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The Top 15 Skylines in the World

- Luigi Di Serio - Monday, March 27th, 2006 : goo

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All my years in studying Urban Planning helped me grow a greater appreciation for the dense downtown skyline of the big city. The downtown core of big cities across the s, and are the cultural pulse and economic engines of urban regions where millions of people live. All urban "life" begins and ends, each day and night under the watch of the city's tallest s and most grand architectural structures. So kick back and appreciate the view that they have to offer...

image 10025
1. ,
Hong Kong is number one on my list for many reasons: Hong Kong has a whopping 43 buildings over 200 metres tall, 30 of which were built in the year 2000 or later!!! It also boasts four of the 15 tallest buildings in the world… that's all in one city! Hong Kong’s skyline shows a large selection of distinct sky-reaching towers, with beautiful night lighting and reflection. This city exemplifies the post-modern skyscraper and skyline. Finally, the mountain backdrop makes this skyline (as you can clearly see) the greatest on the planet!
Metro/Urban Population: 6.9 million

image 10026
2. , USA
Chicago is the birthplace of the modern skyscraper. When Chicago built its first steel high-rise in 1885, it was not the tallest structure in the world but the first example of a new form of engineering that would change nearly every city on earth. Chicago has 19 buildings over 200 metres tall (three of which are among the top 20 tallest buildings in the world, including the tallest in North America). Chicago has some of the finest mid-century architecture and examples of modern skyscrapers.
Metro/Urban Population: 9.5 million

image 10027
3. , China
Not to be mistaken for a space station, Shanghai is a real city! China's biggest and most advanced city, Shanghai was said to be the most cosmopolitan city in the beginning of the 20th century, but lost its glory during the “Mao era”. It is now quickly regaining its position as one of the biggest economic powerhouses in the world as well as a showcase of modern architecture. In Shanghai you’ll find 25 structures that are over 200 metres tall, one of which is the insanely tall, the 468m downtown Oriental Pearl TV Tower.
Metro/Urban Population: 13.1 million

image 10028
4. , USA
New York City has one of the densest and most diverse skylines, with a huge collection of buildings and building styles. Thanks to Hollywood’s obsession with the city, it is also the most easily recognizable skyline in the world. New York City has an amazing 47 buildings over 200 metres - the most in the world! The four tallest buildings in were all built in the early 1930s! Home of the famous, now destroyed Towers, the , the and the , New York City is the financial capital of the western world. Upon the completion of the new "" (built on the old site of the World Trade Centers), it may rank higher in this list (depending on how good it looks of course).
Metro/Urban Population: 21.0 million

image 10029
5. , Japan
Tokyo is the world's most populated city. Its skyline has a number of unique characteristics that set it apart from other big city skylines, among them 15 structures at over 200 metres tall (including the Tokyo Tower which changes colors every night). But because of the density and vast size of the city, every corner appears to have its own skyline. With the height restrictions and the required red lights that flash atop all mid to tall-sized buildings make the city look spectacular at night. Tokyo is filled with neon lighting and unique, contemporary architecture, and like New York City is also often portrayed in movies for its aesthetic and eye-catching cityscapes. Interesting fact: Tokyo houses the world's largest fleet of s to get around town if traffic gets too crazy.
Metro/Urban Population: 32.0 million

image 10030
One of the best (urban) planned and cleanliest metropolitan cities in the world, Singapore looks like an architectural model city come to life. The buildings cannot be higher than 280 metres due to air traffic control restrictions, but that has added a tall (but not too tall) and consistent building height and space pattern that makes this skyline unique: Three buildings are exactly 280 metres tall and 5 others (8 total) stand at just over 200 metres. The buildings are mostly light-coloured and there is a large expanse of greenery dotted around the city core. This South-Eastern city is definitely in a league of its own.
Metro/Urban Population: 3.8 million

image 10031
7. ,
Toronto is a meeting place, a crossroads of many cultures and ethnicities. Toronto is downtown Canada, the biggest city in the country with a skyline to match. Toronto has 7 structures in its skyline that stand at over 200 metres, including the astonishingly tall 553 metre, CN Tower, which is often referred to as the tallest free-standing structure in the world. While mostly untrue (because there are taller TV masts in the world), the possess the world's highest observation deck, making this city's skyline one of the most immediately identifiable.
Metro/Urban Population: 5.1 million

image 10032
8. ,
This is probably the most impressive city worldwide that has less than 2 million residents. Marvelous modern buildings reach the sky here, and while the skyline is not too dense, it does allow buildings to soar and stand out. Kuala Lumpar has three of the 25 tallest buildings worldwide, including the tallest twin buildings, the Pretonos Towers (which are arguably the second and third tallest overall in the world) as well as the 420 metre Menara Kuala Lumpur Tower.
Metro/Urban Population: 1.5 million

image 10033
9. , China
What was a tiny fishing village on the border of Hong Kong in 1970 is now a buzzing metropolis of over four million people. With 13 buildings at over 200 meters tall, including the Shun Hing Square (the 8th tallest building in the world), Shenzen is a marvel of lights after sunset. You can’t help but ask yourself if you are in a video game or in a real city.
Metro/Urban Population: 4.2 million

image 10034
10. ,
This city's skyscrapers are divided into many clusters, spread amongst the main businesses and residential districts. Most of the recent growth in Seoul's skyline, however, has been of residential towers over 60 storeys high that are shooting up like blades of grass! There are 10 buildings in Seoul over 200 meters tall and much of the mid-rise to high-rise structures are lined up in a linear fashion, creating a "wall" of buildings like no other. Seoul is where the ancient Eastern world meets the modern West.
Metro/Urban Population: 20.8 million

image 10035
11. ,
“What building did you say they lived in?” Finding it in the largest mass of condensed apartment buildings anywhere would be like finding a needle in a haystack. Sao Paolo has a population of over 18 million people! While the buildings are not super tall (with only a single structure at over 200 meters tall) this skyline is nevertheless stacked. Sao Paolo has a fleet of over 500 helicopters, the second largest helicopter fleet in the world.
Metro/Urban Population: 18.3 million

image 10036
12. ,
Australia’s showcase city, Sydney has one of the most recognizable skylines due to its world-famous harbour, often referred to as the most beautiful natural harbour in the world. The Sydney Harbour has many bays, inlets and secondary harbours. It is spanned by the monumental Harbour Bridge, and the Opera House decorates the shoreline like a white flower. The Sydney skyline is world-class with hundreds of skyscrapers in the central business district and many more high-rise buildings in the outlying neighbourhoods. Sydney has 8 buildings over 200 metres tall.
Metro/Urban Population: 4.2 million

image 10037
13. ,
Certainly one of Europe's most interesting cities in terms of skylines, Frankfurt is home to five structures that are over 200 metres tall. These modern skyscrapers are marvels compared to those other, mostly non-existent ones scattered across European cities. The contrast here is interesting: The city combines low-rise, high-density traditional European architecture (some of which is over 1,000 years old), with modern towers that stick out like sore thumbs, but are impressive nonetheless.
Metro/Urban Population: 4.1 million

image 10038
14. ,
Is this a mirage in the Middle East? Seemingly out of nowhere emerges a city in the middle of a desert. This is Dubai, a city that produces only the best modern architecture in the world. Already home of the world's tallest all-hotel building and the tallest all-residential building in the world, AND currently proposed to build the world's tallest building, this skyline might just leap to the number 1 spot in the near future. While the skyline is not so dense, each building is a marvel all on its own. As a skyline it probably can't compete with the larger cities, however the individual buildings in this city are by far the greatest examples of modern architectural accomplishments. All seven structures in this city at over 200 metres tall were built in 1999 or later - that's how new this city is.
Metro/Urban Population: 1.6 million

image 10039
15. , USA
Seattle is the commercial, cultural and advanced technology hub of the Northwest USA and a major port city for Pacific and European trade. Home 4 buildings over 200m and the famous 184m Space Needle observation tower, Seattle is surrounded by mountains and water and offers some picture-perfect views. Seattle is commonly referred to as the Emerald City and renowned as a great social and corporate city with great planning and planning.
Metro/Urban Population: 3.6 million

Honorable Mentions:

image 10040
16. , USA
Although Pittsburgh only has two buildings over 200m tall, its skyline is very impressive nonetheless. Pittsburgh has nicknames like the "city of bridges", "the Burgh" or the "golden triangle" which outlines its true characteristics. It is surround by three rivers and the CBD is shaped in a triangle and surrounded by golden color bridges. The city is also surrounded by hills and valley's giving access to great views of the city. The city has not had a major skyscraper raised since 1988, but good planning and a scenic surrounding region still makes it a great skyline.
Metro/Urban Population: 2.4 million

image 10041
17. , China
Guangzhou is a very modern city, yet it is called "the City of Flowers,” as each of its spectacular skyscrapers is surrounded by grand green spaces and flower beds. Although it only has six structures at over 200 metres tall, there are plenty of other high-rises, each displaying a design that stands out in its own respect. This includes the 391 metre, 80-floor, CITIC Plaza which appears transparent against the (usually) clear blue sky!
Metro/Urban Population: 4.1 million

image 10042
18. , USA
The "Big D", is a major inland American city. The city and metropolitan area lies amidst vast, high, and varying rolling prairies - with hundreds of large & small lakes, rivers, creeks, waterways and meanders. But Dallas; downtown is the center of the -Dallas Metro Region which is home to 5.9 million people. Dallas' skyline is home to 7 buildings over 200 meters and the 187m Reunion Tower which looks like huge sphere of light! The skyline is very distinctive at night as it building lighting is very colorful, particularly with lots of green.
Metro/Urban Population: 5.2 million

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David: 27th Mar 2006 - 16:18 GMT

I can hardly believe that picture of Shanghai isn't a fabrication.
Great post.

David: 27th Mar 2006 - 16:27 GMT

image 10047

Rio de Janeiro, I feel, is also due an honorable mention. Although its majesty is due less to the buildings and more to the landscape, the skyline is nonetheless beautiful.

elaine: i like the look of that bobbly thing in dallas

a'la: 27th Mar 2006 - 16:46 GMT

def not in the "top 15" of the whole world, but def worth reppin here:

sf, ca:

image 10053

spygirl_t: 27th Mar 2006 - 16:58 GMT

What happened to Paris the city of lights... albeit an old city, it is a marvel to look at and to explore.

a'la: 27th Mar 2006 - 17:02 GMT

spygirl_t: i think this had more to do with the skyline, per se, than the character of the cities in question... :-)

jenna: 27th Mar 2006 - 17:12 GMT

I live in Toronto and I have been fortunate to travel a fair bit. I have to say that desipte my love of Toronto ... the urban planning here is horrible. We have nice cityscape... but try getting home in rush hour? Traffic is bad and getting worse as they pull down the highways and have no means to create new ones. Or better let's talk about using public transit... paying an arm and leg to get half way to work, because they decided to have less and less bus routes. I'm glad you like Toronto, but please not for the urban planning.

Hobart: 27th Mar 2006 - 17:13 GMT

I hereby nominate for a second-tier Honorable Mention due simply to the fact that its contains the building!

image 10062

MartinTheNext: 27th Mar 2006 - 17:21 GMT

Wow people thats great! Thanx you all for all those pictures, they are amazing!

joeblow: 27th Mar 2006 - 17:21 GMT

i live in Toronto too and I have to agree. Paris might be an older city but the French have a good understanding regarding the quality of life. Paris has great transit system, lovely parks.. so the city was orginally built in the shape of a snail and you can't drive through most parts of the city. Including a bann on SUV use in the city centre. Urban planning is essential as it effects our quality of life.

spygirl_t: 27th Mar 2006 - 17:22 GMT

A'la: personally I think that Paris has a beautiful skyline.

Franny Wentzel: 27th Mar 2006 - 18:53 GMT

image 10063

One of the more compelling skylines in the small city catagory is the city of Albany, New York. Until the 1960s there were only a couple building over 20 storeys tall but with the construction of the Nelson A Rockefeller Empire State Plaza with its quartet of 20 storey agency buildings and the 41 storey Erastus M Corning tower, Albany now has a skyline befitting the Capital District of the Empire State.

Sammy: 27th Mar 2006 - 19:05 GMT


image 10064

Meryddian: 27th Mar 2006 - 20:15 GMT

I can't believe the mono-level Sao Paolo skyline made this list while cities like San Francisco and Las Vegas did not...

Mike: 27th Mar 2006 - 20:55 GMT

Where is Las Vegas? It's skyline is very cool esp. at night.

Laura : I loved this post. Thankx!

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 27th Mar 2006 - 21:22 GMT

A very CityNoise post. Fantastic pictures of places I'd love to go. Thanks a bunch for your insight.

Get out of your car, buddy.: 27th Mar 2006 - 21:46 GMT

Toronto must be a tale of two cities. If you live in the inner city, it fits like a comfortable old shoe. There are few places in the world that can boast such a high quality of life. It is not Paris, and that is a great thing. It does not impose itself on you, and it is accessible. Very casual, and so affordable. Possibly the most liberal city (speaking in terms of large populations) on earth. Now, if you live in suburban Toronto, life must be hellish. There are nice pockets for sure, and people get to enjoy a larger home at a good price, but you are a prisoner to poor transit systems (highways and public transit). Highway 401 is remarkable. Needs to be seen in real life to get an idea as to how big it is. I've seen nothing like it in North America or Europe. Unless you lived close to work, it would be a miserable experience. And people who complain about it have no one to blame but themselves. Now a good thing about suburban Toronto is the ethnic enclaves. Toronto is the most diverse (or one of) in terms of cultures, and this appears throughout the region. It is not a city only phenomenon. As an added bonus, they get to enjoy all the world's great food and beverages. Not too bad; get stuck in your car, but get some great takeout.

nkdlife: You forgot my city!!!!!!!!!. Miami!

Elicar: 28th Mar 2006 - 02:58 GMT

I agree with Get out of your car, buddy! Toronto is one of the top 10 best cities to live in the whole world.

Suburbanites, here's something for you to ponder about. Have YOU ever stopped to consider, YOU are the reason why there is congestion in the highways. The CITY has been fighting with your municipal governments to help bail our good old Toronto the Good out of financial mess as a good chunk of YOU work in our CITY and YOU are mostly responsible for the clogging and deterioration of our main arteries. But your respective municipal governments would have nothing to do with it.

