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7 Train Pervert

- CC - Monday, May 8th, 2006 : goo

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image 11788
This picture was taken Friday, May 5th on a Flushing bound 7 express at 9:45 PM.

We were between 61st street and Junction when my mother nudged me and whispered that the man across from us had his genitalia out. Funny thing is that we all got on at Times Square and my friend and I acknowledged his presence because he was reading an Archie comic book (who reads those nowadays?) So I looked over and realized what he's been doing all this time. He was watching us from underneath his sunglasses, hoping that we'd notice. I took out my camera phone and snapped some pictures. He tried to cover his face with his Archie book and his hands but he couldn't keep that up. After I was sure I had him, I yelled, "Sir, your penis is out." I wanted everyone on the train to know what kind of person he is. He stayed very still, perhaps hoping everyone would think he was sleeping or that he'd blend into the background. I told him that I've taken pictures and that they are going to the NYPD and websites. As soon as the train stopped at Junction Blvd. he began moving again and ran out of the train. I called him a pervert on his way out.

After we got off at our stop we walked over to the nearby precinct to file a report. The pictures were also turned in. Let's make sure that this creep gets caught because no woman should have to go through this again. Who knows how many times he has done it already - I am aware of one other account with the same guy:

Take a look at the facial comparisons:
image 11789

To anyone who rides the 7 train, please be aware of the people surrounding you. If you ever see him, tell the train conductor/MTA personnel/police. If he has ever done this to you or anyone you know - please speak up.

I apologize if the picture posted is too explicit, but I feel that it provides the readers with more than just an image. Next time it could be your mother, your sister or maybe even you. Let's make sure this doesn't happen again New York.

Thanks for listening, and please feel free to repost!

This article has been viewed 124820 times in the last 10 years

Swan: 8th May 2006 - 20:53 GMT

bravo! I've had some horrible memories of 7 train perverts during my high school years. I don't think the man you saw on Friday is the same guy that was featured in the Daily News article. I was er.. exposed to the Daily News perv before. His build is different.

S.D.: Wow, hope they get the guy...

anon ( 8th May 2006 - 23:23 GMT

a few years back while i was heading to do a show for fashion week around 14th street ( i know--- meat packing industry) i noticed this guy was driving around- slowly, as if looking for a space... ( but really following in hindsight)i glance over and all i saw was ( ughhh) pink- i was so disgusted!!! Be carefully, PERVS ON THE LOOSE

anon ( 8th May 2006 - 23:45 GMT

Grow up. You saw a tiny portion of a fully dressed man's penis. Now you're using it to drive traffic to your blog. You're no victim. Leave the harmless fellow alone, or even better, if you do find him, share some of your google adwords revenue$ with him.

"The pictures were also turned in. Let's make sure that this creep gets caught because no woman should have to go through this again."

"I apologize if the picture posted is too explicit, but I feel that it provides the readers with more than just an image. Next time it could be your mother, your sister or maybe even you. Let's make sure this doesn't happen again New York."

Guy McDude: 9th May 2006 - 00:31 GMT

While the guy clearly has a problem, you're really laying on the bogus drama fairly thickly. " could be your mother, your sister or maybe even you." You know what, if your mother could be so horrifically affected by seeing a penis, then there's probably as much wrong with her as with this guy. It's just a body part, for christ's sake. I'm sure the Fundies are thrilled to see that people are so mortified by something as trivial as a dong.

Jill: 9th May 2006 - 01:34 GMT

WTF is wrong with people. First off we've got losers with their dicks out in public looking for attention and probably getting off on upsetting people and then we've got more losers saying what's the big deal it's only a penis. Great. Same losers probably think a fucking gun is ok. "Grow up, 'it's just a piece of metal'."

A Girl: 9th May 2006 - 01:43 GMT

Well "anon", I don't think the point of this entry is to generate hits or $$ for that matter as it really is a woman of NYC is sick and tired of this bullshit. Yes, it's bullshit. It's a penis yes every man has one I GET IT but I don't want to SEE IT. I want to see my boyfriends' sure, I'm not being a prude and saying that I don't like them but uh...random dick on a train from a man that obviously gets off by it? Uh no thanks. Then we can use the same "its just a dick grow up" attitude for everything. Showing your junk off in public isn't as bad as lets say...MURDER but it's just annoying. You are probably guy. I bet you're this guy. Guys in NYC get robbed and beaten up and all this horrific stuff except guys don't get grabbed in public, cat called at, masturbated on and flashed so why don't you do NYC a favor and lock yourself in a closet or deport yourself. Thanks!

Michelle: 9th May 2006 - 02:05 GMT

I've been similarly harrassed on a train here in Toronto and I only wish I'd had a camera handy to help me take control of the situation.

dick: 9th May 2006 - 02:13 GMT

geez, talk about a storm in a jockstrap (or, in this case, out of one). sure he's out of line exposing himself but i don't really think you're going to be scarred for life.

A Girl: 9th May 2006 - 02:49 GMT

I don't recall her saying she was going to be scarred for life, dick.

New Yorker: 9th May 2006 - 03:03 GMT

In response to 'anon', what money? and when did growing up have anything to do with being exposed to a random penis and thinking "yes! I'm a grown up now" - I think you're missing the point completely. As for 'Mcdude', don't you think your mother would be offended by being exposed to a random guy's penis other than I don't know, your dad's? There's nothing wrong with being exposed to a penis you actually want to see, as in your bf, your husbands, or whatever, but that of a complete stranger - I'd be offended. Honestly, how do you expect someone to react to seeing a stranger's penis in a public place. Who knows what kind of sick mind this guy has and what else he was capable of doing. Was it necessary to make a 'big deal' out of it - definitely because pervs who expose themselves in public feel entitled to just do whatever they want for their pleasure and are probably capable of doing worse. So let's stop it before it get's worse. I wouldn't want to pay two bucks to ride the train to see a random penis is what I'm saying. If your a 'grown up' and this is your cup of tea I suggest you go and visit him once he's caught and in jail. CC - kudos to you for speaking out.

a DUDE here...: 9th May 2006 - 03:49 GMT

i think "dick: 9th May 2006 - 02:13 GMT"'s comments about how this is "too much drama" for one penis are completely moronic. is he not really thinking about the situation? ive heard of too many creepy stories about punks like this roaming the trains and pulling there shit out. lets be honest... in this situation, there was at least a few people with CC and a bunch of people on the train... but what would it feel like if it were just her there? just her with the pervert?

would you place your mother or sister in the situation? i doubt it.

most guys find it difficult to understand what a girl must feel like in this situation because they have never been in anything like it. we have the same equipment... so another moron showing his shit on a train is either funny or retarted to us... case closed.

i think mcdude loses the whole point in this entry. women have the same shit to deal with then men in this world... but this situation is one that a man will never understand... i want to see mcdude wake up one day on a train with semen on his collar from some perv wacking off while he was sleeping on the 7. CC at least spoke out... i bet you mcdude would too... but there are countless women who sit back on trains and let this abuse take place... and keeping silent is whats screwing them...

think twice before you flame someone for speaking up... your mother may be next...

Frances Taylor: 9th May 2006 - 03:53 GMT

This photo is doctored. It is terrible to do this to an innocent man. I hope you get your comeuppance sum day.

Mr Johnson: 9th May 2006 - 04:38 GMT

Yeah, a penis is the same thing as a gun. And exposing yourself is the same thing as murder. Great analogies all around ladies!

I agree with it being illegal, because no one should have to unwillingly participate on some perv's fetishes, but jeeeeeeeeezzz.

I don't see why ladies are the only ones whose opinions matter in this entry, what if the guy is gay and gets off on other dudes watching his junk, am I not as much a victim as you? And before you pull out the, women get raped/killed/beaten/mugged more card, please note men also get raped/killed/beaten/mugged. And the fact it happens to a lesser percentage, doesn't mean our opinions dont' count.

A Girl: 9th May 2006 - 05:00 GMT

Dear Mr. Johnson,

I'm just curious, do you read posts before you flame them? Do your man eyes read less text than my feeble female ones? I never compared exposing ones' self to murder I mean I would know I WROTE the post. So good point you made there guy. Applause all around!

