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Raccoons, Cute or Dangerous?

- Elicar - Tuesday, February 7th, 2006 : goo

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A whole family of my backyard!!!

image 8321

image 8322

image 8323

image 8324

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GGP: these are great!! eyeshine-a-go-go!

Elicar: 7th Feb 2006 - 02:28 GMT

Thanks GGP. But it's not great when they are in your backyard! So far, they are harmless, but still spooky!

mtb4ever: 7th Feb 2006 - 02:36 GMT

Raccoons are both cute and dangerous. Don't let them get comfortable in your yard. They will become cute little pests very quickly. If you wonder how much damage one can do, take a good look at their claws the next time you see them.

joey: 7th Feb 2006 - 03:00 GMT

dangerous. beware. raccoons killed our cat. right in our backyard. those pesky critters live up in the palm tree. they make really strange whiny-type sounds at night.

on the juice : 7th Feb 2006 - 03:24 GMT

don't feed them.........they don't make good nature pets........they will trash your kitchen if givin the chance.........they will defend thier young to the death.....i have seen them in action and it's not a pretty picture.......all said they sure are cool creatures,from a far

Elicar: 7th Feb 2006 - 03:46 GMT

Okay folks, you are scaring me! So far, I have been able to scare them away. But they do make a mess of my garbage when I am not looking. The joys of living in the city I guess. One has to share the space with urban scavengers.

ahimsa: those is some crazy animals seen!

jeeff: 7th Feb 2006 - 04:02 GMT

it's great when they really want some garbage in your backyard and you have a hose with a spraygun handy. they creep up, you spray 'em, they run away. 2 minutes later they try again. repeat ad nauseum. it's like a video game.

sally: 7th Feb 2006 - 04:32 GMT

i'm TERRIFIED of raccoons. their glowing, evil little eyes haunt me. thanks a lot, elicar.

goovie: winchester .22

elaine: 7th Feb 2006 - 10:08 GMT

*i* want to play that game!
damn birds on my windowledge just fly off even if i think about looking at them, touchy buggers.

Guy McLaren: 7th Feb 2006 - 10:58 GMT

All wild animals are dangerous. Especially African ones.

des: 7th Feb 2006 - 12:23 GMT

those racoons!and they are allways in gangs or tag teaming,never alone,and theese days they hardly run away from people

Chris G: 7th Feb 2006 - 12:43 GMT

> One has to share the space with urban scavengers.
Also with the raccoons!

Harry?: raccoons ate my sister

grange: 7th Feb 2006 - 14:07 GMT

Racoons , yep there scary , but not as scary as clowns .Dont get me started on mimes ...geshhhhhhhhhhhhh ! whats that about ?

grange: 7th Feb 2006 - 14:08 GMT

Yikes , I had another thought ...Racoon mimes !!!!!!!!!! argggggggggggg.

Jamie: Birds ate my face

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 7th Feb 2006 - 14:39 GMT

Thanks for the raccoon pics. I've been living in America for 13 years and I've yet to see a live raccoon. I've been to about 15 of the contiguous states and seen (look away, Elaine) plenty squished on the road. I apparently slept as one raided the campsite I was in. Now this posting has terrified me and Iíll probably be jumped by one on the way home.

elaine: 7th Feb 2006 - 15:16 GMT

is it raccoons that sit in trees and if you shine a flashlight up at them they cover their faces with their little hands?
maybe it is something else less killer, like bushbabies or something. someone from minnesota told me about the flashlight thing and it has been haunting me ever since. you lot get some fab nature, you know.

jack: 7th Feb 2006 - 16:36 GMT

racoons wear masks over their eyes so you won't recognize them in a line up. they are somewhat harmless at night but don't go near them in the day. i believe racoons are really aliens from the planet racanat in the silianic galaxy. they came here millions of years ago and could not get back to their planet. they will eat you if given the chance. they like female's legs, of course so do i but i won't eat your legs. i may lick them, of caress them the way a lion licks his kill before he devours it.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 7th Feb 2006 - 16:47 GMT

I was enjoying the story until you got to the end, Jack. Then it turned a bit creepy.

tex: what did the rangers do to you jack?

grange: 7th Feb 2006 - 17:07 GMT

Up here in the country ( Owen Sound ) We have two types of racoons . The fast ones ( live) and the slow dim witted ones ( napping on the side of the roads ) The fast ones only come out at night and mess with your heads by juming out of the trees at you . . The slow ones make good pets and some damn fine eatin .
Dont miss tomorrows episode , Possum , the other white meat .

Peter: people eat raccoons?

jeeff: you don't??

Peter: 7th Feb 2006 - 18:28 GMT

nope, but i bet this guy does!,,1698632,00.html

illwind - Toronto Canada: 7th Feb 2006 - 19:13 GMT

I had the pleasure of a family of raccoons living on my third floor outside alcove.

The mess they made was incredible.

They are pests; they carry disease (such as rabies) and they fear no one!

Good luck in getting rid of them.



P.S. BBQ raccoons with a little of ketchup/tomato sauce/hoisin sauce and teriyaki glaze is to die for!

Squirrel: 7th Feb 2006 - 19:34 GMT

Geez people, what's the matter with you? Raccoons are cute and harmless.

I had a whole family of them living in my backyard. I spent all summer working in the back yard while mom and the 'kids' played right next to me.

They were like yard pets.

And what's with the 'they carry disease' stuff? Do you know which species carries the most diseases communicable to humans? Rats? No it's HUMANS!

Hobart: 7th Feb 2006 - 19:38 GMT

Actually, Google indicates that many bird species carry more "diseases" than most other species, and that insects, as a whole, are in fact nature's busiest disease carriers.

Though this might be considered besides the point ;-D

grange: 7th Feb 2006 - 19:46 GMT

good recipe illwind , and they come with there own tooth picks too .
A nice chilled chardoney goes good as well.
Cheers all .
PS . BBQ clowns suck however, as all that makeup ruins the gravey ..
( please stop me if I have gone too far no that one )

illwind - Toronto Canada: 7th Feb 2006 - 19:49 GMT


The most diseases transmitted to humans: Humans (agreed)

The most infected mouth to cause the worst infections: from humans

Almost all the lethal diseases to humans ARE transmitted are from humas.

HOWEVER, almost all the viral diseases ORIGINATED from the animal kingdom; mutation of the viral genome made it possible for viruses to be communicated between humans.

Think 1918 Spanish Flu, 1968 Hong Kong Flu, AIDS, Ebola, the next Avian Flu etc.



Peter: hobart... those recipes... ewwww....

Squirrel: 7th Feb 2006 - 20:46 GMT

To carry this discussion along an even more oblique tangent:

Do an inventory of all the animals that people consider 'pests': rats, mice, seagulls, raccoons, cockroaches, sparrows, pigeons etc... What do they all have in common, they are US.

What I mean by that is that they are generalists: hardy, adaptable omnivores, like us. Even worse not only do they survive in urban environments, but have the nerve to thrive, in OUR cities! We hate them because they are muscling in on our turf.

Humans tend to value delicate little animals that have the good sense to go and die in a far off wilderness somewhere where we never have to see them. :-)

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 7th Feb 2006 - 21:24 GMT

I think that you should rename this article. I propose: Raccoons Cute, Dangerous or Delicious?
And please, if anyone knows about Elaines question whether raccoons cover their eyes with their hands, let us know. I'm desperate to know.

grange: 7th Feb 2006 - 21:53 GMT

Yes Catherine they do .Although not because they are shy .Raccoons are in a word "clean freaks" ( actually two words ) Like cats the groom themselfs .Often raccoon's self groom and the young will groom other kits in the litter,like kittens will . Its a social behaviour common to many mammals . However as they grow older ( about 8 months ) they become solitary animals, and self grooming occurrs.During mating females will produce estrogen pharmones , which is not only along their anal area , but along the snout . Musk if you will .Racoons like cats groom after eating and sex or just for the fun of it . Remember racoons buy their nature forage in watery areas , like creeks , lake shores etc for the main diet .Unless its city racoons, then it's dumpster diving .Somewhat like bears they become habitulated to foraging in easy areas for food . So city racoons ,like bears ,can get use to humans .Therefore shed their natural warriness of humans and becoming aggressive . It should be pointed out in the woods coming into contact is rare unlike the urban areas . So "cornering a racoon " is more common and will result in its fear/ flight reaction coming into play .With out a clear exit raccon will attack . When raccons attack

grange: 7th Feb 2006 - 22:03 GMT

opps, lost the site . So to continue .When racoons attack they often will give a good couple of bites and retreat .If you grab it while its doing so it will contiue till you let go .
As for rabies yes racoons can carry it but first have to be bitten by another animal with it .It if rare for a urban raccon to carry rabies..With the introduction if airal vaccine drops in rural areas . rabies have dropped remarkably .
So to conclude . Racoons are dangerous only if provoked , can cause alot of damage if the get in your houses, wash their faces ,will eat damn near everything as long as its free,and are damn tasty , kind of like my ex .......

grange: 7th Feb 2006 - 22:05 GMT

oh ya , and her eyes glowed in the dark too ....hows weird is that .

M.G. Michaud: 7th Feb 2006 - 22:49 GMT


As a wildlife rehabilitator and someone who has hand-raised many orphaned raccoons over the years, I wanted to contribute a few words to the forum.

Raccoons are as "intelligent as any primate" (this from a friend who is a behavioural science prof at the University of Western Ontario). They may carry rabies, but so may squirrels, dogs, cats, and wolves. They are wild animals, and as such, one should NOT approach a raccoon any more than one would approach a bear or a wolf. A cornered raccoon is an extremely dangerous wild animal. They can indeed make a mess; this occurs when they are searching for food or a new accomodation. Given that they are blessed with little "hands" (no opposable thumb, but rather five tiny fingers), they have a greater capability when it comes to making a huge mess.

If you can keep your trash locked up and beware of weaknesses in attic roofs, you should be fine. Should you suspect that there is a chance raccoons are coming into your home, your fastest and easiest response is to find the place they are getting into, and put a radio there playing the most obnoxious music available on the dial. Raccoons do not like loud noises, and are extremely jittery.

They will eat the fish in your Koi pond (they love to fish!), but they also eat insects like earwigs, cockroaches, and junebugs. They are omnivorous, meaning that they will eat just about anything.

They are not evil creatures; they're just looking for a place to live and some food, just like all animals. Because they have discovered that living in urban areas provides them with plenty of food and few natural enemies, they can find living in the city works to their advantage.

And finally, about eating raccoons: not a good idea. Raccoons carry a roundworm that lives in their intestinal tracts without harming them. HOWEVER, if passed on to a human, it will nest in the human intestine until it grows, at which time it will freely burrow out of the intestine and go wherever it pleases in your body. This roundworm seems to like the human brain, which is where it usually heads, resulting in blindness or even death.

Raccoons are an important part of natural biodiversity, and because it is we, the humans, who have intruded on their habitat, the best thing we can do is learn to live with them and understand that they serve a purpose in the scheme of things. I have spent a great deal of time with these animals, and they are beautiful, charming creatures. When they're small, they learn their names, come when called, and are the most loving little babies. They learn everything quickly and love to play, remaining playful even as adults. They have a huge vocabulary of sounds they use to chitter and talk to each other. When they become adults, of course, they grow wild and must be respected as such. Protect your property and protect yourself. Stay away from raccoons, and if they get too close to you try the radio trick. If that doesn't work, I implore you to call a reputable "no-kill" animal removal service.

These animals have a natural value, and they also have an intrinsic value. Besides, they're real cute! Enjoy them at a distance.

The Raccoon Mum

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 7th Feb 2006 - 23:12 GMT

I've decided NOT to eat any raccoons I might find on I95. I won't corner any, but I will play loud music, but not Public Enemy, because they are cute, clean little buggers who are just trying to get by in the world. Just like Grange's ex girl friend ;)

moose: 8th Feb 2006 - 00:34 GMT

"Raccoons are an important part of natural biodiversity." That's why I recommend spaying them with a garden hose. Boy can they run fast if you blast them . They will be back in two days , however. Another proven method is a swat with the blade of a hockey stick. When you make a raccoon hiss you feel that you have made your point , But they will be back in three days.

GGP: 8th Feb 2006 - 02:40 GMT

a few years ago, here in Park Slope, there was a raccoon perched over my neighbor's brownstone doorway--it was BIG!!

Elicar: 8th Feb 2006 - 03:54 GMT

It has been quite interesting reading all the comments regarding my family of raccoons!

I have come to a conclusion that that these cute but sometimes spooky not so little critters are just like humans. They look for shelter, protect their young, scavenge for food and will choose where there is least resistance, i.e. urban areas and they are wild in their adulthood. Sounds familiar?

Peter: 8th Feb 2006 - 04:07 GMT

i was just hanging out with my friend . she saw this entry and freaked out. apparently, not everyone likes !

elaine: 8th Feb 2006 - 09:25 GMT

you could try them with different kinds of music. i knew someone who was looking after a herd of cows and they were usually piped classical music during milking. she switched it to the pogues, and the yield went up.

elaine: 8th Feb 2006 - 11:42 GMT

not that i am suggesting you should try milking raccoons

moose: 8th Feb 2006 - 13:31 GMT

"call a reputable no-kill animal removal service"
We had two trees beside our house which provided raccoons access to our roof. One year one mother managed to push through the aluminum flashing under the eaves and she set up her nest .At first we did not know why we could hear these chirping sounds but one day we saw mommy sleeping on the roof next to the hole in the flashing. We called the removal service.This guy did not arrive in a beat up truck. It was a brand new van with a fancy paint job , the best ladders and they had two way radios. He removed the babies within 30 minutes . They do not carry the animals away in a bag. He left them on the roof in a box to allow mommy time to come back and take them away . She did and the next morning they were under the neighbours porch. Total cost for removal was $ 360 . Total cost for raccoon proofing the roof $360. Total cost for building a screen around the trunk of one tree $50 to $ 70 .Two years later tree two was chopped down and a smaller tree planted in its place . Total cost for new tree about $60 . Its been pretty quite at our house since the tree two was chopped down .The raccoons seem to be spending their time in the neighbours yard as you see them running across the street every morning .

moose: 8th Feb 2006 - 13:55 GMT

"they will eat just about anything"
In theory correct but not a given. On occasions we have goofed and did not place all the bungee cords on the garbage cans. The next morning we see the mess. We cannot figure out what they were after. Left over food stuff , vegetables , pasta , bones , lobster shells , etc . all over the place and it seems that there is plenty of edible food left untouched. Maybe they are picky eaters , but they sure are sloppy. Once we left a smalll plastic bag of sand and gravel in the back yard. OK it was close to the garbage cans . The raccoons came and tore the bag open.

moose: 8th Feb 2006 - 14:17 GMT

" it is we ,the humans , who have intruded on their hahitat"
This is true from a historical point of view . BUT. I work in the cnstruction industry and we build new buildings in , among other places , downtown Toronto. The site is fenced off and there are warning signs. Do Not Enter. Once enough of the building structure is in place you see ample evidence that raccoons have already scouted out the building. They poo in the stair wells. On occasions they are caught riding up on the construction elevators where they sit on the elevator cab roof . If we are not careful we may turn over the building to the owner with a resident population of raccoons . They are living in buildings in downtown Toronto, whole families are .

jack: wow i cant believe all the talk over racoons.

ian: 8th Feb 2006 - 23:03 GMT

Beautiful creatures, but, yes, pests. Unfortunately. You will probably want to have them relocated.

Stevo: 9th Feb 2006 - 06:43 GMT

Headlights in the dark. I was going to say something about how they all wear masks so that they cannot be identified in a police line up, but some one else beat me to it.
My old National Geographic "Animals of North America" book thinks Racoons always want to wash their food, given a chance. There is a pic of a racoon washing a corncob... NG theorizes that that the 'coons have poor salivary glands.. it's an old book! thanks for the pics!

elaine: 9th Feb 2006 - 09:22 GMT

now they are getting so popular, perhaps someone will give them typing and piano lessons, give their little fingers something to do

anon ( 10th Feb 2006 - 18:31 GMT

Toronto wouldnt be Toronto without the raccoons. They are pushy, busy and active, something like the rest of us here. I've caught them in my kitchen, trying to climb in windows etc. No damage yet other then a door screen. The radio trick does work, used to do it in my garden when the corn got ripe. They know its ripe about a day before you do.
I used to sit on my porch in the early evening and watch the family go from roof top to roof top on their rounds. When i was a kid, one of neighbours had one for a pet. it was really smart, but it did turn a bit mean as it matured and was set loose in the woods it came from.
You want to know what urban animal gives me the spooks. It's those skunks waiting in ambush on your front lawn. Just pray you see the sucker in time.

Cavit8: 11th Feb 2006 - 03:09 GMT

We have raccoons in our backyard. When they get fighting, it's a little crazy. The babies are very cute. With our garbage bundled up, they simply go elsewhere. I have more of a problem with skunks. You dont want to go rushing out your door in the wee hours in case one is sitting on the front step... eeee...

