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The Traffic Light Tree, Pierre Vivant 1998.

- I.T.U.C. - Monday, June 12th, 2006 : goo

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image 12673

"The Sculpture imitates the natural landscape of the adjacent London Plane Trees, while the changing pattern of the lights reveals and reflect the never ending rhythm of the surrounding domestic, financial and commercial activities" Pierre Vivant 1998
The London Borough of Tower Hamlets and The London Docklands Development Corporation, 1998.

image 12674

Can be found on the traffic control roundabout, at the junctions of Heron Quay Bank, Marsh Wall and Westferry Road.

image 12676

image 12678

image 12677

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elaine: 12th Jun 2006 - 15:05 GMT

that is a nice documentation of that thing. photographing it through a tree was a good idea.

I.T.U.C.: 12th Jun 2006 - 15:27 GMT

elaine: I greatly appreciate your opinion, and patronage.

Lawrence: I must go and check this out one day

elaine: 12th Jun 2006 - 16:46 GMT

was that a bit sarcastic?
sorry if what i said was a bit plank. i can get like that sometimes... the first shot is the most interesting photo btw, but the rest make good context.

I.T.U.C.: 12th Jun 2006 - 17:56 GMT

elaine: No sarcasm. I note your influence on the bloggs. So I thank you for your interest.

Please get use to my thanks, coz base my life of N.A.S.A (Nice And Safe Attitude); Peace Out...

Peter: 12th Jun 2006 - 18:26 GMT

this is awesome- i love it! i say ...

elaine: 12th Jun 2006 - 19:10 GMT

ok, soz.
being a bit of a sark myself sometimes i get paranoid and judge people by my own appalling standards...
thanks for the esteem. would it be right to say props? do i have the lingo or is it squinty?

Jamie: 12th Jun 2006 - 23:12 GMT

it's squinty. nice pics though. i didn't know about this.

elaine: 13th Jun 2006 - 06:53 GMT


happily i am too laid back to say "bovvered? am i? do i look bovvered? i.aint.bovvered..."etc.

I.T.U.C.: Lost!

Artwar: 20th Aug 2006 - 18:49 GMT

Two thumbs up!
This is the best piece of streetart Iīve seen for a long time!

Dan Scar,: one from me:

Dan Scar,: 28th Dec 2006 - 23:19 GMT

take two;
"heres one from me" < cough >

image 17888

...: Where can we find it ?

Benny Snepvangers: 29th Feb 2008 - 14:53 GMT

wow, this alone makes London worth a visit! you cannot but love the guy's sense of humour...

Dawn: 2nd Mar 2008 - 15:44 GMT

It's found on the Heron Quays roundabout near Canary Wharf

tristan: 8th Mar 2008 - 23:25 GMT

I hate it, this is not right for the financial district of Canary Wharf, better placed in Piccadilly!

English Gent: 16th Jun 2008 - 22:08 GMT

There is an event venue not too far from this sculpture called docklands arena. I went there to see the Chemical Brothers back in the New Year of 2000/2001.
The name of the band says it all. I left the venue at 3am totally off of my face on a multitude of class 1 chemical stimulants and reached the traffic lights about half an hour later.
Man, I was stuck there for about an hour tripping out like never before at the amazing light show(trust me, acid makes everything amazing).

me : its cool

Franny Wentzel: 18th Mar 2009 - 02:07 GMT

Stop... Stop... Go... Stop... Go... Stop... Go... Go... Stop...

Screw it... I'm just gonna plough through and contest the damn ticket...

Chapstaks: emm.. nice :)

aisha-marie holmes: 4th Oct 2009 - 15:20 GMT

i love it its soooo coool and funky and at chritsmas its got its own revolving fairy light show lol xxxx love it xxxxx

Woody: Thats a real tree isnt it?!?

denni: 27th Mar 2010 - 22:37 GMT

this is beyond cool. im keen for aantoher visit to london just to go see it haha

anon ( 7th Jun 2010 - 22:28 GMT

OMG! this is hilarious! Itīs like a work of art!

trafic light tree:

Glowworm: 24th Dec 2011 - 11:09 GMT

Currently in storage to be re-sited in Poplar, E14

anon ( 10th Jan 2012 - 11:25 GMT

you mean they remove it to be put in storage and relocate elsewhere, what else they replace it, basketball tree ha ha

kevin knight, swansea: 6th Feb 2012 - 21:36 GMT

i have run past this many times over the year's doing the london marathon, never stop,t to look at it. what a sculpture, amazing.

Elisabeth Schrama ,Adelaide.Australia: 1st Jun 2012 - 00:03 GMT

I was in LONDON last year ,OCT 2011,and was driven past this at night. SO spectacular and beautiful. I absolutely love the mind of its creator.LOVED LONDON TOO xxx

anon ( 12th Jun 2012 - 16:43 GMT

your work is good (put you need to it a pit of colour on the lights because the lamp post is in green and the lights are in red, yellow, green. 21st Jun 2012 - 20:59 GMT

can anyone tell me where this traffic light tree is now? I wanted to photograph it for a presentation, but it's gone

mf: they removed it...

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this is a mustang, p-38 or a p-50 i don't know which number it is, my dad flew this type of craft in the wwii a good machine he would say. then this beautiful machine with a broken wing.


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