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Old New York in Colour - Part II - Downtown 1960

- Franny Wentzel - Friday, April 2nd, 2010 : goo

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From the Charles W. Cushman collection of colour photographs - This set taken in 1960

image 40982

image 40983

Manhattan's towers from the East river

image 40981

The Amy B and Brooklyn skyline

image 40984

Toward Brooklyn from South Ferry

image 40985

Staten Island ferry lower Manhattan

image 40986

Whitehall street from Peter Minuit Plaza near Battery NYC

image 40987

image 40988

Peter Minuit Plaza lower Manhattan

image 40989

View up from the Battery Manhattan

image 40990

St. Paul's Chapel on Broadway at Ann

image 40991

City Hall Square from Park Row

image 40992

Woolworth tower from Beekman St. Manhattan

image 40993

West up Maiden Lane from Pearl street Manhattan

image 40994


image 40996

View west on Wall Street

image 40998

Wall Street

image 40997

Wall Street from Broad Street

image 41000

New York Stock Exchange

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Glen: Amazing pictures, love em

jack: 6th Apr 2010 - 15:30 GMT

franny, i had lunch in the white rose bar when i reported to the army induction center in 1961 on whitehall street. we soldiers were called kennedy's boys and we were on the 6 o'clock news in our shorts getting our shots.

Franny Wentzel: 6th Apr 2010 - 23:40 GMT

The was the name of a resistance group in Germany during the war...

Franny Wentzel: 7th Apr 2010 - 17:21 GMT

Also... the flatiron-shaped building in the middle of Maiden Lane was torn down by the city in the late-60s to widen the street.

Urbano Lomas: 11th Apr 2010 - 23:42 GMT

Excelent collection of pictures of New York, a graphic display of what makes it one of the most exciting and vibrant cities in the world. A lesson on adaptation, flexibility, use mixes, density, ingenuity, and gross profiteering.

Crocodilepeter: 14th Apr 2010 - 05:50 GMT

I have visited New York in 2006, from Adelaide Australia, one of the main things we wanted to do was an architectural tourwhilst we were there. A Big Apple Greeter ( former professor at Columbia Uni) a lovely lady in her late 70's took us everywhere and her passion showed, she took us back to another time...In my minds eye it was that place in those photos from 1941 and 1960.
I could only imagine. Thanks guys for a beautiful city and a beautiful people. Thank you for those outstanding photos...its amazing how photos can bring tears to your eyes.

Adelaide Australia

Prairie Dog: 14th Apr 2010 - 16:16 GMT

Thanks for the pictures. Check Ric Burns (eight part) documentary "New York" for an exciting look at the city since the 1600's. It's available on Netflix, probably other places as well. Also, NY Public Library has digitized photos showing construction of the Empire State Building. Google "empire state building". (Can you guess I am nuts about New York?)

Yesterdays Wine: 15th Apr 2010 - 14:07 GMT

It's remarkable how many fewer cars there seem to be. Something else to be nostalgic about. 19th Apr 2010 - 19:47 GMT

Adelaide in Australia, can you tell me a bit more about this Big Apple Greeter and what organization she worked for? That sounds like something I'd enjoy doing.

Gerard Ryan: 21st Apr 2010 - 13:38 GMT

Incredible pictures, just to see people going about their business, travelling in cars that we hire out as a novelty these days, it's just an amazing set of pictures and a beautiful capture of days gone by.

Janet8471: 21st Apr 2010 - 22:43 GMT

I just found the entire site on The White Rose anti Nazi movement absolutely fascinating. I will continue to read on and on and on about the Scholls and the others. Thank you.

Big Joe Canoe: remarkable BJK

King Billy: Hullo Hullo

Franny Wentzel: Goodbye Goodbye

Franny Wentzel: 24th May 2010 - 00:20 GMT

Hit your head on that dashboard, they hose it off and sell it to the next guy.

joey: 24th May 2010 - 00:32 GMT

image 42575
last photo may have been the one i used to make my collage

Sandy: Hi thank u very good photos

Luc: 12th Sep 2010 - 21:32 GMT

I'd love geographical coordinates on these to be able to use street view and look at the present situation

Pablo J. Davis: 7th Oct 2010 - 22:14 GMT

Magnificent, both sets of photographs, what a gift... time travel... thank you!!
This is a long shot but does anyone remember Davis's Delicatessen & Dining Room at 31 W. 8th St, facing McDougall, so just a stone's throw from Washington Square. Operated from late 30's to mid 60's. My grandparents were the proprietors, and I remember it... and have actually come across several people (older than myself) who do too. But would love to hear from anyone else who recalls it. I will try to post a photo here soon. thank you very much

Pablo J. Davis: 7th Oct 2010 - 22:18 GMT

In response to Gerard Ryan: 21st Apr 2010 - 13:38 GMT "Incredible pictures, just to see people going about their business... a beautiful capture of days gone by" I agree fully. The magic in these pictures is that they are freeze frames of ordinary life. For the same reason I love to hear an old radio broadcast, for instance an old ballgame, including (and maybe especially) the side comments in between the action... the commercials... etc. See the complete broadcast day of WJSV Radio, Washington, D.C. for June 21, 1939

eydie sanders: 12th Nov 2011 - 14:59 GMT

amazing! street scenes of people just living their lives are my passion. pictures like this are as close as we'll get to time travel. i just want to crawl inside the pictures and touch these people, talk to them, experience the scene. notice how everyone is slim and the women are all wearing dresses and heels.

Nice photos, I used to work there on broad at morgan guaranty and had a family member and friends working there also, man thats a long long time ago, we used t: 21st Jul 2012 - 20:31 GMT

Man that was a long time ago, i used to work right there on broad street at morgan guaranty, also had a family member working there along with his friends and my friends, we attended the morgan guaranty trust company christmas show every year from 1957 until 1967, my relative also met the former King of England, Edward duke of edinburgh there in the 50's, quite the gent..the marx brothers created chaos there at the stock exchange with hilarity for everyone in the late 40's or early 50's, charlie chaplin also visited morgan guaranty

Nice photos, I used to work there on broad atanty and had a family member and friends working there also, man thats a long long time ago, we used t: 21st Jul 2012 - 20:32 GMT

thank you for posting these photo's........God bless +

keith: king of england, your ignorance knows no bounds

Karen R. Davis Paul: 6th Sep 2014 - 18:38 GMT

Re: Pablo J. Davis October 7, 2010 post: I too am looking for information, photos, memories of Davis' 8th St. Delicatessen (in The Village) between the late 1930's and mid 1960's. I spent many happy and well fed moments there with my Grandparents, whose wonderful Deli this was. I'd also love to have my Grandpa's Potato Salad recipe, if anyone out there has it. Thanks and eat well!
I can be contacted at:

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