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Albuquerque Graffiti Flood

- Relapsed - Monday, May 2nd, 2005 : goo

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image 1281

image 1282

image 1283

image 1284

image 1285

image 1286

image 1287
gangsta hands

image 1288
harm sofa - spring collection 05

image 1289

image 1290

image 1291

image 1292
amen sofa

image 1293

image 1294

image 1295

image 1296

image 1297
dr. sex

image 1298

image 1299
mc rock 1

image 1300

image 1301
serem natic

image 1302
anti 187

image 1303

image 1304

starting a flood of good shit that will show you all guys some real american graff flava. i hope this isnt too many flix, but theres just so much good shit one cant be choosy. enjoy.

This article has been viewed 70464 times in the last 11 years

mikaela: 1st Jul 2005 - 02:50 GMT

nice to see someone reppin PHX for once. makes me feel better about being here.

Anonymous ( bitch puro gangbangin


jose paredes: 26th Oct 2005 - 17:10 GMT

how much would it cost for painting over the graffiti each year

Peter: too much.

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 4th Nov 2005 - 03:06 GMT

"Partially possessed by Satan"?
Satan doesn't go all the way with graffiti punks?

john: why do poeple do graffiti

DSK1: 8th Nov 2005 - 20:51 GMT

thats the dumbest question i've ever heard, john. why do people do walk down the street? why do people do the breaking wind? why do people do the wearing of socks under their shoes? sometimes people just do stuff. what you should do is think about how dumb your question is and how its impossibly pointless to try to answer why people tag their names on things. grumble

Catherine Penfold-Waxman: 8th Nov 2005 - 21:23 GMT

I'd just like to point out that my weird out-of-context posting was in reply to someone ranting about graffiti being the work of satan, which has since been expunged.

My feeling is that graffiti is the very definition of what it is to be human, the desire to express yourself, to leave a mark, to tell the world what you're about, to have unity with other people in your tribe, to rebel against the norm, to have freedom of will.

meser_z crew: 6th Dec 2005 - 10:36 GMT

this isnt phoenix, its all albuquerque, new mexico

luke: 12th Dec 2005 - 18:57 GMT

put my name luke robbo and i will give you 20 pound

Reck 1 : reppin it from cruces to albuquerque.505

pray for me: 2 serem protect yo face!

guess who : 6th Jan 2006 - 20:25 GMT

This page has some killer graph- I love what wisk threw down....

FSB: 15th Jan 2006 - 03:48 GMT

this is under one shouting out Sone Nile Shux Risk and Exit.....!FREE STILE BOMER!

Percy: What a waste of talent!

hypen-syk: 18th Feb 2006 - 01:59 GMT

and putting on a canvas and hiding it away or in a lame ass gallery where either no one can see it or only people who don't care isn't a waste?

sonik!: 3rd Mar 2006 - 02:34 GMT

dude i live here in burque and ive tagged this place b4 so i know the surroundings

SCAM28: 29th Mar 2006 - 10:00 GMT

Nice...I used to live in burque and it's good to know there's people hittin' up them walls out there...
I live in Berlin, Germany now and this place is fu*k-ing BOMBED...i mean everywhere....
So to the burque chillers keep on bombin!!
Greetings from Berlin!
Let cops bleed....

Blush: thas tight

Blush: thas tight man!!! I'm learning BUBBLE :)

SUNK 505: 10th Jun 2006 - 20:51 GMT

Reppin New Mexico. Down south alamogordo. keep bombin.

aer suzuki: 12th Jun 2006 - 09:33 GMT

nice...i lived in albuquerque a loooong time ago and it seems like there was a place there, like a huge, square, open pit below ground level banked up by walls [like a really big foundation] where people could go and do graffiti that still there/are some of these pictures taken there by any chance?

DR.PHEVR: 19th Jun 2006 - 20:40 GMT


Nile: More bad ass acme pics....

robot: 16th Jul 2006 - 00:15 GMT

I'd love to see these in person... but where are they exactly? Somewhere over off broadway? Got an address poster?

