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America's Most Boring Towns: 3

- Scott Sargent - Monday, June 19th, 2006 : goo

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image 12805

image 12806

image 12807

This group of three structures appear to comprise the sum total of a town called , .

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colavito's ghost: 20th Jun 2006 - 14:53 GMT

that roof of that building in the first shot has a bit of a pagoda thing going on, no?

GUS BRENNAN: 20th Jun 2006 - 17:38 GMT


GUS BRENNAN: 20th Jun 2006 - 17:54 GMT


Scott Sargent: 20th Jun 2006 - 19:22 GMT

Gus, its a very small, boring town. I have indeed seen many "proper" towns, as it were, and while I appreciate your specific gusto for , I am hoping to make a different point through this series of postings.

Nick Levendofsky: 26th Jun 2006 - 16:18 GMT

I am from Belleville, and, quite frankly, you don't know Belleville any more than the man in the moon. Did you drive downtown and walk around the square? Did you check out all the stores we have? Did you drive out to Rocky Pond, or the N.C.K. Fairgrounds? How about the Highbanks race track? The swimming pool? City Park? What about the Belleville Country Club and golf course? Did you stop and have a bite to eat at the Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut, Mr. Goodcents, or A.J.'s?There were a lot of different places you could have taken pictures of, but it looks to me like you just take pictures of old, abandoned buildings that just happen to be along a major highway running through these towns. I'd recommend you stop and look around a little longer when you're traveling instead of jumping to conclusions and making it look like we don't have anything going for us at all. It's people like you who make it hard for towns like Belleville to bring people in. I hope you're proud of what you're doing. Instead of helping, you're hurting, that's nothing to be proud of.

Chris Erb: 26th Jun 2006 - 20:11 GMT

You seem to really like your town. I would suggest walking around the good parts of your town and taking pictures of it and making your own posts. Show us the other side of Belleville.

Nick Levendofsky: 26th Jun 2006 - 20:56 GMT

I'll do that. I plan on being there for July 4th and will be able to get some great photos of people enjoying Belleville.

Chris Erb: 26th Jun 2006 - 21:27 GMT

I look forward to seeing the contrast between this series of photos and what you get.

EvilGentleman: 26th Jun 2006 - 21:44 GMT

I find it interesting to convert the demographic information for Bellevile found at into actual numbers. The population of Belleville in 2000 was 2239, and broke down as follows: (including both politically correct and laymen's racial designations

POP PC Race (Race)
2202 Caucasian-American (White)
6 African-American (Black)
4 Native-American (Indian)
7 Asian-American (Oriental)
7 Other (Other)
13 Two or more races (Mixed Race)
2239 TOTAL
Also including:
18 Hispanic of any race (Latino)

If you break it down the 2239 residents by age, they are:
394 aged 00-18
121 aged 18-24
448 aged 25-44
513 aged 45-64
763 aged 65+

Senior citizens seem to ountumber children almost 2 to 1.

Based on all this data, Belleville seems to be a classic middle American town that was originally based on a rural economy, and is now transitioning into a retirement community. The younger population has moved away, most likely in search of better jobs and more excitement in the big city. A significant number of those young people who move away will probably return later on in life.

The population seems predominantly white, probably not due to any plan or design, but just simply due to the fact that the people who originally founded the community were white, and most of the people in town are probably descended from various waves of white pioneers who decided to farm the lands around Belleville. It would seem that other races are quite welcome, but few have made it to this particular town as of yet. (kind of like Vermont)

Nick does have a point, these posts can be quite damaging to a small town that is trying desperately to avoid having people move away. Fortunately, this post is only #41 on a Google search for Belleville, Kansas so far. I do not think that the author was intending to harm the economy of Belleville or any such thing, but was merely stating his opinion of the blandness of middle America, as seen through the eyes of an urban-oriented person. Keep in mind this is primarily an urban-oriented website, so the audience here will tend to share the views of the author.

The truth be told, I would much rather buy a home in Belleville, Kansas than in Manhattan. Manhattan has so much more to offer me at my current age of 37, but I know eventually, I will want a slower pace, and places like Belleville are ideal for people who want a safe place to retire without being totally isolated.

The world needs the big cities and the Bellevilles of the world equally. I would not want to imagine a world without either bustling cities or small quiet communities. Diversity is one of the things that makes America great.

p.o.ed person from belleville: 19th Jan 2007 - 03:18 GMT

ok now i agree with nick belleville is not as boring as they are trying to make it sound.there is fun food and places to hang out. we have the worlds fastist half mile dirt track, and home to the midget nationals. there is so meny places that is not shown here and the pics on the bulding with the blue roof is one bulding it was the old dodge dealer here in town and is currentley bms(belleville motor sports). we have a smaller highschool it is a 3a with about 250 students. yes we are kinda of hicked up to you people but that is just normal to us. if you ever come to viset come during the summer we have the nck free fair and races all summer long. yes we are a small rual area but most the people enjoy that. Aguculture it really big here if you were to come to belleville in the summer twards the end of june you will see people out in the feilds all over providing for you. we work so u can eat your bread. So i and the other people from belleville would apprechiat it if you would quit looking down on us.

Belleville man: 6th Mar 2007 - 01:16 GMT

Nick you are right i live near belleville to. The people just dont understand that what we have here and how we enjoy it here. Them In there big cities just dont understand what it is like to do some real hard labor other than sitting at a computer and sitting in there little office drinking coffee. I bet if we asked them what a 2388 or a 9600 was they would be compleatley clueless.

Caleb Chatfield: 23rd Mar 2007 - 17:47 GMT

Yes Scott, the old Sankey Motors building comprises the sum total of what goes on in Belleville. Maybe this is your point, to get a rise out of individuals and to make broad sweeping generalizations based on a corridor of highway that you've passed through. So much like the rest of your articles on this site. Well if you're into broad sweeping generalizations, I'm sure there is a Klan rally for you in the South. I tell you one thing, Belleville is full of real, geniune individuals that are trying hard to live, real, geniune lives. Whether it be, doctors, lawyers, teachers, farmers, or a small time entrepeneur.

I don't know where you live Scott or what you do for a living, frankly I could care just seem to be the run-of-the-mill Ivan Q. Douchebag that has too much time on his hands. Truth is boring or not....where you are located is what you make of it...and real, interesting individuals often come from these locales.

Right now I'm over my lunchbreak and I'm blowing off a little steam, but Scotty if you would like I can countinue any sort of discourse with you via e-mail....or if you like we can meet up in Kansas City for coffee sometime.

Warm Regards,

Caleb N. Chatfield

Darrel B Richardson: 20th Apr 2007 - 17:28 GMT

Scott... you have to be part of the elitists main stream meadia to post such a biased and knowledge lacking site on the internet. I will give you that "boring" is a subjective word and by your using it you have shown to the internet world your total lack of what is borning or not. To the residents of Belleville, there are many things to appreciate and enjoy. While they are not what the elitists may appreciate, they have value to those who live there. For one person to put down another speaks poorly of the first person.
How do I know about Belleville --- I was raised there 50 years ago and still visit yearly.
If you want to endure boredom, go to the big city and get caught in the morning or evening rush hour traffic. How about standing in line for hours at the airport? How about standing in line at the check out counter at a major Walmart store?
For your edification, there is a smaller town about 10 east of Belleville. A story about this town has appeared on CBS Sundary Morning 2 times and was a feature story in National Geographic once.
Hopefully this will add to your limited knowlege about small town and the value they add to America.
Darrel B Richardson

Peter: 20th Apr 2007 - 19:00 GMT

"...part of the elitists main stream meadia..."

hahahahahaha. right. cause, you know, thats how we roll on citynoise...

John : 15th Jun 2007 - 02:57 GMT

Umm...I think people are taking this way too seriously. Folks, he's poking a little fun. Also, the posts from Belleville are kinda making Scott's point, if you see what I mean. You gotta be bored if you have all this time to get yourself so pissed and all worked up and then write us all about it.

John : 15th Jun 2007 - 02:59 GMT

"we have the worlds fastist half mile dirt track, and home to the midget nationals"

Again, way to make the brother's point.

Rick: 7th Jul 2007 - 18:11 GMT

I have been to Belleville and have relatives still living there. I've read these posts and both sides have a point. To the people that are from there that really haven't been anywhere else, no, it's not a bad place to live. There's no crime to speak of, but methamphetamine use is becoming rampant in farming communities. The photos do not represent but a part of Belleville, and the main street is charming. That is, if all the store fronts occupy a business and are open. The town closes up early even on Fri and Sat., and most 20 and 30 somethings will travel south to Concordia for any sense of nightlife.

There's a town a little further west where the geriatric population is the highest per capita in the US, and it's a feature of these rural towns for the kids to go to college even as locally as Manhattan or Lawrence, and discover there's a big world out there for expanding their horizons.

