "livin off daddys money" boomers, who wouldnt be jack crap if it wasn't for daddy. Oh how painful the truth can be.

james: 21st Jan 2008 - 17:54 GMT

Hutch does have manufacturing jobs its called meth

Evinrude: 21st Jan 2008 - 18:33 GMT

Re: an observer. Yeah I must be the one that is bored. You know it takes some intelligence to create a posting that brings up facts. You however did not do this. So you must be one of the thousands of Hutchinsonites that have nothing better to do than comment about other people's statements.

So go collect your welfare check and gain some more weight on your ass.

Evinrude: 21st Jan 2008 - 18:55 GMT

The fred: You have an IQ of 160 huh? hmmm Don't see that. Also What kinda of business where you in.. And what makes you such a business man? What large enterprise have you had?

re: texan lover: 21st Jan 2008 - 21:11 GMT

Well,son if you want to try to convince your dad to move back to Texas, you first need to determine why he moved to hutch to begin with. Does he have family here?, or did his job bring him here. If it is job related, then you might check out to see if you can find him a job somewhere in Texas where you'all like to live. Good luck!

Fred, The.: 21st Jan 2008 - 21:22 GMT

I'll agree that there are still alot of good people here with good hearts beating in them and it is a shame that they're not more visible.. There sure are alot of able bodied welfare junkies, and, yes, I'd say that I absolutely agree that they should be made to submit to drug testing in order to benefit from these ridiculous country killing entitlements- not that it matters any more as we watch our worthless currency being exposed worldwide for what it is, but, it still make me sick down inside of my belly to see the government taking WHAT LITTLE THE WORKING MAN HAS LEFT just to turn around and give it to scums.

Mr. Evinrude, I sure use to have a high I.Q., maybe I've lost a few points because of all of the darned drinking I've done, yea? And Lord KNOWS I've done some stupid things I cannot even believe that I did. We're all a human being. If you think that my grammar or spelling is off: Please remember that I speak and write in Fred Talk which I make all of the rules for, and so, I cannot ever make a mistake.. see.

It probably IS difficult to see any intelligence in me when this forum/message board software took the "e" off when I wrote "before". When the software also cut out random words making a couple of my sentences look like broken English. Etc.

What kind of business "whas" in in, you ask, that's my business.. no offense, there, but I'm not as open as I use to be about such things.

HutchGrrl: 24th Jan 2008 - 16:05 GMT

I'm from Hutchinson and I can spell! I graduated from HHS in 2001. I don't know anyone from my graduating class who chose to stay in town. Hutchinson is adorable. Many people are scared to drive in Wichita because of the traffic. The cosmosphere is awesome and so is the Salt Museum (or so I've heard), as are Carey Park and Dillon Nature Center. The problem is, most Hutch residents will go to the cosmosphere once a year, tops. What are we suppposed to do the rest of the time? Yes, there is a creepy vibe in Hutch. Perhaps it will again exlpode with gas geysers? I remember when "Mister Bo Jangles'" trailer blew up last time Hutch released its burning flatulence. Hutchinsonians will know what I'm talking about. Wichita is creepier; it has produced more than its fair share of serial killers. Yes, Hutch is boring. When I was in high school our idea of fun was going to Wal-Mart, or renting 49 cent movies at Dillons. Good times. Hutch sucks. Hope ya'll make it out before you die.

Get it together Hutchinson people!: 26th Jan 2008 - 00:38 GMT

People of Hutch need to take pride in their community by painting their houses, picking up trash in and around their yards and wearing clean clothes!

Evinrude: 27th Jan 2008 - 16:06 GMT

LOL get it together. Actually why would you care to do that stuff. That is what some people would call "polishing a turd"

Richard: Great place to live.

Korky the plunger: 3rd Feb 2008 - 18:33 GMT

I hate Hutchinson. Interesting to find this site. I was not aware that there are this many people that hate Hutchinson. I just cameback from the Marines. I went out the the bar (mcgraws) it really sucks in my opinion.

Achiever: 3rd Feb 2008 - 22:58 GMT

I like living in Hutchinson; however, it has shrunk. When my family moved here in 1980 there were more than 50,000 residents in the city, not the whole county. Because of our wonderful city government, who's philosophy has been passed from year to year to year, many of our large businesses left because of lack of support. By support I mean, they would not expand because of lack of cooperation from the city for tax deferrment, etc. Farmarco and Cessna had HUGE factories here - not now. One of the largest employers in town is a medical facility. Does that tell you anything? If you watch our local information channel our total county population is less than 45,000 people now, and it has been that way for more than 10 years. Our town is boring, we do have some good things going on, but I think the negative stigma that is here comes from the fact that our City and County comissioners are NOT in touch with what the people need; in fact, in The Hutch News on December 5, 2007, our mayor said our city should not be involved in funding any kind of social programs like Boys and Girls Club, The Children's Emergency Fund, Sexual Assualt and Domestic Violence Center, and several others. To me, that is way out of touch with what is needed here, and I think that is what turns so many people off to our town. If, however, there were a different government paradigm (mindset/thinking), I believe people would flock here because it is a good place to live. Heart of the country, not too hot, not too cold, not too much rain, not too much snow, not too windy, not stinky like NYC or LA (other big cities), not too much crime and racially deversified. I have traveled through 49 states and 7 provinces of Canada, parts of Mexico and the Caribbean, this really is a nice place (like others).

Tex: 4th Feb 2008 - 18:27 GMT

I see today in the Hutch paper that the city manager is going to get a raise to where his base salary is $ 121,517.00 !!!! You a'll up there need to vote in a law that city and county employees get paid the same as the average taxpaying Hutchinsonite, which is about $33,300. Maybe then your city leaders will have an incentive to bring industry into town and get wages up!

red: ...lousy place to live...

james: 6th Feb 2008 - 18:08 GMT

Tex that will never happen. Hutchinsons city leaders are all babyboomers living off daddys hard work. Boomers have contributed nothing for this city.

me again: 7th Feb 2008 - 05:29 GMT

Is it taking an extremely long time to remove these tree branches,or am I just being impatient? I swear,Greensburg got cleaned up faster.

ME: 8th Feb 2008 - 05:08 GMT

Hey to all of you who are saying Hutch is such a boring town...what makes you think that where you are living now is so much better? I mean after all, if you are all living in such "cool" places...then why are you wasting your time writing articles on the internet? It just goes to show that it's not the town that's boring it's the people!

ME: 8th Feb 2008 - 05:23 GMT

to me gain: I agree it is taking an awfully long time to clean up...but I'm sure they will all be gone before State Fair time!!

Tex Re: ME: 8th Feb 2008 - 14:31 GMT

That's pretty sad, the only way you can defend your town is to insult the people making the true statements, you must work for the city. We're not saying the town is boring, we're saying it SUCKS!!

Evinrude: 9th Feb 2008 - 01:10 GMT

Re: Tex. THANK YOU. that is the most standard response that you get.

anon ( 9th Feb 2008 - 05:39 GMT

i lived in hick town near hutch 40 yrs ago and have lived in many exotic places since. people are generally the same thru out world. its what u make of it.i am perfectly happy in the most remote areas of baja mex. yet always busy because of my interests,ham radio, books, walking, offroad m/c, etc...i was unhappy in ks because of bad social and family environment as a kid, but when i got on my own i made my happiness whereever i lived.all of the world is a "Peyton Place"dont let it dictate your life.wally

zippitydoda: 9th Feb 2008 - 09:44 GMT

It's not so much the town you live in,it's your attitude towards it. One mans trash is another mans treasure so to speak. I have however,found many of these posts to be true,no matter how painful the truth might be. I have both agreed and disagreed to these comments left here. I personally do not find Hutch all that boring,but that's just my own personal opinion. Sounds like some pretty interesting events are in the making.

squid_town: 9th Feb 2008 - 20:00 GMT

Hello.Visited hutchinson twice,clean ciy compared to gloversville ny.have been offered three decent jobs.Will move there as soon as i dig up the money out of this shit hole in ny.

Hunter: 10th Feb 2008 - 20:03 GMT

After a month or so of reading the comments in this column (thread?) i am wondering what it is that the critics think is missing in Hutchinson. It can't be movies-Hutchinson has several: it can't be TV-that's universally available: it can't be a library: Hutchinson has the best library I've ever seen in a small town: It certainly isn't educational opportunities: the local community college is among the best of the genre: it probably isn't outdoor activities-amateur sports teams are continually recruiting participants and hunting/fishing opportunities abound.

Night life is probably a bit limited, but that has always been the case in small towns. Most small-town public bars usually are heavily populated by people who have trouble maintaining verticality and who have difficulty with the language. Actually, that might be an apt description of most of these critics, judging by their written comments.

I would be very interested to read some ideas of just what these critics think would be improvements in Hutchinson; specific ideas, mind you; not just generalized whining about how the town "sucks", whatever that might mean in english.

Also, as a further aid in judging what manner of people these critics are, it would be interesting to see a short list of small towns that do indeed qualify in their view as desirable places to live.

b girl: 11th Feb 2008 - 04:01 GMT

I think the main complaint is lack of good paying jobs.

Tex: 11th Feb 2008 - 14:52 GMT

Ok, lets start with the facts instead of people's 'opinions' about how great life is in Hutch.

Median Household Income for 2005

Hutch residents: 33,300
Kansas residents: 42,920
Hutch govt. employees: 53,604 !!!

Hutchinson compared to Kansas state average:

Median household income below state average.
Median house value significantly below state average.
House age above state average. (Which means people are to poor to build new housing)
Institutionalized population percentage significantly above state average.
Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher below state average

For population 25 years and over in Hutchinson

High school or higher: 82.3%
Bachelor's degree or higher: 17.2%
Graduate or professional degree: 5.8%

That means only 17.2% have a 4 yr college degree or better, leaving approx 83% having less than a 4 yr degree. In this day and age if you don't have a 4 yr degree, you're going to have a tough time making it anywhere, so either the education system isn't working in Hutchinson, or those getting educated are leaving town.

Tex Re: Hunter: 11th Feb 2008 - 15:04 GMT

I'ts all about good paying jobs, its not about 'movies', or 'tv shows' or what kind of library you have. You have a lot of people living in Hutch who don't give a damn about the fact that your city doesn't have the industry to provide good paying jobs to most of its workforce.

Tex : 11th Feb 2008 - 20:50 GMT

Oh, But despite all of the above, Hutch is a nice safe place to live........NOT!!

According to the 2003 FBI crime statistics.

Arson = 2.89 times the national average (why?, people are setting their homes and businesses on fire to collect insurance because the economy is so bad.)

Forcible Rape = 2.16 times the national average

Burglary = 1.57 times the national average

Larceny or theft = 1.50 times the national average

Aggravated assault = 1.10 times the national average

Based on the above areas of crime, on the average you would be safer living in most other cities in the nation, then you would be in Hutchinson, Ks.

So come on Hunter, lets hear some more of your insults about those that speak the truth, so that I can give you some more facts about the town that you don't know anything about!

Hunter: 12th Feb 2008 - 05:21 GMT

I'd like to make two points at this time. First, it seems that most of the dissatisfaction with Hutchinson revolves around the lack of "good", i.e. well-paid jobs. As I mentioned earlier, there are no well-paid jobs in small towns in rural areas. A prospective employer looking for a place to build a manufacturing facility, the kind of business with many highly paid jobs, will select a place that has a deep reservoir of skilled, educated and highly trained people. The place will probably be near a major metropolitan center with good and diversified transportation, and in these times many such enterprises will try to be near one or more first-class universities with their attendant research and development resources. Hutchinson simply doesn't qualify, nor do most such small towns in rural areas.

This was true when I graduated from Hutchinson High School in 1950, so I left for California. It's still true, and I suggest that some of you should face up to "reality" and take appropriate action.

My second point is addressed to Tex and concerns those crime incidence figures. Tex, you are attempting to compare apples and oranges. On the one hand you look at Hutchinson, a town of 35000 people with a particular set of crime figures, and you attempt to compare those figures with "average" (mean?) figures for the whole of the US. The proper comparison here is Hutchinson's occurrence frequencies vs. the average figures for the set of similar-sized towns in the US.

To get some idea of the problem here, imagine that someone is criticizing a vehicle because its acceleration from 0 to 60 is 13.2 seconds, it gets only 8 miles per gallon, and its tires cost $180 each, and the average for motor vehicles is 9.8 seconds, 17 mpg, and $95 per tire. This sounds pretty bad until you find that the subject vehicle is a 2-ton truck, which we should be comparing to other such trucks, not to all vehicles. Statistics is a fascinating and powerful tool when properly used, Tex, but always be careful of unsuspected pitfalls.

I'm going to be out of pocket for a week or so, but I will be interested in comments on these thoughts.

Tex Re: Hunter: 12th Feb 2008 - 15:25 GMT

My crime statistics come from the F.B.I., and I would say that they probably have well qualified statisticians who know how to report said facts fairly with the proper comparisons, so that 'apples' are not compared to 'oranges'. Unless you have a degree in statistics, what are your qualifications to question the F.B.I.'s methodology of reporting crime? And if you don't think they're doing it right, you should be able to come up with a specific example or two of where they've messed up in the past, which will have nothing to do with cars ,trucks and mpg, and the cost of tires. I know you tried to use that as an example, but sometimes examples distract from the facts, especially if the facts aren't what you want to see and you know you don't have a valid argument against them.
Most of the positive posters on this board look at Hutchinson through 'rose colored glasses' in that they only see and manufacture those things that give them happy feelings about their town, ignoring all the negatives, and awful truths, because they can't handle it. And, what's worse, they don't want to do anything about solving the problems. Why, you can't even get them to admit there are any problems!!, because they're in such a state of denial. It's like a lot of the people that were on board the Titanic, even when the water was lapping at their ankles, they wouldn't believe the ship would sink.

Tex Re: Hunter: 12th Feb 2008 - 15:55 GMT

Hunter, I also noticed you didn't comment on these statistics:

Hutchinson compared to Kansas state average:

Median household income below state average.
Median house value significantly below state average.
House age above state average. (Which means people are to poor to build new housing)
Institutionalized population percentage significantly above state average.
Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher below state average

Since these statistics only involve Kansas cities and not the entire U.S. Don't you find it interesting that Hutchinson ranks so poorly even among it's own rural sister cities in Kansas?

noname: 13th Feb 2008 - 13:35 GMT

Tex, you have brought up very good points. Hutchinson is a poor example of a city even when compared to other towns in Kansas. Hutchinson has been on a steady down fall for years. People in Hutchinson are to ignorant to see the truth. Or they simply refuse to open their eyes. I have noticed that must the positive posters on this site indicate they are teenagers, retired or are raising huge families. The majority of teenagers see life through distorted vision and can change their mind quickly, they also have not developed a good view of the world because they have very little experiance. Retired people are looking for a place to slow down and climb into the grave. People that are looking to raise huge families and live off government assistance do well in a town like this because the cost a living in a tad bit lower and government housing runs rampant.

Hutchinson also have terrible crime. It is literally infested by ex-cons freshly released from on of the 3 prisons in the sanctuary of trash. We all know that once you turn to crime, it is very hard or impossible to turn back.

Most irritation of all to me is the large amount of people that live off the government in one form or the other in Hutchinson. Either they are employed by the City, state or simply don't work and collect welfare.

Ken: 14th Feb 2008 - 00:12 GMT

This town sure looks pretty crappy.,
I'm just glad I live in the worlds most exciting cities Montreal, Quebec, Canada

noname: 14th Feb 2008 - 16:40 GMT

I was driving to WORK this morning and saw something that truly pissed me off. I left my house to see 1 million plus dollar crane picking up Tree limbs! Along with this crane were 2 bob cats, 2 dump trucks and 2 Ford F450 Diesel trucks. ALL TO PICK UP LIMBS! These assholes are being paid to set on their asses and operate expensive equipment, they should have been out picking up the limbs THEMSELVES! It is very aggravating to see a 2 guys setting in trucks burning fuel and reading the news paper knowing they are being paid to set on their fat asses and read the news paper! Then to see 2 more city employees setting on their asses in dump trucks.

It is down right sickening to see these guys setting around doing essentially nothing in million dollar equipment. This town is a poor community, it cannot afford to have assholes setting around doing nothing and collecting nice pay checks. I know plenty of people that work in the private sector, 4 times as hard for less pay.

What is truly upsetting is the fact this is just a small portion of the waste this city. It just keeps getting worse everyday. Yet we cannot attract any business and the town keeps shrinking. As "Tex" pointed out most city or county employed slobs in this town make twice the average pay of someone privately employed here.

What they should do is lay half these over paid, lazy employees and sell the equipment (at a loss I am sure) and use that money to attract new industries.

People are always bringing up the point that this city will not give any financial incentives to being new business into town. WHY WOULD THEY? The largest employer is the city and to support that they keep raising the taxes and spending more money. A large portion of this county is employed by the state, city or county. There are no large corporations in town any longer and that will not change. The ridiculous attempts by the Chamber of commerce will never help. The national economy is in a down slide and it is to late. Large companies have already decided where they are going to be located and very few of them plan on expansion.

On a different note, I am amazed to see how many people in this town simply do not work. Yet they can drive around all day and burn gas and get fatter. I wonder who is paying for this? I will elaborate more on this next time.

Tex: Re: noname: 14th Feb 2008 - 17:53 GMT

Good points, It also makes one wonder if friends and relatives of city and county officials are being hired for city positions. They shouldn't be, but I would bet you have to be a member of some 'good ole boys' club to get a city job, because of how well those positions pay. Same situation with the Cosomosphere and Salt Museum, anything that is tax payer funded, ought to be scrutinized as to whether there are any inappropriate hiring preferences done.

Cody Heitschmidt: 16th Feb 2008 - 20:24 GMT

Why if you hated something, anything, so much would you devote so much of your time to it, to degrading it, to bashing it. Why if you had such a void in your life from the holes that Hutchinson Ks put you in, why would you take such a huge amount of time rekindling it in this thread.

I like Hutch, just my thoughts.

But because it has a given me a good place to try and run a business, it has given me a good place to raise a great family, it has given me a place to buy a decent home that was in my budget, it has given my Children a good recreation system and plenty of opportunities to get involved in things, it has given my children a great opportunity for a free education, because of all those things and alot of others, I don't have anymore time to waste in here, I need to get back to taking advantage of all the opportunities Hutchinson Ks gave me.

Re: Cody: 17th Feb 2008 - 05:38 GMT

Sounds like you're pretty self centered. As long as everything is fine for you and your family and business, that's all that counts isn't it? What about all the underprivileged people in your town, who have to suffer for lack of jobs and a mis-managed city? Who carries their voice? Obviously not you. Go look in the mirror, you'll see one person who helped get Hutchinson to the state it's in today.

Tex: 17th Feb 2008 - 06:31 GMT

Remember to your dying day, one of the most precious rights we have is Freedom Of Speech, which is guaranteed to each of us under the Constitution of the United States. Excercising this freedom helps to invoke thought, discussion and eventual change. Never, never, never, let anyone intimidate you to keep quiet, just because they don't want to hear what you have to say. Our founding fathers and many others fought and died for these rights, and we do them a disservice if we keep our mouths shut and not point out inequalites and injustices done against our fellow man.

Re: to all: 17th Feb 2008 - 06:54 GMT

This post amazes me. No one seems to want to hear any good about Hutch. There are good things about Hutch,but I don't dare tell about them on this post,or I will be made to feel like an alien or something. So I will keep my little happy memories to myself,thank you.

Re: to Tex: 17th Feb 2008 - 07:04 GMT

The Hutch Haters Club sure does have a right to voice their opinion,but the Hutch Lovers Club has the same right to do the same,without the former putting them down. This thread has completely gone off track from what it started out to be,but nonetheless,I have become addicted to this thread and find it very entertaining,maybe because I can't find anything else to entertain me???

Tex: Re: to Tex: 17th Feb 2008 - 14:44 GMT

"Why if you hated something, anything, so much would you devote so much of your time to it, to degrading it, to bashing it. Why if you had such a void in your life from the holes that Hutchinson Ks put you in, why would you take such a huge amount of time rekindling it in this thread" -- Oh!, If I'm not mistaken, this came from a pro Hutch person, and this isn't putting people down???? If you're going to come up with rules, try to abide by them yourself.

noname: 17th Feb 2008 - 19:09 GMT

I work in a business that allows me to see the finest of Hutchinson and surrounding areas. Hutchinson it's surrounding population consist of the following: Retirees, poor families, meth addicts, leeches. No more no less. Sure there are a few good people in this town. But those people are by far the minority. I would like to expand the view a bit. Have you taken to time to look at the towns the surround Hutchinson. Arlington? Nickerson? Sylvia, Plevna, Partridge?? These are all supreme examples of the Trash that infests this community. I was simply amazed at these areas. They are every stereotype that you can think of when thinking of hicks. I am embarrassed to even speak of these people.

Also Cody, I am proud of you for pointing out your name. Sounds to me like a good German name. Perhaps relation to the good ol' boys club? Perhaps that is the reason that you are so fond of Hutchinson? Why would you not be? You have been GIVEN every chance in life. I repeat GIVEN.

Hunter: 18th Feb 2008 - 01:13 GMT

I'm back again, and will comment again on Tex's "statistics". Tex your reply to my criticism of your use of crime statistics was simply to attribute the data to the FBI, but I did not question the accuracy of the quoted data. I agree that the FBI is probably quite capable of gathering dependable data. Your mistake(s) come in the use and interpretation of those data. You compare numbers and averages of various sorts for Hutchinson, a small town, with similar numbers for the entire state of Kansas, a different population with sub-populations consisting of towns/cities of various sizes. This is what I referred to when I said you were comparing apples and oranges. I suspected you might not immediately understand the point, and that was why I included the heuristic about vehicles. That example really is a valid one, and you ought to think about it a bit. The real sticking point here seems to be your failure to realize that "statistics" as a field is mostly about the study and analysis of data, not just their collection. Might I suggest that you have a look at Wikipedia's article on "statistics?

No, I don't have a degree in statistics (my degree is in physics/geophysics), but we really aren't talking about anything very complicated here. Statistics is a very complex subject if you get serious about it, but you don't really need a lot to avoid playing the fool. You would profit by reading a bit on the subject; perhaps just enough so you can explain the difference between a chi-square and a T-square, and no, that's not a joke.

With a bit of statistical analysis under your belt you will come to see that Hutchinson's low household income, low house values, high average age of housing, and probably several other anomalies that distress you can be explained as artifacts of the general loss of population and of small industries in American small towns. It's a pity, but that just seems to be the way it is. I now live in a small town in California, and it's the same situation here. The local kids who want to make more than a bare living must pick up and move to a metropolitan area.

A constantly recurring theme in these discussions is the complaint that there are no good jobs in the town, and I have a question for these complainers.

If I were to decide to open a business in Hutchinson, just what skills and attributes do you complainers possess that would persuade me to hire you for high pay? I would want somebody who was experienced as a machinist, electronics tech, design engineer, carpenter, secretary, programmer, or some similar skilled occupation. Do any of the complainers have any of these skills? I, and probably others, would genuinely like to know the answer to this question. It would help in deciding whether we are dealing with good people who are genuinely in distress or just a pack of whining ne'er-do-wells.

Former Hutchinsonite: 18th Feb 2008 - 16:17 GMT

Gosh Hunter, sounds like you're a hypocrite. If you thought the town was so great, why did you pack up and move out to California to find a job? And as far as the crime statistics that 'Tex' reported, I think they're probably right on as to what you actually see going on in this town on a day to day basis. I've seen numerous Hutch citizens go to prison for setting their businesses on fire to collect the insurance money. Not to mention all the drug crime and everything else. I think living out in California has kind of put you out of touch with the reality that is back here.

I challenge you , if you think life is so great here, why don't you move back and
prove it? Other wise you're a hypocrite.

noname: 18th Feb 2008 - 17:19 GMT

Re: Former Hutchinsonite. I have to agree. Seems odd to has some asshole in California commenting about a town that he does not inhabit. Hutchinson is truly the worst of the worst. These statistic that "tex" is speaking about are not made up. I think that Hunter needs to have a beef with the City-Data website, they are reporting these averages. Not Tex. Also being that he is not a statistics major he needs to shut his loud mouth. I am sure that City-Data does not just grab some physics/geophysics major and have them compute these statistics.

Furthermore, how are you Hunter to judge anyone! You claim to be so educated and intelligent. We have no proof. (also your education has nothing to do with the topic of this forum) For you to degrade these "complainers" and ask them what skills or education they have is asinine. You moved from this town, you left the problem. It is very easy for you to set on your high horse and mock these people. If it is so great then why did you leave?

Also you talk about this same thing happening across the country. The only difference between the rest of the country and Hutchinson is that this is not a new trend in Hutchinson. Hutchinson has been in a steady down fall for years, because of big headed city leaders that want to help themselves and the small group of people they call friends.

Mcpherson has seen steady growth for the last 10 years, Salina has also. Both of these near by towns have been adding industrial skilled labor jobs to it economy for years. i.e Phillips, Nations Pizza and Abbott Labs. Hutchinson has wasted money attracting a small group of tourist to see it's worthless attractions like the Cosmophere and the Tax payer supported Salt museum.

For you to state this is national problem is wrong. Hutchinson has been shrinking for years and will continue to do so.

I am sick and tired of seeing people like hunter getting on this forum and showing their ass. Simply for the act of self promotion.

Tex Re: Hunter: 18th Feb 2008 - 20:02 GMT

Hunter, I'm tired of you giving out false statements. As I said before, I did not come up with the crime statistics, they came from the F.B.I. You can review them at this website:

I did not generate the data, I did not compile the data, nor did I do anything else with the data, and you can come up with all the lies that you want but the facts are still there, whether you want to believe the numbers or not. If you have a problem with the facts, then contact the Justice Dept that came up with them.

And, you're still on the kick of trying to personally find fault with the negative posters on this board. You want to make them out to be 'stupid' or 'dumb' or 'ignorant' so that you can dismiss everything that they say about what life
is like in Hutch.

Well, do you know what the FASB recommendations are going to be for future financial statement reporting in the next few years?. Can you tell me how Sarbanes-Oxley has affected current auditing procedures? If you can't then you must be an idiot, and you have nothing to say that has any importance to me. -- This is the way you reason isn't it? It's the way most of the 'elite' do-nothings in Hutch operate. Look big, act big, talk big, put other people down, and be made of very little substance and hope nobody sees it. It makes me sick, people can see you're phonies from a mile away.

And you still refuse to address the issue that I put to you about the comparison of Hutchinson to its sister cities in Kansas. Yes, small Ag towns are declining, but why is Hutchinson so much worse when compared to her fellow sister Ag cities in Kansas?

Hunter: 19th Feb 2008 - 01:03 GMT

My, my, you fellows (Tex, Noname, and former Hutchinsonite) have certainly grown suddenly very touchy. You raise so many points with so much overlap I'll try to answer by point, rather than address each correspondent in turn.

All three of you want to know why I left Hutchinson. I've posted four messages on this venue since 1/7/08, and I believe that in each of them I pointed out that small towns have no prospects for young people: thus, I left for greener pastures. If that is still not clear enough, just ask again and I will try to simplify the message even more.

Former Hutchinsonite also wants to know why I haven't moved back now. That's a fair question, and the answer is that I don't like the climate (read humidity) of the central USA, and I like living in the mountains. As I type this i am looking out at a range of snow-capped peaks (Sierra Nevada) that range up to 14,000 feet with lots of excellent hiking, backpacking, etc. easily available. I live in a town smaller than Hutchinson, but I'm now retired, so a job is not a problem. Except for those issues, I might well consider returning. I like the people, and after more than fifty years absence I still have many friends there.

Tex and Noname are still under the impression that I reject Tex's data set he gleaned from the FBI. I've said it before, but let me repeat:
How's that? Clear enough this time?
My doubts concern Tex's use of the data sets, his statistical inferences using those data. In his posting of 2/11/08, Tex compared Hutchinson data with data drawn from statewide averages, and I Pointed out that this is an apples-oranges situation. For meaningful conclusions, one must compare Hutchinson to other similar small towns, not with the whole state lumped together. He professed to disagree with that, but I am somewhat encouraged to note that in his posting today (2/18/08) in the last paragraph Tex claims to have compared Hutchinson with its "sister cities in Kansas". He didn't do that, of course, but at least he seems to have recognized the desirability of that approach and claims to have done so. Perhaps all this typing isn't wasted effort after all and next week he will actually do it.

Both Tex and Noname seem to think I have labeled others as "stupid", "ignorant", "dumb", etc.. I would invite them to cite a single example of such boorish language on my part. On the contrary, I have been most careful to remain civil in all cases. I believe the strongest criticism I have leveled at anyone is "complainer", but this is simply an identifier: it's what they do, a way to distinguish them from the other people on this thread. For the most part I have just asked questions (I always have admired Socrates).

Noname makes the point that my educational background, degrees, etc. have nothing to do with this forum. I agree completely and direct Noname's attention to the fact that I made no mention of the subject until I was directly questioned by Tex, who wanted to know if I had a degree in statistics. I suggest that Noname take up this point of propriety with Tex, not with me.

Leaving off my defence for now, I have a question for Noname. You mention that McPherson and Salina have a recent period (ten years or so) of very healthy population growth and industrial development. Assuming that your data are accurate, this is a very interesting point, and one worth exploring. Both of these towns are indeed similar in size and apparent situation to Hutchinson. Do you (or anybody else) have any idea why these two towns have fared so much better than others apparently similar? This might be quite important if anyone is actually interested in improving Hutchinson.

A related question might be "if McPherson is doing so well, with good jobs and all those desirable qualities, why don't the people complaining about no jobs in Hutchinson, either move to McPherson, or just commute from Hutchinson? Guesses, anybody?

noname: 19th Feb 2008 - 16:16 GMT

Hunter, First off I am self employed. I have not needed to explore other towns. My complaint comes from the lack of people with money in this town. Thank God for the internet... I do twice as much business with out of town customers then Hutchinson residence. When I do business with Hutchinson residence they always want something for nothing. They have no money and expect you to give them what they want. Contrast that with customers of Wichita, Salina , KC etc and I see a vast difference in their financial state. The pay in full cash no questions asked.

As to your point about the growth of other towns surrounding Hutchinson. I have several reasons that come to mind for the downfall of the economy in Hutchinson.

1. The lack of interstate highway. (both Mcpherson and Salina are connected to I70 and 135.

2. The lack of good city management. Hutchinson has been ran since it's inception by people that THINK they are above everyone because of family relation or past businesses. There is alot of old money in this town that controls it.

3. The lack of a state college. Salina has a campus of KU and Mcpherson has a very strong community college.

4. Wasting of resources. This town seems to have spending money the wrong way to a fine art. i.e. salt museum, Cosmosphere and the sports department at the high school. They also are very good at investing in failed enterprises and tourist attractions.

5. Large welfare/SSI roles. Tex as pointed out the statistical data that Hutchinson has a wealth of people on SSI or some form of government support.

6. The State Prisons. Hutchinson has a high crime rate and low town income because of the parole of detainees from the two Hutchinson Correctional Facilities. This also fuels the large amount of unskilled and uneducated criminals the inhabit this city. Also helping support the welfare state here. People are released from prison and get on welfare.

I am sure if I sat down longer I could find many more reason. But I have work to do.

Tex: Re Hunter's request: 19th Feb 2008 - 16:57 GMT

"Both Tex and Noname seem to think I have labeled others as "stupid", "ignorant", "dumb", etc.. I would invite them to cite a single example of such boorish language on my part"

How about this statement you made?

"The more outspoken of the town's critics are clearly the sort of ill-educated people that would have a tough time in any competitive environment. That is probably why they have elected to remain in Hutchinson and whine rather than move and succeed"

Still in Hutchinson: 19th Feb 2008 - 17:56 GMT

McPherson is thriving with business because it is right off the interstate and that is what big business owners want. The cost of living in Hutch is less than most places around here, McPherson for example.
I have lived in the Hutch area for about 15 years now. I have lived in a lot of the small towns around Hutch and always end up coming back because of the cost of living. To accomodate for the lack of jobs we do not work in Hutch.
The Hutch schools are too big for me as I did grow up in a very small community so I also send my son to a smaller school district.
When we get bored with what little Hutch does have to offer we go to somewhere else or we just simply make our own entertainment. When you know just a few people that really isn't all that hard to do.
I too believe there are too many people who are on welfare that don't need it. They know exactly how to scam the system. That problem exists no matter where you go.
Some of you that did leave here obviously have nothing better to than gripe about where you used to live. Just a suggestion... If you can't find anything positive to say then don't say anything at all. Give it up already and move on with your lives.

Re to still in Hutch: 19th Feb 2008 - 19:01 GMT

I know what you are saying. Five years ago I was really checking Mcpherson out to buy a home there and work,as I allready had a job in Mac. My Gosh,the price of real estate was way,way to expensive for me. I even checked out rentals,and they too were out of my price range. So I bought a small little two bedroom bungalow home here,and here in Hutch is where I will continue to live. The cost of living in Mac is considerably higher,I don't know about Salina though because I never checked it out.

Tex: 19th Feb 2008 - 19:37 GMT

I think noname summed up the picture perfectly well!

GuRu: 20th Feb 2008 - 07:08 GMT

This town is like americas butthole. If there was something to actually do in town, maybe it wouldnt be so bad. LIke, say, reopen the teen center. That might cut down on the crime, and keep the kids in check. And another thing, why the hell do we have so many freakin mexican restraunts? I know its a lil brown here, but geez.
And for the record, the cosmosphere is lame, hastings is not a cool hang out, unless you're 13, and wal-mart is the hub of culture. that culture being white trash, illegal immigrants, fossils, and vison card members.

noname: 20th Feb 2008 - 13:39 GMT

Re: Still in Hutch. First off, if the only reason that you like Hellchinson is because of the low cost of living then you are just proving my points. You sound like a complaisant fool who does not want to improve your life. So your points to be a void to me.

noname: 20th Feb 2008 - 13:41 GMT

Also, the reason that Mcpherson may be more expensive is because the economy there can support high rent etc. BTW Taxes are higher in Hutchinson than Mcpherson.. Hutchinson has to be cheap because of the massive welfare state.

wowzer: 20th Feb 2008 - 21:11 GMT

I grew up in Hutch, and honestly the only thing I miss are my family, friends and my church. Everytime I go back it seems more dreary. The Hutch Haters and Hutch lovers all made good points. But can't we all just get along? lmao!

Hunter: 21st Feb 2008 - 00:27 GMT

Ouch!! Tex, you winged me good on that one. Since I wasn't addressing any specific person, I was careless of my language. I stand by my conclusions, but the language, especially that second sentence, was not in line with my claims. Point conceded.

Re to noname: 21st Feb 2008 - 01:12 GMT

I bought a small affordable home in Hutch,verses something more expensive,because I am hardly ever home and a single woman,I didn't want upkeep on something larger,I work in the medical field and happen to make decent money,so therefore my life doesn't really need improvement. What do you do for a living,I wonder? So your points to be a void to me also,whatever that means.

Fred, The.: 21st Feb 2008 - 04:05 GMT

The only good thing Hutchinson Kansas has to offer is reasonable and tough law enforcement and reno county court judges. Kansas does nothing but steal and waste as evidenced by, well, just about everything you see happening. Stupid blinking lights on halfwall things down main street, road construction we don't even need while other roads age past forty, and on and on and on. The idiots in Topeka are not only a pack of extortionists but they're confused, disorganized and destructive.

Those maniacs in Topeka have all but ruined me. It will soon be my absolute pleasure to take alot of money away from them, legally and honestly I will have the opportunity to save businesses from this hell and help take money out of this state for the good of better run states.

re: Fred: 21st Feb 2008 - 18:55 GMT

Reasonable law enforcement? I beg to differ. I called police on a child abuse situation,was told by the police to call SRS,I called SRS and was told to call the police. The police came back out to check out the situation and told me their was no abuse because the toddler had clean clothes on,the mothers house was clean,and the child had toys. It didn't matter that the mother cussed her toddler every day,calling her a little b----,a little mother------,the mother would scream to the child that she was going to kill her and throw her up against the wall. And this went on daily,I know because I was in the apartment right next door taking care of my mother on a daily basis. This child screamed and cried constantly,but wouldn't you if you were treated that way? Now listen to this!! I was threatned to be taken into custody because I became upset when this mother was not dealt with!! So I have to dissagree with you about our law enforcement. They saw a cute,little abusive mother and believed her over a middle aged heavy set woman who was and still is concerned for this child,wherever she may be now. The mother moved after I called the police.

Fred, The.: 22nd Feb 2008 - 05:38 GMT

MS. Lady.. I understand your concern for the little child... It makes me mad and angry like Al Capone when I see little children being abused. I believe in knocking the living **** out of a misbehaving child, but, not one as young as that one, and, not for pure amusement and I think that it's a low thing, that is, taking something out on the little child who didn't even do any thing.

It's sad, you know, these days you even see children who will act out just because they are so hungry for attention. They would rather take abusive attention than take no attention whatsoever.

In your situation the problem was simple to understand.. YOU saw her abuse the child THEY saw you acting upset while the woman put on her little act.

They have to go by what they see. Remember, they do not know the eithers of yas, so, what they find when they show up is what they'll tend to be able to believe.

You stand there upset, with your side,
She stands there calm, with her side,

A reasonable officer will probably have to believe the one of yous who appears to be calm and reasonable.. you know, because, she's surely standing there with "Officer, that lady just doesn't like me, she's just making things up."..
and what is their reason to believe otherwise?

re: Fred: 22nd Feb 2008 - 18:18 GMT

That makes sense what you said,what I couldn't understand about the situation was that while I was outside talking to the officers, the lady who lived on the other side of little miss abuser also told the officer about what she had seen and heard. And I had even knocked on this girls door more than once once when I heard her threatning to kill her baby,and told her if she just needed some time to calm herself down,I would watch her baby for her,or if she ever felt like she needed to talk to someone,I would be there for her,because I know how stressful it can be to be a single mother.She refused all offers of help. I then told her the next time I heard her abuse her baby,I would have to call the cops. But I shouldn't catagorize all cops,Hutch truly does have some wonderful officers.And good and fair Judges also,I have to agree.I loved Judge Macke-Dick. I have seen her in action in the past and think she was wonderful and fair.

noname: Judge Macke-Dick is friendly to CERTAIN PEOPLE

Brittany: 25th Feb 2008 - 17:16 GMT

I live in Hutch and Judge Macke Dick married my husband and i. it's not that bad here, but i don't care what your opinions are it's not right to put people down just because of where they live, some people enjoy living here and thats ok.. i dont happen to be one of them though because we are moving this summer. still, the town is not just trailor trash, i know a LOT of hard working people that do very well for themselves. it's not fair to say that the whole town is stubborn also, you're the one thats stubborn for not letting others voice their opinions.

Brittany: 25th Feb 2008 - 23:27 GMT

Oh wow, you have such a good outlook on life. I personally don't care what you think. How about that? Hutchinson is a falling place. Sorry, facts are facts. Even if Macke-Dick Married you. How does that make her a good judge? Any judge can marry anyone. So What.

Samuei: 26th Feb 2008 - 05:00 GMT

Not to disrupt the discussion, but did anybody else notice that those photos (except the one picture of the Fair) are all of the same building? It's on 20th and Monroe, about a 5 minute drive from either highway. That part of town is residential. Go three blocks south and about twelve blocks east to Lorraine and 17th, where there's an active locally-owned coffee shop near an also-active Starbucks.

I hate Hutch, but you don't need to do stupid things to make it look terrible. It does that on its own.

re: samuei: 26th Feb 2008 - 05:58 GMT

the idiot who took the pics does not know a damn thing.that building is the old saint elizabeth hospital and was never located across from any highway.i love hutch and dont give a rats ass what anyone thinks.

re: samuel: 26th Feb 2008 - 15:04 GMT

Actually the run down st. elizabeth hospital is typical of a lot of run down buldings in hutch, he should of taken pictures of the ghost town which makes up downtown, that's why you have to look at Lorraine and 17th to find a business that's still around

noname: 26th Feb 2008 - 15:58 GMT

To the person who re: to Samuel. You are just a pure idiot if you love Hutchinson. Let me ask you a question.? Are you employed?

re: samuei: 27th Feb 2008 - 05:05 GMT

i am employed to the tune of 50 grand a year,noname,and i dont give a rats ass once again.

noname: Samuei, Sure I believe you....

Tex: 28th Feb 2008 - 16:05 GMT

Hutch News today:

Reno County is undergoing a federal audit, with payroll, cell phone and tax data coming under scrutiny

Whooo doggies!!!, maybe the truth will now come out.

noname: 28th Feb 2008 - 16:20 GMT

Re: Tex, I hope the truth comes out, but I doubt it. This town is very very good about making shit disappear.

A Rapper: 28th Feb 2008 - 17:18 GMT

I love Hutch,Hutch loves me,I don't care if you disagree!

noname: 28th Feb 2008 - 18:37 GMT

Good, Keep loving Hutchinson. I can see how your retarded mind would just love Hutchinson.

GuRu: 29th Feb 2008 - 00:19 GMT

Anyone who loves this town is either old, or an ineffective middle manager making 10 bucks an hour and bossing around brown people. Wake up peeps! We have nazi cops, child molesters on every block, and mexicans running around in packs. Anyone who loves this town must be on anti-depressants also. And for the record, there is a lot of child abuse that goes on here and nothing happens.

Tex: 29th Feb 2008 - 22:08 GMT

This was in the Wichita Eagle, I don't think the Hutch News reported it, I wonder why

HUTCHINSON, Kan. - A Reno County jail deputy is accused of having consensual sex with a female inmate in a cell.

Yep, it looks like a lot of perverts are in love with Hutch.

S.S.: 1st Mar 2008 - 16:36 GMT

Tex must love and miss Hutchinson and Kansas in general,or he wouldn't keep up with whats going on in our town.

to:noname: 2nd Mar 2008 - 17:11 GMT

And you haven't insulted others on this posting? Calling people retards and idiots isn't insulting in your opinion? It sounds to me that you want to dish it out but you can't take it when someone gives it right back.But thats always the case when a persons brain is as small as their appendage.Ouch!!!!!

Loda: 2nd Mar 2008 - 23:55 GMT

Atleast Mr. noname brings up good points. That is more that I can say about the last poster saying that he can dish it but not take it.

re to loda: 3rd Mar 2008 - 06:07 GMT

and can you bring up any good points? i seriously doubt it.

Peter: 3rd Mar 2008 - 15:09 GMT

i find it funny that despite all the above critique re: the photos, etc... that no one else has posted any better ones of ... hmm. what are all you hutchinsonians hiding? heh.

Tex: 3rd Mar 2008 - 15:17 GMT

Yes I loved Hutch, I especially loved it when I was able to leave town and come down here to Texas and get a job that paid over twice as much as what I was making up there. Now I can afford to live in a nice new home, and drive a new car. And this is because the city of Hutch has no focus on bringing in good paying jobs!

Tex Re: Peter: 3rd Mar 2008 - 16:26 GMT

That's a good point, someone ought to take some pictures of the downtown area on a Sat. afternoon and some of McPherson's downtown and lets look at the difference.

Peter: 3rd Mar 2008 - 16:41 GMT

totally. i say go for it. because the back-and-forth bickering here is largely meaningless (and somewhat laughable, no offense) to us outsiders; perhaps some evidence of what everyone is saying might be worthwhile- i know it would paint a much more vivid, factual picture of beyond people's dubiously motivated arguments and namecalling.

plus, as this post is pushing 100,000 views, im sure many of the other viewers would like to see a change in pace in this thread, and perhaps something to beef up all the spurious chatter...

noname: 3rd Mar 2008 - 17:03 GMT

Mcpherson's downtown has nothing to do with it's economy. If you tried to take that as a indication of economic growth you would not see anything. Downtowns are dieing as towns spread out. The fact is that Mcpherson has been more active in looking for new business. If you want to see some of their growth just drive down I35 and look at all the new businesses sprouting up. Then take a drive down K-61 or 96 when leaving Hutchinson. Look at the open fields and abandon buildings.

I think that is funny that anyone would look at downtown Hutchinson and consider it a busy place, most the businesses are closed or just plain dead.

As to the people posting comments about me. Your opinion means nothing to me. You can keep making your personal stabs at me. This just show to me how much of a Hutchinsonite asshole you truly are. And I could give a shit what you have to say. If you want to debate the facts then I will pay attention otherwise you can stick your head back up your fat ass and ignore the facts.

Peter: 3rd Mar 2008 - 17:15 GMT

so... perhaps we can get past all the pointless name-calling and someone who actually lives in can post some photos that prove their point? otherwise, this thread is just becoming a big, endless argument between a small handful of very opinionated people.

i, for one, live in and though i skip over every single argumentative/ranty comment on this thread, id definitely check out comments that contained something besides the same tired old arguments, you know, something with substance. so, id recommend that someone start doing that. not only would it save this thread, it would also show your town in a MUCH more positive light...

to noname: its dying,not dieing,dumbass.

to noname: 3rd Mar 2008 - 17:42 GMT

you must be thinking of dieting,something your fatass must need to do.

Tex: 4th Mar 2008 - 17:33 GMT

Here's a sad example

In the Hutch news, was this story,

"Owner of Wiley building leaves tenants in the cold" "The coffee group can joke about it - but the tenants of the Wiley building aren't necessarily laughing.
They say they've been without heat - except that from space heaters -
for more than a month." "Depending on whom you ask, the building's boiler broke
one to two months ago." "For now, and apparently for the rest of the cold-weather season, glowing space heaters are strewn about the first floor of the Wiley building"

The Wiley building is one of the two largest buildings in downtown Hutchinson. A picture of it is in this thread, posted on 9/11/07, you can find it about halfway down the thread, there are 3 pictures and the Wiley bldg is the 8 or 9 story bldg in the bottom picture.(Once again, I'm not referring to the pictures at the top of the thread)

This bldg 30 to 40 yrs ago, used to be filled with tennants such as doctors, lawyers, dentists. The bottom several floors had a large dept. store sort of like Macy's that was called Wiley's. Now, the bldg is basically empty, except for some tennants on the bottom floor. In looking at the picture, just dwell on how vibrant and alive with activity this place used to be and now all that's left are a few people on the ground floor trying to heat themselves with space heaters.

Re to Tex: 4th Mar 2008 - 20:29 GMT

You are so right Tex. I love reading your comments because you are right about everything and know what you are talking about because you have lived here.You also are man enough to post your opinions without getting rude and hateful to other posters which does not solve anything,only shows that ignorant people really do live in this town.This whole thing has got out of hand with the children bickering back and forth with the name calling,so it has been so refreshing to read what you have to say in such an adult manner.Please keep on posting!You are very interesting!

oevre: 5th Mar 2008 - 20:57 GMT

Remember Hutchinson in mainly four images....swimming pool in Summer near the grain elevator...high school with brilliant turquoise colored panels, architect was Californian, people said...the old old deep red brick junior high where my parents went to high school and then I to junior high....the huge trees touching in the middle of the street high overhead on the old bungalow streets and with this image of the trees in August the sound of the cicadas in the fall, that gorgeous sound, everywhere you go...

noname: 5th Mar 2008 - 23:42 GMT

To the blank responder: I would like to argue points with you about hutchinson, but you are to good to even post a name. I am not going to respond to your comments about the typo. I could careless. You have not brought up one single point that contrasts our facts about this town. So keep it to yourself asshole. Unless you have something to say beside petty comments. I dare you, show proof to Tex or myself that we are wrong! I bet you can't.

blank responder: 6th Mar 2008 - 17:49 GMT

Don't put yourself in the same catagory as Tex. He has something worthwhile to say,while you dont. You just go around posting what other people have posted,then act like its you who is so smart,when it isnt.You need to devote more of your time to your failing business and not so much time to this thread.That said,I'm outta here for good.I have made my point.

