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America's Most Boring Towns: 5

- Scott Sargent - Monday, June 19th, 2006 : goo

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image 12814

image 12815

image 12816

image 12817

image 12818

Welcome to Norton, Where the Best Begins

The best of... what? ? The sky there was admittedly beautiful, but aside from that, this town was devoid of any people, character or activity, even at high-noon.

If , is where the best begins, I shudder to think of where it ends.

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Chris Erb: 19th Jun 2006 - 19:06 GMT

I used to live by a small town called Norton. Frighteningly enough, it was even more boring than how this place looks.

Jamie: 19th Jun 2006 - 19:07 GMT

it seems to me, as an outsider, that middle america is chock full of creepy nothingness

Peter: 19th Jun 2006 - 19:22 GMT

jamie: youre pretty much right. not all are as creepy as they appear in some of these sorts of photos, but theyre definitely desolate and full of tons of nothingness. when i drove from to on a route that took me straight through the "heartland", i was shocked to make this same discovery. i like to describe it as if "someone took the same mile of scenery- pasture, irrigation ditch, farm, endless miles of cornfields- copied it, and pasted it 5,000 times between the and the ".

save for parts of and . those places were just desolate rocky crags, deserts and salt-flats.

seeing these entries has me thinking i should dig up all my old images from that trip back in 2002. I have most of em on photo-cd (pre digicam, lol) so it shouldnt be too hard.

EvilGentleman: 19th Jun 2006 - 19:59 GMT

Aside from the campy invitations to "See the Tri-County Area's Largest Ball of String" and so on, the heartland actually does have a lot going for it. The beauties of nature are often harder to find, due to the scope of the plains overwheming eveything else, but trust me, if you slow down enough to take a good look around, everything is there. The best way to see things is to get off the interstates and take local roads, but even I must admit, that can be a bit much, since we usually want to spend more time at our destinations than on the road.

Since he originally hails from the Volunteer State, I suspect Peter may be able to back this statement up, although his love for his newly-adopted urban lifestyle may prevent him from admitting it ;-)

PS - Peter, I would love to see your I-80 shots. I never did much of I-80, except for the part east of the Mississippi and a bit around the San Francisco Bay area. My more familiar Interstates are 4, 5, 10, 15, 20, 39, 57, 70, 75, 87, 89, 90, 91, 94 and 95.

Jamie: 19th Jun 2006 - 20:21 GMT

as if "someone took the same mile of scenery- pasture, irrigation ditch, farm, endless miles of cornfields- copied it, and pasted it 5,000 times between the northeast and the west coast".

kinda like a scooby-doo chase scene, then...

Brian Klaus: 19th Jun 2006 - 21:15 GMT

Let's not pretend that the Northeast is uniformly grear. Norton looks like Paris when compared to North Wales, PA.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 20th Jun 2006 - 01:11 GMT

I've watched too many horror films where someone says, "let's take this local road." They usually end up with less fingers and witless friends than they started with. I don't want to be made into a girl suit.

elaine: 20th Jun 2006 - 05:28 GMT

yes. i have stopped watching suspense thriller things, i can't take the suspense, it makes me feel ill. but also there is always that 'let's go towards the creepy noise/basement/woods' moment when i lose sympathy with the character. i once lived in a squat which had a creepy cupboard. we nailed it shut.

Dustin: 15th Oct 2006 - 21:32 GMT

I spent 4 years in Norton as a kid, and I can assure you, it is utterly boring. However, I can tell you that there are areas of town that are quite beautiful, including the courthouse in the center of town (built in the late 1800's). It really is just a typical small town. One movie theater, high school football games on Friday night (very good team most years), a dairy queen and pizza hut (no McDonalds). Not a bad place to live if you are looking for small town life. I remember the sign coming into town used to say "Welcome to Norton. The "hub of northwest Kansas".

Rodney: 20th Oct 2006 - 06:51 GMT

This is my home town and I have lived in many a big city (NYC,KC,Nashville,LA),but this is the place I still want to come back to. Here you are a person not a number. Everybody knows you and is glad to see you, even after you have been gone for awhile. I should bad some people don't like small town life?

Susannah: 20th Oct 2006 - 11:24 GMT

Living in a small town can be humbling, everyone knows your story, some people are okay with that, some people are not.

Susannah: 20th Oct 2006 - 11:27 GMT

Why does every town have to have a slogan. The town where I spent my teenage years was called "Home of the Nice Guys", which was funny because most of the people there weren't very nice.

Liberty Stephens(14): 10th Mar 2007 - 17:48 GMT

I have been living in Norton Kansas for the last 14 years of my life, i live with my grandparents, and we havent moved once, the same house in the same town for 14 years yeah its really boreing......but the good thing is its a great place to raise kids...... because theres very few weird things that happen here! We have a beautiful park-race track-recreational track! So yeah where the best begins i have no clue what their talking about but thats alright haha!

Liberty Stephens(14): 10th Mar 2007 - 17:49 GMT

And i just searched our town on google and it came up as the 5th most boreing town in america i find that hillariouse wait till i show this to all of my friends at school hehe!

Megan: 1st Apr 2007 - 19:42 GMT

Just an FYI to Dustin...there is a McDonald's in Norton. There's also a Taco Bell! That's considered "big time" in these small towns!

BZZZP: they have the internets in norton? wow.

Marilyn : 12th Apr 2007 - 18:58 GMT

I have lived in Norton for 32 years. To some people it may seem "boring" but I assure you a person can be as busy and involved as they want to be. We have a great school system and lovely parks for children to play and enjoy and be safe while they are playing. We also have a great group of people who oversee our fair every summer. We had nieces and nephews that came from Kansas City who were impressed that they didn't need to "hold their mom's hands" the whole evening!! They were given books of tickets and told to have a GREAT time!! Norton is the place to be for ME!

Joan: 13th Apr 2007 - 01:13 GMT

I looked at the pictures and yes, those places do exist. Of course two of the four were taken of alleys. How many beautiful alleys do most towns have? I could go to the "most beautiful and exciting" city in America and take pictures like these, or worse. People see exactly what they want to see. For every one of Scott's photos, I could take several more of very nice spots in town. As one person said, Norton is a very typical small town and it is a great place to raise children. My two young children and I moved here with the intention of staying one year for my job. Sixteen years later I'm still here. Several young people who left after high school (probably thinking Norton was boring) have returned to raise their families. An amazing number of people from large cities, such as Denver for example, have moved here to get away from the rat race. I guess they see something that those of you who pass through Kansas, in general, never take the time to see. Someone once said that intelligent people don't get bored. Maybe, Norton just has a lot of intelligent people.

Jordan: 16th Apr 2007 - 16:24 GMT

Norton rules, actually. You just took pics of the most crappy places.

JANICE: 11th May 2007 - 14:36 GMT


John : 15th Jun 2007 - 03:08 GMT

I mean, as a lifetime resident of megalopolis, I find this fascinating. I mean, what do people DO in these places? Name the garbage and stray cats?

I can't even imaging how so many horror stories are set in these types of places. When I try to imaging what might be lurking in that old warehouse or abandoned shed, nothing really comes to mind except more nothing.

These places just aren't interesting enough to have a killer scarecrow or corn children.

joey: 18th Jun 2007 - 05:01 GMT

people will wait all day to see the sunset, and roll up the sidewalks.
image 21257

Desiree Rice: 22nd Jun 2007 - 18:02 GMT

I lived in Norton for 8 months of my life...I know, it's not as long as most people but I actually miss it...I used to live in KCKS before that. I spent most of my life hearing gun shots right next door to me, and they weren't hunting animals...they were hunting people! I think the move to Norton was the best thing for my family...My grandmother saw it and LOVED the town...not just liked but LOVED! Plus, the races up there are the BEST! I miss them the most!

Susannah: 10th Aug 2007 - 02:56 GMT

The sky IS beautiful - so clear. I'll bet its awesome at night.

anon ( 27th Sep 2007 - 10:33 GMT

I live in Norton, and I have to say that these pictures are seriously not typical of the town. They are of alleys, and how many people are hanging out in alleys? Well, if they are, I sure wouldn't want to be meeting them lol. Also, the other pictures are of a car dealer that was closed and out of business for a couple of years. I can understand the weirdness of a small town if you are from a large town, not getting why people want to live here etc, but honestly, if you are going to take pictures of a town and then call it boring, take some that honestly reflect the town, and not try to make it look worse than it is, thanks!

Kim: 14th Oct 2007 - 18:47 GMT

I have lived in Norton my entire life, 48 years. This is a place where memories are made, cherished and passed on to our children and grandchildren. Norton is on the path for economic growth due to a select number of forward-thinking residents and business people. We all have a vested interest in seeing small town America survive and flourish. I would invite anyone to come to our town and stay a few days, get to know the people and hang out doing some of the things we do to fill our time with. It will be well worth the trip!!! By the way, that was more than an invitation, it was a challenge.

Rose Garrison: 15th Oct 2007 - 16:05 GMT

What a sad statement the author of this article has made about small town living, he, who obviously has never experienced small town living. It is truly where the best begins and some of our most successful people have originated from small towns all across this nation. The quality of life is up to you and what you make of it, it is up to you to provide your own entertainment and that can range from school activities to reading a book and gazing at the beautiful sunsets or the clouds and blue sky,church activities, swimming, golf, visiting friends, working together to better your local community. Give it a try, you might just like it.

Scott Regner: 30th Oct 2007 - 15:53 GMT

My wife and kids spent a night in Norton Kansas on our way driving across the country in 1994. After driving 10 hours it had the only Best Western hotel available--arrived there around 7:30 PM--the hotel manager was wearing a dirty, ripped white tank top undershirt and we had to keep the room door open due to the really bad smell in the room. At the only eatery we ate dinner at 8PM (late apparently for this town) while being contstantly stared at by the local folks (I guess they didn't like my long hair and tie dye shirt). All I can say is my family will always remember that one night in Norton, Kansas. Didn't seem like much ever happened there.

anon ( 4th Nov 2007 - 08:18 GMT

In reply to Scott Regner's comment. I live in Norton, and have posted before on this forum, but I have to say, I have no idea what you are talking about saying Norton only had one "eatery". We have a heck of a lot more than that, so I don't know what town you were in really. I also happen to know that the Best Western in 1994 was owned by a man who had the disease Lupus, so maybe having a ripped tank top undershirt on was the best he could manage for that day. You judge and complain about what he was wearing, and then turn around and complain that someone was staring at you for what he was wearing. Honestly people, get a clue.

anon ( 27th Nov 2007 - 19:11 GMT

image 24845
View of Belgium(1)
image 24846
View of Belgium(2)
Everyone can have one's own opinion. Over almost anything or everything. But is it the place that makes the people rather than the people who make the place?
1. Look at the attached pictures: if you know nothing about Belgium, you could think it is overcrowded, or totally uninhabited...depending on which picture you choose. Actually, both pictures are Belgium. Two extrems. If I know nothing about Norton and when I look at pictures that Scott has chosen, and only those pictures, well, my impression is if not distorted, r

Steven E: 27th Feb 2008 - 00:04 GMT

Norton Kansas is truly a wonderful place. It is so much more than pictures of it's alleys and a closed dealership. My little home town is surrounded by beautiful green wheatfields, big blue skies and sunsets that stretch from one horizon to the other. Summers are filled with swimming at the local pool, little league and picnics by the lake. Each fall, Norton fills with Bluejay pride and everyone comes out for Friday evening football down by the park... It certainly is a perfect place to raise a family. Come see for yourself...

Kevin H: I used to live in Norton. It rocked!

seth: some of you are seriously ADD

sadie.bleu: 8th Sep 2008 - 00:06 GMT

i lived & worked in norton for about a year & a half. hated it while i was there, too far from friends & family, but it got under my skin & into my heart & i often wish i was back there now. it is a nice, clean little town. i could bike anywhere, & did. i miss going for long walks with my dog.

eyeofodin: 8th Sep 2008 - 08:15 GMT

get over it people, Oklahoma is what it is. The natives will love it (as in white folks who stole the land), but once you have lived on the coats there is no turning back.

Jim Arehart: 23rd Oct 2008 - 13:46 GMT

I was born and raised in Norton. It amazes me how people can belittle a town or area so easily. I spent 4 1/2 years in the Navy and I can guarantee I saw some areas much worse than Norton. A town offers only what effort you are willing to put forth. I've lived in Norfolk, VA; San Francisco; San Diego; Glenwood Springs, CO and Montrose, CO. Norton is home and it's where I'll retire. It's a great town, isn't it Rosie?

T Whoa!: 25th Nov 2008 - 21:07 GMT

I lived in Norton for 20 years. As a teenager you think I can't wait to get out of this town. But now as an adult I can't wait to move back. The city is no way to raise a child. I live in Kansas City now and no one appreciates anything. From what I have noticed. Most people take things for granted. You can go down the street to the mall and find anything you want. Most of the people my age have never even been out of Kansas city because they have everything right here. I guarantee everyone in Norton has traveled to Kansas city. Its just funny how people view things. We all have our own opinions. The pictures above personally are great. It shows our old brick rhodes that have been there since the beginning and the old buildings to that are historic. So thanks for capturing that for us.

johnny beal: 25th Dec 2008 - 03:30 GMT

i used to live in norton and its was an alright town growing up but as i got older just keep getting more boring as time went on, but there is a lot of family there and thats my home town so maybe in the future move back but not now as a teenager.

EvilGentleman: 24th Jan 2009 - 19:41 GMT

Well, Norton just made the national news in Canada.

An article about the art gallery in Norton devoted to losing candidates in presidential election races.

Dave: 30th Jan 2009 - 23:10 GMT

I just stumbled across this article. Nice of that guy to take the picture of the alley. How about a shot of the golf course? How about Travis Field? How about the park? Pretty one sided, two bad he had such a bad experience. I grew up in Norton, now I live in L.A., but I tell EVERYONE that I grew up in Norton and am quite happy that I did. See you all at Moffets for coffee.

Linda: 4th Feb 2009 - 04:14 GMT

I also grew up in Norton, and I wouldn't change it for anything. It's a wonderful, friendly town where you could always feel safe. The old warehouse in the pic used to be the bottling plant--Dr. Pepper, Orange Crush, Pepsi, Grape Soda, and several more were bottled and distributed there. We used to get to go for a field class each tear and were always treated to a cold pop before we had to go. It holds lots of memories for every kid that went to school there. I used to like the Cherry Phosphates at Moffets--but would love the coffee too!

Jerry Chambers: 17th Feb 2009 - 15:30 GMT

I pretty much grew up in Norton and the surrounding area. If I, of all people, didn't think Norton was boring as a teenager, then trust me, it was not boring. I pretty much had to be entertained 24/7 (some of you who posted on here will remember that). There was always something to do if you put your mind to it. Great times camping out at the lake and wrecking Goof's motorcycles. Why, ole Pat McMurray proved you can jump an old Chevy pickup over a huge mound of dirt and make the tie rod end come off. That was the funniest damn thing I ever saw, and guess what? It happened in Norton KS.

Peter: 17th Feb 2009 - 16:08 GMT

why look, its yet another nortonian stopping by to say "im from norton, and i take issue with this post"...