KansasBoy: 15th Jul 2007 - 14:37 GMT

It would seem, perhaps, that you missed the downtown area of Belleville, since all of your pictures are from out on Highway 81. No matter, your conclusion is pretty much on target, if a little overstated.

Indeed, Belleville is fast declining. The county had it's largest population (19,000) in 1890. Now it is below 5,000 and falling at a breathtaking rate. (Perhaps 3% to 4% per year.) Obviously the decline in agricultural, rural population has been a real killer. But rural communities like Belleville have also been badly served by conservative, Republican values which they, themselves, hold dear. (Contrary to their own interests and contrary to what Darrel B seems to think.) Rural communities got a break with the New Deal of the 30's but since then most policies have worked in favor of industrialized agriculture, which means bigger farms, which means fewer people, and hence, the Belleville that you saw.

Another nail in the coffin was the decline of the railroads and specifically the death of the Rock Island RR which had been a major employer. Then the highway craze of the 50's moved the bypass to the west side of town (which you saw) and business moved out there, gutting the downtown. Finally, the Interstate highway system bypassed Belleville's lifeblood, HiWay 36, and I-70 was built some 90 miles to the south. And that was that.

Still, if you live there it is not quite as boring as it would seem to someone like you traveling through. And there is great freedom to do as you like and houses are stunningly cheap if you don't get too picky.

All in all, not a bad place to raise kids, as they say, but not a place where you can count on seeing them much after they go off to college.

For an old liberal like me (and not too much of an elitist) it is sad to see what conservatives have done to fine old places like Belleville in the name of progress.

Someone who's moved Chicago and moved back to Belleville: 9th Aug 2007 - 17:05 GMT

Where you live is what you make of it! I lived in Chicago for about two years when I was in my early 20's and found it nothing like everyone talks. Sure I was excited for the "hype" of the big city...but once I arrived I found it to be much less glamorous than I had imagined! Sure there are many things to do there, but the hassle and time of the drive to get to these places could actually turn out to be longer and more stressful than it would take one to get to a similar activity from Belleville. Being a young single female, I found it VERY hard to go anywhere by myself expecally at night. It was hard to find a decent guy to date or even hang out with for the evening, because you never knew what kind of sleezball they might be, kind of like Scott, the guy who thinks Belleville is a small,boring town. You are such a wind bag who obvousally has no life. Judging a book by it's cover is going to come back and bite you in the ass, and I can't wait for the day! People, if you really want to know where America's bad reputation is come from, it is from people like Scott who get off on trashing towns, people and lifestyles before really being in their shoes. Sounds kind of like what is going on in our war-ravished world these days! Thanks alot jackass!

todd from kansas: 11th Aug 2007 - 18:21 GMT

It looks to me there are some extreme generalizations in the photos. Almost trying to make these towns look much worse than they really are. I grew up in Kansas City. Have driven all through the Midwest. Yes, I got bored there all the time. I now live in San Francisco, where I also get bored. I think living in South America and traveling extensively around the world many times over made the U.S. seem boring and backwards to me. What do people do differently in New York, San Francisco than in some town in Kansas? They work, go to some bar to drink, watch sports, go to church, etc. Not much difference in my eyes only some people think they are smarter or more interesting than others when they really aren't.

todd from kansas: 11th Aug 2007 - 18:45 GMT

Scott, first of all, I do not know where you live but I would guess I would probably find it uninteresting. I think the only interesting cities in North America reside south of the border, except for Quebec City. As I just posted. Why do I feel this way? Who cares why? That is my opinion and it is all relative. Again, I am extremely well traveled globally and have lived abroad.

As I mentioned, I have lived in rural communities and in urban. Let me ask you. Have you ever been able to look up at the sky at night and clearly see the milky way? Or blue sky during the day. Have you ever experienced complete quiet? No traffic, people shouting, noise? No filth, crime? It is quite nice to experience these things. Everyday here I have at least 5 homeless people begging me for money. Annoying.

Growing up in a rural setting gives you time to think, ponder and look at the world around you. In urban areas there is too much man made clutter, worthless distractions. So, there are good and bad things about any place.

When I first arrived here and was looking for work the recruiter told me it would be difficult to compete with the Cal students with my lowly University of Kansas degree even though it was in Civil and Architectural Engineering. Real dumb comment. But that is the attitude on the East and West coast. Not too smart. Anyway, I have no problems finding jobs here. Actually, I make many of the policies and decisions where I now work because they respect my mind, (even though I am from Kansas.

I think some people try to make themselves feel better by putting others down or trashing their lifestyles.

Pat: 15th Aug 2007 - 19:33 GMT

Belleville is actully one of the most friendlyest towns u could ever go in its awesome u have fairs with rides, midget car races thers no reason it should be on this list cause i bet the people who wrote this hasn't even been there they just looked at it and said oh this looks boring. its really awesome place with all friendly people so u know what to who ever put it on this list u must have no life at all but to put others down and to feel bad

pat again from Kansas: 15th Aug 2007 - 19:37 GMT

u can see all the stars in the sky at night no noise to ruin it its awesome and these pictures aren't anyhting like it is. if u ever get a chance u should go.

susannah: 16th Aug 2007 - 14:29 GMT

I like these comments but I feel Scott needs a little support here. Obviously one man's fascination is another man's ennui. There is no need to be name-callin'. It is really cool - however - how much mileage he got out of these photos!

Belleville Born-N-Raised: 3rd Oct 2007 - 21:31 GMT

I was born and raised in Belleville, yet I have been to other cities and states. I will always call Belleville my HOME TOWN. I love the atmosphere, the people, and the scenery. And I know if I ever want a taste of city life, I don't have to travel too far.

Belleville Roots: 17th Nov 2007 - 23:31 GMT

I don't live in Belleville; go back about once a year to visit. Believe me, it's not NYC or even Alb, NM, but it is a nice place to "get away from it all." Obviously you've never actually been to Bellevile, just driven by. You should make the time to acquaint yourself with an area prior to making a judgement. Try this, just once, and you'll understand the defensive comments made by these good people. the fireflys at night. Go for a walk, wave at the citizens of Belleville. At any rate, you've received a lot of attention to yourself. Maybe that's what you crave....attention?

John W. Love: 14th Dec 2007 - 04:09 GMT

Belleville be the shiz...All ya'll crazy out of town people be hatin. B-town has alot more than that building, WE HAVE A BOWLING ALLEY!

belleville person: 23rd Jan 2008 - 03:06 GMT

Belleville is pretty cool. And as John said why do you all have to put us down from beeing from a small towns. We dont have gangs like the people in the big city. We are more calm than some people. but we do have more than a bowling alley.

Mark: 27th Jan 2008 - 00:56 GMT

I just recently moved to Belleville. Yes, it is a boring , but it has a great historic race track. I just wish they used it alot more than what they do.

Bellevile Racer#01: 27th Jan 2008 - 01:00 GMT

Those pictures are of the old Snakey Building which is now the new gome of 4 time IMCA chassis builder, Belleville Motor Sports. All I have to see is this idiot hasn't been here during the races. There is never a dull moment around here in the summer. You want a boring town, go to Angelus, KS. Find that spec on the map sometime

GS Age 97: 2nd Mar 2008 - 01:42 GMT

Since I was born twelve miles from Bellville in 1910 I can give you some perspective on this town. In the 1930's we looked forward going town to visit friends on the street and at the park. On weekends going to the movies and eating ice cream together was entertaining. The county fair in Bellville was also a highlight each year. I won't get in the debate (Scott and Anti-Scott "boring" views)

Travis: 13th Mar 2008 - 05:56 GMT

Just a personal opinion for all you "better than everyone else" city types. I grew up in Belleville. Had a lot of fun and learned a hell of a lot in the 18 of my 30 years spent there. Even though I work overseas, Belleville will always be home. Yeah, the urban city has more entertainment venues(and disrespect). But let me tell you something. When you grow up learning the values of rural America, living in the city and working overseas really opens your eyes and makes you appreciate what you had. If you've never spent any amount of time in a small town like Belleville, what the hell makes you qualified to judge the lifestyles of the residents? Just because you are not used to everyone you see waving and saying hi, even though it's obvious you don't live around there, and the fact that you have no ingenious ideas for creating entertainment, doesn't mean that your city slicker ways are any better than ours. Given the quality of life and the overall respectfulness of everyone in Republic county, I agree with Caleb. I'd be happy to debate the subject with you. Drop me an email and the next time I'm in the states we'll meet up!

Travis Genereux

Belleville sucks: 13th Mar 2008 - 16:27 GMT

It looks like everyone in the population of Belleville have posted their whiney comments. Seriously, the place has less than 3,000 people. It may be a good place to "get away from it all". But the job opportunities suck for most young kids. Also, this is the type of town associated with incest, pedophilia, and lynch mobs. Quit trying to act like your town is great just because you know everyone in it. Trust me. I've been to these places. The people are boring.

