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Irlam, Manchester

- Andrew Smith - Monday, March 20th, 2006 : goo

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Irlam - a small town on the Western edge of Manchester, England. Salford overspill territory.

Houses, pubs, chip shops and not much happening.

Lies on the banks of the Manchester Ship Canal, which swallowed the river Irwell, the river which gave Irlam it's name.
Irlam Locks used to scare me as a kid - a huge drop into pitch-black water, but nowdays, with a camera, I can be selective.

image 9706

image 9707

image 9708

A few very small stretches of the Irwell were left after the canal was built - a slice of river for posterity. The biggest one is known locally, and rather imaginatively, as 'The Old River'

image 9709

On the otherside of Irlam is farmland - Chat Moss. The Liverpool to Manchester railway, the worlds first passenger railway, runs through here.
It was a dangerous, swampy peat bog - farmers would have boats - and they had to sink cotton bales to float the tracks on.
It was used to soak up Victorian Manchester's 'night soil'. Now it's mainly used for growing turf, fertilised by a combination of million year old rotting vegetation and the 200 year old human waste of England's new working class. Possibly to be rolled around on by millionaire footballers whom the everyday man increasingly can't afford to go and watch.
The other main use is by local, lazy residents to dump beds, cookers and microwaves.

Still got a quirkiness to it, though, and, once you get over the motorway, and past the dumping zone, it's good to get a proper look at the sky.

image 9710

image 9711

image 9712

Greetings from Irlam, on the fringe of urban life but a nice place to live and, like all places, with a bit of history, if you look.

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elaine: nice picture story.

Jamie: 20th Mar 2006 - 14:04 GMT

These are my favourite kind of stuff to read on citynoise. Somewhere i've never heard of, never been, but now i know a little bit about. And i like how photo one flows into photo two flows into photo three. Those last two of the signs are relly nice photos too. I hope you'll be sharing more.

Andrew Smith: 20th Mar 2006 - 14:12 GMT

Thanks Jamie,

Discovered the site by accident a few weeks back and I really like it, so I thought I'd have a go at posting. Will be sure to post again!

Jamie: 20th Mar 2006 - 14:21 GMT

cool. i think thay 'by accident' is the best way to discover anything

Peter: 20th Mar 2006 - 15:09 GMT

i echo exactly what jamie said. this is my fav sort of entry... and i do hope to see more from you!

that being said, its nice to see the more rural side of ... a place ive never been and know litle about... from what ive seen of it elsewhere on this site, i picture it to be an urban, industrial city... so its nice to see what likes outside of downtown...

also: that first photo is a if i ever saw one ;)

Myke: 22nd Mar 2006 - 20:08 GMT

Great post Andrew, welcome to citynoise. I'm a resident of Salford myself. I post quite a bit of Manchester city centre here.

stevie k: 23rd Mar 2006 - 10:07 GMT

mate, the memories come rolling back. what a shame the jezzies have gone. keep it up. i may put chesham on the map soon.

anon ( 23rd Mar 2006 - 11:15 GMT

Cheers Myke, have seen you photo's of the city centre, excellent stuff and promote the area very well.

Alright Ste - lets have a few Chesham pictures!

The 'jezzies', for anyone wondering, was local slang for the wild overgrown area between the ship canal and 'Old River', currently being turned into identikit housing. At one time it had a shoe-making factory for prisoners of war, and was known as 'The Jerry Works', later shortened to 'The Jezzies'

anon ( 11th May 2006 - 00:47 GMT

Andrew - I emigrated from Irlam to Christchurch, New Zealand 7 years ago and I like to check every now and again what is on the internet about it - nothing much seems to have changed! it's true nothing much ever happened but it was a friendly place to live growing up, I had a friend that lived on the moss when I was in Junior School so it was a good place to explore (it was a lot safer then!) Interesting site. Janet NZ

Janet Hartley: 11th May 2006 - 00:47 GMT

Andrew - I emigrated from Irlam to Christchurch, New Zealand 7 years ago and I like to check every now and again what is on the internet about it - nothing much seems to have changed! it's true nothing much ever happened but it was a friendly place to live growing up, I had a friend that lived on the moss when I was in Junior School so it was a good place to explore (it was a lot safer then!) Interesting site. Janet NZ

JMac: 11th May 2006 - 01:24 GMT

Hey Janet:

How about some pics from NZ??? I vacationed there and was thoroughly impressed

Andrew Smith: 21st May 2006 - 22:19 GMT

Hello Janet - would also love to see some NZ pics. Was suprised to see how high this article got in the Google ratings when searching Irlam. It makes you think how you represent your home town. I've got nearly all good memories of growing up here - it has got a lot going for it - I'm not saying I wouldn't prefer New Zealand though!

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 25th May 2006 - 00:51 GMT

What a simple but beautiful sight. I am sitting here in tears through the memories your photos have brought back to me. I emigrated to Australia 26yrs ago as a teenager and had spent all my childhood living in Irlam. The one of the old river frozen really moved me. Memories of walking on it cringing at the creaking sound of the ice, praying it wouldn't break open. Swimming in it on hot summer days. Fishing in the brook, catching sticklebacks and frogs. Riding the ponies down at Gregsons and catching newts on the old tip. Playing on the locks and running across to Flixton ( scared to death like you). I returned in 2003 and was horrifed at the housing development on "our Jezzes" What an atrocity. Anyway, I'd better shut up, I'll be here all day. Anyone who wants to share memories, feel free too....I thrive on it.

Andrew Smith: 1st Jun 2006 - 11:09 GMT

Great memories Natalie.

At some stage I'm going to get photo's of the urban side of Irlam and Cadishead, to fit in more with the content of Citynoise.

In the meantime, here are a few more photo's to stir the memory banks of any ex-pats

Princes Park, on that rare snowy morning:

image 12317

image 12318

The Moss:

image 12319

image 12320

image 12321

Lymm Dam

image 12322

Peter: 1st Jun 2006 - 14:01 GMT

i really like this post. this, also, is an interesting read:

woah! and this too:

anon ( 11th Jun 2006 - 20:44 GMT

Please could someone explain these comments... Night soil? (It was used to soak up Victorian Manchester's 'night soil'.) as in from sewage?(fertilised by 200 year old human waste)

Andrew Smith: 13th Jun 2006 - 15:40 GMT

Quote "Please could someone explain these comments... Night soil? (It was used to soak up Victorian Manchester's 'night soil'.) as in from sewage?(fertilised by 200 year old human waste)"


Yes, I did mean human waste. I may have got the dates wrong. Info was via:
"> Chat moss is the area of moss (fornerly wet almost swampland) to the west
> Eccles - first Barton Moss then Chat Moss. The southern side of Chat Moss
> was once known as Flow Moss because from time to time when it became vary
> wett and full of water it would burst and flow down through Irlam.
> Chat Moss is now quite dry having been gradually drained during the 19th
> Century and heavily filled (and made very fertile) by dumping Manchester's
> and Salford's "night soil" which was conveyed by barge to Boysnope Wharf
> the Mersey and Irwell Navigation and then by narrow gauge railway out onto
> the moss. In the very early days of the railways Chat Moss was a great
> problem to Stephenson in the building of the Liverpool and Manchester
> Railway. This was because it was impossible quickly to drain the moss in
> order to lay track across it. The railway was floated across the moss on
> wood and cotton bales - it still bounces a bit as a train goes past.
> Malcolm Borrowdale "


Andrew. (& thanks Malcolm)

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 22nd Jun 2006 - 02:50 GMT

Your photography is amazing...................sure beats mine.
Ive been to so many countries around the world and seen so many beautiful things, and who would believe that Irlam could be so pictureque.
Do you still live there? Just wondered how you come to capture it at its best.
Well done.

GUS BRENNAN: 22nd Jun 2006 - 13:33 GMT

nice sitr great photo`s well worth the visit

Andrew Smith: 26th Jun 2006 - 16:43 GMT

Thanks Natalie & Gus.

Still live in Irlam. Like going for a walk 'up the Moss' and just take a snap if I fancy it.

I'd have loved to have got shots of the old industry before it went - the steel works, soap works and margerine works. They would have fitted well on this site. Still intend a visit down the ship canal to get a few shots of the bridges and broader shots of the locks to put on here.

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 27th Jun 2006 - 10:34 GMT

Do you know if the air raid shelters on Fairhills road on the way to quicksave( near Jezzes) are still there. They were on the bend as you round the corner to Quicksave and were behind the railings of the BWS ( beer wine and spirits) We used to climb down them in the early 70s as kids and tremble with fear. There were lots of old shoes and boots in them, we made stories up that they had been left by the Germans.
Do you know if Gregsons horse stables ( tucked in behind the old margarine works and the tip) are still there? I often wondered what happened to all the gravestones that once made up the back section of the cemetery when the Government allowed developers to "rape" the site and build 50 odd cardboard homes !!!!
Totally agree that shots of the old industry wouldve been fantastic.
Keep up the brilliant work.

Andrew Smith: 27th Jun 2006 - 12:48 GMT

Natalie -I don't think the air raid shelters are there, though I may be wrong. The Kwik Save site is currently being built on with more new houses.

The horse stables have gone, I'm afraid. As compensation for losing the 'Jezzies' to housing, that area has been developed into a semi-wild park/walking area, with paths, a big pond and trees planted. It should be quite nice in a few years, once the trees have got going. I remember when it was used as a tip and appeared on 'That's Life' as the sign at the front said 'GMC, bringing the countryside to your doorstep'!

ps) I've found a few shots of the industry, among shots of me and my mates hanging about town (taken 1994) and have posted them - see under Irlam/Carrington

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 29th Jun 2006 - 05:04 GMT

Andrew, theres a fault when trying to view the Irlam/Carrington site.

Brian: 11th Sep 2006 - 10:43 GMT

I too emigrated to Australia over 20 years ago and only revisited Irlam for the first time, at the end of last summer, (2005).
Irlam and Cadishead are strange places. Isolated to some degree, they lie approximately 9 miles in either direction to the "big smokes". Consequently they have developed their own unique character and personality.
Growing up there seemed uncomplicated. There again, many have childhood memories which appear that way on reflection.
But there does seem to be a natural serenity to the area, a comforting familiarity almost.
I spent most of my younger days 'exploring' areas such as the Jerry works, The Locks, Chat Moss, and puzzling over railway bridge canal graffiti such as, "where's the fox? Ask Barker'.
Thanks to Les Standish for his wealth of local knowledge.

To the next time.

Here's a few imagesimage 15535image 15536

. Hope you like them

Andrew Smith: 15th Sep 2006 - 10:13 GMT

Nice photos Brian - especially like the Cadishead one with 'The George' pub on the right hand side.

Andrew Smith: 18th Sep 2006 - 15:29 GMT

Here's another couple of Irlam Locks

image 15750

image 15751

reita gregson: 22nd Sep 2006 - 12:24 GMT

hi i have just found this amazing site....My uncle Dennis Gregson has moved from his old stables in Irlam to a smaller holding in Astley Rd Irlam. His son Wayne Gregson now looks after the few remaining horses, dogs, hens etc! It is amazing how much Irlam and Cadishead has changed in such a short time and not for the better! I think it is now just a huge devolpment site of new build with nothing at all for anybody to do! pubs shutting, royal arms club applying for planning permission for residential devolpment what next! oh yes TESCOS getting bigger yippeeeeee Please dont get me wrong I love living here as do my children, its just that I think enough is enough for new build!

Andrew Smith: 22nd Sep 2006 - 16:01 GMT

Welcome Reita

Agree with you on the amount of new-build.
Every spare bit of land seems to have been/being built on and the traffic gets worse with it.

Glad you found the site - some great photo's from all round the world.

Brian: 10th Oct 2006 - 13:45 GMT

Hi Reita,
I remember once taking a short cut through your uncles field with a mate of mine when we were about 11. He caught us
and threatened next time to throw us in the stable with Marie, maddest and biggest horse there. I can tell you we didn't venture that way again!

Geat pictures Andrew. Can't say i'm keen on the look of those new flats near the locks though.

Andrew Smith: 14th Oct 2006 - 22:07 GMT

Brian - They are very typical of the 'apartments' (flats, we used to call them!) springing up everywhere now.

Here's a few more from the Flixton side of the canal the same day

image 16482

image 16483

image 16484

image 16485

Emma: 31st Oct 2006 - 23:52 GMT

Hi,Great page, think the majority of us hung around the locks as kids, what great memories. I have come on here wondering if anyone can help me, i will probably sound like a right loon now but here goes... A family member has bought one of the new houses where the jezzy's were & strange noises/doors slamming have been occuring frequently at night & their little 3 year old won't go in their own bedroom as they said they've seen a master in there & lights have been switching on & off. Usually i'd laugh this off & think they'd been hitting the wine too hard or something but this has happened while i've stayed over, hearing footsteps going up the stairs to find no-one there, it is creepy as hell. What were the jerry works? We all moved to Irlam from salford in the 80's so don't know much about them.
If you have read this far then thankyou, i am not a loon i assure you, just curious as to what it could be.
Many thanks

D: 11th Dec 2006 - 21:02 GMT

Hi Natalie Waterworth i remmeber your familys bakers on twenty row

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 18th Dec 2006 - 23:40 GMT

Hi D,
My family had the bakery for over 10 years, and the shop next door which we sold and it became peters boutique. When we were there on 20 row, we had Tommy Wrench butchers. Culshaws newsagents. Platts Tv shop ( I think it was called) Lowndes grocers and fish shop. Flynns newsagents, and the Maypole up the road, that had the nicest ( Lees) chinese chippy. Funny what you remember. We lived down off Broadway, and used to shop on Ferryhill Road at Gibbs offlicence, and The VG which was a little supermarket. I could go on forever.
Talking about Mr Gregson at the stables, every kid for miles used to be scared stiff of him. I used to muck out the stables for a free ride on a little white pony called Sam, although Im sure Gregson didn't know about that one. There was also a big black stallion called Satan.
To Emma, The Jezzes used to have a shoe factory on it, which produced footwear during the war. Maybe it is haunted.......woo spooky.
I ahte the new apartments near the locks.....I thought it was the old BWS building at first glance. Ive heard theyve built over Kwik Save complex.......when will it stop? next theyll be building over Princes park and The moss. C'mon you Irlamites.........get those pics rolling in.

Ray C: 22nd Dec 2006 - 17:11 GMT

Hi Nat,the air raid shelters are still there on the grounds of the old cws works.Unfortunatly theve been covered with topsoil and now have grass growing over them. Ray .

DAVE: 22nd Dec 2006 - 18:59 GMT

Why not look on Andrew Smith,s "These Things No Longer Exist" More Photo,s of Irlam

mark rogers: 23rd Jan 2007 - 11:26 GMT

hi Natalie. Fancy reading your comments here. Nat and I grew up in the same street and I too now live in Australia. Anyone out there from Irlam now living in Queensland. Drop me a line. Would love to see more shots of town and Fiddlers lane, as my parents had a shop there opposite the school. My grandma still lives on The Cresent on the council estate as she has ror 70 years. Hope to get back soon . Mark

Dave: 23rd Jan 2007 - 15:48 GMT

Hi Mark
What was the shop opposite the school ?

mark rogers: 24th Jan 2007 - 06:47 GMT

It was in the mid 70s called Clares. It was like a mini supermarket that sold everything and had a barbers upstairs. Emma the jerry works was a shoe factory that was home to german prisoners of war, hence the name

Dave: 24th Jan 2007 - 10:13 GMT

Thanks Mark
I used to go to the barbers upstairs as a child the barber he used to give you a toffee lolly for having your hair cut.I dont remember your shop.
Do you remember on the other side of you there was Bates Hardware ,hair dressers,chippy,pet shop and Irlam electronics ?

Andrew Smith: 3rd Feb 2007 - 00:50 GMT

'Dem Fools' Mr T. says you the fool! Sound as a pound...

Andrew Smith: 3rd Feb 2007 - 01:15 GMT

Good one fellas, anyhow, heres a few more of 'dem pics'

Princes Park

image 18351

Old River/Riverside Avenue

image 18352

Old River, with new houses on the right hand side on the site of 'The Jezzies'

image 18353

The bad side of the moss, easier than going to the tip

image 18354

Outweighed by the good side

image 18355

image 18356

Andrew Smith: 8th Feb 2007 - 00:10 GMT

Erm, think i should explain that my 'dem fools' comments refer to a now deleted post by (i imagine) some lads having a laugh talking 'street' about Irlam & Flixton. Anyhow, we all know that talking street round here is 'E 'are, jer want out from the offie' (well that's what I say anyway) Sorry for any confusion.

Brian: 10th Feb 2007 - 10:32 GMT

Great pictures again Andrew.
If anyone's interested, Ive posted a short video on Youtube, Irlam Church to Fiddlers lane in 2005. Enjoy
Regards to all

Andrew Smith: Thanks Brian. Good video by the way.

Gaynor Miller: 22nd Feb 2007 - 13:58 GMT

Just found this site on my lunch and spent the whole hour and more just looking and remembering it was great!I can't belive a little place like Irlam and Cadishead has got this many beautiful places or are we biased by our childhood! Natalie and Mark I remember you two very well we all lived on Farnham Drive do you remeber Bonfire night when we used to all get together make the bonfires and our parents used to make food my mum always made treacle toffee there were other like the Atherton's the Philip's The Moffitts and more!! I remember stick fights across the brook with the other streets were we used to put clay on a stick and fling it at each other, Kick can and British bulldog on the drive. God life was easy then! Nat hows your Paul I had a big crush on him, my first I might add, and Mark my brother Stephen had a crush on your Jane! I live in Warrington now but go to Irlam and Cadishead alot due to family ties and its still like going back in time in places but others where we used to play seem light years away!