We city dwellers got the raw end of this deal. Because we chose to live near where we work and where the cultural hub is, we are paying higher property taxes yet, with services scaled down.

We made our choices. Let's channel our energies in something positive and productive.

For those who love to gripe about Toronto, please check Toronto is one of four Canadian cities that landed in the top most desirable places to live. The other three are Vancouver (#1), Calgary and Montreal.

So, stop griping, people. Toronto is a great city in a great country.

Elicar: 28th Mar 2006 - 03:35 GMT

For the ranking in the top 10 cities, check

jenna: 28th Mar 2006 - 03:42 GMT

I love toronto and yes, I am a slave to transit. I do not live in suburbia, but I use to work in Etobicoke. It would take me and an hour and half to get to work! I did it because I loved my job and the people I was work with, but after two years, it was a drain. I lost so many hours of the day, not being able to enjoy the wonders Toronto has to offer. Needless to say it was a matter of not being able to enjoy a certain quality of life (as Joeblow mentioned earlier) and this is direct result of poor transit.

I still think that the urban planning of this city has much to be desired, this has nothing to do with nice resturants and many different diverse communities we have. I agree that these are wonderful things. We have choices, many choices, who wouldn't love that. But for many people they do not have the luxury of being able to own a house or a car and for us who live day to day, Toronto is an expensive city and it's getting more and more expensive.. don't kid yourself.

Despite this I still have growing concerns that the many problems we have, can only increase as the city grows. Anyone who lives here knows that we are in a big boom period and that without a proper infrastructure and urban planning were are in serious trouble.

EvilGentleman: 29th Mar 2006 - 04:59 GMT

I find this line of posts to be fascinating. It seems that citynoise is now attracting the attention of not just the city dwellers, but the city builders as well. City planning and architecture are such interesting subjects, and we are all affected by it on a daily basis, though we seldom stop to think about it.

Perhaps a listing of the cities with the most interesting architecture is in order, but if so, then separate threads for antique architecture and modern architecture may be called for.

Jesse: 30th Mar 2006 - 09:08 GMT

image 10197

I think that Houston, Texas deserves a defininte mention. It is the nicest, cleanest, and most modern skyline in Texas in my opinion!

Kenia: 30th Mar 2006 - 14:08 GMT

Houston's skyline is smaller compare to the others show above. But I can't agree w/ you more.I live in Houston, so I definately appreciate you put up that picture :)
And we are still growing :)!!!

anon ( 30th Mar 2006 - 16:31 GMT

Those are awesome pics! I, too, have to add a nomination for honorable mention, and it's with no small amount of bias, my hometown of San Diego

b: LA is purdy too..

Houston?: 31st Mar 2006 - 17:15 GMT

Gotta love Houston! They have this amazing public washroom. It has mirrors on the outside, and when you go inside, it is completely see through. Must be really strange to pee in that situation. Also, they have Shiner Bock (which we don't get around here). A great place to live, minus all the Republican Consultants.

Bullish on Toronto!: 31st Mar 2006 - 17:34 GMT

Man, that city is kick ass!! You people have no idea how good you have it. Just look at the growth you guys have experienced. Something right is happeing there. I was in the t-dot last summer, and it blew my mind. Yes, the suburban areas looked sucky (like most places - mind you Toronto suburbs seem so dense with those highrises everywhere). But I didn't see any problems in the city itself (spectacular urban fabric). Now, you just need to do something about your waterfront, and then we will be reading about Toronto in the paper all the time. Even at that, I got to bike along the waterfront, and it was mostly very good (loved that reclaimed land penninsula bird sanctuary thing), but rotten waterfront near downtown. And that airport needs to go.

a'la: 31st Mar 2006 - 17:46 GMT

Can someone explain what "T-Dot" means? I realize it's a name for Toronto, but why?

jenna: 31st Mar 2006 - 17:52 GMT

Toronto is a great place. But I still stand by my previous statement. I have travelled alot throught this crazy planet and I understand that we have it good. But the city is growing so much, so fast and we have little in place to keep with the boom. The urban planning and infrastructure are much to be desired and we're falling behind.

Btw. the TTC just announced that the fair will increase again.. it was increased about six months ago. In less than a year it's gone up 50 cents... add that up, It's huge.

spygirl_t: 31st Mar 2006 - 17:56 GMT

Who knows who thought up, I believe it's being used a to market to tourists... but I don't know anyone here, who actually says t-dot.

Elicar: 31st Mar 2006 - 19:30 GMT

Don't quote me on this a'la, but I believe it is because of You'll find everyting you need to know when visiting Toronto there, especially if you plan to go whining, er, wining and dining! ;)

Bullish on Toronto!: 31st Mar 2006 - 19:51 GMT

Geeze! I'm not local, and I know that one. Hello. It is pretty old hip hop culture that seems to be spreading to the mainstream. T-dot, O-dot (TO). Rockin' the t-dot, etc, etc. Don't think the tourist people know about it, but they should. It's very catchy to me. All my peeps in the t-dot use that term. That's where I got it.

Here are some links:

Elicar: That explains why I don't know it! ;)

Get out of your car, buddy: 31st Mar 2006 - 20:25 GMT

Hey Jenna,

I think we are on different wavelengths. Toronto is in fantastic shape. The region is not (this includes former suburbs that have been amalgamated, where you can't seem to get your bus). Does more need to be done, yes, absolutely. We need to keep investing in transit and better design, but what we have is very good relative to the North American norm (which is an important point, it would be politically impossible to have European cityscapes in North America). So, what we have done to date is impressive. There has been about 15-20 years where investment stopped, and this is starting to pick up. But the reason Toronto, what the heck, the T-dot, has been able to grow is because there is the infrastructure to support it. My message to you is simple: if you don't like your situation, change it. Simple said, but hard to do. Or, try living somewhere else, and see if you still feel the same way. You are a consumer. If you keep consuming the crap that seems to be bothering you (yes people, you consume transit), it is your problem. I mean really, should we blame the government for this (if you can include urban planners in the gov't), or ourselves? Take some ownership, and make a change.

Jim Jamerbiawest: 4th Apr 2006 - 20:50 GMT

Where is Buffalo, New York and Myrtle Beach,SC. It may not be big, but it goes on for 60 miles!

Jim Jamerbiawest: 4th Apr 2006 - 20:51 GMT

The CN tower is the greatest of them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No name: Why is'nt Shanghai no 1?

No name: 5th Apr 2006 - 00:17 GMT

Vancouver has a better skyline than Seattle! It is modern and clean! Go Raps Go!

Cazy: 6th Apr 2006 - 22:46 GMT

In my own opinion being a suburb of toronto living in Barrrie Canada... i commute down to the city every day I always marvel at the sight of the great skyline we have.. if you look beyond the smog. Toronto does have a spectacular view upon the world for being the greatest out there!!

hm: 8th Apr 2006 - 07:24 GMT

Vancouver is much better then Toronto, any day and night. You can't even compare the two.

Get out of your car, buddy: 9th Apr 2006 - 02:49 GMT

"Vancouver is much better then Toronto, any day and night. You can't even compare the two."

Yep. Vancouver craps all over Toronto.

Where do comments like this come from? You know, there are 8 million people that live within an hour of downtown Toronto. All of them are losers. Suckers, all of them. They are all stuck there wishing they could live in Vancouver, or Montreal, or Calgary, or somewhere else. How did all these people end up in Toronto the refugee camp? Can someone please explain this demographic riddle to me? Somebody must like this sad-ass burg by the lake.

I love Vancouver. Great place and fantastic scenery. Not so sure about your comment. It seems to be based on ignorance or insecurity.

Since this subject is skylines, the opposite is true. Did you know that Toronto (city proper) has more than 3X the number of highrises that Vancouver has? The GTA has more highrises than the rest of Canada combined. To get a true sense of Toronto's scale, check out this link (all 20+ pages of it):

Probably better to understand both cities a bit better, and then appreciate each of them for what makes them great.

See, I love the view of Vancouver's skyline from Kitsilano. Why don't you bike out to the lighthouse on the Leslie Street Spit and tell me what you think of Toronto's skyline?

The Dude: 25th Apr 2006 - 22:40 GMT

everyone else sucks Toronto is awesome and is the best!!!!

Chris: 28th Apr 2006 - 23:56 GMT

I was worried I was gonna have to make some noise, but then I saw Seattle at #15. Saving the best for last?

No name: 1st May 2006 - 01:42 GMT

Toronto is the nicest and most technologiacally advznced city anywhere!!!

EvilGentleman: 1st May 2006 - 02:31 GMT

Why does everyone want to think only of their own cities? If you notice, the author appears to be an Italian, and yet no Italian cities made his list, not even the honourable mentions. If fact the only European city to make the list is Frankfurt, at #13. It seems to me that the author is being very neutral in his choices of what he personally feels to be the best skylines in the world.

Skylines. Not transit systems, demographics, geography or history. Skylines. Read the title, people.

And I feel a little embarassed to come from North America at the moment, when we have four cities that made this list, or 27% of the world total on this list, and 2 of 3 honourable mentions, as well. We do not have 27% of the world's population, nor do we have 27% of the world's great cities. So why are so many people whining? And sorry to say this, but Toronto seems to have a lot of sore winners! Shut up, take a bow for having a beautiful city, and get on with your lives. It's just a list of personal favourites.

Elicar: 1st May 2006 - 02:38 GMT

He's Canadian, from Toronto actually. His phone number is a 416 area code. He sometimes works for his father in Aurora.

EvilGentleman: 1st May 2006 - 03:02 GMT

Irony of ironies. So I guess some Torontonians are infuriated that he did not automatically make Toronto #1? And Vancouver and San Diego and... ahhh, forget it. I love no city more than I love Montreal, but I am not concerned that it has not once been mentioned here, I know what I like, I do not need a list to tell me. For me, I just found the list to be fascinating and informative. However, I must say it is quite heartening that most of the regular citynoise posters from Toronto either did not get involved in the comments whatsoever, or typed comments that were unbiased. It is a pleasnt note to end on.

Chris Erb: 1st May 2006 - 03:59 GMT

This is a wonderful post. Thank you very much.

I'd love to see the same thing done with Canada. maybe if I get some extra time I'll do one up. I have some ideas for what I would put in already. Canada has some very nice skylines, even some of our smaller cities have quite the impressive skylines for their size.

Chris Erb: 1st May 2006 - 04:06 GMT

And what is it with people and showing their love for their city by funneling it through their local sports team. I'm sure that almost all of the players for the Toronto Raptors arn't Torontonians and the tem is probably owned by Americans or Chinese businessmen.

elaine: 1st May 2006 - 09:07 GMT

london has the odd skyline to offer, but i don't have that kind of photo to share. i'll tell you one place that has a groovy skyline if you get it right, is edinburgh. i have no edinburgh photos, but i think one of the exciting things visually is the top of st giles, which is like a crown built of loops so that there are cutouts of sky inbetween. and of course, with the scott monument and the old town on the hill there is drama to be had. being half-cleaned up/half smoke blackened, and with the various collonades and whatnot, it can either look very golden or very dark and gothy. you will just have to imagine it. hahahahahaha

TREVOR: 5th May 2006 - 00:58 GMT

i think toronto will continue to be the biggest city in canada.

Nate: 8th May 2006 - 22:24 GMT

Hey I just thought I'd share some nice pics of the skylines of cities I have visited

Santa Fe de Bogota, Cundinmarca, COLOMBIA

Downtown Bogota

Bogota at night, view from the hills

Calgary, Alberta CANADA

Centre St. Bridge

Memorial Dr. Long Exposure

City Aerial View from NE

Saddledome and downtown at Night

Minneapolis, Minnesota USA

Freeway to Downtown Minneapolis

Minny at Night


I believe this is the Hancock Tower or some such if I recall correct..

Downtown Aerial with view of Lake Michigan

Night View from Hancock Observatory


City at Dusk

At Night

That's about it for now. By the way, I agree with whoever said Vancouver skyline is much better than Toronto's (at least from what I see in pictures) and so is Calgary's skyline

Nate: ok so apparently that didn't work

Editor: 9th May 2006 - 00:02 GMT


also, feel free to post a new article if you have a lot of photos & info. you can always link it to this article using our format codes ( or tags (enclosing a word in curly brackets like ).

Mat Cormier: Iam Gay and very proud!!!!!

Martin: 22nd May 2006 - 16:23 GMT

Liverpool city skyline wasn't included which is a shame as are old and new buildings. At present there are skyscrapers being constructed on the waterfront.
Maybe in the future. Watch out New York, Liverpool's coming!

Gaia: 22nd May 2006 - 20:31 GMT

The only thing I hate about skylines is how, if you live next to a beach, they totally butcher your ability to see the ocean.
Plus hurricanes.

cdiggy: 9th Jun 2006 - 20:11 GMT

San Diego will probably be in the top 15 within 5 years. They are growing it massively! I can't find pictures from within the last year but here's one from awhile back (with a navy ship parked in front)

cdiggy: 9th Jun 2006 - 20:13 GMT

okay... having trouble with the upload. Here it is again (I hope -- webmaster, it's photo #12612)

image 12612

Robert: 11th Jun 2006 - 04:52 GMT

are all of you guys blind?? What about LA? Remember in the movie "Grand Canyon" one of the characters had a dream of flying around the LA skyline? Not a bad backdrop - not many cities give the sureal space and hight of the LA skyline. One nice thing is the lack of nearby midsize buildings like you have in most east coast and asian cites - it gives a clean sharp look - the surrounding flat area gives way to sheer walls rising for 200 plus meters. I'm going to nominate LA as number 5 on this lisit. Check it out - you will see that I am right.

angel: 14th Jun 2006 - 03:14 GMT

All of you are fucken stuped mexico city should be on that freaken bacause its awesome st night and it has a lot of skyscrapers i have been there.

aer suzuki: 14th Jun 2006 - 09:54 GMT

good god, what a great idea for a post. thanks for making the effort to show these, there are some spectacular views in there.

ron hernandez: 22nd Jul 2006 - 09:15 GMT

la sux...the city is a joke the skyline blows,,,and the people are

Susannah: 22nd Jul 2006 - 13:14 GMT

I dont't think Pittsburgh deserves to be in the top 15 - not by a long shot. I went to Pittsburgh for a month one weekend.

