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Winter Bikes and Birds

- Michelle - Wednesday, January 2nd, 2013 : goo

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Bike lights in Bloor West Village.
image 50486

Snow on my street.
image 50487

Birds at the feeder in my backyard. Since we got snow they've been more active than usual. I put my Christmas tree outside next to the feeder to give them some cover. Since I've been feeding them we've been noticing a few different cats sauntering along the top of the fence checking out the feeder.
image 50488

I wasn't sure what type of birds these were but checked it out online - they are Slate-colored Juncos.
image 50489

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Downtown LA, Feb 2006

15 pics only because i don't believe in doing multiple posts of the same thing. hitup the toy district first.. i got some pics but nothing amazing before i realized we were on the verge of being mugged (or maybe...

Downtown LA, Feb 2006

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