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Route 66 // Shamrock, Texas

- adam - Wednesday, November 23rd, 2005 : goo

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i didn't see any irish people in this town.. but i only visited the 4 or 5 motels that were all owned by indians (not the american indian kind) on this stretch of route 66 before settling on the "blarney inn".. after that, i was through with crappy motels.

image 6549

image 6545

image 6547

image 6546

image 6548

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Catherine Penfold-Waxman: Now this looks bleak...

adam: 23rd Nov 2005 - 19:39 GMT

i should mention that i was watching a tornado chaser show on discovery channel one day and they were running around shamrock a bunch

Peter: 23rd Nov 2005 - 19:41 GMT

rt. 66... the stuff of american legends... now so vacant.

xanoix: 23rd Nov 2005 - 20:14 GMT

Yes, very bleak. And the Blarney/Shamrock thing is weird, too.

adam: 23rd Nov 2005 - 20:22 GMT

hah holy crap. i cant believe they have a website and even better they detail shamrocks "rich history". it doesnt really sound like the town was ever anything special aside from its yearly st patricks day parade which im sure just gives the cowboys another excuse to get wasted.

adam: 23rd Nov 2005 - 20:23 GMT

ps they say on the website that the blarney inn was remodeled.. dude, if what i saw was the remodeled i can only IMAGINE what it was like before.

Peter: 23rd Nov 2005 - 20:23 GMT

this too:

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 23rd Nov 2005 - 21:16 GMT

Earlier this year, my beloved and I drove from the Grand Canyon, AZ* to Boulder, CO, part of the way along route 66. It was a particularly freaky drive**, long and fueled by caffeine and sugar, it had a hyperreal, gonzo quality to it. All that wide open space spattered with half-dead towns was really odd, especially for Mitch who is a city boy and prefers to sleep in cars in camping trips. I was standin' on the corner in Winslow, Arizona, thinking, "What a desolate place." I didn't want to be there after dark for fear of vampires.

*Got some amazing photos I'll post sometime.
**Never try to do this drive in one go, with one driver. Really.

alice: 24th Nov 2005 - 03:30 GMT

i would like to add that the room in the blarney inn inexplicably had an upside-down painting nailed to the wall.

Paul G: The extended little finger is telling.

Charly Hatfeld: 13th Mar 2009 - 18:43 GMT

Yall are all so stupid! And the freakind retard about vampires needs to be sent to a mental home.. DUH Vampires are fake idiot!! And the cowboys there do get drunk but what fun is a festival if you dont retard!!

Graz: 13th Mar 2009 - 21:47 GMT

Vampires are fake?! Boy, oh, boy, am I glad I read I was believing in them all these years. But I'm slightly confused about the retard thing. You say a festival isn't fun if you don't retard, but I don't know how to retard. Is there a book somewhere to read up on retarding, because I've apparently been missing out on festival fun because when I go to them, I don't retard.

Peter: 28th Sep 2009 - 17:54 GMT

must indeed be that bleak. this is the only post depicting a that hasnt had any backlash from residents of that town, hahaha...

Chie: 10th Jul 2012 - 07:42 GMT

It's a relief to find someone who can eplxain things so well

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