Susannah: 22nd Jul 2006 - 13:33 GMT

I miss the WTC - its hard to hink of anything else being there.

Susannah: 22nd Jul 2006 - 13:42 GMT

Duh - I just realized Pittsburgh is not in the top 15 - still I don't think it warrants even top 20 status.

Peter Grimwood: 23rd Jul 2006 - 20:56 GMT

And the `White Cliffs of Dover` . Beautiful, natural and always welcoming.

Susannah: 23rd Jul 2006 - 21:22 GMT

Peter please provide pix of 'White Cliffs of Dover', I will search my old photos for WTC, I'm pretty sure I remember photographing it from the my car on the BQE a couple of months before 9/11(don't remember if it was video or photo).

aaron: 27th Jul 2006 - 06:05 GMT

image 13900 denver deserves an honerable mension plus where is la in this

Danny: 12th Aug 2006 - 04:06 GMT

Toronto Sucks. Welcome to Montreal. Home of hockey, gastronomy, diversity and the party mecca of North America. P.S.Toronotonians are hideous and have no sense of style.image 14484

Marci: Ok... so what about Philadelphia?

AWOL: 14th Aug 2006 - 15:43 GMT

Why does it seem like everyone thinks that their own hometown deserves mention? This is someone's perception fo the Top 15. That doesn't mean every city is going to make the list, nor that everyone should complain if a certain city doesn't make it, you know? Frankly, I think Philadelphia has a very uninspiring skyline, which I bet has something to do with why it didn't make this list!

Mark: 14th Aug 2006 - 21:39 GMT

I'm sorry, but I don't think Toronto should have made this list. Evilgentleman said some good things. There are newer cities than have seen and corrected the mistakes of the past to create some of the most eye-inspiring views I've ever seen.
Chances are, fifty years from now another city yet to flourish will take number one.
I'm from Niagara Falls (about an hour and a half from Toronto) and think the skyline of Toronto and surrounding areas are crap, with the exception of the C.N. Tower. We need to bring in some controversial architecture and stop worrying what people will think about it.
Sydney critisized the Opera House when it was under construction. Now look what people think about it.
To sum up, some cities are beautiful. Some are not. Vancouver is pretty cool I think mainly because of Arthur Erikson. All Toronto has (that I know of) are some smaller projects from Gehry, who I'm not much of a fan of anyways. If you have a problem with it (as I do), then do something about it! Become an architect. An engineer. A city planner. Just do something.

EvilGentleman: 14th Aug 2006 - 22:23 GMT

I personally have no problem with Toronto being on this list, but I felt it was absurd that so many people from Toronto wanted to argue their way to the top of the list. It's a list of one man's personal choices, nothing more.

anon ( 16th Aug 2006 - 18:35 GMT

I don`t see Houston,Texas. I know why. It looks like a bombed out war zone.

No wonder we`ve had no terrorist attacks, It looks like it`s already been hit!

Josh Langille: 20th Aug 2006 - 22:59 GMT

Defintiely not in the top 15 but worth maybe an honourable mention: the Detroit skyline as seen from Windsor, ON, Canada:

image 14703

image 14704

image 14705

Hope you enjoy.

ian: 21st Aug 2006 - 01:22 GMT

Anyone who thinks the Dallas skyline has anything on Houston's has zero credibility in my book.

Eric: 22nd Aug 2006 - 06:02 GMT

the detroit pics are realy nice and most of the pics are too except for that loser who thinks 4 buildings means albany deserves a pic. My personal favorites are Sydney and Montreal, beautiful orange pic on that look-out. And all u Toronto losers. Nobody in your country likes you, i spent 2 months in canada last yr and everyone agrees you ppl are butt ugly, im sorry but its true. me and my sis went to "t. dot" and only spent 3 hours there bfor we wanted to leave,BUT, we played a game called spot a hot person, and we found no one, in a city of millions in 3 hours. U PPL ARE FUCKING UGLY.

James: 4th Sep 2006 - 02:13 GMT

Yesterday I returned to my current home city of Shenzhen after a week's stay in Tokyo. Since we fly into Hong Kong airport, that means I passed through 3 of the top 15 cities in a short trip.

It makes me realize what no one seems to have mentioned so far: 3 of the top 5, and 7 of the top 10, are Asian cities. (And yes, the other three top-tenners are in North America.) Further, three of the full list of 18 are in booming south China.

As was mentioned above, only one is in Europe. So I see a trend here: First Europe, then North America, now Asia. And is Dubai a sign of what will be happening a hundred years from now--is the Middle East next?

Sirhcbre: 4th Sep 2006 - 02:19 GMT

There's a good reason for that though, the reason Europe and North America have so few on this list is because their major cities are all cities that were booming when building heights wern't as impressive as they are now. A good number of the cities on this list are new citiies or cities that just started booming now. This means that they were built with tall skyscrapers rather than with smaller buildings in other cities.

Cazy: 4th Sep 2006 - 18:40 GMT

for the people who were playing spot the hot person in toronto.... try to look outside the dressing room mirror!! cause you probally got ugly written all over you!!! From T.O. and proud of it!! don't come back to Canada cause obviously your fat ass can't handle it!!

Kayumangi: 10th Sep 2006 - 05:07 GMT

Hi there! you forgot about Makati,Philippines

Kayumangi: 10th Sep 2006 - 05:08 GMT

image 15414

Kayumangi: 10th Sep 2006 - 05:11 GMT

image 15415
Ortigas Center in Metro Manila.

Kayumangi: 10th Sep 2006 - 05:14 GMT

image 15416

Some more Makati,Philippines

Eric: 20th Sep 2006 - 04:33 GMT

this message is to cazy from toronto. canada was great to me, ive been to vancouver, banff, montreal, calgary and unfortunately that huge chunk of ugly they call toronto. im actually pretty skinny so the fat thing didnt work and no im not american. im from australia and im moving to canada this year. but not to the hideous metropolis known for.......hmm nothing, what the cn tower? just cuz you have a huge penis erected from the ground does not put your lame city on the map for me. and i was just being honest, ppl there were butt ugly, i mean i might not have given it enough time, but in 3 hrs i shouldve beeen able to find one good looking person. anyways, sorry if i offended you but i mean, no one likes that place, this page was supposed to be about skylines and its turned into the largest toronto hate site ive seen. sorry buddy, your city sucks the big one. o yeah, you're gay.

Vicctor defer: 22nd Sep 2006 - 01:25 GMT

Orillia, Ontario has the best skyline in the world.

Dude: 6th Oct 2006 - 06:18 GMT else can I say.... It's truly amazing...especially Kuala Lumpur skylines... - Truly Asia -

Congratulations Hong Kong!!!!!

Dude: 6th Oct 2006 - 06:41 GMT

Skyline Kuala Lumpur
image 16268

Dude: [[img:16270]]

Dude: [[img:16271]]

Ola Chiko: 10th Oct 2006 - 08:15 GMT

I visited Kuala Lumpur early 2006. Kuala Lumpur is the best city.image 16387

dfwtiger: 10th Oct 2006 - 12:50 GMT

Houston, Atlnata, Vancouver........these would be on my list. Also, a great skyline does not have to be one with tall buildings....Perhaps Stockholm....Copenhagen.....Oslo...

Ash!: 12th Oct 2006 - 04:27 GMT

How about Tulsa? The skyline might not be as big as a lot of the ones posted, but the buildings very from the modern to the art deco. The skyline is really unique!
(None of these pictures are mine, I found all of them on a google search.)

Sirhcbre: 12th Oct 2006 - 04:36 GMT

I did a Google search on Tulsa and was surprised by the skyline.
image 16441
This is the best quality picture I could find from this angle for some reason.

But this skyline has obviously come at a great cost to downtown:
image 16442

Hazel: 13th Oct 2006 - 02:56 GMT

What do you guys think of this city?image 16450

Putrajaya in Malaysia

Ash!: 19th Oct 2006 - 01:56 GMT

So appearantly I didn't insert the pictures right in my last post...

Our skyline isn't huge, but it's pretty.

I love Tulsa at night.

image 16605

image 16606

image 16604

Ash!: 19th Oct 2006 - 02:05 GMT

Two more from Tulsa at night...

image 16607

image 16608

Ash!: 19th Oct 2006 - 02:26 GMT

And daytime ones for a bit more detail...

image 16609

image 16610

image 16611

Biff: 19th Oct 2006 - 17:04 GMT

Now you all tell me if this is not the skyline of the future?image 16616

Biff: The skyline of tomorrow und der ganzen welt!

Rich T.O Kid: 21st Oct 2006 - 19:37 GMT

You guys obviously don't know Toronto's downtown is practically getting a facelift. Check out the future trump tower, future sapphire tower (taller than first canadian!!) future R.O.M on emporis. We're also getting a new waterfront and 'concord cityplace'
The View of Toronto's downtown and uptown skyline is incredible from the C.N tower.
If you hate Toronto you're obviously brain dead.

T.O'er: 21st Oct 2006 - 19:45 GMT

Yeah, Toronto's new skyline's goin to kick ass if our stupid, rediculously left leaning city hall dosen't deny every single awesome proposal.
Eric you obviously haven't been to Toronto. When you talk this way you're actually offending a third of Canada, so pleeease don't post how you hate our city. Being the fifth biggest in N.A I think its pretty nice already.

anon ( 21st Oct 2006 - 19:53 GMT

Toronto's Skyline is gorgeous at night. Its pretty ugly in the day, though.

SOXBEARSHAWKS GUY: 22nd Oct 2006 - 22:48 GMT

I found this pic of the Crawford TX skyline~~~~
image 16667

Broncgal: 23rd Oct 2006 - 03:17 GMT

image 16670

Hey that's
right on the mark SOXBEARSGUY! And I second the motion on Denver Colorado aaron.

ramcas: 26th Oct 2006 - 08:28 GMT

Whoever thinks that Vancouver's skyline deserves to be mentioned is smoking crack. I was very disapointed with Vancouver's skyline when compared to Seattle's. The buildings are very ugly and if I didn't know any better, I would have thought I was in a third world country. It has a lot of natural beauty but so does Seattle.

Richard: Prague. Old and beautiful. Just sayin'.

anon ( 19th Nov 2006 - 22:07 GMT

I don`t care about how tall the buildings are, but San Antonio, Tx. has the most beautiful riverwalk period!

Black Snow: The Kuala Lumpur Skylines is my favourite.

Black Snow: 23rd Nov 2006 - 08:13 GMT

image 17361

anon ( 24th Nov 2006 - 10:39 GMT

image 17370

M.Kenny: 25th Dec 2006 - 16:45 GMT

I nominate Liverpool UK......a city on the march, home of the beatles, a city reaching for the skies!

image 17858
image 17859

joh: 30th Dec 2006 - 10:58 GMT

EvilGentleman: 1st May 2006 - 02:31 GMT

Why does everyone want to think only of their own cities? [......] And sorry to say this, but Toronto seems to have a lot of sore winners! Shut up, take a bow for having a beautiful city, and get on with your lives. It's just a list of personal favourites.


It's one of Toronto's favourite pasttimes for many in Toronto & area to feel this way... We love to complain about it; and we love to brag about it.

joey: 10th Jan 2007 - 03:26 GMT

dishonorable mention
image 18028
let's not forget oakland, ca.

Hurani: 12th Jan 2007 - 03:00 GMT

The Dubai skyline is very nice,in about 5 years,it is expected to be the best skyline in the world. Almost all the skyscrapers there are goodlooking.

iain: 12th Jan 2007 - 21:14 GMT

I've been in Canada for forty years,mostly in Mississauga.I love this country from Rogers Pass to the P.E.I bridge.Being new to computers I am glad to have found this site.However,having traveled extensively,I still think that "Table Mountain" is still the most beautiful backdrop of any city that I have seen-Cape Town,especially as it slowly rises over the horizon on approach by sea.

justin: 13th Jan 2007 - 01:39 GMT

I think the 15 is as fair as can be hoped for. HK clearly the best. CHI is marvellous but perhaps its lack of density puts a question mark over its 2nd place. NY despite its iconic fame is not currently better than 4th.

Jonathan: 18th Jan 2007 - 00:51 GMT

Here are some skylines of Latin American cities that personaly look beautiful to me.
BOGOTA, Colombia
image 18143
image 18144

image 18145
image 18146

image 18147

image 18148


Jonathan: 18th Jan 2007 - 13:45 GMT

Another one of Panama. Not as dense a Sao, but for me currently the most aestheically pleasing of all Latin American skylines.
image 18149

Just done some research and gotta say Hong Kong looks amazing...definitely deserves its no. 1 position...just check this out
image 18150

Hurani: 28th Jan 2007 - 02:50 GMT

The Dubai skyline is expected to be no.3 in about 5 years.

Gregorino: 5th Feb 2007 - 03:19 GMT

Who doesn't like Toronto it's way better then all these crapy cities. Yah, I bet they have great skyline but at least Toronto isn't crime central. Like most of these central american, asian, african, european, and south american countries.

chance: 9th Feb 2007 - 01:48 GMT

what happend to phili,san fran,boston,miami,la,vancuver,atlanta, wow these places need to be on this web page. if i had the pics i'd post em. keep building.

sarah: 10th Feb 2007 - 04:19 GMT

i love the scenery for tokyo, i wanna go there on a full moon and party, lol.

Craig: 14th Feb 2007 - 02:26 GMT

Great list. Couldn't agree more with the top 12. You have to love the skylines rising in the cities of south-east Asia. The skylines in some of these cities are just babies, can't wait until they mature. The buildings are shooting up just as fast as the heroin addicts on the east side of Vancouver. Do believe cities such as Vancouver and Montreal have great skylines (also superb and unique cities in and of themselves), its harder for cities with height restrictions and comparably smaller metro populations to make a list highlighting skylines. Don't agree at all with Pittsburgh making this list. What about Melbourne.