I didn't pull the raped/beaten/killed/mugged card because again if you *READ* the post I actually said that men, in fact, were raped/beaten/killed as well. Can you READ something before flaming it again? You make your post look just as dumb as yourself when you don't READ it. Thanks again!

A Girl

eyespiturkok: 9th May 2006 - 05:10 GMT

I must be blind, I really don't see anything.
Certainly not a cock head.
Maybe if it were larger, your panties won't be in a bunch.

Jane Minty: 9th May 2006 - 05:27 GMT

Damn, I wish I'd had a camera phone for all the times guys have exposed themselves in the subway (I do now!). I notice a few assholes who don't seem to think this is a big deal...they are conveniently ignoring the fact that this might also be the guy who exposed himself to a 15-year-old earlier in the year. If not, the fact remains that someone did this to a teenager. Now, if these guys don't mind the thought of this guy wanking in their little sisters' faces, I guess that's their call.

Nevermind the fact that some men pay good money for the privilege of exposing themselves to a beautiful woman, so I think that would also technically make him a thief.

I love looking at penises attached to hot specimens, but I don't want some yuckola creep trying to expose himself to me WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

Jane Minty: 9th May 2006 - 05:30 GMT

Oh, and "Sir, your penis is out" is sure to become a classic quote! Fucking brilliant.

New Yorker: 9th May 2006 - 06:47 GMT

You're just an idiot if you don't think this photo is real and if you can't see what's going on - just open your eyes, read the paper, watch the news this stuff happens all the time and it's no joke. True, it may not be as serious as other crimes but what else could it lead to if it was just you and the perv alone on the train. The main point is CC spoke out, was quick to take pictures, and took it to the authorities just as the 15 year old who was a victim of a similar crime did. Who knows, the fact that she spoke out could lead to his complete embarassment and prevent him from doing this or something similar in the future. This should set an example.

EvilGentleman: 9th May 2006 - 09:14 GMT

Sexual activity of any sort on public transit is just wrong. How can you be sure that a family with small children going home after the movies will not get on at the next stop? I should know, I have committed sexual acts on the subway before, but that was with willing female partners at a much later hour. I know, that does not excuse it, but I can understand the concept of public sexual acts. What I did with willing women was fun, but wrong. But doing it solo hoping to be noticed by random women who did not consent to it, that is just plain sick. And to do it at a time that kids are coming home from school, like what happened to the schoolgirl, is just disgraceful, no other way to put it. Whatever happened to the concept of respect?

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 9th May 2006 - 13:36 GMT

Some of the guys who have made points about women overreacting to dicks in public are missing the point. So I'm going to put it in context for you:

You are in a sports bar. Your friends aren't there (working late, groping strippers, waxing the monster truck, etc). You're feeling pretty good. Suddenly, this huge guy is in front of your table. He's 7 foot tall, fists like hams and he's covered in misspelled tattoos. The one that has you wishing for your boys reads, "skull fucing is grate." He's staring at you like you're the last weiner at a roast. You look down the sidewalk that is his chest. Further down. Keep going. And there it is. A pink, hairy goal post. And it's dangling in your Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Now that's the feeling. Alone. No back up. Obviously deranged person confronting you. Insulted. Potential for the situation to go very bad, very quick. Antisocial. Disrespectful. And seeing another persons genitalia without wanting to. Got it now?

responder: 9th May 2006 - 13:38 GMT

DUDE, you are too funny.

People who have no respect for females are the ones who commit these sort of sexually indecent acts. Either that or they have a mental problem they need to see someone for.

Crime is NOT coming down to a point where this is what gets people "bent out of shape". This is ONE of the infinite amount of crimes that needs to be recognized and battled. If you want to stay ignorant and allow these things to happen, then I suggest you never care for a woman in any which way.

Jamie: official hot topic of the month

Jill: 9th May 2006 - 14:20 GMT

Analogies aside, the behavior of dropping your dick out in a public space like a train is bizarre and generally considered unacceptable by society. Anybody who thinks somebody should 'grow up' or 'get over it' is probably someone who gets off on making people upset. Way to be a human being.

This is a classic example of how degraded society has become, how inconsiderate we are of others and how large our egos have become when we think we can just do whatever the fuck we want and all others be damned. We're all on this train togther. Put your dick back in your pants and keep your mouth shut. Hasn't anybody taught you some manners and decency??

hool: 9th May 2006 - 16:18 GMT

aside from the obvious assault, i'm also offended by the guy laying his nuts on a public transit seat. nobody wants to sit in bagsweat.

amy h: 9th May 2006 - 18:25 GMT

Men often don't get it - it's not even the seeing of the penis that's upsetting, it's knowing the shower's intent to perv you up that feels so gross. I don't mind naked men - on co-ed day at the baths, the nude beaches, the clothed beaches, men I choose to see naked - none of these offend or disturb. But the moment you some dude on the train, in a car, in the alley, at the park, whatever, just lays out his stuff to shock me and take me into his little sex game - that's upsetting. Worst thing ever? No. But it is a sexually violent gesture. I consider myself pretty body positive and live and let live, and being the situation as the OP would definitely mess me up for a few hours, but I know women who are awesome and cool, and men too who would get at least a couple months of fear out of the experience, potentially more. So I support CC and think she had a response appropriate with the offense. I worry the showoff might like all the internet attention, but I like thathe's been reported to police. Thanks for being a team player, CC.

EvilGentleman: 9th May 2006 - 18:35 GMT

Very well said, amy. Often, it is not what one sees that is the problem, but rather the location and context. A good example would be if I were to get on a bus in front of my place with my kids. When we walk to the back of the bus, we see a beautiful woman sitting there in a standard bra and white cotton panties. As a father, I would instinctively not want my kids to see this, and would be somewhat bothered by it, as it behaviour that is deemed inappropriate and indecent. Yet my kids seeing the same woman sitting by the side of our building's swimming pool in a tiny thong bikini which reveals way more would be fine by me, because it is considered normal in that setting.

Chris Erb: I think you totally nailed it Amy.

blair: 9th May 2006 - 21:23 GMT

A sex predators first step is exposure. When they get away with that they move on to actual assult.

mauks: 9th May 2006 - 21:26 GMT

Oh lord. You've got some guy getting his kicks off flashing his dick on the train and a bunch of commentators in hysterics. Are we a culture of sexually repressed folks or what?

Texan: 9th May 2006 - 21:32 GMT

To whomever posted this, thank you so much for taking control of what was otherwise a helpless sitch. Those who think it's no big deal don't understand what it's like to be a woman and have to feel that she's suddenly thrust into someone's sicko game. It's not funny, and it IS a big deal; just the other day I heard that guys who expose themselves typically end up going on to do other, more dangerous crimes. So getting this photo out there isn't just stopping a flasher - it could be stopping the guy who ends up trying to violate your sister, mother, wife...on and on...hurray for you, and I hope you feel better soon-

fa: dear God, it looks like my ex-English professor.

h-man: 9th May 2006 - 21:53 GMT

i must be blind too, because i can't see anything flopping out there either.
though it looks like the guy sitting next to him is squeezing his
dick through his gray sweatpants, don't it?

TrenchCoat: 9th May 2006 - 21:55 GMT

I'm a woman and I've been flashed on several different occasions and have found each incidence incredibly hilarious and amusing. If you are against flashing then make sure women and men are criticized and/or penalized the same way...The women that lift up their tops and moon guys, all the while giggling, are just as rude so be fair!

Caroline: 9th May 2006 - 22:42 GMT

Whilst travelling in Italy last year I was shocked to find that a man deliberately sat down next to me at a railway station and masturbated. What chilled me to the core was the thought that if a man could behave in such a reckless way during the rush hour, with plenty of people around, how might he have behaved later if the station had been empty. The same thought would cross the minds of most women. I am an adult but like so many women, I have been subjected to flashers like the pervert on the subway at various times during my life. The idiot who dismisses such a reaction as hysteria and sexual repression makes me angry. Flashers do so to provoke a strong reaction in their unsuspecting victim. As others have made clear, flashing often escalates into more violent acts of sexual aggression. It is the ultimate sexual repression, by the way, to expect females to tolerate sexually explicit behaviour from any male at any time and in any place.

E: 9th May 2006 - 22:49 GMT

To all those people who do not see what's inbetween his guys are blind. Get some glasses.