Foxy ( 28th Feb 2006 - 02:37 GMT

I have a problem with raccoons. They live in my roof above my 7 month old daughters room and I cannot get rid of the bastards!!! My daughter and I live alone and I have had Wildlife Removal guys come and "deoderize" them out but they never left. What is a girl to do? Does anyone have any ideas? I am afraid because they have gotten into my walls and sleep under my bathtub sometimes or crawl under my bathroom floor and I can feel them under my feet banging on the ceramic tiles if I get up the night to use the washroom.
How can I get rid of these critters for good? Feel free to email me at the following address with some good advice.

grange: 28th Feb 2006 - 13:00 GMT

foxy a wall. get a stick , and kill them ...sorry . While you at it . find where they have craped .it will be a big pile in one place , and remove it .
Oh now all you animail lovers out there , putting them in a nice woods will only add to their misery because if there are other racoons there the will run them off , or kill them .Awwww the charms for the animal kingdom , aint it grand .

keltesmouse: 10th Mar 2006 - 22:26 GMT

calling animal control would probably be a better solution to that problem, although at times they are unwilling to do things free of charge and therefore you need to resort to removing the animals yourself. When they have gotten to the point of being in a dwelling on your property it is time to get the creatures out... You could try the radio trick which seems to work for most, evidently perminent removal is going to be the final answer.

Person: 4th May 2006 - 00:42 GMT

There is this racoon on my roof! Its so COOL!

Amy: 4th May 2006 - 00:49 GMT

Ok one night my sister and i were outside and i said " hey steph look it is a kitty on the roof of our neghbors house and she said " that isn't a cat that is a raccoon and the scary part is that they are supposed to be necturnal and the raccoon was out during the day and early evening

Blue: Raccoons are people too!

Blue: 4th May 2006 - 06:50 GMT

I'm trying to get to the bottom of this opposable thumb thing. Whats the deal? They can grab stuff, open it, and it looks like they got little people hands. I mean, if it works like a thumb but its technically just a fifth finger, why dont we just give em this one. Is it because we're insecure about the whole "opposable thumb" thing. Some friends and I just had a mess of a dinner conversation about it when I brought it up outta the blue. I think I'm gonna catch one of those cute furry little bastards and see for myself, then I'll let ya'all know

elaine: 4th May 2006 - 15:38 GMT

while you are at it can you give me hawk's eyes and a tiger tail?
p.s. are you *sure* sharing the opposable thumb is such a good idea? it could be the thin end of the wedge...

Concern: 5th May 2006 - 10:57 GMT

I just saw a Huge raccoon near the trees in my fenced backyard Should I be afraid to play with my 20 month-old son in the backyard now?

patti: 9th May 2006 - 14:15 GMT

I live on Long Island, New York, in a small village and have a few raccoons in the neighborhood. Two years ago they made their way into the sofits/eves of my garage and were sleeping there every day. I spoke with a local expert and he told me to go buy a couple boxes of mothballs, wait until the middle of the night when they're out and about, and throw the moth balls into the sofits/eves. It worked like magic. They never went back in and after a week or so, I sealed them up (of course, my car smelled a bit like moth balls for a while). But now, I'm in my hot tub late at night and this one keeps coming around...seems curious. Comes within two feet of me. I'm afraid he might decide to jump in and join me (but with 104 farinheit temp, I don't think he'd be too happy). How loud must a radio be too keep him away? I don't want to wake my human neighbors...I keep a bowl of water out for four ferel cats I feed and I know the raccoons will use this (most mornings it's filthy, and I know the raccoons have been washing up). By they way, I got home after dark one night and hadn't fed the four cats yet. Got their food together and opened the door to go out and saw the four cats and two raccoons all just sitting in a circle, hanging out together. The cats didn't get fed that night...

Tyfoid Kid: 9th May 2006 - 15:03 GMT

I've heard that the radio trick works. I also heard it should be some kind of talk radio since it's the sound of humans that Racoons don't like. I don't think it has to be too loud, just loud enough for them to hear it should work. Like a normal human conversation. We have racoons and I don't mind them but in Minnesota they carry a parasite that can be lethal if ingested by a human (usually a child who's touched Racoon feces and then puts their hand in their mouth.)

elaine: 9th May 2006 - 16:15 GMT

i think i would like to know about anyone making tapes for them... like praps mantras, "i lovingly release you raccoons from my life" or scary movie laughing, or children in a playground. there has to be a particular thing that freaks - them - right -

fever: 13th May 2006 - 07:00 GMT

Yes, it is almost 3in the morning. that raccoon woke me up. we just purchased a house in toronto 2 weeks ago. the first week we did not hear any crawlers over the attic and the past few days or would say early moring, that freaky creature is waking me up so damn early that i could not go back to sleep....any ideas how i can rid of them?

74: 19th May 2006 - 17:11 GMT

i know exacly how u feel cuz i came on this website 2 c realy what could happen & just last week there waz a raccoon in r basment window it looked sooo cute & harmless but i wasnt gonna risk it i dont think any 1 would!!!

74: 19th May 2006 - 17:19 GMT

also,i cant belive those pic did u take them?!?!? u must hav been scared expacly that close!but ya ive cen alot more scarere things than raccoons tell me bout it!!

74: 19th May 2006 - 17:24 GMT

i 4got when it waz in r window i got very nervous cuz it would just b staring @ me & honestly, it looked... PREGNANT!

Autumn: 23rd May 2006 - 02:33 GMT

All of this is very interesting until 4 of those cute, cuddly coons which, by the way, can rip a dog apart, find your pet door. I boarded up the pet door, so they ripped open my screen door. They trash my house every night.Every night I lie in bed listening to them working on tearing off the boards, waiting for them to breach the fortress. They make a horrible sound and when they come across a skunk it's good night nurse for me! I need help!

anon ( 29th May 2006 - 01:57 GMT

this made my friend more scaerd

anon ( 29th May 2006 - 02:01 GMT

racoons are dangerous! They attacked me and my grampa. They may be cute from a distanse, but if you get too close they can tear you apart

rob: 31st May 2006 - 06:10 GMT

I was watering my grass and reeling my hose in and heard sound in the branches, at first I thought it was the leaves moving from the woater hitting them or rats, since the sound was not going away it seemed to be getting closer and closer so I just dropped the hose and ran to my front door and when I opened the screen door I stopped and turned around and saw 2 eyes staring at me upside down on the tree, I stopped and he stopped and we both stared at each other for about 10 seconds or so, I immediately went inside and closed the door. It really freaked me out. I saw them running across the street but not that close. I am going to cut those branches down and check my roof out.

jessica: 2nd Jun 2006 - 04:18 GMT

Not to rain on anybody's fuzzy furry cute racoon parade, but that previously mentioned ( smart racoon guy, several entries above) roundworm is anything but cute. Try googling "racoon roundworm" if you don't believe me. Although pretty rare statistically, a friend of mine's young nephew contacted it at a daycare center (he ate some dirt with eggs in it as an infant) and he's now blind and permanently mentally disabled for life. Apparently it can affect pets too.

(The eggs of raccoon roundworm are extraordinarily difficult to kill and can remain viable in the soil for several years, studies show. If they are ingested, they hatch inside the body and get into various tissues via the blood vessels. They do their damage as they migrate, before lodging in the liver, lungs, muscles or other parts, where they are usually walled off by the body. But if they reach the brain, they can wreak havoc for weeks before the body is able to wall them off. And a parasite migrating in the retinal arteries can destroy a victim's eyesight, according to the most prominent expert on the subject, veterinary parasitologist Kevin Kazacos, D.V.M., Ph.D., of Purdue University.)


karen:jun06-2006: 7th Jun 2006 - 04:22 GMT

i have a family of raccons that i have been feeding for yrs-i feed them cheap dry dog food or any old leftovers i have- they love spagetti-bread crackers-i have 4 cats and they seem to have a live and let live policy-i also have a possum and have seen them eating from the same dish with the raccons with no fighting-i hate possums ha- but i have some real cute pics of my raccons-they have gotten in my house 2x and made a big mess but i enjoy watching them eat out my backdoor-my dog who is inside with me goes crazy barking at them-he enjoys his nightly entertainment-i know they make many nightly rounds-i believe that the mommy knows my house is safe and there is food here so she sends the baby here while she hunts so i guess i,m a racoon babysitter-i never try to touch them-i always have a window between us -but i do enjoy them-does anyone know where they live in the wild-do they live in burrows?are they related to squirrles?rats?

ebcunni: 10th Jun 2006 - 04:15 GMT

I'm SO incredibly sick of them, argh!!! One of the three we have here in Maryland came at me on the deck one night (it was in my neighbor's garbage at the time); I think it thought I was going to take its food or something. The funny thing is it had the Pizza Hut breadsticks out AND the damned sauce/dip stuff!!! Amazing, but horrible pests. I spray them with pepper-spray all the time but they keep coming back. Loud music or voices? Ha! That's funny, that's really funny. Good luck with that ...

ebcunni: 10th Jun 2006 - 04:17 GMT

I should have said, "the three we have here in my neighborhood in Maryland ..." not Maryland!!! Sorry, that would be something if there were only three in all of Maryland, sorry about that ... laters, e.

jeeff: 10th Jun 2006 - 05:10 GMT

clearly there are raccoons, and then there are raccoons.

jessica: 11th Jun 2006 - 21:38 GMT

Oh- I neglected to mention THE perfect solution for when raccoons become pests, a tried and true method that my brother in The Adirondacks of Upstate New York invented: shoot the critters with a PAINTBALL GUN! He snuck up on them raiding the garbage one night, and covered them in pellets of bright paint. Apparently they didn't take too kindly to becoming living breathing Jackson Pollock sculptures, and they have left him alone since!

Toronto animal Assult!!!: 13th Jun 2006 - 23:01 GMT anyone please...

I have a possessed squirrel and raccon that are ruining my life.... oh and a strange pooping stray cat....So...

The squirrl rips up my garden every day, I looked out the window one day to see it, picking the leaves off my plants riping them to shreds and throwing them on the this normal! its not even eating anything....

The raccoon arrives on the evening shift to spread garbage its collected from the neighbors or arround town. all over my yard... The other day it tore out and snapped the roots of all my crawling vines...(why do they hate beauty so much!)

The cat shows up periodically to shit all over my yard...(it has the nerve to beg for food as it shits in front of my face!)......

I've tried everything I can think of to get rid of these
I'm putting out poison this week sooo.... if thats your squirrel, raccoon, or cat...get it out of my yard!

elaine: sounds like it is posessed. a priest?

gummie: 16th Jun 2006 - 07:34 GMT

I live in California (southern california) and I think I just saw a raccoon and/or baby possum...Is that possible? I almost pooped in my pants and now my laundry is sitting in my wash room because I'm scarred to go out there...I'm cute and edible...they may want to eat me!

ellen: 28th Jun 2006 - 21:22 GMT

Does anyone have ideas for stopping them from pooping on one's deck. I've tried vinegar, putting aluminum wrap on their favorite step and no luck.
I've got kids and cats and worry about the roundworm.

thanks in advance for any advice.

Autumn: 29th Jun 2006 - 00:19 GMT

Me again! The one with the boarded-up pet door and ripped up screens.I have so many trees around my house they form a canopy fot the racoons to jump around in. Then I found a pile of poo on my lawn under a tree outside my livingroom window. The poo is bigger than human poo! The darn thing is living up there, and the poo keeps pileing up. More and more. So I studied the poo. When the Mulberry tree is ripe it has mulberry seeds, then seeds from my birdfeeder. How the heck does vinager help when it's dropping from a tree? I plan to put a sheet under the tree to see if the poo is still dropping (it's starting to look alittle old - no flies). If the vile creature has left the tree (no poo), I plan to wait a week then unboard my pet door. If not (more poo), I am going to let a 12 yr. old set up tent in my backyard and shoot the things. Then I will become an ex-PETA member, ex-vegitarin, and reclaim my property. Hallujah!!!

Littleone53: 30th Jun 2006 - 02:18 GMT

To get to my home u must drive 9 miles I live far out into the woods,I have alot of wildlife here,Racoons are cute, but even thro some of u are scare of them, there will not hurt u,I have been feeding them for about a year now,along with the other wildlife.They have to eat also.Every nite at 10:00pm the racoons come out to eat.Just think if u were a creature and no one feed u.

Peter: 30th Jun 2006 - 02:27 GMT

such creatures lived for millennia without anyone feeding them, so...? no one feeds me and i get by.

Autumn: 1st Jul 2006 - 04:20 GMT

By the way, I put a sheet under my tree, and no more poo. He musta moved on. I plan to give it a week. If no poo by then, I will open up my pet door and put mothballs around it. Mothballs are great. They rid my of my skunks also. Put the mothballs in an old pantyhose, cut the leg of the pantyhose to where the mothballs are in the toe, tie it off and hang them around where the skunks and racoons are giving you problems. Vinigar is great for skunk smell. Put a little in a saucer, it will soak up the nasty smell:-)

Jean whit: 12th Jul 2006 - 09:43 GMT

I have been raising a baby was only a couple of days old when it's mother left it behind...He bit me tonight and drew blood now should i be running to the hospitial to get rabie shots? Please someone let me know...His foot was caught in something he was in pain and when i tried to help he bit me...He is not mean....PLEASE HELP..please leave comment

Autumn: 14th Jul 2006 - 13:33 GMT

Jean, I would defintely seek advise from the Division of Wildlife in your state, call a veterinarion and/or see your Dr. I came down with "cat scratch fever" after my own pet cat bit me. It occurs to me that there must be a reason why the mother raccoon would abandon the baby. Please keep the baby raccoon - if they can test it, no rabies shots:-)

Chris: 24th Jul 2006 - 16:40 GMT

I have a raccoon that insists on pooping in my yard! Any suggestions?? I have tried 'Critter Ritter', mothballs and ammonia. I works for one night and then he is back. It is disgusting.

Autumn: 25th Jul 2006 - 16:02 GMT

I had the same problem - totally disgusting! Poo bigger that human poo!(see post above).I finally put a big old sheet to cover the poo and no more poo...Make sure there is absolutly NO food source. Even from fruit trees. Good luck!

Chris: 26th Jul 2006 - 02:19 GMT

Did someone recommend using a sheet? I have been spraying every night and finally they got the message. One night no poo anywhere. Then the next night, I believe he/she brought their friends and have now starting pooing up against my house! It is disgusting trying to clean it up. I will try the sheet. Thank you.

anon ( 27th Jul 2006 - 17:26 GMT


OMG! I was out last night pulling weeds in my flower garden when I spotted something walking up on me the right side from behind. At first I thought it was a big fluffy cat. I turned around, stomped my foot, and yelled, "GET" very loudly. It ran up a tree, but only to the bottom ofthe trunk. I then ran on my porch, and got a better look at it. It was just looking at me. That's when I realized it wasn't a cat, but a raccoon. It actually started walking toward me again...that's when I threw my shoe at it. It wobbled away into my neighbors yard. That was the first time I had ever seen a live raccoon in person. I was really scared.... I quiver when I think about that incident. I wonder what it would have done to me had I not turned and scared it away. What do you think it wanted, I 've never seen any other racccoons in my neighborhood before last night.

tricia: 29th Jul 2006 - 18:15 GMT

raccoons like to hang in my yard at night and trash stuff. last night they kept revisiting, mamma and babies, they slashed big holes into a chair, dug up my cactus, and in my flowers. opened a sealed tin of cat food, that i had put outside, cause the other night i left a window open while i was out and they came inside and opened the tin, and didnt finish it so i didnt want to feed my cats the food filled with drool. basically they like to hang out. last year they would come and i had a blow up pool even empty and upside down they loved to play on it and eventually trashed it with their sharp little claws. there is usually not pet food in the yard. they just love to play. i dont know what to do to detur them. i have a motion sensor light. doesnt matter. last night they were even scratching at my window to get in. every night they mosey over the fence and come and hang out! i love my yard, and i guess they love it too. but what should i do?

Donna: 1st Aug 2006 - 19:41 GMT

Raccons have been living in an old home that I recently purchased and am in the process of renovating. We have ripped out the ceilings and some walls and much poo!! has fallen out. It appears these guys lived here a long while before we came along. What is the best way to get rid of the smell?? We have removed all the old poo we can reach but most likley there is still some around. The smell is the biggest issue, we are going to piant so that should help some any ideas would be great.

Robby: 7th Aug 2006 - 20:15 GMT

I like them, but they are both cute and dangerous.
If bitten, immediately get a rabies shot.

RE: Toronto animal Assult!!!: 12th Aug 2006 - 11:27 GMT

Hilarious post! (sorry) The leaf by leaf destruction of a frustrated squirrel. The racoon who brings his own garbage to scatter all over your yard. And the cat that begs for food out one end while dropping poo on your yard out the other. Quite a bunch of characters. It also sounds like they're vandals and willfully pranking you. Maybe their friends put them up to it. Do you ever hear other animals at the edge of your yard, snickering?

A dog in the yard might keep them all away. I think even owning a dog, having it piss all over the area, can keep pests away without the dog even needing to be present. You might want also want to try scattering your own piss, as I heard that deters foxes. But a predator urine might be best. Coyote urine is for sale, and specifically prescribed for racoons. Good luck.

