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Anti-Climb Paint

- kobe - Tuesday, May 24th, 2005 : goo

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image 2153

image 2154 image 2155

image 2156 image 2157

image 2158

image 2159

image 2160

is a thick, non-drying coating for , , , sills, and etc. It acts as an extremely effective deterrent to would be and by making surfaces virtually unclimable, whilst marking intruders and .

Coverage is approximately 1-2 square meters per litre. Available in both black and grey. Apply by short brush or decorators mitt to surfaces above shoulder height (i.e. over 7 feet), coated surfaces appear normal but will remain unset and slippery for several years.

Note: It is recommended that the presence of is is clearly identified with .

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kobe: 24th May 2005 - 20:20 GMT

also here...

GGP: 24th May 2005 - 22:05 GMT

I'm sure it's only a matter of time before we see signs like these here in NYC. Sigh.

vz: 25th May 2005 - 05:42 GMT

non-drying? so is it like a wax? or more oily?

what if you throw some fine sand or sawdust on it? or apply sandpaper?

elaine: 25th May 2005 - 05:57 GMT

sticky. yuk. my especial phobia!
these are really everywhere - i went outdoors at teatime to take the pics for 'more signs' and only went just outside my flat, so kobe either had these already or had a small amount of time to collect them - the horror is that that would be easily done. to me these signs are horrible eyesores, dreadful vandalism that should be stopped! someone take these corporate/govornmental taggers to court! bang em up and throw away the key. grrrrr

elaine: ps i like the little critters on the last one

Peter: 25th May 2005 - 14:18 GMT

they look like a creation

Peter: 25th May 2005 - 14:20 GMT

vz: i was thinking the same thing... cover it with sawdust or sand... hmm!

Jamie: 25th May 2005 - 14:38 GMT

the addition of rats to the last one is indeed a if i'm not mistaken.

jeeff: it sure is.

Jamie: 25th May 2005 - 14:47 GMT

Here's another
image 2194

elaine: good one

elaine: 26th May 2005 - 20:07 GMT

here's another
image 2258

Peter: 27th May 2005 - 13:23 GMT

"coo-var" and "vandalene" are two words ive definitely not heard before, heh.

Captain Svejk: 6th Jun 2005 - 11:58 GMT

I came across the stuff by accident, honest guv. It has the consistency of silicone grease and it's as nasty and black as the muck you get on bicycle chains or car hub caps. It's an absolute bugger to get off.

Sand or sawdust would just mix in, even if you could actually find a way of applying sufficient amounts to a vertical surface! Buckets? A Dust Gun? Sand-Dispensing Wrist-Mounted Jets?

Handy hint to would-be burglars: Wear some gloves and some old, dark clothes. When you've completed your intrusive act, wash or throw away these items. If you want to get in and you know how to climb, it's not going to stop you.


jeeff: 6th Jun 2005 - 13:35 GMT

vandalene sounds like something sold by art vandelay industries.

Peter: heh heh!

elaine: clean off your vandals with vandalene

Lili: Ladder required ?

old skool thug: 5th Aug 2005 - 23:38 GMT

They started to use this in footoe grounds in the late 80's. Did it work?..... Well no! Like your post earlier stated, somebody would sacrafice a t-shirt and everyone would climb over. Spikes are better. - espacially in a baseball bat :)

Dan: 5th Aug 2005 - 23:40 GMT

Peveral OM are scam artists. They make money out of wheel clamping the innocent. Do not trust them!!!

Jamie: 9th Nov 2005 - 11:27 GMT

image 6246
the fabled paint in action

Peter: nice!

Tom: Traceurs across the world will weep in hundreds

Grant: 16th Mar 2006 - 22:46 GMT

I shall weep along with them, than scrape the paint the F*** off with a spatula or sumthing lol. one of those cement smoothers should work?

anon ( 18th Mar 2006 - 15:55 GMT

i live in the us, but any car garage should have this: pumice soap. that'll get it off your hands. maybe if you fill a water gun or even just a bottle with bicycle chain cleaner (grease *remover*)? the bike chain stuff wont get rid of it right away, but with repeated applications, i'm sure it would eventually go away. runs a little close to vandalism, though :(. what if you brought black or grey paint, and used that after you got rid of the grease?