ExKansan: 20th Mar 2008 - 20:20 GMT

I guess I missed all the above mentioned incest, pedophilia and lynch mobs growing up in Belleville, but I must say that would hardly be boring!

Like other posters here I moved away to a larger city and return occasionally to visit family there. Any place one lives is a mixed bag of good and bad, Belleville is no exception.

Good jobs are scarce; services are difficult to find and expensive; transportation is non existant; the downtown business district dried up after WalMart opened in the next county.

On the other hand, crime is low, housing is cheap, and given the large senior population health care is surprisingly good.

What allows these towns to survive is a strong sense of community, people helping each other and looking after their neighbors. It isn't glamorous, but it helps those of us with aging parents living there worry a little less.

Is my little home town boring? Absolutely. The real question is whether boring is necessarily a bad thing.

ex-Bellevillian: 30th Apr 2008 - 15:27 GMT

Personally...I think Belleville is the most boring town in the world and I grew up there. Still have family there too. Belleville has always had this gran idea of itself because it host a "major" race every year for the "midgets" which is a small dirt track car not the little people. It also hosts the Kansas Junior Miss Pageant. But outside of those two things it has absolutely nothing to offer anyone.

It's downtown is all but dried up. Most of its houses have gone to the way side. The city tears more places down because they are falling apart than it see new people come into the town. Half the town lives on wel-fare. Drugs are a major problem in the town, and having a good time requires at least 3 cases of beer and some hard liqour. That's why the town has multiple liquor stores.

This great race "the Belleville Midget Nationals" they are so proud of used to be a 3 day event that brought in hundreds of cars. Now it is a two day pass through event for the drivers and usually only gets about 30 cars. The Midgets have half a dozen races they feel are more prestigous, and about a dozen that pay more. Besides the "midget" class of cars is at best a single A minor league in the racing industry.

Besides the way that their "fairboard and Race Committee" have ran the event the past decade has just about closed the whole race track down. There are half as many people that go to the races now, and that will only get less. Since the people in charge no absolutely nothing about running a race track.

The "kansas junior miss" pageant has actually gone away for a few years and now has come back. It is only a matter of time before it goes for good.

The school system is in shambles with a School Board that is comprised of idiots and back stabbers, and a Superintendant that doesn't know his ass from his head.

As far as the great "Belleville Motor-sports Incorporated" that was talked about earlier. Wasn't that founded by a pedaphile?

Belleville is a classic and shinning example of a town that could have been something great, that put it's head in the sand and let progress pass them by. One day the town will be little more than a gas station and an old folks home. Just like every other town in Republic County.

Good riddence Belleville....

Matt Parde: 13th May 2008 - 06:20 GMT

I was born and raised in Belleville, lived there for almost 30 years. I always had something to do and had a lot of fun. It's nice to know who lives in your neighborhood where you actually have yards and the houses aren't ten feet apart. There isn't a brown cloud of toxic shit hanging over the city and the small town people have respect for human life, most humans anyway! There are some bad apples in the community but everyone there knows their full name and what they look like. People that complain about Belleville do not know what is important in life and more than likely won't be happy wherever they reside. People that cannot spell or type do not do the education system any justice.
The town seems to have gone downhill in the past decade due to the lack of employment, that's why I no longer live there. There are also some two faced liars in administrative positions and business owners that drive young people like me away. Just because there are a few assholes doesn't mean the whole town is a failure. I love Belleville, but people that live there have to admit that the future for progress being young, married and parents is not real promising unless you have a fat bank account to get something started unless you desire to just get by. Which is fine but not for me!
The only successful business' in Belleville are owned and operated by people that have wealth and that is fine also, but employees can't live on six or seven dollars an hour! Even in Belleville! Almost as the business owners are forgetting who is making their new house and new vehicle payments. Instead of developing opportunity or paying better wages the money goes in the personal account for a rainy day.
So whatever happens there in the future, everyone can thank the chamber of commerce and the established business owners for denying competitive employers from coming to town so they don't have to pay their hard workers what they deserve!
So, when the ship sinks I won't be around, but I will come back to visit.

Another Ex-Bellevillian: 23rd May 2008 - 21:45 GMT

As I recall, Belleville could have been the site of Cloud County Community College, but at that time community leaders vetoed that idea due to the potential of opening up the community to an 'undesirable' demographic. (Their opinion, not mine.) Wal-Mart also wanted to open doors in Belleville several years later, but local downtown merchants put a stop to that as well as they didn't want the competition. Essentially the town is comprised of people that can't make it anywhere else, and I'm frankly glad that I shook the dust of that dump my my feet years ago.

Another Ex-Bellevillian: 23rd May 2008 - 21:47 GMT

Excuse me...I meant to say "from my feet", not "my my feet"...God forbid that I be accused of not being able to spell or type because I don't happen to like this town.

Cathy Tarkowski Grant: 29th May 2008 - 00:45 GMT

Belleville Kansas is full of potential with many creative artisans and entrepreneurs. It also is ripe for development with the Republican River running nearby, beautiful old 81 highway running north of town with it's beautiful scenic hills and valleys. In case you haven't noticed, people are moving to farm communities from big cities all around us, and Belleville will be no different in the years to come. Anyone can close their eyes and overlook the acres of diamonds in their own backyard.

M.Scott: 6th Jun 2008 - 02:25 GMT

We have raised our family in Belleville, and have happily enjoyed all the benefits of this small town for nearly 50 yrs. I have lived in the cities..and wouldn't trade the security,peace and friendliness for anything that the "superior minded" city folks cling to in their denial that there may be something better! Those who have abandoned our town and have negative feelings about it have my congratulations...we are grateful that you chose to leave. There are many things to enjoy here besides a race track! We call it a "quality life".
p.s. The 3 pictures are all the same building!

Jen from KC: 10th Jun 2008 - 16:03 GMT

Been there, enjoyed the visits. Lots of charm. Lots of people working hard to keep it alive.

Swanson from SD: 13th Jun 2008 - 16:39 GMT

Some of you people have not traveled the country....Belleville is a perfectly average small town in this century, fighting to stay alive.. According to some, everything is better and greener somewhere else, it's not, just personal preferences . Everyone has or should claim a "Hometown", Belleville is mine

I must be boring and illiterate: 18th Aug 2008 - 17:14 GMT

Apparently since I was raised and educated in Belleville I am an illiterate and boring person. I left Belleville like all young people, went to college, worked in Manhattan for 8 years and decided that it was not the life for me. I had ulcers and was overly stressed out. I have been back here for 20 years raising my two children. I always swore I would never return here and live but after seeing what was out there I would never return to the "city". I am more then content to support my local schools (who yes I do believe our school board and superintendent needs some help) sports and drama. Yes the job situation sucks, but letís face it - would you rather be paid mega bucks and be unhappy or enjoy what youíre doing and be able to go home and not complain all night about how much you hate your job? Or have to go to the bars to get drunk and forget how your life sucks because you don't have the balls to change it? All you have to do is look around and see the people (yes we have our unsavory but don't all communities?), the morals (cities seem to have forgotten what good morals are), who and what our past is and what beauty there is here. I feel sorry for those of you who have bad feelings about living here but apparently you didn't grow up in the same town as I did. True fully, I am glad I don't have to lock my doors during the day when I am here and I can go sit out on my front porch at night with my children without fear of drive by shooting. Can you honestly say that?

ImpMyHyde from Kansas: 14th Oct 2008 - 19:52 GMT


I have been to Belleville a couple of times. The last was when I stopped there I was passing through but did get to see the Visitorís Center.

There isn't another one like it in the entire state. Hopefully you went there yourself if only to use the free restrooms, courtesy of the people of Belleville and the great state of Kansas. But, if you didn't go there and experience the local talent in arts and crafts and other unusual things, you really missed out.

I grew up overseas and have been fortunate to call Kansas my home for 30 years now. I have traveled extensively and have lived in some larger metropolitan areas in this country like Phoenix and JAX Fla. I have friends in small towns and big cities across the USA.

So, the term "boring" is painting with a braod brush isn't it? It's sort of like me calling you an ignorant metrosexual city slicker isn't it?

The reason why people that live in Belleville and other small towns don't really want to see you and your citynoise pals stopping in their towns is because you are offensive. In your ignorance and trying to be funny, you have labeled this nice small town.

So, the next time you decide to stop, think again and just move your metrosexual ass on down the road. But if you do stop for a restbreak, leave plenty of copies of citynoise for people to wipe with.

a knowledgable source: 14th Nov 2008 - 21:38 GMT

very simply, Belleville blows. the town thinks it is this thriving mecca that people throng is a cess pool people drown in.
they are trying to take over the neighboring school system because the town is dead, and there is little chance of reviving it.
there is an arrogance that surrounds belleville people, they think that they are superior to others. well it is the most un friendly place to visit or shop in. and that stupid Buffalo mascot is gay.
If you are looking for pedophiles, drugs, or whores. Belleville is a great place to visit.