Billy F.: 15th Apr 2009 - 15:07 GMT

For those people living in L.A., New York and all the large cities, all I got to say is, stay there so the plains states can stay boring. Smog, noise, rude people and traffic aren't my cup of tea.
I grew up in a smaller town than Norton and the memories of those years will always be with me. If you have any complains about where you live, move away and you will find people and cities with bigger problems.
My GGgrandparents moved to Jewell and Norton Co. when there was nothing but sage and Indians. The sage is still there. lol

Drew S: 21st Apr 2009 - 17:47 GMT

but really this is where the best begins best place on earth i tell u nothing can top out this great great farm town we got a Mc donalds and dairy queen plus pizza hut even a steak house

anon ( 21st Apr 2009 - 17:48 GMT

Norton is the most boring state ever even tho i live in the state. I wish i could live in Paris but ya know live is never that great you live where you live

Abbie Smith : 22nd Apr 2009 - 17:20 GMT

Norton Kansas is the best. Everything just gets better and better in Norton Kansas... We have some great places to eat that you could never ever think about like McDonalds and Pizza Hut and Attitudes and Dairy Queen where you can get ice cream

Peter: 22nd Apr 2009 - 17:42 GMT

you heard it here first... , is the best because it has , and !

Brian: 6th May 2009 - 04:49 GMT

How can taking 4 photos of the old Chevy dealership and a sign prove that Norton is "the fifth most boring town in America"? I have been a lot of places in my life and Norton is far from one of the most boring towns in American. Is it're damn right, but that is one of the many characteristics that make it an incredible town to live and grow up in!! This "piece" just goes to show how dull city people can be. The internet gives any moron with a little time and no brains a voice, no matter ignorant it may be.

Jill Lively: 6th May 2009 - 19:11 GMT

Anyone who is bored in Norton, KS lacks creativity and imagination. I guess those things are rare these days. I wouldn't raise my family any other place. Proud to be a Blue Jay!

Linda Garrett: 6th May 2009 - 19:51 GMT

Who was the photographer? He/she did a very poor job. Must have really searched for sorry looking subjects. Any city or town would look drab if a person looked for unsightly subjects. Norton is a lovely little Kansas town with huge beautiful trees, a lake and lovely well kept homes. I love Norton and I am not a native Kansan. I am from Ohio. The photographer did Norton an injustice.

Donna Ward: 6th May 2009 - 23:08 GMT

I now live in Colorado, however I lived in Norton for over 25 years, moving there when I was a Junior in High School. As for me, a piece of my heart will always remain in Norton along with the memories of many milestones in my life: ie High School Graduation, Marriage, Children, Great Freindships, and a simpler way of life. In times of trial, like when we lost our Angel Matt, small town people rally to help you endure and is something that I will be eternally grateful for. I agree with a lot of the posted comments - the photos don't depict the beauty of Norton. What made Norton a great place to live for me was having the opportunity to surround myself with really great people on a daily basis. Big City vs. Small Town: they both have their positives and negatives and each is what you choose to make it.

Dragonfly Boss: 7th May 2009 - 13:36 GMT

It is interesting that the pictures posted at the beginning of this piece were taken in a part of town that is about as far from the east-west highway going through Norton as you can get. If the place is so dull, why did the author take the time to drive all the way across town to take pictures? There were hundreds of other pictures he could have taken on his way that would have created a vastly different perception of the town. Mindset I guess. I spent my formative years in Norton. We had some of the finest teachers in the state and a school system that anyone could be proud of to say nothing of the other amenities the town has to offer. The people make a town and the people of Norton make it a great town. I spent more than 20 years in the military running all over he world and believe me when I say that Norton is head and shoulders above a lot of the places I have lived. Right now I live in a town that aspires to be the next budding metropolis. Believe me, it ain't what it is cracked up to be. If I could pick our home up and move it to Norton, I would be on the way in the morning.

Cindy MARSH: 7th May 2009 - 17:27 GMT

Exactly how long did he spend in Norton Kansas before he got his obvious yuppie viewpoint of this quaint little home town. I grew up in Norton and have spent a lot of years wishing I could go back. There is always something going on there, they celebrate everything. New Years Eve is a city wide party to bring in the new year filled with some champagne (mostly beer). The first day of spring is a community pot luck dinner, barbecue, games for the kids, and a hot rod show. Easter has church services which you donít dare miss and then after an Easter egg hunt and another potluck dinner. Summertime has the carp derby, whoever catches the biggest or most carp wins a speed boat and other great prizes. During the carp derby there is also a pig fry, barbecue, and a kite flying contest. We also have hunter safety week which involves education in gun safety, bow and arrow hunting and a host of other outdoor education. All spring and summer there are dirt track races, a huge carnival to put the one we had in Gardner, KS last year to shame, followed by a fantastic fireworks show, rodeo, 4H fairs and street dances every time you turn around. For Halloween we have a city-wide hot dog and hamburger feed and the parade of costumes where all the kids in town show off their costumes in true parade fashion. After trick-or-treating we all go into the basement of the bank to have party games and punch. For Christmas we have a sleigh ride with Santa Claus on a real sleigh with four beautiful horses with jingle bells that drive us around the town. Santa tells stories and hands out candy canes and hot cocoa. We are also a town of huge sportís fanatics. We have wrestling, (state and national champs many times), bb gun tournaments, basketball, football and track. Everyone in town shows up to cheer on our winning teams. Itís quite an event to see true hometown and American pride like you never see in the city. We have hunters that come from all over the county to partake in our pheasant hunting which is the best in the country. Have you ever heard of a town with so much going on?

We have Sibelius Lake, prairie dog town, several museum houses and a stage coach, large swimming pool and quaint stores with the sweetest people you would ever want to meet that will bend over backwards to help find what you are looking for. And seriously, who has a better menís selection of shoes than Halls? We have several bars which are always hopping but after work hours. Maybe when he went there at noon there was no one on the streets because it was lunch time and people were inside eating or I donít knowÖworking? We also are not a bunch of welfare sucking lazy people who live off the government like most city people. We earn what we get so yes during the day we are inside working. Maybe you should inform Mr. Sargent that before he writes his opinions on a town maybe he should spend more than five minutes there because otherwise that is just bad journalism and makes him and your web page look extremely unprofessional and weak.

The big city is boring to me because no one really knows each other or socializes with one another and this is something that could never be said about Norton Kansas.

Thank you for allowing me to reveal the true nature of my home town.


Cynthia Marsh

Cindy MARSH: 7th May 2009 - 18:15 GMT

I forgot to mention something else that Norton did. They would have a city-wide talent show that is televised. Very cool. And afterwards the neatest lady would invite some of us over to her strawberry patch and let us pick berries. Man I miss Norton!!!

Berta: You go Nortonites! I'm proud of you.

Emily: 9th May 2009 - 02:20 GMT

I live in Norton,Ks, and am about to graduate from high school. Admittedly the town is a little boring on weeknights but try visiting on a friday night! We have a coffee shop that is open for teenagers until midnight, football games, a christian youth center, a movie theatre with the newest movies, etc. Neither is Norton just about going and getting drunk hick style. There are lots of things to do everynight of the week. We have a great school system, athletics, and great values. The author of this article obviously did not take the time to talk to the locals or find any life whatsoever. He also took pictures of several buildings on the outside of town, which no one ever visits. Norton is not boring, you just have to work a little harder to entertain yourself. I for one, am never bored. Thanks. . .

L.K. Whitford Barnhart: 9th May 2009 - 14:31 GMT

Looked up Scott Sargent on Google. There's a lot. Some people just get their kicks by ridicule. Yes, it's "small town America in rural Kansas". Well, there's no loitering on the streets as the folks are tending to business and work. I did notice 3 job postings this week and that's not bad for that small of a town. Maybe you should check it out, you obviously need something to keep your mind occupied. I was born in the hospital there, grew up there, graduated and married there. But, Gee! We didn't have to go to Facebook and blogs to communicate, we just interacted personally with friends. We made our own fun and some pretty successful people have come from Norton, and many have served in the military defending your right to free speech. I've been gone since 1962, visiting occasionally. Yes, we wanted "more". Rural America is the backbone of our country--don't knock it!

Afroblanco: 9th May 2009 - 18:19 GMT

"many have served in the military defending your right to free speech"

When was the last war where some evil foe was trying to deprive us of our free speech?

dagraber: 9 May 2009: 10th May 2009 - 01:06 GMT

Just who does Scott Sargent think he is??? He managed to step on a lot of toes of those of us who spent our formative years growing up in Norton! Besides all the activities, celebrations, wonderful friendly people, etc., those of us "Nortonites" have memories that have and will sustain us for a lifetime! My husband and have traveled all over Europe and the Far East ... and if you think Norton is boring, try some of the little villages over seas!
Too bad you didn't take the time to learn something about small town life, Scott ... you missed a lot!

Joyce Cooper: 10th May 2009 - 02:40 GMT

Whoops Scott, You should know better then put our town down! I am more proud of having been raised in Norton Kansas then anything in my life. We grew up in a town where "everybody knew your name" if you weren't called on the carpet for something you did wrong by your own parents you could bet your bottom dollar you were from some other parent. I also lived in Norton 5 years during my daughters's formative years and have told everyone I know, they turned out well, because of their teachers, their Minister, and their youth Pastor speaking into their lives and their destiny. We still have many friends there and each time we go back we are greeted like we are something special. We are, and they are, we started out our lives in Norton Kansas, We will always be proud of it.

Afroblanco: 10th May 2009 - 09:02 GMT

Sounds like all you Nortonians want to lynch Scott Sargent. Guess some things never change, you backwards hicks!

Joyce Cooper: 11th May 2009 - 17:09 GMT

I don't think anyone wants to lynch those who exercise freedom of speech, but when they describe a whole town as boring, perhaps they should live in the community and witness first hand how boring it is before labeling it as such. Norton is full of wonderful God fearing people and you can't get any better then that.

Afroblanco: 11th May 2009 - 17:49 GMT

Sorta makes you wonder how Scott took these photos without "witnessing first how boring it is". Perhaps he snapped these photographs with his eyes shut? LOL.

It's clear that you Nortonians are going to have a bone to pick with anyone who doesn't agree that Norton is the best place on the face of the earth, and I think this is hilarious, no matter how nice and tolerable you try to make your intolerance of any other viewpoints sound.

Anna: 11th May 2009 - 18:59 GMT

Furthermore, the Nortonians' haste to overcompensate for criticism with impassioned rants about Norton and/or against any outsider who might think it's a boring town just goes to show that most of the Nortonians' outspokenness is probably due not so much to Norton being such a great place as it is to them feeling insecure and speaking up in overkill terms to try to hide the fact that Norton Kansas is, in fact, one of America's Most Boring Towns.

Have we heard from every single resident of Norton yet? It sure seems like it. Maybe when we finally have, you people will stop drifting in one at a time to lash out against the OP, rehash the same B.S. about your town or just pointlessly yammer and try to continue a pointless argument.

Some people love Norton, some people hate Norton. Why is that so hard for you Nortonians to tolerate? And why do you Nortonians seem to be the only people in the world that care about your town's alleged reputation as "boring"?

Get over yourself, Norton!

Mary Scheetz ( 12th May 2009 - 00:17 GMT

This doesn't make sense to me--the pictures are all of Scheetz Motor Company but they are not the whole town! Why did he just pick those?? I was born in Norton, raised my kids in Norton, and taught school there for 13 years. I love Norton, and had wonderful times there. I have compared my life there with many of my friends from cities, and I always felt I was the one who had the best life--not boring but fun and worthwhile. I wish Scott would live in a small town for awhile, and then make his decision.

Patty Donaldson: 12th May 2009 - 00:35 GMT

I was also raised in Norton and although I live in St. Joseph Mo I can't say it's much better. Although we live in a bigger city now and so many more opportunities, Norton was so much fun. I always felt safe as we could walk anywhere and drove the main street for entertainment. Everyone knew everyone and their life! That's kind of scary!

Peter: 12th May 2009 - 00:56 GMT

@mary scheetz

why did he just pick those? well, id say that if his goal in picking them was to drive you nortonians absolutely bananas, he most definitely succeeded.

i swear. i had never even heard of this place til this post popped up, and now the comments are choked every day with nortonians singing nortons praises and browbeating the naysayers... its kinda funny.

youd think that norton kansas was rainbows and sunshine 24/7, wouldnt you?

dagraber: 9 May 2009: 12th May 2009 - 01:43 GMT

You hit the nail on the head, Peter ... Norton IS rainbows and sunshine! Just too bad Scott didn't take the time or make the effort to discover it ...

old cut up: 13th May 2009 - 17:00 GMT

I did a check on the same alley. Found no homeless, no bodies, no ladies of the night,was not a single offer of a drink or drugs. Empty building wasn't used by a cult, hippie etc. Not o0ne drive by shooting while there. WHAT A BORING TOWN.

Manera: 13th May 2009 - 17:18 GMT

It's funny how defensive us residents of Norton can be. The guy above says "no homeless, no bodies, no ladies of the night, no booze or drugs", et cetera. I feel compelled to mention, here, that it is not the lack of CRIME that makes Norton boring, its the lack of CULTURE, my friend.

Yes, no homeless or hookers (well, not MANY, LOL).... but also no cultural centers. Yes, no shootings or drugs (but LOL, so much meth in Norton!), but also no real art museums, fine art or culture. Yes, no drive-by shootings either.... Instead, we have closed-mindedness, racism, poverty, ignorance and people who have grown so insular that they can't admit to themselves or the public how worthless Norton really is.

You come off as sounding ignorant trying to cop an attitude like "See how great Norton is? We don't have ANY of those Big City problems!" when the reality of the place is more like "Norton is a pretty nice place, but doesn't offer much to us younger/open-minded/minority residents, and is therefore boring". It has nothing to do with crime, it has everything to do with being an old, backwards, archaic town with nothing to do and not much redeeming about it aside from old Coots who sit online and argue about how great their small town is simply because it doesn't have (as many) hookers or drugs as the next biggest town. Seriously?! LOL.

Hobie: 13th May 2009 - 20:55 GMT

I saw this link on my friend's Facebook (who is from Norton), and I gotta say, I'm definitely with Manera and the others who sure hit the nail smack on the head about Norton.

Just because it is not a bad place doesn't mean it is a good place!

Stuck in America: 14th May 2009 - 00:47 GMT

Yea I followed that Face Book link in here too. God I hate Norton :-[

KyM: 14th May 2009 - 01:46 GMT

I think if anyones hometown was called one of America's Most Boring Towns, they would stick up for it just like everyone here is doing. Norton has a lot of great things to offer, but it also has some downfalls. It's like any other small town in Northwest Kansas.

Jordie: 16th May 2009 - 02:17 GMT

I grew up in Norton, and while it has charm and safety, it has a whole lot of judgemental and racist people. This alone makes the place pretty boring. Sure, I had some of the best times of my life there, but they were not good enough to let my children grow up there.