L.A. Woman: 9th May 2006 - 23:01 GMT

Well...I'm a chick, and I'm with anon. Grow up. A flasher on the train is not the downfall of mankind (nor is it particularly threatening - unless you're afraid of cock?). This way of thinking (overreacting) is why Bush is in office. this NYC or Omaha? Some would say that your response (Sir, your penis is out) was just as over-the-top as the actual incident.

h-man: 9th May 2006 - 23:54 GMT

oh! i just thought that was part of his thigh!
yep, kind of hot.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 10th May 2006 - 01:39 GMT

This incident has nothing to do with Dafur, Bush or world famine. All those things are separate issues, for a different time. This is about someone getting their jollies without consent. Sure, you see a lot of stuff in NYC that's 'noteworthy,' but nothing makes it ok for someone to get their cock out on the subway. It's the subway! A public transit system. Not the beach. Not a swing club. Not the cock room. Get me from A to B without being eye to eye with some sad-sacks sack.

Personally, I wouldn't be traumatized. I'd be pissed off (which seems to be CC's feeling too). And posting this picture on the Net isn't an overreaction. This idiot enjoys the thrill of nearly being discovered, of doing something "naughty." Guess what, Mr. Balls-to-the-wind, you're the center of attention now.

E: 10th May 2006 - 01:42 GMT

Hey L.A. Woman, it's not OK to flash people. It doesn't matter if you are a "CHICK". Demean yourself all you want. No one said it was the downfall of mankind. Little things like this should be corrected. We need to ship more people like you to Madagascar because you're idea of civilized society is disgusting. Why dont you go walk around and expose yourself and see how many people will ask you to cover up. No one wants genitalia all over public property. It's like walking out of a bathroom and shaking hands with people without washing your hands. Think about it. L.A. Woman aka prostitute....go back to your cave where you belong and go make yourself useful and shut up.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 10th May 2006 - 01:48 GMT

Oh! oh! Send me to Madagascar. They have lemurs.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 10th May 2006 - 02:05 GMT

Channel 11 just said that "it's illegal to put your bags on the seat on the subway." I'm so glad they're taking it seriously.

A Girl: 10th May 2006 - 02:32 GMT

Catherine -

Let's both go to Madagascar and run from the foosas! Hahaha.

A Girl

please...: 10th May 2006 - 04:35 GMT

Get over it, Look away. You didn't have to look at it, you didn't have to take a picture. You just posted his stuff all over the web. That 's exactly what he wants. To expose his self. Taking a picture and getting all upset about it is just what he wants. Confront him and say "put that away, i don't want to see it" if it offended you so much. This is why blogs suck!!!

IDONTGETIT: 10th May 2006 - 08:01 GMT

look, I still dont get it. First of all, if the dude was getting off on it, he would be sporting a huge boner that would be sticking straight out from under the bag. He isnt, I can see, what maybe....just maybe, might be a small bit of exposed skin, but in that shitty pic you posted you cant tell. Did he have an erection? If not, he isnt excited by this....

Still, a guy wont get why this is a big deal. If your female, next time your on the train whip out a tit and see what the reaction from all the guys is. Better yet wear a skirt with no panties and make sure to let the skirt ride up to expose everything, and then watch everyones reactions. Are the guys that see it going to be offended and freaked out by it? nope.....they are gonna enjoy it........guys want stuff like that to happen.

For the poster who talked about some guy sitting down and masturbating, yeah. I get why that wrong. But just part of some dudes nut sack "may" have slipped out of his shorts? What the hell? This dude wasnt jacking off, he wasnt doing anything but sitting there holding his bag on his lap and reading a comic book. The original posters mom is the perv who was staring at his crotch to begin with, right? Why was your mom looking at this guys crotch? What the hells wrong with your mom that she goes around checking out strangers junk on trains to begin with?

Marie: 10th May 2006 - 08:04 GMT

You're a hero!! I wonder did any other passengers react when you outed this creep? Any men or women come to your aide? Or were you all alone in this?

I'm so proud of you!

Bemused: 10th May 2006 - 11:30 GMT

Actually, both my Mother and my sister would have shrugged, smirked or snorted in derision (possibly all three,) but then, they don't tend to think of themselves as victims...
I probably wouldn't have noticed.
He's a pathetic oaf but my, don't you love a drama?
Oh yawn!

yes I have a name: 10th May 2006 - 13:16 GMT

well pervert or not one thing is for sure. I bet the guy remembers to wear underwear under his shorts the next time he goes to the gym.

EvilGentleman: Ten thousand hits in two days... wow.

ScoopOfReason: 10th May 2006 - 15:21 GMT

Neither a penis nor a gun is intrinsically bad -- it's a matter of when and where you whip them out. By that standard the 7 Train guy acted inappropriately. But I do think the follow-on is a little hysterical.

SCohen: 10th May 2006 - 15:23 GMT

I had a X-GF tell me how she was "marinated" by some creep on the 7 when she was in HS. He stood behind her on a crowded train, bumping and pushing into her back. Well, when he got off (in the literal term) the train, he left her a present. SHE WAS 14!!!

jeeff: 10th May 2006 - 15:24 GMT

well, if he wanted people to see his penis he surely succeeded. i think its a great idea to use the internet to give these guys a bit more notoriety than they bargained for. actions (especially public ones) have consequences, which is a lesson that more people need to learn.

Bemused: 10th May 2006 - 15:42 GMT

Heaven help him if it was a genuine 'slip'.
Should we make T Shirts?

bobby cuza: 10th May 2006 - 15:51 GMT

i'm actually hoping to get in contact w/ "CC" - this is bobby cuza, reporter for NY1 News, and i'm doing a story on subway perverts and the quick thinkers who snap their pictures. CC, if you see this, or if anyone can help, email me at

slinkybender: Hey, I like Archie comics.

yippie skippie: 10th May 2006 - 17:18 GMT

Living in an environment where people are stacked on top of other people, it is no wonder you are exposed to such horrible beings, it's the law of averages.....the roaches go where the food is. If some perv gets off by exposing himself and then can melt into the masses, then of course he will be drawn to such places where he/she can get max exposure for limited risk. Where you choose to live is dangerous, my advice remove the danger by removing yourself from that enviroment, because what you see is not going away, you may get this guy (did it occur to you he may be completely innocent), but there are 100 more to take his place. I guess when you choose to live in a cesspool sometimes a turd floats by....

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 10th May 2006 - 17:50 GMT

New York is not a cess pool. Anyway, I've been harassed in a sleepy country village of less than 1,500 people.

Peter: 10th May 2006 - 17:58 GMT

yes, sure im partial, but ive gotta agree with cat here... despite the fact that it sometimes stinks after a heavy rain, nyc is definitely not a cesspool.

boy: 10th May 2006 - 18:02 GMT

Nobody even pays attention to this kind of thing in Chicago. And at any rate, my mother's seen PLENTY of dick in her day. I doubt it'd be a problem.

Peter: 10th May 2006 - 18:05 GMT

lol: " mother's seen PLENTY of dick in her day..."

CityDweller: 10th May 2006 - 18:33 GMT

Exposing your genitalia in public is considered a misdeamoner according to state law under public lewdness and indecent exposure so serious or not the man in the pic is in the wrong. To make it worse authorities are certain he's a repeat offender, where THE SAME MAN exposed himself to a minor on the same train. If he was completely innocent and had no intention on wanting others to see it maybe he should have put his member away or say something back once CC called him out on it. If you see something say something is what the MTA consistently promotes, and "Sir, your penis is out!" was definitely calling it like it is. I say guilty as charged.

L.A. Woman: 10th May 2006 - 19:02 GMT

Hey E - "LA Woman aka prostitute" Haha. Your stupidity proves my point. You also seem hella angry which makes me think that maybe instead of being upset at the dick, you should actually get laid by one. And while you're telling people where to go, how 'bout you just go to hell?

3 SHEETS TO THE WIND: 10th May 2006 - 19:05 GMT

Here are words of own words of course..."never! ever! trust a guy with a gym bag"

Blog-less and this is why: 10th May 2006 - 19:29 GMT

All this nonsense over what may or may not be a penis? Did anyone think that this might have actually been an accident? Gym short+Loose boxer briefs = loss of testicle control. Now granted there are a lot of sick guys out there that get their rocks off by "freeing willy" in public, but damn! What if the guys nuts just happened to slip down the leg of his shorts? Not everyone in this world is a twisted pervert.