Tony Iommi: 17th Aug 2006 - 18:06 GMT

At one point, while I was attending undergrad, I lived in an apartment building (actually, a house converted to apartments) where a rather large family of raccoons lived as well. They chose to reside on a fire escape landing/ deck off of the top floor of the building (2nd floor), around back. I lived in the front apartment and would share my supper, every night, with one of the daughters. The rest of the family would stop by to greet me from time-to-time, but the one female would sit with me on the porch and politely share my sandwiches (which made of soy-based foods, as I am a vegetarian). We would meet at roughly the same time every night and she would actually "ask" me to share with her. She would sit down next to me and we would communicate silently in a most friendly and respectful way. When we would finish eating, she would stand up, apparently "thank" me and waddle off. The next night, we would repeat the exchange. I have the utmost respect for raccoons and, from experience, have found them to be profoundly intelligent and thoughtful/ feeling beings. Just as there are not-so-nice human beings (perhaps a few have subscribed/ responded to this blog), there are, I am certain, nasty raccoons. Though i am sure I will some day, I have not met one yet.

Autumn: 21st Aug 2006 - 03:55 GMT

When you own your home, it's a quite different experience. Older, wiser and not so naive, I finally hired an animal trapper that I found in the yellow pages under "pest control" and paid them to trap the racoons and haul them back to the mtns where they belong.There is a big difference between urban raccoons and wild racoons. Let them poo in the wild!

Grange: 21st Aug 2006 - 17:07 GMT

Wow , I cant beleive this thread has gone on for so long .Perhaps homeland security should be advised of this danger in our midst .
Suicide bombing raccons cant be far away!

Autumn: lol, Grange...

anon ( 22nd Aug 2006 - 01:24 GMT

yea theres plenty of coons out here theres 1 way of getting rid of them a bullet in the head

Autumn: 22nd Aug 2006 - 17:29 GMT

Please tell me racoons hibernate in the winter - shooting illegal in city limits....

Carol: 25th Aug 2006 - 18:26 GMT

I awoke one morning an found a 50 poumd racoon in a pile of his/her own feces dead at the bottom of my kid's slide. Obviously looking for thrills, the critter tried the steep slide and had a heart attack/ shat its pants in the process (or became incontinent as the anal sphincter relaxes upon death expelling its content). Well, I called the city who said they will not pick up any carcasses on private somehow miraculously, that racoon made it out to the sidewalk (I think its name was Lazarus).

zoe: 28th Aug 2006 - 14:43 GMT

I just trap them and remove them...release them. Just make sure you catch the mother or it starts again next year...removed about 10 already

Mary: 29th Aug 2006 - 07:37 GMT

My dog, a Jack Russell, was attacked by a raccoon just a few minutes ago. It is a hot night, so I have the window open in my TV room. My dog, who had been peacefully lying next to me on the couch, started barking and acted like she was going to jump out of the window. I was trying to hold her back and shut the window at the same time. I heard rustling outside and something jumped on the fence that is about 6 feet from my window. I thought it was my neighbors cat, because he likes to parade back and forth and drive my dog crazy. I let my dog outside (she likes to chase the cat away) and all of sudden I hear this high pitched noise and I realize that it's my dog. I ran out on my back porch. I couldn't see anything but I could still hear the high pitched yelp. Suddenly my dog comes running toward the house and when she is about 10 feet from the back door steps I realize something is chasing her. I thought it was the neighbors cat. My dog ran past me and into the house. It was then that I realized it was a raccoon that was chasing her and it wasn't stopping as it got to the steps. I rushed towards it with my arms out and made sort of a guttural noise. It paused and then ran off. My dog got a couple of bites and scratches on her stomach. FREAKED ME OUT!! I got online to see what to do about raccoons, because one year we mysteriously lost 3 cats within a few months, and people mentioned maybe it was raccoons, but I had never seen any. Now I know they are here.

Carol: 29th Aug 2006 - 14:57 GMT

some people say a motion sensor sprinkler would do the trick. Sounds complicated. I've tried everything short of barb wire. Everymorning I trek out to the back with a mask, rubber gloves and bags to pick up their darn poo. Because of all the garbage they eat, often its diahhrea. I hate these critters.

anon ( 1st Sep 2006 - 11:53 GMT

Does anyone know where you can buy coyote urine?I just relocated a family and I want to make sure that another family does not move in.

Dianna: 4th Sep 2006 - 17:42 GMT

Do raccoons tear up new lawns ?my neighbor has a new lawn and almost every nite parts of the lawn are folded back like a carpet. We have alot of raccoons around but this is really weird

Carol: 5th Sep 2006 - 20:57 GMT

Dianna: yes racoons tear up new sod because they like to feast on the grubs underneath.

Gordon: 8th Sep 2006 - 02:43 GMT

IN Carroll Gardens , Brooklyn.. I have one comming all night long... right into the house.. Down the circularstair..from the 5th floor roof into the kitchen.. and through the cubbords... eatting the cats coon prefers the dry science diet.. got some great photos of it comming down the circular stair way..

littleone53: 9th Sep 2006 - 20:35 GMT

I would like to let everyone know, that if u let your cat or dog outside, when raccoons are around, you need to make sure that the adults do not have there babies around, cause they will attack your animals, there are only protecting there young, So check before u let your cat or dog out, because a raccoon will hurt ther animals.

raccooned: 12th Sep 2006 - 02:49 GMT

I was up painting late last night and I looked up and saw what I thought to be one of the feral cats in the neighborhood that several of us feed. It was on the other side of my sliding glass door. When I realized that it was a racoon, I stood up - and so did he. On his hind legs. I live in Phoenix AZ and have never seen a racoon around here, so I was taken aback. Then a smaller racoon appeared by his side. I said "Hell no," as I went outside to chase them away. They ran off, and two of the feral cats in the yard were just lounging around as if they felt no threat. Sure enough with the food bowl filled with cat food out there, the two racoons returned within 20 minutes. This time I just watched, entranced, as they ate the cat food with their hands and stared at me. My indoor cats ran up to the window and watched them, and the outdoor feral cats just stayed back while the raccons ate. I realized that the cats would be in danger if the racoons were to attack ( I mean when they stand up they are pretty darn tall) but the cats really didn't seem threatened and the coons ignored them. I was searching the internet to find out how dangerous of a sitiuation this is if I keep putting the bowl of food out. Looks like I would indeed be endangering the feral cats and possibly even my own if a coon were to get inside. They really are beautiful creatures and seem surprisingly intelligent. I am worried because if I stop feeding them, will they become hungry enough to eat the feral cats? Catch 22 because if I keep feeding them they will breed and rely on me. Guess I'm going to have to stop putting out the food bowl.

jody Richman: 13th Sep 2006 - 12:10 GMT

Do racoons yelp when hurt. At 4 this morning I heard what sounded like a small dog yelping in pain in the neighbors yard. I went to investigate, but couldn't see. I thought I heard a growl too. Anyway, I thought two animals were going at it, so I clapped as loud as I could. I heard rustling, a pot turn over and scrambling over the fence. But it was the animal scrambling away that sounded like it was the one in in a lot of pain. I still couldn't see...but I could still hear scrambling over various fences and yelping as it got farther and father away. And then all was quiet. poor thing. Do raccoons cry out like that? Thanks

autumn: 13th Sep 2006 - 21:44 GMT

Racoons do growl, they growl at me in my own home, but betcha it was the animal the racoon wounded that was yelping...Mycat door is forever boarded up and sadly, I will never put food out again. This has been a looong year for me:-(

Bay Girl: 14th Sep 2006 - 05:17 GMT

A read a couples years ago that racoons hate the smell of amonia but who doesn't. The article said to dip a rag in amonia, hang the rag over a pail to catch the drips and hang the pail in the area where the racoons are. I'm going to try it out this weekend.....especially after reading about racoon ringworm.

Carol: 18th Sep 2006 - 00:57 GMT

Bay Girl: where can you buy ammonia? I went to Home Depot and they said they don't sell it anymore. Furthermore, regarding ringworm, some kids have developed serious neurological problems and have even died from contact(ingesting) with racoon worms/larvae. The larvae remains dormant for years in soil. And, once they find a nice place to poo, they establish a "Community latrine" where they all shit together in the same spot. That is why every morning, I find at least 6-8 fresh clumps of poo on my shed roof. 'Thus, I would never leave out pet food because input will require a place for output.

Astro Guy: 21st Sep 2006 - 03:05 GMT

Great. Just great. How the heck am I supposed to relax when Iím outside on clear nights at the telescope?! Iím in BC, right down in the extreme South-West, by the US border in a little place called Crescent Beach. We just had 4 raccoons pass through the back garden half an hour ago!

I found this forum through google. Trying to find methods for repelling raccoons, and assessing the dangers they pose. It was 7:30pm, and it was quite light outside still! Looks like 3 babies and a mother. They climbed up into the honeysuckle bushes that overhang thickly the neighbors fence. They were eating a few of the berries before slowly and ponderously dropping down out of view into the neighbors yard!

Pepper sprayÖ loud radiosÖ heh, ya right. Guess it's time to sell off the telescope and gear, as another interesting hobby bites the dust. Prisoner in your own home at nightÖ if itís not the dope thugs with guns itís the raccoons with deadly round worms, rabies, and razor claws sneaking up on you. And if you kill these raccoons? I guess they are protected and you get fines. Sure. Of course. Makes perfect sense to me. *not amused* =(

Michele: 22nd Sep 2006 - 03:49 GMT's my story
My dog Milo passed away on May 2, 2006. I was and still am grieving from losing him. Anyhow on the day Milo died I noticed this raccoon which I have never seen before. At first I wasn't happy because I use to live in the city and I know how these animals behave and I wasn't happy with the idea. He came back the next night and for some reason I was happy to see him it was like Milo told him to keep an eye on me. I live in Kitchener and it's not like Toronto where they're so many of them. I named him Rocky and I leave 2 slices of bread with peanut butter and a side of sunflower seeds for him each and every night. I say hello when he shows up and I watch him for a bit then I leave so he can enjoy his treats. I love my Raccoon Rocky, he adds comfort to my soul since Milo my dog died and he choose me to visit and that I'm thankful for. I don't know much about raccoons but I do know my raccoon Rocky is a picky eater he doesn't eat garbage or left over pizza. He loves peanuts, peanut butter sandwiches and sunflower seeds. He's not loud and he doesn't make a mess all he wants is a snack and then he leaves and I pray that he never gets hit by a car like my baby boy.
And that's my story if you want to comment or send me an email you can. I'm at

Zee Zee : 27th Sep 2006 - 03:52 GMT

Racoons are definately scary. They ate my leaves

autumn: 3rd Oct 2006 - 02:46 GMT

Whew!If you watch "House" (who doesn't?), you just got a very graphic image of the ringworm theat can be present in the raccoon poo we are so causually discussing. And it can remain in the soil for years. In my case, racoon poo has been in my house, on my roof, my porch and in communal pooing pits. Must be in my lawnmover, my hoses, rags, vacuum cleaner - EVERYWHERE!!! Well, my skunks are back (what a welcome relief), so the 'coons must be gone. The pet door has been reopened for the winter. I will NEVER leave food outside again. If you're old enough to remember the movie "Deliverance", I think racoon ringworm was the culprit, not incestuous inbreeding.

autumn: 3rd Oct 2006 - 02:58 GMT

So sorry! That's ROUNDWORM, not ringworm. Anyhoo, a rose by any other name...Yikes!

Desprate Oct 5,06: 5th Oct 2006 - 15:14 GMT

Racoons have been pooing on my roof all summer. We've gone on the roof
many times to clean it. We've used critter ritter, we've used cyene pepper. Nothing is working. I checked this morning and the poo is back.
Anyone out there with any suggestions.

autumn: 5th Oct 2006 - 20:18 GMT

To get rid of the poo, start by getting rid of the source - the racoons. Think. Why are the racoons enticed to your home? Is there a food source? Examine the poo without touching it. What is it comprised of? Does it have birdseed in it? Fruit tree seeds? Pet food? Can you hear them on the roof? "Critter Ritter" is illeagal in Colorado. Do not touch the poo! Get preditor unine (coyote), or pee on the poo. Have traps put out and get rid of the racoons. Pour ammonia on the poo. Do NOT give the racoons my address! Did I say "pee on the poo"?

Desprate Oct 6,06: 6th Oct 2006 - 13:05 GMT

Thanks Autumn,

I'll try your suggestions. It probably doesn't help that our backyard
is on a ravine that connects to conservation. A lot of our neighbours
have bird feeders,friut trees and fish ponds. In the past years we've dealt with racoons tearing our whole yard apart. The grass was neatly rolled up. We take care of our lawn now to insure that there's no grubs. It's helped. I'll keep you posted on how the pee works out.

autumn: 6th Oct 2006 - 15:33 GMT

Desperate - I think we are in similiar situations - My property borders on the Colorado National Monument. Skunks are wonderful for the grubs in the lawn, racoons are much more destructive. Please check ordinances in your area before you climb on your roof and pee on it. And please let me know what works and what doesn't. Are you in Canada?

Desprate Oct 6,06: 7th Oct 2006 - 00:58 GMT

Yes I am in Canada and our racoon problems are just as bad in the country
side as it is in our cities.
My Mom lives in the city and has a similar problem. She has used bleach,
mothballs and as of this summer, she even had her roof shingles replaced.
Guess what? They went up on the roof and pooed in the same spot. They are pretty smart but they are a real pest.

autumn: 7th Oct 2006 - 15:43 GMT

I hope this thread continues through the winter. Racoons are in their winter condos now, planning their survival come spring, when they will bring the next generation out. They will teach the young what they have learned this year to survive. I'm sure my home will be in their storytelling. I plan to re-roof my home come spring. I think it would be a good idea to get advice from roofers regarding the best type of racoon-proof material. A new roof that they less able to destroy. Trust me, they will return. They are very smart and delight in new obstacles to overcome.Human evolution is the core of their storytelling. Try coyote urine, ammonia and buying cattle to attract coyotes.

Michele: 7th Oct 2006 - 20:14 GMT

Raccoons are animals with feeling. I know they can be a pest to many however they need to survive as well. We have taken away from the wildlife by building and continue buliding on every open space possible. The same thing goes for deers.

autumn: 8th Oct 2006 - 17:27 GMT

Michele, I am old, educated and wise.I am well aware of what human over population is doing to the very delicate balance of the planet. Mammals are either preditor or prey. Preditors have eyes set forward, prey have eyes set to the side. Mice, prey. Cats, preditor. Look at the setting of the eyes.Racoons, preditor, deer prey.It is a very delicate balance. When humans, (preditor), upset balanced ecosystems there are dire consequeses.Where I live, the ranchers kill coyotes, resulting in overpopulation of coyote prey, rabbits, resulting in striping of grass, which rabbits now eat, resulting in landslides when it rains, which brings us back to the cattle with no place to graze. If humans were taken out of the equation, the earth would be a well-balanced ecosystem and no mammels would overpopulate. But humans are unfortunately here, for the time-being anyway. Which relates to racoons how? We humans have a responsibility to carefully think out the consequences of our actions.I need a new roof. Beef is in demand, so coyotes are culled, resulting in overpopulation of racoons, resulting in the destruction of my property. It is my responsibility to purchase a roof that will not result in attracting racoons( while having the least impact on the earth), hence no need to kill racoons. Leave that to the coyotes. I can address Bambi later if you wish. Deer are prey for wolves. Wolves need deer to survive. Take away the wolves, which we did, and deer overpopulate. So now we are reintroducing wolves.Just trying to put some humor in a very lengthty philosophical debate.You made a great statement - keep thinking that way:-)

fedup: 11th Oct 2006 - 16:49 GMT

That's it. I've had it. I just can't be 'senstive' any longer. If I go to the country, I will be cognizant of being in the raccoons backyard and act accordingly (let him/her have their way). But, here in Toronto, sorry, this is MY yard, these are MY kids. Raccoons trespass. If they're on my property, ideally they should be shot. Period. Fill up the ass end of a raccoon with buckshot and next time he'll give my place a wide berth. Unfortunately, that's not possible or realistic (in downtown Toronto, I could end up accidentally shot by some scared neighbour).

There isn't anything much more toxic than a raccoons feces. Do a little research, you'll see. How can anyone even think that the welfare of raccoon is equal or greater than that a child possibly dying (no matter how remote) of roundworm?
They shit everywhere. Especially on decks.
Can you believe it. I had one 'pest control' company preach to me how cruel it is to live trap raccoons and relocate the animals. If fact they said it is illegal to relocate raccoons more than 1 km. (which is a pile of shit, or if it's true, tough shit) 'They might get confused and die' Oh Really! They might die? I didn't know that. Thank you very much! .
So, trapping it is. Relocate > 1 km. In fact, I might design some sort of electrical prodder that I can torture them while in the cage :-)...really, I have absolutely no guilt at whatsoever.

fedup: 11th Oct 2006 - 16:56 GMT

Okay I'm basically illiterate. I should have re-read my previous post for grammer and spelling mistakes. Sory

autumn: 12th Oct 2006 - 14:51 GMT

fedup - you are right - DOW in US ( Department of Wildlife) has very strict rules regarding racoons. Mine are coming from the Colorado River a mile south. Trap them, take them back to their home, they are back the next night. Population of racoons needs to be culled. Same with deer. Here, we are fined if we feed deer but no fine for racoons. My advice - racoon-proof your home and property. I worked on it all year and am finally ('til next breeding season) racoon free. My next fear? Pigeons! They are moving about a mile closer every year. What a crappy, shitty mess! Take a valium.