Gaynor Miller: 22nd Feb 2007 - 14:10 GMT

The other things i remember were the Bank holiday fair's at Irlam Park do they still have them they used to be on the August bank holiday! Also walking day I have a few black and whites of those all the churches used to walk in Cadishead. And football matches between the pubs in Irlam and Cadishead in fact there used to be a cup named after my dad that the George used to play for! The Geoff Miller Cup

Andrew Smith: 22nd Feb 2007 - 15:15 GMT

Hi Gaynor,

There is indeed still a fair on the park over August Bank Holiday weekends. Not on the same scale as I remember - with mock battles, people sky diving in and a beer tent; but still pretty good and with an excellent firework display at the end.

Anonymous - 36: 13th Mar 2007 - 19:46 GMT

Great !! If someone ever asks me the what was the best time of my life - without a doubt it was 13-16, great memories to last a lifetime. My 9 year old daughter can't get enough of the tales I tell her about when "I was a Las" Adventures Galore. Great mates, no money not a care in the world and this was only early/mid 1980's. A few adventures to name a few. Chat Moss (jumping ditches, the weaker of the gang getting chest high in water and sludge) Skeleton Woods, The Old river, Cardboard Hill, Tarzy Bridge (NOW FILLED IN), The Locks (squaring off with the flixtoners) and Jetty (remember the gold fish pond and the huge square block jumping stones?), The Jezzies, Prinny Park (Those slides were high of the ground onto concrete below but that didn't stop us climbing on top) The Graveyard, The old car yard at the side off the old tip close to the canal, Kwik Save car park on a Sunday using the left out trollies for racing, bottle collecting. To be fair what else could a teenager want as an adventure playground ?? What a great place to be a teenager. If you come into Irlam off the barton stretch these days the road sign taking you to Irlam looks like an hand OK sign and that tells me I am coming home. Irlam Forever

Deb Walker (nee Ormandy): 26th Mar 2007 - 22:28 GMT

Hi, Just browsing and came across this site - pics are amazing - we lived just off Dudley Road Cadishead - my parents are still there to this day. When I got married we moved to Atherton Lane (behind the good old George Hotel) Moved to good old sunny Leigh, 18+ years ago - not too far away. Still come through Irlam and Cadishead quite regular. Sometimes just coming through / sometimes visting old friends. Remember most of the places everyone has mentioned - Is Bob's ferry still up, off Bob's Lane Cadishead - have tried several times to see in passing, don't think it is !! Going to have a rummage tomorrow to see if I have any pictures of places but I don't think I have.

Philip: 8th Apr 2007 - 20:37 GMT


Sadly Bobs Lane Ferry is no more :-(, no sure when it went you can still see a few semi destroyed bits of the landing stage from the Partington side.

Alfonso Criscuoli: 15th Apr 2007 - 07:32 GMT

My partner is from Cadishead, and like some people have said, there isn't much happening there but that is not a bad thing at all. Living in London, which I hate, I find Cadishead peaceful and the people really friendly. My father in law helped paint the steam locomotive which is in Irlam park (i think it's called) keep meaning to take a picture!!. The Manchester ship canal, which was dug out by hand i believe, is just steeped in history, and being naive, the first time I saw a ship going down that canal I thought I was dreaming. The best thing about Cadishead for my partner is that it's only 10mins away from the Trafford Centre which is a Mecca for shoppers and a nightmare for partners!!. As with everywhere there are new developments popping up all over Irlam, but generally and thankfullythe older more stronger and characteristic buildings are in the majority by far. Always thought I was more of a country lad but after visiiting Manchester, it's the first city i've fallen in love with. Great characteristic buildings, history, trams, friendly people, so to anyone who says its grim up north, they obviously haven't been to Manchester. Im thinking of leaving London after my studies and settling down there.

reita gregson: 17th Apr 2007 - 19:13 GMT

what a great comment! yes we have over devolpment and are overlooked by the powers that be regarding our youth, but thanks for saying so much about our area! i have lived here in Irlam and now Cadishead for many years ( Im not that old!) yes I can see changes not for the better in some cases, but I think the people make this a DESIRABLE place to live. Lets hope our children carry on the good work...

Theresa Isherwood: 18th Apr 2007 - 01:15 GMT

Hi I was married to a guy who came from Irlam we visited the moss a lot of the time. His Family still live in irlam and his sister owns the vidio shop a few doors away from what use to be lee chippy sadly my husband was killed in nov 06 so i dont get the chance to go back to manchester. the family name is Isherwoods and they all live on or around liverpool road when i last went to the moss it was a mess as u say with unwanted itrems. most of the farms i understand have gone now what a shame it was nice there.

Andrew Smith: 19th Apr 2007 - 21:00 GMT


Very sorry to hear about your husband. I do remember someone from school called Isherwood (1980's).

There is plenty of stuff dumped in the ditches in places up the Moss, but once you get a bit further out it is fine. A lot of the farms now seem to be going in for producing turf rather than crops.

Cyril B: 3rd May 2007 - 02:59 GMT

Greetings from Adelaide

As an old Irlamite who started life there in 1925 til having another go here in the sunshine in 1980,this site has been most enjoyable to visit.I have shared many of the experiences that you have all obviously rellished and you have added to my own enjoyment.
I wonder if there is anybody out there that remembers the old Goodiers bakery and particularly the two horse drawn bread vans that delivered to the area.The two horses by the way were named Rainbow and Barney?

d mccormick: 6th May 2007 - 14:35 GMT

ive noticed the changes around irlam. we moved here in 1968 from ordsal and i dont like the changes that have occurred, like the bypass thats been built as when i was younger we used to go to the locks and play on the grass dunes that were once there and have picnics too. even though the bypass has sort of lightened the traffic, not a lot at least the roads are becoming more safer than once before.

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 2nd Jun 2007 - 08:23 GMT

Hi D McCormick! This is Steve Waterworth who used to live on the Irlam estate, in Neville Drive. I'm now living in Melbourne, Australia (not in a council house - ha,ha)and I'm married to Natalie Brophy who lived in Irlam also. I used to be best mates with Terry Kelly. Are you the Denise McCormick from Irlam whose mum was a dinner lady at Fiddlers Lane Primary and then worked in Fiddlers Lane Post Office and you had an older sister? Are you still living in Irlam?

Martin: 3rd Jun 2007 - 17:35 GMT

Hi just wondering what Irlam is like to live in today? We have been house hunting around the area but never been there before.

natalie waterworth: 10th Jun 2007 - 22:58 GMT

hi natalie friend of mine tony owens says he used to go out with your aunty he now lives on a farm in anglesy but works in trafford park during week he says hi.wg

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 27th Jun 2007 - 00:04 GMT

Hi WG.
I know Tony he's a great bloke.
He used to have a couple of Sheltland / mini ponies....farmewr Giles we used to call him LOL.
Tell owens that meags ( aunt he went out with) was her in feb on hols. Tell him that Lammy was here in Jan and is coming here again next feb. Great bloke Tony....used to eat dog biscuits when he was pi**ed haha.

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 27th Jun 2007 - 00:07 GMT

Hi Theresa, would you be referring to Harry Isherwood?
I think his parents ended opening up a fruit shop on 20 row. He was in my class at high school. Or theres Angela I sherwood...I went to school with her too. ( they are unrelated) both nice people. Nat

Alex: 17th Jul 2007 - 21:26 GMT

Hi. I loved Irlam. I was there last January and February.(2007) I also got to spend my birthday and Val's day there. Both of them best ever!!! Irlam's people are warm and friendly. I loved the rain and the blue sky when the clouds let it through. The ducks at the river and teh squirrels at the park close to Tesco were wonderful. Your pictures are great but I just got one question: What do you mean there's not much happenning there? I left half my life there in Irlam. I'm waiting for it to join me in the North of chile.
An Irlam, Manchester lover.

Mark Tildsley: 3rd Aug 2007 - 13:44 GMT

O.M.G. People real people and real lives. I was brought up here in Irlam from the overspill in 1970/71. I spent over 4years in NZ been back now 2years. I miss NZ so much but we all know where our roots lie. Its great to see Irlam from angle that everybody misses when they have got it infront of them.

Carole W: 12th Aug 2007 - 10:16 GMT

Stumbled onto the site by accident, really appreciated the photographs,not sure about the comment not much happening, there are things happening but they are not very well advertised. We also have access to lots of happening places,Manchester, Warrington,Cheshire, an hour or twos drive away are seaside towns and the beuties of the Lake district what more can anyone want!!!!

ryan and neil : 17th Aug 2007 - 14:44 GMT

all very nice !! but there should be a fishery in irlam , somwhere where it wont get wrecked and out of the way .

Liam: 18th Aug 2007 - 13:27 GMT

like all the photos you lot, rly proffesional some of them. unfortunatley they mostly only show the "nice" parts of irlam. me havin lived in irlam all my life know that there places that u wouldnt want to go. but dont let that put u off theres a lot of great people that live in irlam & cadishead and cant ever see myself moving.

Dave Smith Email 23rd Aug 2007 - 16:49 GMT

Hi all: Our Family lived in Cadishead from 1949 to 1963 in Dean Road fairly well known The Smith boys. Your photographs were great and brought back lots of Childhood memories.My mate Leslie underline got a Splinter in his !!!! when he slid down the Banister to the Irlam Ferry which cost 2d.We played inside the Paint Factory Kinders at night,and walked from Irlam ferry along the ship canal to Warburton Bridge did a little scrumping then got a lift back by hanging on the back of the slow trains to the Slag heap. Oh what great days beats your pc games any day.
Cheers Dave.

Chris Roughneen: 29th Aug 2007 - 13:26 GMT

Hi, my great-grandfather was one of the last ferrymen who used to run people across the Canal between Irlam & Flixton just upstream from Irlam Locks. Was born in Irlam and have been here most of my life, have moved away a couple of times but always seem to end up back here (mainly as most of my family are still here)....not sure whether that is a good thing or not!

Suzanne Chappell: 30th Aug 2007 - 10:59 GMT

Hi to Steve Waterworth.
Did you know Gary Leigh and John Stephens ,also ?
I think I was at Fiddler's Lane School with you.Yor were in my year.
Please send your Email address.Ialso remember Denise McCormack and her mum.

Cyril Bagshaw: 30th Aug 2007 - 13:47 GMT

Hello Chris,
Would your great grandfather,s name be Roland Powell by any chance?

Deborah Walker (nee Ormandy): 6th Sep 2007 - 17:51 GMT

Hi Suzanne Chappell - I think we were in the same year @ Irlam High I think I remember your name - although forgive me if I am mistaken - I certainly remember the names Gary Leigh and John Stephens - I was in the same class (1DR - 5DR) as Linda Woods/Sandra Trevor/Karen Lowndes/David Corder/Anthony McGovern/David Mann etc. Forgot a lot of names and faces !!

Chris Roughneen.: 10th Oct 2007 - 13:32 GMT

To Cyril - no, he was a Wilkinson. Unfortunately he passed away in the eighties, followed closely by his wife.

cyril bagshaw: 14th Oct 2007 - 11:10 GMT

Thank you Chris
The Irlam I knew,having lived and worked there from 1925 has obviously changed so much, I wonder now wether I could still find my way round the place.
Best wishes Cyril B......

Stephen Weir: 15th Oct 2007 - 15:03 GMT

What a great site for all those that grew up in Irlam & Cadishead, a real trip down memory lane.I spent the best part of my childhood (60's early 70's) in Irlam.Bestmemories include venturing on the ship canal in a leaky row boat, sitting in the girders of the railway bridge over the canal.Sparring with the "new" Salford gangs & the raids on the Jubbly works. Grand stuff...a great place to grow up.

Helen Salmon: 22nd Oct 2007 - 12:08 GMT

I'm on holiday next week and I'm planning on visiting Irlam and Cadishead whilst I'm off to do a bit of Ancestry hunting (trailing St John's Church Graveyard!) I'm going to take my camera with me so does anyone want me to take any pictures for them while I'm there? Anything that they are particularly intrigued about?

Stephen, you just made me smile saying about the Jubbly works. When we moved up to Morecambe from Irlam in 1984 if I mentioned the word "Jubbly" no-one knew what they were! They all know them as "Ice cups" How boring!

Best Wishes,

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 23rd Oct 2007 - 01:26 GMT

Hi Helen, Good luck with your graveyard hunting !!!!! I was appalled when I returned there to find that all the graves in the church grounds have been removed (there were lots there when I was a child in the 70s. ALSO there is a housing development at the back of the graveyard (approx 1991 ish) and in order to allow this, they have removed all the older graves from the back of the fields ( believe me there were lots) and have erected a concrete wall thus making the graveyars enclosed and without most of the original graves..I sent an email to Salford council asking what had happend to the graves, but of course, received no reply. Even Platts brook has been reduced to a trickle due to the housing developmetn, but thats life I guess. Anyway, have a fab time, and a pic of the war memorial at the back of the baths would be great if you can manage.
xx Nat

Helen Salmon: 23rd Oct 2007 - 12:58 GMT

I'll try to get you one of those Natalie.

Watch this space!

John Cooper - 31st Oct 2007 - 02:01 GMT

Firstly, thanks for this site. I will see what I can scavenge in photos to contribute a bit. I lived in Allenby Road, Cadishead from 1947-1970 when I moved to Australia, I have only been back once so far in 2004. I remembered Cadishead in shades of gray as most things were covered in soot and other droppings from the steel works and the tar works. When I went back I was pleasantly surprised, it was now in living colour, shame about the neglected look of boarded up shops though. Sometimes you have to leave a place to realise how good it is. My childhood was pretty much the same as everyone else, no money, no real problems, fishing with rods made from canes from the Lombardian, catching newts at Alabama with a net made from mums old stockings, great memories. Where I live now is nice, but I could retire quite easily in Cadishead, back with real people, not sure about catching newts anymore.

For Natalie, when I was in junior school in Lords street, (now several blocks of flats), there was a small graveyard across the road which was made into a small but creepy park. I did try once to find those records during some family history research but it went no where. Speaking of family history, do have an elderly relative called Hugh, about 80+ years?



John Cooper - 1st Nov 2007 - 05:08 GMT

image 24335
George Hotel on left, Prospect Rd on right. Working mens club was the Salvation Army hall when I was young.

image 24336
Early picture of the George Hotel.

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 1st Nov 2007 - 23:52 GMT

Hi John, what great pics. I remember a couple of incidents with that bridge in cadishead. Once during heavy rain, it became flooded, and much to the delight of all us kids, there was a VW beetle car that had driven thru ( not realising how deep it was) and was actually floating in the water, and had to wait for the water to disperse b4 it could drive off. I also remember a truck getting stuck under it,( driving towards Irlam hadn't realised it was lower on the Irlam side) and the driver had to let all the air out of its tyres, so he could drive thru, the traffic was banked up for miles, we were all fascinated of course. I guess it was the mid 70s.

It amazes me how Governemet bodies ( pardon the pun) manage to cover up info on the wherabouts of old gravesites.

John Cooper - 3rd Nov 2007 - 02:49 GMT

Hi Natalie,
image 24360 image 24361

I founds this one of that small graveyard in Lord Street, you can see a headstone to the right of the picture. When I was young the building was used, among other things, as a polling station in elections. I just looked on Google Earth an it looks like the buildings are still there and the park is next to it at the top left.


John Cooper - 5th Nov 2007 - 05:57 GMT

Whoops, That's not Prospect road, it is New Moss Road opposite the George. I have been away too long.


suzanne robinson: 5th Nov 2007 - 17:12 GMT

think its lord street john lived here all my life

John Cooper - 5th Nov 2007 - 21:11 GMT

Hi Suzanne,

Sorry, I meant the pictures above that with Cadishead bridges in it. BTW, are you any relations to the Robinsons who used to live in Essex Gardens?

suzanne robinson: 5th Nov 2007 - 22:03 GMT

no i have no relations who lived on essex gardens i had relations that lived on fir street i lived down atherton lane the back of the george hotel i was born down there at number 45 i used to go down the newt pond down the alabamas

Robert Patten: 9th Nov 2007 - 14:44 GMT

Liverpool Road, Cadishead, from the disused railway bridge, date unknown.
image 24510

Same shot from March 2006.
image 24511

I only moved to Cadishead in 2005 and before that new nothing about the area. I love finding sites like this with people's stories of the history of Irlam and Cadishead.

Robert Patten: 9th Nov 2007 - 15:03 GMT

Just realised I could have worded that better, chances are that when the first picture was taken the railway was still in use.

This picture is taken from a bridge which crosses the now dismantled railway lines, looking towards Glazebrook. If you follow the fencing into the distance it meets with the still operational line from Irlam station heading up to Glazebrook.

Not the best of quality perhaps but hopefully some will find it interesting.

image 24512
October 2005.

I need to go out and take some new pictures!!

Robert Patten: 9th Nov 2007 - 15:45 GMT

Finally (for now), three pictures from May 2007 from what we call Teletubby Hills, near the Northbank Industrial Estate and can be seen from the Cadishead Way bypass.

image 24516
You can see the Rehau building, and if you look carefully in the distance, Irlam railway viaduct crossing the Ship Canal.

image 24518

image 24519

These hills have been landscaped and footpaths created and on a clear day you can get a good view into the distance as you look towards Manchester.

