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World War One in Colour - Part 1 - Everyday Life During Wartime

- Franny Wentzel - Friday, July 2nd, 2010 : goo

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Images collected from the French National Archives...

...of soldiers and civilians on or near the Western Front. One must presume these were taken during a lull in the fighting due to the long exposure times required by colour film.

I had to 'walk' these image files so I have no data as to when or where these were taken.

image 43272

image 43273

image 43274

image 43275

image 43276

image 43277

random civlians

image 43278

image 43279

image 43280

Volunteers - or conscripts? - from France's colonial terrirories

image 43281

image 43282

image 43283

image 43284

image 43285

image 43286

image 43287

image 43288

image 43352

image 43353

image 43355

image 43356

image 43357

image 43358

image 43359

image 43360

image 43361

image 43362

image 43363

Everyday scenes on the battle front

image 43289

image 43290


image 43291

image 43292

image 43293

image 43294

Battlefield blacksmith

image 43295

image 43296

Hold my rifle while I take a leak...

image 43297

I wonder how many soldiers had homes close to their station on the front?

image 43298


image 43299

image 43300

image 43301

image 43302

image 43303

Surly dudes in berets - fear them

image 43304

No... really...

image 43305

image 43306


image 43307

Good morning!

image 43308

Catching up on the news...

image 43309

image 43310

I'm a war child... I'm a war baby...

image 43311

and that's the difference... between you and me...

image 43312

I thinks that's a manual fire pumper

image 43313

image 43314

Posing in the rubble

image 43315

Even the dead will not know peace...

image 43354

image 43316 fresh recruits join their ranks

image 43317

image 43318

image 43319

image 43320

image 43321

Weird scenes inside the gold mine...

image 43322

Ride the highway west baby...

image 43323

image 43324

and nobody takes any notice of the fresh bullet holes

image 43325

image 43326

image 43327

Sometimes there was time for a shave...

image 43330

...and a haircut

image 43328

image 43329

image 43331

image 43332

and other housekeeping chores

image 43334

a drink

image 43335

image 43333

a bite to eat

image 43336

and maybe a letter home

image 43337

image 43338

image 43339

image 43340

image 43341

image 43342

image 43366

image 43367

image 43368

image 43346

Men of God in the Valley of Death

image 43343

image 43344

image 43345

image 43351

Behind every Man of God...

image 43365

image 43347 an army of women

image 43348

image 43349

image 43350

To care for those left behind

image 43364

Till the defeat of 1870 is avenged!

This article has been viewed 88186 times in the last 6 years

TPA: 2nd Jul 2010 - 22:30 GMT

Great pictures, but the captions just seem to irritate me, a little more background on the pictures would've been nice :)

Judge Holden: 2nd Jul 2010 - 22:36 GMT

I believe the fellows in the olive-drabs are ANZAC, not Yanks, as the caption says. Just a guess.

Franny Wentzel: 2nd Jul 2010 - 23:17 GMT

I had to resort to a directory 'walk' through the French National Archies to get my copies of these images so I wasn't able to get any data on the images so any caption on my part is a guess.

Another site was able to get hold of the same set of images from the and with some - translated - captioning data.

Of course, I find this out AFTER posting this. C'est le Guerre...

LUDEN: 3rd Jul 2010 - 00:30 GMT

The folks with the title "yanks" are indeed ANZAC soldiers. Australia New Zealand Army Corps.

Pete: 3rd Jul 2010 - 05:49 GMT

Came to say the same as a couple of others. Those "Yanks" are ANZACs. All the same, it's a hell of set of photos.

Olya: 3rd Jul 2010 - 15:58 GMT

Fantastic photos, but unnecessarily annoying captions.
Some background on the photos would be fantastic.

(lKj): Franny Wetzel: C'est _la_ guerre

Sara: They alll look so young...

Postpip: Great collection......

CartLegger: 6th Jul 2010 - 18:34 GMT

What I love about this collection is that all of these great photos are on the same page, all we need to do is scroll! I've been using these photos every year, but the sites they were on are spread out. Thanks for putting them on one easy to read page!

I'd agree with Olya, that the captions are a bit annoying--only so far as they don't deal well with the gravity of the topic.

But in your careful curation, you've done a real service to the online community, and students of history, too!

Bb2ru: Outstanding Pics, thanks

Michelle: 4th Aug 2010 - 03:15 GMT

Hey these are great, and the captions aren't THAT bad!

Brian Sanders: 23rd Oct 2010 - 13:46 GMT

This is an amazing collection of photographs. The wonderful colour makes them look as though they are of recent events rather than ninety plus years ago

Amedeo : Very interesting

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