Michele: 18th Oct 2006 - 14:45 GMT

I'm young and educated (currently in law school) as I get older the "wise" part will kick in. I understand what you're saying Autumn but I love all animals. I've fought with my parents for years regarding wildlife and it's still a continuing argument because I don't share their views. Anyhow good luck to all of you and remember "The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man".Charles Darwin

Michele: 18th Oct 2006 - 14:49 GMT

fedup....honestly you scare me more than the raccoon.

Susannah: 18th Oct 2006 - 17:56 GMT

I'd rather have racoons than these guys. This was my backyard before we put up a fence a couple of winters ago:image 16599

Susannah: 18th Oct 2006 - 17:59 GMT

They came in through a gap in the neigbors fence; here's the neighbor's yard:image 16600

anon ( 19th Oct 2006 - 03:40 GMT

Susannah........that's such a cute picture. It's look like Kitchner Ontario
Am I right?

Susannah: 19th Oct 2006 - 04:09 GMT

No - its New Jersey, believe it or not, less than 15 miles from Newark. We have a major deer problem out here. Sometimes they run down the main strip of town. We've even had a couple bear in the last year or so, but this summer we were lucky. Some times I go outside and try to shoo the deer away from my rose bushes and they just look at me like I'm crazy.(As do the neighbors).

autumn: 19th Oct 2006 - 20:06 GMT

Michele,gg, keep it up. I am educated to the PhD level but also have "street smarts". Worked 20 yrs. as a CPS Social Worker. My home & 1 acre of property are the sum total of my life, mortage paid off:-)This last year I had 6 racoons the size of bear cubs rampaging and pillaging INSIDE my home.Came in through my pet door. Hissing and growling at me. Man, it was scarey! Boarded - up the pet door. They ripped it off, ripped my screen doors open. I have MS. Racoons in my fridge, ripping up my indoor plants, climbing on my widowsills, sterio, couches, chairs, even muddy prints on top of my washer and dryer. Got my home racoon - proffed eventually and lie in bed listening to them on my roof, fighting the skunks, jumping from tree to tree - I am totally traumtized!Live alone semi-disabled, semi-rural. Great God, tell me this is not something out of a Stephen King novel. What would you feel in my shoes? Susannah -Lol - take the raccoons over the deer any day.Am aware of the deer wars back east. My brother lives about 12 miles away in the country. About 10 years ago he was naive enough to start feeding them. Lol, now they are eating every tree and plant on his 10 acres. Squirrels in the walls ripping the insullation out. We are both non-violent but he ended up trapping all the squirrels, shooting them and lineing them up for the vultures.Lol...when ANY population of ANYTHING, whether it be raccoons, deer, mice, locusts, squirreles, humans, rampages out of control, it needs to be culled or we will all become like "fedup"! When we humans are culled, and it's coming, the wildlife will take care of it's own culling.

garry: 27th Oct 2006 - 23:24 GMT

How would people like to have a family of people next door who every evening around 4pm put out a lbor 2 of seed for the birds but the nly ones getting it are the onwanted racoons .The people thinks its ok to feed them in there yard and have my yard for a bathroom .don,t like to go out there anymore because of the germs and dont feel safe .have a heart problem dont need any bugs peroid.

autumn: 28th Oct 2006 - 20:42 GMT

Did you say 2 pounds???In the evening?Birdseed??

TM: 1st Nov 2006 - 08:01 GMT

YIKES! Well, I think I now know what happened to one of my cats. She was a curious lil' thing. She was actually seen going after a very large raccoon one night as if to play with it. That's just how she was but not with people or dogs. She was actually a stray and an outdoor cat that I took in Sept. of 2005. I couldn't keep her in but I sure wish I tried harder or just forced her to stay in and ignore her cries to constantly go back outside. She'd only sleep in when it was severly cold in the winter, during a bad storm, or once when she got a bite on her tail. I never found out what it was from but I'm guessing that bit on her tail was maybe from the raccoon finally. The last episode I am not even 100% sure of but I know she would have returned to me by now and her paw prints are on my front door. I miss her terribly and although people say "you couldn't have foreseen a tragedy" or it wasn't your fault", B.S. I disagree to a point. Ok, now you cat haters can trash this if you wish but I do believe now, it was the darn raccoon that got her. I could have saved my cat but what's done is done. I actually go on this site/chat room called It's for pet loss & bereavement. Go head, laugh and say, "it's only a cat". But seriously, hopefully someone will see this and make good use of the site. It's a great chat room and does help anyone suffering. Unfortunately, it doesn't give any advice on raccoons although I haven't asked yet. Anyhoo, glad I checked in. I was getting my hopes up when I read a post that said cats and raccoons were hanging out together but sure enough went on to read other posts about raccoons killing cats. Guess my poor baby got too curious.

Susannah: 3rd Nov 2006 - 03:54 GMT

I didn't know raccoons were a danger to cats. My cat is almost as big as a raccoon, I think he would be okay. But they are brazen, they were going through my garbage one night (we forgot to bungy cord it) I came out and got real close to them and yelled "GET LOST", they just looked at me. To be honest, unless we forget to put bungy cords on our trash cans they leave us alone, and bother someone else. We haven't experienced the destruction I've read about here, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we never do. My husband would go ape.

fedup: 13th Nov 2006 - 19:35 GMT

It's been awhile since my last post.
Summary: Got TWO raccoons in my live trap, and relocated them to a friendlier neighbourhood (a little more than 1 km away I guess, about 25 minutes on the freeway:-) ). No more poop on my deck (for now).
Also accidentally trapped a skunk! A roll of duct tape,5 black garbage bags, very slow movements, and a little luck, the little critter scampered away :-) My kids were delighted (and so was I) that no smelly stuff came our way.

Hermann Schmuck: 15th Dec 2006 - 03:01 GMT

We have several racoons visit us every evening and have been feeding and caring for them for years along with our two cats and will continue to do so. They are very intelligent, gentle animals.
I think perhaps we should eliminate the human population so that racoons and all wildlife can live in peace.

gail: 3rd Jan 2007 - 00:36 GMT

my neibor thought it was a good idea to raise a newborn coon,it is a female that has attacked the neibor and got away know it has killed 6 out of 10 outside cats and longed at me!they are meant to be wild and stay wild.i'm still considering calling wildlife control so they will be fined $2000.00 but the thing i hate is i will have to pay there exspense when it should be my dum ass neibor since they could't tame the wild.IMAGINE THAT!!!!!!!!

autumn: 16th Jan 2007 - 19:58 GMT

Been awhile since I posted. The only nice thing about below zero winter is that THERE ARE NO RACCOONS. My pet door is open again. But not for long - dreading the day I will need to board it up again. Raccoon poo still under the snow - I will not touch it due to the nasty worms that stay in the soil for years. Gentle my foot. The adult raccoons get in my home and hiss and growl at me while the trash my house and property. Call the Dept. of Wildlife and ask what THEY say about feeding 'coons! Getting me a 'coon hound:-)

autumn: 16th Jan 2007 - 20:24 GMT

By the way, does anyone know how to "raccoon-proof" a roof?

Grace: 23rd Jan 2007 - 14:03 GMT

I have raccoons and possums coming to my back yard. I heard that coyote urine is for possums and fox urine is for raccoons (or visa versa). So I thought I'd buy both. Anyone have proof that either one really works?

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 23rd Jan 2007 - 14:39 GMT

Where can you buy Coyote and Fox urine? And how do they collect it? does cat urine do anything because I have a lot of that at home. Mosty on my bathmat.

Grace: 23rd Jan 2007 - 15:58 GMT

Cat Urine doesn't do anything. There are wild cats living in my area and rome in my yard. I think they live in harmony with the possums and raccoons.
I understand that the raccooms natural enemy is is the fox and the possums natural enemy is the coyote.
It's in a pellette form or powder and you are supposed to sprinkle it around the area you want to protect. I don't know if it works or not, but you can buy it on line. I just wrote "natural solutions to eliminate raccoons" on the search bar and I got their website. There are a few companies that make it but as they tell me, that's the order of nature. Coyote urine is also supposed to keep mice and rats away, just for your information. But I'm still curious as to whether this method is successful.

yurneyurbs: 30th Jan 2007 - 18:34 GMT

The hairy pink eyed racoons that roam ny are particularly frightening to me since they are great politicians and smoke blunts.

autumn: 6th Feb 2007 - 03:28 GMT

For coyote urine, go to I haven't tryed it yet but I bought some...It's reasonablly priced and I want to be ready at the first sign that the raccoons are back. Gonna nip this in the bud this year!

Dr.mike: 18th Feb 2007 - 03:58 GMT

raccoons are cute but dangores and I should know Im an animal care expert at a vet clinic.

jackie: 25th Feb 2007 - 15:59 GMT

I have not seen one of my cats for two days and that is why I went to this site, to see if a raccoon could possibly have gotten him. Guess so. This is making me very sad. This morning my other cat was yelling and I let my german shepard out and whatever it was took off. Is a raccoon a threat to my large dog?

Kevin: 26th Feb 2007 - 19:18 GMT

Being from a wooded area in South Jersey, I have much experience with Raccoons, and I can say they are both cute AND dangerous. First - if you see them during the day - STEER CLEAR! It's a tell tale sign of rabbid raccoons. In my experience, raccoons are relatively docile and steer clear from humans under NORMAL circumstance, but if they have young around, it' a different ball game. Raccoons can get quite large in size, and can put up a good fight and even kill a large agressive dog. They will tear garbage cans apart, and are very good at figuring out how to get into things. Your best bet - try to discourage them from sticking around. Don't make food readily available. get trash cans with tight fitting/locking lids, and put them in a corral so they can't be knocked over. Enjoy their presence while they're there, but do so at a distance - and hope eventually they move on.

chazzz: 26th Mar 2007 - 03:42 GMT

I've known about a racoon in my attic for about 3 weeks now. i have a very low crawl space there. i tried trapping the critter with sadines and had no luck. i finally decided i had enough of the professionals advice. i removed the trap from the attic, and i ripped the end gable vent off the house where the racoon was coming and going. i hung the live trap right in the vent opening closed off the sides. at 2 pm i served the racoon its eviction notice. at 4pm i had it trapped and on the ground. 1 hooked together two pieces of 1" pvc pipe. 1 took my air chipping hammer and wired the trigger closed. i hose clamped the chipping hammer on the end of the pvc. i had people watching on the outside of the house. i put the chipping hammer right next to the nest. i then hooked the air supply to the chipping hammer it took about a minute then finally the racoon left the nest and ran out the vent opening right into my trap. it was quite rewarding thing to see this thing gone from my attic. i lowered it to the ground and will have the kits located and removed and re united with its mother. this was quite a thing to see. hopefully this will help some other victim...

grange: 26th Mar 2007 - 09:48 GMT

This has to be a record for posts on one subject .
Elicar re post as it gets tiring scrolling all the way down .

autumn: 31st Mar 2007 - 02:43 GMT

Good Going chazzz...How did she find that place in the attic? Is this the time for the young to be born? Nice, humane work. Got my coyote unine ready. This year they are NOT going to trash my house and yard. They scare me real bad - will let everyone know how that "Critter Ridder" stuff works. Still have poo on my shed roof from last summer:-)

jewelia 4/30/07: 30th Apr 2007 - 08:27 GMT

got racoons in the crawl space under my house. They are pooing under the porch area and under the foyer area and boy does it stink! I am going to try firecrackers and smoke bombs to get them out. I'll let you know how it works.

autumn: 3rd May 2007 - 15:16 GMT

Well,my raccoons are trying to make a comeback. Found their muddy pawprints on my front porch, on my car, and a little poo at my tree. Immediately sprinked some coyote urine and haven't seen any signs since. Absolutely NO source of food left out. But my fruit and Mulberry trees are getting ready to produce a source of food for them:-( I'm frightened but I have a TON of coyote urine...Good luck, jewelia, raccoons are NASTY! They belong in the wild, smart little suckers.

sonja: 13th May 2007 - 19:06 GMT

I tried the fox urine.It did NOTHING!!!I still hav the family between the walls.Tried to call animal rescue.No they cant do anything.So i called our local *critter getter*nam of his company.He wants to put cages around for 300 bucks.Excuse me but what happens when you catch the mom and you dont get the babies?cause they are waiting on mom to come back??
Ive tried lights radio..(well all tvs going loudly in house)nothing is working!!anyone have wild idea let me know because I have tried it all.DO they leave once babies are ready to go?or do they stay?let me know..

autumn: 14th May 2007 - 14:59 GMT

Coyote urine bought online DOES NOT WORK, don't waste your money. Raccoon repellent bought in store irritates every living thing that comes in contact with it, inc. birds,humans,pets and the envirement. I returned it. When I moved in my home 20 yrs. ago, I had the forsight to use deeply dug chicken wire everywhere skunks or raccoons could try to dig under my home. This year, I caught them opening my windows! Now, every night I lock up all cat & dog food, birdfood, pet treats, even my fruit bowl. With absolutely nothing edible accessable in my home, they have slowly stopped coming in. What a pain! Thank god I have never had the mother with babies problem. Only the big adults. Since I am disabled and live alone, the Health Dept. was going to get involved. My advice is to wait until the babies have left then raccoon proof your entire house - they will try to return. Year after year. Urban raccoons are dangerous and a health hazard.

pearlseeker: 17th May 2007 - 03:26 GMT

We live on a farm. We have about 15 feral cats...and now 2 raccoons! When I call the cats to eat, the raccoons come out to eat, too! They act like they think THEY are cats, too. The cats and raccoons get along OK, but the raccoons are bullies in that they push a cat away to eat the cat food I put out. We may trap the raccoons and take them to a woods about 10 miles away. I am concerned about the round worm.
Many times I see them on my porch looking for food...just like the cats do! I clap my hands together and the noise makes them run to the barn. They do not seems aggressive...BUT THEY BOTH ARE OUT DURING THE DAY AND I ALSO SEE THEM AT NIGHT. They do not seem sick....they just know I feed the cats around noon and/or 6 p.m. (daylight).
Could one of you experts let me know if this really means they ARE rabid or sick?? I just assumed they came out to eat then because they know that is when I feed the cats.
They are cute...but have huge appetites and eat all the cat food. But they have caused no messes here...they just eat and run back into the barn.

Majin_Boo: 18th May 2007 - 07:09 GMT

I just got home around 2:15am and there was a raccoon just sitting on the driveway. My girlfriend thought it was a huge cat and was about to get out the car, but I quickly stopped her. Sure, it looked like a nice furry animal, but I wasn't about to be fooled by it. The last thing I wanted to do was drive in, scare it with the headlights then jump out and head towards my door; possibly scaring it some more. After sitting in the car for a few seconds, it came out of hiding (bushes by my front door) and slowly walked off. Then we waited a little longer and just as I thought, another one leaped out of the bushes and followed in the same direction of the 1st one. So we waited again, and yet another one leaped out of the bushes and followed the other two. At least that was the last of them. I'd hate to end up at the hospital or worse because I provoked a raccoon family.

I definitely don't think its wise to feed a raccoon, hence making it comfortable. They're scavengers. If the food is always there then they aren't going to leave.

Fast Eddie: 18th May 2007 - 11:59 GMT

Found this page through Google -- looks like my problem of finding coon feces at my deck door every morning is not unique, and there is really no sure cure, except to trap and remove. I have already tried Critter Ridder, bleach, cayene pepper, a gate, mothballs and motion-light, and I've already read that radio and urine don't work either. The only contribution I can make is that a trap can be rented for $25 for a few nights and we would have to relocate the coon ourselves.

Fast Eddie: 18th May 2007 - 12:23 GMT

To supplement: I'm in Toronto. We have never kept food or garbage on our deck. Starting some time last Winter, the coons poops right in front of our sliding door where we get in and out. We have accumulated quite a pile of them through the winter and now we have our nightly deposit. Until I clean out the feces, I can't even enjoy our own backyard. Bummer.

Has *anyone* successfully repelled raccoons short of trapping and removal or shooting?

autumn: 18th May 2007 - 20:17 GMT

Fast Eddie - I have had raccoons for yrs., tried EVERYTHING and have reluctently come to the conclusion that trapping is my last option. As for the pile of poo, throw an old sheet or towel over it and see if you have fresh poo. When I tried this on my communal pooing pile, they moved elsewhere. Re: seeing them during the day, I know that skunks are aggressive in the daylight during this season due to defending their young. Maybe the same with raccoons.

Fast Eddie: 19th May 2007 - 02:57 GMT

Thanks, Autumn. Will try the sheet and this would be truly my last resort (may be ammonia, if I know where to get some) before trapping.