There is another set of hills a bit further down the road which have air vents and are surrounded by fencing and locked gates - sometimes you see rabbits relaxing there during the spring and summer months. The grass always looks neatly cut, but the big locked gates make it clear the public are not welcome here for some reason.

Andrew Smith: 9th Nov 2007 - 18:55 GMT

Cheers for the photo's Robert - good stuff.

Looks like they had to knock down a row of houses to build Cadishead library unless the had already gone.

wg: 10th Nov 2007 - 21:05 GMT

just wondering john cooper do you remember mr williams of allenby rd used to have taxi firm run from his house, he still lives in house which has only been lived in by his family not many can say that.wg

John Cooper - 11th Nov 2007 - 06:04 GMT

Hi wg, Allan Williams lived across the road from us on the corner of Hamilton Avenue. If it is the same guy I knew him quite well when I was young, he used to buy cars at the auctions, fix them up and sell them on, we bought our first car from him. He taught me a lot about panel work, spray painting, and quite a lot about car repairs in general. One of the good guys. If you get to see him say hello for me.



Roger Whitfield: 22nd Nov 2007 - 14:05 GMT

Hi Guys and Girls from Cadishead

I was born and bread there and fetches back memories, first time on this site the George Hotel was built and run by my family and the street at the back is called Whitfield Street Other wise know as Alabama and I all so use to go and catch newts and stickle backs ! down on the pond,I left the area in the early seventys only been back a few times not realy inpressed at the place now I went to Lords Street school and then to Irlam (Alfred Turner ) left in 58 and went to work on the ship canal as a deck hand on the Dredging tugs for a few years .
My wife came from Irlam she was born and bread in Silver street and had a brother named John Wetherill he has passed away sadly, he went to America in the sixtys
I if any body new us in them days please get in touch we now live in the lake district after living in Scotland for 30 od years I use to live in Chesnut ave in Cadishead .
All the best
Roger Whitfield

Keith Smith: 4th Dec 2007 - 21:56 GMT

Hi Cadisheaders,I used to live on Atherton lane behind the George hotel,and spent years down the bamas fishing on the newt pond,had a great bonfire every year on the bamas,shooting slug guns on the railway bankings,and setting fire to all kinds of stuff,whitfield street was a shortcut for the sailors to get from Partington basin to the George hotel,there were stll lots of old ship canal cabins and buildings to root around in and acres of steelworks land to roam on,the landlord of the George was Arthur and his wife was Marion i think, i,ll have to dig out some pics and post them,my cousin caught a 3 pound tench in the newty but i dont think theres been fish in there for years,living in North Wales now and wouldnt want to go back,the best version of cadishead lives on in my mind,happy days

Anne Hunt: 10th Dec 2007 - 22:09 GMT

Hi John Cooper,
I'm very interested in the old picture of the Lord St. graveyard. My sister and I travelled to Irlam this past summer to search for it, as we know our great-grandfather and mother are both buried there. We struggled to identify it and even though my old mum remembers being taken there as a child we couldn't work out if we were in the right place. Does anyone know what church did it belong to, and what do they do with the headstones, just bury them in situ? Thanks, and what an interesting web-site - a real find. I have a lot of family history tied up in Irlam, starting with the margarine works, also Dr. LeClerc's house next to St.Teresa's church, once called Baile Milis, [Home sweet home], the steel works, Fir St., Clarendon Rd. Must write a family history sometime.
Anne Hunt.

wg: 18th Dec 2007 - 23:06 GMT

hi everyone just watched some old cine films of salford on dvd there is a bit of people using the diesel ferry at irlam anyone else seen it and recongnise anyone cheers and merry christmas wg

Bob Salmon: 31st Dec 2007 - 14:34 GMT


I do not know what the church was that was on Lord Street adjacent to the graveyard,
but I remember that it was a school for the children of the members of the Wesleyan
Chapel in the 1940s. I am not too sure, but I seem to remember being told that it was
the original Wesleyan Chapel, replaced by a larger one on the corner of Bobs Lane.

I lived in Lytherton Avenue and remember walking (running) past this very creepy
graveyard late at night.

I think it is the policy of a lot of Councils nowadays to remove the gravestones
from graveyards that have not been used for interment for many, many years. These
graveyards tend to be neglected because the living are no longer tending the
graves, (the graves may not be registered to a living person), neglected graves
become the responsibility of the land owner, a Council or Church.
When neglected, grave components such as Headstones become unsafe and become a
danger to the public, also who cuts the grass? It is easiest, cheapest and safest
to remove the headstones etc and grass it over.

The lack of headstones gives me a problem as I am trying to trace my family
history and old neglected graveyards are one of the best hunting grounds.

Hope this answers some questions


Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 1st Jan 2008 - 04:04 GMT

Thanks Bob, that has cleared a few questions up for me. However, What do they do with the bones and gravestones when they develop the land for housing such as the housing estate that was built in the early 90s at the top of ferryhill rd and stretched to the back of the Irlam Graveyard. All the graves there have been built on, and the graveyards size has been reduced to a third of what it used to be to make way for houses. Salford Council never gave me an answer when I asked the question.

Carl Franz Edlinger: 1st Jan 2008 - 15:54 GMT

Hello everbody over there,
I`m an native Austrian and live in Vienna now, but between 1972 -76 I was married with an Irlam Girl an Teacher in the Alfred Turner School Irlam. since our Divorce and my return to Austria, I`m sad and still feel that my home is overthere, because All People I meet where very friendly to me. My two son who are still over there, have never ever contacted me, so I do not know them. Does anyone know them? Micheal is the older one and his brother is Christian(Edlinger)the 1st and last time i saw Christian was 1995 when I spend a few days over there coming from USA. Please if anyone know them, say to them I have a big wish: Contact me, write or call:(0043)664/7894556 or Email: Thank You so much and have a Happy New Year2008!

william smith: 4th Jan 2008 - 04:15 GMT

Have been in Australia for 50 years. I was born in pendleton salford in 1936 and cannot find or get any feedback about my fathers life as a taxi driver in his families taxi company on Bolton Road Salford (Smiths Taxis)can you help_____Bill in OZ

John Cooper: 6th Jan 2008 - 06:34 GMT

Hi Anne Hunt,

Sorry for the late reply. I think Bob Salmon is correct in that it was the forerunner to the since flattened Wesleyan Church on the corner of Bob's Lane. I was in junior school in Lords Street when the graveyard was paved/turfed over, I am 60 now so it was a while back. We were all a bit put out expecting ghosts to be showing up any time but we were assured that even the bones were no longer there after all the time that had passed. As to the former occupants of the plots, churches are generally excellent record keepers as I found out tracing my adoption a few years back. If it wasn't the Wesleayns then the former Irlam Urban District Council were probably responsible, their records should be with the Salford crowd these days.



Mike Fleming: 20th Jan 2008 - 18:24 GMT

Wow what a great site, brings back some great memories of a good place to have grown up in and some nice people I met in my early years.I always said that living in the Irlam/Cadishead area and growing up there were the best years of my life. Loads of happy memories of Wilkies Woods along the canal. I got tears in my eyes now

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 25th Jan 2008 - 12:22 GMT

Hi everyone, I'm flitting between two sites here and loving all the reminiscing... I attended the Wesleyan Methodist Church as a kid (my parents married there and we were all christened there)and thought it was as big as a Cathedral. I was so upset that it was demolished before I married and I hated the new replacement,(single storey thing on Lords Street), so I reluctantly married in my husbands church - St. John's, Irlam. If my memory is correct, I think the protocol of the cemetery opposite our school in Lords Street, was that once a grave reached 100 years old and no surviving relatives claimed it, then it became council property again, so little by little the graves were eliminated. Once the deadline, (no pun intended) was reached for final closure, any remaining graves were transferred to the Irlam Cemetery?

Karina Le Gall (born Biles): 9th Feb 2008 - 13:04 GMT

Hi there,
I left Irlam High School in 1983, after many years of bullying because I was "different"!! Anyway that is the past, I have now emigrated to France and am enjoying the French life. My sister still lives in Irlam, I have been back a couple of times and seeing the photo's brought a smile to my face!!!! I used to go to Gregson's stables too Natalie, and I remember the air raid shelters, I was married there at the age of 11 to my best mates brother!!!!!!! What memories!!! Nipping down to quicksave to pick up groceries!! I used to go to Irlam Youth Club and the St John's ambulance, so frequented quite a lot of Irlam life. I agree about the docks, walking across those rickety walkways and looking at the terrifying site of the water crashing down!!! Brrrrrr, still gives me the willies now!! Anyway, I think I have said enough, this site has provoked so many memories that I had forgotten, particularly Princess Park in the snow, we used to slide down the hills in bread baskets that my dad had brought home from the CO OP. Thankyou so much for the photo's and reminding me that life back then was not so bad!!!!! xxx

Andrew Smith: 9th Feb 2008 - 23:02 GMT


Glad the photo's brought back some good memories of your time in Irlam and glad you are enjoying France!

Leslie Green: 16th Feb 2008 - 16:57 GMT


Can anyone help me trace the familiy of Roberts Hall he was an RAF airman who was killed December 18th 1944. Roberts ( spelling believed to be correct) came from Irlam O the heights. Any help would be most gratefull. Contact me on

Paul Davis: 18th Feb 2008 - 16:14 GMT

Hello every one, i never knew there were so many like minded people, people who enjoy I@C for what it is.
I have lived in irlam for just over ten years now and i think that i is a really great place to live, that is if Peel holding dont ruin it first by allowing contracters to build on all our green belt.

Lets see what happens if they get there own way and they will to build port salford, opposite barton airfeild, all that pollution all those HGV travelling through our town, life will change, watch this space.

Saying that i cant wait until they build the new Salford Reds rugby ground in barton, though an match days its going to be hell getting out of irlam, its bad enouth in the morning now, any later than 07.10 and you are in a grid lock.

Please let me know how you feel, leave your comments.

Ta-rar 4 now.

Alex Price: 20th Feb 2008 - 23:04 GMT

Hi Everyone! Has Anyone Been In Maintenence Tunnels In Irlam Railway Viaduct? There Is 11 Cameras In There So If You Get Caught You Will Be Taken Home By Police (That It! That Isnt Exacly Gonna Stop Us From Goin In There lol) Anyway Heres Sum Pictures Of The Tunnels, Please Tell Me Your Stories About The Tunnels People.image 25992image 25993image 25994

Alex Price: 20th Feb 2008 - 23:08 GMT

Dear Paul,

I Know How You Feel About The New Stadium, Its Gonna Be Hell Gettin To Trafford Centre Lol, And I Heard That They
Have Only Just Got The Money To Built It So They Gonna Build It Soon, Also I Heard Theres Supposed To Be A Macdonalds,
Pizza Hut And Other Places In The Stadium Too, Cant Wait Paul! Can You?

People Please Leave Your Comments About This People, Thanks.

Alex Price: 20th Feb 2008 - 23:28 GMT

Hi Everyone, I Just Remembered That Everyone Goes On The Disused Lorries And Jumps Across Them Lol, But No-one Really Goes On Them Coz Theres A Man
That Is Opposite The Lorries In His Lorrie And If He Sees You On There He Climbs Up The Lorrie Your On And His Dogs Stay At The Bottom So If You
Jump Down The Dogs Will Get You - Ouch!, I Was On There Once With My Mates Jumpin The Lorries And After About 10 Minutes Of Fun I Seen The Man
In His Lorrie And So Did Some Of My Mates And When We Seen Him, He Looked Up At Us So We Jumped Down And Walked Of Coz We Also Heard That He
Sometimes Has A Knife Or A Gun On Him So We Didnt Want To Be Killed Lol, And We Havent Been Back Since.

Alex Price: 20th Feb 2008 - 23:34 GMT

Hi Again, I Also Remembered The Fights Between Cadishead And Partington Over Whos The Cadishead Viaduct Bridge Was To Sit Under
And They Threw Stones, Rocks And Sticks To Fight With But Eventually The Council Blocked It Off With Two Containers With Barbed
Wire On The Top, But People Can Somehow Still Get Over To Partington, Its Like The Containers Arent There Lol.

lesley: 22nd Feb 2008 - 11:29 GMT

hiya eeerm i emigrated to australia a few light years ago, but dated a guy called dave from manchester who's fam owned a bakery in manchester somewhere. He live in the channel islands for a while (where we first met) does anyone know him his name was dave and it was in like 1974/75 that we dated plz help me find him

Glenn Wrench: 25th Feb 2008 - 16:36 GMT

Hi, does anyone remember my father "Alan Wrench" he is 55 now, used to be the local boat boy taking people across the canal...

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 25th Feb 2008 - 19:55 GMT

Hi Glenn,

I know 'of' your dad, my husband used to be a delivery boy for Tommy Wrench in his younger days (in later years he worked with one of your aunts, though I don't remember which one). I remember you and your sisters though, when you were at St. Paul's Playgroup. I was one of the workers there...

Glenn Wrench: 26th Feb 2008 - 10:07 GMT

Hi Norma,

I don't remember yourself as I was just a child then. But I am 21 now, must have been a few years since you see me and my sisters? What is your husbands name, I will ask my dad if he remembers him! Glad I found this site, it's like a free version of "Friends Re-united" but better! Take care, Glenn

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 26th Feb 2008 - 15:36 GMT

Hi, I have enjoyed this site bringing back some memories for me. I left Irlam when I was about 9 yrs old and moved to Eccles, I was very fond of Irlam has all my childhood memories. Live in Morecambe now but will always remember Irlam. Absolutely loved the moss going for walks with my dolls pram!! My grandparents owned Platts of Irlam does anyone remember that shop? Does any one know of the Grannels, Karen was my best friend.

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 26th Feb 2008 - 20:31 GMT

Hi Glenn,

Of course you wouldn't remember me, you were too busy playing superman or racing round on the little trikes lol ... My husband was David and would have been 49 now (he passed away 4 years ago). It was around 1974-76 when he was the errand boy, doing deliveries on the pushbike with the basket on the front.

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 27th Feb 2008 - 09:12 GMT

Hi Cyril
Lovely to read your comments, my grandparents both lived to a grand old age after they had retired to live in Flixton. Do you remember my mother June at all? They only had the one daughter. Great to hear from you, when did you move to Adelaide?
Best wishes from Morecambe, Lancashire

Cyril Bagshaw: 27th Feb 2008 - 13:29 GMT

Hi Anne,
I do remember your mother June, in fact I have a copy of an old photo taken in about 1949 of a group of the local shopkeepers which included your mum, and your grandparents. It is now midnight in Adelaide ( about afternoon tea in Morecombe) so I will post the photo on my next session on the screen.

All the best......Cyril

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 27th Feb 2008 - 14:30 GMT

Hi Cyril
That would be wonderful, so good to hear from you. Very sadly my Mum died aged 46 yrs of breast cancer. My Dad is still alive, Harold Rigby don't know if you knew him at all. Many thanks.
Best wishes - Anne

anon ( 28th Feb 2008 - 12:44 GMT

image 26132

Hi Anne,
I hope I have manged to post your photo Ok.

Best wishes .....Cyril

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 28th Feb 2008 - 12:49 GMT

Hi Cyril

Thank you so much, the photo has come out ok. My Mum looks very much like my daughter on this picture.
Please keep in touch.
Best wishes

Helen Salmon: 28th Feb 2008 - 13:39 GMT

Hi Anne,
I've just read that you lived in Irlam until you were 9 and now live in Morecambe. Snap! We moved from Irlam to Morecambe in 1984 when I was 8. I live in Lancaster nowadays but my parents still live in Morecambe. I'm not sure whether you'll know my mum or dad (Catherine Davies and Robert Salmon). My mum was brought up on Harewood Road in Irlam, my dad was a Cadishead kid.
What a strange co-incidence!



Cyril Bagshaw: 28th Feb 2008 - 13:51 GMT

Hi Anne,
My youngest sister is just peeping over the edge on the right has the original photo, a copy of which she sent to me.
I will ask her what the occasion was for the group photo shoot as for the life of me I cannot bring it to memory now where it was taken.

All the best......Cyril....

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 28th Feb 2008 - 14:15 GMT

Hi Helen

Yes, it's a small world! I don't think I know your mum and dad. We moved to Morecambe in 1989 when I was 30 yrs old. Before that I lived in Eccles then Salford. Great to hear from you.
Best wishes

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 28th Feb 2008 - 16:13 GMT

Hi Cyril
Thank you again for the photo I have sent copies to my brother and Dad.
Look forward to hearing from you about where it was taken and the occasion.
Where does your sister live?
Best wishes

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 28th Feb 2008 - 22:17 GMT

Hi Helen
My dad was also a Cadishead kid! He says he is sure he went to school with someone called Salmon!
Best wishes

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 28th Feb 2008 - 22:17 GMT

Hi Helen
My dad was also a Cadishead kid! He says he is sure he went to school with someone called Salmon!
Best wishes

Cyril Bagshaw: 29th Feb 2008 - 00:44 GMT

Hi Anne,
My sister and her younger daughter some years back, bought the old Holywell stationhouse at Holywell in north wales ,and have turned it into accommodating and looking after disabled people.