Hutch Lovers: 7th Mar 2008 - 11:29 GMT

news briefs:This a fine x-ample of Hutchinson good ol boys and their families and when they get into trouble.Their charges don't hold up to the crime.And they print it and stupid Hutchinsons let it go.

Trial in Baby Jane case delayed againThe trial of Baby Jane's mother has been continued a third time after the defendant requested a continuance this week.

Sarah Farley was 16 when a baby, dubbed "Baby Jane," was found dead in the backyard of her stepfather's rural home in March 2006.

Farley's trial, scheduled for March 17 through 21, has been rescheduled for June 18 and 19. The trial was originally scheduled to begin last summer but was rescheduled for the fall, then again for this month.

DNA tests revealed Farley was the mother of the deceased infant, but health officials could not determine whether the child was born dead or alive.

Farley was arrested and charged with three counts of engaging in sexual activity while younger than 16, which is against the law in Kansas.

Discuss this story | E-mail this story to a friend

Tex: 7th Mar 2008 - 15:10 GMT

That's unbelievable, the prosecutors in that case ought to be criminally charged. The state or feds definitely need to step in and clean up that justice
system that they have running up there.

noname: 7th Mar 2008 - 16:29 GMT

Blank Responder. You are the king of petty comments. I could careless what you think or say. What I can't figure out is why Hutchinsonites like blank responder have to resort to name calling etc. I have brought up several points that I have been commended for in the past. No Matter what you say Hutchinson will continue to shrink. The only people that defend this town are the individuals stuck here.

Peter: 7th Mar 2008 - 22:44 GMT

i keep getting re, noname and blank responder confused. it must be those vague name choices. this thread has officially devolved.

for god's sake, cant anyone just post some better photos of already?

Crystal: 12th Mar 2008 - 02:10 GMT

I agree that this town in boring but like another person pointed out You only took a picture of like ONE spot here. There are beautiful things here too not just an old hospital that they converted into apartments/halfway house for people just out of prison. I'm sorry you're experiences here where not that good but life is what you make of it if you're bored you're going to have a boring life...

optomystic: 12th Mar 2008 - 12:37 GMT

why,oh why,oh why can't folks realize that hutchinson is a wonderful town ? the opportunities in hutchinson are simply amazing. please move to hutchinson- you will just love it! can't you hear the bells ringing and the angels singing? please get here as quickly as you can. your destiny awaits in this pocket of are loved here-we need you- PLEASE HURRY !

Stuck in Hutchinson: 13th Mar 2008 - 11:20 GMT

I need some advice on getting out of this hell hole. I'm pretty lazy, like most of the people in this town, but I still have some hope that maybe I could make something out of myself. I know, I need to grow a pair and get the fuck out. This town is like a bad infection, once it's got a hold of you it's hard to shake.

The biggest problem I see with Hutchinson is this asshole complex everyone has. If you like the cost of living and the low crime rate, well, that's one thing, but to talk about how nice, and friendly the people are is laughable. I wouldn't trust the conservative christian next door to feed my dog.

noname: 13th Mar 2008 - 17:24 GMT

optomystic. You are sure that your name should have not been sarcastic?

Coming to Visit: 14th Mar 2008 - 13:25 GMT

Wow, I love Hutchinson already. All the crazy comments and opinions everyone has on this city have made me laugh for damn near 30 minutes.

I will be visiting for maybe a week in June that is if you can keep me entertained for that long!

Liketolivehere: 14th Mar 2008 - 18:42 GMT

Yes, Hutchinson does have some negative issues. Every place does. If you don't like it here, leave. To say that you are "stuck" is just plan lazy. Go to the big city & find the job and excitment you are looking for. Wichita is only 60 miles, if you don't have transportation, walk!

Tex: 15th Mar 2008 - 19:37 GMT

This was in the Hutch News on 3/15/08

"A Reno County man has been convicted a second time for having sex with a dog and could now face jail time."

Greg Benefiel, Reno County assistant district attorney said "If a judge finds it's a sexually motivated crime, he can be required to register as a sex offender,"

Good God!!!!, you'all need to import some women up there, or some of you gals need to quit playing hard to get!!!

Stuck also: 17th Mar 2008 - 17:04 GMT

Yep!! It sux. I have lived in Hutchinson for a long time and believe me it sux! There is an ass hole complex here. No diversitey at all. Your either a local wealthy or your nothing. What a looser town.

Sad for you: 18th Mar 2008 - 15:51 GMT

I feel sad for those that post such negative things about Hutch, its people, etc. Maybe if youd get out there and be kind to others and do good deeds you wouldnt have to sit at a computer and post negative things take your meds and go get a life! OK that was negative, let me rephrase that become a foster parent (nope again doesnt work, you wouldnt qualify). Get a job (nope your tattoos and crime records wont get you anything past McDonalds). OK Ill try again, go to church (oops forgot you are probably Atheist). Sigh.your negativism has seeped into me see how you reap what you sow? I'll leave and find something more positive to do as you work on lash backs.

not so borimg to me: 18th Mar 2008 - 16:22 GMT

Hutch isnt so boring to me. Any weekend you can find some sort of entertainment going on somewhere. The sports arena,memorial hall,grand prairie,cosmophere,salt museum,numerous big screen movies,ball games,car races. For a town this size,there is a lot to do if you go look for something to do. But the posters here would rather complain.

Re to Tex: 18th Mar 2008 - 16:26 GMT

I guess that man had to resort to the dog, because we dont have the sheep here that ya all do in Texas.

optomystic: 19th Mar 2008 - 21:20 GMT

Hutchinson is an awesome town. Please move here and discover what you are missing. You will be AMAZED!

a person: 20th Mar 2008 - 04:24 GMT

The good folks of Hutchinson must care about their town one way or another,good or bad. This post keeps getting more and more input,the posts on Salina don't,nor does the Oklahoma post get very much input. I think Hutchinson has some wonderful people here,rich and poor alike.

Former Hutchinsonite: 20th Mar 2008 - 16:51 GMT

I was wrong, I'm sorry, life in Kansas certainly isn't boring.

This was in the Hutch news last week:

"Hospital detached toilet seat from woman, sheriff says"

WICHITA - Law enforcement officials planned to present their report to the Ness County attorney Wednesday to see if any charges should be filed against a 36-year-old boyfriend whose girlfriend had spent the last two years on a toilet seat.

"She was not glued. She was not tied. She was just physically stuck by her body. It is hard to imagine. ... I still have a hard time imagining it myself," Ness County Sheriff Bryan Whipple said in a telephone interview, adding that it appeared her body fat had grown attached to the seat"

optomystic: 24th Mar 2008 - 14:46 GMT

Why don't you open a new business at the Hutchinson mall? There are now a few open spaces available. Seize this opportunity while you can...

Tex: 24th Mar 2008 - 15:48 GMT

I actually had to journey up to the fair city of Hutch a couple of weeks ago.

I made a visit to your Hutchinson Mall. Do you remember the scenes from 'Dawn of the Dead' where the people are wandering around the big empty mall? That's how I felt, there were no people. Only the clerks running the stores were there. I counted a total of 15 customers the whole time I was there. I felt even sort of creepy and out of place with these stores being open and no customers anywhere.

So, I don't know what would possess someone to want to open up a business, just to watch it lose money and go broke. You have to have paying customers to make a business work. And without good paying jobs, there are no good paying customers. So until the powers to be up there, figure out how things are suppose to work, your mall will always be ghost town.

This note is for you: 24th Mar 2008 - 18:14 GMT

What lucky people in Hutchinson, Kansas, USA, to be able to have a place to live and call it "home".
Do you know how much a person earns in a "third world" country?, did you know that they do not get help from welfare checks if they are unemployed?, did you know they do have drugs and corruption problems too?
At least in USA you have the chance to change the situation for better if it really matter to you, while in those other places you couldn't not even have a voice on it?
Have you stop to think how blessed you are to have what you have?, there is always someone that has it worst than you do.
Have you thought about how far could you get ahead in life, if you really want to work for it?
Could you think of ONE step to give this town where you live, that could help it?
Could you stop for a minute to think, home is what you make of it, wherever it is!

You have just ONE life to live.
You are in life what you choose to be, so aim for that.
Blessings for you all.

Reply to This note: 24th Mar 2008 - 22:35 GMT

You said it well,now if all the complainers will just listen.

Tex: 26th Mar 2008 - 14:11 GMT

You are absolutely right, we should be thankful for what we have and the great country that we live in. We are very blessed and fortunate to live in a country where we have the liberties and freedoms that we enjoy.

However, make no mistake about it. What we enjoy today didn't come easily, we had to work for it, fight for it, because you can never expect for anything to be given to you. It just doesn't work that way. In life you either progress forward or you go backwards. The same is true for communities, they either grow or they die.

When a community starts to die, the first thing that sets in is denial. After that, it's rationalization. We look at our situation and rationalize that things aren't so bad, we could be somewhere else in a worse situation, we could be in a third world country, we could be unemployed without a welfare check, we could be starving and near death. Things aren't so bad (yet). By rationalizing we make ourselves feel better about a situation that we feel we have no control over.

Denial and rationalization. Two of the biggest problems that Hutchinson Kansas has. And it costs this city and you a lot.

You see it everywhere. Even in city govt. and the decisions that they make. For example: Memorial Hall convention center is a building that is near a century old. The building basically sets empty because of non-use and being out of date. But, the people of Hutchinson didn't want to see it torn down, because it represents the hey days of Hutchinson's past. So the city spends 2.2 million to fix it up. And what is the result? A building that still basically can't be used, because it doesn't even have air conditioning, (which would cost another 1 million) and can only seat about 2,000 people. Plus, you don't have concerts or other large events coming to the city because of the low population and poor economy, and the city knows and admits to this.

In the Hutch News on 2/9/08

"One question, however went unasked and unanswered: (at the city council meeting)
What will become of Memorial Hall once this last renovation is complete? (They want to spend another $190,000 to fix the roof) No one asked because no one knows the answer. There are only guesses. Mary Hemmings, who as the manager of the Fox Theatre is also contracted with the city to manage Memorial Hall, said the building sits mostly empty because Hutchinson isn't big enough to fill it."

So, what purpose does Memorial Hall serve? I'll tell you.

I'ts a gravestone to Hutchinson's past.

People can drive by it all day and look at it and remember the 'good ole days', the days when events happened there, and the days when life in Hutchinson was active and alive and bustling and the town was growing. It's denial in full operation. And, it's costing you big money. Dare not tear the building down!!
for that would bust our denial bubble and we'd have to face reality that our town is shrinking, and the good ole days are gone forever.

Now, I'm not for tearing Memorial Hall down. But, why can't the people of Hutchinson spend 2.2 million to educate their unemployed or unemployable in order to equip them to handle the jobs of today, and once having an educated work force, focus on bringing industry in to provide those jobs to those people?

To me, that would be a whole lot better use of taxpayer money then spending it on gravestones.

Hutchinsonian: 26th Mar 2008 - 15:19 GMT

You said it, Tex. I'm with you on that completely. I only wish the rest of our town's citizens were as pragmatic.

me: 27th Mar 2008 - 18:07 GMT

memorial hall was built in the horse and buggy days,so therefore it lacks proper parking for any sizeable event to take place there. If money was spent on parking, if money is to be spent on the place at all,maybe it would attract events. i personally think it should be a museum.overall,something needs to be done about our fair city,and it boils down to we need better paying jobs here,we need more companies and businesses here.that is the only way we will survive.but what does the average person do to help?really,i would like to know so i can quit my complaining also and help.but i wouldnt know where to begin.we all agree on one thing,bring in the jobs!!!!!!

hutch native: 28th Mar 2008 - 07:38 GMT

I can't believe this website. Absolutely amazing that so many people have taken the time to rant and rave about how terrible Hutch is. I grew up in Hutch, graduated from Hutch High in 1984 and went to Juco for 1 year. I, too, hated it and couldn't get out fast enough. I went to K-State, then moved to L.A. After living in L.A. for 17 years, I moved to Colorado. Although I do like Colorado, it is growing way too fast for my taste. At this point in my life I would welcome a little "boring", so I am now seriously considering moving back to Hutch. If I want to see some drive by shootings, or robberies, etc., I can always just drive over to Wichita for the day. I don't need that kind of excitement. I would welcome some open space, freedom for my kids, less people, traffic, smog. I am baffled as to why "city" equals "excitement" for so many people. I understand if you're under 25 and haven't lived anywhere else, but if you're older than that it's sort of hard to comprehend. I have had enough of the big city to last a lifetime. You think life is hard in Hutch? Try living in L.A. for awhile, where the difference between you and that homeless guy sleeping on the sidewalk is one paycheck. I know jobs are a problem in Hutch, but I am lucky enough to have a lucrative job that I can do online. I know there are an increasing number of jobs that can be done online now (although a lot of scams as well, so be careful!), but that would only be helpful if you actually wanted to stay in Hutch. I don't need to be entertained to be happy; I can find my own entertainment. I can drive to Wichita or Kansas City if I want to go shopping, or to a big name concert. If all of that stuff was available in Hutch, it would be just like any other big city. And all big cities are just cesspools of humanity; poverty, filth, and crime. The only way you can be shielded from all of that is if you're extremely wealthy. And how many of us are?

Re hutch native: 28th Mar 2008 - 16:21 GMT

Sounds like somebody that couldn't make it in the real world of work of the big cities, so they had to come back home to mommy and daddy at home.

hutch native: 28th Mar 2008 - 19:51 GMT

Good one - for your information, "Mommy and Daddy" are no longer on this earth and I've been supporting myself for the past 20 years. So are you saying that the "real world" only consists of big cities? Where does that leave all the people who don't live in big cities?

Re hutch native: 28th Mar 2008 - 21:07 GMT

If you want to make good money, you have to move to the bigger cities, and I've lived in several large cities and couldn't be happier. If Hutchinson is so great than why is the population shrinking and not growing??? I'ts shrinking because people are choosing to move to the larger cities for better jobs, so what you say isn't supported by the actual facts that you see. I'ts the poor and uneducated that can't leave for the larger cities that make up the bulk of Hutchinson's population.

me: 29th Mar 2008 - 04:00 GMT

Believe it or not,some people are actually content with living here. I make decent money,I am in nursing,I didn't have to relocate to a big city to make a living for myself and children. But I guess I'm fortunate to have been educated in a field I chose. I do agree that Hutch population is shrinking,that well paying jobs are few and far between,and the poor are outnumbering the middle class. But this is happening everywhere in the good old USA.

re: me: 29th Mar 2008 - 14:21 GMT

No it is not happening everywhere in the USA. I have lived in large cities for the last 20 years and my prosperty and job income has always been better in a larger town than living in a smaller city such as Hutchinson. Right now I make 72k, if I was in Hutch, i'd be around 35k. Sure, there are those like you doing well in Hutchinson, but we're talking about the majority of people, and the majority of people of Hutch are low income, poor and under educated. Yes, the economy as a whole has slid in the last few years, but the economy in Hutch has been in the tank for the last 50 years.

Born&RaisedHutch: 29th Mar 2008 - 17:16 GMT

HAHa.. I found this by searching Yahoo for "Meth Hutchinson,KS".. Last summer I visited and seen Meth Zombies walking the streets. Go to A street by R&B burgers.. you'll see it too. or drive on Reformatory street.. It's really went down hill in the last 15 yrs. I feel bad for my family for still living there..
IT SUCKS!, how do you think people stumbled on this site?? Becase they know!

me: 29th Mar 2008 - 17:49 GMT

The cost of living is much higher in larger cities compared to smaller cities in most cases,so a person has to make more money to cover the higher costs of housing,gas,groceries,etc. But hey,overall I agree with so much that has been posted here.

Poor side of town: 30th Mar 2008 - 01:11 GMT

I live in Hutch and I am poor. But I am proud. My complaint is this town is getting getto and trashy looking. Come on people,clean up your yards and pick up your trash. Bathe your kids and yourself. Go to Goodwill or yardsales and buy curtains for your house,don't hang up sheets or put in foil in your windows. Do not chain up your starving dogs outside. If you can't treat your dog better,why own one? How would you like to be chained all the time? And it looks trashy. Clean up the old cars and parts off your lawn. Take a garden hose and clean the outside of your house if you can not afford to paint it. Poor does not have to equal trash.

Ryan S.: 31st Mar 2008 - 00:04 GMT

Apparently these people haven't been to Hamilton, KS. Just 2 hours from Hutch is a speck of nothingness that contains barely 300 people. By 3 PM, no matter what day, mainstreet is dead without any cars driving on it. There are probably more goats than people here. It sucks.

Yes: In another 30 years, Hutch will be that way

UNSURE..: 31st Mar 2008 - 22:32 GMT

Well I have lived here most of my life. I have 3 kids and a X husband. I hate it here but can't get away from here either. I do not get welfare even though I am a single mom, nor child support as far as that goes. I hate it here my youngest is 10 years old and everyday I PRAY, that they get out of Hutchinson asap. I wish there was a life here and maybe there could of been but it is NO LIE, METH is all around. I know that 4sure because I started using it 8 years ago. I am not a bad person I swear I am not. Alot of people including the police think thet were all nothing ass trash. I wish I could afford some treatment that would work but I have tried many and meth always seems to win. So anyway thats what hutch is to me. A UNSURE PLACE WITH UNSURE LIFE. IF U HAVE NOT USED METH PLEASE DO NOT EVER, MY LIFE IS HELL AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO GET OUT....

To Unsure: 1st Apr 2008 - 00:50 GMT

You can start by going to meetings everyday. And I mean everyday. Change your crowd of friends. If you associate with meth users,you will never break away. If you hang out with dogs,you will get their fleas. Change is hard and scary but you can do it. It is easier to stay sick than to change,but for the sake of your kids and yourself,please try harder. I have lost many good friends to meth,I do not think you are a nothing ass trash. I think you are crying out for help and that makes you special. You are special and worth saving. You are one of Gods children. You are worth it. Please do not give up. Keep trying. YOU ARE WORTH SAVING!!!

Tex : Re Unsure: 1st Apr 2008 - 01:48 GMT

Don't give up, seek help, it's going to be tough, but you can do it. If you have friends and family members that are on it, you'll have to make a difficult decision to get away from them, otherwise they'll always drag you back into it.

Ess: 1st Apr 2008 - 02:24 GMT

To Unsure- I don't know about all the "God's children" stuff and the worn-out (and not-very-helpful) phrases like "don't give up, seek help", but I can say, as a recovered meth addict, you need to walk away from that shit. It's going to be the hardest thing that you will ever do, but if you don't, you will die sooner than later, and you have no reason to want to do that. You have a family that depends on you. Just stop doing it. I did. and let me tell you what. I about went crazy. I had the foresight to put the kids with their grandmother for a while and just went to the hospital Emergency Room and told them I was a meth addict and needed immediate help before I died or hurt my family or myself.

And they treated me right. With respect. They put me in touch with people that gave me free support and even emotional advice for when things got really hard. And now I got myself a job and life sucks really bad sometimes, I'll be perfectly honest, but I look around and see that I'm in control for once. I got my duplex paid and the rent is current, I have a car that runs, and I can feed my kids and be there for them, which they need, even if times are hard, I have bad days, or feel down about how tough life can be sometimes. Trust me- a tough life sober with you in control is better than any life at all with a screwed up head, watching your life quickly go down the toilet.

And getting healthy and getting my brain together enough to pull this off is the greatest thing I've done. And I'm so proud of myself, even when I'm broke or discouraged (shit still happens in life, even when the meth is long gone- it's important to keep that perspective so you don't get so stressed out with life that you go back to bad habits). It's like I won the lottery. I'm free, and I run my own life and support my kids.

You can do it. And don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. You'll really need it, and you wont be able to do it yourself, at least in the beginning. And there are people out there that can really help you, for free, and they wont judge you. They've been right there where you are now, where I was two years ago myself, and know exactly what its like. They got out. They can show you the way out, too. Do it. Trust me. Don't waste any more time. Or your kid's time. You have it in you to be a great, healthy woman and mom. You just need to seek some help to find that woman who is- and always has been- deep inside of you.

SH*THOUSE: 1st Apr 2008 - 13:52 GMT

You need to move from Hutchinson. There are alot of meth users in this town. It is sickening. I have seen it before, you try to quit but there are some many people that use in this town that it is impossible. Alot of meth heads want to see you use so that it will bring you down to their level.

To Ess: 1st Apr 2008 - 16:44 GMT

As one who knows what they are talking about,you are the best to give advice,and your advice was the best. Bless you.

This note is for you: 2nd Apr 2008 - 14:51 GMT

To all who is not happy in Hutchinson: do something about it. Don't just "talk", if you think you are better off far away, then go far away; if you think there are problems, then give a solution for them, do something!
If you don't feel happy living in Hutchinson, you definitely are not making the people that lives with or around you, feel that way either.
You have just ONE LIFE. Don't waist it.
Blessings for all.

????: 3rd Apr 2008 - 05:10 GMT

Anyways, this town is like most of the midwest, going down the toilet fast.

what it is: 3rd Apr 2008 - 18:11 GMT

Boring is for the bored. No jobs are for those who are not looking. Happiness comes from within,your town can not make you happy. Are things great here? Absolutely not. But quit "yer bitchin" and do something about it if you do not like it here.

hutch native: Could not agree with you more!

InternetGal: 5th Apr 2008 - 13:44 GMT

Wow, pretty sad commentaries. Just goes to show you can be happy where you are or unhappy where you are. It is all a matter of choice. I've lived in Arizona, Texas (Dallas area and the panhandle), Oklahoma (OKC and the panhandle), and Kansas (southwest and central) and can find something pleasant and something unpleasant about all of the places I've lived. It is unfortunate there are just so many unhappy people out there who have nothing better than to tear down the town rather than try to build it up. I work in Hutch every day and enjoy it and the people.

??: 6th Apr 2008 - 11:59 GMT

If Hutchinson is so great than why is the population shrinking rather than growing?

The facts are simple, cities grow that people want to live in, cities shrink when people want to leave them.

Try addressing the facts instead of fantasies

hell its hailing: 8th Apr 2008 - 07:07 GMT

This crazy weather! Hell, I suppose that is Hutchinsons fault also.

GuRu: 9th Apr 2008 - 02:13 GMT

Lets all quick playin grabazz and vote. if u think this town sucks, just reply yes. If u think this is a great place to live, just reply no. I vote yes. And if u vote no, your opinion doesnt really matter anyways because u are probably on the city council trying to kike people left and right.

GuRu: 9th Apr 2008 - 02:13 GMT

Lets all quick playin grabazz and vote. if u think this town sucks, just reply yes. If u think this is a great place to live, just reply no. I vote yes. And if u vote no, your opinion doesnt really matter anyways because u are probably on the city council trying to kike people left and right.

Sick of Kansas: 9th Apr 2008 - 03:11 GMT

Yes, good Lord, yes. This place is the suckiest place on the planet.

hello: 9th Apr 2008 - 16:53 GMT

Bad attitudes on bad people make a bad town. So just move and all will be better.

Yes: 10th Apr 2008 - 21:34 GMT

'So just move and all will be better'

So does that mean when everybody moves out and the town is empty, Hutchinson will be at its' best?

Sounds like that's what people are doing since the population is shrinking

hello: 11th Apr 2008 - 04:06 GMT

Hutchinson has a chance to be at it's best if all the complainers will move and leave the doers here to try and help this city. The complainers will never go to a city meeting and voice an opinion to try to help whats wrong with Hutchinson,that would be too much work for them. They would rather moan and groan and complain about everything than try and make the situation better. How many of you complainers have actually tried to do anything to help Hutch? If you do not want to attend city meetings,then write a letter,start a petition,do something to help whatever it is you are complaining about.

GuRu: 11th Apr 2008 - 07:15 GMT

The Do-ers are the ones wreckin the place! and i dont just mean the ones doin meth either. ever wonder why city council got thier butts audited? HHHMMMMMMMMM, i wonder????? Latest example is that dirty water treatment plant that just drove the property value down around 23rd. Not to mention the fact that kids play soccer not 50 yards away from a now industrial zone. Way to go peeps. and lets not forget the 1.6 million spent on the sign on k61 and 50 that says "welcome to hutch", or the 600k one on k61 and 50 north. or the other 600k spent on the roundabout, plus the 40k spent on the giant beercan on top. or the other 300k spent on the animal shelter which could have cost only 30k if the inmates at hcf had done it to begin with....

How about fixin up some streets? How about re-opening the teen center so kids got a safe place to be? How about fixin the southern part of town instead of trying to push north?

Take a quarter and buy a clue chief.

SH*THOUSE: 11th Apr 2008 - 13:48 GMT

Well the animal shelter was meant to stop the killing of so many animals, however that fat pig running the place would rather kill than even think about adopting. They are building an information center, they should have expanded the shelter instead of spending more money on an information center. What a joke. What they need to do is just attract business like mcpherson does. Have you been down 35 and seen the construction?

Tex: 11th Apr 2008 - 13:50 GMT

The powers to be will never focus on building Hutchinson to be a city that provides for it's working middle class or enable people to get the education they have to have to get there.

Life is too short and there's too much to see and do to waste your lives away up there. Get out! If you don't have the job skills or education to find a good job outside of that area, then scrounge and save every dollar you can and spend it on classes so that you can qualify for a better job. Then look outside the state of Kansas for that job, and go for it. That's what I did and I've never regretted it since.

Zack: 11th Apr 2008 - 15:40 GMT

I had the good fortune to be in your city the first week of march and had the time of my life! I went to that space place,I went to a ultimate fight,I went to a salt museum underground, I had the best mexican food in a real cool place to eat,I cant remember the name of it but it was so good.I loved Hutch and hope to come back this summer to work and yes I will have a job.

Zack: 11th Apr 2008 - 15:47 GMT

Oh and I about forgot to mention that I also saw many good looking girls in Hutch.That really makes me want to move here.

SH*THOUSE: 11th Apr 2008 - 21:42 GMT

Zack: Where did you see these girls? I rarely see anything worth looking at.

Zack: 12th Apr 2008 - 05:19 GMT

At that ultimate fight I saw and met more than one babe and also at the mall I saw some cute girls tho there wasn,t a lot of people at the mall I still met hot girls. I can't wait to come back when school is done.

SH*THOUSE: 12th Apr 2008 - 14:40 GMT

Zack: You are insane, Hutchinson is not full of good looking girls. It is far from known for that. Most of the women in this town are pigs.

Zack: 12th Apr 2008 - 16:08 GMT

I'm glad YOU feel that way because it leaves more women for me when I move here in June. I met some very nice and HOT babes in Hutchinson,one I still am keeping in touch with since comming back home to N.D. I loved my visit in Hutch and I know my move here will be as exciting.

Born and Raised in NYC: 12th Apr 2008 - 23:50 GMT

honest to God I wish Boston where I live now was this dead sometimes ... the never ending traffic,rush hour and crush of people on the trains .... and I thought leaving NY I escaped it

Tex: 14th Apr 2008 - 01:16 GMT

Well, you can't have your cake and eat it too. If you want to make more money and have a wider choice of things to do, then the larger cities are the place to be. But, there will be more traffic, more people, faster pace. That just goes along with it. If you want a slower pace, not much to do, happy with lower wages to live on, then Hutchinson is for you.

SH*THOUSE: 14th Apr 2008 - 22:07 GMT

ZACK: That is insane my friend. I don't know what brought you here. But it is very misguided. You must think that overweight older women are hot. Perhaps you should take off the beer goggles?

SH*THOUSE: 14th Apr 2008 - 22:10 GMT

Born and Raised in NYC. Why would you move from one large city to another to escape big city life? I don't understand that. Could it be that you are making stuff up?

Tex: 15th Apr 2008 - 14:16 GMT

You know, none of the pro Hutch people have yet to answer my question as to why is the population shrinking in Hutchinson, if it is such a good place to live.

From P.a.: 15th Apr 2008 - 14:57 GMT

I have moved to hutch alittle over 3 years ago,and I wish I could return back to Pa. This town is not what all the other people keep bragging about. I have a 20 year old daughter whom just got back from Iraq and has told me several times she wants to go back over there. Now that is what I call bad for this place. I thought I was coming to a much better place than where I lived at in Pa,But to my surprise it depresses me. I waitress at a small cafe and I see the same people there everyday they come in at least a couple times a day,and just sit there for hours and drink coffee.That is boring. My work place would like to prosper but it can't they would like extend their hours on friday and saturday but are having a hard time because if they draw a bar crowd the police will be causing havoc. Yes I agree that there sure is alot of law enforcement in this town if murder rate is down and it is a nice little town there should be NO need for all the law enforcement. makes a person wonder.

From P.a.: 15th Apr 2008 - 14:58 GMT

I have moved to hutch alittle over 3 years ago,and I wish I could return back to Pa. This town is not what all the other people keep bragging about. I have a 20 year old daughter whom just got back from Iraq and has told me several times she wants to go back over there. Now that is what I call bad for this place. I thought I was coming to a much better place than where I lived at in Pa,But to my surprise it depresses me. I waitress at a small cafe and I see the same people there everyday they come in at least a couple times a day,and just sit there for hours and drink coffee.That is boring. My work place would like to prosper but it can't they would like extend their hours on friday and saturday but are having a hard time because if they draw a bar crowd the police will be causing havoc. Yes I agree that there sure is alot of law enforcement in this town if murder rate is down and it is a nice little town there should be NO need for all the law enforcement. makes a person wonder.

SH*THOUSE: 15th Apr 2008 - 14:59 GMT

Tex, they can't answer. They know the truth but in true Hutchinson style they are in denial.

Tex: 15th Apr 2008 - 20:48 GMT

Statistics show the murder rate is almost nothing, but the non-violent crimes such as burglary, arson, theft, basically property crimes where people are looking to steal to get by, are higher than the national average. The facts show that Hutchinson is not a safe town to live in as the pro Hutch people would have you believe.

Me: 15th Apr 2008 - 22:27 GMT

To Tex,why do you keep posting on this site and why do you care who answers your questions,if you are so happy to escape Hutch,and you have such a better life and Job? I think you are bored with your new life in the big city or you could care less about what goes on here. The population is shrinking because thank God finally we are getting rid of stupid people like yourself. Home is where the heart is and evidently your heart is still here in hutch or you would go on with your life and not worry about the rest of us who like it here. So give it up,keep loving Texas which by the way I hated,my dad lived in Arlington Texas and the whole place sucks and stinks.

Tex Re: Me: 16th Apr 2008 - 16:13 GMT

I know people like you don't want to hear the truth, you're probably a crook or a drug dealer that enjoys the lifestyle that exists in Hutchinson since it caters to your lifestyle. But, I enjoy voicing the truth about Hutchinson, (which you would like to hide), so as to possibly motivate people to change their city and help improve their lives. So, I'm going to keep on posting and if you don't like it you can shove it up you @@@.

Me: 16th Apr 2008 - 23:09 GMT

Oh my!!! It sounds like the truth hurts YOU!!!! The truth for me is I make over 40 grand a year in nursing. I hate all drugs and what they do to people. My father lived in Texas and made tons of money working for I.B.E.W. He also made tons of money working here in Hutch,so my lifestyle is not what you would want it to be. Texas stinks,its full of dirty people and drugs,and more boring than Kansas,to me anyway. So keep posting with your opinion,thats your right,just as it is mine to post and say what I want.

WTF: 17th Apr 2008 - 11:37 GMT

How do you get out of here? I can't take a bus and there's no train depot anymore.Can I call a taxi? How do I get a train ticket? How do I get North or South since the train only goes East and West? This is really a chicken shit town!

Tex: 17th Apr 2008 - 14:25 GMT

Since Hutchinson is such a great and growing town (LOL), and no one really wants to go there, they lost their airport traffic years ago, then they lost the bus depot which is really a sad commentary since most most of the bus routes will stop in very small towns. I'ts really amazing that a town will focus on beefing up tourism and they don't even have a way to get people there. What a joke.

Outside observer: 18th Apr 2008 - 13:58 GMT

I had a chance to recently visit the fine city of Hutch for a job interview. I would say that the city faces many of the same issues that other cities face in the mid-west. I grew up in KS and understand the desire for greener pastures. I have come to realize that opportunity is something you make and not something that is given to you. Let alone provided by a city or job.
It was very clear to me as I drove around the city during my brief visit that it was a city that time forgot and that many of the residents are waiting for the good old days to return. I'm sorry to inform you, but that is not going to happen. So if you are wishing that it was California, its not, and the only way it will appear that way is to use the drugs that are discussed in depth on this board.
Here is some advice to the young people who are reading and feel some despair associated with living their. The world steps aside for those who know what they want. So the sooner you stop thinking about what Hutch doesn't have and start thinking about what you want, the sooner you will get there.
I'm still debating on whether I will accept an offer to relocate to Hutch, but my decision won't be based on what the city has to offer, it will be based on what I want and how much they will pay me.
Good luck to you all.

Me: 18th Apr 2008 - 18:15 GMT

Thank God this is not california,Outside observer,but you made some really good points,and I hope wherever you end up works out well for you.

ollie: 21st Apr 2008 - 18:30 GMT

Just a word. Worst mistake in the world is to take a job based on how much they will pay you. Do you want in your heart of hearts to live there?

Tex: 21st Apr 2008 - 22:11 GMT

I have to agree, I've moved to places because of the tremendous increase in pay, thinking that would make up for the shortcomings of the town where the job was located, and at first it works. But after a while if you don't actually enjoy where you're living and the surroundings, the pay won't be enough to compensate for your unhappiness.

Mark Salinas: 21st Apr 2008 - 23:49 GMT

I am disappointed that town of Salinas is so boring I always wanted to visit the town.:)

Mark Salinas, MN

Carrie: 22nd Apr 2008 - 22:13 GMT this a joke? I just moved here from San Diego, Cali. There may not be alot to do out here....but It's a nice place to raze a family...My hubby has a good job and im a stay at home mom of two and with one on the way. We live in a nice house in a Beautiful naberhood. So...all you haters you need to find someting to do with all your free time!

Me: 23rd Apr 2008 - 05:03 GMT

I agree with you Carrie. All the boo-hooers want a town to make them happy,they want a job to make them happy,they want a slim chick to make them happy,when will they realize that happiness comes from yourself first,or nothing or no other place will?

Former Hutchinsonite Re: Me: 23rd Apr 2008 - 14:50 GMT

You need to get back to changing bed pans which is all there is to do in your fine city.

Meg from San Diego: 23rd Apr 2008 - 16:42 GMT

My boyfriend and I are going to spend the summer in Hutch. He's born and raised SD, I was born in Topeka and couldn't wait to get out of there as a teen. I have lived all over the US and have been in San Diego for several years. We are looking forward to getting away from the craziness for a while. I am hoping to hear a lot of thunder. I am looking forward to hearing the locusts at night. I miss a lot of things about Kansas that I never took the time to appreciate when I lived there. It will be interesting to find out how I feel at the end of the summer. I am very curious about how my boyfriend will like staying in a small town. It is a different world there. By the way, there are a lot of scary people in SD. Lots of drugs. There are people who will shoot you for no reason when you are driving on the freeway. I know 2 people personally who have been shot at by strangers in the last 4 years. There is good and bad everywhere. I think how you like a place has a lot to do with where you've been, what you enjoy and consider important for your life, and what phase of your life you are in. Right now a quiet, "boring town" sounds very nice. (for those of you who "put down" the elderly, just remember that is where we are all heading, yes, even you)

Meg from San Diego: 23rd Apr 2008 - 16:42 GMT

My boyfriend and I are going to spend the summer in Hutch. He's born and raised SD, I was born in Topeka and couldn't wait to get out of there as a teen. I have lived all over the US and have been in San Diego for several years. We are looking forward to getting away from the craziness for a while. I am hoping to hear a lot of thunder. I am looking forward to hearing the locusts at night. I miss a lot of things about Kansas that I never took the time to appreciate when I lived there. It will be interesting to find out how I feel at the end of the summer. I am very curious about how my boyfriend will like staying in a small town. It is a different world there. By the way, there are a lot of scary people in SD. Lots of drugs. There are people who will shoot you for no reason when you are driving on the freeway. I know 2 people personally who have been shot at by strangers in the last 4 years. There is good and bad everywhere. I think how you like a place has a lot to do with where you've been, what you enjoy and consider important for your life, and what phase of your life you are in. Right now a quiet, "boring town" sounds very nice. (for those of you who "put down" the elderly, just remember that is where we are all heading, yes, even you)

Me: 23rd Apr 2008 - 18:14 GMT

Meg,it is thundering now as I type this,the Kansas air smells heavenly and fresh,the trees which are numerous are in bloom,the flowers are in bloom,there is no smog,no driveby shootings,life is great here today in Hutch. For those who put down our elderly,what goes around comes around,sooner than one can imagine.You too will someday be using a bedpan and having someone clean you up afterwards. Trust me on this one. Life is so long and slow paced untill you reach 20,then before you know it,you are 40 and on your way to middle age and then old. Period.

Former Hutchinsonite Re: Me: 23rd Apr 2008 - 19:33 GMT

The only thunder you're going to hear in Hutch are the old farts tooting at night.

Former Hutchinsonite: 23rd Apr 2008 - 19:36 GMT

And,I wouldn't smell that air too much either, you'll liable to get high.

Me: 23rd Apr 2008 - 21:34 GMT

I do get high when I smell the air. It is smog free and fresh and clean. You only smell the drugs when you hang around with the druggies or do them yourself,and unfortunately,drugs are everywhere,in every small town and major city,all over the world.

former Hutch resident: 24th Apr 2008 - 19:42 GMT

I moved from Hutch about 25 years ago. I was born & rised there. Couldn't wait to get out. I lost both my parents 4 years ago & want to come 700 miles to decorate graves this memorial weekend. I can not find a room anywhere. (myself & one other adult) I understand a big truck convention is going on. I called the chamber of commerce to see if the had any ideas. One rude person. A town the size of Hutch can not accomodate 2 people for two nights. Now I know why I left. Rude arrogant people. No "Minnesota Nice" going on there. (I now live in MN). If that were to happen in my town ( a beautiful tourist area) people at the chamber would be happy to try to accomodate the people coming back home.......I have plenty of money to spend, which unfortunately Hutch doesn't want. Can't say I will go back unless for a funeral, which I probably couldn't get a room for either.....

optomystic: 25th Apr 2008 - 15:50 GMT

I simply LOVE this town. Why don't you move here and experience all the great things that are going on? If you can't rent a room ; you can always sleep in your car.I think you'll really enjoy the area at B avenue and main street.Excellent parking,wonderful Mexican food and the famous Antique District will inspire you.

Former Hutchinsonite: 25th Apr 2008 - 17:11 GMT

If you can find an empty parking stall, most of theme are probably full with people sleeping in their cars.

Former Hutchinsonite: 25th Apr 2008 - 18:23 GMT

Oh, I'm wrong, most of them will have lost their cars due to no jobs, so they'll just be sleeping on the street,

Me: 25th Apr 2008 - 23:44 GMT

Hmmm,I have lived in this town many years and have never seen anyone sleeping on the street or in their cars. Tell me exactly where to find them and I will give them a sandwich or something to help a little. I can afford to do a little to help,as I make a decent living here in Hutch.And no,I don't work for the city,nor am I rich.But please tell me which streets you see the people sleeping on and tell me where all these cars are parked that they are sleeping in so I can help.

Me: 26th Apr 2008 - 18:56 GMT

Didn't think you could come up with an answer, Former Hutchinsonite.

Former Hutchinsonite: 28th Apr 2008 - 13:31 GMT

They probably are at the salvation army, or died from neglect.

Former Hutchinsonite: 28th Apr 2008 - 13:33 GMT

Which brings up a very good question, where are the homeless people in Hutch? Are they 'gotton rid of'

Former Hutchinsonite: 28th Apr 2008 - 13:42 GMT

Oh, I forgot, you guys are big in prisons and reformatories, because of all the drugs, high crime rate and lack of jobs, the homeless are probably charged with trumped up charges, sent to prison, and you the taxpayer take care of them that way. So you don't have to worry about giving them that sandwich or a little something, I'm sure your great penal system is taking care of them

Former Hutchinsonite: 28th Apr 2008 - 13:48 GMT

Yea, that's what they mean by 'come share our space' - in a cell at the prison.

WTF: Dont'cha just love the politics of this town?

Hutchinson Hater,Now: 30th Apr 2008 - 21:28 GMT

I just looked in the Hutchinson News today and noticed that in todays paper Apr 30 2008 that Officer Mike Collins of the Hutchinson PD and his assisting thug Mr. Schofield beat a dog until it was dead. They hit the dog in the head with a baton and then with a shovel. This is my opinion shows how immature and uneducated most of the Hutch PD is. They took it upon themselves to injure to dog for no reason whatsoever. It is sicking to think these thugs are the ones patrolling our streets. I think we all need to let the city council see that these thugs need to be removed from the our police force by termination of their employment. We need people that act responsible. Not like abusive idiots.

Me: 30th Apr 2008 - 21:34 GMT

Then go to city council meetings and voice your concerns by all means. But people like yourself would rather hate and complain then do something to better this town because you are obviously to lazy to do anything. This question is for all you haters: how many city council meetings have you attended? Are you aware they are open to public?

Re: Me: 1st May 2008 - 15:18 GMT

If you bother to read this entire thread you'll see that people have gone to the city council meetings, only to be insulted and ignored.

Tex Re: Me: 1st May 2008 - 16:52 GMT

If you weren't so ignorant, you'd realize that once a group of people have power and control over a community, they won't give it up easily, no matter what the people say or think. Perfect example is our federal govt. and George Bush Jr.

Me: 1st May 2008 - 17:21 GMT

I have read the entire thread and only one person if I recall correctly complained about not being treated fair. And Tex,if you weren't so ignorant,you would find something better to do in Texas than waste your time on this post. And yes, Bush sucks.

Tex: 1st May 2008 - 19:23 GMT

Like I said the pro hutch people simply want to deny the facts and insult the ones telling the truth. And why don't you address why that one person wasn't treated fairly by the city council?? Because you don't want to address the issues, you simply want to ignore them. You know that if there's one person on here who had that experience, chances are there are a hundred others like her.

Tex: 1st May 2008 - 19:26 GMT

Here's a quote from an earlier post.
"I was watching the city council last summer, talk to a group of individuals who didn't want their taxes raised in order for new development next to their property. One of the City Councilmen (which i won't say his name) - told them they can say what they want, but he already had his mind made up, so it didn't matter. The only reason why they were allowing the people in that neighborhood to speak was because of protocol."

So, Me go ahead and keep wasting our time with your worthless posts.

solo: 1st May 2008 - 20:37 GMT

Thanks for showing the beautiful pictures of St. Elizabeth's Alcoholic's Anonymous. Inside that room and other rooms like it all over the world.... I have found the secret. (Love and Tolerance)

Me: 2nd May 2008 - 03:52 GMT

The grand old beautiful trees are in bloom in colors of pinks,white,purples and of course green in Hutchinson. The horrible ice storm could not kill,they came back strong.The haters can not kill this fair city either,Hutch is also to strong to kill.

Tex : 2nd May 2008 - 14:09 GMT

Look at that!!, change the subject and talk about trees and flat out ignore the issue of the city council brushing off a taxpayer. What a bunch of phonies, keep on posting, your own words speak volumes of your shallowness.

unhappy in hutch: 2nd May 2008 - 14:53 GMT

I have read the "hype" lingo from "me'. JUST GO TO CITY COUNSEL MEETINGS ..... and voice you complaints. You know its open to the public. "me" is a brainwashed numb-skull. YES I have gone to the city meetings. The citys leaders are all asleep!!!!. I'm sorry, some of them are mumbling brainwashed numb-skull gaw-gaw .And the professional atmosphere is not present, and the problem solvers do not exist. The power play is the machine that grinds against confused and unhappy tax payers True caring does not exist!!!!! Oh by the way, the Hutchinson tax payers pay do pay the council to sleep and ramble among them selves....

Me: 2nd May 2008 - 17:18 GMT

Then move to Texas like Tex did and you will be so blissfully happy that you will not have time to post here.

Tex : 2nd May 2008 - 18:21 GMT

Yes come on down, you'll are welcome! It's a little piece of heaven down here, I earn about twice as much (72k) as what I made up there, no state income tax, no taxes on your cars, just a $64 tag fee. The women are gorgeous, fit and trim and very friendly!! And, no the cost of living is not that much higher. For example, you can rent a newer 3 bedroom home, 2 car garage, 3 bath, with 2 living rooms, den, dining room, 2 blocks from the beach for $1100 per month. Elect last month ran $73, gas $24, of course being in the gulf coast region the temp. is usually warm all year round, but even in peak heat season the highest utility bill I've seen was $275. So, don't fall for that bullshit that just becuase wages are higher you're spending all of it on the cost of living, it's just not true. And, like I said before, if life in Hutch is so great, then why is the population shrinking and not growing?

unhappy in hutch: 2nd May 2008 - 23:11 GMT

I cant believe "me' gave such a lame response to a suggestion of going to public meetings. I did go and nothing positive came of it. So Mr."Me" Isnt in ironic you comment and have plenty of time to make your rude stupid statements. by posting here. Do you work? or do you get gov help. I work all of the time. Tex has some valuable info. And I know hes right. But if you are established and own a business, you are basically locked in. I want this city run with people that need to be there.Duh is that over your head "me"?

Me: 3rd May 2008 - 21:12 GMT

To Unhappy: If you want this city ran by people who will "be there",then vote for who you think is qualified to run this city right. Everyone complains,but does nothing to change things. For example,everyone complains about Bush, including me, but he ended up running this country for a long time because people voted for him. Go out and vote for city leaders who will do a better job. Thats your right. And yes, I work and work hard. I do not own a business. And I will quit being rude to Tex, because I do think he is truly a southern gentleman.

cityman: 6th May 2008 - 17:01 GMT

That sounds great but you only get to vote for city council members one in your district and one at large posistion. Council members do not get fair compensation for their duties.You get what you pay for!!!! All have other jobs or businesses to run. the council meetings are during the week at 9:00 am most working people cannot attend.This is how it works here and how it will always be this way. this town is ran by a few people with money and influence. they are not council members or the is still the good ol boys

Vsmitty36: 6th May 2008 - 21:47 GMT

ok, so lets be truthful who ever took the pictures above obviously didn't live here. That building that you knew oh so much about is an old hospital and what exactly is the name of the highway?? Oh yea- that would be Monroe STREET!! And for whoever said that this town is full of white trash??? You lived here once ( or so you say) so what does that make you?? Point proven.

BigGaloot: 7th May 2008 - 10:57 GMT

Moved here to Hutch 11 yrs. ago for better job. Now job market is terrible here and no new industry moving in. Reminds me of Great Bend KS where all the old money wouldn't let any new buisness in to take a piece of thier financial pie. Seems to be the same here. Current employer constantly threatens thier employees with the loss of our jobs and goes out of thier way to remind us we can be easily replaced and how hard another job would be to find here.
Not alot to do here either, spend most of my weekends visiting friends out of town.
I don't have alot of faith in things gettng better. Alot of the problems are just the sign of the times with illegal imigration and slow economy but can't help but think this could be alot better town all around if some new industry would be allowed in.

optomystic: 7th May 2008 - 13:14 GMT

Why is everyone so upset? Just do what you are told and don't complain. Hutchinson is a wonderful place and don't you forget it!As a prisoner learns to love his cell- so will go your life here. Quit complaining and work hard for those in control.