NWKS resident: 18th May 2009 - 22:38 GMT

I agree with those from Norton, I grew up in Colby, bout an hour west of Norton, small town, not much to do, but you found things to keep yourself busy and from getting bored. I now live in "Smalltown" USA, I live in Selden, which is between Norton and Colby. We don't have much here either, but we keep ourselves entertained with things to do. We have a great Steakhouse/Bar to eat, along with some other great businesses. Who ever heard of a town with a population of less than 300 ppl have a bookbindery! Well, we do! We also have one of the bigger furniture stores, and lumberyards in NW KS. Something to be proud of! I know many ppl who from Norton and further east come to Selden to shop at those two businesses, just has many of us visit Norton for your businesses and the lake. We also just in the last year had a small gun shop open up and has done very well. We camp up there about 2 times a year with friends. While we like the lake there we also visit other lakes during the summer depending on what family we have goin where. So go Nortonites, we gotta stand up for our small towns or one day there may be nothing left. If you all really think about it, most of NW KS is made up of smaller towns, with populations running from small to 3500 to 4000 ppl. So until you come live the life in a small town don't down us to much. We may be small but when our communities come together we are strong and mighty.

norton rocks: 19th May 2009 - 01:26 GMT

you all are stupid norton rocks you have to pool,thearter,,golf,tenis,shopping,and best of all the lake

Peter: 19th May 2009 - 01:28 GMT

^^^ lol. i love how you dont even have to say anything, just keeps making fun of itself...

Dave from L.A.: 10th Jun 2009 - 20:21 GMT

Wow, what a great bunch of comments. Tell you what Peter, Afro, Anna. Come on out here and kick it in L.A. for awhile, listen to the constant scream of sirens, the planes, the traffic. Read about or witness the horrific accidents, shootings, stabbings, kidnappings, drug deals, drive bys etc.. Sit on the freeway for an hour and a half, and you will come to appreciate the flashing light on 283 & 36. I have been to the Getty and the LACMA, been to Staples and Honda, been to the Coliseum and the Rose Bowl and the Greek. Great to go to the concerts and the games. Great to go to the beach one day and the mountains the next. Great to be able to go look at the famous people, to go see the huge mansions. Its all great, its all gravy. And hands down, if you have lived there, for me anyway, there is nothing like flying to Denver, renting a car, and driving back home, seeing the familiar old spots (Root Beer Drive In before it became attitudes) I can't help but be grateful that I had the opportunity to grow up there. Of course it has its drawbacks, and I'm sorry that you folks seem to have had some bad experiences, but I think the sentiment from the pro-Norton folks (myself included) is that we are coming to the defense of a place that is near, dear and precious to us and you are trying to minimize and belittle a place that we are quite fond of. If you derive satisfaction by antagonizing and denigrating others, then I pity you. St. Thomas Aquinas said that for one who has faith, no explanation is necessary, for one without faith, no explanation can be given. I think that holds true to some of our more negative friends. Go Bluejays

Peter: lol. fuck all yall. i live in brooklyn.

Philly B: 13th Jun 2009 - 07:07 GMT

How funny. Norton is so boring that people actually waste time by googling their town's name. I live near Norton, and to be honest, these pictures are a bit misleading (ps I heard about this because someone was bitching about it to me). There are a couple fun things to do, assuming you are a hardcore bible-beater and/or a beer-loving, gun-toting, flag-waving larry-the-cable-guy-loving redneck. The town is full of hateful, ignorant bigots that won't even listen to others viewpoints; Just go online and read the Norton Telegram. The two main employers of the town are guess what: a State Prison and a drug-rehab facility. Sure, Norton is safe and you can walk around. However, most people who walk around get judgemental looks from others and there has been a rash of petty theft recently. A large amount of the town (with the exception of what is on Highway 36) was built by the WPA. With that, I will say that Norton is a good town (assuming you are hiding from the law).

esther from Texas 6-26-09: 27th Jun 2009 - 20:18 GMT

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" '....maybe bordom is best recognized by one who is dull & tedious? Those of us who were raised and educated in this small northwest Kansas town will always hold it close to our hearts. We know the value of family & friendships that last a lifetime. We have been nurtured in the small town atmosphere of not just open fields and open skies, but open minds, love, and curosity about the whole wide world. Because of our training and background, I believe a Nortonite would not be bored for long anywhere he found himself. Obiviously the author of this "Most Boring Towns" did not have the opportunity afforded us. Thanks to my Grandparents for homesteading in Norton County!

Sara: 5th Jul 2009 - 00:54 GMT

My family just moved to Norton in January due to my husbands job and though this town may seem "small and boring" I wouldn't want to raise my children anywhere else. I love the security of feeling safe to let my kids go outside and play til the street lights come on like my brothers and I used to do. From the moment we arrived to this quaint little town, we were welcomed by neighbors and anyone else we've met since being here. The school system here is wonderful and I don't have to worry about my children falling through the cracks like in a "big city school". The opportunity to keep yourself indulged here does seem slim at first but if you get out and look around the town, like others have stated on here, there is plenty to keep yourself occupied. Not only that, but Norton has the most beautiful sunsets I can ever remember seeing. I was an army brat so I have done my share of living in different areas and if you are raising a family, Norton seems like a wonderful place to do it.

Joyce Cooper: 5th Jul 2009 - 21:07 GMT

Good for you Sara, that just goes to show you it is the attitude of the person, to be able to "bloom where you are planted", and make the best of it, not where you are living. I know you will be an asset to Norton, and enjoyed and appreciated as a fellow Nortonite. You go girl!

dagraber: 9 May 2009: 7th Jul 2009 - 02:13 GMT

What wonderful comments from a neat gal who has just moved to Norton and can see the possibilities of "small town living!" I just returned from Norton where our classmates met for our 60th Class Reunion from graduating from NCHS ... and I STILL consider it "home," even tho I've traveled all over Europe, the Orient and all over the States! Enjoy letting your children play outside until the street lights come on ... wish my grandchildren would have that experience, but they live in the "big city!" I relish those memories I had growing up in Norton ... and am sure you will, especially with your attitude!

henning holzhauer:10th July 2009 - 10:50 EST: 10th Jul 2009 - 08:55 GMT

Norton is a typical American town which I love. People are friendly and honestly. I visited Norton in 2000, 2001, 2005, and 2007 and my wife Barbara as well my daughter Cathrin say that Norton is a place to live.

Peter: 10th Jul 2009 - 12:07 GMT

"norton is a place to live". you dont say? is this because the "people are friendly and honestly"?

lol. no, norton is not a typical american town. thank goodness!

henning holzhauer:11th July 2009 - : 11th Jul 2009 - 16:44 GMT

For me is Norton a typical American town and although I'm not a born Norton citizen I agree to the comments made by Cynthia Marsh

jordyn : 8th Aug 2009 - 17:46 GMT

Norton may seem boring to outsiders, but if you take a minute you could have the time of your life. I love living in norton, you can walk 3 or 4 blocks to see friends. Sure its filled with drama and twofaced people. But everyother town has that too, right? You guys should take a couple days off and meet some people. Their nice, if your having a bad day people can tell and they smile and ask what's wrong or say hi, how are you? I love living in norton, you don't have to hold your moms hand to walk across town there's a fair and you can go camping or fishing or boating durring the summer. Durring the winter you can ride with santa, heck, there's tons more things to do. Friday nights go to The Rock, a chistian youth center, and then after that, go to the Coffee shop. You can just have a good time and not worry about being shot or robbed or beatup. And on saturday nights you can go to the bowling alley. And drive around. If you think norton is boring, spend a couple days here meeting new people. I know that if you don't live here, tons of people would go up and willingly talk to you and find out where your from. I love norton and wouldn't change a thing. If your bored, you are just plain weird, there's plenty of things you can do. I wouldn't leave my hometown or friends for anything.

The Fry Daddy's: 16th Aug 2009 - 15:17 GMT

Dave in LA has got it right.. Dave please Email us,, mybe we set a gig at attitudes when your home..C'ya all there..Chow for now!!

Jody 25 from Melborne Australia: 16th Aug 2009 - 18:27 GMT

This sounds perfect place to do my research on hilly billy towns of America. I have been to some small places in Northern Territory. Fair Dinkum, I will need to get blood sample to check the people. This will score high marks for my research paper for RMIT.

Crikey!! Jody

mogepoge: 3rd Sep 2009 - 00:42 GMT

you big city people listen to this you shouldn't critisize us and as a matter of fact we make a lot of your food like bread (wheat) corn, etc., so instead of being mean thank us for crying out loud! we also have one of the best school systems in KS.

mogepoge : 3rd Sep 2009 - 00:52 GMT

also, you city guys and gals we really try to be nice but appearantly you can't.

mogepoge : 14th Sep 2009 - 22:58 GMT

can't you tell that us so called nortonanions are a lot nicer than you meanies

Peter: 14th Sep 2009 - 23:42 GMT

no offense, but i find it highly ironic how the quality of your school system is proven by your spelling skills, "mogepoge"... lol...

cletus: 28th Sep 2009 - 18:56 GMT

I'm from Norton and when i am not beating my wife and/or kids or at the bar forgetting about my miserable job at the state prison or driving my "pick 'em up" truck.. i'm at home scratching my ass and drinking a beer while yelling at the television when NASCAR is on.

other than that... Norton is a great place to live... as long as your not Black, Mexican, Gay or Smart.

R.L. Lyons: 1st Oct 2009 - 20:13 GMT

10/01/09 During the years 1947 thur 55 Norton Kansas, held motorcycle races at the fairgrounds track. Is there anyone who can give me info, photos, race programs info, rider sign up sheets from any of these evens. The races took place one week after Sturgis,SD races held every August during these same years. Thanks R. Lee Lyons,

marj: 4th Oct 2009 - 20:55 GMT

Funny I should find this site now. My husband and I are completing his memoirs, he lived in Norton from 1945 to 1960. His great grandparents homesteaded 13 miles outside Norton in the 1880's, sodhouse and all. I just scanned a picture of his baseball team sponsored by Scheetz Motors, and he mentions Bill Rouse, owner of First State Bank, financing a team trip to see Kansas City play the Yankees. As a kid In Norton, he saw Satchel Paige and the Kansas City Monarchs play, and practiced baseball with Clete Boyer. These things would not have been possible for many kids without the generosity of small-town, concerned and involved citizens of a place that once was a busy place.

We now live in a small town, and look to see who's coming through the door. They do that in Norton, too. Now I do it, as much for safety's sake as to see who's here. In Norton, they seem to be staring just to figure out who it is who just came back to town after years spent someplace else.

My husband left Norton, and by accident, discovered the computer world. The rest is history. Too bad all kids can't learn the values he did.

marj: 7th Oct 2009 - 18:06 GMT

To R L Lyons re motorcycle races. My husband says professional racers came in for these races. What my husband and his friends got out of it was, they put numbered plaques on their bicycles, and flattened a metal can to attach to one shoe to drag on the ground the way the bikers did. He did not attend the races. Good luck in your search.

marj: 7th Oct 2009 - 18:13 GMT

To Jody 25 from Melbourne. YOU are CONFUSED! Hillbillies live in Kentucky, south of where I grew up. My northern Kentucky community had HILLWILLIAMS. I know this because I am one. People from Tennessee are Ridge Runners. I believe the folks from Kansas are properly termed FLATLANDERS. People from Ohio are Buckeyes. I hope you research carefully enough to sort out your misconceptions.

Peter: 7th Oct 2009 - 20:18 GMT

hmm, im originally from tennessee, and ive never heard of "ridge runners"...

shymo: 16th Oct 2009 - 00:19 GMT

I went to high school in Norton, and it sucked ass. Kids hung out at the library or just cruised the streets every damn day for fun. On weekends they'd go get wasted drinking at the lake - exact same routine all the time.

Everybody knew your name, which yeah made you feel like somebody, sadly if anything new happened in your life the entire town would know about it by the next morning.

I lived there for 4 years, and during the time I was there, one person died in a drunk driving accident, another was shot with a BB gun and died hours later, another shot himself in the face after his girlfriend cheated on him, another killed his step-dad with a hammer for abusing his mom, and yet another came 2 seconds away from killing himself by being drunk riding on the back of a pickup and getting ran over. Luckily he recovered, only to burn down one of four total gas stations the town had down a few years later. For a town of only 3000 people this is a pretty fucked up ratio.

I'm not saying Norton is the worst place on earth to live, but it's DEFINITELY got the "Small town weirdness" that you would expect, and true a certain type of person could get used to that or even learn to appreciate it. As far as 5th most boring town in America? No chance in hell.. There are 5 towns within a 30 mile distance from Norton alone that are smaller and even more Lame than Norton could ever hope to be. At least Norton has a bowling alley and a department store that you can get almost anything.

I think the best way of describing how boring living in Norton is, is to say that living there makes DRIVING TO WAL-MART (60 miles away) seem like a really fun and enjoyable special occasion. Not even the people that live there and love it could disagree with me on this one

Cameron: 22nd Oct 2009 - 20:34 GMT

Woah, funny as hell that i came across this. My grandmother is from Norton. Small little town, no walmart or mcdonlads over there bitches.

Galloping Greg: 22nd Oct 2009 - 20:42 GMT

^^^^ LOL.... Yes, because Wal-Mart and McDonalds are the singular hallmarks of big, exciting, fancy towns :-P

Shymo: there is a Mcdonald's there, dumbasses

tyler: 29th Oct 2009 - 14:19 GMT

i have lived in norton for 17 years and i have never been bored you can always find something to do in this town even though we are such a small town there are plenty of fun things to do. and those pictures he took were shut down a long time ago he shouldve took pictures of more exciting places like things on main street the football field on friday night and many other buildings that are still open i will always love this town and may never move out of it

Hoe: 15th Nov 2009 - 04:02 GMT

It can be boring, and some of the people are f'd up....just like in Brooklyn.... there are just more f'd up ones in your city Peter. Manhattan/NYC is the real deal, not your place...Brooklyn?? Why in hell would anyone call Brooklyn home? I went through grad school at Vandy (Nashville) so have some first hand knowledge of where you "grew up" as well. Sorry to remind you again, but you guys lost that war....and no, "the south ain't gonna do it again." You are a putz.

D.G.: 15th Nov 2009 - 18:46 GMT

I live in Norton Its a great place if you want to put all your money into high property taxes and utility rates for nothing in return.

Proud Nortonite: 16th Nov 2009 - 21:53 GMT

Shymo, let me guess you are Sarah Scheimo who I briefly went to high school with, am I right. Of course you have a simple mind narrow vision of Norton and the fine outstanding people who live here, mainly cause you never left the safety and security of your home schooled life. Is that cause "momma says, it's the devil", well all that stuff you wrote about earlier half of its garbage and the other half is just plain wrong. Where the hell do you get off writing about accidental death of people I actually knew and went to school with unlike you. You don't know anything about them or this town. So next time you decide to judge the city of Norton or its people, maybe you need to spend 4 years in Norton outside your house taking in Norton and it residents, not 4 years in your house judging people you don't even know. I am so sorry that small Northwestern Kansas life is tough, that you have spread libel about it all over this sorry ass excuse for a website.

scuba steve: Hell yea...this shit hole sucks!

mogepoge : 9th Dec 2009 - 02:34 GMT

will you city people just shut your stinking mouths!!!!!!!!!!