Best wishes

Sharon Reeves Known As Aussie: 29th Feb 2008 - 10:00 GMT

Gday i am so happy to of found this site i lived in irlam for 3 years went to irlam high back in 1985 loved it there but sadley had to move back to aussie iam very happy now living in aussie but i still think of irlam all the time does any one out there remember sharon atkinson AUSSIE it would be great to hear from you

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 29th Feb 2008 - 10:50 GMT

Hi Cyril
We have Wales in common as well then! My Dad had the post office at Mochdre and has now retired
to a little place called Dinas Dinlle, Caernarfon.
Best wishes

Cyril Bagshaw: 29th Feb 2008 - 12:57 GMT

Hi Anne,
Before we sold the greengrocery business in Fiddlers lane which we ran for 33 years from my demobbing from the RAF in 1947, and left for the sunny shores of Adelaide in 1980, we had a caravan at Chwilog near Criccieth. So North Wales was really a happy hunting ground for us when we could get away for those long weekends.

Best wishes ......Cyril

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 1st Mar 2008 - 03:16 GMT

Hi Glenn,
Tommy wrench used to be a good friend of my Dads Charlie Brophy. They both owned shops in the same row. Tommy was a great butcher and had a solid reputation around the district.( We had the bakery) I remember one of hiw relatives moving to new Zealand about the time we emigrated to Australia, cant rememeber which one it was.

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 1st Mar 2008 - 21:21 GMT

Hi Cyril
My Dad remembers your shop on Fidlers Lane, we lived on Roscoe Road with Galliers sweet shop
on the corner that was where I spent my pocket money. I also remember the August Bank Holiday
fair on the fields with a great firework display. What is life like in Adelaide are you glad
you moved there.
Best wishes to you

anon ( 1st Mar 2008 - 23:28 GMT

Hi Anne
No private fireworks for us now, the danger of bushfires is too great.Leaving Irlam after spending 55 years there was a big pull, and came about after visiting my wife's sister Edith (nee Jaques) Massey who had previously emigrated, we found a life style that was too hard to refuse.

The first fairgrounds that I went to in Irlam were put up in the fields that were then in Boat Lane behind the White Lion Inn. Of course,it is a housing estate now. From there,the fairgrounds were put on the spare ground that lay behind the row of shops at the top of Fiddlers lane. I cannot remember not having wet and muddy shoes after reluctantly leaving my favourite "roll a penny" stalls.

Best wishes

karen: 2nd Mar 2008 - 16:46 GMT

hi, i have lived in Irlam pretty much all my life. I never knew where the town got its name from until today. I think the photos on here look excellent, possibly even making this area look even nicer :) I only came across this page by mistake (trying to find old school friends) but its pretty amazing seeing the photos of the george hotel, it really hasn't changed has it?
Anyway keep up the good work!!
Karen :)

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 3rd Mar 2008 - 14:52 GMT

Hi Cyril
It is good to hear your memories. Do you remember the Old River? I lost a shoe in there when I was little we had been
trying to catch sticklebacks. Had to go back with my Mum to find it but it had disappeared! I remember Irlam Swimming Pool
being built and trips to Princes Park when it had a big sand pit and paddling pool. What is the weather like where you are
at the moment? Here it is windy,very cold with hail showers!
best wishes, Anne

anon ( 4th Mar 2008 - 00:15 GMT

Hi Anne
I was brought up in one of those small cottages (Claybank Cottages) on Liverpool road opposite the old Twenty Row where your grandparents had their business. To go down to the Old River was a beautiful walk down Boat lane lined with hawthorne and blackberry bushes, fields on either side all the way down to the Boat House inn.
We now live close to another river, The Torrens which flows right through our city. So now we have another great walk following it about 1 1/2 miles to where it enters the sea.
As for the weather,we are into autumn, just, and the temperatures for the next 7 days are from the mid 30's to 38 and 39c, so our airconditioners are going to be flat out.

Going back to the old Twenty row, Did your grandad ever tell you about the time lightning struck his aerial there and set fire to your grandmothers curtains?

Best wishes.... Cyril....

Andrew Smith: 4th Mar 2008 - 12:38 GMT

Thought I'd try and take a few of the more urban side of Irlam...

If ever your playing Irlam Town, get yourself to that football home of Irlam FC

image 26236

Most of the streets in this area are named after birds.

image 26237

image 26238

Boundary Road

image 26239

A quick nip over the M62

image 26240

and, despite the crappy zoom on my camera, you should just about be able to make out (from right to left) The Trafford Centre, the new indoor ski slope, the M60 Barton Bridge over the ship canal and I can't remember now if it's CIS tower or the Picadilly building behind it...

plus a bit of snow on the Pennines behind that.

image 26241

Alan Taylor: 4th Mar 2008 - 17:27 GMT

WOW Andrew,
The Methodist Church looks more like a prison camp with that fencing around it, whereas I was on Boundary Road on Sunday but turned right onto Mond Road through to Fiddlers Lane so missed the chapel.

Alan Taylor: 4th Mar 2008 - 18:27 GMT

Recommend you look at Marissa's site, and register.
I can only repeat what Rob says now;-
If everyone enters what ever information they might have in the relevant sections it should build into a very good resource regarding Irlam and Cadishead area.

Andrew Smith: 5th Mar 2008 - 10:54 GMT


It's a shame so many public buildings now have to have huge unscalable fences around them. We just used to climb over the small fences into the school fields for a game of football - impossible for kids now at many schools, though there's still the parks. I suppose there's so much more expensive equipment like computers to protect nowdays.

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 6th Mar 2008 - 13:39 GMT

Hi Cyril
I didn't hear about the lightning strike it must have been frightening. You have a good memory.
Do you cope with the heat out there? We get a couple of hot days in summer and struggle with the
heat we are just not used to it. Do you remember a company called Royles in Irlam my Mum worked
there for a while. My Dad worked for a while at the steel works that is where he met Mum. My Dad's
Dad also worked at the steel works. Do you remember Dr Kelsey who had a surgery next to the moss?
Best wishes

Cyril Bagshaw: 7th Mar 2008 - 08:26 GMT

Hi Anne,
The doctors that I have known in Irlam....well our family doctor was a Dr. Walker who had the big house and surgery on the corner of Moorfield rd and Liverpool rd
Then there was a Dr. Moffatt on Liverpool rd just before you got to the Irlam Station approaches and school. His successor later was Dr Nicholls. Of course, this was at a time when the old Council Offices existed on the main road opposite the Palace cinema, the offices had a low wall in front on the pavement which was always full of sitting pupils waiting for the bus home.
Hot weather ??? its absolutely boiling as we are in the record breaking spell last experienced in 1934 of 7 straight days of over 35 C and rising in the next few days!! Goodness knows how they managed without fridges and airconditioning with the early settlers.
Best wishes Cyril.....

Helen Salmon: 7th Mar 2008 - 11:16 GMT

"Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 28th Feb 2008 - 22:17 GMT
Hi Helen
My dad was also a Cadishead kid! He says he is sure he went to school with someone called Salmon!
Best wishes

Hi Anne,
When was your dad born? My dad can't say that he recognises the name Rigby so it could have been one of his cousins or maybe his sisters?

Best Wishes,

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 8th Mar 2008 - 20:57 GMT

Hi Helen,
My dad is 75 yrs old now, he must be quite a bit older than your dad I would think.
They lived on Victory Road in Cadishead.
best wishes

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 8th Mar 2008 - 21:02 GMT

Hi Cyril
Dr Walker was my Dad's doctor I recognise the name. I went to Irlam County Primary School
one of my teachers was Miss Cotton who lived on Liverpool Road I think. What schools did you
go to? It sounds unbearably hot where you are, I have been on holiday from work this week
and it has been very cold and windy with severe gales to come tomorrow! Did you know a
couple who lived somewhere near my Grandad's shop called Win & Piers?
Best wishes

Cyril Bagshaw: 9th Mar 2008 - 09:37 GMT

Hi Anne
I dont seem to know the couple you referred to. My junior school was The Endowed, and then on to what was Irlam Central School (Alfred Turner).The only time I was in The Council School was when they started training RAF cadets there which I joined in 1942.
Now I come to think of it, We had a chess club there in the 60's, I wonder if it is still going?
Best wishes Cyril....

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 9th Mar 2008 - 21:46 GMT

Hi Anne,

I was born early 60's and lived at no. 44 Victory Road, Cadishead, (My Mum still lives there). When did your Dad live there? Dr Walker was our family doctor after Dr Laurie left, not sure who Mum has now. My Dad (John Bolton) went to Irlam Council School (born 1939).

Helen Salmon: 10th Mar 2008 - 00:09 GMT

Hi Anne,

It won't have been my dad your dad went to school with as he is too young.
It could have been his cousin Les though who is 75 soon.
We're not sure whether he went to school in Cadishead or somewhere else though.
Best Wishes, Helen.

Rob Tynan: 10th Mar 2008 - 00:25 GMT

Just discovered this site!!

Howard Walker lived at the large house on the corner of Moorfield road and Liverpool road Irlam. His practise was the shoe box surgery next to what is Lidl.

My mum worked there in the seventies as the practice nurse.


Cyril Bagshaw: 10th Mar 2008 - 01:02 GMT

Hi Rob
The Dr Howard Walker that you mention was no relation to the Dr Walker of the 1930's who retired from practise around 1960.In my childhood I remember a gentleman knocking on our front door collecting from my mother,one shilling per week for Dr Walker's services, which included home visits ( Sundays included), attending home births,and visits to his surgery. His waitng room was a room in the house where you coughed and wheezed by the warm of an old gas fire fitted in the old fashioned grate.


Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 10th Mar 2008 - 10:16 GMT

Hi Cyril,

Correct me if I am wrong, but I think the Dr Walker we speak of may have been the son of the one you remember?

Welcome Rob, I get to this site via the link at the top of the other one, click onto Andrews name and voila...


Cyril Bagshaw: 10th Mar 2008 - 10:31 GMT

Hi Norma
We dont seem to think that the "old Dr Walker" had a son, we do know he had a daughter Helen, as my wife happened to play tennis with her at Moss Side tennis club which existed in Cadishead in the early 1950's.


Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 10th Mar 2008 - 11:24 GMT

Hi Norma
Good to hear from you, I will ask my Dad if he knew your parents and what number Victory Road
he lived at. My Grandparents were Albert & Betty Rigby. My Grandmother moved from there sometime in the
Best wishes

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 10th Mar 2008 - 11:34 GMT

Hi Cyril
I think it must be the younger Dr Walker considering the messages above.
How are things in Adelaide, we didn't get the wind as bad as forecast here
it seems to have affected down south more.
Hope alls well with you.
Best wishes

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 10th Mar 2008 - 11:54 GMT

Hi Norma
Sorry my message appears three times!! It seemed to freeze and go really slow so I must
have pressed 'post your comment' too many times!!
Best wishes

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 10th Mar 2008 - 19:44 GMT

Hi everyone,

There are a few gremlins on this site, many of us are having problems. I couldn't access anything for a few days last week.

I have just re-read some messages and realise I have my wires crossed. The two Dr. Walkers seem to be of different stock.


Cyril Bagshaw: 11th Mar 2008 - 01:18 GMT

Hi Andrew
I could just see the goal post of Irlam AFC though the railings, but really not sure where they play now.
The ground they used first of all that I remember was on Gill Field as it was known.That was the land leading up a dirt track from Liverpool road at what is now Moorfield road on to the football pitch that stretched from where the old folks bungalows are now covering the area which is the now Walker road houses ,and all the way down to the running"Platts" brook as it made its way down to the main road, (behind )Woodbine Terrace.
Then for a few years, their ground was on Fiddlers lane field where the Fiddlers Lane primary school is, before moving up to the Moss site.

Anne.... A very quick answer... We are being roasted in a once in a lifetime heatwave, but thank goodness for aircondioners ,

Best wishes Cyril.....

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 11th Mar 2008 - 09:22 GMT

Hi Norma
My Dad doesn't recall your family, I think he used to live at number 58 Victory Road. Perhaps your
mother knew my grandmother. I'm glad I am not the only one having trouble I couldn't get back on the
site yesterday afternoon.
Hi Cyril
Sorry you are getting a roasting down there! You couldn't manage without your air conditioning.
Cold & Windy here again. My Dad's Doctor was Dr Howard Walker.
Best wishes to you

Bob Salmon: 13th Mar 2008 - 21:33 GMT

I remember three, (I think), Dr Walkers.
A Dr Walker had a practice near Albert Street Cadishead in the 1940s and 1950,
(he delivered me) after that I remember a Dr Laurie, then a younger Dr Walker.
They eventually moved the practice to Irlam near where LIDL is now.
About 1961 I badly cut my finger whilst working at the Co-Op butchers near the
Nags Head Hotel, I went to what was called "Old Dr Walkers practice neer moorfield Rd.
As it was an emergency, he put a stitch in my finger. This was the first time I had
seen him, so I reckon that was three Dr Walkers.
My wife Cath says that there was only two, both the older Dr Walkers being the
same, and he had a practice in Both Irlam and Cadishead at the same time.

Any comments


Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 14th Mar 2008 - 07:36 GMT

Re: Dr Walker, the plot thickens...

Andrew Smith: 14th Mar 2008 - 13:55 GMT

Cheers for the info on the football locations Cyril - my walks round Irlam become different every time with all this new knowledge...

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 15th Mar 2008 - 10:00 GMT

Hi Cyril,

I'm planning a long weekend in June to Adelaide, to see my cousin - maybe we could catch up for a coffee?

g: cws soap works postcard 1922

Cyril Bagshaw: 16th Mar 2008 - 11:52 GMT

Hi Norma

Great,our weather will hopefully be a lot kinder to you when we are able to meet up in Adelaide in June.
Our Email address is

All the best

Sheila Hilton: 21st Mar 2008 - 18:23 GMT

Cath's correct. (Hi Cath). There were only ever 2 Dr. Walkers. There was also a Dr. Ratcliffe at the Cadishead Surgery.
Cheers, Sheila

Rob Tynan: 23rd Mar 2008 - 21:34 GMT

Hi Bob/Sheila,

Spoke to my mum(Nurse Tynan, Sheila)She said there was only ever two Dr Walkers.


wendy: 24th Mar 2008 - 14:33 GMT

We moved to Cadishead in June , its very quiet here but in a nice way although
feel a bit isolated as i don`t drive and don`t know anyone here yet but there
again am very busy with the house and garden and pets, it will probably all change
when my daughter starts primary school in september and i get to meet more people,
so far though people seem friendly :o)

Still trying to find my way around, its nice to find a site with somelovely pictures and a bit
of history of where we`re now living

Andrew Smith: 24th Mar 2008 - 20:19 GMT


I'm sure you'll get to meet people soon enough. The pictures of the two signs above were actually taken up the moss from Cadishead, not Irlam. If you drive/walk all the way up New Moss Road (which starts opposite The George pub) all the way, over the railway, then you'll soon reach a new woodland, New Moss Wood.

You can park there if you are in a car. Carry on walking and turn left at an old shack (before you reach the motorway) and there is a pleasant walk down Woolden Road (where the two sign photos were taken) eventually to a village and horses grazing by the River Glaze.

wendy: 25th Mar 2008 - 00:03 GMT

Hi Andrew
I`ll probably explore more when the tiddler starts school, take it in turns with the dogs, I quite like walking
but its a bit difficult with little legs or a buggy lol
I`m managing to acquaint myself with names of pubs so know which road you`re talking about, So people
don`t get the wrong impression i only drink at christmas but find when in a strange place pubs are
the best way to gain bearings until you learn road names lol

maybe soon i`ll be able to add some pictures as well :o)

Andrew Smith: Good stuff Wendy, enjoy yourself!

Cyril Bagshaw: 25th Mar 2008 - 12:44 GMT

Hi Andrew
Woolden Hall..Would you know if it is true that it was given to Captain Blood by Queen Elizabeth The First as a reward for his contribution to the nations economy via his exploits on the High Seas ?( I dont mean Errol Flynn )

Andrew Smith: 25th Mar 2008 - 16:30 GMT


I had never heard of that, though a quick search certainly links the name Captain Blood and Great Woolden Hall!

Melissa Bingham: 27th Mar 2008 - 13:59 GMT

I've just stumbled across this site and am amazed at the various Aussie/ Irlam connections. I was born in Australia (my mum's from Salford & Dad's from Ireland) and some how ended up in Irlam at the age of three. Now my mum, brothers & sister are all back out in Australia (Queensland). What is it with this random Irlam - Australia link?

Andrew, are you Matthews brother? x

Rob Tynan: 29th Mar 2008 - 23:43 GMT

Hi Bob/Sheila,

More on the Dr Walkers saga.

I've found one of my grandads medical cards dated 21 Dec 1925. I think the signature on it is W A Walker. Obviously thats not Howard Walker.

Having trouble uploading pic. Will try later


Andrew Smith: 30th Mar 2008 - 10:39 GMT

Hi Melissa

Yes, I'm Matthews brother!