Mrs.L: 7th May 2008 - 16:10 GMT

For all of the people who are down on Hutch; how old are you?? For the people who think this town is such an awful place, you must be young. I am still in my twentys, but I love this town for the most part. Sure the employment is small, and there is not alot for young people to do, but I find many things here that I couldn't find elsewhere. I recently moved from NM and I love being able to walk my son down the street and not worry about gangs, or drive-bys. I love to sit outside and work on my garden, or go to the mall and be in and out in no time(because is getting smaller) I love going to dinner and having the "long wait" on a friday night only be 5 minutes compared to 2 hours in a big town. When I want more shopping, or some activitiy, I can drive 35 minutues away and find it. But I am glad I can raise my son in a small town. Where you live is your what makes you happy and dont judge what others want.

67502 May 7, 2008: 7th May 2008 - 19:03 GMT

Hutch has not grown since I came here in 1978. It's a retirement town with lots of low income housing and those people DO NOT support our downtown or help us stay in business. No great jobs for our children to stay in town. No shopping downtown and the mall is dark and dead. Should have put the mall connecting to downtown. Good place to raise children but Hutch is a very clicky town. There are gangs here, don't kid yourself. Live here and drive to Wichita to eat and shop.

Me: 8th May 2008 - 11:20 GMT

I would rather stay in my hometown to eat and shop,because everyday you hear of a shooting or some other violent crime happening in Wichita.

omabradshaw: 8th May 2008 - 17:57 GMT

Hello-I was born at Grace Hospital(8th & Main);went to Central Grade School(it was on 5th Street by the Catholic Church);Faris grade school;Sherman Jr High;Hutchinson Sr. High School.I enjoyed my years growing up in Hutch.Of course,that was before everyone was preoccupied with pc's,electronic games,drugs,etc.It was a small community that respected the town and the citizens that we were a part of.I did leave in 1976 & have only been back to visit once.What it is now probably is a lot different than it was 20 yrs ago but it's the citizens that make it what it is.If you don't like it,change it- or leave.

omabradshaw: 8th May 2008 - 18:05 GMT

Does anyone have pics of the schools I listed? The old Central Grade school was on 5th street and was tore down around 1960-ish.The Catholic church took the land and used it for a playground for their students.

Andie: 9th May 2008 - 11:24 GMT

I know you and your family personally. I grew up in Hutchinson and attended church with you. You are not representative of the average Hutchinsonian. Your mother is a hospital administrator and your father is the Chief of Police in Hutchinson. You also grew up in the affluent part of town. I am pretty sure that your success is due in large part to the financial means of your successful parents. Who gave you the money to start that business and buy that house? If you are typical of most Hutchinsonians you would not be able to afford starting a new business. Most Hutchinsonians do not work for the city, county, hospital, police department, or fire department. Most Hutchinsonians work in manufacturing or fast food. I know I was born in Hutchinson and I lived there for twenty five years.

Below the second part of Cody's reply is my retort to it:

But because it has a given me a good place to try and run a business, it has given me a good place to raise a great family, it has given me a place to buy a decent home that was in my budget, it has given my Children a good recreation system and plenty of opportunities to get involved in things, it has given my children a great opportunity for a free education, because of all those things and alot of others, I don't have anymore time to waste in here, I need to get back to taking advantage of all the opportunities Hutchinson Ks gave me.

As for the rest: Your children do not get a free education. Be factually honest. You pay the school fees, activities fees, books, lunches, etc. I hardly call that free. What exactly have you gotten involed in lately? Because when I knew you growing up I never remember you getting involved in either school or church. The vast recreational opportunities of Carey Park, Salt City Pools, softball and baseball diamonds, the dying Hutchinson Mall and downtown, and so on do not provide a means of living. Why don't you get back to all those activities you are involved in?

Here was my Hutchinson experience (not at all similiar to Cody's)
My parapalegic father who had a college degree in Economics could not find a job for years. When he initially left Hutchinson to attend Marymount College in Salina he was able to find a job as a bookkeeper. He returned to Hutchinson and the only place that would hire him was the fire department as an overnight dispatcher. He had to give that up to get custody of his children from an abusive, neglectful mother. Then he went decades without finding another employer who would hire him. A lot of employers in Hutchinson refused to hire him because he was in a wheelchair. Years later in the mid nineties he found a job with agency that helps the mentally and physically challenged live in the community outside of institutions. This was the only other employer who would hire him and it was not for lack of trying. My sibling and I were forced to live in poverty because of this. After receiving my high school education I left Hutchinson to persue my college education. Unfortunately I had to return due to personal circumstances but once I was able to I left again. I have never moved back. The last time I went back was the year my mother was sodomized, beaten and raped in her own home. This was only one month after my father passed away. What a nice town!

Hutchinson is drug infested, as a matter of fact Reno County which is the county where Hutchinson is located in, is the top meth producer in the United States.

All the statistics previously stated about Hutchinson are accurate. I have looked them up myself but if you do not believe me check them out in the Department of Labor and the Department of Education websites.

I agree Hutchinson is a ----hole!

observer: AMEN!

omabradshaw: 10th May 2008 - 16:11 GMT

When I lived in Hutch, most of the people drove to Wichita to work.At that time there were a lot manufacturing businesses(Boeing Aircraft,etc).In Hutch the 2 main big businesses were Dillon's & Cessna Fluid Power.By the time I was out of high school, a lot of these businesses began having production profit problems & by 1976, the places started laying off & closing down.A city can't bring in new business if there is no incentives.And Hutch government has nothing to offer

DDWhitecotton: 12th May 2008 - 07:35 GMT

Hey Hutchinson, I also live in sunny San Diego. I was raised in Hutchinon until I was 17, Kweed was the deal then, dragging main and hanging out at the sonic and a & w rootbeer drive inns. You know there is some truth in a stale city. I left there 29 years ago, and I still have family in Hutch. I went back to Hutch 3 years ago for a funeral and came across 2 of my teen aged friends. They looked exactly the same, doing the same ol thing, "getting high" what a waisted life. It seems that those who could escape did and those that stayed behind are in a time warp. But anyway, I love coming back home to my child hood Hutchinson. Well, if anyone reading this blog recognises (?) my name ~ say hello @

yep its me: 14th May 2008 - 13:57 GMT

Hutch may not be a metropolis--but thats what I like about it. Its just like anywhere you live it is what you make of it. If you have a shitty attitude about this town, go away, chances are that we don't want you here anyway. I have always managed to find a job when I need one, I guess the difference between me and those of you who think its a shithole is that I am not lazy.

Leftin1991: 14th May 2008 - 20:43 GMT

I left for college in '91 and have only been back to visit. Hutchinson is a retirement community and sports one of the largest populations of nursing homes per capita in the midwest. You can't drive 2 miles without seeing a nursing home or "retirement village". I wouldn't be surprised if the NJCAA moves the Basketball Tourney to another site.

Me: 16th May 2008 - 05:15 GMT

The NJCAA has and always will be held here. Good ole Hutch hangs on to it's traditions.

Miss_1989: 17th May 2008 - 05:50 GMT

I had lived in hutch for 12 years growing up as a child, but my family ended up moving due to my parents job transfers and also because Hutchinson (even in the middle class neighborhoods) were becoming crime infested. Now, I will agree that Hutch is nothing more than a mere ghost town. But what I do recall is that Hutchinson used to have "Picnic In The Park" that was put on by the First National Bank in downtown. Anybody on here ever recall this event too? It was put on during the summer in the early to mid 1980's. The bank used to have a band play in the park gazeebo and have a small conession stand with your choice of Mountain Dew or Pepsi. I do remember that Day care (as I knew them as the friendship units) would sometimes take us kids down here to listen to the music, get a soda and we all had to bring our own lunches. (I do believe this was once in the location where one of the free water parks now stands in the downtown area?) Growing up as a kid in Hutch had it's share of fun times and plenty to do. There was never a boring day in Hutch. Not only was there picnic in the park, but every so often there was also "The Main Street Event". I agree as there is a lot of unemployment in Hutch and it has been ruined by the crime and its too bad, but it finds its way to everywhere, no matter where a person lives. Also, does anybody on here recall two very old apartment buildings built pre- 1920's that used to be behind the Hutchinson Public Library in the very early 1980s ? These buildings would have been located directly behind the Hutch Public Library. One had been stuccoed white, and the other one right beside it near the street corner was brown stucco and both had mansard roof tops. I can't recall the street addresses to either of those demolished old apartment buildings seeing that it has been many, many years now since they were knocked to the ground. Maybe someone who has lived in Hutch all their lives would know what I'm trying to describe of those buildings from my memory. I do recall that the building my family and I lived in at that time had faulty (outdated) wiring, and there was a robbery that occuried in the white apartment building in broad daylight one floor above our apartment where we had lived. So, yes Hutch always was a bad place to live even from my earliest recollections growing up there as a child. And those pictures somebody took and posted on here aren't much. Before you go posting about abandon buildings with little to no information try to look up the history behind them, you might be surprised at what information you might come across. Thats all I have to say.- Miss_1989

Me: 28th May 2008 - 18:03 GMT

The crime in Hutch is nothing compared to other cities. Crime is everywhere,in every town or city and thats just the way the world is today. I still feel much safer living here than I would a lot of other places. Is Hutch perfect? Far from it. But name me one town or city that is.

New to Hutch: 28th May 2008 - 20:28 GMT

I just moved here a few months ago, and while I agree that Hutch is not the best town in the world. It's not the worst either. There's a lot of complaint about the city leaders, but I have a lot of faith in our fairly new City Manager, John Deardoff. I think Hutch is going to try and clean up. Lots of the City departments have new management and they're all looking to make Hutch a great city. Lets stop complaining and see what happens in the next 5 years.

Andie: 6th Jun 2008 - 17:07 GMT

Dear Yep its me,
There is a difference between a "job" and a "career where you can make a living and support your family on. Hutchinson offers plenty of the former and not the latter. This would explain why most of the jobs left in Hutchinson are manufacturing, retail and fast food. I left Hutchinson for Kansas City to find a "career" and now I am no longer struggling to get by paycheck-to-paycheck. I have a "career" in the pharmaceutical business as opposed to a "job" which is what you have. Most Hutchinsonians are either on assistance or are struggling to get by as I was. Take an honest look around Hutchinson and you will see that most of the major employers, such as fortune 500 companies, have left town. The only major employers there are Wal-Mart, Hutchinson Hospital, and the city. As for your statement that you are glad I left I must reply so I am I.

MrBrenzo: 7th Jun 2008 - 18:00 GMT

Hutchinson Kansas is a boring place, if you are a boring person. I lived in Hutch until I was 15 and remember it fondly. the state fair only happens once a year, but it was a good time and my folks lifted the normal curfew of 8 so that i could stay out really late with my freinds, and the rest of the year i just went to school and did the school things. alright enough with the childhood stuff. i am currently in the navy and have lived in japan as well as spain, and visited nearly every other place you can imagine. so i can give a good world perspective. despite it's problems, kansas is a beutifull place to be from, and hutch is in the heart of it. i am not even the only one to think so, recently i meet a women working as a protocol functionary at the U.N. in switzerland. she was from argentina, but went to hutch jucco as a foreign exchange student for a year. i spent an entire evening remeniscing about hutch with this woman and was surprised to find out we did not know each other, but had freinds in common. that would not happen in larger cities, and as big as the world truly is, i am surprised it happened at all. the beuty of it was that she gained an appriciation for the mellow, understated outlook on life that people from kansas are known for. and i find the cynisysm in previous comments do not become us. the other thing that foreingners like is the way we speak. where ever i go, people tell me they like the kansas way of speaking and appriciate the nuetrality of our accent. it is also very helpful when it comes to learning other languages. i understand there might be economic woes there at this time, but that is hardly unique to hutch or even the U.S. trust me i have seen worse and i cannot help but to feel hopeful, the u.s. as a whole and is still very strong economically. for tips on how to survive or even flourish in these current conditions, start talking to your grandfolks about the great depression and WW2, or to the mexican imigrants who came to hutch for work. they know how to make do with a little, and ultimately that is the problem we have to address. americans are used to getting everything they want all the time. it might be time to tighten our collective belts. best of luck to all of you and take care.

hugglez924: 8th Jun 2008 - 02:11 GMT

I have lived in Hutchinson nearly all my life and it is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. My children are grown and dont plan on moving to any other town. The pictures that were posted were of the old St Elizabeth Hospital, loooooooong after the new Hutchinson Hospital was built. It is NOT across from ANY highway. So is someone would lie about something so small, what more would they lie about? *ponders*. It is located on Monroe Street around 22nd street.
I find all the immature comments very funny. Only children would find a city "boring". If you are bored, then you would be bored no matter where you lived. Just ask teenagers and young adults in New York City, Miami Florida, or even Los Angeles California. I have. Depends on who you speak with.
As for no employment, get an education then maybe you will be in a position to give educated opinions?
Someone asked for a list of things Hutchinson Kansas has to offer besides the friendly people or that it is a nice place to live? Ok....Hutchinson does have the Space Discovery Center, an OmniMax theater, the Kansas State Fair, an excellent college, an indoor water park, clean and beautiful parks, salt mines that are open to the public (if you have never been down there..its awesome!), it is centrally located to alot of other great/historic places to visit (in all directions), health care facilities to rival bigger cities, and not to forget the annual NJCAA basketball tournament (if its good enough for the nation, it should be good enough for the residents). There are 10 things someone asked for.
Like a home, a homeTOWN is what you make it!

Andie: 9th Jun 2008 - 17:17 GMT

I do have a degree as a matter of fact it is in Health Care Administration. Currently I am working towards a Masters in Health Care Administration and I still feel that the job opportunities in Hutchinson are quite poor. Your rosy view of Hutchinson is very optimistic but not quite accurate. If I may ask what exactly is your wonderful job opportunity and what is your educational degree in? Please fully read ALL the comments before meaking such broad assumptions about all the posters on here.

Tex : 9th Jun 2008 - 18:54 GMT

Yes, if you're a young person you really have to ask yourself what are the career options in Hutchinson. I just recently received a 12k raise with a 32k bonus for the year, which for the first time in my life put me over $100,000 earning per year. Could I have ever hoped to earn that kind of money in Hutchinson, hell no. My advice to the young people is to get your education and get the heck out of there.

Me: 9th Jun 2008 - 19:39 GMT

To Andie My goodness,you would have all kinds of career opportunities here in good ole Hutch if you have a degree in Health Care Administration. The health care field is booming here. So come on back to Hutch where the air is clean,the people friendly,the crime rate low,the trees are beautiful,the sunset is awesome. We need young professionals like you.

RN1980: 13th Jun 2008 - 06:16 GMT

My question to all you HATERS is: What makes your town/city so much better? Every community in this country as problems with drugs and poor "white trash" or "illegal immigrants". The photos posted ARE NOT a fair representation of this city. The grass isn't always greener on the other side. Maybe instead of sitting around BITCHING, ya'll could do something to make life better. You're bored? Open a new business or club. Be a doer instead of a complainer and then maybe, just maybe, you'll see the positives in life because boring or not, every community has its positives.

CS: 14th Jun 2008 - 22:15 GMT

Believe me there are a lot worse places to live than Hutchinson. To all of you who don't like Hutchinson, I sincerely hope that you are happy where you are living. Maybe Hutchinson just isn't "right" for you.

Ruth: 17th Jun 2008 - 00:24 GMT

So many bitter people. I grew up in Hutch and would not take the experience for anything in the world. I am sure it has gotten much worse in every town across the nation with drugs, more people, illegals, etc. Try to make it better instead of complaining.

oevre: 17th Jun 2008 - 17:42 GMT

Q: If you were driving down seventeenth and you realized you had a million dollars in your backpack, which you didn't realize you had, and you are seventeen years old, would you plan on spending your life in Hutchinson, Kansas?

Me: 18th Jun 2008 - 00:49 GMT

Re to oevre
If I had a million,I would travel and visit some really cool places,then I would settle down while I was still young and buy a really nice home here in good ole Hutch,and start up a business of some kind.

Tex: 18th Jun 2008 - 15:38 GMT

I don't drive down 17th, I drive to work in a brand new convertable down streets lined with palm trees and seagulls flying overhead. Because I live and work in a city that promotes good paying jobs and desires to make an effort to see that its citizens can work, make good money, and really enjoy life.

Tex: 18th Jun 2008 - 16:53 GMT

I saw today in the Hutch News where some poor 44 yr old guy shot himself in the head up there. I don't know his background, but he probably was poor and broke and couldn't see any future for his life. My advice again to the young up there is to get an education, and find a job that makes at least $50k a year. And, I don't believe that many jobs like that exist in Hutchinson, Ks. If you want to make a career at working at the local Kwik shop at $7.00 an hour, you will starve and die. The world is not going to get easier, it's going to get rougher and if you don't equip yourself, you're going to find it hard to survive. In this day and age, where you live and work is not an issue to be taken lightly, its a matter of life and death, just look at the suicide rates.

Me: 19th Jun 2008 - 18:37 GMT

Re to Tex

According to USA-TODAY.COM,depression and suicide rates by state list Texas at number 10 and Kansas at number 28,so it's obvious what state has the most depressed and suicidal residents. And it has nothing to do with Texas being the larger state.

Me: 19th Jun 2008 - 18:49 GMT

Re to Tex

And according to CNN-MONEY.COM,as of April 2008, unemployment rates state by state list Kansas at number 17 and Texas at number 19,so it sounds like we are not that far below Texas.

Tex: 19th Jun 2008 - 22:56 GMT

Well, I don't think it takes rocket science to see that there are more $50,000 a year plus jobs in Texas than there are in Hutchinson, Ks. Unemployment is everywhere, and if you don't have an education, you'll be just as unemployed in Texas as you will be in Kansas. And, there are a lot of places in Texas that I would not live, BUT the point is that there are a lot more opportunities in Texas than there are in Hutchinson, Ks. Besides the Health care field, prove to me that Hutchinson has opportunities for $50k plus jobs by naming the companies up there that would pay those kind of wages.

Tex: 19th Jun 2008 - 23:07 GMT

And according to CNN-Money, Texas has 102 Fortune 500 companies while Kansas has 5. So, tell me where the job opportunities are. Duh

Me: Re to Tex And your point is?

Tex: 20th Jun 2008 - 13:39 GMT

The point is for most wage earners if you want to make good money, you won't be living in Hutchinson, Ks.

Peter: 20th Jun 2008 - 14:10 GMT

after watching this thread for almost two years, the inability to earn a good wage is the least of many reasons why id never live in , hahaha...

Me: 20th Jun 2008 - 22:00 GMT

Re to Peter

Can't say I wouldn't blame you after reading so much negativity,but people like Tex who don't even live here but keep posting negative and slanderous comments,especially about the man who committed suicide,is enough to turn anyone away. But you know what I find ironic and even amusing? Tex obviously has strong ties and bonds and happy memories of Hutchinson, his hometown,or he wouldn't read our newspaper every day, or post on this site so much. What I can't understand is if Tex is so happy and contented in Texas, why doesn't he let go of his bad memories of Hutch,and move on with his life in Texas? The answer is obvious. Tex still has a strong bond with this fair city, or he would have moved on long ago. But Tex is right about one thing. An education is important to get ahead and to help attain a decent job,no matter where you live.

Peter: 21st Jun 2008 - 04:53 GMT

it seems like you fellas have managed to make this into a "you versus tex" argument, as opposed to a "hutch versus the rest of the world" thread, and i think the constant tit-for-tat bickering is pretty lame. surely you guys know that any impartial reader, if they care, will simply read this to get some viewpoints, research it themselves, and make their own conclusions.

as of now, this thread is like 50 pages of silly, subjective arguments. as i said about a year ago, its really a shame that none of you all have posted any more photos of hutch to show us all its other facets that you so voraciously claim werent shown in these photos.

Tex: 21st Jun 2008 - 15:16 GMT

They don't have any defense to my claims, they don't comment on specific issues I bring up, they don't engage in a meaningful discussion on the topics, because they know everything that I have said is the truth and they don't have any defense for the truth, except to try to insult me for telling it.

I find it rather humorous to read their comments, it brings a lot of laughter to my day, and that's why I post so much. Never in my life have I've seen such outlandish responses to my comments, and what's even more funnier is I bet they actually believe people can't see through their stupidity

Peter: 21st Jun 2008 - 15:28 GMT

so how about some photos? anyone in hutch got a camera or cameraphone, by any chance? it would be nice to actually see some of the town, as opposed to just reading endless blabber about it. this is (mostly) a photoblog, after all :)

Tex: 21st Jun 2008 - 16:06 GMT

I'll post a picture, this is Memorial Hall Convention Center.

This is the building that the city spent over 2.2 million to fix up and still can't be used because it can only seat 2,000 people and doesn't even have air conditioning. (Which would cost another 1 million) This is Me's tax dollars at work, producing a good return for the folks of Reno County.) (Or maybe that was a good return for the ones that did the work??)image 28191

Tex: 21st Jun 2008 - 16:17 GMT

Here's another one, this is the Kansas Cosmosphere, one of the recent winners in the "Wonders of Reno County". It was started my Max Ary, who stole space artifacts from his own museum and sold them for personal gain. He was later convicted and sentenced to 3 years in prison. Gosh, it's really a 'wonder' how all these bad things can go on in a nice little image 28192

town like Hutchinson

Peter: 21st Jun 2008 - 17:06 GMT

thats what im talking about, tex! thanks. see, to us outsiders that have no idea what these places/things are that you guys have been talking about forever, photos and descriptions really add impact to the conversation.

id love to see more. and its really great when people dont just slap up photos, but also take the time to explain what its a photo of, and give some of their views on it. sweet.

Me: 21st Jun 2008 - 21:57 GMT

Re to Tex and Peter

I would post pics here,but I do not know how.Maybe I can get my 17 year old to do it for me,but she is usually too busy,like many other folks here in Hutchinson,who are contented and happy.People are busy strolling through the beautiful Dillons nature center,patronizing our awesome two free water parks,or our well known indoor water park.Or perhaps everyone is at the Salt City Splash which draws one heck of a crowd,young and old alike.Or perhaps a lot of folks might be at one of our hip coffee shops which features bands for entertainment.Or just maybe people are at our well known antique district.Lets see,last week was the downtown art fair and the bike rally,I know that kept many people busy.Perhaps everyone is busy golfing at our exceptionally beautiful golf courses,one which is one of the best in the United States.Or perhaps folks are touring the Salt Mines which is an experience you will always remember.And yes,their is the Cosmophere,also nationally known and a great experience for many.On any given weekend,you can go to the Grand Prairie Convention Center,their is always some event going on.This coming weekend is going to be another event which also was held in March,and it drew a huge crowd,totally packed the center.You will also find many people busy at our race tracks,also at Fun Valley ball diamonds which Hutch is also known for.Or you just might find good people sitting under one of our thousands of beautiful shade trees drinking tea,try doing that under a palm tree!!!! So I guess people are too busy to post,or like me and don't know how,but I will see what I can do.And in the meantime,Tex,please come back home.It breaks my heart to hear you being so homesick for your hometown.

Hutchinson Escapee: 22nd Jun 2008 - 07:08 GMT

I'm not a religious person, but if there is a town in this county that truly is cursed, it's hutchinson, KS.

The corruption at the judicial level is staggering. The forces that be actually got the law changed FOR THE ENTIRE STATE that would have required a sitting Judge to retire at age 70. This was to keep the still sitting Judge Rome on the bench - lap dog for prominent lawyer and former Mayor of Hutchinson, Brad Dillon - heir to the Dillon family dynasty (The Dillon's Grocery Store chain, now owned by Kroger was founded in Hutchinson, KS).

At least one lawsuit so far this year was thrown out for having been decided behind closed doors in Judges chambers by Judge Rome and Brad Dillon without ever SERVING the defendant, much less was the case heard in open court.

Keep in mind: the law that was changes to let a geriatric Judge stay on the bench was changed to accommodate a Judge in HUTCHINSON! Not Topeka; not Kansas City, not Wichita - HUTCHINSON!

These are some very powerful people and the corruption isn't going away anytime soon - Brad Dillon is now running for the Reno County Commissioners spot (3rd District). Mmm-boy!

Add to that a disproportionate number of registered sex offenders and pedafiles (say, compared to a major metropolitan city), and you have got one of the most God forsaken cities I know.

Last year saw charges being filed against and the arrest of one of Hutchinson's finest (a Hutchinson police officer) for allegedly repeatedly sexually assaulting his 16 year old step daughter. I believe the trial is still going on...

You know, it's not that the big cities are "better" - you expect to see the worst in people there... but in small town America? It used to be that small towns were where you went to get away from the riffraff and corruption. Unless of course, that town is Hutchinson, KS.

Me: 22nd Jun 2008 - 08:26 GMT

Re to Hutchinson Escapee

Actually the Dillon Grocery Store chain was founded in the Sterling and Lyons area. As far as the judicial system being corrupt,show me one that isn't.The men who run this country are corrupt and always have been and always will be. Is it fair? Is it right? Hell no it isn't. Where can I research about the lawsuit that was thrown out? This interests me. I would like to know more about this. I do not recall the police officer incident,but I'm not saying it didn,t happen,just that I don,t recall. And Rome is a judge that is firm but fair,thats probably the reason he is still sitting. Brad Dillon? I don't know anything about him that you haven't allready mentioned,but I do know casually some of the other Dillon family members,and I can truthfully say they are the nicest people you could ever hope to meet.And I am a lower middle class citizen and have always been treated with nothing but respect from them. As far as sex offenders and pedafiles,I don,t know that we have more than any other town this size. But even one is one too many.

Hutchinson Escapee: 22nd Jun 2008 - 10:48 GMT

If a NYPD cop was charged and arrested for allegedly sexually assaulting (repeatedly) his 16 year old step daughter, it would be a national outrage and Nancy Grace would have a field day with it...

Not in Hutchinson! Ostrich-syndrome abounds! "I don't recall the police officer incident". Of course not!

Do yourself and every other Hutchinsonian a favor: vote for Brad Dillon in the August primary and then again in November for the general election. This way you are sure to continue to get more of the same.

Hutchinson Escapee: 22nd Jun 2008 - 11:41 GMT

Oops... seems Ryan Bloom wasn't a Hutch PD officer... no, he was a cop for a different city that LIVED IN AND COMMITTED his crime in Hutchinson, KS - and my mistake again - she wasn't 16 - she was 12.

I found this RENO COUNTY Classic while searching out the cop story:

Man on parole for animal crime, suspected in second

Author: Darcy Gray - The Hutchinson News -
Date: February 21, 2008
Publication: Hutchinson News, The (KS)

A 20-year-old man on probation in Reno County for criminal sodomy of an animal was arrested Tuesday night in Wichita on suspicion of the same crime. Joshua Brian Coman, of Pretty Prairie, was arrested after Wichita police responded to a burglary at a residence, Police Lt. Sam Hanley said.

"The homeowner reported she saw him in the garage with her 4-year-old Rottweiler," Hanley said.

Officers suspect Coman broke into the garage before committing the crime.

Classic... a true dog lover.

Me: 22nd Jun 2008 - 18:07 GMT

Re to Hutchinson Escapee

That sick pervert lived in Pretty Prairie,as you stated,not Hutch,the sick pervert who sexually assulted and killed an elderly woman this past month also was from out of town,Mcpherson to be exact.They came into our city or county to commit their crimes.The cop thing is still not registering with me,but anyhow,I asked you if you could tell me more about the court closed door incident. I am very interested in knowing about that in detail.

Hutchinson Escapee: 22nd Jun 2008 - 18:17 GMT

Really? Why?

I have the case number - it's public record. You could go to the 4th floor of the courthouse and get a copy of the file (cost you about $2-$4.00). But why are you more interested in a dirty, geriatric judge and the slimy, blood sucking lawyer that owns him, than you are in a convicted child rapist cop that called Hutchinson 'home'?

Answer that question to my satisfaction first and I will post the case number here, lest I be guilty of throwing pearls before swine.

Me: 22nd Jun 2008 - 19:01 GMT

Re to Hutchinson Escapee

I will keep my reasons for wanting to know to myself,but thanks for the offer to post the case number anyway. But my oh my aren,t you an angry one. You probably had to escape Hutch because you went before Rome on some horrible crime,and I bet Dillon was your attorney who will not fight for slime bags,so you were probably going to prison,and that is why you escaped Hutch. I got you figured out.

Hutchinson Escapee: 22nd Jun 2008 - 19:25 GMT

That's it? That's all you got?

Knowing Hutchinson to be the seething cesspool of child rapists and pedifiles that it is, I am going to suggest in the strongest language possible that the Dateline NBC people do one of their "To Catch A Predator" episodes in Hutchinson. Seriously.

Forget mere doctors and teachers - just wait and see how many prominent members of the community show up with booze and condoms!!! I'll bet Hutchinson goes down in history as one of the most notorious towns Chris Hanson has ever visited...

Returnee: 24th Jun 2008 - 15:26 GMT

Just happened on this site and was amazed that so many "high Paid executives" would spend so much time bashing someplace. Is your glass half full or half empty? Don't bother to reply as I won't be wasting my time listening to your crying.

Me: 24th Jun 2008 - 18:01 GMT

Re to Returnee

What baffles me is that these so called "happy and better off since I left Hutchinson" people just keep posting their negativity on this site. If they are so much better off and so happy in their new city, why do they keep posting? I understand it is their right to do so, but wouldn't you think they have other things to do with their time? Why do they keep such a negative hold onto their past? Why don't they let their unhappy memories of Hutch go,and get on with their new lives? Could it be that they are not so happy? I don't know. And I don't understand why they get so negative and mad when something good is posted about Hutch. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So to all of you who have left Hutch and hate it so much, leave your painful past behind you get on with your new life. The more you keep posting here,the more homesick I realize you really are.

Tex Re: Me: 24th Jun 2008 - 18:41 GMT

Nice try, but some of us have to be the voice of truth, because they sure won't hear it coming from some of you'all up there. How come you want to post so much on here Me? Don't you enjoy taking care of your patients? It would seem to me that if you enjoyed your job, you'd wouldn't be spending so much time on here arguing with us.

In fact who is taking care of your patients while your surfing here on the internet? I don't think I'd want to be up there in the hospital in Hutchinon Ks. knowing the nurses are down at the station typing up a storm on the internet while I'd be sitting on my wet bed pan!

Me: 24th Jun 2008 - 20:24 GMT

Re to Tex

I don't work at the hospital,and I work split shifts,different shifts during the week,so I post on off time. And what does Hutchinson matter to you anymore? Why does it matter if you post the voice of truth or not? You dont live here,so why do you care? Is it perhaps that you want things good in Hutchinson,when you return to live someday? Or is it as I suspect,you are truly homesick?

hmmm: 24th Jun 2008 - 21:17 GMT

You are sooooo far off on the idea that Hutchinson is the "most" drug infested area... I will quote Andie with the statement that Reno County is ranked in the top spot for the U.S....I'm raising the BS Flag....I can't stand when people spout out unsupported I am attaching a webpage that show the facts.... here you will clearly see that Missouri is in much worse shape!

voice of reason: 24th Jun 2008 - 21:50 GMT

Everyone anywhere can either make the most or least out of any situation. The US medical care system is the worst of any advanced nation. You do not need to say your hospital is better than any others. I have been to 30 of 50 states and they all "suck". Get over yourselves and write your congress people. You elected trash so guess what? You get what you get. You want fewer drugs? Better health care? Better mental health? Cleaner inner cities? Quit playing "beat up on a red neck" and relay your thoughts to politicians who can seriously legislate change.

Tex Re: Me: 24th Jun 2008 - 23:02 GMT

I don't think things in Hutch will ever improve, I just enjoy being a thorn in you'all sides!! LOL!! A fly in the ointment that won't go away. I still own property up there, so I still have a vested interest in what goes on up there. But, would I move back?....nnnnnoooooooooooo wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!
I make too much money down here and have too many beautiful women to spend it on!!!
Life is goooooood!!!

Me: 25th Jun 2008 - 01:43 GMT

Re to Tex

I find it ironic that you brag about all the money you make,six figures to be exact,and I believe you do make that much, but why do you put down people in Hutch who make six figures or more? Are they not supposed to be happy with their success,only you out of staters? And you are certainly not a thorn in my side. I know you are homesick and I feel sorry that you miss Hutch so much.

voice of reason: 25th Jun 2008 - 02:08 GMT

If life is good then you would not be typing rhetorical crap in front a computer screen. On that note good bye and good luck. I am sure that you will find time to get away from all of the babes to have a comeback to every comment made about your pathetic existence. Loser;)

Me: 25th Jun 2008 - 03:12 GMT

Re to voice

You said it well. I wonder why Tex doesn,t sell his property and break completely away from Hutch,if he hates it so bad. If I hated something so bad,I would sever all ties. Get on with my life. Quit wasting so much time commenting on something I despise so much. But as I said,the poor fella is homesick and he won't admit it,or else he would break away totally free and clear of Hutch.

Devil's Advocate: 25th Jun 2008 - 03:35 GMT

Tex, maybe you're a part of the problem! Owning property and making an income from Hutchinson while not putting anything back into the town!

Tex: 25th Jun 2008 - 14:44 GMT

Actually my tennant lost his job about 10 years ago, and still hasn't been able to find employment due to health problems and also due to the fact there are no decent jobs to be found in Hutchinson for the working middle class.

So I let him live in my property for free. That's right I said rent free, for over 10 years now. Because I don't like seeing people having to live on the street. So, I actually lose money, in that I have to pay taxes on the property to a city and county govt. that is incompetent and wastes the taxpayers money on worthless ventures and at the same time has no emphasis on creating good paying jobs.

But, based on these responses, you'all deserve what you have. You don't need me to make yourselves look like a bunch of assess. You do a good job of it on your own.

Me: 25th Jun 2008 - 19:24 GMT

Re to Tex

Sorry,don't believe you,and I doubt any other posters do either.

Tex: 25th Jun 2008 - 20:40 GMT

That doesn't surprise me, the mentality of people like you doesn't support the concept of acts of kindness and compassion.

Peter: 25th Jun 2008 - 20:43 GMT

come on, you guys. this thread is getting argumentative and personal. are you guys going to go back and forth like this forever? i suggest doing one of the following: a) posting photos of hutch b) saying something new about hutch c) putting a sock in it.

no offense, but i have a feeling that i may be speaking for some of the other regulars on this site when i say were getting a little tired of this now-rhetorical argument...

Tex: 25th Jun 2008 - 21:18 GMT

Yes, the problem is that no one up there is capable or willing to post any photos, and if anyone wants to bring up topics for discussion, they are simply insulted to try to shut them up.

Me: 26th Jun 2008 - 01:10 GMT

Re to Peter

This thread is getting out of control and the topics are not even what this thread started out to be about. But I do not have to prove anything to any out of stater,and I wont waste my time,anymore time on Tex,I will not read anything he has to say anymore.All of his babes must have left him,he sure has a lot of time to be nosing around on what doesn,t even concern him anymore.I would be out spending my six figure salary and not giving a darn if I was him.But it's obvious he is not telling the truth about a lot of things. So keep on keeping on Mr Tex, I will not read another thing you post.And I don't have to prove anything to you,or post any pics for anybody. I am comfortable in my own skin,it's too bad and so sad that you are not.

Tex: 27th Jun 2008 - 04:08 GMT

Yes, what is getting out of control on this site is the truth about all the dirty little secrets of Hutchinson, Kansas, and there is nothing you nor anyone else can do to stop it. I'm glad 'Me' is no longer going to look or read my posts, some people just can't handle the truth, and I plan on posting more photos and more stories to go with them.

jb53: 27th Jun 2008 - 12:34 GMT

I have lived here for close to twenty years. I really think the people that can't find work are the ones that just plain don't want to work. I have never been without a job here or any place else. I have been adding to my retirement alot lately and even though I have my own opinions about Hutch that doesn't prevent me from working. It is your choice to live here and if you don't care for it MOVE but that won't happen cause somewhere down the line everyone else is paying your way here and why would anyone want to leave the nest that is feeding them!!!!!!

Tex: 27th Jun 2008 - 13:21 GMT

Yes, there are a lot of people up there that are unemployed for whatever reasons and are having to live with relatives, parents, etc., in order to stay there.
As far as them moving away, you have to have money to do that, money for gas, money for a car, money for a bus ticket, train ticket, whatever. And, they're so dirt poor, or spend their money on drugs, they can't even come up with the funds to do that, so they stay where they're at living off others. That's what amazes me that people find it unbelievable that I have a renter at my property living there rent free. As, long as he takes care of the property and doesn't tear things up, that's all I'm concerned about. Do you know how hard it is to find a good renter in Hutchinson, Ks? First you have to find someone who has a good job and can pay the rent, and who isn't on drugs, then you have to find someone that won't tear the place up. The worst renter that I've ever had was a registered nurse, who you think that you could trust, but nope, not in Hutchinson, Ks.

howardandros: 27th Jun 2008 - 14:11 GMT

I am from Hutch and although I live in the Bahamas, it is still nice to go back home. I love the seasons and the people are all nice, jobs are a pain almost anywhere.

surviving: 27th Jun 2008 - 15:12 GMT

All of the post I"ve been reading has some kind of validity to the experience and surviving in hutch. I will not capitalize the "h on hutchinson' so please don"t think I messed up. I knew this site was up, so I decided to hop on. If you have a chance look up the college definition "dead". Wow! I read all about hutchinson. I"m not copping an attitude I was reading. the def. of hutch!!!!. When I go out in the public I get my things I need and head home. Why? might you ask... Because it"s an ugly site here. I"m not talking about the little flowers and decor the city has wasted our money on. I"m talking of the pigs that devour our homes in the city. How can we have soooo many dirty, fat , sloppy, selfish leach pigs in such a small area?. They have NO excuse for being so repulsive. Being poor doesnt mean slopping around with a "you owe me" attitude. And being so dirty. I have worked 1 full time job plus 2 part-time job to raise my 2 boys. And I GOT NO GOV. ASSISTANCE I"m now in my 50"s and have survived. Please can any of you show the stats. of of reno co. gov. assistance, meaning welfare,food stamps,disabled,ssi, etc. I have lived her all my life. I do know their is people who need help from the gov. So don"t jump me for that. Go to Walmart or Aldi"s at the 1st. week of each month. You will see families with full to the brim ( 1 or 2 carts) of food,food and more food!!!!!! Then compare the hard working persons cart. How do you know they work?? They usually have to be pretty conservative with the budget. Now I have a question.. Does hutch breed this type of lazy person OR does hutch magnetize this using, loser that sucks the tax-paying working peoples pockets dry? It is very disgusting to know 1st hand of druggies frying themselves to brain-dead aphids and getting on disability.. I am not making this up. I do live in the real world and no I am not over the top. And we paid for these aphids during their druggies years and now us tax payers are paying for their ride again. I know hutch isn"t the only one with this problem, And I know the problem is bigger than hutch. But cant we make Reno co. MAKE THESE PEOPLE CLEAN UP THERE YARDS. They collect crap and have a ongoing garage(junk)sale. The city needs to set a time limit on these eye-sores. Welcome to hutchinson Yeh.

Tex: 27th Jun 2008 - 16:35 GMT

You have several different problems going on at the same time up there. You have people with a poor work ethic, who want to live on free handouts. But, you also have a city that has not done anything to promote good jobs, and people can't live on minimum wage, so they get fed up with working their assess off and still not able to get by, so they figure why try, and lets live off the govt. So, poverty, laziness runs rampant and the taxpayers foot the bill.

surviving: 27th Jun 2008 - 22:16 GMT

Tex I completely understand what your saying is true. Thanks for the imput. I have worked my ass off,and I had lived below poverty level. hutch was the same then at it is today. It is struggle in hutch. I guess I was brought up different, I get pissed when I know a good percent of these lazy people don't try. hutch had the same control when I was working and it sucks.... I saw on the national news that people on welfare are whining that groceries are going up ,so they can't buy as many groceries. They dont have enough money to feed their kids. Well these losers need to learn to BUDGET. Oh reno co. has a free class to learn to manage their money. And again we pay. I assume you work or have put in a life of hard work. So please understand my anger. I know the new thing is to hire part-time and get no benefits and that sucks. But do hutches workers employees get any different set-up? nope they dont. ( I'm not talking about employees that work for the city of hutch. They get great benefits, and to get hired onto the city you have to be friends with the right people. The lazy leaches know ho to work the system,why cant they put some of all that brain energy to a positive way of life. I was at Aldi"s one day. this gal had five kids She had 2 carts full steaks pop, roast, candy, and lots of junk food. I mentioned all the food in the carts,and the total was about 200.00 bucks. the employee said to me he sees her all the time. And this pig,( fat, dirty kids etc. was given 800.00bucks a month. I can"t spent that. Yes I have several things going on but I am trying to show both sides of the problems of hutch. I now have to start taking care of my parents here in hutch. So right now I am pretty stuck here. I cant stand this. town either . I have so much crap about this town it will make your head spin. so be patient with me. It's nice to have a site to let people know how ethically dirty this town is. later!!!!!

Me: 28th Jun 2008 - 04:32 GMT

Re to surviving

You go into any town or city,and you will find many women with a dozen kids,milking the system.Happens everywhere,all the time,not just in Hutchinson Kansas.But I understand how you feel.I have been upset myself when I was on a strict budget and buying hotdogs,beans,etc.,and seen women with a vision card buying non healthy frozen pizzas and chips and all kinds of trash for their children. Women too lazy to cook anything,just pop something into the microwave.No wonder so many kids are diabetic,autistic,overweight. But this milking of the system happens everywhere.

Me: 29th Jun 2008 - 07:30 GMT

Boy oh boy!!!Was Hutch boring this weekend???The answer is absolutely,positively,most certainly not!!!!!The Grand Prairie held the Warfare X ultimate fights,and talk about excitement and a fun time!!!!Hutch was awesome and the fighters incredible!!!!The Hutch Fest has been going on also,and it's been fun as well.I have had a blast in my hometown this weekend!!!!!Keep the entertainment coming Hutch!!!!!!

adr: 30th Jun 2008 - 02:35 GMT

im not gonna read any of these comments, all i know is that the pics were all of one area by the old hospital, not the church, i dont know what year, but now they are apts, and all the pics were taken from different views of the old hospital. why not take pics of 17th street, or 30th, or hwy 61? every state has like 1000 cities that dont have a major highway running through them, so you cant base your argument on that, there are 46,000 people here, and the jobs are more than min. wage jobs, i work for tyson foods and have for 5 years, i work 6 days a week, and make a helluva living.
as far as welfare have you ever been to new york? i lived there for 10 years and omg, scumbags everywhere, everyone is on some kind of welfare where i lived, liquor stores, and gun shops were the best money makers, and they took food stamps thankfully, major businesses could not survive, and the town (jamestown) was all but dead, but the 6 surrounding lake commuities kept it alive.
how are you struggling in hutch? everything is well below the national rent and morgage rates, and as far as the elderly and handicap, where do you live where there are nothing but young people?
it is not hutchinson, or kansas that makes people not wanna work or have 10 kids by lazy men who dont wanna work, its everywhere, so before you judge the city on some pics of the old hospital off the beaten path, like every city has!!!!, look aroud your own city and see how great you are

Jerrod the "Wildchild" Racerboy: 1st Jul 2008 - 06:17 GMT

Hutch Really isnt as bad as some make it out to be. Great paying jobs arent plentyfull but there are plenty of jobs out there if you REALLY want to work!! Most people in this town or any other that are not working DONT want to. There are alot of good people that live here also. The way I look at it is this, you can find things about everything in life that sux. But I promise the sun will come up in the east tomorrow and onother day in Hutchinson Kansas will be waiting for you!!

surviving: 2nd Jul 2008 - 17:27 GMT

hutch is safer than a lot of big cities, and the commute to work is not so bad,(hour wait traffic jams etc.) I have traveled and it"s not fun to set , and move 2 inches and stop. So I appreciate hutch on that note. Also the comment adr, and wildchild has proved my point,people can find jobs if they will get off their butts and get out of bed, make it on time, and work for a living. If any city will hire a person without a college degree it can be done around hutch. Oh ! One an employee looks for a positive attitude, and desire to earn their pay. I hope this my help the illiterate ( lack of culture, work ethics etc.) buy a alarm clock and apply for a job. I promise you all people that cant find a job or won"t work own p.c."s I would like your input,

living in Hutchinson: 3rd Jul 2008 - 03:41 GMT

Wow. Interesting website. I would like to comment too. I live in Hutchinson. I have been here my entire life. I moved to big cities in other states for a few years about 10 years ago. The big cities have some advantages yes, but these pictures do no justice to this town. It is much nicer than that! I will probably move away again but this isn't a bad place. I am 32 years old and I have a husband and two kids. We both have great jobs IN HUTCHISON and made almost 90000 per year. I only work part time and I made 55000 last year. I think that the rich are growing richer and the poor are growing poorer in this town. I was a real poor kid and grew up in a real poor neighborhood but I went to college and came back. This is my home for now. I think that if you really want a job you can get it. I am working hard to make sure that my kids don't end up being the ones on Meth and flucking out of school and trashing houses. Our city definitely needs something for kids to do. We need more programs that are affordable for kids to be involved in. We work our asses off trying to find activities for our kids to keep them occupied. It is expensive to do this. The only pool is way far away from where people that can afford to go there live. It costs too much money to get in. The cosmosphere is cool but really why should we pay 20$ to see a movie. I guess Hutch pisses me off too. I'll be out with in the next couple of years. Anyone want to buy a house for 165000? I need to sell it and get out of here! It's a retirement community and I have found that if you are young enough to have kids here and didn't grow up with the rich kids you don't fit in. It has nothing to do with money. We live in a nice house in a nice neighborhood and make enough money but still aren't accepted by the "group." The group is those that grew up with money. It is interesting to see those that grew up "rich" now. Most are not even close to being rich now. I want more for my kids so I work with what I have. I work for a big company here in town and I am not impressed with the way the employees are treated so I'm going to Wichita to work soon. We moved to a school district that I had heard was so great and then when it comes down to making our schools better the people that live in the district won't vote to give the schools extra money. It makes me sad that we can't invest in our future. The people that voted "no" probably don't have kids in the schools but what is going to happen when there are no more young families in this town? There won't be a Hutchinson anymore. I moved into my house last year and it is a dream come true but I am finding out about all of the ridiculous things that are going on in this town. It is sad but Hutchinson is going to lose a couple of great nurses soon and a couple of great kids. Who is going to take care you you then? I really do love my house but the town is not worth it now.

gotout: 3rd Jul 2008 - 04:06 GMT

i moved away more than 20yrs ago be honest hutch is boring. i come home at least once a year to visit family. things are getting pretty ratty there. the neighborhoods need to do like most city and have a home owners assoc. maybe that will help and if the people really care help those who cant afford to fix up their homes. i help the elderly on my block i live in a major city. i would prefer to be homeless than move back. but i will admit you have control of your life style there are jobs if you want to work. the cost of living is low but it is one of the most boring places on the planet earth and i know because i travel alot. and the drugs are out of control get that under control and maybe hutch can be the great town it was 20 or more years ago the police know who the dealers and addicts the know where the labs are shut them down. and to surviving you are supposed to enjoy life not survive it a little traffic is nothing when there are so many things to do that you could never see or do them all. the cosmosphere how abhout the air and space museum. have a nice day

Me: 3rd Jul 2008 - 07:27 GMT

Re to living in Hutchinson

You are bi-polar and I want to let you know there are medications for it.

gotout: 3rd Jul 2008 - 17:51 GMT

sorry surviving i must have misunderstood you, but one word of advise if you really want to leave do as i did pack everything in your auto and dont look back. visit once a year at the most for 3 days. even if you have to move to ict.

baffled: 4th Jul 2008 - 05:59 GMT

Pack your shit and get the hell out of town! have you heard the asying you are what you eat? good luck.