Peter: ^^^lol

mogepoge : 9th Dec 2009 - 02:41 GMT

this is for you peter- You are a big, fat beotch! You really suck Peter! Ha ha ha ha ha! I could laugh all I want at you Pete!

mogepoge : You are also a gay dumbwod Petey!

mogepoge : Norton Rocks so deal with it!

mogepoge : 9th Dec 2009 - 02:49 GMT

I love the Proud Nortonite's attitude!! - Really!

mogepoge : 9th Dec 2009 - 02:53 GMT

Can't you tell how much I love Norton and am defending it? I'm also proud to be a bluejay! I don't give a crud how much you weirdos are trash-talking totally awesome Norton-I can trash-talk you guys all I want!

Nortonites Unite: 9th Dec 2009 - 06:12 GMT

Frankly, for those of you that think this a boring or hick-ish town, you are just being obstinate. If you actually delved deeper you would see that a meager town of 3k has a history, the Gallery of Also-Rans, Station 15, a historical downtown, not to mention leisure activities, Frisbee golf, skate park, racetrack, etc. For you to say things about a town that size don't understand this is actually a lot to offer compared to towns of comparable size. There is no Wal-Mart or shopping malls, but the people in this town do not need to buy things constantly to make themselves feel better, unlike you perhaps. I don't even live there, but enjoy visiting those I love everytime! "My home is not a place, it is people." Lois McMaster Bujold,

mogepoge : 9th Dec 2009 - 19:40 GMT

I actually am a pretty nice person if you get to know me and be nice to me, but all those people that don't know a single thing about Norton and are for some reason critisizing it anyways, I feel like I need to fight you so sorry.

mogepoge : 9th Dec 2009 - 19:46 GMT

Peter, none of us like your attitude against us, so keep your mouth shut and knock it off. That goes for all of you people who are critisizing our town.

Norton Rocks!: 9th Dec 2009 - 19:50 GMT

peter I'm going with mogepoge's words and everyone else who's defending our cool town.

mogepoge: 9th Dec 2009 - 19:55 GMT

It's kind of like I scared Peter away for a little while. Cool huh!

Rachael Engelsman: 9th Dec 2009 - 21:15 GMT seriously took me about two hours to get through that...As someone else that, surprise!, has lived in norton since i was 13, i can say that yes, there are plenty of hicks, drugs, alcoholism, bible beaters, and WAY too many cops. The lake is awesome for me, because it's a good way to hide out from parents and just float around with my boyfriend and chill. I just don't like how people can't seem to agree that there IS crime, there IS a major lack of things to do if you don't drink, smoke, or have money to spend cruising around or whatever. Still, it's an easy place to get used to if you know anybody to hand out with. And yes, it is actually one of the more interesting towns in about a hundred mile radius. I'm going to college and WOW, I CAN SPELL! Apparently not everyone is a hick like you guys have been saying. I don't really care if people think Norton is boring or not, but this page is way too long, and I'm tired of people saying that everyone is a bible beater, or a hick, or stupid, or racist, or whatever. I'm not. There's always an exception and a lot of these comments are meant to just aggravate people and get a reaction....which worked but it's pretty pointless don't you think?

bluejays suck, norton sucks: 10th Dec 2009 - 03:57 GMT

just admit the fucking truth you jokers! norton sucks ass and there's nothing you can do about it!!

SARAH: 19th Dec 2009 - 04:02 GMT


SARAH: 19th Dec 2009 - 07:00 GMT

And, despite a disgustingly large amount of ignorant people like the one I replied to above, there are some nice people there. Despite what Mr. "Proud Nortonite" thinks, I lived in Norton for about 10 years, so I did have plenty of time to research it. Yes, "Proud Nortonite", while you were out mudding, drinking and contracting STD's, I was studying and doing my homework :-) And in the town itself's defense (the town, not the people), there are a few interesting things. Nearby is the Prairie Dog State Park, there is a large lake that is fun if you enjoy fishing, there is plenty of history, as well, if you research it! Historic Station 15 is in one of the town parks. If you go to the library and research the history of the town, it is interesting to find (only if you are interested in history) that the town used to be a major hub in the area. At one time the Prairie Dog Creek (now a shallow tiny stream), at the turn of the century was the Prairie Dog River, where steamboats traveled and carried passengers from town to town. The downtown buildings have plenty of history as far as stores, there is an old saloon building, and the lovely brick streets, where, if you look closely you will still find a few bricks from the TB era that say "Please don't spit on me". Also, there is a historic drug store with an old soda fountain. If you like touring small towns and seeing "downtown America"-style places, it is a fun spot to visit, with plenty of old buildings, gas stations and even an old-style theater. Yes, VISIT (Speaking from experience as a native and current big-city girl, this is not a fun place to live!). As you can clearly see, the sights may be intriguing, but there are a handful of nasty people who try to make everyone as miserable as they are. At least in a big city, the idiots are more tolerable because you don't run into the same one every day!

Lori Streit: 4th Jan 2010 - 15:07 GMT

I recently visited Norton with my husband who has family there. I am originally from Denver, but have lived in Savannah, GA, Independence, MO, Minneapolis, MN, Cincinnati, KY, and Grand Island, NE. I was laughing quite hard when my husband was telling me stories of his youth in Norton. After my brief visit last year for Christmas, and this year for New Years, I'm ready to pack up and move for the LAST time. I have two teenagers who I'd like to share with them the small town appeal that my husband tells me so much about. We didn't spend much time in Norton, but long enough to find out just how friendly this place truly is. We went into the same liquor store as we did the year before, and the woman there actually remembered us, WOW! We went into the bar for a drink on New Years, we were greeted as one of the locals. We drove all over town and although it appeared as a ghost town in some places, (it was a holiday after all) I could see the appeal of the place. I could hear the pride in the high school students that I met too. I have asked my husband to take us back to see how the park looks during a game. I plan on visiting when the carnival comes, and I vow to make at least one race at the track in the park. My husband was so excited that I had the reaction he was hoping for that he asked if I would be willing to pack up and move one last time. YES!! My 15 year old daughter asked if she could start packing, LOL! It may not be this year, but I do hope to consider myself a Nortonite some day!! Sooner, if we could find employment...

banana boy: NORTON SUCKS

RON: They have aa meetings there

morge porge: 12th Feb 2010 - 22:16 GMT


morge porge: 12th Feb 2010 - 22:19 GMT

and it's still mogepoge sorry-i changed my name thing on here

Brandon D. Nichols Kansas Resident Who Travels...: 20th Feb 2010 - 02:12 GMT

I'm not sure what it is about internet blogs that allow people to loose all their manners and respect for other human beings. I don't care what color you are, what nationality you are, if you love the big city or small town or whatever your defending. I care about people who care about each other. Quit being so proud and worried about being correct or incorrect and treat each other with common courtesy and respect. Just because a keyboard is in front of your fingertips and not an acutal person does NOT give you an excuse to be a complete dipshit. Forgive the language. I for one appreciate small towns and large cities. I have lived in several and strongly believe each has a certain charm. I do not agree with the origianl allegation of Norton being the 5th most boring town in America. I don't believe that one town or city is the most boring. What is bored anyway? Is life so bad that it has to be boring? Really? I just don't understand. Either way, I am not a native of Norton, but have visited frequently and greatly enjoy it charm. Are the Nortonites proud? I hope so, because they have a right to be. I leave you with a favorite quote of mine, "Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them to become what they are capable of being. -Van Goethe-"

Stbljmpr: 23rd Feb 2010 - 19:33 GMT

When I treated myself to a family history expedition in 2005, I spent an all to short time in Norton. My g grandfather was a contractor there, and I found his home as well as the others he built for his children are still standing, near the railroad tracks. They are well kept, painted a little more brightly than before, but in good shape even though they're 100 years old or so. I loved seeing them, and other places I've seen only in photographs handed down through the years. Call me nostalgic, I loved going with my aunt who grew up in Norton to the soda fountain to have a coke. And she shopped for a skirt at the department store where my grandfather used to have his tailoring shop. I'm sorry for those of you who don't appreciate your homes in middle America. Your library is to be envied! You might try visiting there one day, and check out the rich history section. Old newspapers are there..really old..and have been lovingly indexed and cared for by genuine folks who care about each other and their roots. Too bad some of you are missing out. I can hardly wait to get back there. My own local library in suave, sophisticated California doesn't even have a microfilm reader so I can access this treasure trove via interlibrary loan. Who's boring now?

Helen Wipf: 24th Feb 2010 - 17:44 GMT

I am 70 years old and I used to live in Clayton, KS back in 1940-1950's and us kids would drive to Norton to the drive-in theather, the main theater downtown and we must not forget the nights we would come to town to roller skate. Plus papa would give me a nickel so I could go to Duckwall's and buy that famous school tablet "The Chief". I still have one in my box of memerories. My 8th grade graduation dress came from Penny's Department store in 1954 which I still have and look at often. Cen't wear it but the memorey of graduating the same night that my oldest brother did from Clayton High School. I come back to Clayton about every three years for the high school reunions and really ENJOY talking with all my old friends who have moved to Norton to enjoy there retirement. I am now living in that boring town of Lincoln, NE and NO I am NOT a football fan. Just so I don't get laughed at I do wear red. At this house the K-State flag flys. I guess like they always say you can take Helen out of Clayton and Norton but you can't take Clayton and Norton out of Helen she will always come back. Old people will most likely come back to the place they were born. If any one reading this why my Aunt and Uncle was the Rule family. The Rock Shop people. So just let me say who ever thinks Norton is boring just don't know what they are talking about. They have never really LIVED there. So try it and don't forget to make some good MEMORIES so when you get old you can say "Yes! I REMEMBER LIVING IN OR AROUND NORTON, KS. AMEN TO THE GOOD LIFE.

roosevelt okla.: 25th Feb 2010 - 22:05 GMT

there is alot of good people from norton

Sneider: 9th Mar 2010 - 02:27 GMT

I am from Norton, Kansas and it is a GREAT PLACE TO LIVE! I would like to know where you get off saying it is a boring town when you don't even know..Boring is in your state of mind...I would say that is your problem not the towns..

Its time to fix the problem: 1st Apr 2010 - 22:26 GMT

-I love and dislike Norton at the same time.

One you didnít even take pictures of anything. We have more then just a few allies in town. I understand your wanting to dog on Norton, But you could have went around and taken better pictures

My half that loves Norton- Iím looking forward to the new store fronts. And all the good changes of the town.
This is a little town, and at one time it was a very happening place. People would come from all over to shop, eat and do whatever it is they wanted. If anyone has see pictures of Norton many years back would agree with me, its was very nice and still is we just need to make more time for up-keep.

You can still shop, eat, go to a movie. We have to food stores, a city pool, and a lot more!!
I enjoy shopping in Norton, Prices are a little high but these days prices are high everywhere. We shouldnít always go to (Walmart) One of the best stores to go into is Twice Sold Treasures, What an awesome shop. They have everything! I always find something there. Thereís also a lot of other shops that you can go to. We have a lot more restaurants then some towns that are around us. My favorite is Attitudes. The movie theatre is nice, They do a great job getting movies here. And are always coming up with new and neat ideas (like Halloween late night movie) The hospital is very nice, and our court house is very pretty.
We have a wonderful lake, and a great park. The summer fair is very nice
Library is very nice and has up to date books, the high school is a great place for kids to learn.
When you want to come back to Norton and actually look at more then just the allies let us know, we can find you looks to do and better places to take pictures.

-The part of me that is starting to dislike Norton

We need more support from the actually towns people! Start shopping locally, try to stay in town over the weekends. There are many shops that are doing poorly do to no support!
People donít stay in town on the weekend to shop and do their entertainment. Your town will die if you donít support it! You are missing out on so much.

Not a lot of people take pride in their homes and up-keep of their yards.
The sidewalks around the main downtown building are looking a little bad.
The museum is never open and the Chamber office is not open most afternoons and or Saturdays. The bowling ally is lame and is never open on non team night.
The Coffee shop has to many kids hanging out there.
Which makes it hard to get a cup of Joe on a Friday night.
There isnít anything for people in the age range of 21 to 30 to do on a Friday night unless itís a movie, bar or trying to get a sit at the Coffee shop.
Back to the fair yes it is nice. But does need new and more stuff for people with out kids that are younger then 35. Why canít we bring in more things to do during the fair??? If you have more things for people that donít have kids and are 21 to 35 you will have more money coming in.

When I first moved to Norton people would always tell me how nice people are here, and Yes they are, but their our those few that are just plain rude. And there is no need for that.

Yes we might not have a lot going on in Norton everyday, being the older people are afraid of change, They donít want anything new to come here. Which is to bad. If things keep going the way they are. Norton will die out sooner then later. We need to start thinking of way to make our town better! Stop worrying about if new things come here that it will kill the town, It might, It might not! We will never find out if we donít try!

We need to fix the Norton sign, and we as a small community need to come together and fix all the problems outsiders see about our town. Lets do this for us the community. Lets be proud of our town again.

Joe Leroux: 3rd Apr 2010 - 18:38 GMT

We moved here in 2004 due to an employer transfer and it has been the best thing for us as a family! This is a low cost of living index community to live in for those looking to relocate. Our grade school is one of the best in the state and our community as a whole is a great place to live and raise your children. I have lived in many places both big and small and have been sent to many other places all over the world and we choose to call #5 on the boring list our home! It is as boring as you make it as you can be involved in many great activities in the area. Plenty to do for both kids and adults. And we have many parts of town that look much nicer than the pictures displayed here and, overall, this is a nice looking place. Great town full of decent people.

Miles Austerman : 13th Apr 2010 - 13:38 GMT

Love this town. Norton is western ks. No big cities to see, just country people living the dream. the way of life.

anon ( 20th Apr 2010 - 06:41 GMT

I graduated from Norton Community High school in 1943, can you believe it? I'm 84. At our graduation I sang a song called The Rosary - Would never happen now. Well maybe in Norton. Moved to San Francisco where I went to American River College, married, had two children who graduated from the Univ. of California at Berkeley and later attended graduate school at Brown (daughter) and UCLA (son). I loved Norton - I loved going to high school there. Boring? Well maybe but it wasn't boring to me and, what is most important, i was well educated. Thank you Norton. Genevieve Hutchinson

thinking about relocation: 26th Apr 2010 - 20:36 GMT

I spent the last two hours reading this blog, as I am hoping to land a position at a Norton Company soon. I was interested because I would need to relocate for the position. I was pleased at some of the "Nortonites" comments (not all), I think it is admirable that you stand up for your community and neighbors. Everyone that talked about events and entertainment, thank you. I would love to hear more about the business environment and would also love to see more pictures of the community if someone could guide me to any they are aware of on the internet. I am also interested in the housing market. I would like to lease if you are aware of landlords that I could contact. Thank you and I hope to be your neighbor soon.

No looking good: 27th Apr 2010 - 18:42 GMT

Its sad to say but Norton is really look bad.. Less stores and more housing looking like crap.. Why cant we fine the people that don't take care of their home??? Its to bad that we cant work together and bring our town back to the way it use to be.. Lets Try harder!!!!

Wake u Norton: 10th May 2010 - 01:57 GMT

You need to take a serious look at your town! How many empty buildings are there downtown now? In the last year what has been lost? K&S Center Cafe, Halls Clothing, Thundercord Guitars, Stonehouse, Budwiser and now the Dollar Store is moving to the highway. While churches and EMS buildings are great they do not bring the people and money that a business does. If and when the prison closes what will Norton have? The amount of people that work at the prison and their family members that come are a huge income source for Norton. You all need to worry about what is going to keep your town alive instead of what the Jones' are up to. Hey at least they are fixing the Norton sign correctly this time. If you do not wise up the headstone monuments entering town will be more fitting than they are now.

