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A Schlepp Through Schenectady - Stockade Sojourn - Part 1

- Franny Wentzel - Monday, March 14th, 2011 : goo

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Last December I took a photosafari though Schenectady's

image 47033

This was a lengthy tour which I'll try to break up in stages...

image 47034

We start by crossing the Erie Boulevard DMZ

image 47035

At Union Street...

image 47036

where the city installed these decorative pillars.

image 47037

The first house we see - on corner of Union & College Place - is a curiously enlongated Italianate structure.

image 47038

Italianate is a popular style of ornementation here.

image 47039

As this house shows...

image 47040

Other houses retain their original Spartan characteristics

image 47041

The Van Dyke - one of those tony jazz clubs mid-century modern sophistos used to frequent before Rock-n-Roll killed all other cultures.

image 47042

A few houses set far back into their lots

image 47043

On the other side of the street are the Westinghouse apartments. The senior George Westinghouse had built an agricuture machine works that was later sold to Thomas Edison for his General Electric company's main plant.

image 47045

Next door is this awesome gothic residence.

image 47046

Further down is this Victorian beauty sitting next to...

image 47047

...this set of plain rowhouses that sit next to...

image 47048

...thi Italianate trio.

image 47049

A few elder Colonials look over to...

image 47050

A pair of sandstone houses designed by - point one on the tour map

image 47051

image 47052

image 47053

image 47054

Next door is the Union Street entrance for St George's Church.

image 47055

More Union Street houses...

image 47056

...and point two on the tour...

image 47057

...this mansard roofed beauty on the corner of Ferry Street

image 47058

Just down the street is this Federal house.

image 47059

The Stockade has long been a living part of the city fabric as the Edison - a 1920s apartment building shows.

image 47060

This was the county courthouse till about 100 years ago when a new building was constructed further uptown.

image 47061

Slate steps with erosion...

image 47063

A relative whipper-snapper...

image 47064

...compared to its 18th century neighbour

image 47065

Point three on the tour...

image 47066 the First Methodist Church on the corner of Union and Church Street.

image 47067

When they say 'First Methodist' they're not kidding. One of the first congregations on the whole continent.

image 47068

The city's first High School - The Union Classical Institute - was housed in this building

image 47069

For a time was the Mohawk Club - now an inn.

image 47070

Church Street residences

image 47071

image 47072

Another 1920s apartment building

image 47073

A late-19th century mansion across the street from...

image 47074

...the oldest house in the city.

image 47075

No, really...

image 47076

Corner of Church & Front Street and point four of the tour

image 47077

Memorial to the 1690

image 47078

Schermerhoorn's ride - now a bike trail!

image 47079

Front Street houses

image 47080

image 47081

image 47082

image 47083

image 47084

image 47085

1752 Abraham Fonda residence

image 47086

Fancy historic marker for...

image 47087

The birthplace of Schenectady's first mayor

image 47088

Hizzoner's tree - stitchpiccy

image 47089

Years ago I took a Polaroid of this house...

image 35979

Sadly, new owners toned down the colour scheme a bit.

image 47090

But further up the block...

image 47091

...another house keeps the faith

image 47092

We now arrive at the heart - and point five - of the Stockade...

image 47093

...the corners of Ferry, Front and Green streets...

image 47094

...and the statue of Lawrence, a Mohawk tribesman, who aided survivors of the 1690 massacre.

image 47095

Arthur's Market - closed at the time - was the local food emporium.

image 47096

Another view down Front street

image 47097

Quite a few buildings sport these cast-iron stars. They tip the end of bolts used to shore up the old brickwork.

image 47098

Of course, some are merely 'fashion statements'...

image 47099

Curious gun-slit windows on the 1780 John Steers house.

image 47100

The Prairie School makes an appearance...

image 47101 St George's parish school, Point six on the tour.

image 47102

We took a break on our tour to snap some pictures of the church graveyard - the subject of our next posting.

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Shawn: 14th Mar 2011 - 22:35 GMT

Have been enjoying these sets. Thanks for sharing them.

Reza: 14th Mar 2011 - 23:21 GMT

The residential quarters are so attractive!

It's a shame it seems the commercial quarters are shockingly wide and ugly... at least what I can see from first photo!

Franny Wentzel: 15th Mar 2011 - 00:14 GMT

It's equally bleak from the Stockade side of the 'boulevard'...

image 47008

Joan Sweet Brault: 16th Mar 2011 - 04:23 GMT

The church on the corner of Union St and Church is the First Reformed Church, not the First Methodist. The First Methodist is on State Street...
Many of us remember when the First Reformed Church was on fire on a cold Sunday night in 1948. There was an earlier fire in 1861...the original church was destroyed in the 1690 massacre.

Franny Wentzel: 16th Mar 2011 - 04:40 GMT


image 47184

John O Nicklaw: 12th Feb 2012 - 04:28 GMT

Just great shots... I'll have to see if I can find my slides I took back in the late 60's or early 70's

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