In any case, long live graf. ^^ 9th Aug 2006 - 03:55 GMT

that yard is long gone due to that gay rail runner train...every thin in those pix is painted white. thanks to the losers who work for the albuquerque buff squad..keep it up jerkoffs..........

ENOK: 14th Aug 2006 - 21:48 GMT

I live in burque and hit up mostly on the west side. Taylor ranch

safeonerz.......: 19th Aug 2006 - 21:14 GMT

keep up the graff.......props to all writerz fuck biterzz...

enve: 24th Aug 2006 - 20:47 GMT

Wats up to all buque writers?! This page has some sick ass flicks, hope to find out were the fuck these spots are so i can start getting up in this new city of yalls. Props to banx on that peice up there, and wat up to the rest of BY. reppin 505 STO

Krown: 29th Aug 2006 - 10:23 GMT

Those Etch Pieces are fucking siiiickk!!! one love.

anon ( 12th Sep 2006 - 00:58 GMT

hey in that aroyo . where is that? oh and that one where its brown wall , is that zuni?????????

FEAR-DOS: 13th Oct 2006 - 01:40 GMT


Over: 16th Oct 2006 - 17:31 GMT

yo mad props ta all writers on tha site..INK HEADS CREW...Over Oner....!!!!

Sent one: 31st Oct 2006 - 22:10 GMT

good flicks .. Reppin New Mexico 505!! Sent 1 N.a.K

jynx: these flix are sick. keep up the revolution

envey: 18th Nov 2006 - 04:47 GMT

graffiti has been here and will stay give props to all my tagggers out in burque.Rest in peace lomes.shout out to my homies CODE,HIVE,HAWK,TUNES,AND MY SISTERS SMERF,AND HALO
BURQUE 505!!!!!!!!!!.

csk: 22nd Nov 2006 - 01:15 GMT

man 2 bad no csk taggers got up over there,but hey fuck it we're comin up dont worry about it pretty soon you guys are going to see us hit up everywhere. and u know what fuck u john wit yo dumb ass question

hawk : 25th Nov 2006 - 22:30 GMT

whats up to my homies in burque and in the place that i was raised in mexico. csk was my firts shit i tagg then it went to bsc my 2nd name is inferno in school theirs alot races in in this school but to be in this shit you have to be tough bu you nkow csk and bsc aint nkown yet but we will come in this shit we aint haters but you know yuo fuck with us we will fuck with you and RIP my homie Lomes from brown soul crew fuck you cof and fuck you gringos

Tiny: 27th Nov 2006 - 23:26 GMT

I've personally known etch my whole life. And I have to say, he's done some fine ass work.

carlitos: ya its all about the 505!!!

trp one: 25th Dec 2006 - 21:52 GMT

that shit was dope but its only one season and one of burques many dope places to paint try to show more range. but it nice bite for my graff hunger!

Smerk: 25th Dec 2006 - 23:20 GMT

They say art is a crime. Not in this case. Stay up graf artists.

el negro ,bsc ,csk: 29th Dec 2006 - 07:00 GMT

orale to the graff artist in burque theres some tight ass shit in this bitch i rep the west side of burque and Causing Street Kaos, and Brown Soul Crew are coming up so fuck all you haterz and pinchy gringos

Concerned citizens of New Mexico: 12th Jan 2007 - 15:40 GMT

No one is saying that there can't be freedom of expression. But when someone tags on other people's property that just isn't right. If most of the people on this blog consider themselves graffiti artists, then do it in a more positive way. Like free walls or on canvas and make some money off of the talent. Because as far as I know all the unauthorized graffiti is not paying any green. You can hate on me all you want but until taggers own something of value and then have someone tag the shit out of it, only until then will taggers understand. Bottom line taggers need to grow up and be artists in a positive way!