Jeff: 18th Feb 2007 - 03:12 GMT

I happen to be an urban planning student at the university that i attend and i have to say that Hong Kong is out of this world and is definantly near or at the top and I will be headed there next sring for study abroad but New York City and Chicago are the cities were the skyscraper was born so I say they are number 1 and 2 and then Hong Kong at #3. Hong Kong didn't really even begin seeing the skyscrapers poping up in its skyline until recent years. i also think; Portland,Barcelona,Paris,Houston,Moscow,Cairo,Istanbul,Jakarta,Beijing,Melbourne,Auckland,Vancover, San Francisco,L.A.,Atlanta,Boston,Denver,Washington D.C.,Buenos Aires,and San Diego have very interesting skylines, ialso think that in ten years Mumbai(formly called Bombay), Nairobi,Perth, and maybe even Baghdad and Kabul will be up there.

Kevon: 18th Feb 2007 - 04:03 GMT

Eric: 22nd Aug 2006: the detroit pics are realy nice and most of the pics are too except for that loser who thinks 4 buildings means albany deserves a pic. My personal favorites are Sydney and Montreal, beautiful orange pic on that look-out. And all u Toronto losers. Nobody in your country likes you, i spent 2 months in canada last yr and everyone agrees you ppl are butt ugly, im sorry but its true. me and my sis went to "t. dot" and only spent 3 hours there bfor we wanted to leave,BUT, we played a game called spot a hot person, and we found no one, in a city of millions in 3 hours. U PPL ARE FUCKING UGLY.

In response- What city r u from eric, some redneck town dont put down Albany u loser and y isnt New York #1 and who the hell cares if Canadians arent hot ur probably looking at guys ne way

Drew Jennings: 28th Feb 2007 - 00:53 GMT

I like the Cleveland skyline. Have you ever seen all the great buildings their. At Christmas time the Terminal Tower is lit up in green and red. Its great! You should have a picture of that on here

dimeadozen: 28th Feb 2007 - 19:35 GMT

The historic city of Boston. city of my birth.

Amber Dayton: Boston has a breathtaking skyline

dallasbrink: 2nd Mar 2007 - 19:33 GMT

Cant argue with number one, but Sao Paolo, Brazil? Come on.....its like a land fill of not note werthy buildings.

dallasbrink: 2nd Mar 2007 - 19:45 GMT

Houston and Denver both have horable skylines, but where is LA?, Vegas? or Boston? Also, so see a nice little one, look here. Amarillo Tx

But Dallas is better than Huston with the development of the Victory Development, Uptown and The Arts District. Also come see Dallas once the Cantraveres Bridge is finishe and the Trinity is widend in 2010.

The Spangler: 5th Mar 2007 - 07:34 GMT

I live in Boston, love Cleveland, and think the Tulsa skyline is indeed ambitious, but, I nominate Providence,RI's skyline as far as uniqueness for its size. Reno may be the "biggest little city in the world" but in providence you really do feel like your in the "littlest big city in the world."

anon (localhost): 7th Mar 2007 - 22:55 GMT

In the next 10 years Southeast Asia's economic growth will be as phenomenal as that of China. In fact Australia is considering to join ASEAN coz they don't want to be left behind..It is a very fast growing region with East Timor & Papua New Guinea in the waiting list & very eager to join.. Imagine Southeast Asia's population base and territory continually growing eventually triggering a massive economic growth. It is a fact that this century and in the years ahead will be Southeast Asia's time to be the next Super Power at par with his neighbor, China.

iman: 10th Apr 2007 - 19:54 GMT

i'm a new yorker, and i think that ny is the best and most beautiful city in the world, but i was still pretty impressed with detroit.

Mastaplann: 13th Apr 2007 - 04:54 GMT

That's a good point there about SE (South East) Asia. Indeed, almost all of them will boom specially the Philippines which Manila is its capital city. No wonder Euro contries are investing businesses there like The Netherlands (Holland) importing MILK products from the Philippines. Way to go Filipinos, ofcourse the rest of the Asian nations! egrof

jenny: 22nd Apr 2007 - 23:03 GMT

I think its funny how Houston is always hating on Dallas! Chill out.. everyone knows Dallas is better! ;)

serlingrod: 22nd Apr 2007 - 23:27 GMT


Tokyo has to be my favorite. I studied abroad there last spring (came home one year ago yesterday actually. I got a similar shot of the skyline as in the OP....the amazing view from Odaiba. Odaiba is a manmade island in the middle of Tokyo Bay, which serves as an entertainment complex but also contains much high-rise residential. The Rainbow Bridge can be seen to the right. This shot got tripped out because of size-rules for uploading, but it still works. There are many breath-taking views of Tokyo's expansive and elaborate skyline....this is just one. Tokyo #1!

serlingrod: 22nd Apr 2007 - 23:27 GMT

image 19657

serlingrod: 23rd Apr 2007 - 03:29 GMT

image 19662

Philadelphia - gotta rep where I'm from! 5th May 2007 - 23:47 GMT

why is everyone complaning about the who's who of city skylines, they are all great. a city is just a big community with tall buildings, they house people to work and live, nothing more.they may make a city skyline,but...what is to fight about. people should start looking at the smaller cities, they look great, IMO peolpe take more care of them because they are smaller. EX, Fredericton, New Brunswick or Portland, Maine!!

Brandon: 9th May 2007 - 14:24 GMT

image 20114

Yo, Toronto , where its at. Just thought i'd add some new pictures. Anyone know if they have started the Trump Tower yet i havent been downtown in a few weeks..

Brandon: 9th May 2007 - 14:36 GMT

image 20115
Calgary Alberta, It deseves to be on this blog ;)

Brandon: 9th May 2007 - 14:40 GMT

image 20116

Vancouver , BC , Canada Just another city that sould be on the top 20

Brandon: 9th May 2007 - 14:59 GMT

image 20117

image 20118

image 20119

Montreal, Quebec, CA

Brandon: 9th May 2007 - 15:44 GMT

I here there putting in a RITZ in toronto, and a four seasons tower, trump tower, and future R.O.M not to menion sapphire tower

pat: 10th May 2007 - 02:16 GMT

toronto has over 200 highrise proposals/coonstruction/approved..etc 33 500footers fgoin up in the near future,

Scott: 11th May 2007 - 23:01 GMT

Just gotta say, I'm from Dallas and there is no contest between us and Houston...Houston seriously rules. I mean, yeah Dallas is nice, but H-Town's definitely got us beat! (Houstonians are actually a lot friendlier and better-looking, too!) Plus, who says our skyline's bigger or better? If you've been down to Houston and seen all its skyline districts (Medical Center, Downtown, Galleria, Oil/Energy Corridor, etc...) there's no contest - it really is incredible! Don't let anyone tell ya otherwise - Houston's #1 in Texas! (I'm from Dallas, that tells you something!)

Hijaz: 19th May 2007 - 15:06 GMT

Kuala Lumpur will be adding some supertalls(The 4 Seasons Place and Lot C) that will match and complement the Petronas Towers height and architecture in some years to come. Then hopefully the author will rank KL above Singapore and Shanghai.

anon ( 21st May 2007 - 22:44 GMT

image 20560

I think Pittsburgh deserves its honorable mention

JM: 21st May 2007 - 23:02 GMT

I believe that Los Angeles deserves number 1. It is the City of Angels after all.

JM: 21st May 2007 - 23:04 GMT

image 20564

image 20565

image 20563

Marvin Cristobal: 24th May 2007 - 14:00 GMT


image 20620

Marvin Cristobal: 24th May 2007 - 14:01 GMT


image 20621

Marvin Cristobal: 24th May 2007 - 14:10 GMT


image 20623
image 20624

rock: 25th May 2007 - 03:33 GMT

Chicago is the most impressive in the world. Im from NY and it hurts to say it.

mike: 14th Jun 2007 - 17:10 GMT

some people have mentioned Los Angeles. despite its lack of many tall buildings, we should remember that it is the most filmed and photographed skyline in the world (thank you hollywood). With it's rows of palm trees set against the background of the snow-capped San Gabriels it's truly stunning. Just because some of the other skylines on the list have crazy looking buildings doesnt mean they have nice skylines. LA's is almost symmetrical, and from the right angle looks like a mountain itself.

siva: 22nd Jun 2007 - 19:01 GMT

I don't think that rio de jinairo should be in the top 14 because it does'nt have many high raised buildings

mattg: 22nd Jun 2007 - 22:13 GMT

If the main problem that people seem to have with Toronto is it's lack of proper mass transportation and proper urban planning, they may be interested in looking at this website:

There are some interesting propositions for changes to the TTC.

But I have to say, the people from cities like Vancouver, or Calgary, or Montreal etc. that have been shitting on Toronto have some serious small-man syndrome. Just relax, you all live in nice 'little' cities. They just don't compare to Toronto, and THATS why you're not on the list.
I have traveled extensively and can honestly say that I think Toronto is one of the greatest overall cities in the world.

Li: 24th Jun 2007 - 06:47 GMT

Buenos Aires

image 21437

image 21441

image 21443

image 21445

AcesHigh: 26th Jun 2007 - 01:53 GMT

wait, Rio de Janeiro has several skylines. THe one posted by David is not the main skyline. Check Rio de Janeiro downtowns skyline... Copacabana skyline, Barra da Tijuca skyline.

Ski: 6th Jul 2007 - 16:21 GMT

image 21733

I thought 4 sure Vancouver would be on the list. However, Chicago and Toronto have the best skyline! LOVE IT!!

serlingrod: 6th Jul 2007 - 18:29 GMT

image 21734

gotta rep my Philly once more!! Give it up for brotherly love!!

serlingrod: 6th Jul 2007 - 18:33 GMT

image 21735

DaNieL: 7th Jul 2007 - 23:37 GMT

Canada does not have many large skyline but yellowknifes skyline, a city of just over 30,000 people should be on the list.

DaNieL: 7th Jul 2007 - 23:42 GMT

image 21737

ohhhhhhhh... and i forgot a picture of yellowknife

Hazel: 16th Jul 2007 - 16:22 GMT

Winnipeg Skylines....
image 21881

I Think Winnipeg Is A Great City

Jason: 20th Aug 2007 - 13:22 GMT

Yes Winnipeg is a great city. Its the best place ive been to. MInd you i live there. But lets not forget Vancouver and Edmonton

Lucus Smith: 22nd Aug 2007 - 01:39 GMT

Atlanta, Georgia USA
image 23011

Lucus Smith: 22nd Aug 2007 - 01:41 GMT

The one above in San Diego, California not Atlanta.

Lucus Smith: 22nd Aug 2007 - 01:45 GMT

Atlantaimage 23012

Arron: 22nd Aug 2007 - 02:27 GMT

Im glad that New York made it on the top 5, I just wish that there was a picture that could show all down town, its just too big! Here are some skylines that I also really like.

Boston, MASS USAimage 23015

Baltimore, Maryland USAimage 23014

Eric: 22nd Aug 2007 - 02:32 GMT

San Fran is also a very nice city.
image 23018

Jason: 29th Aug 2007 - 14:38 GMT

I agree with you. San Francisco is a very nice city and seemingly popular because of Tv shows and movies that are done there

Jason: 30th Aug 2007 - 02:10 GMT

What do ppl have against Toronto?? That city is awesome. any one who thinks its not, you need eyes

sOra: 30th Aug 2007 - 03:36 GMT

i think toronto is amazing city with beautiful views. take a drive going eastbound on the gardiner expressway... such a pretty view of our skyline.

Jason: 13th Sep 2007 - 02:00 GMT

You're right. Toronto is amazing. If you don't like that city for some reason, don't say it on this website.

Brandon: Singapore has an amazing skyline!

eyeofodin: 15th Sep 2007 - 15:28 GMT

Some photographs of San Francisco.

image 23457

image 23458

image 23459

Tboy: 17th Sep 2007 - 02:01 GMT

ok i've been all over canada and everyone hates toronto. i live in the core of toronto, actually in yorkville which is a block away from younge and bloor, toronto's main intersection. every1 hates toronto, and its because of jeolousy. i went all over canada loving every bit of what i saw. torontonians dont hate vancouver, montreal (excluding the montreal canadiens, BOO!), calgary...we like all of the country and are open to other cities. just so you know the reason why you hate us and we dont hate you is because, hell, we're from toronto, yea u heard me, toronto, so we dont need to argue, and if vancouver thinks ther better then us look at the golden horsshoe (arround toronto) with a third of canada's population! i went to vancouver this year and it blew me away. i loved it. why cant you guys share that with us. anyways there's one thing we can agree on. how proud we are to be canadians...but i guess hatred for toronto keeps the rest of canada together...

Jason: 22nd Sep 2007 - 23:54 GMT

thats just my opinion. i like Toronto. If you like it, fine by me

Zach: Sacramento owns all.

Jeff: 30th Sep 2007 - 01:08 GMT

I am from Boston and even though my home city is very nice and livable like Montreal (my favorite), it doesn't make my top five skyline cities:

1) HONG KONG - Very difficult to argue with this one at the top. It has everything from a beautiful setting to incredible density to nice designs to brilliant night time color and of course, height!

2) NEW YORK CITY - Midtown density is the best on the planet! Once lower Manhatten is rebuilt with the magnificent Freedom Tower it may reclaim #1! It is hard not to love the Big Apple!

3) CHICAGO - North America's skyscraper boom city! The stunning 2000ft Chicago Spire tops many supertall prjects under construction. If all are completed, Chicagoland may have the best skyline in the world!

4) DUBAI - With the amazing Burg Dubai super scraper recently passing the CN tower as the world's tallest free standing stucture and expecting to top out around a whopping 2300ft and many sparkling new towers on the horizon, this city is becomming a gem!

5) TORONTO - Congrats my Canadian friends for holding the "tallest" title with the 1800+ft CN tower for 31 years!. The city is beautiful and has an extensive skyline with a very dense core. Many new tall buildings are scheduled to go up soon!

I would like people to comment on my top 5 and give there top 5. Thanks

anon ( 30th Sep 2007 - 16:35 GMT

atlanta has the best skyline in the world!

Jeff: 1st Oct 2007 - 13:19 GMT

Atlanta does have an excellent skyline. After NYC and Chicago, I would say there it is a 5 way tie for the #3 spot on the USA's best skylines: Atlanta? San Francisco? Seattle? Houston? or Dallas?