Mr. T: 4th Jul 2008 - 14:02 GMT

re: baffled, you sure are, your name matches you. what dumb -ass comment tells me what you eat!!!!!.

Editor: 4th Jul 2008 - 15:55 GMT

I think I speak for all of us when I say I'm sick of this tit for tat small-town school-yard squabble.

Comments closed.

Heaven: 13th May 2009 - 02:39 GMT

You know what i live in hutch and its the most fucking boring town ever......except for the fair and the church/apartment thing is the drum school it used to be the hospital

Sanzay: 13th May 2009 - 15:54 GMT

Look at the clean floor at the fifth picture. Where is the debris, whre is the mess intrinsic to abandoned buildings? Where is the graffiti?
This town is definitely undersaffed with hobos, vandals and graffiti artists.

grew up and ran away from hutch: 18th May 2009 - 02:23 GMT

shocked that there are this many comments about hutch.. i've lived all over the country.. made it through katrina.. when i was a kid i thought hutch was my doom.. hindsight i think it was a great place to raise kids.. i heard they were starting to really have trouble with drugs out there that concerns me now that i have kids of my own and want a safe place to let them run.. we live in a nice suburb in the outskirts of new orleans i pay a whole lot for private school.. kansas had pretty great schools.. i think the pictures were to show some desolate stretching of the truth.. the cosmosphere is pretty right on though.. the fair i remember with nostalgia.. i mean hutch is boring now don't get me wrong but it's a great place to raise kids.. (you'd have to work out of town though.. and your kids will be as bored crazy as we were... no matter how bad you think your crime rate is.. surely its more like a small town blog it's not infested with crime.. although you'd think that we'd have a more apt police department.. i remember when there were barely traffic lights and the library was the most interesting thing to do besides play at the parks (which there are a lot of) it's pretty family oriented out there.. you pay just as much to live in town as you do out of town.. if you think the crime is so bad move out farther to the country. mostly all of the same people i grew up with still live there (yes you are all still there.. complaining about how much you hate hutch.. but have nothing to base it off of.. it really limits your mind i suggest moving out into the world before moving back to hutch.. that may be the only way one could really appreciate all the little annoyances that make hutch home.) i kinda miss it.. maybe not the cold.. or the rude judgmental know it all's.. (they are all over 200 lbs.. and or bald hopefully, assuredly everyone gets the face they deserve when they are 30.)

Jon: 20th May 2009 - 06:32 GMT

Hutch is a decent place...i actually moved away got out of the black hole that is Hutchinson, KS...but i find myself missing it a lot...but I have a lot of history and friends still there....Hutchinson is a good place to raise a family...i couldnt agree more...lots of things for family to do...if you want to go out though that is a different got vicks, clicks, and jacks....maybe Grandslam...but that bar is gay and has fat bartenders......Hutch is full of fat girls so...whats new? lol

oh another thing while im on my drunk rant.....isnt Hutchinson a black hole? It sucks you back in eventually...I moved FAR away and somehow I find myself back in Hutch is the center of history's most boring universe!

Ali: 27th May 2009 - 15:50 GMT

My husband and I moved to Hutchinson for a job and I would like to say that Hutch has been a great home for us. The people here are friendly, there are PLENTY of things to do - Hutch is doing a great job supporting the arts and have plenty of activities involving the arts. I think this a great place to live, the neighborhoods are clean overall and friendly. I realize that Hutch doesn't go without it's fair share of downfalls but thats the same with any community.

Mokc: 29th May 2009 - 15:37 GMT

Hutchinson Kansas has a huge population of non-working lazy welfare recipients. I have never seen a town so full of people on welfare or disability. If they are able to walk around, then they are able to work.

Hutchinson is a welfare state!

bogeysblows: 29th May 2009 - 21:47 GMT

i was born here and finally left at 18, but at age 26 was forced to comeback. its a hell hole and im pretty sure im stuck here till my parents croak.

FREEIRELAND: 31st May 2009 - 12:31 GMT

i stayed in hutchinson for the summer of 2002 and had the best time of my life!!! i cant believe some of these comments...if you all lived where i live you would realize that hutchinson is a great place! try living in a warzone where bombs and gunfire are the norm!! everyday another innosent victom!! hutchinson has made me a better person and everyone who lives there should take pride in that! PEACE

H-townWarrior: 2nd Jun 2009 - 23:30 GMT

I have lived in a lot of towns in the lower 48, and they are all the same: welfare, poverty, laziness, and horrible job markets..also all of them illegal immigrants that take our good jobs away...Hutchinson aint so bad...yeah, the jobs suck, there is not much to do, but it is a small town, there is not alot of crime, and no smog...oh can run from a tornado, you cant run from a quake.

LittleBigJ: 9th Jun 2009 - 00:46 GMT

I live in Wichita KS. with a population of about half a million. Its about 45 min. away from Hutchinson, and i know a few girls from there, and all the pretty females come to Wichita to go to Old Town & bars.--- The country girls and 1 nightclub (McGraws), is the only good thing I have ever heard good about Hutchinson. It is a great city for people ages 40 & up, & Hutchinson does provide most of the salt to the mid-west or maybe even the USA. If your not happy in Hutchinson, just move down the way to Wichita. WICHITA IS LIKE NYC TO HUTCHINSON!!

Peter: 9th Jun 2009 - 01:47 GMT

thats right, ladies and gentlemen... !

Notta Salt-Hawk: 10th Jun 2009 - 19:47 GMT

Peter, are you still posting to this forum? I've taken pity on you, LOL!

Would someone PLEASE post a picture of the beautiful WPA mural in the Hutch post office for Peter? How about a picture of the fountain at Carey Park too? Are there still those big beautiful houses on Main Street? (I think the style is called American Foursquare -- Hope they're still there. I haven't been home in many years.) Would love to see photos.

Peter, here are some other architectural gems for you. As a child, I loved the Pactola Apartments building. Please check out the old Carnegie Library too.

Notta Salt-Hawk: 10th Jun 2009 - 19:53 GMT

Here's the Pactola Apartments building. Isn't it wonderful?

Peter: 10th Jun 2009 - 20:18 GMT

yes, i still post to this forum from time to time. lol.

Notta Salt-Hawk: 10th Jun 2009 - 20:27 GMT

Didn't work, sorry.

RWgirl: 12th Jun 2009 - 16:29 GMT

As for what Hutch could do to improve itself: work with what you have. Get rotating exhibits into the Cosmosphere. Plan some summer events. What about free concerts in the park? A Bite-type event:, I organized the first one for Eugene, Oregon and it was a massive success. Cycle events, Zombie walks, arts and crafts fairs, food carts (and no, I'm not talking about roach-coaches), drive ins (car festivals) are also ideas. Close down main street on a Sunday for a water fight. There's lots to work with, lots you can do on a shoe-string too.

RWgirl: 12th Jun 2009 - 20:51 GMT

My first post disappeared:(

Anyway, the person who says you can be happy wherever you live is 100% wrong. In no way is that true. Even though I was born and spent my childhood in Hutch, it's not the place I call home. Portland, Oregon is my hometown and always will be. I've lived in several places and some I've loved and some I've hated. Sure, every place has a unique quality, but not all are places I'd be happy living. I lived in San Juan, Puerto Rico for two years and hated it. It's entirely too crowded and the island is pretty darn small for all the people. I do have good memories and friends from there, but I could have never been happy living there. I wouldn't be happy living in San Antonio, there's nothing to do there but eat and buy stuff (that's only fun for so long). I can't breathe in LA, so I wouldn't be happy there. New York: no, just no. Now that I'm over the culture shock, Oslo is a place I could live (but it would never replace Portland). I could live in Berlin, the tourists are thankfully contained to the Reichstag and Checkpoint Charlie areas so there's lots of neat neighborhoods. I could live in Budapest despite the tourist hoardes, that city is a crown jewel. Couldn't live in Warsaw, just don't like the city's vibe. Could live in Kyiv, Ukraine in an instant, that city is nothing short of amazing (housing is way expensive though).

Just because someone is unhappy in one place, it doesn't mean they'll be unhappy everywhere. People are also underestimating how hard it really is to just pack up and leave. Moving costs money. Try finding a job in a city you don't live in, it's not that easy. After all that is said and done, it still takes time to establish yourself in a community. It's not impossible to move, but it's not exactly easy either.

RWgirl: 12th Jun 2009 - 21:27 GMT

Someone challenged people who didn't live in Hutch to come up with 10 great things about their city. I can do that for Portland.

1. Involved citizens- the people of this community care what happens to it. They show up at city council meetings. If the councilors don't listen they stage protests, sign petitions, start recalls. People in this city work to change this city (or keep it the same in some instances).

2. Magnet schools- All school systems are in trouble, but Portland has specialized K-12 schools with amazing programs. They have schools geared toward science and math, language immersion, the environment, medical/dental, arts and communication, biotech, business and marketing, and baccalaureate studies just to name a few. These are 100% free public schools that anyone can attend.

3. Powells City of Books: It's a bookstore that's a full city block and four stories tall. It's open very late for nightowls and has a good selection of used books shelved right next to the new books. We also have two fantastic comic book/gaming stores. These are also open late and are places to gather socially. People don't just buy their games and supplies there (the pen and paper and dice kind of games, not computer games), but they play there as well.

4. Nightlife that doesn't involve drinking- There's something for everyone at night in Portland. It doesn't matter what your interest is. You can catch a laser light show at OMSI, swing dance in a ballroom with a springy floor, listen to any number of free or cheap music performances, go to any number of live theatre performances, midnight bowling, alcohol-free dance clubs, night cycling, night sports, there's neighborhoods where the cafes are open late, there's always good street performers, you can race on Portland International Raceway for a nominal price, the list goes on and on. Seriously, anything you are into, you can find happening at night.

5. Neigborhoods- Portland has a neighborhood for everyone. Feel like living in a posh condo over fancy grocery stores and fancy restaurants? Live in the Pearl. Want to live in a young, hippy-ish and artsy neighborhood? Live on Hawthorne. There's a neighborhood for everyone. The neighborhoods all have their own events and their own flavor. It also fosters a community feeling.

6. Oregon Health Sciences University- Level 1 trauma center (one of two in Portland) with some of the best doctors in the country. If you don't have health insurance, they will assist you in paying for your treatment. Affordable and excellent.

7. OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry) and the Portland Art Museum. OMSI has rotating exhibits along with favorite mainstays. It has an OMNIMAX theatre (bigger and better than an IMAX), and attractions for young and old. We had the set peice of the real Millenium Falcon and one point, Bodyworlds came through, dozens more did. With the changing of attractions, OMSI becomes at least an annual event whether or not you have kids. The Portland Art Museum has rotating collections too, but they also have their permanent collection with world famous artists and a few of the masters.

8. Random acts of wierdness- Things just run a little different in Portland. Depending on the day, you may see hundreds of Santas hurling fruitcake into the Willamette on a trebuchant, a naked foot race, a zombie walk, a pillowfight in Pioneer Courthouse Square, the world's smallest incorporated park (that's not really an event, but it bears mentioning), legally performed weddings at a doughnut shop (that has some of the oddest pastries you'll ever enounter), adults on childrens bikes bombing down an insanely steep hill. Again, that's just naming a few. Something fun and family-friendly is always happening in downtown. And really, how can you not smile when you see a flood of Santas parading through the streets and stopping for impromptu dance parties?

9. We are the second best cycling city in the world. Amsterdam is the only city in the world that is more bicylce friendly. Bike lanes, bike friendly businesses, bike lockers, bike paths all make biking a pleasant alternative to driving.

10. Nature, nature everywhere- and all quite accessible. Drive 40 minutes east or west and you'll run into it. Can't get out of the city? Go to Forest Park on public transportation. The park stretches for over 8 miles (over 5,000 acres), has 70 miles of trails and is one of the largest urban forest reserves in the US.

Dumpster: 14th Jun 2009 - 16:52 GMT

Hutchinson is a just a dump. Full of fat old or young fat and old cattle (people) that live on welfare or some type of gov't assistance.

Stupid American: 18th Jun 2009 - 20:19 GMT

So much for comments being closed nearly a year ago on this topic... I am so glad I could take a bit of time to read the nuggets of wisdom posted here! Of course, by "glad" I mean supremely sorry and by "nuggets of wisdom", I mean "biased BS" (on both sides of this pissing match). There are fat, self-involved idiots all over this country, so it only makes sense there are also some in Hutchinson.

Deep Depths of Hell: 19th Jun 2009 - 15:59 GMT

Moved here from oklahoma when i was three and even then i probably knew how big a mistake it was. Lived here for about 15 years and I am just waiting til I graduate to escape this boring craphole of a town. People try to say there are things to do BULL. Okay heres what you can do:
A. Go to a movie : WHO CAN'T you can go to one in any town whooohoo
B. Go bowling: after you've been twice it's no fun
C. Go to the cosmosphere: well if you have lived here and went to school here you have been at least 15 times ITS ALWAYS THE SAME

Crush: 23rd Jun 2009 - 11:34 GMT

Wow, I live in Kansas City, born and raised there. I have seen the bad sides of KC but nothing comes close to Hutchinson as far and people not working. I have to agree with past posters. I have never seen so many lazy unemployed people in my life. People just roaming the streets. I was only in Hutchinson for two weeks as a part of my job. I left with a very bad taste.

Things to do: 30th Jun 2009 - 02:20 GMT

There are many things to do in Hutchinson. 1. Watch paint dry. 2 Watch old people get older. 3. take a crap 4. Apply for disability 5. Apply for food stamps. 6. Watch meth heads do their crazy stuff. 7. Grow poorer. As you can see this is just a small sample of the activities you can do or participate in. Come on people! Just get a little creative!

hutch_78: 4th Jul 2009 - 22:04 GMT

So many opinions about a small Kansas town...did you think the same think about Greensburg, KS? You might want to talk to some of the people there that survived and have put so much time & energy in to rebuilding thier homes in a town that might have been described by you as "boring," "not growing," and didn't have any "special" attractions that you needed to go see more than once in your life...but isn't it amazing how they seem to find things to do and enjoy themselves more than most of those living in large metropolitian areas. I live in a much larger place now; however, I was born and raised in Hutchinson, KS for 21 years, and although there are a lot of "things to do" and "a great nightlife" where I am now...after a while even those things get boring (and expensive) if you don't have something with more substance that allows you to see the good in the little things like staying home and enjoying family, friends, and yourself! If Hutchinson is so terrible...move, and when you do I feel sorry for the town that will now have to put up with your negative attitudes!

RWgirl: 6th Jul 2009 - 18:51 GMT

There is a serious lack of opportunity in Hutch. I think my lucky stars every day that my mom moved us away when she did. I still have fond memories of the place, but that's because it was my childhood. I don't think I'd feel the same if I spent my teenage or adult years there. I know for a fact I wouldn't have the life I have today and that would be a shame.

Hutch Native: 14th Jul 2009 - 01:15 GMT

I moved away when I was 22 to Phoenix where I've been for 30 Yrs. I think its a great little town to grow up in. My brother and I lived and breathed basketball and they always had a good juco team and the Nationals. Wichita is close and if you like to drink, then you are in the right town. I was also born in St. Elizabeth's hospital. My brother still lives there and he is in his own little world, just like most people in Hutch. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Go Dragons

anon ( 21st Jul 2009 - 18:24 GMT

Hey I went to Hutch Juco, I had a ball, nice friendly women in Hutch. Does anyone know Nicola Benbrook or some contact information on the Benbrook family? They use to livre on the outskirts of town. Dad was white and mom was black. Niki had a sister who was livivng in Witchata. If so shoot me an email at

anon ( 21st Jul 2009 - 18:50 GMT

Any town can be what you make of it. I've lived in Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Tampa. I love the life I have built in Hutchinson and wouldn't trade it for the world.

Help i need information about wichita: 28th Jul 2009 - 10:14 GMT

hey i am an internationnal student and i am plannig to enter Wichita state university !! I am coming from lebanon to live at my aunt house .... so plz can anyone tell me about wichita city ... is it a good place to live as college student ?? and is it a good city ??... is there always smthn to do ??......Nightlife ...... etc.. thanks and plz contact me on ..... thanks for the help

Blondie: 30th Jul 2009 - 18:42 GMT

I ran from Wichita after being kidnapped, robbed, and raped there all in broad daylight. I ran to Hutchinson where I felt I could be safe. I have had three children here and there never ceases to be things to do including the free city museum, the Kansas Kids museum in the mall, the Kansas Depot, the water parks, numerous city parks-including a walking/riding trail, Dillon Nature Center, FLAG theater, Cosmosphere, Farmer's market, close proximity to Yoder and Yoder days (old town FUN!), Salt Mine, just to name the majority (there is more.) The gangs are moving in and I know just like other towns we are facing tough times and violence but it will take a long time before it becomes like Wichita, Chicago, or as many have said San Diego. I have lived in or been to Chicago, San Diego, Hawaii, Guam (High murder rate much like New York City), South Dakota, North Dakota, Canada, Nebraska Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Mexico, and New Mexico and found it always good to get back home in Hutchinson. Yes there is crime here but where can you live that there is not any crime?? There is no nirvana or utopia so get on with it! Don't like it here then leave. It will be happier place for those of us who do like it here with those that do not like it here gone. I am not an old person, I do not come from money/old money. I am a young person who chose to live here! Chao!!

Kansas4now: 31st Jul 2009 - 22:13 GMT

im moving back to kansas after being gone a short time; hutch specifically. i already had a bad feeling about going back...a hair raising bad feeling. after i finished reading all the posts on hutch my bad feelings are worse. ive been there before and the place sucks. there is nothing to do except drugs, not that i really mind, but i cant afford sure there are other reasons...
anyway jobs that offer growth or opportunity seem scarce. plus my girlfriend's shit-headed parents live there. plus theres no homeless shelter in case i dont make it. yep, id say hutch is lookin bright in my sights as well as all those who come to hutch looking for opportunity from the bottom...

Redneck: 2nd Aug 2009 - 07:40 GMT

It looks like most of you want to hate that place!
To all who hate Hutchinson: You should move and also the town will not get any better complaining about it on the computer!
To anyone who has not been there: Don't speak about a place you haven't been to!
I am not from Hutchinson, but I have been there!

Good Luck!

Tex: 3rd Aug 2009 - 14:30 GMT

I was born and raised in Hutch, moved to Texas in my 30's and have never regretted it since. More better paying jobs, friendly beautiful women,
the grass is sometimes greener on the other side. So, if you're stuck up there, don't get discouraged, work and save what money that you can to get the heck out of there!

Tex: 3rd Aug 2009 - 16:55 GMT

I'd also like to comment on the crime rates in Hutchinson, according to the crime indexes, Hutch had a crime index of 453.6 in 2003,
468.5 in 2004, 401.7 in 2005 and 427.5 in 2006. The national average was 320.9 !! (higher index means more crime) So, stats show
it is not safer living in Hutch.

HutchNomad: 6th Aug 2009 - 16:46 GMT

The author of this is either disingenuous or stupid. I could go to Kansas City, or even New York City and cherry pick photos of "abandoned buildings" and empty alleys and streets and say, "Oh look, how booooring".

But, on the other hand, I'd much rather live in a boring town, than get mugged and shot at.

Peter: 6th Aug 2009 - 17:01 GMT

whats wrong with going to a town and only taking photos of the boring stuff to try to make a point that the town is boring? its no different than going to a town and taking photos of all the cool stuff to try to make the point that the place is awesome, right? and we have thousands of those kinds of posts here, and no one hates them, so... maybe its more that people just cant accept their town being called "boring", or that humans- by their very nature- love to complain.

also: assuming that any town that isnt boring is a town in which youll get shot or mugged is just ignorant.

Tex: 6th Aug 2009 - 18:01 GMT

I saw in the Hutch News today a Texan moved to Hutch, stayed a while, decided to go back to Texas, but since they don't have a bus station in Hutch he had to get a co-worker to give him a ride to Wichita, on the trip the co-worker pulled a knife on him and robbed him of all his belongings! Yea, Hutch is a nice safe town, right!

Redneck: 7th Aug 2009 - 00:37 GMT

It sounds like you better watch who you trust there!!

Redneck: 7th Aug 2009 - 01:01 GMT

There were some nice people when I was here, But there also were quite a few I wondered about!

Tex: 12th Aug 2009 - 13:30 GMT

Oh, Oh... If you move to Hutch, watch out where you buy your house, you may lose it later on.

This was in the Hutch News today.
"The potential of sinkholes in southeast Hutchinson is driving a proposal to acquire - through purchase or condemnation -
32 homes in Careyville" "VigIndustries plans to purchase 32 homes in Careyville" (this is due to brine wells causing sink holes in
the area)

Some people who have lived in their homes for 28 years are going to be losing them.

Words of wisdom............ J.C.: 13th Aug 2009 - 01:25 GMT

I'm starting to think that the people who are sticking up for this SHIT HOLE of a town are the ones cooking all of the METH in their bathtub and making all the money. I have only been living in Hutch for a couple of weeks because of my job for an oil company but if anyone really wants to know where this town is going should take a quick trip down to the "Hutchinson Mall" and for all the people wondering where that is here is the address......

1500 E 11th Ave, Hutchinson, KS 67501.......... The place is a ghost town!!!!

The only fun times have been down at vic's or McGraws. I cant believe how easy the girls are. LOL... What a bunch of little gold diggers. I've got to give them credit where it is due though....

Tex: 13th Aug 2009 - 18:58 GMT

Yes, you know your town mall has problems when it has a feature on LOL, I didn't know there was such a site.

When I worked in Hutch, my employer who was one of the major companies in the city, would tell new employees moving into town, to not live south of 20th street, due to the lower quality housing and crime. Well, if you look at a map, you'll see south of 20th street takes up over have the size of the town.

Oh, and yes Careyville does have run down properties, but half the town is like that. It's the only type of housing the poor can afford because of the lack of good jobs, etc. etc.

Galloping Greg: 13th Aug 2009 - 21:21 GMT

One thing is for sure. Your average hutch resident must have failed reading comprehension in school because they all seem to be saying the same, tired stuff without being smart enough to realize they are repeating the same pointless garbage that 50 other people have said in this thread. "Hutchgirl", for example. Sigh.

Hutchinson Sucks: 17th Aug 2009 - 17:16 GMT

This worst part about this town is all the Non Working pieces of shit wondering the streets. N/A Members are very abundant. All they do it set around a think about themselves and do drugs.

Redneck: 18th Aug 2009 - 02:15 GMT

There are lazy people everywhere, But it does seem like some places have more of them though! They should try to make themselves useful!

Amazed: : 20th Aug 2009 - 06:07 GMT

It is so amazing to me that everyone can comment on the good or bad of Hutchinson, KS, and the "fat," "lazy," "Meth-heads," "druggies," and other types of people who live here in Hutchinson are supposed to be. Yes, it is true that Hutchinson is a dying town, but no one has really given the true reason for this. The reason that Hutchinson is a dying town is because it runs on the "good old buddy" system! It has had for many years, the same "friends and family" members running it, who refuse to allow any new companies, or businesses come in that will not adhere to their "taxation" and rules. It also has people working in city offices who treat people as if all of you are like those who are in one of two categories: either the very wealthy, elite, "Catholics" who have the money to control the city or the very poor, welfare-supported people who are meth cooks, dealers, and users, who help keep our "Huge" SRS offices in good business! I am really sad to say that after being raised here, moving away to a couple of larger cities, and then moving back, that I don't see Hutchinson improving, because it seems we can't get rid of the "buddy" system that controls this town. So sorry! I would hope that someday it could change, but I truly do not see that happening!

Tex: 20th Aug 2009 - 14:03 GMT

Yes, it seems to me that things started going downhill in the 70's, you would think that after 34 years though, with people dying off, you would have a new generation with new blood, new progressive ideas, but apparently not.

Outoftowner: 22nd Aug 2009 - 18:31 GMT

I have lived all over the country. Came into town working for a pipeline (outside of town). Out of all the places that I have been in this country I have never see such a backward, lazy town in my life. Hutchinson is simply amazing. I was amazed by the amount unemployed and just plain lazy people. We tried to hire people like we normally do for temp help, which pays very well BTW. We would not find anyone that we could depend on or even wanted to work. I was also shocked by this website. I have never seen anything like it! There is alot of people that must hate this town.

barbara: 22nd Aug 2009 - 20:22 GMT

Any place is boring when you want it to be. Hutch is a good town with lots of history and interesting people. Please do not be so judgemental. Maybe you are the boring one

Born in Hutch: 25th Aug 2009 - 21:38 GMT

I was born in Hutchinson. I have known many people who grew up there then moved away and a short time later moved back because they lacked the social skills to be liked by other people in different areas. When I moved away eight years ago and I learned the hard way to change my backwords,lazy, poverty minded ways.I blame this on the school system, because when you know better you do better, but my last name was not associated with money. I agree with "Amazed" who explained the "BUDDY SYSTEM" very well.

Born in Hutch: 25th Aug 2009 - 21:53 GMT

Here are some words of wisdom to the guy named "WORDS OF WISDOM" who commented on how easy the girls are in Hutch. Genital herpes and genital warts run rampid in that town, so keep your pants up!

Redneck: 26th Aug 2009 - 03:55 GMT

This place has alot of attention, Good, bad or anything in between!
There are way more posts and views on here than any other page I looked at on here!

Jennifer Voth: 5th Sep 2009 - 07:10 GMT

This post makes no sense. Scott, I give you an F for research.

Mildred Sharp: 5th Sep 2009 - 07:29 GMT

I know Scott Sargent, the author of this article. He once lived, or lives, in Hutchinson, on 11th street. He is a meth head and has as a wife who is a stripper and a meth head.I have seen him in action. He's a looser.

Concerned Father: 8th Sep 2009 - 01:29 GMT

Wow, after reading all the bad things that people have posted about Hutch, it sounds like a terrible place to live. My company wanted to transfer me to that area but I might have to decline the offer. I want to stay in an area that is mostly drug free. Is this place really that bad? Don't employers test employees? Is noone on parole or probation getting tested? I know drugs are everywhere but I don't want my children exposed to that culture except to show them how not to be!

Concerned mother: 8th Sep 2009 - 03:46 GMT

Hi mildred, I agree with you, but "looser" is spelled "loser". For concerned father, I just relocated back to Alaska and for good reason! Hutch is not the place you would want to raise your children if you are looking to instill culture. I am ex military and have been all over, and loved every minute of it! I have learned so much from all types of people and all walks of life and I continue to learn. There isn't much to really look forward to in Hutch, there are a few places to take them that are very interesting and lessons to be learned. The sad thing is like so many others have mentioned in previous comments, Hutch refuses to grow by letting others businesses come in and expand. I could go on and on but the bottom line is, better think real hard and if feasible, take a weekend off, or if possible, a week and feel it out for yourself. You know the old saying, "different strokes for different folks". You may like it, you may not, just be honest with your feelings, talk to people, check out the stores, just check for yourself. We can't shelter out children from all the bad in the world, it isn't possible, we can teach, them and love them. I will not move back to Hutch, I feel it is a dying town, I was born there and have left for years, returned and it had gotten worse, I feel total despair when I'm in that town, seemed to suck the life out of me. I love life and people and learning to much to just wither away. If you have ALOT of money, I guess you can see Hutch through "rose colored" glasses and all will be well, as I said before, feel it out for yourself.

Drug testing re: concerned father: 8th Sep 2009 - 20:48 GMT

I think companies that are involved in DOT related activity, (transportation), are required to do drug testing, but for most businesses, they don't have too. I think a lot of employers really don't care to find out if their employees are doing drugs. As far as those on parole, I knew one person who was on probation for a drug charge and he was tested every so often, but they pretty much expected that a drug offender would test positive, so there seems to be a tolerance level before they would send them to jail, which I think is rather high, like not working and committing more crimes to support your habit.

Close Call: 13th Sep 2009 - 05:58 GMT

I'm currently a resident in Hutchinson right now. I moved here from McPherson to attend college and graduated. I've landed a pretty good job here and was about to purchase a house but as the years have gone on, I've slowly developed an eerie sense of the place. I've always felt that this down just seems run-down. Having come from McPherson (A lot of old money) Hutch seemed like an ugly step sister. So, I'm saving my money and I'd love to move out of hutch, I just can't figure out where I want to move.

My family are all in McPherson so I'd like to stay within roughly a 2 hour radios if possible. Any suggestions?

Tex: 15th Sep 2009 - 15:45 GMT

I've always focused on the job first and foremost, location second. If you make good money you can always travel to spend time with
loved ones, but you have to make the time. I had the same situation, family was in Hutch, but the jobs weren't, so I decided to move
out of state, seemed to be a lot better selection, better pay, more chances for advancement. But, if you have a good job in Hutch and
it's secure, and you think it will be around for years to come, plus has room for advancement, then staying in that area close to
family might work fine for you. Commuting is a drag and gets expensive, unless your job pays well, you're wear your car out in no time, not
to mention what will happen if gas prices soar again. Also, I remember the Kansas winters where ice on the highways just stressed me out to no end, flat out dangerous too.

ouch: 29th Sep 2009 - 22:17 GMT

anybody that says the cosmosphere is a great place to spend time is wrong. after you watch 1 imax movie and browse the same space crap that been sitting in there for decades your done with the place....did i forget to mention the owner of the place got busted for selling government astronaut stuff on ebay. its true the article was in the Hutchinson News but got hidden away before it got spread on the net.

ouch: 29th Sep 2009 - 22:34 GMT

link to the president selling cosmosphere space artifacts

Tex: 1st Oct 2009 - 17:34 GMT

Yes, that is mentioned previously with a pic, up the thread about June 21, 2008

Robboooo: 8th Oct 2009 - 19:57 GMT

I live in hutch and you people dont know what your talking about. Bunch of stuck up city people high on your horse.

anon ( 13th Oct 2009 - 00:25 GMT

I'm offended by your lack of effort to prove your point. I lived in Hutch until I graduated highschool and moved away for college. Yes, it's nothing special, but it could be a lot worse! Most of the problems people are posting about Hutch are problems that every town has. Drugs, unemployment, STD's. And these pictures (one entrance to the State Fair, an old hospital that isn't even by the highway, and abandoned building, a side street, and some lawn chairs) are not indicative of how boring a town of 50,000 is. Those were all taken in the same area of town too. If you really want to prove how boring Hutchinson is try a little harder so that I can actually refer people to this website when I want them to see how bad Hutch really is.

anon : 13th Oct 2009 - 00:35 GMT

The funny thing is, all the boring towns that this guy has posted are either in Kansas or Oklahoma and one is in Colorado. If you are going to do an "America's Most Boring Towns" analysis you should at least be well-traveled in the U.S. and give the reader some variety. The title of the articles should really be "My Subjective List of Boring Towns in Oklahoma and Kansas because I have some long held bitterness for this area of the country".

I have gas.: 13th Oct 2009 - 17:53 GMT

I am always amazed by the trash car lots in this town, I got ripped of big time at this place called Classic Gas. PEW my deal was terrible.

Becky: 15th Oct 2009 - 04:21 GMT

There is still a lot of room for improvement in this town but I do see it slowly making a come back to it's former self !! It has improved in the past few years, but still has a way to go to be like it was in the 50's,60's and 70's !! I do not feel drugs are any worse here than they are any where else !! Drugs are a nation wide problem !!

Re Becky: 16th Oct 2009 - 11:52 GMT

I agree that drugs are a nationwide problem. But this town has thousands of people that use meth and other drugs and have not have a job for YEARS. The problem with this town is that no one wants to work! Being a drug user has become a profession of its own.

People just walking streets: 20th Oct 2009 - 11:46 GMT

I am amazed by the sheer amount of low or no income housing in this sh**ter of a town. Fat slobs just wandering in walmart and on the streets. Now I know why taxes are so high in this hell hol.e

TomTrucker: 27th Oct 2009 - 11:42 GMT

image 36767

On our last vacation I stopped with the kids and went on a nature trail along the cow creek. I found this vary troubling. They had a wedding at a city park, Cary Park ? image 36766

Becky: 1st Nov 2009 - 02:36 GMT

God bless this couple and I hope they have many years of happiness together !!!!!

been here since 1979: 9th Nov 2009 - 20:38 GMT

I do agree on alot of things people say about Hutchinson. For someone like me that has been on both sides of the fence with a good life and a life with drugs. Hutch is really not a bad place when you look at bigger cities. The gentleman that I am with has lived in LA and now lives here to get away from the gangs and drugs for his kids. He tells me that the kids here are a wantabe gangster. But Hutch is still a good place to live, unless you are a teenager and are bored there is really nothing for them to do I remember cruising Main Steet, looking at the guys that use to sit on the wall, Going skating on Saturday nights, and going to church on Sundays. Now the kids are bored and don't know how to occupy their minds except for spray paintings on walls and buildings. Hutch needs for get off their asses and put values back in there community.

3rd worldish: 19th Nov 2009 - 22:30 GMT

I just came back fro a Unmamed third world country. It shows me how close Hutchinson is to being truly third world.

Hutch: This town is full of cock roaches.

Time to grow up.: 22nd Nov 2009 - 01:30 GMT

If you have left Hutchinson and are still complaining about it on the internet, it may be time to for you to get a life. I spent 18 years here, spent twenty years in the Army, and realized Hutch beat the hell out of most of the places I lived. I guess grew up. No place is perfect, but many places are worst than Hutch. If you really do not like Hutchinson there are ways to get out. If money is a problem, check the phone book for the Army Recrueters number (you won't even have to buy gas).

amo67501: 22nd Nov 2009 - 04:11 GMT

i think the couple getting mnarried are adorable the drugs are plentiful i know this cause i do them how do u know? i gotta job and whats ur problem wit olds folks u dont haVE A GRANDMA?

Former Resident: 23rd Nov 2009 - 14:58 GMT

Yes, Hutch is better than Afghanistan and Iraq, but just a little, lol. I think Afghanistan has more drugs, but then again maybe not.

Hutchinson Roaches: 28th Nov 2009 - 21:22 GMT

It isn't the town it's self. It is the quality of people that inhabit this dump.

it's what you make it: 1st Dec 2009 - 05:31 GMT

I grew up in in Hutch and I've been gone for 20+ years. I still come back to visit family & friends. The folks finding it boring are boring themselves. It's not where you are, but who you are with. You can find good & bad everywhere. So, look for the good and you find it. Look for the negativity, you will find them too. I was so glad to move away, and as I'm getting older, I'm finding that I'd like to be closer to family...and we are not trailer trash as someone said Hutch is full of, nor did I find it impossible to live away from Hutch successfully. I have had great jobs and a good life. We have respectable jobs, are good citizens, do not find trouble...yet we enjoy life. I look forward to living in a smaller town away from all the crime I've seen in the big cities. Will I see it in Hutch? Yes, but not to the extent I've seen it elsewhere.

Re: It's waht you make it.: 1st Dec 2009 - 14:46 GMT

I am going to have to call bulls**t on that last post. Hutchinson is a low income town with many (NOT ALL) low income and or meth heads. This is not a town for the young. It is a town for retirement, not a town for advancement or growth. It is a place to get old and die. I am under 30 have no kids and wish that I had left town long ago. I work, I and productive. However 90% of the people that surround me on a daily basis are not. This is not by my choice. Most people leave Hutchinson at a young age to make their money and then return to retire.

Tex: 1st Dec 2009 - 17:59 GMT

I lived in Dallas for 4 years, never once was a victim of crime, nor did I ever witness a crime. Yes, there was crime, which is what you have to expect when you have a lot more people, but if you watch where you go and what you do, you can probably go your entire life living in a large city and not regret it. The image that Hutchinson is just so much safer than larger cities is just not true. The crime statistics don't bear it out.

rick: 3rd Dec 2009 - 06:57 GMT

Hutchinson is a retirement community, Drugs are easy to get. alot of bad crowds. not the place to live.

homer johnson: 3rd Dec 2009 - 13:20 GMT

image 37224

Ifs you alls is wantings to mobe here yous can rents mys place fer $350.oo a monfh

Former Kansan: 3rd Dec 2009 - 15:21 GMT

Folks, no joke, that pic above is realistic as to some of the housing up there. (And what they charge for it)

Me: 4th Dec 2009 - 03:02 GMT

Ya there is some crap in Hutchinson.....Cops that don't do their jobs and doctors that don't do there jobs which equalls stds running rampent. I am torn though. There are people like me(duh Im biased). But as I travel further away from Hutch I find that there are these horrible points about each town. Salina for instance...I wanted to move there. The medical professionals are awesome and the battered women are taken advantage of. But then I looked at the school systems for my daughter. They are worse than any in Hutchinson. My car has broken down many times in Hutch and some kind hearted person always stopped to help me. In Wichita I was 8 months pregnant, the car was broken down, and I can't tell you how many times I almost got hit. Then the parts store price gouged us because they knew we had to pay them. Its all a matter of choose your battles. These pics are only part of hutch. There are beautiful parts of Hutchinson. And we have more diversity than you think. Different religions, talented people, and wonderful minds. Most are just in hiding because people will reject them and call them "trash" if they don't think like, well, everyone. I love my friends and family here and I wouldn't trade them for any thing.

Becky: 4th Dec 2009 - 03:52 GMT

Tex is still posting about all the bad things about Hutch ???? He must be extremely bored with life in Texas or he wouldn't be spending so much time complaining about something he has moved away from !! Sounds to me like he can't get away from Hutch even though is is far away and has been for years !!! Tex... it is obvious you still have deep feelings for your home town or you wouldn't spend so much time complaining about it !! If there is so much to do in Texas, why aren't you out doing something instead of sitting at home all the time on your computer bashing a place you no longer live in ?? The answer is so obvious !!!

Tex: 4th Dec 2009 - 17:06 GMT

Actually I run such a fine tune office that I have plenty of time to post my comments from work! And if somebody like me doesn't take the time to share my vast knowledge (lol) about Hutchinson, how are some of you poor folks going to learn about the town you live in! I also find this board to be very entertaining.

Redneck: It site is enterment, I have to admit!

Redneck: 5th Dec 2009 - 03:09 GMT

If that's true that there is alot of the problems said, that's no good, but alot of the comments on here are entertaining!

Low Lives: 10th Dec 2009 - 20:04 GMT

The biggest problem is that the majority of people that live in Hutchinson are scum, not all. But many. Hutchinson is full of fat lazy people who refuse to work.

Hutchinson residant: 11th Dec 2009 - 20:00 GMT

you scums on here trashing Hutchinson move or jest stay the hell away from it here. No one forceing you to stay o r even comes here or they ?

Peter: ^^^ lol...

Re: Hutchinson Resident: 11th Dec 2009 - 23:13 GMT

You are what makes up Hutchinson! Look at your lack of education! You sound like 38% of this town, an unemployed welfare taker! The only reason that you are pissed is because we are exposing you! Hutchinson has always been a haven for cockroaches like yourself! Learn to type, use spell check or something.

charles: 11th Dec 2009 - 23:54 GMT

hutch does suck...dick, they have cool shit. but there is no way in advancing yourself unless you want to work construction or fast food!

homer johnson: 12th Dec 2009 - 12:50 GMT

whens them goberment mens finded paws garden they put hem in that there ksir and me amd mama mobed here i gots me a job i mow yards and me and mama rents pas place the goberment men didnt takes i take ged class at that mall place where the folks walks fer the hearts to gets better mama says them folks aint doing so well cuz they gots that cancers from that bad waters by them sink hoes out at the elebators and iren scap yard mama say them bad salts gib yous the cancers and we cants look fer the cooper no mores at that there scap yards i wants to mobe to that there nikersons whrers they gots good waters that aints that yeller coler mama wants to stays close to pa tells he gets outs of that there ksirs and they gets hem work out to that buger kings where them rich folks gets work

Re; Homer: 13th Dec 2009 - 18:45 GMT

Funny, but it is very obvious that you are faking the shitty speech. However it is a good but over dramatized version of what kind of people live here.

Tabitha : 20th Dec 2009 - 20:02 GMT

Happyness excitement joy you either have or you don't. You take it with you. There are every kind of people here just like every where else. Being bored is a controlled state of mind that only exsists there and no where else.

anon ( 20th Dec 2009 - 22:25 GMT

i just want to say to all you people who live in Hutch and think it sucks try living in an even smaller town were there is NOTHING!!!!!

amie lynn.: 26th Dec 2009 - 05:14 GMT

Okay, I live in Hutchinson, and I will say this;
It can be down right boring. But, can't any town
be that way? You've just got to be with the right
people to have fun, no matter where you're at.
And there ARE things to do here... There are
much worse towns... I promise. I get bored here...
that's for sure. But, it's not nearly as bad as these
photographs suggest. Who took these? Did you decide to
go photograph one abandoned building and some empty
chairs, and then quit exploring the town? I'll bet you
can find some form of abandoned building and unaccompanied
chairs in just about any town you pass through. But that
can't summarize the town as a whole. Try taking more pictures...
Maybe some at random. This town is usually crawling with
people. I bet you had a harder time finding these locations
in the pictures than you would have to just snap some photo's
of people having fun, or fun places in Hutchinson.

Just saying...

Re: Amie Lynn: 28th Dec 2009 - 17:08 GMT

Have you not read the previous posters? There have been many people saying the same crap that you are. What you said was totally obvious... However, dispute the fact that Hutchinson is full of Unemployed trash and meth heads.. This town is nothing but a giant social rehab place. Full of drug users, thieves, ex inmates etc etc. The fact is that this is a retirement town with crime. It is not growing.

Skip Giblet: 29th Dec 2009 - 08:06 GMT

Boring? Get out! How can a town that has so much corruption and circle jerking in both City Hall & the police force be boring?

Resident: 30th Dec 2009 - 20:39 GMT

The ones saying that the city is not boring are probably kids who aren't old enough to know of the unemployment situation.

Not boring: 31st Dec 2009 - 05:40 GMT

My mother always told me if I was bored that I was a boring person. I wish all you boring people would get out of this town so the rest of us can enjoy life. No one says you have to live here anyway, and if you have nothing better to do than to sit around and talk about how boring this town is then you truely do need to take hike and give your little brains something new to bash. My guess is no matter where you are you are going to have someing negative to say.

My input: 1st Jan 2010 - 23:30 GMT

A person has to find happiness within and have peace of mind and contentment to be able to live with THEMSELVES anywhere !! I truly feel sorry for the bashers on this site because it is obvious they lack in these qualities !! Life is what you make it !! Happiness comes from yourself and not from some town or city you live in !!! Hutch is good and Hutch is bad,just like any other place !!! Be content, be happy and you will be ok here as well as anywhere else !!!

Resident: 4th Jan 2010 - 19:50 GMT

Let's see.... if I'm unemployed and broke in Hutchinson because they're aren't any good paying jobs, I'll imagine I'm rich and my stomach is full, and my bills are paid, even though they're not...gee whizz, why didn't I think about using my imagination quicker!! I can be content and happy in just thinking that I'm somewhere else and happy within!! Of course I don't know if my peace of mind will keep me from freezing to death on the street, but I guess I'll have a smile on my face when they find me. What simplistic thinking.

Resident: 4th Jan 2010 - 23:38 GMT

I was trying to look up some pictures of a nursing home here in town and I came across this site of people posting about Hutchinson, Kansas how pathetic is it that all you people have time to get on this web site and bullshit. If you have the time to sit here and comment on stupid shit then you are most likely the people that im paying for out of my taxes to sit on your ass and collect unemployment and foodstamps grow up.

A Hutchinson teen: 5th Jan 2010 - 16:03 GMT

Hey yall. I'm not in hutch right now, I'm in Nashville but I will be coming back to Hutch in a couple of weeks.
I have to say that for a small town, hutchinson kansas has some opertunities for an up-and-coming singer, even my producer agrees with me!
There are the third thursday events, and the metro, and brooks on main, and also the hutch fest.
Honestly, I have been all over the US but I haven't seen any small towns that have very many of these type of accommodations
for someone starting in the music industry.

Resident: 6th Jan 2010 - 15:26 GMT

That's because since there's no jobs up here all people have to do all day is sing! lol. That is if we can get our musical instruments out of the pawn shop.

MyHutch2cents: 12th Jan 2010 - 18:58 GMT

Let me start by saying this, I am a parent of a Senior Derby Football Player and for all these years our biggest rivalry has been with Hutch in High School Football. These are two communities who drool to compete with eachother so the taunting is present in both communities. With that said, I must say this about my experiences with the Hutch Community.

I think Hutch is a vibrant, growing community. Hutch is beautiful and has several attractions that keep people coming back. They are a kind community who have never been anything short of cordial and respectful to people in Derby either when we visited their field or they visited ours. They are a very close knit community, they stand behind their student athletes on all levels, there is never a more packed stadium of Hutch Fans and Derby fans on either field, both sides.

I think the community alone makes it a very desireable place to live, Their acedemics are great, their athletic programs are exceptional. I'd move there myself but, I love Derby and will probably be in the crowd when the two go head to head from now on! Even after my next child graduates in 6 years lol.

Shame on whoever put those pictures up depicting Hutch as broken down, there are many many beautiful sides of Hutch than the pictures you chose to show and I don't know a single city that doesn't have an older area of downtown, they tend to be less than desireable because people migrated to newer areas. Of course land investors would prosper well when when a city renovates their downtown area and they all do.

You could show those same pics of any city you choose and you could make the largest city look like a run down ghost town. Visit any downtown on a Sunday morning and see how your pictures look.

Leave Hutch alone, if you can't tell the whole truth, good and bad then you've nothing worthy of being taken seriously!!

Resident: 13th Jan 2010 - 15:44 GMT

Football, athletics, sports programs does not a city make. Jobs, well paying jobs, not the ones at the local kwik shop, is what keeps a city alive and growing. You can't pay the bills playing football, or basketball, (unless of course you're a pro at it) Hutchinson is more run down than most cities, has a crime rate higher than the national average, and those are the unpleasant facts. Comparing one broke town to another broke town and thinking "it's not so bad here", is the kind of "putting your head in the sand thinking" that allows a city to deteriorate like Hutch has over the years to what it is today.

Hutch lifer: 14th Jan 2010 - 01:28 GMT

Hutch is one of those American towns that makes people feel like shit living in it, and then they start to believe this is as good as it gets and spend their entire life living in a black hole like Hutch. While I applaud people who get out of such towns, and make a REAL life for themselves, I think it can be hard for a lot of people. You deal with negative, gossipy jerks on a daily basis, there is very little going on, the jobs suck. I just think it takes a toll on people, even the decent ones. You might have like 10% of the Hutch population that aren't total jerks, but even they are under pressure everyday from the A-Holes to become more like them.

While there are many places on this planet that are way worse than Hutch, it's still a place where the majority of the population are basterds. Of course you could probably say this about most towns now in America, but at least there are still Cities that have stuff you can do in them, as well having jobs that pay a living wage, unlike Hutch.

Tex: 14th Jan 2010 - 22:39 GMT

You'all need to come down here to Texas. I live about a few blocks from the beach, right now the temp is 65, and we might get snow once every 50 years. There's jobs to be filled down here for people that want to work. The problem is that we have a lot of illegals come up from Mexico, and they want handouts rather than work, so good help is hard to find. There's plenty of things to see and do, San Antone and the riverwalk is only a short drive away, so is Austin with it's nightlife. I can honestly say that I would never consider moving back to Hutch unless it's when I retire and all I would want to do is sit and play bingo, because in Hutch that would be about the extent of my choices.