Marty Chavez hates Children: 19th Jan 2007 - 06:15 GMT

First of all, who are the "Concerned citizens of New Mexico" to say Graff Artists don't own anything of Value? Moving on, tagging, is a totally different thing than most of the art above, which all required in-depth knowledge of depth perception, color-coordination, and lines of site, "Tagging" is a quick scrawl by an artist, often compared to asian calligraphy saying "I was here! I exist, I have style, I'm not happy with the current social state, and I am willing to risk being arrested/injured/sleepy tomorrow to show that I have a soul". What people like Marty Chavez and the "Concerned Citizens of New Mexico" seem to not realize is that graffiti has been ever-present on the walls of people as long as human minds have wanted to be remembered. Cave paintings-->"Graffito"(Roman citizens editorial of life in their state)-->Graffiti evolution and enlightenment in New York Subways--> graffiti today. If you want to stop graffiti, you have two alternatives,
1. Alienating yourself from society
2.Stomping out the souls of artists, and anyone with a voice.
As long as walls still stand, and my heart beats, graffiti will never die

Domino: 23rd Jan 2007 - 15:24 GMT

i live in burque and i know u need to throw those BREWTOWN tags up there or u havent seen albuquerques best

vern: 28th Jan 2007 - 20:06 GMT

What gives you the right to "express" yourself on a building or wall that I own? Is it okay with you if I paint your house or your car?

Pissed off tax paying citizen: 30th Jan 2007 - 21:42 GMT

I totally agree with the previous statement, so far no "taggers" have been able to justify that. How about they somehow buy a house and let all their little homies tag it! Then it would be authorized, oh wait a minute but then that would defeat the rush that they get by tagging illegaly. So that probably wouldn't work, because I think it would snow if they did something positive.

me: 5th Feb 2007 - 03:10 GMT

First off, let me start by saying: not everyone who (as pissed off tax paying citizen said) "tags", is a "homie". That is a poor stereotype. The artists that offer up their beautiful artwork for the world to view, can be called nothing short of inspirational if the work is tactfully done. Granted just scribbling initials somewhere is not "artwork", there are a lot of peices that are worthy of pulling over to the side of the road and admiring. Sure the artwork they put up is done without permission, but I would like to reitterate what a previous poster said and comment on if this artwork were hanging up in some gallery, the masses that pass by it everyday would not have the opportunity to gaze in awe at the constructive use of color, the complex lettering and the skill of the artists at their best. Get a better eye for expression and art. Stifle the artist, spoil the spontinaity. Go fill out a crossword and retire or something.

oneUnit: 9th Feb 2007 - 18:33 GMT

I just saw the acme yard for the first time the other day, every city needs a place like this, people are going to do graffiti, give them a spot (or 2 or 3) and illegal graff will diminish, not totally, but...
this yard was a little slice of heaven...

sarasdaname: 17th Feb 2007 - 04:02 GMT

hey oneUnit,
saw that acme place not long ago too, new to alb- what's the deal there?

Pissed off tax paying citizen: 21st Feb 2007 - 18:00 GMT

To Me:
I agree that some of it is artwork, however defacing property without permission is still against the law. If exposure is what they want, then why don't they buy a huge piece of cavass, tag it and then display it where they would tag illegaly. That would give them the freedom of expression and they wouldn't deface property, RIGHT? Here's another idea, the billboards that we see are made out of vinyls. Well when they replace the vinyls they actually would sell or even give them away. Some of these vinyls are 14x48, that's 672 square feet of space to tag and then display it somewhere.

Nicolas: 15th Apr 2007 - 03:07 GMT

I am from Montreal, Quebec.

I am not a tagger, but I like graffiti. In my opinion, there's...let's say a "way" to do it. I totally agree with the fact that graffiti is an art. Those at the beginning of the page are MARVELOUS, honest! What I dislike is vandalism. The boundary can be thin, but it's still two different things.