Coon-B-Gone: 30th May 2007 - 19:54 GMT

I had my first run in with raccoons in Toronto last summer just before vacation. My family was already gone and I woke to the sounds of something scratching at the door outside of my bedroom that leads to a second story deck (one corner I've come to find out is their poop deck). This was at 4am. Freaked me out. I finally realized it was climbing on the door (French glass). I moved the curtain aside and the thing just stared at me like I was bothering *it*. I went to the third floor, opened the window and dropped water on it and its lover. They slowly sauntered away. I then went on vacation. When I returned from vacation, I went to the lower deck to discover a pile of raccoon poop on top of my barbeque. Not very sporting if you ask me. They would then come back later that summer and make love on my deck. Again, not very sporting.

Last night was the first return of them. Six babies and a mother. The mother was teaching them to climb my french glass door at 4am. She probably also showed them the place of their conception. I'm sure she'll teach them to poop on my barbeque. I wonder if I can get one with a remote starter?

My understanding of raccoon removal in Toronto is that they can only move them within a mile of where trapped. My guess is that is not very effective.

I wonder how they like pepper spray?

autumn: 31st May 2007 - 02:00 GMT

OMG, I would NEVER get close enough to pepper spray a raccoon. They hiss and growl at me as it is...Hissing, growling and ANGRY? Try it then RUN LIKE HELL!

Julian: 1st Jun 2007 - 15:28 GMT

I've thoroughly enjoyed all the stories on this page. Especially the one about the pissed off squirrel, the pooing while begging for food cat, and the BYOT raccoon. What a trio.

I found this site via google because like a lot of other people I've recently had a few runin's with a raccoon. In north Florida, Tallahassee area specifically, we don't seem to have a ton of these things running around. But ever since I moved a few miles out of town last year I've randomly noticed a raccoon here and there. Well for the past two weeks there's this one that lives in a tree about 15 feet from my front door. And now I see him down at the base of the tree every night! Usually he scampers off as I open the door but quickly realizes what I am and then stops and goes about its business! I try to scare it off but I clearly see what its thinking..."you ain't gonna do ****, human!"

So I stand there outside doing what I do and he plays and forages in the dirt. I can't scare him off but he doesn't seem that interested in me anyways. I'm not what you call motivated so I don't think I'm up for trapping or otherwise forcing him to leave. It doesn't terrorize the trash, which it easily could do, and I'm confident it's never inside the house.

So I'm content to let it be for the time being. Just wanted to share my pointless story. The main reason I'm posting this is to thank all of you for making my morning an entertaining one. The story about the cats and raccoons chillin' in a circle in that one guy's backyard was priceless as well.

yikes: 8th Jun 2007 - 08:53 GMT

Holy Crap! It's 4:30am. House is dark, sliding door open about a foot because cat is outside and storm coming. I look down from the glare of the computer, and it's a RACCOON..AAUUGGHH Talk about being scared!! My other cat saw it, hissed at it and it headed toward the door. It didn't even leave until I got up out of the chair and started towards it! OMG That was CRAZY!! Thank God I didn't get bit!

fedup: 8th Jun 2007 - 18:01 GMT

Hello, I'm back for another season. Re-reading my previous posts, it seems like I might have been somewhat deranged back then. I am much more calm now. In fact, only last week, I came out my home late one night and startled a mother raccoon and two kits on my front lawn. The little ones quickly scrambled up a tree, the mother took off in the opposite direction (post partum confusion?). I had the water hose ready to soak the two little ones, when I suddenly stopped. What was I thinking. THey're little. They're helpless. I don't want to be a monster.

So there. I have a human side.

However, I found a large pool of feces on my deck the next day. Roundworm, danger to kids.....overrides being nice to coons. I have a trap and have found trapping is really easy (I have had good success with sardines), relocating is easy (like I said, relocating to a spot 'less than 1 km away' to be 'legal'....I am not good with distances but I usually drive 20 minutes on the Gardener freeway or DVParkway (Toronto)...about 1 km I guess)

It helps for about 1-2 months or so. There are many coons in TOronto, and relocating is an endless task I suppose, but I don't mind

anon ( 13th Jun 2007 - 18:47 GMT

Is it true that a racoon seen during the day could have rabies? I have grandchildren at my house and I want to be very carefull.

autumn: 15th Jun 2007 - 23:57 GMT

anon - as I indicated above, I called the Department of Wildlife regarding aggressive skunks seen during the daytime. They had received alot of calls regarding this behavior. Their response was that both skunks and raccoons could been during the daytime if they were protecting their young. Must be the time of year - pretty disconcerting.

anon: 16th Jun 2007 - 04:25 GMT

there's 3 of them in my backyard right now, and they're freaking me out... all I wanted to do is have as smoke, but they're slow and they dont care, they kept making their way at me so I had to run back in the house and then one of them tried to get in... there's 2 small ones and one huge one, bigger than your average minature dog... I really do feel like kicking them so they can get out, they come every night and almost always make a mess, stupid annoying animals...

char: 18th Jun 2007 - 20:20 GMT

do raccoons like rain? how in the world do i get rid of them. we trap one and there's always more in a few days. i have 3 kids that love the outdoors but i'm afraid that they'll come across a mad momma raccoon. please help

anon ( 27th Jun 2007 - 04:13 GMT

Dr.mike: 18th Feb 2007 - 03:58 GMT
raccoons are cute but dangores and I should know Im an animal care expert at a vet clinic.

Dr Mike ummm the correct spelling to the word "dangores" is DANGEROUS

Shimbo: 27th Jun 2007 - 15:17 GMT

Get this, I live in Brooklyn N.Y., I got a raccoon caught in the cage right now but, i tried calling the city to relocate it, but they say they dont do that. He's a cute little sucker too. I live a few blocks from prospect park, i might let him go there but he will probably find his way into someones backyard again.

The funniest thing is that the first time i saw a raccoon in my yard he was much bigger than this one. I never knew we had this problem in brooklyn. Any one ever heard of a raccoon in Brooklyn, Flatbush at that!

Worried: 29th Jun 2007 - 12:36 GMT

How do you clean the feces? I know they can be extremely dangerous but it seems that many people are faced with this potential health hazard each and every morning. I found some scat on my deck this morning and to be honest I'm not sure what left it there. I know raccoons tend to visit a latrine and so because I found a single piece I doubt that its raccoons, but I have 2 small kids and you know what, I'm not taking any chances with their well being!!

Angela385: Raccons are in my yard what do I do?

Marylizbeth: 4th Jul 2007 - 05:10 GMT

Uggghh...RACCOONS. They have been haunting us and our neighbors for the last month. We each have a pool and fountains and these rotten raccoons have been using the pools and fountains as their bathroom. Every day there are feces in the water--no where else but in the water. They are using these pools as their toilets.

It is so disgusting. We called wildlife control and they gave us the "we are in their habitat" line. But they also told us we could get traps and they would pick them up if we trapped them.

So on July 5th we will set the trap and pray they come and get them. Personally I would rather hire a professional but neighbor has already gotten the traps.

Has anyone had this problem with raccoons using pools and fountain as their toilet?

Bright lights and motion detectors have helped somewhat but these nasty guys are still hanging around.

We are in Southern California in a newly developed community in Orange County.

I am ready to move to a high-rise condo!!!

Marylizbeth: 4th Jul 2007 - 05:11 GMT

I just realized this was a "city" website. And I thought I could move back to the city (native NY'er) to escape these rascals. Who knew!

gioconda: 7th Jul 2007 - 03:20 GMT

I live in Los Angeles. Just lost 2 cats to raccoons in 2 weeks. Faccoons come to eat grapes & oranges that grow in my backyard, and since its' summer and everything is ripe, they are here. I started notice a lot of droppings in weird places...turns our it was raccoon poop. They are mean, fearless, and only leave if sprayed with a garden house.

One cat killed was a feral I fed for a year. The other was a precious pet I raised from a kitten. I ALWAYS bring my cats in before dark because of coyotes and raccoons. Sometimes, one will be stubborn and refuse to come in. I wait an hour and try again because I am afraid something will attack them after dark.

DON'T LEAVE CATS OUT AFTER DARK if you want them to survive.

For people who say raccoons don't kill cats THINK AGAIN. They DO KILL CATS, and brutally. They disembowel them while they are still alive. Some people say they've seen raccoons eating out of the same bowl of food as a cat, and all animals were getting along peacefully. I assume that's possible, but if you saw what they did to my pet, you would never take this chance. It was HORRIBLE. I am keeping all my cats inside for the rest of their lives. To put them in danger of such an excruciating death is cruel.

autumn: 15th Jul 2007 - 14:28 GMT

I think I am headed for the psych ward. I removed all outside sources of food, closed-up my home and felt safe until these little devils started opening my windows to get in, repeatedly ringing my doorbells while they worked. Then they growl and hiss at me unless I remain quiet and still in my bed while they have their way in my house. Come on, Steven King, I want some royalties when that book "Headlights in the Night" comes out.

help: 17th Jul 2007 - 04:01 GMT

I need help. I moved to the burbs from a city condo...we have racoon poo EVERYWHERE, all over our back yard. I have been resisting pesticides and fertilizers for our lawn and garden because of our 10 month old baby. Now, we have raccon poo all over it. How do I rid of this problem??? From what I have read here, there is no real fool proof method?? How dangerous is it for my son???

XxxshannonxxX: 26th Jul 2007 - 11:05 GMT

last night, a little raccoon touched it's nose on my hand, cuz i freed it from a garbage dumpster bin. it was so cute, but i was shaking afterwards.
does anyone know if there is any laws about feeding wild raccoons.
i am asking, cuz i live in an appartment building, and every night i go ouside to the dumpster bins and feed the raccoons.
i was told that i could get into alot of trouble doing that.
is it true?

autumn: 2nd Aug 2007 - 04:01 GMT

XxxshannonxxX - My response would be "yes, you can get in alot of trouble" in more ways than one. A baby raccoon can be very cute. Irrestably cute. But baby raccoons will grow up very fast -they become huge. Raccoons are not only very intellegent but are also wild animals. They carry diseases like roundworm and rabies. The baby raccoon will grow up and invite all it's friends and family to your feeding station. Soon you will find 6-8 adult raccoons waiting to be fed. They will growl and hiss at you, as will your neighbors. If you are bit, you will be in trouble. I don't know where you live, but feeding wild animals is illegal where I live. Did you free it or feed it? I had a tiny skunk covered with flys trying to get a drink out of my dripping sprinkler in the middle of a very hot day. It was so weak it couldn't move when I turned on the sprinkler and brought it some cat food. Once I knew it would live, I stopped feeding it - skunks can live on grubs in my yard. Then the huge racoons came along and ran-off all other wild animals. Saveing an animals life is one thing - making it dependant on humans is another.

ken: 10th Aug 2007 - 18:10 GMT

I see raccoons all the time in NYC when I take late night walks between 3-4am. They usually run away, as soon as they see me, which makes me sad.

Belroc: 10th Aug 2007 - 23:02 GMT

Raccoons rule the dumpsters at my apartment complex.
You'll know that they're in there because all the
cats will congregate and wait outside of the dumpster for thier turn..
image 22682
Heres a big one!!
image 22683
image 22684
^^And a baby....

autumn: 11th Aug 2007 - 20:56 GMT

OMG - Stuff of nightmares!ppl sure waste enough food! Glad I got rid of my coons but nice pics - ewwww, even in daytime...

carla: 20th Aug 2007 - 21:08 GMT

i'm rally scared of raccoons they've been leaving in one of my trees and at night they kill squerrls and they make such wier noises

autumn: 27th Aug 2007 - 01:59 GMT

carla - I'm scared of raccoons too...They growl, hiss and charge at me. They live in my trees too, jumping from one tree to another over my house. They have chased off all my wild pheasant, rabbits, squerills, quail, skunk, EVERYTHING. Yes and they do make noises that seem weird to humans. Raccoons can be very vicious, they can bite and carry nasty roundworms. Please don't ever try to do what "Belroc" just did - picking them up for photos. That is very dangerous and not a good example of how to deal with raccoons. NEVER try to pick up a raccoon. Those photos should be removed.

Jonathan: 3rd Sep 2007 - 08:01 GMT

Some Raccoons just cornered me inside the house when I went for a midnight snack. I'm sleeping out in a detached office. They made a racket and kept hissing and staring at me from outside.

After a while I gathered the courage to do a runner in the dark back to the office. I decided to google them for their dangerousness and ended up here.

I call the big one 'bitey'.

AJ: 14th Sep 2007 - 19:01 GMT

Take a pellet gun and spray the raccoons or a slingshot and rocks and shoot them off ur property

Frank: 26th Sep 2007 - 02:22 GMT

I have 3 or 4 huge fat raccoons that visit regularly on my flat garage roof. The mess they leave behind is utterly disgusting! I have to go up there at least once a week to clean up the mess. I hate raccoons now. They don't belong in our neighbourhoods.

To all you animal lovers who claim racoons are cute and cuddly and we should not interfer with them..Wake Up! its time YOU went to a library and did some research. City and surburban racoons are a serious problem that is only getting worst. They can be very dangerous and are full of diseases because they live off of our garbage. They would not be in our neighbourhoods if we took steps like NOT feeding them, not leaving your garbage accessible, not allowing your property to become a garbage dump etc. etc. I read someone here actually feeds the baby raccoons and watches them grow up in their backyard while their children watch on..shame on you if you do this. You are the root cause of this problem.

After reading many comments here, I will not waste my time on any of these products that claim to scare racoons away like coyote or fox urine. Those products are designed to line the pockets of the snake oil salesman who invented them.

I would agree with all who claim the only real solution is to trap and release somewhere very remote..and keep doing that for as long as it takes.

autumn: 1st Oct 2007 - 02:29 GMT

Frank - I couldn't have said it better! Thank you!

Scott: 2nd Oct 2007 - 22:58 GMT

We've had a single coon that shows up here about once a week. It's been showing up for almost a year now. Typically shows up after the cats have eaten and then it'll eat whatever is left over. Today I was outside feeding the cats. Was sitting in a lawn chair petting one of the cats when it's hair sttod up and it let out a high pitched growl. I turned my head to see behind me to figure out what the cat was looking at and there was the coon again, but this time there were 3 little ones with it. They were all about 4 feet right behind my chair. I hadn't been scared of it before, just always kept a close eye on it. This time I felt the fear factor rise a bit. Sitting there I just slowly raised my arms over my head so they would notice me, hoping I wasn't coming across as being aggressive in case the mom was feeling hair-trigger. The mom and one of the little ones scampered off, The other 2 little ones headed straight for the cat food. When I stood up they also took off. Kept an eye on the cats while they finished eating so as not to waste cat food. Interesting to watch, but I don't want them right under my feet.

autumn: They will be if you don't stop feeding them.

Larry, Curly & Moe raccoon removal?: 4th Oct 2007 - 05:49 GMT

The bright woman that lives next to us, has allowed a tree to grow against the foundation wall to three stories high. This is a perfect stepladder for our raccoons. Now "we need trees for oxygen" I was told when I pointed out it was not good idea for the house and the future squirel and coon problems. I got rid of the squirels in the spring. I have to laugh at the many holes in the facia and sofit on her house ($$$ then brains). But now I have coon crap on my roof. I've read the dangers of this stuff, so I will now have to take precautions to clean it up. The woman 2 doors down is just as bright, she has been feeding the 2 babies (not small now) all summer from her plate when she is out on her deck at dusk. And if thats not enough, another woman 3 doors down called local humane society people on a fella trapping and releasing coons after they ripped a hole in his flatroof. $9000.00 for a new roof. I just see Larry, Curly, and Moe.

Loria: 10th Oct 2007 - 23:25 GMT

I woke up in the middle of the night last night to hear something gobbling up my cat's food.. I thought maybe it was the neighbor's cat who sometimes frequents our home. I dozed off to sleep, only to be awakened by a loud growling. I opened my eyes and was face to face with a large racoon in my bedroom on its hind legs. Insinctively I snapped my fingers, pointed to the door and yelled "GET OUT!". It quickly ran to the front door and out the cat's door, which will now of course have to be sealed up. How can I keep my cat's IN/OUT priveleges without racoons coming in? Live in the woods.

Fattfree: 1st Nov 2007 - 13:07 GMT

The house on one side of us has a pool (racoon's drinking fountain/bath). On the other side the neighbor feeds squirrels, birds, etc.(their "restaurant"). So our yard was the "bathroom". Last year, our neighbors with the pool got a German Shepard. The racoons have not been back since.

jessica rillera: this is a great pictures

Dee Dee: 14th Nov 2007 - 07:40 GMT

Racoons are wild animals and should never be fed. They carry rabies and can give a vicious bite. They can be fearless. You should respect them and observe them but not interact with them. They are not pets.

Frank: 19th Nov 2007 - 19:14 GMT

DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS! Its really not a difficult concept to understand. Who knows you might even make friends with those neighbours who don't have alot of respect for you because you just don't get it!

Recently I picked up some traps at Depot and plan to catch and release any raccoons that come through my yard or to use my roof as an outhouse!@#! I don't want to hurt them but just using temporary methods of keeping them out of your yard does not address the longterm problem in your neighbourhood. Trapping and releasing is the only way to reduce the number and to hopefully keep you, your children, pets safe and homes and properties clean and disease free! If Im successful getting the 4 monster racoons out of my neighbourhood I may even put out an ad to help others.

lynda: 6th Dec 2007 - 16:08 GMT

Hm.. all you guys seem to just be talking bad about reccoons... have any of you ever seen a life one that was someone's pet... we actually have two... my step mom works at an animal clinic so we take is a few orphaned baby animals. an dthey are some of the most adorible little things you will ever see. alot of people i know that were afraid of raccoons ended up wanting one after they seen ours... dont get me wrong... raccoons are a hassle but they are not horrible... they make messes but so does any animal.