FixNorton: 10th May 2010 - 02:05 GMT

check out the Norton website fixnorton org there are some interesting conversations on there as well.

This place is as good as anywhere else: 22nd May 2010 - 22:14 GMT

Its so funny reading all these.. many are good and get the point across, but my favorite
so far is "it's time to fix the problem"
At least those people arent only looking at the bad in Norton.
People keep saying that we are losing business (yes that is True)
but the real reason for losing stores is because mostly we have
*NO SUPPORT* from the people that live in norton. EVERYONE
that does not own a business shops OUT OF TOWN. I live and work in Norton,
Ive only been here for a few years and only have met a few really nice people.
But it seems like theres alot of Clicking here.
Which your a small town you should just be happy more people are wanting to live in Norton.

There are still store in the down town Twice Sold Treasures- which is a wonderful store, That young Lady really has a eye for interesting things and her displays are great, and its great that they have vendors. Nice new Kitchen store,
MCS- Great for computer stuff, They always help me find the things Iím needing.
Dťcor and more is moving next door to Twice Sold, and I hear
Talk about a womenís clothing store coming to Norton.
So Think twice about going out of town to Buy stuff.
Help Support the stores in Norton thatís how we will keep our town from dieing.

So really think about why our town is dieing off. SUPPORT!

Tommy: 12th Jun 2010 - 04:58 GMT

I make it out to Norton about 5-6 times a year, I would go more if I could. My mother and Step-father own a business there. I am from Chicago, and it is so relaxing, spending a week or two there. Everyone in town that I have met are super nice, and even though I'm there only a few times a year, people remember me. I hope to one day after my wife and I have kids, to move to a small town.

As for Norton being on this Americas most boring towns list, I can say I have been through many other towns, just driving to Norton, that are way more boring. There is Phillipsburg, which is just east of Norton, and Norcatur, which is just west, Funk,NE, Almena,NE, Long Island,NE, come on now, Norton has a Mcdonalds, Dairy queen, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Prarie Dog State Park which has a big lake, and even their own country club and Airport.

Its the people who live in big cities, who refuse to live any other way, who are the ones who can't/don't see or appreciate what smaller towns have to offer.

I'm heading out there soon, I can't wait

Don: 18th Jun 2010 - 14:01 GMT

I grew up in Norton and graduated high school there in 1965. Since leaving for college and career, I have lived in LA, Denver, KC, and overseas, and now North Carolina. I visit Norton every few years as my parents still live there. Small town, yes! Rural, yes! Boring? That's a state of mind. One finds excitement in their own values, wants and needs. I will say this about growing up in Norton: would walk to public pool in summers w/o my parents fearing I'd be snatched; played baseball; hunted year-round; walked the block home everyday from high school for lunch; took the boat to the lake on weekends; cruised mainstreet on evenings; took in the county fair every year; and hung out at the drive-in theatre weekends. No we had no Walmart, home improvement stores, fast food (except for A&W), electronic stores, Starbucks and the such. But comparing it to where I have lived and now live, Norton also has no traffic, no crime, clean air, and enough of the necessities of life to be livable (as one person commented it now has Pizza Hut/Taco Bell, McDonalds, Subway and Dollar General. Boring? No! Rural and isolated? Yes! Quiet, clean, safe and quaint? Absolutely!

Bill: 24th Jun 2010 - 15:47 GMT

I have known people that were bored in Phoenix, Washington DC and St. Louis, etc) I think being bored is just a limitation of one's mind and imagination. For someone who just sits and waits for the external environment to entertain him/her, the potential to be bored would be frequent. Memories are what you have made of life experiences so don't expect your external world to make you happy. Make your external world a place where you produce many happy memories.

Nancy: 7th Jul 2010 - 17:35 GMT

My family and I are moving away from Norton. My family of 5 have Lived here for 7 years.
One of my son's has been bullied way to many times. And as a parent I can't let this go on. People don't move here to make friends its to hard to do so. But there are a few great people in Norton.
So at the end of July we are moving and will be saying good bye to the people we work with and the friends we have. And saying good bye to the two faced people of Norton. Your town is dieing and all the old fat pieces of .... need to get the stick out of their butts and start turning things around. Or more Familys will leave. Why have a town if your not going to shop locally or support the little store in your downtown.
Like I said before TWO FACED PEOPLE. Best of luck Norton. Hope your still around in 5 years.... Probabaly won't be

Edward,: 10th Jul 2010 - 21:15 GMT

Im in alton,Ks, east of you,
nothing here, young woman have babies all the time and then talk about nothing or look bored, and the guys are either cold to you or dont care about making friends or care about anything,
I was at a plow day today and i saqw a few people I knew,
but most are into themselves and dont care about anything,
they see yoou and walk right by like nothing totally rude,

Mac: 12th Jul 2010 - 17:33 GMT

Racism, sexism, alcoholism, drug addiction, crackpot religion, ignorance, illiteracy, obesity... These human failings aren't unique to Norton. Most places, however, see such characteristics as undesirable and counter-productive to society. In Norton, however, being a fat, deliberately dumb, alcoholic white supremacist with a meth problem is business as usual--"good clean living"! Naturally, the residents of Norton would strongly object to any criticism--they don't want outsiders to know how nasty and ignorant they really are. America gets better when places like Norton implode and disappear.

broner: 29th Jul 2010 - 22:08 GMT

I got butt raped in norton I can not stop thinking about it.

broner: 29th Jul 2010 - 23:54 GMT

Im glad to of found a small town with such a high underground homosexual population I think it would be a great place for me and my life partner to relocate the housing is so cheap. I have my eye on the church for sale what a great retreat for my meat.

J.C.: 10th Aug 2010 - 17:34 GMT

I lived in Norton for one high school year (1950-51) and two summers. Great place. I learned more about myself in that time than I ever had before. The people are open and honest. They have no pretences. I always planned to move back there, but life got in the way. I still have the great memories.

James: 30th Aug 2010 - 20:44 GMT

Norton has won 4 wrestling state championships in the past 6 years and a basketball state championship in 2003. They have a great football team every year and almost always make it to post season. There is a race track, pool, 3 or 4 baseball fields, disc golf course (which tournaments are hosted every summer), a nice fair, a lake 4 miles away with a lot of camping and fishing to do.. bottom line there is plenty of fun things to do around norton. whoever wrote this is flat out retarded.

SFR: 8th Sep 2010 - 15:12 GMT

My childhood memory of Norton was driving for what seemed all day long to visit my mom in Valley Hope which was a motel made into an alcohol treatment place. There was a pool there with a sign that said " please don't walk on the water." I was quite confused.I also have many pics of a wedding my Dad attended. Possibly the same hotel. Now my visits to Norton are to visit a family member at the prison. As prisons go, it's a pretty good place --to visit; gaurds are nice too. I wonder if a lot of the population are visitors at the joint too. People come from far away to spend a few hours with their loved ones. Maybe its our faces you see, with little expression or desire to talk,obviously fatigued, possibly disheveled,and quite frankly sad, and mistake us for locals. I have stayed in town a couple of times and didn't care for the motel accomodations or the attitudes of the motel or convenience store workers. Instead, I drive 3 to 5 hours in the wee hours of the morning or night to arrive for visits and then get the hell out of there. I take pictures every time though of the surrounding areas and have seen some amazing sights. Always see wild turkeys on the road. The joke is they are so laid back because there are no guns allowed. I also remember that the prison was a "State Hospital" a TB sanitarium at one time. Don't see any mention of that. Maybe its just BS. I always wonder as we sit and breathe the air, not to mention those who reside in the facility. I'll be coming to Norton for many years to come, unfortunately. I like to come and go but would never want to live there.

Nemesis Deville: 8th Sep 2010 - 23:41 GMT

Welcome to Norton. That's funny, cuz unless you are "FROM" Norton, you will never be considered from Norton. There are some people who are nice and not at all concerned with the Cult Opinion. But they are few and far between. There are also outsiders who are welcomed, they are usually high ranking coaches or teachers who people suck up to for the expanded favoratism. For the majority of the population you are never considered welcome or equal. Your kids will have to work twice as hard for half the recognition. Employment is based on who you know not what you know. And if you arent Caucasion, you may as well be extra terestrial. There is know privacy or fair practice, everyone knows your business or makes up your business for you. And the lake....Only has enough camp spots for the Cult Members who leave their RV's parked year round to fend off outsiders. And as for the great school system, What ever happened to no child left behind. The kids are warned before state testing if they dont do well they will lose recess. Racism and bullying is openly accepted from the in crowd, and most kids that can travel 7 miles to Almena to attend a smaller school with limited opportunities just so they can be accepted. One Nortanite said it to me best.." You may live in Norton but you'll never be a BLUEJAY!!!" What Love, Welcome to F@$%ing NORTON

Justin Snyder: 17th Sep 2010 - 15:54 GMT

Your always welcome to Norton. Those pictures are from one part of town. They took pictures of an abandoned parking lot, abandoned building and an alley on one block. While the rest of town is wonderful and full of life. Next time get your town straight and actually put the truth in. Explore the whole thing, not one stupid block.

COI A. Daniels: 16th Oct 2010 - 07:47 GMT

I have lived in Norton, Kansas my whole life. I actually grew up down the street from this old car dealership and remember when it went out of business. Its funny that they didn't take a picture of the Pinestone place right next door to this alley that I walked through many times as a kid. Walters car dealership is right through the alley on the other side of the street. I played many sports growing up, my friends and I were constantly outside playing. There are 2 main grocery stores plus Pamida and Dollar General where you can get food. I also lived across the street from one of the grocery stores it was nice. They have a two screen movie theater that always has the new up and coming movies. We have great sports facilities specially for football and wrestling of which we excel at. We have four baseball/softball fields for kids that are interested in those sports. Racing wise we have motorcycle track and a race car track if your interested in that as well. We have been told we have one of the best golf courses if your interested in that. There also is the pool which may not be a huge water park, but is fun none the less. A really nice basketball gym at the High School and the East Campus for basketball. The track and field equipment is at the football field which is the best around here, believe me I played there and lots of other places. They have a Bowling Alley too although it's not the best, but everyday of the week you can find people up there bowling having a good time. There are plenty of places to eat McDonalds, Adventures, Dairy Queen, Taco Bell, Pizza Hut, Town and Country Cafe, Subway, New Mexican Food place, Hidden Dragon(Chinese), and Attitudes. We have two bars that provide entertainment as in bands come and play there some really good ones. Two great liquor stores and I am not saying we get drunk and act stupid we for the most part are responsible when doing so. There are atleast five places where you can get gas and other things. The one that I found to be very helpful is Loves, because you get some warm food at anytime day or night. When I was in college I didn't have that luxury and it sucked. There are many places for employment as well and there would be even more places to work with the economy wasn't so bad. I have watched this town get smaller and other surrounding towns, but its not Norton's fault it's just the economy. Still it doesn't mean that this town isn't alive today. As for it being a ghost town, no people are out and about a lot here compared to other towns around the area. People call us hicks, but we really do have a great school system that helps everyone no matter how learning incapable they are and we all turn out fine. You don't have to have a bunch of money, an expensive house, or a fancy car to have fun here and enjoy life for what it is. I work out at the Norton Correctional Facility, thought when I was little I didn't want to work here. Many people complain about there job, but really with any job it's what you make it, your attitude towards it. I feel out here I can make a positive influence on someones life and maybe help someone. The way I see it better to be INVOLVED in something great and be proud of yourself, than to never have achieved anything at all. Thats what I feel about Norton, Kansas my home and home of the Bluejays. So come on down Friday Night to see the Bluejays fight on the Grid Iron. I'm proud to be a Bluejay AH2P.

A. Daniels Class of 2007

Proud to Be a Bluejay!: 17th Oct 2010 - 15:49 GMT

Actually I've lived in Norton all my life, and these pictures aren't the only parts of town-believe me they aren't. All you took pictures of was this old block. There's much more to Norton that this. We have a race track, some parks, a pool, a brand new tennis court that just got finished not to long ago and looks so much better without the weeds and cracks in it, a high school, junior high school, elementary school, a movie theatre, a bowling alley, a library, and so many more things of our beautiful town. As a matter of fact, my good friend's older brother just won state wrestling this past year, and just yesterday my amazing cousin just won state tennis. The people living here seem to have such warm hearts, yet not all of them because this town isn't perfect, but neither is New York, L.A., etc. So next time you choose to go take a ride around the town or any other just the same, take pictures of the good things instead of just one thing that you wouldn't give a care in the world about please. Explore the whole entire place. Also, whoever you are that posted these pictures I'm mostly talking to you-yes you, and if you would really like to see how we "Nortonites" are feeling you should know by now that we could always go to the place you live and start taking photos of the old, cruddy things that mean so much to your city/town that I wouldn't give a hoot about. I'm super sure you wouldn't like that feeling, would you? I'm actually talking to anyone that has a problem with our beautiful town because none of you have a right to do any of this, it's just plain selfish of you. So like I said, if you ever really want to see the TRUE town of Norton, go take a ride to look at what's really here.

K: 25th Nov 2010 - 20:44 GMT

I grew up in Norton and now live on the East Coast, and I can tell you that a line from an Elton song written by Bernie Taupin often rings true:

"So goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl
You can't plant me in your penthouse
I'm going back to my plough"

I often miss the quiet relaxed feel of a small town. The world moves slower and people take time to pay attention to their neighbors and family. When the recession hit, Norton was largely unaffected because people in rural communities have learned to be self-sufficient and did not get caught up in the "keeping up with the jonses" spree that was typical of the past 20 years. The mortgage crisis did not even phase Norton and other rural communities.

Also, I noticed the author took sufficient measures to find the most unappealing aspects of Norton. Give me a camera, and I'll go to NYC and find much worse. Of course Norton is boring, but only for those that believe life is not fulfilled without being able to visit the hottest club scenes or being able to sit in rush hour traffic on a daily basis. If that's your thing than so be it, but don't say that the city is better, just because it is busier.

Finally, the saying "Where the best begins" doesn't pertain to the "place" Norton. It speaks of the community that is found within Norton. The best begins with the family and Norton fosters that atmosphere. If you think that the best begins and ends with the materialism and flashiness of a city void of its people, then I feel sorry for you. I'll always be proud that I came from a small town. If everyone could be raised in such an environment, this world would be much better off.