Let's take a look at public transit services. Montreal's subway trains are going to be replaced by 2011. There's a rumor saying that the new cars are gonna be designed so people can do graffiti ON them, like NYC in the 80's. Graf artists could draw and write at will on these surfaces. The true artists, the talented, like you guys, would have a place to freely express your ideas, your magnificent capacities. I'm personnaly very excited, because I love and respect art in all of its forms.

What I dislike is pure vandalism, because it's doesn't mean anything, it's just an uncomprehensible mess. If I see a painted wall like those at the top of the page, I'll stop by and appreciate. I observed people roaming around nice graffitis,there's a lot of people that look at them, you'd be surprised!

But if I enter a bus and the back seats are covered with "kewrngvorgle" in purple ink, I do not see the talent, the opinion, the enthusiasm of a generation. What I see is wasted tax money.

Conclusion, I will be happy to look at your art, to listen to the message it sends. Graffiti is among the great mosaic of human expression of life. But I will also appreciate to have clean buses,subways, cars...

Don't forget that you request a place in society, wich is a perfectly normal thing. But respect others as well.

me: 29th Apr 2007 - 02:03 GMT

ah, pissed off tax paying citizen, we meet with a battle of words once again...
i am not in disagreement that the work that these artists put up- is indeed vandalism. i admitted to that and will do so again. however, if you give these artists a canvas, or billboard for that matter- where are they supposed to display it? the fact remains that it would be taken down promptly and no one would ever see it. at least with this "vandalism" that we speak of, people have the chance to see talent that would otherwise be passed by. with graffiti, they at least have 2 or 3 days until it is painted over. personally, as a "tax paying citizen" myself, i would rather see that art for a few days then never have the opportunity. (and i do pay my taxes)...
also, there are other types of graffiti, or as you enjoy calling it "tagging" but for some reason, the fact that it isn't with in your means to classify, makes it seem acceptable to you? think about that one for a minute and see what you come up with.
let me put it differently:
what else in society defaces property on a daily basis that (you) can justify as graffiti or vandalism, but (you) tolerate and probably even condone? hmmm?
if you get the answer, what makes that so much more tolerable when it's not even art?

skulk1973: 10th Jun 2007 - 05:40 GMT

i just moved out here to burque and i need to find some spots to hit up any suggestions! and keep painting! in the 505!

anonymous: 19th Jun 2007 - 06:21 GMT

mad props to all the graff artists in alb. props to "love" and lost soulz, fuck all snitches and biterz!

ENVEY: 20th Jun 2007 - 03:54 GMT

yo tight ass shit up there but where is all tha csk taggings if you dont have that then you are missing out on some of burques best im repin the CSK crew were every where now so if you see our taggings dont be surprised all about CSK burue 505!!!!!!

ROKOE 1oner: 3rd Jul 2007 - 16:09 GMT

look that shit preetty tight for phoenix but maybe you should start look ing at the reall boming tagers in los angels

MENU ONE: 8th Jul 2007 - 19:04 GMT

This isnt in pheonix, its at the acme yards in
albuquerque you fuckin losers need to get it strait

BelRoC: 1st Aug 2007 - 23:57 GMT

Good post..
Keep real graffiti alive!!
Keep it underground...............

Belev: 19th Aug 2007 - 00:41 GMT

Just moved here from DC. Where the hell do you paint around here? It is like the city of the buff. image 22879

image 22880

image 22881

Belev: [[img:22882]]

Belev: 19th Aug 2007 - 00:47 GMT

image 22883


Jay5: 6th Sep 2007 - 18:08 GMT

what up heads yo man Ive been to those spots awhile back and seen all the shit you posted as pix they were pretty tight i walked the hole lenght of the fence from the tracks wondering if they are still there. Destroy the City peace!