Never feed wild ones, they do carry dieseases... but i just wanted to show you gusy this isn't a one sided thing. If you have someone that can take care of them, they do make good pets, even though they scratch and bite. Also they are wonderful guard-animals

Anna:12th Dec 2007: 12th Dec 2007 - 14:53 GMT

Hi,I live in the city of Phila,and last night i left my dog out around 12:30 for last call and much to my surprize there was a racoon in my yard. I thought it was a cat at first and went out to help the cat from my dog,I don't think I've ever been this scared. My dog had it cornered for about 15mins'. Could a racoon kill a dog(huskey)?and will the racoon keep coming back?

Cheryl: 12th Dec 2007 - 16:19 GMT

I recently had squirells. I live Freeport Long Island. However someone told me you cannot have both. I know confirmed that teh racoons bit the squirells and I have racoons. I cover the area in my sons closet where they where trying to get into the house. However I am scared that they will get in. It sounds like peopkle walking over you. Will they get in my house? If you trap them cant they bite you via the cage when handling the removal? Well email me back

becky: 21st Dec 2007 - 05:12 GMT

they do not cover their eyes when you shine a light at them! I used to hunt them and have had them as pets and and tasted one cooked before. I've had alot of experience with them. they are great animals but you DO have to respect that they are not domesticated animals!

Irene west: 14th Jan 2008 - 00:00 GMT

I live In Back woods of Pa.
My Husband and I have raised several , Baby coons.
Not one stabed me in the back, more than I can say for some people.

Gavin: 6th Feb 2008 - 23:43 GMT

There's a Little Fat Middle Body Hanging Raccoon in Ace Ventura: When nature

diane ziotas: 7th Feb 2008 - 12:48 GMT

for the first time last evening, i noticed a coon decending the tree in my front yard. live in the bronx. i happen to own a blue tick coon hound. i attempted to rouse him enough to get up on the couch and notice the coon, but no luck. i have to admit, being an animal lover, i enjoy seeing them up close and personal!

sage: 19th Feb 2008 - 06:14 GMT

Guy McLaren says in an earlier post:

"All wild animals are dangerous. Especially African ones."

My response:

All domesticated humans are dangerous. Especially american ones.

I've lived with raccoons, coyotes, bobcats, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, and opossums my whole life--and lived to tell the tale. What is dangerous is our fear of the unknown, not the animals whose home we share. Try confronting your fear and embracing the unknown with wonder and awe. Your enemies just might become your best friends.

anon ( 7th Mar 2008 - 05:22 GMT

I was just sitting here at my computer when I heard a loud scary whining right outside my window. I grabbed my pistol and flashlight (my house is in the woods) and opened the door to see a full grown raccoon on another raccoon and it seemed to be trying to kill it. I fired a few shots at them and it just kept attacking so I killed them both. Raccoons are probably the most violent wild animal you will ever come across in the wild, I know this, ive been around them quite a few times here at the house. If my 8 yr old girl walked up on them in the dark by mistake they could easily kill her.

cat : cool my sisster loves raccoons & so do i

Montrealbunny: 13th Apr 2008 - 18:01 GMT

I had them in my backyard all last summer. Or more specifcally,in my birdfeeder. They cost me a small fortune in sunflower seeds and eventually ripped the feeder to shreds. But I must admit, they were kind of cute.image 26917

??: they are cute im doing research on them!

Kathy: 11th May 2008 - 04:20 GMT

I have about 4 or 5 raccoons that come from across the street and eat ( i am guessing bugs) on our front lawn. The come every night and then go back across the street. They are neither shy or threatening. I have not been at all worried. I have 2 dogs and 2 cats. I have never seen their poop but after reading all these posts I am worried about the worms and my animals. Will deworming meds keep the pets free of the worms.

Disgusted!: 19th May 2008 - 15:28 GMT

I live in an apartment building on the third floor and a raccoon (or raccoons) have been using my balcony as their latrine. When I cleaned it up, I used a tarp, gloves and industrial garbage bags to throw it away. I cleaned off the balcony, and this morning there is more! I can't put ammonia on the balcony as it is wooden and there are people living below me. I have been reading these posts and have become increasingly disgusted and worried. Should i just move? HELP!!

Condo nuisance: 19th May 2008 - 23:48 GMT

Wow... great testimonials! I say, get rid of them any way possible - before they take over. Having an open garbage dumpster at these condos doesn't help. They eat then live in our our garage storage cabinets. I'll start with ammonia. If that doesn't work, I'll move!

Jamie: kill them. with a knife.

Peter: no... kill them with FIRE!

Ian: 29th May 2008 - 09:33 GMT

I have 1 raccoon that runs around... He/she climbed on my deck and was staring at me through the sliding glass door... I went over to the door and it stood up and pressed it's face against the glass... I'll try to snap a pic for y'all.. It's been here just about every night for a week. It doesn't get into anything. It just lays on the banister like a cat would. And since it's been around I haven't seen the damn skunk that sleeps under my car... Maybe I'll just leave him alone, lol.

Annoyed: 31st May 2008 - 09:04 GMT

I seen a raccoon by my house. It was looking straight at me and I yelled at it, it just stood there looking at me so I went in my house. Then last night I was on the phone with my cousin. I saw the raccoon my my fence about 12 feet from me. I didnt get scared at first until I yelled at it and it didn't move. I went in the house and turned the side yard light on and it ran. Im a smoker and would never smoke inside. Im annoyed cause I wanna be able to enjoy being outside without the fear of a raccoon killing me lol. My cousin said that they cant kill you and makes fun of me for this. Oh and this raccoon limps like its leg is hurt. I know there were two of them because I saw them across the street together. Now I never see two together and the one is now limping around. I want to call and have them removed but my cousin says that they will catch them and kill them is this true? Any ways to get it to stay out of my yard. I dont have food out there. I do have lots of dirt for it to find grubs in. Am I stuck with this pest forever :(

nuthouse wildlife rescue: 3rd Jun 2008 - 22:49 GMT

I hope that you do not kill anyone alse in your back yard.... Raccoons are wild animals but the comments on this site are so biased.... Kill morons who move into wildlife territories....

Annoyed: 4th Jun 2008 - 06:35 GMT

Nuthouse. If your talking to me, I never said I was killing raccoons. I said my cousin said they will kill them and I wanted to know if its true, cause if it is then Im not going to call. if you werent talking to me then :)

Bruce: 5th Jun 2008 - 04:05 GMT

There is a family of about 5 or 6 raccoons tearing through my neighbourhood right now making loud noises. They were on my neighbour's roof, so I went to fetch ma paintball gun, n they was gone. I'm disappointed...

Omaha: 9th Jun 2008 - 12:07 GMT

at the moment i am trapped in my friends bedroom becuase she has a momma and its baby raccoons running around her house, we were woken up this morning by her dad telling us he saw them in the house when he woke up. we think it was something to do with the strange noises coming from the chimney yesterday. at the moment our best guest is they were trying to find shelter during the bad storm a few days ago and one baby was trapped in the chimney and now they all are in the house trying to find it, i am on the computer now becuase we do not want to leave my friends room and its very early in the morning for us we cant get back to sleep. were not sure what to do or how dangerous raccoons can be

Jamie: lol

Peter: 9th Jun 2008 - 12:50 GMT

ahh, a very modern conundrum: you can converse with people all over teh world on the internet, but you cant leave the bedroom. i say just go out of the room. its not like bloodthirsty sharks are circling in the house or something...

why are people so afraid of wildlife, seemingly by default?

Darren: 12th Jun 2008 - 05:39 GMT

I have a cat which has food outside and every so often Raccoons come and eat the food even if my cat is near and my cat doesn't attack and neither do the raccoons and the raccoons also bring their babies so which is weired is that the raccoons do not attack my cat even if he is like 2 feet away.

IT: 14th Jun 2008 - 00:59 GMT

Is there any way of stopping the raccoons using your properity as an outhouse. I have a family of them in our neighborhood taking their business on the side of the house. Luckily my childeren do not use this area, but i can not store anything.
Is the only solution is to trap them? Is there any product in the market to get rid of them?

Kate: 15th Jun 2008 - 14:35 GMT

We have a mother and 2 babies on our roof. The porch has this metal box on top (no one knows why, it's a very old house). Anyway, a few years ago my son and his cousin opened a corner supposedly looking for treasure and left it open. The mother raccoon has taken it over for a nesting place for her and her two babies. When my daughter first saw them she was terrified and between the dog and cats growling at mom she couldn't get any sleep. Not fun when a 15 year old can't get sleep! Now the cats and dog just watch while the family crawls around from window to window looking in. My daughter has named them, and I do have to admit they are the cutest things. BUT...I am not sure if I want them living on my porch, but if I call animal control and they want to kill them I would rather have them on the porch. We keep our trash cans covered and we don't feed birds, squirrels, cats outdoors, etc., I'm hoping after the babies are big enough they will find a new home, that part of the porch is going to be torn down soon anyway. Oh, and the sound they make sounds like a porpoise according to my daughter. I heard it and it does.

dana: 21st Jun 2008 - 16:25 GMT

To Jamie and Peter! What the F--- is wrong with u 2 idiots!?!? How about I come kill you?Raccoons are GREAT animals. I have 14 as pets. All spayed and nuetered. All kinds of colors. I am so disgusted with Jamie and Peter right now, but I will post again answering some the rest of you guys questions and what to do about certain situations!!

Peter: 21st Jun 2008 - 17:03 GMT

ever heard of the internet, dana? or humor?


see? it works something like that. as opposed to, say, sitting at home and shooting raccoons with a flamethrower.

also: i am curious at your mention of "all kinds of colors". what colors do raccoons come in?

dana: 21st Jun 2008 - 19:54 GMT

Yes, I've heard of the internet, whats that got to do with the price of tea in china? Humor!? NOT FUNNY, AT ALL!!!!!!! I have a black, two creams, a red, and a few chocolates

Craig: It's as simple as this: "Live and Let Live!"

Lex: 9th Jul 2008 - 03:23 GMT

I just had a raccoon sneak into our house last night. The room that it went to was really messy, and didnt have any food. We think that it opened the screen on the window and left. We checked the room and didnt find it. Should i do anything about this to keep it from coming back into the house?

dana: 9th Jul 2008 - 07:38 GMT

Craig, the only thing you can do is close your window, or put food and water if you want a new pet! LOL If it wants in, iot will keep ripping the screen. Good luck and let us know what happens!

Peter: 9th Jul 2008 - 13:52 GMT

all of you with raccoon problems should get a biting parrot to take care of the problem... i hear theyre a good last-resort option.

dana: 17th Jul 2008 - 09:44 GMT

Peter, The raccoon will enjoy the very expensive snack! Dumb idea!

Geoff: 23rd Jul 2008 - 14:35 GMT

The little bastards are smart, cute, fearless and a bloody great pain in the ass. Our current local raccoon family has taken to digging up our outside plants every damned night (on our second floor deck), and shitting on everything. I'm in downtown Toronto so can't shoot them, but I have to admit a silenced .22 makes more and more sense every day, although I'll probably end up simply buying traps. For all you who "love" them: come and get mine, you can have them free-of-charge!

autumn: 2nd Aug 2008 - 15:31 GMT

Ever watch "Little House on the Prairy"? Very family oriented. If Charles Inglels sees the need to shoot racoons to protect his family, that's good enough for me.

autumn: 2nd Aug 2008 - 15:41 GMT

Sorry - "saw the need to shoot" - racoons have been a pest to humans for centuies. Not to worry, humans won't be on earth much longer and the earth will be much better off for it - until the Great Apes start evolving and that will take a looong time.

leosdragyn: 7th Aug 2008 - 16:15 GMT

I live in S Ca, and currently feed two stray cats in my backyard (apartment complex). One cat I had spayed the other day, and she is a sweetie, but my indoor cats hate her so she can't stay in. The other cat looks extremely pregnant, but won't let me get near her. I expect kittens any day now, and have fixed up a nesting box for her on the patio (concrete slab). I am looking for advice on keeping the kittens safe from raccoons and opossums. There is a large gap under the back gate that I was reluctant to block off, but after reading all these postings, it seems like a good idea. I think the critters may have difficulty getting over the fence, because it's made of plastic, and there aren't any overhanging trees.

Wtf: 25th Aug 2008 - 21:53 GMT

Why do people feed wild animals when they know they shouldn't?

Maz, Netherne: 25th Aug 2008 - 22:37 GMT

Why do they, well I think they think they are helping them, looking after them.
We don't have raccoons here in London but we have a lot of foxes raiding our bins at night. If you scare them off though they won't come straight back again like you guys have described with the raccoons, they are far too nervous.
I know someone who feeds them and they are so used to her they come into her garden in broad daylight even with her Grandchildren playing noisily right next to them.
image 28976image 28977
I suspect these foxes have got lazy as they know where to go to get fed every day, not good for a wild animal. Keeps them out of peoples bins though.

augydoggy: 9th Sep 2008 - 15:42 GMT

To all the naive people in here that think raccoons are cute and are their backyard pets:

These are wild and cold-hearted omnivores that care nothing about you and would eat you alive if given the chance. The damage they have done to my backyard and property over the past 20 years is a list that is too long to put in this post.

Raccoons have also attacked and eaten several of my neighbor's cats. One of my favorite cats that lives across the street now only has one eye - a survivor of being surrounded and attacked by 3 raccoons in his own backyard. This large cat fought the raccoons off as best as he could - his owner came out and chased the raccoons away just before they were about to kill and eat him.

Any yes, they DO carry rabies and bite people and transmit the disease - expect to pay $1500 for the shots and go through some pain for four months if it happens to you - I know someone this happened to.

You are a fool if you feed them and attract them to your yard. If you have small children around, they are in very real danger of being attacked by a pack of raccoons - they see toddlers as easy prey and an easy dinner.

I finally bought an air rifle and now shoot raccoons in the head every time I see one in my yard. It is illegal in my state to trap and relocate them as one would just be taking the problem to someone else's land. There is no repellent that is effective against them and poison may kill the neighborhood pets as well. Raccoons also climb right over a 6 foot fence like it isn't even there. The only solution to raccoons in an urban environment is to shoot them with an air rifle and have a safe wooden backstop to catch the pellet if you miss. I surrounded my yard with a heavy 6-foot high wood fence with no cracks in it and now shoot away at the little monsters.

terrified of racoons: 12th Sep 2008 - 23:30 GMT

ilive in westphilly and i am used to rats and mice stray cats but racoons that's like everything i just named wraped up in one. They look cute as youngsters but let your as be walking down the street at night and see a big cat like creature with a big as hump on it's back your be ready to shit your pants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mary: 18th Sep 2008 - 13:33 GMT

if the raccoon was living under my house or at the back of my yard or behind my shed that would be an easier solution to take it and dispose but when it lives in the forested area nearby and likes to come to MY BACKYARD to use as a toilet, big craps like a great dane, then it's annoying not being able to solve this pesky problem. I have tried bleaching the area putting obstructions in that area, and it still comes back and finds space and takes it crap, i have small children and a pool, and i dont want this mythical masked shy so called lovable creatures in my yard pooping up a storm. and yes toronto is toronto we seem to be the capital of raccoons.

Mary: 18th Sep 2008 - 13:44 GMT

people have commented that they put down a "SHEET" by that what do you mean, an old bed sheet? do i put it where it has been pooping? do i soak it in bleach or vinegar please do share the "sheet" and mothball comments.

Mary: 19th Sep 2008 - 16:06 GMT

oh and another thing, in Toronto we have are friendly to our environment and eco green and it's great and all but STUPID People insist on putting their COMPOST bucket outside beside their house and the compost gets picked up every 2 WEEKS. so my friendly pooping raccoon goes around like a neighborhood buffet line and eats out of everyones compost then comes to MY BACKYARD and takes it's HUGE DUMP on my patio stones, i pickup the poop along with all the stones it's attached too so that i have thoroughly removed any particle of poop. we live near a hydro field and small green area of forest I love animals but just furious that it picks my yard as the toilet before it heads home!!!!!! i'm trying bread and anti-freeze TONIGHT!!

autumn: 20th Sep 2008 - 15:49 GMT

Mary - My coons had a communal pooing pile next to an old cottenwood. I put an old bed sheet over the poo and they never pooed there again. As the cottenwood was large and hung over my roof, I had it cut down. The old sheet is still there - I am afraid to remove it, it is so discusting!