Colin911: 10th May 2006 - 19:30 GMT

What a dick head, he should be arrested only chicks should be able to do that.........

CA chick: 10th May 2006 - 22:00 GMT

Disgusting and almost worse pathetic. If you're going to show your stuff in public, please make more of an impression so we don't have to squint.

E: 10th May 2006 - 23:10 GMT

L.A. Lady, I'm not "angry". It's called decontextualization. "How bout you go to hell" Sounds like you're the one that's angry. Listen, Hell is where you belong and say hi to the devil for me! So please..Speak for yourself! Seems like stupidity runs with your opinions! HaHa!

yippie skippie: 11th May 2006 - 00:44 GMT

NYC is a cesspool, maybe you live in a less stinky area with better ventilation, and don't venture into the nastier parts like South Bronx, Harlem, Washington Heights and Bedford-Stuyvesant, or Brooklyn.... but the nastier elements come into your areas, guaranteed, as you feel you have witnessed. Granted there are pervs everywhere even in smaller communities, but there is a higher concentration where you are, don't like it, leave... It is a free country and you may 'choose' to live in a 'safer' environment. If you chose to live with the rats, sometimes you get bit. NYC as of 2 weeks ago, almost 1/3 of a year complete, had already had 153 murders(up 7% from last year), 545 Rapes (up 13%), 6,574 Robberies, 4,621 Felony Assaults, 6,643 Burglaries, 12,862 Grand Larcenies, and 4,675 Grand Larceny Assaults (all Down)...these are the ones reported....and you are all happy that crime is DOWN! Well it is a happy day isn't it? You are still consistantly above the National Average in Violent Crimes per 100,000 people, you have a .7% chance of being a victim of violent crime where you live. national avg is .46% (can be even lower if you chose the right locale), you have a 2.8% chance of being some kind of victim...I think I would seek better odds. Look at the stats. and face reality...the turds are plenty and all around you, and still you choose to defend and live there, I cannot fathom it, unless it is the only life you know and then I simply pitty you for not knowing of the alternatives. I am in no way "singling out NYC". "An FBI report on 2005 crime rates in the nation's 25 largest cities rated New York City as the safest." (- ) I look at this stat as the 25th worst place to live. But why live in any of these metro areas? With today's technology people can live virtually anywhere they can "get connected" and do their job, and if you are a secretary, office manager, sales person, or fry cook...and you are good at what you do....well you can get a job anywhere.
Wanna know why crime has dropped to make NYC number 1 safest of the metro areas?
Because some of the criminals are moving out, it is still so bad.
Really, what my point is that there are 8.1 million People in NYC. NYC is approx 321 sq miles. That is approx. 25,234 people per sq mile. 1 sq mile is approx 640 acres. That is 40 people per acre. That is 40 people living in the area of a football field between the 0 yard lines ( no end zones folks). So take a 10 yard span and divide that into 4ths…. that is the area you have. Some areas more concentrated with people than others of course ( The haves, the have nots, the want nots, and the want yours ), this is simply an average. So, of those 40 people slighly over 1 of them are going to be a victim this year, don't sound so safe to me and I bet more than one turd floats by you each day. OH! and the $1800+ a month rent you pay for the "privilage" of living in the turd bowl in that one bedroom effeciency of yours, would be a mortgage payment on a 4 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath 2 story brick house with 2-5 acres with a grass yard, trees and an inground pool, where you don't have to worry about sitting on your porch and a gun shot going off over your head, or the constant police sirens day and night, and where you know all the teachers of your kids because they are also your neighbors and you can breath clean air good luck, stay safe and keep watching over your shoulder, but don't look anyone in the eye (might be concidered too agressive and you could become "the 1" on your football field).

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 11th May 2006 - 13:40 GMT

yippie: I don't know why you hate NYC so much. Perhaps you lived here and it wasn't to your liking. Fine.
I've lived in what I consider to be the most interesting, diverse and exciting city for many years. But when the sirens no longer lull me to sleep and I decide that I don't want to talk to people from every place on earth and from all walks of life, maybe I'll move. Where do you live yippie? I could buy that 4 bedroom house next to yours. I'll telecommute from Utopia. It'll be swell.

A Girl 2: 11th May 2006 - 13:58 GMT

No one has even mentioned the fact that it was 9:45PM and the pervert was wearing sunglasses on the train!!!! Come on people, this is sexual harrassment anyway you slice it and not apreciated by most people. Next you will see the idiot on Datelines series "To Catch A Predator"! By the way, please leave the guy next to him alone. He is obviously holding his backpack. Go CC. Let's work together and and get these people off the streets. I don't think CC will be scarred for life, but the 15 year old and any other children that may have seen this creep will be.

Carmen: 11th May 2006 - 15:11 GMT

the last time some perv flashed me I gave him a shoe in the nuts. The next time I saw him my boyfriend broke the perv's nose. The third time we tied him up and rolled him into a river after lighting him on fire with butane. We haven't seen him since.

the simple approach to dealing with societal ills - when the authorities are helpless or useless, take matters into your own hands. It's called dealing with it instead of just crying and complaining.

any more perv assholes who come near me, well, I got pepper spray, cop mace and (if they're persistent) acid based drain opener in a small pressure bottle. and my boyfriend just loves to teach perv's how Not to act.

whiners - lock yourselves iinto your closets or basements and just fucking die already. the world isn't for those who wish, it's for those who Do.

EvilGentleman: 11th May 2006 - 15:20 GMT

Carmen, what is wrong with you? Don't you know that burning textiles with butane releases pollutants into the air? Use the acid next time, it will dilute faster.

But seriously, enjoy your time in prison, and maybe if you are good, they will let you have a conjugal visit in Ossining with your boyfriend once a year.

male perspective: 11th May 2006 - 16:46 GMT

I don't know about the rest but I for one appreciate it when a woman sits down across from me with her hooch hanging out... I also like the gals who wear the slightly see through tops with no harness...and there is a cool breeze. I might even tip her a dollar as I leave if I am in a good mood and she is well groomed. But I must admit I imagine I would be a little uncomfortable if a guy had his shlong hanging out. What is the difference...well I like Gals...maybe that is the message here?

nowyoucee: 11th May 2006 - 22:39 GMT

hey this guy was on the news everyone is hunting for him .

Peek=A-Boo: 12th May 2006 - 04:21 GMT

Kind of looks like Jerry Seinfield - I bet ya Kramer has a bigger one!

Sidneycat: 12th May 2006 - 09:14 GMT

surely this is more funny than it is serious? when you get down to it, hes just lfashing. he didnt make any gestures or signals to the woman, nor did he even approach her. its just a guy flashing on a train. har-har.

Mr. Seenitall: 12th May 2006 - 12:52 GMT

I'm a 25 year old guy, and I haven't lived in any one city for longer than 10 months in my whole life! And honestly, I have to agree with Yippie-Skippie. Multi-culturism is everywhere, not just in big cities. So it's not like you would miss out on meeting people from all-over if you move out of NYC. I know what you're saying Catherine, but I think Yippie's point is different from what you thought. I believe he is just trying to say, (rather eloquently), that people are hypocrites. They want to live in a big bustling city, but they don't want to live with the crime they know a big city would attract. All I think he is saying is you have no right to complain about the bad aspects of 'city life' if you're still willing to stick around after thr bad shit happens to you. Oh, and by the way, I personally think Anon and L.A. Woman are a couple of morons who can't and wont see past thier pathetic little lives. Can you say "Ignorance?". I mean, come on. Doesn't anyone understand that ignorance is NOT a solution? "...if he flashes you, just ignore him and walk away." That subway car was by no means empty. There were 4 people in the picture alone! That subway car had a lot of people in it. Sure, most of them couldn't possibly have seen his "twig-and-two-berries" because of the gym bag. But I'm pretty sure CC and her family weren't the ONLY ones to see his 'package',(and I don't mean the gym bag). What I'm trying to say is that we as a society have seen everything a thousand times over. And as a consequence, nothing shocks us as much as it should anymore. For some reason, most of us have become so desensitized that we choose not to act when we see something we know to be wrong taking place right in front of us. So many of us have become so desensitized, that our ignorance and complacecy becomes the norm. Sure, there are those who would say that I'm making too much out of this incident. I could be that I'm over-reacting. But I think it's equally possible that almost everyone else aren't reacting enough..... I guess I should stop before I get cynical. lol. But before I go, I just want to address one more thing: Shorts or no Shorts. I definitely believe he wasn't wearing any shorts or boxers or anything!!! Remember when CC said "...After I was sure I had him, I yelled, 'Sir, your penis is out.'... He stayed very still, perhaps hoping everyone would think he was sleeping or that he'd blend into the background. I told him that I've taken pictures and that they are going to the NYPD and websites. As soon as the train stopped at Junction Blvd. he began moving again and ran out of the train..." So that means CC told him his dick was loose. He played dead until the next stop, even though she was telling him about the pics she took. And when the train finally stopped, he got up and ran... And the thing I can't believe the most is that while she was confronting the ball guy, everyone else just stood there and watched. Nobody tried to stop him or anything! So if you couldn't tell, I'm with CC on this one.