BIG D: 11th Sep 2007 - 11:40 GMT

I miss the days of Jolt, Giant, Stack, 2zc, Two Face, Threat, Alone etc.... That to me was the renaissance of the Burque graff scene. I hope that the younger generation can bring some of that shit back with some kings of their own. Although there are still kings holding it down in the 505: Sofa, Rock , and all the other true writers I forgot.... big ups!!!!! Agree RIP

''MASEONER!'' : keep yo graff heads up....kys.sko.nrv.!

kaylaahidley a.k.afroot loopz: 23rd Dec 2007 - 02:57 GMT

to all em people in 505 burque alburczazziiiiii keep your headz up and keep beleiving in yourself damian,michael,david from T.C.K SOUTHSIDE -SOUTH VALLEY AND DIZ IS FROM YOUR HOMIEZ REPPIN THAT 505 BURQUE KAYLA,MELINDA STAY GHETTO AND TO STEVEN IN WESTSIDE CRYPTS -R.I.P LOMAS AND NATALIE MENDOZA

lil droopy: 31st Jan 2008 - 17:41 GMT


MR GOOF: 31st Jan 2008 - 17:43 GMT


Haunt Won 597: 21st Mar 2008 - 19:39 GMT


Haunt Won 597: 21st Mar 2008 - 19:39 GMT


PUKE: 22nd Mar 2008 - 12:04 GMT

my job requires me to be away from the duke city for a while. its always good to see new shit up when im home on leave, keep up the good work-graf loves you

James: 5th Apr 2008 - 04:27 GMT

How about some pictures of some of the artists house painting?


REVO69ERSKi: 6th Apr 2008 - 06:59 GMT


THIS IS A REVOLUTION!!!!: 5th May 2008 - 18:16 GMT

Well to everyone that feels that this id defacing property, it is. It is also a statement it is freedom of speech, it is speaking out about injustices expressing your right. Would you feel so much anger against say, the Boston Tea Party, of course not but how is this any different. If you hide your voice about what you feel strongly enough about that would risk so much as these artists than you are just as much at fault as those bombing your neighborhood. This is a revolution, this is not for nothing, this is a statement. Keep up the representing of Albuquerque. I've lived here my whole my life there is room for change stand up and speak out be the difference. Feel free to express yourself by any means at any cost this is a revolution!

Yet ANOTHER New Jack (not the ones above): 5th May 2008 - 20:39 GMT

A revolution of what? Speech? What are you trying to say? Its yahoo's like you who come up in places like here saying shit like that that makes all us graf writers look bad and like weird idealistic meatheads championing their own personal cause.

THE BEST!!!!!!! KBS : 10th Jun 2008 - 01:54 GMT


NOYSER C.B.A: 17th Jun 2008 - 18:21 GMT


Nobody: 17th Jun 2008 - 20:36 GMT

Yea, good for you Noyser, getting up in a nowhere town in New fucking Mexico where no one cares. Third tier city, minor, minor, minor league bomber... Get yourself in check, son. You ain't nothing in the big picture. Nobody's even heard of you outside of your neighborhood I bet.

AJ July 23, 2008: 22nd Jul 2008 - 19:34 GMT

I have a wall to donate to some real "down with it" graff artists. If interested, post your reply here and I will check the site every day.

With respect,

AEROne: 24th Jul 2008 - 02:31 GMT

I met Etch and Deja when i was 12 out there nowim 20 and been bombin since liven in Ga now so there s not many other ppl getting up but its cool makes mine stand out

kayesARE: 17th Oct 2008 - 21:36 GMT

Ill give love to anybody who at least gets up on a daily basis once but everybody else has no idea what graffiti is! it takes every second of your day, when your outside you have to look for tags and see what beef is going on and beleive me when your looking you wont miss the ksr.....

MEMO1 : FUCK THE BUFF............................

downwitit505: yo man yall seen flo, hes straight up gay

Amen1: Rof..tum..sbf.. Real niggas know!!

remob: 2nd Jan 2009 - 18:29 GMT

fuck the buffers rip fade1 smilley ace dapps urineone

remob: 2nd Jan 2009 - 18:33 GMT

we love you and miss you urine and fadeone. boming for life.killing toys.......omc.osk.stk. stkt..

rejikone: bom'n da city in 09

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