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America's Most Boring Towns: 9

- Scott Sargent - Tuesday, June 27th, 2006 : goo

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image 13077

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image 13082

At least there were signs of life in , . Though I do not know who eats all the snacks photographed above. It seems like approximately 10 people live in this town.

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EvilGentleman: 27th Jun 2006 - 18:23 GMT

Buffalo, Oklahoma - population 1200, according to the U.S. Census of 2000

A side note, I wonder if the Diet Dr Pepper in Oklahoma tastes the same as the Diet Dr Pepper here in Quebec. I find that Coke tastes different in each American state, so maybe Dr Pepper does too.

Peter: 27th Jun 2006 - 18:38 GMT

ahh, ! when i first moved to in 1995, it was impossible to find , and as a transplanted , i was frustrated that it wasnt available anywhere. as a matter of fact, some people hadnt even heard of it, believe it or not... which was no good, as its my favorite soda. occasionally, youd find , but its not entirely the same.

now, in 2006, you can find it all over nyc. ahh how things (markets?) change.

speaking of... its true- does taste different in different regions, if not state by state. i used to wonder if there were region-specific taste differences, and then i noticed that many cans of coke sold in bear a marking reading "New York" around the lip of the can. ill try to snag a photo the next time i see such a can.

interesting entry, for sure. this town seems about the size/density of the town i grew up in. and interesting note about the dr pepper/coke, too...

jamie: 27th Jun 2006 - 22:24 GMT

the worst tasting coke i've tasted is Egyptian. I used to sell it on my fast food stall, but no one would buy it. Partly because the cans were rusty, but mostly because they were printed in arabic and no one wanted to buy "al qaeda coke"

joey: LOL

iman: that looks boring.

John : 15th Jun 2007 - 03:25 GMT

Hmmm. Whatever the hell they do here, there seems to be an abundant need of bagged snacks and work gloves.

So their hands don't get the powdered cheese on them, I wonder?

vern mynatt: 18th Dec 2007 - 19:27 GMT

Buffalo is a great little ameican town made up of the best people you will find anywhere in the United States, don't knock it if you have not lived in this area. My roots go back to this town and they are good strong moral roots.

Bob Cratchitt: 22nd Apr 2008 - 20:47 GMT

I have posted on this site previously, but it never seems to show up. Perhaps this site prefers negative verbiage. and what's with, slamming a little town yet most all the posts seem to be about the different tastes of sodas. Well, as I've mentioned before, the individual who has posted us as a boring place has never been here. and, obviously, if this individual has labeled us such according to convienience store photos he/she found online, perhaps he/she has revealed his/her level of intelligence.

kimbrly: hey atleast the town is civil and got food

Peter: 23rd Apr 2008 - 14:10 GMT

civility and good food: qualities of a good town. lol.

Mike Criswell: 24th Apr 2008 - 22:12 GMT

It,s home. If you can't relate then you're lacking something in your world. I feel sorry for people who don't know their neighbors name, and doesn't know the name of the person who gave them their morning coffee. Who go about their trivial day just like the rest of us but feel they are so superior. You people make me puke. Noff said you'all

James: 13th May 2008 - 02:56 GMT

Geesh Mike - loosen up! When I first visited Buffalo Oklahoma it looked deserted and it was only 7:00 in the evening. I wondered what I had gotten myself into driving 1700 miles to Buffalo, Oklahoma to visit a local businessperson. I was there on business and what my personal opinions were, based on my first impressions about Buffalo were irrelevant. I located the Wheatland Inn, a cozy, first class operation reminiscent of a Bed & Breakfast, without the breakfast and grabbed one of the best dang pizzas I ever had in my life at a place on Main Street called the Pizza Pub. The next morning this little Town was buzzing! The people are friendly and waved at me while driving around Town as if they knew me! I conducted my business, closed a great deal, and promised to visit again. Buffalonians should be proud, it's a great Town with great people.

jaime: 20th May 2008 - 14:51 GMT

it's great to hear of a town that takes the time to know there neighbors i love it. although i've never been there it sounds great. my husband visited yesterday and he said it was awesome. we possibly might be moving there. and from what i've read on the website it sounds like a great place to raise our children. i'm looking foward to the possible move. so town of buffalo,ok keep being who you are you sound like a great town of caring friendly people and there are those who like to mock that because they just don't understand family or great life values.