Go Bluejays. Class of '04

anon ( u r stuped

Shelby Mulford: 4th Dec 2010 - 20:11 GMT

Ok so Norton is not all that boring!!! sure the pictures up there ARE REALLY BORING but those are of downtown. things can be like really realy fun in Norton, Yea event though we are pretty small, our pride IS HUGE!! I wouldn't want to grow up anywhere else..
~Proud To Be A Bluejay!!~

bob: 10th Dec 2010 - 19:30 GMT

i like how you guys takes pictures of our alleys fags

juanieg: 5th Jan 2011 - 04:44 GMT

As someone who has moved to Norton in the last 4 years, I can honestly say that Norton is not an exciting place to live. I've lived those exciting places, like SF area during the World Series quake of 1989 (moved), deep freeze of 1993 in Twin Cities area of MN (moved), heat and drugs in AZ (moved), graduated high school in Los Angeles (moved), college in Chicago area (moved). In short, I've lived all those "exciting" places and have chosen to raise my last 2 sons in Norton, where my youngest can walk to my place of work to have lunch with me and I don't have to worry about his safety.
Sure we don't have the shopping that I got used to the other places I lived, but rent is cheaper. The jobs are a little scarcer, but the cost of living is low enough that we can live on one salary. Sure there are drugs here, but not nearly what there was in the city where we used to live.
There are bad things to be said about anyplace where a person might live. there are also good things. We choose to live here because it is a place where my kids are safe and even though my older son is home schooled my younger one is excelling in the schools here and we have a great church family and some awesome friends.
It all depends on your perspective. You can make the best of whatever situation if you choose. We choose to do so.
Welcome to Norton.

bentley: 7th Jan 2011 - 23:49 GMT

norton is a virus that needs extinguished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! o and its full of jews and gingers :)

I've learned to bite my lip: 21st Jan 2011 - 00:18 GMT

Yes I've learned to bite my lip, this town has ruined my families life. Partners moved here like 8 or 9 years ago, bought a business that NO ONE IN TOWN SUPPORTS, I moved here a few years back (Not really wanting to at the time, STILL DONT WANT TO BE HERE) I still havent met anyone I can call a real friend. All you people are messed up in the head, and only care about is freaking sports! why dont you stop trying to live your life thru your kids! Start shopping locally, try to make your houses not look so crappy, clean your dam yards, wear some clean clothes when you come into town you gross farmers or atleast change your muddy boots. Im so glad or business in up for sale, or and look we have a buyer. GOOD BYE NORTON, MAY YOU STAY BACKWARDS AND FAIL!!!

Double A: 10th Feb 2011 - 00:04 GMT

Norton is one of those places that have way to may cops for the area. Not only do we have too many sherriefs we also for some reason have a police force that is not needed. It also seems that all the highway patrolmen for Northwest Kansas live in Nortona and are called to help on town matters. All of them drive around and waste taxpaper money to try and trap people for the little things that normally you wouldn't get pulled over for. For example: when factories in Norton start their days, cops will sit on the east edge of town behind trees with lights off waiting for someone to come speading by or to not fully stop at stop signs. Where they watch is the area where spead changes form 35 to 55 and give tickets for 40 in a 35. They all harrass certain select groups of people that are not considered the elite who run the town. Thats another thing, the rich people are the only ones who seem to get away with everything. Even if people have lived here their whole life they can still be considered outsiders if the rich elite don't like them or if they don't have enough money. Harrassment by the local law enforcement is out of control and needs to be looked into by higher up. The latest cop hired has been fired from three or four different positions with other police stations due to harrassment issues. How convenient for Norton to hire one with such a good resume. Welcome to Norton, come on vacation leave on probation.

Ken: 3rd Mar 2011 - 17:05 GMT

Thank you Nortonites, for not giving out the real secrets of the good life offered. See you in May

John: 17th Mar 2011 - 20:31 GMT

I moved here from Denver in 1975. The first year was difficult because I missed the convenience of the city. I doubt I'd be happy any place else now. All of my kids were raised here. I never had to worry about them. They could walk to town by themselves, ride their bikes across town to the swimming pool, and play in the dry creek near the house. None of that was possible in the cities where I once lived.

While you so called cosmopolitan sophisticates (Yeah I used to be one of those) are afraid to walk your streets at night and have to lock your cars just to run in to a grocery store to pick up a loaf of bread, my car isn't locked. I have a shed that's never had a lock on it and in 35 years nothing has ever been taken.

Yes, we have a police force. Damn good one too. I suppose that's why we have very little crime and why our streets are safe. Yes, the do give traffic tickets to those who think that stop signs are for idiots and that THEY are the greatest driver in the world since Richard Petty therefore can speed and drive reckless and shouldn't be punished for it. It's also true that they set up posts in certain areas because too many of the "GOOD" drivers seem to think that they should be exempt.

A word about the elites in Norton. A few years ago one of the most powerful men in the city, and former mayor, was given a DUI. He was found guilty.

If you're looking for great place to raise kids, low crime rate, great schools, kind hearted people, low cost of living, no traffic jams, and less stress in your life then move to Norton.

Nona: 17th Mar 2011 - 21:01 GMT

Norton is sad its just a dying town but that doesn't make it a bad place to live. Its a nice quiet community and a great place for the people who live there.

Former Nortonite: 7th Apr 2011 - 17:33 GMT

Norton was an absolutely horrible place to live. I did extensive research on the town and it used to be a popular place to party and buy drugs in the 1960s. Imagine that! Today, the drugs are still rampant in the school systems. The Mayberry-like cops are too stupid to do anything about it - they still think kids are drinking beer and smoking cigarettes and tipping cows or whatever redneck kids do for fun. And "John" - I don't know what kind-hearted people you are talking about, but I never met one there. I was only faced with judgmental narrow-minded people. That town is a prime example of why more people leave than come in. Who wants to live in a small town in the first place? And what could possibly make it more enjoyable than people who treat you as if you're some kind of potential terrorist and act like they don't want you there - even after you try your best to be kind to them? They can keep their stupid town, simple minds and group-think mentality. My advice to anyone stuck in that town who isn't happy: GET OUT. Look around you - you're obviously not going anywhere if you stay. The grocery store, McDonald's, Pamida (if it stays open) - that's pretty much your opportunities for work, even with a degree. Nobody wants to hire you as a professional if your roots aren't in that town. Degree from Duke? It may as well be a completion certificate of a kindergarten class in Afghanistan. You're wasting your time - bigger cities have so much more to offer! :) And "Sarah" I couldn't agree with your statements more. You obviously didn't learn that many languages in the Norton school systems. Glad you got out of that stupid hell-hole and are doing so well.
To "I've learned to bite my lip" - that is a prime example of what happened to so many outside businesses that come to that stupid town. The people reject change, technology and basically anything that is GOOD for the town. They'd rather live in the 1800s, so let them. I hope you are able to find a more profitable market elsewhere.
And "Nona" give it some time, you will see why it's dying!!

nikayla: 16th Apr 2011 - 01:27 GMT

I live in Norton Kansas and to be honest, I have never been bored. If you want to tell me otherwise, fine. But those pictures are of old abandoned buildings. Did you check out Station 15? Or what about the golf course, the track, swimming pool, the bowling alley, the playgrounds, the tennis court? If you dont think any of that is fun, get a freakkin life. Norton is absolutely amazing and I dont even want to begin with the fact that you failed to stay at the Best Western or eat at Taco bell, pizza hut, wing street, subway, mcdonalds, las canteras, hidden dragon. and obviously you didn't go shopping at dollar general or pamida. You city slickers need to get a life cause norton is the best place ever.

nikayla: 16th Apr 2011 - 01:29 GMT

oh and you clearly didnt go to the state park or the movie theatre. The sign that says Norton where the best begins is not even still there, and hasnt been for at least 3 years. If you want to judge a town, judge one that you have actually lived in.

Sylvia Estes: 16th Apr 2011 - 01:38 GMT

Norton Kansas is amazing. You see what you want to see. those pictures are of buildings and signs that dont exist anymore. And if you travel to the most interesting place in the world, you will still find alleys like the ones you posted pictures of. During the summer, the state park has a watermelon eating festival, and it is sooo fun to go and watch all the crazy people eating watermelons and watching the fireworks on the fourth of july. Norton really is where the best begins. We also have the best cheerleaders in Mcel, and a nicer track and playgrounds than neighboring towns. Proud to be a bluejay!

anon ( 18th Apr 2011 - 14:39 GMT

shut the hell up about norton its an awesome town

anon ( 20th Apr 2011 - 21:41 GMT

Hey, out of Norton came my dad. One of his three children in a successful stage and TV actor, the other is a successful realtor, one is a published writer and teacher. Of his grandchildren, one is an accomplished musician, one a public figure in a European country, one a successful business man, and one on his way to success through a successful college career.

The Truth Teller: 28th Apr 2011 - 16:15 GMT

Let me tell you all the truth. Not all the good things here are the truth (Cindy MARSH: 7th May 2009 - 17:27 GMT and Others), This town is full of two-faced people and as for a small community....there is a large group of what society calls 'Swingers'. So if you all are going too share the good, you better share the bad as well. This is the reason why I left and will NEVER return. I have a goal to raise my children in a proper way. Norton does NOT meet those standards.

Lanceepoo: 27th May 2011 - 14:15 GMT

the only reason you people don't like Norton is that your jealous,and you
can't stand how nice Norton is.I've been living in Norton all my life
and at least it has a awesome elementry school,and it's way better looking
at the beautiful Kansas horizon insted stuped skyscrapers all day.

Lanceepoo: 27th May 2011 - 14:26 GMT

oh,and you city people are dumb all you people do is sit on your lazy
butts all day and smoke and get drunk would you people get a life!

Nate: 20th Jun 2011 - 22:54 GMT

I have never lived in a city smaller than 200,000 people and have been given the opportunity to spend the summer in Norton, KS for a summer job. I will say, it took some major adjustment, being from the city and all. Norton is definitely not full of excitement. It's not loud. Heck, the closest Wal-Mart is an hour away. If you are around me, you'll hear me gripe about how people get away with jacking up their prices because there's no one to compete with them. You'll hear me complain that I can't find a new pair of sandals (which my friend's dog so conveniently chewed up) anywhere in this town.

As a city boy, it's easy to gripe about those things, especially when there are three Wal-marts within 15 minutes of me in the city. It's easy to complain about the fact that a Big-Mac meal at the McDonald's is over $6. It's easy to note that, compared to towns of even 25,000, there isn't much of anything to do, unless you enjoy tornado chasing or fishing.

In light of all of this, I am not gonna sit here and "defend" the case of Norton has a bunch of great stuff to do. But I am going to say that I've been to far more boring towns (drive through central Nebraska or anywhere in Wyoming sometime)... the people here are great. Never in a big city can you have a "tab" at the gas station or grocery store. Nowhere in New York City can you leave your car windows down in a parking lot with any guarantee of safety.

I've read comments that say "there's no multi-cultural centers" or "everyone's white." If you're saying that, you need to check about every small town in the Midwest, New England, and the Big Sky territory (Idaho, Montana, North Dakota)... I grew up in Lincoln, NE and now live in Omaha, I've been to small towns. I've faced sports teams that have all white kids on them. It's the Midwest, we're not racist, for some reason, ethnic groups don't want to flock to small towns. Don't slam the town for it.

Come check out Norton, Kansas. Talk with the people. Eat dinner with them. Have them cook you steaks that come from the cows they just slaughtered. You won't regret it. They will treat you like you're a king (or queen) and they will be gracious towards you when you don't understand small-town life.

Is Norton boring? Sometimes, yes. Is it anywhere near the most boring town in America? Heck no. I can give you about 20 in Nebraska (the same size as Norton or bigger) that are far more boring. Don't knock it because you post a picture of one building 5 different times.

Josh: 11th Jul 2011 - 05:14 GMT

It's not what your faced with, but the attitude in which you face it.

Just be honest: 15th Jul 2011 - 06:18 GMT

Norton fucking sucks ass, and your life fucking sucks ass because you live there. Don't be ashamed to admit the truth.. Acceptance is the first step to recovery.

Good luck with your illness Nortonites..

Chris: 29th Jul 2011 - 04:25 GMT

First off nice pictures of the same building. I really like the two alley shots. You should go pro.

I lived in Norton about 22 years all together. I've seen my share of US cities and places in the US. Traveled for five years with a job that took me to more places than most of you punk ass bitches that got the hate on for Norton put together. I could post pictures of drug additics huffing paint in the alley in Oklahoma City. Or pictures of Detroit where I went to at night where the company required an armed guard so you didn't get robbed or shot. Yeah I've been on 8 mile in Detroit too. Not just listened to M&M rap about it. Dido for LA and Compton on the armed guards. Where hookers walked the streets at 10am. Talk about a place where theres no people, parts of Compton in the day time. So many empty buildings that you could fill your computer with all. Parts of Dallas or St.Louis where seeing drug dealers and hearing gun shots in the alleys are common. Don't get me started on Houston or Miami.
Places that if your a women you would have been raped. Or if your a punk you would have got rolled for your watch. I could go on...

I'll take a small town like Norton over most cities and towns I've been to. Yeah it's not for everybody. It can be boring. But people will help you there instead of robbing your punk asses. You don't have to lock your car or your house. People speak English. People don't attack women because they stood up for themselves, just because women aren't equal in the country there from. Norton is good little town. I'm proud to be from Norton.

It takes time, Wait and see: 16th Aug 2011 - 17:38 GMT

I love Norton, I didnt at first, but after living here for a few years, you get use to small town life. I lived in the city all my life, till about four years ago. When I moved to Norton. And everytime I go back to the city I seem how worst its gotten since I left. To much crime, to many people, to many low lifes ready to jump you for some pocket change. We might not have alot to offer in Norton, but its going to take some time to grow into a better town. As in everything Times are good and Times are bad. We are trying here and thats more then I can say for some of these bigger cities. And don't get me wrong we do have our bad, but when it comes to young kids breaking in to campers to get some free beer... I would take that anyday over Rape and murder.

Dave: 28th Aug 2011 - 02:56 GMT

My grandfather was born in Norton. I have a picture of my great grandparents proudly standing in front of their brand new sod house on their farm somewhere outside Norton. They raised a big family and are buried there in the Norton cemetery. My grandfather and several of his brothers left Norton around 1900 and moved to Oregon where my father was born in 1910 and he in turn raised his family. Someday I'll go to Norton, I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to it. I already love the place.

Linda: 8th Sep 2011 - 16:36 GMT

I have found it very interesting reading a variety of these posts. It's obvious that small town opinions are "in the eyes of the beholder" and what has come across is the younger ones are bored and hate it, but the older ones appreciate it. I have lived in large cities (s. cal.), very small towns (s.w. co) and medium size (n.e. co). There is good and bad in both. My daughters were raised in the smallest town, we were involved in everything school and church related. They graduated with scholarships, knew everyone in town, still stay in contact with high school friends, met and married fine men and then moved to big cities. I'm now watching my grandsons struggle to stay safe and concentrate on their education while dealing with bullying and less than interested teachers. So long story short..I'll take the small towns anyday, which is where I plan to go at retirement in a few months and it might even be Norton. Boredom or activity is a personal choice.

Dave: 11th Sep 2011 - 02:26 GMT

My home town in Eastern Oregon was about 1300 people, about half the size of Norton which is a bustling metropolis in comparison. I hated it and couldn't wait to get out which I did, and that's normal. Young people are supposed to want to leave the nest, we've all experienced it. It took a few decades but as the years roll by the things I despised about my hometown seem to fall further back into my consciousness and I find myself remembering it with more fondness.

I do remember that one of the things that used to drive me crazy was how everybody seemed to be in my business 24/7. Small town people are nosey, that's just the way it is in a small town, but young people want to be autonomous and because they can't feel autonomous when they sense themselves being scrutinized all the time they often become resentful, rebellious and angry. I was a perfect example of that. Maybe it's because in a small town you never feel like you're away from your family because the town itself feels like family.