Belleville man: 5th Dec 2008 - 05:55 GMT

Yes it really does suck here. There are no jobs here unless you are in health care. I found that if you are not from here they treat you like you do not belong. We pay out the ass for utilities, we have to many city workers playing with there self's. We have a Belleville police department and sheriff's office. I do not know why we have so much police if we do not have crime. Do not buy a home here because you will never be able to sell it and you will be stuck in bellehell!!!!!! I know people who have worked for scott specialties for ten years and still do not make 10.00 an hour. The rich keep the wages down. We do have a dairy queen, but be careful that you do not get sick from eating there. They want us to buy here, but when you can get want you want for a third of the price I go south. The town is nothing but a bunch of wife swapping drunks that buy booze for their under age children.

a knowledgable source: 20th Dec 2008 - 23:02 GMT

Belleville man must know Norm.....

Tired of Belleville being put down.: 15th Jan 2009 - 15:48 GMT

Apparently you people are hanging out at the places that are different then where I go. I have grown up here for a majority of my life and worked here most of my adult life. Yes wages aren't that great and the rich just want to get richer. Is this any different than anywhere else in America? I don't think so.
We don't think we are better then anyone else (apparently you don't know the people I know). I work in a business where I deal with people from west of Belleville and I have been told we are dirt and the only ones worth anything are either from Courtland or Swedish. I would say anyone who thinks they are better than anyone else (you must think alot about yourself since you look down on us) needs to be hit up the side of their head and brought back down.
Yes we have a large school system. Would you say the same thing about Courtland/Scandia if the main school system was there or anywhere else in the county? My guess is no. These small towns cannot, unfortunalty, keep a school system going. Is this Belleville's fault? I would say look more to the government if you want someone to blame not those of us here. We have tried to be nice to these people who have had to close their schools down because it is for the good of the children. All we have gotten is flack about how we have no money and just want everything to be located here. Over 120 years ago our ancestor voted to have Belleville as the local seat because we are the center of the county. Now doesn't that make sense to have a county school in the center of the county so the kids don't have to travel further everyday.
If you people don't like this area or Belleville we will gladly help you find the door out of here. And don't give me this crap about houses not selling in Belleville. They are selling faster now then they did 10 years ago.
As for what we have here. No we don't have much. Yes I do shop south of here. The cost of everything maybe a bit higher here but lets face it if you went to Lincoln, NE or Salina you wouldn't think twice about paying for it.
As for jobs no we don't have many. There is a few business people who fight to keep industry out but lets face it if I went elsewhere in any of the 3 jobs I have had in the last 20 years (and they haven't been shit jobs either) in this area I wouldn't make anymore money then I have here in this area.
Get your heads out of your ass and look for the good in the place you live not the bad and if you don't like coming here because you think were snotty then stay in your own town. We don't need your kind here.

Peter: 15th Jan 2009 - 15:53 GMT

oh great, here we go again... its hutchinson kansas, part 2!

Do you have a brain?: 26th Jan 2009 - 17:43 GMT

Can you say more then 10 words at a time? If you don't like to hear these things then either stop reading or make more of a comment then 10 words worth!

Peter: 26th Jan 2009 - 18:09 GMT

i hate to nitpick, but i count 11 words there, so... yeah. do you have any other advice for me on how i should conduct myself on my own blog? id really appreciate it. i guess not having a brain has left me unaware of how to act in public. thanks.

Jamie: 30th Jan 2009 - 11:17 GMT

I hate to nitpick too but I've never known of anyone who can say more than one word at a time.

a knowledgable source: 27th Mar 2009 - 00:36 GMT

Mr. tired of Belleville being put down...... go boink your sheep some more.
Belleville approached Pike Valley with a merger idea, and said they were financially sound. now 6 months later they announce how they are half a million short!!!!

admit it, Belleville wants the tax dollars of Pike Valley, wants the kids for state money, and that is all!

why are several people pulling thier ids out of Belleville to go to Pike Valley?? because BELLEVILLE SUCKS ASS !!

I think we need to push to get the County Fair moved to Courtland too! keep you gay little race track that is so miss managed that it is going broke... Pike Valley will be the main school in Rep Co before long.....

all Belleville has is a crappy farmstore where the fat guy who runs it is too lazy and rude to keep people from going to Concordia, and a country club where there is more wife swapping parties than golf balls.

Tired of Belleville Being Put Down: 31st Mar 2009 - 21:59 GMT

#1 Last time I checked I wasn't equipped to be classified in that category (apparently from the way you talked you are).
#2 For the family that has decided they are to good to have one of their jobs here or their children go to school there (yes they can play sports there since dad is coach) that's fine. Wish they would move there. I was friends with the mother and now she thinks her crap doesn't stink. Needless to say her attitude goes with the town west of us. Keep them!
#3 Don't expect us to fold the school up to fast. Republic County School will NEVER go to Courtland. I would never send my kids there. If you are an example of how they teach (your spelling is terrible bud) then I would opt for home schooling. Actually, why don't you just extricate yourselves from Republic and go to Jewell. We won't miss you. Besides if you were so financially secure - why are you asking to share our teachers? We are good enough for that right?
#4 I can't believe I am agreeing with you on this but yes your last paragraph is true and that is definitely an embarrassment to us.
#5 Get a life. If you don't like us then take your business to Concordia. We don't need you.

Local: 6th Apr 2009 - 16:14 GMT

I appreciate the diversity of comments, yet do not appreciate the text of derogatory stabs. To each man his own, this world is filled with some of each and always will be. The goal, as I see it, is to find common ground. Whether it be between the Belleville school system vs. Pike Valley or a more in depth pursuit such as Obama as President. Competition is our life-blood, not bickering, verbal assault, or pointed attacks. Belleville, Scandia, Courtland, and hundreds of other struggling small towns throughout the midwest continue to go through tough times. Middle ground is the only solution, the path to this solution rests in the cooperation of all involved.

Tired of Belleville Being Put Down: 13th Apr 2009 - 16:36 GMT

I agree with you. I started out that way, but after being bombarded by so much negativity from east you get a really negative. I know - two wrongs don't make a right. I have many friends over there that don't feel like "A Knowledgeable Source" but we're tired of hearing how great they are and how incompetent we are. We are willing to work things out with them but many over there are nowhere ready to work with us. When they are willing to be more positive and see what is best for the kids then maybe we will be able to work things out. Unfortunately, I don't see that happening in my lifetime.

Tom Tsao: 14th Apr 2009 - 20:20 GMT

I am one of the people who moved to Belleville recently. I chose to leave my town (a suburb of a 750,000 person city) due to the loss of my home and business due to a tornado and the inability to rebuild due to the costs in that area. After searching over 100 properties and dozens of towns and cities, I visited each town/city which had the commercial building which would be suitable, then spent several days investigating the town, visiting with citzens, business owners and government officials.

I found Belleville to be the best choice of all things considered.

The citizens here have been very friendly and accepting of a long-haired half-Chinese man.

The city is very clean and has very little litter or pollution; I've never seen bluer skies.

They have every service here that you may need, including high speed internet. Apparently, we're even ahead of Boise, Idaho, who doesn't even have high speed internet service yet (according to some politician, LOL).

What's really nice is that I can walk to most stores, banks and the post office in under 15 minutes. Where I lived before, it took 15 minutes just to drive to any of these places.

In the city, I routinely put 80-100 miles on my vehicle every day. Now I only go a few hundred a month.

Shopping here sometimes costs more, but not always, and does not deserve the bad reputation people give it. For instance, the hardware store still sells nuts and bolts one at a time for about 2c apiece. The Home Depot and Lowe's stores prepackage about ten pieces for $1.50. So no, the big stores aren't really saving you money.

There are some things I buy at the Wal-Mart 20 miles South in Concordia--cat litter and cat food. For some reason, pails of clay are a lot cheaper there than in Belleville.

We have a grocery store here which costs more than Wal-mart most of the time. However, a trip to Wal-mart will cost 40 miles' worth of gasoline, and at least two hours of my time, plus the risk of driving that distance (not that I'm fearful of driving, but risk is a valid consideration--especially in bad weather).

Our local grocery is small--you can get what you need in the amount of time it takes you to walk to the back wall of a Wal-Mart. In and out and back home in 20 minutes. That holds a lot of value for me.

Here is the link to Republic County (Kansas) website. Belleville is the county seat. Republic County.