AL G: 4th Jun 2008 - 20:18 GMT

I have to go to this place in two weeks for a wind turbine project. This place seems like it's going to suck big time, I mean come on Ironman just came out last week in this town (Check the theater listing - only 1 movie released per week). The reason I say 'it sucks' is primarily because we are going for work and not raising children. Unlike the residents of Buffalo, we are more tactical, in the sense that we go in, get it done, and get out. However, we try to have some fun while doing the work and by the looks of it Buffalo doesn't offer much in terms of nightlife. So even though this may be a great place to live -- it's not Amsterdam...

Bobby: 4th Jun 2008 - 20:39 GMT

In response to Al G: I have spent many nights in Buffalo and the surrounding area while in a temporary work situation. I have nothing but admiration for the people and the beautiful countryside. You live your life between your ears. Who cares what movie is playing. Learn to play horseshoes during your free time. Also, snake is good to eat.

Shaq: Buffalo is good. -Superman

Buffalo Gal: 11th Jun 2008 - 16:57 GMT

Scott, from reading your other posts on this site it seems that there are two thing in common and boring! Maybe if you changed your outlook on life, you wouldn't be so bored!

Jamie: 11th Jun 2008 - 19:30 GMT

Quite the opposite. I think Scott, with his photographs, has evoked a degree interest in something mundane.

Peter: 11th Jun 2008 - 20:48 GMT

im fascinated at how people love to say such cliche and empty things as "Maybe if you changed your outlook on life, you wouldn't be so bored!"

im sure that if scott ever sees that, he'll be sure to change his errant ways asap!

Melissa: 26th Jun 2008 - 01:34 GMT

There might not be a so called night life in Buffalo, but at least we do have a theater. Our community has worked very hard to get our old theater up and running again. Maybe we can only aford 2nd run movies(at 3 weeks old), but we do get some movies before woodward does. As for food our town has the best pizza! My parents drive 150 mi. round trip just to eat at the Pizza Pub.

Sally S: 28th Jun 2008 - 14:46 GMT

I'm delighted to have a theater in a neighboring community that has good movies at a reasonable price. It's nice not to have to break the bank to take kids to a movie. Thanks Buffalo!

Del Prophet: 14th Nov 2008 - 17:21 GMT

Born in Woodward and lived in Buffalo as a child. It has always been a friendly town with real folks living there. Has not changed much as most small towns don't evolve much but I have many fond memories of visting my family during the summers and re-unions at the park. My Uncle's farm was a place I really enjoyed. I have even thought of retiring there as long as the golf course is still open.

Marco: 29th Dec 2008 - 20:59 GMT

I hunt up near there so every turkey season and deer season, we enjoy heading in to Buffalo from dear camp, grabbing a shower, and hitting the pizza pub for the best pizza in Western OK. Not kidding you guys. It is as good as anything you will find in Tulsa and OKC. Nice town, friendly people, and very receptive to out of town hunters. But I had trouble finding a tire for my vehicle. I guess it is an hour drive from ANYWHERE

Sean: 5th Sep 2009 - 19:28 GMT

Man, that's when the Pop In was still open! I remember when I first moved to Buffalo and Jen was cooking there.. I would go there early every morning just to get two of the biscuits, god those were delicious. It's too bad that place is pretty much gone for good, I heard water gets in there now with the way they put in Dollar Generals parking lot. :(

I lived in Buffalo for my highschool years, and I still go back as often as I can to visit my mom, and my girlfriends parents, it helps that I don't live but about an hour away. Buffalo might not have what bigger cities have to offer, but I've met the best people I've ever met in that town.. you know who your neighbor is, hell you know everyone there. Great little town.

Mario: Its awesome

:o: buffalo is the best

Rebecca: 10th May 2010 - 05:05 GMT

I was born in buffalo and have lived here all my life. We got a great town going for us. 3 great resturants pizza pub shortys and the buffalo diner. Our emergency services are some of the best in NW Oklahoma with fire EMS and a hospital got our own grocery store dollar general Duckwalls/Alco loves a theater and a bar great place for raising my family and very friendly we have lots of community events that people come from out of town I wouldn't say were boring just a small town

A: 6th Aug 2010 - 18:15 GMT

in buffalo you make your own fun. the pop in has closed replaced by a loves with a subway in it. i visited recently had fun at the bar and drank a hell of a lot of cold beer im commin back next summer to cut more wheat.