I've lived in Anacortes, Washington for the past 30 years and raised a family here. Anacortes is about 20 times bigger than my hometown but most people would still consider it a small town as it's still less than 20 thousand people so I'm obviously a small town guy.
Small towns do need to make an effort to encourage young people to stay, or to leave and return and raise their families there. A small town simply can't survive without families and when I looked up the numbers for Norton I see see a big problem. Norton is losing it's population at an alarming rate and usually this means that the young people are leaving and not returning. Maybe the jobs just aren't there, I don't know. I hope Norton can turn that around.

I'm convinced that another thing that's killing small towns and killing the jobs that could keep young people in town are the big box stores. Several people on this blog have mentioned this. My home town was ok, not great but ok, until Walmart came in. Once people started buying at Walmart the town died. Main Street is pathetic, one storefront after another is boarded up. It looks like a ghost town and it's getting worse instead of better. Got to keep the money circulating in the local economy or the local economy dies, it's just that simple. I just hope Norton can figure it out and pull itself together. Although I've never set foot in Norton I really feel a connection to it and I wish it the best. I hope I can get there soon.

Oh and if anyone from Norton who's into local history reads this I'd be interested in talking with you and if you would raise your hand I'll post an e-mail address. Thanks!

A. Brown : 12th Sep 2011 - 07:27 GMT

I grew up in Norton, I will admit that sometimes it would be nice to live in another place, but then I remember all the great things about Norton. I can walk to and from my job, at night and now worry about anyone trying to take me out. I can walk into my bank on payday and they know my name, not only do they know my name but will ask how my parents are doing, who had moved away due to medical issues! I have done a lot of growing up since I got married and almost everyday I am thankful to my parents to raising me in a town that is so polite! A few years ago I would have been the first one to admit that I did not think this town cared about each other. Then One of my best friends was killed in a terrible accident. He was in the Army and I remember driving up the hwy to lay him to rest for the last time and seeing all the people in Norton, standing on the sidewalk hands over hearts hats off and that made me think, man I can't live in a better town. There will always be people out there that think this town in boring or stupid. That is your problem. As for mine we love it here!

Dave: 20th Sep 2011 - 02:56 GMT

If anyone reading this knows any older native Norton folks, preferably those from multigenerational Norton families, I would very much appreciate establishing contact with them as they may have information that could help me to establish contact with my distant Norton relatives. My family arrived in Norton the 1880's and I know there were there at least until just a few years ago but I can no longer find anyone there with my surname, which is High. Last year I found 2 listings of High's in Norton but I put off trying to contact them and recent searches show no one. I'm doing the High family genealogy and I've gone as far as I can go so I'm looking for distant family connections.

I would even appreciate establishing an e-mail contact with anyone from Norton who would look in the Norton phone book for me to see if there are any High's there that don't show up on the web. Any help would be greatly appreciated. My e-mail account is: That is an online account that I rarely use so if you would let me know to check it that would be great. Thanks

mike: 22nd Oct 2011 - 23:21 GMT

This is some interesting reading! Grew up in Norton and it was just fine. A lot of good people there and yes there are some issues like any town or city of any size. I wouldn't stoop to anyones level on an opinion that was made by just one visit.

Lucky 7: 4th Jan 2012 - 06:02 GMT

I live in a small town just east of Norton,and its too bad that these towns are slowly shrinking.People move away promising "They are never coming back to this place!".and you know what? sometimes they don't.But as many times they do.These small rural communities are struggling and it is hard to compete with big box stores.But in the end,I would live in a small town,like Norton.I live in Smith Center,Ks,about an hr east,and I love it.People wave,say hello,smile,because they care.I have 5 kids and I would never think of moving to a larger town.I have never lived in Norton,but I have seen a lot of what they have to offer,and I like it.I have raced at the Elmwood Park Speedway for over 15yrs,and have always been surrounded by friends,when I am there.These small towns are what America is all about.Honesty,faith,and kindness,are just a few things that hold true in small towns.Yeah there might not be a Walmart,a great shopping center,Quick Trips,or big fancy car lots,but you know what I like...Not worrying about noise,traffic,my house getting broke into,my car being stolen,or some gang related act.Not saying that bigger towns,or cities are like this,but our small towns are NOT.I drive over 30 miles one way to work every day,and stop at two stop signs.Nice country.
Dont get me wrong,If you grew up in a large city,this might not be for you.Some people arnt wired for a nice,slow, relaxing evening with a night sky full of stars.
Its nice to know that I am.

Natasha: 15th Jan 2012 - 19:44 GMT

I live in Norton and you really did take pics of crappy places. There's a lot there.

don: 20th Jan 2012 - 13:53 GMT

you know whats funny is all of those pictures were takin with in about a one block radius of town. honestly iv lived in norton for over 10 years. its old fashoned. everyone waves at everyone else. most of town shuts down to go to a football game. and seeing an old couple holding hands while they walk down the street are everyday occurences. i am currently deployed overseas and honestly i cant wait to get home. its quite and no one is trying to run you over to get to a stupid starbucks or the mall or runnin from the cops. if i fire breaks out somewere in town everyone goes down to see if there friends need help or just simply to watch. honestly id take norton over any big city. boring yes it is. but you know what i like boring cause at least i can sleep with my front door wide open and not worry about being robbed. so you go live in your LA or New York and try not to get mugged. meanwhile ill have a beer on my porch and listen to the piece and quite

Dave: 21st Jan 2012 - 19:29 GMT

Don - I could be wrong but it looks to me like all of the pictures are just different sides of your old Chevy dealerships empty building.

There are millions of people across America who would jump at the chance to have that building as their towns biggest eyesore.

Frankly, I don't mind the looks of it all all and I'd be interested in knowing more about it. It's far more interesting and ascetically pleasing than any of the modern cookie cutter dealership buildings we see now days which have zero character and never will.

trisha: 3rd Mar 2012 - 18:41 GMT

well i grew up as a child in norton.. and when we were kids our parents werent afraid to leave us outside to play. and run all over town too. me now i cant evenleave my kids outside by thereselves i have to be right there cuz im afraid of someone taking them with out being there.. but in norton everyone knows everyone and helps everyone. yeah small towns seem boring.. but i have lived in the cities since 1990 and have gone back in western ks to visit family,and you what is the beauty about norton is the open farms that feed famlies and meet people that give respect to others and there are stuff you can do but whoever had done the research isnt a person that likes country adverture. its quite and i dont miss the city lights and gun shots and cops everywhere. i love going out to the dirt roads at night and looking at the stars and i mean every single little star out there. and here in the city you just see a few stars i miss that.. and if you know farmers you have horses and pigs or cows and whatever else theres more then what people say there isnt. and those pictures must of been a day when the town was dead for church or something.. but like i said theres really more the what people say or see.. if i had a choose i would probaly raise my kids in that area more then the area i live now.. country life is what you have to be interested in to understand teh life of small towns too.. and city people think its boring because they cant get there rich asses pampered and chovfered all at once well sorry if you dont like it then dont let the door hit your ass on the way of leaving out of the town..

charlie : 3rd Mar 2012 - 18:43 GMT

I was born and raised in Norton. Honestly I thought his article was hilarious. Let's
Face it Norton was boring. It's natural for locals to get offended cause people who live there love it. I still miss it. But come on people when we were teenagers all we talked about was leaving Norton.

trisha: 3rd Mar 2012 - 18:45 GMT

oh yeah that too norton is a very educated town and especailly in there sports they are literally the best and have been that way for many years. and its defently a place i could free my mind if needed to think.. the town is slowly getting busier but its takes time.

KP: 3rd Mar 2012 - 19:07 GMT

WOW! I grew up in Norton and like most kids I could not wait to get out of here! I was so sick of everyone being in my business! So I went to college moved out to AZ where I knew only one person and every was sooo rude! They thought me being nice was me wanting something from them! So then I took a job offer in Oklahoma City and I honestly loved it there, my daughter was born there. But after a few months I realized I wanted to be closer to my family and have my child around people I really knew and trusted. My fiance is black, so that would make my daughter mixed, for those of you who couldn't put it together. So those of you who said you can't live in norton if your black, well my fiance works out at the prison and had made friends with some of those hick redneck norton people! I'm not going to lie to you and say we don't get looks when we go to the store, but we got those in the big cities we lived in too! Every damn city and town in this country has racism and people who just cannot tolerate gays! Seriously, norton is not the only place! But other than a few dirty looks(which I can tolerate, ignorance is everywhere) my daughter is complemented on every where we go, this little mix girl is loved by anyone we meet! And on top of that there is a surprising number of non-whites her age...times are a changing and norton is handling it just fine. Another thing about norton that I will always be thankful for is everyone knowing who you are, because of that when my dad was in icu 2 different times, one just recently the town has been so supportive and helpful! Something you won't find in a big city! Now my fiance is from all over the world, his dad was a marine. And we fight all the time about small town vs city and one thing that we always agree on is that this is a safe place to raise our daughter! And to the person that brought up all the bad that happened while you lived here, bringing up the ACCIDENT of the BB gun death had no point. Accidents like that can happen anywhere. Now maybe I'm just being touchy bc that was a very good friend and cousin of mine and not a day goes by that I don't think of him and the other person that was with him is a good friend of mine to this day. I just don't see how what happened to him makes norton bad????? The other stuff that happened where very unfortunate but peter you live in Brooklyn right? How many cases like that happen every day there??? Here its very rare and when it does the whole town hurts...there people aren't even affected by it. I'm starting to ramble now. But my point is there are judgemental people here, just like everywhere else. But there are very good caring people as well, why let the ignorance of a few wreck it for you?

Ashton L: 3rd Mar 2012 - 20:06 GMT

Well said, KP. As my third grade teacher (in Norton, Kansas) once told me, "only boring people get bored." Blaming your boredom on your locale is a cop-out. I live near Atlanta now. I do love the cultural opportunities and diversity of more populated areas - and sometimes I wish people in Norton had more opportunities to interact with people who are different than them (I think that would help with some of the sexism, racism, homophobia that exists in Norton . . . and everywhere.) All that said, Norton Kansas is where my heart is - and it gave me an entire childhood's worth of warm (and FUN) memories. Bear with me as I wax sentimental . . . but when I saw those pictures posted, I didn't see a dead end, run down town - I saw humanity represented by well-worn, well-loved buildings. Norton is the place that made me who I am . . . decidedly not bored, boring, racist, sexist, or homophobic.

Ashton L: 3rd Mar 2012 - 20:31 GMT

P.S. Taking a second look at the pictures, I actually really like them. They capture our brick streets, which I love. Those brick streets were laid in the 1930's - they were a project developed by the Work Progress Administration during the Great Depression . . . a component of Franklin Roosevelt's "New Deal." Learned that from my junior high history teacher :-) Peace.

April: 3rd Mar 2012 - 21:39 GMT

I love that little town... my husband grew up there and we have visited. Yes it is small but I love that the lake is 4 miles away and it does seem like a safe place...

April: 3rd Mar 2012 - 21:39 GMT

I love that little town... my husband grew up there and we have visited. Yes it is small but I love that the lake is 4 miles away and it does seem like a safe place...

April: 3rd Mar 2012 - 21:39 GMT

I love that little town... my husband grew up there and we have visited. Yes it is small but I love that the lake is 4 miles away and it does seem like a safe place...

Small Town Proud: 3rd Mar 2012 - 22:37 GMT

You city folks obviously don't deserve to live in the central part of the United States. You can see for miles, most places are smog free and the fun part about it is you get to LOOK for fun things to do. And Lord knows you couldn't survive on the land either if you had to! I'm proud of being from a small towns in Kansas and I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd appreciate it of you'd stop running down little towns!

James.: 4th Mar 2012 - 06:05 GMT

Scott Sargent is an idiot. His number 1 for "America's Most Boring Towns" is Norman, Oklahoma, which has a population of 110,925 as of the 2010 census, and that's where OU (University of Oklahoma) is located, which has 30,000 college students enrolled and where over 80,000 people attend football games every fall, not to mention a lot of other shit to do in that city (its in the metropolitan area of Oklahoma City, a metropolitan area that has over 1 million people living in it). He said he ate at Denny's twice and stayed at a Budget Inn hotel, took pictures, and then jetted out of town, and apparently that makes it the most boring town in America. Really Scotty? Come on bro.. get a clue.

Now, I don't care about Norman, OK, but if your telling me it's the most boring "town" in America, then that tells me you are stupid, ignorant, and your articles have no credibility... Anyone can get on this website and write articles, even someone like Scotty who can't get a job for a newspaper outlet or anything of the sort because he is too stupid to write anything that makes any common sense to anybody.

God Bless America.

marj: 10th Mar 2012 - 16:11 GMT

Dave, the Norton Library has a pretty good collection in their genealogy section, where we found a small container of city directories, including the phone books, and, incredibly, a directory of everyone's license plate, car make and owner until about the 60's. The microfilmed newspapers are there too, as well as obituaries. Try someone who is in the historical or genealogic society at the library. My husband grew up there, his family had a sodhouse in the 1880's near Norton. But,he says he doesn't recognize your name, however.

Happy to be in Norton: 26th Mar 2012 - 18:57 GMT

I grew up in Norton and left after high school. I lived in Kansas City for 35 years and thoroughly enjoyed it. But my husband and I had an opportunity to move back several years ago and we can now appreciate the perks Norton offers. You have to be mentally and emotionally ready to do this. Small town life is not for everyone, just as big city life isn't for everyone and there are pros and cons to each. We are proud of Norton because it really is growing and has more to offer than most of its neighboring communities. The large brick building shown at the beginning (was a car dealership, not a bottling plant)has recently been purchased my a local family with plans to restore it. Norton's downtown area has been designated a State and National Historic District which will encourage more preservation and restoration of many old buildings. The old Kent Gas Station on the south end of State Street has been restored for Chamber and Economic Development offices and another restoration project is going on where the K&S Center, Thunderchord Guitars and Manning Office Supply used to be. Life is what and where you make it and I'll choose Norton, thank you very much.

Dave: 3rd Apr 2012 - 06:06 GMT

Thank you Marj. I'm looking forward to getting there. Next year I hope.

anon ( 29th May 2012 - 16:42 GMT

I grew up in Norton fifty years ago and to me it was a wonderful place to live. I think I can fix the boredom problem. My plan is to locate Thelma and Louise and get them to operate an alligator farm in the old Sheets Motor Company gargle. That should bring in plenty of revenue and excitement for the City of Norton and its inhabitants. Any one that wants to comment on my idea may reach me at I would love to hear from any old friends.
P.S. Anyone interested in finding Thelma and Louise may call me at: 817.202.8717.