Tex: 14th Jan 2010 - 22:39 GMT

You'all need to come down here to Texas. I live about a few blocks from the beach, right now the temp is 65, and we might get snow once every 50 years. There's jobs to be filled down here for people that want to work. The problem is that we have a lot of illegals come up from Mexico, and they want handouts rather than work, so good help is hard to find. There's plenty of things to see and do, San Antone and the riverwalk is only a short drive away, so is Austin with it's nightlife. I can honestly say that I would never consider moving back to Hutch unless it's when I retire and all I would want to do is sit and play bingo, because in Hutch that would be about the extent of my choices.

Ray In Mizzou: 17th Jan 2010 - 07:30 GMT

I'm glad that I came across this site before I applied for a job opening that I was considering! This was actually the first site that came up when I Googled "hutchinson ks". I'm staying put in Missouri for now!

Scott: 20th Jan 2010 - 17:10 GMT

do you people really expect to have all kinds of fun things to do in Hutch? It's a typical mid-west or plains town. Nothing special. I'm sure the people that have always lived there find it nice and familiar and they know a lot of people. Sometimes people don't need amusement parks and nightclubs to have fun. There are thousands of towns just like Hutch in America.

Tex: 21st Jan 2010 - 15:39 GMT

That's true, Hutch is like a lot of other midwest small towns. Drying up and blowing away. Sure they're some people who want that small town lifestyle, but most don't. That's why the cities are growing and the small towns like Hutch losing their populations and young people. The other aspect is jobs, amusement parks and nightclubs don't start up first and then the people come. The jobs start first, then the people come, then the amusement parks and nightclubs. You can see where the leadership in Hutch always gets this backwards. They think that if they fix the Fox Theatre up, and Memorial Hall, and have a Salt Musuem, and a Cosomosphere, that people will want to move here. It doesn't work like that, people have to work, they want good paying jobs, and that is the only thing that will bring them into a town first and keep them there and nothing else.

Tex: 21st Jan 2010 - 15:58 GMT

Yes, I remember back in the 60's and 70's Hutch was a very active town, vibrant downtown, Wiley bldg. was full of tenants, etc. Back then they didn't have a cosmosphere, or a salt museum, or spent millions to fix up the Fox theatre. What did the city have? Cessna, one of the largest employers which paid good wages for most of the people in the community. Along with other mfg. companies, people made good money and the city prospered. But, when those companies all left, the city never did much in trying to replace them, thus people left to find jobs elsewhere. And, today 40 years later, the town is still almost dead, with no companies ever replacing the ones that disappeared years ago. So, lets spend millions to fix up the landmarks! that'll turn things around! lol

Hutch: 22nd Jan 2010 - 14:35 GMT

Cause you can sneak out of your house and no boring fat ass cop wont get u and u can do drugs all day!

Greg W: 22nd Jan 2010 - 15:09 GMT

Hutchinson is a cursed place. Most areas of the town need a little work and hyte people are awful. Every town has it's trashy area and share of trashy people, but Hutchinson has enough to fill the entire state!

Clay: 25th Jan 2010 - 00:38 GMT

As a former Hutchinson resident, and a person who currently travels throughout the state with my job, what I notice most about Hutch is that it just seems flat. There's no vibe in that town. Other Kansas towns like Manhattan, Salina, the Kansas City suburbs, and Lawrence just have more electricity and vibrancy.

Tex: 25th Jan 2010 - 17:06 GMT

Yes, I've noticed that too, I hate to say it but Hutch sort of comes across as being 'different', in a wrong sort of way. I'ts hard to explain, what comes as normal behavior in other cities and towns, just doesn't happen in Hutch. I don't know if it's due to the poverty level or not. According to, Hutch is below the state average in education levels, and above state average in the poverty level. So, even only comparing Hutch to other cities in Kansas, it rates worse in most categories.

tom: 27th Jan 2010 - 20:53 GMT

Hutchinson High School Football= one of the top programs in the nation winning the last 6 state championships!!

To Tom: 27th Jan 2010 - 21:11 GMT

Who cares? High School Football = not real life. Football is a game.

Re Tom: 1st Feb 2010 - 22:56 GMT

Hey every single football player becomes a professional dont you know?!?!? If that is all Hutchinson has to show for it's self we got real problems.

RE:: 2nd Feb 2010 - 05:21 GMT

And what motivates the high school kids to play well is probably the hope that they can get a football scholarship somewhere far, far away from Hutchinson

JA: 9th Feb 2010 - 04:21 GMT

I grew up in Hutchinson and all my family still lives there, as well. I currently live about 20 minutes away. Hutch is a GREAT place to raise your family and it was a great place to grow up! It is small enough that there is a real sense of community, but large enough that there is plenty to do. There are some wonderful restaurants and shops, great schools, and there are many activities going on all the time. It just would be great if Hutch was able to attract large companies to expand its job base (which the Chamber is currently working on.) Please stop bashing this wonderful town. Some of us LOVE Kansas (and the Hutchinson area) and would never leave!

Rofl: 9th Feb 2010 - 16:08 GMT

So I was looking up what there is to do in Hutch I was born and raised here so nothing is new, But when I came to this topic its nothing more then a bunch of opinions and grammar bashing! Hutch is so entertaining. For everyone who says Hutch is a good place to raise your kids? I was first introduced to marijuana when I was 12 I didn't feel the urge to smoke it until I was 14 then I tried cocaine at the age of 16 meth at the age of 17.. Now I am drug free and really bored most of my friends continue to smoke marijuana I sit here and read pointless posts on how good of a town Hutch is =D.. Soon I am sure someone is about to bash on me for being a druggy and everything but hey if you live in Hutch the only thing to do is bash on other peoples life or opinions so yea. The only thing we really and I mean REALLY have is Walmart and HHS football team. Excuse me for my bad grammar I was able to complete high-school with this type of grammar. I mean look at Forest Stucky he was a good kid, for the most part he smoked pot but name someone from my graduating class who never tried pot? Yes he did steroids but I think most of us knew that already... Hes looking at some hard time, Lets take a look at Anthony Fuller he was in our class as well but who molested 2 little boys and he was back at in 9 months. So does this sound like a town you want to raise your children at? I mean every other town has drugs in the elementary schools dont they? Every other town as child molesters before they even go out of high-school dont they? My plan LIFE LONG plan is to work at this crummy job for 6months and throw a app at Tysons then maybe one day I wont hold my breath but one day I will be able to move to Canada or something either that or get old here and watch the TWEAKERS (Meth Users) walk around Walmart at 2 AM. Sounds like a good town to me so COME SHARE OUR SPACE!

Tex: 9th Feb 2010 - 16:20 GMT

Large companies started leaving 30 years ago. It takes 30 years plus for the chamber to work on attracting large companies??? Give me a break! If that's the best they can do they need to all give up and everyone at the chamber resign in disgrace. Frankly, I think it's too late for Hutch to attract large companies. Statistics show the education levels in Hutch are below the state average and poverty is above the state average. So, the city lacks educated people to even work in today's high tech environment. It's too late, Hutch's future has been sealed. As long as you have rich elderly folks in the rest homes, you'll get along, they'll support the medical community, and other jobs and services that revolve around taking care of them. But, one of these days your rich elderly folks will all die off, to be replaced with new elderly who will be a lot poorer than their previous generations, and we'll see then just how much worse the economy can get up there.

Ron: Feb. 11, 2010: 11th Feb 2010 - 14:09 GMT

I lived in Hutch for 6 years. It was not a friendly town. Unless you were born there you did not belong. Was happy to move on.

Redneck: 12th Feb 2010 - 03:04 GMT

I found Hutchinson to be a funny place, I thought there were alot of friendly people, and alot of unfriendly people too!

Tex: 15th Feb 2010 - 17:00 GMT

Yea, it's a funny place all right, the people preach good moral values, a fine place to raise your kids, and they have an active nudist camp just north of town!! And, it's been there for decades!

Redneck: 16th Feb 2010 - 07:13 GMT

From many thing's I read, I would not recommend raising kids there!

Train: 24th Feb 2010 - 17:33 GMT

The people that talk soo much crap on Hutch are the same people that sit around smoking cigarettes and popping out children. No job and no life...i don't think they would be happy anywhere! I was born and raised here and plan on raising my own children here. If you don't like this place....then leave! Take your 13 children, hook up your trailer house and get the hell out! More room for people who contribute to society. I am going downtown now to enjoy some good food in this wonderful town.

Train: 24th Feb 2010 - 17:33 GMT

The people that talk soo much crap on Hutch are the same people that sit around smoking cigarettes and popping out children. No job and no life...i don't think they would be happy anywhere! I was born and raised here and plan on raising my own children here. If you don't like this place....then leave! Take your 13 children, hook up your trailer house and get the hell out! More room for people who contribute to society. I am going downtown now to enjoy some good food in this wonderful town.

Hutchsucks1: 25th Feb 2010 - 03:18 GMT

I love these Drug Dealing Gang Members that are present in this town. I am not sure if you have seen these idiots. Back Yard Customs or some shit. They are very obviously some type of drug dealer. The police needs to take them down.

PoliticalMammy: 25th Feb 2010 - 13:15 GMT

"Take your 13 children, hook up your trailer house and get the hell out!"

That would cut the population of Hutch in half!

Drug Dealers: 25th Feb 2010 - 20:37 GMT

They are drug dealers. They have a house on east 5th some where. And behind pic quik. I love Hutchinson. I cannot believe people are allows like this.

Redneck: 26th Feb 2010 - 05:03 GMT

To Train:
I don't have 13 children, I don't smoke all day, I live in a house, I could go on!
I don't live in Hutchinson, but I have been there!
From what I seen, and read, I didn't get the best impression of it though!
Anyway I am done commenting on here!

smalltownsbigtownswhydoesitmatter: 1st Mar 2010 - 02:34 GMT

I think in every town you have advantages and disadvantages. If you don't like it then move, but if you hate Hutchinson so much then why devote so much energy on bashing it? My family isn't trailer trash and we aren't wealthy. You have high incomefamilies and low income families wherever you go. Since, Hutchinson is such a small town that makes it easier to focus on the bad. I like to consider myself an optimistic person with a good attitude, though, and I love Hutch. One day, I will most likely move so I can find a higher paying job. For now, though, life is good. I enjoy my life and it doesn't matter where I live. I will be the one to make the most of it. You have to power to improve your situation just by thinking postitively.

Enough Car Dealers?: 6th Mar 2010 - 16:32 GMT

How many pieces of trash need to sell used sleazy cars in this town? Doghaus? Classic Gas?? WTF

Bruce: 14th Mar 2010 - 02:31 GMT

Hello. I remember travelling through Hutchinson, Kansas in 1995 and eating at a German restaurant called the Heinrich Haus where I had the best piece of coconut custard pie I've ever had in my life. I've never forgotten that piece of pie. Does anyone know if the Heinrich Haus is still in business?

Tex: 18th Mar 2010 - 21:15 GMT

I don't recall that restaurant, do you remember where in Hutch it was?

Glad 2 B Gone: 20th Mar 2010 - 15:00 GMT

Heinrich house was on Walnut, right across from the fairgrounds. They made one hell of a reuben. It was also a nail salon. Because the owners insisted on having their bratty ass kids on premises during lunch and dinner hour, it was a really annoying place to eat. They didn't understand why clientele was lessening, they thought it was the influx of hispanics, so they attempted to cook tex mex. Imagine low Germans cooking tex mex.

And then INS raided Anchor Inn which was a truly outstanding mexican place and took away all the talent.

During my six years in Hutch I have to say this. Every place outside of Hutch was cool. Lindsborg? Cool. Yoder? When it was open, COOL. Wichita even had an element of coolness. But Hutch. God Damn. What a fucked up place. Huge amount of weird sex crimes, including many liasons between female guards and the HCF. Lots of underage girls with 30 something guys. And that preacher who fooled around on his wife and claimed it was okay because he was the next Messiah.

Glad 2 B Gone: 20th Mar 2010 - 19:30 GMT

"The people that talk soo much crap on Hutch are the same people that sit around smoking cigarettes and popping out children. No job and no life..."

I left because that asshole from Haven insisted that the school board teach creationsim. I wrote the Wichita Eagle that if they continued to elect such eftards, they would see a drain of youth from the state, and they have, extremely. I have a college degree, a good income, and my tax money now goes to a large easter city and state. Let me know when your godamn hero isn't Vince Snowbarger and maybe I'll grant you statehood.

Hutchinson Ks: 20th Mar 2010 - 21:02 GMT

One thing I can say about this town (I am from NC) it is full of the most lazy, worthless people I have ever seen in my life. Fat slobs, ex prison inmates and the like. I have never seen so many lazy people in my life! I am putting in for another position to get the hell out of here.

anon ( 24th Mar 2010 - 02:01 GMT

Wow I knew Hutch was doing bad by the fact that their High School went from 6a to 5a, The mall is pretty empty (though it has a nice Hobby Lobby), and the state of around half of the down town area, but I had no idea it was this bad.

Even with all the negative comments I am sure there are some small positives such as living close to Wichita for shopping and being able to send your kids elsewhere for a better schooling but I guess those would only appeal to some people.

But I can feel for the people because Garden City has some of the same problems.

The city lets around 3 old people (the owners of Herbs, and Whartons Flowers) run the town and repel businesses that they think will ruin the town they remember from back in 1900's when they turned 120. Also our school are quite a joke and are located in the scenic middle of no where, but we still manage to work around the location and bring in new businesses. Unlike Dodge City who hasn't gotten anything really new sense Hobby Lobby (rumor claims its leaving because of the new casino) while we got the Home Depot, IHOP, and Sams Club.

But the bad things about Garden, Dodge, Emporia, and Hutch further my theory that highway 50 generally = dumpy and Tyson is the evil of a towns economy.

Basically I'm hoping things go better in the Future for smaller Kansas Towns like Emporia, Liberal, Hutch, and Dodge so they can be come towns people have something positive to talk about not just negative... Because when I was there in the summer we stopped at a Gas Station near the cosmosphere/High School stadium and were afraid we were going to be raped and shot as we were when we got lost in Wichita at night. Though I wouldn't hang around much of Garden after sunset either these days.

Hutchinson resident: 26th Mar 2010 - 21:42 GMT

I think you people really should find something better to do with your time.. Hutch is trying to improve the downtown area. We are getting new business... There are several things to do around here... These are mostly seasonal, but still fun. They do involve you getting off of your computer and going outside.. maybe all of you just want to drive around and hope that life hits you like a ton of bricks... Try creating your own fun... We have a good museum, Cosmosphere, Memorial Hall is getting some new acts coming in, the Fox Theater, Carey Park, The Kansas State Fair (most weekends they have events). You just have to open your eyes...

Brad: 28th Mar 2010 - 04:13 GMT

I was born at Grace Hospital in 1965. Is that it in the 2nd picture? If not does anyone know where it was? We moved right after my birth and I never really knew too much about Hutchinson. Although I did go to the state fair once as a kid.

big dog: 29th Mar 2010 - 13:35 GMT

this town is nothing but old white people that are scared of new things to come into this town to make hutch a better place to live and grow so get off your lazy ass and stop being an ass.

i have try to find a job in this shithole of a town and this is not a place to start over it will just suck the life out of you and turn you in to a redneck.

Tex: To Brad: 30th Mar 2010 - 14:53 GMT

Grace hospital was on north main street, around the 700 block. It got turned into sort of a office/apt. complex, I think now it's mainly boarded up. It's right next to Wendy's. You can look at google maps, and do a street view to see what it looks like today. The hospital pics on this website are those of St. Elizabeth's which was over on Monroe street, it too was converted into a apt. complex.

Tex: To the out-of-towners: 30th Mar 2010 - 14:58 GMT

There are a lot of people who haven't been to Hutch, who have requested pictures. You can go to google maps, street view, and basically tour the city, go up and down the streets and see for yourself what Hutch is like.

Hutch a nice place to live for families - If you don't need to rent - ugh: 30th Mar 2010 - 15:37 GMT

I used to live in Hutchinson and actually enjoyed it. It was a nice place to bring up children and there were plenty of things to do for family fun: Family Children's Theater; Carey Park; Hutchinson Zoo; Cosmosphere; Dillon Nature Center; Water Park; Softball complex; Underground Salt mines. Of course we encouraged our children to also enjoy entertaining themselves - you know the more boring stuff (to some of you) like playing in the yard and reading, playing board games with family and friends, participating in scouts and brownies and, as they got older, participating in sports at school and debate, theater, enjoying fine arts etc. etc. There is plenty to do if you want good wholesome family activity. I am sad to see all the negativity in this post - I believe the only thing spoiling this town are the slum lords - yes unfortunately I do believe a lot of the rentals are absolutely dreadful but only because the people who live in them don't speak up for fear they will lose their home (such as it is). So, landlords, step up to the plate, improve your ugly properties. I read about a couple of the landlords in Hutchinson but there are more - one or two are realtors (shame on you). You know who you are - go inside your properties and really look around: Is the carpet so stained that professional cleaning won't get it done? Is the paintwork so cheap that when you wash it the color comes off? Does the bathtub have any finish left? Do the windows close properly? Does the sewer back up more than once into the yard? Can you really use the disposal? etc etc etc. Do you charge more than $600 for this mess just because it is located on a fairly nice street? Poor neighbors! What must they think? Yes you are the ones bringing down the reputation of a once "Nice Place To Live". Are you up to the challenge? Are you ready to face up to your responsibilities or should I send your name(s) to the appropriate people?

big dog: 30th Mar 2010 - 15:37 GMT

where in the help do you get a job around this dam town i dont get it this could be a pretty good place to have a family but the old people here are scare of something new to come into town . you know that this is the year 2010 it time for a change thank you

Big Dog: 30th Mar 2010 - 17:49 GMT

Well, that's the problem, if you're not into health care or rest homes, you'll probably have to get a job at the local kwik shop or fast food place. And, good luck making enough money from those places to make a living on. Come on down to Texas, where the jobs are plentiful, countless things to do, and the women are friendly & gorgeous!!

Leon: 1st Apr 2010 - 06:43 GMT

i dont know how idiots think that just cause they were bored and couldnt get off theyre lazy asses and find something to do for their damn selves, think they have the right to start talking shit on a nice for the people saying that we have a very high unemployment rate, those people are idiots too...ever heard of the wind power plant that will be coming to hutch?...and just because the dumbass that took all these pictures took them all in the crappy part of town doesnt mean the whole town is like that...there are a ton of cities that a worse off than here...and before one of you idiots asks, yes i have been all over the u.s.and yes there some better paying jobs but you do realize the cost of living is eay more the chance of walking out your door and watching a does happen way more often that here in to all you haters...kiss my white Hutchinson ass!

hutchinsuck?: 2nd Apr 2010 - 21:48 GMT

I was born in hutchinson hospital and have lived here since. I attended both buhler and hutchinson high school. Sure its mostly boring and appears rundown. But do you have to have something exciting to do constantly? There's coffee shops, theatres, book stores, antique shops, ect. Which have been listed on numerous other posts, I am aware. Living here though its small but not to small, and you're within an hour of Wichita and Salina. A big issue is the meth. And there is a lot of meth, which tends to be a big issue for most of the people that live around here because it generally leads to the people with 5 kids and 1,100 dollars in food stamps a month. Which is both sad (for the kids) and irritating. The farther south of eleventh you go the worse it gets. And the state fair isn't exactly a pretty sight. Being that it consists of very large people (men and women) dirty and wearing reveling skin tight clothing, chowing down on turkey legs and pronto pups. Very disturbing. But honestly Hutch does have more to offer than half naked obese people, the unemployed and meth. I have 2 kids and I plan on raising them here. I am well aware that there's all sorts of nasty things they could get into. Drugs,drinking ect but that's everywhere. The difference here is when they go to school in the morning I don't have to worry that they won't make it home. A major problem I had with posts on here is how many people were complaining about the "fossils" and old people. Seriously? It seems to me that its a privilege growing old. They put up with the young folks speeding around them at lights, flipping them the bird, driving drunk, and obnoxious music blaring out their windows, it seems like seniors have every right to drive as slow as they'd like. My grandparents are wonderful people and it pisses me off to hear how little respect they get. I also saw a few comments about the strange characters around town. We have a lot of odd balls around here. There's Steve, the guy who looks like santa that's always on his bike, there's the guy with a coke that's always singing and dancing down the street, there's the old man who roller skates everywhere. And there is of course a few more. But when I see them I am not disturbed by how shitty this town is. I love it. I think these people make this town special. It makes me remember to enjoy little things. Sure Hutchinson can suck sometimes, there is a reason people call it Hutchinsuck. But its home to me. I guess if you are looking for an exciting town with a lot to do Hutch isn't for you. But If you're looking for a town with little quirky places and people then it might be. Hutchinson can't make you unhappy. If you're unhappy you won't be satisfied anywhere. You can be bored anywhere and there's drugs everywhere.

To: Hutchinsuck: 5th Apr 2010 - 17:51 GMT

I'm curious, what do you do for a living? And, do you make good money working in Hutch?

pat: 7th Apr 2010 - 03:52 GMT

its all in how you live i have a great time every day if your bored go to wichota okc or kansas city we have a good town with good people forget you haters u got bars drugs stupid cops and lots of girls what more do you neeed

Tex: 8th Apr 2010 - 13:41 GMT

For all you young people up there in that stagnate town,...get out! Don't waste your time and life trying to make ends meet in a town that hasn't supported job growth in decades. Come on down to Texas, jobs are plentiful for those that want to work and the things to see and do are endless. Why, just two nights ago I went to San Antone to watch the womens' NCAA championship game, and guess who walks in the front door to attend. The vice-president of the U.S. How many times is something like that going to happen up in Kansas, not many.

Kee: 11th Apr 2010 - 07:33 GMT

any information on moving to Hutch I have no choice .Is the college good? and the elementry schools? and what part of town should I buy a house in ?Thanks for your time

Hutchinson Kansas REALITY: 12th Apr 2010 - 14:46 GMT

This town is packed full of trash, drug dealers, non-working welfare leeches and more. Now, there are some good people in this town. But they are the minority. The Majority are fat lazy, fat lazy and retarded or just plain worthless. The welfare and disability rolls in this town are lop sided. There are no good choices for employment and this town is truly ran by a few.

Shotzy : 14th Apr 2010 - 13:51 GMT

I just moved back here a year ago after being gone for 11 years and am working for The soon to be Siemens plant making great money. It hasn't changed much but there are people trying to make a difference. The residents are what sucks in this town, look at how they keep up their own properties. As far as the unemployment rate look at yourselves people, there are good jobs here and I happen to have a great one. The reason I'm finding people can't get job's is because they are lazy and don't want to work.This town is a shit hole because the residents have made it a shit hole....Look at yourselves people. As far as the pictures they have posted, The old church like building is not off a highway it is in a residential area off monroe st, which is being used as a drug treatment facility, the odd building with the chairs sitting outside of it is a AA/NA meeting place. Yes there are a lot of businesses that have gone down hill in this town, but lets face it the residents in this town are a joke and would rather sit around and collect welfare than work, now that's not the city's fault, that's your own damn fault.....Learn how to keep your properties up, and learn how to keep a job and maybe this town would get better, not to mention every establishment I go to in this town has the rudest fucking people I have ever met....

What?: 14th Apr 2010 - 18:57 GMT

Yes the city and the chamber have finally realized that they're going to have to do their jobs and promote jobs in Hutch or they're going to lose their jobs and be exposed for the incompetent idiots that they are. And, this blog helps promote the truth that gets changes made for the better. But for decades there has been no job growth, Cessna shut down years ago, (Hutch's largest employer) with no replacement, and thusly all the people have had little choices for good paying jobs for all these years. Which means high unemployement, high welfare costs, high drug usage, people drinking, etc.etc.

Tex: 15th Apr 2010 - 13:41 GMT

Yes, I left decades ago from a go nowhere job up there that paid about 30k to a job here in Texas that is now over 130K. A city has to have good jobs to offer on a continuous basis or the talent will leave and all you'll be left with are those on unemployment, welfare and those that don't have the skills to work. And good luck then trying to bring companies in and start building a workforce all over again, it just doesn't happen that way. That's why you always want to be focused on bringing companies in constantly to replace those that might leave, so that there isn't a gap of years where people don't have good options for good jobs.

E: 20th Apr 2010 - 17:35 GMT

Uhm, I live in Hutchinson, KS. Hutchinson might not be downright beautiful, but its a heck of a lot better than Nickerson.

Countrygirl: 20th Apr 2010 - 20:21 GMT

I've only been living in Hutchinson for the last 8 years, and I don't really rely on the town to keep me busy, but something I have noticed is that the rental housing market here is the most pathetic I have ever seen. Nearly every home I've rented or looked at is run down, filthy, and badly managed. I don't hate this town, but in many ways I do feel like we're overrun with slum lords, drug dealers, and loan sharks. It feels like there is a much slimmer area of middle class here, and just from cleaning up the messes previous renters (and landlords) leave and the many many many frustrations we have had with trashy and loud neighbors ... my husband and I call Hutchinson "Walmart-town." We're pretty tired of it and thinking about moving to a smaller quiet town outside of Hutch.

anon ( 22nd Apr 2010 - 09:28 GMT

hutch is the most racist town the school song had nigger in it for years...scre that town

Tex: To Countrygirl: 22nd Apr 2010 - 15:07 GMT

Watch out when you decided to move to one of the smaller towns outside of Hutch, most of them do not have police protection, and a lot of drug dealers move to them, in order to get away from the law.

Mel: 25th Apr 2010 - 11:23 GMT

Who cares, I make my 90k a year and you Hutchinson pea-brains can keep slaving for me....

Mel, : 27th Apr 2010 - 13:01 GMT

We all know what you don't make... You would not say anything if you truly were making 90k per year.. Let me guess are you a meth cook?

hhs junior: 29th Apr 2010 - 02:52 GMT

maybe I'm not looking hard enough, but where are the droves of drug dealers that supposedly infest hutch?

A: 1st May 2010 - 18:13 GMT

Wow! i live in Hutchinson and it is not like that at all,

anon ( 3rd May 2010 - 03:32 GMT

Ok people I admire how you defend the town, but just because you see it one way doesn't mean that is how everyone sees it. I used to live in Hutch for many years and I remember when Simon Malls dropped the Hutch mall because it was losing too much money (and its dead and a dump but that would be beside the point) and Ive seen the neighborhoods around the old grain elevators and watched as more and more parents pulled their kids out of the district to send them to schools like Haven and Buhler. The latter is what I did I moved my family there so my kids could get a decent education. Also after Emporia and Pittsburgh Hutch has like the 3rd highest unemployment in the state.


TittyNipples: 3rd May 2010 - 09:23 GMT

I'm not sure but i think the guy in the picture is the Vampire from Salem's Lot, I didn't think vampires showed up in pictures.

Biased?: 12th May 2010 - 20:43 GMT

I grew up in Hutch, moved away for college, got married, had 2 kids, and came BACK to Hutch because I loved growing up here, and couldn't imagine a better place to raise my kids. School systems across the state are going downhill because of a lack of funding, and until we reorganize our priorities, that situation is not going to change. That being said, there are still several great elementary schools in Hutch, and the middle and high school has always been competitive academically and in extracurricular activities. The mall wouldn't suck so much if we got some decent stores to support the anchors - sorry, but flea markets do not keep a mall thriving.
If we do have "tons" of meth labs, I could probably tell you which areas of town they're likely to be in, but that is also no different from ANY other town anywhere.
And, to the comment that Hutch is a shrinking town, perhaps you should check out the Census? Hutchinson's population has grown steadily over the past 10 years.
Yes, we could make it a more lively place, but that only happens when entrepreneurs with GOOD ideas take initiative, and we seem to be lacking in that area. And Hutch isn't a party town, it's a place to raise your family. If you want to go clubbing every night and drink yourself stupid, Hutch probably isn't the town for you.
If you don't like it here, nobody's forcing you to stay. But, that doesn't mean it's a POS town.
And if you're only going to take pictures of 1. The fairgrounds on a weekday, 2. The crappy areas of town, it's not going to look all that appealing.

Low income housing!: 17th May 2010 - 14:28 GMT

They are doing it again. Now we have yet another fucking low income housing project in town. I saw in the paper that they are converting the building next to wendys on main into YET ANOTHER LOW INCOME HOLE!! How many do they need? Last I counted this makes 10. Insane! in a town of 35,000 people we have 10 low income housing projects? Are you serious? They need to get these people off their lazy asses instead of allowing them to waller in their own fat and drown our community. I cannot believe this.. Someone need to make a media matter of this and get these trash people moved to a new place where they can set around and collect welfare/ disability etc. This town is full to the brim of fat lazy non working pieces of shit. What a sad town. It is one big retirement/low income/retard center.

eshuff44: 17th May 2010 - 21:34 GMT

I too was born at the old Grace Hospital on February 11, 1956. But was raised up in real small town area of Nickerson, Kansas all my entire life. Here are the reason why I don't like Hutchinson, Kansas that much.

1: All the real nice houses are way to close together.When I pratrice street preaching, I believe a real preacher needs to yell and shout while preaching to his pupils in church. Cause when he does this he is really saying Wow!!! I'm seriously am indefinite exciting for accepting Jesus Christ into my personal life of my heart. Houses in the Nickerson, Kansas area are that close together has it is in the hutchinson, Kansas area that is.
2: Hutchinson, Kansas area is alot bigger than the Nickerson, Kansas is. That is way I small town more better than Hutchinson, Kansas

3: Hutchion, Kansas area is way to noisty for me. And Nickerson, Kansas is alot more quitter than Hutchinson, Kansas is
4: The Horizon Metal Health Clinic wiil so indefinitely bud into your persnal living style of yrs just like they have done unto me ever since 1995 on up to this year of 2010 year.
5: The reno county Judge Patricia Make Dick is not that very good Judge unto me. She have done done injustice on me ever since since 1995 on up to 2009 year

I'll finish the rest of it later on. It's almost time for me to go eat my supper. After Supper I'll be right back to finish this up on another comment post.

eshuff44: 17th May 2010 - 23:45 GMT

And please also forgive me of my grammer spelling, Which it would be an acciedent typo cause the computer keyboard could be acting up on it. To finish the rest of my comment post from earlier before above.

6: I've been in dispute with Judge Patricia Macke Dick Of Reno county since she was part of the reason why I've lost my original house in Nickerson, Kansas which 205 North Burr Street Of Nickerson, Kansas which she believed all the lies about me more thanme by far. Due to the Cause of being retarded But not an fully metal retarded. And This retarded person seriously don't like Hutchinson, Kansas that very well either. Some of us might like living here but not all of us don't like Hutchinson, Kansas that well at all. I've got an question for Judge Patricia Macke Dick How does she expect any retarded handicap Adult to show any kind of prove unto her when everyone form Hutchinson, Kansas and Nickerson, Kansas area alway's throws all of our evidence away. This as been going on ever since the year of 1995 year on up to 2010.

7:If she was a good Judge than she shouldn't be afraid to show Prove of at least 200 retarded handicap people that have won there hearing cause, That's the only way I will belive she is a good judge. Right I don't trust the Justice system In Hutchinson, And Nickerson, Kansas area nomore like I've once had done long ago before. To many people in the Hutchinson, Kansas had already had betrayed my trust I onced use to had upon them.

8: Don't trust to many people in the Hutchinson, and Nickerson, Kansas area Neither especially my Landlords father Brad Berridge of Nickerson, Kansas one of the Berridges IGA Grocery Store in Nickerson, Kansas. They areway to lazy to fix upall there tenant house which I've warn them that 806 West Nickerson Blvd. Which his son had so promised me that house for $20,000.00 even including the vacant lot west of the house. Which I've paid more than $20,000.00 on it with rent with option to buy the place.

9: Brent Berridge Knows what I exactly had said unto him when both of our parent had passed away in the 2001 year, and Brad was not there. When is son and I had agreed to 20,000.00 dollars on it vacant lot included along with it also too.

10: In Gods name sake don't treat us handicap has an retarded handicap cause alot of us seriously don't like it beigng called that at all, those are fighting words against us. We seriously prefer to be called slow learners only. And I will defend and protect their rights also too if I have to do it alone by myself.

11: A fully metal retarded handicap adulthood person will so be way to afraid to put there down and stand there own ground of there Christianity rights, there independent right, there consitutional rights, and there liberty right. But the slightly metal retarded handicap adult would not be afraid to put our foot down and stand our own ground.

If you have any other question for me email me at

eshuff44: 19th May 2010 - 17:55 GMT

I forgot to add one more word on my very first post on here. I mean to say the houses in the Nickerson, Kansas area are not that close together like alot of the Hutchinson, Kansas houses are that is.

Employed to Shotzy: 20th May 2010 - 03:06 GMT

Wow, nice attitude there for an upper management type! I can see by your post you possess all of the motivational skills required of a great leader.
I am sure all of us fat, lazy, unskilled slobs who lack any grounds keeping skills will really enjoy working for you!

eshuff44: 26th May 2010 - 16:03 GMT

alot of us are not slobs or lazyness or unskilled really at all. You be surprised of how many of us have tried hutchinson, kansas. And I know there are some real good people in the Hutchinson, Kansas area. But it seems there are more bad people in Hutchinson, and Nickerson, Kansas area. if you don't believe me, than print all this information out and cut each comment post on here and divided them all up and and the ones that loves Hutchinson, Kansas area dn the onces that Hates Hutchinson, Kansas area and than coubnt the votes and you will see there are more that Hutchinson, aksnas are than there are that loves Hutchinson, Kansas area. Try yourself and see iit for yourselves please? And I alway's believe the once that older than any of us more than any of the younger ones cause the older ones had alot more experience of good and bad in this world. I'm 54 years old Which means I has some experience living Hutchinson, Kansas 15 different times mainly more out in the streets and with some of good friends here in Hutchinson, Kansas We need to accept everyone the God had made them to be for his purpose only. But the younger onces will go through the experience we have been through later on in their life style of those.

eshuff44: 26th May 2010 - 16:39 GMT

I forgot to add the word hate Hutchinsonm Kansas,More than the ones that love Huthibson, Kansas area. Same with the Nickerson, Kansas area also too. If anyone plans to move to Nickerson, Kansas area don't rent or make any kind of bargain deal with the two store mangers there. Or rent anything from them neither cause they will not keep non of their promises that they've made unto you. And when you charge there and when you do pay on you bills there they will not give you the charge receipts neither, and they will so still keep those old receipts that was so, have paid more than what they think themselves. When I was my own legal guardian and my own representative payee I had not either have let go pass $300.00 at all And Brent Know withn his won heart In 2001 year after both of my parent passed away that I prefer to work with Brad Berridge more cause he is alot more forgiving than his father is by a long shot Tehy shouldn't bud into any other busines or personal affairs at all they will be the ones and the city office here will so, cause alot of peoplke go on strike sooner or later on. Cause my dad told me this long time ago when he was alive that is everyone had so, went on strike one time against the the City of Nickerson, Kansasfurther back in the years before I was born and was raided up here in the Nickerson, Kansas area that is. Reason some of us is posting this comment on here is cause we had so, tried everything possible to speak up for our rights and none isn't neither really listneing to any of us you see especially our slow learners adulthood cause ome of you are so, predice against us. I use to go to regular public schools. I wasn't transfered to special ed classe till the second term in third grade classes thtI'm still the very same person I was when I was in my first term in third grade classes of regular public school of Nickerson, Elemtery grade school that is.

Tex: 27th May 2010 - 20:11 GMT

I think I'd stay on that island in the south pacific, (as long as the native women were cute!)

AH: 28th May 2010 - 00:16 GMT

Oh where to start...

I've lived in Hutch for 20 years now and looking at those pictures - I don't see how that encompasses the entire town in the slightest. The State Fair looks empty because no one goes there when it's not up and running. Well, I've gone there a few times to walk around, visit some auctions, see some rodeos... some things go on in there that no one really pays attention to. I don't live in a trailer and I'm nowhere near being obese. None of my family is for that matter. I have friends who work through man power - which means they work in assembly line-type jobs which, shockingly enough, makes quite the amount of money.
I'm not a rich snob and I'm not trailer trash. We live comfortably with a steady income. You all say there are never any jobs but when I was looking for one, I had PLENTY of options. In fact, I love my job. I work with those "retards" you all keep talking about. Sorry we're not all normal here, but what kind of place would it be if we all WERE normal? Yes, boring... and I never would have learned all I did if it weren't for those "retarded" people. Never take what you have for granted.
Sure we don't have city lights and towering buildings, but it's relaxing here. People go 10 under because there's really no rush when you live here. Most of the excitement is what you do with yourself. I don't drink, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs - yet I live here. Comfortably. If there aren't any parties or drug deals where you live, I'd love to come visit. Because I never knew such a place existed.

I've had fun here. Sure I'd like to leave this city some day, but for now I'm doin' alright. This place used to be quite the teen-lead place, but it has died down. I'm not saying it's getting better because we all know that we can barely keep stores in our mall. But there's more to life than shopping and blowing money with the cool kids. Just enjoy the ride. Busy cities are nothing but an anxiety attack waiting to happen. Just cruise and walk... pick up a book and just let your mind wander. We don't need the clubs and go carts. I can find fun with some friends and a few good laughs. Heck, I had more fun in Larned, Kansas than I did here because we MADE our own fun. With human to human contact. We could all use more of that.

Tex: To AH: 2nd Jun 2010 - 14:42 GMT

How much do you make? So that those thinking about moving to Hutch can get an idea as to pay scales and what they can afford.

Hutch Resident: 4th Jun 2010 - 04:30 GMT

You keep asking how much we make, but what I don't think you're taking into account is the cost of living here. For example, I have family in CA looking to buy a house. Their budget is 500,000. For that, they can buy a 900 sq ft 2-3 bdrm house, or apartment. While here, we have a 2300 Sq ft 3 bdrm with a full basement for less than 150,000. In a gorgeous neighborhood which I love. So it is all relative. In order to maintain the lifestyle you are used to here in a bigger city, you would HAVE to make 2-3 times more money. But to answer your question, I make $10 an hour (PT 12,000/yr), my husband makes $60,000 a year.

Another Hutchinson Resident: 4th Jun 2010 - 13:04 GMT

I see this town keeps breeding scum... C&J Auto Group (they run a trashy/scam of a car lot on east 4th) just posted a help wanted ad in the paper. I think it is because their last "employee" left. This guy tries to show himself as having tons and money, when really he doesn't have sh*t. This carlot is truly bad because they prey on stupid people that live in Hutchinson. He shines up junk and puts them out for sale.. How sad. This is just my opinion.

Tex: To Hutch Resident: 4th Jun 2010 - 14:50 GMT

It all depends what property you buy or rent in Hutch. I've seen dumpy trailers rent in Hutch for $950 a month, whereas you could rent a nice apt. in Dallas for the same amt. or less. Overall with the taxes you pay, state income taxes, property tax on vehicles, a lot of housing (maybe not yours) combined with low pay, and the result is that the cost of living in Hutch is not less for a great many people. If what you say is true, and expenses were low to offset the lower wages, then why do you see poverty running rampant up there?

Tex: To Hutch Resident another point: 4th Jun 2010 - 14:57 GMT

According to The median pay in Hutch is $ 38,439, and the median pay for the state of Kansas is $50,177. So, Hutch is even quite a bit lower in comparison to the rest of the state. Your husband is fortunate in that he is at a much higher income level then most of the other residents in Hutch. according to the stats.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca: 4th Jun 2010 - 20:26 GMT

I think one of the biggest problems with Hutchinson lies within the city management/government over the last 10-15 years. Hutch is pretty much ran by the "good ol' boy network", having any real qualifications to be running a city goes out the window, if you're connected with the right people here.

Hutch has had it's share of decline pretty much since the 1930's. I think you can almost blame the historical ultra-conservative/religious clamp that's been choking this community since it's conception. Hutch and Wichita started out very much the same, one of the main reasons for Wichita's growth explosion over Hutch in its earliest days was the fact Hutch was a "dry" city for many years, which in turned caused all the cattle runners to gravitate to a more "free flowing" location.

Compared to other towns of similar size it's lacking in events, industry (as in real industry, not food service, health care, ect.), social and culture gatherings intended for people below the age of 50, and I could go on forever.

The atmosphere is a little dingy and depressing since well over half of the town is fairly run down and desolate. Some feeble attempts at restoring and revitalizing parts of the city have been made, but they've all been pretty ill planned and laughable; not to mention losing funding before anything is really accomplished.

I've lived here all of my life for the last 28 years so I think I have a fair perspective on the situation in this location. As far as all the comments about the mall, to be fair, malls in general are on the decline with strip malls slowly eating away at them. Not to say business is booming here by any means. I try to keep a positive outlook, although it's been much more difficult over the last 5 or 6 years.

Combine the conservative-religious totalitarianism which dictates the nonexistent happenings in this town with the overly eager Police force and you have a recipe for failure when it comes to giving younger people outlets to entertain themselves.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca: 4th Jun 2010 - 20:50 GMT

One more thing I'd like to add... The city management and business community of this town seems to be very out of touch with modern thinking. Everything seems to aimed towards older age groups (which is fine to a certain extent, except when there's no consideration for younger people at all). On the rare chance something goes on that is actually meant more for younger crowds, it seems to be met with criticism by the same "old fogey" type thinkers from the city and sometimes Police. Take the former ban on MMA events for example. This place will be stuck in a perpetual staunch unchanging environment until the citizens start electing some new vibrant thinkers. Our current officials have done nothing more then lead us down a crooked (and I do mean crooked, just look into the gas price lock downs that go on here) winding road; that have amounted into a "middle American" nightmare.

Dewey Foley: 6th Jun 2010 - 23:36 GMT

The MMA ban was pretty shady, too. I attended the events, and a Hutchinson Police Captain who claimed to attend the event made a false "eyewitness report" to the city attorney that claimed these events were being fought barefisted with no rules. What? I'm sure the thousands who attended would say otherwise. To me, that set an ugly precedent. The police force can obviously claim anything they want about any business, with no repercussions? How's that for some Hutchin-fun!

Tex: To Lucius: 7th Jun 2010 - 14:42 GMT

I think you summed the picture up very well!

Dewey Foley: 8th Jun 2010 - 14:20 GMT

The MMA ban was bad, however I think that MMA really is to big for Hutchinson. It is a sport that everyone wants to be in, but can't do it. It is the current trend or fad. Get some regulation on the promoters and then it will be accepted in Hutchinson. Boxing does have more regulation. However is much more boring. The last MMA show was a joke. No one was there and the fights sucked. Typical of Hutch!

Losts1: 9th Jun 2010 - 14:12 GMT

You know this town is a full of some non working motherf**ckers. Just drive around town one day around 3 or so. You will see people wondering around. Wasting time, and just plain screwing off. I cannot believe it. from South hutch to 30th there are just pieces of trash running around doing nothing.

Coming back home: 10th Jun 2010 - 04:45 GMT

I was born in Hutchinson Hospital almost thirty years ago and lived in and around Hutch until I was 15. The last 15 years, then, I've lived and visited a lot of different places, and now my career finds me moving back to the Hutchinson area.

I can tell you I have been dismayed at the downturn in the town. I was there are the grand opening of the Hutchinson Mall back in the 80's. I was there when the movie theater opened and there when they started renovating the Fox. I was involved a lot with the Family Children's Theater, and got to visit the Cosmosphere before the renovation. A lot of these things seem to be dying today. The Mall is a shell of its former self, and the Cosmosphere is uninspiring (I remember when Reno County residents got in for free).

The Siemens plant should bring a lot of new jobs into the community, however, and will help revitalize this town. The free water parks are a step in the right direction, and the shows at the Fox and Flag Theaters can help with family entertainment. I'd like to see the Fairgrounds get a little more use, but who knows? Is Hutch a dirty, old town? Absolutely. Are there things wrong? Certainly. Is it the worst place on earth? In no way.

My favorite part is that right now I have a small house in Manhattan, KS, and pay close to $1000 a month in rent. In the Hutchinson area, I can get a much nicer and larger home for less... and my new job pays more than my old one. That's saying something pleasant about Hutch, at least.

Re: Coming back home: 12th Jun 2010 - 00:06 GMT

That right come on back home. This is where many people come after they have failed elsewhere. You can get a fast food job anywhere :). Good luck.

yipes: 15th Jun 2010 - 18:06 GMT

boring? yes. as bad as the pictures make it look? no. as for the old where near a highway.

ranter: 16th Jun 2010 - 01:54 GMT

The main problem is the culture of ignorance that prevails in this area if the subject does not deal with church, Jr. college football or racing the majority become easily confused or angry. The selling point of Hutchinson is cheap land and housing, eventually Wichita will expand no matter what short term mentalities prevail at the moment. If you own housing or other properties hold onto it. The payoff will be substantial.

Mike: 17th Jun 2010 - 20:59 GMT

I gotta say....I grew up in hutch in the 80's and early 90's and it was awesome. People were kick ass back then but everything seemed to change around that time. Hutch isn't like it used to be from what I hear but I wouldn't trade growing up there in the 80's was the best!!!

Bert: 18th Jun 2010 - 18:58 GMT

Hey you gugs have been a bit hard on this town. It has everthing you need maybe not eveything you want. Its a good and easy way of life. True it needs some jobs but eveywhere is like that. They have baseball and softball facility for youth and adult teams. Hosts numerous national and state events. Known nationwide as "America's Tournament Headquarters." They have a street fair in the summer along with the state Fair in Sept...Races and great food on main sreet...

former resident: 19th Jun 2010 - 02:11 GMT

I can think of ONE good thing about Hutch.....Taco Hut. Other than that, no real reason to go back, other than my mom still lives there and we take the kids to see her once a year. The mall is just about dead and many of the houses around town look dilapidated. It's depressing, but it's always had the image of a retiremnt community, so not real surprising that it's not a barrel of laughs.

Yikes: 23rd Jun 2010 - 14:24 GMT

Wow... I'm visiting Hutchinson now. It's truly an interesting place...

Left: 25th Jun 2010 - 00:13 GMT

I left Hutch over thirty years ago. The reasons for my departure were personal and devestating at the time. Glad, now I am gone. Doubled my incomg the first year I was away from there. My ex tried to convince me to stay. But I was not interested in being her ace up her sleeve.

Brian: 26th Jun 2010 - 03:25 GMT

I Have lived here in the salt city for 32 years it has been on it's way downhill for a long time. The only good thing I can say is the Siemens Company is building a new Nacel(Wind Energy),factory Here. They had a job fair Taking Apps. for 400 new jobs. There were approximately 2000 people that applied. I agree that is only a small solution. We Need more high paying jobs ( $10 -$20 / Hr.) and the city will prosper. Hutch chamber of commerce needs to get off their A----s and attract more jobs like this.

Left: 26th Jun 2010 - 04:01 GMT

The politics in all of Kansas, but Hutchinson in particular is against there being good paying jobs for the average person. There are an oligarchy that relies on the vast pool of unemployed and underemployed from which they can profit off there labors. The best an average Joe or Jane can do is during the booms created by outfits like Siemens is to get some familiarity and experience in and industry and then leave Hutchinson. The only ones left in Hutch over thirty are the slugs and the oligarchs. The middle class will always be driven away from Hutch.