Tony: 7th Oct 2007 - 04:15 GMT

I disagree with your top 5 ...certainly Shanghai, Tokyo , Seoul and Bangkok have denser more impressive skylines than Toronto and Dubai! Several other Asian cities may be better too...yes it's true

TtownHacker: 19th Oct 2007 - 02:55 GMT

This just became my new favorite site. FANTASTIC!! I need some HELP. Got an email regarding a Boeing 797, bogus email. In the back drop was a city. Is this city real?? If so, what city is it????

patto: I can't find my city.(London England)

sarahthecanadian: 15th Nov 2007 - 04:43 GMT

i agree toronto is amazing and im not even from it. im from winnipeg, ive been all over canada and i love every bit of it. cmon lets not forget we gotta show those silly americans up!

montrealrules: 15th Nov 2007 - 22:06 GMT

image 24665

image 24667

image 24668

Some of the many pictures that have to make up the skyline of Montreal,quebec, Canada

montrealrules: 16th Nov 2007 - 13:34 GMT

If you look at the pictures I posted above. In the 3rd picture I put, it shows a biiger skyline then some of the cities mentioned above (not the top 15 cities,im talkin about the commentes). The 3rd pic dosen't include some of 5 of Montreals tallest buildings and montreal could still have a amazing skyline with just that One picture(the 3rd one)

Dailey: 23rd Nov 2007 - 10:10 GMT

Just noticing the comments from the Texas people.. That Houston skyline is terrible, and shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breathe as the Dallas skyline. The Dallas skyline is amazing. Can't believe how even people who live in Houston like that disgusting, smoggy city. Are any of their sports teams good? Houston has to be one of the worst major cities in the U.S. ANYWAYS, am from Albany so I liked to see that it got a little love!! A truly beautiful skyline.

zuhair: 20th Dec 2007 - 09:18 GMT

i have been to all the top 5 above cities in the world but for me new york should get abetter rank

AsianDallas: 21st Dec 2007 - 21:57 GMT

Shanghai is better then NY, trust me that little skyline you across the river is only a small percentage of the buildings. The amount of high rises is literally sickening. Hong Kong does out do NY, but NY out does Chicago.

Dallas beat Houston not because of height but because of COLOR, if some of you would read. The Houston skyline is nothing special in the night, but the Dallas has a color display. Notice how Dallas is always ranked fairly high on the list of the world best skylines. its the COLOR, height is all that matters. I'm not saying Dallas is better, but accoriding to many places Dallas outdoes Houston because Houston doesn't have a glowing ball or a neon green building.

Jason: 21st Dec 2007 - 23:03 GMT

Most Canadians are so frighteningly provincial. Regionalism dominates almost every region of the country except maybe Toronto. They cannot compliment themselves without putting someone or thing down from the rest of the country. It's a giant pissing contest that is so boring I can understand why most Torontonians now opt out and just pretend that the rest of the country doesn't exist. Perhaps it's that whole looking in from the outside feeling that permeates Canadian culture but it's an embarrassment regardless. So glad I left.

rayray: 21st Dec 2007 - 23:05 GMT

yes, montreal has a nice skyline -if you're denver.

T DAWT: 29th Dec 2007 - 08:22 GMT

Toronto is underepresented in pictures. Did you know the skyline actually isn't along the lake but North/South. It'll probably soon surpass Vancouver in terms of density and has some nice tall buildings in the works(two 900 footers that'll be a mile apart). The CBD is NOTHING compared to what yorkville will be in a few years. After all we've got IMO the nicest new high-rise in the country- One Saint Thomas

-------------: 29th Dec 2007 - 22:02 GMT


image 25226


NYCForever: 5th Jan 2008 - 01:24 GMT

Dallas' skyline is better than Houston's according to most people because of its color and the shape of buildings which has its own unique identity

Patrick McD: 13th Jan 2008 - 23:18 GMT

With 30-40 new skyscrapers going up in the central business district,Calgary is surely on it`s way to having one of North America`s most impressive skylines.

sdhcvsjvc: 15th Jan 2008 - 00:43 GMT

image 25412
Atlanta is very nice!!!

sdhcvsjvc: 15th Jan 2008 - 00:45 GMT

image 25413

Houston is also a very great city!!!

oregonic: 23rd Jan 2008 - 06:06 GMT

image 25492
portlands cool to!

J: Charlotte NC

peoplepoo: Biggin' up London, UK!

peoplepoo: 27th Jan 2008 - 22:12 GMT

...and the photo...

image 25564

Camara: 31st Jan 2008 - 17:43 GMT

"And all u Toronto losers. Nobody in your country likes you, i spent 2 months in canada last yr and everyone agrees you ppl are butt ugly, im sorry but its true. me and my sis went to "t. dot" and only spent 3 hours there bfor we wanted to leave,BUT, we played a game called spot a hot person, and we found no one, in a city of millions in 3 hours. U PPL ARE FUCKING UGLY."

God "Kevon", you and your sister sound like trash. If you're even close to being as ugly outside as inside, I'm sure you're a walking freakshow.

zzzz: 31st Jan 2008 - 17:45 GMT

EvilGent has such a thin skin, like most Montrealers. Trop insecure. Thank god I left!

Giddie: 4th Feb 2008 - 08:23 GMT

I request at least a post of one city in Sub-Saharan Africa at least Nairobi which has a nice skyline in African standards. Despite having some weird shanties in the outskirts, Nairobi downtown area has a unique skyline comparable to many Asian and American cities when viewed from Upperhill areas overlooking NSSF building.

Brian: 16th Feb 2008 - 04:25 GMT

Hong Kong would be a clear number one except it's usually invisible due to the atrocious air pollution. Here's a nighttime shotimage 25926

ahh a ghost: 28th Feb 2008 - 00:41 GMT

heres my list of the top 10! (im from the chicago-land area)

First off, all you dallas-houston and toronto-montreal people fighting, shut the hell up.

1.Tokyo, Japan- to me, every picture i see of tokyo looks great. this is a for sure number 1 for me. it reminds me of vegas but with way way way more more skyscrapers

2.Chicago, USA- this place is clean, the buildings look well organized to me, and c'mon it is the birth-place of the modern day skyscraper. i also heard about "The Spire", a new building in chicago that will the 1st, 2nd, or 3rd tallest building in the world (not sure which one.

3.Sydney, Australia- i dont know how many of you will agree with this choice, but i personally like the view from the harbour that includes the opera house with the skyscrapers behind it. to me it deserves number 3 quite easily

4.Hong Kong, China- this place does look really cool, and i think during the day it looks especially great with the mountainous background. i like how condensed it is.

5.Vancouver, Canada- how the hell did this place not make the top 15. its simply gorgeous, along with its suburds around it.

6.New York, USA- this place looks beautiful and definately looks distinct. i also heard about their curent project, "The Freedom Tower", which will fall just short of chicago's "The Spire". NY would be number 3 on the list if all the buildings didnt look so unorganized like they were just thrown in there. but its still a great city.

7.Montreal, Canada- yes, the city looks great and i like it better than toronto. the buildings great at night when lit up

8.Dallas, USA- all you texans saying how dallas knocks the shit outta houston, i agree with you. i like that building with the green lights and also the building with the lit up ball on top. it makes the city so distint and awesome. houston blends in with any other normal city and has nothing special.

9.Seoul, South Korea- wow, what a dramatic change from the korean war days. i have to give it up to the koreans for booming quite quickly.

10.Shanghai, China- wow, even though there isnt that many skyscrapers, i still think this city is great, it looks so partyish and the buildings have cool shapes that differ from other cities' buildings.

ahh a ghost: 28th Feb 2008 - 00:44 GMT

uhhh woops sorry about the 3 same posts in a row. i didnt think it was working. accidents happen.

largestjohnson: 14th Mar 2008 - 20:02 GMT

my top 10 are
1. boston mass.
2. new york ny
3. minneaplois minn
4. victory B.C.
5. st.paul minn
6. dallas TX
7. baltimore Md
8. courps christy tx
9. boise ID
10. edmonton ab

?!$@#: 18th Mar 2008 - 03:16 GMT

The 2IFC building in Hong Kong looks too much like a giant penis

?!$@#: 18th Mar 2008 - 03:23 GMT

my top 15

1. Chicago
2. Sydney
3. Shanghai
4. New York
5. Makati
6. Tokyo
7. Hong Kong
8. San Francisco
9. Kuala Lampur
10. Seattle
11. Toronto
12. Philadelphia
13. Seoul
14. Boston
15. Singapore

Richard: 21st Mar 2008 - 02:12 GMT

Hey, this is the current city skyline of Brisbane, Australia. Brisbane city is located in south-east Queensland, the fastest growing region in Australia. With so many new towers proposed, approved and underconstruction- Brisbane's skyline is set to become one of the world's best. To preview Brisbane's development visit:

And for the latest development updates visit Skycraperlife Queensland Main Forum:

This is my city- Go Brisbane!image 26544

da man: 21st Mar 2008 - 15:46 GMT

wow ive never heard of brisbane before. it looks awesome and the setting is pretty. this just became one of my top 10 skylines. and i agree with ?!$@#, the 2IFC building in HK does look like a giant penis. also, how did Sao Paolo rank so high, it looks like someone bent over it and dropped a pile of shit on it.

Heres my top 15

1. Chicago- good from all angles and is a very clean city. the SEARS TOWER is my favorite building of all time.
2. Sydney
3. New York
4. Shanghai
5. Tokyo
6. Brisbane
7. Makati
8. Hong Kong
9. San Francisco
10. Seattle
11. Kaula Lampur
12. Singapore
13. Boston
14. Seoul
15. Piladelphia

Honorable Mention To::: LONDON- just missed my top 15. looks a lot better than Frankfurt

Richard: 22nd Mar 2008 - 04:24 GMT

Brisbane has a beautiful river contour which curls around the CBD. We also have several major towers under construction that will completely evolve the city skyline! It's a really exciting time for Brisbane. To catch a glimpse of our city in the near future, have a look this compilation of developments:

image 26586

image 26587

L.A.: Los Angeles the most recognized in film and tv

A-TRAIN: 24th Mar 2008 - 02:42 GMT

los angeles is definately not the most recognized in film, tv, or anything in the world. if someone showed me a picture of it and asked me what city it is, id probably have no idea because it blends in with so many other skylines and it is nothing special. in the US, chicago, new york, seattle, and san francisco are way more recognizable than LA.

woo hoo: 25th Mar 2008 - 01:33 GMT

whoever said that yellowknife, canada should be on the list is half retarded. just look at the skyline (if you can call it that). it looks like it might have 1 building over 10 stories (not exatterating).

Sadie: 25th Mar 2008 - 14:36 GMT

"Montreal, Canada- yes, the city looks great and i like it better than toronto. the buildings great at night when lit up"

It's skyline looks like Denver. Very bland and unimposing.

TTT: 25th Mar 2008 - 22:31 GMT

i dont like both montreal or toronto. i agree, montreal is bland. with toronto, if the CN tower wasnt there it would look so boring and blend in with many other skylines like LA does.

TTT: 25th Mar 2008 - 22:57 GMT

o and my favorite skyline is definately CHICAGO.

"The 2IFC building in Hong Kong looks too much like a giant penis"
wow now that i look at it it does look like a giant penis. hong kong is still a great skyline though.

Jacob: 26th Mar 2008 - 07:47 GMT

Really, no-one?

ok.. moscow! it might be better to put in nicest cities... because its skyline isnt huge... but a mix of tsarist, soviet, modern architecture is amazing. The old orthodox cathedrals infront of a soviet super structure backed by a gleaming glass skyscraper.. amazing imo

ask: 27th Mar 2008 - 23:05 GMT

Los Angeles is cool
image 26694

ask: 27th Mar 2008 - 23:13 GMT

Here are some cool ones that people doent think about too much...

Cincinnati USA
image 26695

image 26696

St. Louis
image 26697

Stockton: 7th Apr 2008 - 06:48 GMT

I'm sorry but Sao Paolo doesn't deserve her place!

Where is Paris, where is Istanbul?

An Istanbul view:

image 26827

Photo by Ersel OK @

LA & NY: 9th Apr 2008 - 02:14 GMT

image 26858

image 26859

image 26857

image 26861
image 26862
image 26864


LA & NY: 9th Apr 2008 - 02:14 GMT

image 26858

image 26859

image 26857

image 26861
image 26862
image 26864


LA & NY ,USA: 9th Apr 2008 - 02:24 GMT


Paul: 12th Apr 2008 - 01:53 GMT

I live in downtown Toronto and I think our downtown is quite impressive, with the coloured lights on the Skydome and CN Tower it really enhances the night view and the Royal Bank Plaza glitters with it's gold windows. My list would definitely include Honolulu and Miami. I found the architecture in those cities different than the average North American cities. The gherkin in London is very eye-catching as well. The Hague in the Netherlands also has some striking towers in the downtown core. Montreal from the belvedere atop Mount Royal is a beautiful view, and Vancouver has endless views throughout the city.

frank: 16th Apr 2008 - 01:29 GMT

what the hell
where Miami at....
my top 4 in usa
new york
los angeles

L.k: 19th Apr 2008 - 01:15 GMT

dont forget we have a pretty good and growing skyline in the city of Nairobi Kenya.

Stormbash: 23rd Apr 2008 - 06:06 GMT

Im Australian so my top 15 is going to be mostly Auzzie cities.

TOP 15

2)Gold Coast
5)Hong Kong
13)New York

foosh: 3rd May 2008 - 20:26 GMT

I am from Calgary Canada, You said it yourself that New York is the most recognized skyline in the world if it weren't then it wouldn't be so recognized as the most would it! so my pick for top spot would be
1.New York
2.Hong Kong
7.San Francisco
12.Los Angeles

Richard: 9th May 2008 - 00:39 GMT

Here's a few more recent images of Brisbane City. By 2012 we'll have around 6 new supertalls reshaping our skyline. By 2020, an extra 10 fully constructed towers is expected, along with necessary infrastrucure upgrades. Thanks for ranking Brisbane in your Top 15!

image 27370

image 27371

image 27372

Cityplanner: 16th May 2008 - 20:51 GMT

Top 5 Canadian cities:

Toronto: Toronto has so many skysrapers and so many of them that you will break you're neck trying to look up at them.

