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Montreal Parkour

- hool - Thursday, September 15th, 2005 : goo

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the remainder of the parkour photos i shot in montreal. these complete this preview article

image 4951

image 4952

image 4953

image 4954

image 4955

This article has been viewed 25329 times in the last 10 years

Spanky: That first photo is the shiznig.

Julian: 6th Jan 2006 - 00:18 GMT

wicked photos i just got into PK but i hav no idea wher to go u kno any hotspots?

Kevin: 30th May 2006 - 20:54 GMT

Haha, I burst out laughing when I recognized McGill.

That's the Tim Hortons on Sherbrooke and University, McDonald Engineering, Rutherford Physics, and I think the last one is near Otto Maass Chemistry?

jordan appleton: 7th Jun 2006 - 17:30 GMT

hi this is jordan and i just want to know were i can get parkour lessons could anyone tell me and if you hasve could you email me on thankz and by the way could you find some very near liverpool

psycho: 21st Jun 2006 - 15:14 GMT


rachel: 4th Jul 2006 - 20:49 GMT

im looking for lessons too i live in durham and i cant find anywhere so if anyone knows anywhere at all plz email me thanx

maxim: 12th Aug 2006 - 02:28 GMT

hi this is maxim and i just want to know were i can get parkour lessons could anyone tell me and if you hasve could you email me on
pleas i love this sport just tell me some basic stuff pleas
thanks bye

jack: 16th Aug 2006 - 16:53 GMT

hi is there anywere on the web about club or something any one for sussex

naK: 18th Aug 2006 - 17:51 GMT

looking for lessons,
in montreal if anyone knows anything.

simon: 6th Sep 2006 - 14:07 GMT

hi, im also looking for lessons locally, i know of this good and that does give lessons bt that is in the centre of london so i was wonderin if anyone knew of lessons nearer to surrey or hampshire.
thanks a lot.

Gabe: 7th Sep 2006 - 02:34 GMT

Hi I'm 16 and interested in possibly taking up parkour as a hobby type of thing, any info on lessons would be greatly appreciated. I live in Montreal, Quebec

Dan: 26th Oct 2006 - 02:29 GMT

I dont actually think there are many classes around, unless its just small classes in small towns that a group of people started up for the community. I sure would like it if there were one in Leicester though, and i know im gna see if theres ny around college or such. Or see if anyone would join in training with me. But if i had the money, id definintly go down to london and go to those classes...

Vikk: 4th Feb 2007 - 16:21 GMT

im in leicester aswell, sme situation as dan, any where anyone knows like a gym that has that sort of equipment ?

absy: 22nd Jun 2007 - 23:35 GMT

i am absy frome jordan i love parkour or free runing so much and am looking for another parkour lover in jordan or any place to teach more abut this game.
my email is : , and thaks , chat with me plzzzzzzz.

bey allllllll

jay: 1st Sep 2007 - 10:54 GMT

im movin to east sussex and am good at pk
if u live there u should go to the gymnast place there!
im goin 2 start soon!
if anyone wants to make a parkour team email me

Sheehan: 22nd Jan 2008 - 09:56 GMT

... im looking for a parkour/freerunning gym or what not to go to i am 13 year's old could you email me please

zacman: 22nd Jan 2008 - 15:21 GMT

dat is some sik pk i go to miltonkeyens parkour gym it is sik wif ninja

SpooN: 24th Feb 2008 - 01:38 GMT

Can sumbody plz tell me where I can find a parkour gym or skewl or anything, i tried teaching myself but it didnt last long...

Trevor: 14th Mar 2008 - 00:48 GMT

Does any1 know of any parkour gyms in Montreal im 15 and extremely interested in this. contact me at

jack: 26th Mar 2008 - 18:49 GMT

hey im 13 and live in leicester and me and my friend dean wanna learn parkour does any know any good places to practice or get lessons?

Audrey: 23rd Jan 2009 - 21:43 GMT

hi im a 20 year old girl in the south shore, near montreal, i would love to learn as well but can't find anywhere to go to get lessons... can any one help me out?

Eddy: 2nd Feb 2009 - 17:53 GMT

hello well we all have the same problem we wanna learn but there is nothing going here
so if anyone knows other plz email me or lets make our own group and try things.

Leic-PK Josh: 19th Jul 2009 - 07:58 GMT

Hey Im Josh From LeicesterParkour Team Were Running Summer Sessions For People Who Want To Learn Parkour, Check Out Our Website: And Then Go To Summer Sesions, All Infomation Is On There.

Darius R: 21st Jul 2009 - 22:49 GMT

Gymnast/Acrobat/tracer looking for people who are running in Montreal to group with. Only landed in this city in September. surias.0 _at_ gmail dot com

jake: 1st Feb 2010 - 22:35 GMT

hey im jake from Montreal, St-Lazare and i wanted to know if there are any parkour gyms that are near me, i am 13 years old so if you know a place email me at(

lorelei marie: 11th Feb 2010 - 00:33 GMT

hey im really interestid in parkour and i was wondering if theres any lessons or gym in laval or montreal, if you know a place plz email me at or on facebook lorelei marie

jesse: 24th Feb 2010 - 23:22 GMT

Hi I'm 16 REALLY and interested in taking up parkour as a hobby.
Is there any info on where i could take lessons? I live in Montreal, Quebec...

Mirkan: 7th May 2010 - 21:53 GMT

hey i realy want to start parkour im 13 and i live in montreal if u kno any where plz let me know

jesse: 13th May 2010 - 08:08 GMT

Hey if anyone knows about classes i would love to join. i live in montreal quebec.
If there aren't any classes than is there anyone willing to teach. im sure there are many people
willing to join this class
anyone interested in teaching or joining this class email me at: (if there isn't a class already)

anon ( 14th Aug 2010 - 21:50 GMT

Here are a few links That will help you find classes and other people in montreal.

Beky: 20th Aug 2010 - 21:05 GMT

Hey guys
so im a 14 year old girl living in the West Island in MOntreal, Canada
and though ive never taken a class, parkour/free running really interests me. IM pretty in shape, but would really benefit from having epic ninja skillz.

if anyone knows a class, or somewhere i can learn how to parkour/free run
please let me know

eva: 1st Feb 2011 - 01:29 GMT

hello I am a exchange student from Mexico I have 17 years old i just here for one year and i want to have parkour lessons i used to have the basic but i what to continue here! please contact me thanks!! :D

Shade: 5th Mar 2011 - 19:38 GMT

I'm looking for a Gym that either offers lessons for Parkour for me and some friends, or one that has free time to let you set things up. I've taken one course out in BC and it was incredible, I've been doing a lot of this stuff for years. Please contact me if you know anything going on in Montreal! (Preferably with English instruction, but something bi-lingual would do just fine)


gab : 7th Mar 2011 - 17:19 GMT

my friends and i are really interested in learning parkour we live in st.leonard montreal and if there are any gyms or centers that offer lesson in our area please let use now, email is thanks!

dave: 19th Jun 2011 - 04:31 GMT

we father and son would love to find sum sort of clas too. its gatto be out there sumwheres! this is MONTREAL!!!daveroy@hotmail

hunter: 9th Nov 2011 - 01:48 GMT

does any one know a parkour gym clost to ottawa??

molson: 21st Oct 2012 - 03:24 GMT

Hi I'm 30 and interested in possibly taking up parkour as a hobby type of thing, any info on lessons would be greatly appreciated. i am looking for an professional team of parkour in montreal I live in Montreal, Quebec . my phone is 4389356828

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