Another Thankful Former Resident: 28th Jun 2010 - 16:23 GMT

I too lived in Hutch in the 80s and then was job transferred. At the time, I was sad to leave because it really was a nice little community. Ive gone back numerous times on business and now Im extremely glad I left - the old saying that you should be glad you dont get what you wish for is true! The degree to which the town has become run down and dirty is alarming, the functioning level of a large part of the population is abysmal, petty crime and vandalism is rampant, city and business leadership has divided the city as downtown vs. the mall (which is silly, because both areas are extremely troubled), most of the eating establishments are bars and the rest are totally filthy, and the people are the meanest, pettiest, most unhappy group Ive ever encountered. Its true that many towns are no better than Hutchinson, but it bates the question: why would anyone want to live in such communities given a choice? I am so glad to live in a positive, vibrant, growing city and my happy memories of Hutchinson are just that a memory of what once was.

anon ( 28th Jun 2010 - 16:48 GMT

No one likes kansas it's flat and stupid

Left: 28th Jun 2010 - 23:49 GMT

Anyone know of anyother web sites about Hutch. I have tried to follow the Hutch News on the web for years, even subscibed to for awhitle but I am sure that the Hutch News is not going to upset the ruling class!

fresh start new town....: 30th Jun 2010 - 12:09 GMT

i was absolutely shocked when i went early day for movie tickets midnight show of Eclipse to learn its sold out but how about the 3am showing? ill bite. for a town w a curfew there was 150-200 early teens present in a town with a curfew! i wait my turn just to enter something i havent seen in decaids....single level seating featuring out dated sound and projection! i had forgotten there was a time 20 years ago without stadium seating and crisp clear visual and audio! this town could and would support a nice clean state of art expirence! its the reasons i know everyone drives to wichita for movies. worst part was that this tired run down old theater was completely filthy! done with dickinson hutch! i will drive or wait for it to pop up on cable!!! and yeah lastly this city/county is full of meth! Dallas, where im from, has 0 tolerance and is aggressive! these people r taken and educated and taught that 'its just the way its done'. they r treated and shown there is another way to live. if its all uve ever known and seen how could u know another way through life!? these kids r stuck early with maddness and addiction being the model of live! hutch pd shame on u! cities much larger than hutch is clearing out the dealers. if i know of 4 yes 4 places to score drugs in hutch having only lived here since memorial day then the cops should know locations too! PD STEP UP AND BUST THESE SUPPLY SUPERSTORES AND GET IT GONE! 1 last tip a smoke shop which are everywhere here sell way more than marbolo. they have tons of pipes scales and even cute little ziplock baggies w cool pics on them to package and sell dope! pd again i challenge u to pick up ur balls and actually do something to change these peoples lifes! guess what dealers busted locked up and no pipe store or lil cute baggies as accessories and u will have an edgy junkie for a minute but at least its a junkie without the drugs and pipes and bullshit and they either find something else to do with all this extra time or they move along lookin in someone elses town! sorry i had to get that out but im just sick of walking my dog and taking baggies and needles away from the damn dog!

ok so i have a past....: 30th Jun 2010 - 12:57 GMT

I am the first to admit my life of excess and crazy addictive circles i spun around in. grew up in a nice desent family with resources. i was a spoiled entitled lil snob of a boy. i really lost my way for a number of years stuck in drugs. ive seen it done it witnessed it all! Things my upbringing did not prepare me for.long story short i was out there lala land got into legal trouble and i absolutely paid my debt to society! see with all the negative destructive insane behavior (all over a little sack of poison) i met the people from the other side of the tracks people that would have mortified me growing up something amazuing happened to no longer entitled to anything. i am no better than anyone else in this world. i grew up and became a man im proud to be. so i find myself in hutch with my partner of several years. i just do not know what to doin a huge situation. my partners brother, call him jeff...wife say jolene just so we have a name....have condemed me as the anti christ. i have turned my life around let off probation early i just try to live right. u get back what u put out in life. yes i believe in kharma. i have jeff and jolene coming at me every time i turn with lovely statements of me burning in hell forever and im not fit to be at same location with the kids and i keep hearing all this negativity and hate IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I STRUGGLE WITH THIS GOD THATS GONNA FRY ME FOREVER FOR WHAT REALLY....choosing wrong path and falling flat on my face get back up and LEARN from my mistakes. I am a much better man on this side than i was going in! i would do it all again if i had to because of all i learned!! so how long do i take the abuse in the name of the lord? how long do i try ditching family events because they cannont control thier mouths and actions? do i hide forever? when does jesus punishment end? statute of limitations? in small town america largely republican chistian values will my past ever be my past? jeff and jolene are so worried with what the church will think and the neighbors what will they say. when does someone say ok enough already we think his past is behind him and let this man live in peace! or shall i always be seen as that addict and judged for the past? the absolute last behavior i can think of is that their campain of hate is yeah this is christ like behavior. crossroads church btw is where they worship. im frm a large city so is this small town behavior? will it pass? would going to their pastor for help do any good? what does small town ettiquite dictate here? any suggestions r welcome. thx

Ok: 2nd Jul 2010 - 17:39 GMT

They are judging you, which first off they have no right to do. They don't represent God, they use God as a ball bat to hit those over the head with so that they can exercise control over them. You're best to get away from them asap, and start you're life over somewhere else where you don't have to put up with their crap. I'm an ordained elder and deacon in a church, so yes I can speak with some authority that their behavior has nothing more to
do with Christianity then the man in the moon. Look at the life of Jesus, it wasn't the sinners that put him on the cross, it was the "established church people" of that time that did so. The same type of people like you're jeff and jolene, and they my friend are the ones that will wind up in hell, not you.

yeah yeah: 5th Jul 2010 - 02:12 GMT

It's true that Hutchinson has serious drug problems... I have lived here only a year and I know that 3 or 4 of my neighbors are dealing drugs. I've seen it with my own eyes, and after having called Crimestoppers and the cops several times, nothing has been done.
On the other had, I have lived here only one year and have been pretty satisfied with my quality of life, and have met some cool and interesting people. However, they are either 19 or in their '50's. (I am in my mid-twenties). When I look in the catalog of events for the Hutchinson Rec Center, there is NOTHING for people my age to do(unless you want to run a marathon or some other difficult sports event). This is a hoppin place if you are 'special', old, or a toddler. Hutchinson needs to appeal to young people who aren't parents. Hutch is going to have to keep up with(and tolerate) modern tastes and culture, or the drugs will win (I'm talking to all you radical Christians out there).

Just Passing Through: 10th Jul 2010 - 16:11 GMT

Scott Sargent...thank you for starting this enlightened thread for Hutchinson, Kansas. You MUST have started it with tongue-in-cheek along with some 12 other LOOSER samll towns from your 2006 summer of discontent! Now, it appears to me that you were passing through Hutchinson in the summer of 2006 and took some photos and made some comments and then disappeared from this discussion thread. What ARE you doing now days ? Do you ever stop by this thread and see what you started ? Meanwhile, various interested persons have taken up the torch for Hutchinson to continue this discussion. I don't know about the bad side of Hutch. I was just driving through this interesting little town and made some observations. Hutchisnon, Kansas has an interesting series of parks associated with the Cow Creek, which starts north of town and ends split between downtown Hutch and the Arkansas River. One can run or walk for four miles on a wide concrete jogging / bike path along the waterway that makes Cow Creek. IF one had a mind to. There are several parks that attach to the beautiful walk / jogging trail. I followed Cow Creek, which has been there since long before Hutchinson ever became a town, and Cow Creek runs through and under downtown Hutch, starting just west of the ornate Reno County Courthouse. There are places, where Cow Creek is open to the sky and places, where Cow Creek runs under the streets and sidewalks and even UNDER the famous Memorial Hall, whose corner stone was laid by President W.H. Taft in 1911. Would THAT have been a sight ? That corner stone looked to weigh some 50 to 100 pounds and I couldn't imagine President Taft being able to lift 10 pounds. Cow Creek is a quaint little concrete lined stream in the very downtown of Hutchinson. Walk along a meandering stream, which is well landscaped. Cow Creek meanders along side the Reno County Historical Museum. The museum has lots of interesting artifacts from the 1880s and the 1930s. Stop and see it. Hutchinson IS a railroad town with THE Burlington Nortern and Santa Fe Railroad AND the Southern Pacific criss crossing the town. There is a 12 story high rise apartment building in downtown called the Plaza Towers and the famous Wiley Building that is some 9 stories. There is a Civil War and WW I Memorial in downtown. The city does stretch for several miles in each direction. It is full of normal people, who live in homes of every description from little single family homes to apartments and horse ranches worth millions of dollars. I have walked the Dillon Nature Center, Nature Trail, where a small fishing pond USED to be the cat's meow, as a swimming pond for ALL Hutchinson's youth in the 1930s and 1940s. Carey City Park has every kind of fun activity from a 9 hole regulation golf course, to frisbee golf, concrete walking trails, a zoo, softbal diamonds, a water park, and even a small miniature train ride. I saw hundreds of people using Carey Park Friday evening. North and west of town about 5 miles is an upscale, public / private 18 hole golf course called the Highlands out in the rolling sand hills. There IS a lot of old human history in this town and a lot of current human history and it is NOT all bad. Let's hear from people who actually have good stories about Hutchinson for a change. 40,000 people can't ALL be loosers.

Just Passing: 16th Jul 2010 - 21:25 GMT

Yes, there are parks, creeks, jogging paths, and 9 story buildings (which happen to be almost devoid of all life). Basically everything that you can find in other cities, so I guess that really doesn't make Hutchinson that special. Oh, but Hutch does have very few good paying jobs, so I guess that makes the city unique unto itself!

Just Passing Through: 17th Jul 2010 - 11:18 GMT

I have been back to Hutchinson again to see, during the day, what is going on in downtown and all over the city. I can see that what I read on this site is true, that the large mall on the east side was a successful place at one time and there are many closed businesses that used to exist, but there are also many businesses that are still open and providing regional choices for people to buy goods and services similar to Wichita. I am just glad that this particular blog exists and that people are willing to write about Hutchinson, even if it seems to be mostly negative. It still gives me a sense of who lives in this town. I drove back to Hutchinson this last Thursday and I was in town all day using my own car to get around town. This town may be a looser and have very few choices, but the vehicle traffic is heavy all over town all day long. People seem to have money to spend on gasoline to be able to drive. I admit that this town is big enough to need some sort of wheels to get around. Walking would be the pits. There is basically no public transportation, so you have to have a car to do anything. There is a city bus system, but I don't know how effective it is with mostly little tiny mini buses. I see that the Wiley Building downtown IS empty except the bottom retail area does have a pharmacy and counter soda fountain. I learned on the Internet that an investor in Arizona bought the Wiley Building in 1995 at a forclosure and has done nothing with the building since then. This is a sad note. It is a beautiful building. However, ANY building requires lots and lots of money to maintain. A well maintained building or city reflects lots of money being spent to keep it that way. My overall view of Hutchinson is that people ARE spending money to maintain the town and it is not really such a desolate place. Thursday was some sort of artsy attraction in downtown. I did park close to the Amtrak Station and walked around after 5 pm. Every corner had some sort of live musical entertainment with hundreds of people milling around. I guess Hutchinson has both good and bad, but it seems that she is still trying to provide a quality of life. I can see that complaints about jobs, good paying jobs, would be valid anywhere. Yes, Hutchinson has lost several good major private sector employers, but so have many major cities in this country. As a country, we are still loosing good paying middle class jobs out from our borders, because many of our successful companies have been bought by foreign investors, who have no loyalty to America. We invent and allow other countries to buy and export our knowledge. We need to stop that sort of bleeding, but I don't see our leadership doing that. So, Hutchinson might be slowly dying, but it doesn't seem to be worthy of being called a boring town. This site is all about labeling Hutch as boring and I get that, but it still has thousands of people able to call it home and make it work. The fact is that I found this web site by using Google search and I did want to learn about this town and this web site was on the first page of web sites to read. So, if this is all that Hutchinson has to sell itself, then, possibly this site needs some positive writers as well as the detractors. It seems that the original person, who started this thread, is long gone. This site does have a life of its own and it is what I was judging Hutchinson by. So, keep on writing because I still want to know what this town is like, good and bad.

Defiant: 21st Jul 2010 - 22:23 GMT

It's really sad to see all the people here saying so many bad things about this town. I have spent about the last 20 years here (I'm 21 now). It may not be the biggest or the most exciting place, but it certainly isn't the rat hole that it has been made out to be. Growing up, I always felt safe here. The people were/are friendly and I had the privilege of being taught by many wonderful teachers in the public school system. I had a similar experience before I graduated from the local junior college. Even now as I finish up my education at a state university, I am always happy to come home, in part because of the charm this little city has. I hope this sheds a little light on what this city has to offer.

Defiant: 22nd Jul 2010 - 21:00 GMT

So are you going to live and work in Hutch for your lifetime career?, and if not why?

Randy in IL.: 22nd Jul 2010 - 23:37 GMT

All of you bitchin cry babies need to live in IL. for awhile. We've got everything Hutch has plus Blogo.
Just try to top that!!!

wtf: 25th Jul 2010 - 15:25 GMT

I can't seem to find the bus depot to get out of here. Where is it?

wtf: 30th Jul 2010 - 22:04 GMT

I think they closed the bus depot years ago, of course the airport has been closed for half a century. I think you have to hitch hike to get out of there.

Former resident: 6th Aug 2010 - 18:20 GMT

I grew up here. It had its plusses and minuses. I will say that after having traveled the world and having visited almost every state in our country that Hutchinson isn't that much different than many other small towns its size. Oh, I get it that it's flat, and the wind blows, and it can be an absolute inferno in the summer. If you're between 25 and 35 with no family, you're going to be quite bored.

On other hand, the city is easy to get around. Its citizens are friendly. You are not overburdened with taxes. Crime is generally low, you get to experience real seasons, and a world-class golf course is located there. The pace of life is slower - even relaxing - and you can live a very peaceful existence there.

I can't say that Hutchinson is the best place ever, but by no means the worst. I suspect most of the people that disparage it haven't traveled much, or have just traveled by in passing and made their judgments. I get it; that's easy to do. But if you spent time here, you wouldn't find it to be nearly the disaster that others have made it to be.

Gosh, where do I begin?: 6th Aug 2010 - 19:30 GMT

Accordimg to, the crime index in Hutch is 427.5, the U.S. average is 320.9. That means Hutch has more crime than the national average!! The median income in 2008 was $ 38,439, which is even below the Kansas state average of $50,177. I wouldn't even want to think of trying to live on $38,439 a year, and I don't think most people would. Only 17.2% of the population have an education level above high school which speaks volumes!! It says that Hutch has lost and is losing it's educated work force and the uneducated, untrained people remain. And what chance do you think that companies are going to want to move their businesses into Hutch with such an uneducated workforce? Not many. If you're retired or broke and on welfare, than Hutchinson Kansas is the place to be.

Even people in KS make fun of Hutch: 7th Aug 2010 - 20:14 GMT

Lived in this hellhole for 18 years, moved away the first moment I could, and now at 33, living in KC, I come back to this town and laugh my ass off.

What a shithole....full of bible-beating, Palin loving nimwits who claim Hutch and the US are the best places to live, but they've never traveled outside of the US, let alone Reno County.

Do this town a fuckin' favor and drop a small hydro-thermal nuclear weapon on the mall. Should pretty much wipe out the town. Only thing I'd hate to see go would be the Cosmosphere....but sorry, that shitty town doesn't deserve it, and trust me, it won't be there much longer.

optomystic: 10th Aug 2010 - 12:34 GMT

Just you wait.. the state fair is coming real soon and business will really pick up for everybody! Just think... ten fun packed days of economic splendor and uplifting experiences that will thrill even the most jaded Hutchonian. See 'ya at the fair!!

terry clifton: 11th Aug 2010 - 06:26 GMT

we have advance,missouri it has to be one most boring places i'd ever live

slink: 17th Aug 2010 - 11:12 GMT

why is it that every time i'm in hutch - i have diarrhea?

slink: 17th Aug 2010 - 17:50 GMT

Because is New York was the head, and California was the feet, that would make Hutchinson the A**

GettinOut: 19th Aug 2010 - 06:29 GMT

This is great...Hutch is a shithole yes but the St Elizabeth's building isnt directly across the street from anything close to a highway. There are alot more places this person could have taken shitty pictures of. Call our town shitty thats fine, but please justify it with pictures of the other places in town that are run down, abandoned, falling apart, trashed, whatever.

happy here: 19th Aug 2010 - 20:26 GMT

There are ten interesting things about Hutch! They are the new Salt Mine Museum (it's been on that show dirty jobs) that has been constructed on the east side, The new Carls Bar and Deli has the same great food and fun atmosphere, The Kansas State Fair is 10 days of fun and enjoyment, an the Cosmosphere where you can learn about space and history, The Jim Martinez trail that runs from Rice Park to Carey Park if your get out of the house to exercise, Dillon Nature Center is great for fishing and walking the trails, Prairie Dunes Country Club and Golf Course hosted the PGA Senior Open and the Women Golf Tour. They also have big pool and great food. And then there is the Third Thursdays of the month that you can get out and experience the down town with music, art,food and lots of friendly folks. This town isn't really that bad! It's like every other small town you have the poor, druggies, run down establishments your good and bad sides of town. But if you look around there are beautiful places too! All the places on A street that have been restored and Hyde Park in the fall. Do you realize that you can drive down a country road here of course outside town and see all kinds of wild life? There are deer and turkeys and peacocks. You can actually hear frogs just up north of town. And the town has beautiful open country. You compare that to traffic and houses smashed all together that look the same, and I would choose the open space and the frogs. I guess you only see what you want, but that is what I see!

Happy: 23rd Aug 2010 - 15:13 GMT

You missed one of the most important points... WHERE ARE THE JOBS!

Happy: 26th Aug 2010 - 15:38 GMT

Well...? WHERE ARE THE JOBS!...All I'm hearing are crickets chirping!....

Resident: 27th Aug 2010 - 03:12 GMT

I live here and honestly you are a moron, sure it is a boring town but it's not as desolate as these pictures would have you believe. In fact it's pretty active. Also when you say it's filled with trailer trash you obviously haven't been here recently. There's mostly hipsters.

Corey: 27th Aug 2010 - 04:35 GMT

I can give you 10 traits that make it special. 1) Hutchinson hosts the "Kansas State Fair" not just a county fair but the "State" fair. 2) Hutchinson has one of the very few space museums in the world that contain actual artifacts from space. It is well know to people from across the country as a matter of fact. 3) Though no longer here... it used to hold one of Cessena's major plants. ( Now Seimens is building their turbine plant here) 4) As far as crime rate goes.... compare it to any other city in Kansas of this size and you will find it with a lower crime rate. 5) Have you ever heard of salt? Hutchinson is one of the major producers of salt in the world. 6) does the movies "Cassa Blanca", "Gone With The Wind", or any other old classic sound familliar? Little known fact... The mined portions of the salt mines located under Hutchinson Ks. house alot of classic movies and very important government documents. 7)Though this may not be scientific.... Hutchinson is one of the safest places during tornado season in Kansas.... look at the statistics 8)most airports without being in major cities can't land a jumbo jet. Hutchinson airport can not only land one in an emergency.... but it can take off too. 9) Hutchinson has a country club called "Prarie Dunes".... It has hosted the senior open and the womens open numerous times and has been rated as one of the countries toughest golf courses.... can your city say that? And last but not least.... Hutchinson has what was once the worlds largest grain elevators.... it is still one of the biggest in the world. Hutch may not be the best place in the world and im not saying it is, it has its problems too just like anywhere else. But I have been here... and i have been in the big cities and i would rather live here than there.... at least the people are more friendly and helpful.

Corey: 30th Aug 2010 - 17:56 GMT

You need to do a reality check on the crime rate, according to, the crime index in Hutch is 427.5, the U.S. average is 320.9. That means Hutch has more crime than the national average!! And, the median income in 2008 was $ 38,439, which is even below the Kansas state average of $50,177. I wouldn't even want to think of trying to live on $38,439 a year, and I think most educated people would agree. White elephants like the state fair, the salt mine, the cosmosphere, movies being stored underground, having an airport that can land a large plane but has been out of business for years, to where you have to drive to Wichita 50 miles in order to get a flight anywhere, the largest grain elevator in the world, which most of the time is empty and has seen more of it's owners in bankruptcy then probably bushels stored in it, all of this means absolutely nothing in regards to a city continuing to be a viable entity. It's good paying jobs that will promote growth and prosperity, which means you have to have a good educated workforce, and unfortunately Hutch is lacking in this too, since only 17% of the population have gone to college.

bing-bada BOOM: 2nd Sep 2010 - 15:03 GMT

please get here as soon as you can! The state fair starts on the 10th and many good jobs will be available.

State Fair: 6th Sep 2010 - 17:31 GMT

I was born in Hutchinson, and in growing up I thought the state fair was all right too. That's until I went to some other state fairs and found out what massive differences there were. Why the Okalahoma State Fair probably covers an area 5 times larger then the Kansas State Fair, and has tons more to see and do. I couldn't believe the differences, it made me ashamed that Kansas always seems to be outdone by others. And, what makes matters worse, is the constant denial of the powers to be in Hutchinson, and their attitude of 'things are all right here' when they obviously aren't. They know the truth, they just don't have an answers, so denial is all they have. I left years ago, and I will never come back. And, I encourage the young to travel before settling in Hutch, don't accept what others say, find out for yourself.

Think: 6th Sep 2010 - 20:35 GMT

We have decided to buy groceries and household supplies this year instead of spending our hard earned money at the Kansas State Fair. At least when the winter winds blow we can hopefully stay warm and have a supply of canned goods on hand. Why should we spend money [gate admissions] to have the honor of spending even more money on useless rides overpriced food and drinks,and hoped for impulse buying by so called "vendors"? We left Hutchinson 25 years ago to escape this culture of failure and have never regretted our decision.So go to the fair and have a great time--- you just won't see us there...

shoe10ropers: 7th Sep 2010 - 03:45 GMT

What kind of douchebag has nothing better to do than visit other quiet towns and talk shit? Your city must really be poppin' there pal. BTW, I don't so much mind the fact that I own 3 acres of land here next to the Nature Reserve. You couldn't afford to move out of your parent's basement, let alone live in mine you sorry fuck. Get back to work and scoop those fries bitch. The folks in their cars are waiting for their orders. BTW, to all those folks crying that they can't find a job: The military is hiring. Oh, did I forget you were too good to learn a trade that required effort and some level of risk? That's right! Wait for those Vision cards to charge. The world owes you a favor evidently...

WHOMPYWHOMPERSON: 15th Sep 2010 - 10:04 GMT

Hutch isn't that bad. It's boring. Full of a lot of old folks. Your only showing the more ghetto parts of town.

Hutch81musician: 15th Sep 2010 - 21:04 GMT

Hutchinson sucks. I have been playing in a successful band for years. Why is it we get so much support in towns like Wichita and Salina but no one in Hutch gives a damn.

Band: 16th Sep 2010 - 13:50 GMT

Give away free bingo dabbers and the whole town will show up!

asp: 16th Sep 2010 - 15:47 GMT

Part of the problem with Hutch is the negativity. If there is something good the people here do not support it. If Green Day played in Hutch (for example) they would be playing to like 5 people and it would be embarrasing. Im suprised this town isn't famous for book burnings.

band: 20th Sep 2010 - 16:06 GMT

the reason no one in Hutch gives a damn is because no one gives a damn !

anon ( 21st Sep 2010 - 15:52 GMT

I would have to say these pictures are very misleading. You are showing the worst possible things in this town. I grew up here. And yes I thought it was horribly boring. I moved away after I married. And of course ended up retuning years later. I missed the CLEANLINESS of the town. You wouldn't think that from these pictures, but it is very clean. I don't know who took the picture of the trash in the river. But I haven't ever seen anything like that here in the 30 years I've been alive. I love this town. Of course there are downfalls. But I think it's a great place to raise a family. We live in the heart of the town. We have a beautiful home, in a beautiful neighborhood, with wonderful neighbors. Try putting some good pictures of Hutchinson up! There are plenty!!!!!!

Great place for kids, yea right.: 22nd Sep 2010 - 20:02 GMT

This headline was in the Hutch News last week: "USD 308 misses testing benchmark". USD 308 being the Hutchinson school district. The article goes on to say how the Hutchinson schools are falling short and failing in making the state standards. I don't see how that translates into a good place to raise your kids.

Loving Life: 24th Sep 2010 - 13:09 GMT

I do not understand why people bash a city like Hutchinson. No you do not have to spend 4 hours a day on a interstate, yes you can hear birds chirping, you can let your children play in the yard, there are alot of things that people can enjoy and do ( if they choose to go outside) when was the last time you went to a park, for the quiet time with your family? Go down and feed the ducks that roam free in the park, its amazing that people have nothing better to do than complain. I have lived in Denver Colorado, and Portland Oregon, and I have always returned to the place I grew up and wouldnt have it any other way. There is not a perfect city anywhere or we would all be in heaven already.

ok: 24th Sep 2010 - 15:08 GMT

Every town in Kansas sucks. Hutchinson is no worse than anywhere else in Kansas. Have you ever been west of Hutch. in Kansas? Now that is f#@*-in boring.

To: Loving Life: 27th Sep 2010 - 13:57 GMT

So you place feeding ducks and walks in the park as more important than fixing a sub-standard school system, a town with no measurable job growth, jobs that don't pay a good living wage, drugs everywhere, and a crime rate that is higher than the national average?

YEP: 29th Sep 2010 - 14:06 GMT

doomducka doomducka doomducka doomducka i'm stuck in hutch in son and time keeps draggin' on. Aww yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip moom moom moom moom moom moom getta job sha na na na nah nah nah na nah ba doom sha na na na nah nah nah nah nah ba doom sha na na na etc. etc. GETTA JOB !

Tex: 30th Sep 2010 - 17:18 GMT

Boy, this was in the Hutch news today 9/30, "A statewide alert and an arrest warrant have been issued for a man suspected of killing his estranged wife with an ax Wednesday at her Hutchinson home" For a small town, it sure is having a lot more murders than what I've ever seen before.

ASHLEYYYYY: 9th Oct 2010 - 21:59 GMT

you can tell this is a boring town when the residence all have posted something horrid about hutch on this website .....HUTCH SUCKS

Pot smokers in Hutch!: 13th Oct 2010 - 13:37 GMT

Wow! They just found 3,000 pot plants in a field near Hutch, worth 3 Million. They destroyed all the plants, there goes the Hutch economy for the next year!!!

Hutch resident: 14th Oct 2010 - 18:13 GMT

All you sorry fucks get the hell out then! If you think it sucks so bad in Hutch get to fucking stepping!
I live here and it is a great town.
Go live in KC or any other big city and pay rent or buy a house and pay for your bills
and cost of living and just see how shitty Hutch is.

Yea, Hutch is soooo great !!: 15th Oct 2010 - 15:07 GMT

It was in the Hutch news today, that Hutch needs a bigger jail, because there's too many criminals and no place to put them!! Yea, Hutch is just mainly a jail town, it has one big prison, several smaller ones, they're all over the place!! Just build a wall around the whole town and make it into one big prison, it's getting to that point anyway!

Debra: 17th Oct 2010 - 14:33 GMT

I guess some people don't have a clue about what they are talking about or they are so shallow that they can not see the Forrest for the Tree. I have lived in many places in my life. Some places like Seattle,wa. San Deigo,Ca or even Pittsburg,Pa are all bigger and what some call " Night Life" If they are talking about Strip Clubs , Underground Night clubs where you can openly use drugs .

Nightlife: 18th Oct 2010 - 12:45 GMT

Oh these is plenty of nightlife in Hutchinson. Last night I had the experience of driving in Hutchinson at 2AM on sunday night. Meth Monsters were everywhere!. Lurking around the corners with a seedy eye looking at everyone suspiciously. I drove by several houses that were wide open with all the lights on. Inside was unemployed methmonsters looking for the police.. This is not a joke or a story. It is the truth.

Yep!: 18th Oct 2010 - 15:15 GMT

You see, in some cities people try to hide such drug activity by the "underground night clubs" like Debra said, but in Hutch they don't care to hide it !, just do it outright in front of everybody because most people are doing it!!! Just, open your doors and windows wide open and let everybody see you do drugs!! Hutch is such a joke!

Wow in Kansas...: 27th Oct 2010 - 20:03 GMT

Just a note here - I do not live in Hutch, and from all this I would not even want to investigate...but the town I live in is small with is sad that a town can get such exposure to strangers and not give any reason or purpose to improve or help the town improve. I would not want to add to the disappointing atmosphere the negative thinkers have already given Hutch...wake up -- stop the drugs, start looking for ways to a solution or just keep your opinion to your self...and I know someone will tell me to keep my opinion to myself - but I hope someone could have the balls to do something positive for a town as big as Hutch -

To: Wow: 28th Oct 2010 - 20:55 GMT

I would say the solution is jobs, jobs, jobs. A problem that has been going on for decades, a problem which only the city and chamber can fix by attracting companies to Hutch that provide good paying jobs. A problem which they have chosen to ignore for decades, for whatever reasons unknown. Some say it's an unwillingness to allow outside companies to come in because the city locals will lose some measure of control. But, in not addressing these problems decades ago, it's going to be very rough to fix them now. Because now, Hutch has lost it's educated workforce, and is filled with people who live on welfare, on drugs, or min. wage jobs and mostly are uneducated for the high tech jobs of today. Talking about the problem is usually the only way to effect change and get people's attention and get them mad enough to do something about it. Otherwise, the city and chamber would rather everybody just shut up and let the issues be...out of sight, out of mind. Usually, those that don't like criticism are the ones that help create a bad situation to start with.

poor boy33: 31st Oct 2010 - 18:33 GMT

OMG, do no city leaders read these blogs. Hutch is a good city to live in,
however the city could do more to stop people from piling junk behind their garages, fences and on utility easements (all over town). Motor homes, boats,
RVs, trailers and anything else can be parked on residental streets unless you
complain and send pictures to city hall, the police will not do anything. However, if
you can handle the neighbors and junk, it is pretty good place to call home.

Awestruck: 5th Nov 2010 - 08:26 GMT

I am totally awestruck by Hutchinson. I have never, ever seen such a collection of white trash, criminal, druggie, mouth breathing, ignorant, dirty, lazy welfare misfits in my life. I have traveled all around the country. To go into Wal Mart is like "The Hills Have Eyes"'s a horror movie where these mutant radiation damaged people live underground. The Deliverence people look good compared to the Hutch folk. Where is the "good" side of town???There isn't one!!! The scary thing is that most of the people who live there have never been anywhere else and they don't see anything wrong?!?! AND, there are no "colorful, interesting" people anywhere there nor is there any good food or music. At least the "Deliverence" type folks have some skills (music & cooking) & beautiful scenery! It is so flat and ugly here. The lake is littered with garage, I am so disgusted. These people don't want jobs, they breed and collect government checks as a career. I feel sorry for the decent people who live there. I see that they do try to have a nice downtown area but you can't when you've got all those lowlifes roaming the streets. I'd heard them like cattle into train cars and take them ...???? Hold up a Big Mac, $20 bill, crack pipe, whatever...they'll all go.

YEAH: 5th Nov 2010 - 13:18 GMT

I'm so glad that the Republicans are back in power! They will correct all of Hutchinson's problems.Remember: if you're left you'll never be right-and if you're right you'll never be left!

Yeah: 5th Nov 2010 - 16:02 GMT

Yes, with the impatient American public thinking that our economic collapse can be fixed in a few months, the republicans now have 2 years to fix everything, or else they're going to wind up like the democrats in last Tuesdays' election.

ThuggNasty...: 11th Nov 2010 - 08:56 GMT

I was born and raised in the shithole that is known as Hutchinsuck, KS. My mother is a crackhead and the town is full of tweakers and old ppl who don't know how to drive. There are no good job opportunities so most ppl end up working fast food and spending all their extra money on drugs. I for one could not have survived that town without my daily dose of maryjane. This town is extra boring and it does suck, but on the bright side NOTHING ever happens here. There arent many natural disasters here, there is a lot of theft but it usually isnt violent, so if youre not a complete moron and know how to keep your shit in your house and lock your car doors youre pretty much good, you dont really have to worry about gangs and murders and shit like that because nobody in Hutch every actually does anything, except the tweakers who like to steal things from business dumpsters, take them apart, put them back together and try to sell them to pawn shops and well other tweakers lol. This town is full of losers but it is relatively safe because nothing ever changes here. My suggestion if youre planning on moving here DONT, and if youre planning on moving out of here get out while you can, this town will suck you in because its relatively cheap to live here and no one is expected to excel because the ones that do... Leave.

Juanita: 18th Dec 2010 - 17:30 GMT

That Old church u referred too in pics, is not that at all. It was originally St. Elizabeth Hospital. I was born there in 1948 and my youngest daughter was born there in 1971. It's been severall different things since closing after Hutchinson Hopital (now Promise Hospital0 opened. Ppl leavem places because landlords don't always keep the property up. By the way it's no where near any highway. There are a lot of good people who live here in Hutch (as most of us who live here call it. (Hutchinson for those of you who never lived here). As far as your pic of the Poplar Street entrance to the Kansas State Fair, most citys with a fairgrounds -- well when the fair isn't in town or something special going on, they stay deserted, but bustle at fair time. Yes there is some drug problems here as with any other city of this size, but the majority of people don't deal with nor use drugs. Most negative postings seem like they are from people who have truly lived in Hutchinson, Ks.

Dangerous to live in Hutch: 21st Dec 2010 - 14:31 GMT

It seems like every week in the Hutch news, there's another garage that blows up, or like today a camper caught on fire, which now appears to have been another meth lab. It doesn't look like to me that it's very safe to live in a town where your neighbor can be cooking drugs and blow himself and his house up and yours along with it. And no, you don't see this going on in other cities to the degree that it's happening in Hutch.

Another stabbing: 29th Dec 2010 - 19:34 GMT

Just a few days ago a 61 year old newspaper carrier in Hutch who was simply out delivering his papers, was stabbed several times in his lung and intestines for no apparent reason at all. The young attacker didn't try to rob the poor man, he just wanted to stab him over and over. I bet the attacker was probably on drugs. Things are really getting out of control in that town.

Kgpittard: 19th Jan 2011 - 20:26 GMT

I just lookd up my hometown on the intrnt & was shocd n appalled at what I read. This isnt the Hutch of my memories n ive only gone as far as dec. Of 2007. Will comment when finishd.

Kgpittard: 20th Jan 2011 - 04:21 GMT

Is it just me or does it take 4evr 2 type your words on this thread? Im commenting & have arrivd @ july 2008. My memories of hutch r wonderful. some of u might resent them, judgn by ur state of mind. If u reallly care about hutch, vote out the crooks. Retake ur home. Make it what it really is...a place of tranquility n luv. I remember sitting on my grandmothrs porch @ 223 w. 11th. I remembr the smell of her flowrs on the warm breeze, hearing the rhythm of the trains n the distance, the sound of the locusts n the trees. I remembr the beautiful, gigantic trers that lined both sides of the street and formed a canopy overhead. I rembr wondern how much fun my best friends vicky n david stout n I would have thr next day. Those memories r always goin 2 give me a warm glow nside. ive been by my grandmothrs house a couple o times n the 80s. Its not what I remembrd n I did cry. But still it cud b brought bak 2 what it once was, just as the city cud b. Its up 2 u. VOTE OUT THE CROOKS. I think I will continue my wonderful memories of hutch on later posts. Go ahrad n ridicule me u hatrs. Frankly my dears... Sorry 4 the sarcasm. I plan on dwelln on the positive.

Kgpittard: 21st Jan 2011 - 19:13 GMT

my mother was n hutch last summer 4 her 60th class reunion. She rode by 223 w. 11th. She sed it lookd like someone was fixn it up. Hope thats tru. I would luv 2 c a pix of it. Does anyone rrmembr centtal jr high during 1968-69? The most beautiful girls name was cindy rayl. My friends were pamela (sue?) Henderson, sian horton n karen harder. Would luv 2 catch up. I live n north carolina now. I will keep cking this sight. I remembr mr. ontjes 2. Big crush on him.

hutch ho: 22nd Jan 2011 - 06:09 GMT

hutch is slowly but surely making a comeback .. thank you Siemens !!

S.: 23rd Jan 2011 - 19:02 GMT

I was born in Hutchinson and lived there for about two years. I still go back a couple times a year to visit my family there. While I do agree that the town isn't that much fun, there's still more to do there than the town that I'm currently living in; population 6,428. The economy sucks everywhere. Seriously, in some California cities, McDonalds is only hiring people with Bachelors degrees, because for the first time, they have that option. The attractions in Hutch are cool to me, but only because I don't live there and I'm sure that if I lived there, I would find it as boring as the residents. And yes, the drug problem there is pretty bad. However, I can honestly say that I pretty much live in the meth capitol of the US. Pretty much everywhere has its boring, dangerous, sucky aspects. Just remember, that we have the power to change where we live. I know that as soon as I can, I'm leaving this tiny shithole of a town. And no, I will not be moving to Hutchinson.

Kgpittard: 25th Jan 2011 - 05:35 GMT

Does anyone know a website u can go to, to fid long lost friends from the hutchison highschool class of 1974? Thank u for a response.

craiger59: 27th Jan 2011 - 06:22 GMT

Those pictures are of the old St Elizabeths hospital. It was closed when they built a new modern hospital that is as advanced and nice as any in the country. Anyone can take pictures of an old building to make a town look bad.

Yea: 27th Jan 2011 - 19:07 GMT

Yea, but most of the bldgs. in town do look like that one, so it is representative of what's in Hutch

Suck it :-O: 28th Jan 2011 - 01:18 GMT

Whiner! I live in Hutch AND have a very good job. I can afford a much nicer, larger place in Hutch than many other places. If you're so worried about Meth and the Police not doing their job; then why don't you do something about it rather than bitch and moan? Congratulations, you found some empty towns to pick on. Does it make you feel good to bitch anonymously? Does your life REALLY suck this bad that you have to look for something else to cry about? I suspect many of you are bitter because you had to leave to find employment with your limited skill set. Ha ha ha ha. Bag my groceries bitches!

Miss: 1st Feb 2011 - 14:00 GMT

It's funny how some people say they lived here all their lives and it sucks. If it sucks so bad why are you still here? Hutch isn't bad at all. The pictures taken were of run down places and do you expect people to sit in those chairs all day? Personally I have never seen any Meth problems. I'm sure they are here but if you hang around the Meth heads then yes you will see it. I've lived in Hutch almost my whole life and it's good enough for me.

Dasha: 1st Feb 2011 - 21:29 GMT

lame dumb wrong are some of you people there is nothing wrong with hutchinson maybe its all the claiming ppl in it... grow up im proud to live here. plenty of support and great school system. And plenty of jobs just get up and look. and a college that is rocking. Highschool that is growing. To talk like this on a town is lame.... And there are meth heads everywhere...

Emperor Zorg! High ruler of the Cactus Universe!: 2nd Feb 2011 - 02:58 GMT

From what I read and seen, this town looks like a dump! I come from a city here in the Atlantic region of Canada, but back in the summer of
2009, I met my friend who lives in Nebraska. Anyway, we were going to attend the Comic-con down in San Diego, and I arrived at his arrived at his house two days early. The plan was to stay at his house, drive to Pasadena, meet our other two buddies there, and then fianlly head to San Diego. As I was saying, I stayed at his house, and he lived in a town of around 500. It was Hicksville! Nothing but miles of farmland, corn, and barns! The only thing we did before we left was eat at a drabby Subway, and stop at a Walmart, which was over an hour away! All I can say is that the mid-west is plain out boring! I'm used to city life, I even currently now live here in Los Angeles until I finish University.

Kgpittard: 3rd Feb 2011 - 06:14 GMT

Please Contact Me: Pamela HendERson, Sian Horton, KAre n Harder, Vicky & DAvid Stout

Debbie M.: 7th Feb 2011 - 04:21 GMT

The problems rise from simple fact: the interstate was to have passed beside Hutchinson. Instead, it was built far above Hutchinson, an hour and a half's drive above Hutchinson, at Salina. And so Hutchinson and many of its hopes and dreams---mainly, of keeping all the Jimmies and Sues home----began to fade. If you live there now, it is because you are in deep, as my own family was, many generations deep. But now we are no longer there. And I wonder what my family would have been if they had lived elsewhere, instead of setting down businesses and marriages and households there. And I wonder, what if that highway had taken the road not taken?

Susan B 17th Feb 2011 3:01 GMT: 17th Feb 2011 - 21:09 GMT

I think it's in the eye of the beholder, I don't live there but alway love to visit. The old home and tree are beuatiful. I like it that it is just a 30 minute drive from Wichita so you can have a quit towm but be close to a bigger City. My kids love coming to Hutchinson and play at the City pool. It's like anything it's all in what you make of it any place you go!

Andrew: 21st Feb 2011 - 14:06 GMT

Wow..ive lived all over ( from Maryland to North Carolina to Arizona..and a few places in between) and I finally decided to settle in Hutch, and I actually like it here. I dont see what makes this town worse than any other. After spending 3 years in Phoenix, AZ, I am more than happy to call Hutch my home. To me its a happy medium of a big city and a hole in the wall town.

Sally : 23rd Feb 2011 - 05:02 GMT

@ Born In Hutch,
First, let me say that I loved the old photos, especially of the Wiley building. A friend of mine once told me about an urban legend that the Wiley building was haunted by a past employee "Carol", who might have worked there (or for the old demolished Wilcox building)sometime during the 1930's, comitted suicide and rumored to haunt the Wiley building. That old postcard of the Wiley building reminded me of that urban legend.

As for the town of Hutch, its okay, but nothing spectacular. The town was going downhill even during the late 80's/early 90's and has since declined further. Look at such closed businesses like Osco Drug store (what used to be known as "Skaggs" and before that, "KATS"), then take a stroll over to the defunct Churches Chicken and a person can presume that Hutchinson has no economic life left in it. And to the poster who mentioned Carey Emerson, that's swell he's got a park named after him (and a fountain), but the poster never elaborated just "who" Carey Emerson was and what did he do to help Hutchinson? Also, does anybody ever take a trip to the museum in Hutch? Not the Kansas Cosmosphere, but somewhere downtown there was a small musuem that wasn't much to go look at in the late 80's, but still it was something to go do. Or how about the old FOX theatre on Main Street? Whatever became of that?
Another reason for Hutchinson's decline over the years isn't just due to shutting out big businesses, or due to the crime, drugs, etc. But likely because it has the Prison as well. At one time, if a person wanted a well paying job in Hutch they could apply for work at the prison, which paid very good even though the work was less than desirable. To say that everybody that lives on government handouts, uses a Vision card for junk food, and gets fat and lazy and has no ambition to work is judging a book by its cover. Perhaps some of those people struggle to make ends meet while trying to go back to school to further their education and eventually work their way out of poverty. Just a thought.

anon ( 3rd Mar 2011 - 23:08 GMT

Hutch is a good place.Lot's of positives. Here are a few of the reasons I'm glad I live here:
1. The beautifully restored Fox Theatre offers a variety of preformances and even a movie series (2 adults for $5.00).
2. Dillon Nature Center
3. Hutchinson Community College offers a great education and great basketball and football.
4. Third Thursday's in Downtown Hutch where we enjoy art work and music in a festive atmosphere.
5. Genesis Fitness Center and the YMCA
6. The local Volunteer Center offers a wide variety of opportunities for people looking to stay engaged in the life of the community. You can volunteer at the Hutchinson Zoo, the Undergound Salt Museum, Cosmosphere (all fun to visit too), mentor kids through Youthfriends, deliver Meals on Wheels for seniors.... etc.
7. A great Farmer's Market
8. A terrific Annual Art Fair, Fourth of July and Christmas Parades, Christmas Luminaries......

Well.... my list of positives goes on. If you have not been to Hutch, the negatives you see posted here are misleading. Come check it out yourself. Every community has some ugly spots and some empty buildings if that's what you are looking for. I would invite you to check out even one of the items I've listed above and I think you would find.... Hutch isn't boring.

born and raised here: 12th Mar 2011 - 04:17 GMT

to add on to the comment above is the 1 hutchinson salt museum 2 njcaa basketball tourney 3 the high school is growing and are now a big 6a class with a new bond issue and with wonderful renovations and there six straight football champs which i was part of four of them 4 the down town is not pathetic in anyway there a great water park there and great places to eat 5 prairie dunes country club the highlands 6 salt city splash 7 carey park zoo 8 carey park golf course 9 gowans stadium for sporting events 10 the sports arena 11 newly refernished fox theater 12 there are great neighborhoods i have lived in many different ones 13 great night life there are many places for kids and adults 14the siemens wind energy plant is opening up 600 jobs to start and plans to grow and expand to more 15 the kansas state fair is great i live in a great neighborhood by the fair and have met very good friends walking by my house and the traffic isnt bad so it takes two extra minutes to get places so what 16 fun valley which hosts many softball and baseball tournaments 17 one of only two bogeys in the world and they
have great shakes
hutch is great i love it and love the thought of one time raising my family here its the small town feel with the amenities of a big city

Hutch: 17th Mar 2011 - 20:52 GMT

Hutchinson couldn't even afford to spray for bugs last summer it was awful. When you have as much standign water as Hutch does not sprayign was a bad thing. The zoo is a dump and comparable to the Dodge City Zoo (except the one in Dodge is nice even with fewer animals). Hutch high school is a 5a school I don't know who thinks its 6a. The mall is rundown and almost empty, the service at the chain resteraunts is awful and the resteraunts are filthy. People always whining about wanting a Red Lobster (had one but we lost it and the building is in decay) or an Olive Garden that would meet the same fate at the Red Lobster. A lot of trash live in the south sides of town both in South Hutch, and by the old grain elevators. Also the paper had an article about how people prefer to shop, dine, and go to movies in Wichita over Hutch because of quality.

Hutch does host the amazing state fair and have some pretty cool museams (Salt and Cosmosphere) though so its not 100% awful.

hahahahahaha: 26th Mar 2011 - 19:15 GMT

Oh the good ole hutch bashers sitting in moms basement masturbating to internet porn eating cheetos and looking at statistics. I work in hutch for a globally recognized company. I'm a man who has sole custody of my son. Make 45000 a year with some college experience. No vision card or healthwave or trailer park. Just my trailer park grammar that is. I'm 24, rarely drink, do not do drugs, own my own vehicle, has lots of friends, and I live in my own house. Now if that's pathetic I don't know what is considering this blog has been going on for 5 years! You people are pathetic. There is shit in all layers of society and everyplace you go will have poor drug users and system abusers, so maybe you should all get a life and a job instead of posting your worthless opinion on the internet all day! I don't love hutch by any means but for real...get a fuckin life!

Steve: 28th Mar 2011 - 14:13 GMT

Lol I've lived in Hutch for the past 15 years since i was born here. And yes, this town does suck. And when i turn 18 im movin the hell outta here!

perk: 30th Mar 2011 - 15:38 GMT

now you can't even read the hutch news online unless you PAY 9.75 per month! This is real progress-guess i'll have to get a print edition out of the dumpster now(at least i can save on toilet paper)

Tammi B. Ph.D. : 3rd Apr 2011 - 06:27 GMT

I grew up in Hutch and loved it as a child. It was clean and safe, a place where I cultivated imagination and a love for nature. Some of my happiest memories include swinging and playing at Carey Park with my Grandma and uncle and catching minnows in Cow Creek. I have since moved on (I divide my time in Los Angeles and Boise, Idaho). I now have a Ph.D. a best selling book, a sacred art studio and gallery and host my own radio show.... but I will always have a soft and loving place in my heart for this quaint and quiet town. I come back occasionally to remember, reminise and express my gratitude to Hutchinson for being woven into the fabric and foundation of who I am.