Sheila Hilton: 1st Apr 2008 - 11:52 GMT

Hi Cyril,
I came across some (confusing to say the least)information relating to Woolden Hall. Make of it what you will: "Woolden appears as Vulueden in 1299. In 1331 john son of John de Woolden made an agreement with Adam son of Thomas Holcroft respecting land by the Glazebrook. On the suppression of the abbey (Whalley), Cadishead, with Great and Little Woolden, was granted to Sir Thomas Holcroft, but appears to have been transferred by him to the Holcrofts of Holcroft. Like Holcroft Hall it was in 1619 in the possession of Ralph Calveley of Saighton, near Chester, being held of the king in chief by the fortieth part of a knight's fee. In the 18th century it was held by the Poole family, and was afterwards sold to the Bridgewater trustees." From 'Townships: Barton@, A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 4 (1911) pp. 363-376. That must be where Holcroft Lane (furthest end of Glazebrook Lane), gets its name from.
Cheers Sheila

cyril bagshaw: 2nd Apr 2008 - 00:50 GMT

Hi Sheila,
I think your excellent research throws a great deal of doubt on Little Woolden Hall having an Elizabethan sea going captain as lord of the manor.( unless of course, Captain Blood wasnt his real name)
I wonder if there is anybody still remembers the historian who gave the talk on that subject at the Boundary Road mission Ladies club on his version in the 1970's.


Sheila Hilton: 2nd Apr 2008 - 08:49 GMT

Hi Cyril
I still prefer your version of events - exploits on the high seas has a much better flavour to it.
Changing the subject back to Goodier's bakery shop on the corner of Boat Lane, after all the changes that have been made (Now H & L taxi firm) it always pleases me to see the big white letters painted on the upper brick wall 'Turog' still there. I can remember that sign from being very young (and vaguely remember a jingle - either radio or television - about Turog flour.)

cyril bagshaw: 2nd Apr 2008 - 12:20 GMT

Hello Sheila,
Just a flash from the past.Delivering bread was a major task in Irlam and Cadishead, and the main players in the game were, Goodiers, Lennies and the Eccles Co-oP horse drawn van.
Cars to the supermarkets now have seen the end to home deliveries of bread and the trotting horse and buggy of Beswick's, ladling out milk from the huge milk churn on the back.


Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 2nd Apr 2008 - 12:36 GMT

Hi Cyril

Is the Beswick's you refer to connected to a shop on Liverpool Road near Gallier's sweet shop,
I seem to recall someone called Joan Beswick? Do you remember just past the GPO building there
was the Creamery? I remember there being chickens in the back do you remember that Cyril?

Best wishes
PS has it cooled down for you now in Adelaide?

Martin Kavanagh: 2nd Apr 2008 - 21:12 GMT

Hi, I left Neville Drive when I was about 6 or 7 and returned to Ireland with my family. As far as I can remember it was just built, we moved from a place in Salford called Westpark St. We had only been living in Irlam for about a year. Has anyone a date for when it was built? I'm guessing around '68.

Rob Tynan: 2nd Apr 2008 - 22:05 GMT

Hi Martin,

They started to build the estate about 1964.


Rob Tynan: 2nd Apr 2008 - 22:07 GMT

Sorry I forgot, I think they finished it in about 1968/69


cyril bagshaw: 3rd Apr 2008 - 05:39 GMT

Hi Anne,
Yes it was Joan, the lady who wore riding breeches and leather leggins as she trotted round the district with her nippy little horse and buggy ladling milk from the churn.
image 26749

And here is another of the old Irlam delivery vehicles.

The weather in Adelaide has now dropped from that long spell of high thirties to a now comfortable 24c and the first rain for months.

Cheers ....Cyril.....

Sheila Hilton: 3rd Apr 2008 - 18:55 GMT

Hi Cyril,
Was Lennie's near Prospect Rd. in Cadishead? The name is very familiar, but I just can't quite place it. Do you remember the name of Beswick's horse? I did ask further back but nobody replied. I've always had ginger in my mind, but I might have dreamt it!
Cheers Sheila

James: 3rd Apr 2008 - 23:12 GMT

This is great site, have just discovered it. I have many happy memories of schooldays at Irlam in the 1960s. Spent half my time down at the canal watching the big ships pass through, especially the Manchester Liners. We used to collect matchbox labels and were always asking the crews if they had any matchboxes. I used to deliver papers as well, firstly for Culshaws and then for Sandys. I once got lost in a thick peasoup smog at a roundabout in the middle of a housing scheme up at Higher Irlam! I remember at the end of my round I used to cycle back along the main road and see how many steelworkers I could overtake as they all used to be cycling to work round about the same time.

James: 3rd Apr 2008 - 23:13 GMT

This is great site, have just discovered it. I have many happy memories of schooldays at Irlam in the 1960s. Spent half my time down at the canal watching the big ships pass through, especially the Manchester Liners. We used to collect matchbox labels and were always asking the crews if they had any matchboxes. I used to deliver papers as well, firstly for Culshaws and then for Sandys. I once got lost in a thick peasoup smog at a roundabout in the middle of a housing scheme up at Higher Irlam! I remember at the end of my round I used to cycle back along the main road and see how many steelworkers I could overtake as they all used to be cycling to work round about the same time.

cyril bagshaw: 3rd Apr 2008 - 23:55 GMT

Hi Sheila
Yes, that was Lennies, There was also a furniture business near there called Motlers,who also had another shop in Eccles,but I dont know when they ceased trading along with The Lombardian store the other side of the railway bridges, opposite the old bike shop.

Sorry, I dont know if Ginger was that horse's name, but it would surely fit,it certainly was very nippy.

Cheers... Cyril..

David Warrior: 4th Apr 2008 - 03:16 GMT

Hi James,
Sounds like we shared some passtimes back in the 1960, I used to do Higher Irlam paper round for Colin Sandy and spent time asking the ships crews for cigarettes etc. at the locks. The roundabout you got lost at was probably in the middle of The Crecsent.Living in Australia now, another Irlam/Aust link.

James: 4th Apr 2008 - 21:17 GMT

Hi David,
You are correct, it was the roundabout on The Crescent where I was lost. I could only see a few feet in front of me in the smog and I didn't have a clue which exit was which! Colin was a great guy to work for, he took all the paper boys and girls to the Blackpool Illuminations when I was doing papers for him. I remember he had a beautiful Great Dane bitch. I also spent a lot of time playing on the old Jerry Works which I believe is now covered in houses.

Alan Taylor: 5th Apr 2008 - 09:50 GMT

James, I think you misunderstood David, think of a cartwheel and The Crescent would be the outer rim with Boundary Road being opposing spokes, Princes Ave being opposing spokes, Mond Rd being a spoke opposite the two spokes of Beech Ave which become one at the out end at the Crescent, with all connected at the 'Bullring' a roundabout in the centre being the hub of the cartwheel.

David, If you are related to Glenda Warrior - Glenda in 1955 as a First Year at senior school, then again as a 3rd year student in 1958 & again in 1959 as a 4th year can be seen at

Martin Kavanagh: 5th Apr 2008 - 13:15 GMT

Thank Rob, my only memory of Neville Drive was a short cut to school through the estate and most puzzling I seem to remember a shed at the front of the house?? I've looked at it on google earth and can make out a shape, Anyone know if this is correct, even got a photo...number 20 was our house.

Cyril Bagshaw: 5th Apr 2008 - 14:17 GMT

Hi Alan,
I can tell you from my own experience, circling The Bull Ring in the dark on one of those old fashioned pea soupers in my old van,eyes smarting from that deadly sulphuric smog, I found it impossible to tell which " spoke" road I was entering. Driving with headlights off, better still, no light at all, was best as then there was no light reflected off the fog.

Of course what followed, was smokeless fuel and that brought the end of deliveries of "hundred weight bags" of coal by the coal merchants like Jack Sutton and Ammie Darling, I think even the Co-oP delivered coal too.

Alan Taylor: 6th Apr 2008 - 13:49 GMT

Hi Cyril,
Darlings of 1 Mond Road [I was @ #10] I recall very well - used to go to school with one of their sons John, and for Suttons - well my cousin married their only son John, who spent his working career as a school teacher and is now retired and living in Hollinfare.
For the Irlam smogs, I recall them very well and even though I lived on Mond Road it was like you say impossible to know which road you left the bullring on. The point I was making was that James' post made it seem that the 'bullring' was on The Crescent.

David Warrior: 7th Apr 2008 - 05:05 GMT

There is a great photo of Higher Irlam on Andrew Smiths site "these things no longer exist".It shows the Margarine Works and The Cresent back in 1928 when they were still building the houses in the area.It looks a lot bigger from the air.

Yes, Glenda is one of my elder sisters and we have your web site with photos.

James: 7th Apr 2008 - 13:38 GMT

Hi David,

Thanks for pointing me towards the other site. Lots of great photos and memories there!

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 10th Apr 2008 - 08:49 GMT

Hi Cyril
I found the other site yesterday (Article4343) enjoyed all the photos that have been posted
particulary the one of Roscoe Road and the one of Galliers Sweetshop. I noticed that you
mentioned a blue van that you used to sell veg from. I am sure I remember it, was it
ambulance size and were you delivering around 1963-68? I was also very sorry to read that you
lost your son earlier this year please accept my condolences. Look forward to hearing from
Best wishes

Cyril Bagshaw: 10th Apr 2008 - 14:57 GMT

Hi Anne
Thank you for your kind thoughts. Yes it was a large blue van that I made my deliveries in, but finished up concentrating building up the business which I had just transferred to The Parade next to Scholes grocers in !960.
My two sons, John and Brian both helped run the business until we decided to give Adelaide, South Australia, our best shot in 1980.
Best wishes to you,

Ron Urry: 12th Apr 2008 - 11:05 GMT

To All
Looking for information on Atherton Lane and Whitfield Road ( Street ). Whitfield has been demolished but Atherton lane is still from Google maps
Has Atherton lane been redeveloped or is it still as per the 1920's ?
Any old photos would be appreciated

Rob Tynan: 14th Apr 2008 - 20:29 GMT

Hi Ron,

As you say Whitfield Street has been demolished. That area has been redeveloped approx 10 years ago I think, carnt be sure though. Atherton Lane itself has remained standing, more or less as it was when it was built.

Deb Walker: 14th Apr 2008 - 21:20 GMT


You're right about Atherton Lane. I lived on Atherton Lane for approx 2 years, round about 1988, in no.19 (next door to an older guy who frequented The George, morning,noon and night, it seemed) It was re-developed a few years after that time,we moved upto deepest darkest Leigh, but my parents still live off Dudley Road and I still visit.


Ron Urry: 15th Apr 2008 - 02:14 GMT

Thanks for that information, I intended to travel across to Cadishead to get some photos and hoped that Atherton Lane
might still be in its original construction..So much is being destroyed and so little is being recorded.


Cyril Bagshaw: 17th Apr 2008 - 14:06 GMT

On the Warrington side of the Cadishead bridges there was an old thatched cottage, almost opposite what was The Lombardian store near Fir St.
Does it still exist,and has anyone had heard of the ghost stories that were connected to the old house ?


Rob Tynan: 17th Apr 2008 - 23:07 GMT

Hi Cyril,

The Lombardian closed quite a few years ago. John Booth moved more into transporting goods. The shop is know the offices for a building contractor.

I've heard about the ghost stories, but I'm afraid I don't know them, if that makes sense.


Cyril Bagshaw: 18th Apr 2008 - 07:56 GMT

Hi Rob

So many of Irlam and Cadishead old heritages have been lost through lack of interest and of course , money, as so often happens in non politically sensitive areas.

The little cottage I was referring to stood back just off the road and had been painstakingly restored under heritage conditions I believe, by a local hairdresser and her husband in the late 1960's.

Sorry you cant come up with some spine chilling ghost stories.!!

All the best Cyril....

Sheila Hilton: 18th Apr 2008 - 17:40 GMT

Hi Cyril,
Do you mean the cottage we knew as the forge, where the blacksmith's place was? If it is that one, it was later owned by Rita Holt who had the ladies dress shop on the corner of Hayes Road. It does stand back from the road, behind the shop - so,yes, it is still there but almost hidden behind some trees. Rita Holt's shop has been empty now for a few years. If we are talking about the same cottage, it is a coincidence because we were only talking about it a couple of days ago and wondering who lives there now and why the shop has stood empty for so long.
Cheers Sheila...

anon ( 19th Apr 2008 - 02:44 GMT

Hi Sheila
Thats right,that is the cottage I was thinking of, I didnt know it had been a blacksmiths in its time.
There was a blacksmiths in Boat lane behind the White Lion in Higher irlam, which of course was the old road through Irlam in olden times. In my childhood I spent quite some time watching Bob Nelson working the bellows of his little furnace,heating to red hot the iron shoes, hammering them into shape on his anvil and then plunging into a water bath for hardening.

I used to cringe when he bedded the searing iron shoe on the horses hoof as clouds of foul smelling smoke came from the horse's hoof, little realising there was no discomfort to the animal, and then hammering it to the hoof as he crouched partly under the huge farm horse's belly with its great leg bent over his knee.
Thats one of the pictures that have stuck in my mind.

Cheers Cyril....

Sheila Vaudrey: 19th Apr 2008 - 21:49 GMT

hello anon, I remember the smithy on Boat Lane,but I recall the name Joe Nelson, could he be the son of bob, I think Joe would be in his late eighty's now

Cyril Bagshaw: 20th Apr 2008 - 01:00 GMT

Hello Sheila V
Joe Nelson did take over from his Dad, must have been just after the war because Joe made a trailer for me in 1947 to carry my greengrocery from Smithfield Market at Shudehill Manchester to the shop in Fiddlers lane.
I used to deliver to Harewood road, and I am sure I called at your Mother's house which I believe was just round the corner past the cul-de sac going down the hill in the direction of the Boat House.

Best wishes

Sheila Hilton: 20th Apr 2008 - 16:53 GMT

Hello Sheila V,
My family used to live at no. 14 Harewood Rd. I remember your name well, but we left there around 1958 to live in Cadishead. Other names from that area I remember, were Anne Bennett, Gail & Norma Bromley, Brian Arden, Helen Ward, William Sharp, Mrs. Walker, The Idden family etc. My name was Davies and I had an older sister Catherine.
Cheers Sheila...

Sheila Vaudrey: 20th Apr 2008 - 19:59 GMT

Hello Cyril. what a memory!! spot on with where we lived, I do seem to recall the greengrocer my mother used, but I always thought he was from twenty row, that maybe because she always shopped for her grocery at Eddie Sutherns, that was on twenty row. There was a hairdressers next to Eddie Sutherns shop, I think that was called Bagshaws, or am I getting mixed up. When Eddie Suthern sold his shop, it was a shopkeeper from Fiddlers lane (the last shop before Windsor Road) that bought it and his son Ian ran it. sheila V,

Sheila Vaudrey: 20th Apr 2008 - 20:21 GMT

Hello Sheila H, Yes I do remember the Davies's, Catherine like you said and also Mary, did you go to St. Teresers School?, one of your sister came to work at GUS where I worked, I later saw her working at Makro, I also remember the Wards, the Iddons, and the Ardens, did the Bromleys live a few doors away from the Ardens, also I remember Mrs Bessy Walker, she was always very smart, was the Hapgoods there at the same time as you, thanks for bringing back some happy memories for me, take care from Sheila V

Cyril Bagshaw: 21st Apr 2008 - 05:38 GMT

Hi Sheila
The hairdresser you mention, actually was opened by Eleanor Cooke, wife of an old friend of mine Tom, whose parents had the grocers shop at the Nags Head end of Twenty Row, which they ran throughout WW2.

It was Ian Scholes whose father had the grocery business at the corner of Windsor avenue that you are probably thinking of.

Cheers.... Cyril...

Sheila Hilton: 21st Apr 2008 - 10:06 GMT

Hello Sheila V

Yes, the Hapgoods lived next door to us. Their son Arnold, later worked at Shell in Carrington with my husband. Still exchange Christmas cards every year. The Bromleys lived on the first corner of the road on the opposite side to Ardens. My sister Teresa, as you say, did (& still does) work at Makro. My older sister Mary died in 1984. Re Eleanor Cooke's hairdresser shop on Twenty Row: She was always a smart lady and her hair always fascinated me because it had either a blond or grey streak across the front. What was the name of the grocery shop near there? Wasn't that also called Cook?
Cheers Sheila H..