It's all about context. If he were nude on a nude beach, no one would care. Some would even laugh. But, hanging his cock out on a public subway is totally and completely inappropriate. But hey, as long as everyone remains ignorant and not do fuck-all when you see something like that happen, he shouldn't have any problem doing it again and again.

Allen Khodabash: I know I've seen that guy somewhere.

The Mad Crapper: 14th May 2006 - 00:15 GMT

I wonder how many 15 year old kids get to see this guy's package now?

Thank god there are people out there, that are stupid enough to post how terrible it was to see this guy's goods, then feel compelled to post it for all to see.

Don't worry. We all see you as a crusader for truth and justice.

Brian Klaus: Was that an air-conditioned car?

EvilGentleman: 14th May 2006 - 19:32 GMT

I cannot believe how many idiots think this sort of thing is acceptable. Or rather, I cannot believe how many idiots want to stir up shit and get people upset, so they will deliberately pretend to defend what they already know to be wrong. But they will waste countless hours on here telling people who complain about flashers to get a life? This is beyond pathetic, when some guys choose to offend people for no other reason than to see them upset. I say to you guys, get a life! If you don't like what people are complaining about here, move on to another page! What possible reason could you have for defending idiots like this guy, unless perhaps you are flashers, too? I doubt you are that retarded, so you must just be doing one thing and thing only: Upsetting people for fun. What's the point? If anyone else you knew in real life was to watch you typing these comments online, they would most likely consider you to be real sad cases of ultimate losers, and you know it. So grow up, losers. Jeez, what a world. 98-pound geeky cyberbullies, what next?

Roger Lindqstein II : 14th May 2006 - 20:06 GMT

There's not enuf gristle there to cook a single slice of Philly Scrapple

David: 14th May 2006 - 20:10 GMT

re: (The Mad Crapper wrote): "I wonder how many 15 year old kids get to see this guy's package now?" If you've seen some if the things I have seen 15YO's doing on the train (oral, manual, etc..) your eyeballs would burst into flames. Just another day on the MTA.

EvilGentleman: 14th May 2006 - 20:20 GMT

Yeah, but hopefully those are other kids aged 14-17 that they are doing it with, and not adult creeps like the loser in the picture.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 14th May 2006 - 20:23 GMT

Beautifully said, EvilG. If I'm ever in your hood, I'm buying you and Artic Woman a pint.

a concerned penis-bearer: 15th May 2006 - 00:17 GMT

Gosh, imagine his dick really just slipped out of his shorts, happens to all male persons every now and then, usually we're smart enough to wear something longer on top of the shorts.
The "offender" wasn't. Now just imagine how you'd feel if you'd have a nipple slip (by far not as probable as a penis peeking out of too shor shorts) on the subway without noticing and somebody running up to you shouting pervert, whore or whatever.
Fun times for everyone, please everyone, pointing this misshap out should be more than enough to ashame him, why don't you people at least try to tak to each other?
Why didn't you just ask him if it was an accident, try to believe in "innocent until proven guilty"
fuckin bigots

steelisreal: 15th May 2006 - 01:39 GMT

I am so tired of women wearing low cut tops and shirts that show the midsection, i am going to start taking pics of womens cleavage to post on websites because I am sick of it and should not have to live like this looking at over exposed breasts.

steelisreal: 15th May 2006 - 01:41 GMT

Also want to say I love how you are not getting the support and backing and sympathy you thought this post would receive.

EvilGentleman: 15th May 2006 - 01:47 GMT

What are the odds of an "innocent" man being spotted so many times in "innocent" situations, that he winds up being photographed in the act not once, but twice? And one of those times was during March while he was wearing a long coat and a scarf? Gimme a break already, the guy has psychological issues that need to be dealt with as soon as possible, and the sooner he is caught, the better off everyone will be, including him.

steelisreal: 15th May 2006 - 01:49 GMT

EvilGentleman is right he does have psychological problems, and they say this stuff leads to bigger more violent crimes.

New Yorker: 15th May 2006 - 05:13 GMT

You guys might want to read the entire post before having to risk sounding like a complete IDIOT. This guy is a repeat offender. I recently saw the same incident on the news and I'm surprised people are still not taking it seriously. The authorities seem to think it to be so and making sure he gets caught. So regardless of whether you think this is serious it's already been taken to another level. Let's just see if this guy has the nerve to do it again.

Mr. Seenitall: 15th May 2006 - 07:02 GMT

Steelisreal, Evilgentleman IS backing CC, and you're backing Evilgentleman! Who's side are you on anyway? As for almost everyone else, I agree with New Yorker. Read the whole post before blabbing away. You just might make some sense.

steelisreal: 15th May 2006 - 12:59 GMT


I am not taking sides at all.

New Yorker on the subway: 15th May 2006 - 23:49 GMT

Where is the penis ? I can't see it at all..........

Mr. Seenitall: Fair enough, Steelisreal

New Yorker on the Subway: 16th May 2006 - 15:35 GMT

Ignore these flashers or make fun of them up front so they get embarrarssed and put the ofending little thing away

Maurice Blackstone: 16th May 2006 - 15:49 GMT

Didn't your mama ever teach you how to respond to flashers?

Shout and point, "Hey, that looks just like a penis, only smaller!"


anon ( 16th May 2006 - 17:34 GMT

He apparently moved over to the N Train in Manhattan as well as Brooklyn. Unless its another one

Nik: 17th May 2006 - 12:17 GMT

Was any harm done, to anyone? I see here people were annoyed and offended. Is the basis for social behavious that it annoys and/or offends no one? I doubt it - seems a bit tough to actually live up too.

And everyone here is assuming the guy did it intentionally. Dicks occasionally slip their moorings, you know. What if he hadn't noticed and by pointing out so publicly the poor guy WAS (a) offended, (b) annoyed or (c) scarred for life?

I have to endure a ton of shit in city streets and public transit I'd rather not see (and to me, far more to the point - rather not smell) but as I am willing to accept the benefits of city life over living alone in a the woods where I have more - though not complete - control over such things, I also have to accept that there is a price.

Sean MacCloud: 17th May 2006 - 15:35 GMT

*A DUDE here* said "but what would it feel like if it were just her there? just her with the pervert?"

Hmmm... If would feel like... wimmins is not equal for genetic reasons and dependent on an unconstitutional big brother state to protect them from the loons bred by the dysgenic disaster of liberal democracy and ultimately raised/nurtured by... female parents/ teachers/ social structure_?

*A DUDE here* continues... "there are countless women who sit back on trains and let this abuse take place... and keeping silent is whats screwing them..."

No. Those "countless" wimmins are getting screwed most often by the guys who expose hamsters like you as weak. ...Aint wimmins so dern complex?

*Jane Minty* said "Nevermind the fact that some men pay good money for the privilege of exposing themselves to a beautiful woman, so I think that would also technically make him a thief."

That's an odd spin. Less odd of a spin would be to say "technically, wimmins is whores".

She closes with "WITHOUT MY PERMISSION."

All kinds of annoying things happen to people without their permission. The specific annoying things that get outlawed by the big brother state show the astute the difference between the privileged and the oppressed...