SATCH56: 7th Apr 2011 - 00:33 GMT

I too,have lived in various places in the United States and have traveled abroad.I ended up in Hutchinson about thirty years ago.Since that time,I was a Marine Corps recruiter in Hutchinson,worked at the prison and have been at my current job for about twenty years.I met my wife in Hutchinson and have three children.They are straight A students, which speaks well of our schools.I think Hutchinson is a great place to raise children,but would like to see more done for our younger population.I would really like to see the zoo grow and I would also like to see local bands playing in the park.Hutch just needs more fun things to do.As for jobs,I make a modest $18.25 an hour.I have worked hard and been faithful to my company.I see way to many folks wanting jobs and expecting to be a CEO or something,without even putting in an honest days

Smolkowicz: wow it does look pretty ordinary

Rachelle3407: 18th Apr 2011 - 02:17 GMT

I don't understand all the negative comments on this I have lived here all my life and I don't ever plan on leaving because I love this town so much. The people are nice, and it is not just some abandonned hell hole its been made out to be in the pictures at the begining of this blog. I take offence to the rude comments because if you're not happy where you are living you are obviously not trying hard enough.

Patti Slater: 20th Apr 2011 - 02:51 GMT

I have been to "Hutch" several times and It is not boring at all! all I have to say is you must not know the Smith family!

Welfare Scum: 20th Apr 2011 - 13:48 GMT

Hutchinson like most of Kansas is full of welfare scum. This town is just a small part of the country that does not work or is not willing to work. It amazes me all the people in this town that just f**k around all day with nothing to do. GET A JOB! YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE DESTROYING OUR COUNTRY.

Unknown: 29th Apr 2011 - 01:50 GMT

I find it funny how alot of people are dissing on hutchinson, when im younger than the age of 16 and i find hutch no problem at all. Yes, it can get boring. but doesn't every town eventually? Nobodies mentioned the state fair when its ACTIVE, it's crowded as hell! All my life, i haven't seen one year that the state fair is desolate. Theres the cosmo sphere to see historical artifacts such as Apollo 13 and other rockets and airplanes, and it even has part of the Berlin wall. The bike trail is a fun place to bike, walk, run, or bring a pet. me and my friends always go down by the river and splash each other in the water and ride bikes together, and its so peaceful, you can just get away from everything else for a few hours. Theres also a movie theatre that gets very busy on the weekends, along with the mall. Siemens just opened a Nacelle plant in hutchinson, and it's employing many poeple who have recently gotten laid off from previous jobs regarding the economy. So all the haters, why dont you go and explore rather than sit on your computer and complain about how boring hutch is. Thankyou.

ex-pat: I was born in that hospital!

Hutchinson, Kansas: 7th May 2011 - 02:01 GMT

The town is NOT shrinking. It is growing. Is scott seargent a retard from Hell?

Dan M.: 7th May 2011 - 18:50 GMT

I moved to Hutchinson from Overland Park, KS. I can say that whatever town you grew up in is going to seem boring compared to somewhere else. Once you've done everything you think there is to do, sure it seems boring. What most people don't realize, Hutchinson is a town of 40,000 people, not a 2 million plus metropolitan area. But I enjoy the small town atmosphere here, and I'm happy to see a large police presence. I would think the only people who would be upset by a large police force would be the meth cookers and crack heads (which are most likely the people complaining on this site). Sure Hutchinson, has its rich parts of town and its poor, but so does every city. I feel safer walking on the sidewalks here than I would in Kansas City, Topeka or Wichita. Hutchinson has a great little zoo, and the Carey park complex is outstanding. Dillon Nature center is a great place to go for a walk too. I don't waste my time in bars, so I can't mention if the bars are any good here. The Cosmosphere has an actual SR-71 Blackbird mounted in the lobby, definitely worth a look. The old building in the photos above used to be the hospital, but as the city grew, they needed a bigger building, so that is why that building looks semi abandoned, because of the growth of the city. That building is nowhere near a highway, the new hospital is right next to 61. I've been more active since I moved here than I ever was in Overland Park. Main reason is in OP, you have to drive everywhere because its all so spread out. In Hutchinson, you can walk or ride a bike, and you don't have to get on a 5 lane interstate highway to go to the grocery store. I much prefer 1 walmart per county, instead of 17.

G.P: 12th May 2011 - 11:43 GMT

You are exactly right Hutchinson is EXTREMELY boring. I moved here from Massachusetts 11 years ago and it has been boring the entire time I've lived here. The statement above mine is correct that yes it is safer to walk around here be it day or night because this town is a ghost town majority of the time. The clubs here are really bad and not worth even checking out accept for one named "The W" on Main St. The town and it's people are very laid back and really nice most of the time. If you want to get a License but have absolutely no clue how to drive go to the Hutch DMV in the mall they will give you the book and you can copy the answers right out of the book. If it snows here don't plan on seeing clear streets because they have no clue how to Plow down here or how to use the (De-Icer) properly. If you live on a street that is not in a school district and close to a school your street does not get plowed so you have to wait for the snow to melt a bit if we actually get more than 1/2 an inch of snow which has only happened once or twice since I moved here. Even with a 1/2 inch of snow people here do 20mph or less.

rf: 16th May 2011 - 18:55 GMT

Hutch really isn't super boring.. just creepy and scary. I WOULD NEVER WANT TO LIVE THERE! I used to live in Pretty Prairie, Kansas right next to Haven, Kansas and that is a boring town!

Chris K.: 21st May 2011 - 19:14 GMT

I don't see the fuss... If ya don't loke the city, move! Good riddance! I,btw, was born in that "old abandoned" hospital. At the time when it was a hospital, there were 2 hospitals ran by the church. The city wanted to get out of the church run hospital bussiness so a bigger one was built and the other 2 were shut down. The one in the pictures is NOWHERE near a highway! There a re lots of good paying jobs in Hutch as well if you invest some time in school first! My last job there I made $18 an hour and the work was easy! I just wanted to do something more with my life so I finished college and moved to Wichita to work in my field as a nurse. I love my job! I visit good old Hutch whenever I get a chance and its not shrinking at all although I do believe the high school is now a 5A school. There are nice places to live that don't cost an arm and a leg to live in as well as places to go with family and friends when you want a good time. Most of those being places to eat but thats a whole other topic totally! Yeah Hutch may be boring but that is why a lot of people call Hutch home. Also the city has sprouted a VERY fine high school football heritage, I do believe they have won state 5 or 6 times this decade? Thats pretty amazing!

alecia: 23rd May 2011 - 19:30 GMT

hutch is awesome!!!! you could have foung these pictures on the internet! and not all of huct hlooms like tht! that is mostly down town stuff!!!! and if u havent lived or been to hutch you really shouldnt be saying it looks creapy and scary!!!!! it just like saying mcpherson looks scary cuz it isnt as populated as topeka !!! just becuase there is a small town in a state that is mostly farms doesnt mean it boring!!!!!!!! gosh you people should actually go to a place before calling it boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

saving to get out: 23rd May 2011 - 21:51 GMT

Ive only lived here a year and as soon as I have the money to move I am out of this town. This town is full of some very lazy people, they are rude, inconsiderate and some of the worst drivers I have ever seen! I have lived in other towns about the same size and large cities as well. While I like small town living I would never pick Hutchinson to raise my family. Sad rubdown town..I cant wait to leave!!!

same old same old: 24th May 2011 - 21:33 GMT

If the new people live town, how can anyone expect the town to change/grow? The same old people keep getting re-elected
to sit on a job collecting a check and doing NOTHING for the people in Hutch! That is the main problem in Hutch.
No encouragement to keep young innovative people in town.
You can only visit Carey Pk so much -in the winter it's depressing! NOTHING to do, even for kids except very limited
indoor activities. The buildings are abandoned, streets are not cared for unless you go past main & 30th -the new side
of town.
The local people cannot continue to support those who do not promote change in Hutch! Nearby towns are growing, Hutch
is not. I lived here, I came back, I left and I'm not coming back.
The Fair is advertised too much, for a 1 week event.
Dillon's Nature Center is good, but, after you go so many times, even the kids don't want to go again.
I encourage parents to look up and keep up with the sex offender list. You easily find 14 sex offenders
in a 5 mile radius.
Let's be honest! A person makes the place fun or boring, but Hutch does need a lot of improvement in their
encouraging & supporting new & established businesses, young people, and, Hutch residents in general.
Vote for new government officials that don't get re-elected so they don't have time to rob the town coffers.

Chris: 30th May 2011 - 12:21 GMT

To: "saving to get out"
What are you waiting for? Why do you have to "save to get out"? Leave! Stick your thumb in the air and get gone!
It doesn't take tons of cash to thumb for rides outta town... Sounds to me that your pretty lazy too!
As far as drivers, visit Wichita sometime. These people can't drive at all!
The only redeeming quality here is that they drive really fast!

just saying: 30th May 2011 - 15:31 GMT

ummm...I can understand why some of you don't like hutch but some people do, thats why they are defending their town and the people that left there had a reason to leave; just like the people who stayed. there will always be people like that wherever you go, and yes every place has a "lower class" and wherever you live there will be a place just like hutchinson- low employment rate, fat lazy people, creepy sides of town etc. you guys are being mean, snobby, dicks to the people who live in hutchinson and to the people that left hutchinson - good riddance! you wanted to move on so do it! and for the rest of you who have been commenting on this blog for serveral months - grow up already- you obviously have nothing better to do with your life.

Naval Aviator: 10th Jun 2011 - 01:48 GMT

I was at the Naval Air Station many years ago and loved to come into town because of the nicest people. The people were the best. I was twice invited home for dinner - right off the sidewalk by people who could not have been more friendly. Hutch was a wonderful town.

Retired....looking to come back!: 14th Jun 2011 - 21:52 GMT

i asked many an ass, that after learning, I was from Kansas say"Your not in Kansas anymore!" , How many hotels, motels, did you see, going
Though Kansas? , the answer was always" not many". My reply was, thats the way we like it. Don't bother stopping, keep on moving! Nothing
To see or do here. Oh one more thing " What do you call a tree in Kansas? lonely!

Retired....looking to come back!: 14th Jun 2011 - 21:52 GMT

i asked many an ass, that after learning, I was from Kansas say"Your not in Kansas anymore!" , How many hotels, motels, did you see, going
Though Kansas? , the answer was always" not many". My reply was, thats the way we like it. Don't bother stopping, keep on moving! Nothing
To see or do here. Oh one more thing " What do you call a tree in Kansas? lonely!

hmm..: 15th Jun 2011 - 18:43 GMT

I love how you get only one part of hutchinson. Try going around in the city more. There is quite a bit to do. You're getting one side of this city. Every town/city has a run-down part, and that's all you got in your pictures

Tristan MF'n Christmas: 15th Jun 2011 - 23:07 GMT

I was born and raised in Hutch. I'm pretty sure I was a genius when I was born, however, every day one lives in Hutchinson their I.Q. slowly creeps downward (not very slowly, but slowly enough that I myself didn't notice for 24 years). I now live in Park City (BTK's hometown, oooo!) just outside of Wichita, and all of a sudden I realize I'M NOT AS STUPID AS I USED TO BE! SCREW HUTCHINSON, KANSAS!

former hutch resident : 17th Jun 2011 - 01:22 GMT

This site is bullshit. If you're gonna sit there and criticize a town you should get the WHOLE perspective...not just your own opinion. Yea Hutchinson isnt the greatest town in the world but whoever Mr Scott Sargent is, is a freaking idiot. MY opinion!

Woman from a big city to a small town: 18th Jun 2011 - 01:56 GMT

I just want to say that I love Hutch. Ive only been here for 2 months and I moved from Las Vegas. Yea I know your all thinking WTF why would you do that but I have 3 kids and Vegas is a cool place to live if your young and single. But its not the place to live and raisea family. Most of the families in Vegas are Single parents homes and the schools suck and there is a lot of gambling nd alcohol and drugs. Hutch has been a wonderful town. I love how friendly everyone is and how you can walk or drive by someone and they wave or smile. You dont get that in Vegas let me tell you. So yea it may not be the busiest and funiest plac to live but sometimes that stuff isnt always better.

Woman from a big city to a small town: 18th Jun 2011 - 01:56 GMT

I just want to say that I love Hutch. Ive only been here for 2 months and I moved from Las Vegas. Yea I know your all thinking WTF why would you do that but I have 3 kids and Vegas is a cool place to live if your young and single. But its not the place to live and raisea family. Most of the families in Vegas are Single parents homes and the schools suck and there is a lot of gambling nd alcohol and drugs. Hutch has been a wonderful town. I love how friendly everyone is and how you can walk or drive by someone and they wave or smile. You dont get that in Vegas let me tell you. So yea it may not be the busiest and funiest plac to live but sometimes that stuff isnt always better.

I live in Hutch... 19th June 2011: 19th Jun 2011 - 15:54 GMT

This is a quiet town of 35,000. You took pictures of one entrance to the State Fair when there was no fair...that is a residencial entrance. The other shots are of ONE building from differant angles, that's not all of Hutchinson dumbass!

Lazy People: 20th Jun 2011 - 16:07 GMT

This town is full of lazy non working scum. Plain and simple!

Leila Kroon: 25th Jun 2011 - 16:08 GMT

Ihave corresponded with a lady from Hutchinson for more than seventy years, and once I visited the town. I found the people to be very pleasant and hospitable and I cannot understand why some have made such rude and nasty comments. I fear many of the comments were made by uneducated people - certainly some of them do not know how to spell simple words! I am writing this from England and send good wishes to all the lovely people of Hutchinson.

Stupid and funny but unrealistic: 28th Jun 2011 - 18:47 GMT

that is funny but rediculus. The downtown area of Hutchinson doesn't look like that at all. Those pictures are of an old school that has been turned into an crappy office building. The town is big enough to have an Applebees, Target and Walmart. Business' arent stupid enough to come to a town that has no means of supporting them. The nicer houses are actually on the north side that are in excess of $200,000 and that market doesn't flucuate much here. It is not a rich place but it is a great place to start.

Marsha: 30th Jun 2011 - 05:53 GMT

well, this was an interesting find as I was searching for something else in Hutchinson.
This is 5 years first thought...well duh, on the first photo--the state fair, just like any other state fair across the country is open for the fair just once a year for 10 days. However, there is almost always something else going on at the fairgrounds.
And duh to the photo taker...that old hospital is not across from any highway.
Flaming idiot!
Any town is full of druggies as well as the homeless---and "welfare trailer trash"
I would not live in a large town!
I built a whole webpage on all the things to do and see in Hutchinson. I'm not saying we are spectacular or anything special, but if you are bored here, it's no one's fault but your own.

Dixi Rect: 1st Jul 2011 - 07:22 GMT

This town is pretty lame. As far as jobs there are jobs here some might not pay well but if youre unemployed its because youre not trying hard enouhgh. With that said kansas needs to legalize weed and boos the economy look what his done for colorado nothing but good. they also need to create jobs and take care of all these empty buildings and stop blowing our tax dollars.

NunnyaBuisness: 2nd Jul 2011 - 17:45 GMT

Okay, first off let me start by say as I read these comments I could not believe that people would disrespect a town such as mine. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions but keep horrid ones like these to yourselves. I live in Hutch and it is not bad. There is plenty to do, we have a mall, a movie theater, a skate park, plenty of places to play sports, rivers and ponds to fish in, a zoo, downtown shops, and you can always spend time with your friends. It's obvious that who ever took the photographs above, took them to make this town purposely look old and "lame". Get over yourselves. This town isn't filled with low-income bums, ands crack heads. I mean sure we have our fair share but so does every other town. I live in a nice house and so does most of my family, so you see we aren't "good for nothings". Come visit Htuch and see what you think, don't let these people influence you and keep you away.

goober: 2nd Jul 2011 - 19:00 GMT

Try to think of it like this. There are those who have a life, and those who don't have anythng better to do then post on this site. (me included)

I Don't care about anyone else's veiw on Hutchinson Ks, and I'm not going to Give anyone Mine. The fact that so many of you care about this issue so much is just sad. I have a life to live out side of commenting on the town I live in, Do you?

goober: 2nd Jul 2011 - 19:00 GMT

Try to think of it like this. There are those who have a life, and those who don't have anythng better to do then post on this site. (me included)

I Don't care about anyone else's veiw on Hutchinson Ks, and I'm not going to Give anyone Mine. The fact that so many of you care about this issue so much is just sad. I have a life to live out side of commenting on the town I live in, Do you?

re: goober: 2nd Jul 2011 - 19:05 GMT

hehe youin's dum I have plenty of thins ta do. Don;t you tink Mosta us'll be upset you thinkin' we don't hve anythng better ta do??

YOu are the one who is a prolly spending hours on the site waiting for a reply!

re: goober: 2nd Jul 2011 - 19:05 GMT

hehe youin's dum I have plenty of thins ta do. Don;t you tink Mosta us'll be upset you thinkin' we don't hve anythng better ta do??

YOu are the one who is a prolly spending hours on the site waiting for a reply!

anon ( 5th Jul 2011 - 19:21 GMT

I think it is sad that all these people think that Hutchinson is such a terrible town. I guess it is what you make it! I happen to like it.

Lynn Shultz: 11th Jul 2011 - 19:59 GMT

I haved lived here most of my life, and have been to lots of place,I lived in Texas, and have visited other states more than a week and I can't wait to get home. The only bad thing is the bloggers who post negitave things, they must of had bad times here, but you will get that any-where. One thing for that negative blogger, I'm a well educated person,not mean or hateful,not a low-income person, and I would never put someone down for it. I love it here and I'm happy to have raised my kids here and happy to die here.

Lynn Shultz: 11th Jul 2011 - 19:59 GMT

I haved lived here most of my life, and have been to lots of place,I lived in Texas, and have visited other states more than a week and I can't wait to get home. The only bad thing is the bloggers who post negitave things, they must of had bad times here, but you will get that any-where. One thing for that negative blogger, I'm a well educated person,not mean or hateful,not a low-income person, and I would never put someone down for it. I love it here and I'm happy to have raised my kids here and happy to die here.

JESSICA LORE: 14th Jul 2011 - 18:55 GMT


travler520: 15th Jul 2011 - 06:35 GMT

i was born in hutch and for 18 years all i wanted to do is leave this boring little hick town. i got my chance and moved to l.a. suffered from culture shock move to another million plus city for 7 years just to move back to hutch find a wife and the life i'd been searching for everywhere else so thanks hutch for being so lame. big city's just aint for me, just like small lame towns aint for some of you

urmomlikesme: this webiste is very confusing

urmomlikespp: heyyy yall im from texaass

here's an idea!: 20th Jul 2011 - 21:28 GMT

Those of you that hate Hutch, get out. That way, those of us that LIKE hutch don't have to deal with you, and can actually work on making it a better place.

YOOHOO: 21st Jul 2011 - 21:51 GMT


Hutchinson is the greatest city in the midwest. Job opportunities here are really great and the people treat you like family. Why don't you move here and settle into a life of stress free and peaceful living? We'll be looking for you!

hutchisgreatLOL: 23rd Jul 2011 - 18:17 GMT

I've been in Hutchinson for 6 months and am less than impressed. Unless you're licensed and trained for specific medical employment, the job "market" is a huge joke. I can't help but wonder wtf is going on? Dillons/Kroger and a few other people own and operate this town. And the people working at stores and various businesses, all of them act like their on lithium. Or something...

hutchisgreatLOL: 23rd Jul 2011 - 18:18 GMT

I've been in Hutchinson for 6 months and am less than impressed. Unless you're licensed and trained for specific medical employment, the job "market" is a huge joke. I can't help but wonder wtf is going on? Dillons/Kroger and a few other people own and operate this town. And the people working at stores and various businesses, all of them act like their on lithium. Or something...

anon ( 26th Jul 2011 - 15:42 GMT

its funny to sit here and see all the stuff that has been wrote, first of all there is no a highway close to that building get your factS right, every single town in this country has abandoned buildings a ghetto. ALL OF YOU NEED TO GET FACTS RIGHT, BEFORE YOU PUBLISH SOMETHING, OR YOU START A RUMOR, THEN BADD THINGS CAN HAPPEN

anon ( 26th Jul 2011 - 15:44 GMT


more scum car dealers: 30th Jul 2011 - 12:06 GMT

NEW TRASH HOLE CAR DEALER IN TOWN. I WAS TOLD TO KICK ROCKS BY A FAT GUY AT D@M AUTO ON 5th. What a joke. ONLY in Hutchinson could a place like this exist. What a dirty nasty and rude place.

ANONY: 30th Jul 2011 - 23:31 GMT

I have a GREAT idea. After the economic collapse; let's all go the the state fair and try to get financing on the wonderful items that will be on SALE .I'm betting that all days will be a free walk-in gate this year with the highest attendance since 1929.AAH the good old early fall evenings at the fair are wonderful- especially if you are hungry.Seriously-things are really nice in hutch and it will even be better in a few weeks. Good luck to everyone and we'll see you at the fair!

WOW!: 31st Jul 2011 - 21:32 GMT

Really people I myself am not a big fan of Hutchinson K.s. either but must we be so rude?
I've read post after post of people bashing everything and everyone in this town.
Yes your right the majority of this town is on walfare, but do you think some of those people would be if there was jobs avalible for them to work at?
Yes this town is full of drug dealers and dope heads, and the reason for that is beacuse
1.there is no job's so they make money the only other way they can
2.there is nothing to do so they find fun in drugs
3.there is no motivation in hutch so they think they can get motivation from drugs such as meth
Yes there is really nothing to do here, and whose fault is that?? The citizens? NO!! the City.
I have lived here for about 3 years now and I am not a big fan, but from liveing here I have met so many good hearted people whome have helped me through tough time's. I have also helped some of the meth heads in this town relise what is most important to them and helping them off drugs. If there was more people with positive careing attitudes maybe we could help hutchinson become a better place to live and to raise our children. this town has potential i drive down streets that have so many old beautiful houses, you can tell that at one time this town was once a great place to live.
Also to the rude people bashing people on walfare
guess what i have a job and i'm on walfare
why is that? beacuse there is few jobs that will pay more the $8.00 an hour here especially for females
also know that when your standing behind those of us with vision cards remember that we are just trying to provide food for our children because our jobs don't care if our children starve they don't care how much we have to pay in rent or utilities
and i also read a post by a person who was bashing a poor old woman
I Can't believe anyone could be so cold hearted she was just defending what hutch once wasand what it potentially could be again if we didn't have rude, horrible, cold hearted, incompassionate people bringing those of us who have not turned to drugs and such down.
oh p.s.
half the people who have left a comment on this has bad grammer and bad spelling does that mean i shouldconsider all of you trailer trash?
i mean i have read post after post of people commenting on the spelling and grammer of other posts when their post are full of bad grammer and spelling.

Re: WOW!: 3rd Aug 2011 - 13:25 GMT

your on welfare yet have enough money for an internet connection that is 50 a month.

im guessing your excuse is your at the library using the net for free which i really doubt. stop surfing the net for fun and find a job in wichita

Guess Who this is again?: 5th Aug 2011 - 05:21 GMT

For me I sincerity really strongly indifinitely believe in this kind of website here whole heartly. They art to be more websites like this where we can certainly open up freely of our freedom speech. Of everyones rights that is.

An old timer optimist!: 12th Aug 2011 - 14:39 GMT

I think whoever took these pictures and made the captions needs to get a life! If you really look at the pictures that are posted you will see the wonderful beauty of out small city. Hutchinson is a wonderful town. I have lived here for over half a century and I must say I turned out pretty Good. There is always plenty to do if you just look and see and do! Sorry that some of you people are such pessimists! Live, Love, Laugh!

MonthlyName: 18th Aug 2011 - 09:10 GMT

Hutchinson sucks! A terrible place to live. I've lived here for all of my life and I can't wait to get out of the piece of shit hell whole. All it is full of is Meth Heads and Rednecks, Hutchinson is the prime example of hicks. It's also a terrible place to raise your kids. There is nothing to do, and in which case your kids will get bored and more than likely go around and get into trouble. DO NOT LIVE HERE.

Re: WOW!: 18th Aug 2011 - 09:16 GMT

You say that others have used terrible grammar? Look at yourself, reread what you have written and correct a few things. Maybe THEN people will take you seriously.

anon ( 26th Aug 2011 - 21:09 GMT

I have never read a more ridiculous set of comments ABOUT ANYTHING before in my life. All of this is based on YOUR
personal experiances, hello??? If you like living here stay...if you hate it and are board...get OUT!

anon ( 27th Aug 2011 - 02:08 GMT

Population: 1930...27,085 1940...30,013 1950...33,575 1960...37,574 1970...36,885 1980...40,284 1990...39,308 2000...40,787 2010...42,080
Increase: Approx 12,000.

Salina, KS 1930...20,155 1940...21,073 1950...26,176 1960...43,202 1970...37,714 1980...41,843 1990...42,303 2000...46,676 2010...47.707
Increase: Approx 26,000

Manhattan, KS..1930...10,136 1940...11,659 1950...19,056 1960...22,993 1970...27,575 1980...32,644 1990...37,712 2000...44,831 2010...52,271

Increase: Approx 42,000


former Salt Hawk: 28th Aug 2011 - 23:36 GMT

I grew up in Hutch and most of the memories I have were good. Know what we did on a Sunday in 1968? Went to church ( or slept in) went to Wells Department Store or Gibsons ( nothing else was open on Sundays) and went to the pools. Friday and Saturday nights...Football or basketball games. There was no mall, we shopped downtown. We could walk or ride our bikes everywhere.
Went back last year for my reunion and spent my spare time driving around and it was sad to see all the empty buildings... I kept remembering what business had been there. How do you revive a dying town? First you admit you've got a problem... the problem with Hutch is no major interstate close to it. For manufacturing you've got to get goods in and out easily. I really wish Hutch good luck in drawing new business to the area.

Now... life in the big city... you think you've got obese people? Texas has the top 5 fattest cities in the U.S. I drive 45 minutes to and from work each way on a freeway. Most of the time we sit because of the accidents. And you want hot? We are day 62 of 100 + degrees. The record, 69 days in 1980 and I was living here then.
You think Western Kansas is flat? Try the drive from Dallas to El Paso ( or as we call it El Pisso) 646.8 miles ( 10 hours and 48minutes) of pure hell...especially in the summer.
Life is what you make of it... and good luck

EmpowerYourself: 29th Aug 2011 - 18:32 GMT

Many would suggest that happiness is relative. Do circumstances make or break ones chances of obtaining happiness?

Is it really true that we must always find someone to blame or wait for someone or something to fix our problems? If the city of Hutchinson really is as bad as the previous posts would suggest, than who is to make changes. If the state of Kansas is as bad as the majority of the nation would suggest, than who is to make the necessary improvements. If the United States is really as bad as much of the world believes than who is it that should initiate change for the betterment of posterity? Could I suggest that you are. We are. Each and every one of us should be.

For many who are bored or become bored easily, it is possible that they are boring people. For those who find flaws but cannot connect those flaws to themselves in relation to finding a fix, it is possible that they are in denial. This is not to say that the flaw is because of that person or that they are flawed for seeing what they view as a bad. Denial would exists when that person can see what they do not like and deny themselves from being a part of the fix. Oh but of course Someone else is to blame Someone or something else is supposed to fix this. That's bullsh*t!!

If you live in Hutchinson and you have posted a critical comment, ask yourself what the hell you are doing to make a difference. It may seem that government is confusing. Aside from what is designed to be confusing it really is quite simple. If you believe in something, find others that believe in that something with the same fervor as you possess. Spread that passion and what you believe to as many people you can and with numbers you will find success. Make a difference and shut the hell up you complaining whiners. LOL

Peace be with you lil sheep

anon ( 2nd Sep 2011 - 15:23 GMT

lol its not even that bad...all of these places are from like 40 years ago.

Really?: 3rd Sep 2011 - 19:14 GMT

"Hutchinson has no major interstate running into the city, and Never will... This also keeps the town from growing (look at Mcpherson, Wichita, Newton, Salina, Manhattan, Emporia or any other city along the interstate. Then compare those cities to Hutchinson foremost, Kingman, Pratt... These cities have no major interstates running into them, and they are shrinking."

Emporia? Really? You think Emporia is doing any better? I have a sister attending college at Emporia State and the population there is even lower then hutch, for the 2010 census they took it DURING the school year to make it look higher, Emporia - 24,916 Hutchinson - 42,080

Hutchinson High School Football - 09/10
@ Derby (Derby, KS) *
Preview Game Box Score
42 - 14
@ Newton (Newton, KS) *
Preview Game Box Score
70 - 14
Central (Salina, KS) *
Preview Game Box Score
60 - 7
7:00 PM
@ South (Salina, KS) *
Preview Game Box Score
63 - 12
@ Maize (Maize, KS) *
Preview Game Box Score
47 - 7
West (Wichita, KS)
Preview Game Box Score
70 - 7
@ Liberal (Liberal, KS)
Preview Game Box Score
41 - 13
7:00 PM
Carroll (Wichita, KS)
Location: Hutchinson - (V & JV) FB
Preview Game Box Score
21 - 14
Central (Salina, KS) ***
2010 Kansas High School Football Playoff Bracket
Preview Game Box Score
55 - 42
7:00 PM
Emporia (Emporia, KS) ***
2010 Kansas High School Football Playoff Bracket
Preview Game Box Score
33 - 7

Scores as of 2010. State winners for 7 years in a row?

Wider point of view than most locals: 4th Sep 2011 - 08:23 GMT

I am a Hutch local, I find it amusing the negative comments on here. Yes, it is widely recognized that Hutchinson does have a higher meth conviction rate, but that doesn't necessarily mean other cities of similar size don't also. It just means that our city might be doing a better job of catching and prosecuting them. So, I view that as a good thing. Better than not catching them.

6A school vs 5A school. So what? Hutchinson has bobbed back and forth in classification, depending on the sport. Football played 5A for the past couple years, while other sports competed in 5A then popped back up to 6A. It really has more to do with the size of the Kansas City and Wichita suburb schools growing in size, more than it does with Hutch High actually losing population. As the suburb schools split and grow, Hutchinson becomes the 32nd largest school in Kansas, then the 33rd, then back to the 32nd. The biggest 32 schools in Kansas are classified as 6A. The next 32 are 5A. Hutchinson also has some of its city residents go to school in Buhler and Nickerson, due to school boundary lines. Some kids go to Central Christian, or the very fine Trinity Catholic school (2A/3A). So, saying school size is a determining factor of whether Hutchinson is a great place or not is silly. HHS is also one of the few High Schools you can get an International Baccalaureate in KS. They have had a good band for years, and have been recognized with a good debate team, among other things. And for those that say Hutchinson's Football team winning state championships means nothing, then you don't know how they have impacted community pride. Another thing that improves the perception of a place as a nice place to live. That's fairly tangible, for an intangible thing.

To the people that stated how they started drugs when they were in middle school... yeah, so what? That happened in the small town I grew up in too, and the big eastern school my cousins went to also. And the Kansas City and Dallas schools some of my other friends went to also. It's nothing peculiar to Hutchinson. You pick your friends, or who you hang out with, and they are the ones that influence you. Even if your parents tried to raise you right, sometimes it isn't enough to impress on a youngster that thinks they know everything. Maybe you could even attribute some of it to a lack of oversight by your parents, or trusting you too much. Whatever the case, it isn't because of the community at large.

The State Fair... Carnival side, ugly. The country life side (livestock/agriculture/arts and crafts/beer garden and get together areas, nice to visit once or twice. But what else goes on there? How about saddle club roundups, which are like social events. That happens quite a bit. In the summer, there is racing there too. Rodeos, bull riding events. Expositions come to the fairgrounds. Wedding receptions, proms, fundraising events, Fourth of July brings in lots of people. It is well used. That is why there is a full time/ year round staff working there.

People have mentioned (many times) the Cosmosphere and Salt Museum. Fact of the matter is, it is cool. Many great exhibits there that you don't see elsewhere. The also have space camp, and elderhostel, that people from all over come to do. The salt mines provide jobs in the form of mining, storage and tourism. Yes, people do go down there. It is better than you think. They are nice attractions that can't be discounted. What does Salina or Manhattan have that can compare? As the one post showed, Hutchinson has grown since the 30's and stayed fairly steady in size over the past couple decades. Salina and Manhattan benefit from I-70, and in the case of Manhattan, a large university. At least Hutch has not gone down a lot, as some people indicate.

Jobs- I defy you to show that the majority of the cities in the US have job growth better than Hutchinson. Everyplace is suffering. Just take a look at the news. Sure, Hutch has lost some major manufacturing jobs, but that isn't always the fault of the city/county management. Some is just due to better incentives at other places/ and you can't win them all. Getting the Siemens plant was a step in the right direction, but don't kid yourselves. There aren't many places in the US that are ever going to have the level of high paying manufacturing jobs that the USA used to enjoy. That is due to national policies. Talk to your Senator and Congressman.

And for those people posting those stats on our crime and pay and other negative stats. Why did I never see the comparitive stats for similar cities, live Salina, or Garden City, Dodge City, Pittsburg? How about checking something like a cost of living calculator and comparing one city to another for the affordability of buying a house here, or the taxes?

And bad drivers? Sure, everyone seems like a bad driver when you are trying to drive 5 to 15 miles per hour over the speed limit. So, who's really the bad driver? Sure, there are some pokey people out there, but I've driven all over the state; out of the state; coast to coast and beyond. It's like that wherever you go. If you don't like our 'traffic', then you better not bother driving in Wichita or St. Louis, or Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, Cleveland, New York, LA. You have a big surprise coming. You know that 10 minute drive you have to get to work? Try an hour and a half coming and going. That's 2-3 hours in a car every work day.

Why do I like Hutch?
Not the greatest shopping ever, but for what I need, I have Target/WalMart/KMart to choose from for the discount stores. I have Lowe's and Home Depot, Star Lumber and a couple Westlake Ace Hardware stores. Go find that many in Derby. You can't. There are several decent eating places... enough to make me have to pick, rather than having only a couple choices as in a smaller town.
Third Thursdays. Second Saturday community rides and tours. Farmers Market. Ball games, etc. All social areas.
I can go to watch out of town teams play in baseball and softball tourneys at the Fun Valley Complex. I can go watch the local Monarchs baseball team.
The Juco Tournament is always good entertainment, and also a social event, with other events surrounding it. We also have attracted the National Junior College track championships with our new stadium, so it does have an economic impact. Forgot to mention the bowl game they now host too. The stadium is also host to other events, such as Stick People, Drum groups.
As stated before, there are dramas; coffee shops with live entertainment; antique district. Apron Strings hosts events. Elmdale/ YMCA /Genesis gives you a choice of workout venues and group trainings. This is also a form of social interaction that improves quality of life, and health. Bike Riding - what better place to ride a bike than a city that has trails that are increasing, goes down the entire side of the city, and quick access to country roads that are not too heavily traveled or too heavily laden with hills? There several quality racers that live in our county.

We get four distinct seasons. You experience it all here in Kansas, except Hurricanes, of course. You can get to the mountains and go skiing in 7 hours. You can get to the OKC to watch pro basketball in 3.5 hours. You can visit KC and see a NASCAR race, or catch a pro soccer match at the fabulous new Livestrong Park. All within 3.5 hours. You can go to Wichita to catch a big name act at the new Arena there, or watch the NIT Champion Shockers play basketball, all within an hour, which is how far you may travel to see these things even if you lived right in a big city.

And I can do all these things, in a fairly small, fairly big city, that is fairly affordable. I can go out and see a bunch of people I know, or I can go out to eat and may not see anyone that I know at all. I know small towns mentioned in the newspaper, and may even know some of the people mentioned in the news. I can talk to my Senator and Congressman, because they actually live here or come around for visits. And I can see my community rally around someone in need of help.

No, my community isn't perfect, but its a pretty nice place to live, in my estimation. I know there are other places I would be just as happy or happier, but there isn't too much wrong here. And the people I love are here too. I've lived from coast to coast. I've lived in other countries and on paradise islands. I've lived in super small towns, and very large ones. Hutchinson isn't boring. It's what you make of it. If you sit online all the time, and watch Dr. Phil and the judge shows all day long; or sit on your butt after work instead of going out and taking a walk or ride, or catching a show, or one of the other community get together events there are, then yeah, it will be boring for you. It is what you make of it. If you don't like the attractions here, then move to a place with bigger attractions. If crime is rampant here, it is fairly transparent to me. I'm sure it is that way anywhere you go.

For all you very young folks that have commented. I've heard your complaints before, and I'm not saying they are invalid. But, I also know many like you that have gone away, and then come back to the simple, peaceful, low-traffic, big community feeling of Hutchinson. That place that is indeed a good place to raise a family. And you know what? They say they now have a different perspective. Make yourself happy. Make your happiness happen. Don't wait for it to happen to you.

God's Peace be with you all.

Wider point of view than most locals: 4th Sep 2011 - 08:38 GMT

I forgot to mention... There are many outlets to spend your time in volunteerism. The rec commission needs coaches and referees. You could go help at the soup kitchen or with projects like Humana or Habitat for Humanity. You could volunteer to drive the elderly somewhere. Or become involved in Big Brothers and Big Sisters. You could volunteer to help with community development groups to make more social events a success. Even be part of a think tank, or some other brainstorming group. You could take courses at the college to improve your lot in the world. I have heard from a couple of employers that Hutch needs a better pool of quality workers to pick from. They need people that will show up. Plain as that. They need to show up for training. Show up and be professional, without a bunch of drama. Show up every day, unless there is a solid reason for missing. Heck, people don't even bother bringing resumes anymore. Don't even dress up one bit to an interview. Don't address the interviewer with proper greetings and introductions. Life won't be handed to you folks. Give a little effort. Give a little of yourselves. Quit whining about everything like it is your entitlement to have everything be perfect for you. Have a great day.

p-swizzle: 22nd Sep 2011 - 22:34 GMT

Hutch may be one of the boringest towns, but it is a great place to raise children.. If you get bored you can allways go to a different town and do something their.. its a slow town but its not that bad if u have a job and kids and a husband you dont care where you are at as long as you are with them. right???!

hutch res: 29th Sep 2011 - 20:50 GMT

4 of those photos are from the same general area just at different angles and the first photo is of the state fair entrance and like every other stat fair, It's only open once a year. No shit there isn't going to be much there. On top of that, This place is located on the far west side of the town which is, to say the least, the most boring part of our town. Yes, this town can be boring, but that's just it. It's a town, not a big city. Of course there isn't going to be much to do. I've traveled to a lot of other places and most towns that are around the same size are pretty much the same.... boring. This town is definitely not the most boring town in the us. We have parks and gyms and museums and a mall and several bars and a few clubs and a lot of places where people get together with general interests such as music, sports, gaming. Give me a freaking break here. The 10th most boring? .... Shut up.

Mark from Hutch: 10th Oct 2011 - 18:34 GMT

For someone who claims to have been born there... you don't seem to be very informed! The Hospital pictured (where you say you were born) is NOT Grace Memorial! It is infact St Elizabeth Hospital and it is nowhere near a highway! It looks the way it does because it was shut down in the 70's when the New Hospital was built! Maybe it was in the top 10 most boring towns when you lived there. I'm sure it improved when you left! I was born and raised in Hutch, I was born Grace Memorial Hospital. I am retired military and I have lived all over the world. I am now retiring back to Hutchinson.

Mark from Hutch: 10th Oct 2011 - 18:48 GMT

If you don't like Hutch... why do you live there? If you were born there... why do you stay there? If you don't like Hutch and you don't live there... why do you take the time to trash it? Go find your Happy Place and let others be!

Tex: 11th Oct 2011 - 18:00 GMT

I was up in Hutch this past weekend, looks more like a ghost town then anything else. It appears that some of the buildings downtown have been torn down, replaced with parking lots, which are also empty. Very sad, the town is nothing like it was back in the 70's. There's even such a lack of traffic downtown, that a lot of the stoplights have been completely removed. You know when you see stop signs being taken out, that's it's not good. Little business, little traffic, little people. I would imagine with the rundown old housing, which won't get any better since the jobs aren't there to provide people money to repair their homes, that there will be a lot more parking lots sprouting up around town. Take a trip to Garden City, you'd be surprised how vibrant that town is. I'ts smaller then Hutch, but there's a lot more going on. A lot of traffic, business booming. You pro-Hutch people need to visit a city like Garden so you can see the differences and wake up and smell the coffee.

Robert: 19th Oct 2011 - 17:32 GMT

Lived in Hutch from 1960 till 1980, joined the Navy, consider Hutch my hometown even now, every town has major bad points, for those that have complained about meth labs, do something about it unless those that are complaining are supplementing the meth situation.

Another ex-Hutchinsonian: 24th Oct 2011 - 07:13 GMT

Tex, believe you have a bit of love for this town, or you wouldn't grieve for its failures so much! There's something you really, really love about this town, though you may not be sure...what.

Molly: 30th Oct 2011 - 21:59 GMT

Hutchinson is really fun! 1.) The river is good for floating and hiking 2.) The local music scene is really good 3.) The people are super nice...I know there are ghetto people, but there are ghettos in ANY CITY and they have ghetto people in them. 3.) Lots of coffee houses, good mom and pop coffee, not just Starbucks although there is one there. 4.) The community college is great, I have my master's degree but I think the best education came from HCC. The teachers seemed to really care and they taught us from different perspectives. 5.) Yes there's lots of drugs, which is sad, but I think the police are doing good beyond that. There is little violence compared to other cities. 6.) The salt museum has lots of interesting artifacts. Apparently many Hollywood studios trust us to hold their original films like "Gone with the Wind" and "Star Wars." The master copies are all in those salt mines. 7.) Hutchinson has a rich history and once held a very diverse economy. Yes it has fallen on hard times, but it has potential to re-grow. 8.) What Hutch needs is some better employment oppertunities. The labor statics show that most of the city is hurting with unemployment but if other large companies would move there and offer oppertunities it could be better. The salt mines and Lowen are offering good jobs still. 9.) I know it seems silly, but their dog park is great. It's better then the ones we have here in Wichita. In fact, all of Hutchinson's parks are great. Very well kept and neat. 10.) HASTINGS! That's the place I miss most about Hutch. Books, music, movies, clothes, video games, gifts, coffee, magazines...all in one place. It is easy to spend hours there. 11.) New developements. On the North end of town past 30th there are big, beautiful homes. I know exactly where those ugly pictures you posted were taken, but there are so many lovely places in that city. I hope to move back some day!

jo blo: suck my cock

EXIT: 15th Nov 2011 - 21:55 GMT

Hutch is the nicest town-- even in hard times! There is something for everyone in this town. If you know the right people you can probably pull it off. Dont'cha just love it? TEX-you are absolutely right.Hutch is a city on the skids... Bye Bye

Tony: 25th Nov 2011 - 02:59 GMT

!!!!!!!!! I have lived in Hutch all my life. I'm 34 and I have loved living here for most of it but in the last 3 or 4 I cant say that. I have been working for myself for the last 6 years. The city has made mylife hell. All of the theft and drug users they have hit me hard. So I have to say that with the taxes, theft, drugs, city gov crap, and lazy HPD its time to move on. If any of you out there that still loves this town want to buy a peace of hutch I have 13 of them that are now for sale!!!!!!!!!! :[ :[ :[ :[

WOW!: 26th Nov 2011 - 20:03 GMT

it's called going to the library and useing the internet dumbass that cost $0 a month and i was only on srs assistance because i was on maturnity leave so think before you type you peice of shit

Amy: 1st Dec 2011 - 17:14 GMT

Wow... whoever runs this site must be a really sad person. I have visited Hutch once and it was amazing! We went to a few mom and pop eating establishments, visited the CosmoSphere, and stayed at the Ramada. It was amazing! My kids, husband, and I had a wonderful time! It was warm and friendly. We had several other things we wanted to do, but were unable. The Salt Mine looks incredible, but my kids are too young to tour it. We all want to go back to Hutch again. Who ever wrote this, must really be looking for problems or went with the intent of not having a good time. From the outside, Hutch looks sleepy because it is so small, but if you actually visit and look for something to do (like you would have to do ANYWHERE), it is a wonderful mini vacation.

The comments here go to show that some people will just believe anything they read. "Oh, wow... those pictures and little captions sure do look boring. They say Hutch sucks. It must. I will never go near there or the boredom will seep into my very being and I will become a boring person." REALLY?! What a sad way of living.

Resident: 5th Dec 2011 - 20:53 GMT

I find it quite amusing that most of the people leaving negative comments cannot even spell their trash talk on Hutchinson correctly. I was born in Wichita but was moved to Hutchinson to help take care of family. Yes there are some negative aspects of Hutchinson but there are a lot of positive aspects also. Yes there are druggies and some trailer trash people who reside in Hutchinson, but that is every where. There are also a lot of students in Hutchinson who are trying to make a great life by getting their education instead of making rude and insulting remarks on a website. Hutchinson can be a great place to live or visit as long as you stay away from some of the negative influences and environments. It seems that the people who have a negative outlook were the ones associating with the bar scene, as I found once I made the mature choice to leave those environments my experiences in Hutchinson have been much more inspired and respected.

Resident: 5th Dec 2011 - 21:09 GMT

Also, due to reading some ignorant comments about how everybody in Hutchinson is over weight, having kids, and on welfare (food stamps)...I need to make another point. I work a full-time job, my husband works a full-time job, we have 3 children, I am also a full-time student, my husband is a part-time student, we are not on welfare or food stamps, we have private insurance, I am 5'4'' and weight 115 lbs and my husband is 5' 10'' and weighs 145 lbs. If that is over weight than I guess I should start using all that meth that everybody keeps saying is all over Hutchinson. Not everybody that lives in Hutchinson are lazy fat people with no education. Oh and F.Y.I., I do not work for the City nor does my husband. I work in an office as does my husband.

Arthur Koensler: 19th Dec 2011 - 22:24 GMT

Someday someone is going to write the most wonderful novel...that happens here.

what?: 27th Dec 2011 - 18:58 GMT

Last month I visited Hutch, first time in about 8 years, I was really surprised at how the number of empty parking lots had grown in the downtown area. Apparently the empty run down buildings downtown are being torn down to make more parking lots, which stay mostly empty. I was born in Hutch over 50 years ago, really a sad sight to see a once vibrant, go-getting town, become pretty much a ghost town. That's what happens when you don't have the jobs and industry for your young people, they leave to go somewhere else.

Tex: 27th Dec 2011 - 19:40 GMT

Ok, time for an education and eye-opener for some of you people

According to statistics on City data:

Hutchinson crime rate index is at 510.1, National average is 319.1, (higher crime rate means more crime).
Crime rate in Hutchinson has been going up since 2005. (So,the excuse that it's everywhere is not true.)

Estimated median household income in the latest reporting year for Hutchinson residents was $38,645
For the whole state of Kansas it was $47,817, Thusly, Hutch is even lower then the state average.

Out of the top 101 cities in the U.S., Hutch ranks:

#18 on the list of "Top 101 cities with low-earning residents located near cities with high-earning residents"
#65 on the list of "Top 101 cities with the largest percentage of people in state prisons (population 5,000+)"
#86 on the list of "Top 101 cities with the largest percentage of people in short-term care, detention or diagnostic centers for delinquent children"
#87 on the list of "Top 101 cities with the highest number of arson incidents in 2006 per 10,000 residents, excludes tourist destinations and others with a lot of outsiders visiting based on city industries data (population 5,000+)

Hutchinson compared to Kansas state average:

Median household income below state average.
Median house value significantly below state average.
House age above state average.
Institutionalized population percentage significantly above state average.
Percentage of population with a bachelor's degree or higher below state average.

So, those are just some of the facts, and no I'm not from the bar scene.

C&J Auto Group: 27th Dec 2011 - 20:47 GMT

Only in hutchinson kansas could a carlot that rips people off and sells pure junk exist. Classic Gas as it is called is a JOKE! Why hasn't the state shut them down?

?: 3rd Jan 2012 - 22:53 GMT

If you think hutch is boring then take a short drive to inman. It's 15 times worse.

Oh my......: 5th Jan 2012 - 17:46 GMT

Great memories of dragging main in the early 80's. So sad that they removed the benches. Such crucial decisions such as whether you would drag or sit that evening. But we all knew where we would find our friends!!!

researcher: lovely. quite lovely.