Sheila Vaudrey: 21st Apr 2008 - 18:44 GMT

Hiya again Sheila H, Nice to hear that you are in touch with Arnold, We were both in the same class at school, I often think about him, I thought I saw his name on the TV, he had got the right answer to a quiz, but it just said Eccles, would that have been him, as I have lived in the Eccles area for the last 42 years it's a wonder I havn't bumped into him. I was sorry to hear about your sister Mary, she was so young. Thanks for reminding me it was Ellenor Cooke who had the Hirdressers shop, I have now got a grey streak, but it's natural and all over, so till next time TTFN

Anne Fahy: 22nd Apr 2008 - 00:18 GMT

Hi Keith (Smith)
What number did you live in Atherton Lane? My husband Brian Fahy lived at #43 for most of his early life. They moved to 19 Victory Road, when he was already working at the Gas Works. He has mentioned the Smith family as living there when he did. We left Cadishead in 1967 when we emigrated to Canada. We live in a place called Sarnia which is in South Western Ontario on the border with Michigan.
This is a great website and I recognise a lot of the people by name - Cyril Bagshaw and his green grocers shop - Cyril married one of the Jacques sisters - he has a sister called Lilly and they lived acrosss from Twenty Row in a cottage which sat up from the road. Austins lived on that row as well - they had a daughter Sylvia who married Bill Hughes. We lived in Prince's Avenue for a while and then moved to Moorfield Close. Our doctor was the original Dr Walker as there was another doctor with the same name right after him I think and a Dr Ratcliffe.
Wilf Platts I remember - his shop on Twenty Row - he and his wife were lovely people. We used to rent Wilf's caravan in Rhyl - it was at Winkups Camp next to Golden Sands Camp. That was where we spent our holidays for years and have many happy memories.
Well thank you so much for the memories - ANNE (WILKINS) FAHY

Anne Fahy: 22nd Apr 2008 - 00:19 GMT

Hi Keith (Smith)
What number did you live in Atherton Lane? My husband Brian Fahy lived at #43 for most of his early life. They moved to 19 Victory Road, when he was already working at the Gas Works. He has mentioned the Smith family as living there when he did. We left Cadishead in 1967 when we emigrated to Canada. We live in a place called Sarnia which is in South Western Ontario on the border with Michigan.
This is a great website and I recognise a lot of the people by name - Cyril Bagshaw and his green grocers shop - Cyril married one of the Jacques sisters - he has a sister called Lilly and they lived acrosss from Twenty Row in a cottage which sat up from the road. Austins lived on that row as well - they had a daughter Sylvia who married Bill Hughes. We lived in Prince's Avenue for a while and then moved to Moorfield Close. Our doctor was the original Dr Walker as there was another doctor with the same name right after him I think and a Dr Ratcliffe.
Wilf Platts I remember - his shop on Twenty Row - he and his wife were lovely people. We used to rent Wilf's caravan in Rhyl - it was at Winkups Camp next to Golden Sands Camp. That was where we spent our holidays for years and have many happy memories.
Well thank you so much for the memories - ANNE (WILKINS) FAHY

Cyril Bagshaw: 22nd Apr 2008 - 02:22 GMT

Hello Anne in Ontario,
I married Ellen and Jim Massey from Cadishead married her sister Edith.

You may not know, but there is a sister site to this one,"Citynoise these things no longer exist" and I have posted a photo of those cottages where we lived next door to Arthur Austin.
My sister Lily and her daughter Diane bought the old Holywell Station House in north Wales,where they now run a home for the disabled.

Twenty Row no longer exists, and there are some interesting photos of the results of its replacement on the other site that I have mentioned.

All the best from our family over here in Adelaide


Sheila Vaudrey: 22nd Apr 2008 - 09:45 GMT

Hello Cyril,
Would that be the Arthur Austin, that would be in his ninty by now the you mentioned in your post to Anne, I can remember my mum and her brother often brought his name up when they were talking about there younger days in cadishead,
don't know him myself but the name rings a load bell, "good memories are worth keeping" from Sheila V

Alan Taylor: 22nd Apr 2008 - 17:51 GMT

I remember Captain Austin of the Eccles Army Cadet unit and visiting his home - can't remember if he lived next door or ND but one to Cyril Bagshaw senior.

Anne Fahy: 23rd Apr 2008 - 00:59 GMT

Hi Cyril,
The man your sister-in-law married - J Massey could this be the son of Millie and Dick? Years ago before we came here we would go to the Cadisheads Cons on a Saturday night with Brian's Aunt and Uncle Monica and Bert Stainthorpe and their friends were the Masseys who often talked of their family. Could this be the same Massey family?
I remember Eleanor Cook's hairdressing shop next to Scholes shop - Scholes also had a shop in 'Fiddler Lane on the corner Do you remember the Wakefield sisters(Freda,Lizzie and Annie) chip shop in Fiddlers Lane - it was next to Milners Hardware which was little more than a hut.
The furniture shop in Cadishead was Deans - they also had a shop in Eccles.
Take care and bye for now - ANNE,Ontario

Cyril Bagshaw: 23rd Apr 2008 - 07:40 GMT

Hello Anne,
Yes, Jim is Millie and Dick's son.He has 3 children and 5 grandchildren.
Wakefield's chippy and Mrs Milner's little hardware business no longer exist, and is now the site of the Irlam Library, photos you can see on the sister site.
I remembered after I had posted, that it was Dean's furniture, because it stood on the corner of Dean Road not far from the old electric clock over the electricity office( shop ).

Best wishes...Cyril, Adelaide....

Julian Austin-Seal 23/4/08: 23rd Apr 2008 - 07:58 GMT

Been living in Flixton for the last 18 years, gotta say some parts are almost like scenes from such film as 'Stand by Me', some times Flixton resembles scenes from 'The Wonder Years', dont know what others think but i still believe theres a strange American influence left behind from the 2nd world war that still hangs above the Flixton skies, my fav place used to be the penny ferry, does any one remeber the old chicken factory at Woodsend?, most of my essential child hood was brought up in Flixton regardless of how hum drum it might realy be.

Alan Taylor: Happy St GEORGES DAY to all

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 23rd Apr 2008 - 13:40 GMT

Hi Julian
My grandparents who owned Platts of Irlam retired to Flixton, Brooklyn Avenue, we visited often as children.
I love the film Stand By Me it has such a summery and nostalgic feel - reminds you of long hot childhood days!
We went over to Flixton from Irlam on the Ferry once it seemed a long way when I was young but I managed to
pick a huge bunch of dandelions for my great-grandma!! She seemed pleased!

Anne Fahy: 24th Apr 2008 - 18:51 GMT

Hi Cyril
Am I too late to straighten out the Dr Walker saga I was reading back postings .....We lived in Moorfield Close and our doctor at the corner of Liverpool Road and Moorfield Road was Dr William Angus Walker - he was a G.P. and Surgeon. He delivered my sister and myself at home in Prine's Avenue - that's what I was told anyway. He had a daughter Helen and a son Angus. Angus I know became a dentist away from Irlam. Do not know what happend to Helen she was the same age as my sister who is now 68. Helen was a very good tennis player. Before Dr Walker retired Dr Ratcliffe joined him. After Dr W.A. Walker retired then youg Dr Walker appeared and lived in the house for a while - his wife became a councillor and was called Barbara Walker. Young Dr Walker was quite a character and drove an old jeep with a canvas flap on the back - he would be in his 70's now. Not sure what happened to him as we left. The next doctore I heard of being there waw a Dr Darbyshire was there from what I can remember from my Mom. Take care ANNE (Ontario) Our weather is not that great yet as we have had a long cold winter.

Rob Tynan: 24th Apr 2008 - 23:53 GMT

Hi Anne,

Dr Howard walker died about ten years ago I think. You are right though, he as a bit of a character!


Cyril Bagshaw: 25th Apr 2008 - 00:45 GMT

Hi Anne,
Our family had great respect for Dr W A Walker, we only lived just across Liverpool road from his surgery, and on many occasions whether it was scarlet fever, measles, births of my sisters, he would come out to the house without hesitation.In those days, you paid the doctor's bills to his collector every Friday at one shilling per week.

Many thanks for your reply, hope some of our sunshine is heading your way.

Cheers... Cyril....

M Howells Mabel Scott.: 25th Apr 2008 - 03:39 GMT

Have just been reading everyone's comments re their childhood in Irlam.I was born there in 1932.My parent's owned a fish & chip shop on Liverpool Rd.right across from Dr Moffats office. We left there after the war & went to live in Wales.I had 2 sisters Margret & Doris Scott& one brother Bill Scott.We all went to school at Irlam Central.It may be too long ago for anyone to remember.Love reading your little bits of news.

Cyril Bagshaw: 25th Apr 2008 - 08:00 GMT

Hello Mabel,
I remember your parents fish and chip shop very well, especially as we we called in just after coming out of The Palace cinema, which was owned by the Barnes family.
So it would have been quite close to the Maypole grocery then?

I can see you have experienced the same degree of difficulty several of us have had in posting our comments,as it seems a long wait while the page reloads, which it eventually does after you have pressed the " post tab".

Cheers Cyril....

Rob Tynan: 25th Apr 2008 - 21:53 GMT

Hi Cyril,

Do you know where Occupation Road was in Irlam. I think it was renamed. For some reason I think it may have been Astley Road.



Cyril Bagshaw: 26th Apr 2008 - 05:41 GMT

Hi Rob,
You have bowled me out for a duck on that one !! I thought I had heard of most of the streets in the district, but I have never heard of Occupation road, but I wouldnt mind betting Alan of (Robin Hood country) may have some ideas.

When the Steel Works was abandoned I think Rolling Mill road was created, whether or not was the origianal choice or not I dont know.

All the best Cyril....

Alan Taylor: 26th Apr 2008 - 10:56 GMT

Explanation of OCCUPATION ROAD, but does not resolve the question of 'where in Irlam'.
My finding regarding the ‘Bolton to York’ route has caused me to re-assess Francis
White’s Map of the Ainsty particularly with regard to routes away from Bolton Percy
and Appleton Roebuck. The map key shows how turnpike roads are depicted, how
private or occupation roads are depicted, and shows these can be either open or
unenclosed roads. The latter is demonstrated by a length of toll road north of Bilton
which is apparently unenclosed.
Taking the map as a whole it is clear that even when a turnpike is the only approach road
and exit road from a village, the village itself is shown as having ‘private or occupation
road’ designation within the village centre. Examples of this are Bickerton and Rufforth.
Elsewhere on the map all the villages and towns, including York itself, have routes with
‘private or occupation road’ designation within their centres. On the balance of
probabilities these routes must have had public vehicular status.
It is equally evident that main routes between villages, which must have been vehicular,
also have ‘private or occupation road’ designation on the map. This can be seen
throughout the map but striking examples can be found between Acaster Malbis and
Bishopthorp, Askham Bryan and Acomb, Upper Poppleton and Nether Poppleton, and
Acaster Malbis and Appleton Roebuck.
This leads me to conclude that my previous findings were too limited in their scope and that not only were there public vehicular rights over so named ‘private or occupation’ roads within village centres, on the balance of probabilities such public vehicular rights also existed elsewhere, particularly between villages.

Alan Taylor: 26th Apr 2008 - 11:03 GMT

Go to
then start at paragraph 45.

Cyril Bagshaw: 26th Apr 2008 - 11:41 GMT

I wish someone had offered me even money on that one...

Cheers .....Cyril

and thanks Alan.

Gary Sparkes: 29th Apr 2008 - 00:16 GMT

hi Cyril,i think you might know my mum and dad Conny and Fred Sparkes your name really rings a bell ,did you used to have a shop (poss fruit?veg)if so im sure i remember coming there as a kid ,i live in melbourne now like a lot of people on here ,i guess we get homesick and like to look back at our roots does anyone have any photos of IRLAM SHOPPING CENTRE ,i dont think we would be allowed to play on the roof of a bank(tsb)these days as we did then

Cyril Bagshaw: 29th Apr 2008 - 01:46 GMT

Hi Gary,
I am sure I must have met you and your Mum if you did your shopping in fiddlers lane as we were from 1947 to 1980.
If you open up the other web site that Andrew Smith has so successfully introduced ( Citynoise These Things No Longer Exist ) and scroll back to April last year, you will find more interesting photos that have been contributed, and one in particular that you have been asking about.

GO THE CROWS !!! ( you will know what I am talking about )

All the best Cyril.....

Karina Le Gall (born Biles): 3rd May 2008 - 02:34 GMT

Hi everyone, I am feeling quite young on my side as I was born in 1967 and left school in Irlam in 1983. It is good to hear the history side of things and reminder just what was or is left. I used to deliver papers on the fiddlers lane; edale road side and was alway well tipped at Christmas!! Not moved to aussie though just over to France!! My sister Dee still lives in Irlam. I came across this site a litle while ago and it cheers me up when I can't sleep!!

Cyril Bagshaw: 5th May 2008 - 23:35 GMT

Hi Karina,
Welcome to the site.There must be some magnetic attraction of that little place on the banks of the River Irwell for so many people of all ages and from all over to look back in time. My wife and I and our family were shopkeepers in Fiddlers Lane for 33 ans ( thats all I know in French) we decided that the closing down of all the industry there was time for us to make a change. That was in 1980 when we arrived in Adelaide not forgetting to bring our ageing staffordshire bull terrier Ginny.

All the best....Cyril...

James cashan: 8th May 2008 - 00:59 GMT

sad news regarding the old river, apparently it was reported in the salford advertiser
which used to be irlam and cadishead advertiser,that it has been polluted and all the
fish have been poisened and died! naturally locals and fisherman are up in arms.Not sure
of details and open to correction, think it had something to do with new buildings and
drainage problems.

Stan Hodgson: 11th May 2008 - 14:04 GMT

Hi Great site, was directed to it by Benny Hilton, I was born in Windsor Ave 1944 then moved to Carlisle Drive about 1963,along with my older sister Patricia and brother Bill, . We all now live in Australia arriving at different times, we lived next to Jimmy Golden accross from Richards, Evans, Wolestenholmes, Greens and Scholes on the corner,accross on the other corner was Bridges (Roy lives in Australiai)Mr Wolstenholme had a fish shop in twenty row. Mr Wolestenholme had a van that went around selling fish. I went with him many times. Alan lives in America and keeps in touch. I also keep in touch with John Sherlock who dad had the vets in Silver St. Penny field farm, we had some great times wih an old Austin 7 learning to drive on his uncle Georges farm and the Moss. I also talk to John Stringer regularly and recently spent a week in Italy with him and Lesley his wife. I left England in 1968 for south Africa wife Dorothy my (Late) wife for 3 yrs. We the migrated to Australia in 1971. I have an old photo which was in the Irlam & Caddishead Gurdian "The Good Old Days" our class with Mr Graham 1958-9.past my bed time! Stan Hodgson

Julian Austin-Seal: 13th May 2008 - 09:29 GMT

Hi Anne, thanks for your reply, tried replying earlier, but found problems posting my comment, im glad you have simmilar opinions about the film 'stand by me', now its summer and i would like to take the oppurtunity in wishing you and all on this site a great summer, i think its gonna be a good one!, i think this is a great site, i have the feeling im the youngest on the site, i was born in 1976, i used to deliver the papers on behalf of the Lever family who ran the paper shop ayt woodsend circle, great times, i do remember all those tips at xmas, fav memory to share, try riding irish gyupsy cobs at 'the big three farm' at the bottom of Irlam Rd, at summer we take the horses out to the outdoor areana the swollows andswifts come down from the neighbouring trees, they get so close you can see their eyes, well worth the visit, still do when i got the cash.

jimmy white: 15th May 2008 - 00:02 GMT

image 27437

The Tarzen bridge..We had many a good night as teenagers playing music with the aid of a generator..well before the acid house craze...

jimmy white: 15th May 2008 - 00:05 GMT

image 27438

The maggie anne...ooohh.. six two... two ten... eeee... comin over all lancashereee..
anyone remember peter hamburger...

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 15th May 2008 - 15:29 GMT

Hi Cyril

I have just been on Irlam & Cadishead Ancestry site and joined. I noticed the picture of Irlam
Band and have now seen 20 Row for the first time. I think it is absolutely amazing that your
parents were on the picture the zoom-in was brilliant! Who was the child? You didn't say. Hope
all is ok with you in Adelaide its been a sunny couple of weeks here in Morecambe. Hope you are
Best wishes

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 15th May 2008 - 20:19 GMT

I used to work at the 'Maggie Anne' works... 12 hour night shifts were a killer, but got us the deposit for our huse!

cyril bagshaw: 16th May 2008 - 01:19 GMT

Hi Anne

So glad you have made it to the Ancestry site, its like Aladdins cave, gems popping up everywhere.
The curly headed child of course is non other than yours truly. Must say, the "mop" has thinned out somewhat now.
Now as you begin to enjoy your sunny Morecambe, we are just starting winter in Adelaide in 2 weeks.

Thanks, we are well and hope you too are the same.


Peter Lawford: 18th May 2008 - 03:20 GMT

Nice to see my old town Irlam. I lived there for 21 years untill 1969, but now live in NSW Australia. My sister still lives on the moss

Peter Creer: 18th May 2008 - 04:12 GMT

None of you Irlam or Cadisheadites seem to remem Morris's Pie shops. On the coner of Kings road oppsite Royles in Cadishead and some where in 20 row in Irlam.
I lived on Morris's pies when I was an apprentice Leccy at the Steelworks. I migrated to Aus in 1972 with a lot of other Steelworkerswhen the main part of the works closed down.Any ex Irlam apprentices 1954-1959 out there ? My kids Gary & Rebecca were born in Irlam we had a house in Highbury Ave.Great memories of the park and the swans on the old riverand especially the "Boat House
Did anyone find any records of thegraves from St John's in Irlam my mother & stepfather were buried uner a great big tree that stood facing Liverpool Rd.

Peter Lawford: 18th May 2008 - 10:15 GMT

Hi Cyril,
I Do remember your shop or should I say shops, as I remember a green grocer and a chip shop under the of Bagshaw in Fiddlers Lane. I lived in Boundary Road from birth to when I came out to NSW Australia in January 1969. I hope to hear from other's from the Irlam area that I know. I have seen on this web site one or two namesthat look familiar. I have been back to Irlam about four time and I tried to find old mates.

Cyril Bagshaw: 18th May 2008 - 12:28 GMT

Hi Peter (nsw)
Small world isnt it? I had the greengrocery business opposite Boundary road on Fiddlers lane amd my Mum and Dad had the fish and chip shop next door until I opened the shop in between Scholes grocers and the newsagents on the Parade.
Have you looked in on the (Citynoise These things no longer exist.)some interesting photos have been donated.
All the best from Adelaide !!