Marie: 22nd Sep 2008 - 13:23 GMT

For the past three weeks I've noticed something has been getting in my trash, with the lid on it. Each morning the lid is off and trash everywhere. I finally saw it a RACCOON. How do you get rid of it?

hi : i think that raccoons are crazy and dangerous

sexyflax: 9th Oct 2008 - 01:36 GMT

Raccoons are so dangerous so dangerous that raccoon is a bad raccoonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn. Yah Yah Baby

Karen: 10th Oct 2008 - 12:42 GMT

I heard the most horrible noises out my window last night - whining moaning growling crunching ... then 3 fat racoons emerge from the woods - scary viscious killers .. i am so sad for whatever animal they killed - it seemed like it was eaten alive ... sorry for the grapic details but these are no animal to mess with ... scared to death of them now...

autumn: 22nd Oct 2008 - 04:19 GMT

Mary! Death by antifreeze is prolonged and angonizing. Thank God they are putting a nasty taste to it so that animals (and children) won't be poisoned by it by ppl like you!

anon ( 14th Dec 2008 - 00:24 GMT

i have two racoons and i love them too death they are very smart and well behaved..i dont know how to post a picture or I would.

Amy: 30th Dec 2008 - 22:40 GMT

I have a family of coons living in my neighbours tree. They come out every night and tear our trash open if they can. Id rather my kids see them and be amazed, and watch them myself, and have to clean up after them every morning rather than knowing I had killed them.

Wendy: 6th Jan 2009 - 07:48 GMT

About a month ago, I took our little dog out for "last call". We walked down our front steps to the sidewalk. About twenty feet away stood two raccoons. The dog started barking. One of the raccoons turned around and jumped into the storm drain right behind it. The other one charged us. It chomped onto my leg-the wound was so deep that I could see my muscle-then slipped off and jumped up to my right butt cheek. We ran through the door and it tried to follow us into the house! My husband slammed the door in it three times before it finally went away. I go for my last rabies shot tomorrow and will spend a year paying off my hospital bills. I'm terrified about going out after the sun goes down. It's like living in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"-get home before dark, carry a big stick.

Raccoons are cute, so we tend to anthropomorphise them, but they are wild animals. They have the potential to be aggressive and dangerous. Those of you who are feeding or accomodating them in other ways should be wary.

I'm all for live and let live, but I wouldn't hesitate to beat an attacking coon to a bloody pulp. And for anyone who pulls the "we're in their territory" card, let me say there is no way a raccon population of this size would exist without humans. They are urban predators living off our garbage.

BTW, this sort of incident is so common in my area of California, that the first thing the nurse in the emergency room said was, "Oh my God! Not another one!"

Elyisa: THe fox is sooooooooooo Cute AHHHHHHHH

Elyisa: THe fox is sooooooooooo Cute AHHHHHHHH

Elyisa: THe fox is sooooooooooo Cute AHHHHHHHH

Elyisa: THe fox is sooooooooooo Cute AHHHHHHHH

raccoonugh: 5th Mar 2009 - 18:35 GMT

i bet nobody has ever heard of one trying enter their house through their front door at the 7pm every day on schedule. What would you do if they were trying to enter your house and take over. KILL THEM!!!! good answer.. :) have a nice day

Tammy: 23rd Mar 2009 - 06:11 GMT

I live in Chicago Illinois (in the inner city). A month ago, I saw a raccoon on my neighbor's roof. I thought it was just traveling by as it searches for food. Today, March 23, 2009 at mid-night I decided to feed my cats outside on my back porch because it was a beautiful night. As I stood on my back porch feeding my cats, I saw a raccoon climb down a tree and approach me as it heard my cats feed. One of my cats was very close to the raccoon as it ran under my neighborís porch when I spoke to it. The cat sat on one of the stairs where the raccoon was one foot away. The cat would not move away when I commanded it to do so. Later, the raccoon tried to approach me again. I relocated my position to the front porch where the raccoon followed me when I called for my cats. I am surprise about my experience and now realize that this raccoon (bigger in size) has found a new home in my neighborís backyard. For two days, I have been feeding my cats outside. I believe this raccoon has been eating my catsí food. What can I do if I want to continue feeding my cats outside?

Dragoon: 30th Apr 2009 - 14:12 GMT

Let's demonstrate that humans are more intelligent than coons by learning to spell, shall we?

raccoon, not racoon or reccoon or raccon.
habituated, not habitulated.
aerial, not airal.
deodorize, not deoderize.
permanent, not perminent.
nocturnal, not necturnal.
grammar, not grammer.
apartment, not appartment.
saving, not saveing.
their, not thier.
squirrels, not squerills or squirels or squirells or squirrles.
german shepherd, not german shepard.
diseases, not dieseases.
surprise, not surprize.
weird, not weired.
prairie, not prairy.
wrapped, not wraped.

"they've been leaving in one of my trees and at night they kill squerrls and they make such wier noises ...".


Surprised Human: 25th May 2009 - 01:42 GMT

I live in Chicago, too, in a neighborhood full of large oak trees. Raccoons are common around here, some years more than others. But this year, a family of three figured out how to enter the space that hangs over the sides of the house - the eaves, I believe theyíre called. We hired a guy who set up a trap and caught one. But I think he released it in a wooded area nearby, and I suspect it just came back. Anyway, we only paid for a week of his service, and when it was over, there were, once again, three critters romping around our roof. So, I bought the same type of trap and decided to do it myself.
I caught two, and drove way out of the city to release them in a forest preserve. But one guy remains, and heís started making this unbelievably awful howling sound during the day. Not that often, once or twice a day, but itís weird as hell.
So the other night Iíve got the trap set up, and by 11pm Iíve caught him. Unlike the other two, this one is very agitated and moving the whole trap around with him. I start looking closer at the trap, to make sure itís solid, and witness one of the most amazing things Iíve ever seen: this raccoon jams his head between the bottom of the cage and the trap door, and forces the metal to bend just enough for him to squeeze out. It couldnít have been more than an inch - and in a few seconds he was completely through it. Iím standing there dumbfounded. I couldnít think of a safe way to stop him while it was happening. He ran off, and of course heís back in the eaves today. The trap doesnít look at all damaged.
So now itís on between me and Super Raccoon. If he wasnít actually in the house, I wouldnít care, but who knows what kind of damage steroid critter could do. Once Iím certain heís out, Iíll fix the entryís. I havenít heard any sounds indicating babies, and I donít believe heís sick, though I canít explain the howling. Weíll see...

Nellie Gloria: 29th May 2009 - 20:43 GMT

People who eat racoons are very sick, and believe me they will get sick they are not etible, they are innocent, and they only harm those who mess and tease them, they are friendly and I raised racoons for years, we called him rocky racoon, after she has been too old to take care of we let her go, like cats they go else where so you don't have to watch them die slowly. Our racoons' mother was hit by a wreckless driver, and the little one came to our home, where she use to eat with my cats all the time. Our mother cat Oreanna, nursed her until she was old enough to eat. They only get into poeples garbage when their garbage dumpster, or can containers are filthy. My family and I are on our second family of racoons, and they are just as sweet as the first batch of racoons we raised. They are loving, and scared of scary people who are nothing but animal haters, as my family are. We raised 8 cats, 12 racoon, even possums, and they are all happy little critters, we try to keep people away from the ones we raised because they don't need any more people around them who are out to hurt them. They don't hurt humans what so ever, unless the humans try to hurt them. They are wise, and understand a lot more than some. They need to be treated with care as you would want to be treated.

margaux: 17th Jun 2009 - 00:55 GMT

In my garden there are lots of racoons who live in it.My dad is terrified of them.Also they knock down are garbage every night.Sometimes i imagine that the racoons wear a maskue because they are going to a costume party.It is true are racoons dangerous or cute?

Wolfie: 19th Jun 2009 - 03:55 GMT

Racoons can be dangerous if cornered but like wise friendly if you get them to trust you which don't take long . I hand feed wild Racoons , Squirrels & Chipmunks and never seen any sign of agression from them. Hand feeding any wild animal is not a safe thing to do unless you know how to read their body language and know when to back off from them. This go's for Bears, Wolves, Moose etc as well which you can get close enough to photograph if you watch the warning signs. Any wild animal can harm or kill you if you get careless or don't pay attention to the warning signs.
The link is my forest friends.

Lynne: 5th Jul 2009 - 05:37 GMT

Hi, does anyone know how to get rid of a family of raccoons from my backyard? They're getting very aggressive and encountered us by standing up on their hind legs. I really don't want to share my home with them because we have cats and who knows if they are going to attack humans.

Wolfie: 5th Jul 2009 - 13:50 GMT

Lynne, The only way to get rid of Raccoons without harming them is to live trap them and move them to a forest area at least 5 miles away.
You could also contact your local Animal Control to move them for you. Keep your cats in at night as a large Raccoon can kill them. A well lit up back yard helps as they don't like bright light. As a Game Warden I run into a lot of problems with Raccoons and Skunks in peoples yards and relocate many of them. Best to get them moved as soon as possable if they are getting aggressive as they could have contacted Rabies.

anon ( 12th Jul 2009 - 05:24 GMT

I am araccoon hunter and yes raccoons can kill a full grown dog thay can get in eny were their is food even your home

Christina: 12th Jul 2009 - 09:33 GMT

Frankly I must say this website about Racoons has been both insightful and amusing at the same time. The first few entries sure had me laughing for quite a while after... good humor for the most part. Here's my situation, like many of the others who have submitted a posting on this web page, I was searching the internet for information about what to do when a raccoon keeps coming coming back when I call the cat. This is not the first time this has happened, but tonight I just happened to have my cell phone with me and was able to catch a picture of the raccoon as it was peeking its head into the cat door for the third time after I ran it out of the garage. (See picture below.) This particular raccoon has been hanging around for over the past year and lives in the natural habitat of the canyon behind my place in Southern California. And now I've come to the point of knowing this situation must be dealt with one and for all. Thanks to to some of the insight in the postings above, I have a few strategies I will try and will come back to update this website once one of the strategies is successful.

Rocky: Get out of my areas and I'll get out of yours.

Frank: 21st Jul 2009 - 18:03 GMT

My only regret is that in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with an estimated racoon population of 250,000 and growing they are still protected and you can't just kill them. Here they have totally become a pest, they are NOT cute and they are no longer "wildlife" --think of a very large RAT with a mask. They are vicious, extremely destructive in many ways (attics, decks, sheds, garages, garbage, green bins, recycling, sod, gardens, family pets, etc are all vulnerable). Raccoons are excellent climbers and dig and squeeze into places you cannot imagine. They adapt quickly and have learned that humans (at least in Toronto) are no threat. Even trapping them is useless because you're not allowed to remove them far enough away to be of any use (and there are so many, another family will soon move in to take their place in any case). Perhaps a SERIOUS effort at birth control could help (if we insist on treating giant rats "humanely"). Whatever agencies in Toronto COULD help are doing nothing of substance to help the problem. Count yourself extremely lucky if you live in a house in Toronto and have somehow managed to NOT have a bad experience with these giant masked rats.

Cassie: 1st Aug 2009 - 02:10 GMT

I live in So Cal, there was a gang fight in front of my window at about 22:30 last night. The assailants, one very large momma raccoon and thee babies were seen walking on top of the wall shortly after the tell tail stench of a skunk "shot". The skunk(s) were never seen, but the evidence left a high degree of probable cause to their involvement with the altercation.

I banged on my window to try and scare them away, instead, the mom laid down on the wall to see where the nose came from. The entire family moved on after a few minutes, should have gotten out my camera!

This site has been informative, funny and did give me what I needed to know.

Yes, grown raccoons can kill and eat cats.

1. Two of my neighbors lost their cats, one was found. The cat had been killed and only it's midsection was eaten. We do have coyotes in the area, but they usually eat every thing.

Thank you all, it's been fun reading! I'll play the music to try and keep the raccoon family at bay!

William: 8th Aug 2009 - 02:57 GMT

sooo do they bite you, will it KILL you? Damn i couldn't sleep for the whole night when i look out the window there just like freeky eyes looking at me.

Alito: 8th Aug 2009 - 04:15 GMT

Yes. If any raccoon bites you, you will instantly die. Dumbass.

Veggiesue: 13th Aug 2009 - 01:06 GMT

We had a family of raccoons that would come into our back yard every night and dig holes, pull up plants, break tree limbs off, eat anything we were trying to grow for ourselves. They went into our neighbor's garage and got into the refrigerator out there and helped themselves. We tried everything: Radios, water sensor sprayer, sounds that humans can't hear - nothing worked for long. Then we read that the Humane Society of the United States recommended a electric fence charger. We have a 6 foot board fence surrounding our yard so we attached the electric cords around the top. It just gives a light shock - no real damage. It has worked for 5 or 6 years so far. It keeps out the neighbor's cats and the raccoons. What a relief! It works! We never tried trapping them because we love animals and raccoons are very territorial. If you take them somewhere else you may separate them from their family and home and the raccoons in the new area may kill them. They can be very vicious. Hope this information helps.

Terri: 14th Aug 2009 - 15:35 GMT

I don't like raccoons! Try leaving some hot peppers( really hot) for them. Mix it in with some food preferably cat food or food with fish. or ammonia! They are wild animals and have rabies.

Franny Wentzel: 16th Aug 2009 - 21:28 GMT

If you really want to get rid of racoons leave plates of lutefisk out for them.

You will of course have an infestation of Norwegians... but they go away on their own when the 'fisk' runs out...

Julie S.: 24th Aug 2009 - 19:41 GMT

Hey Terri if you don't like raccoons why don't you try rubbing some hot peppers in your eyes then you won't see them. Better yet move somewhere where there aren't any. Of course you could always take some ammonia and mix it in with your own food, I'm pretty sure that would work as well!

anon ( 24th Aug 2009 - 22:03 GMT

These are wild Raccoons , that come every night for a handout, you can pet the Kits and the mother don't mind at all.
They are wild so you have to not trust them to much and get careless of the warning signs.
image 35469

Wolfie: 24th Aug 2009 - 22:08 GMT

Sorry about the above post , I forgot to change the name . I posted it not anon.
This is one of the kits we call big nose.
image 35470

anon: 25th Aug 2009 - 14:43 GMT

I had a coon problem for a few months. They kept waking me up at night trying, without luck, to get in the dog food bin. One shot in the ass with a pellet gun and the little guy hasn't returned!

Wolfie: 27th Aug 2009 - 15:58 GMT

Yep Anon, that would kind of give them the idea they are not wanted. The 4 here come every night for a hand out, eat get a scratch and leave until the next night.we have had no problem here since I been feeding them. I photograph wildlife so this saves me trying to find them in the woods.
Sorry about posting under your name above. I am brain dead at

jumbowrestler67: 21st Sep 2009 - 00:42 GMT

i have handled one i caught in my back yard and it was perfectly calm and just sat there but if u do try to handle make sure u wash your hands very good after because they are very dirty

cobweb: 21st Sep 2009 - 11:17 GMT

image 35985

image 35986

Where I live there's a 250 acre nature preserve for a backyard. I get all the critters, raccoons come by every night for dinner scraps around 11pm. There's a loner who comes by about 1am and knocks on the door and sits until I open the door. He comes when I call him, I hand feed him, he stays and eats then goes on his way. Kind of weird, he only knocks if the lights are on. If they're off (only the tv on)I can hear him sniff at the door and go away. Possum too but not on a regular basis. I feel for those of you in urban areas because it's more dangerous for you and them. Plus I have no yard to speak of, put my trash out in the morning and no home intruders so far. Maybe they've been around us for to long. Now if I'm hiking in the woods an encounter would be a whole different story. Reading all your posts has been great! Informative and comic relief... cya

Paul: 2nd Oct 2009 - 00:55 GMT

racoons is good to eat, I growed up eatin racoons. They are good in a stew wit rice. Eat more racoon.

NotAnAnimalHater: 4th Oct 2009 - 21:47 GMT

I live in Philly PA. I saw on the news that raccoons are taking over in Philly. I've had them in my ceiling for over a year now. In the summer they're not so troublsome. When the weather starts changing, they start looking for somewhere to get out of the cold. They come in and spend the day, they come in at night and I can't figure out what they do in the celing because they're not always sleeping. What? What the hell are doing up there? Do they store food like squirrels? They try to remove the drop-down ceiling panels in the bathrooms...and they know how. We just chase them away before they can. For some reason they like to do, whatever it is they do, in my bedroom ceiling. I work with people and I can't go to work sleepy, angry and frustrated. With all the (I don't know) playing, fighting, or whatever, I can't sleep or they wake me up in the middle of the night. When they leave, hey're back at 6am.

Last year, one of them died in my bedroom ceiling. The decomp lasted for months and soaked into the dry wall. I was trying to be patient until it completely decomposed, but it went on and on. The smell got into my bedding, my clothing, my hair, everything. I went away to visit my uncle for Christmas and felt so great without that smell. When I returned home, I had forgotten about the problem in my ceiling so I was shocked when I opened my bedroom door. Two days later, I couldn't take it anymore. I knocked a hole in the ceiling and removed the still decomposing dead body. I didn't care at that point what my landlord was going to do to me for destroying the property. I had been complaining to him since the problem started and he did nothing but give me excuses. Fortunately, he didn't get angry, he didn't make me pay for the damage. While I had the ceiling open, I saw where the SOBs were coming in. It's an opening that the landlord says needs to be there. He calls it a "breathe space". I think he could at least put some bars or barbed wire there. The air could get in, but the coons wouldn't be able to. Since January I have been trying to get him to get on it, but he's still giving me excuses. He says he's going have a guy put a special kind of poison down that will make them run out to get water and they'll die outside.