Romar: This stuff sounds great.

Romar: 16th Apr 2006 - 18:53 GMT

A good way to keep the product off your clothes would be to stop thieving and put all that creative energy into something that doesn't entail making other people's lives a misery.

Kit: 12th Jul 2006 - 16:51 GMT

The problem is it's not just an impediment to thieves. It's also an eyesore, and hampers innocent fun. I'd much rather see people scampering around things what ought not to be climbed than plopped in front of the telly.

Pauly: 9th Aug 2006 - 08:06 GMT

It is a sad fact, that, this stuff is needed because thieves will climb on anything in order to break in to a property.
Unfortunatly, the hedious signs are needed because said thieves will sue the property owner if they slip and hurt themselves and were not warned.
Another case of win win for thieves.
If you buy the good quality stuff it leaves a uv flouesent dye behind, it can not be washed out of clothing and takes weeks to get off skin even with severe scrubbing
just going out to buy a 5L can now

richie: 21st Aug 2006 - 08:31 GMT

It is a sad fact that anti-climb paint is required, but we live in an age where vandals, thieves, and scumbags thrive. You got to do all you can within the law to protect yourself, your family, your business, and your residence. Slap the paint on. Only those with nefarious intentions are going to get stung by it. Everyone else has nothing to fear from it.

EvilGentleman: 10th Sep 2006 - 10:10 GMT

The last image a Banksy? Heck, it better be. It came from his website.

piroboy: Is it flamable?

joey: dunno

AJ: 9th Sep 2007 - 16:42 GMT

It would be soo cool if it was flammable, your drain would, inch by inch, set alight!!!!!!!!

tony: 14th Sep 2007 - 14:58 GMT

What do you do when your cat get's covered in it. Is it harmful to them!

Damian 666: 12th Apr 2008 - 22:04 GMT

I think its more fun just to put the spikes in the ground and the paint on the fence so when they jump over they stab themselves through the feet and you can follow the blood all the way to their home....

Or is that just to cruel????

PS fed up of burglars.... Blank firing mines from local gun shop are more fun and dont actually hurt them and anybody over 18 can buy them WITHOUT a gun certificate...

Jose: 23rd Apr 2008 - 08:27 GMT

Curious idea. Not seen yet in Spain (by me).

About cats and other climbing creatures, we would make no exceptions. Marked ones are obviously thieves, and they'd be prosecuted.

Chris: 3rd May 2008 - 09:30 GMT

My cat came in one evening covered in this anti climb paint. Walked all over the house. How do I get it off my carpets, PLEEZE?

Chris: 3rd May 2008 - 09:31 GMT

My cat came in one evening covered in this anti climb paint. Walked all over the house. How do I get it off my carpets, PLEEZE?

Helen: 25th May 2008 - 13:32 GMT

My cat,who was a lovely white on her tummy and paws is now a sludgy black due to anti-climb paint;and so is our cream carpet and white bath!It wont wash off the cat and I don't want to use something stronger until I know its safe,like white spirit,but then the smell will be awful.Can anyone help?
And as for putting signs up,my cat can't read!

Nick: 5th Jun 2008 - 03:59 GMT

I am glad I live in a country where I can concrete crushed glass at the top of my fence, or put up razor wire or even add an electric fence overhang to the top of my fence without having to give any warning, cause it is against the law to sue here for getting injured on someone else's property which you do not belong on.

anon ( 11th Jul 2008 - 17:29 GMT

This has just happened to my cat. We had to take the cat to the vet and have him sedated and bathed at over £100 for the first consultation. My brand new £1200 carpet was also caked in the stuff but a session with a sponge, soapy water and lashings of white spirit seem to have removed the majority of the residue. As for the cat, apparently, if the paint is ingested, it can lead to liver failure so do not let your cat try to clean the stuff off!

Ursus: 27th Jul 2008 - 17:28 GMT

I have just applied the Black Anti-Vandal/Intruder paint to My connifer because the local brats were severely damaging it, It looks a real eyesore from the damage they caused so I decided to coat it in the stuff.