High Banks raceway website: High Banks

Link to YouTube video of people downtown Belleville at Christmastime: Downtown storefront

Come visit us in Belleville!

a knowledgable source: 25th Jun 2009 - 04:03 GMT

funny how the Bellyville folks will not admit the school needs the west half of the county.. that is where the bulk of the tax money comes from.

Pike needs to get rid of the current Superintendnt, he is a spineless ass who will sell out Pike and move on to other jobs. we fought hard to get board members who will not give in to the consolidation. there are still two on the board that need booted out, but that will happen.

funny how you piss and moan about ourr coaches... sheets would NEVER be allowed to coach my kids. the way he acts is a shame! he needs to be taken out back and beat up.

although I will admit one flaw with Pike valley. allowin Vignery to coach the girls b ball tem. this is VERY in apppropriate. as the superintendant, he should resolve problems between the coach and team member parents. that, and he is a shitty coach.

David: 10th Jul 2009 - 21:18 GMT

I just moved back to Belleville which is my home town. It is sad to see a town that use to be thriving and now downtown looks more like a ghost town. Where are all the great places to shop. I mean for men there is no mens clothing store and there are no womens clothing stores. We use to have 3 drug stores and 2 grocery stores. I also remember 3 restaurants. No jewelry stores and no dime stores. The fair when I was growing up in the 60's and 70's was gigantic. Now its extremely small. Why won't the city council allow new businesses to come here so that our town can grow back to the size it was when I was growing up(approx. 4000 people)? I graduated with a class size of 84 students. Now you are lucky if you have 40 graduating from high school. One of these days there will be no school here and then the town will be dead for good. Just think about what I have written here. Hopefully someone will get the message and try and do something about it!!

Tom Tsao: 24th Jul 2009 - 21:19 GMT

Well, the 3rd phase of the 2007 Minimum Wage increase hits today. That will harm the US economy even further and it will especially effect small towns such as Belleville, which have had depressed economies even before the 2008 nationwide decline began. There is no doubt that this will cause job losses, but I hope it doesn't cause the closing of more businesses.

visitor :): 27th Aug 2009 - 00:04 GMT

we are staying in belleville and we absolutely love it! i am so impressed with the schools and how everything is so nostalgic and well taken care of. the brick roads, the town squarem it is great!

Loves Belleville: 31st Aug 2009 - 04:16 GMT

Belleville is a great little town that will always hold a special place in my heart. Both of my parents were born and raised there, both sets of my grandparents are buried there, and I still have family that calls it "home". I grew up spending summers and Christmas' there and some of the fondest memories of my lifetime took place in this town.

just browsing: 6th Sep 2009 - 22:05 GMT

This is now the 3rd entry that comes up in the Belleville Google search.

Tired of Belleville Being Put Down: 24th Sep 2009 - 16:50 GMT

Knowledgeable Source I'm sorry to say but apparently you aren't as knowledgeable as you think. What makes you think the largest sum of tax dollars come from your area? Are you the main population, in your small area, of Republic County? I doubt it. Go back to school and learn some math. I would advise a Rep. Cty. School not Pike Valley.

From what I have seen in my 50 years of living in Belleville is the west part of the county think they are the greatest and they are above the rest of us. Maybe those of you that think that way (and I know not everyone feels that way - just a select few) should just move to Jewel county and let them deal with your big heads.

As for our coach...this hurts.....I agree with you! He is an asshole and should be fired from coaching for the way he acts towards our kids. We had a girls coach like that. He cussed and chewed our girls out royally in front of the crowd. He is a pastor and is now coaching at Pike Valley. Need I say more....

R Howell: 3rd Oct 2009 - 02:05 GMT

I was born in Belleville and the town reminds me of a Norman Rockwell town !!!!

IMPORTANT: ALERT SNOWBIRD: 25th Nov 2009 - 02:33 GMT

Belleville's main attraction, a man of the name Snowbird, often seen walking around casually throughout town wasted, has been arrested due to undisclosed reasons. Belleville has more excitement that one can handle.

what happened..: 26th Dec 2009 - 10:32 GMT

i remember playing basketball at the park..the police were to lazy to get out of their they just yelled at you..very unprofessional..

Jack West: 6th Jan 2010 - 18:11 GMT

Belleville is one of the most warm and welcoming communities I have ever experienced. Although my home is in Dallas, Texas, I operate a business in Belleville. Country Place Senior Living is a state of the art assisted living residence that offers services designed to enhance and prolong a resident's life. The community of Belleville welcomed and encouraged our investment in the quality of life of the community. Thank you Belleville for being forward thinking with your help with our efforts to increase the local employment opportunities and help seniors remain in their hometown as they age.

Buffs on parade.: 5th Feb 2010 - 06:50 GMT

I think this town should of been on the first volume of boring towns..

A&W skeleton: 12th Feb 2010 - 13:53 GMT

Someone should add the A&W drive thru...its air conditioned

ATTN Snowbird alert: 14th Feb 2010 - 09:25 GMT

Where is the guy ? The snow should bring out some excitment in this boring as heck town.

kansasprincess30: 16th Feb 2010 - 15:01 GMT

OMG.... Let it go! We know our town is great, forget what other people say! I grew up in Concordia, and always remember driving that looong 18 miles to Belleville for the fair. Con's fair always sucked, even to this day! I moved to Narka about 10 years ago, and go to Belleville about 3-4 times a week. I love this town, and when I go back to Concordia to visit family, I'm glad I moved! We are just down home normal people here. Not walking around with piercings covering our faces, dressed in black from head to toe, and boys wearing "lipstick and nail polish" But whatever, that is there perogitive. I just had to get my two cents in on this. Grow up, move on, and live your lives to the fullest here in Belleville! And as far as the ones "dogin" our town, move on. Your just doing this to piss people off. Move on...I KNOW there are more boring towns north, south, east and west of Belleville. Go pick on them! That was the only appropriete (sp) way to put it. Because believe me, I'd of loved to have said something alot for aggressive. But I'm not going to stoop to your level. And all you Belleville folks, ignore them! Get off this website, forget there comments and move on. We know what a great town this is!

Tom Tsao: 17th Feb 2010 - 02:24 GMT

I've been here two years and have never heard of a guy named Snowbird. I am downtown every day and night and have neither seen nor heard of a town drunk.

I can see the local bar from my window, and there's never any trouble over there.

bug eater : 5th Mar 2010 - 04:57 GMT

it is so funny that when the fair comes to town, and all the carnie people are there, Belleville looks SO much better than normal!! as for your preacher / coach that you moved west....not impressed, you can have him back

bug eater : 6th Mar 2010 - 17:39 GMT

not really a fair. they have races that no one really attends anymore cause the management screwed it up, they have a couple rides, some cotton candy, and a wide selection of white trash

dnepr rider: 13th Mar 2010 - 04:16 GMT

they used to have a really neat midget in the welcome center and you couldnt get a room when the midget nationals were on

JIM: 19th Mar 2010 - 16:17 GMT

Well I have been in and out of Belleville since 1971, went to Belleville High School in the tenth grade, My dad liked to move around alot,but I ended up going back to Belleville in 1991 and married a highschool sweetheart that divoriced me for no logical reason. Those who knew me know who I am, all I can say is I miss living in Belleville, but due to my ex-wife doing the hateful thing she did I left, closed a ten year business and I am sorry I had to do that, because I had alot of good people who used my business, I also worked my business in a 70 mile radius excluding Salina. I believe Belleville would be a better town if they could get the "Old Money" out of the affairs. The Police force is very well run NO CRIME to speak of, yes all towns have some crime, but here you can leave the doors unlocked and not worry about someone robbing you. As far as the school system I cannot say anything I had no children going to thier schools. As far as a town drunk named snowbird never in all my years have never heard of him.
The reason there is no jobs is because the people running the town keeps the chances of moving up away.
I saw over 40 business's go in a 17 year period, That is to bad, because it really is a nice town, but with no work to be found you have to move away. As far as the low life comments, those who made them have no idea of what they are saying. All towns big or small have "trashy people" so you can't say it is only Belleville that has low lifes. Anyway to all my "Friends" I left behind, Sorry I didn't want to leave it was my ex-wifes choice for me, not mine.
Anyway Keep Hanging in There Belleville, The "Old Money" will die and maybe the New People running Belleville can make the change it needs. Good luck to all the business's still there, Like Loves and The Hardware store and the flower shop, The print shop, Republic oil, OK Tire, and all others I know about. Peace and GOD Bless Belleville Kansas. A big Hello to Gary (Police Chief) and Ron ( Head Sheriff), keep Belleville safe as always. Missing My Home Town.

old people.: to late the town died first.

kovja: 24th Mar 2010 - 19:04 GMT

I was born/raised and went to school in Belleville. I moved away in the mid-70's and only occassionally go back since all my relation that lived there has passed on. The people of Belleville are friendly and hardworking. No doubt Belleville is probably boring, but all small towns are given that label. I have to agree with some of the posts that say the town is dying. When I was a kid, the dowtown square had a J.C. Penny, Coast to Coast, Gambles, Wheelers, Buick/Pontiac dealership, Chevrolet dealer, Dodge dealer, Eagles Club, movie theater, furniture store, plus a host of other businesses.
When I visited last summer about every other store building on the square was vacant. It was sad to see. I'll always call Belleville my home town, even though I'm glad I don't live there any more. By the way, the photo's of that old building at the beginning of this post are referred to Sanky's Garage in a couple of the replies, but before Sanky's got the building it was Klings Ford and my dad worked there as a mechanic for a few years back in the sixties.

