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Chinese Toilets

- stinkyben - Monday, March 20th, 2006 : goo

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has these amazing old neighborhoods known as , full of tiny houses in mazelike back alleys. Problem is, since most of these neighborhoods are ancient, there is no running water, so each section of the nabe will have its own area, which you can always find by following the ammonia stench. Unfortunatly, most of these neighborhoods are being torn down to modernize the city, part of the Chinese effort to (intentionaly) destroy their own cultural heritage. You can tell which buildings are due to go by the spray painted black numbers on the sides of them.

image 9703

This is the most typical of the you'll find in lower class .

image 9702

This toilet is on a main drag north of the Forbidden City, one of the not slated to be demolished. The Chinese government has however decided to modernize the systems here in order to impress all the foreigner that'll be coming in town for the Olympics.

image 9701

This is actually not in a but inside of a venue called the . This is pretty typical of what you'll find in most bars and resteraunts that cater to the normal urban Chinese. Meaning, places they don't expect westerners or party cadres to be visiting.

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Biff: Hi, Is that a shoe with a wet toe?

barry: I think i will hole it.

jeeff: 20th Mar 2006 - 03:39 GMT

i had a toilet like that last one (but not overflowing or filthy) in my apartment in japan. i liked it once my knees got used to it. very hygienic.

jack: 20th Mar 2006 - 03:41 GMT

so this guy is crouched over one of those holes and taking a crap and there is this other guy perched over another hole and the first guy has a 50cent peice fall out of his pocket and down into the hole. he looks down there and the other guy is watching so he takes out a dollar bill and throws it into the hole and stands up and the other guy asks him what he is doing and the first guy says," well you dont think i'm jumping into that shit for 50 cents, do you?".

Laura : Hahahahaha oh Jack....

Jamie: 20th Mar 2006 - 09:29 GMT

you'll find public toilets much like these all over europe too.

Peter: 20th Mar 2006 - 15:14 GMT

awesome entry. again, something i would have never otherwise seen or known about. its also fascinating to see the themes that surround s and on this site. lol. all part of urban living, i suppose. and definitely fascinating.

stinkyben: 20th Mar 2006 - 16:01 GMT

In respect to the last photo, yes, I've seen these things all over the world, but only in China were they consistantly as filthy.

Jamie: 20th Mar 2006 - 16:02 GMT

i dunno, have you ever visited greece? that's a particularly filthy country. no offence like.

isabel: 10th Dec 2006 - 22:05 GMT

I was not aware of the toilet scenerio in China until my patient mentioned it to me. I was telling my * year ols son about it and he could not believe me. I went on line and showed him.

chiamattt: 10th Dec 2006 - 22:55 GMT

I had a terrible experience on the style in the last photo. This is also an old style in Korea. The subway station bathrooms usually have 7 squaters and one 'western' style. Needless to say, I shat on my pants!

Jadalina: 11th May 2007 - 08:56 GMT

I am trying to imagine how fat American women can possibly use a squat toilet without soiling their pants in the process. They would have to take their pants off completely, else the waistband would prevent them from spreading their knees far enough apart to reach between their enormous thighs to wipe.

Isabella: 15th Jul 2007 - 23:39 GMT

Just back back from Quin Dao. I walked into my first "bath room" to find the hole in the floor. To top it all off, there was a hose!
Yee Ha! Good thing I have strong lkidneys!

Karen Brandon: 24th Aug 2008 - 15:11 GMT

Judalina, what an absolutely awful attitude you have ! Shame on you for your bigoted, nasty remarks about overweight women. Your description is unfari and GROSS. Shame on you for your unenlightened, sexist and cruel comment. I feel sure that your body isn't perfect, either.

anon ( 16th Apr 2010 - 00:22 GMT

Well Karen you have to face the truth. Jadalina is right. How the heck would they be able to do their business there? AS it is some are too fat to even walk so they sre as heck would not be able to squat over a hole like that and then wipe their buts.

arl: 27th Sep 2011 - 19:14 GMT

Im disgusted with my chinese home stays , they pee all over my floor in toilet and dont wipe it up .... im ready to get ried of them both

Ronald D: 27th Sep 2011 - 19:17 GMT

We have Home-stay people whom are from wealthy families and they are disgusting aswell with piss all over the loo floor and never clean it up . they seem to piss on the floor and not in the Loo. never wash their hands and their hygine standards are terrible .

El chascarrillo: 13th May 2012 - 18:10 GMT

I have a different and vivid impression of my visits to China, it is sad the anyone can defecated i any place public parks streets alleys, disgusting smell

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