Before anyone comments about the kid's having the right to climb the tree there are other and a lot better trees to climb in the area in close proximity they just took favour to mine for some stupid reason, I have warned them more than 6 times not to climb the tree but all I got back was "Fu O You Cu!!!", Like I said, I warned them 6 times first and each time I told them I'd cover the tree in the paint and all I got was abuse from them so enough is enough, Actions Speak Louder than Words, That's what happens when You tell me to Fu off and call me a Cu**, I have no sympathy whatsoever besides I placed the paint above 2 metres and put up a sign so no-one can say that I didn't warn them plus I got My neighbour to verify that I put up a sign incase they ripped it off somehow and I took photo's.

To remove the stuff from Your hands and such I've found that washing up liquid removes it brilliantly as for carpets I have no idea but Washing up liquid cut's through the grease in the paint and makes it come off a treat, Really difficult without it haha and it smells better than turps (Spirit).

There are not many cats in My area and the ones that are here don't climb My tree so....

This paint is Non toxic so there's no problem over ingestion but it does smell like Boot Polish.

The ONLY people that have something to fear from the paint are Vandals and thiefs, Both I strongly Dislike so I couldn't care less and as for the kids, It only takes one to spread the word that MY Property is off limits, Touch My tree and You'll pay the price.

Parent's who have kids that hurl abuse at their elders need to have their kids taken off them or severly punished, Say's a lot for the enviroment they stay in and the parent's skills at upbringing, Kind of a reflection on theirs.

Peace (:P))

Mako Sands: 31st Aug 2008 - 02:40 GMT

I love going places I'm not suppoed to, so I was sad to find they'd put this on a fence around my school. I was just following a Pukeko. It washed off my hands with a little effort, it wasn't much like this stuff then.
Oh well, more precautions means more risk, making the act of exploration more satisfying I guess.

cllrcol: 5th Feb 2009 - 21:35 GMT

We have just had vandals snap 18 lime tree saplings. If we coated new ones with anti vandal paint would it harm the tree cause this sounds like a good solution

ben shirley: 27th Mar 2009 - 21:14 GMT

some ine has put anti-climbing paint on a metal bar that we use to work out on during breaks at college. anyone know how to get it off? i thkn they put it on there to be funny. its not all that fair to be honest because all we want to do is better ourselves and they have to ruin it for us. not in favour if this anti-climbing paint at all. moreover there is no sighn to worn us that there is paint and it is not over 2m......Scum bags.

Booty M: 12th Jun 2009 - 09:28 GMT

It causes more grief than good. I was at work and someone decided to climb on the roof get a dollop of the stuff and smeared it on benches, door handles, window openers. The worst happened to me when I leaned in some of it that they had smeared over a pole now I can't get it out my jacket. Can I get it out my self but I don't want to ruin my jacket even more or shall I get some compensation if I can't get the stuff out of my jacket??? Personally I'm up for the broken glass and electric fence idea and it won't get your kitty walking the sh*t stuff round your house and marking the carpets. Boll*cks to the people who come up with this idea it should have been sold from the Joke shop down the road from me not made bl**dy industrialised.

Ravegirl: 8th Jul 2009 - 14:45 GMT

I ended up locked in a park, the only exit was to climb a gate with anti climbing paint on it. It is all over my clothes, but came off of my hands with soap and water and a lot of scrubbing. Can anyone help how to get it out of my clothes?! Or should i try to sue the park for locking me in in the first place?

Yeah right: ^Good luck with that lawsuit, lol

mayfair: 13th May 2010 - 21:12 GMT

My little girl is only 4 and got it on her new coat from my neighbours fence and it wont come out does anyone no how to get it out please

kieran: 23rd Oct 2011 - 20:05 GMT

use bleach vinegar and a cloth it gets rid of anticlimb paint easy!

Susan: 26th Oct 2011 - 17:17 GMT

Since mixing bleach and vinegar together can kill you, I dont think this is a good idea at all!!!!

jessie.p: 14th Jun 2012 - 18:23 GMT

My idiot neighbours painted there fence and tree with this stuff and my cat got covered in it hence 1 trip to the vet,1 bald cat and my. purse is 70 quid lighter.

Deivisson: 3rd Jan 2013 - 05:25 GMT

I read your statement…….. Wow. I wish I would have let go and let my art cusnome me earlier in life. I took the safe path but I was never happy. I admire your resolve. You have a great gift. You inspire people.

james: 23rd Apr 2013 - 23:54 GMT


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