TJS WA. State: 25th Mar 2010 - 05:24 GMT

I spent five weeks back in Belleville this last summer. This town is really shrinking. Arriving from Lincoln NE., I drove around the town square in the late afternoon and didn't see one person out, not even a dog. I did see some strange small block sheds in alot of the back yards, fall out shelters? The Cold War has been over for a long time. Narka on the other hand only has a post office and a want to be restruant. Not to much of a variety as far as places to eat. One can only stomach so many pizza's and cheap burgers. It's my understanding that the Belleville City fathers control a five mile radius around the City Limits and have full control what type of establishments can go in. I suppose to protect their own selfish interests.

some guy from belleville: 1st Apr 2010 - 00:32 GMT

if you think belleville is boring well you are wrong belleville has one of the best bands in the state we have played at many college bowls. So if you have nothing to say good about belleville then dont talk at all. Oh ya just because you think that a town is boring dosent give you the right to go and say a bunch of stuff bad about it. why would you do something like that

CC: 2nd Apr 2010 - 00:52 GMT

18 years ago my home town was Geneva Ne.I had made diffrent trips
with friends around that area infact my Grandma lived in Concordia.
Now in a diffrent state with 24 hour sevice at every corner i find
it hard to picture myself back around that area...things do look
slim all around even in Geneva.The new HWY from my understanding has
been bad for the small towns.I do have to say if you are willing to
drive you can find a good place to eat or things to do.

kimosabe: 7th Apr 2010 - 22:47 GMT

to whoever took this picture.....i bet i can go to your town and find an old building and take three pics of it...u make it seem like thats all this town is...and trust me there are a lot of other crappy building that u could have taken pics of

i agree with kimosabe: 24th Apr 2010 - 13:48 GMT

yes you could take tons more pics of crappy buildings in belleville

johnathin quinn: hey guys

Belleville Believer: 1st May 2010 - 02:57 GMT

Scott, this is pathetic. You need to learn how to just leave people and their towns alone. I think you need a life or something.... Maybe if you weren't so busy worrying about our town, you'd have a life! We have SO many GREAT things about our town and that's all we need... So have fun with this website and I hope you learn something from ALL the people who HATE it!

makes sence.: 29th May 2010 - 04:01 GMT

Like the above comment says. Scott probably has learned that all people hate the lack of anything of real interest in Belleville compared to years past. Most of the comments are united on a real dislike
of the people who think they run the town. They ran/run it right into the ground for sure. The proof
is in the fact the town has went down hill big time.

Shades of Past .88: 9th Jun 2010 - 06:28 GMT

Alot of talk,not a whole lot of new pics, some people mentioned they would post some.
Could it be that the buildings in the picture are also gone now.

Christmas in July : 16th Jun 2010 - 01:37 GMT

Like hey man and women folks ( HOWDY ) Like I have the biggest dream that like,
the Snowbird dude will make a appearance in the Christman in July thing you'alls got happening.

Who Cares: 2nd Jul 2010 - 18:57 GMT

I live in Belleville and home is what you make it. I strive hard to give myself and my family a better life, Thats why we moved to Belleville. Like another posted, we looked long and hard before deciding to invest in this way of life.

Belleville does have a nice downtown shopping area. Hardware, Dry Cleaners, Computer shop, Shoe Store, Furniture and a Thrift Shop. Entirely supported by donations...yes people in Belleville are giving and friendly. You can find most things you need. Anything else...well thats what the internet is for.

I do enjoy knowing my neighbors, and my childs teachers. I think he's getting a better education here with so much one on one attention. The schools are filled with caring individuals, who have nice things to say about the kids and the community.

I like the fact that the police walk the streets at night and check doors. I have been called as I accidently left a door unlocked. The town has virtually no crime to speak of, no litter and they try and keep things neat and clean.

As far as people running this city, You have the power to change it, attend city meetings, vote for the offices you want changed. Alot of people put their head in the sand and that does not change anything. Get involved, Make your voice heard.

Belleville may not be for everyone, and we are glad, It would be too crowded here if it was.

And as requested, I'll post some recent pictures.

dont-you-buy -no-ugly-truck: 6th Jul 2010 - 06:07 GMT

I thinks perhaps this town is known for watching hee-haw and perving the hee-haw girls

Chris UK: 7th Jul 2010 - 22:06 GMT

Boring or not I am looking forward to visiting Belleville on our road trip from Minneapolis to Hutchinson in late August, my wife is American, born in Indiana, she has Cousins in Kansas, I am English therefore an alien in your Country, I just might feel right at home in your Town, so residents of Belleville name your most interesting attractions and eating houses for a couple of out of Town tourists pasing through, I thank you in anticipation.

Who Cares: 12th Jul 2010 - 16:47 GMT

Chris, I am happy to reply for you.

When your in town, be sure to visit the boyer Gallery, look online for a description, Head to the local computer store for an Retro Arcade experience, Pinball and vintage machines. Have dinner at BigFoot Freddies, They have Prime Rib and daily specials as well as burgers, Stay at the Belville, it's the cleanest motel I have ever seen and they have a pool to cool off in...

Depends on when your traveling, The fair may be in town or the Races at our 100 year old track. Stop at the Kansas travel information center or welcome center for free coffee and local crafts and gifts.

In my last post I did post pictures, I don't know why the did not show up...Either way, check the website

Hope to see ya :)

Advice for UK Chris: 12th Jul 2010 - 19:26 GMT

Don't miss visiting The Feathered Nest shop, downtown. Home decor, gifts, fashion accessories, and an Espresso bar. A unique experience in a small town. They serve lunch on Thursdays and Fridays.

Chris UK: 14th Jul 2010 - 21:27 GMT

I thank you, 'who cares' for your reply, our stay in Belleville will be on 30/31st of August, we are looking forward to viewing some culture at the Boyer gallery after looking at their site online and then enjoyably wasting a couple of hours on the pinball & vintage machines you have recommended, we hope to keep up a road schedule to stay in the Belville and sample Bigfoot Freddies specials, thank you again for taking the time to advise us and thanks also to the feathered nest shop.

unique experience ?: 4th Aug 2010 - 11:20 GMT

you can get lunch in Belleville 2 days a week lol

Chris UK: 23rd Aug 2010 - 18:38 GMT

Watch out Belleville an English alien is coming and looking forward to all things American!

Hungry JUG: 28th Aug 2010 - 09:36 GMT

Bigfoot ate the Snowbird ? Must be a local boozer. poor in peace.
Should be easy in B-ville the towns allready passed away.

Chris UK: 31st Aug 2010 - 02:07 GMT

Well guys we are here & so far...we're quite happy. Will hit town tomorrow & see what goes on in this sleepy ol'town!! Thanks for the suggestions.

me: 9th Oct 2010 - 22:08 GMT

I have to say that belleville is the most boring town I have ever known. We have been living here 6yrs already and I can't wait to move. The only thing that is holding us here is that the school system is very good.

max: 22nd Oct 2010 - 07:42 GMT

I can't wait to get there. Going in May 2011. Is there anywhere to stay there?

hacksaw35: 2nd Nov 2010 - 21:05 GMT

My good friend Landon is from B-ville, and his mom is Hot!

DBS: 2nd Nov 2010 - 22:12 GMT

I've heard rumors of Dancing Bears roaming the streets of Belleville at all hours of the night, mumbling about shmagma and saying 'boy' over and over for no apparent reason. Has anyone else witnessed this phenomenon?

b-town bomber.: 10th Nov 2010 - 10:32 GMT

I think Chris from the UK didnt want to embarrass people here. He probably agrees with most people who post here now that hes visited B town..

eskimonad: 17th Nov 2010 - 10:10 GMT

"three structures appear to comprise the sum total of a town called Belleville" haha. Scott's ginger balls and dead camera batteries appear to comprise this sum total. The whole city sits to the east of this position. Two buildings on the outskirts of town are represented in the images.

the whole city: total of five building i guess then...

Other Belleville websites.: 21st Nov 2010 - 03:27 GMT

I noticed this town or group of 3 building has a local newspaper, called the Belleville Telescope....It makes sence, you need a telescope to see each of the three total buildings.
Probably you would not see a person all day. Unless you come to town one of the two days they
serve lunch. One day is for the snowbird, the other is for the dancing bears.