KEV ASHTON: 18th May 2008 - 14:12 GMT

I was born & bred around the Harewood Rd area, and i'm still living in the same area now (Eldon Rd actually). Its great to read the stories of the people who used to hang around in the same places I used to. Some of the photo's bring back some great memories of the early eighties when i Used to hang around with my mates Mali Kitt,Alan Johnson,Bri Cummings,Nige Finney,Steve Poole. Irlam has changed a lot over the years but I don't think I could ever move from this great little town. Thanks for showing some great photo's. Kev........

James cashan: 19th May 2008 - 01:19 GMT

hello Jim W. RE Margarine Works

I remember peter hamburger (gruff voice)"oh yis oh yis", but who was the phantom!
daily cries of "whose out now? am i out now?" waiting for the relief to go get your smoke break!
My nana (mary white) used to clean in the offices and wave to me every morning from the top window
as i waited at the bus stop to go to school at St.Pats aww in that nice! this building is the only
one left from the maggie anne era and is now called Morson Projects.
RE:Kev Ashton ,Mali kitt- must be malcom kitt i worked with him at Mitchell&Shackleton green lane
Eclles now derelict, another firm and society all of its own symbolic of the booming engineering
industrial age with plenty of fred dibneresque characters, when engineers were real engineers working
with hand tools to thous` of an inch, none of this computer technical rubbish! anyone else work there?

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 19th May 2008 - 06:38 GMT

It was Mal Kitt who got us onto this site in the first place...

As for Morris's pies, we often talk about them and chinky lee's curry; rice and chips.

Natalie Waterworth (Brophy): 19th May 2008 - 11:05 GMT

To Julian Austin Seal, did you have a relative called Leonard Seal who lived in a row of Terraces just up from Culshaws??? If so, he was a very good friend of my family and i would love to hear from you.

Julian Austin-Seal: 20th May 2008 - 07:59 GMT

Hi Natalie, I think you might be talking about my twin brother, his full name being Mark Leonard Austin-Seal, my brother did go through a phase in which we did refer to him as Leonard, we were both born August 1976, he went to St. Bedes College, Whally Range, eventually graduating from Woscester College, Oxford Uni 10 years ago, now he lives in London and works for Barkleys Bank, we both lived at Woodsend Circle Flixton, does this ring any bells at all, I hope ive been of some help.

ROB WALLS: 24th May 2008 - 01:46 GMT

i think irlam is great, i have lived and died here in this sunny suburb. But the sadest thing i have ever watched with no power over is the demise of the fish population of the old river in 2007. Peel holdings has turned this place, into a place where death of things native is as acceptable as the disapperance of native americans. They can suck my balls if they think the pictures of me on the old river with fish, now long dead will be struck from my memory, due to there new houses and bad pipe construction for the disposal of raw sewage. In effect the old river is flooded with our shit! The underground pipe has seen off generations of fish. What is next , the sacrifice of the childrens health for profit.

Rob Tynan: 24th May 2008 - 08:53 GMT

Hi Rob

That will probably happen when they start building on one of the most heavily polluted sites in the North West...the old BTP site at the back of Cadishead Park.

James cashan: 25th May 2008 - 14:57 GMT

RE: Rob Walls R Tynan, Totally agree with your strong sentiments, The other night me and my partner Zak (zakia Cassim)
Were having our tea at the boathouse , they have built a decking area at the back which overlooks
the old river and sets a pleasant scene, however we commented on the colour of the river which has
now taken on a murky grey clayie look. Peel holdings should be taken to account for this environ
mental damage, and foot the bill to the repair and cleaning of it, especially considering the profits
they have made from their damaging developments!
In the 80`s there was controversy over a ship full of chemical waste that no country would let
into its waters, it ended up coming to cadishead to be treated, anyone remember this and the name
of the ship?

Dean Ogden: 25th May 2008 - 18:17 GMT

Wow, what a site. Im only 25 and i feel like i know what everyone is talking about. I see pictures of what Irlam and Cadishead use to be like and listen to the stories my dad tells me William (Bill) Ogden and it sounds like it was good times all round. I think its sad looking back on old pictures and not recognising some of the buildings beause they'v been knocked down and also feel like the place is being over run with new houses and factories, in some way Irlam and Cadishead is loosing its heritage. I first lived on Lathom Road then moved to Brookhouse for a short stint with my grandparents before moving to Glazebrook with my parents, Carole Ogden (maiden name Ashton) and Bill to the newsagents. I now live with my wife to be on Sandiway and i have to say i love it in Irlam. I know there are many 'hoodies' round here these days but the rest of the people who live here are so freindly.

My dad was the youngest of 13 children (Unfortunatley 4 were still born) to Sydney and Edna Ogden who lived at the bottom of fiddlers Lane oppostie the old cub hut. His brothers are Ken, Roy (both deceased), Colin and Jim and his sisters are Joan (now deceased), Janice, Mavis and Janet. After reading everybodies stories about how they knew people mentioned in this forum i am curious to find out if any one knew of my family back then.

Many Thanks.

Sheila Vaudrey: 25th May 2008 - 22:25 GMT

Hello Dean, I remember colin we were in the same class at school, I also remember him living in Harewood road, I have posted a few photo's on the school site, and he is on a couple, I also remember Roy and Janice, if you want to look at the school website go to
I can't recall your dad bill, was he the youngest? I am looking forward to your next post, take care from sheila

Dean Ogden: 26th May 2008 - 10:02 GMT

Hi Sheila, Yes my dad was the youngest. He always used to spend his time on Barton Grange Farm with his mate Steve Ratcliffe messing around with cars and motorbikes. He was born when the family already lived on Fiddlers Lane but he does recall them living on Harewood road. I do know that my family originally came from Wythenshaw and only moved to Irlam in about 1950. My grandad although i never met him used to race speedway bikes at Bellvue Stadium and my Grandma, who we all called Grandy use to perform the wall of death at Bellvue and thats how they met. I had a look on the school website and noticed my aunty Janice on a few of the photo's as well. I dont know where i got the name Janet from in my prvious post because my other aunt is called Joyce. Both Janice and Joyce now live in Nairn in Scotland and my uncle Colin lives in Urmston. My dad is always telling me stories (some ive heard more than once but never get tired of hearing) about how people used to able to leave thier doors unlocked and anyone could just let themselves in for a brew and a chat, and what he used to get up to when he went to Alfred Turner high school. I think its great that this forum is about because ive always been intrigued about the past and it gives me a chance to find out what Irlam and Cadishead used to be like.

Cyril Bagshaw: 26th May 2008 - 13:44 GMT

Hi Dean
You can see your family home in Fiddlers Lane on Google Earth. It is the last house in the lane, which is a semi detached at a 45 degree angle, making one half in Fiddlers lane ,and the other half in Mond road.
You make my hair( whats left of it ) stand on end thinking of your grandmother Whizzing round the Wall of Death, a hairs breath away from the top of the wall!!!

Cheers Cyril.....

Sheila Vaudrey: 26th May 2008 - 14:46 GMT

Hello again Dean, thanks for your speedy reply, I had no idea that your "grandy" had such an interesting past. I can remember she was always busy as you can imagine, but never too busy to be a good neighbour if she could help anyone she would. When we had guy falwks night she made the treacle toffee, it was the best I have ever tasted. Not long before moving to fiddlers lane she had another daughter, that was younger that her grandchild. please pass on my regard to your uncle colin, next time you see him, sheila

Dean Ogden: 26th May 2008 - 20:09 GMT

Hi Cyril, ive been on Google Earth its great isnt it? And i still pass the house quite often (I somtimes cut accross the moss to get to work if the traffics bad. My aunty Mavis still lives there. My dad recognises your Surname, you may have already said in one of your previous posts but did you used to have a shop on Fiddlers Lane?

Hi Sheila, I mentioned to my dad earlier about what you said about the treacle toffee and as soon as i did he smiled from ear to ear, i think im setting him off down memory lane now. He also told me that it was Joyce that was born just before the move and it was the eldest daughter, my aunty Joan that had the child, my cousin russel. Im due to see uncle Colin soon so i will tell him you said hi, if i can i will get this forum up and also show him the pictures you posted. Im getting myself down to the library this week noe to pick up some books on Irlam and Cadishead, im hooked now haha

Cyril Bagshaw: 27th May 2008 - 07:04 GMT

Hi Dean,
Yes, next to the newsagents.
I wish we could get some treacle toffee in Adelaide.....and some Blackpool rock too..and while I'm at it, a few of Morris's meat and potato pies.!!!!

Cheers.... Cyril.....

Sheila Vaudrey: 27th May 2008 - 21:10 GMT

Hiya Dean, I was telling my older sister about your grandma's dare devil stunts, she wasn't surprised, then went on to recall that while she lived in Harewood road she went to Urmston swimming baths most Sunday morning, taking any children from the road that wanted to go, they would go across the penny ferry that crossed Manchester Ship Canal, near the Boat House. Don't forget to get the books from the library, I couldn't put them down when I had them, Sheila

Sheila Hilton: 29th May 2008 - 11:56 GMT

Hello Dean,
I remember you and your brother Paul from Irlam Primary School. Your sister was in my eldest son's class. Yor Grandma and my mum were very good friends when we lived opposite each other in Harewood Road. I'm amazed to learn of her early exploits, but then she always struck me as a very feisty lady. She continued swimming well into a grand age at Irlam baths and worked there as an attendant. Speaking of your cousin Russel, I remember as a small child, visiting your mum with my mum, when she lived on Fiddlers/Mond Rd., and being very puzzled as to how an uncle (Russel) could possibly be younger than the nephews. I could never get my head round that one! Was his surname Guntrip? I don't know why that sticks in my mind all these years. I have fond memories of your Grandma; she always spoke her mind without being unkind.
Cheers - Sheila

Samantha: 31st May 2008 - 17:49 GMT

Hi... I've just come across this site accidentally as most of you did...

I'm currently living in Dubai but I spent most of my life living in Irlam in between living in France and Abu-Dhabi... I am considering moving back to Irlam for some time for various and honestly, wasn't looking forward to going back to small town living after having such a cosmopolitan lifestyle, but this site has reminded me of all the reasons why I always end up back in Irlam, and actually has made me home-sick!

I'm now looking at houses and will be back in the Summer! I just hope the weather holds up as Irlam is honestly one of my favourite places to be when it is warm and sunny...

I've also invited a few friends who live internationally to come and visit me there and this site has given me so many ideas of places to take them, thanks for bringing me back down to earth and reminding me of the many great things there are about Irlam. Also, reading the tales and history of Irlam hs definately taught me so much about the place I have always lived in, but was never educated about.

I'm sure I won't be settling there permanantly but will no doubt always return...

By the way, does anybody remember the Halls? They owned a shop on Caroline Street a long, long time ago before moving to Boundary Road...

Fantastic pics too - I'll have to take some myself!

Best Regards to all,


Dean Ogden: 1st Jun 2008 - 18:49 GMT

Hi Sheila (Vaudrey), my mum saw my uncle Colin this afternoon and told him how i came across this site and that ive seen some of his school pictures, and he wants me to go round this week to show him. Ive not managed to get any books yet though but intend to soon.

Hi Sheila (Hilton), i know your son he goes to the gym that used to be the old fire station doesnt he? My grandy used to work at Irlam baths as did my dad, uncle Jim and my cousin Russell, and yes his surname is Guntripp. The way i remember my grandy makes me think every one around in those days were the same. I understand it couldnt be easy having so many to look after but it all sounds like a good time to have lived in.

Eric Teal: 2nd Jun 2008 - 15:08 GMT

Hi Cyril I new who you were as soon as I saw your name I used to work for Stan Painter who had a greengrocers on 20 row I was only about 8 or 9 then do remember w
ho had the garage before Dawson.s had It
I can remember Platts , Beswicks and all the other shops which were in 20 row and some of those which were in Fiddlers lane
Peter Creer I was an apprentics Fitter at the Steel Works about the time you were there.
Dean Ogden I know Colin and Jim Ogden I worked with them at Procters & Gambles I see Colin Quite a lot at the Trafford Centre
I used to live in Irlam and Cadishead until the Steel Works closed down when I moved to Urmston

anon ( 3rd Jun 2008 - 01:31 GMT

Hi Eric,
Yes I do remember you and your Mum from when I was delivering greengrocery round Eldon road and Harewood road around 1950 just before I got married.
It was Fred Wolfendon who had the old Garage before Alf Dawson modernised and built the showroom there.
Great you have found this site, and for further treats from the past, there is Andrew Smith's other site "These things no longer exist" and wait, theres more.... "Irlam and Cadishead Ancetry" and here is a photo kindly posted by Rob Tynan.
This is what the the piece of land opposite Stan Painter's greengrocery image 27909

shop at the corner of Twenty Row used to look like.!!

Peter Creer: 3rd Jun 2008 - 14:45 GMT

G'day Eric Teal,from memory,there were a few Teal brothers and your dad about 1959
There are a few ex Irlam people in the Wollongong area about 60 miles South of Sydney.
We keep in touch with John & Sheila Roberts ex Traffic & Brian Roberts and Irene, Brian worked with me on the Soaking Pits.
I was "Home " 2 years ago and stll remember Irlam with affection. But we all have Aussie grandkids now & look forward to the day when we can show them where we raised our kids.
Peter C.

Cyril Bagshaw: 5th Jun 2008 - 05:00 GMT

Hi Peter
As an ex Soaking pit worker, you would probably remember Johnny Jaques, my father in law.He and Venice emigrated with us to Adelaide in 1980.

All the best to guys in Woolongong.

Cyril B

Peter Lawford: 8th Jun 2008 - 02:45 GMT

Hi Sheila V. The only Vaudrey I know was an old mate of mine Leslie Vaudrey from 11 Beech Ave. I do not know if he was any relation to you. We lost tuch when I came to live in Australia.

Peter L

Peter Creer: 8th Jun 2008 - 04:53 GMT

Hello Eric Teal<
I came across a Lancashire Steel Education Prizegiving Programme for 1958.
We are both on it.If I had your Email address I could scan it for you.

Sheila Vaudrey: 8th Jun 2008 - 11:48 GMT

Hello Peter, Funny that you should ask me that, because when I saw your name it reminded me of Margaret Lawford, she would be 65/66 my now is she related to you? as for Leslie, the name seems ring a bell, but I can't bring him to mind, I will ask my sister if she can help, maybe one of the other reader can come up with something, so watch this space, best wishes from Sheila

Gaynor Miller: 9th Jun 2008 - 15:33 GMT

I've just come back to this site after a year away and what a great load of memories. I used to live on Prospect Road just down from Lennie's. You all talk about the doctors mine was Dr Boursin (apologies for spelling if its wrong!) He had the big house on Liverpool Road opposite the petrol station. Does anyone remember the disco's in St Mary's church hall late 70's Mike LLoyd and his dad used to do them? And I remember waiting for my gran Nellie Miller to finish Bingo in the Rialto and my dad Geoff Miller coming out from the steel works and treating me to chips on the way home from the chippy on Liverpool Road opposite Frisby's shoe shop! My dad played for the George Hotel Football I will scan a photo of the team hopefully someone may remember some namea as my dad died aged 36 in 1981 hopefully some of you may remember him and could tell me things about him as I was quite young when he died???

Great site keep up all the threads they are amazing

Love Gaynor x

Eric Teal: 9th Jun 2008 - 19:17 GMT

Peter Creer
My email address is be great to hear from you and anybody else who
remembers 'the good old days'at Lancashire Steel.

Sheila Vaudrey: 11th Jun 2008 - 10:01 GMT

Hello again Peter, I should have said Barbara Lawford not Margaret, sorry about that but it is a long time ago when I was at school!! take care from sheila

john: hi brian and anne fahy

Peter Lawford: 13th Jun 2008 - 06:32 GMT

Hello Sheila My Sisters Name is Barbara Lawford she is now Barbara Parker and she lives on Irlam moss. She is 66 and I am 60. The Vaudrey I know is Lesley and his brother I think was Tom.

Sheila Vaudrey: 13th Jun 2008 - 17:55 GMT

Hello Peter, Barbara was 2/3 years older than me, I can remember that she always liked horses, so maybe she has got one now she lives on the moss. As for Lesley I can't recall him but I do remember Tom, he is the son of my dads cousin so I was never really in contact with them. I hope you do track him down so you can chat about your "escapades" it's nice to catch up from time to time, cheerio from Sheila

joanne ogden: 14th Jun 2008 - 18:30 GMT

hello!!! wow its so amazing seeing all these stories!!! im joanne, daughter of colin ogden! cousin of dean and about 50 other people!!! we live in urmston ! as my dad used to say about my mum from urmston "fir coat and no knickers"!!!! still v true!! keep all the stories coming its fab!

