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Worst Graffiti Evar... Again!

- Peter - Monday, January 9th, 2006 : goo

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image 7471

Stay in school!
Mike Jones!
St. Johns Youth!

Spotted on at Avenue, , ...

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groovehouse: 9th Jan 2006 - 19:54 GMT

all that graf is missing is "Don't do drugs" LOL

sally: that's my block! ugh, i pass that every day...

afrowalking: i choose to interpret mike as MLK ...

Jamie: ... and "eat your greens"

drum: public service ghetto style

HUH?: no ,its MIKE,sheeez

HUH?: afro?,remember to take two hits and pass

afrowalking: 11th Jan 2006 - 04:19 GMT

to HUH? ... why is it only mike? .... according to who? public art (in whatever form) is subject to reinterpretation ... and yeah ... AFRO.

acidman: this graffiti sucks ass

Peter: acidman: exactly. regard the title...

jonny: 15th Apr 2006 - 20:40 GMT

spray over it i would but im from the uk .do i good piece on it .

The optick One BMK: 20th May 2007 - 17:03 GMT

This is that OLD school trying to be SOUL POWER inspirational mtv, hollywood B-Movie backdropped out of school graff.
Prolly made by a 10 year old.
Deffinetly a crime.
We need more things like this.
Keeps a balance in the community.

A1: 25th Jul 2007 - 18:05 GMT

you have to really know why its there to comment but this is the internet talk without knowledge

Peter: 25th Jul 2007 - 18:16 GMT

so dont bother informing us of why its there or anything...?

Just Me: 28th Sep 2007 - 01:47 GMT

but they paint over competent graff? ridiculous

menny!!!!!!!!!!!: menyammmma

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