Tom Tsao: 24th Nov 2010 - 07:12 GMT

image 46099

No other town in the USA has!

Tom Tsao: 24th Nov 2010 - 07:17 GMT

image 46100

Belleville's citizens are proud to support our veterans. Veterans Day Parade, 2010

Tom Tsao: 24th Nov 2010 - 07:24 GMT

The Telescope newspaper has been in publication for about 160 years.

People worldwide order the highest-technology LED lights from Belleville, KS.

The Feathered Nest is one of the finest stores in Kansas. It's a home interiors, decor, furnishings boutique. They also have an espresso bar, fresh-baked scones, and fresh-baked pies. This store will challenge any in any trendy neighborhood in the nation, but without the snooty atmosphere!

Belleville's newest business is The Treasure Tree, which is a gourmet popcorn shop and gift store which ships worldwide.

Tom Tsao: 24th Nov 2010 - 07:35 GMT

image 46102

The world's fastest half mile dirt track is located in Belleville, KS. This is where NASCAR champion Jeff Gordon took first place when he was just 19 years old and racing midgets.

Look at the photo of the track--it's almost a circle, which means the cars are wide open most of the time.

just not fair..: 12th Dec 2010 - 11:21 GMT

i just don'tha thinks its real fare putting midgets down by racing them..

larry (Twin Cities, MN): 21st Dec 2010 - 14:20 GMT

Peter, I am amazed at the time you have to keep this blog going. I too am a writer and journalist and can't believe you would spend your valuable time on such a hopeless, helpless little group of nobodies. I mean, with your important little job and all.
Grow up son and keep your own house clean. When you grow a set of testicles you should say these things while looking these people in the face. Maybe put a tent up at their county fair and really tell them how you feel. But then we know that will never happen will it? Because those cowgirls would probably kick your Prius drivin,ELECTRONIC bullying ass wouldn't they. Your mother and father must be proud of their little man. Have a great day and get a real job so you don't need two roommates to help you pay for your you overpriced studio apartment.

Putt Putt: 2nd Jan 2011 - 23:35 GMT

Cool picture of the race track. Those little wind up putt putt cars look kinda cool.
Maybe they are go-carts.

Jeff Gordon never raced in Bellivelle.: As noted.

Jeff Gordon never raced in Bellivelle.: 19th Jan 2011 - 22:07 GMT

Im absolutely positive that Jeff Gordon has never raced in Belleville Kansas race track.
What a crock

News.58.093: Sounds like a nice but very little town.

Russel Slater..: 22nd Feb 2011 - 22:41 GMT

Funny comments on an old sleepy town. Jeff Gordon who is that?
Is he from Belleville ?

anon ( 8th Mar 2011 - 16:57 GMT

First of all Russell he is not the only star NASCAR driver who has won at Belleville but he is one of many and also there are other famous race car drivers who have come to Belleville and race and the World of Out Laws Sprints are coming to Belleville this summer June 3rd.

Maggie5924: 25th Mar 2011 - 01:36 GMT

Group of three structures??????? It's all the same building on one corner of one street and the highway that passes on the west side of our town. All of these comments are very interesting. And yes Jeff Gordon won here Aug. 4th, 1990. A lot of nascar people have raced here. I suggest if you don't know what you are talking about that you just don't talk. If your positive he never raced here take a look at this/ :)

Harper Valley PTA: 17th Apr 2011 - 12:43 GMT

You guys really watched
HEE perverts

hometowngirl: 4th May 2011 - 01:49 GMT

As a matter of fact, Jeff Gordon has raced in Belleville. Tony Stewart has raced in Belleville. Kasey Khane has raced in Belleville. Stan Fox has raced in Belleville. Just to name a few.....
We also have a very unique museum called the Boyer Gallery with animated carvings. I took a friend there from out of town and he said that this is the closest thing he has seen to someone perfecting perpetual motion.
The Republic County Historical Museum is also worth seeing!
The Kansas Junior Miss program has been in Belleville since 1961 with the exception of it being held 1 year in Topeka.
Yes, Belleville has strong points and some weak points, but so does every other town in America!

Don't Care: LMAO

Curtis Wright Lawrence Ka.: 4th Jun 2011 - 17:00 GMT

I have been giong to Belleville for several years, and have gotten to know a few of the fine people there, there is no finer place, and the most friendly people. As for the comments' made about jeff Gordon,I guess there are a few that have theie head in the sand. My first trip to Belleville, I got to see Drivers like Bobby Unser,Bobby Grim, Jim McElreath, Bob Wente,all Indianapolis drivers. Jeff Gordon,and Tony Stewart (of Nascar) could have been one of those"Indy"drivers,but they "jumped ship"==== Too dam bad!!! Curt Wright

14rules: 8th Aug 2011 - 23:08 GMT

Kasey Kahne rocked Belleville with back to back wins before he hit Nascar. Jeff Gordon lapped the entire field when he won it! It's a badass track is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast as hell!

but yes, in general Belleville sucks!

Fixitman: 22nd Aug 2011 - 04:15 GMT

Sounds like an interesting place to me. I agree, more photos should be posted than those of ONE building, claiming that is the entire town.
I currently live in Phoenix, AZ, one of the WORST places in the country to be, especially with the economic health of cities failing due to international trade being relied upon rather than people making their own products and growing their own food the way it should be.
Phoenix is boring, there is NOTHING to do here, you cannot go down to the swimming hole and skinnydip, you can't climb a mountain without paying a trail fee, it's HOT and people are all RUDE and irritating, and you better watch your back so you don't get STABBED.
PLUS it's a shame how the farmland in Chandler area is now filled up with 3,000 square foot houses with ONE or two people living in them, who import their food and clothing from China, or Brazil. Insane.What a waste.

Belleville is my home: 2nd Sep 2011 - 16:18 GMT
Belleville Midget Nationals Champions:
Showing year won, car number, driver (age), hometown, car owner/engine/chassis:
1979 - 97 Stan Fox (27), Janesville, Wis., Sherman Pickrell/Volkswagen/Edmunds.
1990 - 4 Jeff Gordon (19), Pittsboro, Ind., Rollie Helmling/Pontiac/Beast.
2000 - 9 Kasey Kahne (20), Enumclaw, Wash., Steve Lewis/Ford/Beast.
2001 - 19 Kasey Kahne (21), Enumclaw, Wash., Steve Lewis/Ford/Beast.

6 1/2 hours to Belleville: 3rd Sep 2011 - 18:11 GMT

Traveled to B-ville every other month for past 17 years. I've seen a steady decline in the overall city. Pictures posted of people watching parade are not only from B-ville but the nearby towns.Midget nationals are down to a few days & half the cars as in it's heyday. Most of downtown -while quaint - is dying on the vine. The 20 -55 age groups travel outside B-ville for work. Yes. B-ville is a nice little KS. Town that has seen better days. The people who live there just haven't figured that out yet!

Ron Sankey: That's my old building wth?

Doug Campbell: 18th Oct 2011 - 00:04 GMT

I lived in belleville for a few years and it was ok at best. its fine for raising your kids or living the rest of your life in peace. i can see why people move out of there in droves. its too small and the city council refuses to have any business come in and "ruin" the small town feel of it.

Nick Cox: 4th Nov 2011 - 10:19 GMT

I was raised when there but moved away when I was still very young, and have always to this day wanted to go back. I have my Mom who is a Nurse and my Dad who is in Law Enforcement. My Brother also lives in there and he does county work as well. I am currently Stationed in Alaska but serving in Afghanistan and my Wife and I will be staying there for my Mid Tour Leave in December. I see it is a small town, and I see stereotypes every time I go there. But a stereo type doesn't mean it is bad, at least not to me. Anyways, I already feel as if my post has no purpose, but Belleville is my home and I just stepped out for a bit is all.

Rabbit 178 Roger That..: 22nd Nov 2011 - 14:57 GMT

Alot of comments from people who where smart enough to get out of B hole town.

City Update: New bridge in Bellivells

Only the truth, nothing else matters.: 18th Dec 2011 - 02:15 GMT

I'm really hoping Hee Haw comes out on DVD,it will keep the B pervs off the street.

Only the truth, nothing else matters.: 18th Dec 2011 - 02:16 GMT

Except then they go out of town to buy it..