*Catherine Penfold-Waxman* digressed "Your friends aren't there (working late, groping strippers,..."

Groped strippers! The poor biddies! Someone call my senator!

As for your point "[wimmins is scared by it all]", see my response to 'A DUDE here' immed above in this post.

*responder* responds "People who have no respect for females are the ones who commit these sort of sexually indecent acts."

Every knee shall bend...

*responder* reverberating... "Either that or they have a mental problem they need to see someone for."

...We fade into the therapist's office. The "Doctor" and patient involved in regression... "Mommy dearest?... Am that you?"...

*responder* resounding: "...then I suggest you never care for a woman in any which way."

'We must protect the hive. We must protect the hive...' Chanted in marching unison over and over, with eyes like little spirals...

*Jill* says "Way to be a human being."

'Human beings' are overrated.

*hool* "...aside from the obvious assault..."

And *amy h* " is a sexually violent gesture."

Murder of words is a beautiful thing...

*blair* chimes: "A sex predators first step is exposure. When they get away with that they move on to actual assult."

I'm having trouble understanding the slippery slope... Is it like 1st wave feminism inevitably leads to 3rd wave which leads to the collapse of uniquely western chivalry and thus the mocking and trivializing of female concerns?...

*texan*: "I hope you feel better soon-"

Lol. Oh brother.

...Between brokeback and that we can safely conclude riding the back forty aint what it used to be.

*Caroline* "It is the ultimate sexual repression, by the way, to expect females to tolerate sexually explicit behaviour from any male at any time and in any place."

Well so sayeth a wimmin's studies text. But they are notoriously epistemologically invalid -- circular and relative.

*E* lensed "We need to ship more people like you to Madagascar because you're idea of civilized society is disgusting."

Civilization is -- just like human beings -- overrated.

(psst; the jibe you wanted is ... '"expel"... to Madagascar via Poland'. This way people will know what you mean.)

(`Don't mention it.)

*Marie* being a little bit country: "I'm so proud of you!"

Raisinettes for everyone!...

*SCohen* litigated "SHE WAS 14!!!"

But did she get paid?

Hey don't blame me. Go tell Jane Minty.

*bobby cuza: 10th May 2006 - 15:51 GMT* "i'm actually hoping to get in contact w/ "CC" - this is bobby cuza, reporter for NY1 News, and i'm doing a story on subway perverts and the quick thinkers who snap their pictures. CC, if you see this, or if anyone can help, email me at"

Well, well. I was going to stop reading but! this is rich...

Exposure on the subway is bad. We know it is. So they'll put it on TV over and over because we feel compelled to watch the badness. And it's sweeps month...

They'll have to make a slot in between the expos`es about teenage table dancers from Holland who are under siege from the white-slaving patriarchy. Complete with low angle hidden 'shoe-camera' work...

Maybe O'Reily will get involved.

The media cares dammit!

(The literati oligarchy, journalist community doesn't know the caps key?...)

"I say guilty as charged", banged *CityDweller*.

_Twelve angry human beings of civilization_ have spoken...

*A girl 2* gossiped "Come on people, this is sexual harrassment anyway you slice it"

You mean you didn't get that bonus?! That bastard!

...When a man is showing his penis on the subway he has to learn no means no.

*Carmen* "[etc]".

She's tough. That'll serve her well when she's visiting her boyfriend in jail for teaching pervs how not to wish but to do.

(Hint honey, yer boyfriend is male; ie la machine will hang him high if he does anything with that testosterone other than fill your little caboose.)

*MacCloud* yanked...

Er... No big finish. I lost interest.

I guess just like the subway photo there's no money shot. The 15 year olds will just have to use their imaginations.

And this bbs _format_ sucks extreme!

EvilGentleman: 18th May 2006 - 19:48 GMT

I say leave this misogynistic idiot's post in here, so we can all remember how stupid he is.

Bud: 18th May 2006 - 21:27 GMT

I was on the 71 Haight on day and a large woman who wore too much perfume, raised her skirt, squated, peed on the bus.

Now, I can understand not wanting to view a man's penis, but to see a filthy woman, full stream of piss onto a public bus is a wee bit more troubling.

I was a bit in shock and wish I had the quick wit to say "Ma'am Your Cunt is Leaking"

Dale: 19th May 2006 - 07:50 GMT

There is a place for everything. Nudity is not bad per se; however, when the person flashing has no concern for others, it is a bad thing. I think there are nothing but victims in these situations. The person or persons witnessing clearly have psychological problems and so does the person flashing or showing. But it's not the flashing that is the problem. IT is the reasoning or lack there of behind it. What makes someone want to expose himself or herself? Clearly something happened to those people to create their mindsets. They feel that the only satisfaction they can get is from turning their nudity into something of shock value and lewdness. Nudity is neither lewd nor should it be shocking; but it becomes so when all involved have issues with sexuality and nudity. Do we now want to urge men to snap photos of loosely dressed women or to claim that a woman in a miniskirt should be touched, attacked or raped. Of course not is the answer! But, when our perceptions of nudity and sexuality have been twisted to view both as naughty, bad, dirty, evil, addictive, then we create these situations as the young woman saw on the subway car. I pity the man involved (if indeed he did flash) only because of his demented outlook on nudity and I pity the woman for the same reason. There are far better community involved ways other than snapping photos or further harming these men with their tainted minds. If all people on that subway car supported the woman if she said to the man in a calm but resonating voice, "Excuse me sir, but your penis is hanging out." I'm sure the situation would have ended differently, especially if all in the car supported her. It's no different if you see a woman who has a whole in her skirt and her underwear or more are showing. IF this type of positive reinforcement continues, it has an overwhelming effect of healing these men as opposed to shaming them into even far worse mental states. Hate and untethered rage never resolve anything. This approach can be used if you feel you are being singled out and bothered by "gawkers" or just guys being obnoxious. Cat calls and whistles are going to happen. Perhaps more of you complaining women should try it on the men you see on the street. BY NO MEANS SHOULD ANYONE touch anyone else. That is assault or at least unwanted touching. If you don't like what someone is saying, walk on. If they follow, be WISE and don't put yourself in danger. I tell all women, Be Loud if you feel someone is following you. Talk back to some of these men the way you scream at your own family members and I guarantee you, they'll leave you alone. I hope this helps some of the folks on here who have lots of rage as well as those who have a lack of empathy.

Dale: 19th May 2006 - 08:00 GMT

Fellow Americans....we live in some strange times. All I can say to all of this is...if the worse thing you have happen to you in life is to see a hanging penis ...then consider yourself lucky. There are far worse things happening these days as we all know. I say to everyone (women and men of all ages...and teens who must travel for school or work), BE WISE, BE SAFE. Don't put yourself in stupid situations. No one is invincible. Someone posted above a good point, do what your parents told you to do... Point it out and tell the person to put it way as it's attracting flies. This goes for both male and female flashers because no one is above reproach.

Rein Negroni: 19th May 2006 - 16:13 GMT

How disgusting is he? Can you believe what is happening to innocent passengers on a #7 train? He is crazy!!! Oh, I remember what happend to the pervert at the Brooklyn Bridge subway staton & he digs & scratches on his crotch at around 4:00 am in the morning & it happend about two months ago while I was waiting for the #4 train by going to Bowling Green. That man that I saw is a pervert & there was one MTA employee saw it all & he did nothing about it & I was really mad. A man like me who witnessed it all & I was really upset. Since the cutbacks on Station booth agents, The MTA is doing nothing just to harass innocent riders & right now there will be a fair hearing on June 7, 2006 on Madison Avenue so I urge everyone to come to the hearing & let our ridership voices be heard to Peter Kalikow & to Lawrence Reuter for mistreating the innocent about the "so called" MTA policy. Their rules is like taking away our rights & we are being taken for a ride, a turn for the worse on mass transit captial programming that can cripple weekend service.

sad: 19th May 2006 - 19:51 GMT

When I saw the article I just hated him.
After reading the comments I am firmly committed to a general and wide-sweeping misanthropy.