Montreal: Montreal is probably the nicest in all of Canada at night. I like the way the buildings are spread out and they do not all cover each other.

Vancouver: Even though Vancouver does not have some very tall buildings it's skyline is a long wall of low lying glass skyscrapers that is just a marvel to look at.

Cityplanner: 16th May 2008 - 20:56 GMT

4. Calgary: The fastest growing city in Canada will probably move up a couple of spots in the future. It's skyline is nice and has some pretty memorable buildings in it.

5.Niagara Falls: This skyline reminds me alot of Atlantic City. Niagara Falls has a nice row of skyscrapers that is certain to grow. It has many plans ahead in the near future.

Super Dave: 16th Jun 2008 - 15:31 GMT

Pittsburgh should definately be in the top 10.
Its skyline is truly breathtaking.

anon ( 19th Jun 2008 - 19:09 GMT

CAN I PLEASE GET SOME BOSTON LOVE HERE? While population wise it's smaller than a bunch of U.S. Cities, we deffinately have top 5 skyline potential (for U.S.A.)

Peter: sorry, no. no boston love.

Matt T: 2nd Jul 2008 - 07:53 GMT

For all the Sao Paolo doubters - I've had the incredible luck to have been to most of the top ten cities and none of them is as staggeringly impressive from the air as Sao Paolo. It is just IMMENSE in a way that no other city comes close to - no photo does it real justice but I found this which hints at it -

For die-hard skyliners I can see it's not got the aesthetic quality of a Hong Kong or Shanghai but trust me - pretty ain't everything :)

Chris : 4th Jul 2008 - 10:01 GMT

First of all Toronto is hated on by all Canadians outside of the Golden Horse Shoe. One of the main reasons why is,....... the Toronto Maple Losers!!!!!!!!. It's a hockey country and the leafs used to be a popular throughout the nation. Then they turned into a cash cow that doesn't give bleep about it's fans!!!!! So commercial that's another one of T-dots problem's

I myself have traveled to 14 countries and I have to say Mexico City is a huge overwhelming Metropolis that boggled my mind as I flew into it. NYC is crazy. Seriously buildings are everywhere. While I lived in Vancouver for four months, I have to say it's skyline is really amazing when you catch it with a mountain veiw.

When I was a kid I remember a series of books on Canadian cities with the Skyline's on the front. I always wanted to check all the places and building's. Now I have traveled all over and I love to take in the great veiw's and various cultures as I travel throughout the world .

Currently I'm in Montreal looking for an industrial place to conduct business. This city is amazing. Close to my home city Toronto. What's funny is, I wonder how people would treat me, while traveling domestically in my own country if I said I was from anywhere other than Toronto.

It is a sad that some people are so narrow minded. It's a beautiful city that is thriving and the fact that so many cultures living in harmony is an example for the world. People from Toronto that are open minded can experience every aspect, of world culture, riding the TTC, which needs some serious funding!

I really love buildings. Toronto has some huge growth plans that I cant wait to see.It's my cosmopolitan garden that is growing.

I have to say, I enjoyed all the post except for the unfortunate people that are unhappy with who they are and therefore most vent out with profanities and insult people sexual preferences. I'm straight as an arrow and good looking and I have a blast of time during gay pride. I guess that's cause I'm an open minded Torontonian that is content with life!

/Users/chrismeunier/Pictures/iPhoto Library/Originals/2007/Roll 7/DSC02234.JPG


Anywho I guess your write I'm Ugly and so are all Torontonians....wake up you narrow minded people cause you might be the next fish I catch!!!!!

Sorry I must go and catch some fish or women in Quebec city.....oh yeah all the picture might not turn out properly but you get the point..............

krimzer kkk: 16th Jul 2008 - 07:45 GMT

im a filipino but living in montreal!
and here's my top 10!

7.hong kong york,usa
10,san francisco,usa

krimzer kkk: 19th Jul 2008 - 05:18 GMT

i love montreal cuz i live der

image 28565

image 28564

image 28563

image 28562

image 28561

image 28560

image 28559

image 28558

image 28557

krimzer kkk: 19th Jul 2008 - 15:36 GMT

that's makati,philippines and montreal canada!

anon ( 19th Jul 2008 - 17:19 GMT

New York should be number one, hands down. It's simply too large to even place in a photograph.

a: 21st Jul 2008 - 17:34 GMT

Some of my favories not in order are New York, Montreal, Seattle, LA, Las Vegas, charlotte, Philadelphia, Sydney, and San Fransiso.

a: 21st Jul 2008 - 17:36 GMT

Las Vegas should really be in there, it is unlike any other skyline in the world.

burj: 21st Jul 2008 - 19:27 GMT

This picture is taken from the burj dubai I think dubai soon enuf wiiiill be #1 Dimage 28575

burj: 21st Jul 2008 - 21:28 GMT

I think that Wichita Kansas should be one of the top 100 skylines in the world.image 28581 Just kidding!:-D Here's some real pictures of Wichita. image 28582image 28583image 28584 Here's Wichita at night. image 28585image 28587

krimzer kkk: 21st Jul 2008 - 23:07 GMT

image 28588

montreal should be the #1!

a: 23rd Jul 2008 - 18:28 GMT

image 28602 Las vegas has so many cool hings about its very diverse skyline.

image 28606 I think montreal has the best canadian skyline

image 28603 Philadelphia is also really cool

image 28604 Charlotte has an awsome skyline

image 28605 San Fransisco has a very known and unique skyline

krimzer kkk: 24th Jul 2008 - 20:30 GMT

image 28626

at night!

J.E. Smith: 2nd Aug 2008 - 00:15 GMT

I can't see how anyone could leave out Atlanta Ga. and Miami Fl.

anon ( 10th Aug 2008 - 18:52 GMT

melbourne has very beautiful skyine too more beautiful than a bunch of the above skylines

krimzer kkk: 13th Aug 2008 - 20:20 GMT

image 28777

that's makati,philippines

comia: 15th Aug 2008 - 21:03 GMT

1.hongkong york
8.kuala lumpur
9.los angeles
15.zhen shen

that's manila skylineimage 28792

comia: 15th Aug 2008 - 21:15 GMT

manila needs atleast,,, 5 or more towers of 70-80floors to be on top.

but i think, manila is on its way...

MC: 19th Aug 2008 - 09:29 GMT

These are my top 15
2.New York
4.Hong Kong
6.Las Angeles
9.Las Vagas

mike: 11th Sep 2008 - 18:33 GMT

im from the philippines, and i think all cities are awesome, specially shanghai and dubai with its fast growing rise of structures. Also the Global city in Taguig is developing fast.
i heard the Tallest bldg in RP will be built there. Too bad the growth in our country is quite slow, compared to the economic boom of china and india.

but based on my observations, all the cities look great from aerial view, but when you're down, everything's different. i hope you understand what i mean.. ;)

anon ( 30th Sep 2008 - 20:08 GMT

image 29120

image 29119


there in a skyscraper construction in the coastal center complex ... Measures will be 300 meters:

image 29123

image 29124

manfred: 30th Sep 2008 - 20:17 GMT

image 29120

image 29119


there in a skyscraper construction in the coastal center complex ... Measures will be 300 meters:

image 29123

image 29124

I think that santiago changed to just look at the past years:

image 29121

image 29122

santiago city manfred: 30th Sep 2008 - 20:46 GMT

santiago there in a skyscraper construction in the coastal center complex ... Measures will be 300 meters:image 29123

image 29124

anon ( 20th Oct 2008 - 03:00 GMT

I think the coutries with the best city skylines on averge are
1 United States (New York, Los Angleles, Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, and so many more!!!
2 Canada (Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, and thats about all maybe a a few more
3 Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Gold coast)
4 China (Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou)
5 United Kingdom (London, Saint Petersburgh)

anon ( 23rd Oct 2008 - 22:36 GMT

a lot of people that i have talked to said that Karachi's skyline should be in the top tenimage 29326

anon ( 23rd Oct 2008 - 22:51 GMT

here are some more pictures, but before that let me tell you guys something. This tower in Karachi is going to be the 3rd tallest building in the world by 2010. Pakistan is making a lot of progress in fact just like Dubai Pakistan is making their own artificial islands and a 7 star hotel. Anyways here are some pictures of the 7 star hotel and the artificial island with the port tower. Oh yea Islamabad 7 star hotels name is going to be is The Centaurus

NF: 24th Oct 2008 - 23:51 GMT

WOW how come NIAGARA FALLS isn't being noticed for a city of 82,000 that now hosts the tallest hotel in Canada and a proposed hotel that will be the tallst in North America...COME ON PEOPLE

anon ( 27th Oct 2008 - 00:06 GMT

I don't believe that Niagra falls has any better looking hotels than Las Vegas

anon ( 27th Oct 2008 - 00:07 GMT

But Niagra falls is still nice

Uh-huh: 31st Oct 2008 - 05:13 GMT

As a Torontonian I am apalled, embarassed, but not surprised that so many Torontonians are mouthing off on this site, and almost as many Montrealers. This insecure self-obsession comes of living next to the most dynamic country in human history, the United States.

Torontonians, particularly, please SHUT UP.

Mime: 1st Nov 2008 - 04:53 GMT

image 29368

I was in Melbourne at the end of 2007. I liked the vibe. I was staying in a ratty cheap vomit-stained-carpet backpackers, but I loved roaming the alleys and meeting other travelers who shouted me drinks at the Irish pub and helped me steal food from the convenience stores to feed to the park possums.

Avery: 8th Nov 2008 - 20:57 GMT

You really need to put on the historical & beautiful skyline of berlin!

I love Frankfurt!!!

anon ( 9th Nov 2008 - 12:33 GMT

from all of these pictuers i think you gyus should pick the best skylines and then ask thepeople who posted it there to tell you some information on the skyline.

SeanyB: 15th Nov 2008 - 00:28 GMT

I gotta rep Phoenix..
it may not be as big as it should, but its still beautiful.
image 29478

Jethro: 16th Nov 2008 - 01:26 GMT

I think phil. Makati is a nice city too. I think the city, economically along with there tourist attractions, are benefitely doing good of representing for south east asia.
The city looks very beautiful (uhmm.. except for the houses nearby) when you look at it during the night, especially, and infact it makes the city look almost like l.a, or even better and larger and wider.It's a really nice city, aswell as the places around the metro places like Taguig ( called the "GLOBAL CITY"[they have nice malls, shopping mars., and houses), the ortigas, and especially the "MALL OF ASIA" in paranique city; the 7th biggest mall around the world (and the name is pretty self explanatory too : D). There's basically nothing corrupt with the city if you were probably wondering. It is progressing slowly however, but i'm pretty sure it'll reach it's marks sometime in the near future.

I almost feel like phil. is becoming alot like tokyo--lawl XD. They have new shows and all the other wonderful stuff japan or any other oriental counties have ^^.

And also,
I'm wondering when will all those new marvellous buildings will be built in Toronto.
What are they again? And how do they look exactly?
I hope it will make Toronto look more larger--those rather large yet so little scy scrappers--in width : D.

anon ( 30th Nov 2008 - 07:50 GMT

say something about karachi skyline

nameless: 1st Dec 2008 - 13:38 GMT

I'm from Aussie and I've seen only Brisbane mentioned so far, so I'd just like to get some of our cities involved lol.

image 29653
image 29654
image 29655
image 29657
image 29658

image 29659
image 29661
image 29662
image 29663

image 29664
image 29665

Gold Coast City:
image 29666
image 29667
image 29668
image 29670

image 29671
image 29672 (North Sydney)
image 29673
image 29674 (you can find a larger version of this image here:

jEthRo a.k.a franz: 4th Dec 2008 - 10:58 GMT

i think mANila is the best because it's the most beatiful city in sOUTheast asia..bUT i think NEw YORk and LA and chicago must be at the top because all of their corners are far beatiful..NEw YORK will be the number 1 by 2011 because 7 new buildings will emerge as well as the freedom tower so i guess New YOrk must be the the no. 1..fuck you china..your products are disgusting and immediately made..yucks..shame on you.!!Las Vegas also and SF..CEBU must be at the top also..hehe..joKe..CHinese are poors and bitch because they are the races that shame and embarrassed the whole world..GODBLESS America!!!

TT: 29th Dec 2008 - 07:47 GMT

I think Mexico City should be one of the top cities, it is certainly better looking than Sao Paolo. If it is not a top city now, I am sure it is going to be in the feature. It currently has the tallest skyscraper in Latin America ( Torre Mayor ).

TT: 29th Dec 2008 - 07:48 GMT

image 29952

TT: 29th Dec 2008 - 07:51 GMT

image 29953

image 29955

Mexico City now

TT: 29th Dec 2008 - 07:53 GMT

Feature project

image 29956

image 29957

TT: 29th Dec 2008 - 07:56 GMT

By the way thanks for placing Dallas up there. I'm from Dallas and it is a pretty amazing city

nate: 3rd Jan 2009 - 21:23 GMT

what is wrong wit u "the big D" should be there if seattle is there

Nick: 10th Jan 2009 - 08:51 GMT

Seattle is definitely a favorite of mine. It is a top 3 in my opinion due to density of skyscrapers, height, Mount Rainier, a recognizable landmark in the Space Needle, and it just looks sexy! It is a great place to visit and live in! Although all the pictures shown on here are outdated there are a few more skyscrapers not seen in these pictures!

Mike: 1st Feb 2009 - 23:15 GMT

Miami, Florida, USA deserves to be atleast an honorable mention.
image 30558

above is a view of Downtown Miami at night. There are many other views including that of Brickell (the financial district) which adds to the skyline.