Sorry to be so long winded, but I'm so frustrated and I've been this frustrated for a long time. All I can think to do is move or put down that poison (sorry). I hate moving.

Wolfie: 4th Nov 2009 - 15:39 GMT

I can see where you would have a problem with Racs in your attic alright, you don't want them liveing there. All the landlord has to do is wait untill they are out looking for food and put a metal grill over the vent so they can't get back in and the grill won't stop the air flow for the attic. That would solve your problem real fast without poisoning them. If they are poisoned and die outside other animals may eat them and die also.Someones dog may do this and if they found out who put out the poison they may take it to court.Even a child may come in contact with the dead Rac and get poisoned. A guy here put poison outside for Rats and Eagle ate one and died. He got found out and received a $1500 fine and 4 years in prison for killing an endangered and protected bird.You have to be very careful when useing poisons.

Robert: 4th Nov 2009 - 18:24 GMT

image 36866
image 36867

And it seems that these cute animals are spread all over the continent, here are two images shot by my friend, photographer Pedro Velazquez, in South Florida

anon ( 5th Dec 2009 - 07:56 GMT

where's my comment?

anon ( 1st Jan 2010 - 21:46 GMT

image 37675
thats my pet raccon :]

Brenda: 22nd Jan 2010 - 01:11 GMT

Maybe they are dangerous, but they dont deserve die like in some contries... somebody sent me this link

is really sad how people could be too cruel!! Somebody needs to do something against it! If i could do something, I would! TT____TT!! The world cannot stand it!

Brenda: do something! They feel too!!

memau: 28th Jan 2010-05:53EST: 28th Jan 2010 - 22:57 GMT

I haven forbid really like, love raccoons! I used to be afraid of them after all, they are wild animals and they bite and maybe attack, also are disease ridden! I discovered a sick mother and her cubs who moved into a storage space at the side of my house! I felt so sorry for her as she had a hard time nursing her babies! I started feeding her raw eggs and cat food from my own pets. The mommy raccoon was, so may i say lady like. Her behaviour totally amazed and fascinated me! I just respectfully observed her and her cubs from a close distance. WHAT a mommy she was, even washing the babies, feeding, disciplining and very obviously cared for them. And play time with the babies, gently lifting them by their arm pits lifting baby, a little off the ground,with baby holding arms out and the other cubs waiting in line for a ride as well ! My urban garden which is a tiny court yard, was a show piece! The mommy and babies played my garden into the ground except for the larger plants which weren't playable or climbable! Oh yea, they nipped at me, as they nipped at each other, all in fun! I learned on the net that the word no was very affective, when the babies got a little out of hand! Under the close supervision of mommy who was always close by, keeping an eye on things! I must say they were so entertaining and that I was totally charmed by them! Reading the wild life info line was extremely helpful, warning me about, feeding mommy and babies that I would have more mommies and babies and I did! Two more mommies and ten babies along with brown mommies five, making it fifteen in all with three adult racoons! And funny enough it all worked out in it,s own peculiar way! With never ending stories, a few tragical moments and conflicts dealing with narrow minded neighbours! If we didn't have more tolerance for our wildlife urban or rural. Our blatant ignorance and arrogance for lets face it, nature. This attitude is destroying our world as we know it! The little things like defecating, geese, racoon's,pigeon;s ,squirrels and now deer,coyotes, fox,monkey's and other so called vermin. How inconvenient for us, is this ignorance truly bliss or is this the end times of our existence!
By the way these creatures small and large are thankfully PROTECTED by provencal law, so do no harm to these animals!

amber!: 4th Feb 2010 - 06:34 GMT

image 39377

image 39378

the first pic is my sweet little meeko laying on top of one of our dogs, lucy. they're best friends :]
the second is her and her sly when they were babies.just look how cuddly they are! look!

anon ( 16th Feb 2010 - 06:48 GMT

I have a raccoon and a skunk who comes in my yard and on my porch alot you never see them at the sametime but its always the same ones who visit my porch they have become friendly with my outdoor cats my cats eat out of the same food bowl with them and it doesnt scare the skunk or the raccoon i just keep my distance of course and watch them i love taking pics of them one nite the skunk even was sleeping with my cats i took pics of it noone would think it was true till i showed them the pic lol

Wolfie: 27th Mar 2010 - 02:08 GMT

These guys have just started turning up for food , loveable little guys.
image 40731

Bruce Robertson: 24th Apr 2010 - 23:31 GMT

I have a girlfriend that would say they are terrible.. she had 4 kittens in her backyard living, wild kittens, and one night she heard noises and saw the racoons carrying the kittens off as the kittens were screaming.. I also know a girl who says she left her pugg dog outside one night and she said the racoons killed it. just a warning...

amber!: 28th Apr 2010 - 06:44 GMT

image 41929

how could anyone not love these little guys?!

bob: thaire big

fred: pie

wolfie: 15th May 2010 - 02:51 GMT

Bruce (above) is correct, Raccoons will kill small animals, it is best not to let your small dog or cat out in the yard at night
if you have Raccoons around. I have 9 Raccoons ,2 Skunks,1 Deer and a Groundhog around here and i feed all of them and break up
fights between the Racs. they are funny but not to take for granted. They can be dangerous.

Tommy: Raccoons Suck

kat: sooooo CUTE!!

anon ( 20th Aug 2010 - 19:17 GMT


Someone may state the real solution??

Jim: 29th Oct 2010 - 18:46 GMT

I was ambushed by 3 Racoons last night. They apparently get into the squirrel feeders. They didn't seem startled by anything, including yelling, throwing things at them, and sudden movements. One hissed at me. Then another one appeared on the roof above my head. If i got close to them they would crouch like a cat getting ready to pounce. I don't scare all that easily, especially when i have been drinking but all of a sudden i started to get worried. They finally left with no food to be found...

Marj.: 23rd Nov 2010 - 00:41 GMT

We recently discovered racoons in our attic. I immediately called to have someone come and set traps. They placed a huge cage on the top of the roof where the entry is located. They also pulled up shingles in four areas on the other side of the roof. It's been 4 days and not a single catch. I don't know what damage they are doing to our attic and I'm afraid to sleep at night because they are running back and forth over my head. One positive outcome is that the insurance company will be paying our $6800 bill to disinfect the attic, put in new installation and plug the holes. WOW!

SAL: I like Raccoons.

ahhheh: 5th Dec 2010 - 04:06 GMT

raccons do not get afraid easily. i tried scaring them away kept getting closer turnsd out i was the one that ran away

Bettye: 24th Jan 2011 - 18:08 GMT

We live on a mountain with 8+ acres. I have been feeding/friending the raccoon population for 9 yrs now. In the past I have worked as animal rescuer/wildlife rehab. Raccoons are wild animals and you definitely need to be aware and informed when putting yourself in close contact with them. As someone mentioned earlier, they carry roundworm, which is very dangerous to humans. They,as other wildlife are known to contract rabies. All my food scrapes go directly into large pans outside for my raccoon buddies every evening, along with dry cat food. I have interacted with these critters every night for the past 9 yrs, so they're really fairly tame. I do hand feed them graham crackers (their favorites) as well as grapes and their favorite snacks. I always get a "raccoon bag" from our restaurants. Over the years, the mothers have brought the kits as soon as they were old enough and introduced them to us, and of course the next year, the kits will bring their own back. It's been a wonderful cycle of family after family. This year we had 4 mothers with 10 babies. We had 4 different feeding areas on our back deck so there was very little fighting. The older ones tend to move away, but still venture back for their "cookies" and a pat on the head or a head rub. I also buy stuffed animals for them and the old and young love playing with them. Sometimes they get into mischief, and dig out a plant or knock one over, but mostly they just come to the back door and sit and look in until I show up with the cookies. Even my friends who previously considered them "vicious vermin", have changed their opinion. Most have enjoyed giving my furry buddies cookies on the deck. My husband and I have enjoyed having these precious little fur balls around and hope they will continue to trust us and come for their dinner.

ray rizzy: 14th Mar 2011 - 10:08 GMT


ray rizzy: 14th Mar 2011 - 10:09 GMT


Cindy: 24th Mar 2011 - 19:59 GMT

I am having a problem with the raccoons living in my attic I have replaced the wood and even put a heavy wire screen over it the have bent the wire and clawed the wood and have made several holes in the sofit. I have tried everything and they keep coming back! I am at witts end!

Ambrose: 25th Mar 2011 - 21:17 GMT

I hear holes in the sofit are a real problem for the residents of Witts End....

n0va59: 22nd May 2011 - 15:16 GMT

Well what a thread, lol I have enjoyed all the posts and been amused and alarmed at moments...I guess I am in the "live n let live" camp although I do sympathize with the problems they can cause for home owners. I have enjoyed the thread though, and have been educated and entertained at the same time..thanks

not a friend of raccoons: fuck, don't feed raccoons!

Cat: 21st Jun 2011 - 20:51 GMT

I live in a very wooded area in SoCal. My yard is like a nature preserve, complete with a running creek. Just about every critter imaginable has trekked through at one time or another- coyotes, possums, skunks, squirrels, chipmunks, deer, raccoons and yikes, even a mountain lion! Unfortunately we also are plagued with rodents. Don't mind the mice so much but the rats are a huge problem. I love it when raccoons visit because they scare off the rats. I'll take a family of raccoons over rats any day. The raccoons are as respectful of us as we are of them. The rats are very aggressive and not fearful at all.

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 13:39 GMT

a raccoon killed my cat and left a big giant hole in her stomache

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 13:43 GMT

once i saw a raccoon on the side ofthe road with a bag of chips right here in massachusetts it was wierd

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 13:45 GMT

another one is where a roccon was slaming against the door

awesome: bye

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 14:02 GMT

hi again yeah so once i saw a movie with raccoons in it and the raccoons knocked all the trash down so they put the trash inside their house so the raccoons could not get to them but then they did and trashed the house with garbage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 14:14 GMT

ok here it is "I" am two people who are taking turns writing and im not reveling "my" real name because we are under 18, but i will tell you about us I am 10, and i love watching "that 70 show" i am african, ameican, irish, polish, and a tad bit swedish, i am a princess of a tribe and i have super puffy hair that is way curly, i have brown eyes and iam 5' tall i have 6 brothers and sisters i had 4 cats now three because a RACCOON KILLED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 14:38 GMT

I am the other person now we switched let me tell u about my self ok so i have brown hair and brown eyes i have 2 cats and 1 dog i am 10 years old i have 2 sisters and 1 nease and 1 step sister and 1 step brother i am half puertarican and half american my two sisters r really really really really really really really anoying and so is my nease my moms name is rebbecca her nickname is becky or becca my dads name agustin and my step moms name is wanda and my sisters name is alicea my name is isabel and my other sisters name is jessica but her two nicknames are jessie and jess and my sisters boy friends name is aiden my cat rocky got EATEN BY A DANG RACCON.

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 14:42 GMT

We switched again! ok my name is Arianna and her name is Isabel, (she deos not know im writing this) sssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

awesome: we're making raccoon noses :o)

awesome: this is arianna, i sniffed her hand

awesome: i like pie

awesome: your fat

awesome: i set to not a friend of raccoons

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 14:56 GMT

this is isabel u like mud and peanuts this is to cat

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 15:01 GMT

this is Arianna and I'm going to pull your nose "not a friend of raccoons"

awesome: 19th Aug 2011 - 15:04 GMT

this is isabel and i am gonna scream in your ear like this to NOT A FRIEND OF RACCOONS

anon ( 3rd Sep 2011 - 21:16 GMT

just buy mothballs and put them anywhere in the backyard. will keep them away. we had racoons living in a hole besides our basement and as soon as we put mothballs there, they went away. but be aware: your whole backyard and probably parts of the house are going to stink after mothballs for a couple of weeks.

evilCoonKillerWannabe: 8th Dec 2011 - 22:20 GMT

I had a raccoon eat my cat. All of it, except the guts, bones, rear legs, pussy, ass & tail. I got in a fight with the savage beast, just as it was almost finished eating my cat. Upon my arrival of disturbing the end of its dinner, it was not afraid at all. Until I whacked it up along side its head with a 8 lb pipe. Then it headed for the unlit basement, I had a flashlight in my mouth. Making me as much a perfect target as me being able to see. It was really scary after I jabbed at that f'er 12 times making solid contact at least 6x. And all it did was make, I will not surrender, battle noises. So I started yelling too! Then I accidentally dropped the flashlight from my mouth. The dirty rotten cat eating S O B got away, almost taking a piece of my face with it. It never came back. That was 4 years ago. I spotted and ran a whole family of them off this last summer. And just today I spotted one, another fearless one. that wouldn't scare off and I didn't have a weapon. And it was at my neighbors, so in case they're raccoon lovers, I didn't want to be seen doing battle and have them call PETA or some animal lovers place like that. I am afraid I am going to lose another cat or 2. Again.

evilCoonKillerWannabe: 8th Dec 2011 - 22:28 GMT

I am hoping the raccoon[s] will fed on the opposums and leave the cats alone. or there are plenty of nuts and berrys that are easier prey. or I am faced with them on my own turf, again, with a better battle conditions and a better weapon.

marina: 5th Apr 2012 - 14:02 GMT

evil,nasty awful wild creatures.i am scared and disguisted by them.they are a very HUGE mistake of Mother Nature.just gross

paul: 6th Apr 2012 - 03:50 GMT

I own two ratcoons,they are very lovable and rough playing animals.They play with our cats, but they have to be watched. They have hands and cats dont.Cats dont like to play if your going to hold them and bite them.Cats bite, slap and stand back.I have hunted, skined, ate, been bitten and chased by rattoons, but after rasing two of them, I lerned to understand all animal behavior has to be understood in order to deal with them appropriately.

paul: 6th Apr 2012 - 03:50 GMT

I own two ratcoons,they are very lovable and rough playing animals.They play with our cats, but they have to be watched. They have hands and cats dont.Cats dont like to play if your going to hold them and bite them.Cats bite, slap and stand back.I have hunted, skined, ate, been bitten and chased by rattoons, but after rasing two of them, I lerned to understand all animal behavior has to be understood in order to deal with them appropriately.

paul: remember GOD dont make mistakes ha ha

Brett Rodgers: 18th May 2012 - 14:47 GMT

This was a really interesting blog. I hear that raccoons really like good looking sod. My neighbors laid out some really good sod for his flower beds and grass and he had so many critters come out to play on it. I dont know why they love it but they sure do.

Lisa Herman: 8th Jun 2012 - 09:14 GMT

I cannot believe some of you people eat racoons, that is just gross and wrong!!! Where I live no one would ever do anything like that!!! I feed the raccons, opposums, squirrels, birds etc. They never make a mess and are respectful of all my things. The people who don't feed them are the ones whose trash they get in and stuff : ) I love animals and I am one who believes anyone who kills animals should have the crap knocked out of them. (and I have done that to several people) My parents raised me that anyone who doesn't love animals isn't worth knowing and I've found that to be true. I had a pet raccon when I was little, he was sweet and loved PB & J sandwiches. There was an evil man down the street who tried to trap and kill him. Well, lets just say after I got done with him, he didn't do it any more. My point is, what makes humans think they deserve to live more than any other creature? What..just because we can reason? Where has that gotten us??? Man is the only animal who is cruel, the only one who inflicts pain just because he likes doin it? So I think that makes alot of humans much worse than animals. Now, go ahead tell me I'm wrong, cuss me out, I don't care. It's how I feel. I will always argue for animals and if I see an injustice done to one in my presence, I will defend them. Always have, always will.............just sayin!!!

Lisa Herman: 8th Jun 2012 - 09:25 GMT

Oh and one more thing. Your animals are much safer indoors, if you know they will be killed by a coon why put them outside???? I don't get people who have cats and dogs but leave them outside, unless they are ferral. You know the average life span difference in indoor and outdoor animals?? It is tremendous. I had one cat live for 25 years and others almost as long. And my dogs have lived long lives too. My squirrel who would of only lived a year in the wild, lived 3 years with me. Coons only live about two years in the wild (and now I know why!!!) but coons inside can live up to 20 plus years. If you love something take care of it. My animals are treated like royalty and prob have it better than most humans. But the most important thing I give them is love. I would choose my pets over people anyday. All my friends know it and it is just a given in all my relationships. Bottom line, no matter what an animal does to you, he doesn't do it intentionally, he is just trying to survive. People are intentionally cruel. Anyway, got off topic.........most people won't like what I have to say anyway but the few that do will have good hearts and know I am right : )

Zane: 12th Jul 2012 - 00:15 GMT

Very informative and in-depth posts. I've become so sick and tired that I recently bought a pellet gun, and planning to shoot at sight. I feel that's the only way of driving them away from my yard.

PJ Boothe: 13th Feb 2013 - 21:58 GMT

This is what happens when you don't exercise quality pest control in Calgary.

reeson47: 19th Mar 2013 - 01:09 GMT

Ever since watching the exterminator show on the discovery channel I thought it would be cool to do animal removal. Well until I moved to Chicago.

Harry E.: 9th Jan 2015 - 20:43 GMT

Someone should WARN Ralph Kramden & Ed Norton about the Raccoons!

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