KansasGrl94: 11th Jan 2012 - 19:23 GMT

hey i live in hutch all u showed was the bad parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

Ozsome!: 17th Jan 2012 - 04:37 GMT

10. The Third Largest Grain Elevator in the world...we're pretty sure anyway.
9. The Historic Fox Theatre, and various arts events like Third Thursday
8. NJCAA Division I Basketball Tournament, and multiple state-champion Hutch High Football.
7. US Slow-pitch Softball Association Tournament and Lots of community athletic opportunities.
6. 4 Golf Courses (one of which has hosted various USGA opens)
5. Various Large Festivals including (HutchFest, CInco De Mayo, Emancipation Day, and The Kansas State Fair)
4. Siemans Wind-Power Nacell Facotry
3. Downtown Hutch (including Smith's Market, Antique and Specialty shops, and Local Eateries)
2. The Kansas Underground Salt Museum (650 ft below!)
1. The Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center (Smithsonian Affiliated, largest collection of flown spacecraft outside of DC, largest collection of Russian space artifacts outside of Moscow, THE Apollo 13 capsule, THE Liberty Bell 7, and literally tons more!)

I live in Hutch. The photos on this blog are hilarious...the city is classically, midwestern. Sure its not the most exciting place in the world, but it isn't trying to be. We Hope you'll visit, you can even go to the church/apartment building featured on this site!

Someone: 6th Feb 2012 - 22:56 GMT

I've lived in Hutch for 17 years, and it's not THAT bad. Some people just like to complain. The guy who posted this definitely tried very hard to make it look like a desolate abandoned town, but it's really not. Even though I've lived in the town for 17 years, I only know where one of those pictures is located, and that's the state fair entrance.

That abandoned house is probably one of a few in the entire town, probably in the ghetto, which all cities have.

im 46: 7th Feb 2012 - 16:33 GMT

i lived there for 40 yr and its not a old church it was a hospital st elizibeth was the name it was shut down at the same taim as the grace
hospital located at 701 n main st . both where shutdown when the hospital on 23 st. was open. goes to show how much the guy how made the first post
does not know any thang about hutchinson ks

Katsa: 7th Feb 2012 - 18:15 GMT

I was born in Hutch. The last time I saw it was 1969 and I have never looked back. I was googleing this morning to see what might be going on there.
I still have a few people there and all but two were not the most savory type. It seems to me that nothing has changed from way back when if all the negative comments are true. I live in a "retirement " town and have for more than 30 years. We have had all the same arguments as you about manufacturing and growth but we are finally beginning to see growth. I guess what I am saying is if your aren't part the answer your part of the probłem. Change your mind set. Start looking for ways to make changes. Empower yourselves don't let what was true to be your futur. If you don't it who will. Until the pain of staying same becomes more painful than the pain of change nothing happens. If your town is hurting enough to die is it not ever residents responsibility to do there part to keep the town alive and healthy? Godspeed folks of Hutch. I will pray for change

Aloha: 8th Feb 2012 - 17:30 GMT

I love it how only the people who are FROM Hutchinson come on here to defend it. Way to justify your lousy existences. Seriously. LOL.

Lucky: 16th Feb 2012 - 03:01 GMT

Arthur you are so right! Someone is going to write a wonderful novel of what really goes on in this town. I see so much depression when I go back to visit. I see some people in fear because of the high crime rate. It is sad that the good people of this town are moving away. I have a hard time myself accepting what Hutchinson has turned into. I moved away and now feel peace in my life. Life has been very good now.
You proud Hutchinson people should post some good pictures of Hutchinson. I am sure there is something interesting to look at.

sadiemae: 19th Feb 2012 - 01:49 GMT

I was unfortunate enough to wind up in Hutch and spent 15 rotten months in that hole.
From what I've read so far, it hasn't changed in 20+ years and it probably never will. Lucky, there is nothing good to look at. I left there in September of 2011. I discovered that Kroger runs the town and won't allow competition. Walmart opened, to the shock of many. I was glad to leave but now I have to go back for a few days to retrieve the rest of my belongings is storage. The stay will be a brief one. I'll take pictures. I need a new dart board.

former short time re.: 29th Feb 2012 - 22:18 GMT

I grew up east of Hutch in another small Kansas town. Even though I never really found anything to do where I grew up I made things to do. You don't have to be entertained 24/7. read a book, watch tv. Heck you can have hundreds of choices on tv, when I grew up we had usually 1-3 channels, we got cable after I was married. Go to the library, go for a walk with a friend or relative, practice cooking or baking. Here is a novel homework, improve yourself so you can make the world around you better. I lived in Hutch for about four months and did enjoy my time there. I found plenty to do. Paint your house, clean your house. brighten your corner, and then help your neighbor with theirs. Plant a garden, watch the flowers or vegetables grow. If you do it well enough you can sell some of the things you grew and make some money. Look for things you can do to help others. The busy you make yourself the less bored you will be.

SallyMaee: 3rd Mar 2012 - 20:23 GMT

that is one building out of the hundreds that are in hutchinson. whoever posted these has no damn life. FYI people you cannot judge something if you have never even been there. maybe you should get your ass off the computer and go see it yourself..

fucking loser.

April: there's always the salt museum :p

anon ( 14th Mar 2012 - 17:13 GMT

its not a church dumbasses it was a hospital that has been remodeled into an apartment building its not abandoned those floors are still being remodeled. and whos the creeper taking pic of ppls front does anyway. also that building isnt even near a highway. how bout you do some research before you start making assumptions. douchebag

Ev: 17th Mar 2012 - 21:30 GMT

I moved to Hutch when my ex got out of the Navy. We attended HCJC from 1973-75. When the new hospital was built in 1975, the old one on main st. was rezoned for future apartments. My daughter was born in the new hospital in 1976. Hutch was a nicer place to live than MN, with all the snow. I moved back to MN in 1992, still hate the snow. It is distressing to see so many people bashing a nice small town when there are WAY worse places to live, not to mention showing ignorance and illiteracy. What school systems taught so badly? Can NO ONE spell? Using all capital letters is disrespectful; don't they know they are YELLING!!

Just Randy: 19th Mar 2012 - 01:23 GMT

Hutchinson ain't a bad place. It's no Las Vegas, but they don't try to be. I sometimes go there BECAUSE I'm bored. They have some neat stuff other small towns don't. It's all perspective. I also deliver building materials to Hutchinson on occasion, and the town is GROWING! There are new housing additions around. Often, when one lives in a town for a period of time, they've done all they think they can and can't appreciate where they are.

sdfgh: Wrong people!!!!!!

sdfgh: Wrong people!!!!!!

sdfgh: 1st Apr 2012 - 16:31 GMT

Hutch is a partly good place. What do you expect a unicorn? or a perfect place i bet where you'll are from is as bad as this!!!!

anon ( 3rd Apr 2012 - 20:09 GMT

Ok, the picks were not the best, but he/she is right. For a person older than 15 and younger than 40-ish, there is nothing to do, with empty mall, no bowling alley, few stinky bars, and overpriced movie theater...

Momma San: 5th Apr 2012 - 22:33 GMT

Where is Tex ??? Did he pass away from boredom in redneck Texas ????

Momma San: 5th Apr 2012 - 22:33 GMT

Where is Tex ??? Did he pass away from boredom in redneck Texas ????

Momma San: 5th Apr 2012 - 22:33 GMT

Where is Tex ??? Did he pass away from boredom in redneck Texas ????

Momma San: 5th Apr 2012 - 22:33 GMT

Where is Tex ??? Did he pass away from boredom in redneck Texas ????

Aj: 11th Apr 2012 - 21:28 GMT

If I had to live in this town I would probably kill myself out of boredom. Living in San Francisco all my life has probably made me spoiled, but I don't know how anyone can stand a shit hole town like this.

Rolita: 20th Apr 2012 - 03:39 GMT

Don't worry, Tex is listening, he has the hourglass tipped over, watching the grains of sand or salt, watching them, seeing our lives go by.

Ex-Hutch: 18th May 2012 - 22:17 GMT

I lived there for 14 years went to high school there and still have family there. I found this site by accident and found it to be pretty funny with the back and forth. This town has a lot of problems but it is better than most of the towns around it. There are things to do there at times but the economy is trashed much like most of the state. A lot of businesses have left there but there are jobs for those willing to work it. Don't ever think it will a major technology or travel hub for people out of state. The Fair and the cosmosphere are really cool and they even have Imax. As I stated if you think it is bad there drive 10 miles in every direction that does not have these items and really see bad. It is a town that is more family/home oriented and will never be known for night life. There are some items there that are not really stated that often that are interesting if you do some research. There is a member of the James gang that was killed and buried there and yet the still do not know where the grave is. It is a big mystery if you take time to research it. All the above being stated I feel that as a young man starting out in life moving away was the best thing for me and many others. Young people there are really going to have a struggle to see a lot of the world view by not getting away from that town. At the same time I seem to remember a couple of years ago when there were holes popping up around towns with explosions from gas pockets under ground. It took a while for everyone to figure out what was causing that and unfortunately people lost their lives.
I have also seen that town struggle with their own identity when things that were really unique there such as The Hutch restaurants closed down many years ago.
So in summary it is a small town with their own values but it is much better than most towns around it.
Good luck to you all.

KS: 24th May 2012 - 01:47 GMT

second post ..i guess what i wrote earlier got lost..I haved been here in hutch for about 2-3 years...its awful here just awful...corrupt as hell and dirty and disgusting

Brittany: 25th May 2012 - 05:18 GMT

This site is retarded.. I've lived here my whole life.. it's not a shithole.. pretty sure someone took a bunch of pictures of one deserted building. Pretty cool of you. Hope you feel important. Losers

TIME: 2nd Jun 2012 - 21:27 GMT

The Wiley building sure is nice in downtown. I wonder what the taxes are on it? Looks like it may be for sale.It would make a nice apartment complex. Does it have an up to date fire / sprinkler system? Does the elevator work?If someone buys and renovates it;where would patrons and employees park? It appears that the entire prospect of sale/renovation is VERY of luck to all!

Tex: 4th Jun 2012 - 17:40 GMT

Nope, I'm still here, did u miss me? I was just looking at the Hutch news, there was an article about some poor guy just out walking down East 11th, when a car drove up and robbed him at gunpoint! At 2:00 p.m. in the afternoon!! I honestly feel safer walking the streets of Dallas or Houston, than I would in Hutch. I mean honestly, do you people feel safe now to walk down the sidewalks of Hutch when you hear reports like that?? And, you call that a 'nice' town, when you can't even go out for a little walk when you want too. When are you'all going to get rid of the druggies in that town??

Tex: 4th Jun 2012 - 17:52 GMT

Hey!, Congrats to you'all up there, the Hutch Mall made it onto the website !! It's nice to see my hometown achieving such notoriety ! Keep up the good work.

Mariah White: 10th Jun 2012 - 03:48 GMT

Hutch is by far the most cheap place to rent from and hutch really sint that bad

Tex: 12th Jun 2012 - 18:10 GMT

I lived up there and found the rent to be extremely high for what you got. In fact what I paid for in rent up there, I now rent a 3 bedroom home 1 block from the ocean in S. Texas for the same amount. And, no state income taxes, or property taxes on your vehicles! Kansas taxes you to death, and has nothing to show for it.

jamie1105: 13th Jun 2012 - 20:57 GMT

I lived here for 8 months last year. I loved the job I had, which was working with children. I left town to be closer to my family, but have no complaints, and never saw any drug deals. I even lived on Main St. in the middle of all the action. HUTCHINSON WAS GOOD TO ME AND THE PEOPLE WERE FRIENDLY !!

Bullwinkle1980: 18th Jun 2012 - 14:37 GMT

Back in the mid 90s this town wasnt so bad. The mall had a video arcade, indoor laser tag and actual stores. The cosmosphere didnt cost an arm and a leg to go into and there was shit to do in this town. Now, whenever new business comes in, its only a matter of time before it closes its doors. We have a fuck ton of bars in this town but yet there is nothing to do that is genuinely fun. Its pathetic.

kansascowgirl: 29th Jun 2012 - 03:05 GMT

I live 20 miles from Hutchinson, and come in several times a week.
Granted, the south part of town does have some run-down places and druggies, but the rest of Hutchinson is not like that.
In the pictures shown, the second, third, sixth, and seventh pictures are all of the same building. (Showing multiple pictures
of the same rundown building and pretending it's different in each photo is kinda cheating, isn't it? It's also not by the highway:)
The "open door" is at a low income housing lot, and the picture of the sign for the State Fair is off season. It is gets decorated and
colorful when you hit the summer months.

The community college in Hutchinson is very friendly and I really enjoy going there. The Cosmosphere & Space Center and the Underground Salt Museum have been voted the 8 wonders of Kansas and are very fascinating.
I suggest to the person who wrote this that you find people of Hutchinson who know of all the cool places and nooks before writing the town off as a "boring place".
We have many cute restaurants and cafes, like Cool Beans (1970's theme, retro), Allies (coffee and donuts...) The Metropolitan (Cakes, coffee, iced coffee, teas, smoothies, and all of the local art of Hutchinson. They have swing dancing there regularly, and live bands) Jillian's (Italian)
Little boutiques also are found on South Main like "Fashionista" and "Red Brick Boutique" and "Tesori"
Next time, spend a little more time exploring before giving up. Life isn't always about the fast pace and how much fun you can pack into a busy day. Let it be about the people and the experiences that can decorate your life, take in the views; close your eyes and breathe in the freshly cut alfalfa or freshly brewed coffee.

Plute2: 30th Jun 2012 - 23:08 GMT

Hutchinson seemed a vibrant town circa 1933-38 when I was a kid coming of age. Much activity downtown, movie theaters, dime stores, etc. Still a warm spot In my heart for the town, although I realize that "you can't go home again." Was disappointed in a short visit in to find the fairgrounds closed off. Used to ride my bicycle around on the grounds.

Mike: 1st Jul 2012 - 20:58 GMT

I was born in Hutchinson in 1978 and lived there until 1986. I have lots of fond childhood memories and I think the town has several good qualities and potential for many improvements. Things are what you make of them, so be the change you want to see and start looking at the good qualities around you and appreciate them and do things to foster more positivity around you.

ks: 5th Jul 2012 - 17:02 GMT

tex you pretty much tell it like it is in this town... the police advocate "street Justice' here. Its all in who you ARE here that determines if you have control in this mess. corrupt from top to bottom. wow 225 witnesses to a senseless it is a boring town if that many people witnessed it...

Linda: 6th Jul 2012 - 11:52 GMT

I used to think Hutchinson was a boring community. Move out further west and see what you find. Most communities are shrinking and there really is not much to do. I now miss Hutchinson.

Janet: 12th Jul 2012 - 19:11 GMT

Life is what you make it. You wait to be entertained or you make your own entertainment. By the way, that guy doesn't know where he was born. His pictures are of St. Elizabeth Hospital. Grace Hospital was on Main Street and has been renovated into a very nice apartment building next to Wendy's.

not going back!: 13th Jul 2012 - 02:08 GMT

AS a past Hutchinson resident I can say that after living there for a number of years I took and sold every blessed thing I owned and with the help of my daughter and her little family moved far away from there. What is wrong with Hutchinson is that first of all its a town that host's the Hutchinson Correctional Facility also known as a state prison that houses around 2,000 criminals. Many of them have family that have relocated to the Hutchinson area. This brings in questionable people to mix with the rest of the town folk. Also, the city is run by a small band of wealthy families (does Dillon ring a bell?) who totally controls what businesses can come in and what businesses they want to stay out. The housing is so high that it compares to larger city dwellings but the pay scale is so low that most of the employers pay minimum wage leaving families little to nothing to live on and crappy places to live in. Many of the rental properties are owned by honest to goodness slum landlords who refuse to fix anything. The mall is closing down because the rent on the spaces are outrageous and the public have little to no money to shop there. So no one can afford to keep their businesses in there. I lived there, worked hard at a minimum wage job, raised my daughter there and was thankful that she and her husband took my granddaughter away before she started school. The schools offer nothing for kids. There is no hope or any sort of future for kids other than becoming a CNA and working in a nursing home or fixing cars. Kids are not given opportunities to seek out careers they may have a talent for because schools only teach kids what they need to know to graduate from school. After that there is nothing for them to reach for. Girls get pregnant and have babies and boys either move away or spend their days and nights in bars. The schools offer nothing, businesses are either not hiring or not offering enough in wages to survive. People are either terribly broke or very well off...there is no middle ground. And the better off people are the ones owning the businesses and not giving their employees any incentives to want to stay at their jobs. Where I worked we were all treated like crap. We were told to feel honored that we were hired to work there and yet got yelled at and chastised for the managements mistakes with never a pat on the back for a good job. No one cares in Hutchinson because there is no reason to care. When control is in the hands of greedy nearsighted people you get....well, Hutchinson in its decline. It makes it hard to appreciate the few little good things about a town when you spend each and every day hungry, tired and hopeless. The only ones that can turn this town around are the ones who have control of it....then maybe the town will grow and prosper. That is unless all the gas explosions running through underground tunnels don't blow it off the map first! And I will say this, there is something hovering over this town that gives you an uneasy bad karma. And there are lots and lots of angry and hateful people there. It is very unsettling and not easy to explain but its there.

Colorado Native: 13th Jul 2012 - 23:34 GMT

ALL of kansas sucks! It is nothing but self-righteous christian inbred rednecks! These are the same idiots that are against gun control and are the ones that should not be allowed to have guns! And the majority are welfare farmers living off of the real tax payers for the last 80 years, good republi-cons living off of democrat programs!!!

Belman (old timer): 15th Jul 2012 - 03:26 GMT

Went to high school there way back in 1949, and one year at Hutchinson CC. In those days iHutchinson was a cultural wasteland and boring, but it was clean and safe, and some decent people lived there There were no drugs, and little poverty. Sounds like it has morphed into a real dump---with a lot of fat people. That's too bad. Live in San francisco now, and for such a long time, I consider myself a Californian.

not going back!: 15th Jul 2012 - 14:53 GMT

This is for "TIME: 2nd Jun 2012 - 21:27 GMT"

The Wiley Building owner tried many times to get the city officials to approve allowing him to restore the upstairs floors for apartment living until he finally gave up! City officials refused to allow him to use the upstairs floors as apartments. There are other buildings owned by people I knew that tried also to make their upstairs floors into living spaces to rent out. The only success that was achieved by building owners downtown was the approval that they themselves could reside on the premises of downtown buildings but could not use the spaces as rental property. It would have been a great downtown opportunity to allow people to live in the Wiley building but the city wouldn't hear of it. Now the upstairs floors are falling apart. Just thought I would let you know.

Maddy : 15th Jul 2012 - 16:40 GMT

Hutchinson is a wonderful place to be I mean honestl. Ive lived here for 12 years mabey its not as great as others but atleast we have stuff espically that new Kohls they are building

Simbadb: 24th Jul 2012 - 00:11 GMT

All this "Boring Town" talk sounds like a perfect place for my son to start his college baseball career playing JC. A very Good Program, and little trouble for him to get into. I Love It So Far!!

Doin the hutchinson!: 2nd Aug 2012 - 18:08 GMT

Hutchinson is great place if you don't have a job! good place to lay around and eat steak on the state! Gotta love it.

C. Darnay: 3rd Aug 2012 - 04:10 GMT

This town is shameful. I honestly feel bad for the people that try to make it great, and there are DOZENS of families heavily involved in the city that really try to do something good for their community. Also, to the people saying that the "families" run this town like some bourgeois pre-Revolution France style city, you are sorely mistaken. There's a reason CAREY park exists: The Carey family were instrumental in this towns devolpment, along with the Dillons, and remain a crucial part of this town's success over the last century. However, over the last several decades, good-hearted benevolent families have disappeared the town and thus the town has begun to decay. It is very true that drugs are a HUGE problem here. I have gone through the Hutch school system, from preschool through graduating from high school, and watched as many students fell into drugs as early as sixth grade. I was offered drugs at school in seventh grade, although I refused them. During my time at Hutch High, I noticed harder drugs such as cocaine becoming much more prevalent than things.And before anyone tries to say anything, Buhler is just as bad, their kids just act superior. Trinity isn't much better either, and even if it was the school is rundown and doesn't have much to offer. Teenage pregnancy is also RAMPANT, just feeding the next generation of poor Hutchinsonians. The taxes here are ATROCIOUS. The vast majority of people are living off of the state, with welfare and such, and most live in rundown homes, which in agreement with a previous post is because the corrupt landlords make that part of town an essential first-world slum that the residents have little control over. It's not even a matter of this town being boring: This town is downright deplorable. If you have any choice to stay away, I encourage you to do so. Once I graduate college I have no intention to move back here, as I wouldn't ever want my children to grow up here.

Back off!!!!: 5th Aug 2012 - 15:15 GMT

TomTrucker: 27th Oct 2009 - 11:42 GMT (Just an FYI this picture was found online NOT taken in Hutchinson, KS)

Hutchinson is NOT that bad of a place, I have grown up her my own life and I think it is a GREAT place to live and raise a family. Just because some of the pictures were taken in the worst parts of Hutchinson doesn't mean the rest of the town is like that. I am so sick of peoples putting down Hutchinson. There are some Really nice places and peoples in Hutchinson. It is not shrinking it is actually growning with lots of new places and people. I am proud to be from Hutchinson, KS. Don't feel bad for us, IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT THEN DON'T COME, BUT DON'T PUT OUR TOWN DOWN. Trust me there are a LOT more places in the U.S. that are far Worse! Others towns have the same problems we do. I guarantee that the place you live in have drugs, rundown homes, people on welfare and teen pregnancy (which I do not support, so don't even go there) You can't blame Hutchinson for what the government is allowing lazy, worthless people to do.
I went to HHS and have never dones drugs in my whole life and have a full time job & family. Not everyone from in Hutchinson is a low life.

haha: 13th Aug 2012 - 07:00 GMT

To the person who has "never seen an Amtrak train in Hutchinson in their life!" Go down to the train station at 2:45 a.m. or 3:30 a.m. and just sit a bit. It comes through twice a night, once going east and once going west. In fact, take a ride on will take you anywhere you have the guts to go, since Hutch is such a loser town. Nothing worse than a bunch of complainers who only have time to sit around and fuss about what is wrong, rather than doing something to make things good and right. This town is like any other town on earth....If you look at the bad all you will see is the bad; and if you look for good, there is plenty to find. It's all in your own personal frame of mind.

boo boo: 24th Aug 2012 - 07:43 GMT

tex ... if you are soooo successful in texas and make soooooo much money .... why do you rent instead of buy ???? jus wondering ....

Twinkle ass: 28th Aug 2012 - 11:07 GMT

I deal with NEW AND USED CARS, I am not a car dealer I am a credit sales rep for a major auto manufacturer. I can attest first hand that Hutchinson Kansas has the lowest demand for new or used cars in the state of Kansas! I feel sorry for dealers in Hutchinson as they are fighting an uphill battle with debt to income that starts in poverty. I was just reviewing the numbers and was shocked. According to the numbers Hutchinson is the poorest city in Kansas! Terrible demographics and government. That people that live in Hutchinson need to get busy and change their local government, as they are squashing your opportunity to grow.

brooklynlogic: 29th Aug 2012 - 04:11 GMT

Jacksonville, Florida is easily the most boring and most irrelevant city in America, so none of you need to worry.

Matt: 7th Sep 2012 - 03:30 GMT

Ive lived in Hutch quite a while now. While I admit it's a little more right wing than I am, most of the people are pretty friendly and move at a pace I'm pretty comfortable with. I love golf, and Prairie Dunes is phenomenal. Constantly ranked among the finest in the country. And at a price that will shock you. I love to hunt. Never have I lived anywhere that had public access to so much great Pheasant, quail, deer and turkey hunting. Boaring? That may be to some people. Not me.

Cassy: 11th Sep 2012 - 14:16 GMT

I live in Hutchinson

I agree, this town is full of drugs and crime. I also find this town boring because there are no clubs, or a decent mall, the bowling alley was bought out by a church, and the movie theater costs more than in Wichita. i am 21 years old and i have to drive 45minutes to Wichita to do anything especially fun, however what do you expect from a small town?

Buhler, Haven, and Yoder... much smaller, with much less to do; however you do not see thousands of comments about how much they suck. I do not want to live here anymore than the next person, but its not because its boring. All small towns are boring.

The problem with Hutchinson is the 40% of the population who would rather mooch off the government than work (which does not help the economy), the people who mass produce meth and then sell it on your child's school playground, and the people who sit around and complain how boring Hutchinson is instead of going out, making friends, and driving the 45minutes to Wichita to do fun things.

Lets face it, even if you live right next door to Disneyland, i doubt you will be spending 100$ a paycheck to visit them. You will always be bored in your home town. Now what the people of Hutchinson need to realize (not all, just that 40%) is that if they stop running from their pain, and get themselves off drugs, and grow up, go to college, don't drop out of high school, get a degree... you will be able to get a good job, and you will be able to leave if that's what you please.

You shouldn't blame the place you are in for your mistakes. Its not Hutchinson's Fault your boyfriend that you have known for two weeks broke up with you and you turned to meth because you loved him and wanted his babies... lol... if you live in hutch, you know what i mean...

If your parents are on drugs, don't listen to them when they say its okay, or that you can drop out of school if you want. Don't lose your virginity out of peer pressure, don't get married at age 17, don't have babies at age 15, and 100% most of all, don't blame the town you live in for all of the above and the unhappiness it causes you.


Cassy: 11th Sep 2012 - 16:58 GMT

image 50015

image 50016

image 50017

image 50018

image 50019

image 50020

image 50021

image 50022

image 50023

image 50024

All these pictures above: 12th Sep 2012 - 21:31 GMT


Zach Gould: 15th Sep 2012 - 13:35 GMT

I attended a college in another small town in Kansas. I can tell you that Hutchinson is certainly not a boring town. The JUCO there has very good quality athletic teams and I hear there is quite a party scene, at least with college is in session.

hot young chick: 18th Sep 2012 - 01:38 GMT

hutch isnt that bad !!! i have certainly seen much worse !!! if ya dont like it ... then leave !!! it is really pretty simple !!!!!

Levi : 25th Sep 2012 - 14:09 GMT

I really like Hutchinson. Yes, it's a small town, but it's definitely not lonely. There are people everywhere. You gave off the wrong idea of this town.

Levi : 25th Sep 2012 - 14:12 GMT

And he chose the quietest place in town to shoot those pictures. He obviously wanted the reader to agree with him, so he made it look as boring as he could. It's bias.

Travis: 5th Oct 2012 - 16:09 GMT

The first pictures of the old St. Elizabeth's Hospital are a little pathetic. However, the building is under renovation at this time.

Hutch native: 14th Oct 2012 - 00:51 GMT

Hutch is far from the boring town that it used to be. That town is exploding with growth now. From what it was back in 1992 when I moved to the Kansas City area. It is massive now! Granted like any town it has its less than stellar side. But venture to the west side of Hutch towards Prairie Dunes and that general area. Neighborhoods with $300,000 dollar plus homes. Businesses popping up everywhere. Kohls is just finishing a store there, 61 highway on the west side of Hutch is no longer a little crap 2 lane road. Its a huge 4 lane true-to-life highway now that will carry you all the way to I-135.. Natural gas drilling has become huge along with re-exploration of old oil wells with the advent of directional/horizontal drilling. Hutch is growing and continues to grow at an increasing rate.

Lol, Hutch Native: 14th Oct 2012 - 10:42 GMT

You know, Hutchinson is not exploding with growth, Siemens just laid of 90 percent of their workforce. Hutchinson is exploding with grown in the welfare/roach community. We have many low or no income housing projects to choose from and of course the GREAT prison population. Paroled to your great city so they can continue to steal and destroy, get arrested again leave their children and their mate to fend for themselves and go live in one of eleven low or no income areas!!! HELL YEAH!!.. Then they get more welfare on top that!! Hutchinson is no mecca for business, simply look around. For every business coming one is leaving. I work in the financial service business, we services mortgages and consumer loans. What brought me to this site was the huge amount of foreclosures and repos that we send out in Hutchinson. I am not comparing this to just any other town either, I work the entire state and can attest that Hutchinson is a very poor town..

Hotel Leazon in Hutchinson: 20th Oct 2012 - 13:54 GMT

I believe the "old hospital" you refur to is the rehab center now. and u took a pic of the back of a AA building in the day? so basicly most the places u took pics of happen to b some sort of treatment facility, Im not sure who took u on this tour of the crappiest places in town but I can show u worse ones. All towns have run down, abandoned, creapy n disturbing places, drugs, mean/crazy people & if u look for them u will find them. I love to travel & I love many other places but Hutch isnt a bad place, there are job oppertunities if u seak them. We have a giant Siemans wind energy plant, Lowen sign, Graphic Design, many factories and all of the tourist attractions to name a few & we arent far from many other towns that have much to do. As for "boring" that is in the eye of the beholder, if u chose to find things there is much to do; the cosmospere & space center is on 11th & plum, the Underground Salt Museum is on airport rd & G, Carey park (on the south end of main) has a giant bike/walking path that extends through it all the way up the side of town to rice park. both parks host baseball games children activities and have alot of play facilities and gathering places as well as fishing and the aquadic center in carey park. Also there is very cute, free water parks on each end of town, one on w "A" & one on severence just past the giant rebuilt highschool and sports center which hosts all sort of activities for sports & music for the state. There is a beautiful nature trail @ both dillons nature center and sandhill state park and alot of very friendly people in this town whom openly welcome guests from all over yearly for the state fair even though it disrupts our dayly lives with traffic delays & oddities. There is much to do & see here & its a good place for families & deserves the stars thats its earned, it may not be perfect but no where is.

person: 27th Oct 2012 - 15:39 GMT

well maybe you should of lived here before you judge it.

Welcome to Hutchinson.... : 31st Oct 2012 - 17:08 GMT

Here are some scenic pics from 4th ave in Beautiful Hutchinson Kansas. Gotta love it, special thanks to Nancy Scott Planner director for his beautiful scenery... These are across the street from the always palatial eye sore D&D Towing and salvage who may be operating an illegal salvage parts yard behind his wonderful building.
image 50213

image 50214

image 50215

Welcome to Hutchinson.... : 31st Oct 2012 - 17:11 GMT

image 50216

Not to mention this upstanding business, operating a salvage yard with very questionable business practices... This once was a thriving business now is a place for seedy activities. Welcome to Hutchinson....

get me out!: hutchinson kansas will eat your soul.

me again: 25th Nov 2012 - 21:10 GMT

where has tex been ?????? i bet he moved back to good ole' hutch !!!!

me again: 25th Nov 2012 - 21:10 GMT

where has tex been ?????? i bet he moved back to good ole' hutch !!!!

me again: 25th Nov 2012 - 21:10 GMT

where has tex been ?????? i bet he moved back to good ole' hutch !!!!

me again: 25th Nov 2012 - 21:10 GMT

where has tex been ?????? i bet he moved back to good ole' hutch !!!!

Bored: 27th Nov 2012 - 19:47 GMT

Guess I'm a boring person. I moved to reno co. in the early 80's a few months after my folks did from north west ks. and met my wife in hutch. Then moved back to eastern colorado right acrose the state line of kansas for a few months then south west kansas. Since moved back to Hutchinson kansas and will not leave unless I can't find a good paying job. Hutch has a lot to offer if you look for it. Since we moved back to Hutch I have been back to a few towns in north west kansas and for the life of me I don't want to move back there, thinkg of one town inperticly everyone goes to to have fun its a dump pit that I don't want to live in. No jobs in Hutch try to go to a town of less than 1000 people like I lived and grew up in and there won't be any jobs. Look around you can always find a boring town and be bored in, whither its N.Y.C. or a small town same way to be able to find somthing to do. I like living in Hutch and there are a lot of western kansas people that have moved to hutch and not to wichita which is only 60 miles away.

Tex: 28th Nov 2012 - 19:05 GMT

Noooooo !!, I have not moved back to Hutch, but I'm fixin to move to K.C., though I really hate to leave Texas. Looking at the Hutch News, it looks like you people are really keeping the court system in business up there, with all the drug trials, murder trials, etc. I guess the law enforcement industry is one area that's booming! I see the crime rate index for 2010 is up to 512.3 in Hutch...WOW ! (the highest since 2003). National average is 319.1, (higher numbers mean higher crime rate). Something to really be proud of...isn't it?

Happy Visitor: 28th Nov 2012 - 20:34 GMT

My husband's parents grew up in Hutch and after a 40 year stay in California, moved back to Hutch. Why we cannot imagine. We made an annual pilgramage from CA to Hutch each September until their passing. The highlight was the fair and the running trail along cow creek. Though I must say I rarely passed anyone on the trail during my daily runs. We are so very happy to be in California where the scene is happening, there is no crime, the taxes are almost non-existant, there is no unemployment, no illegal immigrants, gas prices make you want to take a drive and the state is far from bankrupt. Get real - where you live is what you make of it! It is always a trade off. (Though the weather is perfect).

Hutchinson resident: 29th Nov 2012 - 15:09 GMT

I find bored people boring. If you are bored it's your fault.
Where you live has less to do with your outlook than with how you are living.
People in Hutch are often the type who will plant a tree knowing they will never enjoy the shade.
Maybe we lack some of the bigger city things like traffic jams.
It's a choice, if you are unhappy here, it's likely you are going to be unhappy anywhere.

We do need some rain though.

anon ( 8th Dec 2012 - 22:06 GMT

I grew up in Hutchinson and always look forward to going back. It's still a wonderful small town! I'd go back to retire there in a minute.

fatties: 30th Dec 2012 - 20:14 GMT

If you like fat pig hog beast women this is your place! Capitol of shit filled piglets

sadiemae: 8th Jan 2013 - 16:42 GMT

Couldn't wait to leave Hutch. Got stuck there for 15 months. It's a great place to live if you don't mind everyone in town knowing your personal business, having nothing to do after 9pm on any given night except hang out at Walmart or get drunk in one of the many trashy bars. The only saving grace is that there are no parking meters in the entire town. Drug addicted slum lords abound (hi Dave!) as do the drugs. I'm sure it's a great place to retire. No matter where you live in that town, you can hear the trains go thru.

sarco: 20th Jan 2013 - 01:11 GMT

Hutch must be the ass hole of the USabout the same distance to either coast and just below the belt.

me again: 20th Jan 2013 - 23:07 GMT

tex glad to see you are returning to kansas !!! bet your bottom dollar you end up living in hutch again sometime in your future !!!!! they always return either in heart or spirit !!!

james joyce: 12th Feb 2013 - 19:48 GMT

Where is the novel that turns all this stagnation into a pattern?

you and me again: 12th Feb 2013 - 19:49 GMT

Tex, if you don't want to leave Texas, don't. Stay with what you love.

me again: 16th Feb 2013 - 07:55 GMT

tex ... i really hope you enjoy living in kc ... i used to go to kc by train every weekend years ago and loved it !!! the plaza during the holidays is so pretty !!!!! and please go eat at bucco de peppo's ( something like that ) for me !!!!!!! excellent italian food !!! good luck on your new adventure !!!!!

anon ( 23rd Feb 2013 - 21:35 GMT

Born and raised here in Hutch and I have lived in several other states after i was old enough to get out of this town but I finally wised up and came back home. I got married here and raised both of my kids here and would never change that. Hutch isn't shrinking but its not growing either and I don't mind I love it here and I will finish the rest of my life in this town. If you don't like it that's fine with us it just gives us more elbow room.

Heidi: 15th Mar 2013 - 17:02 GMT

I've lived in Hutchinson for 18 years. I agree, it's crazy boring. But, changes are coming. We just got an Olive Garden, a Pizza Ranch, and we're getting a Longhorn Steakhouse. We're getting Dillard's back, too. Oh! Don't forget about the family activity complex that we'll be getting. It's a lot like The Alley in Wichita. Hopefully things will start looking up.

edelweiss: It's a lonely world.

oscarette: 21st Mar 2013 - 06:35 GMT

But you once had a handsome dream. Remember that afternoon near the Hello Deli section of Dillons' grocery store? That hello you received.

hutch native: 21st Mar 2013 - 06:37 GMT

This literary person keeps stepping in here like he owns the place.

dooney on west B: 21st Mar 2013 - 06:38 GMT

This what person? No one is allowed to be literary here. I think Tex will like Kansas City, maybe a lot. It's kind of Texas, too.

you and me again: 21st Mar 2013 - 06:41 GMT

Yes. Think Tex worked this place out of his system here. Mostly!

me again: 29th Mar 2013 - 07:31 GMT

i miss tex !!! we had some pretty good arguments here !!! cause there was nothing else to do at the time for me !!! actually there still isn't !! tex .. come back and argue with me !!! i miss ya buddy !!!!!

Clifford the Small Red Dog: 12th Apr 2013 - 13:49 GMT

I like cheese. And... kitties. :B

Jennifer Randall: 21st Apr 2013 - 23:01 GMT

I think it's time the original blogger came back to town and saw the hard work that people who live in Hutch have put into their community. They have bypassed complaining that there is nothing to do and are making efforts to make positive changes. Everyone can bitch and complain, that's easy and takes little effort. Those who make an effort to change for the better are commended and the true leaders. If something isn't all that we want it to be, we can run from it or embrace and work hard to change it.

Tex: 24th Apr 2013 - 23:35 GMT

I'm still around, thanks for missing me "me" ! I've been busy dealing with all these hillbillies up here in NE Kansas, either they haven't graduated from grade school or they've been on dope most of their lives, I don't know which. (I'm actually stuck in a small town near K.C.) I had a co-worker tell me last week they eat possum for dinner, had to cook it well to get all the grease out. Good God, what have I gotten myself into!!! People eating possums !!! Do they tenderize them by running over them on the highway ??!! I try to go to K.C. every chance I get, it's great. And NOOOOOO, I'm not working my way back to Hutch, unless someday when I croak and then maybe I'll come back and haunt the place, since it's already almost a Ghost Town! Ha! So, fill me in, has things improved in Hutch? Is the windmill factory still there? Have they cut your taxes? I've never seen a state tax more than Kansas, your wages, your property, your vehicles, what in the world do they do with all the money?? Give it to the rehab facilities, so people can get over their addictions to eating possums ??

so far from accurate: 3rd May 2013 - 08:00 GMT

This is freaking hilarious, far from the truth but still funny. The bldg with a cross is the old Grace Hospital as in Methodist. It's been rehabed into apts, town has grown from 30k to 45k and has some of the wealthiest people in it. Carey salt was started there, and since I moved the desolate downtown has filled up with new businesses, then bldgs stripped of the false fronts, and had major help from the historic society with funds. There's a new park as well. Antiques, art, and boutiques fills most of these. Passing off photos of an empty alley isn't exactly honest. And I don't know of many state fairgrounds that are open unless there's an event.
Not many small towns have two country clubs one with a pga internationally known course, and a super club. Mostly its middle class there but home prices are about the same as Sacramento, CA and the nicer areas of KC,KS. Good humor, oh and the wife swapping key party thing is pretty hot there as well. Just a bit of reality.

Hutch is full of deadbeats: 4th May 2013 - 18:20 GMT

I have lived in and traveled to many other cities. Hutchinson is FULL of a welfare, disabled, retired and the worthless. Hutchinson is MUCH WORSE THAN MOST CITIES!! This is the truth. Kansas as a whole is a welfare state. Hutchinson is the center of drugs and the worthless.

Hutchinson old timer: 16th Dec 2014 - 15:53 GMT

Hutchinson has become over run with Hispanics....which goes hand in hand with drugs, crime and welfare... It is sad that this nice place to live has become the melting pot for all the Mexican families to overtake and ruin as they make and sell drugs,and raise the crime rates. They leave Mexico and then bring all the criminal activity to our country and our towns and make it unsafe for the Americans who BELONG in this country and in a town such as Hutchinson. Ship them out and Hutch will be a much better place to live. want my kids safe. and living in Hutch with all the criminal element that came up from the south isn't safe for our kids anymore.

Tex-Yes I'm still around: 8th Jan 2015 - 15:32 GMT


Kansas has the distinction of having made the top 10 list in a couple of categories. In the last several weeks I've read in the news where Kansas was listed as the number one sickest state in the entire U.S. for 2014 ! Wow! This was based on the number of sicknesses and illnesses reported by the medical profession for last year.

Kansas was also listed in the top 10 states that people moved out of in 2014. (Why would they want to do that?) This was compiled by moving companies around the nation.

My congrats to all of you up there, keep up the good work !! You make the U.S. proud to have a state like yours ! LMAO

I've been there: 10th Feb 2015 - 08:29 GMT

Trust me. It really sucks. Please avoid like the plague!

optomyst: 9th Mar 2015 - 23:18 GMT

I sure am glad that Mr. Brown back is making things better in Kansas and in Hutchinson especially.the sun is shining in Hutchinson and don't you let anyone tell you any different.

Lifer: 3rd May 2015 - 07:18 GMT

I am not sure if anyone is still reading this post. I just ran across it and have several things to offer.

1. Wish when the city was doing a road project they would start with upgrading the utility work first then do the paving instead of doing it such a haphazard way. I know it takes more planning but the roads are much less a patch work and much smoother.
2. On the beautification areas is there some reason perennial flowers or shrubs are not used instead of annuals? Annuals have to be re-done every year. While the annuals have shorter initial cost perennials are cheaper and less maintenance in the long run.
3. On that same note how about doing some naturalization with bulbs when you first enter Carey Park near the fountain and also the little area and 30th and Main with small hill. The bulbs multiply are little to no maintenance except for planting. I would think you may even be able to get someone to donate the time to plant and money towards this.
4. Other projects I do see done never seem to have taken into account maintenance costs. Projects seem to be done in a haphazard way with no grand scheme or forethought.
5. On things to do-this to me is a mixed bag. There are things I enjoy. Library, movies (however not enough quality films), Metropolitan bands, theater, parks.
I do wish there were more affordable classical music concerts including outdoor-quartets or something along that line would be nice also.
6. A problem I see with things to do is the address of the location not being listed. Please don't assume everyone is from here and knows where everything is. Totally frustrating!! I am from here but I feel for people who are not. Could be one reason people leave.
7. Also, have at least one place where everyone posts what is going on and keep it going and up to date. I have seen everything from events written up after the fact (Gee, I would have like to have known about that!) to new websites that you use that are suddenly gone with no forwarding. Keep it where you can find it (even more than one place) and KEEP IT UPDATED.
8. How about a site where people can also send in their ideas for the city/county? Might get some good ones-I realize there would be some complaints but maybe after a while that would level off and good ideas could get through. BTW-loved the surveys for the parks, etc.
9. Don't recall who wrote earlier about the number of low income housing options there are in Hutchinson but I can think of just about double the number you had. I am really tired of hearing we do not have enough low income housing. I think we have more low income housing than any town this size that I know of.
10. So glad to see the bowling alley complex opening. Would like to see skateboard park expand-perhaps a bowl. There are a lot of kids that use this. Things for families would be a great addition.

ham'n'cheese: 12th May 2015 - 13:45 GMT

do we really need a million dollar wrought iron fence alongside the k-61 highway? there are potholes all over town but thankfully the fence is there to impress people as they drive through this dump of a town.

salty: 9th Sep 2015 - 21:11 GMT

Hot damm! The state fair is opening next friday. It will be ten glorious fun packed days to eat over priced food and walk your ass off.I think it will be best to stay home and save what little money i have.Live the dream!!

KSmith: 25th Oct 2015 - 23:34 GMT

This article and most of the people are full of shit! Although this was published along time ago in 2006, I still feel a need to comment. First off for all you negative low life's who think Hutchinson has nothing or is even dead, let me just explain some things to such an ignorant crowd. Hutchinson has the State Fair in which all year round they use the facility for monster truck derby, circus, car race shows, horse shows, and much much more!! Hutchinson is also the Home of the NJCAA Basketball which happens every March, and also is the famous Prarie Dunes Golf Course in which holds National tournaments! Also downtown Hurchinson is now thriving on Main St, with all sorts of shops and restaurants! Plus all the huge events that happen on Main St. Like Third Thursday, chilie soup cook off, rod run car show, barbecue cook off, Java walk, uncorked for tech and much more!! Hutchinson also has plenty of great jobs and big manufacturers such as Eaton, Tysons meat (2 locations) Siemens, Lowens and much more!! Plus Hutchinson has a mall which in now in the process of being redone to open all store up in it and to create 500 new jobs alone. Not only that, Hutchinson has a decent amount of shopping (not as it could be) such as Kmart, Koals, Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's, JcPenny, Rue 21, Buckle, Maurice's, Dillons Market Place and much more, including dining options, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, Pizza Ranch, Applebee's, Five Guys, Sirloin Stockade, China Star, Rib Crib, Carlos O Kelly's and way more than I can list!!! Plus more still be added such as Pie Five, Panda Express, Panera Bread and more!! Hutchinson is not a boring beaten down city, it is just a lie from whoever the ass was that posted this! And for all of you who left, it's NOTHING like it was when you were here!! And for all those who are still whining, pack your shit and move or shut the hell up!! I normally don't swear, but this lousy post had steaming! Oh, and let's not forget to mention that Dillons And Kwik Shop originated here!

KSmith: 25th Oct 2015 - 23:35 GMT

This article and most of the people are full of shit! Although this was published along time ago in 2006, I still feel a need to comment. First off for all you negative low life's who think Hutchinson has nothing or is even dead, let me just explain some things to such an ignorant crowd. Hutchinson has the State Fair in which all year round they use the facility for monster truck derby, circus, car race shows, horse shows, and much much more!! Hutchinson is also the Home of the NJCAA Basketball which happens every March, and also is the famous Prarie Dunes Golf Course in which holds National tournaments! Also downtown Hurchinson is now thriving on Main St, with all sorts of shops and restaurants! Plus all the huge events that happen on Main St. Like Third Thursday, chilie soup cook off, rod run car show, barbecue cook off, Java walk, uncorked for tech and much more!! Hutchinson also has plenty of great jobs and big manufacturers such as Eaton, Tysons meat (2 locations) Siemens, Lowens and much more!! Plus Hutchinson has a mall which in now in the process of being redone to open all store up in it and to create 500 new jobs alone. Not only that, Hutchinson has a decent amount of shopping (not as it could be) such as Kmart, Koals, Target, Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Lowe's, JcPenny, Rue 21, Buckle, Maurice's, Dillons Market Place and much more, including dining options, such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Olive Garden, Pizza Ranch, Applebee's, Five Guys, Sirloin Stockade, China Star, Rib Crib, Carlos O Kelly's and way more than I can list!!! Plus more still be added such as Pie Five, Panda Express, Panera Bread and more!! Hutchinson is not a boring beaten down city, it is just a lie from whoever the ass was that posted this! And for all of you who left, it's NOTHING like it was when you were here!! And for all those who are still whining, pack your shit and move or shut the hell up!! I normally don't swear, but this lousy post had steaming! Oh, and let's not forget to mention that Dillons And Kwik Shop originated here!

Yes, yes, etc.: 28th Dec 2015 - 05:29 GMT

Now and then read this all. And again. What I loved about this place is that all your dreams were king. Around you was desolate and unorganized and untrimmed and variously unloved unfunded and untended. It was just there: and people were tired of reality. Your dreams were king there. And that made that-----a beautiful place.

david from ks: 6th Mar 2016 - 22:28 GMT

,,,The declining intentional destruction of the environment and the ever increasing radioactivity from Fukushima,Japan disaster 03-11-2011 unfortunately makes anywhere in the world a polluted local. I Love the Rocky Mountains but they are just as polluted as the as anywhere in Kansas.

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