Disgruntled: 18th Sep 2010 - 00:59 GMT

Sure, visit Buffalo if you like constant gossip, poor education and horrible job opportunities.

Jenni: 2nd Oct 2010 - 18:16 GMT

I have family in Buffalo, OK, and let me tell you all something. I was not born there but I did live there for my High School years. At first I hated it, I came from a big city in Cali. But my entire world was there, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins. I grew to love Buffalo. Not to mention, it was always fun trying to get away with things that did not get back to your parents before you got home. I have some of the most amazing FRIENDS I have will ever have in my life that I graduated with. Big city life is good, but when you want to feel like everyone you know truly does care for you, and they are not pretending or fake about it, Buffalo is the place to go. I wish I could get home more often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tammie: 9th Oct 2010 - 22:47 GMT

Funny thing---I've lived in Buffalo for many years and have not had any trouble staying busy. We're just like everyone else. We go to work, raise our kids and go to their activities. I know this is hard for some to believe, but we even read!!! I love the arts and attend what is offered here. We do drive awhile when we want to go to a concert or other cultural event. We don't, however, spend all day sitting in traffic, so I'd say we might not be so different. I love city life--always have. What I don't love is the implication that living in a rural area makes me stupid, uneducated, or BORED!!!

Liz: 11th Oct 2010 - 02:51 GMT

I think this interpretatoin of Buffalo is completely wrong. Clearly you have not visited many towns because there are plenty more boring than this (I could list at least five). In this town we make our own fun and enjoy doing things no city-kids ever get to experience. We do have a nightlife now, it's called "The Bank" and it's a nice bar on main street. Seriously, this may be one of the best towns I've ever been to. the idiot, "Disgruntled", who's too much of a coward to tell his real name...what crawled up your ass and died?

Sonya Inderlied Bowen: 5th Dec 2010 - 18:27 GMT

Loved seeing the pictures of the pop. Lots of good visits with the locals in there. Buffalo is a destination of great times and good friends. Loved growing up there and always claim to be from there still.

wags: 16th May 2011 - 15:31 GMT

check out kerens, texas, that place is hilariously boring!

kaleb: 1st Jun 2011 - 03:28 GMT

dear everyone,
i live in buffalo and for the people who thinks its boring its probably because you don't know what fun is. buffalo is where you hang with your friends hunt fish play sports not like big towns where you hardly know anyone and sit at home doing nothing and playing video games and watch TV and Disgruntled i don't know who you are but apparently you don't know buffalo

anon ( 2nd Oct 2011 - 20:59 GMT

buffalo is not boreing you do not know what you are talking about

vern mynatt: 3rd Feb 2012 - 19:57 GMT

It appears that the vote that Buffalo is a great little town and those that knock it would knock a million dollar find in one way or the other. I love Buffalo and the great memories I have from living near it in 1930's even in the dust bowl and depression we had a good time. I am 82 yrs of age now and still love to go there.

Old Cowhand: 4th Feb 2012 - 14:07 GMT

My father would have been proud to see that the Pop In made it to the world wide web.
He built it and ran it until he got too old and sold it. Life is what you make it.
Can you let your kids bike to the creek to fish all afternoon unattended? Yeah, I'll
take "boring" as a badge of honor.

Rest in peace Toni Parlett

Kerri: 19th Apr 2012 - 19:29 GMT

I am trying to find familys willing to host a foreign exchange student this year in Buffalo. We have placed students here in the past and they had wonderful experinces. Buffalo is a great family oriented town! Please check out out at
if you live in or near Buffalo and would consider this experience!

Roth Family: 27th May 2012 - 09:32 GMT

the folks here are great. there hard working, and even with the bad times, there always willing to give a helping hand. i grew up here, my family was here whin buffalo was nothing more thin a point on the Fort Doge to Camp Supply military trail back in the mid 1800's yah theres times it may seem boreing, and we only number a few thousand. but we know what fun realy is, you can keep your xbox's and your malls, if theres one thing i learned over the last 15 years, you dont need all that to have a good time. all you need is friends, and some ice cold beer and youd be amazed at what kind of fun you'd come up with out here in the small towns of america.

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