Peter: 1st Feb 2009 - 23:50 GMT

come on, people. its sort of a cop-out for endless folks to just come here and plug their own town. just because you like it and live there doesnt mean its one of the "world's top skylines", lol...

joey: 16th Feb 2009 - 01:50 GMT

remember ?
image 30789

Catherine of Hazaard: 16th Feb 2009 - 05:33 GMT

In terms of Canadian cities I think the top skylines are as follows

1. Toronto - Massive, big, and impressive. Its the closest thing we have to New York
2. Vancouver - Not so tall because of hight restrictions, but almost all the buildings are of the same height and look really good.
3. Calgary - Without a doubt this city may indeed succeed Vancouver in having a terriffic skyline in a few years. Much taller buildings, and based on rendurings, its skyline will change drastically over the next 5 years. Although Vancouver will always have the more picturesque setting.
4. Montreal - Hasnt changed much over the last 15 years. Great city, but it has greatly fallen behind all the other cities. Its hard to believe it will ever change due to the St. Lawrence and Mt.Royal behind it.
5. Winnipeg - Previously dubbed the Chicago of Canada, it has since slumpped, but it will hopefully return to its former glory!

Catherine of Hazaard: 16th Feb 2009 - 05:33 GMT

In terms of Canadian cities I think the top skylines are as follows

1. Toronto - Massive, big, and impressive. Its the closest thing we have to New York
2. Vancouver - Not so tall because of hight restrictions, but almost all the buildings are of the same height and look really good.
3. Calgary - Without a doubt this city may indeed succeed Vancouver in having a terriffic skyline in a few years. Much taller buildings, and based on rendurings, its skyline will change drastically over the next 5 years. Although Vancouver will always have the more picturesque setting.
4. Montreal - Hasnt changed much over the last 15 years. Great city, but it has greatly fallen behind all the other cities. Its hard to believe it will ever change due to the St. Lawrence and Mt.Royal behind it.
5. Winnipeg - Previously dubbed the Chicago of Canada, it has since slumpped, but it will hopefully return to its former glory!

John: 16th Feb 2009 - 08:04 GMT

I'm from Australia and i really think melbourne deserves a mention. Check it out!

John: 16th Feb 2009 - 08:10 GMT

Also have a look at Auckland, New Zealand-Great skyline

hdfvjhsdv: 21st Feb 2009 - 22:21 GMT

image 30966
New York City is the best in the world!

Jamal: 22nd Feb 2009 - 20:54 GMT

For me (personally)... Here's my picks..
1. Hong Kong
2. New York City
3. Chicago
5. Shanghai
6. Toronto
7. Sydney
8. Dubai
10. Melbourne
11. Los Angeles
12. San Francisco

Thats just my opinion... any one else agree?
Greetings from Toronto :) Peace...

Rushus: 2nd Mar 2009 - 04:11 GMT

image 31115

HongKong No.1 for sure

Peter: 2nd Mar 2009 - 04:48 GMT

everybody knows that is- and always will be- #1. and for the haters, weve got 9/11 so suck it.

Jianfei Shao: 7th Mar 2009 - 19:29 GMT

image 31194
image 31195
image 31196
image 31197

image 31198

Partial to St. Louis: 12th Mar 2009 - 03:54 GMT

St. Louis With the Arch. No other city has a Monument that casts a Giant shadow in their city like the Gateway Arch.

Peter: 12th Mar 2009 - 05:03 GMT

are you sure? a city that boasts only an arch who's claim to fame is that it casts a giant shadow on their city?

i could be convinced, but only if you show me photos of this shadow.

Anurav Agrawal: 14th Apr 2009 - 08:05 GMT

image 32415

I think tokyo should should stand at the first place. Its handsome skyline clearly shows the futuristic japanese architecture. I have the best photos of the tokyo skyline but I' m not able to upload them. I' ll resize them and upload them later

Michael Goodbaum: 17th Apr 2009 - 01:33 GMT

Redo the list. Toronto should be higher, the redone lighting on the CN tower blows away any of the shit in China. The way it draws the eye to the other details of the skyline is starting too. Also, though this view from Lake ontario is cool there is one better view from lake ontario, the one slightly west at Ontario Place, especially stunning at sunset with the sun behind you. That said, the best view of the skyline in the city is from near where I am:) Wychwood park, perched on a tall hill above Davenport, which while not strictly the tallest spot in the city (thats up at my parents house on Roselawn) its pretty close to that while being about 1 km closer to the lake, which you can see all across on a clear day like yesterday.

Kenneth Coleman: 18th Apr 2009 - 07:59 GMT

The Los Angeles skyline is unique because it is surrounded by a vast metropolis that goes on forever with freeways and mountains provide a backdrop for the skyscrapers to stand out. Because Los Angeles is located in a desert like region, lack of vegetation allows the viewer from above to see the actual working of the city. Hollywood loves LA because it has its tallest build right smack in stud position of center unlike other cities with skyscrapers scattered all about. Its placement in many movies makes one of the most recognizable skylines in the world.

anon ( 23rd Apr 2009 - 04:12 GMT

Pittsburgh?? Pfft... I live here (unfortunately) and there's nothing impressive about the skyline. Maybe the hicks who never the region think it's cool, but unless you're looking at it from that EXACT angle it's nothing special. Go downtown and it feels like you're standing in a miniature model of a city and Fifth Avenue Place (right in the middle) makes you cringe.

I'm much more impressed by expansive, overwhelming skylines. NYC, LA, Philly, Chicago do this. Pittsburgh... no. Heck, Charlotte and Atlanta are better.

urban tiger: 28th Apr 2009 - 17:47 GMT

i can't believe dubai wasn't higher on the list!

EvilGentleman: 28th Apr 2009 - 18:16 GMT

urban tiger:

This is Luigi Di Serio's list.

Make your own list, and Dubai can be wherever the heck you like.

Jethro: 9th May 2009 - 22:07 GMT

image 33067

image 33068

image 33065

image 33066

blablabla: 17th May 2009 - 17:36 GMT

I want detroit up there! its many hometown... also dallas is cool with new victory park and all.

Lauren: Philly is great too.

Eric: 11th Jul 2009 - 05:00 GMT

Tulsa's skyline is pretty impressive when you look at the population...


roxz: 8th Sep 2009 - 08:27 GMT

Shangai,Toronto,Sydney,Frankfurt,Dubai r best!!!other cities not visited yet

Anthony89Clark: 16th Sep 2009 - 18:46 GMT

In my opinion my top 20 are mainly in the US

2)Columbus Ohio
6)Omaha Nebraska
7)Louisville KY
8)Washington DC
9)Lexington Kentucky

Chuck: 1st Oct 2009 - 21:28 GMT

Niagara Falls, Canada has and awesome skyline for a city it's size. It's turning into a mini Las Vegas. Shame the American side doesn't keep up.
Pop 80,000 Metro 400,000

Niagara Falls, Canada
image 36173
New Hilton @ Niagara Falls Under Construction image 36174
New 58 story Hilton Completed image 36176
Skyline image 36175
Niagara Falls 2007 image 36177
Niagara Falls skyline with current construction and approved projects super-imposed image 36178

Niagara Falls, NY image 36179

Alex: 2nd Oct 2009 - 21:16 GMT

China has very good cities, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Shanghai but they should include the city of Chongqing on the Yangtze river in Sichuan province. other than the muddy river it is a great city.

anon ( 5th Oct 2009 - 21:09 GMT

Jacksonville Florida ...... skyline is what a real city should look like !!!! damn!!!

The guy: 10th Oct 2009 - 02:43 GMT

I'm not suggesting this city for the list obviously, but I do want to point a funny observation...Regina,Sk, (currently less than 200 000 people) has a "skyline" that is surprisingly cool and inovative. I drove through Canada about a month ago and somehow I haven't gotten that tiny citie's downtown out of my head. Not sure what it is but it does legitimatly have something distinctive.

Philadelphia: I wish I had a better skyline :-(

Robert: 13th Oct 2009 - 23:10 GMT

Didn't have the time to read the whole scroll carefully, but somehow everyone forgot about Miami and Miami Beach!

Robert: 13th Oct 2009 - 23:23 GMT

.image 36455
Here's a photo of Downtown Miami taken by photographer Pedro Velazquez

Robert: 14th Oct 2009 - 00:12 GMT

image 36456

Another Miami shot by Pedro

Robert: 14th Oct 2009 - 17:31 GMT

image 36467
Sorry, taking a closer look, found Mike mentioning Miami in February, 2009.
This is by far, one of the most interesting articles on Citynoise. It started on March 2006 and is still moving on... Attached is a photo of one of my paintings, this one is dedicated to Coral Way in Miami.

Mr Sneaky: 6th Nov 2009 - 21:36 GMT

I think Vancouver is worth mentioning.

image 36896

Jay: 18th Nov 2009 - 20:57 GMT

I dont understand how pittsburgh can be an honerable metion in this and not philadelphia. Fist of all philadelphia is twice the size and is also the BIRTHPLACE OF AMERICA. philadelphia is beautiful and is 100 times more historical. It is aslo bigger and more dense than seattle. Here is a bunch of pictures of philadelphia all taken from a great website if you want to get a taste of philly.
image 37057
image 37058
image 37060
image 37059
image 37061
image 37062
image 37063
image 37064
image 37065
image 37067
image 37066

City of Philadelphia

Jay: 18th Nov 2009 - 21:08 GMT

plus phillys got 5 builduings over 200m soon to be 6.....on top of that philadelphia city hall is 167m and was built in 1901 when it was built it was the tallest structure in the world

tinkerbell: 18th Nov 2009 - 21:20 GMT

here is what philly will look like when the build the american commerce center
image 37068
image 37069
image 37070

vance decker: Pittsburgh? Please.... are you joking?

chris: 30th Nov 2009 - 00:57 GMT

Hey I have a better one of Toronto, with side angle showing the depth of the of the skyline mimage 37146

oving up from the warerfront

morgan: 30th Nov 2009 - 01:02 GMT

TORONTO from waterfrontimage 37147

anon ( 30th Nov 2009 - 01:04 GMT

Aloha!cvcu! uugha bbnul

anon ( Aloha!

Rupert fro Aussie : 30th Nov 2009 - 01:53 GMT

TORONTO you definately get my vote Living in Australia and having traveled the world I have to say that if you have ever been to TORONTO you immediately know your in a large vibrant world class cosmo and an exciting place.. with 6 million living in urban Toronto you can feel the pace and your senses being stimulated. Take a drive on the mighty freeway heading into this big smoke and you can feel the buss and rush way bfore you hit TORONTO-Land. Toronto you are a hidden treasure that most of your fellow Canadians as I have noticed from the many previous comment don't appreciate. Let me say mates as an citizen of Australia I find it strange that Canadians bash Toronto as much as they do. They either dont appreciate the treasure they have in Toronto or their outright envious. Skyline is only part of a big city excitement and TORONTO has the cultural, entertainment and diverse sensuality you get when in a certain large city. I have been to both Montreal ( pretty run down ) and Vancouver ( mini Seattle ) as well in my travels but they dont have the rush that you experiance when in Toronto.
We in Australia brag about our large beautiful cities such as Sydney and Melbourne and take pride in them so whats with Canadians and their hate for their # one metroplis. Let me say that in international circles it is Toronto that garners the attention and interest from those who like to travel to big cities. I will say that Vancouver is also of interest but more so for those who love Vancouvers natural beauty but not for the big city multicultural extravagansa like you get in Toronto. Comon you blokes from Canada take a little pride in your truly world class city Toronto and stop rubishing it when you should be bragging bout it you only show your own low self esteem. Toronto your way to far ahead to worry what you fellow Canadian citiens thing about you your bold beautiful skyline is world class .. the future is yours and your in the league with Sydney, Chicago, London, Rio, New York, etc great cities. Take it from some who has traveled to many cities around the world, when it come to Canadian cities YOU WIN HANDS DOWN
Sorry Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary.

kevin kapeke: 11th Dec 2009 - 22:49 GMT

only one thing shocks me, i know that Melbourne has taller buildings than sydney here in Australia and not only because sydney has a harbour and the opera house melbourne is also very resortic and deserves to be in the first world top fifteen.

leo-t: 4th Mar 2010 - 01:56 GMT

I'm really surprised Montreal didn't make the list... it's one of the finest skylines at night in my opinion...

Toronto: 7th Mar 2010 - 08:09 GMT

I was born in western canada and have travelled the world , but I'm proud to call Toronto my home for the last 20 years. As with every comparison, people will have their opinions which should be respected. I will say that all of the negative responses come from people who don't live in Toronto.
Have you ever heard from someone who lives in the city and would want to be somewhere else? Enough said.

anon ( 31st Mar 2010 - 23:51 GMT

im the one ahead of this one and i forgot a one
image 40881 thats indianapolis

malaysia fans: kuala lumpur n penang are the best

Elide Moore: 6th Apr 2010 - 20:55 GMT

Let's not forget about Birmingham, Alabama... the skyline is very impressive!

image 41145

dglenn: 6th Apr 2010 - 21:32 GMT

Well Said "Rupert fro Aussie"
Here's one I took of the skyline from Ward's Island.
image 41146

Brandon: 29th Apr 2010 - 07:10 GMT


I am from Australia so I am defintately going to rep one of our best skylines ;)

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and is often referred to as the Garden City. The skyline appears very international due to it's large multicultural population. I believe that it boasts one of the best skylines in the world and that not enough people are familiar with it.

Please let me know what you think after viewing these photographs...

image 41948image 41949

image 41950

image 41951

image 41952

image 41953

image 41954

image 41955

image 41956

image 41957

image 41958

image 41959

image 41960

image 41961

image 41962

image 41963

image 41964

Brandon: 29th Apr 2010 - 07:10 GMT


I am from Australia so I am defintately going to rep one of our best skylines ;)

Melbourne is the capital of the state of Victoria and is often referred to as the Garden City. The skyline appears very international due to it's large multicultural population. I believe that it boasts one of the best skylines in the world and that not enough people are familiar with it.

Please let me know what you think after viewing these photographs...

image 41948image 41949

image 41950

image 41951

image 41952

image 41953

image 41954

image 41955

image 41956

image 41957

image 41958

image 41959

image 41960

image 41961

image 41962

image 41963

image 41964

Cam: Weres Louisville Fuck all the other citys

Mateus: 27th May 2010 - 21:44 GMT

Since the list is all about skylines, Sao Paulo does deserve to be in the list, the number of high rises in the city is incredibly high and growing rapidly, although I will agree that, architecturally-wise, there is nothing special or remarkable in the vast majority of them.