EvilGentleman: 19th May 2006 - 23:46 GMT

I guess this is an example of "pro boner" legal work?

anon ( 15th Feb 2010 - 03:40 GMT

ah . that asshole is also on the F train

anon ( 5th Jun 2010 - 22:31 GMT

last year in 2009, there was also one in the 6 train line. He got in Brooklyn Bridge from the express train 4/5. My sister and I were on our way to school like we also do we got on the 6 tain at Brooklyn bridge also and sat on the same sits we always sit in and he sat front of us. I noticed he was doing something but didn't want to look up, he was just covering the area where his penis is located with a black plastic bag. My sister noticed that he was playing with his penis and looking at us. She told me what wa going on and I looked up and saw him playing with himself. As soon as she got up to yell that he was playing with himself he got up and stood there as soon as the doors open at bleaker street he ran out. We didn't call the cops or anything because we had to get to school and lefted it like that. We still take the 6 train but I never saw him again. (that day we took the train early like at the usually time as we always do) but be aware of these men !

jack: 26th Jun 2010 - 18:29 GMT

Ok, so how about we agree the guy was wrong in doing what he did? He needs help, maybe get him to a therapist. Do we have to crucify him? After all the same ladies that are yapping about how offended they are by this, they are in the front row of shows like "Puppetry of the Penis." They are the ones buying tickets to see "Naked Boys Dancing." These are legit shows. Nudity is legal onscreen and on stage (see "Hair," or any Judd Apatow film). But not in life? Does that make any sense at all?

keenlooker: 17th Aug 2010 - 06:55 GMT

I would simply say that this guy has no class. Whipping out that limp uneventful thing ! Truth be told. I'm an exhibitionist ( not a flasher ) there is a significant difference. I would never expose my cock for all and sundry to see but I have shown it in a public place such as at a restaurant. My modus operandi wd be to sit across a lovely lady (or a lovely guy as the case may be ... Hey ! There are loads of pretty guys out there .. LOL) and simply look appreciatively (not pervertedly) at her cleavage, legs, skirt. And when I receive a positive response eg . Uncrossing legs or playing with her hair or playing with the drink straw in a provocative manner or a whole myriad of different responses, I would gradually let my ''partner'' know of my state of Pressing my hardening cock. The lady never feels threatened as she would be with her husband, boyfriend, girlfriend etc. Surprises me how women can be with their husbands or boyfriends yet indirectly or discreetly participate in this ''sexual act'' with me ! This has eventually led to me ''treating'' my partner to a full view of my boner and in some cases I have been ''prompted'' and encouraged to stroke my cock culminating in cum even ! Hardly perverted. Simply a ''private'' consensual sexual act between 2 consenting adults. This sicko on the train needs to polish his act. Ok people go ahead and lambast me. Simply offering a genuine converse perspective !

.. Asian in Asia :) Lawyer by profession :).

maskedstranger: 25th Aug 2010 - 16:32 GMT

Well isn't that the truth about what jesus said:? Those of you who have never sinned throw the first stone! Its funny cause all the people on here who have said they would do this and do that are the same people that if they saw someone getting robbed or worse on the train would turn the other way cause they are afraid to get involved cause they might get in harms way. But here we have a simple flasher not a rapist or murderer or robber a simple flasher and you all want to hurt or traumatize him for his actions. I guess all this forgiveness stuff doesn't exist!? I bet most of you are so called christians too! Thats why when real shit happens you won't even know. For example: A man standing in the middle of a crowded train gets on and has on a backpack and maybe trench coat. Nobodys paying attention cause their eyes are on the real criminal some guy touching his crotch. While everyone is looking and taking pictures of him the real criminal is free to do as he pleases. He pulls out his cell phone and hits a few buttons and boom we are all dead! We live in a world where this could be a reality. Thats why if something happens and all you have is pictures of this guy and his crotch on your phone and it wont help at all. Know who your real enemy is you judgemental morons.

Mike: 6th Sep 2010 - 04:21 GMT

Hey,what's the big deal?So the dude like to show his dick off.It aint like none of you haven't seen one before.I have flashed my big cock many times in public and do enjoy doing it.I have also been flashed by guys and yes I enjoyed that as well.I even sucked a couple of them as well.Anyways,the dude didn't try to molest you,he just showed his cock.Next time just sit back and enjoy the site.

anon ( 13th Sep 2010 - 12:17 GMT

Similar things like this happen in the uk in London. This has happened to me too. The laws we have don't work cos as soon as u stop 1 another 1 starts. The Asians have got the right idea with separate carriages and that's something we should seriously think about implementing in the us/uk/Europe overall. I know what u guys are going to say that we live in a progressive society and it would mean taking a step backwards but sometimes not all the revolutionary ideas work and we have to regress back to the original or look to our fellow nations for solutions even if it means swallowing your pride. I don't want to go into what happened to me but will say it has affected me. I say we should have a separate carriage for women and children and a carriage for men and boys over 13 with a guard on board at all times. This is just from the top of my head so please don't lay into me about the finer details but would be most willing to answer any genuine questions. The most obvious downside to this is it seems a bit uncivilised and backwards but then I'm sure me and most women would rather be labelled that than have to endure being groped all the time on packed trains and men getting aroused by rubbing themselves up against u deliberately and u can't do anything cos the train is so packed made worse by the fact that the offender left a nasty present for u on ur clothes. The flashing seems tame now doesn't it in comparison but the fact is that all these types of offences are most likely committed by the same offender who is willing to engage in any of these offences and they all leave u feeling violated nonetheless. I know people are thinking do something about it be vocal like cc and report it and use ur camera phone etc all good suggestions but easier said than done as we are all different for example some people just go into shock and become speechless at the time or some people lack confidence and find it a challenge to speak or be heard at the best of times and will undoubtedly fail in a situation of this kind and the thought of taking out ur phone to take a picture of someone who is trying to violate u is hard to think of let alone carry out I mean u have to get ur phone out then find the camera setting then activate it then point it and snap and pray the guy isn't violent and doesn't take offence to u snapping him in hope of getting him imprisoned, obviously not as easy as it sounds. However I did report my incident to the authorities and because the offender left his DNA behind on my clothes when he was rubbing himself against me the police were able to track him down and arrest him. Am I happy with my outcome of this yes I am however does this make me feel any better about the incident no it doesn't and do I feel safe and secure No I don't. I feel afraid and more anxious while travelling on public transport now because I'm aware of this disturbing behaviour and after doing research into this matter I'm deeply disturbed at how regular and how long women mostly but some men too have been victimised by these sorts of crimes yet the government in my country don't seem to allow the media to broadcast these crimes as it would cause alarm and fear amongst the general public if they knew how often these crimes are occuring and therefore would affect the huge revenue generated from the transport system. It's also made worse by the fact that I know that alot of these sexual offences on public transport have gone unreported by the victims in the first place but I can understand the reluctance to report as it was a really difficult thing to do myself. So as u can see it's not easy for us and this problem will never go away on it's own therefor the idea of seperate carriages no matter how old fashioned or backwards it may sound would be a god send to most women and men who may worry about their loved ones travelling on public transport. The bottom line is we're not half as civilised as we like to believe we are compared to our fellow nations and as 1 country gentleman who likes to call women 'wimmins' pointed out in 2006 in his post here that civilisation is over rated, think about it if we were so civilised we would have unisex toilets everywhere but I for 1 am glad we don't not because I have a problem with men I don't and not because I'm a feminist I'm not it's just men are men and women are women. Seperate carriages will put a stop to perverts preying on women and children on public transport. As a final thought please remember no one should have to go through this no matter how trivial the offence may seem so if we can put a stop to it on public transport then why not I mean in the long run it will encourage more people to travel by train/bus.

Tony: 18th Dec 2010 - 19:22 GMT

Cmon guys just stop flashing your under developed sure people on the 7 train arent impressed.

Susan: 14th Mar 2011 - 00:15 GMT

I was a flasher "victim" a few years ago in London. I know there are some people on this blog that have commented that flashing your genitals is no big deal, but I felt really shaky after I was flashed. I'm not prude, and I've seen plenty of penises in my time, but it's different when you're alone, and in on public transport, and a guy gets his penis out and starts playing with it. It's not funny - it's intimidating, especially since I had noticed that he kept nervously glancing in my direction and I thought he was planning to rob me. As it turned out, he just wanted to flash me - but I still felt assaulted - even if he didn't touch me. These guys need to get a life and think about how upsetting it is when they do this. When you're alone and you're confronted by this, you don't know what's going to happen next - maybe he might grab your or sexually assault you. It should be treated seriously, like all sex crimes.

anon ( 16th Apr 2011 - 14:10 GMT

Why do people do these kind of things?