Sheena Carter: 23rd Dec 2011 - 20:04 GMT

I currently live in Belleville Kansas. Pretty boring place to live. Nothing much ever happens here. I used to live in Nashville Tennessee, Huge change. Boring has it's advantages though. :-)

David Spence: 27th Dec 2011 - 22:50 GMT

I don't remember Belleville having a river. I remember a big pond or something close to the railroad. Is the new bride a railroad bridge instead?

snowbird: I do exist

ripple sniffer: 4th Feb 2012 - 00:36 GMT

treat the s bird with some respect,,he is only thing that keep b hole town interestingss

James S.: 15th Feb 2012 - 17:22 GMT

I was very young when we moved away from Belleville and to tell you the truth, it is one of the places that I remember most. We lived not far from the railroad and Bob Blecka for those of you that knew of one of the best sherifs in the hystory of Belleville is one of the people that stands out the most for me. I will always consider Belleville my home. Now for you that do not like small twon life---just move and remember one thing when you leave---you can come back and live the rest of you life out in pease here in Belleville with the love of all. If you believe and have Hope, Love,and Faith in your heart.
As far as the business closing all you can do is stop going to wally world, and visit your local stores after all that is what wally world wants to do, so why complain go there get a job and spend you money in the town where you live if you care for it or not you need to support your local business
Just to share a statement that my dad always says---he never got a job from a POOR man

Jim McJim: 16th Feb 2012 - 18:13 GMT

I actually lived here for 23 years, and it is just as boring as these photos make it seem.

Kara: 20th Feb 2012 - 09:03 GMT

Just so everyone is aware, the "Photo's" shown, are of the same building. I know, because my house is less than 100 feet away from it. So in reality, the representation of Belleville is extremely misconstrued. I agree it's not the best place to be at on a Friday night, but it also isn't the worst. If you're going to go on and say that it's one of the most boring towns in America with pictures of "3 boring looking structures" at least take the time to pick out 3 different ones.

Can you say misrepresentation? I think so.

Ole Sink: FREE SNOWBIRD!!!!!!!!


colie: 20th Feb 2012 - 19:42 GMT

I was born and raised in Belleville! I spent my entire childhood waiting to get out of this place, went as far as moving away the day after graduation. 5 years later and the only place I wanna call home is Belleville! What I realized was, the job market is gonna be tuff anywhere, my family lives her, and this is truly the best place to settle down and have a family. I do reme

T.F.: 21st Feb 2012 - 02:26 GMT

This guy obviously knows nothing about Belleville! My parents purchased a business in Belleville in 2005. We move from a town 2 or 3 times the size of Belleville and I wouldn't have wanted to move anywhere else! It's a great place to raise your children! As far as shopping, Belleville has about everything you need. People always complain about prices being higher in Belleville, but yet they drive to Salina or Concordia when gas prices are almost $4.00? It makes no sense. Support the downtown businesses or Belleville's downtown will be dead. I moved away for college and can't wait to move back to my hometown of Belleville, after I'm graduated!

anon ( 24th Feb 2012 - 18:28 GMT

I did not even grow up here...have only lived here around 8 years...have never had any problems finding a job...I ONLY SHOP IN BELLEVILLE

anon ( 24th Feb 2012 - 18:28 GMT

I did not even grow up here...have only lived here around 8 years...have never had any problems finding a job...I ONLY SHOP IN BELLEVILLE

Wally beaver sniff: 26th Feb 2012 - 23:01 GMT

Whatever happened to Chris from the UK?

cindy j: get a life

Mrs Cleaver: 18th Mar 2012 - 13:33 GMT

Wally you been perving to the hot bearded belleville broads again?

Mrs Cleaver: 18th Mar 2012 - 13:33 GMT

Wally you been perving to the hot bearded belleville broads again?

Blair: 2nd Apr 2012 - 20:18 GMT

This reminds me of a similar experience I had while driving in New Yory state. I passed the turnoff for a town called "New York", while I didn't actually take the turn off and enter the city, I was able to ascertain from a number of buildings that I saw outside of the city that this town was indeed boring! I hope that my experience will save some one from wasting his/her time there! I sure there was nothing to do there.

You'reACumFacedBitch: 8th Apr 2012 - 11:03 GMT

You are one miserable, cock-sucking little cunt. I am surprised that you found time to break yourself away from having your dad ram you up the ass like the little bitch you are to post this fairylike whinefest.
ps; go fuck yourself you sandal-wearing faggot.

You\\\'reACumFacedBitch: 8th Apr 2012 - 11:04 GMT

Oh, fotgot to add; go fuck yourself you sandal-wearing faggot. Oh, I guess I did post that.

Shocked : A little anger here..?

Belleville Kid: 22nd May 2012 - 13:27 GMT

So did anyone ever figure out why those kids vandalized the bandroom?

Mrs.youreacumfacedbitch: 5th Jun 2012 - 05:36 GMT

Because their dads were ramming them up the ass. Especially that Shitty, i mean Shelby kid.

Shanna Chambers: 5th Jun 2012 - 05:39 GMT

Don't be mean to Shelby!! At least his penis has a larger girth than Grants! I heard Dalton brought the axe to even things out between them..

concerned person: how is the new bridge going?

Eric: 6th Jul 2012 - 18:15 GMT

Boring? It's been said that if you are bored it is because you are a boring person. Rural people are seldom bored in small towns; they are able to appreciate and enjoy what city people are unable to.

However, as the economy continues to tank - and cities become more hostile and violent - I'd be willing to bet that a lot of city people will be wishing they were "bored" in a small town in Northwest Kansas and will gladly exchange perceived cultural superiority for affordable real estate and the safety inherent in a community which not only looks after its own, but still retains a traditional, sane culture of self-sufficiency.

Sites such as testify to the fact that there is fundamental shift going on in terms of what public perception is regarding the desirability of previously ridiculed areas. Being "behind the times" and "boring" is increasingly valuable and marketable!

kidscanplay: 10th Jul 2012 - 22:40 GMT

at least in a small town you can play outside and run up and down the streets without parnets watching. plus we have a awesome city rec bus that provides actives for kids to go to while thier parnets are at work.

Thomas Cliflton: Did snowbird become mayor?

Kansas Pete: 20th Jul 2012 - 06:36 GMT

The famous Belleville Fathers Day Cruise-In
image 49870

image 49871

image 49872

image 49873

Kansas Pete: 20th Jul 2012 - 06:43 GMT

Raining tree at Rocky Pond

image 49874

Reggie Waterman: What's up....who dat...?

Belguy: 16th Aug 2012 - 01:47 GMT

Greetings from Belleville Ontario Canada, population 50,000 located 100 miles east of Toronto or 200 miles west of Montreal. Google us for more information.

Reed: 9th Sep 2012 - 11:21 GMT

Were those 55 non-whites at a movie or something when the Klan came into do the sweep?

Steven Wymore: My dog has the jits...

Thomas Stephens: what be jits?

snowbirds muffin munch.: he does exsist

unhingedtaz: 4th Feb 2013 - 11:42 GMT

these pics are nothing new....every town has their own car show..Show me something I can't get anywhere else...every town I lived in, in Kansas has had their own rec bus for the kids to attend..and most of em had a better selection of activities and they weren't stand in baby me a town in Kansas where one man puts on the car show...Thanks Doan---yes most of you put your money where your mouth is....and just as many didn't....I think the article that was written years ago by ....who????....should of been least she told it the way it was...but the good ol' boys didn't like what she had to say about a small town with a 9 hole golf course ! LOL and they refused to let it be published...not to many people know that...Belleville has been the laughing stalk in Kansas every since she left ...she told it the way the way it was. It didn't get published...but it still gets talked about !!

SR : 9th Mar 2013 - 05:04 GMT

I moved from New Jersey to belleville Kansas. I been here for 3 years and it was the best thing me and my family did. The people are great and friendly. We have everything that a big city has minus the crime. Is a great place to raise your family,the schools nd there staff acctualy care about the children education. Don't judge without knowing. Why don't you visit and see. Belleville is a great town to live no matter what anyone says.

anon ( 8th Apr 2013 - 17:07 GMT

Does everyone share your views I live in a small town pop about 1000 and all is here is retirees and drugs are you not looking at the whole picture take your blinders off and realize whzt's really is going on

SoCo Gal: 9th May 2013 - 22:12 GMT

"Show me something I can't get anywhere else"

LOL - ok, the Elephant House in NJ; the 14'ers in the Rocky Mountains; the tri-wood hand smoked Prime Rib at Lu's Main Street Cafe in Blanca, CO; the now demolished Manor House Motel in Roscoe, IL (unique German Gingerbread architecture; the world's largest hot springs in Pagosa Springs, Colorado; the Wisconsin Dells; etc etc etc.

Small towns are great! Manhattan is great! Chicago is great! Foreign Countries are great!

Home is where you make it and what you make out of it. I live in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, Blanca, CO AND Rumson, NJ - why limit yourself to just ONE place????

Don't give small towns a bad rap - 75% of the entire U.S. is considered RURAL by the U.S. census department

Therefore, small towns RULE

Here's a really cool, historic house "The Stevenson House" located in Belleville, KS that apparently the original author overlooked. Tsk tsk tsk

image 51024

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