Pat Fleming (nee Brannan): 14th Jun 2008 - 23:39 GMT

What a great site!! Just spent a morning reading through the messages and re-living my youth. I lived at 93, Lyndhurst Ave until I was about 5 years old. I remember a lady called Phylis who worked at a grocers and we called her Aunty but she wasn't really. Moved to 1, Brook Grove where I stayed until I left to get married in 1981. I went to Irlam Endowed (remember Mr. Shaw who used to throw the board rubber at you?) I vividly remember whiskins who sold the most delicious salmon paste and I used to love Paki Petes and would spend what money I had there. We used to shop at Culshaws Newsagent for sweets etc and my brothers did paper rounds there. I remember the "shopping centre "being built and we used to play on the building site. I remember going to the Maypole when the miners strike was on and they had candles!My dad used to take us to the Boathouse on a sunday afternoon where we would sit outside with a lemonade. I also remember the Salford overspill being built. When we first moved to Brook Grove it wasn't paved and did have a brook at the end of it where we would catch sticklebacks and frogs but like all things it was built on. Princes Park was a favourite place - remember the thing that had chains with handles attatched suspended from it that you hung on to, I have had several whacks from that - we were hardy then! I remember the paddling pool which seemed to always have glass in it and the sand pit, the park was round the back then. When they had the train it always smelled of wee! We would go out early morning with jam butties and a bottle of water either to the park or up the moss and stay out till bedtime. We would go potatoe picking on Smiths farm (up on the overspill ) and it was back breaking. We would be taken to St, Johns church from the Endowed School at easter and we would be given the afternoon off. Last year my husband and I had our vows blessed at St. Johns and guess who was playing the organ? Our old teacher from Endowed - Mrs Halliwell - who remembered our family!I was one of 7 children (don't know if anyone remembers us? )Bonfire night was great as everyone vied to have the biggest bonfire and raided other ones. 20 row was there when we moved to Brook Grove and it was a great shame when they knocked it down, I remember Hodnetts the ironmongers that used to smell of parafin.The fair coming on the park was always a great event and eagerly looked forward to. I used to go to St.John's youth club on a Monday night and play badminton, they sometimes had an outing to Blackpool.My mum worked at Beechfield House which was an old peoples home in Cutnook Lane and my dad worked at the ROF in Patricroft. Irlam in the 70's was a great place - not at all like it is now.Great days!

Chris Crozier: 15th Jun 2008 - 16:59 GMT

Hi Pat if you are the same pat brannan im thinking of i went to school (irlam high school)with your brother mark in the seventies and you were indirectly
responsible for me meeting my first wife stefannie winkle who lived nearly opposite you at 1 sandy lane.i have like everyone else just descovered this amaizing
site which brings back memories i think we met at the swimming pool. I now live in South Africa (last 15 years) and have only been backoncr 3years ago when my mother passed away (Bessie Crozier).So many things seemed to have changed for the worse but i suppose that is progess. Is there anybody posting on the site that went to Irlam high finishing in the year 1976 if so drop me a line

Mark Brannan: 17th Jun 2008 - 01:30 GMT

Hi Chris,
I remember you and Steff and that bleached hair down the middle that you had . We were so trendy then wasn't we lol. I left gardners and worked as a sales rep. I divorced and remarried and now live in the States.It is funny how we all love and remember Irlam fondly yet half of us have emigrated lol.
This site is certainly nostalgic and reminds me of how carefree we were then growing up .It was an adventure playground for us kids then but alas with all the construction there must be nowhere for the kids to play.
Hope you are well,

Debbie from Irlam: 18th Jun 2008 - 19:29 GMT

Hi all,

Its great to discover this site and hear all the conversations going on.
I still live in Irlam and have done so since 1964, I was born in 1962 in Ordsal, Salford.

I went to Irlam County Primary School, and yes I remember Miss Cotton and Mr Wright, Miss Gilmore, Mr Swawell. and also the head Master Mr Davies.
irlam and Cadishead has changed, there is not doubt about that, and in my opinion it has changed well.

As a teenager, I used to go to 'Joey's' disco at St Josephs School and also to the Labour Club in Cadishead to the disco.

On the subject of Doctor Walker, from what I understand the two doctors were not related.

Hope everyone is well

Anne Priestley (nee Rigby): 20th Jun 2008 - 11:49 GMT

Hi Debbie
Good to hear from someone who went to the same school I did, you must be about three years younger than me though.
My first teacher there was a Miss Peters. Do you remember Mr Wasey who used to play a lot of classical music? You don't
remember the Grannel family do you? They moved to Irlam from Weaste in Salford. Do you remember at school when it was
a sunny day we were allowed to play on the large playing fields and next to the school yard near the toilet block there was
a lovely old man who grew vegetables in his garden and used to chat to us through the railings.

Hello Cyril,
Hope all is well with you.
best wishes, Anne

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 20th Jun 2008 - 13:14 GMT

Debbie - I was born in 1963, (Cadishead), but spent my 'mis-spent youth' in Irlam... I remember Joey's disco well, and sitting behind the 'Tiger Moth' (but that's another story!!). My sister, Sheila, was born '62, so must have been in your year at high school?

Anne - I remember Marilyn Grannel, she was in my year at Irlam High, then we worked together at the 'Maggie Anne' works... You must be 2 years older than me, which puts you in my brother Mike's year?

cyril bagshaw: 21st Jun 2008 - 13:34 GMT

Hi Anne

I dont know if you have managed to see any of the old Twenty Row photos yet, but one in particular has come to light on the Irlam and Cadishead Ancestry site.It was taken just prior to being demolished when they built a new shopping precinct just behind the old shops, which turned out to be somewhat of a disaster, and closed down in a very short time.

Best wishes Cyril...

Debbie from Irlam: 21st Jun 2008 - 20:07 GMT

Hi Norma and Anne,

My maiden name is Buck, and I am sure Norma you will remember me, I used to knock about with you, not often, but used to come to your house in Cadishead. I know your sister Shiela and used to be in the orchestra at Irlam High with your brother Micheal. Your son Mathew, used to be at school with my daugher Jennifer at Irlam Primary. Jen has asked me to ask you what Mathew is doing now and to remember her to him, she often talks about him and remembers him clearly.

Anne, Oh yes I do remember the man with the vegetable patch, I often think about him. He used to come to the railings, near the outside toilet s and talk to us, with his flat cap on. They were happy days. I am a School Governor now at the school, although my daughters have not left.

I dont remember the teachers you talk about, but certainly do remember the Grannel family, I used to play with Marilyn as a child and I know that her mum and dad still live on in Irlam, although the family have had a really tragic and sad loss of late, and I am sure that you will know what I am talking about, all the community and their friends were very shocked by this and were thinking of the family and still are.

It is great to hear from you please keep in touch

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 21st Jun 2008 - 23:16 GMT

Hi Debbie,

I remember you very well, Matt often talks about Jennifer. He still speaks to a few of his old friends, pretty good really as he was only seven when we left. He left Uni after the first year, but after having had a two year break, has decided to go back next year. He does website design. You probably wouldn't recognise him now, he is 6'3" and over 100 kilos (height from his dad and weight from his mum lol...). Karen is on a gap year from Uni, she is into acting (theatre) and has just finished her arts courses in Drama and English. Next semester she is starting her teaching degree, doing an extra component in disability, so she can work with 'special needs' people. She too is tall, 5'10" and slim.

Do you remember Stacey Ross? She was in Jen and Matt's class. Her family came out here (Oz), two years after we came. Stacey is back in UK for a six month working holiday. She has caught up with a few of her old school friends. Her sister, Holly is joining her in July.

It was nice to hear from you, hope you and your family are well.


rrrrrrrrrrr: 22nd Jun 2008 - 15:18 GMT

Does anyone remeber any person that lived on Harewood Road in Irlam, i live on that street now and i would like to know who lived around here.

john birchall: 23rd Jun 2008 - 18:24 GMT

who remembers this scene of hollins green slag tip which was carted away and used in
building the motorway at peel green

Lynda Phillips , sons Paul and Mike Phillips, Caroline st, Irlam adn Carlisle Dr, Irlam: 23rd Jun 2008 - 23:38 GMT

Hello, Im just blown away by this fantastic site found by accident. I was looking for my old school friend William Mcormick/mcCormack from Salford born around 1955. I lived in Caroline Street aged 18 with my husband Stuart, now my ex and sons Paul Phillips born 1974 adn Mike Phillips born 1977. Does anyone know of Callum, Ellie adn Sean Phillips born from 94,95 adn 98. Please say hello to them if you know them , or your kids know them and telll them about this site. Happy to hear from anyone who remembers me. I used to work for Flinns estate agents then Irlam Estates in Cadishead. I also worked at Makro and the White Lion Pub in my younger days

john birchall: hollins green slag tip

Anne - Ontario: 27th Jun 2008 - 15:10 GMT

Hi John Birchall,
Did you live on New Moss Road and worked at the Tar Works? If you did then you will know Brian and I
we used to go to the George with you and also go out on Saturday nights sometimes to Manchester. I still make your curried chicken recipe.

Anne - Ontario: 27th Jun 2008 - 17:28 GMT

Hi John,
So it is you. Hope you are well and are enjoying retirement by now. We are both retired and travel as much as possible. Our daughters live out of town and also out of country so we are gone quite a lot.
Hope to hear from you and what you have been up to. Take care

Violet Birchall: 28th Jun 2008 - 16:50 GMT

Hello Anne and Brian,
Seems such a long time ago when we all went out for a drink together and such a suprise to find you on this site ,we are both enjoying retirement there is always lots to do to keep us out of mischief.
Do you remember the night John and Brian went to the George and you did my hair in a beehive you back combed it so much next day I could'nt get the comb through my hair what a job I had it was full of knots ,best part was having to go to bed and sleep all night with nearly a full toilet roll rapped round my head ,John and I have spoken about it many times,
Our son Wayne and daughter in law live in New Zealand and we went for a holiday 18 months ago we had a great time and we will be going again perhaps just after xmas ,our daughter Karen lives in Culcheth and we have two grand children and a great granson.Keep in touch . Violet and John.b

Violet Birchall: 28th Jun 2008 - 17:01 GMT

Here is my e mail address
keep making the curry ,drop me a line when you have time .Violet bb

john birchall: gas works picture

john birchall: rolling mill picture

Sheila Hilton: 30th Jun 2008 - 11:29 GMT

Re above rrrrrrrr(?)
I lived at no. 14 Harewood road with my family (Davies). Next door (12) was a Mrs Harrop. On the other side (16) lived the Hapgoods. Throughout this site you should see a few more rerences to the people who also live(d) there. eg. sheila Vaudrey, Anne Bennett, Walkers, Wards, Iddons, Ardens, Bromleys, Ogdens, to name just a few.

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 30th Jun 2008 - 20:23 GMT

Hi Sheila and rrrrr(?)

We lived at no 20 Harewood Rd from 1983-1995. Mr & Mrs Iddon lived opposite, such a lovely couple. Jim passed away many years ago, but Edie still sent us Xmas cards in OZ, until she passed away 4 or 5 years ago. As you said, Sheila, most of us have lived around that area at some point.


Sheila Vaudrey: 30th Jun 2008 - 21:33 GMT

Hello Sheila H and Norma, I am quite sure that Hapgoods lived at no 20 unless they moved house, like I said I went to school with Arnold and he always lived at No 20 as far as I know. My dad worked at Royles Engineering as did Mr Iddon, Mrs Iddon worked at Kendals store in Manchester, they had a daughter Christine who was a bit older that me, did Mrs Idden live in Harewood Road up until she passed away? like you say a lovely couple, take care from Sheila

Rob Tynan: 30th Jun 2008 - 23:03 GMT

Would Mr Iddon from Harewood Road be Jimmy Iddon?

Anne - Ontario: 1st Jul 2008 - 03:18 GMT

Are you any relation to Alice, Thomas or Lesley Vaudrey? We lived in Prince's Avenue and they lived opposite us for years until they moved to Beech Avenue.

Maureen: 1st Jul 2008 - 07:27 GMT

Hello Anne I remember Mrs Iddon, she left Kendals and came to work at the Margarine works, she worked with me from time to time. Elaine Iddon was Edith Iddon's daughter, Ediths husband was called Jim. Edith was a lovely lady, she was also a good looking woman even in old age.

Maureen: 1st Jul 2008 - 08:38 GMT

Elaine was the youngest daughter of Jim & Edith Iddon, they did live in Harewood Road.

Maureen: 1st Jul 2008 - 10:24 GMT

Does anyone have any photographs from Irlam Central/Alfred Turner school around 1958 to 1962

Sheila Hilton: 1st Jul 2008 - 11:31 GMT

Sheila V,
You're most likely correct about Hapgoods; I know they did live on our right hand side, so no.20 is probably right. I don't remember a Christine Iddon - only Elaine. Was Christine an older daughter? I remember the Iddons were a lovely couple as you say. Jimmy Iddon was in the St, John Ambulance Brigade with my dad. I too, remember Mrs. Iddon as being a very attractive lady. I also have vague memories of a family called Prince who emigrated to either Aus or possibly New Zealand. My dad used to write to them for a long time after they left. Does anybody remember them?
Sheila H

Sheila Vaudrey: 1st Jul 2008 - 18:23 GMT

Hello Rob, Sheila and Norma, Rob yes that's right it's the same Mr Jimmy Iddon, he worked at Royles the same as my dad, now about Christine?????? sorry I don't know what made me think that, like you say there daughter is Elaine.(another senior moment)I had also forgotten that Mrs Iddon went working at the Margarine works. I cant remember a Prince family but then I moved out of the area in 1965, just going back to Harewood Road to visit my parents. Alice and Thomas were my second cousins but we didn't keep in touch, now about Lesley I have been asked about him in another post it might have been on "these thing's no longer exist,

Hello Maureen, have a look at this site for the School pics Hpe this helps from Sheila

Rob Tynan: 1st Jul 2008 - 22:48 GMT

My dad was trained in the Tool Shop by Jimmy Iddon at Royles. When my mum and dad were married in 1962 he made them a fire poker and stand in the workshop from best quality stainless steel from Royles. I still have it to this day.

image 28365


Sheila Vaudrey: 2nd Jul 2008 - 04:59 GMT

Hiya Rob, Nice to see the Poker and Stand, we always had a nice P&S standing proudly in the Hearth, but ours was brass as our dad was a "brass finisher" we had a brass rail on the top of our fire-guard, we also had two brass candlesticks . sadly I never kept any of them. Our dad went to Royles when he left school and finished in in 1971 through ill health he would have been age 65 in 1972. Mr Iddon would give him a lift to work in the later years. I remember he went to the works "Bowling Handicap" that was an annual event.

Maureen: 2nd Jul 2008 - 05:59 GMT

Hello Sheila

thanks for the info re school photographs, I did check out the web site but there are just a few photographs, none of them from my class, only Mr Ellisons classes.

Sheila Hilton: 2nd Jul 2008 - 11:34 GMT

Hello Sheila V,
The Princes (Can't be 100% sure correct name) must hav emigrated long before you left in'65. I was only vey young when they left. I seem to remember (?) that she was called Eva, or something like that. I think it is sad once our parents are no longer alive and all those elusive memories - gone forever! There have been many things lately, that I have wondered about, from my childhood, and no way of finding out now.
Sheila H

Sheila Vaudrey: 2nd Jul 2008 - 18:58 GMT

Hiya Rob, reading your post I went outside to hang some washing out to dry, then I remembered the hooks that hold my washing line in place, they are fixed to the wall of the house and guess who made them for me over 40 years ago and they are out there in all weathers and are in constant use (thanks once again to Royals), from Sheila

Sheila Vaudrey: 2nd Jul 2008 - 19:28 GMT

Hiya Harewood Roaders, I hope this works out, it should be a photo taken in 1953 of a Coronation party we had, if you want to know any names, I will do my best, from Sheilaimage 28374

Maureen: 3rd Jul 2008 - 09:29 GMT

Are there any Kings road Irlam people out there?

Sheila Hilton: 3rd Jul 2008 - 09:41 GMT

What a fantastic picture Sheila! Are you on there? Are any of the people mentioned above on there?
Sheila H

Norma Bannon (nee Bolton): 4th Jul 2008 - 09:09 GMT

Hi everyone,

I lived in Harewood Road from 1983-1995 when we moved to Oz. The Hapgood's probably did live there many years before us. I'm not sure if I am right but I think the people who lived next to Mr & Mrs Iddon were called Prince (June & Jack I think).


Sheila Vaudrey: 5th Jul 2008 - 16:34 GMT

Hello Sheila H, On the Coronation party photo, there is a group of ladies, the one nearest the camera wearing a dark dress and a white paper hat is my mum and to her right, and party hidden by her is Mrs Hapgood, on the table nearest to them is Joyce? Walker, second from the end, and facing the camera, across from her is Arnold Hapggod, sat on the end, then I am sitting next but two, to him, near the Union Jack, Hope you understand this, take care from Sheila V

Sheila hilton: 5th Jul 2008 - 18:31 GMT

Hya Sheila V,
thanks for that info. Wonder where all the dads were? Maybe they were all at work.
Cheers sheila H

Sheila Vaudrey: 5th Jul 2008 - 21:35 GMT

Hiya Sheila H, I also have another couple of photo's that were taken at the same time I have tried to post another but am having no success I also wanted to send you the link to the Irlam Ancestry site that has lots of interesting topics but am no able to do that, so maybe another time, cheerio from Sheila V

Anne - Ontario: 7th Jul 2008 - 16:33 GMT

I remember Eric Teal working for Painter's Greengrocers - he was always very pleasant and seemed to enjoy his job there. Eric and his family lived on Turner Avenue and had a sister Cecilia and a brother Leonard I think. We lived on Moorfield Close and I remember Twenty Row being such a busy place in those days.
Anne - Sarnia, Ontario

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from: BZZZP
Among the Cannons and Buses of Downtown Tehran
from: Reza
Party Squirrel
from: hool
Scarborough Graffiti
from: Michelle
Manhattan Bridge from the FDR Drive
from: Catherine Penfold-Waxman
Corporate Life...
from: Jono Cono
Adek BTM
from: Peter
Armer Graffiti
from: Peter
Satan's Tool Shed
from: JoeyD