Black Oni: 16th Apr 2011 - 17:31 GMT

The perv in the pic is doing more harm to himself than others: do y'all know how DIRTY the train seats are? He's exposing himself to more germs than he'll ever know!

samuel: 13th Jun 2011 - 15:23 GMT

well i showed my penis in a classroom and only 1 person saw and he purposly dropped his pencil and came over to me and started to suck my penis.

samuel: 13th Jun 2011 - 15:28 GMT

any way after school that same boy asked me if i wanted to go back to his house for a sleep over and i said yes ok so around about 110clock he started to crawl onto my bed and he gave me a blowjob i liked it so i gave him 1 and then i pushed him over and took his clothes of and he took mine of and we started to have sex i went on top of him 1st and started to hump me and i put my ass down his penis and i went up and down on him he liked it so he did it to me oh yer baby he was sexy

Sedgewick P Hunsacker: 1st Aug 2011 - 19:20 GMT

The only place that got more perverts than San Francisco is that sin hole cesspool commie left wing burned out hippie dirty place call New York City. I already said I hope an earthquake falled on San Francisco and swallowed up all of the perverts and it can take pot smoking hippie land Berkley with it as far as I care. I hope New York has a big flood that makes it float away into the oceans and all the perverts gets eaten by sharks. I aint talking about another 9/11 because I hate them Mooslims just as much as the perverts but just hope that the Good Lord will take care of all the pervs in New york city. One time I visit your city and see Times Square and all the pervs and whores there and I know it was just like Soddum and Gonoreah and it was only matter of time before the Lord say that is enough and he send a tidal wave into action to clean up the place. Thats about all I got to say for that except weiner showing perverts on your subway is normal and everyday thing back there. Thats all she wrote.

Sedgewick P Hunsacker: 1st Aug 2011 - 19:22 GMT

Hey I forgot to say to that guy name Samuel who probly is a Jew that he is a pervert too and hope tidal wave will take care of him. God bless America and god damn the perverst in New York City. Praise Jesus!

R. R.: 8th Aug 2011 - 21:41 GMT


I have had a simmilar event exept in my case it was not done on purpose. Even as a young boy, I have hated wearing any sort of underwear.
One day I had gone to a bathroom and thought that I had zipped up. While I was walking away from the bathroom, a man stood up from a near by bench and calmly told me that my penis was visable since my zipper was down. Right away I tucked my parts in and zipped up.
I have a neurological condition where normal sensation is absent. There is very little sensation to the outer surface of the skin. An example is sitting at my desk and not knowing if I have socks on. I need to look at my feet to know if I'm wearing socks or not.
Having children myself, I too am against people exposing them selves but think that a big deal is made out of nothing.
While at a beach or even some pools I have seen women who will not wear a top as they deem it their right to go bare chested simmilar to male counter parts. Some women also don't seem to have a problem flipping out a boob to feed their babies. My wife also breast fed our three children but never made a public display. If she had to feed one in public she would put a small blanket over herself and the baby to hide the actual breast from display. When ever possible she would go to the bathroom to feed our child.

I'm not saying that what this guy did was in poor taste. We do seem to make a very big deal of nudity, and much more so if a penis is visable. Having spent many summer vacation in Norway and Finland, I was used to nudity and still do not see any pproblems with it.

Penises come in many different sizes but only two models. One natural as God designed it, and circumcised as men have created.

I remember an incedent while still living in the Netherlands. As my mom, my neighbor, her kids and my brother and I walked through a walk way that went under the road to get to the other side into a shopping area. As we entered the tunnel a male with a long coat walked towards us and opened his coat to reveal his penis. Our neighbour reacted to him by saying, man my sons have bigger ones, would you like to see it. Immediately this pervert walked away.

As we make more and more of a deal about nudity the problems will only increase. Most exposure cases start with curiosity.

Harvard Psychologist: 24th Aug 2011 - 13:20 GMT

What is really going on here is that the "victim", as they like to think of themselves because it is difficult to defend against the victim stance and it empowers them to further abuse men, is angry at a very basic level about something and is getting her jollies off lording the destruction of this fellow's life over him. What is she angry about? Quite simple. She is angry that the male derived pleasure from her and did it without paying her, without her profiting by it in some way. This is her whore instinct coming out full throttle. Thats the bottom line, every psychologist worth his salt knows this, but it isn't publicly admitted very often due to political reasons.

Thats right ladies, we have known about this little "secret" that you harbor for many decades. We know that you are all whores. We know that it pisses you off when you can't charge a man for the goods that you sell. You think of him as a shoplifter, because you are an instinctual, thoughtless whore. The worthless goods that you sell is your appearance, the visual cues that make a man want to ejaculate inside you. You are not aware of this but it is true, thats why you spend so much on cosmetics. Cosmetics are an investment. Women who wear a lot of makeup like to be cummed inside of, its a dead give away. Women are too stupid to be conscious of what they do, or to honestly analyze their thoughts. They are far less intelligent than males.

What really happened here is that a malicious vengeful whore took her treachery to an unprecedented level and tried with everything she had to bring harm to another human being. This woman is a monster. She uses word craft, obviously choosing her words to cause maximum harm, in a blatant disgusting sick desire to hurt this man just because he didn't pay her something. Just because the mating dance of the colored bird wasn't quite right perfect for her. This woman is a low down scumbag bitch that doesn't deserve to breath the same air as this nice man. She a cruel sinister abusive person that seems to fancy herself clever, like shes going to overwrite our ability to think with an appropriate choice of words. She just thinks she is so smart. You've been discovered wench, and you never fooled anyone.

This skank likes to come off like she is oh so concerned about other people. But she is exactly the type that will be out in the streets setting things on fire for keeping her "right" to destroy innocent little babies. I have no respect for this animal. She is nothing but a hole to me. Thats all I see. After what I saw this monster to to this poor man, the way she abused him, I have little hope for what feminism is going to lead to in this country. The future is going to be an awful oppressive nightmare for men in this country. Its going to be awful and men will have no reason to live in a feminist police state where men are tightly controlled and have zero rights like slaves. Oh wait, we might already there for the most part.

You think women are oppressed? FUCK YOU! I never saw a women sent to prison for seven years because she didn't have a body part covered. This is a full frontal assault on men, everyone knows it, and you goddamn bitches you call the police on guys with this proclivity ought to go live in a commie country for awhile so you can learn what it feels like to live under the auspices of people like yourself. You just wanted to hook somebody up, you found your reason, and you enjoyed it. You are a sick human being worthy of despise just like Hitler. Go away.

A: I think I saw this man on 14 st

A: On 9-27-11

John: Cover it up dude!

wayback 87: 6th Nov 2011 - 07:22 GMT

Wow get over it. This man should maybe go to jail and get some counseling for his problem. Why the hell does everyone have to argue there point? i started reading the posts and became more botherd than i would if i saw a penis in public myself. There is nothing to bicker about here dude has his cock out in public hes a sexual deviant end of story.

Dr. Robert Branson: 8th Sep 2012 - 23:47 GMT

Wayback 87 you make more sense than anyone here! It's just a dick! Get over it girls! It's not like you never saw one of those love sausages before! Most of the time women swoon when they see mine! Get over it bitches! LOL

David Huddart: What up wit dat

David Huddart: Its all good man

David Huddart: Harvard Professor I Heer Dat

Adelaide: ???

Adelaide: *

VisitingEarth2.0: 21st Sep 2015 - 12:26 GMT

How about GET UP and find another seat???

Such ineptitude.

If the guy was taking a dump in front of you, would you continue to sit there and take pics??
Surely that would be several degrees more offensive and psychologically damaging.

The problem as I see it is that many women find a penis outside of its 'proper' context threatening.
Men however don't think a women showing too much cleavage, a hint of areola, erect nipples through her nearly transparent blouse, or the outline of her crotch in short shorts criminal sexual misconduct.

If you can see a man's penis and he's not jerking it in front of you, move you seat.

Like an adult.

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