Daniel: 6th Jun 2012 - 17:59 GMT

I was born in Norton, Ks and have since lived in much larger locations, and have been to more 100,000 plus populous cities than I could count. I know some people like the non stop go-go city life, NOT ME! I work at our 1 year old Sleep Inn & Suite's that has the BEST hotel staff I have ever delt with, we are making some very good progress on our little town beside's the new hotel we have Subway,Town and Country diner, Attitudes Steakhouse, Mcdonald's (Soon to be renovated with a new play place) Woody's Restraunt, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell. The city pool will be out of comission next year for a multi-MILLION dollar facelift! I am a avid gun enthusiast and collector of weapons and to be honest carrying an AK-47 to my car would on most day's result in 2 or more squad car's showing up to question my motives in any of the larger locations I have resided. I love that neighbor's here look out for eachother and take notice to people or thing's that appear to be out of place, because usually that type of thing needs to be taken note of! We do our best here and for some people that is not enough the "Human Condition" summed up in ONE word is "Imperfection" but those of us who choose to live here seem to survive just fine. I agree with most of the good posts on this dumb site We enjoy our seroundings and tend to enjoy grass instead of concrete and I laugh when the city slickers get excited over Deer, Pheasant, Turkey, and Prarie dog sitings because that is part of everyday life here in the stix!

Dean Huffman: 12th Jun 2012 - 17:45 GMT

Former Norton Resident recalls years gone by:
On or about Sept 1, 1939 we moved to Norton from south of Edmond Kansas. We lived across the road from the Houston School house on the Graham County line as I remember.
When time permits, I like to visit the banks of the Solomon river as it was there I dreamed and fished away
and told a new story every day.
One very good thing about Norton is Elmwood Park and baseball games after dark.
Lefty throwing fast balls that hit the mark.
And the taste of wild plums on Prairie Dog Creek.
The swimming place we used to meet.
They say you canít go home again, Perhaps, Iíll try and see.
I have traveled lots of highways, been down many roads,
And here I am today most of my good times gone.
I am somewhere west of Norton as I inhale the scent of a summer rain.
Now I donít have a ticket and Iím waiting for a train
It must run through the dark of night and take me home again.
So please mister train man, slow it down for me,
And Iíll climb aboard your late night train and homeward bound Iíll be.
Submitted by Dean Huffman former long time resident of his favorite town, Norton, Kansas now living in Cleburne, Texas.

Craig Wilnerd: 25th Jun 2012 - 18:58 GMT

My twin sister and I were born in Norton in 1960. I can still remember visiting my grandmother, Nettie Johnson (a couple blocks South of the pool), picking corn from her gigantic garden, going to the car races on fridays and saturdays. My dad was a mechanic at Gall Motors when we were born. Grandpa Dallas was a stone mason. Grandma passed away in 1986 and that was the last time I was there. By chance, one of my neighbors here in Wichita was actually from there, but he is 15-20 years younger than me. A great small town!

james: 25th Jun 2012 - 20:15 GMT

hi. i lived in norton, kansas for 3 years of my life from age 8-10. before that and after that, i lived and grew up in calabasas, california.

i can say that i have fantastic memories of norton as i was able to do things that i would have never have done in the suburbs of los angeles. not that it wasn't available in calabasas, but rather i would just probably never have done these things, especially at that age:

- joining the cub scouts and getting my cub and wolf badges. didn't make it to the bear badge.
- learning how to hunt pheasant with a .410 shotgun.
- learning how to feed cows
- learning how to ride a horse
- learning how to ride a dirt bike
- learning how to make jerky out of deer meat
- learning to fish at the lake
- harvesting wheat on a combine
- going to every friday night high school football games, even when it's snowing
- going to every friday night high school basketball games, even when it's snowing
- actually getting picked up and dropped by a school bus from/at my front door every day
- getting to go to the public pool where all the other kids hung out during summer
- competing in the NFL punt, pass, and kick competition
- learned to play the trumpet in the elementary school band
- going to the yearly gun/knife/rock show at the national guard armory
- trying redman chew and throwing up violently (not something to brag about.)

there are so many wonderful memories of my time there.

i don't remember all of the restaurants, but i do remember the pizza hut and right near there was a country restaurant where you purchased the tickets to the trailways bus.

also, there was one mexican restaurant that was in like a huge hangar, not a typical restaurant.

and of course....i can never forget my first and only dairy queen i've every known which was right around the corner from the elementary school that i went to.

i remember the public library there which was a couple of blocks away from the safeway in town. and near there was a drug store.....that had a soda fountain and served ice cream, like you see in movies from the '50s. the center of was like the town from the simpson's. there was a movie theatre nearby where i saw 'the champ' during summer $1 movie days.

the pictures of the deserted car dealers at the top of this thread.....they were near the center of town.

and as always, the people of that fantastic and so nice. it was definitely a leave your door open all night during the summer type of place. people were so kind.

i have promised my wife and daughter to bring them there one day as i've always given the '...when i was in norton, kansas, i did.....' and they look at me like, 'sure was when you were in the twilight zone...'

kudos to norton, kansas. i've noticed the population has shrunk a bit, but god bless all of the fine people there.

Lanette: 27th Jun 2012 - 20:52 GMT

I grew up summers in Norton, Kansas with my grandparents and those were some of the best times of my life. We could walk to the pool and the park without anyone having to worry about being okay. Downtown was much busier then than it is now, and yes I was just there a couple of months ago for the funeral of my beloved grandmother. The town has a lot of offer!!!!

Eric: 6th Jul 2012 - 18:04 GMT

Boring? It's been said that if you are bored it is because you are a boring person. Rural people are seldom bored in small towns; they are able to appreciate and enjoy what city people are unable to.

However, as the economy continues to tank - and cities become more hostile and violent - I'd be willing to bet that a lot of city people will be wishing they were "bored" in a small town in Northwest Kansas and will gladly exchange perceived cultural superiority for affordable real estate and the safety inherent in a community which not only looks after its own, but still retains a traditional, sane culture of self-sufficiency.

Sites such as testify to the fact that there is fundamental shift going on in terms of what public perception is regarding the desirability of previously ridiculed areas. Being "behind the times" and "boring" is increasingly valuable and marketable... so don't be too quick to laugh!

Eric: [[img:49801]]

Dennis: 24th Jul 2012 - 23:53 GMT

Wow, this site has had its share of comments huh. Well, I am going to add mine. And before anyone says yer spelling sucks ass, yea? so what?? I don't really care about spelling, never have and it sure ain't from being schooled in Norton. Unfortunately, we moved out when I was in early grade school.

Yes, I lived in Norton when I was just a young kid. I loved it there and still do. Wishing I was able to return there. We did not have money to speak of, but, we lived and had a great time all the time. My first real memories of Norton is when we lived at the Norton airport, yes, I said LIVED AT. Our house was also the airports office building. But, that was a long time ago. My brothers and I had a lot of fun out there for sure. Got rides a lot also.

My grandpa and grandma owned and ran the Serve-U-Well cafe' there that was on the corner, which is now a bank. I do not know how many of you who visit this site remember that place, but I sure do about 45 years later.

People have the right to say what they wish about what ever they wish. I do not care if some bad mouth Norton, it's there right to. However, those who continue to do so with several other comments "for" Norton are nothing but trolls looking for a "word" fight, and, of course they get it. Oh well, life goes on. I kinda like seeing that happen because it proves to me how shallow so many people are. Nothing more to do than bad mouth others online. Why? hmmm, well, probably because they got no life. Thats ok though, I got no life either, least I dont go around to a load of message boards trying to start some thing. WOW, maybe I just did. LOL oh well. Don't care..

All in all, Norton IS a great place to raise a family. It does have a lot to offer some one who is willing to see it. It's a shame so many do not simply because they are blinded by hate or there own self righteousness. Again, thats there prerogative.

Bottom line, if I could afford it, I would damn well welcome the opportunity to move back there..

Have a great Day

Dave H: 23rd Aug 2012 - 18:40 GMT

It is what it is and what you make of it. I just read today about a lot of Americans who are retiring in Central America. Too hot and muggy for me down there, and it sure isn't the USA which I am a proud 10th generation citizen of and will stick with until we get her back on her feet.

If you live in a boring town and you need to exercise your intellect, get to know some interesting people there and socialize with people that keep you interested in life.

Be an interesting person and you'll find them.

You can be a couch potato (or not) in either Norton, KS or NY City. It is what you make of it.

neil, glasgow, UK: 11th Sep 2012 - 21:48 GMT

I found this town by playing my favourite pc game - "Random USA Google Map selection". Get the US up, randomly move the little orange guy around and drop him at random on the map.
What a hotbed of activity ! Norton, you rock.

Dobby: 16th Sep 2012 - 03:20 GMT

Boring? It's been said that if you repeat yourself over, and over and over and over again, you are a boring person. The only thing worse than a boring a person is a person from a shithole town who takes the time to defend it on the Internet.

Ken: 6th Oct 2012 - 04:44 GMT

yea, grew up west of the city of norton; left my keys in the car, house unlocked, slept outside most of the summer and watched the milky way. God I miss it. now stuck in a stinkin' city where they only have 27 murders a year. Yeah, you clutch your memories, and I will clutch mine.

Roland Gilliam: 23rd Nov 2012 - 01:01 GMT

I was in Norton on election day 2012. My purpose was to remove the old tower at the airport. I did whate I came fore, and moved it back to my airport in Carthage N.C. Carthage is also a County seat with about half the population of Norton. I have lived in large towns (Va. Beach Va.) and I much prefer the smaller towns like Norton and Carthage. We never lock our doors aqnd are not afraid to walk the streets day or night. Sure some bad things happen from time to time, but in general, it's a much better life than in a big city.

Roland Gilliam: 23rd Nov 2012 - 01:26 GMT

I arrived in Norton on election day 2012. My purpose was to move the old airway tower at the airport to my airport in Carthage N.C. That was done and was accomplished with no problem at all. My short stay in Norton was very nice and all, and I repeat all of the people I came in contact with were very nice and accomodating.Scotty Evans and his crane crew, Delvis Miller and his office crew, Goof's Big Boy Toy Museum,The newspaper lady, and the magazine writer, the people at the farm supply next door, as well as everyone else we talked to were real down to earth people. We should all wish everyone was like this. I was raised in Va. Beach Va., but it became to large for me and now I am in a County Seat about half the size of Norton, Carthage N.C. I built the local airport and have started an air museum there. A friend of mine sold the fueling station to the airport, and told me of the tower that was to be sold. Now it will be at a museum instead of in China as scrap metal.There is much to be said for small towns in America and I commend you residents of Norton Kansas for keeping your town small and quaint. PS If anyone knows where the old tower was moved from please let Delvis Miller at the airport know. It was moved to Norton sometime in the mid 1940's.

Kenny from Arkansas: 12th Jan 2013 - 04:12 GMT

I've been coming to Norton the past 2 years to turkey hunt. Have had some great times and will be back again this year, Lord willing. To me, Norton is the quintessential small town in America. I love it!

rmg: 20th Jan 2013 - 20:30 GMT

Thank you to Scott for presenting his pictures and thoughts about Norton, just look at the conversation that has been posted about our quiet little town of Norton and if you go back and check there are more positives than negatives, so we thank you Scott for helping us realize how much we really do have here that appeals to a far reaching population of former residents and others who are seeking tranquility, peace and happiness,

Chris: 22nd Jan 2013 - 18:23 GMT

I live in upstate NY in the Catskills, and it is (to me) the most beautiful place on earth. I drove across the county once, and stopped in Norman, KS. to buy a map,(this is pre-GPS) days, and somehow got lost. I went into a store on the main street, and felt as though I had two heads, the way the people were looking at me. Maybe it was the New York plates on my car, but I felt like if I spent more time there, I would be actually be putting myself at risk. I don't think they cared for strangers in that town. I was very pleasant, not like the reputation that lots of New Yorkers have, I am a polite young fella.
And man....Kansas is flat!! That is the only other thing I remember about my drive across the state, the utter flattness, and lack of anything remotely interesting to look at, landscape-wise.

Chris: 22nd Jan 2013 - 18:31 GMT

BTW, I found tis website because there was an article on AOL's webpage about a museum in Norton KS, devoted to "Also Rans" presidential losing candidates. I was so struck by the fact that the guy who founded the museum thought the town needed a way to get attention, so he started it in the local bank lobby. Well, I guess it worked, since he got my attention, and I looked up the town's website, then remembered that I had been there on my drive across county nearly 20 years ago, as I said in my comment above. Wish I had known about the museum then, I might not have been so frightened of the locals who tried to murder me.

norton the chit: i love the new bridge thats going in

SewSew: 1st May 2013 - 17:28 GMT

I lived in Norton more than 20 years, including my childhood...I have some fond memories of my youth spent in parks and such before they were derelict and walking around a pretty town before there was a drug house every other block, but the rest of my life there stunk; and from an objective view, it's ridiculous. Still, there are some good things...

- You can get away with pretty much everything if you have the right last name.
- Everyone's pretty nice on the surface as long as you look fairly normal. Beware of stylish clothing or non-hat-hair; true compassion or consideration is in short supply.
- There's plenty of marijuana, prescription pills, and other illegal drugs to go around, particularly in the 16-30 age group.
- Almost everyone goes to church and calls themselves a least on sunday morning.
- There's so much to do for young drinking and random sex. Kids may have reasonable amounts of legitimate fun while their imagination is in tact, however.
- Great place if you like hunting, fishing, drinking, or hunting fish while drinking.
- We actually have some fairly talented mechanics in town; I bought a car there I've had for over 10 years and they've kept it running well.
- No need to use turn signals or have any courtesy for other drivers; feel free to drive 5% of the speed limit, slow way down to gawk at houses and people, or back out of your parking spot without looking.
- No need to use designated parking spaces, just park wherever and at whatever angle strikes your fancy.
- Your children can experience reasonable junior high and high school education while involving themselves with or being targetted by the "cool kids" in order to promote bullying itself or the willpowerless peer-approval-centric attitude that makes for easy bully targets.
- Great new Dairy Queen, service and good food; they haven't messed up an order yet, and I always order special.
- It's got one heck of a Mexican food restaurant - Las Canteras. The employees may not speak perfect English, but the food's delicious and watching them carry 6 or 7 plates at once without a huge tray is quite amazing.
- There are at least three companies that employ dozens of people and are growing. The unemployment rate may be below average for the area as a result.
- For young children, this town is probably as safe as anywhere in the country, generally speaking.
- The Sleep Inn is pretty nice, especially considering it's part of a "bargain" chain of hotels.
- They're "fixing" the roads. The portion of four-lane Hwy 36 that goes thru town, for instance, was repaired from being quite smooth to having patches of asphalt right down the middle of each pair of lanes reminiscent of a quadriplegic toddler's attempt at making Play-Doh flat while wearing a blindfold. My car's suspension was not amused.
- It's easy to walk around and see only beauty...if you're holding a great painting in front of your face. So much of the town has been left to deteriorate; it's sad that it's difficult to find a view of anything without some abandoned buildings, empty sections of broken-up concrete, or something in desperate need of paint.

I can't think of a single reason to move or stay there unless you're A.) an avid hunter/fisher with a thirst for beer, B.) a parent of a child in elementary school or younger that's worried about their safety in larger towns and actually found a job there with which to support said child, or C.) over 60 and wanting to find others in that age group with similar antiquated/prejudiced views of non-white people with which to judge younger individuals for questionable choices (which you have clearly made none of) and seek a greater focus on getting people to church functions than actually helping them get to know the God it's all supposed to be about. Don't get me wrong, there's some good people in that town, some really working hard to support their family, and a handful even that aren't hypocritical about half their lives, but if you're going to have to put up with the OTHER people anyway, why not at least move to a town with more job options and something to do besides drink and screw til youíre old enough to sit at McDonaldís drinking coffee and complain about the government all day?

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