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Sixy Trolls Under a Bridge

- elaine - Friday, April 29th, 2005 : goo

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Hackney, London, UK

Look I know I said I wouldn't do this, but here are some more of your precious paintings. Looky here, I did not paint this but here are sixes! Perhaps this is what the weirdy bloke is looking for? I digress. I particularly like what appears to be a lantern jawed gumpy smile on the last one. Enjoy.

image 1209

image 1210

image 1211

image 1212

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elaine: 30th Apr 2005 - 05:05 GMT

i thought these might be the trolls from under this bridge here

Jamie: 1st May 2005 - 22:37 GMT

Stunning photos elaine. And a cunning exploitation of the fact that "sixy" is one of the top 5 most popular search terms on citynoise. Not so blonde after all then... ahem.

elaine: 2nd May 2005 - 07:42 GMT

i did it as an in-joke but if the god of search engfines seeks to bring me more traffic, who am i to complain? however, guessing what the seekers are after, they will only be horribly disappointed with the very sixy content...

Peter: 2nd May 2005 - 14:16 GMT

if theyre dense enough to think that "sixy" = "sexy", i wonder if this site's content/point might be lost on them... but i guess they can enjoy al lthe pretty photos ;)

elaine: 15th Jun 2005 - 17:29 GMT

sixy troll boy has moved into pasteups and stickers;image 2650

elaine: [[img:2652]]

jack: 22nd Jun 2005 - 19:29 GMT

brooklyn humor and wit. i miss the embelished thoughts of the street people, the witty people. the, 'leave me alone thinkers but please bother me a little so i can tell you what i think, people'. i found you all at last. peter take pictures of plum beach a little more and get the crazies there. take pictures of lafayette, h s, my old playroom from 1956. i'm older now, my youth spent, my mind aged. i enjoyed all of you.

elaine: 23rd Jun 2005 - 15:50 GMT

ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ha ha hah ha ha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha !!!! fab.

Peter: omg, hilarious.

Peter: 23rd Jun 2005 - 16:00 GMT

also: dear sixy seeker... please explain "sixy" and exactly what it is you "wont to see"?

sixy seeker: 23rd Jun 2005 - 17:03 GMT

i wont to see sixy sixy like

Peter: 23rd Jun 2005 - 17:09 GMT

sixy seeker: then why do you persist in looking for that sort of stuff on this site? you might have better luck elsewhere, you know, on a site thats a little more on-topic with that sort of thing than this one.

elaine: 23rd Jun 2005 - 21:21 GMT

somebody has tagged over these grafs now, very rude, i call it

Peter: 24th Jun 2005 - 13:29 GMT

got any photos of the "after"? its fun to see how this sort of stuff changes as time passes... sorta like this entry.

jack: 27th Jun 2005 - 15:58 GMT

warm tomatoes', i ate warm tomatoes in my grandfathers vegatable garden with my dog spotty's head on my chest. i would take a bite and then let him take a bite. his bites were bigger. the garden was on west 3rd street between kings highway and highlawn avenue. there is an apartment building there now. old spotty and me we had fun in fresh plowed rows eights inches high, eating warm tomatoes under an august sun and grandpa, unconcerned, weeding out the dirt. do you want to hear more, let me know. jack

elaine: 9th Jul 2005 - 21:06 GMT

troll cover up -
image 3432

image 3433

and what the trolls face over the canal, a bit harder to get to

image 3434

aqeela: we don,t want sixy

Peter: 8th Nov 2005 - 14:04 GMT

i see, noor. thats fascinating. i assume you came here because "wont sixy" too, eh?

shorty: 17th Nov 2005 - 03:23 GMT

well that aint graffiti that is a piece of art work that is the gayest tink that i ever seen. its all about *NORTE XIV 14*!!! its all about the color red!!! FUCK ALL THE BITCHES THAT LIKE BLUE!!!! Ya know who dis is a gurl gansta from california!!!!

trolls: 21st Nov 2005 - 11:32 GMT

The trolls characters are by an illustrator/ street artist called Mysteriouos Al, and the paste ups stickers is another group of artists called Die looted.

elaine: thanks, trolls

zhenarkoiy: iraq

aer suzuki: 31st Jul 2006 - 21:51 GMT

i don't think anyone will even see this comment, much less have an answer, but i'm still confused. and what i really don't get is why sixy is still in the hot topics list over a year fact, the hot topics don't seem to change much at all.

anyway. cool pictures.

Jamie: there is a reason. but. that reason is secret.

ahmed: sixy girls all viduyo

anon (

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