I don't get this Canadian mentality "my city is better than yours" mentality that I see so commonly in every forum post that includes some Canadian metropolis. Toronto does have its share of problems but skyline wise it deserves #1 spot in Canada, no doubt (not including natural landmarks, only its buildings), it is very impressive, and many more high-rises being built at the moment.

Carey: 28th May 2010 - 00:38 GMT


I have just fallen in love with Melbourne in Australia. You all must admit that, for a country of it's size, it's skylines are very impressive (more so than larger cities from around the world).

Melbourne definately deserves to be in the top 15.


zanker: i think kuala lumpur best city in world

Brodie: 1st Jun 2010 - 01:57 GMT

Kuala Lumpur's skyline is dominated by the Petronas Towers. While they are impressive, there are many more cities around the world that have built/will strive to build signature towers.

Melbourne: Eureka Tower
Chicago: Chicago Spire
New York: Freedom Tower
Dubai: Burj Dubai
Gold Coast City: Q1

The list goes on...

Also, many of these cities have more impressive skylines overall in comparison to Kuala Lumpur.

Nat: 1st Jun 2010 - 02:00 GMT

Melbourne kinda looks like Chicago in a way. When you look at photos of the skyline with the river flowing through it and the densely clad skyscrapers either side... Impressive. I am jealous of Australia I think! Hahaha...

Gnome: 1st Jun 2010 - 02:04 GMT

Chicago is so bland when you look at it. Everything is so grey during the day... I guess a lot of cities are though. Australian cities just look so appealing for some reason.

Cara: 2nd Jun 2010 - 04:47 GMT

My top 10 skylines (not in order of preference):

New York
Hong Kong
Gold Coast City
Los Angeles

Please excuse my lack of American inclusions. I am ashamed because I am from the USA. Our skylines simply look dated in comparison to these cities (among others).

gymguy29: 7th Jun 2010 - 13:06 GMT

I can't understand how anyone would argue that New-York's skyline should be #1 or at the absolute worst #2 behind Hong Kong. It's without a doubt the most recognizable on Earth, it has more skyscrapers over 200m than any other city (by far) and many of its taller and best known buildings pre-date WW2. For the record I'm not from NY or even the US, I just think some people on this forum are being very biased towards their home cities/countries.

Chris: 15th Jun 2010 - 04:35 GMT

New York! Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! There's nothing you can't do!

Mel: 24th Jul 2010 - 05:04 GMT

The skyline of Dallas is majestic by day and simply magical by night.Several other people on this post have noted the dynamic color and uniqueness of the buildings and I totally agree.For sheer style points alone it would make my top 5 in the US.

Weegie: 14th Aug 2010 - 10:20 GMT

Glasgow Scotland (a complete mix of the old and the new)

image 44360

image 44361

image 44362

image 44364

image 44363

Bob40: 14th Aug 2010 - 20:47 GMT

OK folks Let's ALL grow up!

It appears that everyone thinks their city is the best. I might understand that, it is like rooting for your home team!

Open your mind and eyes, All Cities amd Countries have their own beauty.

Take time to appreciate the WORLDS skylines.

As I remember it, even the desert is beautiful in it's own way, if you take time to look, understand and appreciate it.

Don't be narrow so minded! Think outside your city! Observe!

Zander: 17th Aug 2010 - 01:43 GMT

Some shots of Melbourne in Australia:

image 44399

katu: 29th Aug 2010 - 06:30 GMT

hey....what about italian and scandinavian skylines?m sure they might not be that impressive.thats because they have to preserve their historical architecture.....still..real beauty comes from both old and new.come on...i bet Rome and Oslo are as developed as NY or toronto and perhaps more than arab and chink cities all u guys praise about

James: 4th Oct 2010 - 10:38 GMT

Damn did not know Australia would get so much attention.

AA: 13th Oct 2010 - 19:21 GMT

Without disrespecting ur opinions, I'd like to state that MUMBAI,HYDERABAD and SURAT(India) also need a special mention..

AA: 13th Oct 2010 - 19:24 GMT

And u all will stand amazed after the GIFT project in GANDHINAGAR(INDIA) is completed..


Hi: 13th Nov 2010 - 01:45 GMT

Yes u Quebec people i know u hate Toronto its cuz we stole ur glory and were bigger and u tried to seperate, and we are "killing" Quebec culture. Montreal is a city for culture and history not big skylines and lots of people so accept Toronto cuz we are part of Canada too.

adira janson: 25th Nov 2010 - 11:54 GMT

british is cool skyline
6.los angeles
14.newcaastle and getesheandimage 46103


Dougal: 9th Dec 2010 - 21:04 GMT

image 46252

Edinburgh is nice!

PHILLY: [[img:46602]]

PHILLY: [[img:46603]]

aaron Smithson: 9th Feb 2011 - 06:30 GMT

Hong Kong is gorgeous, but I think that New York should be in the top spot. New York built its skyline long before any of these cities and has a large variety of buildings as well as some of the most beautiful bridges in the world (Brooklyn Bridge, Triborough Bridge, Queensboro Bridge, George Washington Bridge). Some amazing projects in New York to look up are the
Hearst Tower:
image 46853
Beekman Tower:
image 46857
World Trade Center:
image 46858

Bank of America Tower:
image 46859

and New York Times Tower:
image 46860

All amzing buildings.
Personally, I think Chicago is well organized, but the Sears Tower is absolutely the ugliest skyscraper in the world...Shanghai is NOT in the top five. Especially because of what they are doing now, building the three tallest buildings in the city right next to each other so that they can't be appreciated. Don't get me wrong, the Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Shanghai Tower are three of the most beautiful buildings in the world, but putting them in a row is the worst choice possible.
image 46861

Alright, Los Angeles' skyline is a joke. Get over it. I think that Pittsburgh is beautiful considering that it's a small American city. Shenzhen is ugly as but and its tallest building is horrid. Seoul is amazing too, considering they built the whole thing in the past few decades. Amazing country! And if you look up some of the projects currently being built around Korea, it's truly amazing (Seoul was the World Design Capital for 2010). I do not like Frankfurt's skyline at all. I love Norman Foster, but he screwed up with the Deutschebank Headquarters. Sydney does not have the most beautiful natural harbor in my opinion. I think Rio de Janeiro does and after that is Hong Kong and THEN Sydney.

aaron Smithson: 9th Feb 2011 - 06:33 GMT

Hong Kong is gorgeous, but I think that New York should be in the top spot. New York built its skyline long before any of these cities and has a large variety of buildings as well as some of the most beautiful bridges in the world (Brooklyn Bridge, Triborough Bridge, Queensboro Bridge, George Washington Bridge). Some amazing projects in New York to look up are the
Hearst Tower:
image 46862

Beekman Tower:
image 46863

World Trade Center:
image 46864

Bank of America Tower:
image 46865

and New York Times Tower:
image 46866

All amzing buildings.
Personally, I think Chicago is well organized, but the Sears Tower is absolutely the ugliest skyscraper in the world...Shanghai is NOT in the top five. Especially because of what they are doing now, building the three tallest buildings in the city right next to each other so that they can't be appreciated. Don't get me wrong, the Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai World Financial Center, and Shanghai Tower are three of the most beautiful buildings in the world, but putting them in a row is the worst choice possible.
image 46867

Alright, Los Angeles' skyline is a joke. Get over it. I think that Pittsburgh is beautiful considering that it's a small American city. Shenzhen is ugly as but and its tallest building is horrid. Seoul is amazing too, considering they built the whole thing in the past few decades. Amazing country! And if you look up some of the projects currently being built around Korea, it's truly amazing (Seoul was the World Design Capital for 2010). I do not like Frankfurt's skyline at all. I love Norman Foster, but he screwed up with the Deutschebank Headquarters. Sydney does not have the most beautiful natural harbor in my opinion. I think Rio de Janeiro does and after that is Hong Kong and THEN Sydney.

LA & NY: 5th Mar 2011 - 22:34 GMT

I think New York should have the #1 place there's just not another skyline like New York.

image 46973

image 46969

image 46970

image 46971

image 46972

image 46968

I think Los Angeles skyline is pretty cool and deserves a place on the top 10.

image 46974

image 46976

image 46977image 46978
image 46979

image 46980

image 46981

image 46982

image 46983

image 46984

image 46985

image 46986

image 46987

image 46988

image 46989

image 46990

LA & NY: 5th Mar 2011 - 22:44 GMT

People that don't like the LA skyline are just hating hah they make me laugh there just a bunch of loosers. Proud to a be a Californian.

LA & NY: 5th Mar 2011 - 22:44 GMT

People that don't like the LA skyline are just hating hah they make me laugh there just a bunch of loosers. Proud to a be a Californian.

anon ( 12th Apr 2011 - 20:45 GMT

new york is the best!

ALL MIGHTY NYC: 12th Apr 2011 - 20:53 GMT

new york's skyline is undoubtedly the best in da was da best,it is and will b de best till earth lasts..
it built its skyline long ago..and it has da largest collection of versatile buildings..gr8 style,superb architecture,magnificent views,..its heavenly..a paradise..and wid da rivers(east n hudson),statue of liberty..,da bridges(brooklyn, washington n othrs),hats off 2 NEW YORK CITY..
it truly deserves da number 1 position widout even a thought...its a sin nt 2 put NYC in da 1st place..

ALL MIGHTY NYC: 12th Apr 2011 - 21:05 GMT

n lemme tell u,m nt a new yorker,nor an american,bt even den m nt jealous or shy dat i vont praise a thin fr wat it actualy is..NEW YORK is de juzt wantd evry1 2 no...unparallel beauty n unbelievable views...
de city of dreamsss...
luv u NYC(de true CITY OF SKYSCRAPERS)...

anon ( 14th May 2011 - 21:17 GMT

Best Melbourne skyline pics in these links.

samd: 17th Jun 2011 - 11:47 GMT

Auckland has a beautiful skyline. not only does it have the typical tower and bridge. but it has a beautiful harbour with lush islands and because the city lies on an isthmus it has many peninsulas and harbours also

Michael: 14th Aug 2011 - 18:56 GMT

For those not paying attention, Panama City, Panama, has quickly entered the top 15 AND it's still growing by leaps and bounds. No recession here.

norvin: i am

Gams: It's New York City in all aspects!

cerver7: chi town #1 and im a philly boy.

artex: 30th Dec 2011 - 05:11 GMT

I'm from europe but i have to say that CHICAGO has the #1 skyline in the world and the oldest!!first sky skraper was build in Chicago!!that's the motherland of sky skrapers;))..peace out

Franny Wentzel: 30th Dec 2011 - 06:11 GMT

I'd like to nominate Monroeville, USA...

image 31091

image 31092

mohd nasharudeen: 5th Apr 2012 - 12:37 GMT

excuse me, its not petronos, its petronas twin tower, i'm from malaysia..

Butt: Milwaukee bitch!!!!

anon (

anon ( very very nice picture

anon ( 28th Jun 2012 - 05:04 GMT

very very nice city i am ranjit singh from to punjab

wolf: 29th Jun 2012 - 01:18 GMT

My top skylines
1. San Francisco
2. New York
3. Sydney
4. Chicago
5. Cape Town
6. Vancouver
7. Dubai
8. Frankfurt
9. Melbourne
10. Seattle

LondonBoy: 23rd Jul 2012 - 16:35 GMT

London does deserve some credit. It may not be the most dense or be full of high rise but it is full of variety which can do be found in a city like New York (not trying to say London beats New York. It doesn't). London is just so unique for all its viewing angles. It has many hills and obviously the London Eye. The new cable car service offers great views as well as the Orbit, although the eye and orbit should not be forgotten as parts of the diverse architecture. The diversity is extreme, there is the Manhattan like Canary Wharf but also the city of London with its crazy skyscraper designs. Westminister has some great older buildings that give a completely different image to the city and Canary Wharf. image 49878 image 49879

ebrahim: 13th Sep 2012 - 12:54 GMT

i think johannesburg in souh africa should be on as well world class african city

thabu: 13th Sep 2012 - 13:18 GMT


ALBERT FROM POLOKWANE : 13th Sep 2012 - 13:23 GMT




PGHPA611: 21st Jan 2013 - 00:13 GMT

Pittsburgh has the most amazing skyline with vistas to die for

PGHPA611: 21st Jan 2013 - 00:13 GMT

Pittsburgh has the most amazing skyline with vistas to die for

PGHPA611: 21st Jan 2013 - 00:13 GMT

Pittsburgh has the most amazing skyline with vistas to die for

Zach: 5th Feb 2013 - 14:43 GMT

ive only been to Chicago and nyc and they are both great

Meah Gojo Cruz: YOKOHAMA,JAPAN!!!

Meah Gojo Cruz: 15th Feb 2013 - 19:54 GMT

YOKOHAMA,JAPAN!!!image 50606

Asian dude: 17th Feb 2013 - 07:34 GMT

Kuala Lumpur really deserves to be ahead of its neighbour Singapore because it has much more beautiful buildings and a beautiful skyline. It has the Petronas twin towers standing at 451m, the world tallest twin towers and formerly the world's tallest towers. Many more tall towers have been completed to match the height of the twin towers like the Menara KL tower at 421m, the Menara Carigali (weird name) at 267m, the Menara telekom at 310m, and 7 more towers exceeding 200m.

Asian dude: 17th Feb 2013 - 07:47 GMT

I had to upload to tinypic because i couldnt use the uploader, but here are some pictures of Kuala Lumpur.

Asian dude: 17th Feb 2013 - 07:48 GMT

And here too

Damian: 3rd Mar 2013 - 01:41 GMT

Wow kuala lumpur really seems kinda beautiful,even though singapore is a close competitor.

i love montreal!!!!!!!!!!!!!: 18th Mar 2013 - 19:03 GMT

montreal is the best deserves to be first on the list of skylines is nice and at night much more!!!!!!!!

anon ( 20th Mar 2013 - 11:31 GMT

very surprised none of bangkok in there????

warren: very surprised none of bangkok in there????

anon ( 24th Apr 2013 - 12:13 GMT

Brisbane/Australia by night.

Koala: Love Brisbane.

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